Mark Shreffler Goes Indie on Indies Day

UPDATE 7/9/12:

Pancho and Squirrel

Greetings to everyone who is independent and even those who have not made the decision who yet struggle to be independent while still in the church  (good luck with that!).

This photo was taken the day after I made the decision and told everyone.  The power of coming out of Doubt for real!

This PIG is the biggest fish I have ever caught, and it was out of a small river where he was marauding the trout population.

I named him “SQUIRREL,” and I’m going back for more!

Thank you ALL for your wonderful acknowledgements and welcomes to this community!  I have been working on acknowledging you individually but only just became Cause over Answering on Blogs!

My own blog will be up in a day or two.



I have been told by a number of Independent Scientologist friends that Mark Shreffler has been perhaps the most effective and productive advocate and promoter of the religion of Scientology in the United States over the past thirty years.  Two of those friends are Dani and Tami Lamberger who are making international waves of their own at the moment, see Israel Goes Independent.   Mark made an announcement on USA’s Independence Day, and I think it is only fitting that we publish it here on day one of the third annual Independent Scientologists weekend celebration.  Judging from the clarity and wisdom of this communication, I can see why Mark is renowned as such a wonderful communicator of truth. Mark, you are more than welcome here in the sunshine.  I am sure your ability and purpose will lead others to see the light. 
July 4, 2012For my Scientologist friends everywhere, good afternoon!Over 38 years of disseminating around the world and introducing many thousands of people to the miracles of Scientology, I have without a doubt established myself as a fan and a friend of LRH and the technologies he has developed for our benefit.  They offer salvation to anyone who honestly makes use of them.

I have recently gone through an extensive search for answers to troubling questions concerning the nature of various programs being forwarded by our church’s management.  These programs include the IAS, the “Ideal Org” project, the institution of “International Events” and a few other activities and anomalies for which I could find no support in policy and no answers at Flag.

I have learned that honest people do not squirrel, but squirrels need honest people to get away with it.  Honest people are more easily fooled and frequently generous.  Hence the very honest and helpful and generous congregation of the Church of Scientology has fallen victim to an operating basis that describes a very different church than the one I joined so many years ago.

It’s rather like discovering as an adult that your favorite pet when you were a child is actually a stuffed doll.  The first realization is not-issed, but as you continue to look you become more and more dumbfounded by the realization.

It used to be so alive!

I have awakened to the fact that many in our church today have lost their tongues and hide their notions that something is not right in our group.  Social personalities don’t like to accentuate the negative, and anti-socials rely on this fact!

Communication has become a crime unless it is along “company lines.”  There is the nagging presence of an outpoint yet unrevealed, and we have turned against each other as LRH said would happen in the presence of suppression.

The Doubt Formula today cannot be fully applied regarding these things because questions concerning intentions and activities and stats are treated like the spawn of the enemy, and one is not allowed to fully examine all sides of an issue. Full disclosure is a thing of bygone years.

To restore our group to it’s earlier glories – the 70’s and 80s when stats were going up –  requires a dramatic change of operating basis and a real and thorough examination of what is going on.

For starters, we have to STOP looking for leaders and START looking to LRH.

I am heartsick about these discoveries as I have many friends who match these sterling qualities of generosity and honesty and gullibility who yet do not perceive these foul winds and disturbing trends, and hence will be dumbstruck by my announcement:

I am hereby withdrawing my support from the current management of the Church of Scientology and from these programs they have created with no sanction from LRH or from the policies he wrote that form the very glue of our union as free beings.

I will henceforth be operating as an independent Scientologist in the field.

I welcome as friends anyone who wants to Keep Scientology Working and bring about the Aims of Scientology, and is a genuine friend of LRH.

And so forth…

Mark Shreffler
Disseminator at Large

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  1. Shreff!!!!!!!! Dude!!! Great to read your declaration!!!
    You are truly one of the “Great Disseminators”. Your contributions to Scientology are legendary.
    It’s been a long time. Would love to speak, please get a hold of me or leave a way to reach you!!
    Much Love,
    Andy Porter

  2. I first met Shreff at Flag in 1979 on the (in)famous Flag Pro TRs Pilot Course. (He has an LRH TRs pass to his credit.) He was a maniac then and he is a maniac now and I am immensely proud to call him a friend. I know for certain that this man will accomplish miracles in the independent field. Welcome, Mark!

  3. Richard Royce

    Dear Mark,
    Thank you for your brave pronuncimento! What you described rings so true!

  4. Welcome to freedom Mark. I have known you for so long and have always respected you. I am living in Austin, TX now and hope to some day catch up with you. Maybe we can get Paul Maisano to have the same cognition that you did. Again, congratulations and keep up the good work.

  5. Ha ha! It’s an avalanche. The supreme leader is going to be standing alone in his empty orgs trying to suppress everyone by himself. Ha ha! This is getting fun, Marty.

  6. Oh, crap. I’m out of popcorn.

  7. Mark, welcome to the true freedom and theta. The ability to see and act upon what you have observed for yourself is what is most important.

  8. Mark, I hope you will share your longer write up that I saw a few days ago with the world. It gives a much deeper story and I am positive that people will appreciate it.

  9. Welcome aboard, Mark!

    Great post…especially this:

    “I have awakened to the fact that many in our church today have lost their tongues and hide their notions that something is not right in our group. Social personalities don’t like to accentuate the negative, and anti-socials rely on this fact!”

    Every day, I postulate that more will find their tongues.

  10. Awesome Mark Schreffler! I love the analogy of the stuffed toy and this does communicate so clearly how good people get hoodwinked.
    Glad you’re out.

  11. Fantastic news! Welcome and Happy Independence Day to everyone!

  12. Hot stuff. Very well said. Welcome Mark!

  13. HI Mark!

    Glad you have arrived in the field of Scientologists who do look to LRH and not mismanagement. You will find you have many friends here and around the world.

  14. Thanks for the article. Well written and clear. And given your track record, I am sure this will have a real impact in the community of people you have interacted with over the years.

    I chuckled when I clicked on the photo and got an enlarged version. I loved the shirt. I, too, am a big fan of the eclectic American designer Jhane Barnes, and have several dozen of her shirts in my collection.

  15. I just had an old friend call and ask if he could borrow some money. He said his partner was just declared and he had to buy him out. No working with him, a demand for complete disconnection I assume.

    I feigned ignorance and asked what being declared was and was told that he was squirreling or something. I figure the partner just saw the light and said so, but I never did get the answer. What bothers me is that this fellow is a very smart guy.

  16. Let me just say that any auditor would be an absolute fool NOT to team up with this fireball!

  17. Kevin Tighe

    It’s my honor to be the first to publicly tell you, “Welcome Home”. You stood by me during some dark times. I have your back. Note to DM: You fucked with the wrong marine. Anytime, anywhere. Just name the place.

  18. Wow, congratulations Mark!! VWD on withdrawing your support from a suppressive squirrel SP DM and realigning with LRH. It’s a shame it has had to come to this point for all of us but there was no handling anything internally due to the SP’s iron grip on everything, bar none. We’ve had to take back LRH tech for our own and find freedom again. Welcome to the ever growing independent field!

  19. Nice Mark!!! Welcome to the land of the free! may your road be paved with love, understanding, and truth! you have contributed a lot to getting Scientology out to the public, thanks for that.

  20. Mark,
    Your letter made my day – such Great News!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for COMMUNICATING with such AFFINITY. I believe that your letter will strike home with many of your friends and they will soon find their way back to LRH.

    ♥♥♥ Angela LeMay – Clearwater, Florida

  21. I know better

    Horray!!!! When I created my wish list of guys/gals to become independent…Scheff was at the top of the list! To this day, I have become great at hiring staff BECAUSE of Schreff. Had the pleasure of hearing him speak many times, and I my business has thrived from hearing Schreff speak.

    Sonya from Flag, I want you to come out next 🙂

  22. Mark,
    Very well written declaration of Independence, welcome to the Indies and being Disseminator at large of truth!

  23. Way to go Mark!

    Welcome to Independent Scientology. Welcome to freedom. Here you can have the kind of Scientology that you want – Ron’s brand.

    Thanks for standing up and being counted!

  24. Yes, we do want to know all about it.

  25. Welcome Mark! Great declaration.

  26. Yes, please!

  27. Welcome Mark…don’t know you personally but from what I’m hearing you da man!

  28. Independent Scientologist


    Thank you for all of your contributions while you were in the church and all of your dissemination efforts.

    I’m hoping you’ll be able to bail people out of the church as effectively as you got them in.

    – Ron Matlock

  29. I saw you speak back in 1992 at Flag. It really sealed my conviction to be a more powerful and aware being. It motivated me and inspired me.

    And now you are with the Independents and with LRH. Thank you for leaving the Squirrel Group!!


  30. Welcome back, Mark. I’m thrilled to see yet another of our valued friends leave the darkness and corruption of DM’s squirrel operation. Thank you for doing the right thing. Ripple effect to follow 🙂

  31. Wow, Schreff’s in the house! I remember you well, especially for your presence and inspirational words at a Freewinds convention in I think, 1993. Great to see you connect enough dots to see what’s what. Hope we meet up again soon! Martin

  32. threefeetback

    Tipping point, indeed. Those same anti-socials revel in the ‘stupidity’ of those reluctant to accentuate the negative.

  33. Mark welcome back to the arms of LRH.

  34. Just on my way back from vacation to find two weeks of jam packed news on the blog. Amazing! So incredible to see your post Mark! I attended one of your seminars in Joburg and of course it was great. You always pulled in huge audiences for seminars because you are so well respected here. Your declaration of independence is likely to make a huge impact. Congratulations and may you continue to flourish and prosper

  35. Hey Shreff!! Welcome! One of my fond memories of you was when i was with Sterling and we flew from SF to the East Coast. There was a wild looking guy on the plane with shaved head and tatoos etc. You got in comm with him, woth lots of ARC, by asking first”hey man, whats up with you?” From there on this guy was happily talking to you.
    I also remember your very funny lectures that would send me into convulsions of laughter.
    Hey DM, The Indie field is just getting bigger and bigger!!!!!

