Allender and Miscavige: Peas in a Botox, Roids Pod

Please see this.  It is a an utterly racist, xenophobic, sexist, political statement by David Miscavige and his dysfunctional Scientology Inc.

Now, I ask you, is the following a more accurate, rational, sane positioning for this fellow?  I won’t condemn you if you disagree.  Please express your true feeling on this one.  John Allender has perfectly snapped terminals with his demigod David Miscavige.

If you lack reality on the latter, go here and read, and I suggest it will make perfect sense:

What Is Wrong With Scientology?

“Courageous”?  “Hero”? :

158 responses to “Allender and Miscavige: Peas in a Botox, Roids Pod

  1. martyrathbun09

    Cougageous? He and eight others (funded to the hilt by Miscavige’s IAS) couldn’t even distract my wife Monique for 199 days of harrassment. It really is pathetic. I got three words of advice of David Miscavige: GET A LIFE.

  2. This is hysterical…I just sent you this before I pulled up your blog. It was just sent to me by a friend from the area asking me to pass it on to you. Well to my surprise here it is. This is completely out of control! What John Allender is the new face of scientology? Then there is Drew Johnston. Gawd. This is truly scraping the bottom of barrel!

  3. Bruce Pratt

    That which as been seen can be damn difficult to as-is. You have presented my new exemplar #1.

    The only, and I mean only, purposes this shit presented by the Miscavige Cult serves me is to up my confront of evil in all it’s many gradiations, and to up my gratitude & appreciation for those who seek to remedy this quagmire we sometimes find ourselves in.

  4. So he is dramatizing himself as King Leonidas now. I suspect the Greeks will have something to say about that.
    Not sure if the 300 caricature is a statement of his imagined massive ethics presence or if he is dreaming of overthrowing his slave master.

    Marty’s published photograph above caught him in his normal out of valence self. I like the hat though. Probably see them as standard issue on Int security officers so they can show compliance to orders (beat, hit, push, Severe Reality Adjustments, etc.)

    David Lingenfelter

  5. David Miscaviage’s biggest fear is that he will be remembered as a two bit cult leader. He thinks of himself as extremely important, and he often fantasizes about bronze statues erected in his honor after he dies.

    But the truth is, after he dies, most people will be happy, and history will not remember him other than “that really short cult leader that use to beat people”

  6. Oh, look. All the spears are pointing in – he must be at Int Base!

  7. The part about “heroes” is laughable, but the part about there only being 300 inside lieutenants left in Scientology Inc. has a ring of truth to it. Maybe a better photoshopped image would be Miscavige or Allender dressed as a circus ringmaster making a desperate a call to bring in “more clapping seals” to try to keep the informed, internet connected audience from streaming out of Scientology Inc’s tent.

  8. Captain Bob

    A message to OT’s and that includes those that have listened to the PDC’s. Phoenix lectures, history of man, the basics——–

  9. Captain Bob

    “I am calling upon you, as an OT, to look into the current situation within Scientology and take action based on what you find and your conscience.

    I know you will have been told “don’t look at that! Don’t read that stuff,” usually with accompanying threats. But what if there really is something wrong with Scientology today? “

  10. I don’t get what that is supposed to be about, but I am pretty sure it will involve taking people’s money.

  11. Captain Bob

    “You have a vital say in the future of Scientology. If you opt out of that responsibility you hand over control to others and make them cause over you and what will happen. For those of you that opt in and accept your responsibility, to make the right decisions you need the real facts, the true scene.”

  12. Hi Marty,
    Wow! What a confused looking little man on that piece of promo… As for the photo on the cover of your book, I think it pretty much covers who they really are: dumb, dumber and dumbest:-)!

  13. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, and then digging a hole where the barrel was, actually.

    Reality has no place in this scenario. This is PR?

    Ugh. Even with all those spears, I don’t get the point.

  14. Captain Bob

    boots in the sky

  15. Seriously? Really?
    Repulsive and stupid and arrogant and just nasty!

  16. Bruce, to this image I say, pass the brain bleach!

  17. The demise of Corporate Scientology draws nearer.
    This is such deplorable PR, its really sad.

  18. Yawn…we have seen this before. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap makes you a poster boy inserted into someone else’s creative image. Let’s not forget “I’m on a (butt-boy) boat”, or the “Artist Workshop” on the FailWinds.

    But what do you expect from a creatively bankrupt, morally repugnant and aesthetically challenged cult “leader”?

  19. Heroes Will Rise?, ummmm nope
    more like The Sane Will Run away

  20. FCDC Class of 74

    LOL I’m thinking Jim Jones as I read your blog entry. It sometimes is fortunate that cult leaders drink the kool-aid themselves. I don’t see cowardly cur that DM is, doing that. All the sets we see Davy propped up on are plastic (too cheap for bronze) and the gold is in his off shore accounts but Karma and overt/motivator sequences has a habit of tagging you like a paintball match. Just saying… Bill

  21. Li'll bit of stuff

    Predictable….there is no cure for TOTAL insanity!!

  22. Geez, I don’t get any of the really good stuff. I’m so impressed – if I had gotten this in my inbox, I would just want run right back and sign up for whatever they’ve got. My self-determinism is nothing when stacked up against such – Oooh la la, Photoshop. Fancy.

  23. This must be dm’s feable attempt at pushing your buttons after putting John Allendar in the correct positioning.
    They (the cult) used to use the LRH reference about “we are the thin red line” , meaning that we are the heroes that are keeping the abberees at bay.
    Maybe they are literally down to “300” now…Lol..
    Maybe misscabbage will drink some cianide or something….(one can hope)

  24. No Scientologist could possibly produce such a piece of offal. From a positioning point of view, LRH would have rolled over in his grave to see that they are now positioning Scientology “with death and against life” 100% reverse of what LRH advised. I’m referring to Miscavige’s porcupine ‘o saurus of sharp spears. Where is Napoleon Dynamite when we need him to say, “Ass!”

