The Tipping Point For Scientology Inc.

As I noted on 20 May, 2012, David Miscavige was going to face a “long, hot summer.”   At that time, I could not share details so  as not to compromise the safety of a number of important folk quietly riding the Underground Railroad. (for background on the Underground Railroad and a real time account of John “JB” Brousseau’s travel upon it, see JB Goes Mobile.)

As reported today in the Village Voice, there have been two notable departures from Scientology Inc’s international headquarters (Int base).  David Miscavige’s father Ron Miscavige Sr. and L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter Roanne Horwich left the Int base some months ago.  I have not reported on the details so as to afford Roanne and Ron time and space to resists Miscavige’s extraordinary efforts to corral them back into his prison camp (Int base, near Hemet California).   As you can imagine, the efforts were extensive and some of the means were ruthless.  But, Roanne and Ron (who left separately, with his wife Becky) have weathered the storm and further human trafficking efforts by Miscavige and Scientology Inc applied to them now will simply serve as fodder for more exposure on this blog and in the news media.

Ron Miscavige Sr. was the last of Miscavige’s immediate family members to remain loyal and obedient to the tyrant.   The last remaining member of L. Ron Hubbard’s family still remaining loyal and obedient to Miscavige (even while silently seething toward Miscavige)   is Roanne’s mother, Diana Hubbard Horwich.

Roanne at Amy Scobee’s July 1987 wedding

In the past several months many other Int base staff and execs have departed.  However, most of them – unlike Ron Sr.,his wife, and Roanne – were paid to remain prostrate, silent and owned.   For any of them tuning in, please read this post, Battle of San Antonio: A Review, and ensuing posts on the matter of Debbie Cook – to begin to understand a) those silence agreements you signed are legally unenforceable, b) your sharing of the truth will at worst result in you being paid by Miscavige far more than whatever pittance he purchased your silence with,  c) your personal integrity is far more valuable than any other selfish considerations, and d) the statute of limitations on assault and battery is between 2-4 years depending on the nature of the “a” and “b”.

There are a couple reasons that there have been so many defections of late from the Int base (all of them predicted for years here).  The first reason is that most of the abuses Miscavige visits upon others that we have reported on this blog for the past three years continue unabated.  The situation was exacerbated for Miscavige when Int base staff began to realize that a sure fire means to get ejected from Int base hell was to become pregnant.  Several couples intentionally conceived children, and when discovered they were routed off and paid handsome sums to remain complicit in continuing to cover up Miscavige’s abuses by remaining silent on the outside.   It became such a widespread solution, that Miscavige, in his inimitably oppressive style, banned the institution of MARRIAGE on the Int base.  The institution of marriage is now a BANNED practice at the Int Scientology Headquarters base.

Predictably, Miscavige has become increasingly paranoid as his grip loosens.  His answer has been to systematically dismantle the 500 acre Int base operation.   He has been assigning more and more international management functions to upper middle management (at the the eleven story management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave in Los Angeles).  Further, at great expense he has been preparing to transfer Golden Era Productions functions to the former KCET studios in Hollywood that he purchased a while back.  The 500 acre Int base is becoming a less populated, more closely guarded, cult compound.  Its central function is increasingly becoming to serve as the high-tech, tightly guarded, and closely defended bunker for a dying dictator.

Meanwhile, Australian ABC news has reported on the far-reaching effects of Miscavige’s meltdown.  ABC reports that while Wicca, Jedi and Rastafarians increase their ranks down under, the number of Scientologists is shrinking: ABC Australia.

The most important announcements about the future of Scientology will not be made at the delayed July Freewinds Annual Maiden Voyage Anniversary events.  Instead, they will be announced on this blog in July.  Stay tuned.  What Miscavige will be announcing will amount to further nails in Scientology Inc’s coffin.  What we will announce will amount to the Phoenix for Scientology’s future.  In the meantime, my book What Is Wrong With Scientology? can help people prepare for the future.  Finally, as I have repeated many times, for those who care about the future of Scientology the best thing you can do is to prepare to deliver independently, or support those who are doing so.

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  1. It sucks to be Miscavige.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I hope Roanne and Ronnie Sr. find freedom and peace outside the confines of the cult they left.

    Marty I’ve downloaded your book on kindle and have started reading it, another wow!.

  3. Actually, Marty, the Church purchased the old KCET-TV studios…

  4. For whatever reasons, lately I have been sensing an increasing sense of desperation emanating from Church lines and terminals. Now we start to see more clearly why that is. Tipping point indeed.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Natalie. I hope Brad gets a chance to read it before I see you all next week.

  6. Jethro Bodine

    Does anyone know if Roanne’s husband blew with her too, or did she escape by herself?

    Didn’t Roanne chisten the Freewinds Maiden Voyage? No doubt that video is being editied to have her head photoshopped out of it, ironically right before the Maiden Voyage anniversary. Who knews, maybe they’ll put John Allender’s head on a little girls body. Scientology Inc is running out of public, and it would be kind of fitting since Allender has had to sit down to pee ever since the squirrel buster fiasco.

  7. Dave, remember — it’s not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you.

    Run, Dave, run!

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, corrected.

  9. Having to stand up to pee is a good thing?

  10. My heart goes out to Roanne, Ronnie Sr and Becky. I wish them nothing but the very best and happiness. I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the very near future. ML, Jan

  11. martyrathbun09

    Me too, Jan.

  12. Dayam! That’s awesome news! There’s a whole lot of disaffection going on. There’s a whole lot of delivery going on in the independent field. The times, they are a changin’

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  13. Jethro Bodine

    With all the recent blows, there must have been a flurry of activity at the Int Base Torture Facility and Whole Track Implant Station with David Miscavige as the Whole Track Prison Warden, Reptillian Predator, Pope on a Box, Failed Auditor, Know Best Executive, Wife-Cheating Husband, Fugitive from Justice, Golden Thong Tanning Club Lifetime Member, Vampire Personality, Waist-High Terror Midget, Dogs Should Have Military Ranks Saluter, and High School Drop-Out.

    Miscavige’s response to all the inmates wanting to leave the Int Base is just to close the place down. I have no complaints with that. It’s funny how he’s doing our job for us. Just sit back, relax, open a beer and enjoy the fireworks. It really does suck to be Miscavige.

  14. The production of cool aid drinker becomes lesser ,….lessser and lesssserrrrr,…
    REALLLYYYYY ………It sucks to be Miscavige.

  15. The Tipping Point is getting closer
    I believe Allender is the one to watch. He is a walking Pearl Habor
    set to pop at any time.

  16. now i understand,the real truth about down under stats,i never had any affinity for miscavige,no matter how hard i tryed too,thanks marty.

  17. These are very significant people leaving. Roanne never even lived on the outside–it must’ve been pretty damn bad for her to think there was something better out here. Good for her! For Ron and Becky too. Great old “gato friends” of mine. This is such great news, and awesome news about the Railroad doin’ it’s thing. I only hope that until the big crumbling of the administration there are no more deaths, and anyone seriously harmed can be safely gotten out and gotten back to good health.

  18. TheWidowDenk

    Lol on this thread. And, awaiting clarification …

  19. +1 So happy that they are free to live their lives and find happiness.

  20. My sister Lana (Lana Webster back in the day) was friends with Roanne when they were kids and would love to reconnect with her.. Lana was in CMO Gold at Int for a short time.

    It has been Lana’s hope for years that Roanne would escape. She was over joyed to hear that she had!

  21. In other news, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are divorcing after five years of marriage:

  22. Fantastic. Wishing them all the best. And hopefully those who are still hitched to the Miscavige wagon will see how liberating it is to unharness themselves and take back over their own lives.

  23. This is good news. Ron Miscavige Snr was the best lecturer on the subject of Scientology I have seen. We used to eagerly and voluntarily go to his lectures not like the other church functions. I wish the best to anyone who leaves the tyrant and we should protect from him.