  36. Tony Dephillips

    Way to go Mark!!
    I don’t know if you remember me but I used to be the ethics officer at Sterling g Mngmt.
    I mostly k ew you through your stellar reputation as doing the tone scale seminars.
    Anyways, great to see you here and I’m sure your announcement will rock the Scientology world!!

  37. Colorwheel

    I agree and again, announce the same as you, “I am hereby withdrawing my support from the current management of the Church of Scientology and from these programs they have created with no sanction from LRH or from the policies he wrote that form the very glue of our union as free beings.

    I will henceforth be operating as an independent Scientologist in the field.”

    Thank you!

  38. Ziba Feulner

    Wow, Mark! What an effective blow to the “Church” if Miscavige! So happy to read your write-up. Love the “Stuffed Animal” Analogy 🙂 🙂 :). Thanks and welcome!

  39. Ryan Kelly

    To someone who made everything absolutely fun:

    Mark, keep being the special individual that you are. I’m sure it will now be easier.

  40. I attended Mark’s lectures in Israel 12 Years ago, when I just started with Scn. I am a staff of Dror Center of Haifa and I am glad we can now invite Mark again for seminars in the holy land. Mark you are Incredible!!!

  41. Hi Mark. We all have had to confront that our favorite pet was a stuffed toy or the Rembrandt was a forgery. We feel stupid or duped for a bit, then we recover and get on with the game. Your amongst friends. Welcome.

  42. Fantastic Mark. Al Ribisi was many years ago a dear friend. Somewhere he lost his fighting spirit and now plays it really safe – fearful of losing his kids and grandkids.

    Perhaps your announcement sent to his personal email will wake him up. As I recall, he had something to do with getting Sterling off the ground back in the day.


  43. Ziba Feulner


  44. Ziba Feulner

    Yes PLEASE!

  45. Schreff, Schreff, Schreff! I thought about what you were up to several times. My suspicions have been confirmed, that you saw what was going on.

    Looking forward to seeing you showing up from out of town with a briefcase in more and more places.

  46. Sapere Aude

    Mark – Welcome to the real world. I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak and am looking forward to your participation in this group.

    “I welcome as friends anyone who wants to Keep Scientology Working and bring about the Aims of Scientology, and is a genuine friend of LRH.” – as you stated. I believe you shall see that all friends that truly fit into this defined sentence shall be found here, in the wide world of Independent beings, who happen to be Scientologists.

  47. oldauditor

    Congratulations on breaking free of the indoctrination. You have always set a good example and now your example will actually result in people becoming free themselves.

    If you would like to continue spreading the word of your transition to independent life, you will find a welcome for any articles you care to write on our Possibly Helpful Advice blog where the purpose is to assist people to find their own way as independents.

    David St Lawrence

  48. Clearly your impact around the world has been huge over the years. I can only speak to your impact with the Scientology field here in South Africa. You have many many friends here. I attended your first lecture here almost 20 years ago and it was amazing. I have used your examples and drills in lectures of my own to new people. I assume you have sent personal comm to the power comm lines you have here – you know the public I’m talking about and hopefully they have had the courage to read it.

  49. Mark,

    I owe you more than I probably ever told you. It would be great to meet you again to explain juat what I mean by that.

    ARC, Geir Isene

  50. Hey Moti! Great to see you here.

  51. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    You can have some of mine. I’ve been stock-piling.

  52. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Nicely done 🙂

  53. Hey Christine,
    I know Al too, and would love to see him get back his lost spirit. So I’m right there with you.

  54. Hi Mark,
    I don’t know you, but what a WONDERFULLY written letter! Welcome, and I’d love to hear your full story that was mentioned above.

  55. joygraysen

    Welcome home, Schreff!! I am SO happy to have you on this side of history. We need heroes like you to shine the light of truth and free the remaining slaves. Beyond ironic that we wound up with the exact thing we were trying to escape in the first place…spiritual enslavement and spiritual blindness. You will be a pivotal player in this battle! And I know you will fight with love and insouciance as your sword and shield!!

  56. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Marvelous!
    Thank you for your departure, and welcome to the independent field of freedom of thought. Θ

  57. TheWidowDenk

    Welcome back to “alive,” Mark! We embrace you as you have embraced LRH.

  58. Eileen Clark

    Mark Shreffler announced his independence. Another support strut of RCS

    has been shattered in the slow motion implosion occurring as we speak.

    Welcome, Mark!

  59. Thetalibre

    Welcome to the real world Mark!
    Enjoy your freedom!

    Eugene Francoeur

  60. Marty,
    Not to take away from Mark’s announcement, but I just have to give you some recognition on your book. I finished it in one sitting recently, and wow. You have managed to take an incredibly complex situation (i.e. what went wrong with the CoS over the decades), and narrow it down to the most basic and fundamental aspects of what happened and is still happening. Your isolation and description of the simplicities and most pertinent aspects is truly remarkable.
    In my mind, this really is now the perfect book for any Scientologist who knows there’s something wrong but just can’t quite put their finger on it. It not only masterfully summarizes so much of what’s been written about here on this blog, but also provides additional data, facts and events that fill in many of the blanks.
    Thank you for taking the time to write it. And thank you to your editors, and to Mosey to whom you dedicated the book and who I know has been an incredible partner to you these last few years.

  61. Azul Celeste

    My jaw hit the desktop and it is still there 😀 Life doesn’t have a soundtrack, and if it did, it would have to be the Jaws theme, you said that at one of your awesome lectures at CCInt. Ya Mike for freedom to THINK for yourself and evaluate data!!! BRAVO!

  62. Azul Celeste

    Er, Mark 🙂

  63. Mark, I am so happy for you. You are a brilliant voice. No one is better at sharing the application of LRH tech in a usable way. You totally exemplify insouciance and spirit of play.

    While others have told well the story of the destruction of the tech, you have the story on the destruction of div 6 and how the entry gates have been welded shut. I look forward to your telling of that.

    Much love and admiration, Yvonne

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mark, this is just the most amazing news!
    I last saw you a couple of years back when you did a seminar
    in Durban, South Africa. Your hilarious animations had us
    audience in absolute stitches. And now to see YOU step away
    from DM’s ponzi operation of mind control, back into the REAL
    sane version of LRH’s Scientology ?? Just amazing!

    Sanity is now flooding back into the field, certainly tossing
    around a lot of enturbulating elements and shaking loose some of the goblins, ghouls, and vampires from their hiding
    places, but hey, there’s also the plus side of floods:

    A much needed CLEANSING! And boy, do we sure need a
    good clean out, of the toxic influences of Miscavology, and
    especially it’s creator David Miscavige.

    Thank you for publicly steering attention back to LRH, and
    his authentic works, which lead one to true freedom and
    ability. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful gifts in
    action among the Indie Field and the world at large.

    Calvin B. Duffield

  65. Tom Houston

    Welcome Mark!!!!! I have seen you speak several times. Excellent letter. Hope to see down the line

  66. Schreff;

    Welcome to REBEL central. Your words”…we have to start looking to LRH’. really hit home with me. Another “WAKE UP” from an opinion leader is most welcome.

  67. Hi Mark, i’ve sent you several e-mails on your hushmail account. Can you please reply back? Thx! D.

  68. Hello Mark.

  69. Welcome to freedom Mark. You will love your new life outside the madness. It is a joy to see you here. Love Wendy

  70. Tom Gallagher


    This is so significant to me. You delivered the first HCO interview to me on a Mark V in ’75 or so. We continued that conversation for at least another hour I’ll never forget you recommending a book titled “David” as in Rockefeller. Yes I read it.

    Moreover, thank you for your comments and thoughts on your observations regards the current scene.

    POB is a lunatic and yes he also hates free beings.

    Thanks again old friend. Your announcement made my day, week, month, etc…………………..

  71. First, I want to say congratulations to all the independents for getting out of what I would consider a cult. I should point out that I am not, nor ever have been, a Scientologist. I think Marty Rathbun is doing a great job getting information out and throwing a lifeline out to folks looking to break away.

    Second, as a non-scientologist, I am not hostile toward the practice, as opposed to the Church, of Scientology. I do believe that people at least feel they are helped by Scientology. And if they feel that, who am I to say otherwise. That’s great, I am glad people can get guidance and help in their lives through a variety of pathways, Scientology being one of them. It, and all the other types of self-help, homeopathy, etc., just are not for me.

    However, I hear a lot of talk about shedding the CoS and Miscavige (all good), but adhering to the true intent of L. Ron Hubbard. Yet, from what I have read, as an interested lay person, LRH laid the foundation for the abuses of Miscavige. LRH wrote the disconnect policy, LRH wrote Fair Game, LRH believed in disproportionate, sometimes irrational punishments. The RPF was a creation of LRH, not Miscavige. As a layperson learning about Scientology from the outside, these are the policies that gravely disturb me and cause me to view it as dangerous.

    It seems to me that salvaging the helpful aspects of Scientology depends on shedding the legacy of LRH as well as Miscavige. Coming to terms with the fact that LRH was just a man, and like all men, some of his ideas were good, some were bad. Take it from there. I know for some, what I am saying may just be too far out there, but I think it is worth considering.

    Congratulations to you all, good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor (and your stats be up!)

  72. FANTASTIC and POWERFUL blow to David Miscavige and his squirrel philosophy. Thank you and a big hug to you Mark!!!!!

  73. Hi Mark! You came to the ACT org when I was ED in the early 90s and did some seminars for the Dianetics campaign. I will never forget your handling of a heckler. Just brilliant.

    Really good to see you here. It seems all the best have left and the zombies just need to wake up.

    Onward and upward!

    Andrew McGowan

  74. Douglas Cook

    I met Mark many years ago and I am elated with this announcement!

