Alexander Jentzsch – In Memoriam

Alexander with his father Heber Jentzsch

In spite of Alexander being coerced economically and emotionally to turn on his mother and act as an Office of Special Affairs (OSA) spy against her and the independent movement (see Karen De La Carriere), it appears that at the end of his life Alexander’s only friends were Karen De La Carriere and her friends.   Karen organized and conducted a funeral ceremony aboard a boat sailing out of Los Angeles on 13 July.   Photos below are from that event. The following is a spontaneous, real remembrance of Alexander written by Karen one night after receiving news of his death.   I asked Karen for permission to publish this to serve as the In Memoriam for Alexander on this forum because it says so much in so few words, and with such great impact.  She gracefully agreed. 

Alexander Jentzsch by Karen De La Carriere

Alexander Jentzsch

I was informed of my son’s death on the rumor line; his corporate Scientologist family and friends who knew were prohibited from talking to me by Miscavige’s oppressive disconnect policy.
I rushed to the Coroner’s office to see Alexander’s body and discern the cause of death.  I was informed that an autopsy was performed and nothing was found. The in-depth tests come back in 60-90 days for “cause of death.”

Karen at service with Tori Christman

 Alexander was extremely healthy, even athletic. I bought him this darned Mountain Bike and he would bike down steep Mountain trails in Griffith Park. (dangerously and recklessly). He lived in Dallas/Fort Worth for about a year. He said he wanted to be out of the “Insanity” of Los Angeles and Sea Org recruiters who wanted him back in the Sea Org. He was routed out of the Sea Org 2 years ago because his wife was pregnant (No babies allowed in the Sea Org).   Alexander’s child didn’t make it, his wife suffering a spontaneous abortion. The marriage fell apart a while back, and they were separated. Then I heard he was fired from the Scientology company in Dallas. He called Kerstin Caetano, Security Chief at OSA INT, to let them know he was unemployed. He flew back to Los Angeles, developed a high fever Monday and was dead on Tuesday.   He was living with the corporate Scientologist parents of his wife Andrea, even though he had been separated from her for some time.

Trey Lotz ministers

The LA County Coroner informed me that California law prevented me from viewing his body – only the wife, in this case Andrea, had that right and could grant permission.  Andrea and her parents informed me that they would not talk to me in keeping with Miscavige disconnection policy and that there would be no funeral service for Alexander and proceeded to have the body cremated after allowing Alexander’s body to sit in the morgue, unvisited for several days.  The Coroner  also reported  to me that when Andrea’s father found Alexander’s body unresponsive the day he died,  the man did not phone 911.  Instead, he drove his daughter to school, then returned home, and only then did he dial 911 to report.
Alexander referred to himself as “The Boy without a Dad” Due to Heber’s lock down for the last 14 years (see Free Heber). You could count on your fingers how many times he saw his father. Almost never. Two times for a few short hours in 8 years. Heber was not permitted to call him to even wish Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. This wounded Alexander emotionally and we spoke of it often. Heber is still in the dreaded “SP HOLE” that Debbie Cook talked about so eloquently (8 years in the hole), see Debbie Cook tells the Hole Truth.

Alexander, the boy without a dad

Alexander yearned to have a dad and had a tendency to “adopt” older men as surrogate dads. Fathers of his friends and buddies.  I was there for him as a mom as a safety net through his UPS and DOWNS. He served 16 years in the Sea Org from the tender age of 8 years old. I had left but he insisted on returning to the Sea Org on the belief he would see his father more often (but it never happened). But once I got declared a Suppressive Person, he had virtually no dad and no mom. He was out of the Sea Org the last 2 years of his life, so he had tasted freedom. Alexander HATED being orphaned. That I know from multiple Facebook sources.

In lieu of withheld ashes, flowers were spread at sea

Despite this deprivation,  Alexander sacrificed his childhood and nearly the rest of his shortened life to perform at a stellar level in the Sea Org.  He held up his end of the bargain.
Is there such a thing as one dying of a broken heart ?
love to you ,

Preparing to release balloons to guide Alexander

Karen with Mark Bunker

Fly on, Alexander

Mark Bunker’s video coverage of the memorial service:

also see, Village Voice coverage.

Hear Karen on KFI Los Angeles Radio.

Indipendologo’s (Italian Indies) Tribute to Karen and Alexander:

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  1. Alexander, your mother has ensured that you will be remembered. Be at peace.

  2. Tony Dephillips


  3. Heartbreaking.
    I’m sorry for Karen’s and Heber’s loss.

  4. Very moving. Godspeed Alexander.

  5. Karen, I can only imagine what you went through since the death of you son. But I am conviced that in the end, Alexander recognized who are his friends and who are his enemies.

  6. Dear Karen and Heber,

    I really enjoyed the memorial service for your son, Alexander. It was very moving and very emotional to be part of.

    Fly on Alexander.
    Lots of love, yours sincerly,

  7. From what has been shared with us in the video above, Karen gave Alexander a beautiful Memorial. We took rose petals and placed them in the Atlantic and sent pictures to Karen. We send our love to Karen, Heber, and Alexander.

  8. Goodby Alex . It was a joy to work with you in the SO. Always the hard worker and never one of the bad guys.

  9. Fly Free Alexander

  10. Freedom Fighter

    Truly heartbreaking. Too many stories like this from an organization who puffs itself up as being the only organization on the planet capable of helping others. Instead, just more proof of how it practices the opposite of what it preaches.

  11. Dear Karen, I grieve for the loss of Alexander’s young life and your companionship of him. May you be consoled by your unshakeable love for him and the thousands of friends who love you.

  12. My deepest compassion goes out to you Karen and everyone else that finds themselves in similar situations.

  13. Dear Karen,
    Gut wrenching. My condolences for your loss.

  14. The behavior of many of the members of the so-called “church” of scientology is unconscionable. Third party and false allegations ripping apart families, lying, ripping people off, a callous disregard for the dynamics of others…simply disgusting. Their incessant denials are being mocked by the public at large and believed only by the party faithful who cannot, must not and will not look.

    Our hearts go out to you, Karen and Heber.

  15. Dear Karen,

    This memorial service was a beautiful thing to do for your son. I can see you were always there for him… and he probably knows it.

    Flowing you lots of love and ARC.

    Luis & Family

  16. yvonneschick

    Karen has given Alexander a beautiful and loving send off. May he enjoy his new freedom.

    May the suffering that will surely follow for those who perpetrated the evil around his departure be the wake-up call for them.

    My appreciation to those of you who were there in support of Karen and Alexander.

  17. Tony Dephillips

    I have to say, even though I am sorry for Heber’s loss, that he is in a very low condition as a father. Part of the trap of the cult is this mentality that ANYTHING not forwarding the cult is out ethics.
    Dm runs this on others at the same time living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Pure sickness.

  18. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    Alexander had a lot to be proud of having you & Heber as parents & you have a lot to be proud of in having him for a son. Sending you big hugs. I’m sure Heber & Alexander can both perceive all the love & compassion that is being sent their way in the Theta universe.

  19. George M. White

    Please accept my sincere condolences
    on the death of Alexander.

    Here is a quotation from the Ancients,
    the line of Buddhas before the present dispensation.

    “Phenomena alone flow on –
    Cause and component their condition”

    May Alexander be well and happy!
    Much Metta(loving-kindness)

    George M. White

  20. Be Happy once more Alexander.

  21. Godspeed Alexander
    You are Loved

  22. Le Rossignol

    It pains my heart to see you gone.
    It brings me joy to see you soar.
    Gone from this place.
    Eternally in that beautiful place.
    Where love grows and blossoms.
    Where memories do not dim.
    Where all that is good and fine.
    Comes to you in your own time.

    Sweet Passage Into That Good Night.

  23. Is there such a thing as one dying of a broken heart ?


    It has happened a lot of times.

    Many more that the amount one dare to confront.

    Disguised in the form of cancer, sudden illness, anxiety and going down to an accidental incident or a chronic body situation.

    If enough people stood up for what is right, for revealing the truth.
    This would come to an end.

    This is a very sad, sad story of a boy who is the son of two great beings. One able to see the truth and exposing it.
    One unable of doing it.

    Heber is guilty (or responsible if you prefer) of this disguised murdering as much as COB.

    If Heber have called the police to be rescued or in some way have escaped from the base, Alexander would be today with a mended heart and his long time lost mom and dad.

    I´m with you Karen. You know it.

  24. Click to access aps_brochure.pdf

    This is the brochure urging citizens of Riverside County to volunteer information about elder abuse (Heber comes to mind).

