Wendy Honnor – IAS Freedom Medal Winner is Independent

24 June 2012

Hello Everyone

I, Wendy Honnor, IAS Freedom Medal Winner, Minister and Field Auditor have now resigned both as a member of the Church of Scientology and as a member of the International Association of Scientologists.

I agree with all the points raised in the New Year 2012 email of Debbie Cook, former Captain of the Flag Service Org, and it is for these reasons that I have resigned.

To those of you who are my friends, I shall look forward very much to hearing from you.

  • I am continuing my international practice.
  • I am also continuing the Worldwide Auditors Guild – which I established in 2005 and which now has 600 members in 53 cities 26 countries.
  • I am also continuing my successful work helping cancer patients spiritually by using ethics tech and always in close coordination with their medical doctor. I have a hat write up I am very happy to give any auditor who would like it.

The only way out is out. I am free.


Wendy Honnor

W:ย www.wendyhonnor.com

E:ย ย wendyhonnor@hushmail.com

127 responses to “Wendy Honnor – IAS Freedom Medal Winner is Independent

  1. WOW Wendy,
    We are very fortunate to have you carrying on with LRHs work in the field. Your message comes through very clean and bright. Thank you!!!!!!

  2. Well done Wendy! I’m sure you’ll be much more effective from now on. God speed!

  3. This totally made my day!

  4. Hi Wendy;

    Very happy to see you have come aboard!

    You will have lots of friends here.


  5. Tory Christman

    Congratulations, Wendy!!! You will be ***so*** much happier now that you are free from all the DM and phony “church” of $cientology BS. Welcome! Please let your old friends know, too, if you can. We have a policy for those of we X’s: “We Come Back for our FRIENDS”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Wendy. Very nice to hear from you again. It’s been quite a while.
    I’m very sure your mission in life will now be easier to fulfill and you will be much more free to help others. I know we are.
    Les Warren

  7. Congratulations, Wendy. I predict you will not regret this action for one moment but will be amazed at the joy you experience as the suppression rolls off layer by layer. I did not realize how much my thoughts and communication were constrained until after I was free to use them again.

    You are much admired by many and your simple, elegant announcement will help others through their doubt.

    Thank you for all that you do to contribute to the well-being of others. I offer you my respect, admiration, and friendship. .

  8. Welcome back, Wendy. We’re enriched by your presence. Now, breathe the free air, and enjoy the light of freedom.

  9. Hi Tory;

    So true, isn’t it. I am at this very moment working with three old time Scientology freinds, two of whom have been inactive in the CofS for decades but are still completely indoctrinated, and one who is activily doing her Doubt formulae. It is good to literally go and find friends and help them out.


  10. Hi Wendy.
    Congratulations Wendy and welcome. Your announcement has come between the book announcement and the attempt to suppress the book. So I think you will not see the normal number of acknowledgments you normally would. Fortunately, someone like yourself does not need them. Welcome and best wishes.

  11. Welcome Wendy, thanks for making your announcement and joining the group! We’re gaining strength and momentum every day. Hurrah!

  12. Great Wendy!!
    I would love to hear your story in more detail sometime.
    Maybe you could come to the Indie party in a couple of weeks?
    Thanks for having the courage to stand up and be counted!!

  13. This is very good news. Thank you, Wendy.

  14. Hi Wendy – thank you for your announcement. I am very happy for you. All the best.

  15. E.J. Croughs

    Welcome Wendy, Do I read this correctly? Is your auditors guild getting out as well…..600 new Indy’s? Love to hear more.

  16. Wendy… Oh My God!!!
    As a sydney public I witnessed your AMAZING, INFECTIOUS and down right UNYIELDING THETA INTENT!!!!
    My heart is playing the tune “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m singing! I’m singing I’m singing today. The world is smiling, its smiling and friendly. And good luck is on its way~~~~!!!”
    Thankyou for duplicating that comm and turning your purpose to this task of getting things back on the rails!!!!

  17. well done! awesome news…has it now reached the real end? – I hope so.

  18. Now, this is NEWS.
    Thank you very much for your decision.
    This is OTness!!!

  19. Welcome to freedom Wendy!

  20. Welcome Wendy!

  21. Ziba Feulner

    Wow, Wendy! It is such an honor to read your post and get to know you through your website! Very well done for confronting the truth and hope to meet you in person one day!!! Z

  22. I’m curious about the original origins of this message which is now spreading quickly and posted many places online. Did Wendy email this out to her auditor’s email list? Was it posted on her FB or website? Did she email it out to just friends? Have you had any direct contact with her Marty? Curious if she emailed this directly to you to post?