  75. nocaseonpost

    Wow! I am almost speechless. I am not sure that I can put into words what I am feeling. You have helped me so much over the years, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. In true Schreff fashion, you are creating effects all over the place! WIthout realizing it, you have helped me sooooooooooo much with this! How OT is that?!
    You know me, but I am flying under the radar, but only for a little while longer. I am trying to help my FSM, who has helped me so much by getting me into Scientology. He has helped me in more ways that I can effectively communicate here. You know him, so you know what I mean. He is a true friend. He didn’t give up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. When I got out of the SO, I was in a deep dark place that a lot of us find our self in, after the degradation process of routing out. He persisted in helping me when I needed it. He helped me get my wife out of the SO after she was being kept against her will, and they were not allowing me to speak with her for months and months. Their attempt was to bullbait me into doing something, so that I would be declared, and then use that as a means to get her to disconnect from me. He helped me disenturbulate, and worked as an intermediary with OSA to help get her out. He didn’t want me doing something that would jeopardize my future bridge. He continued to help me out of the abyss, by giving me ARC and granting me beingness. I had been so degraded and enturbulated by that process, that he helped me recover my own self worth, as well as got me to differentiate Scientology from the RCS. No matter what has been going on in life, he has always been a stable terminal. He always had the right reference, the lecture, indicating BPC, or just giving a good ack. It seemed he always knew what I needed. To me, he has been a friend in the truest sense of the word.
    As a friend, I feel it is my duty to try to help him. I can’t think of a better way to return the favor, then to get him out of the RCS! Sadly, if I am declared, he will cease communication, being the Stepford Scientologist he is. I am ready and prepared for that to happen, which took some time for me to be ok with. As you can imagine, it would be a loss for me to lose that comm line; however, as Steve Hall says, “There is a time when Silence becomes Betrayal.” I am there. I am meeting him soon, where he is going to try and “handle me.” What he doesn’t know is, is that I am going to “handle him!”
    Knowing how he is, I could probably get him to look at maybe one thing, before he dismisses it as entheta, enemy line crap. I have been searching and searching for something- that THING- that would impinge on him. That THING that would get him interested. The THING that would dull the effects of the Kool Aid for a minute, and actually get him to LOOK! I have been PTP’d for weeks over it.
    In a super theta twist of fate, it was YOU that got him into Scientology, and YOU that were his FSM! I don’t know of many others that he has as much love and ARC for as you! He has a special place for you in his heart, as I have for him. By doing this declaration, you gave me the greatest gift I could ask for in helping me help a mutual dear friend! Someone truly worth saving! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This will without a doubt, help sober him up from the effects of the Kool Aid.
    I am so excited for the Independent movement! Wow! Scientology being delivered in a standard non enturbulating environment, where beings can win with LRH tech, and in turn, create effects of their own! And with one of the single best disseminators of Scientology now on our side, the Schreff-O-MATIC, our future looks so bright! MY TONE ARM IS FLOATING!!!!!!!!

    And for you OSA bots that are reading this- What does it say about your organization when you lose someone like Marc Schreffler? You all know who he is. Unlike your Org, he has real stats, and can produce! And, he can do it by granting beingness and with high ARC. He doesn’t need to use low toned tactics of fear, threats, and intimidation. Have you ever considered it an outpoint that you have to use those tactics to keep members? Is this what you got into Scientology for? I just can’t imagine how you are going to PR this? You can’t black PR or dead agent Schreff, because everyone KNOWS and LOVES him! No one will simply believe it!
    It’s been a tough week for you guys, and the week isn’t even over yet! If there were a referee in this, I am pretty sure he would stop the fight. You just got dealt one hell of a kidney punch! And in case you didn’t feel it because of the of the extra strength Kool Aid DM is probably giving you, here is a hint…. You’re losing. How does it feel?

  76. I know better

    ….For starters, we have to STOP looking for leaders and START looking to LRH….

    Well said Schreff….

  77. Historians take note. Dan giving a nod, is something of note!

    Mark Shreffler, true, was one of the few with an LRH pass, which to lots means nothing, but to others means lots!

    It was a huge thing though, in LRH’s final years, that LRH even squeezed in any time to “pass” some of the TR tape submissions that many of the Int Training Org and Msn from Int people helped those student auditor (therapist) trainees doing the TR Pilot, which WAS an LRH “run” pilot, as much or little time that David Mayo and others know that LRH ultimately did give to that pilot, or not.

    Anyways, it’s a huge nod of approval, and Dan Koon I cannot mention enough good praise for, in Scientology history, and wish to hell scholars took note of the Dan Koon and Russ Williams’s of Scientology history.

    Good for Mark, thanks for being public.

    I myself think it will all turn out for the best (I’m a Voltaire believer more than Hubbard) but I think human nature is to sort things out, and I am happy to see people like Mark stepping up to sort Scientology history out!

  78. Thanks again Marty for your blog, your transparency, your being a good mentsch, and continuing to be so public.

    I just listened to the St. Pete Times/Tampa Bay Times interviews with you, my 3rd full listening, and each time, the history you told, is just unprecedented, and thanks to Joe Childs and Thomas Tobin and the St. Pete/Tampa Bay Times for having the guts to let your views STILL be there.

    I urge ALL new people who are first venturing to look at Marty’s blog, those who take the first step, who know you aren’t turning back, to PLEASE listen to Marty’s interviews under the “The Truth Rundown” article series by the St. Pete Times and Tampa Bay Times.

    Those two newspapers, now one, deserve a HUGE thankyou from anyone in Scientology.

    I’m through my 3rd round of your interviews Marty.

    I’m not a Scientologist, and I sympathize with your burden, you being a Scientologist, one of the good Scientologists!

    You’re a hugely good man Marty!

    I urge all scholars who want a top level “briefing” to listen to your several hours of interviews by Tobin and Childs, and I urge new religion scholars to befriend you newly, and hear your take on what’s happening.

    I’m just a lower level ex Sea Org member, 27 years in the Sea Org, a few years here and there amongst the people I call the “bigger cheezes”, namely the Ken Urquharts, the David Mayos, the people who were left standing after the earlier great Scientologists just got fed up with the evolving mess.

    Your Tobin/Childs interviews are such excellent history, unprecedented, and I’d today, after my 3rd listening to them, over the years, as required course materials on any college level study of the Scientology movement history.

    Thankyou Marty Rathbun for all you’ve done.

    Take a vacation, get some auditing Marty, please!

    Take care Marty Rathbun, you are doing such a good thing in history.

  79. Awesome write up! Smooth as silk. You are a very bright light!
    Although I don’t know you, you have inspired my hope that one day my former FSM will come into the light and out from the dark side.

    You are correct. A social personality thinks twice before hurting someone’s feelings or bringing up a controversial subject. What a theta statement. I have read often on this and other blogs scathingly critical remarks from those that have left toward others that have not. I believe until one has walked in another persons shoes, they do not know all.

    Again, I congratulate you and appreciate your coming forward. Warmest Welcome!

  80. Anat Krier

    Welcome Mark! Though I don’t know you personally (except a one time brief comm cycle at the AO), you have been a very well known and well respected figure! You are setting such a good example for your colleagues and therefore, they will follow!

    It has been an incredible month so far…!

  81. martyrathbun09

    Margaret, Thanks a lot; means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Marty

  82. Clark Aungst

    I have to ask this Marty. Are you really for a gentle version of Scientology, or do you really just want to unseat Miscaviage? It appears to me that you were a willing part of Scientology’s past deceptions and abuses. Do you now renounce all of that?

  83. nocaseonpost,
    Just had to let you know, I was rivited to your every word. My postulate is in for the successful handling of your supportive FSM!

    My heart still hangs heavy for Karen and my prayers are with her, moment to moment.

  84. Nocaseonpost, Wow! That was very uplifting! 🙂 What an awesome post!

    And to you, Mark, thank you for a great announcement. I would love to hear the rest of the story as well.
    Hope all you Indies are having a great weekend. Am thinking of you all! 🙂

  85. Charlie Sweeny

    VWD, Mark…and howdy, stranger!…I’ll never forget the last time I saw you in SF Msn on Sutter where you were regging me for thus-and-such…promoting some Bridge action by saying: “…It’ll tear-off your head and shit down your neck!” …Stuble. Smooth. 😉 But, trained-up to a Class IV, Mark…and I left in 1995. Moved to SoCal, and moved to Ohio four weeks ago. Happy to be in-comm if you like: 614 940 9810 mobile… See ya! – C.

  86. Captain Bob

    way to go shref.

    OT- cause over THOUGHT, matter, energy, space, time.

    What a price we pay for status in a group we “joined”. Who “joined”? I THOUGHT there was exchange involved, And you THOUGHT there was exchange involved. And there was. No doubt. And exchange keeps the “bank” off.

    I am happy for you. Much ARC to you and others.

  87. Charlie Sweeny


  88. Great write up Mark!
    Your announcement is surely a tectonic movement… a rumble heard around the world and a tsunami in the weeks and months ahead! Welcome to the Independent movement…

  89. Richard Royce

    Thank you for putting in your thoughts on this blog. You are correct that some of the policies that LRH put in place have contributed to the mess that has been made by the church. It might be helpful for you to read Marty’s book which I just finished and in which Marty brings understanding to the issues you brought up. Real Scientology is reason and blindly following a policy that may have been put in place for a particular situation for example when there were attacks from vested interest organizations trying to obliterate an upstart potential competitor, is not reason when it is used when inappropriate. Disconnection from a sociopath whose intent is your demise makes good sense but blindly shunning your parents or friends because they don’t agree with your organization’s party line doesn’t. In all things a sane and rational viewpoint is to evaluate the data in front of you, not to just shut down your analyzer when presented with something that doesn’t fit your belief construct.
    The Indi movement is made of people who see the Cof S not only destroying itself but the lives of many people of good will. It is not necessarily the policy that LRH put in place that is the problem but is the parking of reason by those that apply it without reason. Policy is a Guide that is useful and of benefit when used with rationality. It reminds me of a story from my childhood about the dimwitted child who is told to fetch the dog and is admonished for not tying a rope around it and dragging it home when it ran away. Next he is told to fetch butter. So he ties a rope around it and drags it home etc.

  90. Feel free to drop me a line at

  91. +1 Hooyah!

    Welcome out Mark!

    On his own Miscavige couldn’t confront an independent the caliber of Mark, outside his security detail and OSA opps and battery of well paid lawyers and PI’s.

  92. nocaseonpost,
    Man, that is one awesome post….can’t wait till you come out!

  93. Kevin Tighe

    Breaking: The Drudge Report has Scientology as its’ top of the page story. Oddly the story is pretty old news.