    Steve Hall, I thankyou Steve for your mention of the Stockholm Syndrome to the Business Insider interview, re CST site, and Shelly’s possible “detention” there. Heber will most likely NOT claim he is being elder abused, and likely the church attorneys will claim religious rights of Heber to suffer the penances and A to E steps deprivations that are part of the Scientology administrative ‘ethics’ scriptures, and thus Heber’s constitutional rights to claim he is NOT being abused.

    Miscavige’s punishment era leans on Hubbard’s ethics scriptures that lean on the US Constitution that protects a religions rights to practice its ethics system for that religion, which the members all willingly subscribe to (A to E comes to mind, and the “A to E Room” or the “Hole” is where Heber’s been all these years.

    The Stockholm Syndrome is real, and is a factor, even with the above lined up legal justifications, for why Heber wouldn’t even wish to call out for outside intervention.

    I urge ex Int Base staffers who recently witnessed any “elder abuse” call the 800 number.

    I think ex recent members, like Ron Miscavige Snr, or Roann Leake Hubbard Horwich, if they know of any who are right this minute in the state of mind that they’d LIKE outside intervention, then PLEASE you recently defected ex Int Base staffers call Riverside County Police, or the Elder Abuse hotline number.

    Recent defectors, PLEASE work with Riverside County officials, and give them who are the people at the Int Base who want out, the most worst case “blow” staffers who really want out, and who have the 1 and 2 man blow watch details assigned to them!

    When I was on the Int RPF, there were periods when I would have gladly accepted outside officials to break into the RPF, and ask any of us who wanted the fuck OUT, I would have gladly said:

    “YES!!!!!! Please, take me out of this fucking place!”

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    Karen, there are just no words, for this! As a father,
    myself, I am just torn apart by this senseless tragedy.
    The corresponding rage I feel toward each and every
    person complicit in this unforgivable neglect of Alex, in
    his greatest hour of need, I just cannot fully express.
    My heart goes out to you!
    Calvin B. Duffield.

  26. Karen,

    This tribute to your son’s life is a testament to your strength of character even in the face of tragic loss and betrayal.

    Indeed, the death knell that sounded at Alexander’s memorial did not signify the end of his life – the arc of Alexanders life shall only find closure in the end of corporate Scientology.

    Godspeed to you, Alexander. Thank you for returning to your true group.

  27. My sincere condolences on your son’s early departure. I know the loss of a child is one of the hardest experiences in this life. May he find his next life to be fulfilling and full of joy, as you would have wanted for him.

  28. Karen,
    My heart goes out to you for the loss of your son and for the alienation you have had to endure.

    I just joined the site yesterday as a result of watching the Rock Center episode exposing the inner workings of the Scientology organization.

    I remain horrified that a group of people would use such negative techniques when a member chooses to leave the fold. Their actions are proving why people probably chose to leave to begin with.

    I feel that acceptance and understanding are traits that help others thrive, not these restricting negative behaviors.

    Our founding Fathers fled to the New World to leave these types of behaviors behind.

  29. No one should have to endure the loss of a son or daughter – especially under such circumstances. My deepest respect and admiration to you for the poise and dignity you have shown in these difficult times. God speed Alexander.

  30. Thank you for sharing the beautiful, heart-rending pics and video. Alex cannot have missed the love and sincerity of this memorial. May you find peace.

  31. My sympathies for the family.Thousands of people on the internet all over the world think of you in these difficult times.
    I truly hope your loss will set something in motion.
    We all know where.

  32. “If enough people stood up for what is right, for revealing the truth,
    this would come to an end.” –

    So true, Roberto.

    Realize that David Miscavige took great pains to prevent Heber from ever being able to call the police – that’s one reason he was kept in “lock-down” for so long.

  33. Karen, I find you absolutely incredible, and a true warrior.

    “Warriors are not what you think of as warriors.
    The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life.
    The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others.
    His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenceless, those who can not provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.”

    Sitting Bull

    Have a feeling Alexander’s departure will galvanise people into action.

  34. Karen is truly amazing. After the Memorial, last night she was featured on KFI AM 640 radio. Do not miss this! I can’t get a link to work directly there, but this is how I got to it: Once there, under Conway On Demand, on the column to the right side, select Inside Scientology 8 pm [7/13] Karen’s interview starts about 18:35.
    Absolutely amazing.

  35. Love for you Alexander. Wish you all the best for your next life. Condoléances Karen and Heber. From Paris, France.

  36. George Wynns

    Thank you, Roberto.
    Just as the best and truest in Scientology is liberating, so Black or Reverse Scientology, as employed by DM and his minions, is extremely, subtly enslaving. Throughout everything, Heber has always had the conviction that he has been doing what was for the best and had to be done, I am sure. He has not acted from any motivation to harm or destroy. Not so with DM. Covertly, DM is taking pleasure in wrecking things and destroying people.

  37. plainoldthetan

    Karen, my deep condolences on your loss. The church is firmly anchored in its self-generated dwindling spiral. It seems to me that incidents like Alex’s mysterious and incorrectly handled death only go to prove that LRH’s observations about (real honest-to-dog) SPs and their influence on others are correct. It’s truly shameful that the Church had to waste yet another life in order to prove it.

  38. My tears and love have flown skyward for Alexander, you and Heber.

  39. Sindy Fagen

    Karen, still, somehow you and the people you have surrounded yourselves with managed to turn something very ugly, vile, and repulsive into something beautiful in the end. He will be remembered as someone very, very loved and not orphaned in the end. Peace and love to you Karen and to Alexander. Love always prevails.

  40. one of those who see

    Dearest Karen, No one could ask for a more theta, aesthetic send off then this. How beautiful. I am so glad you were surrounded by so many friends. Tiziano, Jaime and Joy – Perfect choice of music and what glorious voices to send Alexander on his way. And I see Trey was the Minister too.
    Alexander, my you have an abundance of friends! Your Mother and Father both love you. The Suppressive is running the Church, Alexander. It took some time for us to see it and we are older and were able to compare earlier Scientology to the present Church. Where there is suppression, bad things happen. But we all are immortal beings and there is time to make things right and the people on this ship, just like Ron’s ship long ago are making it right. Thank you for all you did to forward the Aims of Scientology. Godspeed, young man.

  41. This is one of the most astonishing and courageous interviews ever. Everybody should listen to this. You’re a superstar Karen.

  42. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss.
    Peace to you Alexander.

  43. Thank you to all of you who have been supporting Karen while she is going through this terrible, terrible experience.

    Karen you know how I feel as per our chat a few days ago. I love you. There are MANY of us EXes and Anons who have you in our hearts right now.

    While there can never be true and complete justice for yours and Heber’s terrible loss there will be a reckoning.

    And I pray that through our combined efforts we will soon see the end to such horrors as this.

    I also pray for great healing for you Karen. You are one of the most loving persons I have ever had the pleasure to know.


  44. Tory Christman

    It was a true honor to be a part of this. To actually experience THE Bottom of the phony “church” of $cientology, not allowing the Mother, Karen, to even see her own son or let her have his ashes………..she literally rose to heights or courage and love and created THE greatest Ceremony for her son, Alexander. Friends shared in letting go balloons in honor of Alexander and hundreds of rose peddles spread out to sea. He is now free….Blessings to Karen and ALL. Tory/Magoo

  45. Thank you all for your kind words and condolences
    Very much appreciated.
    In order to make Alexander’s senseless death have some meaning ~~ to effect some change in the brutal DISCONNECTION policy so that other mothers do not endure this.
    The first thing I want to state is the plain and accurate truth in Marty’s book
    “What is wrong with Scientology” p 86
    Thus we see 2nd generation Scientologists gleefully informing on their parents for not snappily conforming to the latest party line. Consequently those parents are declared suppressive and lose their families and careers overnight while their snitching childen are heaped praise within
    Alexander was born and raised within the Shadows of Big Blue. (The Scientology Complex in Hollywood)
    Of the 27 years of his life, only 3 1/2 year were spent out of the Sea Org.
    The culture within is to rat on everyone else.
    Read this essay I wrote on how husbands rteport on their wives, children report on their parents and RTC Religious Technology Center gets told everything right down to a dissident thought called in the Church”Enemy Line”.
    The last time I took Alexandert to dinner, he was showing off his new I phone to me.,
    He casually scrolled down his address book to show me the tel nos of who in Office of Special Affairs had befriended him.
    He had the home, work and cell phone of Kirstin Caetano, External Security Chief
    He had the home wok and cell phone of the Chief of Intelligence in Office of Special Affairs whom he was TEXTING multiple times a day !
    The writing was on the wall.
    I was on the eve of speaking out about Church abuses and I no longer could hold my tongue but I dreaded Alexander would be seduced to stay in the Church.
    There was always a 3rd party in my mother/son relationship. The “Church”

    Alexander, me and the Church of Scientology.
    Whenever we had a rough period (upset with each other) The Church of Scientology was right in the middle, acting as a 3rd party.

