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My 19 year old son has been wanting to go back to CW (Clearwater, Florida) since we moved to Oregon a year and half ago, because it’s the place he knows. That is where his friends that he grew up with and that he shares so much ARC for and with are! As we, parents to teens and young adults, know; the majority of them care mostly about their social life.

I had a huge loss leaving behind what I considered to be my whole universe and my group when I left CW. Imagine how it was for a kid for whom that is all he knew his whole life.
I want to know if you would be interested in the following:
Having young adults from the age of 16-23 who are interested in getting together with other ex-church members in that age bracket to enjoy a weekend camping on one of the islands near CW during fall/winter time this year, where they will create new friends or re-establish communication with old friends. This is also an opportunity for them to just itsa.

I know my son will have a much easier time communicating to someone his age than to me.

We, as adults, all needed a “support group” when we decided to leave the church. Thankfully, there was one made up of Indies, Freezoners, etc. The younger generation is no different. They too will benefit greatly from a weekend with friends their own age and with whom they share a similar reality with. There are several in the CW area interested already, but we’d like to invite young adults from all areas to fly or drive in and participate.

If we can get enough young adults interested, I have a friend in Clearwater who is willing to find a camp site for them and be the coordination point. If you have any suggestions along that line, please chime in.
Those that are interested:
Please contact us at:

Love, Anat


Steve Hall posted a nice piece on Indies Day 2012, at Scientology-Cult.com.  We had a great time seeing everybody.  Thanks a million to Natalie and Brad Hagemo and Mike and Christie King Rinder for all you did to make it happen.


I have received a number of alerts that hitting the link to the the great data resource Friends of LRH results in a Malware warning pop up.  I don’t know who the folks are who run that webpage – but if you get hold of Mike Rinder or me we might be able to help you repel whatever attacks you may be under.