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Love And Respect For Family

Check out this article on one of the fastest growing religions in America:

The Amish don’t spend millions each year to promote themselves.

The Amish don’t build gaudy, multi-million dollar shrines to themselves with state-of-the-art a/v gadgets to cajole people in.

The Amish don’t proselytize at all.

Apparently, the growth of the Amish is simply due to their nurturing and respect for their families and decent treatment of their own.

Imagine that.

That imagining reminded me of the Village Voice interview with Mimi Faust of the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  She recounted her childhood when her mother abandoned her for Scientology Inc.’s para-military priesthood (the Sea Organization).   It reminded particularly of this bit of street-wise wisdom that she imparted:

I asked Mimi what she thinks of Scientology today. She didn’t want to badmouth it, and assumed that some people find something positive in it. But she pointed out that it was her understanding Scientology wants to unite people. “Well, how are you going to keep the world together if you can’t keep your family together?” Mimi’s interview at VV

Fearsome Scientologists

David Letterman nailed the personality of the corporate Scientologist, still apparently understood by public opinion as “Scientologist” without any modifier.   Please see the story – and particularly the video clip of his interview with Amy Adams.

David Letterman on Scientologists

Note how Adams is lost for words, and her recognition exhibits by genuine laughter, when Letterman tells her that is how she too feels.  Also, listen to the audience agreement with Letterman’s evaluation.  Unfortunately folks, that is what we have to work with.   That is the legacy of Miscavige.

Fortunately, hopefully over time we can change that reality.  I cover pretty thoroughly HOW Letterman’s reality came to be – the process by which the reality he is correctly observing came to be – at chapters 7 through 10 and 13-14 of my book What Is Wrong With Scientology?   I cover some suggestions of how Scientologists might free themselves of it at chapters 15 and 16. Perhaps as more Scientologists understand that, they can naturally cease being what the public has come to know as fearsome.

Imagine What Thoughts Could Do To Us


Aggravated Assault and Battery by David Miscavige

Lest we forget what happened to Scientology Inc., watch Steve Hall on David Miscavige:

Learn more about Steve Hall at his website,


The Luglis Reveal Truth in Italy

A rather significant front-page article ran this week in a major Italian newspaper.   One of its subjects, Renata Lugli, wrote a short introduction to the piece.   It precedes the article below.

Anyone that studied and understood the materiel contained in the PTS SP Course , knows that suppression decreases when the person can do something about it.

If I have to choose from the many suppressions that I received from David Miscavige, thanks to his deadly tentacles of his “church”, the one that was most damaging was the violent intrusion in the very personal matters that relate to my family .

No church, that can call itself a church, can assume this right. But this conduct has been pursued by the use of third parties with a vicious ability to turn theta truth into ENtheta perversions.

The effect that David Miscavige wanted to create in doing that was to instill in my son Flavio, a Flag Staff, an unnatural sense of hatred toward me, with the purpose of convincing him to work against me and my family by having him perform the ungrateful task of spying on us and report to OSA.

The intention of David Miscavige and his minion in OSA was to “punish” me and my husband because we did not wanted to disconnect from the other son of ours Tiziano, that left the Corporate Scientology . Even after Marion Pow and Mike Sutter (RTC/OSA mission) had come to Brescia and stayed for one week to convince us to disconnect from Tiziano and after that our son Flavio was for hours on the phone trying to convince us to do the same. The famous or better infamous policy of Disconnection!

For two long years I had to bear this suppression, till the case of Karen De La Carriere/Alexander Jentzch made it explodeIt was exactly then that I took a firm decision: it is our duty to make the Italian public aware of what David Miscavige and his minions are doing.

And by “chance” after a week I met with the news reporter Leonardo Piccini that works for LIBERO and thanks to his interest in the matter we have been able to send back the flow to David Miscavige & Co. to balance the flow we as a family received from them.

What was Miscavige expecting when he designed all of his plan against my family? That a mother would let someone steal her son and would just take the violence and abuse of that and stay silent? Just look at someone destroying the most precious things that one has:, his/her family, and just sit in a corner like a beaten dog and do nothing?

David Miscavige does not have the faintest idea to which extent a mother will go.

He can possibly stop the President of The United States with his lobbying, but he will not stop a mother!

I want to cite to you a sentence taken from a song that Lisa Marie Presley just wrote, and this goes to David Miscavige:

“You haven’t seen nothing yet!”

You should have known that you better not touch a family, and you should have learned this lesson from Sun-Tzu:

There are roads one does not follow.There are armies one does not strike.There are cities one does not attack.There are grounds one does not contest.There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.

-Renata Lugli

The Exposure of The Designer Lugli



The accusations do not come from a nobody, but from a major figure in Scientology, who starting from 1974 has done all of the awareness steps required to reach the top called OT VIII. This person is Claudio Lugli. He is a fashion designer.



I Will Explain What Kind Of A Nightmare Scientology Is

The Fashion Designer Claudio Lugli has been for years a leader in the Church founded by Hubbard. Since he and his wife got out: ‘They take away from you your money and your dignity. They even took a son from us!