    Here is a link which explains the truth behind the “battle of 300,” — true to Miscavige form, the “300” story was a total bastardization of what really happened. Of course we can’t expect a high-school drop out to know anything about history.

    When Marty first started to be tailed, every single “private investigator” hired by Dave Miscavige turned out to be a convicted felon.

  25. What a rip off! In more ways than I would care to express. I don’t see any credit given to Warner Brothers in the copyright notice either… How appropriate!

  26. That has got to be one of the ugliest photoshop disasters I have ever seen!!
    It repels any theta.Ugly, ugly, ugly!

    Who ever did that image was probably the same idiot who tried to photoshop the Millenium photo back in 2000, where the idiot cut and past people into other areas of the auditorium to make it look full.

  27. Indie-saurus-rex

    Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Is the above promo a special event to honour Allender for his “all-conquering”, “victorious” siege on Marty and Mosey’s home?

    Is it the launch of a new campaign to smash Marty and the rest of the “squirrels”?

    Or is it just a promo for those dime-a-dozen fundraiser events that spotlight a guest speaker (hoping to draw a flock of sheep to milk money from)?

  28. I looked at this for several minutes disbelieving what I was seeing.

    A pitiful P/R attempt aimed at those few ever dwindling true believers. What better way to counter Marty’s book than by glorifying Allender as a hero to the flock. Clever when targeted to a small eager to please audience, those few still in. Laughable if not painful to any who know better, i.e., the rest of the world that is listening and watching.

    DM has no other choice than to put out this ridiculous P/R piece. Were he to castigate Allender he might loose OSA operatives wholesale who well know whose orders Allender was following. If DM did reprimand Allender insinuating this was an unsanctioned event. All 199 days worth of it, 199 days of daily exposure and documentation on a widely read blog and the frequent expos’e in the Village Voice and other outlets. He would look very foolish to his flock. Worse they would know he was lying and would loose face.

    The solution for DM is simple: ser fac. He is making this ludicrous behavior right. Allender happens to be the unwitting beneficiary of DM’s need to be right. So, make him a hero. Now bad behavior is right.

    Marty, you really do yank DM’s chain. He is the effect of your cause. He is completely knee jerk to what you do. It is amazing that he appears incapable of recognizing this. This piece is a stellar example of it. Not a week after your book comes out showing Allender for the kooky buffoon he has become. DM attempts to make him into a hero for the cause. I guess he’s a hero for calling you names and harassing you for months. He failed his primary mission orders to get you to punch him out.

    Allender the hero has what for stats? No film, yards of bad press, officials in other countries watching his antics, a popular book with him on the cover marking him as the buffoon he has chosen to be.

    Meanwhile you and the rest of the independent movement continue to audit and train and undo the damage the CoS and Allender types are doing.

    Allender lives in the shadow of DM no doubt. I agree he has attempted to close terminals with DM, but Allender is just not enough of a being to really get into DM’s valence. He’s more like an entity attached near the anus.

  29. Simple, you took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

  30. Wendy,
    I am sure that I am one of the few OT V’s (started in 1971 and completed in 2005) that do not know you as an IAS Freedom Medal Winner, but I surely would like to know more about your story. Is there any chance you can post something on Marty’s blog with a photo etc.. as others have done, including myself? Marty’s blog is a lot like the Indie newspaper where we all get inspiration and information.

    With nearly a lifetime of “not looking” at outside sources, for fear of more sec checks, etc… it’s so very nice to hear from people on the inside that have discovered the outside…

  31. Phil de Fontenay

    These guys are just so disconnected from reality it ain’t even funny anymore. The “Church” of Scientology is becoming the Church of nutcases and lunatics.

    The worst part? They are trying to take a lot of good people into the asylum with them. I said “trying to” because those good people are leaving in droves. Soon it will be just the crazy few like David Miscavige et al. bumping up against those padded walls.

    LATSOIA <= laughing at the stupidity of it all ~hah!

  32. You know, with a bit of editing, that bad photochop could become a Head-On-A-Pike — which is what you seem to have made out of him, Marty and Mosey 🙂

  33. Allender is a bozo. That’s all I got to say…

  34. WOW! I never thought I would see the day when someone’s level of self-aggrandizement and narcissism matched that of miscavige.
    Just when you thought these clowns had hit deepest pits of depravity, they prove once again that the bottom is far lower than any of us could have imagined in our strangest nightmares.

    Allender will never be able to run these incidents out. They are just too unbelievable.

  35. TheWidowDenk

    I was very slow on the uptake of all this! I read the topic and all the comments. Then I finally figured out that’s John Allender in the top flier. Didn’t recognize him without the head cam.

  36. Dear Marty,

    THANK YOU! Thank you for your book. I finished reading it last night. I was reminded of times studying LRH where I would read something he figured out and would think, “Wow, that is genius!” I felt the same way reading your insights. You do so well going to the BASIC of each subject you cover, stating its original intent. You then show where Scientology Inc. has veered from that.

    I truly admire your integrity and guts in challenging some of the sacred cows of Scientology Inc., such as “all psychs are evil!,” “you cannot look at any other source of information on the mind, life or the spirit,” and “LRH and his policy and tech are TRUTH and are never to be questioned!” You have the balls to question LRH and his policies, and that I highly respect.

    As a 25 year vet of the “church,” I found your book very HEALING to read. It was like having the right blow-down items indicated on multiple out-lists. I also found it very VALIDATING. In the Ethics chapter, you nail exactly what I used to think: the greatest good for the greatest number does not mean the greatest good for the third dynamic of Scn at the expense of the rest of the dynamics! In the Suppression chapter, I felt the same as you write, that not all psychs were bad. (Example: I remember seeing the final episode of the TV series M.A.S.H (from 1983) where the psychiatrist runs Hawkeye through a traumatic incident he was repressing. I found myself thinking that it was almost exactly like a Dianetics session.) The chapter on Right and Wrong and “thought stopping” was also very powerful. The chapter on the OT Levels was truly enlightening, and again I applaud you for being willing to tackle the “confidential” materials head on. Chapter Fifteen, Hereafter, is a spot-on analysis of Scientology, Inc. And the data on the upper (non-existent) OT levels – WOW!

