Advice to Tom Cruise: Keep Miscavige Out Of Divorce Battle

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice ran an interview with me wherein I advise Tom Cruise to keep David Miscavige’s intentions out of his dispute with Katie Holmes, or he will regret it:  Advice to Cruise at Village Voice.

Radaronline has reported on why this advice is wise, Holme’s Family Knows the Score. 

For those linking in for background, the following are key posts published here  over the past three years on the unnatural level of control Miscavige has asserted over Cruise and Katie Holmes.

1.   Target, Tom Cruise.  Details how Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige (Cruise’s best man at his wedding) has infiltrated the Cruise household and used personal assistants and family members to serve as informants on every aspect of Cruise’s personal life.

2. Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying.   A documented expose of Scientology Inc leader Miscavige using church of Scientology slave labor to design and construct custom-made motorcycles and vehicles for Cruise.  Demonstrates the depth of Cruise’s loyalty and commitment to Scientology Inc’s sociopathic head.

3.  Cruise at Cult Compound.  Internal Scientology Inc. document demonstrating level of control over Cruise’s life, and how it interjects itself between Cruise and Katie Holmes.

4.  Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult.  Internal Scientology documents demonstrating how cult leader Miscavige vets, chooses and controls Cruise’s personal staff.

5.  To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige With Love.   Photographs of the special airplane hangar that was constructed for Cruise utilizing Scientology Inc. slave labor, at the orders of David Miscavige.

6.  Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, an unnatural relationship.   Graphic, photographic evidence of Miscavige’s interjection of himself into Cruise, Holmes relationship.

7.  Tom Cruise’s Custom Cult Motorcycle.   Miscavige’s slave labor custom-design motorcycle gift to Cruise.

8.  Miscavige Betrays Tom Cruise’s Confessional.  How cult leader Miscavige violates the confessions of Cruise.  Further insight into the unnatural, unethical control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

9.  Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses.    More documentation on the Scientology Inc. custom-made buses, including documentation of the internal Scientology reporting system on details of Cruise’s personal life.

10.  The Whole Story.  If you really want to understand the mind set of the best friend of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader, as Tom Cruise characterizes himself, you should read my recently published book What Is Wrong With Scientology?  It is now also available on Kindle.

160 responses to “Advice to Tom Cruise: Keep Miscavige Out Of Divorce Battle

  1. Fantastic Marty.

    I loved Chuck Beatty’s comment over on Tony’s blog:

    “I agree Tom should just cave, give Katie whatever she wants.

    Then Tom ought to sit down with Mark Bunker and do a video for Mark’s movie.

    Then Tom should swing down to Texas for a repair session with Marty.

    Then he should go visit Debbie Cook at Guadalupe, and offer her his support.

    That would do his reputation some good.”

    I especially like the swing down to Texas for a repair. Regardless of what is said about Tom C – I am confident that Marty could and would 1) work out a sane ethics program with him 2) give him great auditing …

    I stand corrected — seems the news media IS picking up this story and running with it. Murdoch seems to have given his “blessing”


  2. Marty,
    I really admire your ability to confront insanity and suppression, all the while maintaining compassion and understanding in your advices. I know you do not need others to toot your horn, but I have to say, you are a good man.

  3. I honestly hope that TC somehow reads this blog and takes the help offered here from Marty.

    This quote by Thich Nhah Hahn really points to how Marty operates:

    ~We need to be aware of the suffering, but retain our clarity, calmness and strength so we can help transform the situation.~
    -Thich Nhat Hanh-

  4. Alex Castillo Message to TC

    A message to Tom Cruise, the Corporate Scientologist and David Miscavige’s Best Friend:

    This is from a close friend of mine, who also really knows what Scientology is all about:


    When a Being has achieved personal integrity within the awareness of awareness that he now recognises as his infinite Source Point, then he knows once and for all that nothing can invalidate or violate this holy of holies. It is the ultimate axis of his beingness from which there is no going back to the way things were.

    At Source it is the infinite creative wellspring from which arises affinity and creative thought; his aims and purposes; and his love for life and all that lives. Thus he knows that he does not require to mock himself up in any form, for a mock up is a creation, which has boundaries, limits, and will perish in time.

    Therefore, his integrity contains the consideration that he as himself recognises his infinite Being as senior to all that is created beyond the perimeter of his spiritual Source.

    Thus is his integrity complete, sacrosanct and inviolate.


    Looking back to the moment I went clear in 1972, I can see now that it was also the moment that I recognised my integrity in its original purity as all the suppression, lies and half truths simply dissolved and vanished.

    It brings home to me that integrity is the magical ingredient that underwrites the state of clear, for integrity cannot fully exist until the thetan is clear of the bank and that he knows that he knows he is clear forever.

    That statement is the key to the clear condition in its fullness, for it can only exist by the self-determined efforts of the individual, for no other person, holy or otherwise can achieve salvation for him.

    Only he mocked up the bank and only he had the power to unmock it, for it was his creation!”

    Tom Cruise, you are being advised by people who care about you and your family! Try paying some attention to what is being said here.


  5. Oh yes, not just his blessing; UK’s biggest daily by far The Sun has it as its top story 2 days running> Here’s this morning’s offering:

  6. Thanks for the great link Martin. The Sun is owned by News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch. Who is not a fan of scientology

  7. Geeze Marty, you are certainly riding the storm. One man with strong integrity, that’s all it takes to bring down empires.

    May scores of us (individuals seeking freedom) rise with such integrity.

    This world needs warriors for truth, warriors for honor and integrity.

    Well done ninja boy!

  8. Thanks Marty for your book!!! It had wings and arrived 10 days before ETA. It is amazing spot on. Worth of100 intensives GAT auditing where there is NO understanding.
    I just received promo for the old e-meter, even everybody knows it is soon worth of nothing.

  9. Very well put, Alex.

  10. Marty, Kind of wish I would have made it your direction over the weekend to visit and hang! A question for you.

    Where do you think Tom cruises complicity starts and stops, where is he actively involved in the conspiracy of certain abuses, and where is he a naive dupe? For example, the set up of him and Katie, where DM set up a “film project” to research and screen women, got to test drive them like a Baja 1000 rally car driver under DM protection, and when he dropped one because something more shiny came along, the discarded victim was forced to clean public lobby’s and toilets with a tooth brush and oppressed into submission. Do you think Cruse knew about all the details, remained intentionally oblivious so that he could enjoy some extreme sport, or was completely oblivious with the data saved and documented in case Cruse wanted to leave the COS?

    Another comment, when I and others went through divorce type situations under COS guidance, pressure was always to make things go away in a way that resulted in minimal PR damage to DM and the COS, no matter the negative consequences to me/us. Self preservation for the COS, the individual is nothing, group is everything. Do you think DM is smart enough to realize he has lost this fight and needs to play nice, or do you think he will get Cruse to thrash around like a fish out of water on a bed of nails and irrecoverably destroy himself? I guess my question is will DMs self preservation win, or his ego?

