Tempest in Taiwan

Verjanso Yang & Sarah Forster

Dear Friends,

There are innumerable times throughout history when people have felt compelled to gather, to protest, to comment on this thing called ‘Freedom’.  The year 2012 is thought to be the end of the world for some people and organizations but for us 2012 has been an amazing and wonderful year.  Through it’s trials we have come to question this concept of freedom and arrive at a conclusion that has left us in an awakened state of being.  Life has many blessings to offer and the realization as to the cause of our suppression as a Field Group and as individual beings has left us with expanded dynamics and the feeling of being free and cause.

I am a New OTV, a GAT Class V Auditor and Purif C/S and PTS Specialist.  Whilst a public of the AOSH ANZO I assisted this organization by doing A-J’s on more than 200 people, more than 50 peoples’ Objective Correction Lists as well as auditing Sea Org Members up the Bridge.   I am trained to handle all kinds of PTSness except Type III and I deliver people all the way from the Purif to Clear.  In fact, I am the first Taiwanese auditor to this day who can deliver from the Purif all the way to Clear.  I am the first Taiwanese Senior Minister that was ever made.  I was the first Taiwanese who co-audited to Clear.  I was the first person to go to China and make the first Clear in China.   And now I am the first highly trained Class V Taiwanese Auditor to publically depart.   For the following reasons this is a letter to all our friends but also an official statement of our resignation from the Church of Scientology.  This letter contains what we think about Freedom and Religion and is a discussion about our experiences which have led us to question things.  It is an open discussion of our concerns and what has ultimately led us to making the decision we have to leave the Church.  It is by no means an absolute on ‘how things are’ just an expression of our concerns and experiences.  

How strong should we hold our freedom? We of the Church Believe:  …that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

Last year we had our highest stats ever as a Field Group however last year we also encountered the most suppression.  We wrote KRs and communicated but in the end when nothing changed and patterns already established as a culture in the church repeated themselves we were forced to ask ourselves ‘who is reading our KRs?’.  The suppressive was one against which we could not defend ourselves.  This is not surprising when you consider that the biggest enemy is always the one that comes from within and that we as a group are forbidden from talking together in social circles about donation cycles, regging cycles and other taboos when they actually need the pressure of a whole group to change but this is considered talking to the “incorrect terminal” or “black PR”.     Finally we were forced to ask ourselves what is this thing called Freedom?  If a Class V, OTV who has helped hundreds of people is not someone who can be trusted to give you his experience who else is qualified to tell you this information?

After 4 months of thorough investigation we discovered that what I am about to tell you is just the tip of the iceberg but I believe you will have reality on what I am talking about.

The Church Creed says:  We of the Church Believe – That all men have inalienable         rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

This is violated, our freedom is violated when policy was and is violated again and again.  You will understand what I am talking about if you have been a Scientologist for some time.  The donation cycles, the financial irregularities, – I was paid only twice in six months of service for working full time and very long hours at a Scientology mission.  I have seen missions and orgs stealing pcs from one another and black PRing auditors in order to do so.  I KRed it and nothing changed.  Even when I finished my Class V auditor training and started my Field Group I continued to see the out-policy, out-tech things occurring.  In fact when I started my field group I discovered that Field Groups are the bottom of the food chain.  Arbitrary rules are imposed such as – ‘Field groups are forbidden to deliver the Purif’ even though there is no policy for it and LRH expressly says on the grade chart that we can.  This is my experience and this is the beginning of what caused me to question things.   I was, like most other Scientologists acting like a turtle.  I would see something wrong but because some of the tech works and for the sake of my ‘eternity’ I convinced myself that “it’s normal”.  I have come to realize that this attitude will lead to sacrificing my integrity and in turn any gains that I could have in life.  By sacrificing our integrity ‘for our eternity’ or for the so-called ‘greater good’ we in fact lose our integrity and ourselves.   We lose our freedom.

It is my personal belief and opinion that the letter written by Debbie Cook was a good explanation of what some of those off-policy things are.  I suggest that you read it.  Examine it.  Don’t be reasonable about it and don’t just believe what the Church management says without you personally examining the situation.  Come to your own decision about it.   Go to http://mrssmith.pixnet.net/blog/post/27973352    

The Church Creed says:  “We believe that the Laws of God forbid man  to destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions”               

Isn’t it wrong to push someone into debt?  Doesn’t it violate LRH’s financial policy?   HCO PL 28 JAN 1965 , How to maintain credit standing and solvency   “Make it before you can spend it.”   This link is informative –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLkZI2tm6cQ   If you are an OT reading this you will have reality on what I am about to say.  Instead of paying for our own and our family’s Bridge we are bombarded with requests from the IAS to donate.  In fact, when you attempt to leave these events staff members will stand in front of the door and obstruct your departure. Taiwan has become an easy touch for donations.  IAS Events that occur once a year in other countries happen a few times a year in Taiwan.  In fact, the first time the Freewinds Captain came on land to be in an event was in Taiwan.  That’s how much money Taiwan donates.

I believe no religion should ask or demand people to donate a particular and substantial sum of money to prove that they are part of that religion.   The average salary in Taiwan is approx. $1300.00AU per month meaning that the average Senior Scientologist who was not independently wealthy before coming into Scientology is now heavily in debt.  Many people are pushed to borrow money to go up the Bridge.  Some sell their houses, get loans, max their credit cards – do whatever is necessary.  Ask them who they borrowed the money from?  When do they expect they can pay it back?  It even goes to the extent that if you don’t know how to borrow money from friends or family the Reg will help you.  This is one ability you really do get from the Church.   If you don’t believe what I say ask your Clear and OT friends.

The Church Creed says:  “And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid Man  to destroy or enslave another’s soul.”

Enslavement occurs when a tech that was supposed to set people free is altered.  One piece of evidence can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG9X0gEedDs.  When the Basics were released management told us that this was necessary because SPs had altered them.  And yet…at this time they were altered.  The PDC tapes are altered.  See the evidence at the above link.  This leads me to question what is going on.   That there have been alterations should not be doubted.  We have all been interested in keeping the tech pure and thought that this is what RTC was doing. Many of these alterations were highlighted in Debbie Cooks letter but the rest can be found on other places on the internet.

One of these that is of big concern is that these ‘6-month checks’ or ‘refreshers’ for OTVIIs that OTs spend thousands on every 6 months are actually out tech.   The reference for this is: “b. Pre-OTs in the area between the beginning of New OT VI (Solo NOTs Auditing Course) and the completion of New OT VII (Solo NOTs) may not receive any other auditing, with the exception of those services allowed in the No-Interference Area (between the start of New OT I and the completion of OT III) for pre-OTs who are stalled or moving slowly.  – LRH (HCOB 23 Dec 71RB, Solo Series 10RB, C/S Series 73RB The No-Interference Area Clarified and Reinforced, Subject Volume 1 [in the Tech Vols], page 252) Now as far as the part saying “…with the exception of those services allowed in the No-Interference Area (between the start of New OT I and the completion of OT III) for pre-OTs who are stalled or moving slowly” is concerned, the same bulletin lists, earlier, what actions are allowed for pre-OTs who are stalled or moving slowly. However, the section that lists those actions begins with a major qualifying statement before listing which actions are allowable.  I will quote the qualifying statement and the list of allowable actions: “Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else.  However, when a pre-OT is stalled or moving slowly, any of the actions listed below, as appropriate, can be ordered by a qualified C/S….

  1. Nonaudited PTS handlings
  2. Confessionals and O/Ws
  3. The handling of postulates, considerations, attitudes, evil purposes or evil intentions (False Purpose Rundown)
  4. Service Fac handling (bracket method only, no R3RA)
  5. Disagreement Checks.

