What Is Wrong With Scientology?

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  1. Your best post yet. 😉 Looking forward to your book, sir. Where can I get it, by the way?

  2. Looking forward to getting a copy……….Well done.

  3. Wow! I love your introduction and I can’t wait to read the book. Very, very positive. I think it will be informative to non Scientologists and therapeutic
    for those trying to recover from the effects of corporate Scientology.

    P.S. You look great.

  4. Also have to say that I’m digging the Tombstone poster in the background. One of my all time favorite movies. 🙂


  5. Excellent! Looking forward to it. 😀

  6. Luis Garcia

    I can’t wait to get it. I’m sure it’s going to be a great read.

  7. Watchful Navigator

    This is awesome!

    I can totally relate to the use of Scientology to fix its own problems through a co-audit. The intention of its use makes ALL the difference. And it’s working great for us.

    I can’t wait to get hold of the book!

  8. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    Marty you look great & I was glued to my screen. You’re a great story teller & writer. I look forward to reading your book. Sending you & Mosey a big hug

  9. Marty, your toolbox analogy is exactly how I’ve always seen it. Scientology tech can be used as a set of tools to empower, or as a set of rules to control. That tug of war was already going on when I first encountered Scientology in the early 1970s, but a decade later Little Davey put all of the chips on the ‘control’ side and made the Independent movement inevitable.

  10. Hi Marty!
    Nice to hear from you.
    I look forward to picking up a copy or two of your new book. I’m sure it will be a fascinating read!

  11. martyrathbun09

    Mat, I think you may be right. In order to detail what is wrong with it, I also had to say what it is (or supposed to be) in simple, understandable terms.

  12. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya. I cover some of the earlier roots – he poured steroids on them.

  13. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, It’s truly heart warming to see the obvious emotion you
    are showing in this interview. The culmination of just so much
    heart and soul in effort comes across unashamedly and will
    resonate with tens of thousands around the world, as we now
    approach “Release Day!”

    Be reassured that THIS, will be a massive turning point for you,
    in that, in that the “grind” of the daily work load, may be eased
    in certain ways, perhaps becoming more pleasant, as the fruits
    of your labours manifest themselves to you.

    I am truly thrilled for you, and waiting with baited breath along
    with the vast numbers of eager buyers with cash in hand!

    Marty thank you,

    Calvin B.Duffield.

  14. Thanks for this intro. I cannot wait to read your book.

  15. Excellent Marty. Something needed and wanted. Good project, thanks.

  16. Problems created by Scientology needed to be resolved with Scientology
    This is where the Indie community excel.
    What turns it on turns it off.
    A savage $100,000 worth of flag “sec checking” damaging the pc reparied in the safe harbor provided in the Indie community.
    A messed up Ls Session repaired by and Indie.

    Predatory Flag experiences repaired in a safe Indie space using the tools in the tool box with Intent to help repair and heal undoing the times these same tools were used to harm.

  17. Good one, Marty. Bring some autographed copies to the 4th of July???
    Hope you invited Jason to come too. I’d love to meet him in person.

  18. You’re a natural story-teller. Put me right in the moment – like my favorite author, Louis L’Amour. Wishing you the best.

  19. DM: order your copy now! You are going to love it! Maybe you could buy every copy of the first and subsequent printings and store them in all the empty spaces on Animal Farm now that the population there has dropped to a relatively sparse few hundred from the 8-900 of several years ago.
    By the way, in one chapter Marty lays out how you can have your spokespeople deal with the heretofore uncomfortable questions about leaked confidential materials. Yes, Dave, the release of this book will be a great day for Scientology. Not for you, perhaps, but one day you will take some comfort in being the sacrificial lamb on this altar of clarity. If there was any doubt that YOU are Target #1, those days are gone.

  20. Sounds awesome Marty! I’m very much looking forward to reading this book!

  21. dolphin.jump

    +1 squared to the nth!

  22. dolphin.jump

    Brilliant. Heart & truth & tech. So looking forward to the book. Thank you for writing it.

  23. I wholeheartedly agree that the problems created by Scientology can be solved with Scientology. Looking forward to this book!!!

  24. The Oracle

    Looking forward to reading both books!

  25. Richard Royce

    This is probably a book that the libraries will put on the shelves!

  26. Li'll bit of stuff

    To ALL Scientologists, ex’es, antagonists, critics and supporters
    alike: you are witnessing the unfolding of something extremely
    significant in the history of Scientology.

    You have seen the very worst kind of hypocrisy, that in the form
    of an always “controversial” religion, purported to deliver to man,
    release from his sufferings ….an increase in abilities….and that
    always trite promise of….freedom!!!!

    Over the past thirty years, a gradual, sometimes imperceptible,
    morphing of the solid, workable spiritual technology, the brain-
    child of L.Ron Hubbard has taken place- to TOTAL HYPOCRISY!

    Because it has been so cunningly and deceptively covered up,
    few but those thousands, whose lives have been ruined or even
    utterly destroyed, have been able to peel back the veil of untruth
    and hitherto “valid” “humanitarian” “caring” face of the “Church
    of Scientology”

    The Chamber of Horrors, this Erstwhile “Church” is finally about
    to have it’s day in the glare of world publicity, as never before!

    HYPOCRISY (noun).simulation of virtue or goodness, insincerity.
    [… L.f.Gk., = acting, feigning..]

    The SELF appointed current LEADER of the the original Church
    of Scientology (founder L.Ron Hubbard), self titled COB
    (Chairman of the Board,( there is NO Board!)) parades thusly:

    Unashamedly self aggrandizing, positing as a legitimate “church
    leader” of parishioners who “willingly donate ” to causes they are
    deceived into believing are “saving the planet” by 10 X or 20 X
    expansion of Scientology, the “likes of which has never been
    seen before!” LIES,……LIES, …..LIES,……LIES… ad absurdum!

    Meet………………..DAVID MISCAVIGE!!!!! (if you have’t already)

    Possibly the most successful fraudster EVER in the history of
    religion. Master manipulator of the minds of tens of thousands
    of supporters, and the Gestapo like silencing of his detractors
    and whistle blowers—————-using the incredibly powerful
    tools of Scientology, in REVERSE!!!!! (Black Dianetics &
    Reverse Scientology.)

    David Miscavige, high school drop out, 50’s “macho man”
    bully,sociopath, psychopath,habitual liar, coward (of truth!)
    ruthless destroyer of lives, and families with zero remorse !
    Resorts to bribery and shameless corruption and blackmail
    on a scale which defies logic and belief, as even possible in
    today’s supposedly enlightened world.

    Now meet ………….Marty Rathbun……….the polar OPPOSITE
    of the person just described above.

    You will……..in his soon to be launched, no-holds barred
    revelation,…………”What’s Wrong With Scientology”
    What the world has been waiting for / needing:

    ………………………WAKING UPPPPPPPP!!!!!…………………….

    Warmest wishes to all in your efforts to make the world a
    kinder, more compassionate, safer and free’er place in
    which to live,flourish and prosper.

    Calvin B. Duffield Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 list no. # 301

  27. Roger Thought (LO)

    i like your introducction and I’m looking forward to get it !
    You look great ! 🙂

  28. Marty,
    Far more COGNIZANT than ANYTHING we have seen from the dwarf, David Miscavige.

    Now may be the time for the NON SCIENTOLOGIST, David Miscavige, to address His sleight of hand ~ that He has performed on L Ron Hubbard’s Great works. Anyone can clearly see David Miscavige has Adulterated LRH’s original writings to no end! (Isn’t Anyone going to Say Something!!!).

    I, Jim Baker, wish to directly address Mr. David Miscavige,

    (As written from my air conditioned dog kennel….)

    Oh Great David Miscavige, We ask of thee:
    No More Disconnection from family & loved ones,
    No More Black PR.
    No More Bully lawsuits.
    No More Physical abuse of Staff.
    No More Physical abuse of RFP internees.
    No More Abusive Reggin’g.
    No More Lying about when the SUPER POWER building will be ready to open. (and you should be ASHAMED for bilking your donors for MANY times over what that project should have actually cost). Q: Did you tell your donors how much of their hard earned money went to pay senseless penalties – Like more than 400,000 thousand dollars!?!
    PAID – due to YOUR ineptitude!

    ‘Probably Not.

    Mrs. David Miscavige, I DARE, In fact I’ll DOUBLE DARE you to sit your sorry ass down in front of any REAL news reporter’s camera, and explain yourself. I know I called you “Mrs” but it’s because we always knew you were a prick – but lately you have been acting like a pansy so, You earned that one…

    So Davey, what’s your choice? Dateline, 48Hrs, 60 minutes?
    Or do you have a deep dark secret to hide that you don’t want the World to know?

    We ain’t pickin’ on ‘ya, DM – it’s that we can see past your bullshit. We can see the truth.

    Tammy says to: and I quote; “Send Him My Kisses!” so I did. And she was only kidding when she said she wouldn’t even let you carry her make-up bag! She WILL! She said the Lord will forgive ANYONE – if they repent their sins – but, damn boy! You REALLY push the envelope! ‘Here’s hoping those mighty fine banana hammocks your were braggin’ about can hold those brass balls of yours in!

    David, it’s hot down here, I’m not gonna’ lie, enjoy the A/C while you’ve got it kid*.

    (Satan doesn’t allow for A/C while you’re here so bring along a couple of pair of those black and gold banana hammocks You and Tom like to wear).

    P.S.~ Satan says to tell you that if you can make KATE “wrong”, HE might make YOUR stay here a little more pleasant.
    *Hey! – Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger!

    Whatever, Let me know.

    ~Jim Baker (&Tammy Too!)

  29. Great introduction, Marty. Look forward to getting the book.

  30. Marty,
    Thanks for letting us know the current scene with regards to your efforts to help correct the situation resulting from all the years of out-ethics and out -tech perpetrated by the CofS. From my observation it is having an effect within the CofS. I know of three people who are currently winning with CofS auditing, and I have been informed that SO staff (in one location) have been treated more rationally, by receiving full pay and time off.
    BUT the out tech is I am sure still being used.

    However, the control mechanism installed in all staff and public of not permitting anyone to look for themselves at anything unrelated to what comes from or is within the CofS is still rampant. As has been stated many times by others, until david miscavage is removed and jailed for his crimes IMHO the possibility of the out tech and out ethics that he has installed being corrected is nil, and even after he is jailed, it will take a great deal of work (by whom??) to return the CofS to what LRH had intended, namely the application of, as you say, the ‘tools within the toolbox’ to truly help mankind.