    I certainly hope she sent this out to her entire auditor’s guild list. The repercussions of that will be interesting and I wonder if it will be the final kick in the pants a lot of people need.

    Anyone who received this email directly from Wendy, or who has been in contact with her, please post and fill us in!

  23. Bravo Wendy –

    Your announcement is met with Cheers amongst freedom loving Independent Scientologists everywhere!

  24. May the force be with you. Thank you for making the world a better place to live in.

  25. Marty the weblink for http://www.wendyhonnor.com above is linking to hushmail instead of her website.
    And thankyou for showing this, this ground will be cracking with impact from this info in ANZO. She is a LEGEND here.

  26. Oh my God! Wendy youยดve made my day. Iยดm so happy now. You have been very much looked up by the FSMยดs in the UK field. This will make more than one wonder whatยดs going on. I love to see familiar faces in the independent community.

  27. Richard Royce

    Dear Wendy,
    What a delight to read your statement! You are making it easier for others to as-is the trap constraints holding them in place. Fixed ideas are just that they fix you in place. Freedom is the ability to evaluate data in a new unit of time. A belief trap is also just that a trap! A belief is something not evaluated. Your altitude is jarring enough to cause some to look at their own constraints!

  28. Ronnie Bell

    I don’t know that this will result in 600 new Indies, but I’ll bet that 600+ good Scientologists just realized that they now have permission to look for themselves. I think Wendy’s announcement is going to have a similar ripple effect to Debbie Cook’s email.

    Get ready to welcome another wave of new Indies, everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Wendy, Is this for real… I met You recently at CCI and You were supporting the COS & OT Committee. Although, so was I up until May 2012.

  30. Well, it goes to show how apparent people in, and either half out, or can see the light real quick!

  31. For anyone doubting this, check out what friends you have in common:

  32. Thankyou for sharing wendy your release welcome.Have you read a book called “The Truth about disease ?

  33. Angela LeMay

    Wendy, Thanks for your honor, courage and announcement. โ™ฅ Angela

  34. Welcome, Wendy. It was a real pleasure to meet you in Portland many years ago, but it’s even a bigger pleasure to meet you here. You are one formidable lady and I know will continue to be one – but on the sunshine side of life!

  35. Doc 'smith'

    Hi Wendy, I am in Washuington state. We met in Portland, and on the freewinds at the IHelp convention 2004. I am so happy to see you joining us in the independent field. I often think of you as a force for positive change. You’ve done a lot of good, and helped others to do so too.
    Feel free to reach me at melliot3@earthlink.net

    Mark Elliott

  36. E.J. Croughs

    Debbie’s ripple is swelling!
    Poor poor OSA, no more sleep!

  37. Wendy, this is fabulous. I am so happy for you and your new-found freedom.

  38. Well slap my ass and call me Charlie! Welcome Wendy!

  39. Dear Wendy congratulations!!!
    After the dank of the basement isn’t the sunshine wonderful?
    much love Largo Paris ’69

  40. Wendy, how wonderful to see you here. You probably don’t remember me but we chatted a few times at AOSH ANZO. I am so so so pleased to see you here…Your resignation will have huge effects here is Oz…and you certainly made my day.Thank you

  41. Marty’s site appears moving at a crackling pace this day… it’s clearly up to us to keep up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Very cool indeed Wendy… I only now know of you because of this place and will be following your blog.


  42. Welcome to the world of freedom and truth. Will be really nice and helpful to have more auditors in the field. The public will appreciate them too.

  43. Wendy, your web site is unavailable. Can we not look you up? (yet?) Please keep in touch, thank you.

  44. The link in the Post is working now.

  45. Sunshine Disinfects

    This is AWESOME news. Wendy, thank you so much for this announcement. It is going to make a huge difference in ANZO and hopefully will stop so many good intentioned public and staff from being conned into parting with their hard earned money whilst the little twerp has BILLIONS tucked away and spends their money lavishly on designer clothes, expensive whiskey and gourmet food.

  46. I haven’t commented here much lately, but I was struck by a couple things in this story. Please read my comments here as concern that we get the story exactly straight, lest we be disappointed over discovering later that things are not as they seem. I just can’t shake the feeling that something is not quite right with this story.