…. He is a fashion creator, dressed people like Miles Davis, Pino Daniele or movie stars like John Travolta, and Chick Corea, but also the charismatic leader of the church founded by Hubbard, David Miscavige.

We meet in a luxurious loft in Brescia, and words flow like a river: “Me, my wife Renata and our two sons Flavio and Tiziano have been following Scientology since ever. We have been amongst the pioneers and the founding members of the Church of Hubbard in Italy, and we took great care in expanding and financing its operations. But today we decided to end with the Miscavige Organization”

“It has not been an easy decision, because it is never easy to find out a truth that makes vanish, just in one shot, 36 years of dedication and support to values that have been trampled on used just to support greed and personal interests.”

Because his majesty David Miscavige, lives the high life, the thousands of Scientologists that are still part of his cult  are totally unaware of this.

Renata Lugli is even more direct: “We found out that through the years a lot of things changed and that ‘Church Management’ betrayed the faith and the ideals in which we believed in”

To follow the story has been necessary to address issue that every Scientologist has at heart and discuss of what is happening in Hemet, California, the International Base where David Miscavige lives.

“For us is not easy to talk” – says Renata – “because one of our sons Flavio , a 35 years old boy, is still inside what I define as the MISCAVIGE CORPORATE Scientology. He lives in Clearwater Florida, north of Tampa, and it is 15 years that he is working as an auditor in the Sea Org, the advanced organization of Scientology. People there are made to work even 20 hours a day, sleep in a modest room and have a salary of $ 20 a week. But when you talk about Miscavige … things change. A friend of ours worked directly under him in the “Special Personal Service Unit”. This unit is reserved only for Miscavige and his wife. While other staff members almost starve he spends more than a  $1,000 just on food per week”

Miscavige and his wife have one Chef full time working for them plus an assistant Chef and several stewards and butlers. The head of Scientology eats every two hours, and he follows a specific diet, a low fat diet.

“Naturally all the food must be extremely fresh and of the best quality available. And for lunch and dinner Miscavige must have two different choices always available to him , and this means a 4 full course menu for two different people every single day”

Salmon for Miscavige comes fresh from the East Coast of USA or Canada, but the lamb must be only the one coming from New Zealand that has been fed by a special kind of corn. And steaks?  Everything absolutely biological, like filet mignon first quality.

“When Miscavige celebrate his birthday or when he is having guest of the caliber of Tom Cruise  – (The actor has been a Scientologist since years now-)  Claudio lugli says – everything becomes even more  fancy and extravagant: preparations began even 3 or 4 days ahead and servants have to follow a special “wish list” . And if what the master Chef created is not considered good enough, then, orders are placed in the best and most fancy restaurants available, and there is no limit, because the boss needs to be satisfied.  Foie Gras and truffle are the norm.”

And let’s talk about his residence:

“It is comparable to royalty, things not even imaginable to the Sea Org rank and file or the regular Scientologist.”

Miscavige owns fabulous buildings in Gilman Hot Spring, in Los Angeles and at Flag. In England he even has a castle at his disposal.

“Everything has been designed and custom made for him, only the very best and state of the art is used furniture wise”

Miscavige has a fleet of cars that only international collectors normally have, and also a large number of bikes and:
“If there is anything expensive that he does not own yet , there is no problem, it will be put in the next birthday or Christmas wish list “

Mrs Renata adds: “Per what Mr Hubbard wrote, money donated by parishioners had to be used to disseminate Scientology, they have never been intended to make live a life of luxury to somebody at the helm of the church. Hubbard never lived a kind of life like that, with such a flaunted style of life like Miscavige does, and this is also another proof of how much the original ideals of Scientology have been betrayed.”

And Mr Lugli adds:

“Miscavige invented a new, perverted mechanism to take money from the parishioners: the so called “Ideal Orgs”. I saw with my very eyes, in Padova at an event, a lady going up on stage and announce to a crowd of Scientologist that she would donate the three apartments she had just got as an inheritance fron her parents to the “Ideal Org Project”, the Scientologist were in ecstasy.

And what can we say about Mr Richie Acunto, he was rewarded as “Diamond Meritorious” because he had donated something like 10 million dollars to the “Ideal Org”! Richie was a good friend of Tiziano, my son, he married Tiziano and Jamie, but the point is that part of the money he had donated have been used to hire and pay something like 50 Private Investigators that for MONTHS besieged my son house in Hollywood because he had left the Church. Richie Acunto shortly after went bankrupt with his company the “Survival Insurance”, a huge insurance company, but this was of no interest to Miscavige. He has a very big team of people that specialize in fund raising, they even go to the parishioner house in the middle of the night and force him to pay some money.

It looks like that a parallel organization named IAS has accumulated funds in the order of a billion dollars.

But Miscavige’s perversion knows no boundaries: like a new born Caligula, that became famous because he appointed his horse as Senator, so Miscavige decided “to put the rank bars” to his dog and appointed the dog Captain. And if the dog barks at you that’s a sign that you “are out ethics” and so you will be punished.

“Ethics” in Scientology is a word that comes up continuously.