    The truth stated by LRH in ‘What is Greatness’ is one of his gems of wisdom:
    “The hardest task one can have is to continue to love one’s fellows despite all reasons he should not.
    And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.
    For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope. For those who cannot,there is only sorrow, hatred and despair, and these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made.
    A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate. There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes for the sake of the safety of others, it is necessary to act, but it is not necessary also to hate them.
    To do one’s task without becoming furious at others who seek to prevent one is a mark of greatness—and sanity. And only then can one be happy.
    Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult and most necessary to achieve is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.”……………

    IMHO the efforts of all those who apply the correct LRH tech outside the CofS is at present the ONLY chance there is for those who have suffered as a result of the CofS out-tech and out-ethics, to remove all their built-up charge and move on spiritually. This hopefully will have a knock-on effect within the CofS.

    Marty, Thank you once again for all your tireless efforts in pulling together the Independents. I look forward to reading your books.

  31. Can’t wait for my copy!!!

  32. I have a feeling that you will be indicating more correct items on the list of what is wrong with Scientology as practiced by the present church organization. This can’t help but to result in relief for those who have experienced this twisted use of the subject, and an increased understanding of pure Scientology applied in order to increase personal awareness, understanding of life, and increase self determinism was intended by L. Ron Hubbard.
    I can’t wait to get a copy and read it.
    Do you think that this might be a suitable gift for some who are still under the spell of Miscavige?

  33. Tom Houston DDS

    Awesome…..glad you are writing books … Glad Jason got some auditing…

  34. You look marvelous,btw. Make sure the book has lots of pictures. Only novels should be without pictures. I Hope you go on a little book tour.

  35. I know better

    Communication is the universal solvent…Isn’t it amazing, and rather ironic, that the most fundamental things in $cn will be the thing that brings down the current corrupt regime. Remember Marty, never stop communicating, and FLOURISH AND PROSPER. No better way to drive the bats batty than to flourish and prosper. Can’t wait for the book!

  36. Ed Paulson

    Something tells me your book will be quite the buzz amongst all the Kool Aid drinkers at Maiden Voyage. It was so nice to see you with excellent TR’s talk to “me” through the intro to your book. (No need for the teleprompter little Davy uses).

    By the way, it was Jason’s you-tube rant that sent me searching.

    Again, thanks for all you do.


  37. Your humble servant


    Once again, we are all indebted to you for your profound and timely work. You are hitting upon a most key issue concerning Scientology at this time: Why is it that Scientology, which has the intention and capability of freeing man, and sometimes does so, here and there generates the most visceral resentment and hatred among those who misunderstand it or those to whom it has been misapplied? More commonly, those who have been disappointed by or somehow stung by Scientology, simply opt to leave it alone.

    Mankind struggles to raise itself above an oppressive cloud of ignorance. Given the tools to do so, it cannot but misapply those tools, sometimes pushing itself further down into the mud. Thus, even the tools of freedom themselves can become reviled objects of misery an despair. The solution is a broader understanding, tolerance, compassion, and a more exact, correct, use of the tools, and the application of those tools in a manner that can soothe and correct the pain and betrayal that their misunderstanding and misapplication has brought about.

    Your book will be an important part of that understanding.

  38. Marty, this REALLY resonates with me too.
    Of the billions of things that are right and wrong about Scientology you have discovered, put into words and now put into action the way out of this morrass. Thanks so much and I look forward to your book.

  39. what is wrong with scientology? YOU! you stupid idiot. can’t you understand this? YOU helped create what scientology is today! YOU were instrumental in setting up the mechanisms with which created todays scientology, Marty. There is NO-ONE to blame except YOU, Slappy, and Rinder. It is dumbfounding to watch how screwed up in the head you are. You are of the same cloth as miscavige. exactly the mirror image.
    by the way….i couldn’t watch the video. its just too much for this early of the morning….

  40. The Oracle

    Marty, Thank you for the story about Jason. Thank you for the people you have audited. Thank you for going to Germany. Thank you for bringing us all back together. Thank you for being an auditor. Thank you again for going to Germany. Thank you for having the ABILITY to care about the person in front of you. I can not speak for anybody else here. But when I compare your actions to those of David Miscavige and his history of abuse and neglect, I am out of an instant doubt formula as to which is the better person. The one that has the ability to care about the person of front of him. That is the man that is leading a better way.

  41. Hi Marty,

    This is nice to see you ! I share your toolbox analogy, too. I look forward to reading your book !

  42. martyrathbun09

    Yes, but the chances of them reading it will be slim to none.

  43. Thanks for all of your continuing work, Marty! It is very appreciated.

  44. Will you be putting it on kindle also?

  45. Hey Bent. Apparently a lot of things are too much for you, morning or not. Sucks to be insane and unable to confront reality. Have another Miller.

  46. Dear Marty,

    I will get several copies signed by you.

  47. This is great news.

    I’ve so enjoyed books you have recommended, I can’t wait to read one you wrote.

    As always, thanks for what you do.

    Vic K.

  48. That was the most kind, caring and sincere words I’ve heard for a very long time!
    I blew so much charge the ceiling lights went off and turned on again (no kiddin’) when you said: “Problems created by Scientology needed to be resolved with Scientology”. I’m moving on up a little higher.

    Please provide a Kindle version of your book!

  49. Mat’s right. This is a GREAT introduction to a very needed book. Simple is wonderful. You gave a great reading, too.

  50. Beautiful Marty, beautiful! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  51. benton miller,
    Write your own book.
    Try looking at this upside down its how you see everything anyway


  52. Excellent tempter Marty. I am hungry for the main course…

  53. Peter Klein

    Thank you, Marty
    You have stepped into the shoes of Ron. It is truly a big step that everyone of us should take! It is what keeps Scientology alive in the right hands.
    Awaiting your book
    Peter Klein

  54. George M. White

    From the heart, from the heart, from the heart!

    You are right on the core issue. What you have
    written will be of high value to all who are
    in any way involved with Scientology. It will also
    be of great value to those who are trying to reform it.
    Take heed now, Mr. Miscavige.

    By the power of this truth may the victory be yours!

    May all beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  55. TheWidowDenk

    Wonderful video and thanks! Looking forward to getting my copy … L, Rachel

  56. I am looking forward to reading your book.

  57. I just had some thoughts on that point.
    1) In lecture “Wisdom as an Auditor”, LRH lays out the effects of cutting a “theta-line” (theta=caring, line=communication method-thought of as a flow, that if cut, stops the flow-hence cutting is possible, as in cutting a phone cable).
    2) The word “help” communicates better than “survival”, as survival is a “doing” idea, and “help” is a “doing with love”. In the lecture “Survival” R&D volume 10 LRH says these terms are interchangable. In 1st Saint Hill ACC he says “You think I am giving you something new here with HELP. No its been around since the beginning, under the heading SURVIVAL”.
    3) The automatic reflex of many corporate scietologists is to reject any hint of doubt in the truth and purity of managements use of LRH. They “detect” doubt possibilities and hold their “integrity” (very determined lemmings) to follow the “truth” of Miscavige.
    4) If you do want to communicate this book it may serve you well to have a clear heart, do it for the benefit of the person, that being the key motivation. Sincere interest in the persons well being. Its easier for them to handle the “entheta”(upset) if there is a “theta” alternative, that includes truth, glowing loud and clear, and completely self-evident as to intent.
    5) In the 1st Saint Hill ACC LRH also mentions (paraphrased) “Help on anything is of benefit”, “With HELP the pc is at CAUSE ALWAYS”. Being “effect” of “help”, being the receiver of help, answering “How could I help you?” actually puts the pc at cause…

    Finally, saying “I care about you a great deal. I just want you to be happy. I can’t bear to see the future where you are suffering because you found out too late”, with love in your heart, tears in your eyes… This flow will penetrate. It provides a lie-penetrating truth. YOU care. And it will help the person to endure the ramifications on evaluating truth.
    Just saying what worked with me, through my life, when someone cared… I took note.

  58. Sapere Aude

    I really enjoyed the heartfelt truth of what you are writing. Your reference to tools and their use reminds me of one of my favorite ones. Looking forward to reading more.

  59. I like the title: What is wrong with Scientology.
    It’s a good button, the public at large would be interested in finding out what is wrong with it and I am sure when they read your book, they will find out a lot that is right with it too. But it seems to be the right “rudiment” question to put people “in session”. I also like the idea of doing a book for the present scene instead of us all waiting for the big one. Handles a lot all the way around. Bravo.

  60. What is wrong with Scientology, or rather the corporate church? The apparent infallibility which is absurd. Most companies/corporations will admit mistakes, apologize if necessary and this goes a long way in restoring faith. My opinion is that the infallibility started around the time of the raids and kinda spiraled from there.

    Oh, and the Corp Church cannot laugh at itself.

  61. Wonderful Marty, can’t wait!

    Love that smile of yours.

  62. Marty, I enjoyed the introduction and looking forward to reading the book. Scientology properly applied can resolve anything, anything…that’s my take!

  63. The lecture “Wisdom as an Auditor” is in training level 0.

    Using scientology to solve scientology 😉
    An independant scientologist is in the best position to solve problems a scientologist has with corporate “scientology”, because they have empathy and understanding for the “pc” (person pre-clear, not yet clear on upsets and wrong ideas about their relationship to themselves and life). An independant scientologist can understand and “agree” with the reality of the corporate scientologists goals, and improve the “condition” of the corporate scientologists having been lied to, and able to APPLY scientology to remedy it.
    Hope that helps.

  64. Really looking forward to reading the book! Marty will it be available on kindle?

  65. ‎”Wisdom as an Auditor”. Lecture 28/4/1964. Class 0 lecture.
    “I have seen this happen time and time and time again. You always get an explosion on cutting a theta line. Guy is trying to give some truth, something like that – or it even gets worse than that, don’t you see? You’re trying to wish somebody a happy birthday or something like that, don’t you see, and somebody villainously stops the card, you see?”. LRH

  66. martyrathbun09

    Hi Natalie. Probably not initially, but soon.

  67. Claudio Lugli

    Is very direct.
    Simple but direct.
    The truth has those characteristics.
    Time is definitely needed to decompress and digest what happened to oneselves – but the real message embedded in Scientology can solve the problems that Scientology created.
    Marty you are doing an excellent job at it, and I am a living proof of that.
    Thanks again for being there!

  68. What is wrong with Scientology

    I’m dicussing my path now because there is context: Paramahansa Yogananda came to America in 1920 with long hair to his shoulders teaching Yoga philosophy to a Christian America. Think about that, hair down to his shoulders, orange rob,1920, teaching a “heathen” practice to a Christian nation.
    Many threats he got, even threats to his life by individuals and groups. Yet those “enemies” were never part of the teaching. The enemy we were taught to fight was our own ignorance.
    We never new these things occured to him unless you spent years in the subject then it was just part of the history. And Self Realization Fellowship has been slowly expanding world wide unhampered since 1920.