    When I was in, I remember being told, with LRH references, that I as a Scientologist was special, a cut above the average human. In some ways I think that’s true, but at the same time I always recognized there were many truly competent, good people out there who had never heard of the subject. After reading your book, I really do feel special. Those who got into Scientology, and have left Scientology Inc., ARE truly special. They are people who really can look and not listen, who can really think for themselves and see the outpoints, and have the integrity to get out and stop supporting it.

    Since I left Scientology Inc., I have no longer considered myself a Scientologist, Independent or otherwise. I still may not call myself one, but I will say that your book REHABILITATED me. It reminded me of my original purpose after reading Dianetics: I wanted to go Clear! I now feel like that is something I actually would still like someday. I also used to have a very strong purpose to be an auditor. That is pretty much all but dead now. But your chapter on Training did make me think.

    One final point: as we all know, it is being stuck to our past decisions that keep us from acting rationally in the present. Scientology (and other religions and philosophies too, or any group, for that matter) need to understand this. They need to evolve with the changes of the times. The only reason homo sapiens has been so successful in dominating the planet is that it has been able to adapt to changing environments by using its intellect. I wholeheartedly agree that Scientology needs to integrate and evolve like you wrote.

    Again, thank you Marty.

  37. This perfectly captures the mindset of the clubbed seals.

    It’s us against them and while we are convinced we are unbeatable, invincible and absolutely right, we are getting our asses kicked and nearing the end of our lifespan as a relevant group in the world.

    And who better to be the poster boy of that concept than the head Squirrelblusterer?

    On a more serious note — it has apparently become fashionable now to hold “theme” events for everything. It’s not just “Idle Orgs” fundraising “extravaganzas” any more. The “successful action” has now spread and the IAS are catching on with “theme” events. I have a suggestion — they have had Superheros, Braveheart, Animals and Ghosts. When is someone going to put on the ultimate theme event for these fundraising boondoggles?

    The “Spanish Inquisition Night”!

    The IAS Regges can come as the Inquisitors (shouldn’t be hard) and the public can come as the victims to be tortured on the rack or prodded with hot pokers in their eyes until they confess where their last dollar is to be found. Fun for one and all. ANd a guaranteed money maker!

  38. Steve,
    is a perfect description …. LRH would roll over in his grave

  39. I don’t either, and indeed !! 🙂

  40. The definition of hero is ” aperson noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose” John Allender? NOT!

  41. That poster was no doubt approved by a committee of 16 and 17 year-old MAAs.

  42. “Make a stand”? Dare we hope it will be their Last Stand?

  43. Slightly off-topic for this particular post, but relevant to the past few days:

    Anyone going to post a review or comment on any Comment thread there on Amazon, about Marty’s book, please be aware that every Comment can be rated or “flagged” by you as to whether you feel that particular comment contributes to the discussion or not.

    This is worth doing for the benefit of future visitors who are trying to decide whether to buy the book or not.

    It appears that “critics” are going through and negatively flagging comments that do not agree with their negative stance, or that expose fallacies in the critic’s posts.

  44. I didn’t know this, but “roids” refers to anabolic steroids.

    The more I look at the poster, the more it makes me laugh.

    Anonymous couldn’t do any better, to lampoon the CoS!

    The Hero Allender standing in front of the cowering herd of clubbed seals hiding under their shields, fending off the reality of the outside world with their spears! Underneath those shields, I see them with their hands over their ears and eyes, hear no “evil” see no “evil”!

    This is a keeper! In the end there can be only one, right? John Allender, you have arrived!

  45. Jethro Bodine


    They can use the ultimate torture tool – “the comfy chair”; I’m sure Allender would up for that.

  46. Jethro Bodine

    And these “inquisitors” are as goofy and stupid as the “squirrel busters”.

  47. Another LOL – the “300” looks to me like the word “Z00”. That’s what I thought it said , when first I saw it.

    Truly, Anonymous must be doing design for Miscavige now!

  48. Excuse me for being realistic, but this guy has no documentation to support his revisons of history, and it would seem from the following excerpt from his website:

    “Yes, the Spartans died fighting a foreign invader. But so do countless terrorists. Yet few would consider them “good guys.” Those who do are then not much different from Westerners who cheer for the Spartans.

    “Persia was drawn into a protracted war against terror, much the same way the U.S. was. Cheering for the Spartans merely because they were underdogs, is like cheering for Osama bin Laden today.”

    That he is motivated by something other than historical account. Our experience with terrorists is that they do not stand and fight. Writing history is not about making an assumption, an a priori conjecture, then assembling scraps and claiming proof. It is about assembling scraps and trying to carefully glean and decipher from these, the story they may tell. Besides my whole track recall, I wonder how, if Greece was such a “terrorist state”, inevitably characterized by hateful and purposeless men, if such were even remotely true, how could Greece possibly produce the magnificent architecture and art it did, rise as it did in commerce, and give birth to such men as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates? I recently read something about the Spartans that rang very true to me, words to the effect that they served the population.

    And at this link is a brief biography of Mr. Kar: born in Iran, lived in the U.S., returned to Iran at the age of nine, and apparently he is a film-maker (I’m sure you’ve all heard of his films). I mean, heck, using his style of historical “accont”, I should state that he was detained by American forces in Iraq for carrying washine-machine timers to be used in IEDs, in his taxi. So he drives a taxi. And rewrites Herodotus single-handedly in order to clarify that Greece was a terrorist state while Persia is a benevolent but sadly misunderstood empire which ruled the world it conquered with rose petals, candy, and confetti (e.g. “500 years before Christ, Persia was the first empire to rule the world, from Greece and Egypt in the west to India and China in the east.” (From the article “About Us”, by Cyrus Kar, on the same website.)