  94. Rory Medford

    Bit by Bit real Scientology is becoming ALIVE again!!!! With people like Mark coming out and declaring his independence from the suppression and insanity the current management is exuding on its members it will for sure cause hundreds if not thousands of others to follow suit. Way to go Mark and tell ALL of your friends!!!

  95. CA, Oh don’t be ridiculous. Read the blog at least a little bit, and then say something. (or not).

  96. I guess this is your first visit to Marty’s blog, given your questions. Stick around. You’ll get the answer, and it’s the right one.

  97. Luis Garcia

    Welcome to the party, Mark! Great to have you here.

  98. Mark,

    You call “bullshit” when you see it don’t you friend? Welcome, and thanks.

    Diana Rhyne

  99. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wendy, this is such an enormously cleansing, invigorating
    period in our lives. Fabulous to see you kicking off with
    some “over the cross bar ” drop kicks as an Indie.
    Having you & now Mark in the “team” means we’re so
    much closer to thumping the “cheats!!”
    ML, Calvin.
    Land of the “Springboks”
    Durban, South Africa

  100. Great post! Yes, Mark is a living legend. Can’t wait to hear the FULL story.

  101. Li'll bit of stuff

    nocaseonpost, what a simple, powerful,liberating post.
    Congratulations, beautifully communicated, and your
    intention was fully duplicated AND understood!!!

    Lovely to have you on board, and don’t worry about
    your friend! Be assured, he’ll come round, with Mark
    about to step into the ring against the li’ll SP!!

  102. Li'll bit of stuff

    Clark, pardon me chipping in here. I’m 100% certain
    that your questions will be answered to your FULL
    satisfaction by reading his new book,WIWWS!
    Best & ARC, Cavin B. Duffield

  103. Hugs indeed.

  104. Wow… I cannot believe myself in a previous comment on another article. I suggested that perhaps Miscavige has connections in high places (since the govt still won’t just move in and close this operation), and I said it wouldn’t surprise me if he partakes in larger criminal activity. Well I have just spent the last 2hrs on Marty’s YouTube channel and have seen stats on the true amount of CoS members out there… it appears Miscavige fooled me into thinking he is bigger than what he really is. Clearly he is a lone nut job. The Battlefield Earth story, the Squirrel storm troopers and their silly t-shirts, Miscavige’s tendency to control every aspect of everything, the low membership, the false impression of grandeur, the 1,900 page Freedom magazine expose on him, his 4,500 page bio on the website with nobody else mentioned, etc…. all points to one thing: a pathetic loser with no true power at all. Correct me if I am wrong, but I would now even assume that all incoming email sent to the Church of Scientology via all the official websites all funnels directly to him, versus to a team of IT people. It was actually my girlfriend who just said that to me. It told her I wished I could tell DM how I feel about him. To which she replied “I bet he receives all the email so as to avoid anybody else in the organization reading negative comments about him”. That would be so funny, if true. 🙂

  105. What a remarkable Start! for Mark. And to you Sir, I am nearly in tears.

  106. Good for you Mark 🙂 Nice!

  107. *** WAW ***
    Another LEGEND ist standing up and hoists the flag of Freedom!

    A warm welcome to Mark!

    And yes, please share your longer write up with us.
    And yes, you oldtimer and veterans, please share your stories with LRH with us, newbies.
    It helps and motivates.

  108. The Oracle

    Welcome to the mass exodus. Call a spade a spade. That’s O.K., still politically correct in many cultures, even if taboo in Scientology Inc..

    Chairman Mao Scavige went overboard. HE is in the wrong place at the wrong time, not us.

    It’s gonna be alright.

  109. Gun powered is good, it sparkles very nicely. But it depends how you use it and for what. and when. or how. The Suppressive is inherently stuck in the past. The only sense I have on DM is that he is stupid, and works for someone else. Nothing else makes sense, but this and that there IS another sinister force suppressing this World. Its an old story. That said, we are handling it, with the good tools LRH left us. That surely will be a long story. I have it, that it is far stranger then it seems.. Then one can ever imagine. Don’t hesitate to join us all the way…you have i see, and incredible ability to confront

    (this link has no direct relation to Scientology)

  110. I know better


    As you know very well, your FSM was also my FSM and we have mutual feelings for him. If he doesn’t handle at “your handling” party, it will be sad, but you can walk away with your head high knowing you did the right thing and that the world is truly a better place because you are in it.

    If the Co$ wants to go to war with you, they go to war with me too

  111. Mark! Brings memories from your visits to Stockholm in the 90:ies. I always thought you were smart. This declaration proves it.

  112. Theo Sismanides

    Mark, there is so many things happening right now around the globe!!!! There are waves of independence and winds of change! Thank you for being with them!!!!

  113. Indie Anon

    Clark Aungst,

    The short answer is:
    Marty is taking personal responsibility, and making amends for his former complicity in the church’s crimes, on a scale that few others have dared dreamed of doing.
    And he’s not just making amends. He’s gone much further than that. He’s honestly doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.

    The best, answer is:
    Read his book What Is Wrong With Scientology? (There is a kindle edition, and you don’t need the kindle, just a free software in your computer).
    You may also read this blog, including the weblinks, however this blog is so big, it make take time to found the answers you are looking for.

  114. Mark

    What a great write-up. I, along with everyone else can’t thank you enough for having the courage to seek answers, search for the truth and go public with your announcement. But, being the man of integrity that you are, I know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Your declaration of independence will help so many on their difficult journey out of the church’s stronghold on their minds. And, while you’ve touched so many lives in the past, i suspect it’s just a preview of what’s to come in the future! I’m so excited to have you here with us…

    And so damn proud to have you as a treasured friend!!

  115. ParaNorman

    I was given some tapes a few decades ago that were kind of motivational, educational tapes going along with an Herbalife introductory program. The person speaking on these very impresive couple of tapes was a Mr Mark Shreffler.
    I assume the same Mark Shreffler as here.

  116. Great news on your Declaration!!_An aside Great two page spread in Sun UK today (Sunday), on another Brit child victim of the RCS, Liked it all but a couple of things stood out, one was “other Scientology Mansions around London” and the other how forced membership of a seven year old girl by ger father, has left her a 23 year olg wgo “hates” her Jive Aces Dad (ouch)_THE RCS HELPS FAMILY BONDS ??!!!

  117. What a beautiful post. You clearly have a loving friend in your FSM and you love him dearly. It’s beautiful to read of your relationship and how much you want him to be free. Mark’s declaration has come at such a great time. I really hope you can get Mark and your FSM in touch with each other. Between the two of you, he’d have to see the light!

  118. Damon Lindelof

    It turns me on to see yet another high ranking Scientology member come to their own conclusion that something is just not right with the Church’s current leadership.

  119. Robert Earle

    Well done on your decision and announcement Mark. Your change of operating basis shows your wisdom. As you point out the Miscavige changes of operating basis from the founders wishes have truely changed the game within the church to something quite different from what many expect within the church. Wishing you well .

  120. Hey Shreff! I agree with Dan. Your original write-up, although much longer, was very well written and covered some major points.

    Either way, Good to see you here!


  121. Kevin, saw it. There are so many articles out…the gift that just keeps on giving!!!

  122. nocaseonpost,
    Very well said! I have similar terminals I continue to work on. When this scene is over….and it certainly will be one day soon…….there will need to be a very good handling for all of those that were exposed to the truth but refused to look.

    I suspect that lack of education (understanding the language and thus being Super Illiterate) has a good deal to do with it. A person who lacks the skill set to look and understand on his own becomes a huge liability to the group since his only recourse is to look for orders from some senior terminal. That becomes the death nell of the group as it is self reinforcing.

    I postulate your success in handling your friends. Good on ya!

  123. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Grande Mark !!!!
    Your words resonate as very direct and very sane for the Scientology Kool Aid World full of insanity and confusion that I am sure will read them.
    Scientologist are definitely people that are honest and generous and each one of them deserve the REAL Scientology as LRH intended for them.
    You pointing to the right direction is the very sign that the tipping point as been reached.

  124. nocaseonpost

    Thank you all very much for the ack and ARC! I am line charging!!!!!

  125. nocaseonpost


    Words can express how grateful I am fore you starting this blog, and writing your book. Your book and your blog has truly become a place of healing for me and many others. THANK YOU!

    Like I have heard so many veterans say, “you don’t know unless you’ve been there.” When I was a child, I went to a VFW meeting with my grandfather. I was amazed at the unspoken high ARC communication that he had with another Vet that he had never met before. They hugged each other and cried. Even though my grandfather didn’t know him, he understood. He had high ARC because he could truly duplicate this other man’s reality in a way that no one else could. He had been there too. It was a unique experience, that few know about or understand, unless “you’ve been there.” They shared an unbreakable bond. While it may be difficult for some to duplicate, it isn’t for those of us if that “have been there.”

    For those that know, no explanation is necessary. For those that don’t know, no explanation is possible.

    We all share a reality on the effects that the Co$ has had on us, in return for reaching for the tech. While the details are different, our stories are the same.

    We have our wounds. We have experienced. We have REALITY. We are kindred.

    And to Marty, Mike, and the rest of you…

    Thank you for being there. Thank you for Communicating.

    With Love and Highest ARC,


  126. moneca ryane

    Adding to comment on your wonderful book. I see it as a wonderful book for new people, curious and needing info on which direction to go. A straight forward intelligently written book on Scio. I think it serves as a great book that lets the world know the.only place to get REAL Scio is in the field. It helps the newbie, the.oldie and the field. A real threefer!! Straight forward, succinct, honest and.informative without being full of drama or overly negative. Just the right balance. Thank you Marty.

  127. Douglas Cook

    Mark’s words, “The Doubt Formula today cannot be fully applied…” ring so true to me. I have indeed found myself trying to become informed by writing down what Scientology should be rather than attempting to determine actual intentions. Thanks you Mark!

  128. Looking 4 Myself

    Met you a couple of years ago at a week-end seminar. As a speaker, you are truly inspirational. From what I have read here, you are greatly respected and after meeting you I can see why.
    Very well done on looking for yourself and welcome to the Independent community!

  129. Welcome Mark! Great write-up.

  130. You communicate so well – written with a silver pen! Thank you for your viewpoint and truth within your announcement!

