Ten Commandments of Scientology Inc.

The following is an excerpt from chapter eight of What is Wrong With Scientology:

‘Reason,’ as L. Ron Hubbard first defined ‘ethics,’ has become the prohibition of reasoning. Self-determinism, the restoration of which is the goal of all Scientology processes, has been replaced by the enforcement of group-determinism.  In short, a culture whose members once reveled in the restoration of their liberty to think freely is now forced to think “our way or the highway,” “the ends justify the means,” and “by any means necessary.”

In precisely this manner, ethics in Scientology has been replaced by enforcement of Scientology Inc. morals.  The morals in play are the policies and mores of Scientology Inc. Those morals have evolved over the past three decades, increasingly influenced and dictated by the arbitrary decisions of one, single, rather ruthless individual.  That one person is Scientology Inc. Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige.  Here are some of the most commonly observed, tacitly-enforced tenets of Miscavige’s new moral code within Scientology Inc.:

•           A critic of Miscavige or Scientology Inc. must be depowered and destroyed by any means necessary.  Image is everything when it comes to Miscavige and the corporations.

•           Truth, if its disclosure might cause the slightest public relations harm to Scientology Inc. or to Miscavige, must be suppressed by any means necessary.  Image is the only thing.

•           Money into Scientology Inc. coffers is the most important product of Scientology Inc. The provenance of said funds is immaterial, and to question the means by which they were obtained is a punishable offense.

•           It is acceptable and encouraged to use fraud, deceit, lies and threats against Scientologists to obtain ever-increasing sums of money for Scientology Inc.

•           If anyone is dissatisfied with service received at any Scientology Inc. outlet, a staff member’s first duty is to make the dissatisfied member believe the dissatisfaction was caused by the member himself.  Scientology processes and technologies – including, but not limited to, auditing, security checking and ethics – are to be used cleverly to create this result in the minds of those expressing dissatisfaction.

•           One overlooks all faults and corruption of higher-ups in Scientology Inc.  Severity of repercussions for reporting or protesting corruption are directly proportional to the height on the organization chart of the corruption.

•           One’s level of ethics can be gauged by the magnitude of crime one will commit in order to protect the crimes of Miscavige and Scientology Inc. from disclosure.

•           One may not read or listen to anything about Scientology – and least of all about David Miscavige – that is not officially published or broadcast by the church.  Punishment is so severe for having done so that corporate Scientologists have resorted to extraordinary measures to avoid such, including staying away from the Internet entirely, and being careful not to watch or listen to the news.

•           It is ethical behavior to snitch on your spouse, children, parents, co-workers and friends. It is unethical behavior not to immediately snitch on them when they are seen to violate the morals listed here.

•           One must stay attuned to the list of personal, sexual, and group activities that are currently considered unacceptable or sinful.  These vary with Miscavige’s regressing predilections.  Ignorance of this ever-shifting wind is not a defense for any transgression.

At first blush, one might believe there are exaggerations in the examples given.  In fact, these are derived from hundreds of reports of former Scientology Inc. staff and members.  These were listed as the most commonly reported.  If one were to objectively observe his own experience, and investigate the experiences of his peers, he would find that these are, in reality, Miscavige’s first Ten Commandments.  They are ruthlessly enforced at all levels of corporate Scientology.

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  1. I think you missed one: LRH is no longer the canonical source of Scientology. Question the source of new materials, and you’re out.

  2. Alex Castillo



    Don’t leave it all to Marty and his informative write ups folks. There are many power houses out there who are just sitting and waiting for the bomb to explode in Miscavige’s face. But he is Teflon Miscavige and he needs to be put where he belongs: Out in the street like many of us did, or in jail.


  3. TRUTH REVEALED !!!!!!

  4. Dm has made a mockery of the representation of What Scientology is about and completly disrepected it and LRH and the Family .
    He calls himself the leader. He is not but what he has done is represented himself as a dictator. and destroy the fundementals and workings..Marthy’s writes up’s about what killed Scientology needs to get into many hands and look The dictator needs to go

  5. Alex Castillo

    Repeat of my post above. I failed to embed the video reprenting David Miscavige devouring his victims.

  6. Hi Marty;

    It is interesting that you post this subject at this time, because a dear friend of mine, a Scientologist of over 30 years, is going through his Doubt condition.She has gone to the local SO MAA to bring up his concerns and see what kind of DA packs they have on her questions. Here is his comment about her previous experiences with the MAA. I’ve edited it slightly to void any identities;

    ” … MAA who wouldn’t give me ethics help when i
    was on course last time. It’s just not at all like it use to be. Her face has no ARC Bob. Her beingness has no ARC. She’s a monitor for enemy lines and that’s all I can perceive from her.”

    Notice that last line! Very telling.


  7. Alex Castillo

    I wish to re-post my message from the previous thread here to make current, Marty, if it is OK with you

    .Sapere Aude, Grasshoper,

    Yes, this is all very good and informative and even educational but I can’t see how it will help prevent the general population from getting caught in the glitzy but deadly trapping web of David Miscavige’s own version of Scientology. Marty’s hard work to weed out the bullshit from what really works in Scientology is truly appreciated by many of us who KNOW the subject but I sense the effort to remove that maniac from his position of power is becoming less and less visible. I think it will take a long time for the general public to read and learn from Marty’s book (s) and after that, hopefully there will be many people who won’t come near Miscavige’s “Church”, but in the meantime, Teflon Miscavige will continue to rape people’s souls, minds and pockets while he laughs all the way to the bank!

    Just expressing my opinion here.


  8. LRH is no longer source, step by step, Miscavige has thrown him under the bus and replaced him. That’s a fact. But that doesn’t change the ten commandments. You can still refer to LRH and not be considered a sinner. But question Miscavige and that’s an out and out Scientology crime, its blasphemy and damns you within Scientology Inc.

  9. Marty, your list is certainly accurate based on my own experiences and experiences that I have read up on and learned about since exiting Scn, Inc,, especially the focus on image on points 1 and 2.

    In the last several “‘ethics’ handlings” I witnessed or was involved in, the primary concern was image and any possible damage that the individuals involved had possibly made to the image of Scientology, Inc. as prescribed by Scientology, Inc. All other issues and situations were either ignored or considered to be secondary. I came away from all that with the sense that I had somehow stumbled into a Roman Catholic Church circa 13th century complete with an inquisitor and total subservience to the Church’s interests. Not one of these so-called handlings had any beneficial result for the individuals involved, but I can tell you that they learned to monitor their behavior to conform to the edicts of the MAAs. No self-determinism was consulted and reason checked in at the door of the MAAs office. In three of these handlings real damage had been done to individuals. No amends were made to them, but amends were demanded in the form of money given to the Church for being a source of trouble to the Church from both the victim and the perpetrator.

  10. It amazes me you Marty, of all people are attempting to talk morals, or ethics. Aren’t you the same person that said this a few years ago? “Rathbun concluded the notes had to go. ‘I said, “Lose ’em” and walked out of the room,’ he recalled, adding that the decision to destroy the records was his own.”? remember Lisa, Marty?

