Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Scientology

A number of news media covering the divorce of Katie and Tom have linked to this blog.  For those linking in to understand the Scientology dynamic in the relationship and how it might play out in the divorce, you will likely be interested in the following posts published on this blog.  Several are backed by photographic and documentary evidence demonstrating the degree of control and influence Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige wields over Cruise.

1.   Target, Tom Cruise.  Details how Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige (Cruise’s best man at his wedding) has infiltrated the Cruise household and used personal assistants and family members to serve as informants on every aspect of Cruise’s personal life.

2. Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying.   A documented expose of Scientology Inc leader Miscavige using church of Scientology slave labor to design and construct custom-made motorcycles and vehicles for Cruise.  Demonstrates the depth of Cruise’s loyalty and commitment to Scientology Inc’s sociopathic head.

3.  Cruise at Cult Compound.  Internal Scientology Inc. document demonstrating level of control over Cruise’s life, and how it interjects itself between Cruise and Katie Holmes.

4.  Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult.  Internal Scientology documents demonstrating how cult leader Miscavige vets, chooses and controls Cruise’s personal staff.

5.  To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige With Love.   Photographs of the special airplane hangar that was constructed for Cruise utilizing Scientology Inc. slave labor, at the orders of David Miscavige.

6.  Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, an unnatural relationship.   Graphic, photographic evidence of Miscavige’s interjection of himself into Cruise, Holmes relationship.

7.  Tom Cruise’s Custom Cult Motorcycle.   Miscavige’s slave labor custom-design motorcycle gift to Cruise.

8.  Miscavige Betrays Tom Cruise’s Confessional.  How cult leader Miscavige violates the confessions of Cruise.  Further insight into the unnatural, unethical control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

9.  Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses.    More documentation on the Scientology Inc. custom-made buses, including documentation of the internal Scientology reporting system on details of Cruise’s personal life.

10.  The Whole Story.  If you really want to understand the mind set of the best friend of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader, as Tom Cruise characterizes himself, you should read my recently published book What Is Wrong With Scientology?  It is now also available on Kindle.

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  1. Excellent references. Also the chapter in Marc Headley’s book “Blown for Good” where he details how Katie was “found” as a likely future wife for Tom on the direct orders of none other than David Miscavige.

  2. I fell bad for Tom because even though he is in deep, he loves his daughter and the thought of not seeing her on a fathers terms must be rough. Katie has to do what she did to protect Suri, that is not even a question. This was a hard and easy decision for her. Right or wrong, this divorce will shine a bright light on the creepy truth of corporate scn and the independent delivery of scn. This is a bad thing for 1, and a good thing for many. Its a shame it had to come to this, but Suri has got to come 1st.

  3. I have no snappy comment, no black humor,
    But a certanty of the size of how depraved David Miscavige
    really is. So Sad

  4. Great post Marty. You’ve just given a fabulous itemized gift to Katie Holmes’ lawyer. I bet his printer is working overtime right now and his paralegal’s running out to buy more paper. Delicious.

  5. Marty, Come on man, # 10?? Hawking your book in the face of their personal tragedy? You can do better than that.

  6. Now Tom will get a “Severe Reality Adjustment” on what so many in this cult have already experienced : How SCN destroys the second dynamic (family units). It must be degrading for Tom to be so close to a whole track suppressive and not know how to get away. If he doesn’t, it will all get destroyed eventually. With John Trovolta and Tom Cruise’s lives imploding the only ones left to hold up to the world are … aah… let’s see… as role models…heh heh heh…is … heh…. ahem………………………………………………
    John and Linda Allender. ROTFLMAO….
    They are too stupid to realize what is happening to them.
    It must really suck to be Miscavige right now. Karma is a bitch, eh davie boy?

  7. Excellent Marty! The more people that see all of this, the better.
    And altho I am hoping for a wakeup call on Tom’s part, (as well as the many others who read all this) I can only predict that David Miscavige, Tom’s BFF, will twist the story into making the expose of the truths in these articles as somehow responsible for the downfall of the marriage, as opposed to the actions themselves…as that is what the David Miscavige does. As long as something is not exposed, it is OK to do whatever damage you want and commit whatever crimes you want, after all, they were done “for the greatest good”…if someone dares to expose his dirty deeds, it is the messenger who is at fault. Wrong target!
    Tom…wake up… You have been sleeping with the enemy, and I don’t mean Katie.
    Good for you, Katie.

  8. TheWidowDenk

    Excellent Marty! A great synopsis of what you have already posted on the blog. A very nice service for inquiring minds.

  9. Oh, you’re helping the tipping point along, eh? Not hard to do. Picture a little fella holding up the entirety of Scientology and the lies keep piling up and adding more and more weight. Then his dad escapes the hole. Then LRH’s grand daughter escapes. Then Katie Holmes escapes. I really does suck to be Soltan Gris – I mean David Miscaviage.

    ML Tom

  10. Brian Culkin

    When I was at Flag, and I never mentioned this to Tobin or Childs, I went through a month or so stretch when I ate dinner with the Cruise family nearly every night. I hit it off with both his mother and his sister Mary Anne and we became very friendly.

    In fact when Tom’s mother went Clear I was invited to her private party in the back room of the Hibiscus restaurant in August/Sept 2009.

    Tom Cruise is a brilliant artist, businessman, icon, and role model. And the amazing thing is, with everything he has done, all of his accomplishments, he did while being PTS. That’s the scary thing. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, Tom Cruise realizes how bad he has been betrayed.

    It is the Tipping Point for Scientology, and per Gladwell, Cruise is a ‘maven’ in every sense of the word. Let us all postulate for the most positive outcome for all dynamics. This is so exciting. I can feel something huge on the horizon.


    You know he was just in Reykjavik, Iceland where I have been for the past few months teaching yoga and working on a writing project. I hang out a lot at hotel 101 which is the ‘coolest’ hotel in Reykjavik and I was really hoping I would see him there. I would have an initiated a comm cycle immediately if I had the opportunity.

  11. Mimsey, Katie Holmes’ lawyer is going to have to understand the whole story if he’s going to be successful in representing her. It is not hawking. It’s called educating. Any lawyer worth his salt will want to be educated on what he’s dealing with. Wouldn’t you?

  12. Mimsey, I don’t see this as Marty “hawking” his book. It’s a valid point as he stated, if one really wanted to understand the Miscavige mindset or explore that further, the book is available. I’m hoping my copy comes today!

  13. Bela, Good point that is what Miscavige does- the mind of the sociopath. And no doubt Dave is yelling in Cruise’s ear right now “see, I told you all along she was an SP”! Katie Holmes is I am sure being thrown under the bus by Miscavige big time. This is exactly what he did to Tom when he dumped Nic after what seemed to be a happy marriage, and who knows probably did the same with Mimi Rogers, though I haven’t been able to confirm.

  14. Oh Mimsey Troll — you can do better than that! Too transparent….

  15. Tom Gallagher

    It sucks to be Miscavige’s BFF.

  16. +100000

  17. Ziba Feulner


  18. Li'll bit of stuff

    mimsey, be fair to Marty, totally different agendas, here!

    Make an effort to see that Marty is focussed on the much
    bigger picture, including the biggest factor leading to the
    inevitable break up—-DM (and TC’s blindness of same.)

    The book will serve as a spotlight on the REAL cause/s,
    and thereby as-is (clear up) a whole bunch of wrong why’s.
    The KH/TC event has come right after Marty’s launch
    announcement, truly sad in it’s timing, but, like Debbie
    Cooke’s announcement, could wait no longer.

    The sooner the toxic disease, “Miscavigeoholism” is dealt
    with, firmly and decisively, the better for all concerned.
    I’d like you to pause a moment, and consider the consequences of NOT doing so, before reacting, ok?

    ARC, Calvin.

  19. Marty,

    These links are great references for new readers. The content and truth available at this blog has been building for three years. You and your readers and supporters have created a knowledge base of close to 1,000 posts and 100,000 comments.

    The stories told here by ex-Co$ members — many of them brutal beyond belief — make it crystal clear how the Cult of Corporate Scientology became a criminal organization under the rule of its psychopathic leader, David Miscavige.

    And now, one week shy of the third anniversary of this blog, we all see the cult fading faster than we ever dreamed. Its expensive idle orgs are emptier than ever. Miscavige can no longer assume those inside the walls are loyal to him.

    It’s fair to say that few of us reading your blog these last three years would have imagined the effects it has had in such a short time. Certainly, we hoped the cult would shrink. Of course, we fantasized that Hubbard’s family members would leave and regain their freedom. Naturally, we imagined that other ex-church leaders would leave and sound the alarm to abandon the sinking ship.

    But I doubt that any of us really expected that you, Mosey, Mike Rinder, Steve Hall and scores of others who were here in the early days of this movement would still be standing here, shoulder to shoulder, leading this charge. All of you who have been here at this blog and elsewhere contributing in major ways for so long — and there are far too many to try to name, even if I knew all your names (which I don’t) — deserve the thanks of everyone who has ever posted or lurked here.

    Your consistent devotion and your gargantuan contributions to this worthy cause deserve to be acknowledged.

    Thank you all.


  20. Oh of course…Katie must be an SP with that “true love” they had going…and that would also explain why he made such an idiot of himself on Oprah..mistakes, you know.
    Everyone else is responsible…it’s a good thing Miscaviage is there to console his friend…or stick the knife further into his back…

  21. Mike R, my thoughts precisely. Everyone except DM is a SP!

  22. Awesome post Marty. It isn’t as though TC was not told many months ago to get his ethics in! TC look, don’t listen!!!

  23. Li'll bit of stuff

    Just in case you’re right Mike, I’ll append a ‘provisional’
    to my ARC signing, of my reply to mimsey below. Benefit of doubt notwithstanding.

  24. Downloading your book to my Kindle now! Should be a good July 4th read!

  25. yvonneschick

    And potentially Tom Cruise’s lawyer as well, leading them to advise Mr. Cruise – “get as far away from that creep (DM) as you possibly can”.

  26. Li'll bit of stuff

    JM, thank you for underscoring this, and so do YOU!

  27. Roger Thought (LO)

    This is the biggest blow ever done against Corporate Scientology and David Miscavige, Kathy has worked out a genuine strategy to get out.

    She got everybody by surprise and has 2 lawyers offices taking care about her interests.

    Alone in the English speaking part of Google news the story has about 322 000 different news magazines, newspapers, news portals etc… reporting about the story and that the quarrel is about this weird Scientology sect.

    In the German part of Google news it’s 40700; Spanish: 64 800; French:32 000. This is highest ever for tom cruise being in the news.

    All radio stations, TVs etc…are also reporting about it. So in 2-3 days everybody on the planet will know why Katie wants to divorce Tom and how bad Corporate Scientology is.

    This little lady has such an effect on this Planet. Unbelievable. Think about a butterfly effect !

    It’s a death kiss for David Miscavige and the last chance for Tom to realize what he’s supporting.

    It’s already past the tipping point. It’s falling totally apart.

    I guess that any SO member that has been somehow in comm. with Katie is now in the RPF. And OSA runs from one hill 10 to the next.

    It took a nice, cute little mom fighting for her kid to utterly ruin David Miscavige’s Empire !

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    By the way, when and where will be the funerals ?

  28. The “Tipping Point” is one of my favorite books along with “Outliers”. All business and marketing people should read these two books. Truly brilliant. I agree with you about TC. It’s probably to much to hope for but if he was really caught off guard by Katie’s divorce filing as is being reported in the press perhaps maybe he’ll wake the fuck up and salvage his marriage and family. My fingers are crossed. I also hope Katie gets back to making brilliant movies like “Pieces of April” and “Wonder Boys” instead of the crap she’s put out while married to TC.

  29. Meanwhile, back at Animal Farm, DM is planning the release of GAT II and a new Bridge, if one can believe Tony Ortega’s recent article at the Village Voice. And finally, the New Mark VIII Super Ultra at 4 grand a pop, when meters that do more (like turn your laptop into a fully digital meter) for a fraction of the cost. DM seems to be carrying on as if nothing is amiss–“Ho dee ho, dum de dum, change a definition here, cancel a bulletin there, couple of repackaging ideas–PRESTO! Start the spin dry cycle all over again. Hand over your plastic, people, along with your first born. This time I’ve really got it! Planetary clearing for real. Trust me.”

  30. Personally, I think Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are lovers and the reason I say that is because I was there in the Cine Conference room at the International headquarters of Scientology when David Miscavige was basically… let’s be factual… having a full-on psychotic break: shouting hysterically and repeatedly that Mark Yager and Guillaume Leserve “fucked each other in the ass last night.” Mark and Guillaume were both in the room, sitting next to me. Miscavige was accusing them and demanding they confess. He said to me, “You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Those two fucked each other in the ass last night.” Then wheeling on MY and GL, “ADMIT IT!” Then he repeated to us, “Guillaume and Mark fucked each other in the ass last night.” This went on for possibly 5 minutes. Mark and Guillaume just sat there in stony silence, not saying a word.

    This was a meeting to go over scripts for event videos in 2003.

    I’m not trying to paint a lurid picture, I’m just stating what occurred. I know Mark and Guillaume and I know for a fact they were not gay. Both were married until David Miscavige forced them to divorce their wives.

    LRH noted that people accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. Supporting this are the fact that DM used to accuse me (and others) of being “the most out ethics person in the history of Scientology.” Since then the real “most out-ethics person in the history of Scientology” has been revealed and it wasn’t me.

    Likewise, DM accused me many times of “intentionally trying to destroy Scientology.” When he said these things to me, I knew that must be what he is doing, but I didn’t see the truth in it’s clarity until after I had time to leave and decompress and really sort out all the facts. Who IS destroying Scientology? Dave Miscavige.

    Another thing he used to accuse me of I don’t know how many times was when I’d submit a script for a video to him he’d blow his stack and tell me I was “INTENTIONALLY making an overt product.” He would shout “It’s intentional!” All of his videos are overt products (destructive products) and it’s DM’s own inner intentions he’s revealing.

    And so it goes with all DM’s constant accusations against others. He accused people like Mike and many more of being “suppressive” — look who is suppressive we now know.

    The only accusation that has not proved out to fulfill LRH’s observation that people accuse others of what they themselves are doing was his one about MY and GL “fucking each other in the ass” — an accusation he repeated in a series of meetings before me and others.

    DM was always sleeping over with Tom Cruise and vice versa. So it follows.

  31. It is a shame that their marriage ended in divorce. It is a personal tragedy for all three of them, especially Suri.

  32. Steve — In case anyone thinks you are exaggerating your description of the meeting, I was also there. It is an exact duplication. And this happened on more than one occasion. He was obsessed with his assertion that they were gay lovers. He just would not leave it alone. It went on for years. I spent a LOT of time with both of them — perhaps more than any other person in the Sea Org outside Marty. This was a ridiculous assertion made by Miscavige to belittle them as being “beneath” “SPs.” Miscavige loves to use that reference when talking about others, so turn about is fair play. ANd there is no doubt that one of his favorite accusations/put downs was to accuse people of engaging in homosexual acts.

  33. Dan — its a no brainer that POB IS planning “GAT II.” As for what it will entail, who knows. But GAT II is coming. How do I know? Because his pattern is predictable. He has literally exhausted every book and lecture as a “new” release. He has to keep coming up with new things to sucker the bucks out of people. He has to repackage SOMETHING to make it the new “you have to buy this” item. The meter, even if it doesnt work properly, WILL be released as there is so much invested in it. ANd everyone WILL be required to buy it. And so why not use that as an opportunity to “update” things — he has a gimmick (the “new” meter that sees reads better than anything previous) so he can weave his “magic” and repackage a bunch of shit and present it as if it is the greatest “on Source” breakthrough in history — doing EXACTLY what LRH wanted (but he couldnt ever get around to it, or wasnt smart enough, or didnt have the sooper-dooper MEST technology now available, notwithstanding the foregoing, given that, in light of the above, let’s take a view from the stratosphere, straight up and vertical blah blah blah….)

  34. I think this shows that even the powerful COS and a mega star should not mess with the mama bear.

  35. Roger Thought (LO)

    Per LRH Policies Katie committed a suppressive act as she didn’t ask for the chaplain’s help before she filed for divorce in court.

  36. Tom, renounce Miscavige and Scientology Inc. and maybe you have an outside chance of getting your wife and child back. All it would take is one simple press release to get the ball rolling. I bet the pain of losing your wife is feels overwhelming right now. Better man up and act fast. Maybe you’ll save your family and wind up on the right side of history while you’re at it.

  37. The most spectacular fail in this regard was the Most Reverend Ted Haggard. Supreme leader of a Colorado Springs Christian ‘Megachurch’. Haggard preached against homosexuality from the pulpit, tried to get laws passed against it, all the while secretly seeing a male prostitute and having drug fuelled gay sex…So goes the line in Shakespeare: [He] doth protesteth too much methinks.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Per Scientology Inc interpretation of LRH policy, my friend.

  39. Hi Steve,
    This revelation would not surprise me.
    Look how he has implemented his twisted second dynamic rules on all of Scientology. It is just another example of him having some huge abberations on the 2-d. LRH talks about the point where a person becomes suppressive is where he starts to STOP something. Little davey boy has been trying to stop people on the 2-d for a long time..
    David Miscaviage has withholds on the second dynamic for sure!!
    What are they Dave??

  40. It’s called Karma Tom.

  41. gordon freeman

    Run, Katie, Run. I hope you get 100% full custody, wall yourself and your little bambina off from this cult, and never, ever look back. Maybe call WBM or Jason Beghe up for some legal advice and start doxing Miscavige and anyone else you an. God bless you!

  42. gordon freeman

    Why would she want to go back to him? Can you imagine being screamed at every time you needed a tylenol, being “audited” every time you felt a little down, or having a “sec-check” forced on you when you wanted to go to 7/11 for a fucking slurpee? No, Katie, stay far, far away from this freakjob.

  43. Just an FYI, Katie’s father is a divorce lawyer & a very good one, so me thinks this has been planned out very well. Tom is going to have a tough fight…b/c Grandpa is not going to let go of Suri easily. Tom also doesn’t enjoy the public affection he did when he divorced Nicole; I don’t know how that will affect him on a personal level, but doubt it will be helpful. Currently, I do believe he thinks he will win this…he has not yet taken off the blinders.

  44. Having just completed reading all of Marty’s book, “What’s Wrong with Scientology,” I would say that “hawking” his book is both entirely appropriate and highly beneficial for Katie’s edification of what Tom is so stuck in.
    It would also be quite a read for Mr. Cruise. Might even wake him up to the manner in which miscavige has manipulated him into the worst PR blunders of his career.

  45. Katie’s back on the market, thanks Tom (idiot). Katie, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it, so if you feel the need for comfort from an Indie guy, I’ll take it. Good on you for your decision; two more people free, a lot less $$$ in RCS coffers, beautiful role model for other celebrities, abundance of media attention and maybe Mr. Unnaturally Close starting to come to his senses (though he won’t come out of his closet scared to the bone of Davey assassinating his character but good).

