Miscavige Secretary: The Great Escape

Thanks to Tom Cruise and David Miscavige and their antics vis a vis Katie Holmes,  ABC Los Angeles has finally grown bold enough to run a story church pressure has kept suppressed for more than a year.  They have finally run the remarkable story of Tanja and Stefan Castle.  Tanja served many years as a secretary for Miscavige.  Here is the story of the Great Escape of Tanja Castle. Here is a written summary of the story, Tanja and Stefan Castle.

UPDATE 7/10/12 1:30 PM:  Sinar Parmen and Gary “Jackson” Morehead corroborate security lock down character of Scientology Inc.’s international headquarters:  Inside Edition on the Int Base.

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  1. Good to see you two lovebirds are together and under your own determinism.

  2. Wow! Tanya and Stefan rock in their devotion to each other! Talk about integrity and Code of Honor!

    And let’s hear it for ABC, too. Well Done, ABC, in running the story. Thanks!

  3. What a wonderful people. Love conquers everything! I wish them all the happiness in the world.
    Their story reminded me of how people used to try to escape from East-Berlin to the free West. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes not.
    A totalitarian system is a totalitarian system. If you call it communist or religious: it is all the same. A goulag is a goulag, whether in the USSR or in the USA.
    There is something rotten in the state of Obama. And it is called Scientology Inc.
    Also congratulations to Katie Holmes, who succeeded to escape and saved her child.

  4. And they look real sweet. Who would want to harm them?

  5. Absolutely amazing story. Stefan’s 1999 assignment to the RPF wasn’t his first – I was on the Int RPF (GCT) with him in 1985. (Also on this RPF at that time were such names as Steve Marlowe, Wendell Reynolds, Myles Mellor – Bosun, Eric Knutson, Sue Koon and many other famous names). A great guy, high toned and strong as an Ox for his size. I’m so pleased he and his beautiful wife escaped and have a proper family life. Stefan, if you’re reading this – good on you mate. Congratulations on your new life! Great great news.

  6. Tanja and Stefan Castle story is also in Janet Rietman’s book Inside Scientology (pages 327-346 in my edition).

  7. scilonschools

    “ABC Los Angeles has finally grown bold enough to run a story church pressure has kept suppressed for more than a year”

    The RCS is probably in it’s biggest PR overload situation, When a BULLY is seen as a Bully, and challenged , his power soon dissolves!!!

    (Having said that some take a bit longer to be brave, listen to this BBC radio broadcast with Ian Howarth, link below)


  8. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    This is the most peculiar way of “saving the planet” I have ever heard of. I find it disgusting! It is so unbelievable to anyone reading about it, that such a Taliban Rule can exist in free and democratic countries, masking as “The only way to freedom”, yet ruled by a lunatic tyrant enriching himself from gullible church members´ donations, living a life of luxury while punishing anyone opposing it. And succeeding – for over 30 years now! I am very thankful that all the atrocities going on behind the razor wires are now being exposed to the shoch and horror of everyone. May the walls come tumbling down – rather sooner than later!

  9. Hi Stefan and Tanja!

    Great that you made it out and are now living a happy life!
    Thank you for publishing your story and telling about the Hemet prison camp (where members are getting coerced to stay there “voluntarily”) and about how David Miscavige operates and destroys lives.
    It is just grotesque how the “Church of Scientology” keeps on denying story after story which comes to light. So many people lying or having hallucinations??? – Even if one would consider such idiocy, then there would follow the conclusion that something must be very wrong in the “Church”, that it produces so many hallucinating and lying people.
    Because of the censored communication and the (“voluntary”) disconnection one got used that people were just disappearing; without knowing the truth and perceiving the whole extent of it.- Karola

  10. THAT should be a movie. Best wishes to you both.

  11. Brilliant! One of the best news pieces in this recent fiasco.

  12. Under Radar

    It is happening, is it not!
    Right left and center!

  13. Thanks for the News / on Tanja and Stefan Castle seems to be well
    presented. Lets see how Dm even after its said its lies , How can he say its lies with a bride cheque / Get around that one DM.

  14. So glad to see ABC finally paying attention, or having the courage to report this!!!

  15. Riiiiight. The Church of Scientology has NEVER NEVER NEVER done anything wrong to anyone or made a mistake or violated anybody! This is the trait of a suppressive person, no remorse! No responsibility. No apology! At least the Catholic Church ADMITS mistakes! Apologizes. It is part of the liability formula to make amends when you have become a liability. The Int base will not use ethics! The Int base will never admit liability. Even when there is a dead body laying in the room! They are known now as pathological liars! Lie after lie after lie. LIE IS THE LOWEST FORM OF CREATE! Don’t you people read Hubbard’s books? Senior policy timeline: 1. We always deliver what we promise. 2. Devolves into “WE always lie and deny”. We ALWAYS LIE AND DENY. We are pathological liars. We are pathological liars. We lie to the press. We lie to our own. We lie lie lie, the lowest form of create! Where did you people come from anyway? NOBODY believes you anymore. Didn’t you read all of the hate mail thrown at Tom Cruise because of your bullshit? WE have a world full of WOGS that see through your shit. And you think WE as Scientologists are supposed to pretend blindness? Hardy har har. No no no it ain’t me Babe. See Kurt for that favor.

  16. Good for them, two less people supporting the Miscavige tyranny.

    Until this evil cult can unveil a cleared theta-clear (as LRH detailed in History of Man), those Suppressive Person Declare Orders don’t much amount to a hill of beans.


  17. Alex Castillo

    While the Church of Miscavige is starting to disappear into the sewage where it certainly belongs, here is what the Independent Field is producing,
    totally contrary to David Miscavige (COB) is intending to produce. He produces SLAVES, Scientology wants FREE BEINGS:

    “July 4, 2012

    Through some amazing auditing and persistence, I’ve finally achieved THE STATE OF CLEAR. To finally have acknowledgement of this state is very special. When it happened, it literally “popped.” At first, I was reluctant to let it happen–but I let that go and POP! I’m excited to see what I can create now in my universe! With no need for the creation of the bank I really feel like I am myself again, and I can handle what comes my way. My ears are still humming (in a good way)! There is clarity of thought and a great peace of mind. Thanks to LEC: Les, for the perfect auditing for me; Anita, perfect support and encouragement; Frankie, my perfect C/S. Teamwork definitely got me this far! And LRH! BP”



  18. My God, what a story!! My heart was pounding while reading of Tanja trying to escape. Then a perfect ending; a beautiful couple with their own business and a baby on the way.

    Note to Miscavige: Everybody is lying? Everyone is there of their own free will? I’ve got a dare for you.
    1. Remove ALL fencing, all barbed wire, all gates.
    2. Return the passports & ID’s to every sea org member.
    3. Give each of them a prepaid cell phone.
    4. Give each of them a rental car good for a week.
    5. You, dwarf, go to bed with a bottle of scotch. When you wake up in the count how many “volunteers” you’ve got left. Dare you.

  19. truthteller67


    Every time that I hear another story, all I can say is “When are the Kool-Aid drinkers going to wake up!!”

    I know more and more are breaking out of the lies and deceit and this is a very, very good thing.


  20. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    The truth is finally coming out. Thank you Tanja and Stefan and everyone else who has had the courage to tell their stories. The world is ready for the truth. It’s time. x

  21. Tanja and Stefan,

    Thankyou for stepping out and telling this story. It is important as it highlights the lengths the church will go to in subverting the 2D for the “sake” of the 3D.

    And in case anyone doubts the truth of your statements — I confirm every word of this story. I (along with Warren McShane) met with you in that trailer at OGH (hardly an apartment on a public road) to get you to sign the divorce papers and disconnect from Stefan. It’s one of the things I regret the most about my time in the Sea Org — though you have been gracious enough to forgive me.

    I wish you both the greatest happiness and the happy birth of your daughter…

  22. lol! Fantastic challenge.

  23. Tanya, very good interview. It’s great to see the abuses of DM being exposed in the mainstream media!

    Wishing you the best of happiness in the birth of your daughter! Joyous days ahead!

  24. BTW, I re-read your story in the book “Inside Scientology” and the details were really gripping!

  25. Great comment Mike.
    Great escape Tanja and Stefan.
    I always love a happy ending 🙂

  26. The video segment was nicely done, what a courageous and astronomically persistent couple to survive this abuse for 7 years! What a freak story, my God! Very well done to both!!

  27. Sapere Aude

    Congratulations to Tanja and Stefan. Your personal integrity, your love for each other, and your innate goodness of heart persevered. You gained your freedom back, your marriage restored and now a child.

    You both are an example of what is good in Scientology and what is bad within the “Church” of Scientology. The subject is good and workable. It is written with the viewpoint that one applies it to their own personal lives. It is written from the viewpoint that all of us are inherently basically good. The subject has many tools to apply to change the conditions we see in our daily life to enhance our ability to survive better. All of us want a better future for all of mankind.

    The “bad” that we see is within the organized corporation “church.” This legal entity works with the idea that you must be controlled, you cannot be trusted, you are bad, etc. ANY disagreement is considered instantly to be wrong, not to be tolerated and is crammed down one’s throat as a personal flaw on your part. This group agreement is no better than a gang of street thugs.

    What we see as a “bad” action on the part of the corporate church is promulgated by a few from the inside. But this is only allowed to be carried out to detriment of the subject, the name of LRH, the legacy of the tech and the public Scientologist by the quiet acquiescence of the main group member.