“If you are there you are like a prisoner in the STASI” – says Renata – “Things keep getting worse and worse, sons and daughter are estranged from their families, and they can keep just casual contact by phone with their parents or family members, and there is always somebody there listening and monitoring their calls.  You have to report each other to the “Ethics Officer”., he is the person that has to know everything so that things run smoothly without ANY external influence. And if your family thinks differently, or worse get out of the Church, they are considered immediately “apostate”, and barred for ever.” Renata keeps on telling me: “One week ago a boy that had just turned 27, his name is Alexander, died in very obscure circumstances. His father is Heber Jentzch, the President of The Church of Scientology International, but his mother, one of the highest trained auditor on the planet, and directly trained by Hubbard, was not allowed to see her dead son. The Church had imposed to Alexander not to have any contact whatsoever with his mother . This type of behavior is called “DISCONNECTION”, and now this practice became very usual and families are thrown in despair because of it.

But I would have never thought that this practice could go beyond death! That situation troubled me very much, because I have a son too that disconnected from us, two years ago, when we decided to leave Scientology.”

“In Scientology, a follower can be punished” her husband says- “they use what they call the RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force; it is in essence like forced labor, and you have to clean toilets, paint a wall, and various menial jobs for 8 hours a day, plus 4 hours you have to study, And this goes on for years, for some even more than 10 years. And what about THE HOLE ? That’s a place where staff members are kept against their will for weeks and weeks, intimidated and prisoners, and they have to sleep on the floor and eat some slop – armed guards are always present , movement sensor are in place, and doors are locked. Plus there is the constant threat of physical violence, and people in the HOLE are subjected to physical and mental degradation of the worst kind.”




Scientology in the USA is under a very serious schism problem. Some ex members are giving unprecedented accounts of information on what happened at the highest levels of their organization.

Those are statements that are coming from the highest ranks and people broke the conspiracy of silence and started giving interviews to the media.

People like Tom De Vocht that was managing for years the “Headquarters” of the Church in Clearwater – Or Amy Scobee, that was managing the network dedicated to all the celebrities in Scientology – a key figure that had daily contact with people of the caliber of John Travolta or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or the like. And even more, top managers like Marty Rathbun that worked almost his entire life together with David Miscavige, as second in command, handling legal affairs.

Or Mike Rinder  for 20 years the head of OSA the Office of Special Affarirs: they left Scientology and decided to give very detailed and strong interviews like the one they all gave to the St. Petersburg Times, in where they reveal the methods that David Miscavige used to keep his power.

Miscavige in 1986 became the undisputed leader of Scientology. Miscavige is 49 and is described by many as being very charismatic.

Many call him just COB, because he is the Chairman of The Board – basically the owner of the Church now, Church that was founded back in 1954 .

The ex members are accusing Miscavige of physical violence , a reality that is permeating the whole of Scientology. Mike Rinder even said that: “I have been beaten more than 50 times by Miscavige”. Rathbun, Rinder, De Vocht they also admit of beatings they did and they did it to “show the boss of what they were of “.

De Vocht says that there is no particular reason why people are beaten or abused by Miscavige: “Miscavige goes crazy for nothing, it is enough that what you say to him something that is not what he was expecting from you. And it could be something that happens, just for his whim – it can be the way you looked at him, or because you were too slow in answering his questions.”

There is a list of people that have been abused and Rathbun and Rinder made this list public in interviews:

Marc Yager: “Has been beaten about 20 times, he was treated like a punching bag”

Guillame Lesevre, about ten times, and Ray Mithoff was regularly beaten very violently on the head and strangled or thrown on the ground – per what Rathbun said.

Rathbun also says that Mike Rinder has been beaten at least a dozen times.

For Rinder: “Was not much the physical pain, but was the humiliation . Because you cannot defend yourself, you cannot raise your hands against the boss.”

But their accusations go beyond that and they say: “ Staff are disciplined with a justice system that include “public” confessions of your sins and the isolation of the sinner and he/she is sentenced to manual forced labor.”

Those are all very heavy accusations and more: “The Church has covered the Lisa McPherson death case. They made a mess trying to take care of her , but Lisa Mc Pherson died after was kept isolated for 17 days at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater.”

Rathbun was in charge of handling the resulting mess media wise, and he admits to: “I ordered the destructions of incriminating proofs and documents.”



Libero for several weeks tried to get the following questions answered by the people responsible for Scientology in Italy, but no answers were given.

Here are the questions:

  1. What are the aims of Scientology?
  2. In which areas of the society Scientology  operates?
  3. How many followers there are in the world, and in particular haw many in Italy?
  4. David Miscavige is the highest in rank in Scientology?
  5. How are the living standards of your religious leader, related to a normal member of your Church?
  6. Is it true that David Miscavige owns  luxury cars and bikes
  7. We were informed that many families  because of your policy of “Disconnection” have been separated. Does this policy exists. If so how does it works?
  8. What are and how do work the “Ideal Orgs” . What are the services they offer to followers and members of your Church?
  9. How many people left the Church so far?
  10. What is your attitude toward two famous of those high ranking ex members like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder?
  11. What are you saying in relationship to the very precise accusations that Debbie Cook gave under oath in an American Court of Law, in where she talked about THE HOLE and the abuses she experienced   while there?