    Ron made “enemy” part of church dogma. The “evil other” outside of ourselves became part of how we thought. Fighting the “evil other” became an essential part of our world view. The GO and the OSA are an extention of this “enemy other.” The reason for our spiritual condition on earth became the “evil other.”

    This church doctrine of the “evil other” is, in my opinion, the basic basic on all systems of abuse that we now see on steroids.

    Now within the Church of Scientology we see the manifested reality of this idea. Everyone is fighting evil, everyone is claiming that the “other” guy is destroying the planet. Evil intentions, evil governments, evil SPs, evil squirrels, evil space opera, beautiful sweet people who are branded as evil.

    This one idea of the “evil other” is in fact the spawning ground for all systems of self destruction that the church is experiencing, because it is based on hate.

    Thought: I believe evil exits in the outer and inner worlds. But barring someone trying to truly injure innocent people, where I would lay my life down to protect, I will continue to look within myself to find my enemy and not assign my lifes condition to the “evil other.”

    Think about it. When was the last time a government came and told you you couldn’t practice Scientology? The only entity trying to stop you from practicing Scientology is the Church of Scientology.

    Get rid of the “evil other.” And to do that we must be courageous in our discernment. Accurate in our finding the “source” of this doctrine.

  69. Watchful Navigator

    Awesome comments, Martin – HELP is where it’s at.

  70. +1

  71. Almost every religion originally starts with the aim of making people ’cause’, enabling them to grow and reach a higher level. But nearly always it ends with making people ‘effect’ and suppressing them. This is e.g. the history of the early christian communities being taken over by the catholic church. In the first centuries AD it changed texts (alter-is) and/or destroyed them (library of Alexandria), while killing millions of people in the process. When the suppression becomes too big, a new movement comes into life (e.g. protestantism, Luther). I see the same pattern happening with Scientology. The Independent Movement is what protestantism was for catholicism.
    Marty Rathbun is our new Luther. You have all my sympathy.
    I hope you understand this in the right spirit.
    I also hope that your book will be available in Europe.

  72. I wouldn’t bet on that, Marty.

  73. Marty, You might want to talk with Amy to get tips on publishing a book. Things like what size book mails the cheapest. The cheapest way to mail a book. What needs to be in a book to make it qualified for libraries. Etc.
    Some little points can save you a lot of money and help ensure it reaches as many people as possible.

  74. WN: Thanks for the ack, and agreement 😀
    There was something I left out because I couldn’t remember the exact location of the data, or the exact quote. I think its in “London Congress on Dissemination and Help”, but its – Agreement, reality and control are connected. If you want good control there has to be some agreement, some reality. Just knowing where the pc is, and a reasonable idea of his state is agreement and reality. This can go so far as to go into a sort of rapport.

    A scientologist has a strong reality on a scientologist, and the control through agreement, has the highest chance of success and benefit.

  75. benton miller? Is that your real name?

  76. Amen, Oracle.

  77. I was glued to your video. What a succinct and powerful statement of the problem and its solution. Could be considered a major step of an admin scale for the independent movement – “use Scientology to resolve problems created by Scientology”.

    I have seen this solution gradually working in the 2+ years I have been following your blog. Over that period, the ratio of theta to entheta in the comments has shifted unmistakeably towards the theta side. I think anyone doing a careful read covering the time frame would come to the same conclusion.

    What this tells me is that truth, communication, ARC, intent to help and repair – the real tools of Scientology being applied on and through this blog – have blown huge amounts of bypassed charge for those who follow it. Criticism, once tending to be generalized towards the entire subject, now tends to be focused on the REAL WHO as it should be.

    All I can say is, Thank You. And, very much looking forward to reading your book when it becomes available.

  78. One more thought. “What you resist you become.” Scientology has been quixotically fighting and resisiting evil until it finally became the head of the church.

  79. Personally, I think that most of what is wrong with Scientology occurs when the Axioms and the Auditors’ Code are ignored.

    Axiom 18: The static, in practicing not-isness, brings about the persistence of unwanted existences, and so brings about unreality, which includes forgetfulness, unconsciousness and other undesirable states.

    So much of the ethics and justice policies and other policies are objected to because they attempt to not-is in order to bring about compliance and obedience but typically only bring about unconsciousness, unreality and other undesirable states.

    LRH postulated families and companies cooperating fabulously with the Auditors’ Code as a guiding policy; no eval or inval! Just ARC and agreed upon goals, with the Auditors code to grease the wheels.

    Overall, people LOVED their auditors! Proportionately there are very few who radiate joy when talking about their interactions with registrars or ethics officers or most other staff (unless they were staff who did not eval/inval or coerce).

    Why? The auditor was always there for the pc, full of acknowledgement and granting of beingness. The staff member had other tools to accomplish his objectives which all had the twist of wanting to get compliance or obedience from other staff or from the public.

    There’s plenty of great policy that is relatively in alignment with the axioms.

    I remember, before the Esto Series “Hatting the Product Officer of the Division” came out, when there was boggy production, we’d pull out the OT Orgs PL and do our best to revitalize purpose, so the stops would blow. That was a lot more fun (and I think a lot more productive) than bait and badgering a guy to spit out an outpoint…

    No one asked me for my opinion on “What Is Wrong With Scientology?” but, that’s my “personality test response”; I’ve given it anyway!

    Fail to take this into account, Marty, and I just might have to write my own book.

    Also, one last thing, the Basic Auditing Series, “Recognition of Rightness of the Being”… I’m hoping that there might at least be a chapter or two about the rightness of the subject, of which, of course, there is plenty.

  80. Wow, a gripping and significant start to the book. I’m looking forward to getting a copy when it’s finished. Well done, Marty, for biting the bullet.

  81. All right, Marty! Somewhere in your forward you have to say “Dave, I’m your huckleberry.”, because you most certainly are.

  82. Love it already – its has a beautiful pace, and warmth and honesty too. Well done to Jason Beghe for figuring that Scienotlogy could be fixed with Scientology. The best truths are the simplest ones! This book is going to be a part of history. It is going to “read” out there too, and no doubt there will be a storm of cogs….

  83. eeek Scienotlogy should read Scientology – an unintended truth 🙂

  84. Wow, can’t wait for the book. I have my own take on this subject having been exposed to toxic doses of black Scientology and swearing I would never ever let another auditor touch me! After getting auditing in the field, I am totally recovered. Do I want any more auditing? No. One of my realizations is that I had gotten what I had wanted out of Scientology many, many years ago but was forced to go up a false Bridge. Only after having my whole life collapse did I start looking for the reasons why. For over 8 years I had suspected the problems came from Upper Management. I came to this conclusion just using the Data Series. However, once I came across your story and also Mike Rinder’s, I realized I had been correct. And I haven’t look back since. BTW, my life is GOING GREAT!!!! Take that OSA! LOL!

  85. PersonalJudas

    Miller, get Bent.

  86. You are correct, Tessa. I can’t name one religion that hasn’t been taken over by sociopaths for their own greedy ends. This includes the religions of the “New World”. The Peruvian cult/religion of Inti, The Sun God was pretty benign until usurped by power-hungry Inca Sapas (Kings) and their minions and used to torture and murder the masses, unless of course, they agreed to be slaves. Then, of course, the Conquisdatores brought Catholicism to the Peruvian natives and things went from bad to much, much worse. How many have been enslaved, tortured and murdered in the name of religion? Tens of millions in Peru ALONE. You do the math for the rest of the world.

  87. Brillant. Solve it with actual Scientology – now doesn’t that communicate.
    A new dawn is emerging as order is put into chaos. I remember LRH mentioning more than once that what can make a man well can also be used to make him ill. Scientology is a great game and does what it says it does when used with the right intentions.
    Miscavige more & more resembles Sulton Gris.

  88. PersonalJudas

    Finally! The REAL WIS book!
    I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say you may restore the ability to disseminate to many a closet Scientologist! The hardest thing is communicating the distinction/difference between Corp. Scn and the real thing. This may just be the ticket.

    Thank you for keeping calm and carrying on.

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    All excellent points you have made here, Martin
    and is a timely reminder to us Indies to stay ever
    sharp as to the state of mind of a “still salvageable”
    Miscavigeoholic, still unable to shake the habit!

    The guidelines of help you have put forward, can
    certainly make the task a little easier, providing
    one has a true, caring, Auditing presence with
    flawless natural TR’s all in place.

    Great point made too, that “A scientologist has
    a strong reality on a scientologist…”

    There is certainly a huge potential gathering of
    former Miscavigeoholics who will be reaching out
    in the direction of The Independent Movement
    to aid them in their recovery (decompression!)

    Calvin B.Duffield

  90. I remember more than one reg cycle or conversation where the reg or whoever would evaluate for me and then say “I’m not auditing you” with a laugh. In other words, because we weren’t in session, the auditors code didn’t apply.

  91. Beautifully written and very heartfelt Marty. Can’t wait to read the rest …

  92. Great introduction! Can’t wait to get a copy of the book. Will it be available as an online version (like iBook) also?

  93. Watchful Navigator

    Plenty to agree with in your comment, Dan. It’s spot on. I just wonder if you’ve ever experienced a “Flag-trained” auditor after the Golden Age of Tech release. Some of these guys (specifically 3-4 that I personally observed and many more who come up in my pcs) have NO PROBLEM violating the Auditor’s Code. Suppressively trained, even the “auditors” of today’s church training are to be avoided at all costs. Even lowly Class V org guys like me exposed to that, have to shed habits and attitudes before becoming once again, a “safe” auditor.

  94. LTC Forever

    That sounds great! What a beautiful piece of writing. Solving problems of Scientology with Scientology was always my line of thought as well. That’s why I kept studying and studying and studying different materials until I came a to a definite conclusion that Scientology was not happening at the Church. Many times it is simply completely opposite of what I kept reading from LRH. I don’t get it how many persons still on the inside don’t see it. Nearly everything in the PTS/SP pack indicated to me toward the Church itself. But all that behind, I so wish there could be true Scientology where you could just come in and do comm courses, do TR’s, do co-audit, do the Purif and with no continuous extortion and witch-hunt taking place.

    Just another day I found myself disseminating Scientology to a new friend who was searching for something new. That was a very good sign to me indicative of an emerging change. I’m really looking forward to reading this book, and I hope more and more people still on the inside start waking up and turn the machinery around to truly help and deliver to the world.

  95. Hi Miller, nice to come out and play. How would you change things for the better if it’s not allowed to drop wrong actions and implement good ones?