    Remember that in the early days following the publication of Debbie Cook’s e-mail, Debbie appeared to be friending a bunch of ex’s and Indie’s on her Facebook page, suggesting that she was embracing the Indie movement. In reality, however, it later appeared that this was a “dead agent” tactic by OSA, hacking into her Facebook page and accepting all sorts of “SP’s” as friends to destroy her credibility with those still in the cult. Marty had predicted almost instantly that Debbie would be the victim of an extensive “dead agent” operation, of which that turned out to be a component. While Debbie accepted help from Mike & Marty and took legal defense donations from the indie movement, the truth was that she apparently never intended to join this movement, and everyone was disappointed, and many (myself included) missed the import of what was actually going on.

    I’m very concerned that the cult is trying to “dead agent” Wendy Honnor for reasons unknown. I have never heard of Wendy so I have no reason to care what happens to her, including having no reason to defend her. I’m just trying to point out that there’s something “off” on the story here.

    1) It strikes me that if the stuff on Wendy’s web site is accurate that she ought to be reasonably well known to various people in Australia and, indeed, in the rest of the world, and that somebody ought to have a way to get in touch with her and verify the story. But I don’t see any comments from anyone here or elsewhere that anyone has heard from her own lips that she’s out. There’s only this e-mail message.

    2) Wendy’s web site does not appear to have been updated in quite some time. She appears to be extremely media-savvy, cultivating as much attention as possible for her activities. One would think that she’d want to update her web site with details of her defection, to confirm what she’s done and build even more support for it. But that hasn’t happened.

    3) Similarly, the list of humanitarian organizations she lists involvement with include well-known front groups like The Way to Happiness, and a couple of front groups affiliated with TWTH. From what I understand, most people, particularly those who leave the cult due to the over-regging for donations, would not be too likely to stay involved in these organizations, and it would thus be surprising that she’s left her involvement in these groups intact.

    4) Wendy’s web site talks about “life improvement programs” and all sorts of other stuff which not only doesn’t sound like it attributes proper credit to LRH “tech” but sounds like it may not be based on Scientology at all. That would clearly be a no-no from the cult’s point of view, and it could be something that the cult might want to “dead agent” her for to keep members from doing business with her. There might be some other economic reason for her falling into disfavor with the cult, perhaps something as simple as the fact that as an apparently enthusiastic field auditor, she could be embarrassing the downstat Australian orgs by her productivity and results.

    5) I notice that the e-mail is surprisingly vague and short of details about what exactly she saw as sufficiently compelling misbehavior that made her blow. I have noticed that the “coming out” declarations that Marty has posted have almost always gone into extreme details about what started to create doubt in the minds of the newly independent member. There’s none of that here, only a reference to the Debbie Cook e-mail. It seems to me like this is how a cult insider would write if trying to dead agent Wendy — someone who wants to make it look like Wendy Honnor is now an opponent of the cult, but the author of this e-mail doesn’t want the reader to actually know what was contained in Debbie’s e-mail — since they were all told not to read the original e-mail on pain of “losing their eternity.”

    6) Claiming to use “the tech” to cure cancer, but only in concert with a qualified medical practitioner does not sound like the approach that a hardcore Church of Scientology member would use — it seems to me that such an approach could be seen as counter to the belief that once you “drop the body” it is simple to “pick up a new one” and start the next cycle where you left off; working with physicians could almost be seen as doubtful of this belief. In other words, she’s claiming that she’s going to continue what may have been seen as “squirrel tech” before.

    7) This e-mail talks about Wendy continuing her work with the “Worldwide Auditor’s Guild.” There is no web presence for a group that claims 600 members, what ought to be a significant portion of the field auditors in the world. It sounds to me like this may have been an attempt to portray Wendy as a purveyor of “squirrel” auditing technology. The only people who would not actually check to verify that there’s no such group would be cult members in good standing, who wouldn’t take a chance on running such a search because they would be afraid they might (gasp!) stumble on some entheta of some sort and end up blowing. Why would Wendy lie about the existence of a group like this in her e-mail, especially when she doesn’t mention it on her web site? She seems very driven by publicity, so if she was heading a group like this, one would think that this would be plastered everywhere she could possibly plaster it.