  11. “Holme’s Family Knows the Score.”

    The funny/sad part of this story is that anyone who has any interest in the subject of scientology “knows the score,” with the exception of the few thousand insiders who are dutifully not-ising the “score.”

    I like Tom. The few times I’ve met him I felt he was sincerely doing what he felt he needed to do to make the world a better place. He put his heart into it. He wasn’t afraid to DO something about it. I think it’s obvious that his major mistakes all stem from his inadvertantly slipping into miscavige’s not-so-friggin-helpful valence. So out of ARC. Such a service facsimile. So disgustingly narcississtic. So obvious to anyone with an exterior viewpoint.

    I sincerely hope that Tom takes a step back and realizes that david miscavige is NOT scientology. Not even vaguely. Not even close. Diametrically opposed.

    Good luck Tom.

  12. Katie’s family has to have this data, and will absolutely use it to win and protect their own, do you think Tom actually knows everything that was done “for” him, perhaps to entrap him?

  13. Rory Medford

    TC will be just like the 3 monkeys when it comes to this divorce and Scn
    hear no evil, speak no evil see no evil

    he is just blind to all the control mechanisms DM has put in place in his life sad but true

    TC no longers controls his own destiny when it comes to many of his dynamics

    he has been dupped and sold down the river by someone who truly does NOT hav Toms best interest at heart

    TC wake up dude you are been played like a fiddle and you have been buying into it hook line and sinker

    dont you think its time to wake up and smell the coffee?

  14. Man oh man! As Bette Davis said: “Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be a bumpy ride!”

  15. There are multiple news stories on the web this morning naming the major reason for the filling was TC’s link to Scientology and that the sole custody request will require her to show why TC is not a fit dad. If TC protests this will get ugly fast for DM as this is a very high profile close connection to DM.
    So – who to cut the link first? DM or TC?

  16. I second that, an inspiration.

  17. Wow. Rupert Murdock weighs in:–;_ylv=3

    OSA INT: Scientology is all over the news and in a very negative way. I told you before that what you guys are excelling in is making enemies on a daily basis. Now a high profile Scientologist is in BIG trouble and his wife is going to come after you guys and the whole thing is going to make MORE enemies for Scientology. Tons more. Why? Because you allow it to happen.

    It is not us Indpendents making this happen. It is one person and you know who that is. You can do something about it. Do it.

    ML Tom

  18. Marty,
    Just finished your book. Had to put it down a few times so my little cognition party could continue. Just posted my review on Amazon, under Cent.
    Five stars, of course! Thank you for your help! Yes, I had many mind blowing wins in my 42 year adventure trying to get up the bridge to total freedom without getting overrun any more! I won most of those fights but now see how ridiculous the whole game became. I was factually pretty darn uptone when I first walked into an org at 16. First time I ever picked up the cans, the guy said, Your needle’s floating. I thought, oh, that’s cool. Laughing! In 1969 Scientology was very different and the old CC on 8th St., circa 1970’s was absolutely the coolest place to be.

    Your chapter on purposes is the million dollar winner! It lines right up with all that I personally believe. Additionally, the comparisons you make in the core of your text are brilliant and enlightening!

    I personally LOVE Napoleon Hill and have had many incredible wins reading his books since I left the cult, all which were written before 1930. He was the most read author that came out of The New Thought Movement which was started by one Phineas Quimby.
    Fascinating stuff. I’m sure Ron was all over it. Yes, I still use some tech daily and may avail myself for more enlightenment at some point but still decompressing and your book, which I will begin rereading today helped a ton. Again, thank you!

    By the way, your recent posts are fantastic and I truly hope TC wakes up from his nightmare. The scales are tipped and it is OVER for the Church!
    I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the press…..!

  19. I am not a Scientologist. I have never been one nor do I intend to be one. However, I have followed this blog for over two years fervently out of pure fascination. That being said, for those of you that run and regularly post on this blog… are as genuine as they come. You eek of loyalty and stand tall for a belief system that works for you. It is a pleasure to have kind of gotten to know you. Thanks.

    Katie – stand firm.

  20. Despite hiring the best PR people available, Tom can not escape the negative effects of being associated with Miscavige and his criminality.
    Tom will need to publicly disconnect before he can turn his life around.

    Ya, maybe some day (ha,ha) there won’t be such thing as an SP, but it ain’t today Tom.

    Get Miscavige off your personal and professional lines!

  21. martyrathbun09

    As to Tom being informed – search “Bert Fields” (Tom’s long-time personal attorney) on this blog and you will see I put him on notice three years ago. I know Bert – and Bert would have forwarded that letter (he was ethically obligated to which obligation I reminded him of). On the latter, that remains to be seen. It is anybody’s guess.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  23. Jean-François Genest

    True. Since David Miscavidge operates IN REVERSE, any and all “advice” he utters are designed to cave a person in and destroy the person, all the while posing as a close, friendly ally (filled with covert hostility).

  24. I know T.C. is agreat guy, Katie also.
    Some expert help on locating the THIRD PARTY
    the correct WHO and WHY

    Would diffuse the entire scene rather than ratchet up emotions
    to explosive proportions that destroy lives needlessly.

    Rupert Murdoch and Anderson Cooper are just yappy dogs
    Real Scientologists applying RealScientology is whats needed

  25. NOPE. Don’t think he knows everything that was done “for” him.

    Have a feeling that his atty is up to speed though. And is possibly just dying to fill in the gaps for Tom.

    Just imagine the level of betrayal that Tom’s going to have to confront on his way back up. But, Cruise is a big being. He’ll handle it. (positive postulates work whenever you make them.)

    Imagine Tom doing a national TV special on the subject of PTSness and going out of valence to a suppressive. Imagine him using his own tragedy to give reality on the data.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Beings do not have size. Their character is of quality, not quantity.

  27. Do you think if Tom Cruise knew that his home was bugged and DM sat around making jokes about data in his pc folders Tom would be friends with this pig? No slur to pigs, just a figure of speech. Honestly, how could he know? He would probably instantly fire anyone that started a comm cycle on this type of stuff and he’s publicly stated he rarely goes online. Now, one of his co-actors would be in a very good position to enlighten him or his attorney. If not that, it ultimately could happen in the court room, which would be the final death blow to the Corporate Church! I do think when he finds out how genuinely sleazy and evil DM is, he will be revolted and mad as HELL!.

  28. Ziba Feulner

    I am betting on “ego”, Mike!