    To validate some things about the Middle East, they make some excellent scents, have fabulous honey-pastry, and make some incredible carpets – not that these are their only virtues, but these are some I know of which are still current. Unfortunately, their governments leave something to be desired.

  49. Breaking News! Apparently Diana’s daughter Roanne has blown the Int Base, and so have DM’s father and his wife:

  50. Drew Johnston’s presence on this program shows how low the Miscavige cult can bring a dedicated Scientologist. I can remember Drew when he ran a field group and was C/Sing and what an inspiration he was to all who knew him.

    When Drew became a Power FSM, the high commissions he made from feeding public into the Scientology sausage machine must have obliterated his sense of responsibiltiy for seeing that his selectees got the resuts they paid for.

    When I wrote to him asking how he could support an organization that abused staff and public and produced bad results, his answer was to ask me never to write to him again.

    A once great Scientologist is now a pitchman for a “psychotic squirrel buster” event. What a sad ending.

    David St Lawrence

  51. Just to add a bit of “color”, their (current) punishments also leave something of humanity behind: 100 lashes for a woman accused of adultery? Stoning a woman accused of adultery? Beheading a woman accused of adultery? And some stellar examples of barbarism such as Sadaam Hussein’s son throwing his political opponents into a wood chipper .. alive, feet first? Now that’s what I call civilization. Women should be kept barefoot, pregnant, and limited to a 5th grade education, dressed in Burkhas or whatever, and accused of adultery whenever possible. Fortunately, there is no such heritage discernible in Greece today, or in France, Germany England, or in the USA. I wonder how the West, being such a horrible place when compared to the Greeaat Persian Empire, from thousands of years ago, has no such traditions, no such engram chains to dramatize.

  52. Good point.

  53. I can only speak for myself. John Allender does not transmit a good love vibe.

    I was promised a sane workability in Scientology. Enlightenment. People that could care about the people in front of them. A group in the top 5% of intelligence on this planet, (that was very sexy). Magical abilities. Good news. A game where everybody wins. A place where the sun never sets. Someone who would listen. People who would really talk. And that all of the conversations I thought would be never be possible, would become possible. (Thank you Trey) . And all that was promised really has come true for me. Mainly because I know when it’s time to shift gears.

    And here comes John Allender. Like a station interruption.

    We were all promised, good love.

    As far as John has gone, he is not out on the streets giving up good love.

    Frankly, I feel sorry for him and what they have done to him. That is so wrong.

  54. scilonschools

    Marty I couldn’t agree more!!

    This bizarre sudden obsession with the Roman Empire ?, an empire run entirely on slave labour for the benefit of a few through oppression and force!
    It is totally in tune with the similar bizarre Sermon delivered at Tillington West Sussex on the 17 June by Capt Gordon Banks from a section of the CoE that seems VERY sympathetic to ‘the Roman Empire’ and the RCS, opening extract below-

    “What kind of King and what kind of Kingdom

    A regular sight for Jesus as he grew up would have been an evangelist proclaiming good news about the advancement of the kingdom. Even if not in his village of Nazareth then certainly in nearby Sepphoris or on trips to Jerusalem.
    This ‘kingdom’ however was the mighty Roman Empire, the good news, the gospel, the evangel, would often be that the Empire was making further advances and yet more nations were being brought into knowing the value of being part of the Roman Empire and benefiting from the Pax Romanus”

    My suggestion to John A and any other supporter of an Evil enslaving empire is outlined nicely in the clip below!!


  55. The only thing missing on this poster is: ‘Dear Marty, this is for you, from David Miscavige…” because it’s a private joke to Marty that unfortunately is being said out loud and getting public Scientologists involved.

    Very 1st grade.

  56. And I need to add. Marty, you and Mike, Karen, and others to many to mention, have made it possible for us, that the conversations we thought would never be possible, have become possible. This is LIVING! This is a beautiful gift.

  57. There are so many people out there working to trip you up in with holds. Leaving you behind stuck in conversations that SHOULD have happened and never did. Because of all sorts of reasons. These are the silent killers. When a conversation should take place that never does. This is when being there and communicating becomes a crime. THANK YOU ALL for not buying into that idea. Say it yell it scream it moan it write it.
    There is nothing that can happen to you here and now on this planet in this universe that will be worse than being stuck in some other dimension with conversations that should have happened, could have happened, and never did. These will follow you forever.

  58. If this is what they can come up with as a response to your book, than they really do not understand what is going on. A warrior out of a very silly computergame for small boys. Plain fantasy. But of course, the guys from Scn Inc. live in a fantasy world! They are fighting their demons with arrows – could it be more pathetic…? Their leader is getting more and more like Don Quichotte, though for the latter you can have some sympathy …

  59. Every person in this world is a singer with a song. Sing.

  60. And, as far as my last prediction that the next person flipping out will push the movement into fifth gear …………… Hold on to your hats.

  61. I don’t suppose it’s lost on anyone that the real positioning of this sad excuse for PR (as perceived by DM and his bots) is that they are now the underdogs about to embark on one final struggle before their complete annihilation.
    It reminds me of a comment made by a CMO Int Missionairre (Lucky Story) after I’d expressed doubt about re-signing my contract, in which she likened a potential refusal on my part to that of a rat jumping ship. Not a very nice comparison but the tactic, nevertheless, didn’t work.
    It was only a while later that it dawned on me how she was actually positioning the org – and bear in mind she and her flunky, Mr Smith, had been encamped in London for a year and a half – a staggering admission and indictment of how unsuccessful their mission had been. Rats only desert a sinking ship!
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the king rat is making contingency plans as we speak.

  62. I want to go to get a courageous hero valence . That would make me really OT .
    ( only joking , that won’t get you to OT )

  63. Joe Pendleton

    Does anyone know when Drew Johnston became MISTER Drew Johnston?