    As has been chronicled by thousands of posts on this blog – these outpoints were not always hidden. But, they were mitigated by the failure of hundreds and thousands of well intended public to confront what they observed. The insanity has been obvious and see by so many. Only by the failure of those supporting this suppression, to act with integrity in the face of this criminal alteration of what LRH intended, has the decline of Scientology been able to be forced into the negative.

    As so aptly described in Marty’s recent book – the alteration of the LRH tech, the clapping seals supporting with money, standing tall as if in full support, all occurred right before our eyes.

    For all the lurkers, OSA staff, and those that read this blog and justify in any manner the internal corruption I remind your that karma can be a bitch. You cannot destroy the dynamics – as in marriages, families, businesses, personal finances, health of members and destroy future generations by abortion and outlawing the creation of marriage or families – and think that this doesn’t affect you personally.

    For as long as we have had written history we have also had the concept that a payback will be made at some time for your deeds. Whether you believe this be done by some “god” or by you personally shrinking your life force to that of a bug or a rock I care not. But I personally believe we have within us the ability to confront what we have done, change our ways and thereby change our future.

    Our society is not very lenient as has been evidenced by the massive coverage of the Cruise-Holmes breakup. Most of the media coverage was about what is considered weird or unacceptable about the perceived actions of Scientology and Scientologists. From razor fences to camera headed freaks the public will judge you by what they can see and observe.

    For the hundreds of supporters that read this blog – time to wake up, speak up, remove your support of a puppet regime. Just as LRH withdrew support of the original Dianetics Foundation when it went off the rails – when the greatest good and the doubt formula show you the door – then the easy thing to do is walk through it to the other side. Don’t be sitting their with your fingers in your b… when the karma smackdown comes to the empty cold hard buildings. The theta and truth has already left the building. The only thing left is to see who is still there when the toilet paper runs out of stock and you are still locked behind the razor fence.

    You aren’t god and your karma is due – time to pay the piper – make good on the debt of your misdeeds and there shall still be hope for you. It’s your eternity, you know, not given or promised you. Yours for the living it or yours to throw away. Later..

  28. Excellent dare! He would never do it because all would leave except of course the other SP’s.
    Hey then they could all live with him in Hemet and spare the world their dramo. Segregate themselves, excellent!

  29. To Church Officials:

    At this point, all of your denials and refuting of “twisted apostates” is absolutely transparent here in the outside world.

    No one believes your denials anymore. No one!

    And I think the main reason everyone feels this way is because it is impossible for all these “apostates” to be lying about the same thing.

    For decades, people have been leaving for reasons they have stated. It is statistically impossible for everyone who has left to coordinate with each other and all have the same story.

    We all know what is really happening on the other side of your denials.

    The outcome is that every time you deny the undeniable, we all just see apthetic lies from the “church”. It’s transparent, pathetic, evil, fear based, annoying and deeply disturbing.

    Your PR tactics have failed and now each denial is merely a revelation of your own lying.

    I see turmoil at the top, it’s time for more of you to escape from this tyranny masquerading as the road to spiritual freedom.

    You people are disgusting!

  30. Tanya and Steve, so glad to hear you are doing well. Flourish and prosper.

    Also, I’d like to thank the two of you and all other SO members for all the dedication you had while in the SO, forwarding the true purpose of LRH during that period when it wasn’t a crime to be doing so.


  31. Another thought on this. Who’s left at Miscaviges’s side? His father’s gone. Brother: gone. Secretary: gone. Wife: missing.

    At the end of the day it’ll be the dwarf and Cruise, saluting each other as they rev up their mopeds to ride around an empty Int base.

  32. Tanja and Stefan, glad you made it! And congrats on your new arrival! 😀

  33. Anonymous for now

    Tanya Hello! Not sure if you will remember me, we were childhood friends when your parents lived on Long Island. Your parents and mine were on staff together and I remember being at family day with you and your brother at the mission in Islip. Those were such happy times, before things were corrupted.

    Your dad was one of my first auditors, are your parents still involved? My dad passed away when I was still in the SO (HGB Level), I managed to get out by getting pregnant.

    Congratulations for getting out, and thank you for sharing your story. I just can’t believe that this is what Scientology has become. I remember the good ole days, when orgs made auditors and clears and we joined the SO because we actually thought we could clear the planet.

    I am so glad to see you are having a baby and getting on with your life. I am still anonymous, due to my friends who are still in or still connected because of family being involved. Marty can give you my email address if you would like to contact me.

    Best of luck to you and your family

  34. Great story and beautiful couple! I think it is rather funny that there is an avalanche of bad press, hordes of people speaking out of personal experience against the church, yet there is not a SINGLE person willing to go on camera in defense of the church in any way. Only emails stating, “it’s untrue and they’re all liars!”. I actually imagine “Karin” standing on the other side of the door that a reporter is knocking on, refusing to open it or communicate verbally, but instead texting the denials and repeated us of “apostates”.

  35. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. Sir Walter Scott

    So many witnesses are coming forth. The walls are starting to crumble.

  36. Fantastic. They are a beautiful couple and I am so happy they are together. The walls are crumbling!
    Marty, you are quoted in this article! BRAVO to You!

  37. Tanja and Stefan, what an adorable couple! Outstanding story, so happy you are together!

    I remember hearing from representatives of the church, “any advertising is better than no advertising”….well DM how is all of this working for ya?
    I personally don’t know a person on this planet that would walk into your so-called Idle Org for even a peek! Another scotch filled day for POB!

  38. Congratulations on your baby girl and all that you’ve done and are now doing with your lives. This is the power of love and self determination!



  40. Reblogged this on 31 Factors and commented:
    The Church of Scientology, Inc. is a Cult on steroids.

  41. Alex Castillo

    Folks, including Marty and Mike, I find it disheartening that so little attention is now being paid to the positive news that the results of the application of LRH;’s Scientology is being paid so little attention, as opposed to the “we are at war with POB”. Out there in the independent field, hundreds of dedicated REAL Scientologists like you are delivering Standard LRH Tech, success stories from people who are being audited on standard LRH Tech are flying all over the place which in my view is what will in the end be the salvation and preservation of the old Man’s legacy, yet most of you are mostly interested in all the people who are NATURALLY abandoning that which is a fake. Why was my publishing of a true effect of standard LRH’s Tech being relegated to a lower class post? What’s going on here? Is there some kind of divided camps or factions that I am not aware of? Please clarify, because I am now slightly confused. So I say again, what’s going on??

    Old LRH[‘s Tech Evaluator


  42. FCDC Class of 74

    Yes, usually when the meal is over you get up and leave. I do not see why DMs still sitting there, the lights are out and the restaurant is closed so is the bar, the volunteers left-go home! . Tanja and Stefan’s story was one of beauty and love, it resonated because of the parallels in the Indie movement. Bill

  43. Tanja and Steve…. I am so glad to hear of your escape and the success in your life after International Base. One only need look at your pictures to recognize the theta in you both! It’s no wonder DM would attempt to destroy your marriage-just can’t have that much love running around loose on the base.
    I am convinced now that the only hope for David Miscavige is to date and locate the exact time and place on the whole track when he died as a sentient being.

  44. Mike, you are a good man.

  45. Tony Dephillips

    Awesome that this story finally came out!!

    Also great Indie party! ! Lots if fun and great conversation.
    Thanks to Natalie and Brad Hagemo for hosting.

  46. Outstanding documentation of corruption! Very Glad to see the networks are pulling their heads out of the sand.

  47. Roger Thought

    Tanja and Stefan,

    Your Story is a real “LOVE STORY” .
    Beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So many former SO members are getting babies !

    A new generation in doing.

    I would rofl if suddenly Mosey becomes pregnant too.

  48. Great story. What terrible abuse to endure. Naturally it is denied by the

    I would love to hear more of Tanya’s time as DM Secretary. I’m sure she has some interesting tales to tell.

    Stefan say he joined the Sea Org when he was 12. Didn’t Karen Powe just say in response to questions about Suri Cruise that no one is allowed to join until they are at least 16. Hmmm, there seems to be a discrepancy, again.

  49. Benjamin Cisco

    Whenever the exes confirm what they witnessed, the less DM and his goon squad can say ‘another apostate.’ Thank you Mike!

  50. Alex Castillo

    To David Miscavige and his followers:

    The words of an ancient Greek voicing Plato:
    “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.
    Phædo 91.”

    David Miscavige and minions, take heed from the ancients who already knew of your kind.

  51. Seems like DMs intervention to silence the whole TC divorce and get the spotlight off of Scientology has backfired.

    Now that the media has heard the news of the settlement, the media had a sudden vacuum in their schedule. No problem…let’s dig out the old Scientology interviews that we couldn’t air before. I suspect the church and Int base will be in the news a lot.

    ESMB has linked three videos from Inside Edition.


    Sinar, Gary and Karen telling it like it is.

  52. Tanya and Stephan…
    You look radiant! Congratulations on your escape, your love for one another and the super expansion of your dynamics! 🙂

  53. Alex Castillo

    PS, After all, publishing the multiple great results of the correct application of standard LRH tech is what will ensure the demise of David Miscavige’s cult, a cult dedicated to empty people’s bank accounts with nothing in exchange, apart from destroying their families and the ability to think for themselves. In my opinion, the Indie Field should be busy publishing those results apart from exposing David Miscavige’s Con of the century

  54. Excellent story Its also good to see mrinder can confirm the matter /so in regards to the church saying its lies its just stupid.
    I wish both very much success and well done on the new arrival.