  29. From a distance I find it all fascinating. Not the divorce itself, that is sad for all those involved. But the secret agents of scn, who are posting on her doorstep and shadowing this young mother and child. It must be a terrifying experience and that on top of the divorce. I really hope the NY police will take action and arrest them for stalking.
    The most fascinating to me is how TC lets scn inc into his personal life. He benefits even from the slave labour of staff members. Does he think he is god, a messias or something? Is he suffering from delusions? He lets his wife and child being stalked? (I suppose he could make it stop immediately if he wanted to.) I think this moviestar is totally overrated, an artificial personality. Which you are likely to become probably if you are treated as a demi-god by the boss of scn and by the movie business.
    If he is a real man, he stops the harassment of his wife and child NOW!

  30. Ziba Feulner

    Les, great post!

  31. Bruce Pratt

    So in some attempted sleight of hand, OSA stats will go from “favorable inches of press” or whatever, to just “inches of press”, which will be in screaming affluence…

  32. Roger Thought (LO)

    Google news results about Tom Cruise:

    About 52,900,000 results (0.08 seconds)

    I’ve never seen such a figure. Highest ever

    Straight up and vertical to the end of the Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a stat !

    Compared to Barack Obama:

    About 3,600,000 results (0.11 seconds)

    That’s it !
    End of Story !
    Wjhen and where will be the funerals for the RCS ?

    What do we do now ?

    I’ve never seen such a butterfly effect. Just a mom fighting for her kid.

  33. Roger Thought (LO)

    and by the way;

    Marty and friends. Thanks !!!!!

  34. A definition from a 1975 technical dictionary of dianetics and scientology of computing psychotic :
    COMPUTING PSYCHOTIC, 1. a psychotic who from his reactivity figure-figures. He’s inconstant in his conduct, he’s computive. He figures it all out, he’s got explanations. He’s obsessively solving a problem that does not exist. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06) 2. the computing psychotic passes quite commonly for a normal. Here the individual is taking dictation solely from a facsimile of some past moment of pain and is acting upon the advice of that “circuit” and is calling it thought. The psychotic personality is distinguished by its irrationality and its perversion of values. The distinguishing characteristic of the computing psychotic is his utter inability to change his mind. (AP+A, p. 38)

    Is David Miscavige a computing psychotic !

  35. Sage words. Well taken.

  36. Thanks. But in retrospect, probably should also be pointed out that he, himself, on his own determinism did assume that valence.

    He, himself must unassume it.

  37. Marty,

    The news outlets are really cranking on this one. Cover of People Magazine already.

    I now understand a comment you made a while ago regarding a Meltdown this Summer.


  38. In NYC, the Katie Holmes PI stalking story is on the front page of both the Daily News and the NY Post.

  39. one of those who see

    Love that quote Windhorse!

  40. one of those who see

    Interesting response, Marty. I’ve used that phrase, big being. Thinking of what it means to me. I think maybe it’s that I have perceived a big command of space by a person. They seem big. But come to think of it… Does LRH ever use that phrase???

  41. one of those who see

    Excellent: “I sincerely hope that Tom takes a step back and realizes that david miscavige is NOT scientology. “

  42. gordon freeman

    Exactly where I am. Interested spectator (Baptist secret agent in a Methodist church if you must know 😉 ) and this stuff is fascinating. Run Katie Run. Marty & Others, stand by your beliefs. Don’t let these sick sci-fi horror movie villians stop you.

  43. Rory Medford

    after the dust settles Tom will do the right thing. Tom is a bright guy and once he really takes ahold of the situation and sees what is going on in his life he will make the correct choices. It won’t be easy but the truth always prevails.

  44. Who would have guessed — the New York Post is reports:

    “A team of beefy armed men parked themselves in a white Cadillac Escalade outside Holmes’ place all day yesterday, snapping pictures of people outside the building and demanding to know who they were.

    “Cops finally pulled up in a marked NYPD squad car behind the SUV and checked out its Tennessee license plates. The officers said they were acting on complaints of “suspicious activity in a white Escalade” but did not elaborate. They spent about 15 minutes eyeing the SUV before leaving. At least two of the five men sitting in the SUV were clearly packing heat. When asked who they worked for, one wisecracked: “We’re waiting for a bus.”

  45. The pics of Katie today were startling!!! I’ve not seen her eyes this alight with life in years…and her smile is back. She looks like the weight of the world has been lifted from her shoulders.

    Also, she fired Tom’s security detail and now has her own of 5-6 people (per TMZ).

  46. Yes, but a thetan grabs space and makes it his own. When we refer to a “big being” we refer to one that has grabbed a lot of space. You Marty, for example, are a big being. Your influence is felt around the globe. TC, at this point is a very small being, and you can see it on him.

  47. Yeah Gordon, we’re on a roll now. BTW enjoyed reading your comments yesterday.

  48. Yep, probably with the adjusted slogan “any press is better than none!” to explain the inclusion of the straight up and vertical bad-PR stat.
    Now, THAT is expansion! …

  49. Marty, your advice to TC is a good one. I believe that is the only way to go. I believe that in most divorce cases the man should give up whatever he can. In any that I have seen that was a winning strategy, which ended up well for both sides.

    The problem is that even though you were his auditor, and no doubt an opinion leader to him at the time, he is not going to head that advice. From what I hear and from what I see of him, he is too far gone.

    Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same sequence of action expecting a different result (and I do not think he meant a repetitive process, just in the MEST universe). For TC this is the third time he is doing the same. As per Einstein, he is insane.

  50. I have to say nicely said Katie. Hang in there, it’s only going to get better, or worse, depending on your point of view.

  51. Big:
    1. large in amount
    2. very important or serious.
    1 a viewpoint; he is as much a being as he is able to assume viewpoints. energy production source.

  52. Hallelujah!!! Finally someone has said … beings do not have size. End of sentence. I mean how can a being have size and yet it’s often used — he’s a big being. Which to me used to imply that others are small or smaller. Sort of lesser, if you will.

    Without a doubt, since theta has no mass, no wavelength etc … it can ONLY be quality — not quantity.

    AND since ALL BEINGS are basically good, it can only be that SOMETHING is covering up the QUALITY.

    That something being the reactive mind and all it’s permutations.

    With this in mind, I believe it’s seriously easier to have compassion for everyone — REGARDLESS of how messed up they might be now.

    And perhaps MAYBE we will stop feeling we are superior and putting others into a “lesser” category.

    Maybe 🙂


  53. Yes, LRH uses this phrase in HCO PL 22 MARCH 1967 in context with degraded beings.
    However, as Marty said, it is based on quality (in great extent of communication, the ability to assume a viewpoint etc.)