  64. Joe Pendleton

    You know, when you look at this from a certain angle, it is kind of high-larious. The body armor, helmet, spears, shields. Kind of fits in with the events, which really ARE sort of high satire. The Greek/Roman columns, fireworks, the bombastic voice of Pomeranz, the kilts and bagpipes, the faux rap music by one of the three black people still left in the church …. and then Miscavige, whose pompador gets bigger as his face sags, along with what has become a VERY noticable and funny sing-songy way of talking (he’s become a self-parody), the standing ovations and OF COURSE, the complete over the top Sherman-speak (wouldn’t we all be disappointed if Davye actually talked like a real person at these events?). Then the glimpses of Guillame and others who have been drilled in public speaking to be as close to Davey’s style and cadence as they can – and it DOES sound even MORE ridiculous with a French accent). Too bad it’s not all on youtube. If you don’t have to worry about how you’re gonna get past the regges at the end of an event, it’s really entertaining, in an embarassing, make-fun-of-it kind of way.

    *Is it only me, or is Davey Miscavige REALLY starting to resemble Howdy Doody? (puppet popular with the kiddies in the 1950s?) Not going to events, I miss seeing how long it takes before Dave says “factually.”

  65. Freaking hilarious, Mike. Then there is Pit and the Pendulum Night, Night of the Living Dead Night and whatever else bubbles up from the depths of IMPR these days.
    Such a contrast to the real news scooped by Tony Ortega today on VV that Roanne Leake (LRH’s granddaughter) and Ron Miscavige Snr. (DM’s very own father) have flown the coop for greener pastures and happier lives. Good luck to them (and to Becky, Ron’s wife). I hope to catch up with them one day.

  66. It occurs to me now that this Allender clown must have a highly developed sense of irony. For his sake, I hope so anyway, because if he is playing this thing for real, God help him.

  67. “When Marty first started to be tailed, EVERY SINGLE “private investigator” hired by Dave Miscavige turned out to be a convicted felon.”

    And you (Thoughtful) know this, How? While I agree with your sentiment, I find your generalization somewhat disturbing.
    You sound no different then the clowns in the cult who “always attack, never defend” . So please provide documentation that “every single PI” was a Convicted Felon, otherwise I, and everyone else will have no choice but to consider you a _____________ !

  68. That picture of Allenders head on the supposed ripped body of King Leonides is pretty funny. So out of place. It probably was not meant as a joke, but i guess they can’t see it. There is some truth in the poster. Allender IS part of about 300 trying to make a new civilization. But its not a civilization that LRH, Leonides, or pretty much any other sane person who values the many forms of freedom wants anything to do with. And like the 300, despite training and weapons, they are succumbing to arrows of truth raining down on them from thousands of different sources. The lights are all being turned up. And what is of true value within the subject itself has been salvaged and is totally available outside of the cults financial and mind control. Its a great day.

  69. Mr. Rathbun,
    “If you LACK REALITY on the latter, go here and read, and I suggest it will make perfect sense”
    Does that not mean the same thing as :
    “if you DO NOT UNDERSTAND the latter, ………….”?
    Why the re-wording of typical and real world vernacular ? hmm?

    Please, no offense intended, just curious, thanks.

  70. It’s funny but, it’s sad, too, in that most of the flock will think this is cool.
    I actually hoped DM and crew may have learned something in a more positive direction from all this.

    I’ve had a few repeat to me what has been run on them regarding me by those who would have them disconnect from me. They’ve been told that I am trying to destroy the church. My answer to that is, I’m not trying to destroy the church, the church is destroying itself. And, I haven’t had to say much to prove my point.

    Keep it up guys. You will all have yourselves to blame. That counts double for those enablers that know better.

  71. HCO PL 5 February 1977, JOKERS & DEGRADERS

  72. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nasty, nasty stuff, Carcha! some of us probably
    witnessed or experienced that first hand. No wonder
    our memories need some work to get up to confronting
    these “traditions”

  73. I see what you did there. 😉

  74. “Zoo” — that’s what I saw, too.

  75. This story is definitely worth watching.

    Not only does Steve Cannane cover Wendy Honnor, he reports on the results from the census of 2011. Those results are going to be VERY difficult for the church to respond to as they compare the results to 5 years ago. LESS people willing to write on the census that they are Scientologists than 5 years ago??? That’s a bummer for Dave. And right on the eve of Maiden Voyage. And coupled with the news of Roanne and his father blowing the Int Base. And Marty making OT’s. And all sorts of other things yet to be announced!

    If ever it sucked to be Miscavige — its now. And the sucking sound is getting louder. All the botox, tanning beds and hair implants in the world arent going to cover up the truth that the blood is draining out of body as he keeps shooting himself in the foot….

  76. Kevin Tighe

    Drew Johnston is one of the good guys. Hopefully he’ll be posting here sometime soon. I imagine “GAT Part II” might just send him over the edge and with him much of the Bay Area could follow. Note to Jan, Marc, Jerry & Penny and the rest of my good friends out there: You really want to throw down with the likes of John Allender? You wonder why you have’t had the #1 raw public disseminator for past 20 years out there doing a seminar lately? E-Mail him or call and ask. You know who I’m talking about. Love you guys but you need to wake the fuck up.

  77. Kevin,
    Your comm was referring to Jerry Racheff and wife Penny, correct? Not sure is I spelled his name correctly.

  78. Great point Valkov.
    I was thinking a similar thought about how ridiculous dm made him look on that poster. I guess that’s as kind as dm can muster.

  79. With all that’s occurring here in a short span of time, looks like the walls are cracking. DM has to be the most delusional person in existence aside from giving Lucifer a run for his money. Almost a pun there! If I were him, I start working out my contingency plan immediately. Any bets on the next Celeb to defect? Or the next big FSM? This promo piece is ridiculous!

  80. Thanks for trying to get him to wake up Old Auditor.

  81. ingrid, John Allender has not a clue about being noble! If he had half a brain he would step back and look not listen!!!!!

  82. Excellent work by Steve Cannane. He links to Debbie Cook’s email (on this blog) and to a letter from the church responding to Wendy Honnor’s defection:


  83. one of those who see

    I thought this promo piece was a joke when I first went on the blog last night. This is real?????? LOL, OMG!