  55. In the Chatholic Church the ministers molest and abuse the Children,
    In Scientology the Children molest and abuse the Ministers.

  56. Wow, what story! Very relieved Tanja and Stefan survived the onslaught and remain a couple & now flourishing & prospering, sux on that Miscavige!
    It just boggles the mind the depth of corruption that occurs within the Church. Their house of cards is falling fast, and I think eveyone with half an ounce of awareness can see an accelleration in their demise. The game of getting you Miscavige will increase 5×4 times and then some, Come visitor’s day there will be no one for you.

  57. Thank you Mike. This flies in the face of the OSA bots that keep saying that you are no better than dm. That you do not admit guilt. Well there you have it dm, here is a social personality, and that how he looks like.

  58. VWD Tanja and Steve for your service in the SO, and for your courage and integrity in getting out and then re-joining each other to create a good life and family together.
    This story as it was aired last night in LA on a network news show, was one of the hardest hitting in exposing the abuses, I have seen in the US main-stream media, since the Truth Rundown at the Tampa Bay Times. And I bet that it “gets legs” worldwide. Fantastic.

  59. Thanks for the ack, Alex.

    The Indy party was great. I’d like to thank all who participated and helped to organize it. It was a great balance of conversation between successful actions to expose the truth and neuter miscavige AND sharing wins, successful applications and plans for the future.

    There are some excellent tech people in the Indy field. A lot of activity taking place. A lot more activity in the works.


  60. 10 Facts about The Great Escape:

    1 – As Tanja grabbed the ladder and Stefan began to pull his car over, fear and love began reaching its highest level, at the same time.

    2 – Stefan is a true hero; sending the package, coordinating the escape, preparing a safe house, saving his wife, being a true man.

    3 – No kind or volume of denial that David Miscavige states to the media can cover-up the truth that Tanja could not just walk out of the front gates under her own free will.

    4 – This single ABC story, like most media coverage, will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, over time.

    5 – Negative comments posted anywhere about Tanja and Stefan are always the work of David Miscavige trolls; no ethical human would invalidate this escape event or their story.

    6 – Although free now, Tanja and Stefan have actually entered Phase 2 of David Miscavige’s abuse. Also known as Miscavige’s revenge tactics. A gift from the church that keeps on giving.

    7 – The church was quoted as stating that Tanja “lived in an apartment in town or a house rented or owned by the church on a public street and traveled to and from work every day.” So which was it David, an apartment or house? In town or on a public street? Rented or owned? A lot of uncertainty for a claim. And unsureness with regards to one’s properties.

    8 – Nowhere on the entire planet will you find a church, synagogue, mosque, chapel, or temple with barbed wire razor fencing.

    9 – Tanja and Stefan’s story, like all the others, will add to David Miscavige’s recorded history or legacy of being corrupt and abusive. Forever into the future, long after David passes away, his history of psychopathic violence will always remain for as long as humans remain.

    10 – While Tom Cruise can only pretend to be a fake hero on film, Stefan’s true life mission impossible outranks anything the character Ethan Hunt has ever done.

  61. Tanja and Stefan, such an amazing story. I remember the first time I read your story about a year ago it brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you both and how exciting you are having a baby!

  62. I just went to Steve’s site Scientology-Cult and there were 500 people online…hmmm…middle of the day on a Tuesday.

    DM, you are toast! All those secrets…aren’t secret anymore. This is just the beginning!

  63. Thanks KB. Even FOX NEWS has quoted Marty from this blog today… !

    Cruise’s former auditor in the Church of Scientology Marty Rathbun, a vehement critic of the controversial religion, sees the church’s leader David Miscavige playing a role.
    “Likely terms Miscavige/Cruise will obtain at an astronomical price is (a) Katie signs a document that indicates joint/equal custody. However, there will be a side agreement (that will sit locked up in their lawyer’s safes) that gives Katie sole custody, control over education, and some visitation rights to Tom,” he wrote on his blog. “And (b) Katie signs a document that indicates that Scientology was never an issue nor consideration in the filing for divorce… Miscavige, at bottom, loves the victim card.”


  64. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Perfect choice

  65. Roger Thought
  66. Roger Thought

    Sorry for link Karen:

  67. The US Department of Justice is not the Least it interested I guess that only the caring people of this country have a small chance of getting their attention. I called I tried and also notified a local publication of Cos tactics, these people are dangerous!

  68. Roger Thought


    Congratulations on your global rank in Alexa on 6th July !
    You ranked as 10000.
    Highest ever.
    This is straight up and vertical !

  69. The is one of the best love stories I have ever heard! Congratulations Tanja and Stephan on your upcoming bundle of joy!!

    It may sound silly, but “Love conquers all” in the end.

  70. Alex,
    Thank you for posting some independents wins. Please keep posting them.

    In the past, the independents (free zoners) were heavily suppressed by the Co$, all around the world.
    If there is no strong counteraction, the independents will be squeezed again.

    From the history viewpoint, Marty and Rinder are a new phenomenon: they are able to counteract without being squeezed by the Co$, and without staying anonymous. This is due to their intimate knowledge of OSA, etc. In the past, nobody was able to do it.
    This site is mainly focused in counteraction.

    There are other sites, like Scientolipedia, which focuses on the wins of the independents. Again, this is a new phenomenon: the owner of Scientolipedia is able to do it without staying anonymous, thanks to people like Marty and Rinder.

    However, Marty is much more than just counteracting. Read carefully these posts:

  71. martyrathbun09

    UPDATE 7/10/12 1:30 PM: Sinar Parmen and Gary “Jackson” Morehead corroborate security lock down character of Scientology Inc.’s international headquarters: Inside Edition on the Int Base. (link provided)

  72. ThetaPotata

    It’s so heart warming in this day and age to see people that are dedicated to their marriage and willing to overcome the suppressive environment to make to it go right. A shining example of postulates taking rank over the physical universe. Especially, no one opening the Victoria Secret box? As the secretary for Miscavige,

    I would think that Tanja would be in a position to tell some tales from a rather unique viewpoint and perspective. Firstand observations of an SP suppressing large numbers of people as part of a daily routine. Someone should get together with her and help her write a book, how about the title “Secretary for an Evil Religious Leader – 13 years of working with Scientology’s David Miscavige.” of course that would trigger a visit from Scientology attorney’s with a 7+ figure offer of silence.

  73. Alexander’s death has gone viral. MSN home page has a link to a bunch of stories found through Bing. Search words “Alexander Jentzsch death mystery”.

  74. Tom Gallagher

    And the lived happily ever after! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Mike,
    Thank you posting this cross-checking. These cross-checkings are especially important for lurkers.

    Marty and Mike,
    IMHO, from the lurkers viewpoint: these cross-checkings are so important that they should be posted under Marty’s post (or maybe as the first comment), instead of just in a comment. Not all the lurkers are going to read all the comments. And giving these information to the lurkers is more important than giving it to people already enlightened.

  76. Li'll bit of stuff

    Alex, please let me be a TRUE SCIENTOLOGIST
    here.. and FOR YOU! A good old standard ” Well
    done to you, Alex! And it’s wonderful that you just
    keep on with the old faithful promise—-setting
    people free!To be honest, I too find it pretty hard
    going too, A simple ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is just
    too much to ask for! DON’T help anyone to end
    cycle on their communication, by simply REFUSING
    to acknowledge them EVER!.
    So, how about this one from the ol’ man, hey???

    “It could be said that all the entrapment there is —-is the waiting one does for an ANSWER.”
    —DIANETICS ’55

    You know Alex,I go down to our local SPAR supa
    market —-and I have got to tell you ( and believe
    me I have spent a bit of time checking this out)
    —– I see some of the BEST natural TR’s ever,
    in the ladies serving at the deli-counter!!! never
    ever,ever,ever a single missed ack —not ever!
    Wog? wogs?——WHAT wogs?

    Why the hell should one have to virtually beg
    someone for an ACK??? I must have gotten
    My life changing comm course by a now extinct
    brand of supervision, IMHO???

    Maybe yet another crime of David Miscarriage?
    —the (deliberately) “lost tech” (—of TR2 !!!)

    Just my 2c. rant over LACK of ACK!
    (I’ll pre-empt any sarky replies with an early
    “Thank you for telling me!!”)

    Gracias, amigo,

  77. Nice image. Two middle aged leather-encrusted sweaty men; one draping his arm around the other in the desert. Nobody around for miles. The conversation could unfold thus:”Hey Dave, you know you said that I had brought Scientology to a billion people around the globe?” “Er… yeah, I kinda remember saying something like that”. “yeah Ha! Just before you gave me that Freedom Medal of Valour thingy. Well, I er… Ha ha! I.. ha ha ha! I was just wondering – er – where are they?”

  78. +1 Many congratulations. You should try for two more; three kids – one of each. (That’s an old Woody Allen joke).

  79. Ah, true love triumphs over evil! Gotta love it!

    By the way guys, I know there have been a few other things going on, but how about some news from the Indie party? Anecdotes? Photos?

  80. Pingback: Inside Edition Reports on ‘David Miscavige’s Personal Gulag’ - FishbowlLA

  81. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, just so very sobering, reading your post.
    It’s just so frigg’n healing to assume full
    responsibility, not to mention that warm glow
    resulting from having one’s deed/s forgiven.
    Hey, “Who amongst us shall cast the first stone?”

  82. From:

    “If word comes out that the divorce was not about Scientology, people will buy it hook, line and sinker,” says Rinder. “That’s just how it is. People tend to believe what you tell them.”

