Cruise Counsel Bert Fields Works For Scientology Inc.

Tom Cruise’s nominal lawyer Bert Fields has taken to running interference for Scientology Inc.  First he took this creepy corporate Scientologesque swipe at Katie Holmes last week:

 We are letting ‘the other side’ (Katie and her team), play the media until they wear everyone out and then we’ll have something to say. – Fields statement to BBC News

Now that his de facto client David Miscavige (Scientology Inc. supreme leader and Tom Cruise best man) has apparently been worn out, Fields is actively flying air cover for Miscavige and Scientology Inc.  He is quoted in Radar Online as stating the following:

“Let me be very clear about this. The Church of Scientology played absolutely NO ROLE in the divorce settlement talks at all. Period.”

“The mere suggestion that the Church was involved in any element of the talks and ultimate settlement is categorically false. Anyone suggesting otherwise is just wrong.” see radaronline for full story.

The day before the Cruise/Holmes settlement, I predicted the settlment on this blog and that the quotations above would be the precise statement issued, Holmes v. Cruise – The End Game.

What I did not predict is that Bert Fields would stoop to become in essence the spokesperson for Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige.

I could have predicted it though.   I outed Fields for representing Miscavige and Scientology Inc. three years ago, to the detriment of his client in name Tom Cruise.

In August 2009, we documented here Bert Fields’ attempt to serve as Scientology Inc.’s censor in shutting me up, see Top Gun Flies Air Cover For David Miscavige?

At that time, I took the threat as an opportunity to put Tom Cruise fully on notice about the serial felonies his best man and best friend was committing day in and day out in the name of Scientology, see Top Gun and Hired Gun Put on Notice.

As Fields apparently had difficulty fielding that communication, I nudged him after several days of silence, see NUDGE.

Finally, Fields answered, remarkably failing to report compliance with informing his client to the facts I put him notice of, and instead delivering a passionate defense for the sociopathic conduct of Tom Cruise’s best man and best friend David Miscavige.  See For Whom Does Bert Fields Work? 

My response to Fields’ defense of Miscavige provided further facts about Miscavige’s criminal conduct and even Miscavige’s invoking of Cruise’s name to carry it out. See YSCOHB.

Fields’ did not respond.  Instead, he continued working for Miscavige and Scientology Inc. attempting to censor and silence Amy Scobee from exposing Miscavige/Scientology Inc. crimes.  See Cruise Missile or Scud?

Any media receiving such Scientology Inc. promotional tips as Radar Online apparently received from Fields would be well-served to study the links I have provided.  From them one could derive a number of important questions to ask of Cruise’s (or is it Miscavige’s?) counsel.

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  1. “Miscavige said that Tom, as his best friend and most trusted confidante, had vowed to come to the Hole and personally “beat the living shit” out of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves. Miscavige said that if they didn’t show evidence that they had acted, they all would be bypassed the next day by Cruise. The tantrum was accompanied by the usual ill-tempered and sadistic threats to the executives detailing what would become of them if Tom had to do “their job.”
    Looks like Cruise works for David Miscavige too…

  2. Let’s remind ourselves what we’re talking about here, for those who haven’t or can’t be bothered to read the links:

    “A couple years ago Miscavige strode into the Hole to make an announcement to the eighty to one hundred Scientology managers then incarcerated. Miscavige berated them for being far too light in their demands for confessions from three of his favorite targets for degradation, humiliation and beatings. They were Marc Yager who was once the highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology International, Guillaume Leserve the Executive Director International and Ray Mithoff the highest technical executive in all of Scientology. Miscavige informed the gathering that Tom Cruise would be coming to the Int base (the 500 acre compound near Hemet) the next day. This, of course, was taken seriously since the several hundred base staff members were busy that day on the Tom Cruise arrival preparation drill (which includes, incidentally, putting all staff through drills orchestrating every action they perform in front of, or speak in the presence of, Cruise).

    Miscavige informed all of the members of International management that he had been telling Cruise all about how suppressive Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff had been to Miscavige personally. He told the executives that he had told Cruise how all other members of management were suppressive to Miscavige too because they refused to beat Yager, Leserve and Mithoff to pulps in defense of Miscavige’s honor. Miscavige said that Tom, as his best friend and most trusted confidante, had vowed to come to the Hole and personally “beat the living shit” out of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves. Miscavige said that if they didn’t show evidence that they had acted, they all would be bypassed the next day by Cruise. The tantrum was accompanied by the usual ill-tempered and sadistic threats to the executives detailing what would become of them if Tom had to do “their job.”