  24. I found it interesting that over the last week or so Tropical Storm Debby formed in the Gulf and the first predictions were that it was heading towards Corpus Christi Bay and Marty/Moseyland. However it got caught up in the air circulation, reversed direction and dumped its load on NW Florida flooding the streets of Clearwater. At least the superpower building got a much needed wash.

  25. Good recall JB, Roanne did break the champagne bottle at the original MV.
    She had been divorced from Chris Leake as per the Int Base “usual”.

  26. Personally, I’m hoping Diana will be able to make it to the Indy party next week.
    Best wishes to all of them.

    Hey! OSA! Send Heber to spy on us.

  27. Very impressive. Well done to all involved!

  28. Holy Fucking Shit!

  29. We had our fingers crossed for the headline, “Hurricane Debbie Strikes Clearwater”.

  30. I just re-read your book, Amy. Thinking back to when you wrote it and all of the events that have transpired since, I just wanted to thank you again for having the courage say what needed to be said when you did.

    Hope to see you again next week.


  31. yvonneschick

    Very happy for Roanne, Ron Sr, and his wife. I hope they all find the new life they deserve filled with peace and happiness. Would be a delight if any decided to attend the upcoming party and expand their network of free beings and friendly faces.

  32. Several couples intentionally conceived children, and when discovered they were routed off and paid handsome sums to remain complicit in continuing to cover up Miscavige’s abuses by remaining silent on the outside. Yay! I love hearing this!

    Banned marriage? Bwahahahahha – good luck with that!

  33. I would like to a a d) to your a-c list above, Marty.

    d) The statute of limitations on assault is between 2-4 years depending on the nature of the assault. Have you been assaulted by miscavige within the past four years? You be able to greatly add to your fortunes by suing the little SP.

  34. Stay tuned. What Miscavige will be announcing will amount to further nails in Scientology Inc’s coffin. What we will announce will amount to the Phoenix for Scientology’s future.

    Oh man, I can’t wait!

    What an incredible time to be a newly Independent Scientologist. You can actually feel the power flowing into and through this movement. I haven’t seen this much in the way of honest personal wins, Bridge progress, group camaraderie, group expansion, and real hope for the future, since I first came into Scientology nearly 40 years ago.

    What an absolutely wonderful thing to be a part of.

  35. Indie-saurus-rex

    Yeah, I just heard about this. It really could be for any reason whatsoever but one can’t help wonder if it’s related to pressure from DM…

  36. Hello Tara,
    for inserting a youtube video, just find the button share (below the video), copy & paste its content and that’s it.
    (No need to use the [ youtue … shortcode).


  37. +1 I wish them only the best!

  38. Allender is an “Ideal” corporate scientologist. If everyone could just be more like him we could shove corporate scientology down peoples throats and put everyone who didnt get with the program in prisons or something.

    Thats one thing I really recognise now is the arrogance of corporate scientologists.

  39. This is getting good!

  40. Long hot summer…….

  41. Can’t wait to hear about the Phoenix, Marty. You just continue to deliver.

  42. George M. White

    While moving some files, I found my OT8 completion ‘cert’ from July, 1988 presented aboard the Freewinds.
    Mr. Miscavige , you need me as your keynote speaker in July, 2012.
    You won’t regret your decision.

    Much loving-kindness,
    George M. White
    May all who have ever been on the Freewinds be well and happy!

  43. Good one Tara!

  44. martyrathbun09

    Nice addition Les.

  45. I would bet that it is related to being married to a clone of David Miscavige. Can you imagine how painful that must be. You don’t even get the real thing — just a valence of the thing….

  46. Biggest regret DM has is that he didn’t shut down the Bridge fastest enough before some OTs were made. Point being, they could work against him to further the subject of Scientology and foil his intent.

    I am partly finished with Marty’s book (got it today) and the “Training” chapter explains it all to me. Thanks, Marty.

  47. Yes it does. I so happy right now.

  48. Same thing happened to my brother in law recently who tried to breakup my marriage after I came out. Corporate Scientologists are so out of valence and arrogant it’s hard for the average person to be around them.

  49. Good for her! You go Katie girl!

  50. Being in a rather benevolent mood today, I would like to think the biggest regret miscavige has is that he didn’t get Marty to give him the sessions he desperately needed when he had the chance.
    He doesn’t really want to be an SP anymore. He just doesn’t know how to end the game.

    May all SPs get Power Process #6 from a good auditor and end up being well and happy.

  51. If you can’t and you are male, you lost the equipment. Allender lost his equipment long before he donned his video hat. 😉

  52. I do so wish also, LDW.

    I fear for Diana. I feel Roanne left with her mom’s blessing and Miscavige would take that out on Diana. Or perhaps he is too far gone by now to even respond? I can hope.

    Diana is LRH’s oldest. The oldest child is often overly responsible and loyal to her parents almost to a fault.

    I believe Diana stays to be a “fair witness” to the fate of the Church her dad launched and built, not out of any loyalty to Miscavige or belief in his actions and plans.

    Fly Diana, fly!

    Come out and help the Independents re-establish your dad’s dream!

  53. An out-of-valence mockery of an out-of-valence mockery! A new product of the CofM is recursive false valences!

    Tom’s fake valence is DM’s fake valence is the 5th invader false valence is God knows who’s fake valence!

  54. LTC Forever

    Marty, I’m having real explosive gains from reading your book. The truth you communicate is so simple yet so powerful, I couldn’t get through the first few chapters without taking a break and trying to calm down from the sudden resolution of a soup of confusion, somatics, and missemotions that I’ve been trying to resolve for a number of years now. I am now recommending your book to even some of my non-Scientology friends who had some interest on the subject. It’s a true handbook, and I think this book will make more Scientologists that any other piece of material I came across either in or out of the Church.

  55. Not to mention that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from one (sadly) imploding Tom Cruise. Wake up call.

  56. LOL – Hurricane Debbie hit Clearwater in January, and I understand she is moving on to the Caribbean.

    (Good luck to Debbie and Wayne)

  57. Banning marriage; a brilliant move on the dwarf’s part. He’s ensuring his cult will go the way of The Shakers; a footnote in the history books. In other words, obscurity.

  58. Great news. Miscaviges little pond continues to dry up.

    I just received your book! I can’t wait to read it……

  59. Corporate Scientology is failing fast! New S-Pee meter coming out. Everyone must buy one for $4,000. CHING CHING CHING. Can you spell desperate? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing? Slappy’s dad OUT, Hubbard’s grand daughter OUT. This has been a productive week for the C0$$$$$. What’s next? Whose next?

  60. Jethro Bodine

    Time to call Greg Wilhere and fire up the RTC pimping service once again.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mat, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

  62. Not being able to stand up to pee is a bad thing. Especially for an OTVIII.

    My favorite Marty Moment was after getting his name, asking “John Allender? The OTVIII?
    VOLUMES contained in those few words.

  63. LOL!
    No… Literally! Laughing Out Loud!

  64. martyrathbun09

    LTC, thanks a lot. I suspected people might start passing it on to non-Scientologists.

  65. Now THAT is an event I would pay good money to attend.

  66. LTC Forever

    Indy party next week. Where? I’m in Dallas right now. Is it anywhere near?

  67. Anybody left won’t dare to try and non-comply. But it occurs to me that since marriage is now banned there, heavy petting is no-no, there are no children to be seen at all, and of course masturbation is an obsenity worthy of a decade in the gulag Miscavige has completely obliterated all aspects of the 2nd dynamic. Maybe the next reprint of the Ethics book will relect this?

  68. Maybe there’s room for Katie in the “underground railroad?”

  69. Jean-François Genest

    Great news, thank you! In my encounters with Ronnie Sr. as a musician I found him to be a good person – much different than David. I am also glad that LRH’s granddaughter is out of there. My good wishes to both of them.

  70. From what I recall Ron Sr could be a tough son of a bitch but I always felt like he was good guy. Always wondered how the father-son-beserk dictator-father dynamic played out with those two. It can’t be anything less than bizarre. What about Peter? Charlie? Are any of those guys going to make it out any time soon now that Ron has left?

  71. It sure does. I wonder what the sheeple will make of GAT II and Mk VIII meter. I think Tony O had it about right when he predicts the result will be amother wave of defections.