  54. Marty, don’t ruin our party. Stop giving Tom Cruise good advice. We want to watch more bromance between the two. It leads to fun media fireworks. TC has elected himself the man who must dethrone the supreme leader. If he doesn’t the supreme leader will do-him-in for sure. The two are doing battle, only TC doesn’t know it. DM knows it very well. DM has already curtailed TC’s career and ran off three of his wives. TC has allowed DM to turn him into a degraded being. He was a respected actor and Hollywood’s biggest star just a decade ago. Now he’s the laughing stock of the media and the punchline of jokes on cartoons designed for an audience of potheads. Let’s see how low he will go before he snaps. I think he will snap. Everyone reaches their breaking point. Katie Holmes did. I was right where TC is. I was holding onto Corporate Scientology. I snapped, cognited, then I attacked my suppressor. It seems to be a standard phenomenon, ie: Jason Bighe.

  55. I guess this should not come as a surprise to most of us.
    After all, the thing David Miscavige does best is to break up families.
    He’s the expert. Boy, is he good at it. See what a little practice and persistence will do kids?

  56. Should be a real interesting MV event. The midget should be absolutely beside himself wondering where the next harpoon will launch from! No doubt the Freewinds will lose some more freeboard!

  57. gordon freeman

    Mine? The original “Run Katie Run” comment? 🙂 Thanks.

  58. You’re right.
    DM is “better” than TC.
    It’s a battle for DM.

  59. I always took it to mean someone who could confront and handle a large area of reponsibility.

  60. Miscavige and his radical cult have become a magnet for bad press. When one of your flock is getting a divorce and Rupert Murdoch weighs in on the cult, good grief!
    Hey dwarf, it’s called KARMA. All those nasty, hateful, dirty rotten things you’ve done….chicken – home – roost.

  61. I love the comments about this and how others have understood this. I was obviously much lower toned and took things quite literally …

    Now I’m UPTONE and enlightened so I get it …


    But, seriously I had a very limited point of view regarding the tech and philosophy. It was clearly the culture that attracted me. As Penny said on one of her posts — CCLA back in the day was THE place to be. And so was Flag – for a while.


  62. happybaby89

    I got your book and read most of it. I admit I read the chapters in order of importance to me.
    I find it a very sincere personal statement of what you feel Scientology is and it’s role in society. On the day when everybody involved with Scientology can have the freedom of thought conveyed in your book the Scientology Civil War will be over.
    A lot of my ideas on Scientology were validated and some questions answered. Also new questions raised like what a hell was LRH auditing in the last years of his life? Did Miscavige put him back on his Objectives and then made him redo his Solo Nots a couple of times? (joke)
    I hope your big book will fill in all the questions we still have. Not that it really bothers me, just like to know everything.

    On TC. I think he will turn around. He is connected to a lot of well meaning non scientologist professionals who know how to help someone with a very light touch.

    Thanks for the good read again.

  63. threefeetback

    Katie, father and Co. + “The Master” is now being financed to the tune of about 43 mil by the daughter of someone with a Samurai collection and arsenal that dwarfs any such toys that Tom has. Run, Davey, run; the women are so done with you.

  64. martyrathbun09

    I love it when you talk like Malcolm X.

  65. May I add, for those who have a penchant for ranking Beings, one chooses to play a game or not to play a game and selects roles and viewpoints within any game one has chosen to play.

  66. Computing AND dramatizing. DM never does anything halfway, including his psychosis. Ask anyone who has been at the Int Base Animal Farm.

  67. ditto Marty. I’m glad you have made that remark.

    In my experience, those times I heard the words “you are a big being” someone was attempting to extract money from me – it seems it was always some sort of REG CYCLE. Maybe it meant “big being” = “big pockets” I’m OFF that BS now!

  68. At least they didn’t send the Squirreling Stalk Busters Head Cam Squad and their 300 Spartans to Katie’s door step – yet!

    Can only imagine that golf cart fooling around in the NYC traffic…

  69. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thanks Marty. Those are EXACTLY the links I need to give to all the reporters in the UK who are calling for information. Sorry to all of you if I appear to have gone missing. I haven’t it’s just that the press here can’t seem to get enough information and we’re run off our feet in the UK and Ireland after our conference on Saturday. Have a FABULOUS Independent’s day weekend. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you but I’ll be with you in spirit while my physical body is busy talking to reporters. I love you all xxx

  70. Yea. Wonder how many recently aware, almost-indies will be attending, taking notes and shooting photos of the proceedings. Wonder if all their cell phones will be confiscated along with any recording devices. Wonder how tight the security will be. Enemies everywhere. Oh dear, oh dear, what’s a dictator to do????

  71. There shouldn’t be anything like “scientology kids”. To be a scientologist one has to go through awarness levels : Need of change, fear of worsening… To be born from scientology parents doesn’t make you a scientologist.
    For exemple, Miscavige is probably not a scientologist.
    TC daughter is not a scientolgist, and to raise a kid with being a scientologist is an enforced reality and it’s not scientology.
    Most of the young gun who are going to the sea org are simply out of valence, like Miscavige.

  72. LOL! Exactly right!

  73. More details and materials being brought up from the past to tie up David Miscavige, his PIs, Bad PR to Tom Cruise:

  74. So, I have to wonder how people who are “in” can be so oblivious to what is happening with Scientology and the incredible void of leadership in the church. I mean, the whole “we are the only sane one on this prison planet” thing can only go too far. You have this little bubble of people, living in a non-existent world where we are only a few people shy of clearing the planet – that all we need to do to have the “first clear city,” as recent promo from Portland is stating, is to just be dedicated and out-create the SPs and give more $$$ to creating an idea org.

    The reality that current members are living in is a totally fabricated world completely divorced from the real world. Their assessment of what is happening is distorted. You have these idiots posting YouTube videos of “fund raising” which make me sick.

    Do you know what this is? The members of the church who are not confronting what is really happening are basically theetie-weetie cases. This is an incredible manifestation of collective thought agreement where these people collectively invent a world in which Scientology is loved by all, does incredible things, where stats are always high and straight-up and vertical, where Mr. David Miscavige and John Allender are riding at the vanguard slaying SPs who dare to question their fabricated “reality.” Their eyes are vacant, and their smiles are plastic.

    The problem, of course, is that this is fake, just as DM’s valence is fake.

    This is the only way it can be – Theetie-weetie is right next door to (the true) SP. It is hard to crack a theetie-weetie case – they refuse to look at anything that is “negative” or would spoil the little world they fabricated for themselves. Too damn bad.

  75. It is telling and ironic that a “church” organisation and “leader” so fixated on “handling” its members in such a way that business and familial disputes in their personal lives do not result in negative publicity to the “church,” no matter how unfair or unjust are the “remedies” to the members themselves, cannot help but systematically and needlessly create endless streams of negative publicity for itself.

    DM is like some demented little dutch boy who with one hand stabs holes in the dike while with the other hand he points accusingly at his minions screaming for them to plug the damn holes or their lazy and out ethics disregard for the dike will result in its destruction.