Sunday Service with Paul Robeson


Scientology And Saving The World

In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard burst onto the scene tackling the attainment of the ends of Eastern spiritualism with the practicality mindset of Western materialism.   He developed two related subjects toward that end, Dianetics, and its outgrowth, Scientology.  Within two to three years he had described in pratical English terms having seen the universal truths as outlined in the Vedas and in the Tao Te Ching.  He also described modern exercises that he discovered and developed to bring others to that experience.  He spent the rest of his life attempting to undercut the route so that virtually anyone from any station in life or of whatever educational background could traverse it.  In that effort to reach and effect all, matters eventually became complicated.  An insidious parallel to helping and saving all peoples of earth evolved throughout Scientology writings.  That is, the stress became not so much to make Scientology accessible to everybody as much as to make Scientology mandatory for everyone.  This approach led to a type of dual personality for the subject.  On the one hand it intended to release an individual from the restraints of life and to restore freedom of choice.  On the other hand, it usurped freedom of choice and imposed restraints in the attempt to get every person there.

Control and restraint themes developed throughout Scientology writings.  It was justified by the repeated idea that Dianetics and Scientology contain the answers to every problem and every question that every person ever faced; with the repeated emphatic idea that no one else has anything of use to contribute to those answers.  The theme was evident in a substantial body of proselytization and ethics policy that justified any means necessary to leading the clueless to the only show in town. These policies dedicatedly applied wound up appealing to a broad spectrum of people as intended.  That included people who wanted to communicate better, to find their sanity, to improve memory, to sell more, to be more successful, to have more meaningful relationships, to make more money, to dominate and control others, to reach higher states of spiritual awareness, to be more powerful, to get off drugs, to learn how to study, and even to reach immortality.  In promoting to all those looking for these answers and more, and representing to those publics that those wants were all that Scientology was interested in helping them with, all the while intending and organizing to direct such people toward ultimately making Scientology the answer to everything weaved a strain of fraud into the woof and warp of its organizations.

Fraud requires as its central element the making of a misrepresentation that the communicator knows is false.   In the case of Scientology, the recurrent, systemic knowing lie has nothing to do with the lack of efficacy of Scientology itself. When a Scientologist tells somebody that Scientology contains the answer to his problem, as well as every answer to every problem that person will ever face, that Scientologist believes that representation implicitly. The knowing misrepresentation that virtually every Scientologist is guilty of making over and over again is that whatever particular problem a seeker wants solved is the only problem the Scientology organization is interested in solving.  In fact, Scientology scripture very methodically details how to use the solving of a particular problem as the bait to be switched toward creating a new bigger problem for the bait biter to pursue.  Scientologists will vehemently protest my use of words such as “misrepresentation” and “fraud.”   But, the fact of the matter is that many of the significant problems that have nagged or lessened the reach of Scientology organizations stemmed from this inculcated lie.

This is not to say that Scientology does not contain the tools to solve every problem every person faces.  A trained Scientologist is well equipped to solve a wide variety of human problems.   In fact, selflessly and ethically practiced Scientology does wonders in putting a person into a position where he or she is well equipped to resolve any problem he or she may encounter.  However, in carrying out Scientology policy that requires everlasting steadfast loyalty and fealty to the organization, the organization is hard-wired to ensure a person never believes he or she is so equipped. It is quite a trick.  In order to enforce that fealty and loyalty – and its concomitant, escalating contributions -there must always be something more wrong with the person being handled. And so, all too often a fellow works his way up the Scientology gradients of enlightenment for decades, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pursuit of the promised state of ‘cause over life.’   In virtually every case the fellow winds up being convinced to spend several tens or hundreds of thousands more to find out and solve why he never made the vaunted state of ‘cause over life.’

Again, this is not to say that the methods of Scientology cannot produce such a state.  It is to say that the effectiveness of Scientology is never realized because of the original, well-embedded lie that Scientology organizations are not interested in anything other than providing help with whatever is troubling the person who reaches for help.  Intead, the organzations are constructed on the principle that once a person checks in, he or she never checks out.  Individuals connected to Scientology organizations are programmed to find another problem to solve for the seeker.  If they cannot find one, they manufacture it. Let’s examine more closely how it works in practice.

Let us say that a fellow wants to overcome problems with communication.   Scientology offers and delivers a course on communication that thousands have extolled the virtues of.  However, Scientology Inc. staff are bound by policy that prohibits the leaving of good enough alone.  It penalizes staff who fail to immediately ‘re-sign’ anyone who successfully completes a course.   While the course might be a complete success in the eyes of the person who took it, it is an utter failure as far the organization is concerned if that same person does not immediately open his wallet and lay down more money for more expensive courses or pricey personalized counseling.  Again, that is not to say that the expensive courses and counseling are not worthy.  It is to say that Scientology organizations are prohibited by their scripture from ever leaving good enough alone.  They operate on policy that uses Scientology’s knowledge of the mind to manipulate all those who complete course or counseling services to re-sign for more expensive future services.