 – LRH (HCOB 23 Dec 71RB, Solo Series 10RB, C/S Series 73RB The No-Interference Area Clarified and Reinforced, Subject Volume 1 [in the Tech Vols], page 252)

So yes there are conditions under which someone on OT VII can receive a Sec Check.  However, that doesn’t meant that EVERY person on Solo NOTs has to receive Sec Checking every six month REGARDLESS of whether or not they are stalled or moving slowly or they are progressing well. This is again a huge violation of the HCOB.  Again this costs the Scientologist public thousands of dollars. The Church Creed says:  “We of the Church believe… That his survival depends upon himself and upon his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the Universe.”   How is brotherhood with the Universe achieved, freedom achieved in a system focused on statistics?   Due to the focus on statistics it is my experience that the staff are more interested in how fast you can finish the course rather than how much gain you have had or how much you can apply it in life.

Most Scientologists begin with their Ups and Downs in Life Course and how many are REALLY free from suppression at the end of it?  How many REALLY apply the tech and are REALLY free from suppression?  As a Field Auditor I often have mission public calling me and telling me their problems.  I ask them if they know the PTS tech.  I have been totally shocked when time after time I get the answer – what is PTS?  Or that you cannot be PTS to a social personality?   If they have MUs how did they pass the course?   You will definitely have had the experience that when you finish one course you are immediately regged for another.  It is a non-stop cycle.  Sometimes it takes one reg to convince you, sometimes more than one.

I have come to my own personal conclusion that there are people and staff members who are there to help, but the Church management is all about the money.  Most people say they got their wins from LRH tech but I never heard it’s from Church management.   My opinion is that at the bottom of all the out-policy actions and the culture of heavy regging there is a strong focus on money and statistics.   Why aren’t we given a report of where our donations go?  What is wrong with transparency? This is a quality of a free society.

The Church Creed says:  “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

I haven’t had the freedom to read whatever I want to read or say whatever I want to say.  I was heavily punished after a Sec Check because I watched the DVD ‘The Secret’.  The basis of the theory of the Secret was written over a 100 years ago.  LRH wasn’t even a baby when it was written and yet I was punished because it was ‘squirrel’.   I haven’t had the freedom to write what I think or to express myself.  According to those indoctrinated in this Scientology management culture whatever I say or whatever I think is ‘all because of my education in the Church’.  I cannot have my own opinion.  The reason I have come to this conclusion is that several times when I have expressed my opinion I have been told that it is a Scientology concept and so it is ‘mixing the tech’.  The people who say this of course have never actually word cleared the word ‘Tech’ in the dictionary.  The concept of Karma is not tech.  It is not even from Scientology.   So everything I say is not me it is Scientology.  In Taiwan we would say that this is just Korean – everything comes from them.   To continue to be in Scientology I would need to be careful of what I said and actually it would be better if I didn’t say anything at all.     Some of you will be aware that because of my blog I was able to directly and indirectly encourage 28 people onto Class V auditor training packages at the AOSH ANZO.  If you have been following my blog you will notice two of my blogs are now closed because the primary articles on it were ordered to be closed by OSA.  This was the result of a huge wrong target.  When we were being ‘handled’ our Scientology friend was told that ‘our comm lines were closed’ however when we called that OSA staff they would not come to the phone.   OSA has not done the job they were supposed to do.  Their job is to protect the OT data and keep the good reputation of Scientology and make the internet a safe environment for Scientology.  Instead what they have done is prevent Scientologists from talking about Scientology.

People who are by some considered ‘anti-Scientologists’ have free reign making it very difficult for the staff member to promote Scientology.   We have been told not to go on the internet to read that so-called ‘entheta news’.  It doesn’t matter that after OTIII we are supposed to be free from overwhelm or that we have the PTS tech.  That ‘entheta news’ is to a large degree many people talking about their experience in the Church and what happened to them.  The reason that this is largely unknown in Taiwan is that a lot of it is not translated into Chinese.   When we agree to not read other books, to only get our information from ‘acceptable and approved’ sources, which are only the Church, we are ‘obedient’.  We lose our ability to be free because we are not able to have access to all the information that is out there.  We are thus unable to make an informed decision based on all the facts for ourselves.  We need to be able to compare texts to be able to make an informed decision.  This restriction on our ability to inform ourselves is just obedience and control.   The church says ‘don’t look’ so you don’t look.  There is no difference between this and the book burning that has occurred in other countries at various times throughout history.   The church says ‘don’t question’ so you just don’t question.

What does LRH say about this? “I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with  or seize upon whatever I say.  I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t a Free People. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said, try it, and if  it’s good for them, use it. ”         PAB 79 ,10 April 1956 , The open channel

There is no LRH reference that says you shouldn’t read things from other sources.  This is an arbitrary and amounts to mind control that has been introduced.   The result is that we largely didn’t know what was happening all over the world.  Did you know all 8 of the Class XIIs personally trained by LRH have been declared SPs? https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/ They were the only Class XIIs he personally trained and they are declared.  We are being kept ignorant when we live in an information access age.   Does that sound like an outpoint?    

The Church Creed says:   “And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid Man – To destroy his own kind.  To destroy the sanity of another.”

This is a matter of personal integrity.  There have been allegations and public statements made that there is a place called a Hole where members of the Sea Org are kept in extremely bad conditions and not aloud to leave.  There are other allegations where staff have been physically assaulted and bullied.  See the link   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htn1PauZUYs There is no circumstance under which this would be acceptable.  No circumstance.  That is someone’s child, someone’s wife or husband, someone’s auditor.  Freedom cannot be bought through the slavery of others.  You can get more information about this from the internet.  I want to impress that these are as yet only allegations but they were stated in a court of law in Texas recently.   A person who says their purpose is to ‘clear the planet’ and then institutes something like this is both psychotic and disgusting.

The Church Creed says:  “We of the Church believe:  That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.”

To a person who is not a Scientologist it seems so ridiculous why a person cannot leave the Church.  They don’t understand that people, friends and families will be forced to disconnect.  The practice of disconnection is in full use by church officials today, despite the policy being canceled by LRH more than 40 years ago.   See HCO PL 15 November 1968, “Cancellation of Disconnection”. When asked about it the Church denies that it happens.  But it does!   There is no reason that individual people need to agree to be suppressed by putting up with rules imposed by people who are not LRH.

Some of you will be aware that before I was in Scientology I took a course with another group.  It is not declared.  OSA has been fully aware of this group for over ten years.  The group holder’s ex-wife is even a Sea Org member indicating that obviously OSA doesn’t have a problem with that group.  It has been investigated several times by auditors and staff members over the years but it STILL has not been declared. To this day it is not declared. The founder of the group was previously a Scientologist but now uses methods that are not related to Scientology. However, the former members of this group have had their OT levels obstructed because of this.   Now we feel free!

LRH’s tech has helped my wife and I a lot over the years.  However, we have gone as far as we can in this group and our spiritual journey has taken us to the next level.  This has led to the expansion of our dynamics and discoveries of abilities that we didn’t know we had.   Your bridge is available outside.   Some of you might be thinking…but what about your public?  What about their OT levels?   There are auditors who are using the original LRH tech (LRH’s Org) outside and they can deliver all the way to OTVIII and the L’s run down.  Unfortunately, as far as I know I am the only one who can deliver PCs to Clear in Taiwan but your bridge is also available overseas.  It is not a small number of auditors and organizations.

I always have a stable datum in my mind which is that ‘if ethics is out the tech won’t go in” It’s comes from HCO PL 4 April 1972, ETHICS. According to this if there is an out-ethics situation and you decide to close your eyes to it you will not get the case gain that you should have.   I believe you have the same reality that when you see some OTs or Clears but you really didn’t see the product that they were suppose to be – people with financial problems, physical problems and marital problems.  This was my biggest question when I became more involved with the Church.

If you think you can have one eye open and one eye closed and just get what you want and escape the rest you won’t get what you came into Scientology to achieve. This attitude leads to a roller coaster.  This is PTS.  The worst part is that we pay a lot of money for that product.   If you have doubt on anything I have said you should investigate for yourself and not just rely on the church’s official statement.

Read the information that is out in the public domain, that way you can make an informed opinion.    

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself.  And when you lose that you have lost everything.” Personal Integrity from Feb 1961 Ability magazine.  