  131. “You will be a pivotal player in this battle! And I know you will fight with love and insouciance as your sword and shield!!”

    Wonderful turn of phrase, Joy. And I agree 1,000,000 percent!

  132. I.A., If you’re going to quote me, it’d be nice if you mentioned my name. Thanks.

  133. Thetalibre

    Very nice post!

  134. I do not know you Mark, but I had heard your name many times in the halls of Pac. When one heard the name of a person over and over like that, you knew they were a significant factor in the forwarding of Scientology.

    Now, we will hear your name in the independent field in similar ways, and we are all the better for it. I am very glad for your decision. The Independent Scientology movement IS Scientology, no doubt about it.

    Thank you for your contributions.

  135. Clark Aungst

    It is a simple question — does Marty now renounce all of the dirty deeds that he did for the Church of Scientology? All he has to do is say “Yes”.

  136. ParaNorman

    I myself have no reality on any P.T. intervention. Last time I did have was when the King Arthur was radiated unconcious in the forest edge and consequently found himself under examination on a patrol croc ship.

    That’s how he later got the sword. And what Mordrid demanded to fight him for it.

    I guess he then went and stabbed the wired sword in to the lake bottom as far as he could wade for its return pickup.

  137. Gern Gaschoen

    Chuck, as you are aware of the INCOMM policies, you might be interested in a perspective I have of this comment from Mark Shreffler:

    “Full disclosure is a thing of bygone years.

    To restore our group to it’s earlier glories – the 70’s and 80s when stats were going up – requires a dramatic change of operating basis and a real and thorough examination of what is going on.

    For starters, we have to STOP looking for leaders and START looking to LRH.”

    In my mind, this means one proper action right now: STATISTICS.

    I mean, we get organized by sharing our statistics, and isn’t INCOMM supposed to have made stats:recording-of and stats:displaying-of already a miracle by now?

    So, Independents, is it not time for our own OIC, and by that I mean: all-hats stats on the wall.

  138. Or, as Senator Joe McCarthy used to ask, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”

    Who cares if you ever get your question answered? Not me. Read the Code of Honor, maybe some of your “angst” will vanish.

  139. Clark, you’ve walked into the middle of a conversation that’s been going on for half a decade or more. Read Marty’s book, or start at page one of this blog, if you want an answer to your question.

  140. Indie Anon

    Ronnie Bell,
    You have written beautifully my own thoughts regarding Marty. Your posting are very good.
    Next time I’ll mention your name explicitly.
    When I first write it down, I mentioned your name, but then I changed it, because I thought a link to your comment will suffice.
    I’m glad this is not the Co$, otherwise I could be sued 🙂

  141. Luis Garcia


    I loved your post. Every word of it, and your intention to help your friend. Admirable that you will risk losing him by choosing to help him. Very nice indeed. Look forward to your coming out, hopefully with him by your side.


  142. Kevin Tighe

    The Drudge Report is the second biggest web site in the world after Google news for linking news stories. The story Drudge linked today (prominently at the very top of the page) is in itself a pretty minor story compared to others of the last few weeks. but if Drudge keeps prominently linking Scientology stories that will be quite something.

  143. CA, Perhaps you did not understand my post the first time. Marty has answered many times over in his blog, for over the past several years.

    Of course you can act like the great interrogator and try to reduce all Marty has said to one simple answer, kind of like Miscavage does – come to think. But I don’t think that behavior will get very far around here. Is it is a deal-breaker for you whether you can MAKE Marty ANSWER your question? Sure DM, we have to answer your questions, but you don’t answer anybody else questions…

    On the other hand, if you actually do care, and maybe were having a bad day or something when you posted, then spend a few days and read over Marty’s blog postings for the last few years. At that point, perhaps you may wish to re-introduce yourself a little differently. Using decency and respect goes a long way around here. It really does..

  144. nocaseonpost

    I understand what you mean by being able to understand, and having that bond with someone else. Someone else who needs no great explanation about what the hellhole consists of. And it is very healing to know that those “ex’s” here have “gone through it”. This blog has been my lifeline back to sanity. Many tears, terrible low moments slowly becoming less and less, and bright spots of life coming more and more. UNDERSTANDING.

    On the other hand, I think that this blog has made it OK TO BE HUMAN again. And what do you know – there are other humans out here too. There are people who have little or no reality on the horrors people have gone through on this blog – but if a person cares, they do recognize pain, sorrow, abuse, loss of dignity, loss of hope – when they see it. There are many humans who care about one another and who – no questions asked, no details needed – will put their arms around another human who was left on the side of the road bleeding, hurting, or dumped under the bus…UNDERSTANDING.

    For me, this blog has been an escape from the Monopoly board that the Church of Scientology was for me, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.. It was the “only game in town” and to leave it would have been like stepping off the ends of the flat earth, going to oblivion.

    I am happy to try my best at being human again, and happy to see that there are other humans out here, that are trying their best to be decent and kind. I am no longer ashamed of being human.

  145. Clark Aungst

    Just as I suspected. Lots of inturbulation but no direct response.

  146. Oh geez….I hadn’t realized that the link you posted went back to my earlier post. Hope you didn’t think my comment was rude. Thanks.

  147. Captain Bob

    yes Gern, good point.

    Cracks me up though. We just want honest stats from “ethical” people. Just the truth. How can one apply a condition when it is based on false stats. But the sheeple keep donating money for no exchange, exchange for a big carrot or two.

    I believe Wall Street goes thru this scene every so often. They, and the public, call it transparency. Justice is slow.

  148. O.O Your story was heartwarming, thank you. I too am happy to see that there are other humans out here.

  149. Clark, Marty answered that question many time. He does not have to answer it every time some upstart challenges him. However, let me ask you do denounce all the crimes of dm and his church? A simple yes or no will do.

  150. Great to hear from you, Andy! You can reach me through my blog which will be operational very soon (Days).
    ML, Shreff

  151. Thank you from my heart, Dan. Finally locating you again was actually a huge turning point because when I found out you had left the church my response was, “No, we’re talking about different Dan Koons. This is the LAST thing that MY Dan Koon would do!” Once verified, I KNEW there was something very spoiled about this pudding. The next year was spent plumbing (no pun intended) the debts of it, and the result, as you can see, is another fine mess you got me in to! Let’s see where THIS pilot goes!~

  152. Thank you, Richard!

  153. Oh, Man, how great to hear from you! I was just in Austin visiting the Schicks. Dang, missed you by THAT MUCH! Are you auditing in the field? I hope so. You have such a gift. Thank you for your ack!

  154. Hi Mercy. Thank you very much. there is much yet to be done, but this is a good start!

  155. I am creating a blog to provide a point from which to communicate with everyone. I will be operation within days and I will post something here to announce it. I will certainly include that other write-up. Thanks for your patience!

  156. Thank you, Karen. More are coming.

  157. Hello Bob,

    i’m certainly looking forward to it..

  158. Hi John,

    You have excellent taste! That photo combines many pleasure items: the shirt, the cap (from Castle Pines in Colorado), and the fact that it was shot as I was turning from the tee box in Mazatlan having just hit a magnificent drive that curled out over the water and back to the right side of the fairway, ending in it’s middle about 100 yards from the pin. Every time I look at that shot I feel like a birdy!

  159. Lisa!! How excellent to see you here, though I know you are on a beach somewhere taking those beautiful photographs. I can’t wait to see what forms of mischief we might create together.

  160. KT, you are a mencsh! Semper Fi! Let’s talk soon about on-line workshops.

  161. I Harold van den berg
    hi Mark played golf with you and Rich Bizelle at Durban Country Club! Im also Independent, would love for Rich to start looking, Been on lines with Rons Org here in SA, Great stuff, VWD. harold

  162. Hello Ronn,

    Thank you for your comments and your confidence. If I can elaborate on a perception I’m sure we share, I for one do not believe that Miscavige is the problem. it is our own dull-wittedness and compromise of the Code of Honor that led us to this battle, and by our own reasonableness with the uncomfortable feeling of an outpoint. This is a point on which we all visit the Danger Condition from time to time!

  163. Thank you, Betsy! Moo gum war soo up! I’m very happy to see that there is an excellent Spirit of Play here, and I look forward to contributing to this.

  164. nocaseonpost


    Thank you very much for your reply. Beautifully stated, and I duplicate you fully!

    LRH tells that man is basically good, but can act badly. I know at times when I have acted badly, even if I was told that it was greatest good, I never felt good about it. I think that is “that something” native to a being that makes us good. Goodness is survival in my opinion.

    Recently, I witnessed a car accident which resulted in people being injured. I witnessed many people rush to the aid of the victims. There was no make wrong. No one took sides. Age, race, color, creed, or religion wasn’t an issue. Some were medical providers and promptly stepped in to provide care. Others comforted the victims. One lady grabbed another lady’s hand ( I wasn’t getting the feeling that they knew each other either) and began to pray. There was no promo for their churches being put out. They didn’t ask them “I gave you a little CPR, but if you want the rest, you have to come take this test first!” There was nothing expected in return. Human beings caring for human beings for no other reason than concern for their fellow man. It was an interesting study, because I had a chance to observe their instantaneous reaction. The observers all ran to the accident, without even considering “what can I do about it?” They just did, because something happened to another human being, and instinctively, their native desire for their fellow man took over. They did something about it- CPR, comfort, or prayed. Despite what Tom Cruise says, I witnessed a lot of people offering and providing help, even though none were Scientologist! Human beings at their finest!

    What attracted me the most about Scientology is how Hubbard codified these observations. Things described as “kindness and Decency” were broken down into a formula, ARC. One could now knowingly raise A, R, or C, or know which one of them was out, if something wasn’t right. This technology vastly improved my relationships with my fellow man, and at the same time, made me much much happier in life.

    I had a neighbor that was in the hospital recently, and so I decided to go and see her. At the hospital, was her family, friends, and fellow church members. Her pastor was there too. What was interesting was that this lady was part of a church, and she kind of faded away. For whatever reason, she was no longer regular. Nevertheless, she was considered part of their group.Not because of her attendance, donations, or dresses she wore, but simply because she existed, and was in need. Some new her well, others were there to see her and offer support to her family. They expected nothing in return. Their motivation was pure. They wanted nothing more than for her to get well, and offer support for her family. I heard people there offer to care for her kids, her aging parents, do cooking, laundry, and even cut the grass. They all took a collection to help with her wages since she was going to be out of work. No motive. Just pure ARC, and a desire to help someone in need. In effect, they were being human. Doing what humans do best.

