Treason Assignment – David Miscavige

I suggest that the following letter from Dani Lemberger will cause effects on the order of those created by the letter of Luis Garcia, the email of Debbie Cook and the email of Karen De La Carriere concerning her son Alexander.  It is a reference work worth studying.  Please see that it gets the distribution it warrants. 

Mosey, Dani, Tami, and Marty at Casablanca, Tejas

Dani Lemberger, Dror Center, Haifa, Israel

11 July 2012

Dear friends, fellow Scientologists,

The History of the Attached Letter

The writing of the attached letter, “Assignment of Treason
Condition – David Miscavige,” was completed by Dani Lemberger and
the execs of Dror Center on 10 June 2012. The planned date of release
was 4 July 2012, upon the return of Tami and Dani from the U.S.
Tami and Dani went to New York on 15 June. On 20 June we flew
to Corpus Christi, Texas, where we spent 8 days with Marty and Monique
Rathbun. We enjoyed fabulous hospitality and continued there our
research of “independent Scientology”. We flew to Tampa on 28 June,
planning to spend a few days with close friends in Clearwater (CW) and to go in for scheduled interviews at Flag on 30 June. When we landed at Tampa airport, on 28 June at 8pm, we were handed a letter by Flag HCO, informing us that we had been declared SP’s (Suppressive Persons, excommunicated). We have never seen the SP Declare itself. Our friends in CW were notified of the ‘declare’ earlier that afternoon, so they could not let us stay at their home. At midnight we checked into a hotel in CW. We could not meet any of our “old” friends in CW, but made new friends with Mike Rinder, Christie Collbran and mighty Jack King Rinder. The Rinder’s made us feel at home and introduced us to many more “indies”, loyal Scientologists who had to flee the church so as to practice Scientology peacefully and honestly.

Obviously, many of the planned recipients of this letter will not
read it now, since those cowed by the church are not allowed to receive
any communications from us. We are proud and relieved to be part of the
rapidly expanding “indie” movement. It is painful to lose friends of many
years but our many new friends are courageous and of high integrity and
we share the goal of making Scientology available to all. The days of monopolies and tyrants are over. Now, even in the Middle East. Bashar al-Assad is butchering his people so as to hold on to power over the ruins of Syria. Miscavige is ‘declaring’ half of Scientologists so as to maintain his stranglehold on the other half – dazed, confused and ignorant. Zinedine Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi are gone. Assad and Miscavige will soon follow.

My dear friend, please allow me your time and read the attached letter. Pass it
on to all your friends. We are the friends of L. Ron Hubbard, the greatest friend of Mankind.

Love, Dani Lemberger

The complete letter, starting with the above cover letter, is attached in pdf format for ease in downloading for further distribution:

An Open Letter to All Scientologists

206 responses to “Treason Assignment – David Miscavige

  1. Tatiana Ogleberg

    “Zinedine Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi are gone. Assad and Miscavige will soon follow.”

    “See Davie, I told you! You WILL make history!” Exclaimed TC…

  2. Dani & Tami, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you and hearing your story. You guys are two of the coolest people I’ve met in a long time, with hearts of gold. Much love to you both, Christie

  3. Someone please give them Karen de la Carriere’s email list.

  4. OMG. That is without a doubt, the most well-written, most comprehensive, and best sourced indictment of the psychotic, otherwise known as David Miscavige, that I have ever read.

    Dani, thank you. This document deserves to be seen by every Scientologist on earth. It shatters the lie that is Miscavige, and exposes the truth of what he truly is (and has done) to all who would read it.

  5. Just finished reading the Hunger Games. The org’s are like the districts and the Hunger Game winners are the Int Staff. Miscavige is President Snow with the smell of blood and roses.

  6. Robert Earle

    I like Cindy’s idea. Perhaps some computer dude could somehow back track Debbie Cook’s list for use as well. And then a new media story about the 10,000 who were mailed the treason assifnment. with all the stuff about the “ideal org” that never opened there. It could have Davies announcement of it being open along with the photos of it not open. Great questions for the media to the church. What are the WDAHs this year and over the last fifteen years. How many auditors have been trained on which training levels.? etc

  7. Hi;

    I disagree that DM is in a condition of ‘Treason’. He is in ‘Confusion’, as are all SPs – my opinion.

    Dm was in Treason decades ago.


  8. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dani & Tami, Fabulous job done with the Treason assignmen -David
    Miscavige. You have brought a whole fresh, compassionate
    and very warm “LRH” flavour back, with your writing.
    What a stark contrast to the “cold steel” (his words!) rantings
    of the insane dictator, currently imploding, and taking his
    “Frankenstein monster creation,” the CO$, down with him.
    Calvin B. Duffield

  9. I get to say WOW about 2 things-Marty and Mike’s interviews on Rockcenter that I just saw and this incredible Treason assignment. Ron left us not only with an incredible legacy of Tech to help, but also Tech to SEE and HANDLE suppression of that Tech.

  10. Dani & Tami,
    It is our gain to have you and David Miscavige’s huge loss.
    Love your open letter and passed it on to all my e-mail list.
    Enjoy your freedom.

  11. Tami and Dani,
    Great letter. Thank you. I will spread it to corporate scientologists.

  12. Brilliant! Thank you for doing this. Best wishes.

  13. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Dani and Tami
    This is a very enlightening letter! Thank you for writing it! It is indeed strange that David Miscavige has gone into hiding, the way he has. He is and remains below 0 on the Tone Scale. That is not good for an organization! I can understand why you have disconnected and you have my admiration. I hope many more will follow!

    At the opening of Malmo “Ideal Org” taking pictures of Miscavige was prohibited and anyone, who had taken a picture of him had to hand over their camera and have the pictures deleted. This appeared very cultish and weird and started some people thinking. He has been in a condition of Treason for far too long, leaving everybody else in a condition of Danger or lower. This cannot continue. We can only thank you for showing us that THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY OUT! – I wish you all the best!

  14. I wrote to David Miscavige in 1993, and assigned him a condition of Treason. He never answered back.

    Nevertheless, I can not tell you how much charge it blows for me to see someone else doing the same thing.

    My theory was, if you do NOT assign the condition you inherit yourself.

    I only knew I did not want to become him.

    From this distance, I can see better now, the people who had no faith in this advice from Hubbard, and what has become of them.

    All of the Independents have the rare gift of personal integrity.

    Thank you all.

  15. Sniff.

  16. Brilliant, well-stated, thoroughly documented. Not only a work of JUSTICE but also a work of ART. I will be sending it out broadly.

    Thanks for all your work and insight on this! And best wishes on your continued delivery there in Haifa.

  17. Wow! What an incredible write-up. Very well done on keeping Scientology working.

  18. jim cherkas

    So what policy is the church using declaring people without the goldenrod and without comm ev ? It all looks like generalities with no specifics! Why dont the friends of Dani and Tami say “if it isn’t written it isnt true”?

    Dani and Tami Lemberger should try to get the mass email list of 10,000 current Scientologists that was used by Debbie Cook and Karen de la Carriere for this historic open letter!

  19. jim cherkas

    Interesting the list of emails was 12,000 on jan 1 now recently down to 10,000.

  20. Dani and Tami, congratulations on waking up – I won’t say “at last” because you’ve both been working on it for a while. I do think the condition as assigned is too high. Much love, Bill.

  21. Brilliant write up. One thing that struck me with the greatest clarity reading it was this: The OSA mantra these last three years or so has been “handle it internally”. Whatever is wrong, it can be handled internally.