    In response, the mob rushed at the three targeted gentlemen. Fists flew and feet kicked into the three. They continued to pound until Miscavige’s deputy on site determined they had created sufficient evidence. That evidence? Fat lips, bloody noses, black eyes (and the deputy would not let the mob relent until each had two black eyes) and contusions over the faces and bodies of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff”.

  3. Tom Gallagher

    Looks like a new fitting moniker might just be ‘Tom Screwed’.

    It sucks being POB’s man-wife.

  4. It’s hard to articulate… but the action of Bert, Tom, and David is sort of insulting to Katie.

    The following comment is forwarded from Exscn in regards to child abuse in the church:

    “We need to take charge and have a literal million-person march upon CoS headquarters. Not hissy-fitting outside protesting with signs, but storming in the building and physically removing Miscavige. Doesn’t matter if he is even there or not, perhaps even better if not. Gives us more time to force staff to take over admin. Police cannot stop 500,000+ people. Nor can CoS security, nor would they want to. The media coverage alone would be astronomical, even if we got pulled out of there after 2 days by authorities. Perhaps it would then force the govt to wake up and take charge of this nightmare. After all, that’s the only way the govt can save face. A post lawsuit would not matter, providing that many people showed up; Miscavige would literally implode due to the coverage. I say we all book a week long vacation for LRH birthday’s next year and kick this DM out. Or at least tip the scales beyond anything that he can recover from. Giggle at my idealism if you must. But really… I simply do not see any other way. Do you? Results are not happening fast enough. And perhaps the mere planning, announcing, and gathering up numbers of attendees for a million-person march might create media coverage fairly quickly, and begin to make DM panic. Knowing that an entire city population is going to show up at his doorstep in 10 or whatever months can be a daunting thought. Following Tom and Katie news, A Million Person March Against The Church Of Scientology would probably be quickly reported on.”

  5. Marty — yeah, no big surprise here. I told Dana Kennedy (who has done some of the most intelligent reporting on this whole insanity) that this is what would happen and she put it in her article on Monday:

    I think Dave jumped the gun here though. This shouted denial signals that this was in fact the REAL issue he was worried about (why wouldn’t Tom’s statement simply be “I am happy this is over for the sake of my daughter and I will always love Katie as the mother of my child. Now we can get on with our lives”)… It’s like waving a huge red flag. And its almost a challenge to all the media that have reported Scientology WAS an issue to now prove they were right.

    As usual, Miscavag can turn anything into a new problem. Huge money and time is invested in hammering out a settlement to curtail the bloodletting, and he has to jump up and down once he is out of the hacking sword’s range and shout “it was just a flesh wound….” He just cannot ever let anything that has hurt his pride and vanity rest. He HAS to have the last word, and I now make another prediction — he is going to get more media interest now in an effort to prove that this is another lie as he just told virtually every reporter on earth “you made this up and you are all a bunch of liars.”

    The old saying goes: “Don’t pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.”

    It sucks to be Miscavige….

  6. The “church” of Scientology has COMPLETELY nullified any credibility that it might have had. It made a statement this week that it only recruits members 16 years or older and then the next 5 interviews I watched all had ex-members state that they were recruited before they were 16 years old.
    The “church” states that there is no such thing as a policy of “disconnection” and scores of people have come forward with stories of disconnection. The same is true regarding Miscaviges extreme abuse of members, favors and free service to Cruise, etc, etc, etc. For years the “church” lied and told Scientology public that Debbie Cook was on a medical LOA and that rumors were false. Well, that got blown out of the water and even the most faithful know they were lied to. I could write examples for an hour.
    Now there is some rich, fat ass, crusty lawyer trying to spoon out the PR line for the day. Oh ya, that’s going to work – NOT. Jesus Chirst himself could come down and he couldn’t cover the ass of Miscavige and his cult at this point. The crimes and human right violations are just pouring out of the closet.