    Again, Scientology didn’t teach me that, but I feel it enhanced it for me.. It may me more able to control it and apply kindness and decency correctly. What I find ironic is that the same “Church” that is promoting Mr. Hubbard’s materials, embodies none of its technologies today. When was the last time you received pure ARC from the church? My experience has been that there isn’t really the flow of ARC for ARC. How about Annie Logan/Tidman? All of those years of service to the SO and with LRH, and she dies in an apartment without her family. How many others are just off loaded? Take this situation with Karen and her son Alexander. What kind Scientologist who is trained in communication, TR’s, the Tone Scale, or even just has a basic understanding of ARC behaves that way, especially in that situation? Forget Scientology, what kind of human being, that is not sick, act that way? t is just cruel. It is evil.

    My friends that still flow money and feel that it is their “duty to protect the church at all costs,” don’t realize that the reason that they even have to protect the church is because of inhuman behavior like we witnessed with Karen. With Debbie Cook, and with others that dedicate their lives to the Organization. Rather than an ack, they get the hole, their comm lines cut, threats, intimidation, or have their spiritual eternity threatened.

    My friends don’t realize that it is not an attack on Scientology, but against behavior of Scientologist, and one Scientologist in particular. It is a reaction to something that we all inherently as a being know is wrong. What ever happen to the Way to Happiness? What happened to the “Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom” at Sunday service? What ever happened to the “Two Rules for Happy Living?” “Clean Hands?” “Responsibility?” ” What is Greatness?” Has that become just something to read in ethics before you’re hit up for your next dono flow or amends project? I wonder if DM has ever read any part of New Slant on Life as it was coming off of his printing press? Since he personally altered them, I would think that he at least read some of it? If he did, the only excuse for his behavior then is obvious. As mentioned above, you really can see what some body is made of when something happens. While we all can act badly, I think that most of us, would act with decency when the situation presented itself. I think you call it be civilized.

    My problem is that I honestly believe Scientology. I have used it all, and found it very workable. I have used it to better myself, and I have used it to help others. What does it say about me when someone else observes the behavior of the “church,” and associates me with it? What “church” treats its members like that, and doesn’t even follow its own tenets that embody the faith? What “Religious Leader” doesn’t embody or attempt to embody all that their faith strives to be? What does it say about Scientology when they have routinely defend and justify this behavior? What does it say about them?

    I think that is the real trap isn’t it? To make you ashamed of who you are. This way you can be “fixed.” Reprogrammed to be a robot. Most of us want to improve or get better, only to be beaten down, made wrong, and have its reverse applied. All under the veil of “ethics”

    Being decent and kind is part of being human, because it is native to a Being. Being in the church however, requires that you be something else, in order to survive. As a result, decency and kindness are not observed among it’s members, because they are actively being something different- something other than what they are natively. No wonder they need so much ethics! You have to work hard at being something other than what you are!

    I am glad that you are no longer ashamed to be human. You can live now, and are free to be, do, and have! You can experience! You are free to communicate with whomever you wish, or not! You can make mistakes, and learn from them, without heavy ethics penalties.

    So carry on! Be decent. Be kind. Be human. Most importantly though, be yourself!

    Welcome back!

  165. A pleasure, Angela. I hope many will benefit.

  166. I’d like to know you better, I Know better! Those hiring workshops are very fun, and I’m very happy to hear you have seen their value in your own business. Kevin Tighe and I will be creating some on-line stuff to make these things more accessible. I hope to see you again in future workshops!

  167. Thank you. And I appreciate you seeing the importance of this.

  168. Hello Sinar,

    Thank you for your ack and your welcome. Where do you live?

  169. Thank you, Scott! This standing up business is something we have to do every moment or we develop “backlogs” and suddenly discover we have lost our way. It’s good to be back on track with you!

  170. Hello Max!

    Thank you for your welcome, and it is true that I AM de man! And so are you! This funny coincidence is common with many in this field, and I look forward to finding them.

  171. Dear Independent Scientologist,

    It was never my job to bring people in to the church. It was my purpose to introduce them to Scientology. Their own wits took them from there, and I was happy with any decision they made. This remains my purpose.

  172. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your success story! I know you would like others to have the gains you now have, and that inspires me to do it all again!

  173. Hi Ronnie,

    Thank you for your welcome!

    Are you auditing these days?

  174. Tory Christman

    The Shreff man is OUT? Hoooooolllly tornadoes bat-man:
    This is amazing! 🙂 As I’ve said for 12 years now: Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is on *our* side! Congratulations to you, and welcome to the right side of freedom.

  175. Hi Martin,

    I remember those days at the beginning of the Power FSM game when it was all about getting NEW people started on the Bridge. In the fourth year they began filling the stage with anyone who “selected someone,” and the spirit went out of the game for me. But that Freewinds event you attended was at the height of a correctly done program, and we were all pretty excited. Thanks for restoring this memory to me, and for your kind welcome.

  176. Hi Simple Thetan,

    I never left, actually, but I was not being responsible for the whole game. I was so engrossed in my own dissemination efforts out in the front that I stopped being concerned with what was going on “back at the fort.” It’s a sobering experience, as you well know, to look up and see that things have drifted from what we all called home. Well, here’s to getting things ship-shape and back to battery!

  177. Picanin,

    Ron said the next great civilization on Earth would start in South Africa, and those words have never been more real to me. It is my favorite area and I am confident that when the dust settles, the crew in SA will have appointed itself with distinction and provide safe harbor for the rest of the world.

  178. Hello Ingrid!

    I remember that flight well. The young man had a purple mohawk hairdo, and as I recall the conversation began, “OK, so what’s the story with the hair?” He said, “Well it’s just the way I feel, man!” I replied that I had some aspirin in my bag if he thought it would help, and he laffed and we laffed and then had an excellent ride to Atlanta! Thanks for the memory, Ingrid. It’s great to hear from you.

  179. Hi Tony!

    Thanks for your welcome, my friend. Boy, the Sterling days were another lifetime, hey? But I will be posting that Tone Scale seminar so everyone can see it and introduce their friends to Scientology with this incredible data.

  180. WOW! Thank you for this announcement, Colorwheel. Such decisions have a way of changing your life!

  181. Hi Ryan,
    I have learned just recently that when we live our lives making other people’s problems our own, things get heavy. The simplicity is just living your own reality across the dynamics, and let other people do the same, and it will all come out right in the end! (This is my working hypothesis!) Of course, this is where training comes in to play!!

  182. Hi Moti,

    So nice to hear from you, and Mozeltov for your work with Dani and Tammy and the rest of the Dror group. I look forward to my next tour there, and expect it will be even more successful than those in the past!

  183. Thanks JF. You have made me feel welcome and I appreciate it.

  184. Hi Christine,
    If he has lost himself, he has surely lost his children. Al is such a good person and I remember him fondly. Ron once said something along the line that sometimes it takes a wild charge to win a life. Sounds like Al may be due.

  185. I have a new briefcase!

  186. Hello Sapere,
    I cannot imagine, honestly, a more exciting future than one spent with people of this description. Thank you for your welcome.

  187. Thank you, David. This sounds like an excellent forum, and I shall make use of it no doubt. hell, I’ll be using myself in the near future as I feel the need for some training wheels on this new bike!

  188. How can I be more direct? Oh, I know…. “Buzz off, Clark”.

    Personally I wouldn’t even want you visiting or even reading Marty’s blog.

    Is that direct enough for you?

  189. Hello Mantis,

    Thank you for your comm and for reminding me once again of South Africa. God, what a country! Our community there is blessed with a level of confront not found in other areas. It reminds me very much of the Old West in the United States when issues were settled with revolvers, and the careless word could be fatal. In South Africa the laws are just guidelines and the people do not suffer fools. For these reasons and many more I have confidence that we need not be concerned about their loyalties being thwarted. I am very proud to call many there my friends, and I hear from my friend Sonja Botha that the independent community is growing well.

  190. Oh my God! Geir!! How wonderful to hear from you, and I look forward to extending our comm to include everything yet unspoken. Are you still in Oslo?

  191. Thank you, Margaret. It shall be done when I get my )(*(*&*&%^%$^$#^%$ blog operational!

  192. Thank you, my dear Joy. It’s an old story but not surprising that people with so much attention on freedom reap the opposite. Maybe we should just start laughing and embracing one another and removing as much significance from the field as possible! And get ourselves trained with the Tech when we aren’t doing that. I like the Tone Scale seminar for that reason. It takes what seems a complex subject and makes it real, and the result is the insouciant attitude that always wins in the end. Thank you for your welcome, Joy.

  193. Merci beaucoup, Jean-Francois!

  194. Thank you, WidowDenk!

  195. Shreff,

    Welcome aboard and aloha from Hawaii.

    I’ll contact you via your new site to get caught up.

    Mark McKinstry

  196. Jees, Azul, you have made me blush! Thank you for this rousing cheer!

  197. The courage you and ken showed has been an important part of my understanding what is going on, Yvonne, and I will be forever grateful. I’ll tell this div 6 story on my blog which a dear friend of mine is helping me with (wink, wink!)


  198. Hi Calvin,

    I am touched by your words and agree fully with your notion that we all need to Lighten UP! No better cleansing compound than a good bought of education wrapped in laughter. Let’s do it again in Africa!

  199. Thank you, Tom. Let’s make it happen.

  200. I assume this is for Mark Rathbun as I don’t have a hushmail account.

  201. Hi Wendy!

    Do you owe me a letter, or is it I who owe you?

    So far, so good, my friend. I have had nothing but theta flowed at me for weeks, and today I went out (remembering your recent letter about the good theta befalls you) and caught the biggest fish I have ever landed with a flyrod. I mean, this was a real PIG – a 38″, 11.5 pound pike that fought for 45 minutes and ran my line to the backup five times but never had a CHANCE because of all the theta I have been gaining from these recovered and new friendships. The fish needed a name and because we killed him for the meat decided to name him SQUIRREL.

