Cruise/Miscavige, The Truth on NBC Rock Center

Be sure to tune in Thursday night to NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams and Kate Snow.

See the TRUTH put on the table that apparently a well-heeled few are having difficulty handling.

With respect to the Tom Cruise/David Miscavige three word defense they have proffered to NBC:

1. “Defrocked.”   My frock fits just fine, thank you, just as it did when I was required to turn Tom Cruise as a ‘recovered Scientologist’ over to Miscavige for the treatment in early 2004.  See my answer, in the form of a question, in the trailer: NBC ROCK CENTER TRAILER.

2. “Excommunicated.”   To this day the little dictator has not had the courage to publish a declare order (Scientology excommunication) on me.  He has since forfeited the right to do so, since as he defines power (‘if people listen to you’) he is bereft of any.

3. “Apostate”, is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as one who commits apostasy.  Apostasy is defined as “renunciation of a religious faith.”   Listen to my interview yesterday with Michael Smerconish, and then you tell me who the apostate is.

Their total defense is three words.  All three inappropriate lies.  Again, my answer to all of them is covered at the end of the NBC Rock Center trailer.  That is, the question Scientology Inc. and David Miscavige have been asked for three years and have yet to answer.

I am glad Scientology Inc was given the full opportunity to respond.  Now, viewers can make a fully informed decision as to who is telling the truth and who is zoomin’* who.

*zoomin’: “fooling”, – the Urban Dictionary

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  1. I just love this “defrocked” and “excommunicated” and “apostate” BS. Never were any of these three words used in the C of S until they fired up their “PR” machine against Marty. What a crock.

  2. Another excellent interview Marty! David Miscavige seems to think that all is going quiet on the Western front with the quick TomKat settlement, when in fact the speed of it and the TomKat fallout has triggered the opening of Media floodgates on all backlogged to current bad news from his own actions! Another link on the chain of DM footnukes – perhaps you’re the excommunicated by many and increasing number of Indies, defrocked apostate after your own personal profit for decades?

    Sorry Dave, you pulled it in! It definitely sucks to be David Miscavige.

  3. “The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is rapidly fadin’
    And the first one now will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’”

    Bob Dylan

  4. Great interview, Marty.
    And you look good, BTW.

  5. eileenclark101

    Will someone record this so that those of us who do not have cable and cannot receive the program will be able to view it?

  6. Just perfect on the lyrics! Very exciting week! I do believe it’s going to be very hard for indoctrinated cult members to avoid all this information. TV, People mag, radio. Good luck guys. See you when you get here!

  7. How’s that Maiden Voyage Anniversary Cruise going for you, DM? And those Summer of Events planned to hit the orgs later in the month and August? Actually, all the international events are happening all around you, but outside of your control: divorces, defections of entire missions, you name it, it is happening under your nose. But you’ve got a NEW Bridge, Golden Age of Tech II and the new (old) Mark VIII coming up for Auditor’s Day. That will handle everything for sure! For idiots like Craig and Sally Jensen maybe but not many others.

  8. eileenclark101

    Shame on them! The RCS is supposed to be the place one can go to learn how to study. One of the first things you learn is how to correctly define words. Isn’t it considered squirreling, downright suppressive actually, to mis-use/mis-define words to intentionally alter policy or tech and like it’s a really bad thing to purposefully go past words one doesn’t understand on post? Jim Logan, I think they all need you and Tom Martiniano to go do some serious word clearing on them all, and other study remedies as needed, such as false data stripping, etc. I am really good at M7 and M9 and would be happy to assist.

    You looked and sounded really good Marty. You and Rinder make much better spokesmen for RCS than anybody they’ve sent out so far. Karin Pouw must feel like a piece of squashed bubblegum on really hot tarmac. Is there anyone else left to take her place?

  9. Marty — you look great.

    Bet there is no church spokesman appearing on the show…

    This bitter defrocked apostate doing it for personal gain and fame is wonderful — they D/A themselves WITH the media. The people in the media know THEY are the ones that reach out to us, they know they don’t pay us, and they know we are still very much Scientologists. Thereafter, everything the church tells them they look at with a VERY jaundiced eye.

    They are sooooooooooooo expert at footbullets.

    And Dave actually thinks he is so smart and that everyone buys his bs. So he just keeps doing the same thing over and over….

  10. Transporter

    Heard an interview on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) last night played on a local Tampa Bay NPR station (WUSF). Great interview. Very believable to an uninformed listener. You scored BIG bro!!!

  11. (when you get there, I’ll see you)

  12. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, The ongoing chapters, sagas,denials, weakened effectiveness
    of his DM’bots, OSA , desperation in pathetic fundraising, the
    quickest settlement ever seen in a celebrity divorce filing.