  46. Steve & Mike,

    Your posts describing such Risky Business evoked such a Cocktail of images involving Goldmember and Mini-me it is Far and Away the most grossed out I’ve felt in a long time. But, come on I told myself, “you CAN handle the truth”, Don’t sit there with your Eyes Wide Shut, Miscavige has been looking for a Few Good Men for a long time, this is no Minority Report, the difference between Tom of yesteryear and today is like Knight and Day, perhaps they did have their Days of Thunder under the covers.

  47. This does open the door for a “rock bottom” for Tom. A 2d loss is a mind/train wreck of a time… Hopefully he pieces it together and walks up to Dave and says “You ruined my career, my marriage and my LIFE!!!” (although thats a blame attitude, theres some, or a whole bunch of truth in it). Or perhaps the fool will swallow more of Daves SP crap.
    All going well Tom could start REALLY looking at whats going on.

  48. Nobody has to buy the book if they don’t want to….but it’s your loss.

  49. You are right, Mimsey. It should be the #1 reference!! Thanks for pointing that out.
    BTW, say Hi to old Kathy (False) True for me.

  50. What a blatant nonsense!

  51. Don’t suck up to the traitor. Tom shouldn’t get his acks until he makes up the damage flowing so much power to an SP.

  52. GeeeZus Steve,
    I get what you are saying…..it is mind boggling. Per the tech it certainly does follow. This is fast becoming worse than a sordid tale and as the whole truth comes out for TC, JT and Davey boy ………..this will be Corporate $cientology’s Waterloo.

  53. I would be pretty sure that’s the last thing on her mind. Likelihood is she has been committing the even more heinous crime of getting the truth about Scn Inc and her husband’s BFF via the Net and other sources and has twigged. From a distance Katie seems like a decent sweet girl who married her childhood crush but got sucked further and further into a situation she couldn’t handle. Divorce isn’t nice for anybody and personally I just wish her and Suri the very best. As for Tom – PLEASE man W-A-K-E U-P !!!

  54. Well if Tom’s first call is to the midget for help you will find out what a lean strip of bacon looks like after 24 hours on the griddle!

    No doubt COB (Commander of Bodies) has called TC to offer his sympathy and a place to bed down for the night!

  55. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, that accuser has given it away so often.
    There can be no doubt. Love to see li’ll davey
    given unceasing interrogations of ruthless sec-
    checking until he broke down and ‘fessed up,
    all fully captured on video tape, of course, to
    play out live, for all the world to see. Yes,
    li’ll davey, ” It sucks to be Miscavige” will
    take on a whole different perspective, THEN!

    Won’t it, li’ll davey????

  56. There were rumors amongst staff about “GAT II” some time ago, saying that the Bridge at the lower grades would be now shortened and that LRH would not have wanted so many processes to be run. …….

  57. Addendum – divorce isn’t nice for anybody – except the lawyers.

  58. Regarding GAT II, yes, the new meter will be one excuse, but he also has the excuse that anyone who did any training prior to his release of the BASICS will, of course, have to retrain. Here is a quote straight from the lying lips of David Miscavige during the Basics Event: “In fact, I’d know if you did just that, read and listened in sequence, by the end of your study, you’d know the basics of Dianetics and Scientology better than any Dianeticist or Scientologist from 1950 right up to the present time.” Perfect set up for GAT II. Oh, my gosh. Go Davey!!

  59. Hummm…I’m going to make a prediction.

    Tom Cruise will not contest Katie’s request for sole custody.

    Reason: Documentable evidence that church of scientology members control Tom’s household and report everything back to david miscavige, the cult’s leader.

    I can’t imagine any judge or jury not being so creeped out by that kind of crap, that Katie wouldn’t get custody easily.

    I can’t imagine Tom or his BFF allowing that knowledge to become a core issue which so many millions of people around the world will be avidly watching.

    I also can’t imagine that Katie isn’t fully aware of that knowldege by now.

  60. Good one! :))

  61. Sick…but LOL funny.

  62. It would be the perfect suppressive act for David Miscavige, Mr. Suppressive, to perform in order to maintain his control over Tom Cruise. It’s all about money and control. Davey doesn’t love anybody.

  63. Thanks again for this blog, for going public, and for those with so much important firsthand history, to have shared it.

    Hopefully this information sticks around long range, and is not lost.

    I urge people who want this history to remain in the public domain, to put it aside somewhere safely so it’s not lost to the future generations.

    Thanks for all the history!

  64. threefeetback

    And don’t doubt that there is about a 99% chance that the ramp up and release of Marty’s book was directly related to her decision to pull the trigger.

  65. Tony: Steve’s post isn’t really a “revelation” (definition is: making known of a secret or a surprising and previously unknown fact) rather it’s Steve’s opinion that dm and TC are lovers based on dm’s insistence about two other men. (BTW — having a wife and/or children does not preclude someone from being gay so isn’t really a “defense” of those mentioned by Steve)

    Obviously dm has serious sociopathic behavior.

    I feel it’s incumbent upon those of us on this board to not get carried away in the labeling of others without facts. Especially labeling AS IF being gay is egregious behavior.

    Marty has always been extremely clear about what dm has done in roping in TC. The motorcycle, the airplane hanger etc but to my memory has never called the two men lovers.

    I believe to do this at this point, could diminish all the facts as others would focus on the, as yet unproved, status of the two men. Which in this day and age isn’t IN AND OF ITSELF considered the end of the world — rather we should concentrate on dms destruction of the very essence of scientology.

    I found Brian Culkin’s post above mentioning his enjoyment spending time with the Cruise family very refreshing. He found a positive time and commented on that. And wished the Cruise family well.


  66. TheWidowDenk

    As an aside, Gene and I somehow ended up on a porn mailing list back before the internet. Anyone who remembers Gene’s sense of humor can probably get a good idea of how this brochure went over in our household. It was totally and completely hilarious!

    This gets me wondering how this 2D stuff got imported to Int. Just hearing the language is offensive. OK, so David Miscavige is the key offender and I understand that from Thoughtful’s comment verified by Mike Rinder. My question is: Where did he learn this stuff?

    I mean, it’s fine to know this kind of thing exists. But, how would one find out about it if one did not seek the knowledge. I highly doubt it was an accidental mailing.

  67. Divorce courts do not like to get into issues of religion…but, with Katie’s father a divorce attorney, he must have found a way around that or they would not have pulled the trigger on the divorce. She did file anonymously which I find very intriguing.

    As for a verdict…

    There is the ACTUAL court case, there is the court of PUBLIC opinion, and there is SCIENTOLOGY. The verdicts may not all be the same.

  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bela, watched Jason Beghe, Tom, Katie, John, Kelly,
    Kirstie,in fact a whole host of great actors, and for
    the most part, really admired them for what they do
    best—–ACT! ….So, who REALLY knows what’s
    “cooking,”at the end of the day???

  69. Tom Gallagher

    COB = Captain of Buggers

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  71. Journey Continued

    Very creative. Good one.

  72. Li'll bit of stuff

    Karma’n get us davie boy…we’re wait’n for ya.

  73. I am not surprise this has come about frankly .
    And by the way The News castor on BBTV Friday night and a US Broad castor in hollywood had exchanged live on TV in england the annoucment mentioning Homes and Cruise married in a lavish style ceremony in italy under the church of scientology mariage ceremony.
    I wonder what the church has to say about this ,was asked ? thats open one has to wait this one out . It had been remarked in the comments why number three filed for the divorce.

  74. Impartial English Girl

    Evening all,

    Well, it is always sad when a marriage breaks down – but I suppose that no-one will be particularly surprised by this one. It’s interesting that Mr. Rathbun’s recent post about the new, insane, veto on marriage from the Tiny Dictator has almost coincided with the announcement of this break-up… I also note from the BBC news article that Katie Holmes intends to apply for sole custody of Suri; I can’t say I blame her. Poor Katie must have had to endure a great deal of late, and her discretion is very commendable. My heart just goes out to her. In much the same way as the late Diana, Princess of Wales, once said of her husband and Mrs. Parker-Bowles “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Katie also seems to have been the unfortunate third in a marital triumvirate. It cannot have been pleasant, knowing that her husband was more allied to David Miscavige than he probably ever was to her.

    I wish Katie all the very best for a happier future with Suri – neither of them did anything to warrant the distress of this humiliating situation.

    With love to all,

    IEG xx

  75. I totally agree!

  76. How do you know she didn’t? Not that a church that is now banning marriages has anything at all to say on the subject.

  77. Haggard has seen the light and started a new church. Give me a break… his flock have the wool pulled over their eyes. Fool me once, shame on you…. fool me twice, shame on me. corey, good job seeing this parallel.

  78. Richard Royce

    My wife is cool!

  79. Richard Royce

    Heh heh heh very funny!

  80. Tony Dephillips

    Nobody said gay was bad.
    Except maybe miscabbage.
    Steve is pointing out a phenomenon.
    I said it wouldn’t surprise me.

  81. Roger, good point made that DM has used Tom as a fantastic marketing ploy but now that same “marketing” effect will work in the opposite direction. Yes, it sucks to be Miscavige!

  82. I was not at that meeting — but I was at many others where DM accused Marc and Guillaume of being homosexuals. I could not count the number of times I watched and heard DM berate Ray Mithhoff and call him every name under the sun, moon and stars — but his favourite was that Ray and his wife, Gelda, were obsessed with sex and this (in his eyes) painted their true tone level and their actual activities. All of it was made up. There was nothing to substantiate his claims and names. I should know — I spent the better part of a year “investigating” and “shadowing” Guillaume, Marc and Ray to “find their crimes” and NOTHING was found.

    Miscavige has a sordid sexual scene going on — whether that is with Tom Cruise, or with his assistant Lou, or with an enema bag, or a copper rod, I don’t know — but as Steve (Thoughtful) above points out — the criminal accuses others of what HE is actually doing.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  83. It’s Marty’s blog, and Marty’s book. However he can afford and chooses to promote it is up to him, isn’t it? You don’t have to agree or read about it. It is his site, his book… duh. I don’t know all about but I suspect this (his) blog, and secondly word of mouth amongst the independents and a few news sites are the limited resources to hand, for now. And so you dare to condemn his reach? Completely aside from the fact it was the last point on his list, it was perfectly appropo to the sit at hand.

    Shame on you mimsey.

  84. Mike,Mimi’s mom was Kathy Talent, an old timer from St Hill. She was declared while Mimi ws still married to rising star Tom Cruise. The relationship was problematic as now this potentially huge star was married to the daughter of a declared SP. Next thing I know Miscavige is ordering upgrades of Gold and the HGB as Tom Cruise, while still married to Mimi, is wooing Nicole and wanting to make a good impression of himself (the Gold aspect was reported on by Andre Tabayoyan and Jesse Prince, i believe and the intent of that was fullfilling some love sick fantasy that TC had. The buzz amongst the staff was that Tom had it for Nicole and wanted her. Despite still being married to Mimi. Everything was being staged and manipulated to foster and encourage the relationship
    With DM at the helm. Mimi had to go because it was not wanted to have her sour TC towards Scn because of the liability of her connection to her mother. This is what I recall about that.

  85. Hi windhorse,
    I reviewed my post and if you got the idea that I think being gay is dm’s big abberation on the 2-d then I didn’t communicate it clearly.
    For someone to accuse others of “bad” behavior and work at stopping and punishing people for their second dynamic behavior is what is abberated in my opinion.
    Personally I don’t care if someone is gay or not. I do philosophically think that homosexuality is somewhat abberated being that procreation cannot occur between same sex couples. But I don’t think it should be banned or anything like that.
    The point you make about revelation is sort of weak in my opinion. What I am talking about is if it were to be found out that they were in a homosexual relationship that would be a revelation as it is not known for sure to be true at this stage and may not be true. I think you are splitting hairs on that one.
    As far as being kind or giving TC preferential treatment, I think he is undeserving of it. Here is a guy that is using his name and fortune to enpower a total psychopath. TC must have some mutual out-ruds with dm and his suppressive tactics for him to become his BFF. (best friend forever) I say he (TC) deserves all the name calling he gets and any other justice gradients that causes him to make some ethics change. In my opinion he hasn’t made any and I have no sympathy for the guy.
    If he made some changes and started to get his ethics in and condemn dm then I would be the first to jump on the tc bandwagon.
    Until then …fuck him.

  86. I can only assume you were joking on this one LO.

  87. Yes, Katie is admirable on many levels… 🙂

  88. Tom Cruise has apparently had an enormous amount of Scientology training and progression – the aims of which presumably include better understanding of self, of others and becoming more effective in relationships.

    I’d appreciate any insights from experienced Scientologists re the enormous chasm between what Tom Cruise is quoted by CNN/Playboy as saying below (just a few weeks ago) and his wife’s recent actions.

    In the June edition of Playboy, Cruise, 49, said he loved Holmes, 33, as much as when they got hitched 5½ years earlier.
    “She is an extraordinary person, and if you spent five minutes with her, you’d see it,” he said. “I’m just happy, and I have been since the moment I met her. What we have is very special” (CNN site)

  89. Roger Thought (LO)

    I thought that was clear !

  90. “Oblivion” is the film title of Toms upcoming movie….
    Run it out, Tom!

  91. Tim deeded a New York City apartment to her last AUGUST, where she has been living ever since. I guess she moved out of the family pad in L.A. for a reason but that was almost a YEAR ago!

    Also, He divorced Mimi when she was 33. He divorced Nic when she was 33. Guess who is 33 and divorcing him? Katie Holmes. Maybe when he has been with the Church 33 years, he will make a change. Does anyone know how many years it has been now?


  92. I meant Tom. Tim Tom six and one half dozen or the other……….

  93. Tony: I must have communicated incorrectly. I didn’t think you thought dm’s big aberration on the 2d was that he was gay. dm is a computing psychotic and has across the dynamics aberrations.

    I objected to the discussion about dm and tc based on Steven’s opinion which also appeared to be slanted in a negative way towards gays.

    While I agree heartily that Tom has contributed to supporting dm in his criminal misapplication of scientology, I have a great deal of sympathy and compassion for the man. For dm too as a matter of fact.

    It’s not fun being crazy. Try it sometime. On a gradient, perhaps you might remember when you were getting all those around you to contribute dollars to the Seattle Org or Portland or wherever you were an opinion leader. It wasn’t all that long ago and surely you can remember perhaps how badly you might have felt once you did “wake up” —

    I know you’ve tried to get others out and that’s very commendable but I believe we do ourselves — not others — ourselves a disservice by somehow thinking we are “better” than someone else.

    And — while I’m on this mini-rant — I think you might ask yourself — do I know any gay couples? As friends? Would I want to? If the answer is no — perhaps you might then ask — how come?

    It’s got more to do with an underlying belief that they are probably not trustworthy (1.1) – your comment about “homosexuality being philosophically somewhat abberrated due to inhibited procreation” seemed like a painful attempt to be more “modern” and politically correct and not REALLY what you feel in your gut.

    But — now I’m the one speculating.


  94. It’s true. I was told I could not hire an attorney and file for divorce on my own or I would get declared. There was to be no war. I had to go chaplain route . Whatever was agreed to in the Chaplain Court was to be in the divorce papers. Nothing contested . This was after I found out from my 15 year old babysitter she had been molested by my husband. I was also expected not to report him to the authorities. Fortunately, the 15 year was in love with him and thought they were going to be married!
    I did it the Church way and after I signed the divorce papers the X spouse cleared out everything that was not nailed down and took every possession and piece of cash, blew Scientology and headed underground with my two year old son for the next 22 years with a waitress he dumped a few years later and left my son with her! I was completely wiped out in every way. That was the last time I forfeited a civil right for the Church of Scientology. In this theater you have to get hard or go home.

  95. Neil: You would have to read most of this blog to understand how someone who has had lots of scientology training and processing might be completely in denial about most everything in his or her life.

    HOW? Because the scientology training and processing they received was 180 degrees … rather than wake up, they became more in a fog.

    I suggest you get Marty’s new book — either kindle version or book and read it. Less pages than this blog which recently was quoted as having 1,000 posts (which basically means pages) and over 100,000.

    Once you read the book — come back and ask again.


  96. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, I have a real suspicion that we’re all
    going to be pretty nauseous before this
    DM / TC caper is over.

  97. one of those who see

    With all tom has let occur, meaning the use of Sea Org slave labor, I have not lost my ARC for him. He has had blinders on, yes. Has commited overts, yes. But he is just the type of being that SPs would latch onto. And DM is the truly hidden one-right in front of his eyes. Tom is so free and alive. I am truly sad for his loss of Katie. He really loved her. My postulate is that he finally does SEE and contacts his Auditor and true friend, Marty. Then, he may be able to keep his family together. Tom, right now you need to think like your character in The Last Samurai. He found the theta and you can too.

  98. To hell witht the ‘rules’, get the show on the road.
    It’s all too easy to hide behind Policy when it suits. I for one have never had any KR I ever wrote acted upon, let alone acknowledged. Realise what your dealing with regarding Miscavige’s Church – a suppressive group. A 9 foot high fence seems a good place to start – well done Katie, hold your space.

  99. WH, honestly, I’ve read the comments, the one from Steve and those from Tony twice and I can’t see anything “to be slanted in a negative way towards gays”.


    P.S. Miscavige is accusing others of what he himself is doing.

  100. Rory Medford

    Katie really divorced David Miscavige and Scn

  101. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Windhorse,
    Ok, I got your opinion.
    As a matter of fact I do have customers and friends that are gay and like them very much. So I guess your perception of what is in my mind is incorrect…
    I even have a customer who is a person who got a sex change and another who is very close to my family and also got a sex change and I like them too. I do think that homosexuality is abberated but then again so is some of the behavior of heterosexuals so I maintain the idea of live and let live.

    I don’t think what I did as a bot would compare to the support that tc has given dm and his level of out ethics does surpass my own.

    You bring up the point of people thinking they are “better” than others.

    Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I do think some people are better than others. It is called judgement. I really don’t like this idea of being afraid to say something is bad and “we are all the same”. I think that is hogwash and poor differentiation.
    Hitler was worse than Mother Theresa. There I said it. I made a judgement.
    DM is worse than LRH. I do find that some people are bad in some areas and great in other areas. I might be a better salesman than some but a worse musician than others. It doesn’t bother me.

  102. Tony DePhillips

    I think you’re right. 🙂

  103. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1,000!!!

  104. Wow! The RCS sure has a lot of WHs.

  105. And she has had enough of the valance package Tom is “carrying around”.

  106. Tony: Judgement is vital. You have to judge whether to cross the street or not.

    It’s become a poorly understood new age expression, I believe. Don’t judge.

    Irritates me when others use it against me and apparently it irritates you when you think I’ve told you “not to judge”.