  11. martyrathbun09

    I guess we should be grateful that perfect beings like you, and Miscavige for that matter, are here to keep the planet in line.

  12. I’m looking forward to some moles with hidden cameras. An undercover operation that reveals once and for all these realities that Marty is dutifully presenting publicly.

  13. Ah, as the date of publication of Marty’s book fast approaches, is it just me or am I sensing drastically increased agitation and anti-Marty activity?

    Yesterday, had a drive-by PI take a photo of my little ol’ rental car sitting in the drive of the house at which I am staying and I’m hundreds of miles away in Dallas.

  14. PS. Texas plates 325JTH

  15. Justin Neff

    Benton, you don’t get Scientology. You also don’t get the gravity of what Marty is doing and has been doing, on a social and personal responsibility level, for the last 3 years or more. People can change. People can make good. It is possible. Watch and learn.

  16. Alex Castillo

    Benton Miller AKA whatever,
    Obviously you are part of the earth population who doesn’t believe in the premise that people can change eh? Do you still beat your wife/husband?
    Do you still do drugs? Do you still rape your children? Do you still rob people of their savings?

    If you say no to the above questions, there is proof that people can change!
    Have a nice day.

  17. This list is right on the mark.
    Everything in the Church is geared toward creating other determined robots. Self determinism and the ability to think or act for oneself is considered out ethics in that, according to the Church, it does not take into account responsibility for the group…self determinism has become a dirty word and shows how selfish and narrow minded one is…again, this is according to the Church figures who try to interpret the Ethics tech for you. Pan determinism, which is an ability to be responsible for both sides of the game, has been altered from it’s real meaning. The Church has morphed this into the idea that responsibility for both sides means putting the group as all important at the expense of one’e integrity. It is a covert play on those definitions that is actually producing other determined robots for the “Church”. These “10 Commandments” are exactly right.

  18. Alex – We agree man is basically good. I think you and I agree that duplication of what one observes implies valid data. The world of Scn Inc under DM is but an illusion. It is not Scientology as developed by LRH. Lies, PR bought with money or blood can not enforce that expansion.

    In the true application of Scientology we see the apparent infinity of the MEST universe brought to zero and the apparent zero of theta brought to infinity. In Scn Inc the effort is to bring the existing theta to zero and the MEST controlled by Scn inc to a higher state.

    The able beings seeking further understanding will stay away in droves. They already are. We are witnessing the once powerful group shrinking in upon itself as it devours its own. Once the heart and soul of those members keeping it propped up with money are gone – no further inflation of the balloon of hot air to keep it afloat – it shall drift to the ground and be torn to shreds in the prevailing storms of the time.

    Every piece of true data communicated here; every person who reads something and has a cognition of the truth of the scam that is occurring; every doubtful person reading or hearing this data that thinks a “what if …” – all are part of the process.

    Like a pebble in a pond the ripple effect can not be undone. One of the most basic fundamentals of Scientology is the concept that an exact as isness and viewing of something causes it to vanish. So I have a good sense that the future shall be with sunshine upon the world. Those creatures of the dark underworld will either successfully hide (for a brief time) or succumb to the sunshine.

  19. Yes, sort of like the TV set in 1984 – a soulless monitor for Big Brother.

    I like the mixed gender approach in your comment, Bob.

  20. My own ethics experience from AOLA MAA circa 1980 and later, the concern was to protect the image of Scientology. At one point, in the middle of OT III, my mother was dying of cancer and I wanted to come back to Ottawa to be with her. I had to sign waivers declaring that the CofS was not responsible for anything that may happen to me. I never thought of it a being responsible, and would never have even considered it. But, I couldn’t get permission to go without signing the papers. Really werid being forced not to do something I didn’t intend to do.

    By the mid ’90s, if disputes came up between Scientologists, OSA would often get on the lines to make sure that the subject of Scientology et al never came up. I had one court case where Scientology was part of my complaint against another CofSer. I had no intention to bring up the subject of the CofS in the complaint, I could work around that. OSA found out about the legal action and made it very, very clear to me that the subject of the CofS must not appear in any legal documents, or else. By that time I really didn’t care, so just to make OSA wrong, II made sure the ‘CofS’ appeared in every paragraph I could fit it in, and sent copies to the local DSA.

    I recently found out that I am considered a threat to the CofS. Goofy. I am not a threat to the CofS. I am a threat to the ‘Scientology Religion’ and David Miscavage and his minions, not the same thing.

  21. Someone posted this picture on FB awhile ago.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire


  22. Tony DePhillips

    Illogic Mr. Miller. = Wrong target.
    If the tire is flat do you kick the cat?

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Jaw dropping Marty! Great summation.

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Your book will have this kind of an effect on the people crippled by RCS.

  25. Boy OHHHHH Boy!! Let the squirmin’ begin.

    Hey Benton dude…..listen to Lisa Marie’s new song ……….You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet. Start thinkin how best to apply the data!!!!!

    And if you are close to the short bitchy guy, I’d suggest gettin some distance……F A S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The most ironic thing about Mr. David Miscavige’s obsession with image is that the image of the church is the worst it has ever been. Scientology is a joke, now, if you are looking at what DM is promoting.

  27. Hey Benton,- OSA did you not catch the part when Marty went public. He owned up to the role he played. Oh yeah the new Scientology does not forgive…it extorts for anything. You pay enough you get forgiven. $45,000.00 makes a comm ev go away..I know because I paid it.
    Marty I can’t wait for release. Benton you are part of a criminal organization. When the shit hits the fan —and it will. My predict is you and many others will perjure yourself to try to save DM and end up in a mess. You know, just like the Mafia. Benton clear the word extortion. Then clear the word fraud. I actually pitty you and many others like you.

  28. I remember Lisa in all its horrific detail.

    If changes can be sought, and truths can be spoken, only by those who have never erred in life, we will all be in a never ending downward slide with no bottom in sight.

    The “Church” OP is to get you to believe that anyone who has left its fold is nothing more than a collection of their mistakes and can not be believed or objectively evaluate anything. It is a great way to suppress truth. It goes like this, take everything bad someone has ever done (ignore anything good) add these overts/mistakes together in a pile and say – THIS IS WHO THEY ARE. It is an impossible standard and is designed to discredit and cave people in. “Making someone guilty (as opposed to responsible) for having committed an overt act” is loose paraphrase that comes to mind.

  29. And so we work, sometimes overtly, sometimes under the radar but make no mistake, the ship called RCO$ is down at the bow and taking on water. Who are we Davey? As for me, I’ve been around a long time and I know lots of your clubbed seals and I am in communication with them.

    Imagine a destroyer cruise (ing) along side of your Idle ship (I mean Org) tossing out grenades and depth charges at will. I will be listening closely as you address the MV seals. Have a nice day and have an early scotch on the rocks for me. The operative here is “ON THE ROCKS” ……..