    The suspense must be killing him, just waiting for that dreaded
    moment. What form will it take? (the payback Dave, remember?)
    BTW, (Dave) how are you sleeping these days? Asthma still
    under control? What about the Alcohol, it’s excess consumption
    is relative to bodyweight, you know? Cirrhosis equates to severe
    liver damage, Dave. What about stress, Dave? Since auditing is
    TOTALLY out of the question (you eschewed any validity to LRH
    auditing tech years ago, when you set about totally destroying
    it, remember?) And Dave, yes, what about the massive stats of
    the number of lives that you have ruined, destroyed, or ended?
    Seriously, Dave, the vast numbers of persons you have ordered
    to be fleeced with your fraudulent Ponzi operation? WHAT about
    your cunningly expedited IAS betrayal of your trusting “sheeple?”
    Are we on the same page here, Dave? GOOD! then let me just
    remind you of some names you should remember,Dave. People
    who were on much the same path as you.
    Mussolini, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Ghadaffi, remember them?

    Sleep well, Dave,….. sleep….well.

  13. aka Hell Yeah Bitches!

  14. “Marty Rathbun, who worked at the church for 27 years before leaving in 2004, said that he believes church officials used Scientology doctrine to turn Kidman’s children against her.

    “It was more than implied….[Kidman] was somebody that they shouldn’t open up with, they shouldn’t communicate with, and they shouldn’t spend much time with,” said Rathbun in an interview airing Thursday, July 17 at 10pm/9c on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.”

    In the custody battle, legal world, this is called Parental Alienation and judges don’t take kindly to it – AT ALL. I’ve been wanting to note this.
    Parental alienation is a significant legal issue. Unfortunately, it remains a prevalent feature of many family law cases. Its intent and effect is to destroy the present and future relationship between a child and the alienated parent. The brainwashing is very effective because it is delivered upon a young, emotionally vulnerable and impressionable mind.
    There is no cure for parental alienation not arrested in time. No parent, for example, who has been unfairly alienated can ever retrieve the father-child, or mother-child time lost with their child.”

    David Miscavige & Co. are guilty as charged!

  15. Definitely looking forward to this NBC Rock Center report!

  16. Marty, Your book and interviews are extremely clear, direct and informative.
    I am so glad you are sharing your information and viewpoint with others.
    Scientology and its management is a world that few know and understand,
    including its own staff and public.

  17. Speaking of david miscavige, since he’s the only person at INT who is competent, intelligent, eloquent, educated, handsome in his g-string, well-tanned, dressed to kill and NOT an SP, how come he doesn’t come out and just set the record straight?
    I’m sure if he just stood there on national TV and stated with his superior TRs and totally convincing demeanour, “I did not bitch-slap that lackey, Mike Rinder,” I’m just sure everyone in the whole wide world…the whole universe…would believe him.

    I’m sure Mike and Marty would just be over-awed to the point of silent obedience at such a magnificant display of courage and strength. How could they possibly compete with such a commanding presence perched on the gold-plated apple box (or the booster seat if he’s sitting)? The din of the clubbed seals screaming in delight at this heroic feat by their fearless leader would surely drown out any attempted response.

    Come on davey. Don’t be scared. Come out and play.

    Oh, and davey, Marty’s on TV and you’re not:(

  18. martyrathbun09

    Good point Tara.

  19. No church representative would dare to go on camera now – they would be ripped to shreds! All they can do is hide behind their bogus emailed statements with categorical denials and those three words Marty picked apart. What idiots.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Einstein’s definition of insanity.

  21. Kevin Tighe

    Ya just keep hitting them out of the park!

  22. Yeah. And Dave’s dramatization of “I will prove I am right” as all you fools arent smart enough to understand what I was doing the first time I did it….

  23. According to Wiki, the Brian Williams number of viewers is only 3+ Million. Maybe some of Dave’s World 8 Million and expanding will see it!

  24. Reblogged this on 31 Factors and commented:
    In the not to distant future all Church members will be ordered to turn over their TV’s to their local org to prevent the viewing of “unauthorized programming.”

  25. Actually I am surprised that they omitted the word “bitter” from the phrase. Seriously, it became like a mantra. They keep repeating the same term without going into any details.

    Are the media people even treating them seriously any more? I wander when they will pop the question: “how come most of your top execs have now become bitter defrocked apostate? If your technology is so good how come your top devotees are now your enemies?”

  26. Wonderful to hear, best interview ever = it communicates without being dictorial or having an agenda forced down your throat.
    Half way through your book Marty & my sense of pride of being a Scientologist is being rehab’d. The stable datum of “me” needs a little polishing ever now and again and your book has assists, it’s truth enough across a broad audience to raise awareness. I really like my Dynamics but they can be tough to commnicate to regarding Scientology and myself, your book helps.

  27. Great video Marty, and great answer! As you are a published writer and a professional consultant, I would think the Church would back off from slander, false reports, and issuing false statements to the press. I would also like to know when I hear, “The Church says….”. WHO is the Church? Church’s do not talk, people do. Miscavige never comes forward to take responsibility for any of it. No denials come from him. People deny for him. Those people follow his orders. No matter how the abbracadabra translates to the rest of the world, Scientologists can see Miscavige is in hiding through out these flaps and out P.R.. Scientologists can think with the fact that you were Inspector General RTC and Tom Cruise’s auditor. David Miscavige is a Board Chairman of a Corporation. With no hat pack, no checksheet, no graphs, no senior, no Scientology post title or hat. Little by little……the air clears.