    Really? For the love of Pete show me how. I hereby cordially invite anyone from OSA UK or OSA Int to show me exactly how these perfectly vaild points in Tami and Dani’s write up could be “handled internally”. How many OSA staff have tried? How many have sat down with OEC volume 7 for example, looked at the LRH – that’s LRH, remember him? policies on Org premises, seen DM’s Idle Orgs prgram going 180 degress in the opposite direction and thought “Right – I am going to HANDLE this”. Come on, please – show me. How many have seen auditor training crash to a non-existent level internationally and said “Right, THAT’S IT. I’ve had enough of this. I am going to HANDLE this lack of delivery internally”. I would suggest none.

    So what chance has a lowly public, or Class V Org staffer got, when his reports to RTC go into a black hole; there is no international management structure that anyone is aware of – and certainly no Exec Strata that Ron specifically called for; and when his KRs only result in HIM being investigated!

  22. I some how seem to recall back in 1982 a issue on DM
    Good on them for their work sound like they are extremly cool characters

  23. Freedom!!! The more auditors who are free to actually audit the better. One giant step closer to ACTUALLY clearing the planet….

  24. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Dani & Tami,
    This will resonate everywhere in the Scientology Community.

  25. Someone please put my name on that list. Or give me contact info.

  26. Reading the following LRH Quote, methinks, there is something really wrong with Miscaviges “Ideal Orgs” Pattern and his behaviour of “sucking blood out of stones”…

    An Org is build of People…

    “We live in a cynical and violent age, yet an org must be friendly above all else. It must care for its public in a very friendly and interested way, and do all possible to help them. It must also care for its staff members and care about what happens to them, and how they feel, and help them on their post and in their lives.

    An org is actually a religious cooperative. Its staff makes what they actually produce. Staff pay is conditional upon the way a whole org enforces HCO policy, and uses HCOB. It is true, proven time after time, that the only rich orgs and prosperous staffs work directly by HCO PLs for org forms and lines under execs who are insistent upon the purity of org form and lines, and held the form of the orgs in a hatted staff accordingly. There is a safeguard of decency in policy. Standard tech is what an org is supposed to deliver, and if its staff is not insistent upon standard tech straight by the book, it can cease to be a bright and shining place.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, excerpt from RJ 28 (Forming Orgs)

    What happend to this postulate in the Corporate Scientology Empire?

  27. Dani,

    Your letter is so thorough and well written that it’s clear to see why you’re a success. You make so many good points that I could go on forever making comments, but one LRH quote stands out to me:

    “Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because
    they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the
    percentages are wrong. … I can assure you they’ve left the suppressive on
    the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”

    For anyone just tuning in, take a look at the number of SP declares made by DM and you’ll see clearly that he’s the SP. Things will only get worse as long as he’s around.

  28. Dani & Tami, It was a pleasure meeting you both in CW. Look forward to see you again soon. ML, Jan

  29. Dani and Tami,

    This is a correct indication. Your Treason assignment on David Miscavige is a well thought out and lucidly written document.

    Well done on breaking free of Miscavige’s suppression and upholding the tech and policy of Scientology.

  30. ThetaPotata

    2.4 Who owns the buildings? This is a very important section. I think a lot of public Scientologists would be in complete dismay to suddenly find out that the building that were crush regged for many years to donate for doesn’t even belong to any C of S entity but rather private attorneys. This seems like it could be a huge scandal in itself. You hear about religious leaders getting busted all the time for ripping off the church suppose to be running. This may qualify as the same sort of rip-off. Can you say Fraud?

  31. It was just one spark that lit the inferno around Zinedine Ben Ali, immolating his rule and regime.

    With the amount of filth and stench surrounding David Miscavige and his decades of oppressive misrule, the funeral pyre is likely to be mighty impressive when it finally ignites.

    The day might yet come to pass when DM, having declared the entire population on earth suppressive, will end up comparing notes with another self-appointed cult leader: Warren Jeffs, currently awaiting parole in 2038.


  32. I myself witess a number of people writing in1983/4 also
    on yellow paper s and issued and sent to the church .

  33. I second that emotion….

  34. David Miscaviges days are numbered by his own actions alone.
    Doing nothing raises the Body count so writting up the SOB
    is the right thing to do.

  35. I agree. To me DM is in the lowest condition possible.

  36. Guys, brilliant write-up. You even give a few pointers as to how the church can still be saved. The question is: can the church still be saved once DM is out of the way?
    Or, more realistically: Should we still have a Sea Organization that runs the show? The Sea Org was supposed to keep ethics in on the planet and on this part of the universe. Not only did it fail miserably, It became the most out-ethics organization in Scientology – on par with the Great Inquisition.
    Scn Inc’s days are counted. Will we repeat the same mistakes?

  37. I would have to agree with you

  38. Dani and Tami, well done , brillant…
    Viva la revolution!

  39. Donations sold under false promotion /

  40. BRAVO! Incredibly well said!!!

  41. Dani, I received your email and passed it on. It needs to be read by all!!!
    Thank you for writing it. You are a lovely couple!!! Nice picture everyone!!

  42. What policy?
    It’s a miscavpolicy, verbally demanded by miscavige and complied with by all the loyalists in the “church” of miscavology. If it isn’t written, follow it anyway…or else you too will get your miscavgoldenrod.

    It’s just the unwritten, but inferred miscavtechnology of three swing F/Ns and required overruns on all processes. Or the new miscavpolicy where miscavige cancelled the HCOB on Executive C/Sing of cases; making it totally acceptable for him to Executive C/S anyone he f#%$ing well pleases.

  43. Anything wrong with bringing this up to the press or other media, that Independent Scns have assigned Miscavige a Condition of Treason? It sounds pretty self-explanatory. Oddly enough, it might carry some legal weight as well.

  44. To all the staff and public of your Freedom Center:
    Your courage, compassion, competence and vision and your willingness to act, to do the right thing, have added so much to a better world.

    You have true friends all over the planet. Many more friends will find you and flow power to your group.

    No longer connected to the suppressive cult of miscavology, one can truly flourish and prosper. One can finally create a high-ARC environment without feeling guilty that one is violating “command intention” by being nice and treating people decently. One can make an error and simply acknowledge and correct it, without some little miscavnazi throwing a fit and rubbing it in your face. One can set one’s own goals, have one’s own dreams, live one’s own life. One can help others without the bizzare “hook” that the cult of miscavology demands.

    Joy to you all.

  45. Thank you for such a well put together write up! And for working to get the truth out!

    When I was in, in my now embarrassing naivete, I assumed based on my own logic that;
    DM was OT 10. That he was highly trained technically and admin wise and had much experience. That he was picked by LRH for these reasons. And that all RTC staff were the most highly trained and audited and experienced individuals in the church.

    I also believed DM had knowledge and direction from LRH that was not available to mere mortals like me. Therefor, I accepted things that I thought must fall into this category.

    My naivete actually blinded me to the truth. The truth is important to making logical decisions. Thanks again Dror Center!!

  46. Powerful and compelling!

  47. What’s going to happen with all the new buildings then?

  48. My question is this. why are you not giving your insider knowledge to the autorities? It is quite clear that there is alot of activity going on that needs to be properly investigated PLUS you appear to have the insider knowledge that can predict how co$ operates eg this Tom Cruise divorce. You have enough insider information to assist in the take down of DM. Why aren’t you using it?
    BTW per your own media onslaught, you used to be Tom Cruise’s personal auditor, right? so we can blame you too for this mess. And where is Nicole Kidman’s public apology? If you are going to publicly vilify him, then you also need to accept your part in all this and ask for public forgiveness. starting with Nicole Kidman.

