Don’t Pay More Than You Have To For The Book

Apparently, I may have reacted too soon.   A second listing for What Is Wrong With Scientology showed up on Amazon books. When I inquired of Amazon, they indicated it appeared someone hijacked my title to divert sales; would investigate and get back to me within a day.  So, if anyone saw the original short-lived version of this post, you’ll understand why this initial comment and the revision below.   Apparently these initial sales results of What Is Wrong With Scientology?  have got some outlets looking to turn a profit:

Broke into overall top one hundred books in first 24 hours.

Continues at day three as #60 on overall Hot New releases list.

Continues at day three as #1 on Other Religion, Practices  and Sacred Texts.

Continues at day three at #17 Hot New releases in overall field of Religion.

In response, a middle man has created an entry on Amazon Books in  What Is Wrong With Scientology?   The list price is $28.95.    I am providing the link here to the original Amazon listing so as to save folks 11 bucks per copy by buying directly from Amazon books.  If you want to tell people about the book, please share this exact link. Otherwise, if you simply pass on the title or author, your friend might wind up spending more money and waiting longer to receive it.

The original direct-Amazon (and thus most economical) link is:

What Is Wrong With Scientology?


110 responses to “Don’t Pay More Than You Have To For The Book

  1. Just ordered my copy. Thanks for the update and link to the REAL book. I’d been meaning to get over to Amazon and this just speeded up the process.

  2. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Which reminds me. Must get myself a copy 😀 xxx

  3. Hi Marty;

    Guess it is time to order a couple more …


  4. This is concurrent with the Drudge Report carrying a link to “Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology…” (from editing articles). 8)

  5. Unexpected

  6. davey, davey, davey…haven’t you learned anything at all from LRH?

    Even 16″ armor plate can’t stop truth.
    Never use lies in PR.
    Lying becomes alter-isness, becomes Stupidity.

  7. Surely Amazon can control the content on their website!

    Why am I not surprised a bunch of juvenile-acting (hate to insult juveniles that way) d..k heads would try a stunt like this.

    Free to write on the opinions of others – right!

  8. Just went online and ordered the book via Aamazon. Thank you for writing it. Looking orward to reading it soon.

  9. (y’all do know that’s sarcasm)

  10. The one thing they cannot stand is the light of truth. Perhaps a verbatim quote. It really does suck to be David Miscavige.

    Your most effective weapon against suppression is to simply flourish and prosper. Another fundamental principle. You in particular, and us in general, just keep doing that. It really does suck to be David Miscavige. It sucks big time to be Miscavige.

  11. My comment forgot the second part dealing with handling attacks as necessary. I did not mean to minimize this, but you do it with such natural aplomb, I gave it no mention.

  12. Seems a good opportunity to turn motion to your advantage. The story of the cult trying to censor your exposé should get some widespread promotion to further your book sales.

  13. I just put a comment on the hijack site, directing people to the 17.76 site:

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    Great book, but be sure to use the right link June 25, 2012
    By booklover
    “Someone” has started to try to re-sell this book at an inflated price. Probably as an attempt to suppress sales. More KGB-like tactics by the Miscavige minions, possibly. In fact, Marty will detail some of these harassment tactics in his book. Use the link where it is priced at 17.76 when you buy, and don’t fuel the harassment and attempted suppression of the truth.

  14. Marty, I don’t know if you want to post this, but we thought it was absolutely hysterical. Someone we know passed this email from the Razz line on to us this morning:

    “Hey Everyone,

    This email is for those of you on Facebook and are familiar with Facebook terms.

    The Church of Scientology International has a Facebook page, at this writing it has only 300 “Likes”. Considering there are 900 million people on Facebook and there must be several thousand Scientologists on Facebook, 300 Likes is not nearly enough.

    I would like to encourage all of you to visit the CSI Facebook page and Like it, and then please share the Page with your FB friends. Sharing and re-sharing and re-sharing is how things go viral.

    You may have non-Scientologists among your FB friends…no sweat, just make a “Scn Friends List”, go to your newsfeed (click the Facebook logo on the upper left), mouse over the word “FRIENDS” in the column on the left, click “MORE”, then in the upper right click the “+ Create List” button. When you are ready to share the post with that list, mouse over the button next to “Post”, pull the drop down menu and choose your Scn list. Then hit “Post”.