Conclusion   We write this to clear the confusion of why we have left the Church.  According to personal integrity if I didn’t write this letter and tell you about this it would be our omission.  Writing this letter to you will mean that I will automatically be labeled an SP and you will be asked by the Church to disconnect from me.  You will be told to consider me an enemy.  To all my Scientology friends it has been a real pleasure to know you.  Some of you will remain in contact with me but some of you will not.  For those of you who will disconnect I hope you get your freedom under the Church and for those of you who choose to keep their personal integrity I will see you on the other side sooner or later.   This wave is starting and is getting bigger and is a huge tornado that is happening all over the world.  I don’t know the future of this religion, I can only suspect.  This letter is not going to tell you how this is going to end.  I write to you because this is how it is beginning.  This letter is something the Church doesn’t want you to see.  This is a message that religion should have freedom.  A religion without controls and a focus on money and where the suppression of freedom doesn’t occur is possible.  Where you go from there is a choice I leave to you.

Kind Regards,

Verjanso Yang & Sarah Forster

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  1. Excellent and well said!

  2. Phil de Fontenay

    Hey Verjanso,

    Awesome write-up!

    Great to see you here man! This is Phil de Fontenay from Newlife in Taipei. I have had a Field Group here for the last 11 years. I never met you personally but know many Taiwanese who did. Your stepping up and making a stand will have a huge impact here in Taiwan. I can see OSA now, running around like frightened chickens with their whispering campaigns trying to shut you down and policing your Facebook friends.

    Get in comm if you like: phildefontenay@hushmail.com

    Hey OSA! Time to wake up and attack the correct target, David Miscavige. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

    Phil de Fontenay

  3. It would be hard for anyone not to start seriously reconsidering their standing with the organization after reading this. Great integrity.

  4. one of those who see

    Hello and welcome Verjanso and Sarah! Your communication was beautifully written. It is an honor to have read it. I’m am sure that your write up will help people all over the world seek the truth and their freedom. Absolutely brilliant. You obviously understand the point that you can’t restore freedom to an individual by taking it away!

  5. Welcome! Thank you for all you have done to help others. You demonstrate the goal of processing in the third paragraph. Taiwan is lucky to have you there. Excellent announcement of facts. All from LRH in Creation of Human Ability:

    “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his consideration of space, energy, time and forms of life, and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.”

    “There is a basic series of assumptions in processing, which assumptions do not alter the philosophy of Scientology. The first of these assumptions is that Man can have a greater freedom. The second is that so long as he remains relatively sane, he desires a greater freedom. And the third assumption is that the auditor desires to deliver a greater freedom to that person with whom he is working. If these assumptions are not agreed upon and are not used, then auditing degenerates into “the observation of effect,” a pursuit which has degraded what is called “modern science.”

    “The goal of processing is to bring an individual into such thorough communication with the physical universe that he can regain the power and ability of his own considerations (postulates).”

    “A Scientologist is one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life…” end LRH quote

  6. Your humble servant


    Thanks for this illuminating account. You are quite correct to object to the covert alteration of the PDC tapes. That is evil indeed. You are quite correcdt in everything you said! Thank you for your observations.

  7. Li'll bit of stuff

    Verjanso and Sarah,

    Firstly, congratulations, on a remarkably clear and thorough,
    covering of all aspects of your declaration.
    That you managed to pull it off without showing a single hint
    of misemotion anywhere, is even more remarkable, and
    deserving of a place as a truly standout example on how
    it can be done.
    You have also set an example of just what can be achieved
    with exclusive focus on achieving your goals, in the face of
    extreme provocation and suppression.
    Your integrity is without blemish, IMHO since without it, how else could you have written this?

    You have indeed become free to embrace REAL freedom,
    as LRH promised, through the COMPASSIONATE ethos
    of what that promise was all about:

    ACTUALLY setting yourself, and others, free !

    Welcome into the sunshine of the Independents, where
    Scientology is lighthearted and fun again, as it used to
    be when LRH was still around.

    Calvin B. Duffield Durban, South Africa Independent declaration Mothers Day May 13 2012
    Indie 500 list no # 301

  8. Wowza! Very well done on your accomplishments as an auditor! What a GREAT write up. I hope to hear more from you both. The truth will set you free, obviously.

  9. That is awesome Verjanso and Sarah!!
    I TOTALLY KNOW what you mean! You can read our resignation letter from a couple of years ago and you will see what I mean.
    Keep reading on the internet. Go to Scientology.cult there is lots of info there for you to continue on your awakening.
    Welcome!! I now it’s a long trip but if you want to come to the Indie Party in July it would be great.


  10. Verjanso and Sarah, this is so good.

  11. Welcome! Well said indeed.

  12. What an awesome couple of beings you are!

    What an awesome statement!

    What a blow to suppression and the start of a new “flourish and prosper” where the tech is so badly needed. Best of luck and our postulates to you.

  13. +1 Welcome to the Independents Verjanso and Sarah!

  14. Wow! A very powerful write-up of all that has been going on world-wide. VWD on moving over to the right side of the tracks!

  15. Thank you for this authentic résignation from the church of $cientology. This is a new stone on the building of the true way to freedom by free mind accessible independant scientology as it was intended by LRH. Welcome ton the free zone.

  16. Incredible blow by blow expose of every outpoint — you took Debbie Cook’s email to a new level with very pertinent additional outpoints. Very happy to know you are now truly in the sunshine and you guys will do far better than you ever did in the Co$. Here’s a toast to pure freedom and much expansion. Sending love from Austin Texas.

  17. Has it ever dawned on any of you that David Miscavige has Hijacked your Religion?

    I mean, really, do you think that David Miscavige is accomplishing what LRH held, as his utmost desire; the pure mechanics of Scientology?

    I think not.

    Think for yourselves people!, Embrace the purest form of the Tech, and to HELL with David Miscavge and his convoluted, self serving, dispense of the same.

    IF you do follow this boy, Miscavige, then you deserve every heartache he can conjure up against you.

    LRH had it right, don’t doubt your instincts.

    Tammy sends her love and tears and the doggies barked “woof!” to you and all – hang in there, DM can’t live forever…

    *P.S. ~We have one last air conditioned dog house for sale – Anyone interested?

  18. I’ll second that!

  19. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I truly understand every single word you have written and I congratulate you on your integrity!

  20. I utterly agree.
    And very very true about the PTS/SP tech. I have only heard of 1 SP rundown audited in the church in 16 years. And LRH says its almost the standard end action to a PTS handling.
    Cant’ be PTS to a social personality?! I agree, THAT is NOT true. Such a good observation! I have been PTS to social personalities, handled my out-ethics, then got back in comm, disenturbulated the terminal, found THEIR out-ethics, exchanged apologies and resumed a social relationship. BUT that all happened after I got sick, and had a really hard look at what was going on.
    I hope this is translated in chinese/taiwanese/cantonese/mandarin etc.
    Well Done!

  21. I’ll second that motion!
    And by the way, Verhanso & Sarah, the situation may be even worse than you mention regarding people receiving auditing and other actions in the no-interference area. If you check the issue you referred to, (HCOB 23 Dec 71RB, Solo Series 10RB, C/S Series 73RB The No-Interference Area Clarified and Reinforced, Subject Volume 1 [in the Tech Vols], page 252), you will find that it was actually issued in 1990! LRH never saw it! The original issue which it replace, written by Ron in 1971,HCOB 23 Dec 71RB, does not even permit the actions you mentioned in the no-interference zone. It is very strict about the no-interference area.
    In any event, welcome to Freedom. I think that you are going to find many friends in the independent movement.

  22. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. The point you make about one being free to look and think for oneself really impinges. I always felt the same when way when I was told I could not look at “entheta.” What, can’t I think and judge for myself?

  23. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Stunning write up Verjanso & Sarah.
    “I ask them if they know the PTS tech. I have been totally shocked when time after time I get the answer – what is PTS? Or that you cannot be PTS to a social personality?” That blew my mind! I had no idea such insanity had entered into such basic tech.
    Thank you and VERY well done!