  28. You forgot “Categorically deny” lol, anytime I see that…I know o.O

  29. Damn, Howard Roark! That’s exactly what I came here to say … BAM!

    And re your prior post here today, Marty … BAM!


  30. There are a number of “news” stories about the religion now. Only some are able to or care to distinguish between the Philosophy and David Miscavige’s perverted Church. Any interview, book, story or action that provides the clarity to separate them is of great value.


  31. “It is obvious that false accusations and the failure to confront a person directly with his accusers break down the social structure of a nation to a point where any internal insurgent or foreign nation with a rallying cause can overthrow it.” ~LRH
    just sain’

  32. Tony Dephillips

    Slamdunk Marty!!
    Now that’s what I call thinking on your feet. 🙂

  33. Tom Gallagher

    It sucks to be a billion dollar budgeted dramatizing criminal sociopath with the bright lights of media trained on you.

    Oh well, guess what you dwarfish lunatic. There’s no sympathy forthcoming.

    By the way Dave, where’s Shelly, Heber, and the others MIA. Seems we need some cadaver dogs to do their jobs.

    MSM needs to ask, “Just how far do your crimes go?”

  34. Looks like another great interview, Marty.

    BTW, I have wondered ever since Tom and Katie got together and she got pregnant and gave birth to Suri before they were married why that was OK with the church. Heaven knows, it is not that I have a problem with that, but why was it okay with the C of S when they have such strict rules for staff and Sea Org members about any hint of sexual shenanigans? What was up with that!

  35. I don’t ever recall wearing a “frock”.

    I was never ex-communicated. In fact I never recall having taken communion in the Sea Org or Scientology. Not even rice and beans.

    As for being an apostate, how can someone be that if they are practicing Scientology themselves and delivering service like you are Marty? Since when does DM have a monopoly on LRH’s philosophy?

    Their counter-attack is so ridiculous.

    It’s too bad that Nicole Kidman won’t speak out.

    She unfortunately has nothing to gain by doing so personally, except maybe a shread of her integrity by actually doing something to help others and stop the abuses.

    Her kids are adults now and can do whatever they want. It is time she grew some backbone and helped put an end to the sham that DM and Cruise are actively promoting in the media.

  36. David Miscavige – the train wreck happening in real time. You just can’t pull yourself away from whitnessing the horror of the impact. All the time knowing it couldn’t be happening to “a nicer guy”.

    And there he is sitting on the VERY TECHNOLOGY that could help himself and all others. Lacking the intention to reach – he can’t (won’t) do it.

  37. You are right! Mr. David Miscavige is the only one who can set it right. It is obvious that that turd Rinder was an SP, and Tommy Davis – he was so f’ing incompetent he couldn’t figure out how to escape the hole. Karin Pouw is a complete laughing stock and screwed up the PR all over the PLANET so that Cruise’s rep is tarnished and everyone actually THOUGHT it was about Scientology when Tom and Dave know better. That new lawyer guy just keeps billing and no one believes him either because he is an idiot with a degree… Degrees are useless – Mr. David Miscavige is truly the only one who can handle the hell out of it and make it go right!

    Save us, COB! Please!

  38. Kevin Tighe

    Breaking News: Scientology Relents: Will Hold a Memorial for Son of Church President, Mother Not Invited

  39. Tom Gallagher

    Just for the hell of it, a blast from the past. Here’s an animated clay demo of this thing called COB. Enjoy………..

  40. Tom Gallagher

  41. They left out “bitter”. I guess DM upgraded us to “excommunicated”, huh?

  42. Richard Royce

    Now here’s an issue I can get hot about! That %^$%$%^%&^&^&^*&%^&*Church alienated my boys from me! They are shunning me and treating me like I was harmful to them! What Misgavage and co have done to my family is EVIL pure and simple.

  43. I knew they would dig Heber out of the hole and do a make over and prop him up to work P.R. at his own son’s funeral.

    Of all the heartless despicable repelling solutions for P.R. FLAP CAUSED BY DAVID MISCAVIGE’S SADISM AND BRUTALITY.


  45. (comments self-censored by poster)

  46. I bet they are going to dust off Shelly and prop her up too to work a double P.R. caper!

  47. While they accuse Marty of profiting off someone’s loss!

    This so tacky it is ANTI P.R.! Ruthless pimping! Rape! This is rape!

