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My 19 year old son has been wanting to go back to CW (Clearwater, Florida) since we moved to Oregon a year and half ago, because it’s the place he knows. That is where his friends that he grew up with and that he shares so much ARC for and with are! As we, parents to teens and young adults, know; the majority of them care mostly about their social life.

I had a huge loss leaving behind what I considered to be my whole universe and my group when I left CW. Imagine how it was for a kid for whom that is all he knew his whole life.
I want to know if you would be interested in the following:
Having young adults from the age of 16-23 who are interested in getting together with other ex-church members in that age bracket to enjoy a weekend camping on one of the islands near CW during fall/winter time this year, where they will create new friends or re-establish communication with old friends. This is also an opportunity for them to just itsa.

I know my son will have a much easier time communicating to someone his age than to me.

We, as adults, all needed a “support group” when we decided to leave the church. Thankfully, there was one made up of Indies, Freezoners, etc. The younger generation is no different. They too will benefit greatly from a weekend with friends their own age and with whom they share a similar reality with. There are several in the CW area interested already, but we’d like to invite young adults from all areas to fly or drive in and participate.

If we can get enough young adults interested, I have a friend in Clearwater who is willing to find a camp site for them and be the coordination point. If you have any suggestions along that line, please chime in.
Those that are interested:
Please contact us at:

Love, Anat


Steve Hall posted a nice piece on Indies Day 2012, at  We had a great time seeing everybody.  Thanks a million to Natalie and Brad Hagemo and Mike and Christie King Rinder for all you did to make it happen.


I have received a number of alerts that hitting the link to the the great data resource Friends of LRH results in a Malware warning pop up.  I don’t know who the folks are who run that webpage – but if you get hold of Mike Rinder or me we might be able to help you repel whatever attacks you may be under.

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  1. Wonderful Anat. Within my buddhist community there is something similar.
    Each summer youth (18-30) gather usually in Europe since the founder of the group is European. They have opened up the gathering to non-buddhists after a few years and it’s a fabulous experience for everyone, I’m told (I’ve just missed the cut off point)

    In any case, I suggest — setting up some sort of donation page so that those kids unable to pay the whole fare can get help. That someone from the youth group itself be encouraged to step forward and run with this.

    Otherwise — rather than a youth group it becomes an adult thing — this age group really does have it’s own thinking, etc etc.

    So — kudos Anat. I’d be happy to start with a donation. (I could also forward you some info about the buddhist youth gathering in Europe)


  2. Anat Krier’s article underscores an important facet of leaving the cult. Hooking up with Independent Scientologists or other groups (Freezone, etc) can help those who are so inclined to continue their practice of Scientology. But that’s only part of the spectrum of things people need to do to re-establish their lives when they blow from the corporate nightmare.

    I understand that there is an “underground railroad” of sorts that helps some people get drivers’ licenses, bank accounts, etc. But a broader effort to help people re-establish friend networks, and particularly to find alternate clients if they own a small business dependent on revenue from customers who are “in” is incredibly important. So setting up an ex-kids social network sounds like a good idea. But it’s only a start…

    I am aware of the site, which is a directory of service providers who are “out.” But every little bit beyond that surely helps people who leave get to a happy and normal life quickly. If there were a central clearinghouse to connect people to all the resources that were available, that would lower what we economics-minded people call “switching cost,” the painful indirect costs that cause people to stay stuck in a situation that is painful for them. In other words, the faster the transition out of the cult of Corporate Scientology, the more people would be motivated to take that step. And the faster that part the tapestry of tyranny would unravel.

  3. You might want to change the link for Christie. It leads me to a site where I have to type a username and password.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Thanks – fixed.

  5. Interesting. I ran a scan on Friends of LRH and this is the report. There doesn’t appear to actually be a problem but the site has been blacklisted by google. Sound familiar to anyone?

    web site:
    status: Site blacklisted, malware not identified
    web trust: Site blacklisted.
    *This site was just scanned a few minutes ago.

    Security report (Warnings found):
    error Blacklisted: Yes
    check Malware: No
    check Malicious javascript: No
    check Malicious iFrames: No
    check Drive-By Downloads: No
    check Anomaly detection: No
    check IE-only attacks: No
    check Suspicious redirections: No
    check Spam: No

  6. jacques emond

    marty, under tour post titled Friends of LRH theris a Google add titled Marc Headley which directs us to entheta on Headley, his wife and you. Please check it out. Love, Jacques Emond

  7. jacques emond

    it is not there anymore. jacques emond

  8. So, while folks like Anat are trying to get people into comm and enhance comm in an uptone manner and improve ARC…Little Dave and his minions are busy scurrying around trying to cut comm, lower ARC and drive people down to their below zero tone level.