  7. My question for Messrs. Miscavige and Cruise is this: Katie Holmes sued Tom Cruise without prior approval or contact with the International Justice Chief (an offense in Miscavige’s brave new world). She also directly or indirectly resigned from Scientology and rejoined the Catholic faith which fact has become public knowledge. Such is also an offense by Miscavige’s reckoning. To date, anyone carrying out such acts has been declared “suppressive” and no member of Miscavige’s dwindling circle would be allowed any form of contact with them. And there is more, by Miscavige’s own law Tom Cruise should not have any contact with Suri due to Suri’s connection with Katie (crazy I know but its is well documented that that is David Miscavige’s policy). But that is clearly not the case for Tom Cruise.

    So does this mean that Miscavige’s disconnection policy is now canceled? Can my wife now have contact with her two sisters without fear of retribution for her or them? Can estranged “suppressive” mothers or fathers now also have contact with their Scientology kids and vice versa? I could string together a host of similar questions but you get the idea.

    Would Messrs. Miscavige and Cruise care you answer?

  8. The State Bar of California is charged with the responsibility of investigating its members (Mr. Fields being one) when there is evidence that they have violated the cannons of professional responsibility (this used to be called “Ethics” for lawyers, but that word was removed some years ago!).

    While I am not certain that one can ask for such an investigation if the complainant does not himself or herself have a ‘direct’ interest, it would be odd, to say the least, should the State Bar of California refuse to investigate Mr. Fields, if it receives credible information alleging that Mr. Fields has witnessed, and has direct knowledge of, ongoing wrongs and possible criminal activity.

    A lawyer does not have to, indeed may NOT, report PAST illegal activity and crimes by his clients. After all that is what they come to the lawyer for, sometimes, help in handling the legal ramifications of their illegal/criminal behavior. BUT, a lawyer MAY NOT continue to represent a client who the lawyer has good and reliable reason to believe WILL IN THE FUTURE commit a crime or violate a person’s civil rights. If the lawyer, knowing that his client is about to do something wrong, continues his relationship with that Client, then the Lawyer is, essentially an accomplice.

    If there is evidence that Mr. Fields knew of crimes and other irregularities before they happened, the State Bar of California should be very interested in this information.

  9. PS The last line should read: Would Messrs. Miscavige and Cruise care to answer?

  10. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

  11. Mike, Exactly right. More unbelievable to me is how this whole thing makes TC look like a complete wimp. His wife files for divorce and sole custody of their daughter and he gives up without a peep. This is the Mission Impossible/Top Gun/Days of Thunder/Code Red guy? He has 10 times the firepower at his disposal than Katie did and he went down like a tomato can paid to throw the fight. Usually these Hollywood divorces are in news for months and this thing is done in two weeks? The corporate Church of Scn Inc. has been saved a drubbing in court but Tom Cruise paid dearly with his reputation. Am I wrong or does this guy come off looking like a complete pussy after this? Doesn’t it seem as though TC has been thrown under the bus here? Is anybody going to buy this settlement announcement for a minute?

  12. Marty — Interesting, the media is now attributing this statement to the fact that you said the church “leader” was pulling the strings….

    Once again, you are total cause!

    I note the careful language used by Bert:

    “Let me be very clear about this. The Church of Scientology played absolutely no role in the divorce settlement talks at all.”

    “The mere suggestion that the Church was involved in any element of the talks and ultimate settlement is categorically false. Anyone suggesting otherwise is just wrong.”

    And, I am sure he is right. David Miscavige was not AT the divorce settlement talks and was NOT involved. He didnt say “Tom’s BFF David Miscavag had no indirect influence on the settlement even though he was not physically present” nor did he say “Scientology was not an issue in the divorce,” nor did he say “Scientology was not an issue in Katie’s decision to divorce Tom.”

    This is a typical Miscavag “PR handling” — he honestly believes he is smarter than everyone else and that nobody will see what is going on.

    It sucks to be a Miscavag.

  13. I would love to be younger and have some muscles. Would love to join you to chase this imbecile out of town with peck and feathers.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, they are getting more pathetic by the day.

  15. “Let me be very clear about this. The Church of Scientology played absolutely NO ROLE in the divorce settlement talks at all. Period.”

    Substitution of an unreality for a reality was referred to by LRH as the “overt of Not-Know” in a 1961 SHSBC tape. This is SIGNATURE David Miscavige. As he can’t confront Reality, he has to get others to Not-Know their reality in his continuing efforts to Dominate and Control.