    One day some 2 1/2 years ago Alexander was visiting in his lunch break. He hd keys to my propety and would drop in almost daily for a few stolen moments in his lunch or dinner break or on his way to Celebrity Center where his wife Andrea worked.

    Alexander read a document on my desk that I had downloaded from the internet.
    Alexander duly turned me in with a “Knowledge Report”
    As a result a local “Ethics Officer” Julian Schwartz said he demanded to come over and examine all my computers and that I was suspended of all Church activity until that occurred.
    I am known to give a tongue lashing on occasion
    Julian got a severe tongue lashing.
    Without going too much off the topic, children do report on parents, and are lavishly rewarded.
    The entire system is one person snitching on another, especially family members.
    This is the modern day “Church of Scientology” up to the minute.

  46. The ‘prisoners’, I mean COS volunteers, are so indoctrinated that outside help would have to remove them for several days, at least, and give them time to think about leaving, at least for a LOA & to let them know that they have a place to stay with one of us if necessary, until they get back on their feet.

  47. Thomas More

    My renewed heartfelt condolences for your loss, Karen. So incredibly sad, but it looks like you gave your son a beautiful send-off. I’m sure he is aware of your love. Yes, one can die of a broken heart in various ways as Roberto mentioned above, but please don’t. You are needed! ML

  48. one of those who see

    Tory, thank you for being there for Karen. Agree. This is THE BOTTOM of Miscavige’s Church of Clear Invalidation, Objectives overrun and Annihilation of the 2nd dynamic. (Here the word annihilation is not hyperbole)

  49. ~ I Will Remember You ~

  50. PS I am in Los Angeles and my couch is available.

  51. NESSUN DORMA (No One Shall Sleep)
    Turandot (Puccini)
    “Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma!(Nobody shall sleep! Nobody shall sleep !)
    Tu pure, o, Principessa, (Even you, oh, Princess)
    nella tua fredda stanza, (In your cold room)
    guardi le stelle (Watch the stars)
    che tremano d’amore (Which tremble with love)
    e di speranza (And with hope.)”

    “All’alba vincerò… vincerò….. vincerò!”
    (At dawn, I will win ….I will win ….. I will win!)

  52. Karen ~ flowing you my condolences and understanding for your great loss. I too have been exactly where you are, though under different circumstances. When I faced this, the thing that brought me completely back to battery, was a visitation by my son (in spirit). He flowed so much love, appreciation, forgiveness, and comforting thoughts to me, that I was soon completely handled.

    I so hope that you and Alexander have said a similar good bye.

    As to Heber, I’m reminded of the scene in Star Wars where the Emperor is electrocuting Luke Skywalker to death, while his father, Darth Vader, stands silent, watching this evil demon kill his only son.

    Just when you think that Vader is devoid of all love for his son, and is simply a robotic slave to his ‘master’, he grabs the Emperor and throws him down the chute to his death.

    It’s my hope for Heber, that he comes to the same realization that Vader did, and does likewise.

    Peace and comfort to you,

  53. I couldn’t stop watching the video, all 3 of them. Beautiful send off Karen.
    As a parent I can understand the deep pain of your loss, nobody should survive his sons.
    The truth shall prevail, always do. The only thing we have to do is continue to uncover it. My condolences to you.

  54. Karen – what a fantastic, hard-hitting pull no punches interview. I’m forwarding it to as many as I can.

    With love,

  55. Here’s the precise URL for Karen’s KFI AM interview from last night:

    Go to minute 18:34 in the program for Karen’s interview.

  56. Marty,
    Thank you for sharing this memorial for Alexander, although it was hard to get through it. I grieve because of the raw pain I see and feel. Alexander is a martyr to the cause of human families, compassion and love. He can never be forgotten – he gave so much, and so did his family.

    Nijib, Your instructions to access Karen’s radio interview worked.

    Karen pulled no punches. She gave precise information that clearly shocked and outraged the two commentators, with key point:made that any kind of lying, cruel, unusual, outrageous (etc etc) behavior perpetrated by Church is Ok [to them] because of “greatest good” “doctrine”.

    It is so hard to try to wrap your mind around so much about these abuses, unless you were there – hard to believe right here in USA are such horrors – but I think in Karen’s 18 minutes or so, she got it across. God help us all.

  57. Truly devastating that the church has resorted to this type of handling. It seems that TRs and the Comm Formula have completely been abandoned, having been replaced by knowledge reports instead.

  58. one of those who see

    Just listened to the entire interview. Marty, I suggest you add the link above or make this a separate Post. Karen, you are an absolute Hero. This interview was perfection. The interviewers were completely receptive to what you were saying just like the people that interviewed Marty the other day. No opposing terminals at all. Your message got through loud and clear. May the evil of enforced disconnection end speedily in our time. Thank you for all you do.

  59. This might even open up some more floodgates.

  60. Roberto,

    you are very right.

    It is quite unlikely that a healthy man of 27 years dies “just like that” – except when he is effect of suppression, severe out rudiments, and probably a lack of perspective regarding a happy future.

  61. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “Without going too much off the topic, children do report on parents, and are lavishly rewarded.”
    It’s completely on topic Karen. This is the slow torture and murder of the soul.

  62. May the red carpet roll out for Alexander wherever he is on his way to.

    For Karen,

    “I watch the ripples change their size
    But never leave the stream
    Of warm impermanence.”

    And may we all, embrace these changes knowing, we are in favor with the universe and all that is holy.

  63. I love you, Karen. You are an angel amongst the independents. Such courage, strength and love throughout this whole ordeal.

  64. Tony, Laura Ann, Aotc, Simple Thetan and Eric.
    Thank you kindly for your words.

  65. Karen,

    please accept my condolences regarding this tragic loss.

    As to children spying on their parents : this was common practice in communist East Germany. Watching West German television was strictly prohibited. The communist equivalent to OSA went as low as asking school children about details from the tv programs that their parents were watching – to establish whether they had seen illegal “capitalist tv”.

    “if in doubt, communicate” … a big NO NO in suppressive systems.

  66. This was very special.
    I have felt your tremendous support.
    If the Church of Scientology actually held a memorial for Alexander who spent 24 1/2 of his 27 years in the Sea Organization, then they did it furtively and secretly behind closed doors ~~ I wonder if a mere 11 people attended?
    Alexander’s memorial at Celebrity Center was held at 11:00 AM, only three hours before their ritualistic “STAT” evolution, where all the statistics, the money made that week, the number of books, libraries sold are counted up and assessed. It is an all night affair with sleep deprivation for Sea Org members.
    If I have a voice, I am going to make Alexander’s senseless death count for something. I can do this by shedding more and more light on what goes on within.
    In the past, the children of Sea Org members were shipped to a ranch almost 2 hours out of Los Angeles way, way up Bouquet Canyon in a remote area between Santa Clarita and Palmdale. It was called “Canyon Oaks Ranch” ~ it is now sitting their in a state of dis-repair. They tried to build a Narconon Center there but with heavy opposition of the local neighborhoods not wanting a bunch of drug addicts there, the “Church” could not get permits.

    The drive was so long, most Sea Org members could not possibly visit the kids in the one hour slot of free time (Saturday morning). The round trip drive took 3-4 hours depending upon traffic conditions. Therefore just like Jenna Miscavige reported on ABC’s Nightline, Parents went months, sometimes years without seeing their children especially if the parents had been shipped to Denmark or Australia to serve the “Sea Organization” while their children grew up communal style with no nucleus family.
    The Church craftily isolated Sea Org children so far away that parental visits were effectively impossible given the Church mandatory “Sea Org Schedules”
    Alexander was thrilled at 8 years old to be allowed and permitted to come down and live in Big Blue in Los Angeles as a “cadet.” This means he had work assignments and tasks and did not have to live at that ranch. Alexander worked filing central file folders, that kind of thing.

    Then something happened, not sure what, but Alexander experienced some internal body pain and was rushed to Children’s Hospital. I rushed to see him but everything turned out OK.

    Then the retribution: Alexander had caused a “FLAP”. This meant Alexander was subjected to Church punishment. He was shipped back to the ranch as “not Ok for Los Angeles”

    At 8 years old, Alexander was made to write up his overts and withholds, week after week, after week. He was 8 years old and made to believe that he was full of sins and transgressions for causing the Church bad PR to end up in Children’s Hospital.