Scientologists are blind to the bait and switch nature of their own day to day operations for a couple reasons.  First, they justify the hustle by the efficacious results that Scientology services can and do deliver.  Second, that justification is reinforced and complicated by a steady indoctrination into the idea that mankind is doomed, non-Scientologists are worse than aimless, and the only answers to everything – including immortality – are covered only in Scientology.

It might be that Scientology’s greatest sin stems from its greatest original virtue.  It might be that the policy discussed herein was initially developed out of an abiding, strong urge to salvage humankind.  However, like every movement throughout humankind’s history that has begun perpetrating harm once it is convinced it is the only one capable of ‘saving the world’, organized Scientology seems to have perfected the art of ‘controlling’ in the name of ‘freeing.’

This state of affairs led to my posing the question, ‘is organized religion an oxymoron?’

Being someone who finds tremendous value in the Buddha’s philosophy of the Great Middle Path, and L. Ron Hubbard’s use of infinity logic (there are no absolutes but instead an infinity of gradients at either side of 0 on any scale), I am interested in hearing peoples’ views as to the answer to the question posed.


As a couple at least have challenged me to show any evidence whatsoever that Scientology Policy encourages bait and switch trickery, I picked up the 1140 page policy volume Scientology on sales and within a couple minutes found the two exerpts below.  The first is from Policy Letter entitled HANDLING THE PUBLIC INDIVIDUAL:
Example: Miss N has heard of processing.  She wants some.  She never did DECIDE to want some.  She just wants some. Now to ask her to decide ANYTHING about it blunts that purpose.  It is a thin purpose.  It quivers.  Don’t ask her does she want a book or want training or want a pin or want anything else. Say only, ‘Ah. You want processing.  That’s a good thing to want.  Be here Monday and bring ________ funds.’  That’s all. If she says timidly, “I only have _____ funds,” say, “Good. Bring them; you can owe the rest.  Be here on Monday.  In short MAKE Miss N RIGHT for WANTING, thus intensifying the want.  Make her RIGHT when she talks about money.  Then, being right she CAN come in Monday.  Simple.  Chances are, even if she works, she’ll still come in.  When she comes in she says, ‘I’m Miss N.  I’m here for my processing.’  Reception MUST say, “Ah.  You’re Miss N. Good. There’s the Accounts widow.  Sign up there.’ The Accounts says, ‘Here’s the slip.  Sign here.  Take the slip to Room _____.’  Reception says, ‘This way Miss N.’  Estimations says, “let me have your Accounts receipt.  Good.  That’s fine. Have you been processed before?  No?  Well, you soon will be.  This way please.  Your auditor is waiting.” The auditor says, “Over here, please,’ adjusts the pc’s chairs, etc., and sits down and says, “Start of session.”  At its end he says, ‘Be in this room at _______’ for Miss N’s next.  And so on.  When she gets her grade certificate she’s told, ‘That means you’re a Grade I preclear.  Get the book ____________down in Reception.  It will tell you all about Grade II.’  Miss N throughout is NEVER anything but 8-Ced. The general promotion told her what to want by saying she could HAVE it.  She expresses the want.  The org people say, “That’s a good thing to want.  You can have it.  And gives it to her.  That’s all. Just as you’d never ask a pc which command he wanted, you never as the public individual to decide.  You can teach them anything, particularly the truth.  But never ask them to decide.  By processing up the grades, this person will soon begin to see and be there and understand and decide.  And she’ll surely decide she’s a Scientologist, as it’s true all the way!’
Now, combine that with HCOPL 28 DECEMBER 1978 USE OF BIG LEAGUE SALES:
The caper is to assume the individual has already chosen to buy a specific item and then to get him to make some minor choice about it which involves him and makes him assume he has decided to purchase it.  It is a technique to bypass a large decision.  EXAMPLE: Person hasn’t decided to have processing, salesman ignores that and asks him if he wants his auditing afternoons or evenings.  The guy says evenings and forgets to notice he hasn’t decided to be processed in the first place.

Add Child Endangerment to the List of Miscavige Crimes

Ben Herndon (contracting out of Prowler Investigations) of Corpus Christi (5910 Alameda Stree to be precise) is David Miscavige’s latest South Texas thug for hire.  After much international publicity through 2011 and into 2012 concerning Miscavige’s Scientology Inc. thuggery at my home,  no Scientology operatives dared rear their ugly heads in our vicinity.  Miscavige continued to spend tens of thousands each month for an elaborate surveillance system to identify who came and went.  But, they have taken extraordinary measures to be quiet and unseen.

Well, apparently my latest post, Introduction to Training Routines 0-9, struck a nerve.  It is one thing I guess to expose Miscavige’s crimes, and quite another to attempt to put L. Ron Hubbard into a context in which he might be better appreciated by a wider number of people.

This charming fellow sat across the street in his blacked out vehicle filming my home this afternoon:

Ben Herndon of Prowler Investigations

After several minutes, Herndon had to be a tough and pull his vehicle across our wide drive way to make a show out of his filming.  Only when I came out front weilding a camera did he speed off.   Problem is he drove his white chrysler convertible sixty miles per hour down a 20 mph speed limit street.  He nearly struck (and would have likely killed) a five year old girl and her puppy as he fled.