  96. Interesting deduction Brian, but unfortunately in terms of answers, utterly misses the mark. You’ve got a wonderful “synthetic valence” for LRH and Scientology put there.
    “By synthetic valence we mean those valences which have never actually
    confronted the preclear in the flesh.”

    “In my own experience with bad men—and I have met several of various
    nationalities—I have seen some men who could put up a rather ferocious front, but I have never found one of them totally lacking in human warmth. Yet were I to read the newspapers and popular books on such people I would begin to believe it would be possible for a complete demon to exist who would never respond to any decent impulse. Yet I have argued bandits into a more amenable state of mind and have even taken a gun away from a Federal Marshal and showed him how to use it and told him
    not to be nervous and put it back in his holster, when he was bound and determined to take me into custody. In other words, you can actually create an effect on almost anybody. The synthetic valence is an effort to tell you and people that beings can exist who are so bad that no effect can be produced on them. Of course this makes everybody subservient to them.

    “The greatest historical example of this was the invention of the Devil by the
    Persian priests who were called together to synthesize a new religion for Persia. The Devil they invented there was borrowed later on by the Christians and was set up as something so evil that nothing could affect it. The Devil, of course, is the championship synthetic valence of all time. There are no devils upon whom one cannot produce an effect.

    “The way to run out any synthetic valence, of course, is to run out the valence of the person or book which told one about the synthetic valence.” Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 95, VALENCES.

  97. Oh, Boy! Another Author in the family!

  98. Brian,
    To add some clarification: DM certainly has unconfrontable “evil others” that he’s synthesized. This and the generic “evil other”, the “SP”, he’s spread far and wide among those that have similar valences in their Banks. It’s an old game to be sure. It is not Scientology “dogma”. It is DM “dogfood”. Playing on well laid in concepts and the utter falsity of an “evil being”. The lie, that persists, when the Ultimate Truth is the opposite.

  99. Theo Sismanides

    i have said it before, Marty is natural! This is what I like about him! He has an ease he says things. Like LRH did! He is natural and real!

    Good to know about Jason, Marty! This is what an auditor is all about. Someone who CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    And this is what I like about you. You are more real than anyone has been in Scientology apart from LRH.

    We are all expecting your first book to come out.

    Oh, and in regards to moving from ethics to tech, hey, when is the admin coming in? lol, you know me and I am no sarcastic…. we are all forming up a certain Org Board for some time now.

  100. ….the Basic Auditing Series, “Recognition of Rightness of the Being”
    Hey Dan!
    One of my favorite HCOBs. When rightness is present, almost anything becomes possible. All it takes is the correct acknowledgment of that rightness to create miracles – unfortunately, somewhere the church has forgotten this basic truth in it’s so called quest of the “greatest good”.

  101. Thank you for the preview Marty. I think the book will have greater impact than you may realize.

  102. FCDC Class of 74

    Great video . Here hoping for the success of your book and for the effect it will have on those who need it. Bill

  103. It remains to be seen whether one of the people who actively created what is wrong with Scientology for so many decades, and who still sees the world as a Scientologist does, will ever be able to identify what is actually wrong with Scientology.

    I suggest that everyone examine Mr. Rathbun’s claims in this book very carefully, and to check them with ALL available sources and facts before deciding their veracity. I am sure Mr. Rathbun will agree with me that this should be done by all who read his book.

    After that, I hope to see a vigorous, non-authoritarian discussion emerge where ALL data and ALL viewpoints are allowed to be carefully examined, without rancor or personal attacks. Only then can the future of Scientology be adequately served, and what’s really wrong with Scientology be fully addressed.

  104. one of those who see

    Hi Marty! Thank you for keeping us in the loop! Can’t wait to read your book. I was on the phone with a friend last night who has left Scientology. I spoke to her about Scientology as a tool. Then i wake up this morning and there you are. Anything can be used for good or for evil. Anything. The examples are infinite. Money, guns, government, great speaking ability etc… Of course an example that maybe is more analogous is Christianity. Where people have been jailed, tortured and killed in the name of Christianity. And yet, so much good is done too. So it is with Scientology. LRH never said it can be only used for good. In fact he said the opposite. “As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here,
    material of a potential control and command over
    mankind which must not be permitted at any time
    to become the monopoly or the tool of the few
    to the danger and disaster of the many.”
    From:LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
    6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)

    We had to grow up in responsibility to see this. Our goal is Freedom. And Scientology and all there is in the Universe can be used to improve conditions or worsen them. It is up to the individual. The great news is that when you do free people, they are good because the truth is they are basically good.

    From KSW: ” Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. It is only the aberrated group, the mob, that is destructive.”

  105. Michael Fairman

    Beautifully written introduction. Put me down for a first edition. When’s the LA stop on the book tour?
    All the best,

  106. Thank-you WH, now I get the references.
    Huckleberry indeed.

  107. Jethro Bodine

    What is wrong with Scientology – good question (Marty cleans up well, by the way). In my humble opinion, fundamentally, Scientology becomes evil when this principle is no longer practiced, written by LRH himself:

    “What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.”

    For me, Scientology departed from an ideal scene because the individual Scientologist could no longer maintain his own viewpoint and was FORCED to accept other realities, such as the off-policy and out-tech policies and practices which are coming from the top of the org board, i.e. Dear Leader David Miscavige. Sometimes the only way to deal with a very suppressive situation is to blow, i.e. disconnect.

    Scientology is not evil because of old, cancelled policies of things like fair game and disconnection, which Miscavige uncancelled and took new to whole new levels of sadism.

    Scientology is not evil because there’s an RPF, which LRH originally intended to last a few weeks to a few months, which Miscavige has instead turned into a harsh system of incarceration lasting YEARS in which the inmate is denied all civil liberties. Miscavige is much like the evil prison warden in “The Shawshank Redemption”.

    Scientology is not evil because LRH wrote in 1950 that homosexuality is an aberration; that was just a sign of the times, because up until 1973 even the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality to be a mental disorder. LRH never intended for Scientology to be used to make one feel guilty about his or her past; that’s quite apparent when you look at his large body of work on the subject of overts and withholds, instead of taking one thing out of context.

    No, Scientology becomes evil only when the individual compromises his or her own reality and buys into the group agreement. Even something like the “The Hole” at the Int Base would not have existed if just a few of the Sea Org members had the confront to just say “NO” to an insane sociopath like Miscavige. Easier said than done, I know, but at the end of the day that’s what it would have took, in spite of personal danger.

  108. Sounds fantastic and well-written. Thanks for all you do!!

  109. ThetaPotata

    “Predatory” is such a descriptive word and really describes the environment to a tee. I went to a flag event once and there was a reg standing on some stairs watching the crowd roll in and I got a mental image picture of a Lion looking for a meal as the heard of Zebras went by. He saw me and I must have had fear in my eyes because he pounced on me.

  110. Watchful Navigator

    Spot on Jethro – your comment is inspiring and raised my tone level – that’s the effect created when you put concentrated truth on the line.

  111. Hey Tooks,

    Ruffled your feathers did he.

    I’d still like to see you answer up to the call out by TheWidowDenk from a recent thread. If you need me to, I’ll paste it back up here. Just let me know.

    Vic K.

  112. Li'll bit of stuff

    Could our practice ever be in better hands ????

  113. Kudos Marty for printing his viewpoint. But the truth is that we are all responsible in part, but are taking it and doing something to correct the wrongs. Keep up the good work with the book and blog.

  114. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Watchful Navigator. I lived through that, too…where a “higher trained auditor” arrived, when I was on a 6 month check for OT 7 at Flag. She TOTALLY invalidated my state of Clear and asked, “SO when DID you go Clear?”. I fumbled around w/ a few different possibilities. She’d say “That’s not it”. Then she said “End of session”. HUH? I had not ever heard of “Black Dianetics”…until I escaped out. It’s amazingly sick shit.
    Good luck w/ your book, Marty. Have you set up pre-paid w/ PayPal? You might consider it. Seems you have many here who will do that, which gets the ball rolling. 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  115. Thanks Marty, for your always fresh dedication

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    Jim, this shakes up the perceptions of what the guy
    has become, rather than the ultimate truth of what
    he IS……simply a static being…..but we’re dealing
    with someone who is NOT a scientologist, but MEST!
    Which sure DOES persist!

    Thanks for the clarifications.
    P.S. where can I see a video clip of Drummer
    Extraordinaire in action?
    C’mon muzo! How about it?


  117. Watchful Navigator

    Hey Benton

    I was a fanatic once, too. I even wrote flaming comments at “enemies” of “scientology”.

    I -volunteered- to be the org DSA and spent my teacher retirement on the IAS. Does it get more fanatic than that?

    I hope you do not have to go through a small part of what I had to go through to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Keep on searching for the “real SP” and DON’T YOU COMPROMISE YOUR INTEGRITY.

    Mucho ARC

    Scott Gordon
    DSA CCDallas/Costa Rica

  118. That’s great! In the meantime just for you, I will put down my kindle and pick up an actual book when yours comes out 😉

  119. Yeah Benton, your entire message seems to be that reform of any kind is not possible. If so, all is hopeless, yes?

    Therefore, will you be hanging yourself shortly? After all, since things can’t be improved and conditions and people cannot change for the better, what is there to live for?

  120. Great communication – both the video and the book. I look forward to the rest of it.

  121. Watchful Navigator

    Hey Brian – awesome post and great advice. That explains quite a bit.

    I myself was hell-bent for finding “where all the evil was coming from” until I got some service facsimiles and evil intentions of my own off in session with my co-audit twin outside the church. Then I stopped dwelling on “evil.” I can confront it and I’m interested in dealing with it, but I’m not obsessed with it.

    So the only thing I might suggest for modifying or clarifying your great points made above is that:
    Enforced “looking within” (outside of session whether co-audit or solo, including an O/W write-up which can be considered a solo action) is what Miscavige and other SPs and PTSes that he taught in the church, specialized in – introverting you into your overts.

    Getting off one’s own “evil intentions” is where it ultimately leads, but once again: “in session,” or at least by a personal decision not to dramatize and to take responsibility. But ultimately as you point out, that is not accomplished with a fixed idea that, “the WHY is over THERE.”

    I share your conclusion that that -is- where it all went off the rails.

  122. Dan,
    + many. Nailed it but good!

  123. Watchful Navigator

    Balance all that out with the fact that there -is- evil “out there” to be confronted. The more I clarify my own case and evil in it, the better I can as-is what is going “out there.” What has been lost is the balance, or “middle path,” between handling the “log in your own eye” and still pulling out the splinters in others.

    Part and parcel of full responsibility is the ability to confront and handle the environment (sometimes down in the realm of “evil”) or it swallows you up (HCO PL ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL).