  49. Jethro Bodine

    There’s a condition below Confusion – “Find out which universe you are in.”

  50. Yeah, and the money paid by a PC will actually go to his auditing, money paid by a student will actually go to his training, and the auditing will actually be delivered, as will the training. That’s what the Co$ calls “squirrelling” and “suppressive”.

  51. If anyone can get me a list I can plug it into my email program and mail it to up too 500 people an hour.

  52. David Miscavige definitely did not come across to me as someone in confusion. Just because he might have been in Treason a long time ago doesn’t mean he has “progressed” into confusion. He may be entering confusion now as he looses his grip on the group and there is more and more randomity in the motion he cannot control. He will start getting confused as to what to do next and things will become more and more unpredictable.

  53. My view No ( And definition along with it) in case of Mu’s LOL

  54. I honestly think it would be worthwhile to start thinking about a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against RTC and the Church of Scientology as in SCIENTOLOGISTS VS. RTC (or the Church of Spiritual Technology – whoever the ultimate corporate authority is behind this coup). I think Scientologists overall (especially those who donated large sums of money) will have a good point with regards to FALSE REPRESENTATION and FRAUD. As of right now RTC and CSI are not functioning as a church OF SCIENTOLOGY. There could be an approach through CONTRACT LAW or something else along the line. Scientologists have essentially been defrauded as a group. It would really help to know who the Religious Trust (where all the donations are collected) belongs to and so on. They can no longer hide behind a label of “religion.”

  55. Tony Dephillips

    The correct assignment is : Suppressive Person.
    I consider this all symbolic anyways with the exception of their letter being sent to thousands. That will help a lot.
    Dm has already been assigned treason, sp etc. Many times with no case or ethics change. Justice actions of the highest order are necessary to remove the tyrant.
    Press exposure and cutting his financial lines

  56. There must be an Achille’s heel in all this. Citing LRH’s policies is a good way to establish agreement among Scientologists that the current scene is not LRH, but whoever is running the show do not care about LRH’s policies. It’s all about legal. That’s the real language of Scientology Inc.

  57. one of those who see

    Hi Christie,
    Great seeing you and Jack on TV last night! It was quick, but I saw ya! The guys did such a great job!! And LRH still got top billing – so cool. The differentiation between the Church and Scientology continues. Loved Mike’s answer to “how do we know which is the truth?” And Marty’s reply to the Church insults as well. I am so jazzed about the Haifa Mission! Just read the opening letter – Wow!!

  58. Tony Dephillips

    As well as all the other things going on.
    ANY relatively sane person would have cognited long ago about his overts.
    Tom Cruise must also be insane to cast his lot with such an obvious psycho. I watched the movie Ghost Protocol last night and I think TC is losing touch (lost) with reality.

  59. Hi there,
    wondering if there’s any reason I cant access the open letter to scientologists (i’m not one:)? Must just be me as others seem to be able to see it…bummer :o(

  60. Dani and Tami – a truly accurate account of the going-ons in Corporate Scientolgy. Congratulations on a superlative write-up. Any slightest doubt that Corporate Scientolgy is not only dead but also buried has been laid to rest.

  61. Hi LTC;

    I may be wrong here LTC, if so just dismiss what I am going to say, but I think you are mistaking ‘mental’ confusions for the ethical ‘condition’ of Confusion.

    They are not the same.

    Anyone, even in Power, can go through moments of confusion, even for extended periods of time, but are not in a Condition of Confusion.

    There are indications of the condition of confusion somewhere in the OECs. I don’t want to state what they are, and I don’t have the OECs available to cut and paste. Maybe someone here has access and can do so.

    Also, like everything else, the conditions don’t stay static. If you are in Treason, either you work your way out of it, or you slip down a notich. Relative to the CofS and our present situations, DM has been in Treason at least since the early 8os, and gravity would have pulled him down even if he didn’t really do much. In truth, DM has probably been in Confusions for eons, at least since the time he found himself in the specific incident where he snapped and went into the 1.1 valence. He’s been ‘there’ ever snice.

    Hence, the Confusion formulae.

    If you look at the formulaes for ‘Confusion’, including the expanded Confusion formulae, I think you’ll see what situation DM is needing to handle.

  62. Marty & Mike,
    Just watched the NBC broadcast on Rock Center. Brilliant.

    What is occurring is that the Co$ is putting their glowing PR on TV and positioning it, not with them and their lame denials, but with Marty and Mike.

    Marty and Mike ARE the best of Scientology according to the media. Wonderful. Scientology is good; the church is creepy; Marty and Mike are reliable sources.

    You just couldn’t ask for better exposure for Independent Scientology. It would have cost tens of millions of dollars for that kind of advertizing.
    Thanks Dave. Keep up the good work. And thanks to Katie and Tom for setting the stage.

  63. threefeetback

    10 million members? Show us the people, Dave.

  64. Well Stated Ronnie, I second that, eeerr, what he said.

    Tim Swanson

  65. I cant open it either Any clue any one how to handle this ?

  66. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC just had OSA conduct an emergency investigation into the recent 500,000% increase in global entheta and attacks against the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, and Tom Cruise.

    It is vital that you donate to “Project Mouse Table” today to keep COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige at the cutting edge of computer technology. COB’s 12,000 foot mouse table will guarantee that his desk will never need to be moved to accommodate the operation of a computer “mouse” pointing device.

    Led by the award-winning fashion maven and journalist Jim Lynch of Freedom Magazine, OSA’s hard-hitting investigation into the recent 500,000% increase in entheta has revealed that a little known technology is secretly being used to destroy the Church of Scientology.

    We are of course speaking of the Psychs using “fracking” to release giant pockets of aerosolized Psych drugs stored beneath the Earth by the Nazi-Rockefeller-Pharma consortium that seeks to enslave the global population.

    There really is “something in the air” and it is hundreds of billions of tons of aerosolized Psych drugs that are released each day by unseen fracking operations that place deep under the Earth. Fracking is ostensibly done to extract gas and oil from the subterranean recesses of the planet, but we in RTC have found that it is actually a sinister Psych Op to enslave every man, woman, and child on this endangered planet.

    The masses are unwittingly breathing in Psych drugs and the result is
    the 500,000% increase in attacks on Scientology in the Rupert Murdoch
    controlled wog media.

    We in OSA have also discovered that the “chemtrails” coming from mysterious aircraft were a diversion to take attention off the massive increase in fracking. True to form, the Psychs always work to distract public from what they are actually doing in secret. It is for reasons of pure distraction that Psychs love to widely publicize the opening of their thousands of new mental health clinics. Seemingly on every street corner, these Psych mental health clinics are largely empty.

    Please donate to the IAS today or the world will end in disaster tomorrow.

    Your donations are fully tax deductible.
    Please do not accept any unwanted e-mails from bitter defrocked excommunicated apostates, heretics, or blasphemers as such communications will surely knock you from your Bridge and send you plunging headfirst into Wogville.

    Thank you.

  67. Your humble servant


    I just tried it and had no problem. It’s in PDF so you need to have Adobe Reader.