If Herndon comes to San Patricio County again he will be questioned by Sheriff’s deputies, and may well be arrested for reckless driving and child endangerment.

If Miscavige chooses to send anyone else – he had better require, within an inch of their lives, them to obey the law and respect my neighbors.  Several of those neighbors have already retained counsel in contemplation of actions for the disruption Scientology Inc. has caused to their lives over the past couple years.

Herndon high tails it

Introduction to Training Routines 0-9

I am providing below a copy of the introduction I wrote for people who do Training Routines 0-9 here at Casablanca.   I am not suggesting that anyone else copy and utilize it (but they are free to if they wish).  However, I think some might find the context provided of interest.

Introduction to Training Routines  0-9 at Casablanca

The cutting edge of modern physics, quantum theory or quantum mechanics, has never been proven wrong in its predictions of phenomena.  That is why technology derived from its principles accounts for more than one third of our current economy.   These facts are not widely known, in part because quantum theory reveals unanswered conundrums that seem to set classic physics on its head.   Most confounding is quantum theory’s demonstration that consciousness affects, and may even create, the physical universe.  Scientists have demonstrated over and over that the observer affects the behavior of matter in its smallest observable form (the sub atomic waves or particles which combine to form all matter). The fact that the observer (the spirit) is not of the physical universe and cannot therefore be directly measured by physical devices leaves quantum theorists scratching their heads and posing rather clumsy metaphysical questions. The seeming convergence of science into the realm of consciousness, or the spirit, frightened many scientists in the early part of the 20th Century.  That included one of science’s most free and liberal thinkers, Albert Einstein.  On more than one occasion Einstein warned fellow scientists to be wary of the ‘spooky actions’ that quantum physics revealed when the observer (consciousness, or the spirit) met matter.  He along with the leading scientists of the era were concerned that quantum theory would turn science toward the metaphysical realms of consciousness; a taboo for the masters of the physical universe. One of the pioneers of quantum theory, Niels Bohr, proffered an agreement called the Copenhagen interpretation to allay such fears.  The agreement was that the established observation of quantum physics that the observer (consciousness, spirit) affects and even seems to create matter at the microscopic level would only apply at the level of the then-fringe sub study of quantum mechanics.  Since science was unable to demonstrate the quantum observations with matter larger than atoms – in large part due to its lack of technological means to do so – classic Newtonian physics would not be monkeyed with at the macroscopic level.  Science would leave the spirit alone. 

The Copenhagen interpretation worked for several decades.  It kept science out of the realm of the spirit. But, it also kept science largely in the dark.   As technology evolved, not in small part due to the continued brave work of the few in the field of quantum mechanics, science began to see consciousness demonstrate influence on matter – not only at sub-atomic particle level, but at increasing levels of density and mass.

Consequently, of late books have proliferated on the issue of science entering the realm of consciousness.   Many  scientists have come to recognize that ancient Eastern spiritual texts (e.g. the Tao Te Ching, the Vedas) treating the idea that spirit is senior to and responsible for the creation of the physical may indeed have been scientifically sound all along.  Still, it is interesting reading such scientific thinking authors proceeding with such trepidation, grappling with that which the Buddhist described as ‘nothing’ and the Tao described as an unmeasurable ‘emptiness.’    Unable to conceive of anything outside of,  yet affecting, the physical universe, the physicists alternatively refer to the ‘observer’ as ‘brain function’, ‘chemistry’, and ‘consciousness’ among many other labels.  

If Lao Tzu (author of the Tao) and Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) are deserving of apology for centuries of ridicule by the scientific community, then L. Ron Hubbard ought to at least be given a second look.   In the early fifties, during the height of Cold War electrification and horror at the specter of nuclear physic’s then-greatest creations (the hydrogen and atom bombs) being unleashed, Hubbard was busy attempting to marry scientific thought with Eastern spiritual truth. The author and founder of Dianetics and Scientology became much maligned in the following decades for the extreme, aggressive  measures his Scientology organizations would take in defense and propagation of what began as courageous, effective research.   That well publicized drama largely drowned out Hubbard’s more important contributions.   His definition of spirit, which he termed thetan (from the Greek letter, sometimes used to convey the concept ‘thought’) so as to distinguish his ideas from a myriad of existing, conflicting notions, used more scientist-friendly terms that fully differentiated spirit from the physical universe as:

Having no mass, no wavelength, no energy and no time or location in space except by consideration or postulate.  The spirit is not a thing. It is the creator of things…the awareness of awareness unit.

From a spiritual approach he described a thetan’s effect upon and creation of the physical universe in terms that agree with more recent quantum mechanics findings. As we proceed we will attempt to satisfy the scientific mind by staying within the realm of demonstrable scientific fact.

First, science tells us that there is no such thing as the past.   That is, there is only evidence of the past as a creation of our minds; whether that be in the form of individual and collective memory or the recounting of past events in words, images and published, digital, visual and audio media or in divining and speculating about the past by analysis and testing of physical matter.  The past is only cognizable against the created agreement called ‘time’ (the gauge by which we measure movement of matter in or across space).