  48. Ode To All Spiritual Warriors

    Sometimes we are born, to lift the veil
    By assuming the opposite role
    We loose ourselves in stories dark
    And land Loki’s hole

    Then conscience fires it’s stormy might
    Excalibur zings from stone
    A fierce determination
    The Soul to find it’s home

    What be a story with demons naught?
    What victory clarion call?
    It takes the Truth the God the One
    To crumble darkness wall

    So all ye conscience singers sing
    Go free go light go true
    For every single pain you’ve had
    Will guide the others through

  49. I bet they have David’s speechwriter up there drilling him on the Eulogy !

  50. Don’t they know how TOTALLY inappropriate and inhumane it is to ask the parent of a deceased child to deliver the Eulogy? NEVER anywhere in America would you see something like that! The parent is supposed to be the one to DECIDE WHO will deliver the Eulogy! It is NEVER expected of the parent! How GROSS!

  51. +1

  52. Right – Thursday at 11 AM so staff will be too busy to go. If they don’t want people to actually show up, they shouldn’t call it a memorial service.

  53. From the article:

    “The Voice has received a reliable report that Heber Jentzsch, president of the Church of Scientology International — who has not been seen in public since about 2004 — is being allowed to leave Scientology’s desert base east of Los Angeles in order to attend a memorial for his son, Alexander.”

  54. From the article:

    “When our source asked the official if Alexander’s mother, Karen de la Carriere, would be allowed to attend, the official answered that de la Carriere would be barred because “she opted out of this sector of the universe.”

    That’s gonna really improve Davey’s PR, I’ll bet.

  55. Suggested cram for David Miscavige because he has no idea how the world works outside of his prison compound:

    MOST BASIC rules Eulogy for DUMMIES:

  56. Heber may have wanted to do it. He is quite good at giving eulogies.

  57. You’re so right about this. With the death of a child, the parents are grieving so would never be expected to deliver the eulogy. It’s almost like Miscavige is rubbing Heber’s face in it. Very, very cruel.

  58. Two points I would like to raise:

    1. Anyone who has been in the US for the last 12 years knows that Nicole Kidman does not spend much, if any time with her kids – she is in the public eye constantly and has paparazzi’s following her when out in public catching everything on film. It is not normal that a mother does not spend time with her kids. You see her in pics with her two youngest children, but never with Bella and Conner.This is an easy conclusion to draw that SOMEBODY turned her kids against her. You have Tom, Tom’s mom, sisters or various church officials who did the brainwashing….Either way it doesn’t look good.

    2. Does Katie Holmes still consider herself a scientologist, and if not I wonder if she has informed any of her church handlers to get lost? This doesn’t seem to have been taken up by the media about her future plans when it comes to her own involvement in Scientology and her communication with the church.

  59. Marty,
    The trailer ended with you saying:
    “That’s my answer. My answer is a question.”
    It’s the best answer to an accusation I have ever heard. After hearing your answer, I am sure the reporter would just love to relay your question to a Church spokesperson…they could never answer it. Can’t wait to see the whole pgm tomorrow night.

  60. I am certain beyond a doubt it was not Heber’s purpose line to deliver a Eulogy for his own son.

  61. Can I get a witness? Thank you Pat!

  62. It’s hard to stay away from here. I like what you wrote at the end of your blog post: “I am glad Scientology Inc was given the full opportunity to respond. Now, viewers can make a fully informed decision as to who is telling the truth.” That is so true. DM is such a misfit, I actually look forward to when he issues official statements simply because it makes him look even worse. And that is an advantage for us. Kind of funny in a way… nobody is afraid of their statements to the press.

  63. Remember, nobody knows better than Miscavige on how to take a situation and turn it into a real dog’s breakfast. Lets count the ways on this one:
    1. First he refuses to allow the Karen to see her deceased son.
    2. Then, no memorial service.
    3. But, after Karen’s letter to 10,000 people, he decides on a service, one day before Karen’s and denies her access to the cult’s service.
    4. Issues a bizarre “sector of the universe” statement. Have they already started drinking the Kool Aid? I mean, WTF kind of statement is that???
    5. Then for the creme de la creme, announces Heber will be doing the eulogy for his own son. Sounds like mental torture to me.

    Note to Miscavige: all the money in the world can’t buy you manners, decency or class. Dude, you’re such a loser.

  64. Thanks Simple. You make me laugh… lol. It is true though is it not, or we wouldn’t laugh… 🙂

  65. Excellent Interviews, yesterday and today.

    Marty just keeps on swingin’ and he’s got ’em on the ropes!

  66. LDW… “if he just stood there on national TV and stated with his superior TRs…”, … and his NEW OT 10 non-existent Cert, his long hence dated all levels of Super Power Cert, and his all knowing, omni-present beingness, we would all simply melt and just walk back into the kool fresh aid of light at the end of his mocked up tunnel.

    Yea, right, Davie.