  72. Jean-François Genest

    Nicole Kidman [√] check
    Katie Holmes [√] check
    David Miscavidge [ ]
    The coast is clear now, David. He’s all yours.

  73. Also, my congratulations to Katie Holmes for being true to herself. I have enjoyed Toms films but I have no respect for the accomplice, er, the man himself. Godspeed Katie and bravo. This isn’t easy for any family and even though I currently despise Tom, I have faith in him and hope that the thetan in his back pocket will reassume control over his “area” and evict the current imposter. You can do it Tom, this isn’t simply an ending of your marriage, it’s an grand invitation to wake up. Wonderful blog Marty and great work with all your recent completions!

  74. Whatever DM touches turns to stone. He is the man with the reverse magic touch. Tom Cruise goes down in flames again. Don’t forget that it was DM who planted the idea in TC’s brain to divorce Nicole because she was not on board and her father was a psychologist. He and Nic probably had a great marriage until DM shoved his hand up TC’s backside and began moving his mouth for him. Well, good for Katie to regain her integrity. And bad for TC for losing another marriage. Tom, marriage is one man and one woman (or various combinations thereof), not one of each and a lunatic despot.

  75. LTC Forever

    Marty, while I have you on the line is there going to be a meeting or discussion of some sort for your book? I would really like to share some of my wins and listen to that of others. I currently live in Dallas, TX.

  76. You really have to be a 5-star a$&hole to alienate your own dad so much that he blows from your cult.

  77. martyrathbun09

    LTC, depending on expressed interest we might organize some discussions in areas that indicate there are enough people interested to warrant the travel.

  78. I was SO glad to hear that Ron and Becky had left the Base. They were on my short list of favorite people I most wanted to see on the outside. I wish them all the best in their new life. There is a whole, wonderful world out here to explore.

  79. Miscavige & his RCS is an international vacuum for negative attention – squirm you little a/hole. Your demise is going to make a lot of people very happy.

  80. Ziba Feulner

    LOL, very true Mike!

  81. Jeff — agree with you completely….

  82. Ziba Feulner

    Great News! Hope to hear from them or read about them shedding some more light about the operations of the Int Base…

  83. 🙂

  84. Hi Jan, Yes, it’s been a long road for them, I’m sure. Becky was a good friend of mine — I knew her from before she joined the Sea Org. Bill Dendiu (a great human being who was viciously attacked and black PRed by David Miscavige) and I went to Columbus (Bill’s home town) when CMU was getting into sports sponsorships with race cars. Bill was running the DMSMH book campaign and Dianetics was a #1 bestseller. There was a race in Columbus and we stayed at Bill’s mom’s house (a hilarious firecracker and a great person). We put on a seminar the same weekend to somehow capitalize on the event promotion and bring people into the Columbus, org. Sponsoring race cars was a waste of money (no doubt pushed by DM) but I wasn’t the one running the campaign. Anyway, Becky was the HAS at Columbus Org, a bright, intelligent young lady who really wanted to be in marketing. Her dad was a well-known racing driver himself — Tom Bigelow. Tom was later hired on to help with the sponsorship — a super guy. And Becky was recruited in the following weeks and soon arrived in LA to join Central Marketing Unit. Becky became a product manager alongside me.

    Bill and I put on races in Columbus, San Francisco, San Diego, New York and Miami. I built a big Dianetics booth at each locale, handled decor of the racing tent, and helped put on the seminar which was talk on Dianetics by Bill (who used to be a stand-up comedian in LA). In Columbus, the Dianetics booth was manned by me and Becky for two days — giving away free balloons (to get people to the booth) and handing out invitations to attend the seminar. (Each race was accompanied by an expo in a nearby convention center — that’s where the Dianetics booth would be).

    Back then, everything had to align to the “routes” for new public in. Only problem was, most of those “routes” were new inventions (read “bullshit crap bozo theoretical subversions of the Bridge”) being pushed by David Miscavige. Actual product from any of those “routes” was negligible.

    For example, when I took over marketing Dianetics Seminars in 1987, my first question to Bill Dendiu was “how are we supposed to market when everyone thinks Scientology is a cult? We need to fix that first.” Bill recoiled saying, “Shhhh, shhhh, shhh!!” looking over his shoulder to see if anyone heard me and he clumsily tried to dismiss the matter. I learned at our status as a cult was a political hot potato: we were not allowed (by Miscavige) to acknowledge what the entire world already knew: the church WAS a cult. Why the fuck is anyone going to come a seminar put on by a cult? Of course no one is going to show up. Which is exactly what happened. If we handled the “cult” problem (of course that would have meant getting rid of David Miscavige) people would have been beating down the doors to get services. It would have been the ONLY intelligent, on-Policy, sensible action.

    To show how stupid this got, instead of handling Scientology’s cult image, we were told “that is not the problem.” You just need to find out how to get people in. All that came from David Miscavige. Thus CMU spent fantastic sums and got NOTHING accomplished as a result. I remember doing radio ads for one Dianetics Seminar — spent $50,000 in two days and got something like 7 responses. After that I said it would be more effective to offer $100 to anyone that would come in. That was quickly shushed up too. Anyway, in marketing when there is a problem — the problem is exactly where you must attack. That’s Marketing 101 for anyone who doesn’t know.

    Anyway, CMU in those days was the best org I’d ever been in. Ronnie Miscavige Jr. was the CO. All of us were so close, it was like family. Honestly. We soon became a seasoned crew weathering so many storms together that the bonds forged were unbreakable.

    Becky, if you are reading this feel free to contact me. I’d love to congratulate you on your precious freedom and your new life. All of your old marketing friends are out here and all of us are in comm. And when we get together, you wouldn’t believe the laughter and the stories.

    That’s the end of the post. Okay Lablow (aka whatever) let’s see your feeble, wheezy attempt at derailing, invalidating, troll work.

  85. Tony, I love this clip. Love it!!!! it makes me smile!!!! thanks.

  86. None of this surprises me at all. All of it predictable. Time is on our side.
    We be talking some out of valence shit going on!!!!!!!

  87. LTC Forever

    This is all very sad to me. I think of Tom Cruise as a good and successful person. It is quite sad to me to see him effected by this drama in Scientology. I think the pressure on him must be enormous. Maybe there will come a point when he will say that this is enough and does something about the Church. I can’t help to wonder if Tom Cruise reads Marty’s new book. It is totally the antidote to all the b.s. of confusion, falsehood, and overwhelm that propagates through the organization. Wow. I just realized. The book actually accomplishes some of the lower condition formulas. It puts in some stable data on the subject and reestablishes the true beingness and purpose of Scientology in very commons sense terms that anyone can understand. That is the proper action for Confusion/Treason/Enemy conditions.

  88. Omitted is: 1. Mimi Rogers [check]

  89. Ziba Feulner

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Nice, Les!

  90. Charlie was working at the Pac Base canteen for a while, last heard, having beat the big C and offloaded from the Int Base some years ago. Peter was in the Hole.

  91. +1 Jeff and Mike.

    Always had a soft spot for Roanne as I remember making baby formula when she was introduced to LRH in ’78, who tailored a specific program for her for growing and learning to be a great young lady, which she is!

  92. I second that. Earthquakes are rife throughout Candyland. Don’t forget Lisa Marie Presley. Her album documenting her departure is excellent. Now the tabloids are reporting that Kelly Preston is leaving John Travolta since, oops, all this time he’s been totally unfaithful.

  93. LTC Forever

    There was not even a discussion of Scientology at the church. It’s like the whole thing operated on a level bellow awareness of the subject. You cannot talk about it. This is the first thing that I really had a big agreement on in your book is stepping over the whole “verbal tech” thing and just communicating about Scientology. That’s what I had always done. It is a very easy subject once you get most of the pieces (i.e. engrams, O/W’s, ARC). At the church it has been turned into some unattainable mystery of some sort buried behind a wall of nearly unattainable donation amounts. I never felt closer to the subject of Scientology when I set on the path of disagreement with the Church and the overall group. It is quite something. Too bad many of the SO’s especially young ones do not have experience of the real military, real commercial/corporate environments, and exposure to some real communism to see that what they have is not at all a church “of Scientology,” but something totally different.