Second, science tells us that the present is only what we observe – there is no physical universe but that which we observe.  Whether we create the physical universe to observe, as some religionists and quantum theorists contend we do, or not is an interesting metaphysical question.   A solid agreement on this question is not important for practical purposes of leading a happy, purposeful and meaningful life.  

Third, we are drawn into the future by our individual and collective intention.  If Sally decides she is going to spend tomorrow planting her garden the chances of her doing so are dictated primarily by her ability to follow through on her intention to do so.  Sure, there are conflicting intentions.  Her husband might intend that she instead go to the beach with him.  Her mother might intend she bring her children, the mother’s grandchildren, to her home to play.  The weather might intend to make conditions miserable for planting a garden.   If Sally’s intention is not so strong, it will likely be modified by the conflicting intentions of her husband, her mother, and/or the weather.   But if Sally’s intention is sufficiently strong she will go ahead and create the future she initially intended.   If she has refined social abilities she will first deftly obtain the agreement of her husband and mother to modify their own conflicting intentions.   If she is exceptionally able she might even inspire her husband and mother to contribute to her original intention.   Thus, Sally’s mother winds up coming over the next day to watch the kids so Sally can concentrate on her garden work.  Her husband dons his overalls and gets into the garden to help her.   This works out particularly well where everyone’s original intentions were satisfied – i.e. Sally’s mother’s original intention to spend time with her grandchildren, and her husband’s intention to spend time with Sally, both were satisfied by modifying their intentions to coincide with Sally’s.   And even though the counter intention of the weather apparently was not modified – it poured hard on gardening day – the new, stronger collective intention of Sally, her husband and her mother overcame that hardship.

We witness in ourselves and others varying strengths of intention and abilities to garner cooperation with the realization of intentions.  One factor in determining strength of intention is one’s ability to envision into the future.  If one can rationally observe and evaluate the present so as to conceive of a desirable, achievable future scenario one has a greater chance to develop one’s own effective intention and to garner the cooperation of others in helping to achieve it.  If one’s view of the present is so clouded by fixed ideas molded by undue attention stuck in the apparent past one is liable to be unable to cleanly envision rational, desirable future goals worthy of much support.   In such a case, one will not likely even muster one’s own strength toward achieving such goals, let alone obtain the cooperation of others.   

Goal conception thus can be seen as a fundamental skill in the development of intention toward creation of desirable futures.  Hubbard coined another term to describe that skill. He called it ‘postulating’, or mentally posting scenarios or results for future realization. Precedent to the ability to effectively postulate is accurate, rational observation of the present and differentiation of that from the illusion of the past.  While I am cognizant of the axiom that holds that to remain ignorant of the past is to be condemned to repeat it, there is a stark difference between the past as rational knowledge or wisdom and the past as mysterious, dictating reactivity.  In order to realize the former it is necessary to learn to differentiate it from the latter.   To fail in that differentiation is to continually, and unwittingly, create an illusion that carries force and undue influence in the present and which has a tendency to dictate the future. The most direct and powerful way to achieve differentiation between present and the illusion of the past is to develop the ability to recognize and fully perceive the present.  

Zen Buddhist masters for centuries have periodically reminded students that enlightenment need not take a lifetime of inactivity to achieve; that one is capable of deciding to be enlightened.  They have scorned esoteric and complicated forms of meditation and instead advised coming to present time at once.  20th century philosopher J. Krishnamurti often repeated that theme in writings and lectures.   The burden of his discourse was that to focus on a mantra or an object, as meditation often requires, is as valid in focusing concentration as worshiping an icon or deity is.   It is not however very effective in increasing perception and awareness.  Instead, the most effective and immediate method by which to train the mind and spirit to observe and heighten awareness is to learn to see, or observe.

I do not negate or doubt the inherent ability of some to simply do as Krishnamurti or the Zen masters have advised.  However, I am not one of those who was blessed with that natural presence of mind to instantly achieve that ability.  I was greatly assisted in the process by Hubbard, who saw eye to eye with Krishnamurti and the Zen teachers as far as objective is concerned.   L. Ron Hubbard noted that ‘the road out’ of entrapment of the mind ‘is marked by simplicity and direct observation.’    In pursuit of making that ability attainable by the likes of myself, Hubbard developed a number of simple exercises designed to help an individual attain the ability to simply be present and perceive.  From that foundation further drills make clear, effective communication possible.  The final exercises make one aware of the power of his own intentions and teach one to increase his ability to direct them and realize them.

Ultimately, these exercises became the cornerstone of the applied religious philosophy of Scientology.  When those exercises were recognized as its foundation the philosophy thrived.   That period of expansion was occasioned by the purveying of a simplicity. However, ultimately its organizations were corrupted to become the destructive activity Hubbard himself warned of: ‘By the invitation of or involvement in a complexity, we accomplish the unfathomable and create a mystery.  We sink Man into a priesthood, we sink him into a cult.’