    If you’re not on Facebook, this is a great reason to sign up – its free and very simple. Here’s a simple tutorial:

    When you sign up, sent a notice through the Razzline and perhaps a bunch of us will become your Facebook friends.

    Let’s get the Likes on the CSI Page up in the tens of thousands where it belongs!

    ~David Evans

    Gotta love those kool aide drinkers.

  15. I ordered mine today for the $17 + change price. I saw a higher price advertised for a hard back copy but ordered the soft cover edition to get started.

    It’s easier to carry around (and drop off as needed) while communicating with the seals! Might have to get a hard copy though for leaving on the dash in front of the Idle Morgue’s!

  16. This knee-jerk dirty trick was to be expected; as is the resultant and renewed media interest and coverage I expect will be along shortly.

    East Coast Media Tour, here we come, lol…

    Vic K.

  17. FCDC Class of 74

    Like a nice juicey summer hamburger straight off the grill. Can’t wait to sink my teeth in it , the longer I wait the better the anticipation. The shenanigans are SOP with Scientology INC. Kinda like the Facebook stock ipo, a circus atmosphere. Hang in there all and enjoy the show. Bill

  18. Marty – according to your book is not available to be shipped outside of the US. Are you planning to make available to non US residents?

  19. Excellent stats!!!

  20. DM & Co. are up day and night on this. Their latest gambit is: “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Steve Bezos better get his ass in gear and give DM a call and tell him to knock off the crap or he is going to take all LRH books off Amazon.

  21. I could tell by the lack of your usual enthusiasm… 😀

  22. Miscavige, you look like a stupid shit-ass right know.

  23. Ronnie Bell

    Did Drudge just recently post that article? Interesting, because a couple of us also just posted it to the Indie FB groups, although the article itself is from 2009.

  24. Next they will pay Amazon (or the shipping dept.) for the mailing list so they can track down the low radar folks (like myself) for a handling!!!!

    “Make my day fellas but come prepared for dealing with a severe reality adjustment. And John …….. leave the headgear at home, I’ve got extra cameras you can use!”

  25. No change there! That is standard attire ….. thong, rods and all!

  26. Ziba Feulner

    1+ 🙂

  27. Marty, The second one created via Amazon is definitely created by the church because when you click on the “customer review”, it will take you to this page :

    David Miscavige you are an scum bag and you know it.

  28. Marty,

    I called up several of our attorney buddies, letting them know your books were being sold, and to get ready to offer to repay favors and help you as needed on getting this book out. You have a half dozen lawyers across the US willing to help if needed.

  29. Now THERE’s an important stat! Should we expect to hear about “Number of Facebook ‘likes’ for Co S Int.” at a Maiden Voyage event??? Straight up and vertical no doubt……….Whoooo….e-x-p-a-n-s-i-o-n !!

  30. Ronnie Bell


  31. Ronnie Bell

    Truthfully, I’m enjoying the hell out of this, because I know it’s going to backfire in DM’s face. He needs to rename his black ops team, “Foot Bullets R Us”.

  32. +1 🙂

  33. Reading your post update, I guess someone realizes your book could really sell well, and wants to ride on your coattails!

    I guess that is a compliment.

  34. martyrathbun09

    The Amazon consultant I queried said that they should ship to Canada. However, in a forum I just read it said it costs like 13 bucks for shipping through Amazon. If you send me your address I’ll ship you one (or some) when I get some extras later this week.

  35. WIKIPEDIA Bans Church of Scientology…— DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) June 25, 2012

  36. I just ordered my copy, too. It is also available on (for the Germans) – under (“alle Kategorien” !!).

  37. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, that’s the right one for UK. When you see Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun in blue link type right by the title it is the right one.

  38. Ronnie Bell

    Got it. Drudge tweeted the link to the article, but didn’t put it up on his site. That’s alright. A lot of people will still see it. Thanks.

  39. The Master Networker organizing the back lines. Love ya.

  40. I kinda like Yvonnes take on it ….. How about Dave’s d..k Heads R’ US.

  41. Great Sir- the order is in!

    Can’t wait for the sequel: ‘More of What is Wrong with Scientology’- complete with DM’s mug on the front cover!

  42. Thanks for the clarification on the correct link to order for UK
    “What -wrong with Scientology ” ( Yr ref above ) which is the one I used and today recieved an email from “ ” to say its on the way

  43. Ronnie Bell

    The fake at Amazon now says, “unavailable” and there’s no price listed next to it. I’m thinking they’ll pull down the ad soon. Good work, Marty.