  67. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  68. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I just got an opera education from an Anonymous poster on Marty’s blog. Oh the irony! haha! Thank you for that V 🙂

  69. Karen, clearly you are a very powerful Being, and your love for your son, and your strength and integrity, will help guide Alex through to his next adventure. You will meet again, and each of you will recognize the other.

  70. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Karen. When words just aren’t enough: ❤ ❤ ❤

  71. Karen, you bring honor and dignity to the entire human race.

    While I never had the pleasure of meeting Alexander, I mourn his loss and add my wishes for his happy and satisfying future.

    I wish the same for Heber.

    Vic K.

  72. Karen, thank you! What an extraordinary, from-the-gut-and-heart interview.

  73. Heber is one more victim of the “Big” Bully and his team of aphatic dedicated lossers. The other side of the coin VS DM.
    As far as DM is concerned; this is the story of his life… LRH describes it perfectly…

    6410C27: The Failed Case, Tp.39-40
    “Along about 1954 I went into a spate of research
    on the subject of people who had turned against Dianetics and Scientology. And I tried to
    find a common denominator amongst these people by which they could be understood.
    So I looked them over very carefully and I listed their names and so forth. And I finally
    was able to collect irrefutable evidence – something you couldn’t contest – that about
    twenty-one different people had been in Dianetics and Scientology but had been, during
    that entire period, very active against Dianetics and Scientology and it’s caused a great
    deal of trouble for us.
    And so then I made it my business to run down these blokes. And I got up to
    seventeen names. You’ve heard of this little project before. I’ve never laid it out to this
    degree, because frankly I never really understood it until the other day – not in its total
    entirety. Its first echelon is very easy to understand. Seventeen of that twenty-one had
    criminal records. I thought that that was very, very significant. I thought that was very,
    very interesting. Because these people had all had auditing. And the other common
    denominator is they had had no case change – no slightest, faintest case change.
    The reason why I haven’t got twenty-one criminal records is because I got tired of
    looking them up at number seventeen. Because they had so far, all the way up the line,
    been one for one. This was a totally failed case.

    Now, you in the kindness of your heart are always thinking about his past and you’re
    always willing to give somebody a break and not hold his past against him. But you’re not
    dealing with the man’s past and that’s what’s fooled you. In the totally failed case, you’re
    dealing with his present. He commits more overts between sessions than can be picked
    up in a session. Do you see that ratio at once? He commits more overts between
    sessions than can be picked up in a session.”

  74. As you can see here. We have the why on how DM came to be the first and foremost PERSON TURNED AGAINST the real Dianetics and Scientology: HE IS A FAILED CASE. PERIOD. GRASP IT. no more kindness of our hearts…

  75. Dear Karen,

    I am very sorry for your, Heber and the world’s loss of Alexander.

    DM’s Organization has violated the CoS founding precepts and is an organization existing solely to support the dictator David Miscavige. I’ll no longer call it a church. To do so is just giving it a bit of unearned credibility.
    No church would act in the way it did. What used to be the CoS has taken on all the characteristics of an SP wherein SP behavior is enforced and rewarded.
    It is unfortunate in the extreme that events like yours must happen before media and justice start to wake up.


  76. Lots of BI´s on the scene.
    I can imagine how hard this become to Karen.
    Having all the tools in the world to help him; but unable to do it because of the 3rd party line of David Miscavige Church and the disconnection “LRH´s policy” (“DM implemented…”)
    A lot of us have gotten the heart totally broken in this journey to the hell and back called Independence Declaration.
    Some of us remain alive today only thanks to the love of the few in the red thin line…
    In my case my daughters and fathers.
    They don´t let me go in those hard times.
    Alexander just can´t fail to his father expectations.
    He prefer to remain in the hands of the killer rather than give to his father a loss of that magnitude. That is the size of the love Alex has for his father Heber.
    Rest in peace.

    DM: I will enjoy to see the moment you are dying and shitting and farting your pants in agony alone with all the money and properties of Scientology under your scotch Whiskey odour bed..
    You can mark this one on red for my next FPRD.
    I will receive it after you will be death.
    Life gives some little revenges…
    I will get mine mother-fucker!

  77. Yes WN. You´re so true.
    But the odour of the freedom and the need of company of our loved ones is only a little bit smaller that the force of the purpose and conviction of a strong and loyal heart. Heber´s loyalty to LRH is his Aquiles heel…
    DM is using it on thousands of people…

  78. Great interview, covers all the major areas of what is wrong with COS.

  79. Amen. Words escape me that this family could be torn apart by an evil cult lead by a tyrant.

  80. Sapere Aude

    Karen – I feel for you and Heber. I wish Alexander the freedom to be. A freedom which was denied him under the control of evil ones. We know that life goes on. We know Alexander shall never be forgotten.

    And to you, Karen – a grieving mother who demonstrates absolute grace under pressure. My thoughts and postulates are with you.

  81. Karen, you are one of the very best and have been abused by some of the very worst. Many of us are determined to set it all right.

  82. Not since Joan of Arc.

    (Guys, this is our banner, too. Make it our fight, 110%, make it our blood, and let us carry through to total victory. We are fighting the forces of evil, Ray Bradbury’s butterfly effect is in play, each of us counts, as does each support we offer. The hardest thing to win is a won game, but calm attention, calm persistence, and calm follow-through, will finish off Black’s last rook, last pawn, and wipe the board clean for a better day.)

  83. Dear, Dear Karen,

    I have already said to you what I wanted to say. The feelings do not cease. Our hearts have gone out to you, from all over the world. In Cape Town, South Africa, candles were lit for you and Alexander, and over one of them, appeared a rainbow, for you, and Alexander. I sent you a picture of it, it was incredible. So when I later watched this video of Joy singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”, I knew that that rainbow appeared for you, and for Alexander.

    Love you always, Karen.

  84. Sunshine Disinfects

    Karen, I am alternating between heartfelt sobs listening to the beautiful rendition of songs in farewell to Alexander and huge smiles back at him when his gorgeous, open face smiles back at me from his photo. You have no idea how much I feel for what you must have been going through. Your beautiful boy is now free. I can just feel how much he must love you!!! It is in the air!
    Thank you for your sacrifice in exposing the horror of the cult.

  85. Ex-So, Freedom Fighter, Carol, Tony B and Just Me, ZenZoneo, Halina, LDW,
    I acknowledge you. Thank you very much for your kind words.
    Onward and forward to create change. I do not want other Moms to have this kind of experience.

  86. Luis
    Fellow kindred spirit and dear friend

  87. Yvonne, Marie-joe, George, Lucy, Tango23, Le Rossignol and Howard
    Thank you kindly for your thoughtful words.

  88. Karen,
    I have no words. My sincere compassion without words to you and Heber.


  89. I just can’t tell what I feel.
    I have no words for what the culture of “Scientology” has become under Miscaviges “Management”.
    I am out of words.

    I wish all the best to Alexander.
    And his Mom.
    And Dad.


  90. And unfortunately, it is not the first young person dying in that cult.

    But we have LRH’s legacy of a tech that will protect those who use it. May all confusion and destruction, mass and mess be (re)turned to theta !

  91. Roberto
    I embrace you.
    We are Red Indians of the same Tribe.
    But Heber has been too battered, too smashed, too overwhelmed after 8 years in SP hole to think straight.
    Stockholm syndrome.
    I will share with you a very private incident that Alexander revealed to a friend of his only weeks before his death.
    Heber was trotted out for a few short hours after Marty and Mike exploded the stories on Heber’s battering by David Miscavige.

    This was 2 years ago,. Heber and Alexander were permitted and allowed to have 3 hours together because of the uproar on the internet.

    But Alexander had been reading the Internet and was only too familiar with SP Hole, Int base Musical chairs, the TRUTH Rundown and so on.

    Alexander asked Heber privately “Dad, do yo really want to go back to that?”
    Heber said “I have to return Son, I have done “very bad” things in his life and had to atone.

    One last time Alexander looked in his father’s eyes before the goodbye outside Office of Special Affairs offices, 6331 Hollywood Boulevarde and said “Dad, you absolutely sure you want to return?” ie to Gold Base SP Hole

    My heart skipped a beat when I first heard the story.
    Alexander was offering Heber a chance to blow ! (flee)

  92. + 1. The trick is to feel such love, and live.

  93. Karen, you have my very deepest condolences over the loss of your son, Alexander. I wanted very much to be there for his memorial, and attended in spirit, Scott having told me of the time and the place. You gave him a beautiful send-off, and I know he was comforted by this and seeing all those who cared so deeply for him, and for you, in your time of sorrow.