  94. Hey Steve,
    Please invite me along. I got to know Becky when I tried to help out on the first Indie cycle. I would love to see her again. Whata theta potata.

    Vic K.

  95. Another Layer

    “I haven’t seen this much in the way of honest personal wins, Bridge progress, group camaraderie, group expansion, and real hope for the future, since I first came into Scientology nearly 40 years ago.”


  96. Mike, that is funny. Painful indeed!!

  97. George M. White

    Interesting. I paid a lot of good money to get there. I found all of the receipts to prove it.


  98. Hurricane Debbie is striking Clearwater, Hemet and Church management throughout 2012. The little ripples are swelling by the day, hitting celebrities, long standing old timers, OL’s and newcomers alike.

  99. Rory Medford

    wow holy smoke can’t wait for july to hear more. keep it up and deliver deliver deliver. Holy camoli

  100. Rory Medford

    Go Marty go!!!!!! you are the man

  101. Wanna bet they have already been working on it?

    This break up didnt happen overnight…. There has no doubt been pressure to keep it together to avoid embarrassment to the church — and likely to avoid a large payout from the prenup.

    In the background, I bet “Operation Pimp II” has been in full swing….

  102. What next? Sea Org members will all be celibate male “priests”? Thewomen wil bekept separately and will be called…. let’s see… about “nuns”? That’ll “solve” the “pregnancy problem”. Hey, it “sorta” works for another church I know of…. but not really.

    Speaking of which, the “other” large branch of the original Christian church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, allow and encourage priests to be married.

  103. and further to the d) point as far as the limitation on assault and battery, an awareness that wasn’t present prior may be a factor.

  104. Yeah, poor boy, he just needs some processing and everything will be just fine. May all SP’s get refused for auditing, handled by firm legal stands or ignored so we end up being well and happy.

  105. TheWidowDenk

    Thank you! I understand now and am smiling.

  106. Indeed! I know I will!

  107. TheWidowDenk

    I’ll try it for Tara …

  108. Jethro, I knew she was married to Debbie Leak’s son Chris. They according to my sources were told to divorce. This divorce was years ago and my understanding is she left alone.

  109. I have been away from this blog for awhile re-arranging our lives due to HUGE wins that have occurred since “cutting the cord” from the Church followed by getting that declare (by email) “thingy” back in the Spring or in other words : De-PTS’ing myself and enjoying the wins being independent and free from the shackles, just like LRH would have it for all.

    There are just soooooooooooooo many Indie wins happening lately, I just wanted to say “Whooooooooooot!!” Well. I was certainly saying it to myself, (as I’m sure many others are), I just wanted to chime in and put my “whoot” in writing!!

    Marty’s book is out and I can’t wait to read it! Ronnie Miscavige and Roanne leaving, Maiden Voyage events delayed (Davie had to stop and read Marty’s book) then Katie dropping the bomb on Tom earlier today “irreconcilable differences”?? Geez what could this possibly be about??? Go Katie. Oh and take all those Freedom Medal awards & plaques while you’re at it ..Girl, you know you can melt that shit down, right? You too Wendy!

    Once again “Whooooooot”. Lovin’ life on the outside and all the wins happening at this time!!

  110. The road is clear for dm and Tom to be together now if they could just be honest with each other and the world!! Lol!!

  111. Best wishes to Mr. Miscavige Sr. and Ms. Leake on their new freedom from oppression (suppression). Condolences to the divorcing Cruise – Holmes family.

    One hopes that Tom Cruise will divorce David Miscavige one day soon, as that’s the separation he really needs. (It almost seems possible to forecast Mr. Cruise’s coming divorces from his movies — play a deeply troubled 2D character on screen = good chance of having a real-life breakup.) Family and group dynamics are tough enough without being attached to an SP and being out of valence. Any worthwhile spouse or child can’t support a despot valence and won’t countenance an SP.

    Besides, the Pope on a Box valence is stuck in the Middle Ages; Lucius III Miscavige pays out parishoner donations handsomely to “hide” his Martian Inquisition from modern earthly mortals — while he happily roasts heretics and sells indulgences at [his capricious] will.

  112. 🙂 🙂 so true.

  113. Although I’ve only been reading the blog some 4 months now, this seems to have been the MOST jam packed newsworthy week ever!

    Marty, I’ve begun reading your book today on my vacation flights, and as a pre-GAT trained CL IV auditor, and Clear (now OT) it is so enlightening to read your book. The horror of how the tech and auditor training has been perverted from how I was trained and experienced as a PC. I thank you for putting out the truth, and as I continue to read I’m sure there will be more revelations and ah-huh’s to myself. Look forward to getting the book signed.

  114. Tom Gallagher


    So let me get this straight.

    This midget, psychotic lunatic continues to beat, slap, choke, punch, kick and spit on folks who deserve a a formidable semblance of respect and consideration? As well, marriage is considered ‘illegal’?

    I sense he, POB, is on the the short list of those to be ‘incinerated’. Karma’s a bitch.

    Some beings are beyond repair and rehabilitation. And yes, David Miscavige, is one of those world-class sociopaths.

    I suspect he’ll go out in a spark.

    I, for one, will shed no tears. However, long live the applied philosophy, Scientology.

  115. ThetaPotata

    “Its central function is increasingly becoming to serve as the high-tech, tightly guarded, and closely defended bunker for a dying dictator.”

    Wow… Those are some powerful words. Mental image of Hitler came to mind. I wonder if Miscavige will have a similar fate? He will leave a legacy of hatred because in the end that’s all he was really about.

  116. I’d love to attend something like this — key areas I can think of: Houston, Los Angeles, New York …


  117. Ain’t nothing like the real thing!

  118. Katie Holmes has filed for Divorce from Tom Cruise

  119. martyrathbun09

    Check out the photo of Roanne with Amy Scobee I added into the post.

  120. Tipping Point alarms in Bld. 70 are going aoogha, aaoogha
    red lights flashing

  121. I knew Roanna when she was in her early teens. What a sweetie that girl was. Just lovely. And Ron senior was quite a howl – talented, funny, friendly. So much fun to have him around. Davie was definitely NOT a chip off the ol’ block. Best of luck to Roanne and Ron out in the Real world. God damn Davie for making them feel like they had no where else to go.

  122. Yup, TC had a choice between Davie and his lovely wife. He chose Davie. What a fucking stupid idiot.

  123. yvonneschick

    Great photo of two lovely radiant beings.

  124. retiredfromthechurch

    Seems that there are now wedding invitations being passed out internationally for a marriage between Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, now that Katie is out of the picture. Whose going to be their best man? Katie False?

  125. Tony DePhillips

    Yes. 🙂

  126. Tony DePhillips

  127. Marty, will you please throw a party when this is all over?

  128. It sure does Mike and you know what, if you haven’t heard, Katie Holmes has no filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. So now he and DM can run off and get married. 🙂

  129. nt in Scientology history, is that Jon Horwich, someone I respect tremendously, runs in my opinion the BEST jazz station, all 10 quality shows, just the bet of the best of JAZZ, and meaning the BEST of jazz compositions and artist, can’t thank Jon Horwich for sharing his JAZZ FAVORITES on his show.

    Google and find and just listen to 5 of his shows, and believe me, THAT is the best of American jazz.

    THANKYOU Jon Horwich!!!!!!!

  130. one of those who see

    Two beautiful girls! Inside and out! Thanks Marty. Got your book yesterday! I would say the Independent Movement is at least in Affluence!

  131. Two beautiful young ladies. 🙂

  132. Les – thank you and yes, what an interesting ride it has been.
    Lots of love, Amy

  133. TheWidowDenk

    Lovely photo — warms the heart!

  134. Thank you SKM and TheWidowDenk!

  135. Check out the TMZ blog on the Holmes/Cruise divorce. They are citing Scientology as the reason. Katie filed, Tom was blindsided.