    I wonder how loudly his dogs are barking? Or have they blown too?

  16. Very Orwellian, Martin.

  17. Li'll bit of stuff

    Me,My approach exactly! Storm in! Handle! Done!
    To hell with the lame pussyfooting! On the way out,
    toss the (Miss)cabbage/s onto the compost heap
    where their rotting MAY achieve some good!!!!

  18. Perhaps those who have been disconnected should ask these questions of those who have disconnected them (by fair means or foul).

  19. what was the wording they used for Debbie Cook’s settlement? Something like there wasn’t any consideration for dismissing the case, which was true. technically.

  20. Dan, I get the same feeling about this as you. It leaves the impression that Cruise cared so little about his wife and child and so much for his “church” that he was willing to quickly settle and go back to making movies. Like nothing important really happened.

  21. Ha! Love it!

  22. Just saw this: Why Katie divorced Tom.,,20610814,00.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk1%26pLid%3D177530
    and this:,,20609303,00.html

  23. Well no doubt in the fetid morass that is Miscavige’s universe it is perfectly fine to enforce abhorent disconnection practices to protect himself and his own while him and his BFF don’t have to abide by any rules. “Do as we say” etc.

    I expect DM would find it faintly amusing that my daughter still cries herself to sleep regularly since being disconnected from her best buddy Molly. The questions I have had to deal with from her about this are … well let’s just say tough. Robots like Graeme Wilson of OSA UK are only too keen to forward this putrid agenda. Has he told Molly’s parents that it’s a personal decision as to whether they let my girl see Molly? Has he fuck. Besides, it’s only a personal decision until the next sec check comes along, we all know that. Seems they all missd the memo from Tommy “disconnection cancelled” Davis anyway.

  24. Sorry about those links not working. This should.,,20610814,00.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk1%26pLid%3D177530

  25. Totally agree the wording leaves plenty of room for the truth that Tim’s devotion to David Miscavige and his church of scientology played a huge part in Katie deciding what to do.

    I still feel for Katie because while Katie is said to have sought assurances that nothing will happen to cause Suri to “alienate” Katie whiile in Tom’s care how is she going to show that? Chances are Tom and Miscavige will just say it’s not their fault if Suri seems more distant and that maybe it would help if Katie wasn’t so “paranoid”. I think sole custody via the courts would be best.

  26. I have read the follow-up comments by the hundreds on many of the articles on a variety of websites and NOBODY is buying the line that Scientology was not the problem. NOBODY. Team Cruise settled fast out of fear and they rushed to settle. And everyone understands it. In fact, everyone then adds all their own theories as to the real why behind the momentum, and by so doing continually repeat all the horror stories about the Hole, the beatings, the suppression, etc.
    Any sense of relief that the fast settlement gives them, also has confirmed in the publics mind the worst rumors and stories and other accounts of abuse. And the internet, unlike a telephone, does not forget. This lives on, ond on, and on.

  27. Good points Haydn but note that this has been the case since
    HCOPL 23 Dec 1965 ” SUPPRESSIVE ACTS—–”

    As this policy was revised in 1991, in current green vols, clearly an opportunity was missed. But then perhaps we shall see further revisions of a more liberal nature,but don’t hold your breath. 🙂 See below.

    ” Periodic sweep-outs of antiquated and didactic laws ( rather than
    general concepts and subpurposes ) ~MUST~ be undertaken by a being, organisation, group or race or species.” HCOPL 13 Mar

  28. The web addresses are ok. Worpress’ automatic weblink generation algorithm is the culprit.
    People just should copy and paste the whole web address.

  29. Mat, itemizing a list of such examples would make a very good blog post. Maybe you could do a guest post here or on

  30. You are right Martin. Miscavige set his “policy” by taking aggressive and abusive action against people and thus set precedents that others (sheep) followed. As far as I can see, in the Katie Holmes matter, he has just set a new precedent and thus abolished disconnection. A new slogan arises: THE DISCONNECTION WAR IS OVER!

  31. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, in spite of the indignation you clearly feel
    over the thorough”mind” makeover done by DM
    of TC, I am convinced that is exactly what has
    taken place. That (TC) HAS been painstakingly
    indoctrinated with this abominable, yet at the
    same time “attack from bitter apostates” mumbo
    jumbo, and no doubt “see! I told you she was no
    good for you” viciously orchestrated 3 pty’ing.