    I’m happy to say I haven’t seen that. Perusing the comment sections of sites that are publishing that it was not about Scientology, people call “bulls**t”, and some accuse them of being paid to publish such rubbish. People get angry when they know they are being played.

    I saw something similar yesterday when lawyers said the quick settlement made Tom look like a good guy. The public snickered. People overwhelming believe he settled to protect himself…period.

    I can’t speak for those in Scientology, but the public majority believe strongly the divorce was about Scientology…even when told differently.
    That ship has sailed.

  83. Mike,

    Almost every time you post something my respect for you goes on up a little higher. But this post is different, my respect for you went on up a LOT higher.

    It takes balls to say something like that unbidden in public, it takes real responsibility. The subject of Scientology is indeed in safe hands as long as fellows like you are looking out for it.


  84. Having seen the various videos, I find it telling that the CofS responses are virtually never on topic, never on the subject discussed, and are just failed attempts at character assassination. So silly. Any reasonble person can see right through that. Had I known zero about the CofS, their responses would have told me a lot.

    These bozos just don’t get it. Never have, never will.


  85. Paul Haggis should make a movie out of this ” Int Base Great Escape”. Or ” Shaw Shank Great Escape”.

  86. Wow, what a story, Tanya and Stefan. I am so glad there is such a happy ending … AND new beginning!

  87. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tanya & Stefan,
    Hearty welcome to your baby daughter! I have a strong feeling
    that you are going to give her a name connected to a concept
    of ‘freedom’ or ‘independence’ but whatever you decide, she is
    going to be so wanted and cared for. I’m sure you are going to
    make wonderful parents too. BTW, Ruth Minshull’s incredible,
    good humoured book, “Miracles for Breakfast” makes raising
    kids a real joy. You might want to check it out. All the basic
    stuff you’ll need, without the drama.
    BTW, saw your story in Janet Reitman’s investigative book;
    ” Inside Scientology.” You guys went through hell, you know
    it, but I’m sure you’re so much stronger for it today!

    Very best wishes to you all,
    Calvin B. Duffield.

  88. Miscavige you coward I dare you to sue me. looser.


  89. Globetrotter

    Hey Alex,

    You are right and so is Marty. The delivery you and others are doing is extremely important. So is Marty’s work in this group engram running that this blog truly is.

    I don’t think people are reading this blog to catch the latest gossip about the “church”. I think they are reading it because they really want to see Miscavige’s evil empire collapse (or at least beheaded) and the hijacked attention, energy and resources of those who call themselves Scientologists returning to support the true cause, as established by LRH, instead of the fake that Miscavige replaced it with. Auditing is a process of freeing up entrapped theta so more theta is available for survival. Isn’t that exactly what is taking place here?

    There is a lot of theta still kept hostage by the “church”. This blog is a central point for freeing up that theta, one person at a time. Every person, every story matters. Every “escape” weakens Scientology, Inc. and makes the Independent movement stronger. Publishing how your peers are being freed from suppression and how the once powerful suppressor is gradually becoming powerless and losing battle after battle is a de-PTSing process that is releasing more theta. This IS auditing. So is what you (and many other fine people) are doing. Please keep it up and see what Marty is doing for what it is – third dynamic auditing, blowing charge one blog post at a time. It is not an “either/or” or “which one is more important” when it comes to auditing PCs and auditing the group. Both of them are needed and both of them create case gain.

    I don’t think Marty (or anyone) is “relegating your post to a lower class post”. WordPress automatically sorts comments by date and time. There were probably a bunch of posts already sitting in the moderation queue that you have not seen (as they weren’t approved yet) when you wrote yours. Once they were all approved (probably a bunch at a time), they all appeared in the sequence they were originally posted.

  90. Your humble servant


    I think that is now SENIOR POLICY: We are never wrong and don’t ask us to make amends for anything or to correct anything we did wrong. If it seems to you like we did something wrong you will simply have to lump it or correct it at your own expense. SENIOR POLICY used to be: We always deliver what we promise.

  91. “What a wonderful people. Love conquers everything! I wish them all the happiness in the world.”

    “LAW OF AFFINITY, the law of affinity might be interpreted as the law of cohesion: “affinity” might be defined as “love” in both its meanings. Deprivation of or absence of affection could be considered as a violation of the law of affinity. Man must be in affinity with man to survive. (DMSMH, p. 106).” [Drawn from the Scn Tech Dict.]

    “LAW OF AFFINITY, the law of affinity might be interpreted as the law of cohesion: “affinity” might be defined as “love” in both its meanings. Deprivation of or absence of affection could be considered as a violation of the law of affinity. Man must be in affinity with man to survive. (DMSMH, p. 106).” [Drawn from the Scn Tech Dict.]

    Miscavige is playing on fear. He noticed at one point in his life how fear affects another, and he learned to instill fear. Fear is, I believe, a possibility of loss and a lack of certainty. Once you take your own fear out of the equation, he has nothing to play on, and like all bullies, is just a paper tiger, a puppet-shadow on a screen.

    “Man must be in affinity with man to survive.” That applies on all four flows and across all Dynamics. One must have affinity for oneself, in order to survive. In man one also encounters the healthy phenomenon of mutual support and reinforcement between a man and a woman. “The law of affinity is stronger than fear” (that’s something LRH said, I just couldn’t find the reference).

  92. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Not Silly at all Mark!

    I’m a very firm believer in “Love Conquers All” for not only my family but for those friends I hold close to my heart! (And they know who they are!)

    In fact I find the true definition of PEACE is LOVE…… for PEACE is brought about by LOVE and LOVE is defined by TRUST and TRUST for that matter is defined by TRUTH!

    Tanya and Steffan define that so well with and for each other and for that I thank them!

    — Jackson

  93. Don’t forget the dog. Perhaps he can learn to salute also.

  94. I believe an acknowledgement is due to Lisa Bartley of ABC Eye witness News.
    Lisa worked tirelessly for a year visiting with different escapees of the Church in the Los Angeles area.
    She even worked off time, in her own free time to do some of these interviews.
    Here seniors were intimidated by warning thuggery letters from the Church pretending they would sue.
    The only reason this did not air previously was Los Angeles affiliate of ABC did not have the heart to take on Church Litigation.
    The only reason other ABC footage did not air was Church intimidation. They even called Lisa a “terrorist” as she was filmed with Anonymous outside Gold Base by Church spies
    But the truth of the matter is the Church has not sued media, any media for some 12 years.
    All threat and huff and puff.
    I am personally thrilled at the filming of Tanya and Stefan. Lisa did not know the story and I told her to go find Stefan and Tanya in Burbank and get the story. Lisa did.

  95. Factman, Re #8: Maybe some places have put barbed wire for some kind of protection, however the razors at the Scientology camp facing to the INSIDE is a picture worth a thousand words.

  96. I love the update Inside Edition video with Sinar! Who knew he was such a beautiful man? Gush Gush!

  97. Ziba Feulner

    Wow, what a story…Int Base is a prison, no doubt…

  98. Tanya and Stefan, good on ya! I’m happy for the two of you. You’ve really made it “go right” to pull your lives together. Congrats!


  99. ThetaP,
    You could not have nailed it any better!

    OMFG ….. when the folks that were there at the base such as Tanja and Stefan (not to minimze that which has already been exposed by Karen, Steve, Marty, Mike, Sinar and the many others gone before and with them) begin to tell their tales and cross corroborate the events of the day it will reinforce the thoughts and intentions of social beings across the world to bring the EVIL RELIGIOUS LEADER – DAVID MISCAVIAGE – DOWN!!!!!

  100. I’m TheRedPill from TMZ, where I’ve been posting against cults in general for several days.

    As of about fifteen minutes ago, they have locked up my account, disabling the “submit” button.

    I am being censored by TMZ, the Co$ and probably several more creepy elite types.

  101. I can’t say I can blame David Miscavige for having him on lock down and holding him against his will three times and preventing his from escaping. Even if it was false arrest and kidnapping felony offense.

  102. LOL !!!!!! Organized Religion gets it going both ways. The Church as an Organized Institution is DEAD – DEAD – DEAD!!!!! We are witnessing what will become known as ‘death throes’.

    Good F*#king riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. My sister was looking on Craigs List yesterday and came across a couple of adds for people seeking help with depression, life improvement, etc. Further down the list someone pulled the plug on the phone numbers for those adds………………..saying it was really a phone number into the local Scientology Org and to STAY AWAY unless you want to experience a real dose of depression!!!!

    The Ideal Orgs are now trolling Craigslist to find marks!!! She said the list she was looking at was for Sacramento, California.

  104. Oh my! How did it work out for you to fuck over Karen De, David? It sure helped your buddy Tom Cruise today didn’t it? I predict Tom Cruise will begin to see the damage DM’s derelict sadistic nature is having on his life. It really can no longer go ignored.

  105. This post is a poor segue to the wonderful story I am posting it under, sorry about that.
    I have been thinking on Edmund Burke’s quote, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. I am nothing more than an average (former) member of the church of scientology. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and decisions I regret, but I am finding it difficult to say nothing as the church destroys more families and lives. I write this in part for some of my friends who have never been members to understand.

    TWICE I have been talked out of putting my disconnection in writing. I hate that my name is still being used by the church of scientology to promote it.