  136. Roann’s dad is the incredible jazz enthusiast, Jon Horwich, and his shows on Robinhood Radio out of Chicago, are priceless BEST of jazz.

    Can’t thank Jon enough for sharing his passion for jazz!

    I get totally consumed listening to Jon Horwich’s selections and choices of classic JAZZ for his radio “School of Jazz” shows.

  137. Katie was very smart. She apparently blindsided TC with filing for divorce and filed for sole custody. TC isn’t having such a great year, movie flopped big time, turning 50 and divorce. Greg Wilhere will need to get all spiffy and crank up the old meter again. I like that “Operation Pimp II” mission orders.

  138. And another important point n Scientology History, I want to give a thanks to Ron Miscavige Snr, I loved his compositions, he did some of the “filler” compositions, my all time favorite, which I thanked Ron Snr for, was the transition several bars of catchy phrasing in the “War is Over” event.

    Realize, all you fellow Scientology minutia history lovers, that Ron Miscavige Snr, I hope, is NOW free to tell us what he composed, in all the years of his being part of the Golden Era Muscicians.

    I for one love music, great melodies, and Ron Snr did a few that I honestly still whistle today.

    But so did Rick Cruzen, Rick made a few melodies as composer that I still whistle today.

    Muscic rackets down the eons, Annie Broeker told us once, she was quoting Ron, (I loved those events when Annie and others would just quote the private LRH traffic about music, etc), she spoke once (rest in peace Annie, or come back and live again, for those that believe that) at that event when Annie spoke, at the release of the “Road to Freedom” album, much aligned on the internet, but as a true believer, I sure remember the halls of the 2nd floor of the complex FILLED with Road to Freedom, when it came out.

    When I was priveledged “ASI” staff, I bought up the then still available Golden Era Muscician’s albums, and listened to them all faithfully.

    I knew Fernando Gamboa, and shared his and the other muscians’ desires to play music. Feranando was a student from NY Org, and he aspired to play at least once with Chick Corea and later aspired to be in the Golden Era Muscicians, which he achieved both of those desires.

    Well Chick Corea comes to mind as someone I still tremendously respect.. In 1975 when “Hymn to the 7th Galaxy” was playing on my car radio as I was being driven to the airport to join the Sea Org, I took Chick’s endorsement of Scientology’s galactic viewpoint as almost too good to be true.

    I can NOT hold truly anything against Chick and I sill love Chick’s music and his efforts to play high quality music.

    Well, Scientology has had its connections to a few great 20th and 21st century musicianas, but to me, that’s just a perk, rather than an honorable piggybacking that “we” did on celebrities.

    I think the celebrity piggybacking that Scienotlogy did was a false lower principled endeavor.

    I just love good music, atheist that I am today, and appreciate and still love Chick and I really love Jon Horwich’s great jazz shows, he has incredible taste!

    Roann should be proud of her dad! Everyone should listen to Jon Horwich’s shows! Find them, listen to really quality jazz!

    Chuck Beatty | June 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Shout out to Ron Miscavige Snr for his years of being one of the unheralded pros playing Golden Era Musciian duty.

    PS: thankyou bigtime Ron Snr if you see this, THANKYOU Ron Snr! I loved your efforts and compositions that slipped into the lineup!!!!!!!
    I love all the artists who ever did any Scientology related duty, I whistle many of those people’s compositions today, for my own pleasure, so thankyou all.

    (PS: Kant is my hero for some of Kant’s high principled ideas, snippets of truth I believe in today.)

  139. +100000000

  140. “There are a couple reasons that there have been so many defections of late from the Int base (all of them predicted for years here). ”


    Don’t forget, that some of us out earlier, predicted and even were pushing for you to come out!

    The whole ex member community and the whole history of reaction to Scientology’s history of abuse, stretches back even before any of us’s viewpoints of when this “new trend” of defections started or was predicted!

    I concluded it is human nature to break out when things get too tight around one, period, and that’s not even something to laud, it’s inherent in us. It’ll recur so long as oppressive conditions recur.

    Chuck Beatty

  141. Yes, so when you join the Sea Org at David Miscavige’s “church” you are told you cannot get married, therefore, you must be celibate since there’s no touchy-feely unless you’re married. Yeah. Righto.
    You think Dave subscribes to his own no 2D activity rules? HA!
    The guy is insane on the second dynamic aka sex and families and the rearing of children. INSANE. Super-fixated on masturbation because it’s all a 1st dynamic activity to him. Everything is a 1st dynamic activity to him.

  142. PrettyNiceLady

    Marty, you said in your post that Ron, Sr. was the last of DM’s immediate family to remain loyal and obedient to him. As far as I know his sisters Lori and Denise are still in CW drinking the koolaid, plus he has a couple of nephews in the SO. I could be out of PT on them, but wanted to know if you knew their their current status, based on your post. Thank you.

  143. Love the photo!

  144. +1
    Beautiful image

  145. Yes, ironically the hurricane was named DEBBIE ! 😆
    As Marty unfolds and reveals the start of <the long hot summer
    it must seem to some incredulous that text a TINY SMALL handful of bitter defrocked apostates can cause so many tidal waves . :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  146. Marty,

    Wow, nice photo thanks for posting! Really got me down memory lane – was one of the groomsmen at that occasion at the Ship at the Int Base at that time.

  147. There’s a couple of lovelies for you! And you can see some of Ron in Roanne’s face.

  148. Somewhere, lurking in the hall of CC Int, is another future bride for Tom. I bet DM has someone in there culling PC folders right now in a desperate attempt to find another future ex wife for Tom.

  149. eileenclark101

    im·plo·sion (m-plzhn)
    1. A violent collapse inward, as of a highly evacuated glass vessel.
    2. Violent compression.
    3. The inward collapse of a building that is being demolished in a controlled fashion by the weakening and breaking of structural members by explosives.
    4. Linguistics The pronunciation of a stop consonant with the breath drawn in.

    I say definition 3.

  150. GAT II doesn’t seem like a piece of Gateaux and will probably get twice the protest, having to pay for the same thing three times over if one did it the first time pre GAT and were still around. Perhaps the amount of defections may be exponential amounts.

    Two years ago Mike mentioned the Mark VIII meter sitting on the shelves for at least 5 years. Maybe the shelves are needed now for the unsold but manufactured books from the enormous Idle Printing Org. Or perhaps a very high (900%) mark up item is needed for some legitimacy or “new” product from DM for props to untarnish his increasingly rotten image

  151. Captain Bob

    I read DMSMH in 1986. Torn out the page that said come in for a free auditing session, which I did. Got the free session in which I immediately went into a secondary and to this day do not remember what it was.

    The theme of the book that got me was “contagion of abberration” as I saw it in my family. Now I see it in the church.

    I have not read Marty’s new book. But I will. I have read much on the internet including fiends of lrh, scientology-cult, exscientology, xenu, and so on. I have read many doubt formules posted. I have researched alot. And read a lot.

    My new stable datum is Grade O EP.

    So I ask, why not the church do this?

  152. Captain Bob

    just to make a point, grade 0: (as this a button for people), gotta laugh.

    “There have been masturbation marathons and health service slogans such as “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”. It is commonly mentioned in popular music as well as on television, in films and in literature.”

  153. Li'll bit of stuff


  154. Thanks for that very interesting story.

  155. Li'll bit of stuff

    fishfly2? gee,you’re back! great to see you “Whoooooting”
    Whatever it takes, stay aboard for the ride, this time!
    The scenery has never been more interesting, and the
    destination???? Whooooooooot!!!!
    Calvin B. Duffield
    Declaration Mother’s Day
    posted 13may 2012

  156. I don’t believe John Travolta has been unfaithful. I had some exchanges with that guy and he was a sincere, very caring person. A real nice guy.

  157. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, the HUGEST distinction between CO$ and THE
    Independent movement????
    BECOMING an Indie is a TOTALLY SANE GAME!!!!!

  158. martyrathbun09

    Many times there is more behind what meets the eye.