  24. Brian Culkin

    I loved reading this …
    My postulates for major success in the future …

    Welcome to the group!

  25. Amazing. Thank you so much.
    What about all the Clears who attested after they did all the grades and NED. And had do go through the “OT PREPS” in UK spending USD 50,000 on FPRDs….. like I did !!!!! and messing with my case !!!! Let’s talk about all the people who attested Clear and can’t even move into their OT Levels NOW….

  26. George M. White

    To: Verjanso Yang & Sarah Forste

    Congratulations on your independence. It is good Karma.
    You have written a very professional summary from the
    heart. Good luck on your new journey.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  27. Welcome to the light and freedom and may many others follow in Taiwan.

  28. Welcome to Freedom and the dawn of a new day for Scientology. Your write-up was excellent with powerful references to the creed of the church. Eventually most of your friends will be joining you. Best Wishes.

  29. Wow ! There is so much to comment on. Verjanso & Sarah I applaud you for your research & courage.
    For those that skim over the post……dont do it. Read fully what they have to say. If you are in Doubt and this does not handle for you then you, pardon my saying, are a hopeless slave anf

  30. Congratulations on having made the transition to independent status!
    Once the uproar dies down, your field practice will expand and you will prosper.

    You and other independents are now the only source of the miracles that Scientology Technology can provide. It is a big responsibility, but you seem to be up for the challenge!

    If there is anything I can provide you with in the way of support, please let me know. You will find that your abilities will expand now that you are free from the suppression of the church that once held such promise.

    David St Lawrence

  31. Welcome home Verjanso and Sarah. Great write up. Happy to have some more free theta circulating in the environment!

  32. Phil Bruemmer

    Beautifully said.
    I hope many will read your words and free themselves from the viscious and sadistic cult which calls itself The Church.
    I wish you happiness, but I suspect that your own good heart has already brought you happiness.
    Welcome to freedom!

  33. Outstanding communication!

    I have found that certain ethnic groups have very strong communication lines with their community, Hispanics, Italians and Taiwanese come to mind. If you get exterior to the church scene it is easy to see the suppression of those communication lines.

    When one no longer insists on freedom of thought and communication they open the door to creating an environment very much like that of North Korea. LRH says that you are alive as you can communicate. If that is the standard for measuring life potential, how alive are the OTs of the church? To really get the magnitude of how alive one isn’t, simply note down – things you can’t say and things you try not to think (for fear they come up in your next sec check).

    I love the “turtle” analogy! It was hard not to get angry with oneself for following destructive orders but don’t think I was ever a “sheep” even when I did comply. I certainly could have been a turtle as I shied away from confrontation, choosing to flee instead.

    Your last paragraph is perfect, so much granting of beingness towards the intelligence of the reader. I hope that my friends in the Bay Area read this and seek to sort out the truth for themselves.

  34. “This wave is starting and is getting bigger and is a huge tornado that is happening all over the world. ”

    Thank you for helping make it so!

  35. What a beautiful writeup. Since OSA will soon be granting your Golden(rod) Declaration of Freedom to think and write independently, I look forward to reading more great stuff on your blogs.

  36. Go Taiwan! Great stats! Thank you both for all you have done!

    “The Church Creed says: “We believe that the Laws of God forbid man to destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions”

    Hubbard on a fine day indeed! Thank you for forwarding these! Lucky days!

  37. Hi and welcome . I loved reading your fantastic write-up.

  38. Thank’s Verjanso & Sarah ,…..for this PERFECT DAY…….and WELCOME

  39. Your humble servant

    Just to emphasize the profound statement you have made, Scientology is no longer available in the Church of Scientology. Ironic. There is always a big demand for Scientology, but you won’t find it in the Church of Scientology.

  40. Bruce Pratt

    Y’all give me pause to rethink that OT stands for Operatin’ Texan. I believe I have to revise that and add that it stands for Operating Taiwanese equally well now.

    Damn that is a magnicifant writeup by some magnificent beings displaying what it really means to keep one’s personal integrity.

    Thank you, you Operating Taiwanese!

  41. Like!

  42. Congratulations for coming out from the dark. Using the Church Creed to highlight the outpoints is very powerful and may that help the blind see again and be freed from the squirreling and suppression. DM has created the largest squirrel group in history and OSA you are supporting this suppression of LRH, think of that Charlie Earl, de-dinging was small in comparison to what DM is doing, Charlie do you support DM and his squirrel copper iron rod? May you and Joyce wake up someday.

  43. Joe Pendleton

    Thank you for your communication, my Taiwanise comrades. I appreciate your integrity, dedication and courage.

    As an old time Scientologist (and as an American, though that it sounds strange to say that) I am embarassed and shamed at the way the Sea Org has been treating the Taiwanese Scientologists, who just want to become more aware as beings.

    I have to say that the most telling line in your comm was “There is no LRH reference that says you shouldn’t read things from other sources.” So, if there WAS an LRH reference that said you shouldn’t read from other sources, would that make it right? Would you then shut your mind? This one line shows how much we AGREE to a certain orthodoxy of thinking even in Scientology. Religious brainwashing? A Christian friend of mine denied my comm about past lives and life on other planets because “it’s not in the Bible.” I did not go out ARC with him and say that the Bible was not the beginning and end of all knowledge.

    In 1977 a fellow staff member reccomended Ayn Rand;s “Atlas Shrugged” as a great book. I read about 1100 pages of it (I think my edition had close to 1300 pages or something) but stopped because part way through John Galt’s 75 page speech about his (Rand’s of course) philosophy, I felt VERY guilty that I was studying “another philosophic practice”; that I was trying to understand a world view other than LRH’s and I instinctively felt that that was a great overt, so put the book aside. No one had to tell me to do that or refer me to something or forbid me. After 7 years on staff, I just “understood” that. I have since read the complete book by the way and I do think LRH’s world view makes much more sense than Ms. Rand’s.

    Even though LRH himself says that he has studied widely different religions, philosophies, psychology, etc, it has always been made clear in the CoS that there is ONE source for the rea and onlyl truth about life. IT IS JUST WORSE NOW THAN EVER IN THE COS (because of course, there is so much MORE to read that tells the truth about the CoS and so a tighter reign has to be kept on Scientologists, who are made intellectual slaves, really).

    One more comment and I’ll stop and go to bed. About the Creed of the Church, which I myself quote a lot. Reality Check folks: Ron CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT THE CREED!!!!! I have quoted to friends a number of times the line that “all men have the inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinion of others.” Folks, this went by the wayside in Scientology IN THE MID SIXTIES. Go over your 300 or so crimes and high crimes in your ethics book and you will see ALL SORTS of “communication crimes” that will get you declared a Suppressive Person and kicked out of the CoS. Yeah, according to whomever wants to control you or “get” you, you can be accused and quickly “convicted” of bad mouthing an executive, accusing someone of practicing standard Scientology, lowering the repute of Senior Scientologists, communicating anything about fellow Scientologists to the press or the court system, enturbulating other Scientologists, etc etc etc There is even a policy letter that instructs Tech/Qual personnel to write an ethics chit on any public who communicates words or in a tone level that enturbulates the tech terminal (and this person will then be warned with a non-enturbulation order with an SP declaration threat looming). So, I love the way the Creed is written, but it was essentially (not formally) and in principle CANCELLED in Scientology about 45 years ago. You do not and did not have the right to “communicate freely”in the Church of Scientology. I censored MYSELF for over 35 years in the CoS. Even “put on a happy face’ automatically, so I wouldn’t be thought of as communicating a lower tone level. And of course, LRH didn’t believe in any “God” either.

    THIS is just a taste of what organizaed Scientology has been like for a LONG time (it’s just tons worse now under the “chairman”, but it’s a matter of MAGNITUDE from the old days)

    *Rinder was really spot on yesterday when he said an essential difference between now and the 70s was that in the old days, there may have been outpoints in the 3D, but PRODUCTS were being produced in great number. He’s right. Loads and loads of auditors were trained in those days and that was the saving grace, there was lots of exchange going on then and as a result, people actually got INTO Scientology (withouth having parents in it).