    I will simple say again that I try to have compassion for TC and dm and don’t share your sentiments of “fu** him” —

    But I never said that I don’t SEE the harm caused by any of them.

    As for bursting my bubble — well, how about this one — some people are NOW better than others but since I assume you subscribe to the whole track, those who are NOW better than others, might have been REALLY REALLY BAD (perhaps even you) at some point on the track.

    So — you are viewing others from only NOW. Can you see their whole track? Do you know who they were?

    THEREFORE — it is only the ACTIONS of those now that demonstrate that some are good and some are bad. And therefore to ME — that someone is BAD now is sad.

    Oh god — why do I bother? 🙂 🙂

    One day we’ll have to have a good ole fashion face to face conversation and see where it ends up –


  107. sally truth

    you all betray lrh and the beings on this planet.

  108. Impartial English Girl

    Spot on Tony. Karma comes to us all in the end. I am just sorry that Suri and, probably, Katie are collateral damage in the forthcoming and richly-deserved “karma storm” that’s about to break over DMTC’s collective head.

    Mr. Rathbun – as unpalatable as what you might have to say/do/reveal in these days to come might be, please stand firm, stand straight, stand strong. We who know and care are standing beside you. RIGHT is on your side.

    The gossip harridans are already focussing, not on the divorce per sé, but on the sole custody application. I sense change – sad for the two young ladies – but positive change for those still suffering under DM’s fist. Heber Jensch… Shelly Miscavige (I’m sure she’d have much to share with and support to offer Katie – if she’s still alive, that is)… Tommy Davis…

    Listen to TonydeP, little Dave. And listen closer – for I hear the distant sound of empires toppling….

    IEG x

  109. WH thanks. Will do.

  110. I don’t think it was ever planed by Katie or her father.
    I just think it took a little time, unless Mistress “Joey Potter” had some unpleasant inside views behind Miscaviges “religious” curtain.

  111. In what way? By daring to look at what is?

  112. A nice, sudden, big slap in the face from Katie to TC (and his BFF). A confirmation of marriage project has totally failed.

  113. Tom Gallagher


  114. Freespirit,

    Thanks, wasn’t Mimi also the daughter of Sarge the Bay area mission holder who got the foorball star John Brodie into Scn? He got declared as well during the Mission holder 1982 conference, where DM started flexing his muscle’s in public for the first time.

  115. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Windhorse,
    I love philisophical discussions.
    I have the feeling if we were face to face we would easily see eye to eye. Lol…
    I will admit that I am cruder than the average beast, and don’t really care.
    You see I have been so fully evaluated and invalidated for, that i no longer care that much what anyone thinks of me. I mean, I do care, but I won’t let it get in the way of saying what I really think. I don’t like to be politically correct.
    I think a lot of “carefulness” allows some pretty mean stuff to go down and I would rather nip it in the bud if I can, by saying what I think.
    As far as whole track goes, I judge a person based on what they are doing in PT. Maybe I blew up a planet or two in the past, who knows? Maybe you did.
    I think it will all come out fine in the end.
    I don’t really think my saying “TC can fuck off” is really that big of a deal unless I am being voted on for political correctness and as I said, that doesn’t bother me much. I would get in comm with TC and tell him all of my thoughts about him and try to get on comm if he was willing. I doubt that he would be.
    I enjoy watching others have their ethics put on by life. It is the natural way of things. I like the security of that.

  116. Your humble servant


    I’m sorry about that shocking betrayal and loss. That was really bad. Really shocking suppression. Thank you for telling us about it.

  117. I hope Tom and Katie read Marty’s book. I finished it a couple days ago and it is helping me now. Anything can heal with understanding like Marty’s book title says.

    Marty, your new book was special to me so please accept my sincere “thank you” for writing it. I became a Scientologist 40 years ago and drifted away from the church about 15 years ago except for attending an occassional event. I saw the effects of Miscavige insanity then coming down the lines to orgs I just didn’t know at that time that he was the source of it as I do now. It was really nice to see your understanding of LRH’s tech and it helped me with a couple of things I’ve been hung up on for 30 years. After I finished your book it basically felt like I’d finished a fantastic talk with you. Your writing flows very smoothly. Since I audited OT 3 many years ago your chapter on OT levels was good for me also. I’m rehabbed now to do more auditing except of course not with the church. I also read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning last year following seeing you refer to it and that was at the lowest point in my personal life and that book helped me greatly. So I also like the way you ended your book referring back to Viktor Frankl.

  118. To save his marriage and daughter he needs to disconnect from Scientology Inc and David Miscavige.

  119. I’m with you Windhorse. I also loved Brian’s comment. It is obvious that DM is rock slamming all over the 2 D (evil intentions) but what he has done and with whom, we do not know. What we do know is that he is psychotic on the subject and in general and lives to either suck blood (Tom Cruise) or destroy others. He is only a vampire and his curse is death, either slow or fast, depending on how vital one is!

    I personally hope there is a genuine friend of Toms that can give him some facts; such as his house being bugged, all his employee’s reporting into David Misgavige for many years, how DM has degraded and made fun of Tom using personal information obtained in the confidentiality of an auditing session, which is beyond disgusting.

    Tom Cruise is having a loss at this exact moment. I do hope someone has the balls to talk to him be it an attorney or friend. I hope Tom contacts Marty for help. I can see this. I don’t know if it’s true but I did read somewhere that he gave $10,000,000. to the IAS. I also read on one occasion a number of years ago where he jumped out of his car to help an accident victim, gave her an assist and took care of all her hospital bills. My two bits.

  120. Rory Medford

    exactly!!! arranged set up schemes rarely work out and DM and cronnies are experts at setting things up. They work very hard creating smoke and mirrors and eventually the mirrors crack and the smoke fades away and you are left with nothing

  121. Ronnie Bell

    Keep reading, Sally. You’ll soon discover who’s betrayed who. Good luck.

  122. Those of you supporting David Miscavige are betraying LRH and all the beings in the entire universe .

  123. Captain Bob

    hey Sally Truth, when YOU become a free being, and YOU are ABLE to float around the universe,

    I ask YOU SALLY Truth, what becomes of your 8 dynamics? Will you still follow LRH? Are you loyal to him?

  124. Just read another news article on the breakup. Sorry to see TC and Katie’s and Suri’s life messed up in this way. If any good comes of it it would be that TC’s sees what DM has done and is doing to him and reevaluates his friendship.

    David Lingenfelter

  125. Strange last name you have… any resemblence to your statement is co-incidental, is it not?

  126. Captain Bob

    but SALLY, we are having a discussion her on Marty’s blog not on LRH, but on DM. What say you?

  127. Richard Royce

    Sally Truth? What the hell name is that? Cathy True? And what truth are you spouting? Come on! This is an open forum. Please enlighten me. The only betrayal of LRH and the beings on this planet I can see is the alter-ising of the Tech, Admin and Ethics that LRH gifted to us. Keeping the subject working appears to be only happening in the independent field.

  128. Captain Bob

    Sally, are you self, other or pan determined? And where does LRH or DM fit into that question?

  129. Captain Bob

    I entered with the goal of freedom. And look that word up in a dictionary.

  130. Captain Bob

    here you go: think about it———–

    free·dom   [free-duhm] Show IPA
    the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.
    exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
    the power to determine action without restraint.
    political or national independence.
    personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slave who bought his freedom.

  131. One cannot be a traitor if one believes he is being a patriot. At some point, if he applies the conditions, he would have his chance to make up any damage he deems he caused or allowed. I hope that day comes.

  132. Captain Bob

    and SALLY, the only security is YOU.

  133. Joe Pendleton

    No doubt in my mind that Miscavige is a severely closeted homosexual. Personally I have no problem with homosexuality or gay folks. With the Earth’s population heading toward seven billion, we obviously do not have to worry about any counter effort to “being fruitful and multiplying.” My problem is with closeted gays like Miscavige who have to brutally accuse OTHERS of being like himself, along with intense force and punishment directed towards these others who continually miss his withhold, Most of his rage is probably because he ISN’T having sex or CAN’T have sex and now that he’s finally gotten rid of his wife, he has one VERY pressing problem on the second dynamic and it is driving him even MORE crazy than he already is.

  134. Captain Bob

    and Sally, these ex sea org people and regular folks who left the COS,

    when they confronted being on their OWN all of the sudden, found out they had Security, and it was in them. And they survived and are here to tell us about it. Ain’t that something. What say you Sally?

  135. No relation to Sarge. Sarge’s ex wife married Mimi’s father.

  136. Joe Pendleton

    And then there is how the public must be viewing Scientology. While I still celebrate and apply every day my own cognitions, wins and abilities gotten in training and processing, I have reluctantly also realized that Scientology is not an OBJECTIVE science or philosophy (that is to say that it’s successes/wins can bee seen by othes; it’s wins are almost entirely subjective; the wins a person has ae THAT peson’s wins and they can very rarely be quantified or categorized by any pre-determined abilities gained or ep’s. Not that I think there is anything wrong with this. Perfectly fine with me that a person’s wins are that person’s wins – it’s just that that is not how Scientology has always been promoted)

    Here we have the public looking at another screwed up 2D of folks who allegedly have the tech to handle the dynamics. If we say Tom didn’t USE the tech on the 2D, well I have to ask how many Scientologists ARE successful at this in the long run. I have known a few long term successful Scientology marraiges, but VERY few. Most of my friends have been married 2, 3 or even 4 times (and I can name SO members in the same category and I’m not just referring to Jeanne Hare, etc – the Elizabeth Taylor of Scientology).

    And then the public sees the COMPLETE mess Scientologists have made of their third dynamic, the absolute failure to apply any sort of sense to what is going on in their own church, following a fruitcake leader and his wacko ideas and extortion and torture policies for over thirty years.

    And then to see how Scientologists are dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes and especially cancer at early ages. So there goes the claims of the positive effects it makes on folks physically.

    So remind me again…. the public should consider becoming PART of this group and philosophy because of WHAT, again?

    I take responsibility for being part of this. For being blind to what was happening around me and so agreeing to the madness, And so objectively, Scientology appears to be a failure in most of the ways it can be viewed by others (and I’m not even going into the whole subject of my fellow Scientologists whose TRs stink even though they have done the TRs course, who are lousy communicators even though they have attested to Grade Zero, who have done the PTS/SP course mutliple times and not only can’t they recognize, confront and shatter suppression, but they quake in their boots when folks like Miscavige walk by – and most of these “OTs” seem to have little sense of their own beingness and integrity.)

    Yeah, we can reverse all of this and Marty and others on this site are making the correct start to the cycle of action of doing so. It’s gonna take REAL honesty and confront as to what the philosophy and benefits of Scientology are (and I think they ARE there to be gotten) and it’s gonna take the courage to be with honest with EACH OTHER and not not-is what is right there in front of us. And then MAYBE therre will be another generation of folks after us, who will be interested in Scientology.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot for sharing these thoughts Underdog. I appreciate it.

  138. Oh, yes he can. Read the the Treason Condition.

  139. Lord, that’s funny Haydn!

  140. Different topic:

    Marty: Am halfway through your book and really appreciate the clear exposition of what Scientology is supposed to be. Really nice to have this to show as an answer to the question “What is Scientology?”, It will save me a lot of talking and dragging out a mountain of references.

    Of course, LRH’s death in 1986 is the line in the sand, but was personally relieved to read explanations of altered tech that crept in while LRH was still alive (the 3D has five times the weight of any other dynamic, the use of sec checking and reports written by auditors). These blew a lot of charge for me. Thanks.

    Am reading on…

  141. Mike,
    This next event, whenever it might be, will be a real kick in the gut.

    The Shrine will be empty. FSO will have only mind-numb robots. And I’ll venture that any staff given half a chance, will not appear at the Orgs for fear of the “all-hands, condition 1” call everyone and anyone to get here and by widget 8 NOW!!!

    The no-show stat will be the only thing straight up and vertical.

  142. Your so right, if there was one advice I could give TC now, it is exactly that.

  143. Thanks for the validation SKM. Yes, that is correct. I didn’t express anything negative about gays. I expressed that there is something wrong about being unfaithful, a liar, a phony, misrepresenting oneself and worst of all, using one’s position to destroy others. That has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  144. Common mimsey, you do not care what happens to a six year old girl who is in the clutches of a psychopath who tortures people? Is that why you joined OSA? To be a nazi?

    Grow a spine and put here a comment encouraging Katie and Suri.

  145. Wow! Such love for Mimsey! Personally I think her parents, especially her dad (a divorce lawyer) has read plenty on the net about the disingenuous nature of the C of S to know what he is dealing with. Enough to make sure his daughter is going to be well represented by an informed lawyer.
    Granted, it is Marty’s blog and he can say what he pleases. I’ll back him up 100%. However, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with what he says. C’est la vie.

    That said, for her to break from Tom in such a manner, “blindsiding” him, she was doing an end run around being “handled” by David’s drones. Desperation? Or was she already well informed about the abusive, manipulative and controlling nature of corporate Scientology? She is living with it every day, how could she not see it? Is Tom too bull headed to see he is a tool? For a once loving wife to hit him with a divorce that he had no idea was coming is very telling of what their relationship has devolved to. Perhaps Katie is an abused wife taking desperate measures to free herself.

    This is like a broken record, this thread of abuse in Scientology, this control and possession by the cult of it’s members, and their subsequent control and possession of the people around them, like a bad pyramid scheme, the abuse emanating from the top. Abuse that is widely known on the net, and I’ll bet, already known to her, her parents and her lawyers. And she, a victim of this abuse, is living a tragedy right now. Her marriage to a man she dreamed of being married to, destroyed by her husband’s fawning and hanging on the every word emanating from a manipulating halfwit who’s solution to his own marriage was to exile his wife.

    That is why I thought #10 was in poor taste.


  146. Franklin,

    Correction: Tom Cruise is not a traitor.

    Creative people do not flow power to Suppressive People. Instead, Suppressive People suck power from creative people. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige have a parasitic relationship. Obvious point of fact: Miscavige has no charisma, he is a bully and tyrant by all accounts and hated by many. Tom has tons of charisma and loved by many.

  147. Hi Mike, First, I want to clarify that neither you nor I nor Lana nor anyone is making any negative comments on sexual orientation (as correctly noted by SKM). If DM is having a gay fling with Tom Cruise, the overt isn’t being gay — it’s having an affair while being married and being one of the most homophobic people on planet earth. Cheating on one’s spouse is wrong, period.

    The effort on our part is to advance what is written on the cover of Marty’s book: healing through understanding.

    That said, I wanted to mention that I kept track of DM’s accusations over the years and to date virtually 100% of them have become classic examples of what LRH called the criminal mind — accusing others of what they themselves are doing. The only example I know of that has yet to be proven out is his vicious attacks on GL and MY as being gay. I do know that at the time DM was spending a lot of time with Tom Cruise — I mean just look at the crazy photo of them on their motorcycles and leather gear. What is the message of that photo?

  148. What I would expect Marty to do, instead of hawking his book, is to contact her lawyers and give them the personal help he gave Debbie’s lawyer. That I would applaud. Mimsey

  149. But no bigger tragedy than that of other families dm broke, and TC did nothing about.

  150. +1000,000,000.00

  151. Indeed good one…………! 😉

  152. TMZ has a cluster of polls for people to “vote” on in the Tom vs Katie saga. At this point 97% are voting for Katie to keep Suri, keep her far away from the cult and are siding with her in all ways. Tom better be very careful because he’s got a PR nightmare on his hands, and Katie has all the sympathy. Tom is viewed as a control freak weirdo who has made his young bride miserable and loves a cult more than his family. Most seem to view Katie as Toms captive, not spouse, and are cheering her on as she breaks free from his control.

    Now instead of “Free Katie” it’s “Run Katie Run.” I think that sums up the whole scene nicely and Tom is in for a very bumpy ride even if on his best behavior – I have a feeling he’s terrified of her spilling secrets about his life and behavior behind closed doors.

  153. Got ya. Thanks

  154. well, mimsey troll, Marty is the undisputed authority on this situation given his long personal relationship with both DM and Cruise. Glad to see it gets under your reptilian skin to see how effectively Marty exposes your Exalted Leader 🙂

  155. Sorry to butt in, but I did sit through and read all of this exchange. Quite a display guys, enjoyed it. 🙂 Gay is aberrated, in a word. There, I said it. Wrong or Right? You yourself have to make that call. I would suggest a review of the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation before hand. And if you think I am being short sighted, have a look at a pink and green haired shackled in studded leather and pad locks and with men dressed in silk stockings, shaved legs and lipstick Gay parade sometime. Would you really want one of these wackos taking care of your daughter or son while you were away? Lets be clear here.

  156. Thoughtful,
    You bring such a wonderful 1st hand source of information to us. I am mighty thankful Steve. This all could have been buried by a $50,000 or $500,000 or $5 million buyout for your silence. Anyway, I am so glad you are here!

  157. Mimsey, You could say that to anyone hawking a self help book. You could have said that to Hubbard about Dianetics. You could say the same thing for all of the self help sold from the Church. If people did not have problems and ruins they wouldn’t need the books would they? Tom’s biggest tragedy is of DM secretly videoing his auditing sessions, betrayal after trust, while posing as a BFF. What of The Sea Org Members abused while working as slaves for Tom or tossed out on the street over petty mishaps connected to Mr. Cruise. Like the staff member thrown out on the street because Tom got sick from a meal. Tragedies that will continue as “Miscavige policy”. Marty’s book carries with it a purpose to HELP, HEAL, and PREVENT further tragedy. And what you doing? Here with a purpose to umock somebody. Who is winning with one? What’s up with that purpose? Your hatred goes unmasked here. I don’t think you posted here out of any love or consideration for Tom Cruise or anybody else. I think you posted here with the intention to harm, suppress, and attack under the mask of some holy purpose to sort people out. There are quite a few of you floating around this Scientology arena, and that is the real tragedy.

  158. Indeed Grasshopper, indeed.

  159. All of Malcolm Gladwell’s books are a MUST READ!

  160. Ditto Oracle,
    I read you loud and clear, having had similar experiences that were hard won lessons, and unfortunately have resulted in a painful loss from my life of my youngest daughter due to the farsical nature of the “heh” chaplain and justice systems within the church and the overt products produced. They keep the situation alive and confounded in order to milk the coffers for more donos to handle the “situation” again and again. I was pleased to read that you will never forfeit another civil right for the goofy CoS Inc. Amen to that. I wish you well.

  161. Same sex seems weird to me personally but not for any of the reasons other people have. I would not be interested in having sex with a mirror like image of myself. That would make me feel I like was tripping. A bad trip too.

  162. I’ve missed your posts of late and always appreciate your comments. Would you please post the link to your blog? It vanished from my desktop during a frenzy of housekeeping. Thanks!