  68. Herazeus,

    The “authorities” such as FBI as well as State and more local police and authoriities have received hundreds of written reports from hundreds of Scientologists who have left the church. They have chosen mainly not to act on any of the information. They protect the church instead.

    Those “authorities” can read, too, you know? The Truth Rundown and other media reports like this blog, Tony Ortega’s blog, ESMB, etc have been available to them as well as to the general public.

    It’s odd that Marty can quit the church and it’s evil activities and devote his life to whistleblowing and exposing the church’s bad activities, and some people still manage to find fault with him.

  69. Laura Ann,
    I had the same idea! It was an assumption as otherwise how did he get to be the head of RTC. And in truth I still had that assumption when I left. I left due to disconnection issues with family but knew something was not right but could not put my finger on it. There was no fun in the work or environment. It was always immense pressure to do things NOW without funding or tools and the people in charge in some cases were obviously out for themselves only and $%@ anyone else.

    Punishment was frequent and arbitrary. That is itself is an effective way to divide and conquer.

    Looking back it works like most dictatorships. He got where he is over the bodies of good people, some still there, still getting crushed.


  70. Dani,

    A well thought out and written declaration.


  71. “2.4 Who owns the buildings? This is a very important section. I think a lot of public Scientologists would be in complete dismay to suddenly find out that the building that were crush regged for many years to donate for doesn’t even belong to any C of S entity but rather private attorneys.”

    I’ve been doing some research on that line. The local org I was involved with does show up as the owner of it’s current building. However that does not hold true for the purchased ideal org building – it’s owner is listed with the address of the ILO building in Hollywood Ca.

  72. You aren’t the only one. I too operated on this basis. That made it difficult to confront the truth.

    Dani and Tami, your writeup is awesome. I’m sure that it will cause more people to cognite.

    Mike and Marty, great job on the TV show. You guys are getting great products.

  73. Excellent letter!
    Thank you Dani!

  74. Wikipedia:
    Upon release, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol became a critical and commercial success. The film currently scores a 94% “Certified Fresh” approval rating on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, making it the best-reviewed entry of the series.[6] It also grossed over $693 million worldwide,[4] becoming the highest-grossing Mission: Impossible film,[7] the 5th highest-grossing film of 2011[8] and the highest-grossing film starring Tom Cruise.[9]

  75. It seems that you are your own Trap Jim

    “Man is his own Trap”

    Can you geuss who I Quoted ?

  76. Is “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”something like “Dox or GTFO ?

    Ever heared of things like “It is written in the stars “Or it is written in my heart”

    I geuss “what is true for you is true for you” than Jim

  77. I asign David Miscavigethe status of murderer, criminal and fraudeur

    Can I say that ? Yes i can say that.

    Where is my cease and desist letter David Miscavige ?

    David Miscavige you SCOHB.

  78. Treason states the intention behind the actions.

  79. LTC Forever

    I see what you mean. I guess this could be looked at in terms of different dynamics. I’d say overall the organization is falling bellow confusion at this point which is disintegration. This is quite evident in light of the post we are commenting on right now. I think the best thing now would be to organize groups of people who simply wanted to practice Scientology and build a strong communication network as this blog has already been accomplishing.

  80. sounds like sopftware problem. Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer? It’s free from Adobe’s website, whcih you can Google, or check for a newer version if you have an old one. Some programs will block downloads, so check to see if you have a “download blocked” message on your screen somewhere, and if it offers you the option of downloading. It is not because you are not a Scn – computers aren’t psychic.

  81. “ANY relatively sane person would have cognited long ago about his overts.”
    Ouch …. I knew things were not right but based on church policy I kept introverting … although I did know I was PTS to Flag but did not know what to do …. always felt it ‘was’ important to ‘try’ and finish the bridge … (KRs never worked, I just got Sec Checked) Never suspected DM until I was pushed off the ledge by Flag and started looking on the Internet …. basically I wanted to know what happened to those that I had really admired …. I wanted both sides of the story.

  82. Really interesting and a ground-swell change that Marty and Mike seem to be the new face of Scn to the world.

  83. I understand they now have to pay ‘rent’ to COS, huge utility bills, i.e. form $15,000 to $150,000 per month, property taxes up to $140,000 per year and the expenses goes on and on. No one would really want to take on such huge expenses. This set up is suppressive in itself.

  84. “Marty can quit the church and it’s evil activities and devote his life to whistleblowing and exposing the church’s bad activities”

    Marty IS still wearing his hat …. International Justice Chief . Much Love

  85. Scientology is good; the church is creepy

    Can’t be said often enough. That is the base equation that resolves the whole mucked up scene.

  86. FCDC Class of 74

    They covered all the bases, what a well written piece of sanity. It leaves the reader in a position of making his or her decision without an over the top bias. Thank you. Bill

  87. Do not forget the abbility of Dutch Psychiatrists. You will be suprissed about what the mayority of them actually think about man if you communicate with them.

    “Communication is the universal solvent”

  88. First Principle

    Nagging question:
    Dani and Tami mention in their beautiful letter the
    “SEA ORG AND THE FUTURE” reference LRH wrote when he left, where he appointed Pat and Annie Broeker as Loyal Officers.
    I could have sworn when I read the golden rod on Pat Broeker in 1988 that Miscavige claimed that the LRH reference “Sea Org and the Future” was a forgery by Pat Broeker, that LRH never wrote such a reference.

    Has the reference ever been confirmed as being authentic or not?

  89. Here’s the church, and here’s the steeple. Open the door, and where are the people?

  90. Robert Earle

    Excellent point Martin. Between 1988 and 2000 I spent hundreds of hours off post time studying and restudying LRH refs to try to make sense of what appeared to be clearly off policy int management orders and issues (SPDs,etc) with dozens of written reports uplines on these points, (Note: I was an OEC ,DSEC grad with lots of other admin training including a fully hatted LRH comm. Most of those reports were not answered or they were answered with orders for me to restudy the off policy orders or issues. I did have a small percent of success in getting things corrected but the majority of the things I had reported on were not corrected but instead I was targeted for “my interpretation” of policy ( a complete reversal of what the situation was ). End product. I was declared SP for spreading black PR on GAT which I hadn’t even done. I had been reporting on the off-policy methods of RTCs implimentation of GAT. I was finally convinced that RTC was not interested in using LRH Admin tech, nor were they interested in using standard ethics and justice tech.

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Herazeus, forgive me for asking, but are you asleep?
    Because you sure haven’t read very much of this blog
    before, going by your astute offering here. May I suggest
    getting a little better acquainted with what HAS been written
    on this blog since 2009. That would have been a much
    wiser thing to have done, before exposing your ignorance
    for all to see, in my humble opinion.

  92. Well done! This is not the first treason assignment and likely not the last. It does mean the entire church is in Treason also.

    Yes There might be thousands of Scientologists as Miscaviage says. They are just not in the church.

  93. I seem to recall back in the 70’s when I was on the Apollo and maybe Mike Rinder can back me up on this LRH assigned a condition of “No Condition” to a few dimwits. This was lower obviously than any printed condition.

  94. Sorry mistankenly sent from my wife’s handle.

  95. I miss Sam Domingo

  96. We Anons need a “Money Assist”

    In have no shame, I will always putt out for Anonymous.

    Anonymous hold me3 in a trap. pleas save me lol

  97. Betsy,

    Yes, I recall that, though honestly, I don’t recall what the formula was?

  98. Sunshine Disinfects

    So true, Calvin!