  44. Marina e Umberto

    Good news from Italy:

    We are pleased to announce that we have attested OT V!!!
    Eliana and Marty, your application of Standard Tech it has allowed us to achieve this result. Thank you very much for all the work that you have done!
    Ron, without your technology, we would have lived another a life into oblivion … THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
    Marina and Umberto
    😀 😀

  45. Ronnie Bell

    Heh….that works too. You know that someday, all those folks who are laboring under Davey’s suppressive orders, are going to find their way to the truth. When they do, the realizations of what they’ve done are going to hit them like a ton of bricks. Sucks to be them, and it sucks even more to be Miscavige.

  46. Mike, can “whoever” that set up that bogus book… be sued for Fraud? Copyright infringement? Just seems like there should be a way to track down whoever it is and burn their butt real good, AND take down the bogus listing!
    Just me. Maybe I should have gone into law after all. I’ve always had a passion for it.

  47. Amazon said they’d shipped my copy (to UK obviously) for $7.98 which is quite reasonable as far as I’m concerned.

  48. Li'll bit of stuff

    Like 2

  49. First Principle

    I saw it on the actual Drudge Report itself, two days ago. TONS of people saw it.

  50. Seems like it may not have been sinister, just an opportunist business man trying to hook into the instant fame of Marty’s book success.

    I do find it rather amusing though, a few calls, people that have been the beneficiary of favors from Marty and others, favors for which financial compensation was refused, enthusiastically want to know “how can I help”. That’s what I love about this game. People helping people, real genuine help, not a biz opportunity. How things have changed over the past years.

  51. martyrathbun09


  52. Ronnie Bell

    Excellent news, Marina! I’m becoming convinced that the Indie field is producing more well done auditing hours and new releases than the church is, in any given week. It is truly a joy to behold.

  53. Modern business success, Imitation is the best form of flattery. Less than a week Marty has real world opportunists trying to ride on his coat tails.

  54. Ronnie Bell

    Seems like it may not have been sinister, just an opportunist business man trying to hook into the instant fame of Marty’s book success.

    Didn’t little Davey post a Craigslist ad, looking for ‘opportunist businessmen’? Just kidding, but I highly doubt that DM has no connection to that caper.

  55. 🙂

  56. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOTs is such a blast.

  57. Could be a Church of Mscabige bit attempting to find out who is ordering your book with all their contact info. I ordered the “regular way”. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I posted some truth there Les. Should be fun.

  59. Roger Thought (LO)

    Marty are the translations for German, French, Italian, Chinese en route ?

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Marty, run into a snag here in Durban,S.Africa.
    The landed price for us works out at $17.76 + $50.00
    shipping + VAT= around $70.00. (via Amazon!)
    I appreciate that there are comm.lags and glitches
    which need to be ironed out, but will keep probing
    the options and watch for the better ordering deal.

  61. Maybe if the Church actually wanted to move product, they’d stock this book their shelves . . .

  62. Amen to that Ronnie. That day is quickly approaching and I expect a shift in the force with that many well intentioned (but PTS) beings coming to their collective senses. It will require us all to apply What is Greatness. There is however one (actually perhaps a few) that I will be happy to leave in the ditch until the rest are handled.

  63. :-O

  64. Great news, Roger. Thanks.
    Thank God for the digital era and Print on Demand services.

    Without Miscavige the dissemination of Scientology Materials would be as easy as it should.

  65. “… just an opportunist business man trying to hook into the instant fame of Marty’s book success.”

    That’s what I saw this morning at roughly 7:30 PST, some chick trying to make a buck, about $10 bucks in fact per copy + shipping no less. Amazon listed (2 sellers New and Used)… so I checked it but forget her name already. Maybe we should keep notes… as a thought.

  66. +++ !!! 🙂

  67. LAUGHTER! Too funny!

  68. Saw your comment, Tony. I liked it. 🙂

  69. I just ordered a couple of copies of your book, Marty. Can’t wait to read it.

  70. Tom Gallagher

    Damn keyboard……………..

  71. Waiting for my Copies.

    Comments from John Allender seem to be absent. What’s up John? Marty has made you famous.