  67. No shit … !

  68. Completely new person here— Would anyone kindly let me know any of your answers to these questions:
    Regarding “clearing words”- what exactly does that mean and entail? I started reading here a few days ago and immediately noticed all the words you use. So, that immediately got my attention and it seems you are all quite intelligent. Do you think that Scientology has a large number of higher than usual intellectuals? What about the Sea Org people? They don’t sound very smart to me. Is it that all the true Scientologists are leaving the church and only the dim (Miscavage dummies) remain?
    I can see why you all call yourselves Independent Scientologists. Just from I have gathered here (I have read back for awhile), I have a subtle understanding of the appeal it has as far as being life skills that can benefit.
    There is a large Scientology building in my city. What would happen if I were to just walk in Is there a weekly meeting? I am not interested in joining at all (and already belong to a church I love), this would simply be for curiosity.
    Even if no one responds, I will continue to read here and learn. I eagerly cannot wait for DM’s HUGE fall! What do you think? Mental Institution, jail, or suicide?

  69. Amen to that! +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  70. My recommendation to Karen, go there let them turn you back. Let the media see how heartless they are.

  71. Miscavige is making Heber do the eulogy knowing full well the stress and heartbreak will kill him.

  72. You have missed the key point of COLD CHROME STEEL CORPORATE $CIENTOLOGY………….grieving is seen as having OTHER FISH TO FRY!

    “Deliver the frickin eulogy and get back in the hole and get to work” would be the OOD from the Pope On A Box.

  73. Marty, do you have a twitter account? If not, may I suggest that you get one so you can reach more people. My apologies if you have one and I missed it.

  74. Marty, the question you posed in response to the reporter’s reiteration of the church’s claims that you were “violent”, and that you “left a mess that had to be cleaned up by others”, was perhaps the best comeback I’ve heard since Churchill.

    Obviously, the church has no intelligent or believable response to that. With that one question, you nailed Miscavige and his lying minions to the wall of public opinion.

  75. The Miscarriage is totally pinned in a corner. If he steps out and says anything it will be an instant TKO. With Marty in the same ring I would expect two or three uppercuts followed by a left to the belly and DOWN HE GOES
    If he hides it will be a unanimous decision and DOWN HE GOES. It’s a real bitch to be a total Miscarriage.

  76. Li'll bit of stuff

    It’s a’happen’n, Mia

  77. “All the money in the world can’t buy you manners, decency or class.”

    So true Pat! +1

  78. Hapexamendios

    Very true. Contrast Marty’s calm and pleasant demeanor to the strident (and obviously over-rehearsed) “Every square inch wives club” a few years back when they were interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

  79. I agree, it was perfect. The question is being asked by many many people now. It was perfect.

    Thank you for the justice you bring to the wronged and oppressed, Marty Rathbun.

    Although it is expected for the Scientology Organization to lie, per their established history, their flagrant dishonesty is so cruel, so criminal, it never ceases to appall. It is so wrong. Thank you, not just from me, but from thousands, if not the world.

  80. tiara toodle

    Katie Holmes ditched the church handlers by switching cell phones. She fired Bella from the fashion company. She hired her own trusted team. She lined everything up then — snip — cut the entheta comm lines that she knew would try to manipulate her robotically, for vested interest. So no one could reach her.

    Those familiar with the dishonest tactics of the church handlers understand how brilliant that was, and why she had to go to such measures.

    What more should Katie Holmes do? 🙂 But live her live and thrive and create? Today she quoted what her mother always taught the girls growing up: Listen, look, learn, Be true to yourself. Oh, she did register at a Catholic Church this week. But there are parts of the rel Scientology she enjoyed, and those wins are hers forever. They have to do with the tech and herself…not the abusive bozos making a scam and sham of it at the Scientology corporation.

  81. “The church declined to comment on the divorce of Cruise and Holmes, saying it would be “inappropriate.””

    But it isn’t inappropriate to taunt the mother who’s son just died from NEGLECT.

    “she opted out of this sector of the universe.”

    That was appropriate?

    Wild stupidity!

  82. threefeetback

    Well, since what DM does and says has nothing to do with the actual scriptures and practices of Scientology, Katie Holmes is free to leak out the gory details when and where she pleases without violating any agreements about respecting beliefs or religions. Even DM, in his own mind, is ABOVE Scientology, not a part of it, and only medels with the subject for his own financial gains.

  83. threefeetback


  84. Ronnie: I don’t know how to make words bold in wordpress comments, as you did with the word **allowed** above, but here is another interesting choice of words by COS attorneys in the last couple of days regarding Shelly Miscavige….They actually say she is not missing and has been ***working non-stop*** /// I wonder if ***working non-stop*** means she is doing forced manual labor or working 100 hours a week for $50.00/week somewhere…


    Attorneys who represent Shelly [Miscavige] told Us Weekly on Friday: “She is not missing. Any reports that she is missing are false . . . Mrs. Miscavige has been ***working non-stop*** in the Church, as she always has.”

    Full article:

  85. threefeetback

    With a 9 foot ladder and an escape Lemo on standby, Heber needs to be ‘inadvertently’ escorted to the escape Lemo to attend the service on Friday.

  86. Brilliant, brilliant interviews. That radio interviewer did not want to stop.
    Marty you are exemplary. High fives to you.