  99. Do you know you are dramatizing being a pubiecient ?

  100. Tom Gallagher

    Well here is now where Scientology is now positioned thanks to the sawed-off sociopath:

  101. Tom Gallagher

    As a side note, Nigel Farage is more American than most Americans. Sad, but true.

  102. Mike Hobson

    Guess who the Int. Landlord actually is ?

  103. LTC Forever

    You know, I can only imagine the amount of tension that has been accumulating at “central headquarters,” Flag, the Freewinds… All these write-ups and and breakaways that we’ve been seeing on this blog are just the one’s that came to light on the Web. Imagine how many disagreements, write-ups, and general breakdowns must exist and accumulate behind the scenes? I know I have met some great and ethical Sea Org members, and people are basically good after all. I know I have complained to everyone I could any chance I got on majority of the points that were brought up on this blog and even before I even knew this blog existed. I turned here only after it became apperant to me that there was nothing I could do inside the organization (and I was pretty worn down at that point).

  104. I will be Arogant to say: We need you Indepent Scientologist to battle the powera to be. We have a common goal: Freedom of Mab(and woman. I know you will step up INDEPANDANT SCIENTOLIGISTS. aNONYMOUS NEEDS YOU.


  105. Seeing and reading about the massive homes being built for LRH’s return, I couldn’t help think Davey M. is really having them built for himself.

  106. My excuses for the spelling mistakes.

  107. If you told people in 1992 that 20 years from now 2 “squirrels” (Mike & Marty) who had been declared would be acting as spokesmen for Scientology while the management was off hiding you would seem nuts. But that’s where we are today.

  108. LTC Forever

    Lol. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Here is a lone man from Corpus Cristi (I know he’s not totally alone) kicking ass of a mighty CofS with all its millions of dollars, PI’s, and teams of attorneys… hell even probably marketing and PR professionals and there is nothing they have been able to do. Marty just keeps on trucking, speaking out, manning the blog, writing books, advising on media… It’s totally incredible! And all the church can come up with is “apostate… aaaahhhh… excommunicated…. blaaaa… what else can we say?” Ops ran out of vocabulary. I mean these people must have become so stupid and unable from all their overts and mutual suppression, they can’t even make intelligible sentences anymore and have fallen completely out-reality and out of comm with the rest of the world. It’s quite pathetic. Where is TR’s? Where is OT abilities? Where is Scientology at the Church of Scientology? I guess it must have been “locked up in a trailer” somewhere.

  109. David Miscaviges actions are consistant acts of TREASON
    In his World he does not see this at all , A personal World of CONFUSION.
    Something similar like this happened to a guy in Germany, Berlin 30 April 1945, in a bunker . When he cognited he was in TREASON it was minutes to CONFUSION, killed his dog then himself,wife.

  110. Robert, when i was in the SO in the mid 90’s i saw a very similar thing happen to one of my org’s exec’s. When i first got there he had been gone for a couple of years doing the OEC/FEBC course…when he got back he really shook things up. If it wasnt so tragic, it would have been funny. The CMO micromanaged things like crazy, so when he started trying to clean up all the things going on contrary to LRH policy the Messengers started slamming him hard for him trying to get in LRH. I personally witnessed the CO CMO personally threaten him with a Declare if he continued down that path. I also know that DM constantly micormanged the CO CMO, so there you go. Anyway, rather ironic that the RTC and CMO are so ruthless in stamping out the correct application of LRH, both Tech and Admin.

  111. George M. White

    You speak truth.
    In the 1970’s, the movement was full of optimistic hope.
    Miscavige has twisted and truncated the entire subject.

    George M. White

  112. Rather than ignorant, more likely is Troll…….his tone level and intention appear soley geared towards creating doubt or dislike for Marty within the community…….

  113. LTC, i think DM is vulnerable to a lawsuit, and with those such as Marty and Mike Rinder involved it would likely succeed, as they know where all the bodies are buried, but only with a very substantial warchest. Should such a action be taken, DM/Cof$ has at least $1 Billion USD in cash to back them up, if not more. Also, should such an attack be launched, they would shake down every weathy Scientologist like you have never seen, and most of them would pay and pay. Furthermore, every party to the lawsuit and anyone conencted to them would be investigated and harrassed to an inch of their life. This includes every attorney, paralegal, and admin assistant, maybe even the yard boy. All of this can be anticipated and a progam implemented to counter act it, but again, that will take buckets of money. This idea of a lawsuite i have given some thought to, and i can see a number of legal theories which to bring to bear, but before i would launch such a thing i would want at least $250 to $300 Million to devote to the project. This may seem a crazy amount, however, a large top notch team of laywers would need to be hired (this is not personal injury, so they would not be working on contingency), and an army of private investigators. Also a flank attack on two vectors would need to be planned for and exected. This being 1) political and 2) media….and all of this would have to happen over a period of many years. Its very doable, but alot of cash is needed.

  114. “What Tina Turner did for battered women by breaking away from Ike, Katie Holmes has done for spouses and children suffering from religious abuse and coercion. She fought bullying with bullying. She beat Tom Cruise. She beat Scientology. It’s not too much to call her a feminist hero.”

  115. Mike, Me too. I know Billy Kahn caught this condition.

  116. Not related to this thread, but Hollywood Reporter announces boost in Rock Center ratings because of Scientology story. Doesn’t bode well for Dave being able to keep the media at bay….

  117. Mike Hobson

    “DarnIt” – Mark “Marty” Rathbun was never the “International Justice Chief”, that post is way down the Co$ Org Board in Flag Management.

    He was the Inspector General for Ethics (IIRC) before he became an RTC NOTS Auditor for various VIPs like Tom Cruise.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  118. Mike Hobson

    “First Principle” – “The Sea Org and the Future” has never been confirmed to have been a genuine Ron Hubbard authored Flag Order.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  119. Download latest version of Acrobat Reader. Free.

  120. martyrathbun09

    Then Inspector General 97-04.

  121. martyrathbun09

    Then Inspector General 97-04

  122. Tony,
    Do not discount the FACT that DM is incredibly covert when he wants to be your best friend. Marty worked for the man for years and Marty was a dedicated SO member with the intention to help. I recall reading an episode where Jesse Prince had him reduced to tears and promises of better behavior after an LRH ordered Sec Check.
    He has fooled many, including you and me, for a very long time. As far as his current condition, it’s all machinery at this point. A black pit of rock slams and overts that he has somehow justified as all OK.
    He’s right in there with the ruthless, unsympathetic likes of the guards at Auschwitz that murdered children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. The DEATH he delivers is just a little slower.

  123. The series was up 33 percent from last week, posting its highest adults ratings since a Jan. 23 telecast of a GOP presidential candidates’ debate.

  124. Tony Dephillips

    Just because sheeple liked it doesn’t mean I have to. 🙂

  125. Mike Hobson

    Sinar Parman and a number of others here can attest to just how modest and frugal were Ron Hubbard’s quarters at Hemet – before Darth Midget had them destroyed and replaced with that multi-million dollar mansion.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  126. Mike Hobson

    “thetabop” – do you see anyone running the Independents ? You do not. We are getting along just fine that way, thank you very much.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  127. Mike Hobson

    Thank you, Marty.

  128. hadley-(and Lynn above) – right click the link to the pdf and download it. Open it after you have downloaded on your pdf viewer (adobe acrobat, foxit reader, pdfxcview or whatever you have on your computer. You may have trouble opening in your browser but if you download and then open all should work out.