    To be clear, I am no longer a member of the church of scientology. I want no part of it. Until coming across Debbie Cook’s email, I didn’t understand why the church was being criticized since the church only did good for the world. Miscavige, the current head, would say things along the lines of scientology is making real headway, doing a lot of good and it’s driving the psychs crazy. -The psychs being the enemy of mankind. I always wondered about that, as I thought LRH considered them as dogs yapping at heals and not to waste energy on them, unlike Miscavige’s crusade/vendetta. So you go along thinking the more your group is attacked, the more it must mean the church is growing and helping. But you’re not allowed to look at the news or go online, as it’ll just upset you. So that’s where I sat until about January 2, 2012.

    Now I am able to learn the humanitarian crimes miscavige has committed, using scientology, and am disgusted. L. Ron Hubbard started something that gave answers and real help. That something has been turned into a money and propaganda machine. The majority of original starters with LRH have been declared. That means most of the people who could (and probably have) stood up to the current management and said they know miscavige is doing it wrong have been kicked out of what they helped create. Their family and friends are not allowed to talk to them (because if they were allowed, they would find out the truth.) They committee the ultimate crime of doubting miscavige or criticizing his violence. Pedophiles have been treated less harshly by the church than a miscavige doubter.

    You know those child slaves used in the sea org? They exist, I was one of them. “all hands”, “all-nighters”, “hill 10”, all terms justifying no sleep, no pay, poor food (if any). No guidance, no education. As a 15 year old I was told I had to join the sea org, because I had previously done so as an 8 year old. I have a large scar on my body from that stint as a child sea org member where I was put on construction (sea org members are free labor). (In retrospect I think we had illegally entered the area as it was boarded up and we didn’t have legal access to it.) Bleeding, I was dropped off at an emergency room to wait hours alone until my mother picked me up and, I believe, paid for the stitches. I can’t imagine being happy that my 8 year old was left bleeding and alone in a New York emergency room until I was notified, hours later.

    As a note, a parent could be threatened with severe ethics action if they block a recruiter from convincing their minor child to join the sea org. A recruiter will insist you don’t own your child and therefore should have no say in that minor’s decision. Although I don’t believe my parents were threatened into my joining, I think they sent me because it reduced the amount of children they had to be responsible for. Scientology has become an expensive endeavor. Another mouth to feed can seriously slow down payments to the church.

    There is much worse that went on in support of the church. The only reason I don’t go into detail here is out of deference to someone else, but trust me when I say if pushed, I will gladly lay out all the horrible details.

    About a year ago my mother, with the help of the church, officially disconnected from me rather than face what she had done to get money for the church. This was laughable. There is no sp declare or ethics order on me (although I expect a declare as soon as this comes out), I am “in good standing,” she just felt that my insisting she take responsibility for her actions which led to the destruction of her family was cutting into her “survival”. So you see disconnection exists and is supported by the church even when the member has not been excommunicated. Please note, the church of scientology aided in the destruction of my family. I do not say scientology did. Scientology in its pure form, and as it used to be known, is capable of curing families. For free, I might add.

    On the flip side, you have a mother who was declared for insisting her family stay connected. The pain that Karen Jentzsch is going through right now, first unnaturally being separated from her son, and then tragically losing him because of something that was likely treatable if he had only been allowed or even encouraged to receive professional medical care. To first refuse her the chance to see her son and then his body is nothing short of evil. This is inhumane.

    The people still drinking the kool-aid will look at that scenario and think, “why… there’s nothing wrong with that.” If you’re declared from the church, you lose your rights as a parent. You are not allowed to see or communicate with your family. Can you imagine not. being. able. to. talk. to. your. child. because someone else doesn’t like you? The kicker is a loyal parishioner will likely think someone who is declared has no real affinity for their child, because a declared suppressive person (SP) must be a monster inside who only cares about the utter destruction of those around him/her. The IRONY is those who are still inside are numbed with false and misleading information and made to believe they shouldn’t care about parents or friends who must have never been good to begin with, but now, since he/she is declared, has a chance to become human again. And if you’re not sufficiently numb enough to not call your call your dad on Father’s Day, you get in BIG trouble.

    Yes, if you contact your parent or sibling who may have even been living with you in harmony until the moment he/she was declared, you could yourself be declared -unless of course you make up the damage, perhaps in part by making a large donation to the church. But if you’re declared for defying the off-policy wishes of the church, anything you confessed to will likely be broadcast.

    -Now, imagine going to your priest and confessing you had, maybe five years earlier, stolen an apple from your neighbor’s tree. After pissing off your trusted priest, in a decision to destroy you, he contacts your boss to tell him/her that you have a history of stealing and should not be trusted, and then he tells all the people in your church that you had stolen from your own neighbor and that you think they all stink and therefore they shouldn’t talk to you. Even though you were good friends and business associates with most of those people, they will no longer even give you the time of day, and they WILL try to think of past examples of your behavior which justifies their priest not wanting them to talk to you. A scientologist who is about to speak out against the wrongdoings of the church does so knowing their livelihood is about to be threatened, lies will be spread about them and harassment will begin. It takes a brave soul to say No More to the church of scientology. If you were dying on the street from dehydration, those loyal parishioners wouldn’t even spit on you, and would likely think you were better off dropping your body anyway.

    This is a common think in scientology as it is today. A person is better off dying if they had taken anti depressants or were declared. A child is better off dead. Does that make sense? So a parishioner’s child who was dependant on anti-depressants but is forced to abruptly stop taking them without medical guidance (not because of the welfare of the child, but because the parent is being pressured by the church, which is threatening ethics actions), and then, left alone, blows his young brains out, is believed to be much(!) better off dead, and dear old dad who probably did the dirty work of hiding the drugs is upheld as a good scientologist, who is allowed to keep sending money to the church. This is the think I’m talking about.

    I have been forced very nearly into bankruptcy more than once SOLEY because of high pressure regging. It was more important that I agree to max out all lines of credit and live in near starvation and stress MORE THAN ONCE for the greater good. I began in good shape, living within my means, and that made me a wonderful target for extreme regging – even threats from an ias bulldog. All for the greater good. Donating all present and future income is not “survival”. It’s upsetting to learn the greater good is fine scotch and a mansion for miscavige to live in.

    My story is no secret in scientology. Just posting one or two paragraphs identifies me. Maybe the calls and junk mail will finally stop now. I very much hope I am not dangerously outing anyone that helped me, but I find it more difficult to do nothing. I do hold back information on some pretty disgusting acts by the church that I will be willing to share, like I said, if pushed.

  106. randomfromn.tex

    Dear Marty and Mosey,
    Why does the church of scientology have a prison?
    Also, Tommy Davis seems to be trying to act exactly like Tom Cruise from what I have watched on various websites. His dress, speech etc. As if he idolizes Tom Cruise. It was so weird.
    I Have been reading about whats going on but having alot of trouble with code words and initals from alot of the information. Hope you and Mosey are doing well.

  107. Tanja & Stefan,

    What you’ve done epitomizes persistence. And, so very theta what you’ve created. Congrats on your baby girl.

    I was dumbfounded when I saw the picture of the razor-edged fence you had to get over to get free. A-F******-mazing!!!

    So, how many other religions have that kinda security around their compounds? How many more pictures will it take to get the blind kool-aid drinkers to get it?

    ABC & Fox News, it’s about time!!!

    Davey, your days are numbered!


  108. Yes, considering Miscavige’s wholesale and serial abuse of families and couples, this is a heart warming miracle story! Well done Tanja and Stefan, wish you are the happiness in the world.

  109. Dolphin Play

    ★ Sinar, your presence was so true and straight forward. Thank you! ★Gary Jackson, thank you! ★Inside Edition, you rock, thank you for the courage to report. ★Tanja and ★Stefan Castle, rejoicing over the victory of you honor and integrity to your perception and affinity! Blessings on your ★baby girl on the way. ★Marty Rathbun, thank you for shining the light on the distinct difference between Scientology and its abuse. ★Karen de la Carriere, angels are catching your tears. ★all those oppressed with injustice, you are heard and will be vindicated by truth..

    And, Scientology Corporation: #FLUNK for being totally off purpose. Scientology Corp and David Miscavige are actively purchasing internet ads of altered Photoshopped images of Marty Rathbun that look nothing like him and running them with links to their fake impersonation hate sites next to mentions of Marty Rathbun’s statements to the press … Pathetic. Davd Miscavige, you are sick. Step down.

  110. martyrathbun09

    Apparently, your boss is in bed with Dennis Wasser – Cruise’s divorce lawyer.

  111. martyrathbun09

    He can cook too.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Lisa certainly did a wonderful job on this piece.

  113. Dolphin Play

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ FACT !!

  114. Dolphin Play

    Thank you and Kudos to ★Lisa Bartley and ★ABC for listening and giving a voice to good people against human rights violations and abuse.

  115. Sorry, I don’t know what that means…. can you please advise?

  116. Oh wait, sorry, I get it. I don’t work for TMZ, just a civilian victim who believes this is the right time to bring down a tyrannical house of cards, for a number of reasons.

    It’s hard to believe these attacks on the First Amendment. I am simply unable to post to TMZ’s site any more, and it’s outrageous. I tried “sending a tip,” since there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact anyone there.

    No matter. With all the coverage (it doesn’t get more mainstream than Inside Edition!) the word is getting out just fine.

    I appreciate your struggle and your blog.