  30. Alex any exposure any at all is good. The more revealed the more attention the faster the Justice Dept steps in. It won’t be from within. Within there is a massive fear campaign. Declares issues in bulk and much fllow up to make sure family and friends understand that punishment awaits should they have any contact

  31. Very, very well said SA. THE EXACT TRUTH will set you free. Our job, LOOK, OBSERVE, APPLY.

    If I see a seal getting TA on the truth ………. I do nothing but listen. When the TA stops …….. I toss out another grenade (without the pin !) and observe. Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly the light of truth does it’s magic. And so we work……

  32. Nice one Tony!

  33. Alex Castillo

    I absolutely agree with you on every point you have made. On the other hand, the illusion that Miscavige and his cult are, is still solid enough to cause physical damage to those who are still falling for it all around the world. And for me, that is one too many. I guess I am impatient. We tend to view this whole thing from our own benign and understanding point of view, but perhaps if one could for a moment adopt this creep’s point of view one could understand more of his universe and develop a higher sense of urgency to stop him from causing further damage to PEOPLE.
    There is no more damage that can be done to Scientology because this DB has done it all. But he’s still luring innocent, well meaning people into his trap, swallowing them and turning them into turnips and that is not OK with me. I don’t mind hoping for the best outcome, I always do, but in this case, it is my opinion that other more mundane actions should be taken to
    dethrone him quicker. After all he’s just a guy with a lot of money running a scam and robbing people blind. That’s my point.


  34. Watchful Navigator

    I can attest that these are in fact, the primary tenets of an enforced moral code stemming from David Miscavige, that has taken hold of the corporate “church”.

    As DSA CCDallas in 2001, I dared to watch the video Greg and Debra Barnes sent out to the Dallas field (so that I would “know my enemy”). That, and being reported on, for openly mentioning that I “could not believe” the Dossetts were leaving the level (OT VII) because they were by all other indicators, “good people,” got me the following:

    -Held on the Freewinds ship two extra days against my will (with my students waiting for their teacher to return and my livelihood put at risk) and interrogated on the e-meter, starting the following process:
    -well over 3 intensives (that is 36+ hours, first started at midnight after getting off the plane) of ONE unvaried “rollback” question which I now realize was designed to cave me in and reduce me to blindly accepting orders (it didn’t work for long, I bounced back a few years later) – this question was:
    “Who told you not to apply the PTS/SP tech?”
    It is not nearly as bad as the question they gave Greg Barnes:
    “What overt has been restimulated?” (run for about an hour – designed to drive him insane – he wisely refused to continue it)
    But though mine was more subtle and “innocent”-looking at first glance, according to a recent cognition in two-way comm with my auditor out of session, it does the following:
    Causes the being to obsessively mock up answers that are NOT THERE (which process begins to go on continually, AUTOMATIC underneath the awareness of the being) and into this created vacuum one pulls in a world of trouble until the person has the realization that after a lot of corrective auditing, I finally had last week.

    That made 10 years and 6 months of “running” this unanswerable question, unconsciously. It is in fact, illegal auditing (a listing question) and was designed to drive me “bonkers” (just ask my wife how much grief came off years later). It was never corrected, and instead, the misery was extended by assigning me “75 hours of objectives” in refusal to permit me to do a CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown for the verification of the state of Clear).

    This same type process was also run (2002) on the ED, the HES, the FBO, and tried unsuccessfully on the Course Sup. Only the HES (the rest of us were too “tough” and, by the end of the process, we “knew we deserved it”) requested help from the local C/S to recover from the insanity, but then was comm-ev’d (fired through kangaroo court proceedings) off her post, only to get more reverse Scientology at Flag as a paying public, where they led her by a combination of “ethics” and “auditing”, to decide to break up her marriage, and DM’s minions went after her upstat, highest-ever-bookselling husband, instead.

    This is how David Miscavige “handled” an area (Dallas) that did not completely operate under his pet moral code. He then sent in his own loyal followers as staff, commandeered off their org posts in California, to man up the new “Ideal Org”. There are NO native Texans in any position of control of that org!

    That is what it took in DM’s sick, twisted mind, to bring Dallas under his control. Unfortunately for him, his plans continue to unravel as more and more staff and public wake up to what really happened.

    Scott Gordon – DSA CCDallas, DSA Costa Rica, Auditor Cl 0

  35. Benton Miller,
    Sanity is the ability to recognize similarities, identities and differences, which was written somewhere – it’s not all “the same” as you seem to think..

    What you said perfectly illustrates that a being under David Miscavige’s 10 commandments does and acts over a decade ago to apply one of the commandments, as those applied to those still in Corp Scn Inc.
    “Truth, if its disclosure might cause the slightest public relations harm to Scientology Inc. or to Miscavige, must be suppressed by any means necessary. Image is the only thing”

  36. And it is getting worse. A friend of mine I got into $cn. years ago and has been off lines for ages received a call from someone doing call-in recently.

    His response: “You have got to be kidding me……..you guys are criminals and don’t call me again.”

    Her response: ” We want to help you sort things out. Things are different now.”

    His response: “Yea, they are a lot f#@kin worse. I know you want to sell me something and I don’t want it. Now don’t call me again!!”. He hung up.

    The next day the spouse received a call …….. same M.O. The conversation was overheard and the phone was transferred …………
    “So you guys specialize in communication, right?”

    Her response: “Yes”.


    Her response: “Yes but we really ……….” CLICK ……..dial tone……………

  37. Looks like another “drive by” comment. I doubt Benton is even reading the responses (too much entheta) let alone considering them.

  38. Just to let you know I point people to this blog and make the argument that the church of scientology is corrupt, corrupting and dangerous, don’t take my word for it go see the fastest growing scientology group, independent scientologists.

  39. • It is acceptable and encouraged to use fraud, deceit, lies and threats against Scientologists to obtain ever-increasing sums of money for Scientology Inc.

    Fraud is no part of the actual scientology scriptures. Miscavige may claim ecclesiastical privilige (legitimately) only so long as he’s actually applying them. At some point, some individual or group is going to have the cash and the cojones to legally prove that miscavology is not scientology and that miscavige (the creator of miscavology) has absolutely no ecclesiastical “right” to anything at all. That “right” being debunked will lead to open-season on personal lawsuits against him as an individual. His ill-gotten gains could easily vanish in a heartbeat. His tailor made tuxedos turning into bright orange jumpsuits in the fall of his life.

    He blew it big time by having his crimes of torture placed on the court record by Debbie Cook. Torture, humiliation and physically beating others is no part of the scientology scriptures. They are acceptable in miscavology, it would appear. Miscavige’s unmitigated hubris along with his delusions of how many people actually support him, will lead him to other blunders from which he’ll eventually get nailed.

    In the meantime, his antics and the lunacy of his sycophants are an endless source of amusement to those of us who have the tech and are applying it freely, with good heart and with great joy.

  40. Thou Shalt Not Sell Tainted Pork To Thy Neighbour. Thou Shalt Share It with The Wayfarer.
    I wonder if Moses inscribed is tablets with his Mjolner and chisel.