  84. one of those who see

    Wow, if this is true, then that’s it right? All of Dave’s family have left. And all of Ron’s except for Diana.

  85. Kevin Tighe

    Correct. The next big FSM has already “defected”. Stay tuned.

  86. Look at it upside down( the way Allender sees the World)
    looks like OOZ

  87. If only the Australian Bureau of Statistics did a census on buildings instead of people…

  88. David, I also knew when Drew was an inspiration to many….not anymore.
    He has bought it all hook, line and sinker!!!

  89. 300… The number of Scn Inc. members left by the end of 2012.

  90. Well Kevin whoever he/she is, the light went on and that’s a good thing! Having been an FSM this is darn right painful to keep watching! I have got to say that after I went to check out this Golden age stuff I walked never looking back and never talking to anyone about COS services again. Just could not bring myself to go there. My viewpoint, I wouldn’t do it so I could not enforce it on anyone else.

  91. TO, Big news. Thanks for the link. After reading it it is clear that the Allender 300 meeting will be another fund raiser. Obviously the $$$ is being used as a shield but . . .


  92. Thanks Oracle. This is the answer to my question of a few days ago about Diana and Roanne.

  93. Speaking of “big FSMs,” whatever happened to Barry Klein? Did I miss seeing that news?

  94. It’s common knowledge for anyone who has been reading and Marty’s blog from those days. Since you’re too crippled up with mental bullshit to Google anything yourself, here’s a record of the first one. You can look up the others from the same time period on Marty’s blog. Just look in Marty’s posts from the time. There was two or there in a row as I recall. Marty can confirm.

    Why are you disturbed to hear David Miscavige hired PIs who turned out to be convicted felons?

  95. Oops. I’m so used to the Village Voice commenting system where you had to change .com to .kom or similar to avoid the link being deleted.

    Here it is:

  96. Why do you care? Why are you interrupting the blog with stupid bullshit?

  97. johnny d — the purpose of your “question” is??? To prove that Marty wrote something possibly redundant?

    If you cannot understand the meaning of words, I suggest you check a dictionary. Do you know what one of those is? No offense intended, just curious, thanks.

    Does this mean I think you are (in real world vernacular) a troll?

    In a word: yes. But, again, no offense intended.

  98. “… otherwise I, and everyone else will have no choice but to consider you a _____________ !”

    You don’t speak for me, nor “everyone else” ~ nice tell attempt at invalidation though.

  99. johnnyd — Lablow, is that you? You’ve been quiet for a while… You just managed to dig yourself out after being buried alive for the Squirrelblusterers fiasco?

  100. Frankly I prefer Marty’s version, it flows much better and appeals to intelligence.

    Any perceived offense is probably just your imagination playing tricks with you, again.

  101. This is just looney-tunes. I don’t know what to make of it other than miscavige’s promotion and marketing unit is more than desperate to come up with something new to spike people’s interest. What he doesn’t realize (and is incapable of doing so) is all that’s needed is for standard tech to be delivered.

  102. Kevin, you mention the four people I love and miss the most around here, them and perhaps a handful of others I was close to. I so hope they all wake up walk out soon. If just those key players came out, many if not most would follow and the Co$ would be all but finished around here. If they don’t come out, I can’t imagine MTV sustaining that humongous empty building they’ve been “trying” to renovate for much longer. I haven’t been back since 09′, but the horror that building alone must be creating on the staff and field… truly sad.

  103. I read somewhere that Barry & Tony F. opened or planned to open a wine store and had their heads handed to them as a result. Most but not all of top FSMs are great people but they are throughly invested in the church and make big bucks as a result. Tough to look at what you don’t want to when the result might be your livelihood is put in jeopardy. That being said most of the top FSMs have been concentrating fro some years on shilling for the IAS, SuperPower and Idle Orgs but there’s only so much blood you can get out of that rock. Fights between FSMs use to be pretty monumental. I can only imagine what they are like now as the rock gets pulverized into little bitty stones.

  104. Agreed.

  105. This is proving to be a very good week!

  106. Message to David Miscavige

    Good preservers of life
    are country travellers,
    not fearing buffaloes and tigers;

    they cross battlefields,
    not wearing shield and sword.
    Buffaloes find no place
    to thrust their horn,
    tigers no place
    to hit their claws upon,
    swords no place
    to insert their blade.

    Well, for what reason?
    Because they have
    no mortal places!

    – from the Tao Te Ching

  107. martyrathbun09

    What edition is that?

  108. Wow!

    Check out the whole article. DM is apparently going to release the Mark VIII meter, and the GAT II training line-up, as well as announce the final opening of the Superpower building. In addition, the IAS is trying to raise $30 Million dollars by the end of today. Apparently, that push has been on for some time now.

  109. I hated these kind of promotions. What the hell does it even mean when the core practice of Scientology religion (i.e. the Bridge) has become totally unavailable through corrupt alterations, suppressive organizational politics and fees that are completely unattainable for the great majority of people on this planet? Who are they trying make a stand against anyway?

  110. Hello Marty. This is an online edition with keys to the original (or Wáng Bì), along with a Pīnyīn transliteration and a rich footnote to each chapter (as many words have different meanings).
    (Allows for a deeper W/C’ing and understanding of the Tao Te Ching.)

    You can visit the project at:

    You can even pick up single chinese characters and clear them with “wiktionary” or another online-service:天

    Greetings from Europe,

  111. I found that exact passage here:

  112. martyrathbun09

    Amazing the alteration and dub in that is possible over the centuries. And it is happening in Scn Inc after only a couple decades from the original.

  113. True.
    That’s why I like this version, as you can see the original Wáng Bì texts.

    Wich is your preferred version, Marty?

  114. Good one!

  115. Laughter!

  116. martyrathbun09

    I like Stephen Mitchell’s translation – put in modern English. Conceptual, sans mythical additives.

  117. Lol, actually Mike I thought it was Lablow I just didn’t say it. Thanks. I’ve noticed each time I’ve posted on Marty’s blog recently, out come the trolls to derail the thread.