    It is a fantastic read and you will enjoy the pure data and references.

  129. Betsy and Mike. This was before he had written up confusion. The assignment of a condition of no condition was at that time handled with mest work until the person came up to realize they were in treason. In my opinion the mest work did the location step of the later released confusion formula.

    One of the first I knew of receiving this assignment and handled was Andre Tabayoyan. I know there were others. This was also prior to the RPF so these people were considered “clinicals” and working on mest work to get through the condition of no condition until they came up to Treason.

    Does this match up with your recollection and experience?

  130. A while back, Jim Logan stated that the document was a forgery.

  131. dolphin.jump

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Yes! to the nth degree

  132. dolphin.jump

    Dani and Tami, Power to you! I read your letter and the condition assignment and the references … so deeply moving, I am moved to tears, good tears. Tears of triumph and persistence and loyalty and vindication.

  133. First Principle

    Thanks Mike.
    I wonder if Miscavige was in on it initially. He and Broeker were giddy the day after LRH died, according to the eyewitness Sarge. Hard to believe Broeker could have pulled that reference out upon LRH’s death, without Miscavige knowing it was a fake.

  134. Hi Everyone-This is my first post-but I have been reading all your posts for the last 2 weeks-I have read this letter & was wondering if someone could please tell me -Are the people who are writing this letter VIP who could possibly bring DM out of the church?I am new to S & am just learning-Thank you

  135. Robert-I always wonderred what happened to you! You were always a good in ARC terminal for me at the Denver Org.

  136. How about them apples, Dave?

  137. The Co$ product is depraved indifference; and the amount generated
    betokens a truly breathtaking arrogance.

  138. KC,

    Regarding the subject of Scientology, the only way anyone could be considered more important than anyone else would depend on what they are doing – here and now, with and in, Scientology.

    Marty and Mike are spearheading the 3rd Dynamic Justice action that independent Scientologists the world over are taking against David Miscavige specifically because of his demonstrated failure of personal ethics and continuous commission of present time overts against the parishioners of the Church of Scientology.

    Dani Lemberger of the Dror Center in Haifa, Israel is but one of many independent Scientologists who are supporting this action by assigning the Ethics Condition of Treason to David Miscavige. The difference between him and others who have gone before however, is that Dani is representing and speaking for the first ENTIRE ORGANIZATION that has left the Corporate Church of Scientology. A milestone in the evolution of Scientology’s reformation.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

  139. Great condition write-up.

    I never could use conditions because I could never spot the real why as to what condition I was really in. Then I left the church version of Scientology and my conditions across the board hit me in the face…then I applied them. I prospered and it was becoming effortless and has become that compared to before. I wonder what Mr M thinks when he does his conditions every week for his post. Ah yes, probably Power across the board. He just takes the stat board and turns it upside down and says ….”Now they will fear me. I am so OT I can make any stat a power stat”.

    But, I agree. It’s Treason, at best. He never stepped into LRH’s shoes and just walked. He threw them away and bought a pair of diamond studded pimped out loafers and began to walk a path that very few seem to want to walk, given the real stats we see.

    DM seems to have given us a new condition. The condition of Power Plunge, written as follows:

    1) Disconnect and deny ownership of everything. Make others responsible for my f–k-ups. LRH didn’t get the books right, so HE f—-d up, not me.

    2) Destroy the records of all my lines so nobody can see my crimes. Nobody can do my post. Not even LRH. He had boring stages. I have a tan and $3000 suits that blend in well with the backdrops. My hat write up is non of anyone’s f—–g business. I will disconnect all you SOB’s if you try to find my crimes.

    3) See number 2. Tough s–t. Nobody alive on this planet is worthy of a my hat write-up, so I won’t write it up. What you will get is a new e-meter and I had to design it because LRH lived in a world of vacuum tubes.

    4) Nobody can occupy MY post. You all SCOHB. When I die, you all die with me.

    Now get out of my way because I am going to get a meter check, and if that f–k-up of an examiner does not tell me,”thank you, your needle swung three times, oh captain my captain”, I am going to jump across the table and give him twice the popping I gave Rinder.

    Much love and up yours! No, not up your stats, just UP YOURS! Do I have to clarify EVERYTHING!~!~!!!~~!~!~!~!~@~!~!~!~!~!@!@#@#$#$^%^*!!!!


  140. Li'll bit of stuff

    Excellent presentation Penny, nailed it succinctly.

  141. Li'll bit of stuff

    Every likely hood of that, Moonshot!! Let’s see if
    his assignment can last the distance amongst
    the “bitter, twisted, de-frocked apostate, squirrel
    SP’s”, shall we?? (Either way,he can’t get away
    from his obvious ignorance, can he?)

  142. If you are truly so new to the scene KC, I’m puzzled how you could know to ask if “DM” even should be brought out?

  143. Li'll bit of stuff

    Darn It, …..”always felt it ‘was’ important to ‘try’and
    finish the bridge…) Agreed! That is / was the ‘hook’
    that keeps / kept us going through all the insanity—
    constantly slapping us in the face, effectively saying;
    =WTF up!……. At least for thee & me and the Indies,
    the hypnotic spell is finally over! As you say, thanks
    to the internet, but particularly due to the constant
    willingness to fight back, exemplified by our own
    ‘Real Deal’ Marty Rathbun & our growing legion here. Calvin.

  144. Li'll bit of stuff

    O.O , re; The Mark Schreffler decl. of 7 July, please see
    my reply to your reply of 9 July 2.40 pm.

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Got him to a ” T “

  146. This is good. It’s their reward for being upstat.

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Looking it over, Moonshot, the blood pressure AND
    the medication needed, must be building exponent-
    ially for li’ll davey as we speak!! Just imagine the
    unbearable exasperation he must be feeling at the
    present time, surrounded by legions of cowed,” stupid,
    dumb-assed, useless, incompetent, M%&^#R-F*&%#G
    C*&%(-S*^&$#G SP’s, who are “forcing me to to do
    everything myself!!!!!!”

    Of course, “ignorance” is no small part of it, the REAL
    tech, that is!

    “Just another day in paradise!!!”…Not so, li’ll davey??

  148. Thanks for these “real life” examples Robert and Moonshot. It proves – as if it needed proving – that RTC and CMO are merely enforcement arms of a tyrannical SQUIRREL. Confront it lurkers, that’s the way it is. If it could have been “handled internally” by now it would have been. Ironically, the only meaningful changes that have occurred for the better have been forced upon the “church” from the outside, from Marty and Indies particularly. Justice is the action of getting ethics in from without when the individual (or group) hasn’t done it himself from within. The media storm, us, and even Anonymous have become the justice action of a criminal cult.

  149. SPECIAL BRIEFING TO THE MEGA SUPER MALADROIT PATRONS AND ABOVE: The above referenced pocket of subterranean psych drugs, per a recently recovered LRH Advice, where deposited by the Advance Scout Guard of the 5th Invader Force 90 million years ago. There is a total of 88 caches of this stuff all over the planet. Only RTC can handle this before more psych frackers expose them all, dooming the planet and making anyone who survives an illegal PC for at least 10 lifetimes. First, RTC needs to buy up the mineral rights above each and every cache. Then and only then can special drilling equipment built by Gold per another set of LRH Advices outlining these advanced drilling technologies never before seen on this planet, be utilized to laser drill down to these cashes and render the toxins therein innert. Being the titans of the arts, sciences, and business that you are, each of you will have the honor to dontate $20 Million USD to this vital project………….