  159. Jethro Bodine

    I think you would win that bet. I’m quite sure DM and Wilhere have already dusted off their pimp hats, pimp suits, pimp canes, pimp shoes, etc…

    Being a pimp is actually one of the few jobs on this planet that DM is qualified for – no education beyond ninth grade, controlling other bodies for personal financial gain, foul language, not afraid to use physical violence, human trafficking, an array of shiny new cars, a stable of “bitches” who will do his evil biddings (that includes you Moxon), obsession with MEST, financial greed, etc. Now that the Int Base is one step closer to being completely shutdown as regards anything religious, DM can truly turn it into the “crib” that he’s always dreamed of. And to top it off, he’s now got his BFF Tom Cruise all to himself.

    All kidding aside, I think we should be on the look out for new ads appearing in Craigslist regarding casting calls for attractive, naive and young actresses that just coincidentally are happening at Celebrity Center. However, I think 2012 is a lot different than 2004 in terms of Scientology Inc’s PR and most actresses will be scared to death of anything with the word “Scientology” in it, and rightfully so. DM and Wilhere are going to have hard time finding a “replacement” for Katie. It really does suck to be Miscavige.

  160. There are still many sorting through the Jan 1, Debbie Cook email wake up call and some even now just finding out. Even some high raking FSO staff not dismissing the facts. Remember it may take months to go from the awareness that something just ain’t right to a decision to do something but the seeds of awakening are germinating and I believe will be creating affects for some time.Momentum is building.

  161. martyrathbun09

    Note: I revised the post to reflect the name Roanne is currently going by, and apparently has been for some time: Roanne Horwich.

  162. I agree that this is the tipping point with Ron Snr and Roanne finally leaving the base. Meanwhile just in the past month or so, Misacavige’s fortress os Scn celebs is also falling apart quickly — with Lisa Marie denouncing with a new song, recent exposé on JT and now Katie Holmes filing for divorce from Tom — which you know is a flap. But even Katie is showing enough balls to release herself from the claws of the Miscavige/Cruise duet. Good for her!
    Now I am looking forward to hearing that Shelly is right behind them, and hopefully not so paid off…..

  163. I think — Good for her!

  164. Marty, that photo of Roanne brings back a memory I had totally forgotten. I was a CLO WUS staff member and happened to meet Roanne while she passing through PAC, I said hello to her and so glad to meet her, she said “I remember you.” I was stunned and tongue tied and didn’t know what to say, as she was just a little one (like in that photo) and she said this with such total knowingness (and I’d never met her before). Also I remember that photo that LRH took of her floating and flying like magic, I treasured and kept that poster, don’t know what happened to it but it was a truly beautiful LRH photo of this amazing being. If you are reading this Roanne, I totally support you and am willing to help in way I can. LRH’s family deserved so much more………………….

  165. Good call on Roanne’s part. I never liked Chris much because he dramatized the prison guard mentality — nothing like Danny Dunnagin, THE “Percy Wetmore” of the Int base. The role of security is to provide security, but they believed their job was to prevent people from leaving. So they really did become prison guards, i.e. straight up SPs with no faintest clue as to the actual product of their posts.

    I can hear some people saying “well, he’s not really an SP.” My response is what do you think an SP is? The trolls reading this blog, you guys are SPs. You aren’t doing Scientology. You are just doing the bidding of an SP.

    Here’s how bad it gets: if any of those “security guards” were wearing their hat, their first action would be to slap David Miscavige in handcuffs and turn him into the police for assault, battery, forced abduction… the list of crimes goes on and on and on. There actually ARE hats there at the Int base who are directly responsible for protecting people. Ditto HCO staff.

    So these guys didn’t just “fail to wear their hat.” To me, they’re in the same boat as people guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity. They ran a prison camp and are still doing it today. People actually died. Bunch of little snots — Chris included — playing Nazi instead of freeing people with Scientology tech.

    What kind of person is shown the tech and then decides to make prisoners of the top people in the Sea Org? Trolls: your first step is to wake up and come to your senses. Next: stop committing continuous overt acts by supporting/condoning Miscavige.

  166. “(rest in peace Annie, or come back and live again, for those that believe that)” Chuck,do you believe in that?

  167. Centurion,
    My guess is that Katie discovered who DM really is and she didn’t want her daughter to sink into that cesspool. Tom will not be far behind… he’s not stupid.

  168. “De-PTS’ing myself and enjoying the wins being independent and free from the shackles, just like LRH would have it for all.“… same for me Fishfly2 🙂 🙂
    It as been a while i did not write a comment but i enjoy reading your blog every day since summer 2010!

    Marty, I wish i could read your book… 😦
    Right now i’m in the farwest Canada end i’m moving from motels to motels.
    I am thinking of downloading it, like Nathalie have mentionned !
    My question is… Is there any french translation on the way? If not, i will send a request to TU to get it done!

    Thank you to all of you, who are free to communicate and share your experiences in the mascavige’s cult!

    Eugene Francoeur

  169. Kathy True

  170. This is quite a lot for one day: Roanne Horwich, Ron Sr and Becky leaving Int and Katie Holmes filing for divorce with Scientology cited as a factor. Wishing all the best to all of them in their new de-PTSed lives!

  171. one of those who see

    Marty, I’m reading chapter one in your book and I feel my original ARC for the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology returning. Funny I didn’t realize I had lost that original joy. I swear I’m having an auditing win! Thanks!

  172. Wow!

  173. yes that really is SUPER POWER

  174. Yes, the Indy SP’s sure can get products!

  175. Keep pushin’ Davey!

  176. Crawley…Peckham…

  177. Exactly Jean,

    David M: Well old buddy, I guess that’s that.

    Tom C: Yeah, too bad…

    David M: She just won’t come clean.

    Tom C: Yeah, too bad…

    David M: Fuck that herpetic bitch! Good thing I never let you kiss her…

    Tom C: Yeah, too bad…

  178. It’s impossible to be in good standing with RCS and not be 1.1. They all seem extremely caring and helpfull, like a certain dictator I know.

  179. Li'll bit of stuff

    I mirror your thoughts, Valkov as fathers can and do.
    It must be quite unbearable for her, and makes one
    want to storm in there and end this torture bunker
    siege, RIGHT NOW!
    Calvin. (Btw, still looking for some of the bits intended
    sending on to you!)

  180. Richard Royce

    I totally agree! Just the friendship and openness is worth everything.

  181. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chris, I agree with you completely….it reeks from
    “them” (the perception dulling, mind controlling,
    soul destroying,direct effects of buying into the literalness of miscavology (or any other brand of other determined mind control,for that matter.)

    As we, thanks to our liberated state exterior to the
    cult, know too well, there IS no alleviation to this
    condition…..unless one gets out…. and seeks to
    undo the damage done by DM (the orchestrator!)

    Thank God for people leading the way out of this
    chamber of horrors, people like Marty, Mosey,Mike, Steve,Amy, Les, Ingrid,Trey, and all the others, too
    many to mention here.

    As The Oracle has pointed out,….”there is no them
    or us….that is a wilful creation of David Miscavige.
    ….there is, in reality, only a “we.”

    Calvin B. Duffield

  182. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure you do Sinar, just can’t erase those beautiful
    early pleasure moments, Real bonding times, those!

  183. Li'll bit of stuff

    Agree, TO, and he and the other guys will show up on
    our doorstep sooner, rather than later, IMHO.

  184. Perhaps the “new” bridge will include the release of OT IX which will be: “congrats on making it this far, now go back to the bottom of the bridge, start all over and get it RIGHT this time you little piss ant.”

  185. All my love to both Roanne and Ron Snr and Becky. Three good people — very good people – who have been suppressed for a long long time. I am so glad they are free. It will take some time to decompress — by my heart is with all of you.

  186. Roger Thought (LO)


    My proposal for advertising Intro lectures was :
    ” Scientology a sect ? A cult ? Or hope for Mankind ? Find out for yourself. We are open for any critical discussions !”
    I never got an OK for it and 99% of my comrades thought I’m crazy.