    “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Each time my son would disconnect from me, within a few days he would get in trouble. The last time he disconnected, he was severely beaten within an inch of his life by the police, and ended up in a psychiatric hospital to heal from his wounds. He was traveling all over the U.S. selling things for a “corporate” Scientologist. No one told of me this incident due to “DISCONNECTION”, and I found out about it a month later through Facebook. During that time, I had mental image pictures of him laying in a morgue, unidentified, and the time period was co-incident with his being in the hospital. I would cry myself to sleep at night, and lived in horrific fear of the situation that you have experienced. There are no words to describe what a mother feels, when her child is in danger, and there is nothing she can do about it; particularly due to David Miscavige’s DISCONNECTION POLICY. iT IS HIS POLICY, NOT L. RON HUBBARD’S POLICY. PUBLIC OPINION BEING AGAINST IT AS A PRACTICE, LRH CANCELLED DISCONNECTION IN A POLICY LETTER AND IN HIS RON’S JOURNAL IN 1968. MOST SCIENTOLOGISTS DO NOT KNOW THIS. LET THEM KNOW IT IS NOT RON THAT PROMOTES DISCONNECTION, BUT DAVID MISCAVIGE AND THOSE THAT DO HIS BIDDING.

    My son and I are happily re-united, and last Sunday we spent the day together going through the Texas Hill Country and visiting some beautiful homes on the waterfront at Lake Travis. I told my son how lucky we were and I dedicated my day with him to Alexander and Karen, in memoriam to the life and happy times that Karen and Alexander shared together.

    Karen, I will do everything in my power to help end this sordid and evil practice (disonnection) will join you in your fight to expose the truth

    In every way, Karen, you exemplify the principles in LRH’s essay: WHAT IS GREATNESS?. Your poise, dignity and beauty under these extreme circumstances are a credit to you and the Scientology prinicples by which you live and breathe every day of your life. May they give you the comfort and peace that you need to make it through these tough times. You know that all of us in the Independent community love you and grieve with you, and share in your sorrow, and know that you will come out flourishing and prospering and using this experience to help others in similar circumstances. Thank you for all that you do for and here’s postulating a NEW AND WONDERFUL LIFE FOR ALEXANDER! Fly and Be Happy!.

    Cathrine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  94. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations Catherine! You earned it.

  95. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Dear Karen, This is an awful story, it’s an abomination created by a dreadful excuse for a man. I am so very sorry that all of this happened the way it did and I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

  96. randomfromn.texx

    My God Marty, I can’t believe all of this! I can’t bear another word about all the abuse. We all Have the message. Start pouring your energy into the release of the people being held captive against their will in the hole. Get them out now! Why are these people not being rescued right now!! I’m enraged! How can our Country allow this! I have read enough. Start doing something to save the imprisioned people in your church. I appreciate all the testamonials. Enough already! Let’s get the rest of the people being held against their will out!!!!. Oh my God!!!!

  97. Scott and Karry Campbell.
    You are dear to my heart

  98. Lil bit of Stuff, Centurion, Leslie Anne (welcome) Martin,. PaleHorse, Tessa and Sara
    I deeply appreciate your kindness.

  99. Karen: As you know, I’ve been posting on Marty’s blog almost since it’s inception as WINDHORSE. Marty and Mike knew my true identity and I chose to remain under the radar. You and are started speaking on the phone from time to time for the past year or so. We knew each other on staff. And I’ve known Heber since 1972.

    I am not someone well known and have been out of the Sea Org since 1980 and scientology more or less since 1993.

    Thus I had chosen to remain unknown. Despite many well meaning people on this blog who push a bit and/or encourage those of us “under the radar” to come forward.

    NOTHING would budge my position. NOT EVEN when OSA posted about me (from session data only) on some of the anti-Marty blogs.

    Nothing except these unthinkable, despicable inhumane actions following the death of your son. I’ve posted my names when this tragedy broke last Tuesday and am doing so again)

    What you have done to memorialize your son is wonderful. Please know that I too offered in a small way, yesterday at 4:10 Eastern Time — by tossing 27 long stem roses into the Connecticut River (that flows from northern New Hampshire and empties into Long Island Sound).

    And with each stem wished him a safe journey and swift and favorable rebirth if that is his desire.

    With great love and immeasurable respect,
    Christine Baranay – (McDonald, Gualtieri, Williams)

  100. Dear Karen,

    You have managed to take what was so very wrong and created something that was so very right.

    Thank you to all who were there to support Karen and say farewell to Alexander. What an awesome demonstration of what a true group is.


  101. Good Lord, that’s horrific. Alexander’s story, and that of all Sea Org children, simply must get into the public consciousness. That is beyond despicable. It’s criminal.

  102. If I may, a dedication to Heber…

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    -Dylan Thomas

  103. Very nice!!!… 🙂

    Eugene Francoeur

  104. Dear Karen, this is a very sad moment for all of us but particularly for you as a mother!
    My sincere condolences for your loss.
    Rest in peace Alexander and may you find a better life in your next one.

    Eugene Francoeur

  105. OMG, Karen, this kills me. I literally let out a bit of a scream when I read “Dad, are you absolutely sure you want to return?”

    Oh, please, please, PLEASE GOD, give Heber another chance to accept that offer, and let us be there for him!

    Oops, wait, I’m an atheist…. we can make this happen ourselves, right?!?!

  106. Chuck,
    We served in the Sea Org some 20 years shoulder to shoulder.
    your understanding of it all has depth of perception.
    Thank nyou for all you do.

  107. Li’ll bit of stuff, Centurion , Leslie Anne, Martin Padfield windhorse, one of those who see,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am really touched by your kindness.

  108. Just Me and Darn It, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am really touched by your kindness.

  109. Gthetan, plainoldthetan, Colorwheel, and Sindy Fagen, I am very grateful for your kind and thoughtful words. These are very appreciated.

  110. one of those who see, Sherb, Denise. and Tory, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am really touched by your kindness.

  111. Thomas More, Ronnie Bell, and Simon B., thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am moved by your kindness.

  112. O.O., The Oracle, Karen B, and bob grant, I am very grateful for your kind and thoughtful words. These are very much appreciated.

  113. miscavigeisscaredofsam, noteacherleftstanding, Sapere Aude,
    and Carcha, I am very moved for your kind and thoughtful words. These are very much appreciated.

  114. Kim Baker, Sunshine Disinfects, Jim Logan, and SKM, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am very moved by your kindness.

  115. Lady Min, I am very grateful to you for your kind and thoughtful words. I very much appreciated them.

  116. Karen,
    Perpetrating a continuous O/W justice action on an 8 year old for having internal pain that resulted in going to the hospital is unconscionable and inhuman. These internal spiritual wounds never quite heal in the presence of constant restimulation inside this 1993 “reversed” Sea Organization… By 1993 DM had gotten a firm and suppressive grip on the social structure in the Sea Org, so it wasn’t safe to be an adult member…. but I had no idea the suppression had extended to 8 year olds…. My sincere condolences Karen and may Alexander find comfort in his new found freedom. Fly high and free Alexander and we will see you again.

  117. Dear Karen,
    We celebrate Alex’s life with you. We know him as extraordinary and love him dearly. He will be missed. Our hearts share in your sorrow. May you find peace in his new found freedom. May your heart and his join again and discover the healing and love you once knew.
    Jerry and Kathryn Brady

  118. Karen:
    There are not words to express how sorry I am that you have lost your son so prematurely and in this way. The current Church has sunk to new depths (and I did not think this was possible). What a theta sendoff you gave him, Karen!

    Alexander, all my wishes for a flourishing new life,.

  119. Karen,

    Betsy and I are in remote fishing village in Mexico for a week, and I am disappointed we were not able to attend Alexander’s memorial. We did catch up up on all the internet activity that occurred these past few days and were pleased that things came out pretty good, in the difficult and insane time. Best wishes, and again so sorry for your loss. It is veryLoud and Clear David Miscavige needs to…whatever.

  120. This is what the Gestapo did in Germany. This is how with only a few hundred people on staff they were able to terrorize an entire nation. The similarities are chilling.

  121. Karen, dm has made sure to post sub humans in OSA and hco. Your reports here will become a legendary tale of the atrocities committed by dm and his gang of imbeciles.

  122. I was so touched by Karen’s story of her son’s question of his father and particularly the incredibly sad answer. K’s comment “…Heber has been too battered, too smashed, too overwhelmed after 8 years in SP hole to think straight” makes me incredibly angry that this could be happening in the US right now.