  41. You Know Who

    How delightful! Mr. Miller not only offers a paradigmatic demonstration of that age-old ruse known as an “ad hominen” (‘against the man’) wherein one stoops to criticizing a man (or woman) in order to avoid having to put forward an actually factually based substantive analysis of that man’s (or woman’s) work or opinion, but Mr. Miller also demonstrates one of LRH’s most fundamental insights, i.e., that he who lashes out at another has likely done something far worse that what he berates his target for having done.

    So, Mr. Miller, What have YOU done?

  42. Benton, what a perfect demonstration of what this post is about. You get a pass on complying to the 10 commandments.

  43. Richard Royce

    Dear Benton,
    In view of the fact that there is not one individual on the planet or ever has been that has the right to throw the first stone your logic precludes ANYONE from trying to right wrongs that they see or even may have been a part of creating. Your logic does not permit growth of consciousness.

  44. Yeah – I know what you mean – except that I really believe “Teflon Miscavige” is tarnishing even inside the church.

    The good news is that the tech is free, and people are using it. At the end of the day, I believe this will prevail.

  45. Alex, I was more impatient at one time. I have come to accept that all of the people still on the inside have to come up to confronting that being a sacrificial lamb isn’t their true purpose in life. In the data series there is dropped out time and there is added time. Each of the seals has their own time factor to cognite. I also recall a lecture where LRH said all cycles in the MEST universe have a correct time. It is just as incorrect to attempt to remove the correct time as to add additional time.

    Waking up can be a rude thing. Not for us – for the blind clapping seal who has given everything to a con. I don’t think he is luring very many new people into the flock to be fleeced. Those running around bare ass’d (from a close to the skin shearing) need to wake up and decide on their own that their own integrity is so much more valuable than the group agreement.

    I did get your point. Tis just another step in putting in ethics my friend. Just as the book will be. As ethics goes in the tech can be applied. In the end all will work out. Our job is to communicate truth and remain an example for others to observe. We are rational, we have empathy, we see value in the correct application of the tech. We are immortal beings and can see that we are part of this game.

  46. Wow! That is absolutely horrific. And, sadly, I can totally see all that and have had my own similar experiences. It’s hard for some to grasp that this really is what happens, and that Miscaviage has deliberately created this.
    Most recently I was advised by someone at the local Church that if I see anything in the media that may appear to have a negative report about the Church, that I should turn it off. To do otherwise would be lending support to SPs. The fact that I heard a TV broadcast weeks before was reported to ethics. And while this is reported and implied as “bad behavior”…it would never be admitted that censorship is alive and well within the Church.

  47. Alex Castillo

    Agreed. I can’t promise to completely patient but I will strive to reduce my impatience to a manageable level, be quiet and watch:))


  48. HannibalTheFirst

    Very accurate observations. The church should pay you for the right to use it in official publications. If they did, their promos and publications would reach a new quality: Truthfullness.

  49. Watchful Navigator

    Words of wisdom Sapere Aude. We all have friends in there and we’re patiently waiting, ready to give them a hand, when they’re ready to leave.

  50. Benton Miller or whatever you name is; There are several excellent
    responses to your highly critical post.

    Mine is much simpler.


  51. Interesting that someone posing as an Anon is being busted on Facebook for not being able to keep their story straight as far as being an ex had been pushing the “Marty can’t be trusted because of all the bad things he did before” line (and a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, I would say).

    Sounds like OSA, anyone?

  52. Don
    so spot on. thanks

  53. LOL Dean. You’re 100 % correct. A limited few are allowed to read the responses. Because in the responses just like what Marty Post is truth and it’s too much truth for them to read the responses hence they’re not allowed to. God (DM) Forbid anybody having real truth.

  54. Li'll bit of stuff

    you belong with the psych’es Benton,
    ————as a patient!!!—————-
    Clearly no one here willing to help you!

  55. Ha ha. You were so true on that let’s all give Benton round of applause for a very well done.
    That’s a pass Benton

  56. Totally! Proof.

  57. “Hang in there. They are collectively a VERY small, very insignificant group that factually creates no change in the physical universe to more than a very few people and will not affect you. You obviously can out-create this!”
    Words I wrote to someone expecting trouble from a branch of DM’s Co$.

  58. $45,000 to make a comm ev go away ?
    Thats a bargain try $250,000 to get a List one Rock slammer
    pointed away to damage others who havent given enough for thier Bridge to eternal Freedom. L 1’s are an Orgs cash cow just ask Lisa Mc Pherson,
    oops shes been really quiet for a while now. No problem Flag has more.

  59. Holy Crap!

  60. The third comment comes from a troll, trying to hijack the whole post. The same thing happened a couple days ago with the post on psychs. It would appear that Miscavige & OSA have this blog some type of speed-dial / instant-notification.
    I bet if the troll posts an early comment, Miscavige gives them an extra bean with their dinner. But wait, it gets better. The more comments the troll gets in response to his entheta, the more rice he gets to munch on.

  61. Boy, those 10 are spot on, exactly what was happening when I left. I’ve mentioned before, but the more OT7 and OT8 people came to town, the worse it got, of course because they are closest to and directly creamed/crushed by the altered/black tech of David Miscavige & Co. Anybody still in, has to be in a complete state of confusion as to right and wrong.

  62. Excellently stated.
    Been there, done that, on the comm ev. Justice? Ain’t no such thing in that there cult of miscavology.

  63. Benton, i hope OSA is paying you well for your “independent” activities. Or perhaps you revealed in “confidential” auditiing cheating on Miscavages buddy’s at the IRS or diddling little boy and now have to cover your ample ass. But post away…those on this board are more than aware enouph to spot goose steppers like you…

  64. It is my perspective Benton that Marty is repentant. And thank God it was a person like him whose conscience at last could not stand what his life had become.

    He could just go away and avoid all the negative vibes from demonic sorts of “OTs” that plaster the airwaves with ill wishes towards Independence.

    He probably could have made a ton of hush money and went snorkling
    the rest of his life.

    Instead, it is integrity that fuels his motive. Making it right.

    Cast your stones Benton at those not on freedom’s side.

  65. Kevin Tighe

    I got into Scientology in May 1977 at the Boston Org. The Boston Org had gone “St Hill Size” in 1975 or 1976 per LRH in 339R. The following is true:

    a. In May 1977 the Org had one or maybe two full-time auditors and staff pay was non existent and always was all during my staff years.
    b. Both EDs were removed and replaced in May or June 1977 by a SO Mission. Nothing much changed.
    c. The “top” auditor was a drunk and regularly had out 2Ds with his PCs.
    d. The FBI raids occurred in the summer of 1977.
    e. The “damage claims” legal suits began in 1978/1979.
    f. Over a couple year period the means to attest to Clear went from only doing the Clearing Course to also being able to attest via a “Clear Interview” (did it), to the DCSI (did it) and then the CCRD (did it).
    g. On a visit to the NY CLO to be recruited, I found that most Sea Org members who lived together were not married and the swapping of partners was not unusual. I also found the living conditions to be on par with what I would consider a homeless shelter. Babies and children of SO members literally lived in filth.