    🙂 🙂

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Marty, for a very timely, but most importantly,
    significant posting, in many far- reaching ways, which
    have yet to have their impact, IMHO!

    Speaking of correction, here’s my attempt to do same:
    ref; my posting June 25, 12.35am., My question to you,
    “….how are things around the Rathbun abode…”
    was, in actuality, just a “tongue in cheek” sarcastic asking
    of what the excitement (if any) was like, surrounding your
    book launch? I hope you simply got that ? Sans additives?
    Do you accept my apology for any unintended slighting here?

    The eruption of the sounds of hounds baying for blood of
    what they picked up as the scent of a fox (troll?) certainly
    caused a bit of a stir in the (blog) forest, and managed to
    get some adrenalin pumping, for sure, Whole bunch of
    amusement, really, in retrospect!

    Hell, Mike was not far off the mark when he said “…his com
    is a bit strange…” but “..mixed up ” ? hardly! I am able to
    cut through the BS pretty much like the best of us.

    The “weirdness” is probably an unintended residue from
    too much time in the trenches as a satirist/cartoonist and
    being drenched in and addicted to “MAD” magazine and
    other crazy publications, heh! heh!

    So, Tony, you may be right after all!

    Any way, I like to believe I’m contributing to “the cause”
    by confining my attacks to the subject of “31 Factors”

    Calvin B. Duffield (confirmations to follow by newly
    emergees, you’ll see!)

  188. Chuck, I like how you put events in context. It is all about “survive” that drove us all away. The moral high ground we often claim or bestow is not the only motivation.
    And It is not a hard call to predict a continued exodus from the church. A hard call would be the opposite.
    But I want to add that the sheer numbers and experiences and abilities of the exodus in recent years seems unlike previous times, except for the very early 80″s.
    And as the church continues is downward spiral across the board, with less products, reach and vision, the ex community has found its voice through the various mass media now available.
    Practicing scientology outside of church control has gained added impetus and exposure.
    One groups stats are going up while the others is going down. Predicting how this ends is not a hard call either.
    In the end, the most important factor is having a useful practice available and a destructive group made less so.
    Who came when and did what is ultimately more important to the individuals own journey and growth. Getting a mention or even a chapter in a history book never saved any ones soul.

  189. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, re your posting of this “tipping point,” it’s not
    at all surprising to me, that KH has announced her
    intention to divorce TC, just days after your book
    launch? It’s quite plausible,(assuming she has just
    read your book,) that she may have had her own
    “tipping point” which has lead to this decision.

    Just speculation, though we may hear soon enough.


  190. David Miscavige is in a tight spot with having family who are “SPs” (blown, departed or connected with “SPs”) – that additional to the exodus of all the others. It will take more and more effort to keep these circumstances away from the remaining members of his shrinking cult. He is now receiving the repercussions and explosions of his suppressive applications of disconnection.
    The blown up demonstration of fake expansion with buildings, openings and “new” releases are pretense and will not handle this. The number of “SPs” (DM version) must meanwhile exceed the number of Church of Scientology members – DM wouldn’t dare to publish the current “SP”- list. Yes, I am sure the tipping point is reached.

    LRH from An Essay On Management (9 January 1951):
    “The most vital lines of a group are not operational lines, although this may appear so to management. They are the theta lines between any theta and the group and the goal maker and the group. Management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself. These actually have tension and explosion in them. It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with, at the exact point of the tampering. This is a natural law of communication lines.”
    (for the whole essay see:

    And DM, you don´t get it: LRH is the goal maker for the group – NOT you! Your goals are evil and destructive. Again: “It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with…” (LRH)

  191. Jean-Francois Genest

    ♫ I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    ♫ Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    ♫ No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
    ♫ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  192. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Just got back to the blog now, and
    read your “JB goes mobile”ref. above.
    Okay, that sincere, unashamed tell-all
    by JB, finally did it for me. I’ve now gotten
    the “feel” to this paranoia, being so “real”
    and recent, by those so affected, so now
    have the required understanding behind this
    suspicion, so often encountered on your blog.

    I was most fortunate, in that I did not undergo
    this brand of intimidation, instead was imbued
    with the will & fortitude to tackle different danger pointed my way, via direct death threats and
    having to confront the heavies, with straight
    courage, and knowing I COULD best the
    bastards. I used what I have learned from
    LRH, and understanding the weaknesses
    and buttons of these characters, thereby!

    People, I just want to say this,in hope of
    easing your “fears.” You really do have
    the power to rise above any suppression,
    just simply—QUIT LISTENING! and rather
    start LOOKING (TR-O,confronting) …this really
    CAN give you the ability to face ANYTHING!

    Read the above posting by JB. it really does
    put “fear” into a whole sharp perspective.
    and how you need to “do something”about
    it, and that, in itself, is a process.
    ML & ARC, Calvin.

  193. Tony DePhillips

    Try to communicate at a level with us mere mortals and I think all will be fine. 🙂

  194. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gh, just gotta love the Indie prowess in turning
    EN-theta into theta…S.P. = SUPER POWER!
    VWD, tony b!!!!

  195. Link Raymond

    Spot on!! Since society here frowns on shooting people, even tyrants, I do wonder how the internal bloodless transformation will occur once the dwarf wakes up and finds no one left in the Int Base but some security guards and a few of his sycophants.

  196. Li'll bit of stuff

    Visit me in the heavens above ,Tony, I can
    translate into your mortal “tongue” for better
    The ethereal wavelength is:

  197. I’ll pass for now thanks. All things on a gradient.

  198. Li'll bit of stuff

    Robert, I agree. Sure as watching a ship’s anchor,
    released from its hitch, splash thunderously into
    the sea, and dragging that coil of clanking, rattling
    chain, into the depths below! That’s the intended
    purpose of chains——to TIE UP & RESTRAIN!!

    We don’t need ANY frigg’n chains in Scientology,
    ….or on Scientologists, either!

    Looks like Katie just cut loose from any around her!

    As you say, Tom will not be far behind…he’s not
    stupid. (just need’s some work done to his vision!)

    Perhaps Marty might seriously consider having
    further options of his new book: “What is wrong
    with Scientology,” done in “audiobook” and even
    in Braille.

    Just my 2c.


  199. Karma, TC, karma. Recall that you blindsided Nic, so go easy on the victim valence.

  200. Yes, definition 3. For mass see the collapses of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7.

  201. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tch! tch!

  202. Dan, actually the Building 7 fell because of the vibration of the twin towers. The WTC7 originally was kept together by copper rods but DM needed a new supply of them for his monumental tech break-trough. 😀

  203. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, in saying that, brings to mind a most intriguing
    question……….. perhaps you have the answer?
    Are you aware of any physically blind Scientologists,
    now, or past? Audio, tapes and cd’s make it a practical
    reality, and we know how acute their other senses are!

  204. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ahhhhh, yes, Richard!!! The way we were!!
    Nothing like being back in the sunshine!

  205. I will admit even Hubbard thinks good of people, and I think the good in us all, is what lets us finally step up, and so MANY have stepped up, over the decades before, and we all are reminded by those before us, and it’s also within us, to object to wrongs, and try to right wrongs.

    So thanks to history, history of the human race, it’s all sort of on automatic, and we share history, and inspire each other, and it just continues generation after generation. A “4th dynamic” happening that seems inevitable, our reaction and even our describing our living through this “game” of fighting wrong.

  206. I said it out of respect for those that love Annie and believe she will come back, out of honor to all the good she did in her life.

    I’m an atheist, who believes the universe is an infinite recycling infinitely complex equation of infinite properties, including infinite euality, over eternity, infinitely beyond our comprehension other than our striving to understand the infinite possibility of infinite justice over eternity.

  207. Two things I think, which have been noticed for over a decade, is OSA is just not going after the ex members who speak out, like they used to.

    OSA only goes after the biggies, and whoever they consider the latest biggy.

    Once the OSA tool kit is expired in effectiveness, the OSA tactics stop.

    Word of mouth is Scientology’s worst enemy, and for almost two decades, the smarter cookie critics have all agreed the internet is not only changing the world, the internet has allowed massive exposure of Scientology’s propaganda control.