  44. FCDC Class of 74

    Itsa priviledge to share the viewpoint! This shows your determination to be how you want, keep it up and as was stated previously… have fun. Bill

  45. one of those who see

    Thanks for this post SA. Quotes like this one remind me why I became a Scientologist and remain one even with all that has gone on with the Church.

  46. Sarah and Verjanso

    Thank you for including God in your freedom declaration.

    It is my opinion that if actual perception of the Supreme Being was more prevalent in human beings as a whole, all this violation of each others dignity would be much less.

    How can you hurt that which is part of who you are.

    The game of individual existence can blind us to the Unified Field of that Omnipresent, Omnipotent Intelligence that cast individual souls in bodies to learn to become self realized.

    Love thy neighbor as thyself. But how can we love that which we do not know.

    The vast Intelligence that beats these hearts, balances the orbits of countless stellar systems, and holds all creation in perfect manifestation as we become more and more spiritually liberated will become more and more undertood as we continue our spiritual practices.

    Such small minded slaves of matter who profess to hold the only keys to salvation.

    How can those who know the truth of the soul hurt their brothers and sisters.

    Only ignorant power hungry slaves of matter.

    May Independence help all become more self realized

  47. Congratulations Verjanso and Sarah! Your announcement is very well written and professional. I love that you oriented it to the creed of the church. That creed gets trotted out by the church when it is convenient for public relations purposes then put back on the shelf and ignored in practice.

    You will enjoy your new freedom. I anticipate that you will make and even broader impact on more lives using that freedom.

    Bright Happy Future to both of you.

  48. This is a very good write up, well laid out and documented. It covers the outpoints visible to any that are willing to look.

    Nice piece of work Verjanso & Sarah and welcome to the independent field where scientology is alive and well.

    Tim Swanson

  49. Welcome Verjanso Yang & Sarah Forster,
    Your well written letter will no doubt cause some big effects in Taiwan both in the near term and the long term. Thank you for enlightened views and for your courage to stand up and be counted. Robert OT V too.

  50. Verganso & Sarah..wow, amazing letter. Thank you! When you talked about the right and freedome to discuss and disagree with the church it reminded me of a conversation i had with an old time Scientologist many many years ago. This inidividual was a rather old man who, in his youth, because of a project he had been involved with at St. Hill, spend a great deal of time with LRH for several months. He told me many stories of that time…but one thing that really stood out and amazed me was when he told me of all the debates and disagreements he had with LRH during this period. And never was he censured, kicked out, or declared for this. As long as he produced the products LRH wanted, there was never any problem between them. Thank you again for your letter.

  51. I LOVE your write-up!!!! You sound like pretty amazing beings!!! If your friends are anything like you, they will see you on the other side in no time. As for the others, they would be fools to lose a friend like you!
    Thank you and welcome!

  52. Karen – Great point on certain ethnic groups maintaining strong and loyal comm lines. It truly is a point of integrity. Post my being declared I was agast at the people who totally cut comm. People I had loaned Bridge money to in major sums (some never repaid but I remained a terminal), people I put up in my home for weeks and months while they were doing services ect. Interestingly looking at it, the only ones that maintained the comm yet are still in are Italian and Hispanic.

  53. Great write up, very well done on going OT V, CL V and clearing people despite Demonology. You’re great beings and must have read through the bs. Too bad Davey, no matter how hard you try, some people in your Church (not too close to you) still gain despite all your perversions and best efforts to the contrary. Very well done Debbie!

  54. The Secret is even called Squirrel now? Wow!!! WTF is next? If I go to mass with my girlfriend and I am a member os Cof$ and go to mass with my GF am I squirreling. Or how about if I attend a Tony Robbins event…..geez at the new OSA and POB rules.
    Clearly it has degressed to simply this: If you gain enlightenment or self improvement by any means and we don’t profit financially then you are squirreling.

  55. Speaking of the covert alterations of the PDC tapes, here’s a link to a YouTube video about that very thing:

    Scientology Philadelphia Doctorate Course (PDC) Omissions

  56. TroubleShooter

    Verjanso and Sarah, What a beautiful articulation of your evaluation and experience. Your heartfelt decisions give clarity and direction as to your choice to take the high road when at it’s fork. We will meet on your journey at some point I am sure as we are on that same road upward. I look forward to it.

  57. TroubleShooter

    “Once I was a real turtle”
    just had to say that!

  58. Word around town is that that big money harvester at the Miscavige Farm
    has broken down again!. Geezus Louise,Davey is going start having to push that dern thing !

    ( everything that can be said has been said )

    Best wishes Verjanso and Sarah

  59. Just had a thought. What would happen if a bunch of people got the Suppressed Person RD with Miscavige as the SP?

  60. Good to see more people out there that are able to “see the light”.

  61. Great Write up! Glad to meet you!

  62. Thank you so much for your write up. This is sure to help many others to free themselves from this thing of darkness, which calls itself a church.

  63. Very well done you two for seeing the light, the truth and acting accordingly
    with full integrity IN.

  64. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

    You are obviously, by your stellar accomplishments, a brilliant man. Your wife, I am certain, is as brilliant as you, certainly for having married you.

    I consider you both my friends in this Independent movement and would be honored to meet the two of you someday.

  65. OMG!?!

  66. I realized further in reading your very clear write-up that as a Scn for over 30 years, I find it incredible (I can’t really find the perfect modifier at this moment to express my concept) that public and staff, in my consistent experience, have used policy to push their own agendas (mostly financially motivated). Taking lines from LRH policy, totally out of context, making that one datum inapplicable to that current situation, again, just to push their own agendas, is really commevable!

    Maybe Mike or Marty can comment how we can all perhaps get our monies refunded for all out tech. Even that policy is being violated. Of course, all the reserves would be drained.

  67. Joe,

    You said: “Even though LRH himself says that he has studied widely different religions, philosophies, psychology, etc, it has always been made clear in the CoS that there is ONE source for the rea and onlyl (real and only) truth about life. IT IS JUST WORSE NOW THAN EVER IN THE COS”

    LRH never objected to studying other religions or philosophies. It was just combining them with Scientology. This is exactly what David Miscavige routinely does… he adds his own ideas of how Scn should work. Like 6 month sec checks for public, but for not staff. LRH loved his public. DM hates and mistrusts the public.

  68. Richard Royce

    Verjanso and Sarah,

    Thank you for your writeup. The thousand mile voyage is made up of many foot steps. I am hoping that you sent this to all your comm lines before posting and than anyone reading this, if you are considering coming out that you do that one action before you do. Somewhere in my bullpen is the datum that we are only several degrees of connection from everyone! So if everyone that comes out communicated to all their commlines, the message will get to everyone.

  69. Richard Royce

    I could have said that better!

  70. Ronnie Bell

    Verjanso and Sarah, thank you for that sparkling clear communication. Every word rings out in a tone of clarity and simplicity, from a viewpoint of static calm. And the truth of it is devastating.

    Thank you for reiterating the point that LRH never counseled anyone to avert their eyes from information or viewpoints of any kind. In fact, he counseled the exact opposite. The ability to, and exercise of confronting, is one of the key pillars that our shared religious philosophy is built on, so why would the church encourage their parishioners to wear blinders? It’s an illogical tacit agreement that points to a rather obvious conclusion: there’s something there that they don’t want you to see.

    Even further: if you disobey and choose to look, you will likely find that you’ve been mentally shackled by your ‘protectors’, and will decide to emancipate yourself from their control. That so many Scientologists are now opening their eyes, is a testament to the fact that the management body of the church has degraded to the level of Enemy against the very aims and purposes of the religion.

    There’s no doubt that we’re in the middle of an historic moment in the history of the church. The enormous weight of lies, abuses, alterations, violations, fraud, and injury, has now become so great, that the edifice can no longer support it. The collapse has begun, and cannot be stopped. Soon, the whole misbegotten structure will pancake to the ground.