    I’m one of those anon guys that is dead against tyranny and abuse. I just re-read the free-heber pages on this website and it is such an incredible story. That a former (and much loved from the sound of things) leader of this “church” would, rather than being venerated as an elder who had made a huge contribution, be treated like some kind of vermin and a plaything of the corrupt leader is preposterous. Karen’s eloquent radio interview today pointed out that this is truly medieval.

    Today July 14 is the 223rd anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille that kick started the French revolution and democracy. Bonne Fête Nationale Mme de la Carriere! Ironically this was a huge boost to a fledgling America’s confidence in kicking off the yoke of English colonialism. I’ve written before how a mere artist, Ludwig van Beethoven, was one of Europe’s greatest humanitarians. LVB scratched out the dedication of his 3rd symphony to Napolean after declaration of himself as emperor. LVB’s only opera Fidelio is about release of political prisoners, particularly one in a deep dungeon who is about to be murdered because he had crossed the tyrannical Pizarro. Wickipedia calls it “a story of personal sacrifice, heroism and eventual triumph (the usual topics of Beethoven’s “middle period”) with its underlying struggle for liberty and justice mirroring contemporary political movements in Europe”. Beethoven had also learned from the French Revolution that this could be done by love and did not require violence.

    I’m so proud that there is a community on this website that is dismantling the Miscavige Bastille one brick at a time through love, empathy and communication. Fortunately the fortress is also crumbling from inside by rot in the foundations. It would be nice though if it went as fast as things did on 14 July 1789.

  123. Richard Royce

    Kristina my wife sent the article on Richard Reese’s death to Suzi Carragini Royce our daughter in law as she worked for him at Flag. Kris thought it might help her to see some of the insanity in the church. She dutifully ratted us up to RTC and suddenly Cathy True shows up in Portland to see us! When she showed me the goldenrod I grabbed it out of her hand and stuck in in my pocket. She demanded it back and I said call the police! I left.

    1984 is alive and well in the COS. Gastapo is alive and well in the COS. the STAZI is alive and well in the COS. The KGB is alive and well in the COS. The Thought Police are alive and well in the COS.

    I thank my lucky stars daily that we woke up and got out! I am sad for my children who haven’t! But they are on their own voyage. They have to learn their own tough lessons.

  124. Jethro Bodine

    Wow, I get choked up every time I read this post and watch the video. My own mother died suddenly 2 1/2 years ago, and am still feeling the emotions of that. The mother-son relationship is a special one. I can’t imagine what Karen has been going through. Sons are supposed to outlive their mothers. On top of losing a son, she’s had to deal with the indignity of “disconnection” and the cold, inhumane treatment of the corporate “church” of scientology and it’s kool-aid drinkers. Has anyone heard of compassion? A real church knows what compassion is, especially around a time of death. My heart goes out to her.

    Below is one of my favorite Chopin piano pieces that was discovered and published after Chopin’s death and appropriate for this occasion:

  125. Thanks for sharing this with us Karen…

    I can get a grasp on what kind of “handling’s” Mr. Jentzsch has received so far.
    I can see it clearly: “If you blow and don´t come back; we are going to deprive you and your son of the bridge forever. He will be lost life after life. You don´t want that for him. You better come back and don´t do any crazy things” (or some variation of the above)

    No matter how hard Alexander have tried; with this kind of state on Heber it was useless to try to convince him.
    The greatest good was to come back to the hole.
    I hope something big happens soon that makes this prison camp a thing of the past before it become a too late point for Heber.

    We can´t allow ourselves to have more casualties.
    We have too much already.
    Just make a quick mental review…

  126. If I may, poetry is best voiced and Dylan Thomas was a good reciter of his own poetry (many poets are not). Here is Thomas reading his tribute after his father’s death.

  127. I posted the poet himself reading this wonderful poem but inadvertently it is a few replies down.

  128. Denise,
    As you so eloquently said
    we are joined at the heart.

  129. Mark Bunker’s video on Alexander’ Memorial.
    Thank you Mark.

  130. Errol Sayin

  131. Dear Karen,
    our deepest condolences.
    Our deepest love.


  132. I just missed the boat for the memorial,due to bad traffic-but i did join everyone on board when it came back to dock-Thank God for film as I have since seen the beautiful ceremony-so THETA!
    One of the things I love about the Indy field is the respect and love for human life that exists. You know, REAL compassion. I got so sick of the cold, non-feeling world of the Corporate Church-you could be out bleeding to death in the street and next thing you know you are in ethics for “pulling this in” and incoveniencing some staff with your problems.

  133. It was a honor to be part of this service.

    There was an abundance of theta in that space, all focused on one thing, expressing the love and caring that we all felt and wanted to convey to Alexander and Karen.

    Everyone was moved.

  134. Dear Karen,
    What a beautiful memorial. Unfortunately, I received my invitation right about the time the event was starting. So sorry I could not attend. However, I am taking a cue from your beautiful gesture as are many others around the world, and we will be dispersing some very special rose petals from the top of a very beautiful and special waterfall in celebration of his existence tomorrow.

    Here is an LRH quote (almost verbatum) for Alexander:
    (It’s in the Clearing Congress Films)
    Someone had asked LRH what Scientology says about ghosts…….
    Ron’s reply was: “Hmm, have YOU ever been a ghost????”
    Askers comment: Oh! I, uh, uh, uh, uh……..
    Ron’s answer:
    Well I have, and I’m not ashamed to admit it either!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  135. Joe Pendleton

    It is a sad fact that everything Karen says here is true. And the source of most of this is simple religious fanaticism. The opening of “Keeping Scientology Working” says that in so many trillions of years there has been and now is no other hope for all of mankind than Scientology. If you hold that is actually true, then there should be NO order or act that you would be unwilling to commit to ensure the salvation of all the beings in this sector of the universe. And so you have 2nd generation Scientologists acting much like the Hitler Youth and good young Soviet Communists, who would do anything that their masters require.

    i have to admit that in over 35 years whenever I read the above in KSW, I got a very warm and noble feeling and felt very uplifted and honored that I somehow was one of the chosen that bore this burden, but a burden that was EXTREMELY exciting and one in which relatively very few people on Earth were so honored.

    And so it came to a pass that in a recruit cycle a few years ago, a Sea Orrg member told me that he would do anything that command intention asked him to,no questions asked and that that was his committment to the SO (and so I shoould re-join staff as that what was now being asked of me).

    The irony is that one can be savage and robotic and unthinking in following orders and so feel righteous and “with group” and “on source” and “very right” in one’s being militant, BUT …. the very nature and laws of breaking the ARC Triange actually act in the OPPOSITE direction. For each act of declaring Karen, having her son disconnect from her, forcing her husband to divorce her, etc etc etc ….. for EACH act of being the “uncompromising Scientologist” has acted and WILL act to shrink the Church of Scientology and lessen its membership and influence in salvaging this sector of the universe. Every communication about the sordid and disgusting acts of the CoS and how it acts to destroy peoples’ families is being broadcast over and over and over and being watched and read by millions who would not even THINK of stepping into an org and having anything to do with Scientology.

  136. Joe Pendleton

    I do not go through an hour without thinking at least once of what was happened to the Jentzsch family. In my 42 years of being associated with Scientology, the “Jentzsch Affair” (which includes the forced breakup of the marraige, the way Heber was as a father, Karen’s expulsion from the CoS, her son’s disconnection from her and now shocking death) is the worst and most sordid and disgusting thing I’ve encountered. Almost everything crazy and shocking about the church is represented in this story; the attitude of the CoS towards raising children – despite all the “good words” written (well, look at LRH’s family life – talk about not being able to practice what you preach, but that goes for the CoS as a whole), how easy it was to expel and black PR one of the highest trained auditors in the church (one who was trained by and worked with Ron PERSONALLY), the deplorable and broken condition the President of the Church of Scientology was in as a being, and not just recently either – a man with his quals who apparently could be told to divorce his wife and be convinced to essentially abandon his son and front for a brutal dictator for 20 years – well, I don’t aspire to get his type of “case gain” and I don’t think too many other people do either.