    We’re a thinking talking species that influence each other with thought, and the internet lets thought do its work pretty quickly on each other’s minds to our mutual benefit!

  208. I personally disagree on Hubbard’s epiphany on “survive” being a good concept to pivot all his “serious” work upon.

    Joy of creation, to me, is one of my only truly transcendent and still used Hubbard concepts. (And Precept 20, the subsection on evolving the high principled highest human virtures, is my only other Hubbard snippet of thought I think valuable.)

  209. Please people, listen to Jon Horwich’s unbelievable “School of Jazz” jazz great classic compositions and jazz performances, Jon’s shows are truly music one gets lost in.

    I’d call Jon’s shows transcendent quality, above 10 quality.

    When I got to the Int Base to do the “routing forms” project of 1983-1984, Jon was in the audio department, forget the audio dept’s name, but Jon had some of his super quality high end personal gear in his work space, and Jon played the unbelievable jazz great records after hours, in his work space.

    Really great jazz on really great equipment, was actually one of the highlight pleasure moments of my life. thankyou Jon!

  210. Steve,

    One reason I’d someday love to come to one of the Independent July yearly meetings, is just to hear someone like you and Jackson talk security guard history at the Int Base.

    My gosh, think of that poor Scandanavian man who is Security Equpiment in charge, he has to ensure the Int Base fences and motion detectors all work, and somehow he’s somehow removed from being blamed for the escapes, yet his motion detectors and cameras, are the front line to spot the Int Base staff who defect.

    I loved how Jackson, when Jackson was on the decks, I shared the tiny little Gold MAA cubicle, the night that the “busted” Jackson played havoc with the Int Base security system just to prove that whole fricking system wrong.

    I’ve love the whole Security Guard unique Int Base mentality and history to be laid out.

    Thankyou so much Steve for your years of excellent history telling!

  211. Count me in! Not being able to discuss was my major frustration when on course.

  212. LTC Forever

    My goodness! I just finished Marty’s book. I waisted no time and moved onto reading “The Sociopath Next Door.” The first chapter is free at Amazon and is practically all I needed to see the horrible truth. The current direction in Scientology is not toward becoming a freer and better individual; it is toward having no conscience (i.e. becoming a sociopath) so you can be “free” to follow whatever anti-social and irrational dictates you are given. In fact I recognized the entire social dynamic in Scientology and especially in the Sea Org as that of sociopathic character where no affinity for a fellow man and no sense of responsibility or remorse for your actions is instilled under the banner of “sympathy” and “guilt” being non-survival low tone emotions. And this callous and conscienceless state is celebrated as “being OT” or “Tone 40,” “tough,” “getting the job done” or whatever else. This is truly shocking to finally start seeing it for what it is.

  213. Your humble servant

    Now, Thoughtful, there is a fine line between sharing information and gossip. Even if you are just repeating what the tabloids said, it seems unnecessary to say that.

  214. I finally understand where LRH had failed. He failed to provide a description of anti-social personality simple and clear enough to where people could truly clearly understand it and be able to quickly identify it. I know I took “Overcoming Ups and Downs” and I read through PTS/SP pack multiple times as well as looked through some of the lectures and I really could not seem to grasp the concept of an “anti-social personality.” I could see that some characteristics fit to some people here and there, but I could not know for sure. A few pages of “The Sociopath Next Door” completely cleared the subject.

    And in light of this simpler description I see that LRH’s “basic reason” was off (at least in my opinion). There could indeed be a “hidden fear of others” but this condition could actually fit many different individuals under difference circumstances. It is the “lack of conscience” that is the deciding factor. That is the stable datum and the basic reason an anti-social personality can exist in the first place. There is no “internal machinery” to prevent one from committing socially destructive acts while the being is still “calculating” in the direction of survival, especially for oneself. I think it is in fact the datum of “hidden fear” that was throwing me off. I could identify some people that fit anti-social characteristics, but I could not see them as being in fear. The LACK OF CONSCIENCE totally did it for me. Now I feel I can actually recognize such people with good confidence.

    I think the whole subject of PTS/SP is the biggest failure in Scientology (and has been for me personally as well) where it is basically not effective in clearly understanding and easily recognizing an anti-social personality, but instead is now used by anti-social personalities to wreak havoc in the entire group.

    Thanks to Marty for pointing out the book as a good resource!

  215. I’m really glad Ron, Becky and Roanne are out! They are all great and likeable people. Roanne was always full of life and mischief and a breath of fresh air to have around on that otherwise dead base. Ron you old geezer, if you ever get to read this, if you want to catch up on some music business, please feel free to write me at! Would love to hear from you.

    Marty, I ordered your book as soon as it came out but it seems to be taking the donkey trail route to Hong Kong 🙂 Will read it as soon as I get it.

    Also heard from a reliable source that some other key people at the Int Base are on the way out. The exodus acceleration has definitely started!

    Cheers, Ulf

  216. ThetaPotata

    No one can accuse you of holding back when it comes to expressing your opinion of DM. I read something interesting recently about the concept of actually postulating an evil group out of existence so they never existed. It would be nice to do that to DM, just completely remove the guy from all time tracks. Who knows, if enough OT’s got together and decided it so it may happen some day. Of course then we’d have recollection of the miserable SOB. But it’s a nice thought.

  217. martyrathbun09

    Great to hear from you Ulf.

  218. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, that ‘lack of conscience’ as the central, anchor characteristic makes it a heck of a lot easier to grasp.

  219. I may not visit your blog every day, but I always catch up and keep track! The recent news and your book threads are amazing! Very revitalizing!

  220. eileenclark101

    Exactly like that.

  221. I haven’t gotten to that part in Marty’s book yet however I did take his advice some time back and read the Sociopath Next Door and it provided the complete lack of mass I had been missing for all those years on understanding the true SP. I helped very close dear personal friends, non Scn family in understanding and dealing with a person on their lines who for years was causing havoc like no other. Finally, after a year it sunk in (after giving the them the book on the Sociopath and continually quoting passages from it) and this family has been disconnecting from this woman as best as they can (2 children are involved) but more importantly they understand what they are dealing with and are now at cause predicting her behavior rather than being effect. So thanks Marty, I could never have led them in this direction so successfuly without that book (I know – not LRH, but quite frankly, it provides the Mass so greatly needed). This used in combo w/ the SP tech is invaluable, however you have to be smart enough to reject some datums the author of that book gives. This is probably where you need to be able to play the piano.

  222. LTC Forever

    Yes, of course. There are no absolutes… unless you are a fanatical devotee at CofS (lol), then everything is in absolutes! You pick whatever you can use and whatever works and disregard the rest. What I like about this books is the simplicity with which the author puts you in the mindset of an anti-social personality. It results in clear understanding. In Scientology I walked away with mystery trying to play around with “characteristics” which are not often obvious. I knew some people that were brilliant and could finish all sorts of “cycles of action,” but were total maniacs when it came to people. Viciousness and physical violence one day, presents and pampering the next; compliments and “help” shifts into hatred and humiliating criticism while at the same time with no remorse or recognition of responsibility for one’s actions. Then when people do push back, it’s “crocodile tears” and “I’m a victim” display. If nothing else it is this condition that would fall into something I would call a mental illness, and I can see why you wouldn’t go about trying to reason with a person like that. Identification and understanding of the condition really does the job.

    I just don’t understand why LRH could have missed something like that in not making it more workable and understandable. And here we have a clinical psychologist that really resolved this issue for me. Even more of a reason to be pissed off at the Sea Org. The group rages against the field of “mental healing” yet they have done nothing to help me understand and alleviate my own condition. Instead it was aggravated even further with all the insanity in the group. And they want to be viewed as heroes saving mankind – sort of a sales pitch in SO recruitment. Assholes!

  223. LTC Forever

    *I meant to say “mental health” not mental healing.

  224. Hi, I just read somewhere that Miscavige’s wife hasn’t been seen for since around 2006-2007 and was wondering if anyone knew anything and if people are “disappearing” why isn’t the FBI investigating?

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