    I could go on but here’s the point: There was much immoral activity going on before DM. I believe DM is a psycho but none of the above can be pinned on him. Anyone who believes the ills in Scientology started with DM is a fool. Reversely anyone who believes there is not much good, workable tech in Scientology is also a fool. There is much good. I don’t know the answer but I do know LRH got a LOT right but he also missed the boat big time in certain areas. Until that is confronted – good luck righting the ship.

  66. Welcome Scott, I can totally see how that question could drive you nuts. It’s designed to make you list out of session forever with all its horror. Davey must have seen pc’s get real sick on normal out lists (due to overrun, F/N corruption, missed reads, etc.) and then capitalized on it.

  67. Marty,

    Once again, spot on in your observations. Can’t imagine the impact your book will have. The basis of real Scientology is having truth undo lies and fixed ideas. To have your observations and first hand experience in print is priceless.

    The fact that DM has chosen to suppress promoting LRH books to raw public creates a vacuum about Scientology that this book will fill and then hopefully bridge those interested in the subject back to LRH and not the carnival that Scientology has become under DM.

    Roll presses!

    Mark McKinstry

  68. It looks like a gradient scale starting at interest and cognition at the bottom where new public come in, to gradiently greater and greater confusion, other deteminedness, criminalty, etc, to end at the top of the Bridge (Org board) completely enslaved and implanting others.

  69. Wow, do those points hit home, and unfortunately having experienced many of them. But not all 8’s are so affected.

    Some years ago I reached the same conclusion, “the ends justify the means,” when writing reports on ideal org anomalies. At first, I couldn’t believe I was coming to that conclusion, as it sounded so wrong in regard to what I thought (and told) should be happening – ya know, the so-called most ethical group on the planet. But NO, not so ethical when it comes to MONEY! Lesson learned was ethics was almost of little concern, just get the money by any means.

  70. Definitely a troll. Look at his url.

  71. Marty,

    Wonderful summation. Can’t wait to read the whole book.

    I reiterate everything you said – especially that these do not constitute exaggerations.

    The dwindling spiral is definitely spinning downward at an ever-increasing rate. In the last few weeks I have come across a number of things that previously would have been unthinkable – but with the ever shifting sands of “ethical behavior” in Miscavige Inc. they are apparently now “OK”:

    1. The paranoia is so high with those at the “top of the Bridge” that I recently heard of someone on a “6 month check” for SEVEN months! This is a new problem – Miscavige is about to put out n “Executive Directive” that a year is now 14 months so that they can fit 2 checks a year in just to ensure nobody is thinking about looking at something that might possibly give them the idea of potentially questioning anything that could be construed as being “bad.”

    2. The church has now implemented a Catch 22 on repayments. In spite of promising individuals (and the IRS) that return of money to dissatisfied students and preclears is “simple and easy” they now tell people “It’s church law and nobody can challenge what we say: you have to follow our routing form to get your money. The first step of the routing form is to see the Chaplain. We declared you, so you can’t come in to the church. Therefore you cannot do the routing form. Therefore you are not eligible to get any money.” Blatant disregard for that old policy “We always deliver what we promise” because Miscavige Inc. has been hit with too many requests for return of money.

    3. A woman who got pregnant in the SO in Clearwater was coerced into getting an abortion. She was separated from her husband until she agreed. When she had gotten the abortion the “Ethics Officer” tried to persuade her husband to get a vasectomy and separately her to get a tubal ligation in order to “terminatedly handle the situation and any danger in it.” Literally, a sterilization program. The couple left the SO.

  72. Marty, well done.

  73. Added note: At no time during all that time period were any of us execs acting under any doubt that David Miscavige was “LRH’s man”. While the massive field mutiny of pre-OTs was confusing, it did not put any of us into doubt of his legitimacy. I dubbed in that Flag made some serious mistakes- that was all. We were loyal, hard-working, true believers who had NO IDEA that David Miscavige had his sights set on destroying Dallas just because his 6-mos. check secret was “out” in the field there. It was both an INSANE cover-up of his crimes and a Nazi-style “loyalty” test. David Miscavige has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he will DESTROY people – destory their lives, marriages and sanity – solely for what he thinks they KNOW about him.

  74. Luis Agostini

    Very good observations, especially on the “reason” paragraph (2nd paragraph) and on commandments 1 & 2.

    But what still pains me the most about Scientology, and what is, to me, the father of the commandments, is and has been the inability of the higher ups of Scientology to recognize and dissolve the overpowering needs they have formed or contributed to establishing in the organization, and in Scientologists, to have themselves and Scientology 1) be regarded as the most awesome in existence from many aspects, and 2) to avoid being regarded as flawed or capable of being or doing wrong.

    It is, in my observation, perception and experiences with my own world and the world of others that it is, quite likely, the most difficult ability to accomplish as “most many” are not eager to experience the immense pain being seen, by oneself and others, as flawed and losing one’s needed status or reputation produces.

    Until, in my view, those needs are recognized, acknowledged, and disobeyed in the top Scientologists, and all Scientologists are enlightened about their existence, Scientology will keep on being an enforced, soul dimming, fanatical, end justify the means, at effect, irrational third dynamic incapable of growing and achieving its goals.

    At best it will be pretending, with the overpowering needs being the guides, to operate from the higher dynamics viewpoints or be about helping them.


  75. “And the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  76. Spot on Tara! I proceed as follows with any seal found wandering on the beach:

    0) Clear the definition of Confusion.
    1)Locational on the area in which one is in.
    2)Compare where one is at to other areas where one was.
    3)Repeat step one.

    Ref: Pg 103 of blue Ethics Book. See 1993 printing for the best definition of ‘confusion’.

    BTW, it was while observing my fellow creamed /crushed OT VIIs & VIIIs doing very wrong things that caused me to begin to look for truth.

  77. Kevin Tighe

    This won’t be a popular statement but I believe Ron inadvertently opened the door to much of the bad behavior described here. I mean a lot bad behavior can be justified If you think the world has only an outside chance of surviving for less than ten years.

  78. ThetaPotata

    Scott – It’s good of you to post your experience. Many can benefit from your experience by being made aware of the out-tech (or more appropriately “Anti-Tech” going on.) To purposely try to spin parishioners to keep control over them is seriously wrong and goes against everything the Church once stood for.

  79. On #1,this happened to someone I knew way back in 2001-2002.

    On #2, not surprised at all

    On #3, shocking

  80. “In the true application of Scientology we see the apparent infinity of the MEST universe brought to zero and the apparent zero of theta brought to infinity. In Scn Inc the effort is to bring the existing theta to zero and the MEST controlled by Scn inc to a higher state.”

    So true!