    Despite apparencies, I believe TC is, effectively,
    ” hypnotized,” no differently to any other Kool-
    Aid drinker. The state may call for the outright
    wrath and condemnation of all outraged by this
    out of valence behavior, and the incredulous
    notions that it could have even taken place!

    But the harsh reality is, it HAS!.. and at the
    hands of a single, solitary perpetrator.

    I invite ANY professional hypnotist / hypno-
    therapist for their comments / opinions on this
    high profile “personality modification.”

    Calvin B. Duffield

  32. The web address is ok. Worpress’ automatic weblink generation algorithm is the culprit.
    People just should copy and paste the whole web address.

    The real web address is:,,20610814,00.html
    Everything after (including) the “?” is just the referrer.

  33. Insert Bert Fields name into the following quote:
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

    It’s actually pretty funny to see Miscavige respond, through a via of course, to Marty and Tony Ortega. You two have put him squarely at effect.

  34. Penny, WordPress seems to be breakingthe links, but I copy/pasted the link and it worked fine..

  35. Tom Gallagher

    “The still-stunned actor “was a happy man and thought he had a happy life,” says another source. “He keeps asking, ‘What’s happening?’ ”

    Yeah, It really sucks to be POB’s BFF.

  36. Tom allegedly “He keeps asking, ‘What’s happening?’ ”

    Try: Having a manipulative devious sociopath as your BFF

    Failing that try: Not putting ethics in ruthlessly enough on yourself.

  37. The real issue is that if Bert Fields represents both the cult and TC, there could be conflicts of interest in the cases where their interests diverge. It is difficult to tell the extent to which the interests of TC and the cult are aligned at this point, but if there is in fact a conflict of interest, that would be actionable. I have to believe that Bert Fields, who probably represents both studios and artists, is an expert at complying with conflict-of-interest regulations.

    It is unlikely that Tom Cruise would ever make such an accusation to the Bar Association unless he completely blew from the cult, but if that happened, dealing with a conflicted attorney would probably be low on the list of things he would spend his time thinking about.

    As far as your theory of Fields having witnessed criminal behavior or having heard Miscavige specifically tell Fields that he was thinking of engaging in criminal behavior which would require him taking action to stop it, that’s extremely unlikely. One thing Miscavige is good at is never leaving any footprints that could get him put in jail.

  38. Sapere Aude

    Mike – before I saw your post I had written almost the same thing. As a PR handling somebody needs to review the policy about not using lies in PR as the communication recoils on the false R.

    Amending my post I will just add the following. Bert did not say Scientology wasn’t discussed, or DM (directly or indirectly) was not part of the settlement. No, just that the corporation/group named “The Church of Scientology” was involved.

    Katie was affirmed to the world she is a practicing Catholic I guess we should look forward to a statement from a lawyer representing the Pope that the “Catholic Church played absolutely NO ROLE…”

    Now, as the terms of settlement were entirely confidential and each side has agreed to respect the belief’s of the other then why do you even need to make a denial from a NON “involved” corporation??? Especially telling if you are the attorney representing Tom Cruise and supposedly not the Church of Scientology. Bert, as the attorney, would only need to deny if the underlying facts have some truth.

    Yes, indeed – going to be a long hot summer for those hidden in the dark side.

  39. What really struck me was that Bert uses the exact same phraseology and syntax as what comes out of Kathy True or any other official “categoric denials” that come out of the Church. Made me wonder if Bert was actually writing some of that stuff, or if he’s just so used to seeing it, that he’s snapping terminals to some degree. Pretty lame in any case.

  40. To DM, Bert, and TC:

    When your marrer bone seems ‘oller,
    And you’re glad you ain’t no taller,
    And you’re a-shakin’ like you ‘ad the chills;

    When your skin creeps like a pullet’s,
    And you’re duckin’ all the bullets,
    And you’re green as gorgonzola round the gills;

    When your legs seem made of jelly,
    And you’re squeamish in the belly,
    And you want to turn about and do a bunk:

    For Gawd’s sake, guys, don’t show it!
    Don’t let your mateys know it-
    You’re just sufferin’ from funk, funk, funk.

  41. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, your original purpose for this blog, still does
    it for me—–and I have never lost sight of it, not for
    a moment——31 FACTORS.