While I acknowledge Hubbard for having created the exercises that follow, I also re-iterate his warning.  The organizations that he created have since his 1986 passing sunk into a dangerous cult priesthood, preying on the curious with a toxic mix of mystery and complexity. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to not trust anyone but yourself in applying these drills.  The moment you encounter complexity in this – or any other – spiritual endeavor sort it out before continuing.  Do not devote your time or energy to anything you do not understand or find rational reason to pursue.   Do not accept the invitation into a complexity or a mystery. 

If you find the drills difficult to do, do not mistake that for or write that off as a ‘complexity’ or a ‘mystery.’   The road to ability is not always easy.  It sometimes requires self-discipline and perseverance.  It sometimes requires strength to overcome the resistance the physical universe (including the unconscious mind) presents to keep us within its relentless tendency to seek equilibrium.  Keep this in mind: that resistance breeds resistance.  Most Eastern thought (including its martial arts) is predicated on that truth.  A spirit is not of the physical universe; it only considers that it can be affected by matter.  When spirit acts like matter, and attempts to use force to control or resist, it provides a base for counter-force and counter-control to accumulate against. What actually is occurring in that case of putting up force or effort (in accordance with Eastern thought and quantum mechanics) is that spirit is creating matter against which more matter can adhere.  When you experience discomfort or seemingly mental mass or force impinging on you during the drills, simply be aware of them.  Do not resist them.  Do not strengthen them with resistance or counter-force.  They are incapable of affecting a thetan, except to the degree that a thetan considers they can.  After all, a thetan is not of the physical universe except only by its own consideration. Simply observe such phenomena for what they are and I believe you will witness them vanish.   When they do, take heart for you will have experienced the achievement of an ability.  Realize that you are on the road to being able to comfortably, fully differentiate the present from the past.   From that strong foundation you can proceed toward more effective communication and projection of your intentions into the future.

Narconon – Scientology Inc Cover Up

Those who know Narconon president Gary Smith and have worked in or with his Narconon flagship facility might have a similar response to tonight’s NBC Rock Center episode on Narconon to mine.  That is, what insane orders has David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc issued that resulted in such a meltdown?   Four people dying at Narconon?   One person is too many.  And even that would have been inconceivable ten years ago.  And Narconon and Gary Smith showing the same type of disdain for human life that one has come to expect from David Miscavige?  What has become of Narconon?

I predict that David Miscavige’s scorched earth policies will result in the most fatal blow to the Narconon program.   Those policies were evident in Narconon’s responses to the program: no cooperation, lie and attack the attacker.

Those policies are also evident in a fresh piece of evidence that I have included below.

Please see the email sent out in a blast to Scientologists across the world from Sigal Adini of Narconon in Los Angeles.    Realize that this was sent out well before the show aired tonight.    Tell me, how does this e-mail measure up with the show this evening?   What does it say about Scientology Inc’s role vis a vis Narconon?  What does it say about Scientology Inc’s absurd and vehement denials that it has any  responsibilities for Narconon?

Four deaths is “the same old crap”?  Whose words and sentiments are those?

The instructions to blast NBC and attempt to spike the show came from “up the line?”  Who might that be in Scientology Inc micro manage culture?

The Evidence:

We need a favor, more of a 3D/4D favor. I am reaching out to you
because I know you can be tone 40 about this. It is a short cycle
but needs push.

Narconon is about to get a big attack on NBC news tonight.
Same old crap, we’ve survived it before and will again but your help is
needed. This is of course a Scientology attack as well.

We got instructions from up the line to have everyone call in and
complain about  this one sided biased show and say that they
personally know people whose  lives have been saved by NN. You know
Tony, my husband, 35 years clean, I think you know Robert Hernandez
and Bobbie Wiggins, Patty Schwartz, all NN  graduates all clean for
decades. So you are not going to lie because you do  know people who
did the Narconon program. But you are pissed that they would
portray a program that helps people every day and staff who
bust their ass working 12-16 hours days to save people’s lives in such
a bad light.

You can see the preview and article on their  website, (NBC Rock Center). Four people died in three and half years at  Narconon Arrowhead. For your information two had medical issues and their cause of death is not known. One snuck drugs back to the center when  she came back from an LOA and overdosed and I am not sure what happened to  the forth.

This whole story completely ignores the fact that 200,000 people
die every year (550 per day) from pharmaceuticals – typical!
Narconon Arrowhead has serviced 10K people in 19 years and had
four deaths, two of them we know for sure were completely not
attributable to the program itself.

Now comes your part, we need you to call  the station and leave a
message for the producer. Anna Schecter. It is getting harder and
harder to reach her (email full, voice mail full) so that is why I
need someone like you, tone 40 who won’t back off by a couple
of barriers.  You call 212-664-4444, ask for Rock Center (that is
her show), you want to talk to Anna Schecter, she won’t be there, you
want to talk to her secretary, you do not want to leave a comment
in the general mail box, you want to talk to someone in her office
or talk to her personally. Don’t use Scientology lingo. Leave a
message and let me know when done.

Can you do this?

Sigal Adini
Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehab
Addiction Treatment and Drug
Abuse Prevention Specialist

888-800-8331 Toll free, direct