    How do you like the positioning of being Miscavige’s Joseph Goebbels, albiet more on the clown aspect?

  72. eileenclark101

    Laughing! Even when you are kickin’ butt you are classy.

  73. If I was Co$dm doing this, I would sell it at half the price. That way I could lure people to the trap. If it is them, they are being incredibly stupid about it.

  74. Guess he’s too busy doing his “tech inspections”!

  75. Hey Tony,
    Fun is what we’re having!

  76. Hahaha!!!
    You’re so right!

  77. Ronnie Bell

    Well, doggone. That’s mighty cool.

  78. Ronnie Bell

    I expect a shift in the force with that many well intentioned (but PTS) beings coming to their collective senses. It will require us all to apply What is Greatness.

    Amen, my friend. Must keep that advice in mind for future reference.

  79. You Know Who

    What about a iBook or Kindle version? (We’ve already bought three copies from the Bona Fide Amazon link (thank you), but reading on my iPad is useful as well.

  80. Send me your address, I will mail you a copy.

  81. +1 🙂

  82. 🙂 We will always have the power to care about the guy in front of us.

  83. Laughter! Gut laughter!

  84. My Book shipped last night. I am giddy ,like its Christmas.

    I am sure there is a book on “How to make money on Amazon”
    This is one of the strategys is purchase a hot selling new book and reselling it at a marked up price.This is done on Video’s out of print off loaded by libraries for $1,000. Books for hundreds of dollars that can be gotten new for 5 bucks. Its a scam but legal as far as I know.

  85. Bruce Pratt

    3 keys to getting started (or restarted) on the road to truth:
    1. Personal Integrity
    2. Code of Honor
    3. What is Greatness
    in that order, but not necessarily sequentially. This is of course my opinion substantiated with experience in a number of different areas. YMMV (your mileage may vary)

  86. Marty – thank you for the offer but I am happy to report that the shipping problem has been resolved and that your book is enroute to me.

  87. As I was hitting the “post” button, I thought, “here goes my image”. : )

  88. martyrathbun09

    Great Halina.

  89. Sorry Kid,
    You couldn’t hurt your image even if you wanted to…

  90. Another Layer

    Can’t wait! Congratulations!

  91. Captain Bob

    I haven’t worn sunglasses for eons now. In my opinion, the wearing of sunglasses are for a few or many reasons:

    1. the sunlight is really bright and reflecting like going down a snow covered hill while skiing. or driving a car. Thus one wears sunglasses for a purpose to achieve a goal or means in doing something.

    2. No confront, must hide.

    3. Desire to look cool like some actor in a movie, out of valence, being another than self, group agreement.

    4. non confront

    5. to hide one’s identity.

    6. can’t confront.

    7. out of valence

  92. Captain Bob

    A guy once told me, he was a wog, if you drive a car and want to get your “right of way” just give them the crazy eyes when you make eye contact.

  93. Captain Bob

    try it, see if it works.

  94. While we are on the subject of dirty tricks, how about a reverse library campaign to bombard the Animal Farm Int Base with copies of Marty’s book. Or an airlift campaign where books are parachuted down over the base to feed the children starving for Truth. Where are Steve Hall and Jeff Hawkins to get this thing rolling?! Come on, guys, the No. 1 spot on the NYT’s bestseller list is waiting for you.

  95. I am sure they are. In fact, I would love to organize a central point where we could get the independent auditors to fax or in some way report their WDAH/WDIC stats. We could then fax that report to Int and show them how it’s done.

  96. Marty, Congrats on your early stats! Just got mine in the mail today and have set aside half of today and tomorrow to take it all in. Such a relief to have this available. I hope you make tons of $$ (you deserve it), and yes, more important than that, that thousands of people read this and come to a liberating understanding of what’s been going on. BdFN!

  97. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for all your help. Not likely to make much. The production and distribution methods are designed for maximal circulation and minimal profit.

  98. Now Dan, don’t be cruel. Sarcastic, yes. Sardonic, well, you sir are a master in my estimation.

  99. Relevant in Scientology history, is that Jon Horwich, someone I respect tremendously, runs in my opinion the BEST jazz station, all 10 quality shows, just the bet of the best of JAZZ, and meaning the BEST of jazz compositions and artist, can’t thank Jon Horwich for sharing his JAZZ FAVORITES on his show.