  163. That’s getting down to the heart of the matter! +1!

  164. Hi Joe,
    We were just talking about that the other day. I’ve been married to the same wonderful lady for 26 years. Doing excellent. My two best friends are married to their wives 39 and 40 years respectively.
    We left the SO when I was ordered to take a post 3,000 miles away from my wife. My utter disgust with that order and the ignorant comm I got back when I disagreed led me to completely rethink my future association wtih this group of callous jerks.
    There are many wonderful long term marraiges within the world of scientology that I’m aware of.
    Within Scn Inc…the Co$, the practice of non-isness, the resultant lowering of understanding, and the lowered tone level is going to make a mess of a lot of relationships. The closer you get to Int base, the worse it seems to get. Like radiation fallout…miscavige is as deadly as radiation poisioning to all one’s dynamics.

  165. Oracle,

    That’s despicable and devastating. I hardly ever contribute to Marty’s blog anymore, but I feel compelled to say that I’ve known “The Oracle” was a man for all these years, and all of a sudden it turns out you’re a woman! That’s as shocking as finding out that Windhorse is also a woman (which I learned quite a long time ago).

    Anyhow, it’s nice to know you’re a woman. I love your posts – you’re so articulate, philosophical and rational. I’d love to hear your whole story.

  166. Wow, what a nice and sincere ack for Marty, Underdog ! I can have it ! Postulate for your continued progress to truth.

  167. That doesn’t mean I have a grudge against people who are into that. Frankly, I think it’s abberated to want to police these kinds of things. To be at cause over people’s bedroom activity. First of all it’s an unattainable goal. Second of all, it’s not right to want to control something you can’t understand. Just because it confuses one it has to be stopped. When I was a kid in school there was a 711 across the street from the school. At recess everyone would run over there to get slushies. I hated sugar and used to get a pickled pigs foot with little hairs sticking out of it to much down on. They all thought I was dangerous and sick.

  168. I only had a lot of track from China.

  169. +1

  170. BY THE WAY, HUBBARD NEVER SAID THAT ALL HOMOSEXUALS ARE 1.1. HE NEVER SAID ALL PROSTITUTES ARE 1.1. LOOK AT WHAT HE SAYS. “Can be found in this arena”. 1.1.’s can be found in ANY arena. Even at the top of the Church! See DM!

    He also said in Responsibilities of Leaders Manuela should have been f&cking Simon’s buddies on the side for favors and power! How f*cking 1.1 is that? To suggest she needed to spread her legs for some favors behind her lovers back. Maybe she wanted to use her MIND and HEART and DEVOTION and IDEAS to persuade people! If she died in the ditch broke at least she died with dignity. What about that?

  171. gun & run bot… lol.

  172. And Miscavige will not be able to move Katie to a Caribbean Island with a pay off and order to remove her facebook page a la Debbie Cook.

  173. Wow Oracle… we really have no idea of the tragedies of others. Thank you for sharing.

  174. Li'll bit of stuff

    Deserved little salvo,TO. Lots more in store!
    Bring it on, li’ll trollo-bots!

  175. Joe
    A question specifically in relation to the extract below:

    I take responsibility …. For being blind to what was happening around me and so agreeing to the madness,

    How can you take responsibility for what you did not see?
    (You maybe feel you should have seen. But is that due to info avail to you now that wasn’t then.)

  176. The Oracle

    Thanks everybody. That was good to finally publicly let out and get an ack. I don’t blame the Church for that. I blame myself for letting it happen. I did not trust in “The Church” after that. And I realized it was me in the end who was going to have to live with the results of whatever my participation in Scientology arena was. I did it MY WAY after that. I did manage to track down my son when he was 24. He didn’t even know the woman who raised him was not his biological mother until he was 19. He had a half brother, the woman had had a child with my X husband. After which he abandoned them all. He didn’t even want the kids. He only wanted to make sure mine was not involved in Scientology!
    And by the time I tracked my son down he was convinced he had been saved from a cult. He was in such a bad condition personally I don’t even want to go into it. His younger half brother at 21 was already in prison for
    murder. They really did a number on those kids.

    And there was Michael Oakes, the chaplain / ethics officer at D.C. Org screaming at me accusing of me for fighting for my kid “like he is a piece of hamburger”. Like I was CRAZY.

    I had to confront the fact that the staff should not be running other people’s lives outside of the course room and auditing room. They didn’t have to live them!

    I also know by now no matter how far you go up the bridge you are never going to feel great about everything you have seen, been and done. I will never feel good about how that kid turned out because of my mistake. There is no cure in Scientology for that. There is no cure for a broken heart. I’ve hit that road twice and you have to learn to live with it.

    The good news is, with Scientology and this planet. Is that there are always second chances. The next time you do it right. The next time you make it all the way. In the second chance arena your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You are stronger, wiser. Your vision is clearer. You are immune to certain virus’.

    The Independent Movement is a second chance arena.

    It is the beauty of this universe , there is always a second chance no matter where you are in it.

    What is mercy but a giving someone else a second chance?

    I am only make the most out of the second chance arenas.

  177. The Oracle

    The truth is, now that I am talking about it. I was a kid myself when all of this happened. I can forgive the little kid I was in that situation. Even if I can’t forgive the grown up I became as a result of that.

  178. Marty,
    There are many ways you could have responded to this news. The way you did respond is really quite “gentlemanly” – ethical, informative, considerate, and helpful to all concerned. I pray that eyes are opened.

    Suri is turning 6, I gather. She is now of school age. Suri’s education may be a significant factor in the decision that Mom has made and the timing of her move. Just speculating…

  179. Wow, just read the intro and start of chapter 1 of “What is wrong with Scientology?”… Sanity, knowledge and wisdom – fantastic mix. Its a must read for clearing the cob-webs and undoing the damage from what I have seen so far. Had I the intimate knowledge and experience I would have written it that way myself. Hats off! Thankyou.

  180. Harry Potter

    Dave would tell them “The only expansion you two have been doing is to each other’s assholes”.

  181. Li'll bit of stuff


    Like you, I just can’t get away from that conclusion.
    She certainly is a sharpie, and we only have access
    to tabloid natter( totally worthless crap!!) or tv.i’views
    & hollow PR reports. One has to appreciate that one’s
    career is on the line with labels that can and do portray one as”kooked.”
    At the end of the day, (in that business,) appearances
    ” have to” be managed to keep bums plonked onto
    movie theatre seats, so movie makers make money.
    Katie’s move will definitely help her career, but this
    probably will spill a lot of coffee over the lounge table, before it’s over,so I do see her making efforts to get some GENUINE help, in dealing with the subjective effects to her!

    For sure, Katie is a very strong woman, and this
    has helped her to put her foot down, hard!
    Tom? Most decidedly allowed himself to be sucked
    into the imposter version of LRH’s Scientology:
    Psychopathic David’s “Church of Miscavology.”

    Others on this site have confirmed that DM will spare no effort to smear and vilify Katie as the
    culprit! TC, and to a lesser extent, Katie, have
    an enormous amount of decompression to work
    through, to get back genuine self determinism.
    Marty & co are available, they surely know this.

    I suspect, both Katie,and now probably John Travolta,
    may have already taken the plunge and confronted
    the contents of Marty’s book, and so it would only be
    a question of time before he would urge Tom to do
    the same.

    Be assured of this: None of these actors will be
    prepared to be drowned along with Captain David’s
    “unsinkable”, rapidly SINKING. “Satanic.”

    Calvin B. Duffield

  182. Some data here on how Tom got into scientology, through Mimi:

  183. Hi IEG,
    TC is a full on fanatic.

  184. Plus 100!!
    Hillarious on many levels. It is such an absurd statement it has to be a person joking around. Hard to believe someone would be so sick to believe that statement.

  185. More a silly truth … You speak in generalities: ‘all’ , ‘the beings’. Not really helpful, is it?

  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure that she will,Sherb!

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Are you sure you aren’t….” sullied truth “????
    Li’ll davie’s spider web is really sticky, hey???
    It’s okay, at least we S.P. squirrel Indies do
    understand…. BTW, did you say you wanted
    a sec-check, with your coffee?
    If you stick around, you can have one, since
    we’re very obliging to friends of li’ll davey,
    aren’t we, fellow S.P.’s

  188. Li'll bit of stuff

    Terrific ack to Marty, U/D, and shows the immense
    depth of understanding and healing that Marty,
    not only now shares with us, but through dogged
    hard work, and dedication, has quietly, and almost
    nonchalantly, healed himself.

    The polar opposite, of David Miscavige, in every
    sense of the word, clear for all to see, IMHO!

  189. Banner headline on today’s Sun front page:

    “Katie Holmes: Cult won’t get my Suri

    Actress vows to save her
    daughter from Scientology”

    (The Sun is by far the most read paper in the UK).

  190. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, for sharing this, TO.

  191. Li'll bit of stuff

    You know, Brian, I think you really have hit (the RIGHT)
    nail….on the head, with your statement….and noting;
    ….” I can feel something huge on the horizon.”

    If I may, I would like to add: ” ..for all beings of good will. ”

    ARC,Calvin B. Duffield

  192. Joe Pendleton

    Hey LDW,

    And I’ve also known couples in Scientology who have been married for over 30 years. You have my admiration and respect for continuing to create happiness with your spouse.

    I didn’t mean to imply, by the way, that there isn’t a lot in Scientology that couldn’t be used to make any marraige more successful and happier. There’s the ARC Triangle, the comm cycle, the tone scale, etc. I’ve also noticed in unhappy couples that they don’t create the relationship by applying the Non-E formula, which is to say as the years go by, they don’t continue to find out what their spouse needs and wants to be happy in the relationship (and then to actually do it).

    Why don’t Scientologists as a general rule apply these points so that there is a very low divorce rate? Well, I’ll just say the following. I joined staff in 1970 and it wasn’t until about 2000 that I had a senior who insisted that WE as staff actually applied Scientology basics to ourselves and to the public. This was not at an org, but at a smaller Scientology venue. One day my senior observed me handling one of my juniors, and it wasn’t going well as my TR0 was out as a listener and I kept cutting his comm. My senior pointed this out to me and I went back in, let him speak, acknowledged him and … voila!…. it went well, imagine that. This senior also insisted that in our dealings with fellow staff, we all maintained an above 2,0 tone (as well as keeping in a number of other points we all learn on courses and in policy).

    In all my years as a staff member at the org level, I never once (not even ONCE and this included me as a senior too, I’m sorry to say and I was tech trained) heard any org terminal point out to another that ARC, TRs, Comm Cycle, etc were not being used within the org.

    How come? I’m not entirely sure, but now in thinking back on those days, those things simply WEREN’T IMPORTANT. Stats were of course of a CONSTANT importance, reporting compliance uplines was always important, paid comps, starts, gross income, etc. These things ARE important, no doubt, but SCIENTOLOGY as an applied philosophy as it related to living on all the dynamics was never a subject discussed (and this would seem to be one of the most important factors in the religion, right?). So, folks read all about the tone scale from Science of Survival on the PTS/SP course and then you’d see them screaming at each other or threatening each other the next day in the extreme lower reaches of the scale. They would do the TRs course and have no comm cycle at all while “handling” their juniors (which always meant pushing for “production” – I don’t remember anyone ACTUALLY finding out REALLY why stats were low when they were – the answer was always just “insist harder” and make people more wrong for the way they were doing their jobs. (and this was the way it was in one of the biggest orgs in the world in the 1970s).

    My conclusion on this is that there is MUCH workable and vital data for living a better life in Scientology, but that that will not be emphasized or practiced in a large church organization; that large religious groups which control thousands or millions of people always tends to totalitarianism and uses threats, force and punishments to control the group, especially putting people at effect on 2D overts and insisting on total compliance with the moral code of the group, which usually also includes turning over significant chunks of one’s assets (though this can happen in a smaller religious group like Jim Jones or the guy in Waco of course).

    One solution is to have smaller, affiliated groups whose MAIN interest is in seeing that the religious philosophy is applied towards the end of making folks more aware, happier and self-determined (and not for ANY other reason). And that in these groups, folks are allowed to speak out and respectfully disagree without having to face uniforms, a system of informing and penalties for communicating.

  193. Li'll bit of stuff

    Or might that turn out to be, the “other” person behind
    the mask…”flimsy”??? No matter, Marty, as always,
    keeps it pure and potent, ( aka TRUTH! )
    Impossible to confront, of course, when one is out
    of ones own valence!….Sadly, mimsey / flimsy, just does
    not have a clue about any of this, do you, flimsy mimsey?
    Oh, well there’s always the company of fellow trollo-bots,
    to comfort one from the impending DM wrath to come….

    Tragic situation that..doomed if you do / doomed if you don’t.
    It was referred to by the ACTUAL founder of Scientology,
    LRH……in terms of ” creating insanity ”

    Of course, you could just save yourself a whole heap of
    personal agony & suffering “mimsey”, and just make a run
    for it!……We’re here, to help you pick up the pieces.

    …..D M ?……. or………. FREEDOM?……your call.

  194. “you all betray lrh and the beings on this planet.”

    Sally. I am glad your here. You put your toe in the water, managed to shoot off one sentence for the sake of a doubt formula and tried to not look at any other postings. But you will be back. And you will read what is posted here, and you will be able to make an informed decision, which is your right. Keep comming back. I doubt you stayed around to read the follow up comments. Whats important is that you know where to find us. And your doubts will not go away until you honestly confront the situation. Best wishes.

  195. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Tom, and his hypnotized Miscavigeoholics too!

  196. Mimi’s father is Phil Spickler. It was in his Mission in Palo Alto that Sarge (Frank) Gerbode audited. John Brodie and others were at this mission, including the Feshbecks.


  197. Li'll bit of stuff

    Quite a “titillating” scenario, for the gossip mongers, Haydn but thanks for turning it on
    with an equally wicked play with words, man.
    You really crack one up.

  198. Theo Sismanides

    Joe, I think I would agree with you. David after so many things we have written and known about him, looks to me, now, like a kid.

    Trying to be a religious leader when you have not made the grade on the first part of the 2D (not to mention the second part of that dynamic) sucks.

    There is another more sinister aspect of the matter though which is even more real to me. David is not just a puzzled man who cannot decide whether or not it is good to have sex but he knowingly and consciously destroys the 2D of the Sea Org to have utter control over humanoids. So he has brought all Sea Org to the level of humanoids just curtailing their 2D in any aspect possible.

    In that more sinister aspect and judging from the works of the “man”, which are many and awe inspiring he could be an implanter and not just a puzzled man or a kid.

    And I am saying awe inspiring “works” since in those 30 years of his reign he managed to change the whole philosophy of Scientology. The alterations are so many that now the only Stable Datum there is in Scientology is not Standard Tech but Him.

    In all big issues it’s He who decides. I hear now from Marty that marriage is abolished at Int !!!!!!!!

    Isn’t that an awesome work by David? Who else could have done that?

    He has committed so many High Crimes and wreaked havoc but still rules and is followed by thousands.

    He builds huge, new Temples under the auspices of the Rulers of all big Nations on this Planet as if he and them are preparing for the New World Order Religion. There is huge Cathedrals now all around the world awaiting for thousands of parishioners to go and get a New Religion suited for the purposes and goals of the Rulers of this world. Christianity is dying, Islam is growing in number but losing in wisdom and does not appeal to the youth either (too strict on 2D, too, stricter than DM maybe, lol), Judaism has never been popular… so what remains except for Scientology but a Scientology which would be custom made and maimed to fit their purposes?

    This is the role of DM and who has played it better?

    So I don’t know about his 2D peccadilloes really, all I know is that he acts as a Whole Track Implanter. He has brought Scientology to a level suiting the aims and purposes of the Implanters here on Planet Earth. He has made it just another Church. Thank god Independents exist and will carry out the burden with a light but global organization (one having a structure like that one of the Internet, a sort of a web type organization scattered all around the world in many independent but also interacting centers) where no Suppressive will be able to control anything.

    A new game has dawned and the Phoenix is rising from his ashes once again.

  199. Li'll bit of stuff

    Penny, accurate and compassionate, at the same
    time, as with WH’s regular postings, and this serves to remind us, that ALL beings are basically good!

    The harsh realities in life though, ALSO remind us
    that we needn’t waste compassion on the causer/s
    of pain, suffering, torture, violence, barbarism or
    the destroyers of one’s sanity, relationships,lives
    marriages / faith, security and most of all, the lives
    of children (our joint future,note well!)

    IMHO, wasting such a commodity on the actual perpetrators of such destruction of the dynamics,
    is akin to the effectiveness of praying to a deadly
    disease, to please spare the lives of its intended
    victims. Not going to happen!

    As LRH amusingly put it: …..” what’s good for the
    duck hunter,…..is NOT good for the duck! ”

    In just the same way,we could say, what’s “good”
    for DM….is NOT good for the sanity of others!!!


  200. Mimsey,
    what do you think why Marty wrote this book?

    You better read it before you judge!

  201. For 2 years I volunteered as public reg and I did pretty well. In that time I evaluated about 2,000 personality tests and the only thing that ever mattered was whether I had my TR’s in and people could see that Scientology could help them. The fact that a celebrity was a Scientologist had almost no meaning. I understand that name recognition gives credibility, but it’s not much of a factor compared to correctly applying the tech. The fact that DM unmocked so many things that worked and banked so heavily on promoting Tom Cruise shows me how out of touch he has been. Maybe, if DM had actually ever had a post like a supervisor, auditor or reg he might have come to realize this. But if he had ever done these things I’m sure he would have failed miserably and he never would have moved up the ranks.

  202. It could appear since neither of them have reported to have lived
    together for over 2years . kate would have had time to observe and see whats happening and think things through and work with her lawyers . Hopfeully having obtained very good advice through this She has come to that conclusion..
    The book of Rathburn could have helped, but even before it was out, theirs been enough available information stories told , data to see what has been happening and Rathburns openess of that. I don’t beleive she was blind to not see these changes.
    With all that in mind and how she has seen her husband change
    ( which is open for judgement ) Who wouldn’t question as to why you would retain the marriage under that stray/ both privately and professionally and till try and maintain an image . It wasen’t obvilously healthy. She would have had to question all this , and ask herself is she still married to the man she thought was Tom.?

  203. theo Sismanides

    Really nice Joe, really nice… smaller groups where ARC can be utilized! Never thought of that as simply as it was stated by you. Thanks

  204. Yes, your above description describes the typical M/WH behaviour.
    At least he tried to avoid that someone suspects his deep, abberated automacities (pictures he can’t control).

    Poor Davey.
    (Copper rods won’t help.)

  205. If that is to happen it would be good .Wonder !

  206. theo Sismanides

    Oracle, thanks for persisting. Some of us maybe have not been so successful on some dynamic however all of us together form a formidable combination.

    I want to acknowledge you for being around and being such a player in all this. So the second chance is here indeed. Let’s make the best of it.