  76. To be a scientologist one has to go through awarness levels : Need of change, fear of worsening…

    Need of change is the point where someone can be introduced to Scientology. (Below this point it’s worthless anyway.)
    (Scientology is there to change conditions, so why would you use it without a need?)
    But you can raise Kids with Scientology.
    Why not?
    There is nothing bad with Scientology and Kids.

    But in the Church of Reversed Scientology it could lead to some undesireable changes. But it’s a matter of the environment and its tonelevel, not of the subject.

  77. Somewhat off topic, but this whole new Independent community and network of Scientologists and Scientology, really should be getting hit home at every opportunity. The R factor on its existence needs to rise, and also its being differentiated from the church. The fact that so many thousands practice scientology outside and in defiance of the churches control, validates most premises for those reporting on church abuses. The time is now.There are TWO scientology communities, one in a mental, financial and physical lockdown, and one which is universal and free. Its a logical add-on for most stories currently out there.

  78. Indie Anon

    PETA may be watching you! Pigs are highly social and intelligent.

  79. Wow, that’s very cool. I hadn’t considered much how this blog looks to a curious bystander. Thanks for the perspective and the warm words, and although some us “contributors” are only able to state the bleedin’ obvious or degenerate into savage sarcasm, there is definitely a common denominator amongst the regulars to see wrongs righted, and truth disseminated. I think…

  80. The Sun reported the rest of that communication: “When it was pointed out they had been there for days, he added: “They still haven’t got off the bus.” Sheer poetry.

  81. GREAT work on the Sun articles last 2 days Sam. You’ve been read by about 7.6 million people. That’s about 190X those who got the benefit and wisdom of DM’s pearls of wisdom at the last event if every single Corp Scientologist saw it or a DVD of it. Maybe DM’s finally found what “straight up and vertical” means after all.

    From Wiki: “The Sun has the tenth-largest circulation of any newspaper in the world and the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the United Kingdom.[1][4] It had an average daily circulation of 2,614,725 copies in March 2012.[1] Between July and December 2010 it had an average daily readership of approximately 7.6 million, of whom approximately 2.65 million were in the ABC1 demographic and 4.9 million in the C2DE demographic.[2]”

  82. Grasshopper,

    It’s also a mystery to me how those still in the cult are managing to hang on so long in their altered state. I don’t know about all that theetie-weetie and SP case stuff. But those still in, especially the public, would have to sleep in vampire coffins 24 hours a day to avoid hearing anything that would shock or upset their sensitive constitutions.

    Then there are the poor souls who know full well it’s a cult and are just scuttling down dark alleys, trying not to be disconnected from by their Kool-aid swilling family members, bosses and clients. It makes me exhausted just imagining the chronic stress they suffer under.

    I fluctuate between feeling pity and scorn. But mostly I’m befuddled. What the hell are they thinking? They’re living in an insane world. Somewhere, sometime, somebody is going to snap.

  83. Thank you Marty

  84. Captain Bob

    “The most important thing for you to know about Scientologists is that Hubbard has installed a minefield around them to “protect” them from outside influences. You need to avoid this minefield if you want to help them.”

    Sad, but true unfortunately.

  85. We will miss you Sam!!


    It’s all over the Drudge Report. I think that reaches millions of people.
    In one of the articles it even has the Tom Cruise video accepatance speech. It is so over the top I can’t even listen to it all. Just think what people who never have been exposed to Scientology will think of THAT…
    Boy of boy!!


  87. Yepp, “size of beings” (if you so will) is pretty well covered in The Factors.

  88. Reuters story says it’s Katie v. Tom AND Scientology. NYC divorce legal maven urges Tom to settle, not litigate. Sounds like Marty’s advice in Village Voice today. At


    For those independents and those critics of scientology who have been praying for the “tipping point.” It would appear your prayers have been answered.

    What is the “tipping point?” To me, it is the point at which public perception of some idea or object becomes the “thing to do” or the “thing to NOT do.” The “thing to get,” or the “thing to NOT get.”

    LRH lays the basics of this phenomenon out in the policy called POSITIONING, PHIOLSOPHIC THEORY.


    “Positioning takes advantage of a fact that one can compare the thing he is trying to get the other person to understand with desirable or undesirable objects.”

    One of the best examples of Positioning recently is “Green.” What does that mean? Easy! It means environmentally friendly, non-polluting = A good thing.

    On the negative side is Tobacco. Tobacco is toxic, cancer-causing, corporate greed at its worst = A bad thing.

    Everyone knows that Green is good and Tobacco is bad. Even smokers know it. No doubt. Not a question in anyone’s mind.

    A week ago, the question, “What is scientology?” was still up in the air with many people. Yea, some people say it’s a cult and some people say it’s weird but look at the celebs who still endorse it…maybe It’s okay…sort of…who knows, who cares?

    Today, a major milestone has been crossed. If you look at the headlines across the nation, the world, what do you see?

    Scientology = Creepy Cult.

    It’s been brewing for decades. The two words have been used to describe it many times in many places. But today, courtesy of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise dutifully dramatizing David’s valence, “Scientology” is now synonymous with “Creepy Cult.”

    The headlines and copy content are massive. What the American Psychiatric Association, the CIA, Interpol and many detractors could not accomplish in 60 years has been done thoroughly and completely by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise dramatizing David Miscavige’s valence practically overnight.

    Public perception of “scientology” is “Creepy Cult.” It’s a done deal.
    The “WHY” is very easy to spot. It’s because the church of scientology IS a creepy cult.

    It is true. It is now being disseminated by just about every single publication in the country. It’s been building and building for decades and now, with the otherwise innocuous event of two Hollywood celebrities getting a divorce, it is “over the edge.”

    ‘NEVER USE LIES IN PR.” An admonition from LRH. They will come back to bite you, he infers.

    The accumulated creepy-cult activities of David Miscavige over the past 25 years have finally added up, in the PR blitz of the decade, to the virtually complete joining of “creepy cult,” with “scientology.”

    David Miscavige beats up his staff. The creepy cult lies about it on national TV. David Miscavige and juvenile ethics officers extort money out of people and ruin them. They lie about it in the press. David Miscavige focuses all his attention on creating empty golden palaces and they lie about their expansion. David Miscavige takes young children and denies them an education and fills their heads with false stats, false promises and corrupt ideals. They lie about that too. He demands abortions, lives a life of perverse excess, forbids marriage and breaks up families. They lie, lie, lie to cover their own and David Miscavige’s ass. They demand disconnection and lie, lie, lie.

    Of course Katie has to divorce Tom. He’s about to hand over their darling daughter to that Creepy Cult so she can be indoctrinated.

    The “Creepy Cult” label is going to stick because it is true.

    Not for you and me, of course. But our voices will not be heard for some time above the din. We’re just apologists for the Creepy Cult.

    One on one, with good ARC, clean hands and unselfish delivery of quality tech, we can make it right. Does it deserve to be made right? Is it possible?