    HONESTY AND CASE GAIN reminds us that we won’t get far if we lie to ourselves. “The other guy is all the evil” is one good way to lie to yourself and miss the mark entirely.

  124. Watchful Navigator

    That said, David Miscavige, “synthetic valence” though he is for all of us who never experienced him up close, seems to have generated one hell of a lot of evil, and needs to be confronted and handled by whatever actions we can do individually and collectively.

    “Preaching to the choir” on this point, I know.

  125. +1! Jim (& Tammy) please keep writing, you’re damn good :)!

  126. Dear Theresa, thank you for your reaction from your side of the world. The avantage Scientology has, is that the suppression will not take ages to be undone! Thanks mainly, I think, to all the means of communication we now have. Religion is delicate stuff. It needs a lot of wisdom to handle the tools wisely …

  127. Mike Hobson

    Why does *everybody* misquote this? It’s “You become what you resist… if you lose!”

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  128. Maybe we Indies should offer a new service: one session of Prep check “LOOKING”…..(kinda kiddin’ here)

  129. There are some clues to understanding where Jason is coming from, just clues mind you; but if you watch this, you’ll find Jason is OTV, CLV, 3 L’s, Data Series, etc. etc. Not exactly a drop in the bucket. That is the kind of guy he is.

    At about 1:04.30
    “… and they’re making me pay to get fucked up…”

    “… and that’s another thing, they don’t tell ya what the next thing is… believe me it’s good, so you gotta fuckin buy the thing at $50 Grand a pop, whatever… and it’s wrong… ‘oops – made a mistake’ – we’re gonna do this now, are you fuckin crazy, do you see how stupid I was… how crazy this is?

    —— “… it’s just these fuckin mortals can’t give me Scientology…” ——

    “… it’s one thing to make a mistake… but lets say the last $600 Grand was a fuckin mistake…” …………………..

    I’ve watched a few shorter clips of Jason on YT, but Marty’s post inspired me to watch the full 2 hour interview with Jason by Mark Bunker. It’s a brilliant and oft’ times funny as hell interview, but make no mistake and be prepared, because Jason cuts to the hard truth of the matter as he see’s it. I loved it, wish I would have seen it back in 08 just two years after I’d been waffling, it would have brought me out … and I can think of no better way to begin a book on the subject to hand.

    Jason… I dono what to say, except right on man, and thank you !!

  130. SA
    Beautiful, thank you!

  131. ps: Sorry for the diversion from your book promo Marty, loved the intro (as I stated on YT).., and of course I’m buying it. I want a signed copy though!

  132. Watchful Navigator

    With a copy of “Personal Integrity” clipped to your meter shield, you just might have something there!

  133. Nicely done Marty.
    LRH said that Scientology runs itself out.
    Your book looks to run out what Scientology became under Miscavige.
    A worthwhile venture.

    Tim Swanson

  134. Brian,
    That ties in nicely with what LRH said on the tape 6001C07 RESPONSIBILITY: “The greatest overt act is making people guilty of overt acts”

  135. You Know Who

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!

  136. Marty,
    Am chomping at the bit to read your book!
    Keep writing, your words AND your smile are infectious……:)
    As far as Tech application goes, yes the delivery is happening, more and more and that is tremendously encouraging.

  137. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, book sounds great and I intend to read it, but please make it available on amazon kindle like Amy and Mark did with theirs so that those ourside the USA can get an E-copy of it. Thanks.

  138. I didn’t get it, so I googled it and here is something I found:

    On and off I hear discussions in which people speculate on the exact origin and meaning is of the quaint idiom used by Doc Holliday in the movie “Tombstone.” I’ve heard some wild suggestions, including “huckleberry” meaning “pall-bearer” suggesting “I’ll bury you.”

    Still others think it has something to do with Mark Twain’s character, Huckleberry Finn, and means “steadfast friend, pard.” This is unlikely, since the book of that title was not written until 1883. Tom Sawyer was written in 1876, but nowhere there is the term “huckleberry” used to mean “steadfast friend” or the like.

    Still others claim that a victor’s crown or wreath of huckleberry is involved, making the statement “I’m your huckleberry” something like “I’ll beat you!” But no such reference can be found in the historical materials supporting the use of this term in 19th century America. Additionally, “huckleberry” was native to North America so it’s unlikely it was used in ancient Britain as a prize!

    Solutions to such questions are actually very easy to find, since there are numerous dictionaries of the English language in its various periods, and there are dictionaries of English slang. These works simply cull from books, magazines, and newspapers of the period representative usages of the words to illustrate their meaning. I consulted several of these and found the expression to have a very interesting origin.

    “Huckleberry” was commonly used in the 1800’s in conjunction with “persimmon” as a small unit of measure. “I’m a huckleberry over your persimmon” meant “I’m just a bit better than you.” As a result, “huckleberry” came to denote idiomatically two things. First, it denoted a small unit of measure, a “tad,” as it were, and a person who was a huckleberry could be a small, unimportant person–usually expressed ironically in mock self-depreciation. The second and more common usage came to mean, in the words of the “Dictionary of American Slang: Second Supplemented Edition” (Crowell, 1975):

    “A man; specif., the exact kind of man needed for a particular purpose. 1936: “Well, I’m your huckleberry, Mr. Haney.” Tully, “Bruiser,” 37. Since 1880, archaic.

    The “Historical Dictionary of American Slang” which is a multivolume work, has about a third of a column of citations documenting this meaning all through the latter 19th century.

    So “I’m your huckleberry” means “I’m just the man you’re looking for!”

    Now ain’t that a daisy!

  139. There are a few characteristics that my investigations have concluded regarding cults.

    1) the founder claims or strongly implies the only way.
    2) tell you we will free you until you think freely than we will crush you.
    3) there is always an enemy that is trying to stop the only road to truth.
    4) if you don’t fight the enemy you then become the enemy.
    5) disconnection.
    6) a general condescending attitude towards society.
    7) a unique specialness that only the founder has.
    8) the founder is far more wise and far more evoloved than all previous teachers.

    I can name you dozens of such teachers.

    But the one that truly causes the potential for abuse is the “evil other.”
    Because the “evil other” concept gives free reign justification to morally depraved acts to protect the “greater good.” TR-L for instance.

    It’s easy to conclude, for some, that it is my case that is speaking.

    It is harder to understand the true intent of my post.

    Ron created some amazing things. And Ron created some extemely dangerous things that had nothing to do with freeing people.

    Making the “evil other” part of church dogma and then institutionalizing it in the GO and OSA is the price Scientology is paying as the world looks upon it as a dangerous entity.

    Independents serving others and helping to help people free themselves from suffering is the only way to salvage PR.

    And fighting enemies is not part of the PR make over.

    Except maybe DM and the monster he has created.


  140. Tooks,

    I feel so chided!

    We are all more or less “Scientologists” here on this blog, how do you expect us to see the world?

    If Marty was truly “actively involved in creating what is wrong with Scientology for so many decades”, who better would know what is wrong with Scientology?

    Not you, in my view, if you weren’t involved in creating it. Yet you post as though you know what is “really wrong with Scientology”. Hardy har har.

    And since you haven’t read the book yet, at best your post on the subject of the book and it’s author is likely to be nothing more than inspection before the fact.

    Thank you for showing us the error of our ways before we even commit them!

    Time to head back to ESMB and report, isn’t it?

  141. The Oracle

    The Church has jumped onto the poetry arena. No credit to the poet.

  142. Take a couple of laps Tooks and then smell the roses. Repeat until you wake the fuck up……..unless your real name is Dave in which case nothing will help.

  143. The Oracle

    Dear Recruiters,

    This one is for you bigger thetans playing bigger games that live forever:

    The Holy Man

    At first glance,
    a church under every rock,
    propped against every tree.

    Lighted crosses in the night,
    One is convinced the HOLY MAN
    has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

    Is it possible to love
    in spite of all?
    Well, that was true for me.

    “People are “Created”
    by the “Supreme Being”.
    Because of him I’m me.

    God is not YOU,
    You are not God,
    Don’t know. Only believe.

    Heaven not here,
    it’s over there.
    Turn the other cheek.

    Love your neighbor.
    Don’t fight back.
    Jesus parted the Sea.

    Unattainable goals
    that give us hope but
    never set us free.

    I can only suspect
    the Holy Man
    isn’t holier than me.

  144. LTC Forever

    I think more and more people on the inside will start looking as it becomes apparent that the ideal org strategy has not worked as advertised. I also think a lot of much needed turbulence has been generated with Truth Rundown, Debbie Cook’s case, Facebook police and all the often unannounced declares of obviously good people. There will be more people asking questions and more people looking for answers as to “What is Wrong with Scientology?” That is where your book will come in. And Marty, you have touched on what I believe is a very much shared factor that I’m sure will be very real to both people in and out of the Church – a Failed Purpose. I know I had a cognition about mine just from listening to your introduction. I’m sure the book will take a life of its own once you put it out there.

  145. The Oracle

    When I was at Flag on staff a crew was sent up to Int to prepare to deliver OT8, the first REAL OT level! (What a sudden degrade on your OT certs right? NOW the first REAL OT Level is released (the other ones were bogus) ). So anyway after a few months one of them gets kicked back onto the RPF at Flag. This was a star auditor / tech terminal.


    Someone found some poems on her computer she had written.

    I mean, these are the people on top Celebrity Center! That woman was sentenced to a hard labor camp for writing some poetry!

    I can just imagine in the recruitment promo , the poem being organized.

    First, an admin scale for the poem.

    Then a mission with five people on it that can recall a pre Sea Org Life nursery Rhyme .

    Then six weeks of approvals and kick backs under heavy targets and deadlines for issue authority.

    Hence we have, the first Sea Org Poem release.

  146. Dear Marty,
    Can I purchase advance copies before printed.
    So as to help the flow of getting them done?
    This is sooooooooooooo needed and wanted.

  147. morelivesthanacat

    Hey Bent. You’re out-voted. (one of your boss’s favorite expressions).
    But hey, maybe if you can get all your “friends” to read this blog too…no wait. That won’t work in your favor either. Nevermind.

  148. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for this video and update.

    From my viewpoint at present time, it could appear that the world at large is coming unglued. However, I take solace in a point LRH made and that is when order is being put in confusion will blow off. Thus, one must continue to put order in. Then confusion and the underlying lie or lies will finally blow off.

    On multiple levels, subjects and universes I’m observing this phenomenon in play and playing out minute by seemingly minute.

    But to address your question, What is wrong with Scientology? My off-the- cuff instant response is as follows:

    Selective CORPORATE enforcement and application of “Green on White” and those insane interpretations and worship of “Ethics Technology”.