  207. Mimsey, I’ve always found that the best solutions in life allow a person to survive well across their dynamics. If Marty can inform people and create income I think it’s fantastic. In fact, I hope he does so well that he can afford to by a house with a big gate that allows him to keep those squirrel busters out. The problem here is that, if he does, how will he be able to get a cover for his next book?

  208. Tom has hit every media channel on planet earth, all running stories about how his divorce from Katie centers around her worry about Suri becoming a member of his cult — as I said in an earlier comment, that is pure speculation, but my money is on my own speculation that she no longer wants to be in the same zipcode as a clone of Miscavige.

    Given that massive, straight up and vertical accomplishment, will Dear Leader be making a special presentation to Tom at this year’s IAS Patron’s dinner on the Freewinds: a new, sooperdooper, diamond encrusted, platinum plated, 150 pound IAS Medal of Valorious Vacuousness for “reaching more people with the news of Scientology than anyone in the history of this sector of the universe.”

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

    It also sucks to be Miscavige’s BFF.

  209. Looks like even Fox News will be stepping back from Scientology. Rupert Murdoch tweeted this morning: “Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hiearchy.”

  210. read ‘automaticities’.

    ( still learning English 😉 )

  211. Gern Gaschoen

    Re: Philosophy & “It is called judgement.”

    Axiom 58: Intelligence and judgement are measured by the ability to evaluate relative importances.

    Its not so important that TC and DM are gay.

    Whats important is that DM is ruining peoples lives by fostering and dramatizing serious homophobia among the corps of the Scientology elite. He has destroyed any chance of the Scientology movement from expanding from a position of power (i.e. Families and Loved Ones going up the Bridge together), and he regularly re-stimulates the 2D as a means of missing witholds (his favorite thing to do).

    Under guise of such turmoil, he rules.

    The OT Families (there are some in the crowd, still hanging in there) are going to become more and more aware of the destruction of the most basic civilizing unit that could save Scientology from its usurpers. Perhaps Katie is a turning point?

  212. The Oracle

    Thank you Theo. So very true. I’ve been married to the same person through all three of Tom Cruises marriages. And the next I got pregnant, I popped out two at once, twins. We are all on the bridge and have some pretty good stats. The second chance arena has been good to me. 🙂

  213. Gern Gaschoen

    I really loved Dr. Denk. He was the only doctor I’ve been to, even yet, who I really trusted. I don’t want to be weird or anything, but I always felt “In Session” with him, as a PC would, and I really liked that. Especially since it all dealt with sometimes icky body stuff ..

  214. Mike, your right about Scientology reaching more people with celebrity news. It could prove an opportunity for the widespread distribution of the fact that there is an independent scientology as opposed to the church. There has to be some silver lining to the constant flow of dark clouds with which the church has engulfed the subject.

  215. Yes Tony!

    At 0:12 he says: ”Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else, it’s you drive past, you know you have to do something about it.”
    This statement is the height of arrogance and invalidation of others. I don´t know in what kind of universe he is living (may be in Miscavige’s with his delusion of grandeur). What I know is, that there are many competent and great people all over the world who are helping others every day, also at accidents.
    He also lets himself put on a pedestal and lets himself getting glorified by Miscavige as THE model for all Scientologist and staff. What about all the auditors who were getting people up the bridge for many years and decades (including the ones who were treated badly, driven out or declared by DM)? What about all the staffs who were surely giving up a lot of “normal” life to help others? DM was using TC as a studied insult and for invalidation of his fellow Scientologists – and TC was playing along! – Pride comes before a fall.

  216. The belief that Gay is aberrated is quite prevalent in our culture, and it has a source. In the harsh desert environment where we first meet the God of Abraham, the very survival of one’s tribe depended on a high birth rate. So much so that if a man was killed in his prime, the man’s brother was commanded to take the widow into his house and continue keeping her pregnant. Homosexuality and masturbation were both seen as a waste of reproductive potential and were taboo for that reason. The taboo then became part of the moral code for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

    Today things are a little different. Earth’s population has doubled in my lifetime, and this sea of humanity is rapidly depleting key resources, stretching ecosystems to their limits and beyond, and causing the extinction of other species at a rate not seen for 70 million years.

    In this situation, promoting high birth rates, as the Mormons and Catholics do, seems to me like the aberration. If we were totally rational about it, wouldn’t we be encouraging non-reproductive outlets for our sexuality?

  217. In a sea org recruitment cycle a CMO staff told me that Tom Cruise is actually a sea org member and his post is “being Tom Cruise”.

    I hope he wakes up from this nightmare and run before he’s put in DM’s very private RPF! 

  218. JM: I noticed that last night when watching (gag) Entertainment Tonight to see IF Scientology would be an issue. Nope. Not even mentioned.

    Only the glories of TC — their fantasy castle wedding, his daring stunts, his wonderful movies. All Tom this and Tom that.

    I’m thinking it’s going to be a much harder fight than Kate imagines. He is big money for movies, for TV mainstream … no one wants to alienate a money maker –

    It won’t be AN event that topples the dictator but constant pressure by those who newly wake up and tell others, by those who have been around for years shouting about the abuses etc etc …

    Constant unrelenting pressure will eventually create what will appear to be AN EVENT — (but I don’t personally think Kate’s divorce will be it. She stands to lose too much — the possibility of Tom winning custody and thereby disconnecting from her. It’s TOO much for her to risk)

    THE EVENT that just might do it would be Diana Hubbard Horwich escaping and speaking out and gathering support. I for one would gladly support her in any way I could including financially (to the extent that I could)


  219. When I said Tom disconnection from her was too much to risk, I of course meant Suri disconnecting — much like Nicole’s children did from her.

    Kate has a precedent to watch regarding how she can be shut out of Suri’s life.

  220. @Ronnie, please explain to me how someone who chooses to dress up to make a statement (freedom of expression) during a gay parade, has any bearing on his/her ability to care for a child. Homosexuality may or may not be “aberrated”, but if it is, it is certainly no more so than judging a book by its cover.

  221. Mike, One other unexplained datum in the mix that would be explained by the theory above is Miscavige’s policy on marriage — a bedrock principle of Scientology — yet Miscavige has banned the institution of marriage at the Int base, really since the late 1990s. Sharon Hill married Xavier Jarquine, as I recall, in the late 1990s and got in trouble for having other fish to fry instead of doing post. By 2000 it was definitely outlawed when he threw the entire base into lower conditions after he caused his own event speech visuals to be botched.

    Regarding DM’s stance against marriage, you have to ask yourself why? And a reactive answer would be the only one that fit. Until now some have supposed it was to divide and conquer individual staff members and perhaps render them weaker and more malleable. But that wouldn’t really make them weaker, it would make them more likely to leave and more willing to face the inevitable because there is nothing more to lose. A more plausible albeit reactive reason might be that by forcing people out of heterosexual relationships, he hopes reactively to usher in same-sex relationships thus making it safer for him.

    We all know Miscavige has a lot to hide and has refused auditing since 1993. Cheating on his wife with another man could be part of that — I’ve seen him treat her worse than a doormat (not that I am ever going to lose any sleep because was a wicked toxic bitch in her own right who did everything in her power to enable DM and enforce his destructive intentions on others). And we know DM manifests continually the “wild animal reaction” of missed withholds. A person with a missed withhold reacts savagely because it is not safe for him — he might get found out. But if others at Int were openly switching sexual preferences, then he coudl relax because that would now be acceptable. Maybe that’s why he wanted so badly for the top two people in the Church — GL and MY — to “fuck each other in the ass.” He wanted them to set an example for the others at the Int base: divorce your spouse and have a same-sex relationship.

    I mean if you really confront how non-sequitur this objective was — if he wanted to simply ruin GL and MY in the eyes of their peers — repeatedly accusing them of “fucking each other in the ass” makes no sense whatsoever. I mean both of these guys were already groveling to his every whim and accepting beatings. If his goal was to ruin them, he’d simply accuse them of trying to destroy the Church, etc.

    I think it makes more sense when you translate what DM said into something like this: “I want you two to set a precedent and have a same-sex relationship. Then we’ll then get others to do the same (by accusing them until they also turn) and eventually when we have everyone doing it, I’ll then say “It’s okay.” Crazy idea, but I’m talking about the reactive computation of a man who lives in an delusional world of his own creation.

  222. martyrathbun09

    Interesting thought.

  223. Thanks Robert, guess I missed my big payout, since after putting in 20 years in the Sea Org DM took my wife of 16 years, my unborn child without my consent, took away my friends and contacts and any chance I had at moving up the Bridge (by declaring me after I went to the trouble to route out standardly), billed me for $82,191 of services none of which were my next step on the Bridge and other services I didn’t even do (it was a generic one-size-fits-all freeloader bill that DM approved for everyone to receive), failed to handover my back pay, and instead gave me $500 severance, which if you do the math brings my freeloader bill down to only a mere $81,691. In other words for only $81,691, DM will take 20 years of your life, take your spouse, take your friends, and have your unborn children murdered against your will. All that is behind me today (I told Tommy Davis, RIP, that I wasn’t going to give them a single penny), but I mention it to put the threatening environment that exists around DM into proper perspective so others can avoid destruction.

    That said, I want to point out something MAGICAL.

    Wayne and Debbie Cook, despite having zero money packed up all their belongings and moved to an island in the Caribbean and are now touring and staying in $100 a night hotels, looking for a place to live. For two people who were flat broke they seemed to have been pretty wily about squeezing money out of somewhere. See for yourself. He doesn’t mention anything about Scientology. I may be wrong but if you read between the lines, Wayne’s travel blog may make you chuckle.


  224. I wouldn’t put it past your right Mark / Made me smile ! His wife cannot not to have seen changes, let alone different shift of valences he has become over time so obvious . He takes on the dramatization regardless of DM.

  225. Huckleberry

    TC, I’m sad to report, is an asshole. He’s completely in the “little tyrant” valence of DM. He treats people like shit and constantly blames others for fucking up. Just like DM, he’s surrounded by SPs, all out to get him. It’s a tired little routine and I’m glad Katie saw through it, as Nicole did. I can just imagine poor old Tommy Davis today, having to fix this mess.

  226. Marty,
    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of your new book being included as the #10 on the list.

    It is such a well written, measured and accurate description of what is actually occurring with the organization. Possibly won’t communicate as well to the totally uninitiated because of the vernacular, but is just an excellent introducton to the technical alterations that have caused so many people so much grief. It was interesting how often your observations regarding tech out-points matched my own, and others observations. I have been skipping sections of processes on the grades once I’d realized that the PC had really EP’d on that section. It just made sense. That is what is gone from scn inc…”sense.”

    Common sense would dictate that a completely untrained terminal unilaterally deciding what is and isn’t standard procedure would make a dogs breakfast out the line up. Common sense would also dictate that 20 years of doing the same thing would, in LRHs words, be “not just ignorant, but suppressive.”

    Tony Ortega won’t like the book because it tells the truth about the workablility of the tech. He’s not into that aspect much, is he? But if he keeps looking, I think he’s going to accidentally have a cog or two, despite himself.

    Having myself spent many hours in the chair over the last four years, I will tell you that your observations regarding the tech directly mirror my own. Some of your observations gave me a few, “ah ha” moments too. Things I hadn’t yet cogged on became quite clear. It’s obvious that you not only know what your’re talking about, but you can walk with it too.

    I hope Katie and her dad get copies of the book. I think I’m going to send a copy to Heber.


  227. I have a lot of respect for Katie now. I’m behind her 1,000 percent. she’s up against Tom Cruise and David Miscavige on this and the whole machine of Corporate Scientology that they command. She will need a lot of support and I hope the media and others don’t buy into the Black Pr dribble which we can expect to come out of them in their attempts to paint her as an unfit mother or something just as ridiculous.

  228. Ronnie Bell

    He also lets himself put on a pedestal and lets himself getting glorified by Miscavige as THE model for all Scientologist and staff. What about all the auditors who were getting people up the bridge for many years and decades (including the ones who were treated badly, driven out or declared by DM)? What about all the staffs who were surely giving up a lot of “normal” life to help others? DM was using TC as a studied insult and for invalidation of his fellow Scientologists – and TC was playing along!

    Thank you for putting a laser beam on the precise point that has bugged me for so long about TC’s status within the Scientologist community.

    I, and hundreds of other decent Scientologists (including dedicated Sea Org staffs) labored throughout the 90s to rebuild and upgrade the church’s many properties under the assumed goal of providing more aesthetic, functional facilities for delivering Ron’s life-changing tech. I can’t even begin to describe the megatons of effort that went into getting those projects completed. Miracles were routinely demanded, and soon became the modus operandi of everyone involved.

    Yet during this enormous push by so many dedicated souls, who does DM elevate to be the standard model of a perfect Scientologist? A rich and famous Hollywood actor who’s never expended 1/100th the energy to forward the aims of the church, as those of us laboring in the trenches.

    The affront and insult to every Scientologist, was that somehow, this man was better and more deserving of praise and thanks than the rest of us.

    Placing an already wildly successful person on such a pedestal also served to give every Scientologist a suppressive standard to live up to. The very best auditors, freeing hundreds of beings, could never hope to be so acknowledged or recognized for their truly magnificent products and service to mankind.

    That TC allowed himself to be used by DM in such a suppressive fashion is written all over his face in that video of him accepting his “Freedom” medal of honor. It was one of the lowest points of many low points in the years that followed.

  229. When Tom realizes that hzes his marriage to Mimi was sabotaged by DM he is going to be perplexed. When he realeizes his marriage to Nichole and subsequent divorce from her was caused by DM he is going to be upset. When he reazlizes that his divorce by Katie and subsequent “disconnec” from Suri was caused directly or indirectly from Miscaviage, hes going to be really pissed. “The most dangerous man is a man with nothing to lose.” Run Davey, run. Your ass is grass and a lawnmower is rolling in your direction like a cruise missle.

    ML Tom

  230. Great!
    Thanks for posting this Martin.

  231. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Les – of all people, I should have warned you it would be like preaching to the choir. You and I have had a very similar experience, continually auditing within and outside the wall. Would appreciate your review at the Amazon books site, since more than half the current ones are written by folk who never read the book.

  232. Lol. That wouldn’t surprise me either.

  233. Imagine a workable therapy and system of improvement being used solely to gain information and money, to influence, to control and to dominate. This is the sad reality of membership within David Miscavige’s “Church” of “Scientology” (and why so many continue to leave and practice independently). Life under Miscavige is a slippery slope towards denial, pain, delusion, insanity and, for some, even death.

  234. threefeetback

    LRH was working in futures at the time and knew that the untrained and unaudited Diamond Dave/Sultan would separate the wheat from the chaff; even if in a perverse way. LRH’s last messages to his friends were directed to individuals (“you”) about the actual USE of what he discovered. The independent field is moving over to cause and control over the correct use of the subject.

  235. Sally, one of the following applies: a) you have no real or comprehensive understanding of LRH Tech and Policy – if you did you would be saying David Miscavige is the one betraying LRH and the beings on this planet; b) you have the blinders on to the max; c) you are deliberately, with knowledge of the falsity of your statement, making the statement anyways. Ignorance, not-ising or falsehood – which is it?

  236. This all is very sad news. Might this be a dissem backfire sit. with a bit of third party from pal Victoria. What is the base of It.

  237. Those MF´s should be fired right away. NOT Ethics, not Sec checks, not session,not holding hands, not chaplains hearing…this is pat a cake, Q+A. The church should fire them right away. And if those cycles become public, they state: We fired the pedophile immediately. Standard operation base WOG world, matchin reality = Good PR. Attorneys welcome.
    But you see what happens inside the super fair “functioning” administrative frame of SCN.

  238. threefeetback

    Looks like she is driving a golden spike to expand the underground railroad; making it above ground and transcontinental. Lots of work by lots of people; and she will probably need some help with that golden spike.

  239. Thanks for the reminder of good will Calvin. I’ve become such an enemy of the Co$ I know I sometimes let that bleed into my sentiments without aforethought.

    And, as much as I appreciated Brian’s comments, I have no data or observation to support TC as a ‘maven’. Any clarity on that appreciated.

  240. The scientology training and processing Tom Cruise has had is squirrelling ..
    The two definitions below are from a 1975 technical dictionary of dianetics and sceintology :
    SQUIRREL, 1.a squirrel is doing something entirely different . He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place. (SH spec 77 , 611C08) 2. Those who engage in actions altering scientology , and offbeat practices. (ISE, p.40) – v. 1 . to change and invent processes. (HCOB 23 May 69)
    SQUIRRELLING. 1. it means altering Scn and offbeat practices. It is a bad thing. (HCO PL 14 Feb 65) 2. squirrelling is not really different processes – it is careless, incomplete, messed up auditing procedure . (HCOB 15 Jan 70 II)

  241. Kevin & Lisa… my old dear bud’s, (it would be a kick in the theta universe to see you guys again 🙂 Marty clarifies far beyond the “basics” and everything we already knew was Scientology in this short treatise. In my opinion his words echo, clarify, and even elaborate merely the truth. Happy reading 🙂

  242. Mike, I’m afraid Dave is once again going to say you are still not thinking big enough for him and TC. You don’t get the event. When will you learn? At this year’s IAS event Miscavige will announce that Tom Cruise is reaching people on 75 distant planets with news of Scientology, each with 50 billion people, that makes 3,750 BILLION people now reached with Scientology. Report to Ethics and write an issue declaring yourself.

  243. Tony, You’re as good as it gets! 😉

  244. Got it done under Anita’s name.

    Here’s the text:What many severe critics of Scientology will not like about this book is that it describes not only what is terribly wrong with $cientology, it also describes what is useful about it.
    Why is Scientology still here? You would think that with over 60 years of some of the most horrible press attacking it incessently, that the organization and the philosophy would have vanished from the face of the earth. So how the heck does it continue to make headlines and continue to be controversial or continue to be accepted by anyone in his right mind?
    The unfortunate truth for detractors is that Hubbard did in fact come up with workable spiritual technology which can and does (in the right hands) help people live a happier, more fullfilling life. Sorry. Works for me.
    The reason that membership in the “church” of $cientology is declining is because the organization is so corrupt and its leadership is completely out of touch with reality. And, because its self-appointed “leader” is a sociopath.

    Mr. Rathbun does an excellent job of clarifying many of the issues embroiling the current cult of $cientology as well as describing some of the things that really are the reason that scientology is still around.

    An excellent read.

  245. New post up at TMZ.

    First sentence:
    “Katie Holmes believes Scientology now views her as a threat to the organization and has put a team on her tail … sources close to the actress tell TMZ.”


  246. Damn Lana, are you embellishing at all or the true scene??? I’m beginning to wonder how the hell this can go on unchecked, if true, and thus… well hell I don’t even know where to go from here.

    I don’t doubt the Midget is a nutcracker (beyond compare)… but really? I’m not even sure I want to know the answer… lol.

  247. Per this, Katie may be getting followed by Scientology Inc. people. If that is happening and she can prove it, the creep factor will certainly go in her favour in court.