  118. Thanks.
    I’ll check this one out.

  119. dolphin.jump

    Ditto!!! I thought it was a spoof!!! ROFL !!!!! whoa, that Roman promo of John Allender is some serious Flow 0 (self to self) twisted admiration substitute!!!!! Oh laughter laughter laughter rejecting mega outpoints!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  120. The graphic is an interesting metaphor. 300 against the Persian Empire. Factually it was 300 Spartans along with many thousands of others. The Spartans, being renowned for their fighting skills, were obviously pivotal in the epic battle at Thermopiles.

    So in DM’s and Allenders mind is they/he are battling something or someone against insurmountable odds? There really are a lot of parallels. The Battle was lost by the Spartans et al due to a betrayal by one of the Greeks. An unknown way around to their rear (no joke intended) was disclosed by a traitor and the Greeks were now fighting on two fronts. The rear did not afford the geographical advantages they enjoyed from the front and they were wiped out to the man.

    In the beginning of the battle the Persians were forced to battle along a very narrow pass with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. This forced the Persians to only be able to bring a very few of their overwhelming number to bear against the Greeks at any time. The Greeks, being superior fighters, were able to hold this for days at a tremendous cost in Persian warriors. It was only a betrayal of a path through the mountains around this choke point that allowed the Persians to eventually prevail.

    So now Allender and DM consider they are in a similar epic battle. One which is eventually lost due to betrayal and overwhelming odds. And I suppose we are the betrayers in their fetid minds and the overwhelming odds must be the truth (exposing DM’s distortions of Scn) they feel compelled to fight and defend against. Continuing with the metaphor, they will loose. Xerxes was murdered by the captain of his personal guard some years later.

    Sounds about right to me. Seems we are nearing that end, by their own Freudian admission with this silly graphic.

    Bye bye Dave. Watch out for those guards of yours. If history is any lesson, the betrayal comes from there.
    Time for more fences, more guard rotations, better bomb proof cars and a better vest, too bad those level 3’s are so bulky anyone can tell you’re wearing one. Damn man it really is time to hunker down and hide in a bunker. Double damn, didn’t Hitler commit suicide in his bunker. Better stay out of those. Maybe a hole, nope, Saddam was found in one of those. Man oh man there just isn’t a safe place anymore. Time to figure out, Where you don’t feel safe? Just ask yourself repeatedly, “Where don’t I feel safe?” Eventually you will cognite, then don’t go there, simple.

  121. dolphin.jump

    Those shields and spears behind the wincing John Allender look more like a pincushion. Personally, I vote for the cover of Marty Rathbun’s book as the real John Allender. I always say, you can see what the real person is about when they think nobody’s looking. David Miscavige and his OSA (Overtly Sickspy Association) are under the same delusion, thinking no one sees their harassment, lies, and cyberbullying behind the goldspraypainted podiums! The cover of Marty Rathbun’s book gives them the spotlight, for their TRUE COLORS! A brilliant, liberating spotlight.

  122. Jean-François Genest

    johnny d,
    ► Is there something about you that someone failed to find out ?

  123. Thanks Heather, very interesting.

  124. Jean-François Genest

    Scientology Inc. just keeps sliding down the dwindling spiral.
    • John Allender NEEDS to be the new face of Scientology now because Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes just filed for divorce, and the resulting media & “BPR” (Black Public Relations) whirlwind will certainly not help.

  125. When you really look at it, they are op terming everyone. You don’t need a declare anymore to get fair gamed. Look at the people sold on Scientology and then recruited for staff. Only to be parked off the bridge for the rest of their life.

  126. Very right indeed / Its very racial and insulting /I would hope complains follow rapidly and it be removed. Its disgusting.

  127. Kevin, you speak truth!!! I heard that Barry and his wife purchased a motor home and are motoring around the planet.

  128. That is sad. How awful! What a loss for them and the families.

  129. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Johnny D,

    Get off your butt, walk down the hall to Treasury OSAINT, ask to see the RUSH PO folder for Operation Squrriel Busters – Mary’s Place, and read what ever the CSW’s attached to the PO’s say about the hired PI’s sent to Texas.

    OSA Tolls! Sheesh! What you should be looking into is how you are going to ethically justify not having taken part in clear cut HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and AIDING AND ABETTING A KNOWN CRIMINAL.

    — Jackson

  130. Dear Mr Allender and all others of your ilk. I would like to congratulate you on your forethought of scheduling an event so close to my home on a day when I happen to be destroying whats left your cult several thousand miles away .

    Respects to all from the Dublin Offlines event. Sam say’s hi Marty 🙂

  131. martyrathbun09


  132. The Oracle,

    You got it right. LRH pointed out that most do not duplicate and return comm with an idea of their own on the line. Sometimes it’s like dealing with a patient who is non-responsive. The 1st Dynamic is so screwed up it’s all the way down to passive, and comm has to be tailored right into the reality slot in the cell door for any response at all to come back (other than a reactive one, e.g. why trolling is fun, rattling a cage and watching 10 replies roll in). You wrote a nice piece above, I waited to see who would reply. I don’t have it all down pat, but I think that if a comm gets too close to the truth, it creates a MWH of ommission phenomenon in the recipient. There’s more to it, like folks who substitute a 3D (“friends and agreements”) for a genuine being there, but in my observation, nothing is more fundamental than a MWH of ommission (people do NOT want to discuss this WMH of ommission ‘thing’). I wrote some slop about OEC (which I know little about) and got replies because it hit the experiential realities of some people. By contrast, I wrote something serious and very, very good, but that was all but ignored. A cycnic would say, “This is high school, not college.” It’s sort of like dealing with five-year olds – only the kids’ present interest is real to them; only their present game is real. I think all of us are subject to this, and it led to getting into the big mess we’re all in, which requires Scn to get out. Even Scn data, as miraculous as it is, is not enough; auditing is necessary; sometimes even that isn’t enough. I’ve talked to some of the most intelligent people in the world about Scn data, and my take-away is the comment, “Yes … that’s a good start!” (e.g. not, “Where might I get more data beyond the introduction you’ve been so kind as to provide me with, please?”) Conversely, some guy once said something astounding to me, and I sat there, getting what he said, but I could not come up with a reply at his level – it was too much for me. This was pre-Scn, and I didn’t even manage to ack the comm, I just sat there looking at him. This is a common phenomenon, and IMO, a very sad one, one that makes life less than pleasurable, and leaves one with, as you phrased it, “… conversations that SHOULD have happened, and never did.” Apologies if I’m sounding a bit obtuse. I’m reviewing all HCOBs on comm. – Carcha.