  81. Despite my best efforts to make my electronic footprint as small as possible
    I got a phone call to attend a “Ribbon Cutting ” . Said that there is an Ideal Org Opening every week. String pull reveals that all of the empty orgs go through events and stages that make it sound as if its bursting at the seams with people. If you show up you get run through a meat grinder for money which money equals people so lots of money equals lots of people even if its you and a couple others cowering like mice in a corner by ravenous OSA fat Cats.
    Goes beyond smoke and mirrors D.M. —– BTW

  82. You got that right Marty – this brings back some nasty memories.

    When it was revealed that I had read ‘critical’ info on the Interweb, I was told that I was now ‘under investigation for suppressive acts’ – the reasoning being that I was ‘connected’ to suppressive groups.

    When I complained about the service that I had received at St Hill, I was told, “Yes, I know we have given you a bad service, but you have to look at what you have done to pull it in.”

    WTF!!! I *made* them give me a bad service? They must think I am some sort of super-evil SP. Oh wait –

    Another time I wrote a KR about my service (or lack of) and sent it to RTC, in the vain hope that someone might take some notice.

    They did. The DSA can round to my house to declare me PTS and ineligible for further services! You’d think I would have taken the hint then. (shakes own head in disbelief)

    One of the most ludicrous reports I, ah, just happened to see while in the Ethics Office was a KR by one public Scn on another public Scn, saying that she had got a bit tipsy in the pub one night. Seriously? Why wasn’t this just ripped up and thrown in the bin?

  83. Sapere, its true that he is not luring many people in. One of the people posting on this blog described the state of one of the orgs and how the die-hards consisted of a number of families AND THEIR CHILDREN. Those children know no other way. They are RAISED to be obedient, never to question, never to look for themselves and they are forming the backbone of the true-believer phenomena we are seeing. No one ever gave them a choice. No one ever consulted their self-determinism. From the cradle to the SO they learn to tow the line, to follow the instructions of their seniors and to disassociate from mainstream society as being hopelessly inferior and out-ethics. They are at the helm. Isolated and indoctrinated as they are, they have no idea what they are doing and no slightest cognizance of anything better.

  84. Yes, Kevin, I have no doubt that you are right.

    LRH described the tone scale and its association to various levels of survival. Sadly enough, a number of policies and activities in the church don’t insist on alignment to high tone scale levels, but rather the contrary. And this started before Miscavige.

    The tone scale, and concepts like “if in doubt communicate”, are very basic truths. No action or policy should ignore these sacred truths. I have hope that this lesson has been leaned by Independent Scientologists.

  85. Kevin,

    There are certainly things that LRH did and said that opened the door to abuses, and there were certainly abuses that happened during his time. The GO and the criminal acts that were committed were well before Miscavige had even arrived in the Sea Org. And one can argue what the correct source of the various outnesses is — LRH for starting the organization and providing the policy, or the perpetrators for carrying out illegal, immoral activities. Or a combination of both.

    That debate can go on forever.

    The real point though is not the “bad”, but the “good.”

    While those abuses, immoral and/or criminal acts were ongoing, what GOOD was being done? Those actions were not correct by any estimation, but in the overall scheme of things, was there more good than bad (I know the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” has been abused into “the end justifies the means” but bear with me).

    The difference in the Church of Scientology today and that of the 70’s and earlier is that it has steadily devolved into an organization that produces NO valuable product. Primarily this is due to the absolute fixation on taking people’s money for nothing. But it is also due to the destruction of the technology — GAT, 3 swing FNs, “Clearing the Planet” with Sec Checks etc. etc. Thus, today all that remains is an organization that has had the good steadily eroded and eradicated, leaving only the bad.

    No organized religion is going to be perfect (I happen to think that organized religion has always been and probably will always be a disaster). No organization will ever be perfect. But when someone steadily destroys the good within it, while accentuating only the bad, there you have the WHO. It cannot be argued that LRH did a lot to help people. And that the organizations DID help people. And he also did things that caused abuses. Can’t say the same thing for Miscavige. He has not given the world a single thing of value, but he HAS undermined and destroyed much of the organization that was helping people.

  86. Tony DePhillips

    Love it!!

  87. Holy s***, Benton – you STILL have not completed the BaSicks !

    If you had, you would have studied LRH saying “the biggest overt is accusing another of an overt”.

    Now let’s see – are YOU able to improve, like taking responsibility for your posting above ???

  88. Tony DePhillips

  89. Love the quote WH

  90. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks navigator!! You are creating big effects.

  91. The debate about who started the abuses and when is rather pointless I believe. Mike correctly points out above the positive aspects from LRH far out weigh the negative.

    However, to me the most important thing is the recognition that although I saw some pretty outrageous things even in the early days — I stayed.

    AND I didn’t make much of a fuss about it either. I didn’t do a great deal to correct it and no one was holding a gun to my head.

    Each of us here on this blog and those lurking and others are responsible for manifesting their lives.

    In other words we live our lives from the INSIDE OUT.

    Look around you — are things going well? Are you happy? Can you see a viable future? NO?

    Well — why not? It’s NOT because of anyone else but you. And guaranteed WHEN you start to work with your OWN stuff — your own dark shadows … your outer life will respond. Auditing was proof of this back in the day when auditing wasn’t a reversal.

    Marty — IMHO — is a PERFECT example. He confronted his “stuff” — he chose to go forward with the help of someone who knew who he was and loved him. He started to confront his life his dark days in the corporate church. He started to audit. He put up this blog. He has written a book.

    I’m betting he will be on many national TV shows. His OUTER life reflects his inner life, which is peaceful, balanced as he becomes wiser by the day.

    However, most people believe their lives are a mixture of what others have done to them, or brought to them, the circumstances etc. Without realizing they created their circumstances.

    Just my 2cents with a huge thank you to Marty for continuing to help each of us see what is …


  92. WH — you da’ man 😉

  93. Good point Mike

  94. Looking 4 Myself

    I can’t seem to shake this illusion of a giant snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger and about 20 feet in front of the snowball stands DM and when the snowball is about 5 feet away from him he starts to turn around and………

  95. Damn Mike — now 1/2 the board will start calling me — he 🙂

  96. Mike and Christie and Shane are 3 other examples of people who are living their lives inside out.

    And he is called Jack.


  97. Great point mike.
    “The real point though is not the “bad”, but the “good.”

  98. Well, its good to keep em guessing! 😉

  99. The unfortunate truth is that many in the Cof$ dont actually want freedom. I have known many “OT”s who glory in the elitist nature of the current church mock-up. The fact they they have “made it go right” to pay outrageous sums of money to do their Bridge, and even more outrageous sums to the IAS to “protect $cientology” sets them above not only the “wogs” but the lesser $cientologists who havent made or spent the insane amounts of money the church demands to do even basic levels. The Animal Farm nature of the current church scene is but a small price to pay for them to be first in line at the trouph to swill COBs crap. After all, some pigs are more OT than other pigs. However, eventually the true balance of theta vs MEST in the Scn public (corporate vs inependant) will reach a tipping point as defections continue and new recuritment dies off……..and then DM will lose his grip, and the signs of this happening will be even greater flights of insanity and viciousness on his part…..