  87. Very well put…….

  88. It is doubtful she consider’s herself a Scientologist. In the eyes of the Corporate Cof$ she at the very least has committed a High Crime by violating the policy of sueing another Scientologist.

    Furthermore, she strikes me as an intelligent and observant individual. Considering that she probably hasnt had the opportunity to participate in ACTUAL Scientology, in fellowship with ACTUAL Scientologists, how high an opinion of the subject might she really hold?

    I hope she has gotten something from her study of the subject, but if she was judging by the likes of DM and his more ardent supporters, she may have a slanted and unkind view of it.

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Richard, thanks for sharing this.Marty has made frequent references to “end game(s)” of late, and
    I hope you are able to take some solace from
    this massive gathering storm of public protest.

    The %^$%$%^96&^&^&^*&%^*Church(CO$) AND
    it’s sick, ruthless, psychopathic creator, are already
    inhaling the smoke from the latest toxic chemical
    concoction hastily mixed together by “Doctor”
    David” Frankenstein,” in his desperate attempts
    to quell the out-of-control public outcry caused by his stumbling, lurching, rotting monster(CO$)

    Richard, be assured, that the problems created
    within Scientology, WILL be solved by our very
    own TRUE brethren, the able, FREE Independent
    Scientologists, shining the light of TRUTH on the single source of the insanity, David Miscavige!

    Look forward to the day when your your family
    are finally freed from the oppressive mind control
    of Dr. Frankenstein, and can begin the healing
    process of decompression. That day is not far
    off now, and Marty’s new book WIWWS, will act
    to catalyse the process, (Thank God, for the
    strength & guidance of Marty in this insanity!!!)


  90. What I just copy pasted from Facebook:

    Trending Articles
    Katie Holmes used disposable cell phone to secretly plan divorce from Tom Cruise…
    Share180,084 people read this.

    180,084 people read this!

  91. Rory Medford

    Way to go Marty!!! Its nice to see truthful coverage happening on the radio and TV. Little by little you are uncovering the sherman tank!

  92. Well, never mind. I am sure there are 999,084 on course being trained as auditors this week and 999,084 people in session this week so the 184,084 people who read that are a drop in the bucket and do not matter anyway.

  93. Just copy pasted from YAHOO cover page!

    01 Kate Middleton’s cousin
    02 Christian Grey composite
    03 Vanessa Paradis
    04 Jessica Alba
    05 Rheumatoid arthritis
    06 Kristen Wiig
    07 Scientology
    08 Child prodigies, autistic people
    09 DirecTV

  94. scilonschools

    Perfect Marty!!
    Still waiting for a live debate and casting of allegations between the Mighty Midget (DM) and yourself.
    Any idea how many lifetimes i will have to wait for DM is up to the Job?

  95. scilonschools

  96. scilonschools

    This is an ‘aside’ but great article in Mail UK today on first major ‘Slavery’ trial in UK for 200 years.(It’s about time to raid east Grinstead!!)
    The precident is set and the article seems strangely familiar!!

    “The traveller family who kept hundreds of slaves: Four found guilty in first case of its kind for more than 200 years”

  97. Yeah that phrase “she opted out of this sector of the universe.” really leapt off the page at me too. It almost sounds like a confession, as in “Karen had the good sense to opt out of the barbarity and psychosis that is Miscavige’s mad mad world, and for that reason and that reason alone she would not fit in with the congregation. Only those who agree with enforced disconnection, imprisonment, torture and sadism, or are completely the effect of it are welcome”.

  98. scilonschools

    I was going to say DM relies on the ‘goldfish’ memory of his followers, then i looked it up on Wiki and realised i was doing ‘goldfish’ an injustice!
    From Wiki-“Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months and can distinguish between different shapes, colors and sounds.Goldfish vision is among the most studied of all vision in fishes. By using positive reinforcement, goldfish can be trained to recognize and to react to light signals of different colors or to perform tricks. Fish respond to certain colors most evidently in relation to feeding. Fish learn to anticipate feedings provided they occur at around the same time every day”

  99. Yes, this is all happening at the right time. With all the allegations about Dave flying around he will soon put himself front and centre. Many of the those there Dave will be watching you through narrowed eyes

  100. The brilliance of miscavige is that he honestly believes that he can silence the world.

    That the world will cower from fear.

    What he doesn’t know is that if you face fear, IT cowers.

    Karen has faced fear, Marty has faced fear, Mike and 100’s of others.

    As a result, what happens is miscavige issues orders, his minions cower NOT facing fear and then pride takes over …

    And footbullet after footbullet spews from their mouths.

    miscavige will never learn you cannot cover the earth with leather in an attempt to win (old buddhist allegory about dealing with obstacles – instead the practiced buddhist wears shoes)


  101. Hi Charity,
    DM is a tyrant that is running a Ponzi Scheme on its members. Many, but not all, tyrants have a HUGE fall, but all Ponzi Schemes eventually fail. You are watching his Ponzi organization unravel as members leave after learning the truth about a shrinking membership due to his alteration of L Ron Hubbard’s workable technology: Scientology.