  248. Bruce Pratt

    FS — While all the well meaning individuals have my support, if only moral, and more when possible, I still like to keep in mind the powerful, damned powerful, 2 rules for happy living. All 2 both of em. That willing to experience anything is a real doozy of a principle. The principles behind flourish and prosper are also doozies in their own right. This is supposed to simply echo (and hope to apply) some of the sage advice from the old man.

  249. Loved the wedding in the castle in Italy
    this all was the epic love story until David Miscavige wanted
    to go on Tom and Katies Honeymoon. That was nixed by Katie one can only
    guess. Could have been the beginning of the end.

    Anywho now fodder for Rupert Murdoch

    For sure a Book on David Miscavige will sell for $6.66

  250. Per Scientology Inc’s interpretation of LRH Tech, Tom Cruise didn’t ask for the Chaplain’s help before he filed for divorce in court on Nicole Kidman. Based on my personal direct observation from Tom Cruise back in 2004 is that he is a criminal, abuser and also violates human rights on everyone around him, including his family members. Whether he is in DM’s valance or not, Tom Cruise and DM are 2 peas in a pot.

  251. martyrathbun09


  252. @ mwesten: re; @Ronnie, please explain to me how someone who chooses to dress up to make a statement (freedom of expression) during a gay parade, has any bearing on his/her ability to care for a child. Homosexuality may or may not be “aberrated”, but if it is, it is certainly no more so than judging a book by its cover.

    Thanks for the inquiry mwesten. I somehow can’t comment direct to yours, I suspect too many layers, regardless, I hold to my opinion that I would NEVER let a sexual pervert care for my children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, friends, etc., period.

  253. Sorry to tell you Robert but tc is a traitor to humanity. He aslo betrayed many good and honest Sea Org members who were trying to help the planet do better. I know Tom THINKS he is doing the right thing. That is different from doing the right thing.

  254. Let’s all send Katie our theta flow…. A divorce is hard enough, let alone from a mega-celebrity with unlimited funds and an ego to protect. When you throw a cult/religion and it’s psycho leader into the mix, the scene suddenly turns into a train wreck. Can we really expect her to blow the lid off corrupt Scn, while she is amidst a huge transition, and trying to protect her daughter?! Coming out of this alive, with her sanity, will be a huge feat to accomplish. We can all help her by flowing our theta her way, instead of wrapping it up in the entertainment celebrity showdown realm. Go Katie! May the building power of The Independent movement help you access the info and comm lines you need to get through this! In other words, you go girl!

  255. Ronnie, I don’t know whether to tease you or be stern with you. Very stern! 🙂 Spirit of play, man, spirit of play.

  256. The only accusation that has not proved out to fulfill LRH’s observation that people accuse others of what they themselves are doing was his one about MY and GL “fucking each other in the ass” — an accusation he repeated in a series of meetings before me and others.

    One possibility is that perhaps DM is attracted to TC in a sexual way, but has never acted on it. A “thought crime” in his own twisted mind. The weight of that could cause him to exhibit the behavior he did towards MY and GL.

    DM is certainly smitten with TC in every other way…

  257. Theo Sismanides

    WH, nice analysis! However Katie losing custody would be an EVENT cause a mother should NOT lose custody of a child SHE gave birth to. So for the non Scientologists that would be an EVENT. For us Scientologists, yes Diana Hubbard walking out, that would be it. But since I trust that Tom Cruise is not a Suppressive as Miscavige but a PTS I believe all this mess coming out now with his divorce will mess up more Corporate Scientology and Davey to a point he will be losing more and more points. Tom unwittingly will help cause I trust the guy even if he is soooo naive and shallow. He is going to make it an EVENT for us just by mistake and our intention to get something out of this! Bingo and Tone 40 exist!

  258. Huh? It gets a 4.5 out if 5 stars on reviews. Most of the reviewers have clearly read it; one who hasn’t just comes across as a buffoon frankly.

  259. Even if you are a true blue official Scientologist, or if you are instead play acting as one, in either case at least this blog is tolerant enough to invite you here to speak and let you speak.

    I have learned that all of the official Scientologist blogs do NOtT let us ex official Scientologists comment on your blogs.

    When official Scientologists are individually as free and tolerant as the independent and freezone Scientologists, THEN you have a moral leg to stand on, and only then will you comparable to the moral and ethical “higher” places the ex official Scientlologists have taken.

    Sally Truth, let us ex members talk to you on your own turf?

    Can you allow that?

    Are you tolerant enough?

    Notice that Marty lets you speak here!

    That fact alone shows a huge gap of character and morality, difference between you and those out here!

  260. Theo Sismanides

    Oh and one big difference that is there between the children of Nicole and Suri. Nicole’s children are adopted whereas Suri is a natural child of both.

  261. martyrathbun09

    Any review dated pre 26 June (but for Haydn) and then some did not read the book.

  262. So true Ronnie.
    It was a punch to the gut to every hard working Scientologist.
    I think tc if he was in valence could help the movement. But one could argue now that he has been one of the biggest contributers to Scientology’s bad PR in society. Sorry Tom but you have failed in your Mission Impossible.

  263. Theo Sismanides

    JF, brilliant thought. The Sun (British tabloid newspaper) has already interviewed Mark Headley and Samantha Domingo (Sam) on the matter of divorces in Scientology. We are gaining ground as Insiders and more objective observers of things as to matters of Scientology.

  264. Kevin Tighe

    From LA Times: Rupert Murdoch calls Scientologists ‘creepy’ and maybe ‘evil’


  265. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Oracle, awesome! I have also been strong on the 3D and my 2D has always been lagging behind, lol! Keep up the good work!

  266. I’d agree with that, that Tom Cruise ought read Marty’s book.

    Experienced Scientologists who have suffered through the last 30 years, or longer, of Scientology history, Marty’s book is a good editorial update on what is wrong.

    I read the “Book of Case Remedies” while in my final RPF’s RPF months on the PAC RPF in 2001.

    In some senses, Marty’s book reminds me of LRH’s “Book of Case Remedies” in terms of Scientology principles that resolve people’s messed up cases which drive people to leave, since people leave when they arent’ getting delivered the case gain they wished from LRH’s tech.

    Marty’s book is so far better than I expected, I’m half way through. I expected a summary editorial, rather than Marty’s compartmenting what he thinks the major faults of the last 30-40 years.

  267. Kevin Tighe

    In defense of TC: Until three years ago very, very few of us knew the level of insanity at the top of the Church’s org board. I can only assume TC did not know either. Now that the insanity has come knocking on his door and kicked him in the balls let’s see if he wakes the fuck up. If he doesn’t, then all I can say is Karma is a bitch.

  268. Theo Sismanides

    Steve you are not far off from reality in Churches, hahaha! Greek “Orthodox” Church does have that, monks and priests are known to have homosexual relationships. So this goes to cool aid drinkers… your Corporate Scientology with DM at the helm is becoming just another church and GL and MY can fuck each other in the ass! It’s totally ok just like in the Greek Orthodox Church monks and priests are known to be homosexual and NOBODY does NOTHING. Go ahead cool aid drinkers, let DM banish marriage and children and don’t believe Steve who just Obnosed for you.

  269. Agreed.

    Were Tom Cruise to do what Debbie Cook did, would be stepping up to the plate and really coming full circle.

    LRH agreed celebrities have dissemination potential, what better long term lesson, than to let a celebrity like Tom Cruise be free to speak his mind, totally free of any Miscavige control?

  270. Hot off the press: ” Rupert Murdoch: Scientologists ‘creepy, maybe even evil’ This is the product of the man at the helm of Scientology’s explosive growth – our beloved David Miscavige, the supreme LEADER. Good job, DM, you little sicko. Tom Crusie wake up!!!

  271. Great post, Joe…so much truth…loved the last paragraph.

  272. Truly cutting edge, were Tom to read Marty’s chapter 9 “SUPPRESSION” essay, and realize how wrong it is to consider Katie in any way “suppressive” and for Tom to completely and honestly NOT employ any of the SP rules against Katie.

    Katie Holmes and Nicole, in no way are suppressive persons, and no degree of SP responses deserve ever be used against Katie.

    If Tom even gets advised of what comments and editorial opinions get spoken here on this blog, I hope someone of Tom’s entourage slips Marty’s book to Tom, and I hope to heck Tom really listens to Marty’s chapter 9!

  273. Reported today by Tony Ortega
    Rupert Murdoch is the Biggest Media Titan in the world.
    Congress and Senators bow and scrape to him when he shows up on the Hill.
    (Owns Fox TV network)
    Rupert Murdoch tweet :
    Scientology back in news. Very Weird Cult but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number 2 or 3 in the hierarchy.
    Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people

  274. Gotta pick a nit here. The actual quote is “Be able to experience anything”
    Willing and able are not the same concept.
    “To be happy, one must only be able to confront” (able in italics)
    “Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is”
    New Slant on Life

  275. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks so much Steve, hopefully, there’s no residual
    on this chapter impinging on you any longer. Boy, this
    is a healing place of note, if you can just hitch up with
    the ARC & theta available. Always an Auditor in the
    wings, if just in silence, but the acks always confirm it.

    Nothing quite as reassuring as .”…I’m here for you. ”
    (when said with genuine sincerity..eh?)

    Wow, and thanks for the Debbie / Wayne update.
    You know what? Nothing like a change of scenery
    to lift the spirits, and re-invigorate the senses.
    As you say, reading between the lines, gives a chuckle.

    Time to face the sobering realities, comes after
    enjoying a break from the insanity. Many others,
    including Marty, steadfastly refused what amounts to
    selling out their integrity. At the end of the day, he is
    stronger still, for having made that decision, and I
    believe is the better example for us all. I also applaud
    all other Indies, including yourself, for figuratively, taking THATasshole, li’ll davey, by the back of his
    tux collar and pants, and throwing him off his own
    abominable ” Bridge to Total Free-dumb ”

    Kudos Steve,
    Calvin Indie 500 # 301

  276. Marty,

    You’re a big ex cheese.

    You still have immense historical power to effect good change.

    If you did a letter to a major newspaper, short, NOT long winded (god help me, I’m the worst in that zone), and heart to heart, you could have have a real impact in this Tom Cruise and Katie news divorce story.

    I urge you to speak via letter, to the largest newspapers, who cover the Tom Cruise and Katie divorce.

    Chapter 9 of your book, to me, has the seeds of advice I urge you to give Tom.

    Katie is just NOT a suppressive person, and the big fear is Tom will marginalize her, and Tom will be subtly influenced to see Katie as being suppressive.

    Your Chapter 9, to me, your honest assessment of the SP theory misuse, are what Katie fears.

    Even though I’m not a Scientologist today, I feel we owe the world some repair/remedy to how we implemented SP rules on society, and Katie’s fears of Tom’s overzealous Scientology principles extremistly dramatized, are what Katie fear.

    Help Tom, I urge.

    I agree that Ken Urquhart has the best take of us all, and I think we have a duty to fix what messes we all perpetrated.

    Marty, you’re a big influence and could help change Scientology’s bad influence, by somehow helping Tom and Katie NOT have the worst of Scientology’s misuse (no matter how much is LRH’s fault or not), interfere in their divorce.

    Please, drop back to the best principles, and help them out!

    You’re a public man, I urge you to write a letter or get a public statement to the major press, on this.

  277. Scientology is getting spanked in the media. I’ve never seen anything like this. Scientology is the whipping post of media ridicule. This Tomkat divorce, allegedly, over Scientology dwarfs the Debbie Cook saga. Fortunately all eyes are on the corporate version. DM is getting besieged from all directions. Time to pull out the popcorn again. Ha ha.

  278. This turn of events with Katie must be driving DM bonkers as well. I am sure that Katie has observed enough “over the top” handlings between Tom, Dave and his informants (Tom’s hired help) to warrant a full “DM style” handling to shut her up. Having a savy lawyer as both father and grandfather will be in Katie’s favor. Tom’s reaction to DMs pressure to keep this all hush hush might limit his ability to pursue custody issues with his only blood child. Something that he might not take easily. Threats of exposure in a court of law and threats of losing his BFF over a custody battle can’t be good for the exhaulted one. I think there may be more than one “last straw” before this hand is fully played.

  279. + Kevin.

    Many suspected, but hadn’t yet connected all the dots. Me, I like Tom more so than I dislike him, even still. Yes he does need to come clean and wake up… that notwithstanding, I do wish him the best.

    I was at LA ORG’s humongous tented avail of TC’s now infamous speech, on a screen so large, something like 20x36ft, I can’t even recall the exact over-the-top measurement, “…only Scientologists can help…”. I was standing at the very back of the tent, and left early to my closely parked car, by then my mo.

  280. That’s fine, Ronnie. I am simply suggesting that to judge someone’s ability to care for a child based on what they might wear at a Gay Pride march is somewhat baffling in this day and age. If it’s okay for a woman to shave her legs and wear lipstick, why isn’t it okay for a guy? Maybe that guy was a woman in his last life, wanted to do it all over again but got lumped with the body of a dude. Are you going to tell him he can’t (or shouldn’t) express himself, through fashion, on a parade that ultimately celebrates diversity and the freedom to be. Seriously, who made up the rules as to what is “normal” attire for men and for women? So long as no-one is waving their bits in public, and no one’s harming anybody, why should anyone care? What any of this has to do with “sexual perverts” or childcare is beyond me!

  281. Theo Sismanides

    The difference and what got you into trouble Steve is that you were a Thetan and a Big one! hahhahaha! You were attacked because you were there (being You) and communicated (in the way You only could communicate).

  282. Precept 20, the sentences regarding evolving the highest virtues, to me, are LRH’s best advice, ever.

    If I were ED International, I’d have those sentences as a plaque on the wall facing my desk, reminding me how to strategically reform the movement, from top to bottom.

    And for people noticing history, Bill Franks, the first ED International, took the responsibility LRH gave his position, initially Bill took LRH at his word.

    I think Bill Franks erred only in having patience.

    It might be a generation or two, if Scientology’s administrative setups survive these first hundred years turmoil, it will be in the decades to come, that someone gets really “Class 8” level “that tiny single thread that is standard tech through history” viewpoint, on the “admin” side of things, and really just fixes all the “silly” ignorant messes that Ken Urquhart says staffers would engage in, (Ken Urquhart’s writings, thankyou Dee for pointing them out again!’ Ken’s writings on the IVy site deserve to be read by all who are free to read widely.)

    Some of LRH’s options are there to choose from.

    And Precept 20, to me, is the roadmap!

  283. Theo Sismanides

    Les wrote:

    Tony Ortega won’t like the book because it tells the truth about the workablility of the tech. He’s not into that aspect much, is he? But if he keeps looking, I think he’s going to accidentally have a cog or two, despite himself.

    Go Les! hahahaha!

  284. Theo Sismanides

    Kevin, thanks then I was one of the few… google Theo Sismanides and read my 3 write ups since 2000 on translations etc. thanks for being around now.

  285. The Oracle

    Since you are the one who has so much concern for poor Katie why aren’t YOU calling her lawyers instead of pushing Marty to? Why don’t YOU step up to the bat and help poor Katie and her family and friends instead of smashing others for not doing so? What are you doing for Katie today? What are you doing for us today? Smacked people around for what YOU yourself are not willing to do?

  286. The Oracle

    Like, her family and lawyers even want to hear from you, or me or Marty? Those people think this is none of your business. None of our business. And it isn’t! It’s a private family affair. If YOU need to be seen in their theater go on over there and audition! Get real and pick up the phone if this is your business. Do you even know those people? Get real!

  287. Shakespeare

    Hey, Tom Cruise, “Come up to present time”.

  288. Li'll bit of stuff

    Just a moment, I’m trying to enjoy your words
    to the fullest!!!!!!!!

    Ah….YESSSSS!!!!!!!! This is a REAL pleasure
    moment for me, personally, Like a HUGE chunk
    of suppressed disappointments over the past
    30 odd years, have suddenly found a release!!

    What a wonderful find, that you have had the
    exact same feelings stashed away, and now
    the time has come to articulate it, and so very
    refreshingly, too.

    You have just made a massive statement of
    what good manners,caring,compassion,acks,
    & being there for one another, is all about,
    and that applies to this blog, as well, BTW.

    T H A T I S S C I E N T O L O G Y, people.

    Whew! All is not lost after all! (huge sigh of

    Thanks for the re-vitalization, Joe, just the
    shot in the arm this embattled soldier needed!

    Calvin, joined Scn 1971
    declaration, mothers day 13 May 2012

  289. eileenclark101


    “I don’t blame the Church for that. I blame myself for letting it happen.”

    “The good news is, with Scientology and this planet. Is that there are always second chances. The next time you do it right. The next time you make it all the way. In the second chance arena your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You are stronger, wiser. Your vision is clearer. You are immune to certain virus’.

    Your words here have helped me to resolve in my universe an unresolved situation with my own son that has gone on since 1985 when I made the decision to return to the Sea Org. He was 18 yrs old then, had just graduated from Delphi in Oregon. We spoke only sporadically after that, the last time was in 2001. He had gotten into drugs, hated Scientology, what I was doing, how I lived my life. He felt betrayed by me.

    I miss him every day, but was not able to deal with how he had changed, who he had become. Despite many sec checks on the area and dozens of condition formulas done over the years there was no improvement in this area of my life. I see him and myself differently now. Thank you very much. Somehow, I now feel that this will get resolved.

  290. I guess I have to get technical. Read the entire condition. By definition TC is in Treason. It’s not subjective. To call yourself a Scientologist, yet support DM, put’s him in the “Treason Condition”.

    The Condition of Treason

    Treason is defined as betrayal after trust.

    The formula for Treason is very correctly and factually “Know that you are.”

    It will be found, gruesomely enough, that a person who accepts a post or position and then doesn’t function as it, will inevitably upset or destroy some portion of an organization.

    By not knowing that he is the __________ (post name), he is committing treason in fact.

    The results of this can be found in history. A failure to be what one has the post or position name of will result in a betrayal of the functions and purposes of a group.

    Almost all organizational upsets stem from this one fact:

    A person in a group who, having accepted a post, does not know that he is a certain assigned or designated beingness is in Treason against the group.

    The formula for the Condition of Treason is:

    Find out that you are.

  291. “The unfortunate truth for detractors is that Hubbard did in fact come up with workable spiritual technology which can and does (in the right hands) help people live a happier, more fullfilling life.”

    Brilliant comment.

    A wonderfully important review Les. Thank-you for adding your reasoned and eloquent voice to the debate (other, stronger descriptions could apply) at Amazon.

    Vic K.

  292. The Oracle

    I thought he threw Nic under the bus. Mimi too. I don’t know how it gets better than Nic Kidman though. On a scale of 1 to 10 she’s a 13. Obviously intelligent, talented and stable. Mimi was a class 8 that put him on the bridge. How do you throw that under the bus? She was a whiz kid. It seems to me some fine things have been laid upon his table. It also seems to me that is actually married to the Church of Scientology and to David Miscavige. And what wrong with him spotting power source? Mimi got him in. Marty got him up. He is devoted to someone who only illegally spied on him, shared slaves with him, and has practically wrecked his career with out P.R.. That is an outpoint.