  100. You are right Don. They also take your minor infringements and errors, and twist these, take them out of context and suddenly you are the WHO that was responsible for crimes of magnitude. These are announced broadly to all but you. Nobody dare contact you or question the alleged crimes — as that would create an air of sympathy — which is as good as saying they have crimes of a similar magnitude. RCS works to discredit people of good faith and years of dedication to LRH and the organization — and if anyone question or raise an eyebrow — they too are then sacrificed in a similar manner.
    Result? More and more good people out on their ear with a list of crimes they did not commit — painted as nasty evil suppressive people, who are trying to “harm” the organization (spelled David Miscavige).

  101. Bela,

    What a croak. But I am sure you realize this already

  102. Oh hell. It’s a big universe and we’re big beings. Here’s a video message that I perceive to be pertinent, germane and timely. POB and others oppressively inclined should take note.

  103. Tom Gallagher

    Missed my last name……………..

  104. This is a well made argument. I would like to add that LRH did not claim he was perfect. He did not demand anybody to be perfect. He defined good as “more good than bad”, and right as “more right than wrong” (see Philadelphia Doctoral Course). I feel that overall he fit his own criteria for good and right.

    For me that’s good enough.

  105. This I gotta say is the comment of the week. Absolutely hits the nail on the head. Say what you want on Philosophy, religion and morals. But having audited for 20 years, when you see LFBD’s and TAA blowing off and Pre-clears/OT’s visibly having gains in front of you,there is nothing more convincing to one- that hey Hubbard was really onto something here.

  106. Enough with the teasin’ already Marty! When can I buy it?!?

  107. singanddanceall

    I agree. And nicely said.

    But what I don’t understand is that nobody has asked the question about the future. Namely what if DM does step down, or drops the bod. Then what? Is there a system in the church to elect a new “leader”?

    How come nobody asks this question anywhere on the interweb, I have searched and searched and reached the end of the internet, all with no answer.

    I suppose the Board of Directors that COB DM is a part of knows the answer. But who are the Board of Directors? In PT?

    I believe every contributor to the Church should be asking this question. Especially lets say some young fellow who inherited a lot of money and donated lots of money to the Church thru one of it’s programs like Super Power or Narconnon or way to happy. He would ask how do I know my money is going to the good cause? What if somebody bad takes over from the now empty position of COB previously held by DM. What are their qualifications? Training and case level? Any businessman would ask this question.

    Maybe Marty will answer this question or two in his book.

    In fact, warren buffet and charlie munger are doing a hat turnover now in pt on their company, berkshire hathaway.

  108. Marty nice. I can’t wait to read the book. Looking forward to it. ML, Jan 🙂

  109. That’s a great one, WH.

    BTW, David, I am allowed to criticize anyone; including you.
    You really do suck beyond my current ability to verbalize. But,
    no fear, I’m working on a way to adequately express my profound destain.
    Stay tuned.

    Vic K.

  110. singanddanceall

    furthermore, CSI Policy Directive #19 of 7 July 82 states “The integrity of Source”, It is hereafter firm church policy that LRH issues are to be left intact as issued, no one except LRH may cancel his issues. No one except LRH can revise his issues….

    So that means in my viewpoint that anything after 1982 revised is not LRH.

    Is that correct?

  111. Go Forrest; my idol!

    Again David, you’ve been warned.
    And as I’ve already stated, stay tuned.

    Hint: you’ve picked my trash and now I’m gonna’ pick up yours.

    What a mess you’ve left and such puckish nonsense.

    But no worries, almost done’

    Vic K.

  112. singanddanceall

    when the hamster wheel is spinning and spinning, and when one is contributing to the spinning.

    why it is very hard to stick ones head out to see the the otherside, in fact ones head can get cut off. It’s a gradient.

  113. Thank-you Mike.

    I think this comment helps folks begin to differentiate between the human flaws of LRH as opposed to the inhuman abuses of Mr. Numb-Nuts.

    You’re toast David. This next wave will swamp your boat.

    You know I don’t talk trash – just sayin that it’s gettin’ closer to done.


  114. Hi Mike! Oh ya…it was hard to think of a polite, “appropriate acknowledgement” to that advice …so I just kinda rolled my eyes a bit and looked quizzically and thoughtfully. As I look back now…that WAS the appropriate acknowledgement. 🙂

  115. Mike Hobson

    ^^^^—— The group’s name is “Yelo” for those who want more of this. 🙂

  116. Mike Hobson

    Drat.. .I meant “Yello” with two ‘l’.

  117. I can’t get over this. It’s like the troll attack for the last couple of days since the Pysch thing came up. I think a lot of RCS are afraid of winding up on the analyst’s couch perhaps confessing they were corporate Scientologists for a bit. Well, that’s what integrity is all about if you believe it! 🙂 If you got overts, go see a shrink, after all there’s only NOT’s up ahead! 🙂

  118. ha ha ha…yeah, you got a point there………..

  119. Bela,.
    You had me at the “Roll the eye’s”

  120. Yep, Don… that is the way it is. Thanks.

  121. Newcomer, this was the impetus for my ultimate departure. I saw the future with these OT7 and OT8 people and wanted absolutely NO PART OF IT! As far as I know, they remain INT Darlings to this day. And we here know how they stay that way.

  122. Kevin, those are points that prove to me that LRH was not omniscient. Just as David Miscavige is not. So yeah, we have to make a paradigm shift in how we apply LRH tech, obviously. I see this happening. That was a big cog for me, myself and I anyway. 🙂

  123. Marty, this book is really going to be the key that peels back the lid on a can of very rotten sardines… Good lord, what is going to come out of that can? I can only guess. One thing we know: it’s not going to be for the faint of heart.

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    Blunt and accurate Mike, just the was it is!

  125. They are working overtime to drive people away and out of the CoS. Surely they must be aware they are doing this? Or is it “no thetan, all machine”, with no sense of the consequences of their actions?

  126. Yes. Inquisition. powerful example of enforced obedience to commandments.

  127. Nicely put I must say and true aswell.

  128. Mark.
    I liked Your clarity with a good balance. for myself I would definitly have to have that view thank you . More good than bad was done under LRH. He never published that things are perfect within scientology but he certaintly made abilities to improve things thetan wise and org wise and I am sure many have used his policy in business with great success.