    Google and find and just listen to 5 of his shows, and believe me, THAT is the best of American jazz.

    THANKYOU Jon Horwich!!!!!!!

  100. Roann’s dad is the incredible jazz enthusiast, Jon Horwich, and his shows are priceless, download and enjoy the BEST of jazz, with his “School of Jazz!”

    Can’t thank Jon enough for sharing his passion for jazz!

  101. And another important point n Scientology History, I want to give a thanks to Ron Miscavige Snr, I loved his compositions, he did some of the “filler” compositions, my all time favorite, which I thanked Ron Snr for, was the transition several bars of catchy phrasing in the “War is Over” event.

    Realize, all you fellow Scientology minutia history lovers, that Ron Miscavige Snr, I hope, is NOW free to tell us what he composed, in all the years of his being part of the Golden Era Muscicians.

    I for one love music, great melodies, and Ron Snr did a few that I honestly still whistle today.

    But so did Rick Cruzen, Rick made a few melodies as composer that I still whistle today.

    Muscic rackets down the eons, Annie Broeker told us once, she was quoting Ron, (I loved those events when Annie and others would just quote the private LRH traffic about music, etc), she spoke once (rest in peace Annie, or come back and live again, for those that believe that) at that event when Annie spoke, at the release of the “Road to Freedom” album, much aligned on the internet, but as a true believer, I sure remember the halls of the 2nd floor of the complex FILLED with Road to Freedom, when it came out.

    When I was priveledge “ASI” staff, I bought up the then still available Golden Era Muscician’s albums, and listened to them all faithfully.

    I knew Fernando Gamboa, and shared his and the other muscians’ desires to play music.

    Well Chick Corea comes to mind as someone I still tremendously respect, and can NOT hold truly anything against Chick and I sill love Chick’s music and his efforts to play high quality music.

    Well, Scientology has had its connections to a few great 20th and 21st century musicianas, but to me, that’s just a perk, rather than an honorable piggybacking that “we” did on celebrities.

    I think the celebrity piggybacking that Scienotlogy did was a false lower principled endeavor.

    I just love good music, atheist that I am today, and appreciate and still love Chick and I really love Jon Horwich’s great jazz shows, he has incredible taste!

    Roann should be proud of her dad! Everyone should listen to Jon Horwich’s shows! Find them, listen to really quality jazz!

  102. Shout out to Ron Miscavige Snr for his years of being one of the unheralded pros playing Golden Era Musciian duty.

    thankyou bigtime Ron Snr if you see this, THANKYOU Ron Snr! I loved your efforts and compositions that slipped into the lineup!!!!!!!

  103. I love all the artists who ever did any Scientology related duty, I whistle Chick’s battlefield earth and Julia Migenes Johnson’s beautiful melodies, whoever made them, just love melody, and can’t hold anyone’s “in” or “out” religious or spiritual beliefs against them! (I love Kant today, Kant is my hero for some of Kant’s high principled ideas, snippets of truth I believe in today.)

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org
    866-XSEAORG free advice (I urged Marty to setup a 800 number, and I still urge Marty to do so!)

  104. thankyou Marty for giving your most relevant hindsight views of Scientology.

    I cannot nitpick you Marty!

    You do immeasurable good for Scientology history, just by remaining in touch with the public, and free to speak your opinions, and allowing so MANY important people who did facetime with Hubbard, free voice here on your blog.

    Thankyou Marty!

    You’re overall by speaking freely doing just immeasurable historically correct response to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

    That people can be public, about LRH, his spiritual therapy/counseling religion, or whatever or however people want to label it, thanks for being a ‘believer.”

    I see you as a an unappreciated ARC Break Auditor for the movement.

  105. I got my copy a couple days ago. It is a great read, Marty. Thanks so much! I also see that some sellers are also selling new copies of your book…check out the “new and used” for your book on Amazon, they are under “new”. One seller, however is trying to get alot of moolah..he wants almost 60 bucks for the copy they have…jeez greed is bad these days. Why would someone pay that much when they can get it for the price intended? There are always sellers on Amazon who see new releases and do this…either try to undercut the original company selling the book, or by raising the price hoping someone will buy from them just because. But the seller with the outrageous price for your book ( sellers will not even purchase your book until they get a sale themselves for it. You can block those sellers if you want to, to stop them), they have horrible feedback from buyers. So I doubt they will sell any copies.

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