  293. Impartial English Girl

    To “Sally Truth”. I am not a Scientologist, so I cannot claim to fully understand your point. But in all the very many months that I have been following this blog I have NEVER read anything disrespectful towards Mr. Hubbard issuing from the keyboard of Mr. Rathbun.

    I believe your statement says more about yourself than it does about this excellent and fair-minded blog.

    Wishing you all the best in any case.
    IEG x

  294. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lovely TO , say, what about posting El Debarge,s
    recent release “second chance” vid. makes the
    point so beautifully in that unique falsetto, enjoy!

  295. Theo Sismanides

    Chuck, you are always so cool and… different cause you are you! What is precept 20, man?

  296. Theo Sismanides

    F…ing shit, man… I just got to line 10 of your answer to Marty and I say, yes I say you are a real Scientologist and a Sea Org. Your advice is always good and moderate. You bought and read the book too, keep it up Chuck. you are also being watched, hahaha! I keep on reading the rest of your answer.

  297. 🙂

  298. Tom Cruise, is not an intelligent guy. He craves for admiration and self-importance and that is how DM wins him over with all the BS he gives Tom on a daily bases therefore Tom is willing to do anything or even kill for his best buddy David Miscavige. That is how SICK their relationship is.

  299. I haven’t posted for a long while, but I felt compelled to answer this one. And this is just my experience, mine alone:

    It’s wasn’t so much “being blind”, it was more a case of “seeing and then pretending I didn’t see”, which is far worse than not seeing at all.

    When I look at it that way, the whole responsibility aspect shifts around 180 degrees and I AM responsible, in exactly the same way Joe described it for himself.


  300. TheWidowDenk

    That is soooo nice of you to say … thank you!

  301. If there are no rules, ie. morals, mwesten, then why not just waive it all in public eh?

    Me, I have no recall of ever being female, so there is no confusion! lol

  302. +1 Franklin.
    TC was in Treason to LRH all the years (at least) since he accepted the “Medal” for “Keeping Scientology Working”.
    (But I think that he is now in Confusion, big time.)

    Tom, look at Scientology. Look at Scientology as a whole subject, not only the things you know from the guy you trusted. Look how Scientology evolves outside the walls of Miscavige. Ask yourself honestly if all those people are SPs or if they just want to live their lives in freedom of choice.
    Open your eyes. KSW doesn’t mean “kill all those SPs”. It just means, apply Scientology beneficially. Use it standardly.
    Do you really think you were in the same situation if Miscavige would run the Church standardly? With the amount of ARC as described by LRH in “An Essay on Management”?

    Why do you think is Marty running this 3rd Dynamic Session?

    Scientology is different from what you observed in the Church as run by Miscavige.
    Just look. Listen to whomever you want, but don’t stop looking for yourself.
    Find out what is out there. Get in touch. Communicate.

  303. Roger Thought (LO)

    This is from Lisa Marie Presley for David Miscavige and his friend:

    “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”

    This is just the beginning !

  304. Well Murdoch has got a few things to keep focus on whilst an on going
    investigations is on going in relation to tel hacking and ways in which his employers and goverment has worked and mislayed public to obtain stories for major headlines.His creditability along with his son is weaked regardless of his empire.

  305. Marty is not TC’s enemy.

    I can’t speak for Marty, so I will speak for myself:
    I would love to see this marriage fixed.
    Scientology can be used to help people – did you know that?

  306. Theo Sismanides

    Mariella, nice observation, TC craves for admiration…. that says it all!

  307. I agree and that comes across in T.C. interviews he has had in the Uk
    and when you watch DM talks when both have been on stage events
    you sense that dramatization of must be admired.

  308. Hello Califa – how kind of you to write such a nice reply; bless you. xx
    I’ve been struggling to stave off bankruptcy of late, so saving energy by not going online so much!! I’ve never been much of a friend of housekeeping, the state of my house can attest to this 😉 Thank you for asking about the blog – here is the link – http://jasper-thedogsblog.blogspot.co.uk/.
    Love and best wishes from here across the pond,
    IEG xxx

  309. Tony and Franklin,

    Over the years, Tom Cruise has unwittingly played an important roll in the growth of Miscavige and Scientology Inc..But Cruise has only played an important roll BECAUSE he is an important movie star. This made him a target to be carefully “handled” by Miscavige and his operatives. Miscavige is a veritable genius (not just “real good”) at locating sources of power and feeding off them. LRH is the best example. This has also happened with countless well intentioned Scientology executives.

    Cruise needs to apply the Doubt formula, not the Treason formula.

  310. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure Ronn S. We make a concious decision to just
    stick a pin in all those inflated mental monsters, and
    let them go……psssssssss..s…..s…… s to the floor.
    and let ’em stay there——-not in our heads!

    We KNOW that TC is mentally caught in the SP(ider)s
    web at the moment, and that is clarity enough,surely?
    You do know what I’m saying Ron? the more a victim
    squirms and struggles, the more futile escape becomes!
    The web IS sticky , that is part of its cunning design,
    ensuring escape is practically impossible. When one
    is then tied up in a weaving of almost invisible thread,
    (total restraints to leaving) it’s all over,one becomes a
    meal, or stored as a future sustenance, Getting the
    picture? Such is the mind of a SP(ider) or similar
    predator, like li’ll davey who operate under the cloak
    of camouflage that fools unsuspecting, gullible victims,
    like TC. We will see this all play out here, stay tuned!

    My humble 2c.

  311. See answer above to Tony and Franklin

  312. threefeetback

    It can very easily be concluded that DM does not pratice nor froward the subject of Scientology. The closer you are to examining him, the more obvious it becomes. From a distance, with accurate information, it is a piece of cake.

  313. The “swapping terminals” phenomenon became apparent in the early ’90’s.
    After “Days of Thunder” DM got interested in race cars, and TC starred in a string of movies about lawyers (!).
    Now that Katie has removed herself as Tom’s “beard”, perhaps they can get honest and straight with themselves and each other (and the rest of the world), but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  314. Here Here Ms English Girl,

    I am an atheist ex nerd Scientology staff trainer nerd wannabe “think tank” helper amongst my 27 years career in the Scientology Sea Org (elite lifer staff ranks, FSO, FB, FCB, Int Base, ASI, RPF Int and LA).

    Were official Scientogists, even if they are troll volunteers who are OSA guided or even OSA staffers like Mike Rinder has constantly zero’d in on them, even if Sally is an in standing good Scientologist or she’s an OSA staffer, she’s or he’s (Gavino Idda comes to mind), they are having to watch here for NEW defectors.

    Kathy O’Gorman (OSA Int Combat Information Center In Charge) will file any new important intel gleaned from people newly defected, who seem to spontaneously share their recent defector info here on Marty’s blog!

    New defectors posting anywhere, and particularly posting her on Marty’s blog, YOU lurking pondering potential defectors have POWER over the abusive system.

    “Prediction” is the LRH awareness characteristic that is Kathy O’s duties of sucking up intel off Marty’s blog benefits by.

    Thus, Kathy O’s intel gathering is a given.

    New defectors lurking on this blog, YOU have power.

    Share the abuse history! And address Kathy O’Gorman and Gavino Idda!

    New lurking defecots, welcome, and please get up your courage, and just do the right thing!

    and include Kathy O’Gorman and Gavino Idda (and ask them to relay to COB) in your “Dear……” first postings of your coming out!

  315. Well, Scienotlogist or not, I love Scientology people, both in and out, and think you all are basically good, and I want a better world.

    So whatever, I just want a better future for us all. Some people have MORE public power and influence, and have this brief instant in public history public wider interest moment of time, power to do some damn good!

    Marty’s got some serious power, and I approve of him using it!

  316. Precept 20 of The Way to Happiness, L. Ron Hubbard, read it all.

    Having had the The Happiness Rundown, where as the patient/preclear you Method 9 word clear (obsessive perfectionist course sup that I was for getting the “correct” definition for ALL words, all sentences ever written by LRH), I seriously took Hubbard seriously.

    Precept 20, is the human race’s almost universal agreed upon principle for human behavior.

  317. What are you saying Theo? That because Nicole’s children were adopted (from birth) that she loved them less than she would if she were the birth mom.

    LRH says that the natural affinity for a child towards his parents

    I can hear the howls of adoptive mothers (and fathers) and their children …

  318. One historical detail, I have to mention, is LRH’s giving a Highly Commended to David Mayo for Mayo’s work in researching, piloting and the final compilation of the “Happiness Rundown”, a once issued but then obiviously rescinded LRH ED was issued praising Mayo.

    I as the lower down nerd, was taking this all in, and appreciating all the detials.

    Terri Gamboa’s prescient assessment of me, is “you were a fly on the wall”, yes, that’s me. Fly on the wall in my Sea Org history, I took it seriously, I wished good for everyone, and thought that was what we were all about!

  319. Sorry — I hit send before I finished the sentence: LRH says “the natural affinity a child has for his parents OR the people who raised him should not be tampered with” — then explains about a grandmother trying to curry the affection away from a mom to her …

    I’d revisit your viewpoint about adoptive children. It’s the press who is constantly reminding us that Connor and Isabella are adopted. MOST adopted children never get introduced — oh — this is Sally, I adopted her — this is my other child — she’s my birth child.


  320. “And this is just my experience, mine alone:”

    Oh no, it’s not just YOUR experience alone – it’s also mine! 🙂 – kind, how you are taking care not to evaluate for anybody. And I guess ( – that´s my way of being careful) that you are in good company.
    After I came “to my senses”, I was wondering about how I managed the stunt to suppress my thoughts about what I was seeing (some things contrary to my deepest convictions) so deep down.
    And … I really liked your former posts!

  321. Wise words, Mr. Beatty, VERY wise. And I don’t think you are a nerd. If you WERE a nerd, you’d be far too busy fiddling with wizards and drooling over “Readers’ Dragons” on World of Warcraft to pay attention to reality and things that actually matter in this world. Things like the trail of heartache and broken relationships sacrificed on the increasingly shaky bridge to DM’s “Ideal”.

    This is a genuinely important blog – a wealth of impartial, concise and well-crafted information and advice for the curious, a bastion of support to the still-suffering, and a safe-haven for the frightened and dispossessed “refugees” from the madhouse.

    This is change – GOOD change – happening right here and right now.

    Keep smiling!

    IEG (and it’s Miss IEG! Please don’t tar me with the ‘married brush’ just yet, heeheehee) 😉 x

  322. Joe Pendleton

    Neil, good question. Poor choice of words on my part. Splog’s comment is right on. I did see what was happening around me in the 1970s and choose to just accept the insanity, outpoints and how things were so at variance to a number of things that LRH said. Excuses? I was just in my teens and early twenties, blah blah blah. I was also a Cl. IV auditor and a CS though. I could say I didn’t have the confront or the guts. In looking back, I now think that a major point was that when a person is VERY intimately involved in a religious/church environment, one DOES have to decide to go into agreement with that universe in order to even STAY and participate in that environment/game. There are just too many calls on one every single day to participate and agree. Marty makes a point in his book which has been my observation that most folks who do leave, do so when it just becomes TOO bad to experience any more. I just think that before that point, one goes along to get along to a great degree. This happens in most religions and most totalitarian cultures. Not an absolute of course and it still doesn’t mean I am not responsible for my own participation in this scene. Certainly my personal postulate for myself is that I learn from my errors in judgment and responsibility and get better in both areas.

  323. So you think there are no creative people who are SPs?
    Adolf Hitler was a post card painter before he started his carrer as megaloomaniac.

    And being sucked is no protection for lower ethics conditions.
    He is in treason (at least) and this means, that he is below the condition of Enemy (which means, that he has knowledge of, but he refused to REALLY find out who he is).

  324. You’re welcome. Also should let you know it’s now on my list of books to read for folks who are newly out. It is excellent R for anyone’s doubt formula. Definitely added even more ammo to my own formula.

  325. Ronnie,
    You are describing it perfectly!! – Karola

  326. Rules are fine so long as they aren’t based on ignorance, prejudice or hatred, or used to divide, discriminate or destroy. Personally, I love diversity. We should celebrate it, not suppress it. An it harm none, do what thou wilt.

  327. Hello Chuck,
    can you say when it was? Year, month…

    Thanks for the information.

  328. Ditto Les, mike and I are celebrating our 30th in Dec despite tremendous CI from DM & and his enforcers….holding your own despite the enforced loss of a child has not been an easy road, so FU DM we’re still being here and communicating and have a beautiful daughter whom I’ve done everything in my power to protect from your suppression and she is flourshing outside of the bubble and street smart to the likes of you.

  329. Chuck, Your last two lines sum where most of us were at and why we stayed as long as we did. Thought you might like the following quote,”

    ‘Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. I am not afraid.’
    Marcus Aurelius

  330. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, had to put down your book halfway through the chapter “Reversal” – needed to take in the meaning of what you had already said before continuing. I’ll have more to say about this book when I finish it. But I was reminded of what Frederick Douglass said when right after delivering his Second Inaugural speech, Abraham Lincoln asked him what he though of it and Douglass said “Mr. Lincoln, that was a sacred effort.” I would say the same about your book. For Scientologists and as opinions that need to stand “for the record”, I would add to Mr. Douglass’ comment to Lincoln, that it is also an IMPORTANT book.

  331. *like*

  332. Phil de Fontenay

    If you see a Scientology Church run the other way and get out of there!

    “The Church of Scientology is Dead, Long Live Scientology!”

  333. Carol Kramer & Dave also married umpteen billion years. There are many more I’m sure.

  334. Most marriages break up due to infidelity, so it was no tart that threatened us but our own Church – go figure that one out…………..

  335. Yep, I’m going to use it that way too.

  336. Ronnie Bell

    I no longer have any comm lines ‘inside the wire’, but I sure would love to hear what the Kool-Aid drinkers think of all this. I can only imagine that they’re now circling the wagons around Dear Leader, and throwing Katie under the bus. Cornered rats and all that…

  337. Sapere Aude

    Alan – You are a good man. I agree with your comments. All of us who stepped foot and moved along the road to truth and understanding of who we really are have probably made that same error in not taking full responsibility. Our greatest blind spot was in not trusting our own personal knowingness and observation. In dropping this responsibility we allowed to enter into our thinking process a datum not evaluated and not fitting. We granted some other person or datum a position of altitude and lowered our own inherent trust of our “gut” and personal conviction.

    In short – we made less of ourselves, our basic beingness, our inherent goodness and our eternal ability and knowingness of truth, right and wrong. From there on we did act as those we were “being blind”. I, just as you, have seen the error in our ways and therefore we find we are a part of this theta group of beings, chatting at Marty’s place, and moving on up.

    I too, just as stated by my friend KA, find your input has always been valued. Stop in more often.

  338. Marty,

    Your book arrived yesterday, and I finished it today. Couldn’t put it down, and wanted more at the end. I think my favorite chapter was Ethics, but the entire volume is sure to cause a whole series of right indications for anyone who has been involved with corporate Scientology in the last three decades.

    And by the last chapter I concluded that you are, first and foremost, a philosopher.

  339. Hi Alan,

    Off topic here – but do you know of any practicing Indie Auditors in Johannesburg?

  340. Oracle you are awsome!….If it came down to it your just the person I would love to be along side in a fox hole fighting an enemy!
    .And just the person I would love to raise a glass with when the skirmish was complete.

  341. If by “You” you mean Mr. David Miscavige, you are right!

  342. Chuck,
    Would you kindly provide the link to “Ken’s writings on the IVy site . . . ” – I would like to check those out but have no clue what is meant by “IVy site”.

  343. Freedom is so precious! To appreciate the qualities of those outside our group is true freedom of religion that the founders envisioned.

    Such a joy to know that everyone doesn’t think lIke me.

    Be free all you onlookers! You can be, do, have anything.

    Let know one hem your liberty ’round.

    We are free men and women. No more crown, royalty, politically or religiously.

    Free to investigate, free to speak, think, assemble, agree, disagree.

    No more feudal lords! We ARE free!!

    I thank those who laid down there life for all freedoms!!

    Have a wonderful next few days and beyond!

    Om Peace Amen

  344. Kevin Tighe

    Thank you for what you have done.

  345. I haven’t given up on Debbie and Wayne. Seems to me a great place to be after their ordeal would be a place that would tell the church to pound sand if they came calling. Who knows but there may be another letter in the offing.

    But no matter what, even if Debbie stays mum forever, her contribution was tremendous, and I will not condemn her in any way.

  346. Captain Bob

    but happiness is also the overcoming of know obstacles.

  347. Ziba Feulner

    Hahaha…Nice, Phil! 🙂

  348. The LRH EDs which were commendation issues, aren’t included in the blue vinyl two volume Bridge Publications set, unfortunately.

    I think it must have been around 1979. Once I asked some CMO messenger who said that commendation LRH EDs were sometimes presented to LRH to sign. I’ve seen long lists of peoples names on some of the 1970s vintage LRH ED commendation issues.

    In any event, the commendation LRH ED on Mayo for his work on the Happiness Rundown was a half page commendation, and it was rescinded, I remember someone coming to take it out of our course room LRH ED packs. Back in the day when issues that were for one reason or another politically incorrect, they disappeared out of our chrono packs we kept in the OEC/FEBC course room.

  349. Ziba Feulner

    Great Review, Les!

  350. Sorry Calvin, but you lost somewhere north of “future sustenance”.


  351. … I meant to say lost “me” somewhere north of…

  352. Captain Bob

    there is the paragraph in HOM, theta traps. How can you trap a thetan?

    “By Curiosity, by giving him awards and prizes (of an implant), by retractor screens, by mock-ups, by ornate buildings which he will enter unsuspectingly only to be “electroniced down”, by many such means the thetan is reduced from knowing to a colonist, a slave, a mest body.”

  353. Captain Bob

    any one of those can be reversed scientology. IAS, Ideal Orgs, Super Power contributions for which Super Power was for staff not public high rollers.

    Move up in your Patron status now, donate more money to the IAS, you must increase your STATUS.

  354. Captain Bob

    mock-ups- photo shop this picture, that picture, this event, this image. oh the electronics are so good indeed.

  355. Captain Bob

    here is a nice certificate for achieving OT8, present it to the world.

    What would the wog world think of such an thing?

  356. @ mwesten… sorry, but that is so far out I just can’t get there.

    I’m not sure where this reply ends up, but it is in response to your last one to me.

  357. Captain Bob

    ask steve jobs, warren buffett, steve balmer, thomas jefferson, thomas paine. What would they say with that OT8 completion certificate?

    Abe Lincoln, what say you?

  358. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. The oddity is that Scientologists ought to be philosopher’s by their own founder’s standards.