    For me personally, I don’t care. I have helped way too many people with auditing to ever turn my back on the tech. I know it works. I’m very, very sorry I didn’t do more to get the lunatics out of the church and get it back on track. But, that’s just the way it went.

    It will be a lot easier for us in some ways and harder in others once the Creepy Cult is totally exposed and the last 25 years of incessant lies are no longer today’s news. Without the constant suppression and lies from Miscavige and his cronies, at least we have a chance.

    Marty and Mike have done a stellar job in the past several years of differentiating the Creepy Cult from the useful tech. This is needed, along with the ethical delivery of good quality tech in a friendly, non-cult environment.

    Tom Cruise better wake up pretty fast, get some PTS handling and do a thorough doubt formula. Right now HE is the leader of the Creepy Cult, in the eyes of public perception, not David Miscavige.

    Get in valence and quit covering for him, Tom. Miscavige really is suppressive…for real…no joke!

  90. The Oracle

    I never took it to mean size myself. When I think of someone as being a “big being” or see someone as a big being it is under the following definitions of big:

    3. outstanding for a specified quality: a big name; a big success.
    4. important, as in influence, standing, or wealth: a big man in his field.
    5. grown-up; mature: big enough to know better.

    So, more or less the same way you do.

  91. Captain Bob

    thanks Sam for the whereabouts. I was curious as to why you were missing.

    As a side note, I check this site

    daily to see the stats on “number of guests on-line”.

    My personal observation is that b/4 Martys book release it would hang around 100-200 daily as I checked it, and spike here and there. But now for the last few days it has been in the 400-600 quests on-line range.

    I also check for new “indie’s” signing their names and case/training level.

  92. Tom Gallagher

    David Miscavoge is a total LUNATIC.

    And that’s putting it mildly.

  93. Captain Bob

    one day will come

  94. Check out this article on TMZ. The cult’s lawyer had to make a statement. “The Church’s lawyer has released a statement … saying in addition to the minimum age requirement (16 years old), minors must have “consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians” in order to join.”
    If I had to make a guess I’d say Miscavige is in a state of acute agitation right now.
    ps. Isn’t it fun when the tides turn!

  95. What we have now is a media sh*t storm.

    A feeding frenzy with “TomKat” and “Sea Org” as major trend and search keys on the internet. Sharks smell blood.

    IMO, this is the correct order of magnitude of flap one might expect as a result of the perverse and profound lack-of-delivery by the Scientology Corp(se). In other words, this makes sense to me.

    Well Done Mr. made-up-title, your days are numbered, as you’ve been told before.

    When you leave, please take the synchophants with you.

    And turn out the lights.

  96. Robert Earle

    much more clever to put a paddle boat in the Hudson River off the Chelsea area. LOL

  97. Marty, just finished the book. It put the subject into a much needed perspective. For its own good. Great job.

  98. Brian Culkin

    I had the opportunity to recently read an advance copy of the new book, “This Machine Kills Secrets” by Andy Greenberg.

    It is an expose on Wikileaks, hackers, the Anonymous movement, and the ontology of the cyberworld and its relations. Scientology plays a fairly significant role in one specific chapter and is definitely portrayed as an institution that not only opposes information flows and freedom but also as an agency that is more less extremely corrupt. The author specifically mentioned RTC numerous times and gave a highly detailed account of the church and its harassment of a specific Finnish site that published unauthorized materials.

    What I realized from reading this book is that the Anonymous kickback against $cn is an entirely self generated and self afflicted wound. Tim Lomas once told me Anonymous was entirely funded by George Soros and his foundation. That is the WHY most $cn’s get as an explanation for the Anon situation.

    Now this. Can you imagine the stories being concocted by the MAA’s at Flag about Katie Holmes? I mean its almost pathetic to even mock it up because we all know it’s happening.

    I absolutely think we are at a watershed moment. I have talked to many people who have said “it doesn’t matter, the church has billions and they can survive with no people” No … it DOES matter. Considerations are powerful, the extend into the spatial realm and cause things. I think the more we, as a collective agency, postulate change, evolution, revolution, and transformation to the church …. it will happen.

    Believe it people ….

  99. I find it interesting that some of the articles say that Tom was “blindsided” by Katie filing for divorce. I hope that is not Tom’s “PR” person at work.
    How can you not know your marriage partner is on the verge of divorce?
    That alone indicates how out of touch he is with her as his wife.
    If my mate was this clueless…it would be over for me too.
    This is unfortunate…to say nothing of the example of someone who has studied the tech on communication and observing life.
    Blind is the right word…but it a condition he has developed by reason of his connection to David Miscavige.
    I truly hope a wake-up call comes for Tom.

  100. The Oracle

    Sorry, cover box lost in translation. No need to post.

  101. Did the cult’s lawyer happen to mention that if one of the parents doesn’t want to sign, they are likely to be subjected to hours of inerrogations…”WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES…WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?”
    And a divorce might be in the offing?

  102. Ronnie Bell

    Considerations are powerful, the extend into the spatial realm and cause things. I think the more we, as a collective agency, postulate change, evolution, revolution, and transformation to the church …. it will happen.

    Hear, hear, Brian. Very well said.

    I not only sense the breaking point coming for the corporation, but I also get frequent mental images of it. It’s as though I’m seeing an impending future track roll out before me. If I concentrate on it even a little, I begin seeing something that I can only describe as the Mother of All Floating T/As occurring.

    We’re going to get there, and it’s going to be wonderful.

  103. Mike Hobson

    I realize this concept is greatly difficult for some people: Ron Hubbard has been dead since January 1986 – over 32 years. Hubbard is hardly enslaving anyone from beyond the grave, boyo.

    You need to work on spotting correct sources, I think.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  104. Pingback: Scientology = Creepy Cult « 31 Factors

  105. Mike Hobson

    Moderator: above link is to the most major anti-Scientology, anti-Hubbard site on the ‘Net. Are you sure you want that here ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  106. Marty,

    In one lecture, sorry I don’t recall, but it’s one of the lectures on the OEC, I know, OEC students used to call me over, and have me listen to gems of wisdom, I paraphrase, LRH says ANY advice, is good in the end.

    Even if the advice is off and not perfect, it helps jar the recipient to select better choices.

    My wish list factually was what I wrote.

    I don’t worry that people take any advice, since I trusted LRH’s advice about giving advice.

    So don’t worry that Tom doesn’t do exactly what he’s advised.

    Marty’s and Mike’s voices, out there in the public domain, on ongoing public flaps Scientology is perpetrating, are such a good beginning.

    Official Scientolgists ARE listening! Talk to them, via the media, is my advice!

  107. Alex-great comm on integrity!

  108. Size does matter…but not with thetans 🙂

  109. Ronnie Bell

    Did the cult’s lawyer happen to mention that if one of the parents doesn’t want to sign, they are likely to be subjected to hours of inerrogations…”WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES…WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?”