  42. It’s becoming more and more clear that Katie Holmes divorced Cruise to get Suri away from Scientology:–report.html?_esi=1

    As part of the settlement, Holmes will have total control over Suri’s education. And, in a move that is a definite slap in the actor’s face, Holmes – who renounced her Catholic upbringing for Scientology when she married Cruise in 2006 – has registered as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City not far from her Chelsea apartment. That presumably means she’ll be taking Suri along with her to mass. “Everyone is thrilled to have Katie join us,” a member of the church’s choir told The Huffington Post on Monday. “She has not yet attended a service, but when she does she will be welcomed with open arms.”

  43. To all you Miscavige Scientologists, did you ever get the life-changing abilities you were promised? Can you exteriorise at will? Drop your body when old and pick up a new one? Levitate objects? Remote viewing? Telepathy? No? Past lives? (OK, I confess, I can do this one, but only after doing OT 3 outside the cult).

    Did you make lots of money as you were promised? Or, if you did were you forced to “donate” it to the latest pet Miscavige project?

    You certainly do not get these abilities on OT8, nor OT 48 if you are a Ron’s Org devotee. Never met a Scientolgist who could. Suspect LRH couldn’t either.

    It would be my guess that to gain these abilities will take a lot of auditing across a lot of lifetimes. Therefore stoping wasting this one following Miscavige. Where is he on the Bridge anyway?

    1. Blow the Org today.
    2. If they harrass you on the telephone, talk about X–u and Miscavige crimes.
    3. If they harrass you on your doorstop, same drill as Step 2, but in addition call the police.
    4. Demand your SP declare and get off your knees.

    Worked for me.


  44. I think Tom rolled over so quickly because he has so many crimes and secrets that if Katie exposed them, the public would know him for what he truly is. The concept scared the hell out of him.

  45. Bert Fields has never been retained by the church. They don’t need to pay his bills when all they have to do is tell Tom what to tell Bert to do.

  46. Common citizen

    I saw the Bert Fields blatherous claim that the Holmes-Cruise divorce has “nothing to do with Scientology” and immediately thought one word: Liar.

    My second thought: Scientology. And Bert Fields is part of the immoral Scientology Corporation, now known worldwide as the baldfaced liars they are.

    BTW, congratulations and thank you for the interviews you’ve been granting, Mr Rathbun. They help greatly against the attempts to confuse and crush the public in which Scientology Corporation engages.

  47. Forever Lurker


    Good point. I had the same thought myself.

    The “Tom Cruise Dispensation” was obviously handed down by the COB and/or OSA so Tom could continue to remain in communication with his former (SP) wife and (SP) child. [“COB/COS think” as you said, not mine.]

    Dispensation: permission to dispense with an obligation of church law.

    In the past, a special dispensation from the Catholic Pope to get divorced without committing a sin against the Church and God could be bought with donations, so I’ve been told.
    “In the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, a dispensation is the suspension by competent authority of general rules of law in particular cases. Its object is to modify the hardship often arising from the rigorous application of general laws to particular cases, and its essence is to preserve the law by suspending its operation in such cases.”
    I think all parent’s and children and friends who have been affected by COS disconnection rules should petition or CSW the COS, OSA, COB, Flag, their local org, or whomever, and ask for “The Tom Cruise Dispensation.” The same one he got. Why not?

    If I had a situation like that, I’d ask for the same rights for myself. I’m made of the same basic spiritual fabric and should have the same rights as Tom Cruise certainly.

    Precedent has been very publicly set by this event.

    Forever Lurker

  48. Katie is extremely smart and she’ll make it. She knew exactly how OSA operates and defeated them. She used a cell that wasn’t traced, hired 3 law firms, got sole custody, prevented alienation by contract, handled the media perfectly and won the the public. Collateral damage; the media now daring to report on Davey and his litany of crimes. No way RCS will ever come anywhere near to Suri. She is a total no go because one word of Katie to the press and they’ve had it. Katie is wised up by Indies and in full control.

  49. Step 2 is fun and you don’t even need Xenu, just Davey will do the trick. Even better, stay in comm with the recruters and regges and get them to cognite on all the outpoints and try to save them. Every single one of them has hung up on me, they all blew the cycle and miraculously I don’t get any mail anymore…..what a loss!