    And then a young man who wasted his childhood and youth in the Sea Org, beaten down into a brain washed state where he would disconnect from his only real parent and inform on her to beings who could only hope and dream that one day they could be at her level of accomplishment in Scientology, has a wife who is forced to abort their baby, leaves the SO in a vain attempt to have a child, sees his marraige go down the drain, loses his job working for Scientologists and then comes back to LA, apparently a healthy young 27 year old man …. and GETS A FEVER AND DIES THE NEXT MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, I hope you do honor your son by bringing his and your story to every venue you possibly can, evey talk show on TV or radio that you can appear on, every newspaper or magazine that will do a story,write a book if you can and go on tour with it. And investigate Alex’s death as fully as can be done to leave no stone unturned. I hate to have to say that I no longer have much admiration for Heber and the way he has lived his life these past 25 years. But having had much respect for him in the old days, I hope somehow he can be gotten out so that HE can have a shot at redemption and tell his story and make whatever amends he wants to and re-capturre his past integrity and spirit. It’s not a matter of him deserving it. We ALL deserve that chance.

  138. Joe Pendleton

    And you know what convinces me that there is just a lot of diverse stuff going on in this world? Only a few Scientologists care to have an active comm line with me anymore, but I know two guys who over the past few months who have told me of their spectacular wins at Flag on the OT levels. They were extremely pleased with the service. I had wins (and many big wins) every day on the BC and really on all my training (I like my wins from audiiting and being an auditor and CS and supe too).

    How hard would it have been just to tell folks what Scientology was, do training and processing standardly, handle PTSness when it came up and be friendly, compassionate and understanding while doing it? I can tell you that it wasn’t that hard for me to do. I’m being entirely serious when I say it’s too bad LRH didn’t channel his inner Buddha during the 60s. We’d have had 10 million or more active Scientologists by now.

    Oh well, silly and dumb to regret the past. Nothing we can do about it now except be smarter when we get up at bat next inning.. Life is in us today and we ……. well, y’all know the rest, right?

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Richard, thanks for this! Cold, hard, in-your-face,
    but at the same time (necessary!) ” reality “adjust-
    ment, for anyone sitting in a confused state about
    what to do, if caught in the” inescapable” cult of CO$.
    People—–this is no more than just ANOTHER lie!!
    It IS escapable! And the posse are waiting outside
    this “self reinforced” incarceration, to help you once
    YOU have made that BOLD decision to leave.

    And the time has passed for beating oneself up
    over those, including family & friends, who are still
    held captive by the same self (or real) – restraints.

    That is to say…..ending the tyranny, is accomplished
    from OUTSIDE the organization, where one is able
    to exert the required force necessary.From what I
    see here, there is no better motivation for a return
    flow TO the perpetrator, DM, than by those who have
    been on the receiving end of his ruthless, insane
    acts of utter depraved cruelty!

    The tyrannical rule is effectively over, and although,
    just as in the case of Saddam Hussain,secretly and
    ironically “holed up” to await his fate, it beckons!!

    No doubt, as we recall the trial of that dictator, DM will
    also remain defiant and completely without remorse,
    to the bitter end. Thankfully, his demise is assured!

  140. Theo Sismanides

    I am impressed that Alexander has created such an effect by his absence and sudden death! I don’t think we have lost from Alexander, he is a symbol to be remembered not only for Kool Aid drinkers but for Indies too who need to do something now about such a being such Alexander. It is going to be a loss IF we don’t do anything about it.

  141. Theo Sismanides

    Karen he IS a Big Being, and he has created a Big Effect Now! Waves of Theta are flowing right now around the Globe because of Alexander, you and Heber! Thank you, lady!

  142. Theo Sismanides

    I am in tears of relief to watch this Memorial! The feeling, the touch, the words, the affinity of the speakers and the singers leave me with a hope that though no Scientology Inc Church could perform such a memorial ever, WE the true group of Thetans, educated now as much as we could, trained and processed for about 50 years now in the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard, can deliver such a wonderful ceremony for the loss of a beloved member of us in such a wonderful congregation that it IS heard all around the world and here in Greece, soothing my soul. I am ALL in tears and I wanna thank you people, my true 3rd Dynamic, for being there, for all your fights and hardships, you never gave up and never ceased to care to improve Mankind. Distance is not an obstacle for You my Friends and through your Skills now can send waves of wisdom and comfort around the Globe. Thank you for this touchy moment.

  143. Theo Sismanides

    Karen, the senseless death of Alexander is taking a Sense just by His and Your intention. The only person who could really appreciate Him this life time. I am still learning from this and I am not willing to give up as I am a parent too and a Sea Org member (oh yes, I am more Sea Org than them) and I would never want more of this in the Sea Org which I love. Alexander has made a tremendous impact on me and once more, but this time for good, has shown me the brutality of Miscavige. I am with you all the way.

  144. OK, I can’t help it. I’ve come up with a poem:

    There once was an SP named Dave
    who constantly misbehaved.
    As his overts grow bigger
    you know it will trigger
    that he lives many lives as a slave.

    I hope this brightens someone’s day.

  145. Karen,

    I don’t know you personally, nor you me (I hope to soon!), but I from all your communication about Alex, and your other comm on this blog, I feel I know you well! And I have so much love for you! What a theta, huge, strong woman you are! You set such an example for others. It’s amazing that you can be so strong in such a tragic situation.

    Let Alex be a great inspiration for the independent movement. I know you will make it so — as will we.

    Much love,
    Tone 41

  146. Karen,

    I wish there were 3 dozen more Scientologists like you who somehow could have made it up to Class 12, and survived through the Sea Org life’s craziness, ,to somehow more skillfully have transformed the events of the last 35 years (starting most importantly in my “history’ mind, to when the Class 12s started leaving the Sea Org in large numbers starting in the late 1970s).

    Scientology needed it’s 12s, and ones with big hearts who know what the subject of Scientology is all about, like you.

    It’s the administrative rules side of Scientology that causes its most problems, and thus in truth, it’s Scientology’s Div 1 and Div 5’s faults, for not placing and keeping sufficient wise and healthy minded leaders in the admin ranks, all the last several decades. The bad fads and injustices shed those leaders who were better, leaving less and less compassionate good ones.

    It has always been administrative in fighting machinations of the admin bureaucracy, to me, if one really looks at the movement’s biggest problems.

    Administrative power was to be spread to the top councils (WDC and Exec Strata and those bodies then utilizing all the LRH earlier policy created networks which were earlier built).

    Obviously more Class 12s who knew the whole subject should have been more plentifully made who should have manned and been rotated into the top admin positions, that’s the bottom line.

    It’s in the LRH “command intention” Flag Ship Order, he spells out what is the responsibility of each Sea Org member to become Class 8 and fully OEC/FEBC trained, and I repeatedly pushed that particular LRH Flag Ship Order when I was the local staff training order at the Flag Land Base.

    The movement’s rocky last 30 years is it’s internal failures to sort out the most important options LRH wrote, and focus really hard on them.

    There’s been a huge build up of pissed off ex senior members, there are more good ex senior members now out, speaking up, than Scientology has within it’s ranks.

    Such a turned around scene.

    If I were the supreme Personnel Officer, I’d have put you into IG Tech back in the 1980s, not sure what I’d have done with Jeff Walker, but I would have left Mitoff as Senior C/S Int (but he needed an older generation 12 to oversee him). The whole RTC 1980s era needs a dissection someday, by some people knowledgeable with the earlier Commoodore’s Staff Aide and Flag Bureaux management era operating principles. I’d love to have a meeting someday with two dozen old Commodore’s Staff Aides and ex WDC and ex Exec Strata people, and ex Pers Office people, and see if any of them even think the alphabet soup top admin ranks are needed or not.

    (In Scientology history, all the personnel decisions, of deciding and approving which person for which position, it all had it’s long term effects, and the accumulated effects of all those personnel posting decisions did absolutely play a part in history of the last 35 years.)

    Maybe Indie Scientology is the simplest and inevitable way forward.

    Well, Karen, in principle, I’d give you my vote for the “Hot Spur” line for the Indie’s. .

    You’re the best!

    Love, Chuck

    .PS: You’re an incredible speaker Karen.

  147. Hi Christine. Your voice is heard, your name is known, your words have always been appreciated.

  148. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for sharing this memorial. It is very touching. Θ

  149. Jean-François Genest

    ? ? ? ?
    There are people much more “in-the-know” than I am, and I wish to ask them this curious question:
    How many other Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosque, etc. in the world have as part of their staff
    a) a Chief of *Intelligence* (Chief of spy information) ?
    b) an External Security Chief ?
    *c) possibly an Internal Security Master Chief ?
    ? ? ? ?

  150. A beautiful event for Alexander whose presence was felt right there along side all of us. We honored his life with Karen who has done so much for us all. Words don’t describe the emotions.

  151. V, thank you for the translation. Beautiful!

  152. I enjoy your thoughts Joe. Very well written.

  153. Karen – I am so sorry for your loss. The love you have for Alexander will defeat the pain that they try to inflict on you. You have triumphed over it all. I wish you peace.