    Another source of information to start understanding what this is all about is Marty’s new book: “What is wrong with Scientology”. It was just released.

  102. The cult’s “sector of the universe” was worse than inappropriate. It’s actually a sneering, sarcastic display of the disdain they feel toward a grieving mother. This will NOT resonate well in society where some degree of decency is expected from a church at a time like this.

    In one sense it’s a really good comment as it showcases perfectly their callous disregard for the feelings of other people and their annoyance that someone had the nerve to die and disrupt their activities. And the “church” said it themselves. There’s no un-ringing that bell!

    The remaining cult members and society at large will learn a lesson from this. That lesson: mothers better hide your children from these monsters.

  103. Tony Dephillips

    Jaw meet sidewalk.

  104. Everytime COFS used words liked, apostate, heresy, defrocked it is a PR blunder as it positions COFS with the militant (and violent) ideology similar to “Mother Churches” during the Inquisition eras

  105. Nice clay demo!

  106. the actual charge was based on servitude, although I’m not sure how this differs from slavery, but yes, it’s a very interesting case.

  107. martyrathbun09

    Good observation Don.

  108. Richard, it is EVIL. If you take a look at the link, most people still in Cof$ display all of the traits of “PAS children” as described.
    I’m sorry this is happening to you.

  109. Maybe OSAs next brilliant move will be to brand Indies as “witches”.

    That would hit a cord and turn public sentiment in their favor, right? “Heretic”, “defrocked” what a joke. Good job OSA, keep it coming!!

  110. FCDC Class of 74

    The last two days post have been powerful yet in control, it was like yesterday one shoe dropped and today the second dropped and now its time to dance. Bill

  111. Great points Ronnie……..

    “allowed” Heber to go to his own son’s funeral speaks volumes to the real situation he [Heber] is in.

    “she [Karen] opted out of this sector of the universe” not only sounds weird, but who could ever think there was any reason to bar a mother from her child’s funeral? Or bar a mother from seeing a child one last time? There is no reason. That statement must really have the public collectively raising their eyebrows.

    And what about Alexander? He dedicated his entire life to the CofS and a final ack (funeral service) is too much to ask for! Strewth! Even “cold chrome steel” sounds cosy by comparison to the RCS.

    And the RCS “relent[s]”. Hah! Not really a causative standpoint when they get themselves into a situation where they have to do the relenting! What was the trigger for the “relenting”? Karen? The press? That is who is at cause here. If they had a modicum of Theta, they would have arranged a service without a second thought! Their true colours show! What a PR stuff up, too!

  112. Exactly. Very well stated!

  113. I am going to read this book. Thanks you.

  114. As an outsider, may I just say that apostate is not always a bad thing. Martin Luther was branded such by the Catholic Church, and look how that turned out…he unveiled the corruption & oppression of the church at that time. He was supposedly defrocked (he’d been a Catholic monk), when actually, he quit. He empowered people with the truth instead of what they were being fed and controlled by…lies. Catholicism launched a scorched earth campaign against him.

    Luther was not turning his back on God or Christ, but on the monolith and sham practices of the Catholic establishment. In that light, apostate was a badge of honor. It could be a helpful counterpoint, or argument, should the need or situation arise. Turn CoB’s words of accusation against him…reframe his contentions.

  115. Charity, you said;

    “There is a large Scientology building in my city. What would happen if I were to just walk in Is there a weekly meeting? I am not interested in joining at all (and already belong to a church I love), this would simply be for curiosity.”

    The only weekly meetings in there have to do with ways to separate you from your money. Do yourself a favor and stay out of there, unless you want to be called and mailed to for the rest of you life. If you must go inside, bring a friend and use false names and addresses. Do not park nearby. Use public transportation. Best to just ask to use their bathroom . If they capture you, and press you to tell them things about yourself, mention your history of psychiatric medications and therapy and having just had to file for bankruptcy. They should loose interest in you rather rapidly at that point.

    There are plenty of folks offering scientology courses and counselling outside the church. I would look them up if you wish to try it on for size.

  116. DM has compounded the damage by not allowing the Karen to attend Alexander’s funeral. The public sees that & thinks of Katie and Suri. No wonder Katie wanted out…they bar people from their children’s funeral!

    So DM just vindicated Katie and her actions, and exposed himself and his church as liars…once again.

    I don’t know about his physical stature, but he seems like a mental midget to me. And he needs new PR people. What a clusterf**k.
    (Sorry if that last word is inappropriate. Please delete it if it is.)