  202. Hello Tom!
    Just thinking about that old Mark V brings pleasure moments. Like remembering your first car, you know? The wood box and plastic dials and the fact that the moving needle actually meant something! It must have been ’76 or early 77 though as I was still in England in ’75 and so PTS that I couldn’t tie my shoes.

    I’m happy to hear from you, and hope we meet again tip the line.

  203. Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for your comments.

    It’s only important that you do not engage, yourself, in things with which you do not personally agree.

    Like Ron said, “If it’s not true for you, it’s not true, regardless of whether I said it was true or not.”

    Scientology is like a library. Check out the things that interest you and put the rest back on the shelf.

    Your comments are well taken. Thank you.

    Mark Shreffler

  204. Well received, Mariella. Thank you.

  205. Hello Mate.
    I remember well that tour and the fun we had getting Dianetics exported around the cont. We had very few hecklers, actually, but always had fun with them because the Tone Scale seminars lent themselves well to it. We were always looking for MASS on each tone level, and hecklers always provided everyone the most fun, despite themselves! Good to hear from you, Andrew.

  206. Hi Mark,
    I’ll be getting in session toward the end of this month, but I’ve got some training to do before I take anyone in session myself. Folks out here in the Dallas area are working on setting up a course room, so that more of us can get trained. We’ve got one of the best Flag trained, and long tenured course sups there is, right here in our area.

    I tell you, this thing just keeps getting better and better. I can hardly keep up with all of the new developments and wins that are taking place in the Indie field. What an incredible moment in our history.

    Thank you for being a part of it!

  207. Shreff, Having met you in the past, it doesn’t surprize me in the least that you are here now as one of those who really cares. This is great news.

  208. Thank you.

  209. Robert Langdon

    I’m truly elated I saw your face and post today on Marty’s site.What of your wife and children? Where do they stand? I knew Sara, Evan and Daniel well.

  210. Yes, I am. Send me an e-mail and we’ll be plenty in touch 🙂

  211. Gern Gaschoen

    If I had a list of every single stat that the Independent Scientology community was interested in keeping, and sharing among itself, I could quite rapidly whip up a technical solution to this problem and we would have stats.

    Imagine we all just had our stats showing up, across the global network, daily. Instantly. With trust (i.e. certification and validation). Why doesn’t the Church have this by now, it is atrocious ..

  212. Assistant Disseminator


    I sent your letter out to a bunch of my comm lines. I forwarded D’s response to you and let “D” know that I forwarded it to you. You should hear from him shortly. Thanks again.

  213. Agreed, good point.

    I would not want to get into a re-creation of the Sea Org’s weekly Thursday at Two (TAT) stats rat race, though.

    But sincere word of mouth and unpressured sincere “Success Stories” posted at a Independent Scientologists Stats and Successes site, like monthly, or whatever, would be good.

  214. Hey Shreff. @ 7 p.m. eastern time zone July 4th, a small group of scientologists here in N. Florida were enjoying our “independence” and reminiscing about pleasure moments and funny experiences. I said that hearing you talk was a watershed moment in my krc about communication. You made the Trs come alive like never before and I went away with some powerful, user friendly tech. This, from a Wise seminar where a bunch of businessmen were teary eyed for a good bit of the weekend! Later we drove 8 hours to see you for 1!…at the Bel Aire Mission and it was well worth it. You had people hanging on the doorframes peeking into the Tampa Org room where you were once again whipping up LHR in pure magical form. Laughter, cognition and decision to act are part and parcel with the increase in awareness that follows in your wake. My husband and I just LOVE you; I dubbed ourselves “Shreffies”. At last… It was with quite a thrill that within hours of enjoying the 4th of July with our friends, I read on Marty’s blog that you are lending your HUGE shoulder to the wheel of freedom. It’s all been said here in the last few days, and so true. Please add our thankyous to the list. Much love…..Bob and Jennifer Sanders

  215. Shreff, great to hear you are an Indie. Welcome! I agree with your statement about looking to LRH!
    Best, Kat

  216. I know better

    Hey Schreff…great to hear from you. I am going to send you a text message. I was given your # from nocaseonpost. I got some things cooking I’d like to go over with you in regards to seminars and whatnot that I want to do in the near future here. My best for now!

  217. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tell you what, Mark,I’ll bring along a coupl’a REAL
    crackers (total nut-jobs!!!) that would make your
    belly ache on top of the stitches. We need to comm
    about this up the line, But you’re definitely ON, dude!
    Keep making the magic, maestro!!

  218. one-who-might-know

    Clark Aungst??? Clark Balcom & Jim Aungst??? Portland, OR. Perhaps it is time you both to start looking for yourselves, find out for yourselves, even know yourselves… do you really want to be ostriches and bots??? You are both smarter than that or is this Qwen Mayfield DSA pretending to be someone she isn’t? Fair game right? Are you beginning to wonder if you are supporting the right thing yet? A church (sic) with a leader that beats its staff, imprisons them, stops communication amongst parishioners and the world, squirrels LRH’s tech, destroys families, overtly and covertly lies, discloses confidential info on anyone daring to question “der leader”. Is that really the game you signed up for? Schreff has seen the light. And you??? Or do you prefer sacchrine infested Kool-Aide?

  219. Hello Gern,
    I want to comment that we created the San Francisco mission back in the early 80’s and had a clearing machine going on with 16 class 8’s in the HGC. All stats were up by Tuesday and it was completely Spirit of Play. I was the public reg and sometimes I didn’t even come to work on Thursdays. We had a BALL, and it was the operating basis and the agreements we all had that aligned with LRH to get these public up the line! It was massively productive and actually carried 2/3rd of the international mission production at the time (this was after the storied “Mission Holder Conference” in 82 when such legends as Peter Crundall were eliminated.) It’s failing was not holding the form of the org (we had clients from all over the country that I was orienting in Los Angeles to do services in San Francisco!) and we only minimally trained these people. Nobody touched us because of our stats, but finally had to because this form of the org thing was just knocking everyone sideways. I’d love to hear from someone at the management end of the line comment about that scene as it would be very useful for auditors in the field. We started as a field group and had to become a mission because of our production and the fact that we wre a profit-making undertaking and the missions were not – yet we were doing the same stuff. It became a threat to the Church’s status.

  220. Here, here, Richard.

  221. Hello no case on post!

    Your comm is compelling and I feel your pain. I know your FSM and he is an excellent being, to be sure. I can offer you this tale which has hugely affected and enhanced my ability to address situations like this.

    I had a friend many years ago who tried like hell to get his brother interested in Scientology. Fair and foul. For example, he would say, “Let’s go to a movie!” and his brother would jump up and off they would go. Passing the mission of Scientology in theior area, he swerved in to the parking lot, at the same time rushing to expalin that they have an excel;lent movie to watch here!

    His brother grew to hate Scientology and he never found out for himself what it was. So Terry wrote a letter to Ron asking his help. He related for several pages the history of his failed attempts, and asked LRH what he would suggest as a solution with his closing,”Hpow can I et my brother in to Scientology?”

    Many of us can write TOMES on the brilliance of LRH’s letters – so simple and to the point. Terry showed me Ron’s reply, and it said this:

    “Dear Terry, Why does your brother need to be in Scientology? Love, Ron”

    (Six months later his brother was happily on course.)

    Good luck!

  222. Hello Charlie!

    It sounds like you got one of the milder cycles! But wasn’t the enthusiasm of that group infectious? Sort of like discovering an unlimited source of GOLD and being able to share with everyone who could reach for it – like you! It’s great to hear from you, pal, and I look forward to expanding this line. Shreff

  223. Thank you, Robert. I certainly hope so, as we need to sound a bell here!

  224. I feel the same way, Rory, and our congregation definitely needs a little injection of the Spirit of Play at all levels.

  225. Hello Luis! Thank you for commenting. I found your own letter compelling and intelligent and extremely brave. You were like Paul Revere for me!

  226. Hi Diana!

    Well, as you know, I am quite low-key and rarely swear or get too excited but have been known from time to time to let slip an occasional “What the FUCK?” It’s a condition I have that I have been crammed for innumerable times but, what can I say? I blame it on the sun, which is why, I suppose, I can never real get cause over ( or confess that it is really ME!!)

    Thank you for your welcome. This has been an incredible evolution and I have no doubt the best is yet to come – for all of us! Love, Mark

  227. Marsha!
    This is just a thrill for me to read and to absorb. I am inspired by your acknowledgement! In truth I am probably not the only one to feel like I walked in to a room filled with applauding people with my zipper down. I wonder if everyone knows that the only decision I could make was the one I announced? But of course they do! They went through the same sixty feet of garden hose, and out the other end to a different world.

    It is incredible today that in our church a REAL doubt formula cannot be done because we are not allowed look where we need to look to get all the data. That was the kicker for me. The actual intentions of that group were to hide, obfuscate, interrogate and oppress.

    I have to say that when I heard of your declare for passing the comm of a fellow Scientologist in good standing, it was the straw that broke the dillema I was in. My friends the Tighe’s were declared but they were more like me – rebellious and unconventional by nature. You, however, are one with the disposition of an angel and a very compassionate, rational person. Declared? The earlier similar for me was Dan Koon, and all together I realized, “My group has left the building!”

    I’m happy to be here with you, my friend.


  228. I realized, “My group has left the building!”

    What a perfectly succinct way to put it. That’s exactly what’s happened in our church.

    The best and brightest among us are, one by one, coming to the conclusion that they’re no longer in the group they signed up with. Stepping outside and discovering that your people are all outside in the light, is an incredibly liberating and euphoric experience.

    This discovery has been one of the most rehabilitating things for me, personally. For a very, very long time, I bemoaned the loss of the theta group I’d originally become part of. To find it again, right outside the church steps, was something I never dreamed would happen. What havingness to see that my group didn’t leave. The organization did.

  229. Mark, I am gald to hear from you even if its on the interent. I stil love you. Your the best. If you need a soldier count me in. I’d gladly take a bullet for you.