    Both supplanted and overcame the original purpose:

    Red on White.

    The good news is that the times are ‘a changin’. Keep up the good work Marty. I’m very grateful and I truly sense future generations will, too.

    Finally, I would strongly suggest that folks so inclined read or re-read Mr. Hubbard’s magnum opus: The Way to Happiness.

    I might just take my own advice tonight.

  149. Really great teaser; can’t wait for the book. Books.

    Also, while on the matter of requests:

    1. More video blog entries please! Having a pathetically short attention span, and even lower boredom threshold, not to mention 2 young kids to look after and a full time job and…videos are the best way of getting the message across – to me anyway.

    2. How is Sarge? Haven’t heard from him for a while and miss the stories of his time with LRH

    3. If Jason is reading – would LOVE a follow-up interview, maybe with Marty this time? I must have watched the Bunker interview 10 X or more. Jason really is the man. THE man.

  150. Thanks for the validation 😀

  151. Marty,
    It looks and sounds great. Deep and to the point. And it is what I always consider the best of all actions: Turning entheta into Theta. Well done!! The only thing I don’t understand is the wording of the title. It Tends to indicate that the “tool box” (Scientology) is itself wrong, not its abusers. This is how those Mat mentions (non Scientologists and those trying to recover from the effects…) will read such title. Or anybody else for that matter.
    Good luck with the book!

  152. +1, Me, too!!

  153. Theresa,
    I love what you said!

  154. Benton,
    (I hope I am not talking to a sock puppet…)
    Have you ever experienced changes in emotion? Changes in your way of thinking? Changes at all in your self or people around you?
    People change, dont they?
    I suppose you would be more concerned with making no real effect with your overt. It seems to be a reality you have, so I assume you would want to create that effect.
    I realise that you probably will not answer this question, but: What or who are you trying to protect or defend? What people or time are you basing this “ethics” attack on? Was there a moment when you decided to attack, harm or suppress Mike, Marty and others?
    I would like to hear it, I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me on your motivation. As exactly as possible. And any considerations you have, or had about that change in viewpoint. What would you need to experience for that consideration to change?
    Not saying you need to change, obviously you have the right to create your own reality. But if its too far from the agreed one you may be seen as having misplaced the cheese from your cracker.

  155. Great post.

  156. Please re-read the first 5 words of my post.

  157. I dissagree. A being knows when they see truth. My friend sent me Amy’s book and because it came from a friend I took the time to read it knowing she would not have sent me something unimportant. Now if I’d have seen it in a book store I probably would have at the MOST “Hummm what has the church done to ‘pull that one in’?”. At the least “Awww it’s just another David Mayo”. I could not see and was not trying.

  158. That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

  159. LTC Forever

    Sara, I totally agree. The Sea Org is probably one of the most paranoid group I have ever met. The members have been brainwashed into believing that they are surrounded by enemies. They cannot laugh at themselves or admit mistakes – that is too dangerous.

    When I first came in excited to have discovered spiritual technology, the recruiters got me into a brainwashing session called “special briefing” about “communists” taking over the world. Lol I think I might have gone “exterior” in that cycle where my mind separated from my body as I was wondering whether it was I who was the crazy one in the room. At another time, I tried to leave staff because I realized it wasn’t going to work out financially. I got into endless e-metered “ethics interviews” checking me for PDH (pain-drug-hypnosis) – talking about “habitually selecting the wrong why.” Then when I tried to report on all this madness to ethics following the logic of complaining about “poor customer service,” I was the one labeled “out-ethics” told to write down my O/W’s and “take responsibility.” I must’ve spent over a year trying to figure out how I mysterious;y “caused” the mishaps of other individuals.

    I even began to believe that I was somehow “dangerous” to people around me because maybe my presence alone could mysteriously cause people to do stupid things. The problem is that it only seemed to apply to staff at the Church. Out in the wog world many people were happy to have me around and some even complimented on my uniqueness and the fact the they could speak to me on greater things outside of the mundane of existence. It’s like outside of the Church I was skilled at my job and enlightened on the things most people did not even begin to think about. At the Church I felt like the last scumbag spreading nothing but “entheta’ and causing “trouble” in my wake. And sure I was! I just happened to be the kind of person who likes to ask questions and who doesn’t like to see others being mistreated. I could take it when it was happening to me, but when I started witnessing injustice toward others, I really had to get myself out there before I gave into the urge to handle things “manually.” The personal traits that got me into Scientology, got me out of it – bummer!

  160. Tony: Important to keep in mind that Marty gave his recent video IN FRONT of a movie poster of Tombstone.

    The Urban Dictionary uses a sentence to demonstrate the meaning:

    “Who thinks they can beat me?”

    “I’m your huckleberry.”

    Now imagine dm saying “Who thinks they can beat me?

    Marty: “I’m your huckleberry”

  161. I didn’t see that one.

    Was it relevant to a point I made, or an issue that was being discussed? Or was it a personal/ad hominem attack?

    If it was relevant to a point a I made, I apologize for missing it. And yes, please re-post it here so I can address it.

    If it was a personal or ad hominem attack, then, with apologies to TheWidowDenk, I am going to ignore it.

  162. Thank yoy so much Marty. I felt like you were talking to me and I was right there listening. I’m thankfull you have stepped up to the plate to handle this insanity and doing it with a vengence. I’m glad your neck is not to precious to help mankind.

  163. Watchful Navigator

    So very well stated, Brian!

  164. Captain Bob

    Truth you speak Jethro. Agreed. However, having the confront to just say no to the sociopath, well. At the time no one realized it. It’s hard to see the insanity when you are in the middle of it. And when could one escape it? To seek out other viewpoints from which to view? Well, from my research Marty and Mike were able to escape for a short period while while they were on staff. They traveled around the world, to orgs and other places during their time at the Int. Why even Marty blew a few times during his staff time. Mind you Marty was at top of the org board. Now others like Jeff Hawkins, Debbie Cook, Marc Headly, Amy, Karen #1, etc, etc, etc. Only until those highly trained people escaped and seeked other viewpoints, such as between themselves did they see the insanity of the taken over COS. And they had to destimulated for a few years. That is something.

    It’s easy to say if staff had only said “No” to DM while you are on the outside looking in. Until one puts himself in those shoes, one will never know. IMHO. It’s like auditing. The auditor does not have a clue what is holding back a pc. His job is only to get the PC to LOOK and realize his own self imposed barriers.

    All IMHO

  165. HCOB 6/8/65


    (Excerpt break)
    Qual (and the HGC) are not exempt from handling the Eight Big Rules of auditing:

    (Excerpt break)
    5. A pc who makes no case gains is Suppressive (and can only be handled by Power Processes and a Class
    VII Auditor).

    End of excerpt.

    HCOPL 5/4/1965
    (Excert break)
    One hears a whine about “process didn’t work” or sees an alter-is of
    tech. Go look. You’ll find it now and then leads to a Suppressive Person inside or outside the Org. Now that one knows who it is, one can handle it.
    But more than that, I can now crack this case!
    The technology is useful in all cases, of course. But only this
    cracks the no-gain-case.
    The person is in a mad, howling situation of some yesteryear and is
    “handling it” by committing overt acts today. I say condition of yesteryear but the case thinks it’s today. Yes, you’re right. They are nuts. The spin bins are full of either them or their victims. There’s no other real psycho in a spin bin!

    What? That means we’ve cracked insanity itself? That’s right.


    The suppressive can be handled within the philosophy of scientology.
    Handle means to correct, fix or carry out actions that bring about a wanted or needed change.
    LRH didnt leave that as a problem. The problem is that his instructions for the correct application of scientology is ignored, and then out of context examples used to blame LRH instead of Miscavige for perverting what he left as instructions on what scientology is intended to do.
    Miscavige has no ethics officer or a Senior. Not even someone on the same level. He’s out of control, and giving scientology a bad name. He has killed internal correction.

    So when you think it was Rons fault, reread this reply. He left instruction on how to clear things up, and they are not being used.

  166. Captain Bob

    auditors here posting threw away their Scientology Certs.

  167. Yes, Marty does capture his audience like Louis L’Amour, also one of my favorite authors as well. I especially liked Marty’s references to Jason, one of my favorite actors. I really feel bad about the Co$ betrayal of a fine auditor that Jason had become and sympathize with the justified BPC he had on the whole cycle. That never would have happened with LRH around. LRH would have revered Jason as he did with all auditors. Not at all like the failed auditor who is now running the Co$ into the ground.
    Jason and Marty are right, this present scene must be handled with the correct application of LRH’s Scientology Tech, not some midget’s semblance of it.

  168. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Honest and beautiful. x

  169. Marty — what you consistently remind me is that “Man is basically good” moreover, your example of your life, shows us that man is basically wise, is basically kind and basically strong.

    That is – ALL men; even those who are trapped within a valence of “other” and evil …

    It is up to each of us to manifest as best we can being basically good, wise, kind and strong.

    Scientology has a tool box which can and has enabled many beings to shed the valences of doubt, resentment, anger, fixation, obsession, karma, habit, fear and doubt.

    I appreciate that you have taken upon yourself (along with many many others here and those not posting here but actively involved in the world) to dust off these tools, sharpen them as need be and present them shiny again to the world.


  170. Captain Bob

    Jason says in the video there is not enough money in the world to clear the planet.

    As quoted what he spent on auditing ““… it’s one thing to make a mistake… but lets say the last $600 Grand was a fuckin mistake…” …………………..”

    So per Problems of work book, scientology is to help the worker move up in the world to earn more money, well it ain’t gonna happen in the CO$. I know several OT7’s just making ends meet. Something is very wrong in the UNIVERSE of COS, not to be confused with scientology.

  171. Obnosis, that reg should have stayed boned up on LRH’s Tech Dictionary definition of a Scientologist – “A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist.” (PAB 137)

  172. From another source the huckleberry was referring to the jar of
    candy that was always present in the old country stores. The
    glass jar was filled with different candies and when you stuck in
    your hand you had to take whatever you put your fingers on and
    if it was a huckleberry candy, which were far and few in between,
    you were in luck as it was considered the best.

  173. Looking forward to the book. Scientology basics remain my stable data through thick and thin.

  174. Yea he did say that too. I’m still digesting his position on Clear, but I sorta get it.

  175. Mike, I don’t always agree with you, but, on this point you are absolutely right…unfortunately I don’t know the the exact LRH quote that clarifies this point. The incomplete quote has been used very suppressively!!!

    (actually he says, “only if you lose.” per my recollection.)

  176. I agree with LTC Forever. The title of the book is PERFECT! As an ex public that is the question I’ve heard the most. Wrong and Scientology are key words Imo. I believe the public will be interested in it and buy it. Of course they have to get in front osa before they clean the shelves. It could reach #1 on sales, at least in Clearwater. Stack em up!