  129. Kevin Tighe

    If not for LRH I’d likely be dead or in jail. If not for DM I’d likely be on staff or full-time as an FSM and not disconnected from my daughter. That being said I don’t agree that no VFPs are being produced currently but at some point the balance tipped to more “bad” than “good” where as earlier there was more “good” than “bad”. The only real point I was trying to make is that if and when something rises out of the ashes of the current mess there are some LRH policies and writings that should be given a hard look at as to there workability and usefulness. Unfortunately, I think LRH, through some of his writings and lectures, wrote and said certain things that have contributed to a certain degree of fanaticism that I think is very harmful. An example would be the “Did you help” FO which if I remember right is the one where he mentioned Earth only having ten years at best before it would blow up. Then there’s the Hard Sell reference not to mention KSW and what is written at the beginning of each OEC. Let’s face it: Despite the “What is true for you…” reference Scientolgists are taught from day one that what LRH says or writes is 100% true, etc. If you disagree you go to cramming, etc. This brings about a situation where Scientolgoists really do have trouble thinking for themselves. I don’t think you can pin that all on DM. My take on DM is he is a thug but then again like the rest of us he’ll be six feet under in the 20 or 30 years. Then what? Scientology must have a group mechanism to accept or reject LRH policy that is considered either not workable or out of date. Without that I don’t see Scientology surviving in any form.

  130. Kevin — thanks for clarifying. We are on the same page. Maybe even the same paragraph…. And I agree with you that there are SOME products still produced by the church, though the bad certainly outweighs the good at this point and the scales continue to tip further and further in that direction. However, Miscavige’s balance sheet is ALL in the red. Not one of his actions has resulted in more people being helped, quite the opposite.

  131. BTW Kevin — I believe the “group mechanism” will be the free market. When there is competition and choice, that which is good and provides exchange survives, that which is flawed and a rip-off does not. If you could walk down the street to a kinder, gentler Scientology activity that wasn’t hell bent on sucking every last drop of blood out of your body and soul, and believed in the EP of Grade 0 and practiced it, you would likely not have left.

  132. Iamvalkov,

    Please see my reply to your post on a previous thread
    We’re making the same point that one should not give in and join the “silent majority” of suppressed or PTS beings – I’m applying that to not misreading and “rumoring” the number of SPs. As you (grudgingly) confirm, two editions of ISE and HCOB 27 Sept 1966 state “… only 2 1/2 percent of this 20 percent are truly dangerous ….” That estimate is 1/2% of the population, and in my observation is pretty darn close. To fudge that 1/2% into “2 1/2%” is an example of the point of your post. Your point is far from trivial, my point also is far from trivial.


  133. These are not exaggerations! I’ve witnessed them, contributed to them, been on the receiving end of them as former HCO. I’ve observed these, 4 flows.

    And yes I agree that there is a pretense with some of these “Miscavigites” that LRH is source but “we do things this way now” … which is clearly the Miscavige way.

  134. Thanks for the excellent perspectives and points, Mike.

    I’d venture to say Dave has given Scientologists and the world just one thing of value, though: a vividly clear, unarguable validation of (a) the tech on SPs, and what they are capable of if not confronted and handled, and (b) the price of freedom, as mentioned by LRH. (To paraphrase it , “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.”)

    Sure, there plenty of nasty historical examples and validations of those concepts, but Dave has proven to Scientologists – past, present and future – that yes, it CAN happen here.

  135. Too late!

    Oh dear…

  136. OK Carch, I am re-posting my reply here to your reply here, with an added comment: I don’t think we read the bulletin in exactly the same way, but I think in principle we agree on the approach that a person is “innocent until proven guilty”. That clearly does not happen in today’s CoS, which I think is what you are decrying. And that even outside the CoS, it is as LRH wrote, “Man in his anxieties is prone to witch hunts.”

    As for all the details, your “correct reading” may not be my correct reading. If it makes sense to you, OK, go in peace.
    So here’s my reply as posted on the other thread:

    But the fact remains, Carch, that LRH wrote this:

    “There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes which cause about
    20 percent of a race to oppose violently any betterment activity or group.”

    Is it a “correct reading” that the majority of these are PTS, rather than SP?
    I don’t know. Perhaps, but perhaps they are just quiet little SPs keeping a low profile, trying to stay under the radar, as they do at bottom feel “everyone is out to get me! I better play possum!” They lack any ambition to be a Hitler or a Stalin themselves, but they approve of that kind and their suppressive programs.

    Then, the “truly dangerous” would be those few who are somehow driven to be very active and achieve positions of power and influence. There are in fact 2 aspects to the emotional tone of Fear – one is a fearfully withdrawing type and the other, an active attacking type of fear driven individual who can be rather relentless in pushing his agenda. These latter may be the “truly dangerous” ones LRH spoke of, and they indeed may be few.

    That’s how I tend to view it. I think the PTS is found among the 80% of social beings who get restimulated and begin to cave under relentless pressures of various kinds.

    So on this point we may disagree, but LRH did write 20% “oppose violently any betterment activity or group.” That reads “suppressive” to me. However, as I understand it, a person really has to display a preponderance of suppressive characteristics over time before we can even seriously speculate they might be an SP for real. And there needs to be a study of their whole life, pro and con, before a judgement can be made.

    That’s one way the Miscavige operation is revealed to be a criminal scam – there are no Comm Evs being done, just “verbal declares” done on a whim. People are “shot”(declared SP) by Miscavige on the basis of one instance of rationality rather than blind compliance. That’s 100% wrong.

  137. Independent Scientologist

    ” LRH got a LOT right but he also missed the boat big time in certain areas. Until that is confronted – good luck righting the ship.”

    Amen, Kevni! Amen!

    – Ron Matlock

  138. Kevin Tighe

    Ahmen and yes I think we are on the same paragraph. As I have stated before I think one of the great discoveries or creations of the 20th Century is Model Session. It never ceases to amaze me that two people, who don’t know each other, can sit down across from each other and within a minutes there can be such an incredible bond formed. It’s really an amazing feat. Not to mention the energy that is returned to the PC. Just amazing.

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Outstanding, truly insightful contribution here SA.
    Thank you , Calvin.

    also Mike Rinder

    Can ‘the good’ really outshine ‘the bad’?

    Even if the Church would stop many of its outnesses mentioned above – could this ever mean that one should allow the Church to get away with a still active policy of disconnection, RPF, arbitrariness and such things?

    I do think that this would be an entirely misleading approach.

    I agree: There is no perfect organisation, no perfect Church. But that does not mean that one should not get tired to permanently try to correct outnesses. And this especially in a Church which should give a good example.

    A man who does a lot of good on all dynamics with the exception of treating his family miserably – is he a good man?

    It is fine that LRH provided different formulars and recipes for life – but this should not result in parishioners blindly following those, while switching off their common sense.

  141. Was this awful process programmed for you by a Div 4 C/S? Or is the black C/Sing of reverse processes a Div 1 responsibility?

  142. Grundoon – I don’t know about today’s “Ideal Orgs”, but back in 2002 it would be unheard of for an org C/S to do this. This could have been ordered by David Miscavige himself, for all I know, but it went through the CCNW Pgms Chief, down to Lead Msnaire Wayne Furness from Flag Bureaux. Who knows, who the C/S was. “Rollback” was the term used and it was always whispered with a dramatic sense of “awe”, like I was “privileged” to even know about this “Sea Org-only” process. It was REVERSE scientology.

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  144. Thanks, Scott.
    A reverse process like this must surely have profound ill effects upon the person who delivers 36+ hours of it. I wonder what training prepares them to do this, to use the e-meter to cave someone in.

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