    The same suppressive act is played on any family member who seems to pose a threat to the corporation inducting another drone into their slave army.

    In the mid nineties, I was treated like a complete criminal by the E.D. of LAF for having the temerity to actually pursue my intention to marry my (then) girlfriend, who was the Treas Sec in her org. Every time I saw that woman, she looked at me like I was some out-ethics scum bag, come to rip off her staff member.

    It didn’t seem to matter one bit to her, that I was the very person who’d introduced her Treas Sec to Scientology, and who got her onto her first intro course. No, she just knew that I was an SP who was bent on undermining her org.

    Long story short, I did marry my girlfriend seventeen years ago this month, and we now have four sparkling bright children. I might also add that, unlike the E.D. of LAF, my wife and I bear allegiance to LRH and Standard Tech, not the wicked, corrupt cult of personality that she serves.

  110. As Meg Ryan so perfectly stated in the wonderful comedy “Joe Verses the Volcano”, “I have no response for that!”

  111. Mike, the page he linked to is notable by the absence of any links to such sites as Marty’s blog or Scientology

    It appears to link only to the die-hard anti-scientology, antiLRH sites.

  112. I just started my NOTs-First let me say WOW! Its interesting how the concept of size of a thetan was much more of an issue before auditing-but a thetan can decide anything, including what size he is and then “believe” it. The fact is we just aint MEST.

  113. It will be nice when ‘we’ under the radar no longer have to FEAR the Church of Scientology. And yes, I was one of ‘those’ parents that ‘HAD’ to allow my son to join the Sea Org when he was 13 years old. He didn’t stay in. then, but It is sad how one can keep compromising ones own wishes and desires for the good of the ‘Church’. We, those, that are/were stuck in Scientology and blind – until we get forced so hard that we just cannot do it anymore and seek answers. I look forward to someday using the tech without stress, invalidation or evaluation.

  114. The Ozzie version on Today Tonight:

  115. I agree.

  116. The IAS regges used that line on me a LOT! Made ’em lots of $ too. “…. when you’ve got an easy mark, etc. etc.”

  117. Journey Continued

    I would be interested to know how you know TC and Katie are great Guys?

    I know nothing really about any of these individuals apart from what I read on the net. On Katie nothing really. On Tom, only his acting career and his PR blunders. But I will say that in his interview where he states something on the order of he is doing everything he can and has his ethics are in etc, that was a bit of a craw in my throat. Why not give ALL your money and assets to the Co$ like so many others have, or donate your whole life to serving the whims of the Church by being on staff?

    Personally I do not think anyone should sacrifice so completely their 1st dynamic to the third, but to sit on a perch and preach to others about what is expected of a Scientologist is a bit much!

  118. “It’s also a mystery to me how those still in the cult are managing to hang on so long in their altered state.”

    Just Me,
    It is explained in the chapter “Right and Wrong” of Marty’s book.

  119. scilonschools

    UK Press in Print today (3 July)-

    Just got back from shop, allow plenty of time to read papers today. The Sun as expected front page , The Star front page, The Mirror 2 pages, The Telegraph most of page 17 , The Guardian most of a page also Mail and Times and prob more but that was all I had time to look at..

    And tomorrow is the 4 July!!
    Have a great Indies-pendant day!

  120. Indie Anon


    Tipping point: A term in sociology referring to the moment when something previously unique becomes common.

    Tipping point: (Sociology), the event in which a previously rare phenomenon becomes dramatically more common.

    Tipping point: (Catastrophe theory) The point at which a slow, reversible change becomes irreversible, often with dramatic consequences.

    Tipping point: (Climatology), the point in which global climate changes irreversibly from one state to a new state.
    Tipping point: (Physics), the point at which an object is displaced from a state of stable equilibrium into a new, different state.

  121. Indie Anon

    RD & SKM,

    Not Co$’s but LRH’s how to raise Kids with Scientology:
    Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull (free pdf download)

  122. I got this from Napolean Hill. Very apt I thought. DM? TOM.

    Your reputation is what people think you are; your character is what you are.

    You want your reputation and your character to match, but concentrate on your character. You may be able to fool others about the kind of person you really are for a time, but it seldom lasts for long. The surest way to make sure your character and your reputation are the same is to live your life in such a way that nothing you do would embarrass you if it were printed on the front page of the newspaper. Good character means not ever taking ethical shortcuts, even though everyone else may be doing so. You build good character by doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

  123. Penny — This truly is karma. Marty publishes his book and the next week Tom Cruise puts Scientology on the front page of every media outlet on planet earth. The media clamor for quotes from Marty and identify him as the author of a new book!! Every author in history dreams of something like this happening. Tom Cruise is making Marty’s book a bestseller!!!

    And there are a bunch of media reporting that Suri was going to be sent to the Freewinds — they show all sorts of shots of it from file footage. You want to bet there arent media all over the Freewinds right now — and it just happens to be MV week! POB must be freaking out. “Mr. Medal of Valor Disseminator” and BFF, best Sea Org member in this sector of the galaxy has just put Scientology front and center for all the wrong reasons….

  124. What a terrible relationship, that you FEAR your own church. You should read Marty’s book. It will help you see how you got to where you are. As far as a handling, your PTS to this church. Thousands before you have handled that relationship and gone Independent . Their fears were shadows and have dissapeared. The sooner you follow that well worn path, the better off you will be. With your understanding of your current trap, you should be able to find a way out. You CAN use the tech as it was intended. No waiting.

  125. George M. White

    Thanks, great quote.

    Much Metta,

    George M. White

  126. Went to my hairdresser yesterday and as I sat down, she had the new people mag with Tom and Katie on the front page. “Have you seen this?”, she asked. Then started talking about how little Suri might have to go to the Sea Org and was going to explain to me what that was. I quickly let her know I was up on all, was a member of the Church for 42 years, at which point she GASPED. I let her know I was know out but still used what I learned and she was so relieved. Wish I could have had this on video. This morning got an email from my sister who recently vacationed in Iceland of all places. She was staying at the same hotel as TC. Didn’t get any other info than that.
    On the subject at hand, I am truly happy Marty’s book is everywhere and he is getting tons of media. And yes, I am following all. I do hope Tom wakes up as well as all my old friend that are still in the trap! I would LOVE to see a raid on the Int Base and DM in a cell where he belongs.

  127. Captain Bob

    I posted the links for info and possibly helpful advice and ideas. Any individual can find them on the net. Anybody can decide for themselves.

    One should not equate the links = the one who posted them.

  128. I feel soo sorry for Katie Holmes…. She was very young and naive when she met Tom. She was pushed into their nasty cult, their lies and other things that are not meant to happen!!! I just hope like Marty says ” TOM DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM IN REGARDS TO YOUR LITTLE GIRL”

  129. So happy for you starting NOTs!!!
    Couldn’t have happened to a more quality being:)

  130. Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise!!!