    Again, I would like it to be true that a highly visible Australian public has indeed left the cult and resigned. But as I have thought about this story off and on for a couple hours, I have to say that my gut doesn’t feel right. The above is the only explanation I can think of. If you have read my previous postings on this site (I haven’t posted here for a few weeks), you would know there’s no way I could be considered an OSA bot. I’m just trying to forward the movement by raising appropriate caution when I think it is warranted, even if that is out of step with what the majority of others here believe.

    Thank you, –john p.

  47. What we Expect of a Scientologist
    You are the real deal! So glad you to see your Independence announcement!

  48. Brian Culkin


    I just went to your website .. so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for speaking out. You rock ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lots of Love,

    Brian Culkin

  49. I had no problem accessing it. I used the link just above your post.

  50. eileenclark101

    Haven’t seen or spoken to you since we were both in San Diego 4/2004. I gained great admiration and respect for you then and that has only skyrocketed with your announcement here. Thank you for taking a stand on what you know is right and against what is wrong. Welcome and big hug.

  51. Welcome Wendy. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your story and reading your posts.

    I personally felt great relief and bits of latent PTSness fall away following my leaving the CoS. Some happened right away while other aspects of it pealed away layer by layer as the uninspected lies were exposed and the truth was revealed. It caused a terrific resurgence for me which continues today. I feel certain you will experience much the same as I and so many others whose stories continue to be told here.

    Welcome to real Scientology!!:>)

  52. Sunshine Disinfects

    Marty, any chance of re-posting this wonderful news so that it gets more exposure?? I have ordered your book by the way!!! Cannot wait to read it!

  53. Welcome out Wendy! And well done on standing up and being counted. That Freedom Medal was never more deserved than by someone like you.

  54. Hello John P.
    I have another “feeling”.

    The โ€œWorldwide Auditorโ€™s Guildโ€ is real. I don’t know how many members right now, but I can imagine the bigger the Guild became, the bigger Miscaviges nightmares became (with lots of Sec Checking for Wendy as a result.)

    “helping cancer patients spiritually by using ethics tech and always in close coordination with their medical doctor” doesn’t mean “healing”.

    The E-Mail is short. That’s true.
    Sometimes less is more.
    She raises questions.
    She creates a little mystery sandwitch without the need of the use of entheta in her comm.

    I am only “specu-theta-lating”. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


  55. Ronnie Bell

    John “P”, I can appreciate your caution as regards Wendy Honnor’s announcement, but let’s give it a day or two to allow Wendy time to respond to all this before we go jumping to conclusions, shall we?

    I (for one) trust that Marty got this from Wendy herself, or from some other trusted source. He’s also proven himself to be one of the savviest independent Scientologists on the planet, and as a former top level church exec, knows all of DM’s dirty tricks inside out. I highly doubt he’d be so easily fooled.

  56. Welcome out, Wendy! โค

  57. Luis Garcia


    “The only way out is out.” I love it! How right you are.

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wendy, congrats on a simple, yet effective
    declaration announcement. Hope to see you
    expand as a being by having made this
    telling decision. Please feel free to tell us
    more about yourself, as in doing so, you will
    gain more acceptance on this site.

    All the very best,
    Calvin B. Duffield

  59. Wendy, I don’t believe “being accepted” is your button but as Calvin, I too would like to hear your story.


  60. Thanks, but apparently my server won’t go there. I use Safari.
    ‘The requested URL / was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”
    Now I have tried Google and found her thanks for the help. A first for me.

  61. Ronnie, I agree with waiting to let Wendy Honnor have a chance to speak out further before coming to a definite conclusion about whether the message is fake or genuine — my point was to express my concerns that there is something that doesn’t add up. But if we don’t hear something that corroborates this story in a couple days, I’d become increasingly suspicious.

    I’m a fairly careful researcher — where I work (Wall Street investments), running off with a half-baked theory about why something is happening can cost a staggering amount of money, so I’m the last one that would want to come to a snap judgment. But it’s equally important when you come to a conclusion that you highlight any risks that may run contrary to your decision, so other people involved in an investment decision can make up their own minds. So I felt that letting people know that elements don’t pass the “sniff test” was important; I don’t have a way to answer the question of whether this e-mail is fake for myself.