  50. 5. To expedite the process, use the Do It Yourself Declare Kit:

  51. Elephant In The Room.

    Where is Scientology in action in saving this marriage?

    Where is the “How to save Your Marriage” course for Tom and Katie?

    If David Miscavige’s version of Scientology is so helpful and wonderful, why did this marriage fail?

    If Katie feels so wonderfully about Scientology and its practices under the Miscavige regime, why wasn’t there an attempt to rectify their issues.

    Why did Katie have to use a disposable cell phone in planning her surprise divorce?

    Why did Katie dump all her Security for new personnel?

    It failed because Katie didn’t want Suri indoctrinated with Corporate Scientology AKA David Miscavige dominate and control speak, plain and simple.

    Tom failed to see the smothering effects of Corporate Scientology on his family.

    Katie saw it, she lived it, she left.

    Katie I applaud your decision, courage and insight.

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  53. I don’t know if Tom actually said he’d beat up the guys, or DM made it up…but b/c of that Sci video, where I saw the almost maniacal persona of Tom, I believe it is possible. This may be sacrilege, but could Tom be aware of a lot of this stuff and just not care? Up until last night I thought he was in the dark and would make changes if he knew…but unbidden came the sickening thought, what if he does know? I mean, how could he be totally blind to everything unless he’s chosen to be, and asks no questions. And by his silence gave his tacit approval to DM? I don’t want to believe it, but I’m beginning to have strong doubts he’s the innocent, good guy that has been hoodwinked all these years.

    There are actually examples of this is history…people liking how things are so they choose to stay ignorant and overlook atrocities that may be occurring, rationalizing them away. At this point, if Cruise stays in Scientology, I’m going to have to believe he does know at least 50% of what is going down, and has justified it in his mind. Either that, or he’s plain stupid. Not great choices either way…stupid or culpable with DM in what has gone on.

    Say it ain’t so Tom. But it is, isn’t it?

    What’s that phrase? “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and loses his own soul?” I’m thinking that applies to Tom right about now.

    Sad. Very, very sad.

  54. Lies, especially those of Scientology Inc., are in themselves very revealing.

  55. eileenclark101

    The glue that sticks all those losers together is their lies.
    So sad to see TC go down this way, with his eyes wide open but not able to look and see what is. He is blinded by the smoke and mirrors built around him over the past several years. Too bad. We all come to the point of needing to make hard decisions. Where you end up after making those decisions is exactly the result of what you wanted at that moment. Money and celebrity won’t change it or fix it. Too bad, TC, took the path he wanted and there still remains a huge debt to pay for it. It sucks to be Tom Cruise, the BFF of David Miscavige, the ex-husband of Katie Holmes and the failed father of Suri. Dante’s Inferno comes to mind.

  56. There’s a photo on one site of Tom hugging Suri with a speech bubble saying: “Sorry Suri, I love Scientology more than you.” Ouch. But it is the prevailing opinion. (I’d post it here, but don’t know how to on this blog.)

  57. Ha! I thought the EXACT same thing! Verse popped right into my head when I read the statement.

    You read it and come away thinking, “oh, so it definitely did have something to do with Scientology.”

  58. You made me think of Tom’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. That title and his new one “Oblivion” are apt words for how he’s (de)constructing his life.

  59. Excellent document, I may have to avail myself of it at some point.
    Oh, by the way, please add Joker/Degrader to the list of reasons 🙂

  60. It is hard to play the victim and the hero at the same time. Miscavage does it all the time. I don’t think either Tom Cruise or Miscavage is actually slightly interested in what we call “reputation”. They are both “above all that” – opinion leaders of the opinion leaders of the world, and plenty of people will clap at them, say yes, yes yes and pay to see movies. It doesn’t go much deeper than that, in my humble opinion. Everywhere they turn, their are “milions” to love and admire them.

  61. Well EJ, it sounds good, but – you have not mentioned the factor of how Mr. Cold CHrome Steel #1 and Mr. Cold Chrome Steel #2 feel about how right they are to be the God-ordained saviors of all the souls on the planet, I mean, the universe. And TOm wants to see his kid, and Dave wants his friend to be happy and no way Davey buddy will ask his friend to “give up the Kid”. The RCS will not go away, and you will never be able to prove the alienation they WILL cause, because, well, they just “have to”. In their minds its so right.