  154. Ziba Feulner

    Beautiful memorial. I am sure Alexander appreciated it a lot. Well done, Karen and friends.

  155. I can’t help but feel that you almost had your son back and only his death prevented it. My condolences.

  156. scilonschools

    Too True Sam!!!


    Wow, that was fantastic! Thank you for taking the time and using your skills to create this wonderful video tribute for Karen. It is truly a beautiful work of art!

  158. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure do Joe, and thanks for some “pro-active nostalgia.”

  159. Good god. Somehow, it must be possible for us to see to it that “Gold Base” is raided and the prisoners removed. There has to be a way. I don’t know what it is, but with the combined intelligence and resources and intentions of us all, there must be a way to make it happen.

    My complements to you for such a beautiful production of Alexander’s Funeral. This brought tears to my eyes, seeing again the aesthetics and theta at that gathering. Thank you so much for doing this, and may you expand and prosper.

  161. Is there any LOVE left in the ‘church’? I doubt it. Is there any love and care for people, inside or outside? That’s what you would expect of a church, of the ‘ministers’. Especially in circumstances as this, the death of a son who literally gave his life for his belief, his church. And what does the church? They cover it up, sent the mother away, lock up the father (for years).
    As far as I remember, when being in the church, it was only about production, statistics, diploma’s and money. The more diploma’s and money you had, the more important you were and the more ‘liked’, especially by the management. It’s liking doing courses with Goldman Sachs.

    It has always struck me as an outpoint: what I read in the texts by Hubbard (about ARC, care, ethics GRADIENTS), was so clearly absent in the church, i.e. the staff (a few exceptions of course): the harshness of the managers, the treatment of staff. And this after just a couple of weeks of being there. Things got worse when an american CO and his wife came to take over.

    I’m still writing ‘church’. But of course it is NOT a church. It has nothing to do with a church. It is a business, specialized in the commercial exploitation of the works of Hubbard, managed by managers with only one concern: the statistics, especially those of MONEY IN. All else was of minor importance, including PEOPLE. But worse, it EXPLOITES the goodwill and trust of the people. And in the end it lets them down, as happened here with the Jentzsch family. It just lets you die like a dog, because dead you are of no interest to the ‘church’ anymore.

    No wonder that I am an ex-Scientologist. I treasure some of Hubbard’s concepts e.g. the orgboard, developed-trafic, and the like.
    But for love and kindness and commiseration I go to a real church, with real ministers who care and who don’t want my money.

    A church where there is no love for people won’t stay for long.

  162. Beautiful~

  163. Thank you for sharing Alexander’s send off with us over the web. It was beautiful and full of love.

    The lack of humanity in the people who even went along with making an 8-year-old write O/Ws as they did, the father-in-law who could leave Alexander laying there unresponsive while he drove another to school, the wife who could deny a mother one last viewing of her son, the goons who orchestrate deceptive and covert activities to hide and lie and trick people in the name of Scientology…it is repulsive beyond words.

  164. Joe

  165. Tone 41, Jean-Francois, Picanin, Ziba, Tessa and Tara
    Thank you so very much for your kind comments.

  166. COS “It just lets you die like a dog” Many of us live a very very humble life and have spent all assets and went into debt to be able to do all we could for Scientology. Yet now broken and poor, no one in the Church really cares. If I hear robotic ‘apply your conditions’ one more time I will vomit. I softly said along the way I was violating financial policy but the Church uses what ‘policy’ it deems is best for the Corporate Business of taking in money. Yet we are responsible for the condition we end up in and no one else is going to financially get us out of our current financial ruin. (Buyer beware)

  167. My dear Roy,
    Flagship Apollo mate.
    Thank you for all your special kindnesses

  168. Thanks for your reaction. Seems we have the same experience.

  169. Karen,
    That was a great send off for Alexander on Friday. I’m sure that he is thankful that you put together such a great memorial and that so many wonderful people came to celebrate his life. I know that I was not the only one moved to tears quite a few times during the memorial. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.
    Love Always,
    Karry Campbell

  170. Sunshine Disinfects

    Karen, you are one in a million. A REAL SP (Special Person)!
    Fantastic interview. Would love radio stations world wide to take it up.

  171. in Miscaviges Reversed Scientology Universe, SP = Scientology Protector

  172. We all love you Karen, we are here with you all the way. Here’s to Anthony, your love for him, to Heber for his greatness also, and to the future ahead.

  173. Lack of humanity, so true. What type of people deny a mother to see her dead son? This is a whole new twist on the disconnection policy as far as I am concerned. It is a perversion of an already perverted policy. It is cruel and evil and I can only conclude it had nothing to do with “protecting” themselves from some horrible “SP” as much as it had to do with using his death to try to cave you in. How absolutely hhorrid ; how low.

    Karen you set a stellar example of grace and poise under such inhumanity. I pray,pray,pray that Alexander’s words pierce through the layers of wrong indications and falsehoods that have been fed to Heber and that he comes to his senses.

    May there be redemption.

  174. Well said, and I agree.

  175. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  176. Independent Scientologists of Italy::::

    Grazie Scientologosts indipendenti d’Italia
    per questo video incredibilmente bella.
    E ‘toccato il mio cuore.
    Mi ha molto commosso e ho versato un sacco di lacrime.
    Quale grande cuori che hai di condividere la mia perdita e il dolore.
    Il tuo video veramente toccato il mio cuore.
    Mi impatto emotivo e che non dimenticherò mai la tua gentilezza

    Trionfo dell’amore sull’odio
    grazie a tutti voi ~ ~ la tua gentilezza mi ha colpito.
    amore / Karen

  177. TroubleShooter

    Fly high and free Alexander. You have choice, you have power and you have us. Anytime you want to talk I’ll be there.

    Karen I’m so very sorry you had this experience. Love and kindness and peace to you.

  178. Tim Swanson

    Karen # 1- I believe you to be a courageous woman to continue to make known the abuses of the CoS during this time of grieving. I think it takes an exceptional being to gracefully do both as you have done. Despite the forced DISCONNECTION of Alexander from you, his mother, I believe he would or will be proud you have done so and will be ever grateful that you were his mother.

  179. Pingback: Karen de la Carriere’s Son Dies : XENU TV

  180. Well, I believe the Vatican has those kind of offices/functions installed. And overall, the Jews have the Anti-defamation League, Mossad etc. It’s the old paradox of holding Eternal spiritual teachings and ideals while at the same time trying to maintain Temporal Survival.

  181. Dear Karen,

    I have never been involved with Scientology, but only came upon your story through links in other stories. That being said, after reading your story, I felt compelled to offer my deepest and most sincere condolences on the loss of your son in such a way. You will continue to in my thoughts.

  182. You are very welcome, and if somehow those words comforted you in your time of sorrow . . . then I am very grateful. Please phone or e-mail me at any time, if you would like to talk, Mom to Mom; friend to friend; Scientologist to Scientologist. You are my dear, dear friend of over 36 years, and when you met me, (after a Flag event at which you were the guest speaker); I was crying over the loss of my former fiance who had married someone else, and I was heartbroken, and devastated by the loss of the love of my life. You handled me with kind words and by getting me to Flag for some very excellent auditing, remember? I flew with you to Flag the next day, from Houston, with just the clothes on my back, my purse, and my checkbook, (I had traveled from Austin to Houston for the event, just to see you), and the rest is history! You comforted me in MY time of sorrow, and it is a great honor to be able to do even the smallest part of this, for YOU.

    May peace be with you,
    Cathrine Elisabeth von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  183. I had the honor to work with Alex for quite some time, when I was at PAC in 2007, but until I found this blog I had little idea of his suffering. I knew he was the son of Heber Jentzsch, President of CSI. I knew that he had been in the Sea Org since he was a child, but I never knew the sadness in his life. I remember him as an incredibly talented and intelligent person, with the sharpest wit west of the Mississippi, and the wisdom to put it to good use. I thought I was well-read, but Alex always surprised me with astounding knowledge concerning any topic. As I sit and reflect now, I realize that Alex was probably the most prominent mentor I had in that place. I don’t exaggerate when I say that he set the bar for professionalism in the Sea Org. I always thought of him as the ideal Sea Org member, as a paragon of excellence in all endeavors.

    I am truly devastated to hear of this loss. An admirable man has died far before his time. Condolences to Alex’s family and friends, I cannot begin to imagine the pain of those who knew him far better than I.

    Rest In Peace, Mr. Jentzsch. Of all the people I’ve met in my life, you deserve it the most.

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