    I presume that Marty got the e-mail from a source he trusts, and his experience dealing with the cult and their various bits of dishonesty probably means that his bullshit filters are fairly sensitive. I don’t always agree with everything Marty says, but I have not found anything to fault about his caution and professionalism in exercising appropriate editorial caution. So that is not the point of my comment. Even trusted sources get taken for a ride sometimes. I’m just focused on what the message says…

  62. Phil de Fontenay

    When I got the news yesterday from Verjanso he told me Wendy had already sent the letter out to her whole list

  63. John P. I have looked up all that would open for me. linkendin, exscn, Why We Protest and the last, oursites.org/wendyhonnor. Imho, I see what you are saying and have to agree with you at this point. Until there is something new or she does some changes, it looks to me that she is not out at this time. Unless that is her strategy, but then I can see others’ strategy too…

  64. welcome out Wendy! Looking forward to reading more of your story.

  65. Wendy’s announcement is also on her Facebook wall.

  66. Ronnie Bell

    Thank you, Phil. That’s a fantastic confirmation.

  67. Ronnie Bell

    John, per Phil de Fontenay’s post upthread:

    When I got the news yesterday from Verjanso he told me Wendy had already sent the letter out to her whole list

    You may recall Verjanso’s awesome write-up from this past week, which Marty published here. I consider the above report to be the first confirmation.

  68. We are in direct comm with Wendy. This statement is definitely her statement and she is out 100%. She is being bombarded today with calls from all over the world. She went back and forth on whether to write a 10 page outline of outpoints or to just resign. In the end, she just wanted to get on with it–helping people as an auditor. Her old website has been revised but there is a current situation with transfering it. Hopefully, that will be handled today. Many auditors are calling her; asking for more info and “seeing the light”. She is brave; she deserves all of our support.

  69. As of 11:30 pm Eastern daylight saving time, I could not access Wendy’s website through either Google Chrome or Firefox. Getting 404 not founds only.

  70. Evidently this has to do with the transfer of her site.

  71. Thanks for this Don. Unfortunately, she has created a bit of a vacuum and your info helps fill it.

  72. Yes – I think that the DNS change has been requested to transfer the web hosting, but it takes some time to happen globally…

  73. John – don’t worry, its real. See comment from Axiom. I have also been in touch with Wendy. Would have been nice to have something that was a bit more extensive (as she has a lot of information about a lot of things of interest) and to have it accompanied by a photo on the blog, but alas, that’s now how it went down.

  74. Wendy Honnor

    Oh Les, so nice to hear from you. Thank you. Love Wendy

  75. Wendy Honnor

    Thank you so much Newcomer. Love Wendy

  76. Wendy Honnor

    Oh I am glad!! Lv Wendy

  77. Wendy Honnor

    Thanks Bob. I can see what I great friendly group you all are. I have been reading this blog for a very long time and longing to be openly in communication with you all. In the last few months I was reading it several times a day. Marty deserves a Medal!! I bought his book the minute it became available. Waiting for it to arrive. Lv Wendy

  78. Wendy Honnor

    Well spoken Tory! I have been watching your fantastic videos for months and months. I also watched a panel discussion you had one time and I was so impressed by it. Every post, every website, every blog. It’s all part of the road out. You just never know who will be next. Thank you for everything Tory. I am your fan and I know many others who are too. Love Wendy

  79. Wendy Honnor

    Oh thank you for your lovely welcome Yvonne. I am so happy I could burst!! Love Wendy

  80. Thanks, Axiom. I believe that yours is now the fourth confirmation of Wendy’s resignation on this thread.

    Hopefully, once the initial barrage of comm to Wendy has subsided a bit, she’ll put out a longer, more detailed statement about her resignation. For now, we know that yet another outstanding Opinion Leader and Upstat has chosen to stand with the truth.

  81. Wendy Honnor

    Well the book is very exciting!! It’s an honour to be on the same billing!! ha ha! Love Wendy

  82. Wendy Honnor

    Thanks for the invitation Tony. I am in Tasmania!! But I will be there in spirit. Love Wendy

  83. Wendy Honnor

    Yes three cheers for Debbie. You can’t suppress the truth. Lv Wendy

  84. Calling Peter Schless! Calling Peter Schless! Where are you, Peter Schless! One of your fellow IAS Freedom Award Winners would like to speak with you!

  85. Wendy,
    Good for you and thank you for this important announcement. I always enjoy DM squirming a bit more and more. You have definitely delivered an effective blow.

  86. Wendy, your good work in helping your fellow man reminds me of the principals laid out in the movie “Magnificent Obsession”. There are Scientological laws that mirror this, but I see no need to spell all that out here.