  150. She’s busy kicking Miscavige’s butt over in the British Isles.

  151. hadley, there was a Comm Ev and then a Suppressive Person Declare of David Miscavige done in 1984 by the OT Committee World Wide based in Europe. It seems very accurately and honestly done, it describes what Miscavige was doing then, that he has continued to do right up to the present day:

  152. Do we need to guess that ?

  153. Katie is a lot cheaper and more effective.

  154. Hi Niels,
    I won’t be surprised about what the majority of Dutch Psychiatrists will do about man. They haven’t got a clue about communication and live off drugging man.
    Notwithstanding all the counter efforts by the majority of our parliament, they still continue to overmedicate our population while making critics believe the exact opposite.
    I assign the majority of Dutch Psychiatrists the status of treason toward the public they’re paid to serve.

  155. You have a way with words.

  156. Yeah thanks could recall exactly which year it had been issued
    I myself was in europe at that time when the first meetings of forming Indept’s took place as I was present.

  157. Yeah he’s quite the dude. Consistently portrayed as a swivel-eyed Nazi by the staus quo parties because he doesn’t blindly follow the one-Europe / One-world agenda. Guys like Farage who say what they really mean don’t go down too well in Euro-style politics.

  158. Done excellent/

  159. I haven’t watched the movie, and don’t plan to, but I suspect the props go to J.J. Abrams, who is a phenomenal director (IE. recent Star Trek, Super8, Cloverfield, Lost, etc.) I doubt if TC was the why for the movie’s success.

  160. Many Fos refer to SO mission school ?

  161. Bless you !! fAs we say in england ! a also for taking the time.I’ve since figured hwo to upgrade and obtain

  162. I think Pope on a Box needs to find a bigger apple box. His current one does not seem to be working like it used to.

  163. Tony Dephillips


  164. LTC Forever

    Yes, but I really meant if many of those wealthy folks that have donated hundreds of thousands and millions dollars to the IAS, Ideal Org, and other projects to come to their senses and get some of their money back (or at least partial ownership of property where its due). That would definitely pull the rug on this corrupt regime.

  165. First Principle

    Thanks Maurice, I’ll ask him about it.

  166. Hi Ronn ,
    I have been doing a lot of reading about the COS since Tom & Katie’s divorce.I knew a little about Scientology from my daughter a few yrs ago-but never really researched it until the last couple of weeks.I have read hrs & hrs of stories.I have read Marty’s story- Headley story-basically read anything I could get my hands on-So I know about DM’s crimes-I call them crimes b/c that is what they are. What DM did to Karen & Heber & so many other people broke my heart. I am in agreement with many of you that DM should be removed-even though I do not belong to the church.I’m just a regular citizen who believes people should be treated with respect & kindness.
    I hope I answered your question & wish you a good day!!

  167. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for answering my question.I apologize if I offended you or anyone else as to my VIP question.I should have asked if Dani & Tami were high ranking within the church.I did not mean one person was more important than other.

  168. To Dani, Tami, the staff and public of the Dror Center:


    What you guys have collectively done is of great magnitude and no small consequence. You have courageously walked through the exit gate, and in doing so, you have turned it into Panama Canal sized flood gates!

    You just made it possible for the next mission to follow your steps.

    Who will be next? Madrid?

    My love and admiration to all of you.


  169. Jim Logan will have to respond, but I’m fairly certain he was never in such a position as to be able to make authoritative statements about that issue’s authorship.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  170. Indeed. Litigation is where DM is most comfortable. Probably simply having a thriving indepedent field delivering training and audititing in greater quality and quanity that the corporate church would be more effective and hasten is downfall faster than enriching the lawyers, et all.

  171. Mike,
    I believe Jim got the data from his wife Annie, who had been married to Pat Broeker and was also herself named in the issue.


  172. Hey, thanks for that YHS 🙂

  173. Thanks Carcha….will check all of the above.
    heehee…. ‘computers aren’t psychic’ 🙂
    for a wee second there though, I thought someone was messing with M.R.’s link. (CoS hackers.) Silly me xxx

  174. Thank you S.A, from rainy old Scotland 🙂
    echoing hadley, thanks for taking the time!
    Lynn x

  175. Hi KC, the answer to your question is no. But unfortunately, even the highest ranking individuals under Miscavige have no real power — Miscavige (apparently via his lawyers) required all top-level Board members to sign undated Letters of Resignation. This has how he has consolidated power over the years. And it was probably illegal. Take a look at to get details of what some independent Scientologists are doing on the corporate legal side, if you’re so inclined.

  176. KC, as mentioned above, have a look at to see what is being done on the corporate legality side by some independent Scientologists.

  177. ThetaPotata

    Thanks… you’re right. I checked out the new Seattle Org and found that it is owned by the C of S Washington State. So the strategy of having attorneys own buildings is not consistent. However, I’m still going to continue to Postulate DM in prison for crimes. He’s certainly committed enough Overts to have it happen. The Pendulum shall swingith back upon him.

  178. Glenn C. Briggs

    SUCCESS STORY: Dani and Tami Lemberger’s “An Open Letter to all Scientologists”, is virtually a successful auditing session for me. It fully validates my reasons for leaving my post as Staff Chaplain at Gold in 2003, after 18 years in the SO, most of it at INCOMM. I could no longer tolerate the obvious, to me, suppression of so many dedicated Sea Org members who devoted their lives to LRH, but not to DM. I did not announce my leaving to my wife, Sarah Leopold, inasmuch as I did not want to jeopardize her future in the SO. Because her daughter, Gala Gualtieri was on staff at Flag, I fully expected Sarah would not want to leave with me and face the inevitable disconnection from her daughter which would ensue. I have had my former stepson, Mike Gorham, disconnect from me. Of course, this saddens me and while I expected it, will never accept it as an action which LRH would condone. For the past 4 years I have been serving as the primary caregiver for my 99 year old ex mother-in-law, the grandmother of my children. I am in no position financially to engage in Scientology activities of any kind except to read the books I have and listen to the CD’s I have and that only one evening a month when I “visit” my own quarters 300 miles from MIL’s home. At 78, I do not anticipate much more direct activity except for the above self-study after MIL drops her body and I can return to a life regimen of my own. And, I fully intend to engage in that study. I have never turned away from LRH in my own mind, continuing to consider myself a Scientologist in spite of my declare, but had not determined my “status” until I read the Lemberger’s open letter. I’m free again. Thank you so much, Dani, Tami and Marty for a very successful session. Sincerely, Glenn C. Briggs

  179. Hello Glenn!!! Nice to see you here and thank you for making yourself known. You are a stand-up guy and always have been. I hope you are in touch with Christine (Windhorse) as you share familial connections.

    Welcome friend.

  180. martyrathbun09

    Hi Glenn. It is great to hear from you. Keep on keeping on.

  181. Glenn C. Briggs

    Thanks for your kind welcome, Mike. I am unaware I share familial connections with Christine, but that’s not the first thing I didn’t know. How can I get in touch with her?

  182. Glenn C. Briggs

    Thanks, Marty! I’m happy to have opened this comm line and delighted and grateful for what you and others, loyal to LRH, are doing to restore Scientology to its proper place.

  183. well, when your the only competent uptone non-suppressive being on the planet, it can be a little rough to get through the day cuz everyone is after you, but you can’t let on that your on to everyone, how they all conspire to thwart all your brilliant plans, how they all will pull out the long knives once you take your boot off their necks for even a second…….