    This is our Martin Luther moment. Our Reformation has begun.

  71. You Know Who

    A fine testimony.

    Yet, you say:

    “Some of you will be aware that before I was in Scientology I took a course with another group. It is not declared. OSA has been fully aware of this group for over ten years. The group holder’s ex-wife is even a Sea Org member indicating that obviously OSA doesn’t have a problem with that group.”

    What “group” is this? Why on Earth, after revealing your ‘independence’, do you persist in this “not-saying”?

    Mystifying, to me, at least.

  72. Indie-saurus-rex

    Welcome! Nice to see the movement picking up steam in other parts of the world!

  73. Dear Verjanso and Sarah,
    You are both beautiful, honest and loving beings. Glad to have you on the right side. Keep on flourishing and prospering. Much Love,

  74. Verjanso and Sarah, wonderful write up. Thanks for taking the time to do such a well-spoken testimonial.

    One of the things that I discovered when doing my own doubt formula was that you simply cannot in any way apply the Creed of the Church of Scientology while remaining a member of miscavige’s cult. It’s simply not allowed. If you insist on it, you are blacklisted, dead filed or declared and excommunicated.

    You have our postulates for success and happiness.


  75. I got what you meant! 🙂
    We all know you are highly intellectual so won’t hold a few typos against you my friend.

  76. Transporter

    Marty why won’t you post my earlier comment?

  77. martyrathbun09

    I sent you an email. Why would I spread unverified entheta? This isn’t a psychotic message board. That is why.

  78. Awesome write-up! That took a lot of responsibility and integrity. I am truly happy for the two of you. Welcome to the land of the free!!

  79. “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”— Thomas Paine

    We need more people like we had during the American Revolution.

  80. Shot from Big Guns. Explosive. Truly a huge blow to the enemy. Such a wonderful piece of authorship. I wish you the very best.

  81. Thank you Verjanso and Sarah. Fascinating to read and so well stated, a pleasure.

  82. Les can you email me I think I might have known you in the church. kye@hush.com

  83. Lots of details, and still very straightforward – I felt it comes from your hearts.

    Very well done – time to flourish and prosper now 🙂

  84. phunny – me ex-turtle too 😉

  85. Verjanso and Sarah,
    Your write up delivers a serious blow to Miscavige. Plus, it’s sure to send shock waves though the Scn community in Taiwan. Many will join you. Looks like he’ll be getting less money out of Taiwan. Bravo!!

  86. ThetaPotata

    I love reading these detailed write-ups from high profile guys that were really well intentioned and trying forward the Aims of Scientology (Andy Porter & Ronnie Bell’s write ups were great also.) Seems like without fail, one by one the upstats get gasoline dumped on them and then they are tossed a match from the Corporate Church. It continually amazes me how incredibly destructive the Church treats its own parishioners. The best of luck to you Verjanso and Sarah!

  87. Verjanso, it is not surprising at all that this kind of usurp or authority would take place. I find your story particularly personal as many of my friends and co-workers are from the mainland and some from Taiwan. One of my closest associates just returned from a two week vacation to visit his family in Taiwan. I deal with Chinese businessmen and women every day. The amount commerce and financial flows in that area of the globe rivals Wall Street. So, naturally, the church jumps in with the IAS reg cycles to get the money from YOU BEFORE YOU spend it. It is out of this world the kind of results this church thinks it is getting today. Bravo on your story and your exit. 🙂

  88. one of those who see

    Great story!

  89. Jean-Francois Genest

    Θ Exactly!

  90. Tom Gallagher

    Hello Verjanso and Sarah,

    Please accept my gratitude for such a complete statement of the existing scene. Seems universal.

    The ‘coup de dwarf’ is failed.

    Buh-bye POB.

  91. Jean-Francois Genest

    Θ Congratulations on all your successes! Great informative letter and exact observations with the exact quotes to support your premises. Thank you for disconnecting from the false-church. From what I observe, your pioneering drive will continue to bring you both success in the independent field. Please continue to flourish and prosper!

  92. Bravo! to our lovely friends from taiwan. and very well done!
    As LRH once observed from tech volume 1 titled A SUMMARY OF NEW WORK may 8th 1953 on the subject of ‘Reality’…..” Reality is agreement. Too much agreement
    under duress brings about the banishment of one’s entire
    conciousness.” much love to you both

    Largo Paris ’69

  93. Independent Scientologist

    Joe, as always, you make a hell of a lot of sense. Spot on analysis. The culture of Scientology and the Sea Org made the religion ripe for a takeover by someone of Miscavige’s ilk, and the seeds of that culture were planted long before DM showed up.

    – Ron Matlock

  94. Eileen Clark

    Verjanso & Sarah,
    Very Well Done. What you have so clearly written here will help others, have no doubt of it. You are setting an excellent example for them to follow.

    I wish you both well in the future you have chosen.

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    Utterly brilliant, superbly articulated piece, Ronnie,
    in the same vein as your own declaration. I think
    you could hold your own on a platform with Clinton
    or Obama any day! I mean that, sincerely!

  96. To Verjanso and Sarah, congrats on your excellent and incisive post. Very well constructed. Very little to add – and great aligning it to the Creed!

    In that light, I would like to post a further acknowledgment to Joe Pendleton and your earlier comment Joe. (Sorry, this got me going and is longer than I’d intended!)

    Your post about LRH essentially doing an about face in the mid-sixties couldn’t be more poignant and spot-on. You were specifically talking about the “Creed,” however my take on this goes a bit beyond this. (To be fair, I am looking for my original SCN Ethics book [1st ed], to see if those 300+ “crimes” were installed way back then (’65ish), as opposed to all the probable “additions” by the Runt Squad. If anybody has an original edition to hand, maybe they can chip in here to clarify that point.)

    Of course the Runt has significantly made CSCN (Corporate SCN) much much worse, along with what I call the “Runt Runway” – or the “bridge to nowhere” for all those “clubbed” people who really can’t/won’t see past the Iglitter and Iglam (“I” as in Idle; Ias). And we also can’t leave out all the other attendant fallout particles of the CSCN (minimally banned or crushed out of existence) such as: Free speech, self determinism, free evaluation, lookingness, obnosis, duplication, knowingness, personal integrity, and most of all, drum roll please…Clear and OT… So yea, the Runt has been busy!

    That said, as Joe correctly calls it, “LRH’s change of mind” and the attendant “changes” in SCN started much earlier than the Runt in point of fact, and factually set the stage for someone like the Runt to do what he has done. I have done some fairly extensive research specifically on the time track of LRH and the SCN philosophy, as well as the tech of SCN (they are quite different in fact. Explained further down this post).

    To my mind, the period from late ’51 through a good portion of ’59, LRH was buoyed by his theta discoveries and native knowingness and goodness about the human spirit (53-’54 were especially good years: Factors (’53); Axioms (’54)!). In ’59, however, this all changed and then culminated eventually with the writing in ’65 of KSW1. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

    After his original bognition/debacle of knowing that DMSMH was an incomplete technology (one life only, Clears were actually only “key-outs” (at that point) in August of ’50, LRH went on to find a way to handle engrams en masse – because people couldn’t even hardly run prenatals on one life time, let alone thousands of them!

    After piloting long and hard the concepts or processes with (not necessarily in order or complete): Tone scale handling (Chart of Human Evaluation – SOS); Self Analysis; thought-emotion-effort (APA), Straightwire, Handbook for Preclears etc., LRH had to finally bite-the-bullet and release History of Man – something he did not want to do IMHO: He had had enough trouble presenting past-lives to his internal flock in the preceding year (+), let alone releasing it now to the world, in book form. Factually, a great many of his former flock remained in DN (under other leadership in Wichita*), and Ron went on to present SCN to the world in Phoenix.

    (*At the first international conference for Dianeticists in May 51′ in Wichita (the very first May 9th event), LRH was not only not there, he wasn’t invited nor one of the featured speakers!)