    This is for you, and all who are dedicated to helping their fellow man.

  87. Hi Wendy,
    Tazmania, wow!!
    I heard that Ray Barton was your FSM. He was mine also. Do you think he will ever wake up?

  88. Thanx for the confirmation, Ax – I’ve also had it confirmed by a few local Oz folk that it’s a legit resignation by Wendy and not just an attempted troll.

    Love her or hate her, Wendy was well-known in Oz and generally well thought of. I hope she takes a whole lot more of the Faithful here with her on her journey towards truth.

    It must suck to be You at the moment, Davey Boy ๐Ÿ˜€

    Another of Your poster children have seen You indeed have no clothes on.

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  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ronnie, ditto on your comm to John P. I will say that I
    have genuinely always admired John P’s postings
    for the sheer extent of detailed fact examination
    and presentation.A truly thorough professional.

    Sadly, on this occasion, he falls completely short
    in that one vital commodity which is absolutely,
    essential, IMHO : Granting of beingness!

    It’s what an on purpose, STANDARD, fully trained
    auditor, does naturally, without any additives.

    Of course, you realise I’m speaking from ” bitter ”
    experience, having been subjected to suspicion,
    so often, right here on Marty’s site.

    I imagine many who have been subjected to
    similar rejection, suspicion, or outright unfounded,
    or 3pty. based attacks, have been repelled from
    staying on, losing the benefits of a mostly theta
    group of beings, who are here, just to share their
    friendships and genuinely welcome a newbie aboard
    with open arms. ( IMHO,aka REAL scientologists.)

    In mitigation, John P, you have never been one of
    those to side with the snide references upon me.
    as, despite all my verbal blunderings, you
    “did not see the need to raise the appropriate

    That meant a lot to me at the time ( the need to be
    accepted in my newly found “home”) and I’m sure
    you get the import of all this. (comm)

    Ronnie, John, thanks for being (YOU and YOU.)
    And to Wendy, I hope this discussion eases any
    cause you MAY have for any feelings of possible
    non-acceptance. .

    “understanding washes away everything” -LRH

    Calvin B.Duffield

  91. I have tried that url http://www.wendyhonnor.com with 3 browsers and always got this error msg:
    Not Found
    The requested URL / was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I am sorry, as I would like to learn more about Wendy.

  92. Her website’s down. Always a good sign. I know from personal experience that WO was an experienced and active OSA volunteer so, like others here, I’ll give it a few days for the dust to settle.

  93. Wendy,

    Welcome to the light. You must be relishing your new freedom and your ability to communicate so openly. I can see that you’ve had many adventures so far, but you’ve just embarked on the biggest adventure of your life. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, David Miscavige must be in full-blown psychosis about right now. Who’s left, Dave? Is everyone leaving now, Dave? Are you all alone yet, Dave? Do you wonder who’s loyal and who’s not, Dave?

    Sorry to push your buttons, Dave, but you’ve pushed everyone else’s buttons for so long, it seems only proper to try now to balance out those stuck flows.

    They’re almost at the door now, Dave. Run, Dave, run!

    Just Me

  94. Wendy Honnor

    Yes!! Love Wendy

  95. eileenclark101

    When Verjanso Yang & Sarah came out so strongly it was apparent that it would only be a matter of time for others to speak out. That it was Wendy Honnor says a great deal to me about what is actually happening down under. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the show, pass the popcorn, please.

  96. @SKM – thank you for this link – it is an exquisite song that perfectly describes those of us with loved ones still caught in the sticky, murky web that Miscavage and his henchmen (& women) have created out of something that was only ever designed to free people. and to you, Greyson Chance – FANTASTIC !!!

    Here’s a taste of the Lyrics to “Waiting outside the lines”:
    You never enjoy your life
    Livin’ inside the box
    You’re so afraid of taking chances
    How are you going to reach the top?

    Rules and regulations
    Force you to play it safe
    Get rid of all the hesitation
    It’s time for you to seize the day

  97. Dear Axiom,
    I am glad you liked it and in fact I think this song fits exactly what you said.

    Here some more lines of this great song:

    Stuck in the same position,
    you deserve so much more
    There’s a whole world around us,
    just waiting to be explored

    Instead of just sitting around
    and lookng down on tomorrow
    You gotta let your feet off the ground,
    the time is now,just let it go

    The world will forceyou to smile
    I’m here to help you notice the rainbow
    Cause I know,
    What’s in you is out there

    Iยดm waiting,waiting,
    just waiting,I’m waiting
    waiting outside the lines

    I’m trying be patient
    The first step is the hardest
    I know you can make it;
    go ahead and take it

    There is also another version of this song.
    It’s “live”:

    Greyson Chance… Beautifull
    (He writes many of his songs by himself… though I don’t know if this one is also his own creation.)