  177. TheWidowDenk

    I felt your comment on the Sky Dayton topic required a reply. Your comment was about something that has already been discussed at length on the blog. I rarely — if ever — attack. Here is my reply to your comment:

    “Tooky – your comment makes me think you are:

    1) very new to this community

    2) unread on the 31 Factors and this blog

    3) someone else …

    Fix that, would you please?”

    Tony DePhillips also added a reply suggesting a read of Mike Rinder’s “why we stayed.”

    I would like to add that while searching for my original comment, I noticed a couple “firefights” with Jim Logan and Mike Rinder. It’s probably not a good idea to get into that kind of thing here. Far better to get hatted and, failing that, bow out. We are a peaceful, supportive, community. Rachel

  178. 3. If Jason is reading – would LOVE a follow-up interview (with Marty). MP

    Indeed, wouldn’t that be cool !!

  179. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’re most welcome Martin. Just, an afterthought.

    Alcoholic>>>stable datum>>>fill the glass(again!!)
    Remedy >>>>> A.A !!!

    Miscavigeoholic >>> stable datum>>>> Kool-Aid!!!
    Remedy >>>> I.M. (Independent Movement) !!!

  180. Tooks, it’s the rest of that paragraph that counts- “…..whether one of the people who actively created what is wrong with Scientology for so many decades, and who still sees the world as a Scientologist does, WILL EVER BE ABLE TO (this presupposes that he is unable to, or that it is not certain at best does it not?) IDENTIFY WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG (ACTUALLY presupposes he does notorcannot, yes?) with Scientology.

    Without the book in hand, it’s all doubtful speculation at best.

    That’show I read your post. Doubting Thomas. He’s guilty until proven innocent. Wrong until proven right.

    How does a “Scientologist see the world”, given that Marty sees the world in rather the opposite way that, say Miscavige does?

    Do all “scientologists” see the world in the same way, with the same eyes, in your view?

    Give me a break! Should I complain or even observe that you still see the world as a non-Scientologist does? Boo hoo! You remind me of a man I met years ago who worked at the Institute for Social Research here at the University. He wanted to know whether Scientology was “liberal” or “conservative”. In his view, any group had to lean towards one or the other. “Non- political” just didn’t work for him.

    Talk about black and white thinking. “Thinks like a Scientologist”, “thinks like a non-Scientologist”. Heh. Aren’t we all special, as the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live used to say.

    For a good look at what you’re doing, go back and reread “The Sneetches” by Dr Seuss, and try to get back in touch with your inner egalitarian.

  181. 100%.

    And we are countering, based upon our individual takes on what we think you mean, and you are still posting back at us. That’s fine, it’s good. Sooner or later someone will no doubt emerge with an acknowledgement of some kind.

    Sometimes it takes a while to reach that point.

  182. And all this based on a post about the author of a book which is not even available yet. Patience, Doubting Thomas.

  183. Been meaning to ask, did you base your handle “Tooky” on the Yiddish?

  184. Great intro, Marty. Very engaging broad scope style with nice use of foreshadowing. I like your style.

  185. It sounds to me like something LRH might have written.

  186. Amen Jethro! Applause standing ovation!

  187. I mean the “Into Tomorrow” on the Sea Org brochure.

    WH, yours is perfectly good!

  188. Oh it’s late! I meant Oracle.

  189. No argument there. Hows the wake up call going?

  190. It’s so amazing that one can use Scientology as a tool or as a weapon. Right now we need to use it alot for healing.
    Can hardly wait for the book.

  191. TroubleShooter

    I just watched you read the portion of your introduction. If you were here I’d give you a great big hug.

  192. “A man; specif., the exact kind of man needed for a particular purpose. 1936: “Well, I’m your huckleberry, Mr. Haney.”

    Hi Windhorse,
    I see it as Marty is the right man for the specific job, purpose. The one to put dm in his place. Marty is the perfect storm of qualities needed to get this job done. He is dm’s huckleberry.

  193. I can see that Lars. 🙂

  194. Awesome! 🙂

  195. Thanks Marty, am very much looking forward to reading your book. The video was excellent

  196. Marty, you’ve got the right stuff…..

  197. There are numerous examples of abuse of people pre miscavige. I have mentioned them before, but instead of anyone “getting it” I was offered auditing or their were comments that LRH has accomplished more than me.
    But no one……….. No one commented on the pre miscavige abuse.

    I need go no further that pc folders being CSed by the GO to drive people insane.
    That was Ron’s doing. End of story

  198. Brian- Independent Human 🙂

  199. There is a saying in my country: a fish does not see the water in which it swims.

  200. Watchful,
    It is a fact, DM has “put on the head” of that valence, and he’s looking FROM it, not AT it. His universe now has a viewpoint of dimension that is full of boogety men, Marty’s all around, Mike’s on every plane. Sinar’s and Lana’s trying to poison him. Random Strangers at every hand. And boy is that head he put on evil. A nasty piece of synthesis. Suckss to be Dave.

  201. I have just blown the misplaced apostrophes insinuated into my post. Martys, Mikes, Sinars and Lanas. There.


  202. Great intro for your first book, Marty. I know it will have far-reaching effects, just like this blog has for so many. And thanks again for inspiring, by your example, those of us who are now delivering Real Scientology in growing numbers and volume. Looking forward very much to both books!

  203. Marty & Martin and others,
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments about what I said about disseminating with Marty’s book to people who are still buying Miscavige’s BS . I totally agree that this might be difficult , but I also agree with Martin that communicating with a pure heart and an sincere intention to help is the only way. A lot of these people who I have spoken with are aware of actions of the COS that are out tech or off policy, but they just keep “having faith” that those things will be corrected. What they don’t get is that there is no intention to correct those outpoints because they are actually being done purposefully. And this IS difficult to confront because it IS an evil thing.
    But I will just say, Marty, don’t sell yourself and your ability to communicate short. A lot of people posting on this blog once were sipping the “cool aid” (including me) and your communications resulted in us opening our eyes so that we could see and take responsibility for what had been sitting right in front of our faces.
    So yeah, win or lose, I’m going to give it a shot because I do care about those people just like you do. The worst thing that could happen is that they won’t read your book which is what will happen if nobody sends them one. But the best thing that could happen is…….

  204. I know better


  205. Fascinating comment. This corresponds to a book I am just reading “Commander of Auschwitz” which is the autobiography of the Commander of the Ausschwitz death camp. He wrote it in prison before he was executed. I find it extremely interesting and am fascinated to find points of warmth in his life, like when he was a child taking his pony into the house into his room, when his parents were absent “because it was his friend”.

  206. I know better

    Just received an email from naturalnews.com (who many of you might recognize as the author/owner/??? title he is has been on CCHR videos in the past. Anywayzzz, the title of this mornings email is “How To Spot A Sociopath.” Hmmmmm, I wonder what this guy was alluding to this morning?

  207. I did not read Rachel Denk’s comment to you as an ad hominem attack – but it is odd to me that you can dish it out, but not take it (your having confessed to being willing to ignore an ad hominem comment). The book is not even published and you have a lot of 1.1 sceptical criticism about it and Marty.

    I don’t know what burned you, but I think you may gather that many on this blog have felt the fire in one way or another. Whatever you think in terms of what wrongs have been perpetrated, and irrespective of whether you are right or wrong, I ask you to consider this viewpoint: We are all responsible – whether as perpetrator or spectator. Even those who were duped have a responsibility. Scientology and everything else in the world, is the way it is because we (humans) made it this way, whether by being cause or by spectating, or by being effect.

    And if one recognises an outpoint, then responsibility comes into play and one must do something about it. Marty’s blog, his help to Debbie Cook, this book and the next book, his helping out his fellows who need a bit of ARC, a place of temporary refuge, or auditing is what I would call doing something about it in the biggest way imaginable. He and Mike (and their wives) have stuck their necks out, when it would have been easier to continue their lives without the harrassment that they have IN FACT suffered.

    So if you want to be taken seriously – stop complaining about the past, and do something about the outpoints that exist in PT. I am sorry if you feel aggrieved about something – but its pointless being a victim.

    Anyway, I have always understood Marty to take responsibility for whatever he may have done in the past to empower Miscavige etc. Anyone who can recognise a suppressive quality in him/herself is not a suppressive person – thats in the SP tech. Those people who think they are perfect may very well be SPs, because they do not have the luxury of introspection and self criticism – that’s also in the SP tech. Its the SP who should be cause for your concern.

    If I have misunderstood you, then I echo what Rachel Denk said – which was basically to call upon you to make your position clear. (The emphasis is on “your postition clear” and not “your criticisms clear”.)

  208. I don’t see this as a personal/ad hominem attack so am re-posting it here
    (from TheWidowDenk earlier on this blog):

    “Tooky – your comment makes me think you are:

    1) very new to this community

    2) unread on the 31 Factors and this blog

    3) someone else …

    Fix that, would you please?”

    I could go back and site the specifics of which post in which thread this appeared, and will do so if you wish, but I see this as a more general consideration so here ya’ go.

  209. Oops, TWD answered up while I was getting her earlier statement.

  210. I read that , how to spot a socioopath and after reading it i spotted one – David Miscaviage . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Agreed!!

  212. Congratulations, Brian.

    It takes a while. A lot of information is hidden from you, and the fervent ones try to introvert you, verbally abuse you, distract you, even threaten you. But eventually, if you keep seeking the truth, everything becomes Clear.

  213. A cognition this morning regarding the above ‘Right Stuff’ video and Marty’s reading of his intro.
    Ya know, there’s been a lot of talk here and there about Marty’s crimes and him doin this and that.

    What’s real to me is that when he worked for the Church, right or wrong, he thought he was doing the right thing and he “Rode for the Brand”, as Louis L’Amour would say. The Brand was all there was. It took several slaps to the face and watching his friends being beaten by he who ‘owned’ the Brand to wake him up.

    Marty is an Auditor above and beyond everything else and his goal in life is to serve others and breathe LRH tech. Just like Chuck Yaeger meeting the demon face to face and breaking that which could ‘never’ be broken, the sound barrier. He risked everything to do that. That’s called DUTY. Marty exemplifies DUTY, the top mark on the scale of motivation and I am proud to know him as he is now, not as he was. We’re talking about operating in PT here folks. There are those of us who ride for THE Brand, LRH’s Brand, not some imitation thereof.

  214. Geeeze Dan. I wish you had those gains when in 1974 you took staff (at least one) on project prepare to the Portland Org attic and screamed at them calling them every name in the book (whore, cunt, etc.) if they did not allign their life to your liking. Good thing I recognized you were not applying Scientology and simply did not come back & went else where to work for LRH. Good thing you ‘came around’. You probably should write a book for amends!