  117. I hear you. We could be sisters! I, for the most part had to start looking out for myself at age 3. I have been taking care of “the mother” for a long time now. I got thrown out on the street just past 14 for repeating a negative comment I heard about Scientology. I can’t say I hold the Church accountable for my mother. There are plenty of mothers that aren’t wrapped too tight. They were that way way before Scientology. Thing thing about being in “good standing” as a Scientologist is, you have to have many many with holds from the rest of mankind to be a part of the game. Then in the Church, they become obsessed about your with holds! They have overts and with holds from here to mars and back. They have become pathological liars with the media. But as a member, you are investigated constantly at your own expense at to what with holds you may have. It is a double standard and a GPM. To be a Scientologist you must have / can’t with holds. When people start getting off their with holds to people outside of the Church it a suppressive act! If you keep with holds from the Church it is a suppressive act! You are SUPPOSED to have with holds to be part of the Scientology community. And if you get off those with holds to people outside of the Church, why then you are suppressive! Double rules for double lives. Guess what? We do not owe it to the Church to have with holds from other people we have to co exist with. We do not owe it to the Church to be out of communication with the rest of the world. The fact that THEY are out of communication with the rest of the world is the WHY they are not handling the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is distancing themselves. Live for yourself, it is your right.

  118. Danielle,
    Your comment reads like Doubt Formula. Finish it up, girlfriend and come on out fully, name & all. It’s time.

    The only power the cult has over you is that which you grant them. They want people in fear, hiding, afraid to speak. That way they can control you.

    You say you’re in “good standing”. Do you want to be in “good standing” with a suppressive, brutal cult???

    Put it all out in the open, every nasty rotten detail. Don’t wait for them to “push” you. Take the reins on this. Write it up. Time, place, form and event. You’ll find it extremely liberating when you do this.

    Oh you’ll be off their mailing lists alright; in a heartbeat. Although for me, the way I got off was when I got emails from them (every f’ing day) I finally hit reply and in the body of the email I copied & pasted parts of Marty’s blog. They absolutely freaked and I was instantly off all lists!!

  119. Danielle………. You are amazing! Your honest, authenticity comes through loud and clear. Your courage inspires me. Thank you for coming through and posting. Thank you for besting fear and kicking its ass!

    I don’t know who you are, but I love you:-)

  120. Oh dm, you poor unfortunate soul.

  121. i wish they would sue the media. They will be again be exposed in court. Maybe even get contempt charges for litigation harassment.

  122. The “Bitter Defrocked” line is just the worst P.R. line the Church has ever had. Don’t they realized as they publicly declare person after person after person “Bitter” from their Scientology experience they are announcing to the world how many bitter people they have made from their experience with Scientology?

    Wild stupidity.

  123. Powerful and moving statement, Danielle!

    And Oracle:
    Spot on and extremely bright, referring to the Cof$:
    “The fact that THEY are out of communication with the rest of the world is the WHY they are not handling the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is distancing themselves.”

  124. +1

  125. Great video with you, Sinar! No communication lag at all. “Yes.” “No.” Pow! Here’s your answer! Outstanding. And Thank God the story of Tanja and Stefan got told. It was very well done as well. “He voided the contract.” Pow! My first thought was,”You can do that?” It never occured to me until they said it so matter-of-factly.
    Void the check.
    Void the contract.
    You are not bound.
    You can communicate.

    It amazes me so many were getting out around the mid to late 90’s. I thought I was the only one when I left. It boggled my mind that so few could “SEE” what was going on. If this organization is about freeing people spiritually, why are we walking on eggshells, having to “follow Command Intention.” What the hell is that anyway? I though Ron was the source of the Tech. Oh… but don’t ask questions! That’s enturbulating and creating a problem!

    Even after following Marty’s blog all this time, I still get new glimpses and reality on what the hell was going on. If Ron could see this today, he’d spit.

    A friend recently posted, and I’ll paraphrase: It’s a waste of time and resources opposing the little man, David Miscavage. We have some much to enjoy: friends, family, and the freedom to use what Ron left us, the Tech. Much more fun just getting on with it.

    And it’s true. David has lost. It’s all over but the music. No ones dancing anymore. Time to put him behind us, focus the media there when they come around and let THEM shed the light to help others to see. But for the rest of us… get back on the Bridge and go about doing the work that needs done. DM is undeserving of our attention. Help those who ask for a hand. And smack his when he tries to take them back.

  126. Very well said Danielle! There are a lot of us out here in the land of no radar and I share your pain.

    The process of de-PTSing ourselves and getting into action per your quote above is what it is all about. Your comment about Fathers day was very prescient and strikes very close to home! No call, no e-mail, you know the drill…….can’t have “other fish to fry!”

  127. “He can cook too”. That has my vote for understatement of the year.

  128. Stephan & Tanya,
    Your perseverance sounds like something out of a movie. I want to wish you the best in your relationship and in creating your new family. I just finished reading Marty’s book and your account helps to confirm what he wrote. I hope that everyone reads this books and come to understand what David Miscavige has done to our church.

  129. Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull. Free pdf download.

  130. After explaining to a Flag staff member over email how I was spun into a solid enturbulated mass and left for dead by the ASHO HGC, he sent me a policy which basically said the same thing:

    ‘We’re not wrong for anything that happened to you, and well, you’ll just have to take responsibility for your own condition and try, try again.’ Oh, and, ‘No, you can’t have a refund, or get your hours for that botched auditing re-credited.’

    What a way to show help and compassion, eh? How’s that for instilling trust in your parishioners? Gads…

  131. newcomer, I have heard that the Orgs in the Northern Ca. area use Craigs List a lot. Actually come to think of it Craigs List was used for the purpose of getting new people in when I lived in Northern Ca.

  132. Nice choice of songs (and performing artists – very appropriate for Tanja and Stefan).

  133. This story of Stefan and Tanja is a true love story.
    Their first child that is on the way is a love story.
    Marty’s new book that I read recently was a love story. If I had to discribe Marty’s book in two words, I say “love story”. Marty’s escape from Miscavige, his love with Mosey and love for mankind has guided affairs that are being felt all across this planet and the media is stepping up to the plate as a result.
    Suri being free to create her own path is a love story with her mother taking a stand to safeguard her child.
    There’s lots of love blooming these days as Miscavige fads away. But there is still pain in the destruction Miscavige has done as mothers have lost children.
    But even with the pain I’m pretty sure when I listen closely I can hear the rumble of 18 Wheels of Love with Chester in the driver’s seat coming down the road. https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/18-wheels-of-affinity-reality-and-communication/

  134. Mike, posts like the above show why you’re the most dangerous sort of animal walking, to Miscavige. You’ve got the guts and the integrity to stand before everyone and speak the truth that only one who was there can reveal.

    I want you to know that I am proud to call you my friend. You’re setting a huge example to everyone who has ever lent The Cretin of Hemet the slightest bit of power (including me). Thank you!

  135. one of those who see


  136. Now you’ve done it. He’s gonna be impossible to live with now 🙂

  137. Damn. Good going, Stefan and Tanja. Love prevails.

    The wheels are coming off DMs go cart. He’d better make sure his secret base in Columbia is well stocked because he’s going to be leaving soon.

  138. It’s hard to believe these attacks on the First Amendment.

    The 1st Amendment only protects your right to speak freely against your government. TMZ is private property. The owners have every right to censor speech they don’t agree with in their own house.

    That said, there are a ton of other places that will allow you to speak your piece. You can do that here, as long as you don’t offend the owner (too badly).

  139. I would love to see this for all Sea Org members ! Don’t forget the three week vacation per year that is ‘past due’…

  140. Stephan and Tanja, what more can I add to what’s been said here already? I am inspired and heartened by your amazing love story. It’s got all of the classic elements of ‘good vs evil’ that humankind so naturally resonates to.

    I have no doubt that you two are in the process of becoming instant celebrities in the independent Scientology world, and the world at large. Your heroic story gives hope to all people who’ve ever been crushed or suppressed by an evil they could scarce fight back against. You’ve proven that if one has courage and integrity, not all the motion detectors, cameras, security guards, threats and intimidation, restrictions, watching eyes, nor razor tipped fences in the world, can stop you.

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your little girl. May you all live happily ever after. You truly lived the first part of the tale – why not the last?

  141. one of those who see

    Hello to Tanja and Stefan! I am so sorry for what you had to go through and so happy you are together. You are both so brave! Stefan, well done on your persistence! Your little one is so lucky to be born into such a love.

  142. Captain Bob

    Hey Bozz, very true. But tell your friend his waste of time viewpoint, well tell him thanks for not communicating. Tell your friend while I was on staff in the 1980/1990’s and when I couldn’t understand the question I asked myself while charg’in ahead on staff with all the problems at the time (no pay, ungodly pressure to get the stats up, outpoints everywhere, doesn’t anybody follow the policy or tech, SO ripping off good staff we just trained, on and on)—- the question I asked myself was “why aren’t the old timers helping? Where are they? I don’t understand why the old timers are not here helping ?.

    And now the question is answered. A guy took over the church and has altered it.

    So tell your friend thanks for keeping silent, and keeping his viewpoint. For helping me to sit in a load of shit while on staff while he’s enjoying life.

    And thanks for all the others that left in the 1980’s when I just started. I do understand the internet wasn’t around then and comm’s don’t flow as freely now. And I do understand that lots of old timers did indeed try to help back then.

    And Bozz, nothing against your friend, and I do understand. I just wanted to itsa.

  143. Don’t know if it was mentioned above, but Anderson Cooper (CNN) had a short piece on “Scientology and Celebrity” tonight, July 10, 2012. Karen Pressley was the main interviewee, as she had apparently run the Celebrity Centre International in the late 80s. Karen did a good job.

    I couldn’t find a link to the clip unfortunately, but I’m sure it will show up somewhere soon.