    From this point on, mid ’52 all the way through the 50’s, LRH attempted to run processes first forged out of what might be called the PDC lecture era, i.e. creative processing. At last, he felt, he had the answer to the bank and engrams – and everything else for that matter! The being was simply mocking stuff up. And if they could gain control of this essence, consideration, illusion and ability, they could be truly free. Well, he tried for almost 8 years – some might even say his greatest try at one single thing – to make creative processing work. But in May of ’60 he officially cancelled its use, saying it, essentially, left “debris” in the bank (HCOB Create and Confront).

    Lo, just slightly earlier than this, in ’59 LRH discovered something that he would hold onto for most of the rest of his life, as the full and total answer why people weren’t duplicating or understanding SCN: OVERTS! This was the reason for everything; the reason why people couldn’t “get” anything and, more importantly, why they squirreled (altered) the tech.

    Coincident with this (early ’59) LRH had purchased Saint Hill and not soon after was teaching the best and the brightest the beginnings of what would become known as the SHSBC. And not long on English soil, LRH discovered a further dissection and underpinning of overts: Whole track O/Ws and implants! This research led directly into what is now known as current Clearing and beyond (that is, before the Runt got ahold of these materials).

    This activity, the handling of one’s case on a whole track basis, became a very deadly and serious activity. And, with all the attention to detail, the complexity of the subject, the extensiveness of its hold on people, and the unholy promise of what was to happen if LRH didn’t handle this sit – all the while with the new O/W handling and so forth – people were still altering tech, not getting it and so forth. This became too much…

    So on that fateful day, February 7th,1965, LRH formally laid down the gauntlet – forged in stone actually – the LAW that was to forever change SCN and its care, handling and philosophy: KSW1. Altering tech was no longer something someone tried to change by processing, improving tone levels, being nice or even friendly. Nope, Scientology now, for the benefit of all possible futures, on any and all dynamics, had become as serious a business as one could imagine.

    So yes, Joe, LRH did emphatically “change his mind.” And with that mind change, that one mind-set consideration, this one thing set the tone of what was to become the fundamental bedrock and underpinning for any and all actions and policy, in any and every arda of SCN – that were to follow. “We’d rather have you dead than incapable,” replaced everything else. And to boot, it was put as the first PL in every course pack, and if that weren’t enough, was issued in twice more, in ’70 and ’80. Nails in, coffin closed.

    For this was for all the marbles that ere were, all our futures. Gone in a blink was being nice; the ARC; the personal touch or what might be called self determinism. In its place became a Bridge; a lock-step bridge that you had to walk, without fail, misdirection, compromise or alteration. And if you didn’t do exactly as you were told, you didn’t make it. And not only that – you were cut out and away from those that were still trying. After all, the entirety of the future of mankind was at stake. And nothing short of it.

    Just for a moment I need to comment on LRH’s state of mind at this point. Virtually all through the first decade (+) of SCN he had tried the lolli-pop approach. “Come on guys, you can do it!” And when that didn’t work (because they didn’t “do it.”), plus the fact that the Govts’ of the world were starting to breath down his neck, Ron simply “had” to take action. I understand it. Were I in that position, I may have done the same thing. Maybe his thinking was that after a guy made it lock-step all the way up and over the Bridge to a place where they could truly be in their own space and energy and thought; maybe then they could have SCN, in a self-determined way. But unfortunately, for the majority of the lot of them, it didn’t work out that way…

    Now, before this gets any bleaker (such as how the Runt took this policy and crammed it down everybody’s collective throats), LRH himself tried to mollify (to some degree) what happened here, in terms of increased ARC and latitude – a few times actually.

    The first instance was just three weeks after he published KSW1. It is called Book of Case Remedies Application of Tech (TV VII, pg 569). Here is a quote:

    “A sure road to award and glory is to find a new application for an existing Scientology process or principle or book. The period of the discovery of principles, processes or original works is surely over as we have everything between the snake’s stomach and the high sky by way of natural laws. Inventing and using new processes is a sure way to slow down the advance. There were only so many anyway and it’s been done.
    “But new ways to apply or disseminate what we’ve got are welcome, welcome, welcome. We’ve not nearly enough of those and we’ll be inventing or seeing them for the next umpty trillion years.”
    Great stuff there to be sure!
    The second instance of compassion is on Ron’s Journal ’68. If you haven’t heard LRH in this wonderful tape (I mean actually “listened” to him directly), do yourself a favor and do it. In it, he humbly retracts disconnection, sec checks and finally, separates the difference between what is done in session (standard tech, that you must apply 100%) and ALL THE REST OF SCN* (which is yours to use, accept or reject as you wish). If you want to go to just this part, click here and then move the player to 34:13 in. Otherwise listen to the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did!

    (*The first mention on RJ ’68 about the split between the tech of SCN and the philosophy of SCN that he refers to was in COHA. Page 24 of the latest iteration.)

    The third issuance in attempting to bring SCN back to a kinder, gentler philosophy was, of course, the masterpiece TWTH. Something that only your most ardent SPs will rail against.

    However, as great as these originations were, they could do little to stem the tide of what was etched in stone forever in KSW1. This is, unfortunately, the razor’s edge that the Runt has ridden in on to make slaves out of those who would be “almost” free. A sad commentary when compared to the reason that LRH wrote it in the first place: to prevent squirreling!

    Ironic in the extreme that this piece of writing provided for the largest squirrel of all time to flourish and prosper. But not for long. And more on this, of course, later! 🙂

    Thanks Joe, again, for pricking my interest!

  97. Sorry the RJ’68 button didn’t take, but you can find it here and listen on this site:
    http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=1421 Click on the “here” about half-way down the page. 🙂

  98. Luis Garcia

    Verjanso and Sarah,

    OUTSTANDING! Congratulations on finding the truth and acting. You both are beings with integrity. Thank you for writing such a wonderful essay. It will help many more walk through the gates of freedom.

  99. Just read this, and seems so relevant: “And the first thing it’s [re. establishing an OT base] got to do is put in ethics on a planetary level. Because if we put in ethics, we can then get in technology. And your worries right now as you associate with the public in general and try to tell them about Scientology are totally centered on just one thing: Ethics is out.” ~ LRH (Tape, “About Rhodesia”)

    Yes, our worries right now is that ethics are out, but at least as much inside as outside the RTC organization.

  100. Thanks, Calvin. I’m just a simple sheet metal hanger who wordsmiths in his spare time 😉

  101. Amen to that, Tim. Amen.

  102. Well written and well-reasoned write up! Don’t forget to get your names on the Indie 500. Welcome and thanks so much for helping to set a good example.

  103. Hi Verjanso and Sarah,

    That was a great write up and spot-on analysis of problems in Miscavige’s church. Thank you for having the courage to look and the wisdom to take all that you know and LEAVE with your integrity and honor intact.

  104. 2cents – Great piece. I listened to the full RJ 68 in a new unit of time. It was really nice and he very clearly communicates how what is true for us is all that is true. So very different than the current regime and their intent to force feed all an off the wall interpretation of the Scn tech.

  105. The day after I watched the secret I won 10,000 on a lotto ticket.
    Great right up V&S, can’t wait to see the blow it’s going to make to DM and his goons.

  106. Verjanso and Sarah:

    Yours is an outstanding and exceptionally clear write-up. I really appreciate your alignment with the Creed of the Church, which is mostly brought out to misuse by Miscavige these days. Thank you for all you have done and for your courage and integrity in posting this letter. Welcome out into the free air. I wish you all the best.

  107. 2cents: thank you for this very interesting piece of history. The more truth the better.

  108. Li'll bit of stuff

    You know you’re going to write your own book
    one day, don’t you? I saw it in the stars, mate.