  62. Bert Fields

    Marty Rathbun is simply lying (again). I have never – repeat never – represented David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology. Rathbun is a bitter guy who wants to attract attention to his anti-Scientology screed by using the name Tom Cruise. He should be ashamed of himself.

    Bert Fields

  63. In some magazine it said that Tom was furious. Actually, that sounds right. Mr COld Chriome Steel #2 is not, first, sad – he is, first, furious. Just like his buddy Davey will approve. In both their minds it was unconscionable that Katie DARED to outwit them, and they both plan to win in the end. They are going to get even tighter than ever now. Sad, but true. For them, it is payback time. THe one feeds on the other.

  64. Max,
    That blog is not mine. Please leave a comment on that web page.

  65. I advice to the readers to not reply to this comment, even if you think the commenter is fake. Leave this handling to Marty, he knows what he is doing.

  66. battlefield teegeeack

    I just read that Scientology has announced the imminent launch of their own television studio.

    This sounds exactly like the kind of expensive distraction that I’ve come to expect from David Miscavige et. al. I can imagine the rhetoric: “Scientology is under attack! We have to buy this broadcasting center and pour money into the production of television shows to counter the bad press!” A new fundraising campaign, a new mission.

    The author of the article seemed to think that with all of the Hollywood types, including John Travolta and Tom Cruise, affiliated with Scientology, it would be a snap. But all I can think of is Battlefield Earth and how BAD it was!!!

    Has anyone else heard about plans to open a Hollywood studio and do you really think the remaining scientologists have the bread and the willpower to accomplish this?

  67. “Tom Cruise’s attorney has threatened the parent company of the National Enquirer with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit”

  68. Would love your thoughts, Marty, on whether the original “We’ll let Katie’s side own the press coverage and then we’ll unveil our masterful PR campaign” which I thought looked so weak is now being unleashed in the threat by Bert Fields yesterday to sue the National Enquirer for “hundreds of millions of dollars in compensatory damages.” In other words, do you think their strategy all along was to let people publish incendiary headlines and now they are going to try to sue the press into oblivion? Or do you think they actually hoped that settling the divorce quickly was going to make the bad press go away, and now they’re reacting with anger when it didn’t?

    In other words, since the Church of Scientology apparently no longer gives a damn what the outside world thinks, is the PR strategy now to let people print anything they want and just try to sue them to make more money? Kind of like another IAS no-exchange “donation” stream?

    And if they are really going to sue the press over tens of thousands of articles, what are the odds that this backfires as badly as suing Debbie Cook and then watching what happened as she took the stand in her own defense?

    I am sure Fields loves that idea of this new “communications strategy,” since he’s not going to take a libel action on contingency; he gets full hourly rate billed on the first of every month, and more work than he can hope to handle.

  69. martyrathbun09

    His conduct begs the question, where is the legal threat letter to me?

  70. hi marty
    over the past few weeks i have become interested in your cause but information is really hard to find having to search blog’s new’s paper threads trawling through article after article then link after link having to go through so much blah blah to find that the best links with actual factual information sometimes come from the comment section.

    we read about fair play which i would assume to mean if they can do it so can you, they have up a nice big web page advertising there business so why is their not one that shouts Stop the abuse in Scientology listing the abuses you want stopped eg: no marriages not allowed to have children being physically beaten along with evidence to each topic with help line numbers for people to contact, links helping them to all the resource you have available.

    also the replies to comments from people to people who they think are still under DM’s influence are harsh and sometimes cruel when they are only doing as told and get in trouble for not doing and may fear the repercussions that many of you are now facing why not work with a humanistic counselling approach to those people talking to them as you say they all have to go back and tell someone

    why not instead just talk to them let them know that you are not the bad guys that they have been told you are that you actually care about them and do not have a problem with your religion per se just with they way DM is running it tell them you miss your family you don’t have to name them ask them if their are people they miss build a relationship with them not show them by nasty comments that maybe DM was right.

    how else can you draw them out but by showing there is nothing to fear but fear itself and that you indi’s are a nice bunch when all you do is growl at them

    sorry rant over

    Domestic Violence counsellor london uk

  71. Bert Fields is a mouthpiece for Scientology. It’s time to end the lies and start the investigation on this fraud cult.

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