  230. Ronnie Bell, thank you so much for writing this as it indicated to me what I needed to understand. I too lost my theta group 30 years ago and have never regained it. The internet sure has made a difference in current times for your group to keep together as mine have pretty well dispersed. I did go back to the church last year to find no one there and also all the changes which got me right back out. My name in Miami at the Org, 70’s, was Deena Bruno and since 1987 Dee Findlay who was married to David until his death. Who knows, someone may remember me or David. I was out of the church between ’80 and ’11 and officially resigned early this year. I’m working on a write up for posterity. Thanks again.

  231. Hey “Para,”

    Well, if it was THAT impressive it must have been me, of course, but I had no hand with Herbalife. I have come across pirated tapes of my gigs over the years in all sorts of interesting applications. It only concerns me when these materials do not give credit to Source.

    Do you still have these materials?

  232. Thank you, Robert.

  233. I certainly hope so, Claudio, but we obviously have a lot of work to do to circle our wagons and consolidate our independent positions.

  234. 🙂 You’re very welcome. I created a workshop once called “Ethics and the Spirit of Play. Many, just the research for that was life-changing. Very powerful tech.

  235. Many thanks, Bill.

  236. Ah, Glasshoppa! Thank you.

  237. I think that re-discovering our true group out here in the Independent field has been an immense source of pleasure and relief for most of us. I’m glad to see that you’re having a win with that, as well.

    I look forward to reading your write-up, Dee. Thank you!

  238. martyrathbun09


  239. Douglas Cook

    Cheeeeeeif! Nice talking with you the past few days BK!

  240. Pingback: My current stance on Scientology « Geir Isene

  241. Silver pen I wish! But thank you, Focus, for your ack.

  242. Hello Centurion,

    Thank you for your welcome and I do look forward to contributing to the spread of unadulterated Scientology. I have much to learn about this community but our fundamentals are certainly in common!

  243. Is this ToryB? It sounds lie you, girl, as you were always kicking up a fuss! Good to hear from you! Where are you now?

  244. Hi Mark,

    It’s so good to hear from you. I have to say that I was puzzled when I heard you had “joned the dark side.” man, it just did not make sense. But you made it clear you did not want to discuss, and I know how tiring it can be when people just want to “get you back.” Well, brother, I’m thrilled to have this line with you, and look forward to passage on it.


  245. Yo, Underdog! Not for long, a name like that! Thank you for your ack. It’s a fine welcome.

  246. Hello Robert,
    Sara is married in LA with an excellent husband and two beautiful children and a larger family to die for. I am very happy about that. Evan and his beautiful wife Jessica are doing very well. Daniel just got back from a holiday in Australia, I understand, but as Beth and I are no longer together I was not there to welcome him back. In fact they are all well, and persuing their own trajectories to the future.

    Thanks for asking.

  247. Oh man, I’m melting here! Thank you so much for these kind words, Jennifer. I trust you have continued your motion on the Bridge. I look forward to meeting you and Bob on this road one day.

  248. Excellent! Thank you, Kat.

  249. Hello Brian! Hopefully that will never be necessary! Where are you now?

  250. Thank you for this valuable input, Chuck, and for your kind remarks about my friend Dan Koon, about which I of course heartily agree.

    He was a complete pleasure to work with on the TRs Pilot (contrary to the lies published in his twelve page declare goldenrod, the story of this later!) and one person who always appeared in my mind when I circulated liability petitions for signing. Always at the top of it were LRH, Dan Koon, Diana Hubbard, Russ Williams, Chuck Murray, Greg Wilhere and, most importantly for me, myself. my question:” “Would THESE people sign this petition?” If yes, I circulated it. If no, I got back to work!

    You mentioned Russ Williams who was my intern supervisor on a flag internship many years ago. Do you know where he is?

    Thanks again,


  251. Thanks for exercising your freedom, Mark. Yeah, we can’t put all the blame on on man. For me, it was a matter of personal courage, of integrity, to speak my mind. But it sure helps to have some back-up from a group.

    You probably don’t know me. I only saw you once, at a seminar in Los Gatos (I think) in the 90’s. I remember your enthusiasm. 🙂

    I’m no longer a Scientologist. To me, that name represents too many betrayals and lies. But I recognize that parts of it helped me and helped others. Good luck out here.

    Mac Stevens

  252. Mark,
    DId you get my email address in the next post? Here it is again

  253. Mark, though we don’t know each other, you truly sound like a great guy and one very dedicated into helping people. I admire you for that and wish you the best in the new free world. I humbly agree and take from Mac Stevens words, that I’m no longer a Scientologist and that the name represents too many betrayals and lies. But I also acknowledge that it has helped me and others.
    Have a great time and keep catching those squirrels!

  254. Brian Culkin

    Hey Mark — You seem like an amazing guy … Hope to meet you one day …

    My postulates for all good things,

    Brian Culkin

  255. Hi Brian,

    Until recently it seems I had to always tell my side of the story! Here I feel very welcomed and forgiven my trespasses, and I’m running in to many old friends. Fresh Air! Thanks for the greeting.


  256. Hello Mac,

    Thank you for your posting. It sounds to me that before you sign off completely as a Scientologist you could see one of the auditors you can probably find through this very site and resolve those things your attention seizes on when you think of Scientology.

    Honestly, I’m not trying here to “get you back.” I’m suggesting that to make your going forward more effortless you might discharge that stuff that has captured your attention.

    I’m just saying…

    If you are going to go, go in peace.



  257. Shreffy, my man! Last I heard about you was that you were in the hospital with some serious complications and I got real sad. I am sooooo happy to see this post from you and how healthy you look!!
    At this time I still need to be under radar but I will be emerging soon. You know me very well brother. Hint: Trs / Metering Pilot – “Flunk, you laughed…..Start!” HAHAHAHAHA
    Also, “Polly want a cracker?”
    Email me:

  258. Look to yourself first

  259. Thanks for the offer, but you’re a little late. I completed Doubt.

    I’m going to take about 20 years and learn subjects that were forbidden and slandered. You guys have fun sorting through the tech. If you can get it to stand up to the scientific method (long-term follow-up studies, peer review, etc.); if you can answer a technical question without relying on interpretation of old texts, but instead on recent research and observation; if you can clearly state the meaning of the word “Scientology” in fewer than 700 pages; when eye-witness accounts of L. Ron Hubbard are not arbitrarily pushed out of view; when truth is a virtue more valued than image or hammed-up “certainty” or temporary VGIs; when it’s real, then I’ll be interested.


  260. 🙂

  261. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mark, you just made one of those 1,OOO,OOO
    Mega-watt SEARCH LIGHTS switch on for me
    and illuminate the WHOLE frigg’n GALAXY!!!
    ……You just said those magic words………….
    ” Scientology is like a library. Check out the
    things that interest you and put the the rest
    back on the shelf.”

    What a potent thing to say to an antagonist!

    If the attack then continued, I might then go on
    to ask ” So you suggest we burn down the
    whole library???”

    Classic “Schreff in action”….thanks!!!

  262. Li'll bit of stuff

    O.O I have thoroughly ENJOYED reading your post,
    in a new unit of time. I must say that your earlier com
    sent very mixed messages. From troll-like questioning,
    to almost putting up a hand, and then withdrawing it.

    You will recall, I’m sure, me baiting you with some less
    than endearing attempts to get you to react, to even
    get angry, and engage me further. Strangely, you
    didn’t ( re-act that is ) instead keeping quiet.

    I hope you aren’t suffering any hurt from the above
    and sincerely apologize if that is the case.

    I am so pleased to see that, you have now made some
    bold strides to step out from the place suggested by
    the handle “O.O” and are now, at last, communicating
    from a place of “LIFE,” since that is exactly where
    ALL beings of goodwill belong.

    Welcome into the dwelling place of the free (d) beings
    and I sincerely hope we will soon see you dispense
    with that really “heavy” mask you have been wearing,
    for a while now. Whatever it takes, just keep on
    originating comm, and you will soon find yourself at
    a much, much happier place. Will you do that?

    Your ” LIFE “( bullbaiter) friend,

  263. Sunshine Disinfects

    It is so wonderful to see this announcement Mark. You and Beth knew me in Queensland and about a couple of years ago we got in comm again and then you sent me this delightful pic you made this announcement with. I have lost your email address and really need to get in comm again as you could make a HUGE difference to a few “situations” here! You did a couple of brilliant seminars for a group of mine.

    You have MADE MY DAY! Thanks a million for being able to up your confront and see the truth of what is going on. It is not easy to do. Sadly I am still under the radar………….for the moment!.

    Please send me your email address.
    Big hugs and much love……… are one in a million!

  264. Tory Christman

    Shreffie: Yes, it’s me…Tory (Bezazian) Christman. Husband remained in the Cult and re-married ..and I’m free as of July 20—2000 when I escaped out of C of $. I’m still in Burbank, CA….rockin and rolling. And you? Send me a PM on Facebook or an e-mail. OR just Call: (818) 588-3044. Soooooooooooo happy you’re out and here!~ Again, my greatest Congratulations to YOU! 🙂

  265. Tory Christman

    Mark, please see my note to you at the bottom of this page. Yes, this IS “Tory (Bezazian) Christman”….divorced after I escaped out in July of 2000. Welcome!~!~ Soooooooooo happy you’re here! Please give me a call when things settle down for you, ok? Tory=(818) 588-3044

  266. Tory Christman

    Shrefffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!!!! Woohoo!~ The walls ARE tumbling D O W N. If you’re “in” and lurking, come on out—the water is fantastic out here. 🙂

  267. Shreff, Thanks! And by the way, Russ is in Phoenix, not too far from your neighborhood (by global standards anyway). I will send you his email if you like.

  268. Mac, Scientology is more subjective than objective. Therein may lie the problems you had with it.

  269. Hey Dan, thanks for the reply. That’s a good point. I regard the subjective parts with suspicion. They were used to hoodwink me. And the objective parts will only benefit from further scientific study.

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  271. Just saw your question. I live in So Cal.

  272. Just saw this and it is funny because I am writing a Blog about education and you are a big star in it. The piece is about teaching kids and in it I mentioned how you and your sons.
    I met you in two of your seminars and they were and are priceless.
    If you send me your email, I will send you the Blog.
    The best to you, one of the great LRH heroes.


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