  184. Mike Hobson

    To the best of my knowledge, Jim Logan has never made any such public claim. I seem to recall Jim having written that Annie would never talk about her time at Creston with him.

    Anyway, I’m sure he will confirm or deny the above when next he drops by here.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  185. BTW, the world community is assigning Tom Cruise his condition: “Not to be trusted.”
    The Atlantic:
    “Who’s Left To Defend Tom Cruise”

  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep! Not even for a SECOND!!!

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Glen, What a liberating thing to do! Just by stepping
    into the sunshine! And you know what’s even better?
    ………..restoring YOU to your “proper” place!
    …………………FREE ……to be you…again!

  188. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey, I, just realized that today (15 July) I’ve just entered my 65’th year in this ol’ MEST body! Hope to keep on using it for a while longer, since there’s just so many more theta pursuits to engage with, since the realizations I’ve had right here at MOUALH, (My “Org” for the past 10 months) through the selfless generosity of Marty, his amazing “pillar of strength”, Mosey, and the ever increasing legion of dedicated supporters & their life giving theta communications.Thank YOU!

    You are ALL simply amazing, EVERY single
    one of you, and I am truly grateful to be
    able to be part of this GENUINE, bold,group
    reclaiming those life – changing tools stolen
    from us, by DM,a two-bit high school drop out.

    So let’s get all those tools cleaned up now,
    shall we? (contents in Scientology toolbox.)

    There’s an awful lot of fixing to be done!

    Calvin B. Duffield,
    Durban, South Africa.

  189. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW Marty,
    Just read the opening chapter of WIWWS, courtesy
    of the free “sampler” in the promo. I am completely
    without any other response, than;”speechless!!!!”
    So looking forward to finally getting the opportunity
    to read and take in your hard won “message to the
    world at large”
    Enormous kudos,

  190. Amen Les
    It’s NOT LRH. Just as Hitler had so many killed or sent to camps to have weak cowl in fear – who knows how out gradient SP Declares are issued weekly now under the new DM Policiies.
    Tremendous effort to make sure the disconnect is enforced. Guys pardon me but F*** em. I found our who my friends were and NONE were in the CofS

  191. Dani Lemberger

    Dear friends, I have read your comments. Thank you for your love and support. We are doing well, continuing to communicate to the world, pushing forward the liberation of Scientology. I’ll keep you posted on Marty’s blog, love, Dani and Tami

  192. Great work and also your letter Hope to see a few more as a result of your excellent efforts/ I spoke to my freinds also in Hafia they are happy for you
    both but wish to remain quiet

  193. Jean-François Genest

    Beste Cat Daddy,
    “if it isn’t written it isn’t true” refers to a technical bulletin, also published as a policy letter titled:
    How to Defeat Verbal Tech Checklist
    If it isn’t written it isn’t true → is first on the list. After… ,
    If it is written, did the person who wrote it have the authority, know-how, etc, to write it?
    … and so on … It is a whole checklist of items to USE in determining of somebody uttered verbal “Technology”.
    → LRH himself recommends and prompts that Scientologists (or not) QUESTION and INQUIRE about the source and VALIDITY of the information given.

    Unlike in David Miscavidge’s world where the standing policy is:
    “Thou shalt NOT question NOR doubt NOR inquire about His Supremacy DM’s, RTC’s, and the Office of *Special* Affairs’ utterances.”

  194. I think there’s the basis for a class action suit by former Scientologists or “independents” against David “Mismanage” Miscavige, however this requires documentation and preferably police reports made following escapes.

    It’s probably hard to build up the evidence so that it isn’t dismissed as “s/he said, s/he said” in court. However if the audio and visual recordings taken within Scientology property could be subpoenaed (and somehow have it not be destroyed first), then maybe the evidence could hoist Mr. Mismanage on his own petard.

    This all reminds me of the concealment of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church around the world. The prosecutions came extraordinarily slowly, but they did finally work to a degree to expose the abuse and elicit admissions of guilt from some higher-ups.

    There’s also room for prosecution based on abuse of the non-profit status. They could have their non-profit status stripped, which would probably simply prompt moving to Nevada, or some other location with lax controls.

    The question is why in the face of so much evidence there is no prosecution going forward in a more obvious way. The FBI evidently has said that they have an investigation open.

    And wasn’t Hubbard investigated by the FBI before his withdrawal from active involvement in overseeing the business? In addition, according to one article, when Hubbard was cruising on the Apollo, he had somehow made himself persona non grata in a variety of countries and was finding it increasingly difficult to find countries that would allow him to stop at their harbors. The obvious question is why?

    There must be some lawyers who would be willing to take this on pro bono, given the massive amount of money that Mismanage evidently has access to.

    So maybe a class-action suit is the way to expose and perhaps limit the damage to people in the future who may still be going hopefully into Scientology offices around the world thinking that they are guaranteed mastery of their lives and instead losing control of their money, closest relationships, physical health and even their sanity.

  195. freedomfromyouin2006

    This condition write-up was beautiful and moving for me, and I was nearly reduced to tears by it. My husband and I were just talking this evening about how nice it would have been if he could have sent a few assholes to Ethics himself, because he was constantly slapped with off-policy bullshit “policies,” that were sent to him “directly from CMO”. But that, of course, would have gotten him in a world of trouble. We then half-joked about how nice it would have been to be able to submit a few KR’s about the same thing, or even one about DM. In my humble opinion, that is almost the same thing as writing your own letter for leaving publicly!
    How wonderful it was to read this Condition Assignment, today! You said all that we’ve wished we could say for several years. We pray every day to once again see some of our dearest friends, and be free of the fear of personally contacting them. Thank you!

  196. freedom: you touch upon an interesting point that probably deserves its own post.

    Miscavige completely co-opted the CMO. They became his servants, runners and enforcers, carrying out “Command Intention.”

    It is an interesting piece of the puzzle as to how Miscavige has asserted that he is “carrying out LRH’s intentions” and is the “anointed successor to LRH.” The COMMODORE’S Messenger Org is positioned as being “LRH Messengers” in the mind of staff and public (no matter how untrue this may be). That the COMMODORE’s messengers now act as COB’s messengers is a message to one and all.

    Believe me, the CMO today are complete lackeys. They think their direct boss is Miscavige (not CMO International, which has not existed for 7 years at least). If you could see what happens when Miscavige goes to Flag or the Freewinds or UK it would make you gag. These kids literally serve him meals, make his bed, follow him around to pick up his camel straight butts like lost puppy dogs. But they get less respect that his actual dogs who wear captain’s bars….

  197. freedomfromyouin2006

    It made me sick to my stomach to learn that half of the “commands” sent from up-high were squirrely, off-policy garbage, and that everyone in my Org had to snap to it and “make it so”. I was shown many of LRH’s policies. Apparently LRH doesn’t matter anymore; they’ve fixed that.
    Tampa was a very clear example of this, because the CMO had a very clear example to make out of Tampa Org. They were going to be one of the Model Ideal Orgs, so the off-policy particles had to move so much more quickly. Congratulations on making Saint Hill size in record-time! If being Saint Hill-sized means never being able to do your Objectives directly after doing your TRs because there is not one twin available, not even staff, then I am ON-BOARD, sirs! =Fanning away the sarcasm.=

  198. You couldn’t have put it better Mike !!!

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