  117. Oops. Left out a word:
    * Should be “…the mother, Karen…”

  118. Mel, your right. The truth is that the Catholic Church and the Scientology Church both use the term incorrectly, as neither individual is renouncing their faith, just the organizational abuses. These churches want to keep control over the faithful with lies. It did not work 500 years ago when people could not even read. Today is has no chance and is actually serving to dead agent the user, the church of scientology. If Marty is known for anything, its that he still adheres to LRH. Thats pretty much the medias lead-in when introducing him. And then the church walks right into a bullet as if it cannot think and its mind is fixated. They cannot or will not differentiate between the Marty Rathbuns of the world and the folks who hate scientology and lrh. To them its all the same. Martians and SP’s everywhere.

  119. Mel, throughout the recent controversies concerning Scientology, the public has slowly started to become aware that this religion is in the midst of its own Reformation, and that many (if not most) Scientologists who’ve left the church, have not abandoned their religion.

    Many have spoken of the ‘tipping point’ in Miscavige’s reign of terror, but the even larger story, is the establishment of a truly free and independent culture of practicing Scientologists who’ve divorced themselves from the corrupt mother church.

    No matter what happens within the body of the corporate church, Independent Scientology is here to stay, and will soon outgrow its parent.

  120. Marty, leave TC alone and his marriage. that is a personal matter. No use of talking about his marriage with Nicole, she got a big chunik of settlement, . You nvver know TC has another plan.
    Any grievances with DM, go straight to him and the organization.
    What do you predict, anyway for DM to step down.

  121. threefeetback


  122. “Lyin-tology” offers a ‘future’ of being reincarnated billions of times (you dont know your future life and cant remember your past so whats the point?) but Jesus offers forgiveness, peace, mercy and eternal life. (Yes, John 3:16 and Revelation 21:4) But sadly Tom insists on following his false ‘messiah’ Hubbard and has a terrifying eternal doom waiting for him. I pray that soon he would turn to Christ for his salvation before he one day slips out into all eternity to face an awesome, holy and righteous God. “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his owns soul?” Mark 8:36

  123. That is so funny, sad but true 🙂

  124. Trending now #1 Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman
    By Claudine Zap, Yahoo!
    Wed, Jul 11, 2012, 7:00 am PDT

    The ex-wives club: In secretly planning her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes reportedly had support from Tom’s second ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. According to an Us Weekly source, “Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there.”

  125. Lily, I should have finished my thought in that last post. Could be misinterpreted otherwise.

    If Shelly Miscavige is just “working non-stop in the church as she always has”, then let’s see her. She’s the wife of the Supreme Rulah, which means the public has a strong interest in her, and her welfare, wouldn’t you think?

    I don’t want to hear cheap talk from the church. Let’s see Shelly, if she’s there at all.

  126. I love it. That’s exactly what I feared. Too scary. I just want to see if for myself but not worth all the hassle.

  127. Hi Marty, great piece on NBC Rock Center. It was pretty clear who Brian Williams et al believe — despite the fact that everyone who discounts you is still in the church, therefore, in fear of the retaliation or disconnection you have experienced if they were to tell the truth.

    I really respect and applaud what you and your fellow ex-Scientologists are doing to tell the truth, shed light on, and ultimately dismantle David M and Scientology Inc. While I am of a different faith, you can be sure that you have the support of many, many of us “wogs”/non-Scientologists who believe in the freedoms of religion and of speech guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, as well as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ensconced in the Declaration of Independence. We are also freedom-loving people who support you in your quest to your lives in freedom and in peace.

  128. martyrathbun09

    +1 🙂

  129. Correction: INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS – not ex — my bad. Sorry about that! 😦

  130. Sorry! – INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS, not ex. My bad – couple of errors and typos in my original post.

  131. Saw Rock Center last nite and was disappointed that no one discussed the evil Miscaviage and all the horrible things he has done and is still doing.
    I feel sorry for Tom Cruise…he has been brainwashed to believe that confessing to a metal box with wires is profitable but he has never yet been ‘cleared’ of his sin nature, his incessant profanity and multiple marriages. Scripture tells us that the real ‘auditor’ is the Holy Spirit of God and His Word: “For the Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart.”
    “The Lord searches the heart…” Jeremiah 17 :10 I pray that Cruise reaches out to the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation (yes, John 3:16) before he one day slips out into all eternity to face an awesome, holy, and righteous God. “For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

  132. However i apologize for not adding that Marty did a great job!

  133. David Miscavige where is Marty declare order ? You seem to have no issuing it out ordering it on Anons like Anonsparrow, So are you chicken ?

    “2. “Excommunicated.” To this day the little dictator has not had the courage to publish a declare order (Scientology excommunication) on me. He has since forfeited the right to do so, since as he defines power (‘if people listen to you’) he is bereft of any.”

  134. Finally had time to watch the show. It was awesome! I loved seeing the squirrel busters on national TV, couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous they looked. You and Mike were pros as usual. I loved the second segment which went over what Scientology was all about, mostly church PR and showing all the idle orgs,

    But, that reporter didn’t miss the fact that the seeming transparency wasn’t across the boards. The church seemed pleased to show off their growth and expansion yet it was near impossible to get any cooperation for the other aspects of the report, going out of their way to try to stop it from happening.

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