  98. Hi Wendy

    We are soooo happy you are out and free. As far as Marty deserving a metal YES indeed!

    Maybe you could give him your Freedom Metal. Recycled to a higher cause. Also maybe a picture of you putting the metal around his neck in great honor for what he has done!

  99. The world will force you to smile
    should have read:
    I don’t want to have to force you to smile
    Iโ€™m here to help you notice the rainbow
    Cause I know,
    Whatโ€™s in you is out there

  100. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Mike, thanks for providing a credible direct personal confirmation that the message is real and is not some bogus “black op” in line with the concerns I raised above. Since you and Wendy are both Australian, I am sure you were able to duplicate her statements precisely, adding even more credibility to the assertion that the message is genuine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll look forward to reading more about Wendy’s story when she decides to tell it. I presume you and Marty will probably feature anything in detail that she decides to write.

  102. OMG! This is HUGE and FANTASTIC! I had the pleasure of spending hours with you and more on email. I thought you were awesome, a true pioneer! Well done to you for keeping the pioneer spirit and your integrity going strong! Welcome!! YAY, Wendy!

  103. one of those who see

    Hi Wendy! Welcome to Scientology in Freedom!

  104. Dear Wendy,
    OMG!!! It is great seeing you among true friends. Remember you from years ago when you came to visit OC org. I am going to e-mail you.
    Much Love,

  105. Dear Wendy my friend

    OMG! This absolutely made my day!ย 
    I have a big smile on my face ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I read your new year’s message on Facebook it stroke me that you were on your way out – and here you are. What an avalanche this will create.ย 

    I’ve sent you an email.ย 
    Can’t wait to get back in touch. (I still have that “awesome” bicycle … ha ha!)

    Much love to you!

    I actually wonder how many on-line Scientologists are actually “out”. Due to the fact we are not discussing any out-points openly with each other, who knows maybe 80% are already reading this blog and decompressing like myself??

  106. Hi Wendy, glad to hear that you are out !

    I hope that your email to your 600 friends gets the results that you and everyone here wants.

    I hope that you don’t get too many entheta responses from those still in who unable to look at the truth, will only hear the black PR that will already be circulating about you.

    I know that when we left and reached out to all of our friends and contacts we had a few horrible emails. some even telling us we were and had always been SPs despite all our contributions and achievements in Scientology.

    Whilst this was a little disappointing at the time, the truth that you outflow will win in the end.

  107. Thanks again @SKM – we should meet up some time to swap favorite music choices ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Thanks and you’re welcome.
    And… I am here with you, Don Axiomo.

    Than again, I would love to hook up with some Scientologists soon again, not only via the wwweb.


  109. Wendy Honnor

    Ha ha! Love that welcome Natalie. Thank you! Lv Wendy

  110. Wendy Honnor

    Oh wow! The bicycle! Now I know who you are!! Ha ha!! OT22 is a very good name for you! How fantastic to see you here and to know we can speak honestly and have our integrity fully in. I saw your email and will write to you very soon! I have an avalanche of emails as you can imagine. But they are all wonderful to read. Astonishing response! By the way – K-Pax is still my favourite movie. Love Wendy

  111. Wendy Honnor

    Yes the truth does win in the end. And I am deeply sorry. At the time I was not able to see the whole truth. I hope you will forgive me. Lv Wendy

  112. Wendy,
    My God, it has been such a long time since I heard your name!.
    Wonderful to see you now on the delightfully light-filled side of Scientology.

    BTW, re your specialty work, your old friend John B. in Phoenix could use your help.
    Welcome out!

  113. Well done, Wendy. It is almost a redundancy to state that you have taken an irreversible step toward a healthier and more ethical place.

    I can affirm, and I am sure that Marty and others would confirm that the period of re-adjustment will likely be quite difficult,

    It is not so much a matter of our adoption of distorted facts and uncritical adoption of powerfully stated blatant lies that took living down, it is that we subverted our own awareness of what we knew to right and true. Worse, we ingested C of S corporate lies and distortions and then further purveyed them to unsuspecting others.