  215. + Right on, dude! I am tracking with your cog, and nicely put.

  216. Wow fin I really appreciate what you’re saying.
    Such a great way of helping explain this sense of DUTY so many of us feel.
    Yep, THE Brand.
    I expect some of our Texans will appreciate your comment also, *chuckle*.

  217. Your humble servant


    “End of story,” you say. Now it It appears to me to me that a separate story is that you are given to loose, slanderous allegations. In the first place, “c/sing folders” is an activity that only occurs in relation to persons who are actively receiving auditing at the time, whereas the GO was concerned with people who were outside of the Church of Scientology and regarded as threats, so that is a nonsensical statement. Second, you say Ron “did” what you accuse the GO of doing, which is unfair and untrue. Please take your irresponsible character assassination somewhere else.

  218. Ditto re Sarge. Is he OK? I would love to hear from him.

  219. Well said fin. I have never met Marty nor have I had a conversation with him. But actions speak volumes. What a person does and what he says can differ and IMHO it is what one believes that guides his actions. Marty, Mike, Steve and all of the others who have gone into action deserve a standing ovation and our support.

    So as LRH would say …… what are you willing to do about it? For all those in doubt …… (and as I commented to the troll above) wake the fuck up and take a look at what a person does. That will tell you the truth.

    We all make errors and we know that we can change our conditions (most of us do anyway). The application of LRH Tech (vs. corporate $cientology) is truth and if done honestly can bring about the change we know is sorely needed. So lets do it, each of us in our own free and individual way but DO IT nonetheless.

    To the trolls, the blind, and the clubbed seals whether in or out of the cult.. …..BRING IT ON.

  220. I know better


  221. yODa interesting eval ‘fin’. Perhaps we should all evaluate each other, and slap each other fucking silly until we get it.

  222. Hello, Pumpkin… I am pretty sure I know who this is, in that you have told me this before. I am guessing that the “at least one” is you.

    We would have been on staff at that time and you were wanting to take a leave; I thought that I was a hardworking person and you were a panty waist for wanting to take some time off! And I unleashed on you.

    Since then, you have brought this up to me several times, and I have apologized again and again. And here we are once more, but in our most public forum so far.

    So let me say it again: I certainly apologize if I acted this way towards you or to another and you witnessed it.

    For me, personally, when I look back at my career of being on staff and remember the painful incidents that I was a part of, no matter the flow, it’s always brought comfort to think that it was never anyone’s intention to do harm or create upset.

    Since I left staff, I’ve talked with several people who treated me rudely when we were in; these people, now, out of the environment where “being tough” was often validated, have treated me decently.

    If this is who I am thinking it is, since 1974, aside from all the apologies, you and I have acted kindly towards each other on dozens, if not hundreds of occasions.

    But if there is somehow still some hurt and you feel it would be assuaged somehow by my doing some sort of project for you… gosh, I really don’t know about that. I will give it some thought, certainly. But, right now, the feeling of being required to do that sort of puts something inside in a knot.

    Perhaps it’s those dozens of liability formulas I have done in the past. Don’t real team members sometimes just forgive and let go of the past and stop the recrimination?

    But then, I guess it could be another person who I was mean to (I know I was not often this type of person, but I imagine that there could be some similar incident), in which case, please contact me directly, and we can talk about this and make it right somehow.


  223. Just incase people lost sight of the different ways viewpoints can be “couched”, and how truth gets spun into an acceptable truth. The farce of OSA, twisting facts and Miscavige hiding behind the IAS wallet. I thought it would be nice to see a serious and emotionally invested plea from some well known faces, so BS meters can be calibrated. And I am not being sarcastic. It reminds me of the PSA’s from “scientologists (TM) (C) (A FULLY OWNED ASSET OF CofS PONZI MACHINATION, ALL RIGHTS VOID)”

    I cant wait for the book and its fallout. Independents: Winning.

  224. Li'll bit of stuff

    Benton, Wow! How can we possibly thank you enough!
    Gee we’re indeed blessed by having you join us for a
    “natter!” So let’s see if I’ve got this straight? You are
    an expert on Marty? Please feel free to point out in
    any SINGLE one of his 750 postings, since inception,
    where (he is) .”.of the same cloth as miscavige, exactly
    the mirror image.”

    The invitation stands. BTW, don’t be a coward here,
    grace us with your qualifications, to be passing such
    “astute observations”

    We await with bated breath

  225. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tch….tch….Tooky?…Tooky?? TOOKY???
    Now look what you’ve gone & done Valkov?

  226. NOTE: This is not the best example, as it doesnt differentiate between the philospohy and the corporate machine. So limited agreement, but appreciation to anonymous for putting it together.
    Independent Scientology: Winning.
    For example:

  227. I had a close friend in the 70s that the GO thought was a plant. Her folders went to the GO for CSing. She was given processes to cave her in. I know this because her brother in law some years later was going to audit her, and he was surprised that her folders went to GO for insane making proccesses.

    At that same time she was being audited as an sp, she was hit by a car ourside the Hotel Martinique were she was on staff and where the GO and FOLOEUS was stationed. That part is not provable but is certainly circumstantial if you take into account the destroying the enemy was part of church ethics dogma and the black scientology that was applied to her from the church.

    People abuse was a pre miscavige reality. That is all I’m saying. And that fighting the “evil other” was a reality then as now.

  228. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  229. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, can’t wait for your book/books to come out. Your “Tool Box analogy” is spot-on!!!

  230. Bruce Pratt

    The title is actually a brilliant move IMHO.


    Because of the inherent misduplication of the term Scientology. Part of what’s wrong is the incorrect identification of LRH = Scientology = the Church of Scientology. N’est ce pas. The folks over at savescientology.com have a great dissertation on that distinction. Again this is IMHO.

  231. WOW!!! How theta and what relief it will bring-so looking forward.
    Listening to you felt like I was sitting across the table holding the cans, again, being cause, rehabing my cogs!
    It’s a miracle what an caring auditor can do, and that’s most certainly you.
    My most heartfelt thanks for all my continued wins!
    ML, Midge

  232. Your humble servant

    Thank you for the further explanation, Brian.

  233. The Oracle

    These are poems that L.R.H. has written if you want to get an idea of what one sounds like:


  234. Dan, Marty,and all folks on this blog,
    I don’t know if you have heard this sad news, but Random Stranger, the guy who always created the funniest ever stories on the blog about DM, has passed away. Sorry to report this, but I just found out and I am in shock. I don’t have any data, but I thought everyone should know. He needs to remembered for his humorous way with words, but even more, he was an artist, and I can attest to the fact that he was beautiful human being who always gave and cared much more than he received. We were friends, and I know he would rather have me make jokes right now,but I can’t seem to muster anything. Let’s give him a good ack anyway, in the very least.

  235. I know a GO person who “audited” a person with the leads out of the meter. This was under orders to do so because the person was considered enemy line. The obvious intention was too give wrong indications and mess the person up big time. How disgusting.

  236. hey joe, drop me a line. my address book on my computer got erased. do you know what happened to don?

  237. Last, but not least, Marty–your books sounds great from what you read and I think it will create interest in the true Scientology. I want to buy it asap.

  238. 🙂

  239. “And Ron created some extemely dangerous things that had nothing to do with freeing people.”
    That’s truly a matter of viewpoints.
    Einstein created the path towards atomic war. Not his intention. Ever. Imagine the poor bastards guilt in PT though? I’d be likely to make myself as large in the next life as a gnat if I saw in my works what happened with Einstein. That is only if people misunderstood and enforced that misunderstood as an absolute of action ultimately aimed at by said genius. Which it was never. Same goes for Ron. Would you truly sit before Albert and admonish him for the misuse of his tools left in the hands of other men? When the only intention was to help aka survive aka help?

  240. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, with no sign of any pain. He was not ill. It seems he was ready to play a new game.

  241. My misquote is identified with suppression. You have justified my thesis.

  242. Yes that is a matter of viewpoint. That is all we have. Having a viewpoint is impossible to not have. What is important is what information or experience fuels that viewpoint. Right Tookie 😉

  243. Marty, a possible difficult request:

    Have a post to ask ALL X GO members that were pre Miscavige to reveal tactics and procedures against all human beings.
    I know a few auditors that were asked to do despicable things to pcs. Broadcast it with the courage of a god! Turn over that stone!

  244. LTC Forever

    Marty, when you come our with your book, you also should have a book on tape reading it yourself. That would be priceless! It makes it more personal when you read it. It’s your story.

  245. Thanks for the info, Jewel. When I heard about OTDT a few days ago, I suspected there would be no more posts from Random Stranger as well.

  246. I am looking forward to the book. This video is a killer. It is so true that the technology of Scientology can be used for good or evil. That said, the philosophy of Scientology is all about ARC – Understanding. Pan-determinism. The granting of beingness. That man is basically good – even Suppressive Persons or merchants of chaos. Helping people do better in life (this life, not just “eternity”).

    The gloves are off. Great work, Marty.

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  248. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bulls-eye, Publius!

  249. Thanks T.O.

  250. LBit, I guess you got what I meant…… It’s a perfectly good Yiddish word….. And maybe who ever is behind the handle “Tooky” has a sense of humor?

    Anyway, I hope he keeps posting in spite of the shellacking he’s getting here. If he does, maybe something will dawn on him sooner or later. Unless he is an out-and-out tuchus of a troll. I tend to think at this point, he is just a case of mistaken identity.

  251. Yes, that is what it seems, as nothing was found in the initial autopsie. The toxicology report will take awhile longer. He is a thetan with alot of power to his punch and will do well.

  252. Pingback: What is Wrong With Scientology? | Standard Tech

  253. Hello Marty,

    as I said some moths ago, I am looking forward to buy and read your book.

    This book will help “The Scientology”. Its core concepts, the valuable tools, the aspects we love and implement in our day to day life and in the life around us.

    God bless you.

  254. That’s right! Unlike the one’s I see in my local library being sold for a dollar.

  255. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yup, the depth charges are scattered carelessly all
    over our blog, of course (pst don’t tell Marty. ok?)
    and I suspect Tooks might have stubbed his big toe
    on one! Hell I hope he didn’t go and blow himself up or
    something. That would be something to see, hey?
    You are aware, of course, that the d/c’s are
    filled with bright luminous pink troll detector paint,
    that makes it impossible for a careless troll to sneak
    around these parts undetected. Oh well, as you say,
    Valkov maybe just another case of mistaken identity.

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  258. Do the price include postage? And is particularly the offer out there internationally or only while in the US?

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