  131. Mike Hobson

    “Captain Bob” – you are nothing but a pseudonomous identity posting “possibly helpful advice” from persons whose avowed agenda on that site is the complete destruction of our entire subject. If you don’t care to be lumped in with them, then do not promote their propaganda sites *here*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  132. I see it also , in the future David Miscavige is gone from scientology . 🙂

  133. Interesting.
    I wonder if dm would kick Tom to the curb?
    Probably not now that I think of it. TC hs too much dirt on him, otherwise I think dm would do it in a heart beat.

  134. The problem with both of these approaches is that the assumption is that Scientology is bullshit, and it is not. When these people advise on “how to talk to a Scientologist” I would like to know what their success rate is. Frankly both of these methods are low-rent deprogramming manuals.

  135. Well, I understand why they are not giving up on Scientology: It is because they found something in it that they found undeniably true, and they refuse to denounce that truth. Somehow they get caught up in the faulty logic of “If Mr. David Miscavige is a monster, then what I know to be true must really be false. So I refuse to hear it.”

    No, the fact is that their favorite piece of Scientology IS true.
    AND Mr. David Miscavige is a monster.

    It is hard to confront that.

  136. If you are Mike Rinder, people have been posting the Panorama interview with you on some websites…so you are educating
    the public too. Just thought I’d let ya know…

  137. Mel — thanks. Yes, that’s me 🙂

  138. 26 years Mike!

  139. The Oracle

    Congrats! Great news!

  140. It’s at 771 on the afternoon of July 3rd.

  141. Reading “A new slant of life”by L. Ron Hubbard. Like I promissed when Katy Holmes would leave Tom cruise. A gift from Terril Park once owned by Temy Knigt. A reissued booklett in 1971 from a book publiced in 1965.


  142. The success rate is likely poor, in my experience GH. The author of the article, Michael Tilse, is an ardent follower and admirer of Jon Atack, Gerry Armstrong and Arnie Lerma (the three primary sources for almost all of the anti-Hubbard books/sites out there).

    When I contacted Atack and Armstrong a few months back (Lerma never responded to my emails), specifically to try to dig in to the “Hubbard blatantly lied about his military background” allegations, their arguments eventually evaporated under closer scrutiny. Other research then proved to my satisfaction that the additional supposed “blatant lies” by Hubbard were also of the same source — the result of poor research from individuals with propaganda as their goal, and not a balanced picture.

    Since the whole “Hubbard was a con man” theory relies on these supposed lies by Hubbard about his life, etc., once it became clear to me that the “earlier researchers of Hubbard’s life” had not really done any meaningful or balanced research to speak of, it also helped explain why a guy like Michael Tilse would conclude what he did.

  143. Captain Bob

    Mike, I’m not sure why you are trying to introvert me or drive in my anchor points. I posted something that I thought could be helpful.

    Here’s what the other one, GRASSHOPPER, says on HIS blog:

    “It is as if their own concept of what Scientology is and what it can do is so frail as to be easily shaken just because someone said “boo!”

    And that is just plain wrong.”

    “The name “Scientology” itself means “Knowing how to Know” – and no one can know anything unless they are willing to look and confront it.”

    Regarding my ” pseudonomous identity “. Why don’t you ask the same of the Oracle, JustMe, Thoughtful, iamvalkov, KA, Grasshopper, Moonshot, JF, noteacherleftstanding, on and on? But that question has been answered here on this blog in past postings.

  144. I don’t get why you think those links could be of some help?
    They just aren’t.
    The links you posted are against Scientology, the Subject, too.
    Not only against the Reversed application of it.

    What do you hope is the end-result of someone whom you helped with the steps described behind the link?

    This is not even other-intention. This is counter-intention.

    Pick up some helpful links next time, please.

  145. Captain Bob

    Here you go SKM, as stated by Grasshopper:

    This is the only way it can be – Theetie-weetie is right next door to (the true) SP. It is hard to crack a theetie-weetie case – they refuse to look at anything that is “negative” or would spoil the little world they fabricated for themselves. Too damn bad.”

    I guess you are unwilling or for anybody to be unwilling to look at the “negative”. You refuse.

    SKM | July 3, 2012 at 7:25 pm |
    I don’t get why you think those links could be of some help?
    They just aren’t.
    The links you posted are against Scientology, the Subject, too.
    Not only against the Reversed application of it.

    What do you hope is the end-result of someone whom you helped with the steps described behind the link?

    This is not even other-intention. This is counter-intention.

    Pick up some helpful links next time, please.


    I think you and grasshopper and others need to look at my earlier comment postings on Martys blog to determine my actual intent.

    your end comment “SKM” –

    Pick up some helpful links next time, please.

    Why, because you said so? Why? Marty allowed the posting on his blog. Who made you boss.

    Maybe in those links and specifically the initial link on leaving the CO$ gives some peoples some ideas to help their fellow man.

    That is all.
    Differentiate will yah. One can get ideas from the “enemy”, don’t you think?

    Marty and Mike are experts at it.

    I have no beef with you or anybody here. I have never met anybody here nor have heard of their names for the most part. I got in 1986.

    I have no “charge” with you or grasshopper, or mike hobson or anybody posting here. Per this post by Dex, it’s the lines,

    “The charge is on the lines, not the terminals”, Hubbard wisely said; of course! The lines are but the imposition of space between terminals, and it is the interposition of space between terminals that produces charge! That is actually another way of describing the action of GPM’s. Obviously, the solution to that charge would be to eliminate the space between terminals, and HAVE THEM OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE, IN WHICH CASE THERE CAN BE NO CHARGE. (!)
    Thus, it can be said that all unresolved charge is held in place by resisting an other viewpoint. Consider that! When someone tells me about how “difficult” or “intolerable” another person they know is, in one way or another, my advice is for them to get the other viewpoint.
    Love, Dex

  146. Captain Bob

    survey time———-

    If you think my postings here are BS, then give an answer.
    If you want me to continue posting my thoughts, realizations, my ideas, my help- then give an answer.

    At this point, I resign, depending on the answers. How’s that for communication? Survey tech?

  147. Mike Hobson

    “Hello, Gordon Freeman! It’s good to see you.”

  148. Stay in comm. My thought.

  149. Also a curious bystander. I think I understand what you are trying to do here and appreciate your dedication to the people. Keep up the good work.

  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    Les, I missed this post earlier. What a stellar piece
    of succinct “hitting nails on the HEADS,” including
    that of insanity personified, david miscavige.

    A great amount of accuracy here, and I, for one,
    will be pointing this reference out to many!

    Thank you! My enormous respect for all you and
    Anita have done and will continue to do, in keeping
    REAL original Scientology delivered standardly!

    Calvin B.Duffield.

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