  359. Betsy, congratulations to you and Mike….30 years good on you! We just had our 36th in May. Like your description “umpteen billion years”. You crack me up!!!

  360. Why Thank You. 🙂

  361. Well put Mariella.

  362. Captain Bob

    “love of wisdom” – philosophy,

    bring it on.

  363. Oh geez – OSA – you are really idiots. Desperate mimsey …… very desperate

  364. Oracle, That was a horrific betrayal and a tragedy so terrible it is hard to even image. Perhaps you should consider writing up your story and publishing it one day on Scientology-cult.com.

    I love what you said about “go hard or go home.” That is exactly right.

  365. Is Sally Truth a pseudonym for Katy True?

  366. Thank you, Chuck.
    In the comment before you said:
    One historical detail, I have to mention, is LRH’s giving a Highly Commended to David Mayo for Mayo’s work …

    In this comment you say
    “Once I asked some CMO messenger who said that commendation LRH EDs were sometimes presented to LRH to sign. “

    So it was or was not written by LRH in the first place?
    Or was it handwritten, then typewritten and presented to LRH to sign?

    There is one particular LRH ED, where LRH states, that LRH EDs he didn’t write by himself are all canceld and that they are from now on only written by him as a special communication line from him.

    In any case thank you.

  367. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lol …….sorry about that mate!!!!

    Then, seriously, may I suggest going and have a good look at several (occupied) spiders webs, where ever you can find them.
    …….Examine the whole scene, carefully! It’s quite an education.on entrapment,literally!
    simple….but effective! Let me know of any
    conclusions, Ronnie, OK?

  368. Ronnie Bell

    The scientology training and processing Tom Cruise has had is squirrelling ..

    I beg to differ. Marty Rathbun (the owner of this blog) audited Tom Cruise. Just my opinion, but I seriously doubt that TC would have been entrusted to Marty’s care, if Marty’s auditor credentials and performance weren’t 100% On Source, and by the book.

    I can’t speak to TC’s Scientology training, and have no opinion about that.

  369. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carol and Betsy, great going on your respective
    long treks together! Testament to love and real
    devotion. Dorothy and I, are just approaching
    our 39 th in August. Hey, the fun & laughter just
    makes the trip even more enjoyable!
    Darn good antidote to all the crying too!!!
    Lol, Calvin.

  370. I’d like to substantiate Steves observations with the following LRH tech datum:

    A Continuous Missed Withhold occurs when a person feels some way and anyone who sees him misses it.

    Example: A doctor feels very unconfident of his skill. Every patient who sees him misses the fact that he is not confident. This reacts as a missed withhold.

    It is of course based upon some bad incident that destroyed his confidence (usually of an engramic intensity).

    But as the person actively withholds this, then those seeing him miss the withhold.

    This could work in thousands of variations. A woman feels continuous disdain for her child but withholds it. The child therefore continuously misses a withhold. All the phenomena of the missed w/h would continuously react against the child.

    Probably all dishonest social conduct brings about a Continuous Missed Withhold. The politician who hates people, the minister who no longer believes in God, the mechanic who privately believes he is a jinx on machinery, these all then set up the phenomena of missed withholds on themselves and can dramatize it in their conduct.


    (I recommend the whole reference)

    BTW, “being gay isn’t an overt” is not necessary true. It depends on viewpoint. It could be absolutley an overt from Miscaviges point of view.
    Reference: The Road to Truth

  371. Ronnie Bell

    Scientology is getting spanked in the media. I’ve never seen anything like this. Scientology is the whipping post of media ridicule.

    I’ll be straight honest with you. I don’t have the stomach to submit myself to the media feeding frenzy on this story. I just know in my gut that they’re not differentiating between the religion of Scientology, and DM’s corrupt corporation.

    I am strictly getting all of my information about the Cruise divorce from this blog and other Indie channels. Where once I reflexively obeyed the tacit command, “Don’t Look!”, I now choose my information sources according to my own judgment and self determinism.

  372. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wonderful place you are coming from, Brian.
    Thank you for articulating it so beaufifully.

  373. Ronnie,

    I get where you’re coming from, but the fallacy in your post is that not all Gays wear pink tights and green hair and spiky accessories, or whatever. The vast majority do not. They try to live in a ‘normal’, conventional, not particularly exhibitionistic ways.

    Whatever the basic truth of homosexuality is, in psychodynamic terms, most are not the extreme you painted. To suggest that all homosexuals are like that is demonizing a large percentage of the human race, tarring them all with the same brush, kind of like the old phobic depictions of Jews as having horns and eating gentile babies.

    I’m not saying that it is not an aberration; it may well be. But I would bet the majority have themselves often wished they were not; I have read reports that a huge percentage of teenage male suicides and attempts are because of concerns about being Gay, and not being able to confront that.

    Also, sexual aberration among humans is hardly restricted to homosexuality. And every person should have the right to screen their babysitters, no argument there.


  374. Mother of Grendel

    The NY Daily News is reporting that there’s a goon squad camped outside of Katie’s NY apt: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/creepy-crew-reportedly-church-scientology-keeping-tabs-katie-holmes-daughter-suri-article-1.1106034.
    No baby blue shirts or head cams, but any idea who?
    And needless to say, what a dumb f*@k ass idea – let’s stalk one of the highest profile people on the planet in plain view of all the reporters, photographers and millions of NY’ers. Darwin award for whoever came up with that one!

  375. Mother of Grendel

    wonder what greta van susteren thinks of that…?

  376. Tony, in fact being Gay is “bad” when it is not the person’s choice to be that way. If it is a dramatization of a GPM-type situation in the person’s beingness, the result of implanted experiences and compulsions, for example. I doubt there are very many Gays who would choose to be that way.

  377. wow Oracle, i really feel for your story there. When i first came into Scn in the early 90’s i made friends with this girl in the org and i was shocked to find out that her weathy husband grossly cheated on her and then kicked out her and her 4 kids from either palace and refused her child support! This asshole was worth of over $40 Million, and the Church commanded her just to accept it! She literally got nothing and supported those kids by herself thereafter. Frankly, knowing this me made me extremely cautious in my 2D and business relationships with church members. I absolutely avoided WISE and any form of church mediation or any situation that could result in such.

  378. Tom Cruise is responsible for the condition he is in.
    If he ever decides to get his ethics in, I would let him decide what condition he is in. Currently I see him as PTS and creating lots of problems. He needs to handle his PTSness and then figure out what his condition is after that.
    He is in a lower condition and that is for sure.

  379. It comes down to granting beingness to people who are different than you. Simple really. Get with the times, Gramps. 🙂

  380. Theo Sismanides

    I see, from TWTH! ok, thanks!

  381. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks. We are all into this now once again. The second chance as Oracle said. the game is not over!

  382. Theo Sismanides

    Yeah WD, I guess you are right. Maybe the way I put it there was too simplistic. All I meant is that Katie is a mother in the biological sense, too. You see sometimes rich people can adopt children easily. It’s not a burden to them. Their finances and time permit it. Whereas poor people can have children and work just to raise them. Sex has a sacrifice factor in it. This factor is present in any parent/child relationship but it’s much more present where the financial conditions are poor or there has been also physical pain. I know mothers who almost dropped the body in giving birth and made it. That cannot be ignored either. My opinion of course.

    I see the real affinity present when the financial conditions are not permitting any adoption. I am not saying that Nicole had lower affinity for her children. But I am saying that Suri is indeed a natural child and that has some emotional and other implications apart from the mere affinity factor between a parent and a child.

    In any case adoption is a great thing and definitely I hope I am now getting across that I put no discrimination there for adopted children. It’s the biological factor though that plays an important role here which cannot be ignored either.

  383. Is this what happened when Scn became a church?

  384. scilonschools

    What a weekend in the UK!!
    CULT front page headlines across the board in UK papers and Rolling strong in the SUN (UK) today monday.
    DM certainly did a foot nuke in ‘selecting’ Katie for Tom!!

  385. Another day another front page in the Sun this time focusing on DM’s stalkers following her.

    “Asked what they were doing, one of the men replied: “We’re waiting for someone off the bus.”

    When it was pointed out they had been there for days, he added: “They still haven’t got off the bus.”

    Kudos – again to Sam for her 2nd piece of Op Ed in 2 days in these stories.

  386. SKM

    I didn’t say Cruise was creative. I just said he was an important movie star and that’s why he was targeted.

    No one needs “protection from lower conditions”. The conditions are not punishment for bad behavior, although staff have used it that way in DM’s reign.

    Assigning wrong conditions and obfuscating himself as the source of the chaos in Scientology is Miscavige’s primary method to destroy Scientology.

  387. Yeah, let’s get technical. To call yourself a Scientologist and be BFF with Davey makes you PTS. The correct action is to do is a PTS C/S 1, understanding the tech and the condition and how it applies to him. Now, he needs an coach who’s not himself PTS because that would implant all the misconceptions and false data even harder. Then he needs a skilled person to guide him with discovering WHO he is PTS to. We can’t tell him, he has to discover it himself as that will give tremendous case gain. Then he has to handle or disconnect, but it’ll be his decission, not ours. Then he can apply the correct condition to himself for himself on his own selfdeterminism. Then he can move up the conditions.

  388. Tony DePhillips


  389. Grasshopper,
    Continued silence can be purchased as a monthly payment for life…
    that might make Debbie pretty quiet for awhile.

  390. Joe Pendleton

    Calvin, thanks for ack. Joe P.

  391. Pingback: Marty Rathbun: The Go-To Guy for Cruise-Holmes Scientology Elucidation - FishbowlLA

  392. Li'll bit of stuff

    Joe, when “they” say:…”:who care’s?”…It seems
    that, with sincerity,we can answer…..”WE DO!!”
    Thank YOU, brother!

  393. Perhaps – still, it is an interesting move.

  394. Grips it by the husk

    Lobotomies can be used to help people. Did you know that?

    Blood letting can be used to help people. Did you know that?

    This was not marriage, it was contractual agreement and the contract expired.

  395. Li'll bit of stuff

    Robert, I feel you are closer to the actuality
    with your eval. I’ve even had this view and
    posted it previously, including your claim that
    DM is ” a genius at…….” It appears to escape
    attention that this guy is (was!!) a MASTER of
    deception, camouflage, and the most elaborate
    facades imaginable. The micro- management of
    every little detail of his over the top lavish
    displays of catering to the star’s every whim,
    is actually nothing out of the ordinary, that is,
    for T.C.or any other mega- star, for that matter!
    They simply EXPECT, to be treated that way.

    BUT, here is where THE David, comes fully to
    ” life” (of a 1.1 anyway) in the micro-manage-
    ment of the fastidious concealment,covering
    over, and painstaking distractions away from
    ANY slightest glimpse of the evil plotting and
    human abuse, screened from public view.

    Perhaps because such a high number of Scn’s
    now make up the Indies, FZ’s Ron’s Org’s
    and all the other splinter groups, and have ALL
    been labelled SP’s and squirrels and to be avoided at all costs—–it is almost certain
    that TC has not seen ANYTHING first hand, to
    shake the “golden DM illusion ” that all was
    just dandy and going “straight up & vertical!”

    .However, we now have THE definitive
    and authoritative blockbuster-in-waiting
    just launched “What Is Wrong With Scient-
    ology” by our own distinguished host, a
    man with ‘laser-vision’ Marty Rathbun,
    To clear up the questions once & for all.
    At SOME point TC is going to read this!!!!

    just wanted to add credence to your view,
    though, Robert! Thanks, Calvin.

  396. Li'll bit of stuff

    Robert and Gh,
    Do you hold the view that li’ll davey’s insanity
    will sustain his ill gotten empire much longer?

  397. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good one Theo, Still to get my copy,and duly excited!
    Let’s hope that Tony Ortega, reads it, and not Tony
    Ortega, “the Journalist!” Likely only the real McCoy,
    (the first mentioned version,) will have any cogs, hey?

    Lol, Calvin

  398. Lobotomies can be used to help people. Did you know that?
    I can sell you a do it yourself kit and you tell me about the result.
    How about that?

  399. Hi JD, Yes, that is a possibility, but it seems something as mild as that would not result in someone repeatedly verbally assaulting GL and MY in the conference rooms at Int and in other locations.

  400. Hi Scott,

    Unfortunately I don’t know any Indie Auditors in Johannesburg, I’ve lost contact with everyone I knew in the church over the years – I was never all that connected to other pub

  401. Thanks, SA. You are right, I should post more often. And I have a story to relate of how most people do things, a counterpoint to how CoS operates.

    Myself and 4 other people have had huge success at work over 2 years in getting simple basic hatting steps in place. They call it “induction”, I call it instant hatting – but no matter, it had huge benefits. One of these chaps is the head trainer and last week he decided to resign and play another game. The response from his boss? She carefully listened to what he said, saw that he was doing something to improve his dynamics, thanked him very much indeed for all his hard work over the last few years and wished him all the best for the future.

    Notice what *didn’t* happen: no upsets, no HE&R, no insisting he does conditions, no Treason assignment and no bullshit about how he owes three years wages for being a downstat Freeloader!

    I can honestly say I get more honest ARC from my fellow workers on any given day than I every experienced in 5 years on staff – and that was in the 80s before DM’s insanity truly kicked in. Just another example of how I chose to not see, chose to ignore how the group that claimed to know everything about ARC hardly ever used it.

    Makes one think, huh?

  402. That Palo Alto mission was onto some really powerful lines back in the day. Several 49ers besides Brodie (who was NFL MVP the year after he got audited) as well as some top scientists at Stanford, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ and probably many others. And Mimi was the most gorgeous, alive 16 year old I ever saw in my life. The place was rocking. Today, as of 2011, when I last went by there, the Palo Alto Mission was situated in a row of storage type buildings next to a workout facility. Phil Spickler, meanwhile, is still going strong, now in his 80s. Tatiana Baklavona has done some videos of him.

  403. Of course, one thing that DM will leave out of the GAT II release speech is that it was he himself, the great DM, who ordered RTRC to find every process known to man or beast that fit each grade to be included on the checklist of processes for each grade when they were converted to HCOBs from BTBs in 1987. Russ Williams and I did the work on them and those damn things are complete as hell. But that does not mean that the C/S orders every single one to be run on the pc. They have to be applied with at least a little bit of intelligence and the C/S Series. But, yes, DM is the source of the order to expand those grades process checklists way, way out. No one at the event will know that but more people read this blog than will attend the event.

  404. Yep, DM really had a thing for Marc and Guillaume getting it on at night. It was almost an obsession with him. DM was very, very down on the 2D. Very down on sex and very, very down on kids. He would have made a wonderful priest. A lousy Scientologist but a wonderful priest. (No offense intended to the majority of priests whose only crime is a failure to get ethics in on their fellows.)

  405. Chuck, HRD came out in 1981, as I recall. And Mayo was all over it, and yes, LRH did highly commend him.

  406. International Viewpoints, a magazine that I think is no longer being published. It came from Copenhagen and Ken Urquhart used to write a lot of articles in it. Very well worth reading. I am sure it is still on line and you can find the archives of Ken’s articles.

  407. @Valkov, great post. Personally, if something is aberrative then surely that is for the individual to discover for him/herself in session. All this talk of what is or isn’t aberrative seems senseless considering there are no absolutes, and that a perfectly “unaberrated” state (whatever that is supposed to be) is unobtainable. What is the point of even using words such as “aberrative” when there is no identifiable “norm” to be departed from.

  408. Unfortunately, yes. I can hope, but it really hit home today that the only people that are left in the church (who are active) are theetie-weetie cases who absolutely refuse to look at anything “negative” and who know that Mr. David Miscavige is a hero infected with squirrel lice. While I believe that a large number are under the radar, those that are still active are intentionally clueless.

  409. Dan, thank you.
    Mostly appreciated.

  410. E.J. Croughs, great points all.

  411. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  412. Yea Dan!

    I so wish I could do Skype history interviews with you some time.

    Your brain needs serious picking for history!

  413. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fine with your view Gh. What I was
    questioning actually, is whether DM’s
    state of mind is in imminent collapse?
    The future of “Miscavology” and his
    goals of ME$T,ME$T & more ME$T,
    wouldn’t be sustained, with him sitting in a prison cell, or insane asylum,

  414. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure,Mariella, and I reckon this has really
    made it much easier for the “Master of
    (other’s)mind control ” to totally take over
    his thoughts, emotions, efforts, in a most
    elaborate plan to use him in forwarding
    his sick, perverted and insane goals,
    with his unwittingly, but completely
    hypnotized “Best Friend Forever!”

    LRH, in his filmed interview with Mr.
    Hitchman, remarked that “……man IS
    hypnotized! He is asleep! He needs to
    wake up!……”

    I think you will find that is exactly the
    case with Mr Tom Cruise, and WHEN
    he wakes up from all this, he’s going
    to say ;” …but I didn’t have a clue?? ”

    Incredulous thoughts? Don’t put anything past the cunning of that
    li’ll satan from hell. Recall the dedicated
    meticulous, culling of personal info
    gotten by DM’s plants and spies in
    TC & KH’s home over a period of 4
    years? Very useful implant source
    material that, don’t you agree?

    Not only are we about to be nauseated
    by the revelations to come, but be
    gobsmacked by the painstaking lengths
    to which DM has gone to orchestrate
    his “masterplan,” with TC.

    It’s what he does and has done, from
    the very beginning: Ruthlessly use and
    exploit people,( including LRH and countless others) in a power
    obsessed, seemingly unstoppable
    mission to” take over the world ” by
    use of “his”mind controlled slaves……

    T.C. is no more than a useful pawn
    to him, IMHO.

    My 2c, Calvin.

  415. Ronnie, I think it’s a good thing that Scientology is getting spanked in the media. In the PR series Ron talks about how destructive negative PR can be to an org and with enough negative PR it can be destroyed with just a minor attack. Corporate Scientology needs to be destroyed. It’s a suppressive group. If you pay attention to the negative PR, you can determine how strong or weak they are in my opinion. I’m just monitoring the war and it is a war. After reading the PR series, I have a new perspective.

  416. No, if DM got busted, the church would be in a massive confusion, and there would be lots of expunging of what he did. It would be a good thing. However, the reality is that Scientology lives outside the church now, and that will never change.

  417. Reading “A new slant of life”by L. Ron Hubbard. Like I promissed when Katy Holmes would leave Tom cruise. A gift from Terril Park once owned by Temy Knigt. A reissued booklett in 1971 from a book publiced in 1965.


  418. Hmm, so much labeling and degrading of someone who dare to have own opinion or not towing the party line?
    Have seen it somewhere 😀
    And why not using “you have CIs”, “not following command intentions”, “you are 1.1”, “this is not ok” and others to complete the scene.

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  422. The whole celebrity chapter of Scientology never interested me. I could not care less what Travolta is doing. I want to see DM and company jailed, the booty divided amongst the victims

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