    It takes some guts to face what we have done in the name of little Davey’s cult and I think for a high profile being such as yourself it must be all the more difficult as you had to subvert so much of yourself to forward his manipulative and abusive agenda.

    I wish to you a period of peace, learning and healing.

  114. I think it depends on viewpoint.
    Not every Scientologist is in the trap for “making things go right” for Davey.
    Many do it for the purpose of a better world.
    And the latter have good chances to really make things go right after they left, as they did in the first place before they recognized that the church, as they postulated it, doesn’t really exist.
    Many Scientologists live in the future. Postulates for the future. Things will be better “one day”. I will be able to get the right terminal for my KR “one day”. Scientology will be recognized by authorities “one day” (that’s why I am working so hard). We will clear the planet (“soon”). And on, and on. Many Scientologists, the majority, is working to improve things, even the worsest things they come accross.
    The real hard lesson is to recognize that the church under the umbrella of Miscavology is dead and our efforts lead to nowhere.
    Once this is recognized, you can find the right LRH references to really make a difference, find the solution to entrapment and create the better world you postulated.

    David Miscavige is abusing the goodwill of hard working Scientologists, he lives from their postulates for a better world. His product is an illusion of a better world, orchestrated in order to pull the attention from the real purpose, the real Goal of Scientology.
    But now it’s enough – he can’t fool Scientology any longer. Scientology isn’t a symbol (something he can move around, as he hopes), it is an idea, and he can’t suppress it for ever nor can he fill it up in bottles and hide it in the basement.

  115. John,
    Interesting post. Seems you have the conniving, 1.1 tone of OSA duplicated quite well.

    However, Wendy has also been in comm with us personally and is thrilled to be out and to continue creating her projects without the suppression.

    At this point, it doesn’t matter what OSA does. Their games and tone level and the magnitude of their deceit is too well exposed for them to get away with anything effective anymore.

    If 100 or 1,000 people “accidentally” get outed, it will be in their best interests anyway. There is no more need for fear. Minor inconvenience is about all OSA is capable of creating anymore.

  116. Well, SKM, the message was actually addressed to Wendy and her specific set of circumstances.

    Taking up your point though, I did not see anyone in the course of my latter years as an SO member in the corporate cult, from RTC down to Div 6 FSMs functioning outside of Miscavaig’s fanatical control matrix. Those that did try to were investigated and either declared or if in the SO RPFed with an SP declare and endless A to E steps.

    Those that thought they were functioning to only appease the purposes and directives of Hubbard authored directives, well, they were and are, I fear, deluded.

  117. Hello John,
    yes, lot’s of deluded people. It’s true and it’s sad.

    Many of them need to be informed about the hidden agenda of Miscavige.
    I.E. his Ideal Org’s scam, the IAS (which he created without Authority), the GAoT, the 3 swings F/Ns, Out-Tech and Off-Policy…
    Spread the word.
    There is a way to Keeping Scientology Alive and Working.

  118. Just saw this. Awesome! Congratulations, Wendy.

  119. Wow. It’s cool to meet someone so recently “out”. HI!

  120. Wendy, of course you are forgiven. Thanks for your email. And John I totally agree with your comment about how in the CofS we subverted our own awareness of what was right and wrong. I have been out for 4 years now and am only just feeling I am recovering “myself” after leaving the cult as an OTVII comp.The gross out tech on that level is designed to totally subvert the being.

  121. Your willingness to forgive after such a series of rather nasty attacks is a credit to you, Vicky.

    I can appreciate the difficult road ahead of Wendy. May I submit at this point that her tech application with regards to cures for cancer and her validation of certain aspects of ‘cures’ for Downs syndrome victims need careful re-evaluation? I think comfort can be given to sufferers and family, but to instil unrealistic hopes might not be ethically dubious, to say the least? It seems like an area that the tech – as I understand it – should not stray into?

    I genuinely would appreciate clarity on this point.

  122. Hello Wendy, Thanks for waking me up. Taking your advice to look at the Debbie Cook vs CofS court docs shifted my viewpoint totally and utterly. And as you know I was NOT BUDGING on my stance prior to that and was even trying to get you to change your mind and recant. It will be a pleasure to work with you! Best, Cara- P.S. Will soon be going public and you will be one of the first to know.

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