  133. Type 3 PTSness is such an ugly thing. DM,John A and a dwindling bank of defensive followers apparently see only darkness where other beings are communicating. The ‘us verses them’ of religious mentality belongs to another era, best left in the past.
    Please wake up cool aid drinkers & communicate.

  134. I was going to say that myself. How can this poster be used like that without permission? There are copyright laws, as DM loves to scream about whenever he sees just about anything LRH being talked about online…..

  135. And, as I just blew up that poster to see the tiny print at the bottom I see that there are copyrights…but only pertaining to the chuch of scientology. No credit to the actual corporation that owns that poster’s likeness….how funny. And how fitting that corporate COS feels that they can use whatever they want without permission. But let someone try to use anything of theirs without permission first.

  136. The top photo portrays the wanna be’s, but on your cover is what they are, squirrels. Both are silly pictures of them.

  137. Marty, thanks again.
    I checked the translation.
    As you said, it’s put in modern English and this is an often favorised version (found many positive recommendations of it).

    And still…
    “The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”


  138. Amazing the alteration and dub in that is possible over the centuries.
    You’re very right. There is lot of things “lost in translation” (and added).

    “The nature of ancient Chinese is one reason why this scripture, for thousands of years, has ‘baffled all inquiry.’
    Ancient Chinese is a conceptual language; it is unlike English and other Western languages, which are perceptual.
    Western languages are rooted in grammar that frames events in real time, identifies subject and object, clarifies relationships, and establishes temporal sequences.
    Ancient Chinese is based on pictorial representations, wothout grammar.Characters symbolize concepts that can be interpreted as singular or plural; as a noun, a verb, or an adjective; as happening in the past, present, or future. Therefore, when translating from Chinese to English, the Chinese characters must be framed within a perceptual context to be understood-
    For instance, mist of the Chinese text of the Tao Te Ching does not identify the subject or the object. It is left up to the translator to identify who is doing the talking, from what perspective, and to whom the message is directed-and then find the English equivalents to support his interpretation. Various interpretations of the same verse can have the sage giving a message to the people, the Tao giving a message to the world, and even the people giving a message to the sage!
    In addition, there are no clear distinctions that group characters into lines or sentences; as a result, translators can begin and end sentences in different places.”
    – from “Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition”, part of the introduction
    (The Book can be found at and its introduction and some chapters can be looked into.)

    And it is happening in Scn Inc after only a couple decades from the original.
    Fortunatley the majority of texts exists in the original form and is written in excellent English.
    Miscaviges “interpretations” will actually help the original works to survice, in the end.
    He thinks he is such a genius, but he can’t fool Scientology and its immanent self-correction qualities.

  139. Thanks Old Auditor…sad news indeed. I’ve know Drew and Dede for more than 20 years and they truly were an inspiration to all. When I was closely associated with them they awarded me my grades… because they could…and they supported what I was doing.

  140. My only comment, for the future “Marty Rathbns” and “Mike Rinders” (meaning the future ex leaders who contemplate going public), is to utilize the media.

    The best media are not Scientology’s enemy!

    Ex leaders who realize that have made a personal right step in the right direction.

  141. It says “Heros Will Rise”—- but then has a wimpy smile like Allender just realized he pooped in his pants. Hey John Allender, if you want to see real smiles and real heros check out completions-at-casablanca yesterday and see the real smiles of the 2 people who each kicked your ass last year down in So. Texas.

  142. Let’s see there were how many squirrel busters for 199 days fighting Marty and Mosey? And they had how many corporate lawyers and PI’s not to mention how many OSA opps? They spent how much to accomplish nothing? I guess that makes the battle of Casa Blanca the real battle of Thermopolae. And guess what? Marty and Mosey are still standing and the squirrel busters have left with their tails between their legs!

  143. Li'll bit of stuff

    Can I then say, thanks so much, I (think I ) have
    got (most of) that, Carcha!
    AND some real, sincere ARC,
    from Calvin.
    “understanding washes away everything”–LRH

  144. Li'll bit of stuff

    Not to mention , thoroughly bruised egos, a knocked
    off pair of sun-glasses,and cap, a scratch??, embarrassing- to-explain trousers wet-in-the-crutch area AND the most
    memorable comedy ever offered up in Scientology or
    anywhere else in the genre as “Scientology car wash”
    featuring the “SquirrellBusters”, led by John Allender and
    his Goon Squad. Hard to believe this was an OTVIII.
    What amazing heroic stories they will be able to “spin”
    their incredulous grand children, one day1 (NOT!)
    And oh! wait till those grandkids see the original video/s

    Priceless reactions, I’ll bet.

    Sucks to be Miscavige (and Allender!)

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    TO, I’ve got LRH anecdotes that pop into my head for
    almost any situation, so; “…the only entrapment there
    is………is the waiting one does for an answer …” LRH

  146. People appear to be successful and well-adapted, by virtue of understanding the society, emulation, punching buttons, education, and so forth, but underneath that one too often finds an astoundingly weak 1st Dynamic propped up by superficial and even pretended agreement with partial understandings of someone else’s sound ideas. Such people often are incapable of returning communication other than chatter about the news or discussion of their own realities, and take unkindly to errors pointed out. E.g. Tell a Christian there is no Heaven, or a churchie there is no church.

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