  144. I dunno. I think Tom is applying KSW. He’s all KSW. He won’t hesitate to put people’s ethics in. (Sarcastic laugh, then I puke).

  145. You forgot to add “Apostate” to it. Here is my advice to whoever deal with the media. Tell them that in Co$ whenever somebody complains about what was done to him/her they are asked what the did to pull it. The same question should be asked by a journalist whenever they here this bs from a spokesperson.

    “What did you do to pull it in?”

  146. Wow Tanja and Stefan! Great interview.

    I’m so glad that you guys made it out ok and are healthy, happy and successful. You guys are the best.

    Let us know when baby happens!

  147. “I think they sent me because it reduced the amount of children they had to be responsible for. Scientology has become an expensive endeavor. Another mouth to feed can seriously slow down payments to the church”

    Danielle that statement is about the saddest thing I have ever read.

    All I can say is, please come in out of the rain and make yourself comfortable by the fireplace.

  148. Hi Danielle;

    Thanks for having the courage to speak the truth…your coming out into the sunshine of truth will help others and do wonders for you.

    Much love and respect…Jack Airey…spent 40+ years before I spoke my mind. No regrets…You are helping expose a dangerous and criminal organization.

  149. verobeachmax

    Good going Ronnie, you beat me to it 🙂

  150. Oh, please don’t feel sad! Turns out I was better off being in the SO at that age. Came back for a visit and found my friends had gone from beer in the park to cocaine without the best outcome while I was gone, so I was pretty lucky with the timing

  151. eileenclark101

    What a great ending to such a nasty bit of story. Tanja and Stefan are obviously now enjoying their life together and creating a good 2D. Bravo! You have my admiration and respect. Enjoy your life and congrats on the new baby coming!

    There’s mud in your eye, you little creepy thing (der midget, who else?)
    Time is up for you. Bye Bye!

    Btw, there was an interesting aside to the email Karen sent out about Alex. Ellen Forney sent a reply that went to everyone. As you can imagine, it was not in the least sympathetic and caring of Karen’s loss. I sent Ellen a reply deserving of her mis-communication, but what was nice and surprising was that an OT in CW sent her a similar message and someone else gave it a thumbs up. Neither of whom I can say are Independents, so it was even better.

    The effects of the implosion are being felt everywhere.

  152. Good article, sets up correct mind sets.

  153. LMAO! Why, thank you!

  154. I try to stress to my friends the difference between the freedom LRH offered to make up your own mind and the penalty for thinking offered by miscavige (or “skidmark”, as I prefer to call him). One of my first thoughts after reading Debbie Cook’s email was how skidmark’s ksw #1 was out, which must be a huge MWH for him. Everyone around him must constantly miss it. No wonder he sec checks everyone!

    Now, on being on your own at 3, don’t you find you have a certain resourcefullness than others who had a more “conventional” upbringing? The upside to growing up on your own!

  155. Good on you for finding the glass is half full in all this and Brian had it right first -you are loveable.

  156. I just finished watching the 2010 CNN series by Anderson Cooper regarding allegations of abuse made by Marty, Jefferson, Mike, and Tom. Cooper clearly was not convinced by the Church PR as expressed by Tommy Davis and the Exes (great name for a rock band) but, understandably, he simply could not put a finger on the definitive truth based on hard evidence. It was painful to watch, knowing that, publicly, the Church had maneuvered their way out of rightful accusations. Any of us who have been on staff or in the SO know damn well that these men speak truth. Thankfully, yet sadly, the stories keep coming to light. Thank you Tanya and Stefan for fighting and WINNING the good fight.

  157. Funny, I wrote Marty a couple months ago after I found his blog, he recommended I stand up and be counted and see what happens to those problems. At the time I kept worrying about how they have my folders, they know my friends, but then I realized, so what? What are they going to do, tell my parents not to talk to me? My post identifies me so clearly, I am really more than confident I could have signed it “mrs. skidmark” and it would have been the same as sending this by fedex with a return envelope. But my last name is withheld here to protect others, it’s a very uncommon name shared by a couple others who have paid for my mothers affiliation. It was a consideration someone else brought to my attention before I posted. Feel free to ask Marty for my email though, if I think you’re not a douche, I’ll gladly write you back!
    I can’t tell you how at peace I felt after posting. A level of stress I’d been feeling for a very long time dissipated, and I enjoyed the most wonderful time with my daughter.

    And I LOVE how you responded to those emails! It took MONTHS to get off email lists! I think I’m going to print out his blog and send it back with their junk mail.

  158. That’s awesome news!

  159. I think you speak for most of us. Your story is a similar story. Maybe sometime you can tell it. Many have left but will be paying huge borrowed debts for a long time coming. (PS I recently learned you can block numbers on most phone services, google it)

  160. I think of the day when loyal parishioners are forced to realize they’d been had. What happens then? Do children call their parents and friends reunite? I’m hopeful that day will come soon. I don’t know if it’s because I finally posted, but it feels like things are steamrolling, too many things are falling into place. Hang in there, you may get a fathers day call soon!

  161. +1!

  162. Yes this is a beautiful story about two courageous people who stuck it out and beat David Miscavige’s f_up system of trying to control and enslave people.
    Hiro and I were similarly separated for 5 years and Hiro was strongly encouraged by the church to divorce me as I was in the PAC RPF and he at the Int RPF, but instead decided to take the alternative option offered to him to send him to NY to be posted in a broke, struggling, CLO EUS, 3000 miles away — all inclusive with a permanent issue (apthat applied to all the other 10 or so ex-Int base staff sent there as well) to never to be posted on any executive postings ever again!
    Long story short, the only way to get back to my husband of (then)
    22 years, was to stick it out and graduate the RPF, which I did and arrived back to him in NYC in Jan 2004. Needless to say, we left 6 months later as things really weren’t any better there — not because of the CLO staff – but due to DM’s talons which reached that far and actively suppressed that management org as well.
    This September we celebrate 30 years in marriage, which is truely hard to believe as there were at least 3 instances I wanted to permantently leave and during these times I was most certain we’d never be together again.
    CONGRATULATIONS to Stefan and Tanja. Your happiness and the news of your baby girl bring us great happiness as well!
    Love, Shannon & Hiro

  163. Ha Ha…Heh Heh…. I was going to bring that up to you! Then, I just knew you would know.

  164. HannibalTheFirst

    I agree his lamb chops are delicious.

  165. Agreed, Randy. Oracle certainly did nail that Why.

  166. HannibalTheFirst

    Hi Tanja and Stefan, what a true moving story and with how much dignity and honesty it is told.
    I am happy for you and your baby.
    Thanks for having the courage and sharing your story and exposing the abuses of the CO$.

  167. one of those who see


  168. HannibalTheFirst

    Karen is a powerhouse, DM is already regretting the day he alienated her.
    One day I see her driving the wooden stake through his heart to put an end to his tyranny.

  169. Laughter!

  170. Li'll bit of stuff

    Indie Anon, thanks for the pointer, lets hope they take
    up the recommendation, BTW, the way the CO$ is
    imploding, do you see your self being able to step out
    from the shadows from where you speak? I can assure
    you, personally, it’s an enormously empowering and truly liberating process!
    Calvin B. Duffield

  171. Li'll bit of stuff

    Top drawer advice, this. It needs to have a few runs
    in practise so they get the “feel” of it! Then you may
    see some really uncomfortable squirming happen.
    Sort of a maybe “reverse OSA” handling. Li’ii bit
    like Marty’s hosing in Allender’s face during the now
    classic–“Scientology Car Wash” video!

    ANOTHER thing li’ll davey hates is humiliation.
    so………”li’ll davey…… what did you do to pull it in?”

  172. jim cherkas

    It would not work because there is still the treat of disconnection and the damage already done to the sea org member’s family not to mention the lie put out that they can not go free unless its through the church. What about the ethics conditions or RPF or huge freeloader debt if caught. In addition they are told the world is alot worse out there with the wogs. What’s more you could not trust anyone as they KR you even your spouse or other family member in good standing.

    If you remove those barriers then there would be a real exit. The sea org at Flag and LA for the most part can walk on the street and buy cigs and chocolate with the $50 a week they may get. No barbed wire fence there.

  173. jim cherkas

    The church has Billions to go through of ill gotten gain before its dead.

  174. Tanja and Stefan, you are both amazing couple and it is your love for each other that helped you both to be free of suppression. Enjoy life with your little princess. Much Love,

  175. I can appreciate that, Capt. Bob. Thank you for telling me. 🙂

  176. You can be dead and still have billions. There are bodies of billionaires buried in the ground. The life force left them long ago even if they hadnt spent all their money. The blood has drained out of the church and its life force has been snuffed out. It is dead. It’s no better than a chicken with its head cut off — operating on circuits, running around madly with no purpose other than to “prove” its not dead.

  177. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations to Shannon and Hiro – you are an inspiration to us and many others.

  178. You guys are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Self very much included!

  179. “Perhaps the trend is to block the second dynamic so thoroughly that future
    generations will become completely insane. If this dwindling spiral of sexual
    aberration is not interrupted, there will be in the year 2000 or 2050, not 1,900,000 inmates in sanitariums and institutions, but a few sane people running for their lives from a country which is almost 100% insane.” LRH

    Indicates to anyone?

  180. If Miscavige’s PR people have publicly stated that no one is being held against their will at the Gold Base, I wonder if/when the FBI or police can come in and speak with anyone in the “Hole” to see if they want to leave. They seriously need to get in there and find out what’s going on and escort anyone out who wants to leave. It’s like Jonestown for crying out loud.