  109. Great site. Thx

  110. Largo
    Please contact me. You can get my contact data from Mike Rinder or Jim Logan

  111. Pat
    amen. They are OLs and the impact OSA will have no shot of DAing them

  112. Ronnie
    carefull with Tim. If ur in and under radar be carefull with your cordinates.

  113. Marty
    this is why i admire you, respect you and so much more. You as Cash put it “tow the line”.
    You and Mike are greatly appreciated. You sir are one tough, no bullshit and caring guy. Mike too.
    Just sayin

  114. Marty’s comm lines extending all the way to South Africa and Taiwan now. This is really one hell of a reach! This is just an amazing grass roots lunar shoot!

  115. Verjanso and Sarah
    My advice is reach out to Les concerning your independent practice. They helped me more in 30 days and gave more ARC than i got at Flag, ASHO and AOLA in 20 years..
    Now that you are out establish comm lines with folks like them. You both will benefit as well as your PCs.
    It’s a wonderfull world out here. Any advice I can lend as an untrained upper levels terminal I give. And I believe that you and Sarah are similar beings to les, Anita, and Frankie and Mary.
    Plug in, flourish and prosper

  116. KSW could only be abused the exact same way all other tech and policy got corrupted, by 180 degree reverse verbal interpretation, enforcement of. Like KSW, many LRH instruction on freedom, sec checking, F/N’s, psychs, donations, greatest good, orders, enturbulation, etc, became tools of control and degradation by enforcement in reverse direction. SP declare, disconnection, KSW, etc, could be seen as enforcement tools but only when misinterpreted and misapplied.

  117. Verjanso & Sarah

    Hello Everyone!

    It has been such a pleasure to read each one of your comments. We can feel your warmth right here in our office in Taiwan. Thank you! Thank you for your support. We would like to write to each one of you but today our letter also came out in Chinese and so it is a busy day…

    There is so much that I would like to say but most of all we feel so touched and so blessed and ready now to get on with the game of life!!

    Kindest Regards,

    Verjanso and Sarah

  118. Verjanso & Sarah, Thank you. I think the Church is going to be strong in the long term because of this type of impingement.

  119. It would be interesting to know more about the scene in Taiwan.

  120. If I ever decided to re-purchase the LRH’s books, I know one thing, I’m going to be buying the L. Ron Hubbard’s books from the *years prior* to the Miscavige era.

  121. Angela LeMay

    WELCOME! Thanks for your integrity and courage!

  122. Ronnie Bell

    If ur in and under radar be carefull with your cordinates.

    Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but I don’t post here with a pseudonym. I’m standing naked as a jaybird in the free sunlight.

  123. Ronnie Bell

    Mama always said I had a mouth on me 😉 Cheers.

  124. Congratulations to you Verjanso and Sarah! Thank you for expressing your convictions so well and for standing up for your voice to be heard.

    I am sure you were recognized as outstanding members of the Church both in your own country and abroad for a long time….now currently existing members of the CO$ might have to come to look at the significant outpoints that you have written about. Regardless you have made a major impact by cutting your power and theta from the ruthless POB.


  125. What a brilliant summary!

    I would only add this: that in attempting to duplicate LRH’s viewpoint during the period especially 1965-1968, it is IMO essential to have some familiarity with what he was looking at then.

    A great way to do this is to study some pc folders from that era. NOT a very easy thing to do for most people – obviously access to those is a barrier. But anyone who has audited or C/S’d for any length of time would likely have had ample opportunity.

    All I can say is, long ago, when I saw some of the session reports from especially the 66-67 period, my hair stood on end. Highly trained auditors out in the field who could not assess lists, could not L&N, on and on. I immediately understood why LRH started the Cl. VIII course, why he came across as so angry during some of those lectures, what he was trying to accomplish with “Standard Tech”.

    The tendency of humans to alter anything and everything is huge – really, a sort of pathology. Every single mental or spiritual technology ever developed on this planet – workable or not, beneficial or harmful – has been altered beyond recognition, sometimes over the course of several thousand years, sometimes within a span of a few years.

    So – how to solve this problem? I think LRH’s answer was correct: a very narrow, workable technical path laid out, with serious consequences to anyone who would dare change, or deviate from, that path – technically.

    To the degree that, as some have acknowledged, there developed a “culture” of control, lockstep thinking, suppression of communication within the church generally – I think, again, we are looking at the compulsion to alter – in this case, taking a legitimate and workable measure of oversight and procedural control as regards the auditor-pc relationship, and applying it to areas where it had no relevance – ie, to behaviors and interactions of people in general.

  126. 2cents

    It is ironic that LRH wrote KSW to prevent people like David Miscavige from altering his technology…. I can understand his motivation: Dianetics and Scientology spawned 100’s of groups like EST that ran on the coat tails of LRH tech for many years. I am sure this frustrated him to no end to see his hard work combined with some pretty low life people that were only looking to “make a name for themselves” at the expense of their followers. Maybe, “what you resist is what you become” is the irony here. LRH was really resisting the likes of DM and others that sought to use his technology for their own purposes, not for the purpose of which he intended.

  127. He’s tried that one a few times.

  128. Versanjo and Sarah – I “ditto” what roy4012 said. “Shot from Big Guns.” You have amazing credentials, and it is wonderful that you will continue to help and get people moving on up a little higher from the sane viewpoint of an Independent. Many congratulations.

  129. Alex Castillo (slightly off topic?)

    Hello All,

    Looking at today’s posts and going back to the beginning of Scientology history, I felt compelled to do a quick plus point eval on the subject of how and why Scientology expanded so rapidly around the globe, from the USA to just about everywhere on the Planet, inlcuding of course Taiwan.

    I did it because I suddenly realised there was a WHO behind the expansion, a WHO that I believe has never really been properly acknowledged as such.

    WHY Scientology expanded all the way to Taiwan and beyond is easy: Standard LRH tech WORKS But the tech itself, undelivered would have been useless.

    I remember during my days as an evaluator, every time an Org did really well we would do a Plus Point eval to find out WHY. Most of the time we came up with “successful actions” that had been made by individuals, many times the WHO was someone in Div 2, the almighty GI.

    Lots of areas of the Org Board and individuals within would be targeted as the cause of the rises and falls.

    But I hardly remember any times when the REAL WHO was taken into account. That is to say, DIV 4 and those within that Division who were in truth the real heroes of Scientology: The Auditors, the C/Ss, the DofPs the Course Supervisors, the Cramming Officers and even the Pages who ran around delivering PC folders. Those were the front line soldiers who, in an unselfish manner after a session or a course were causing Joe Blow to bring in his family and friends for one service or another, mainly for auditing. Those soldiers of light, delivering Scientology to public and staff day in and day out, for the most part went unacknowledged, often mistreated, punished. Like I said, the may cause miraculous effects but ONLY if it is DELIVERED by Auditors, C/Ss, Supervisors.

    So, I give you the real WHO for the expansion of Scientology during the pre-David Miscavige era.

    To those people I give my sincere Thank You and I say: 3 cheers to you, guys and girls.

    And I’m sure Verjanso and Sarah, who I welcome, will agree with my wee eval.


  130. Thanks for setting it down in print, Publius! You have hit the nail on the head with your understanding of the reason for KSW and its intent. It’s like the manual for taking care of your car, it has nothing to do with “authoritarianism” or dogmatic rigidity. What works, works. Why try to fix what isn’t broken? Yet that is what people tend to do.

  131. Brilliant commentary! What a fascinating perspective, really makes sense! I shall certainly listen to RJ 68 in a new unit of time. Thank you so much.

    Definitely worth a LOT more than 2 cents!

  132. +1. Well said!

  133. pawoggin' out

    Beautifully put Brian 🙂

  134. woggin' out

    Sometimes you can’t even do yoga. I got a KR from CCInt for just wanting to stretch my bones at a local gym yoga class!

  135. one of those who see

    Hello Largo, my old friend. So great to see you here! Talk to you soon! Hugs across the miles.

  136. Thankyou for the request to contact you. i read your observations constantly. will contact
    mike rinder, for your contact. love largo

  137. dear mike you are legend. our mutual friend
    (freeatlast) suggested i contact you for contact with (freeatlast) love largoparis’69

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