  181. Yeah, The messeges when the Church gets challenged is saying confused and flase messages eg: saying no one is held against their will , yet enough doucmentation states otherwise . One would have to wonder what
    has to happen for the FBI to step in .Just seems so insane.They must not be blind to it or what?

  182. Sorry I met /documentation

  183. Calvin, If you knew my reasons, I’m sure you will agree with me.

  184. The MEST hulk remains …and it’s creating a stink being purely a quantity of rotten material (even if there is an apparancy of live animal life present).
    Theta has left the CO$ building and has moved on up a little higher and can be identified by it’s quality alone! Just like Tanya and Stefan, that quality of life has broken free of the MEST tethers!

  185. I’ll be leaving the light on for sure. And yes, the change is good. Today one of the kool aid consumers I have been working on ordered Nancy Many’s book on Amazon…….!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    Indie Anon, Totally with you! Do look ahead though,
    That day can be real comfort to youi

  187. You said it… a dead body on the floor and they still lie, deny, and not-is. An ‘acceptable truth” is just another word for lie. They are so transparent to all but themselves, because they are so occluded under all that black mass.

  188. Pat, that’s a great dare! I would love to see the little coward challenged on national tv, but of course he will just keep hiding in his million dollar bunker.

  189. To Mike and Marty,
    the fact that you guys were able to de-pts yourselves from the evil lord, become your selves again, regain your integrity as Scientologist, apologize to people, and conintue to shed the liglht of truth for others to observe is testimonly of your social personalities and true Scientology in action– the very antithesis of how OSA and DM operate the church. Thank you.

  190. Simplethetan…hahahaha, perfect question. What applies to a thetan who is a parishoner and what appllies to the Church is from two different ‘source books” for sure.

  191. Indicates like crazy, unfortunately. Where is that from?

  192. I don’ think the FBI or local police give a damn about it because the FBI was duly informed. I know I personally wrote to them on their own forms and urged them to look into the Int base, as well as signed the petition. I’m sure that DM can buy his way out of anything (well, almost anything, as he is coming down from his thrown) and it wouldn’t suprise me in the least if the agent in charge was paid off or some such thing.
    Maybe the only way to get police into the hole is for a family member to insist that their relative is in danger and there is no communication from them, or that they tried to visit their relative and were asked to leave. If there were children in there, the interest of the authorities would be higher I’m sure.

  193. Well the first apart of this comment Jewel .impliesthe approach of
    Giving up , it can’t be done and one just blanks the situation
    and carries on wishful thinking perhaps they will eventually leave one day meanwhile go on waiting waiting waiting . untill what ever happens
    ( Am I wrong )
    The fact is, if thats the case to me that gives ambo to the dictator once again for eg: The wording used ” DM can buy himself out of anything,”
    I don’t think a good number have fallen for that, They did a bolt and ran, , thow a major outpoint is which of all did let any authorities know whats been going on in their surroundings, It just doesn’t disappear what experience or what he /she witessed , Did they report , where’s that evidence its got to be around in some goverment dept , for those that seeked assistance to get on their feet ( those without money or place to go . Who knows.!

    In England if you have had no contact or a sudden disppearance or change of character, One is able to list the person as a “Missing person , and ask for a search, One of course would have to add supportive evidence of concerns and why you wish this. One could also provide similiar cases that have shown concern. and what results occurred
    and place concern you don’t wish this person to land up the same way.

    I have no idea why families with insiders in there dont do this, it baffles me .
    Instead they hide and worry about it. or not at all
    I am dam sure if more did do this it would ring alam bells with the
    number of cases coming forward to the authorities they would have to act

    I most certaintly wouldn’t take no for an answer. no matter what I would have to do to find out.Some appear to have been lucky going down that road to find out, others one has to assume are scared perhaps who the hell knows .
    Its certaintly isn’t being investigated enough , as questions wouldn’t be being asked,.Regardless what Power DM has. He does not rule
    families and he doesn’t own people. And people better get use to investigating and finding out and seek assistance from the right authorities asap.

  194. I copied the quote from the back cover of a book called “The Second Dynamic” which is no longer published by the Church (not surprisingly!). I think it is also in “Child Dianetics” which I believe is also no longer published by the Church. Ron’s Org in Europe started a Library project of putting up scanned originals on the Internet under the Freedom of Religion clause.

    I had a HUGE win when I read the original “A History of Man” book. Apparently there is a MAJOR alternation in the “corrected” version. In the original LRH heavily emphasizes SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 as a solution to handling whole track engrams. In the corrected version all references to 8-8008 were removed and in some places replaces by references to Technique 80 in places where it doesn’t even make sense. I blew a lot of “mystery” and confusion when I read through the original and saw the emphasis on 8-8008. It made total sense and bridged the subject of Dianetics and Scientology. It was my exact point of confusion since the very beginning. Apparently it is not the “Milestone One” lectures that are supposed to bridge the gap. LRH meant a tiny “A History of Man” book to do the job, and as of right now this book is generally considered to be one of the least comprehensible in the line up “without the lectures.” It was never about the lectures to begin with! I haven’t even started listening to the related lectures (i.e. Milestone One, Route to Infinity… etc). I read the original, and now I feel ready to train to audit. It was quite a miracle! And to me this serves as one definite proof that alterations are done on purpose to destroy the subject. I mean there are whole two paragraphs removed where LRH explains how Scientology 8-8008 is to be used in handling whole track engrams. Why do that?

  195. Where do you get the original versions? I bought some on ebay that I hope are pre-skidmark, but only found a handful (I think SOS was pre 1984)

  196. LTC Forever

    Click on “Library.” You have to confirm your e-mail and agree to the Terms and Conditions. After you place your “order,” the items arrive to your e-mail. It’s free.

  197. LTC Forever

    LoL. When I expressed my disagreement over “handling” of Debbie Cook to an OSA agent, she compared her to Al-Q (abbreviating as to not attract unnecessary attention to Marty’s blog). Talking about Orwellian mentality! She then pursued to threaten me to drop Debbie’s off the friend’s list on Facebook “or else.” I think it is this sort of management that could be called terrorists as they are the ones who use terror to achieve their aims from general fear mongering campaigns to extract money down to threats on a personal level (i.e. declare, disconnection, etc), RPF, terror driven smear campaigns against critics, and so on. So who is the “terrorist” in this equation?

  198. You are always blamed for everything in the church, even for the things you didn’t do (i.e. not taking enough responsibility for the 4th dynamic or something). There is always something to make you wrong for while these crooks just sit there collecting your hard earned money. And I love it how all these 18 year olds who never had to work and survive out in the real world can lecture you on how you should live yours and “make it go right” and all that other b.s… make you wrong for not giving them thousands more dollars, just more and more and more. I believe that’s what called “negative ethics.” What is wrong is right, and what if right is wrong and with 100% dedication and complete certainty.

  199. Hey Mike, not sure if you get this, but I found something that fits well to describes what I heard of Miscavige’s behavior and the current scene at the Church “The Life Continuum” lecture 2.10 (page 46):

    “Anger – anger is an emotion which is trying to hold everything still. You see? … An angry person, if you try to walk away from him, wants you to come back. If you try to stay near him, he wants you to go away. It’s destruction because it’s no-motion that he’s trying to accomplish [Idle Orgs with uniformed “mannequin” staff members that cannot act or communicate on their own maybe?]. Your angry person is trying to destroy – hammer, pound, yell, scream, do anything you can think of [yeah – slap and choke and lock people up in trailers] in the line of effort to cause zero counter-effort. Zero counter-effort is what he’s trying to accomplish because zero counter-effort is death. Your angry person destroys.

    Now, the way you destroy and the only way you can destroy anything is cause motion to cease to exist in it [indicate to anyone?!]. That’s the way you destroy. Zero motion is death. You see how that is?”

    What a piece!

  200. Just a quick note to say I just watched the Brian Williams show and am sooooooo glad to see that Mike Rinder has a new family and is happy along with yourself Mr. Rathbun and your family.

    Great show – I hope it stays alive in the news. I am just going to refer anyone who is interested to your website.

    Take care – Solace Boyd

  201. Ok, so you’re right about the freak out response! Sent Marty’s link in a couple new emails, got an email AND text, “Did you send me a link to Marty Rathbun’s website?” claiming my data is slanted, he sees things growing and expanding, he was just at flag. I expect either a visit or declare shortly.

  202. Thank you ABC and good on you Marty.

  203. Thank you, Marty, for helping to get out the truth about what has been happening to people who got into Scientology because it offered them answers they needed, and then them trying to help others and being caught up in the maelstorm on the inside. I never knew Stefan or Tanya at Gold but in LA, I really came to respect Stefan very much. He was not at all the person I had been told he was, and I am so glad that he are Tanya overcame to get back together and are now going to be parents!

  204. Here’s your value, beyond what you think: you and I are very much alike in the way we express ourselves, And our background. I am a normal compassionate human being like you, but I am not a Scientologist. I’ve been reading this stuff for months and educating myself on these lives, and found so much to identify with. I read all of the comments and I think “I really feel for them”. I read yours and thought “This was/is/could have been me.”. I Want you to know you’re beyond the echo chamber. You keep your friends safe if you want – you already hit heroine status.

  205. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after going through a few of the posts I realized it’s new
    to me. Anyways, I’m certainly delighted I found it and I’ll
    be book-marking it and checking back often!

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    and extra data, is there any other site which provides such things in quality?

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    to understand this topic. You understand a whole lot its almost
    hard to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa).
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