    I expect we have yet to witness the bottom rungs of miscavige’s sociopathic behavior. The only question is if he responds like a badger or a possom when he finally cogs that he’s been irrevocably cornered. Or maybe he just goes down crying, wimpering and sniveling playing the victim card for the next couple million years. Gonna be a long A-E for that sucker.

  9. Jethro Bodine (Marc Headley’s site) used to give the Malware warning too, though it’s OK now. Gee, I wonder who could have done something like that? The sneaky shits at OSA perhaps?

  10. This warning pops up on a google search under the site domain

    This site may harm your computer.”.

    It doesn’t. Your computer, and you, will love it.

  11. “Gonna be a long A-E for that sucker.” That is very compassionate! The door is always open a crack, even for David M.

  12. I haven’t been able to get onto Friends of LRH for a couple weeks. I wrote to them about it about a week ago. Basically what happened is the Church hacked the site (surprise, surprise) and somehow got Google to block them. They said they’re fixing the problem and Google should be deleting their “Warning” about viruses soon. Also THERE ARE NO ACTUAL VIRUSES– this was just a scare tactic used by the Church to stop people from seeing the truth.

    Also a friend of mine just told me that even though you can’t get onto the site right now via Mozilla Firefox, you can still get on via Internet Explorer.
    (I dont know if this is true or not, but Im just passing that along)

    Anyway, sounds like the problem should be fixed up real soon. I hope so. Its a great site and I use it all the time.

  13. Hi Les,
    Scurry is the right word.
    Rats scurry…

  14. I was talking to some friends and this thought came out. David Missmanage is handling all the renos for the Idle Orgs. He does all the hiring supposedly to “save the locals money”. I think there is a good chance that he is skimming off the top or getting kickbacks from these construciton companies and feathering his “golden parachute”. I suspect when he blows that he will blow to Africa where the new “AO” is being created. He will take all the documents and LRH materials with him and run the cult from abroad.

  15. Yahoo still gets to the site, but Bing doesn’t either.

  16. WH!
    Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words! What great ideas you gave!!! I will look into starting a donation page and also having the youth group post an I/C at their first gathering.
    With love,

  17. I am totally with you on this John P!!! We need a global directory for anyone who is “under the radar” or has just left the church looking to hook up with others in his/her area would be able to find willing terminals that want to help. This can be developed into a very powerful networking system because as most would agree (beside Miscabbage) , one can do so much but two can do so much more…!

  18. I’ve noticed a couple times recently on your blog and Steves site seem to be experiencing what I am guessing might be some sort of mild DOS attack.

  19. LDW,
    Funny and so true!

  20. He should have himself cryogenically frozen and buried in the Trementina vault with GAT, the “Basics” and the Mark 8 meters.

  21. Since submitting or
    to Google is all that is required to report and/or cause Google to investigate a site, it could well be part of the previously publicized attempt to eliminate criticism.

  22. Ziba Feulner

    This is such a great idea, Anat. I am sure the kids will love to get together and establish a new 3D

  23. My Avast antivirus software gave me a huge red screen pop-up warning for saying;

    “Reported Attack Page
    This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

    Google has blacklisted this site saying;

    “What happened when Google visited this site?

    Of the 2 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-07-07, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-07-07.

    As can be seen, Google reports 2 pages on the site downloads malicious software without user consent. This is why it’s blacklisted. Sadly, for now, don’t visit this site or refer others there.

    URGENT SUGGESTION – Here are the steps the owners of this site need to take;

    1) Stop using Frontpage 5.0. It has so many security vunerabilities for crackers, it’s not funny.

    2) Move off of the server to a new server such as which is one of the best shared webhosting services I’ve found in my 17 years of webmastering. (No, I don’t get a commission!)

    3) Install the latest version of wordpress in Cpanel through Softilicious. It’s easy.

    4) Install sitemap-xml, wordpress seo, a social plugin, and wp security plugins. This will secure the wordpress site, and make the site search-engine friendly, and create a more “viral” site that’s easy to share.

    5) Create existing pages using copy and paste. (Don’t copy any files.)

    IMO, there’s no way around it, this site must be rebuilt to create a safe and secure search-engine friendly website that gets maximum reach.

    I wouldn’t doubt this is the work of a “church”. If I was evil, this would be one of the independent websites I’d target because it’s so easy to crack.

    I’m sad about this because this is one of the most important websites for corporate Scientologists to see (imo) because it’s a good gradient.

  24. Thank you Ziba! I agree! This could turn into something structurally good:-)!

  25. Awesome Anat, this is a great idea!! There are many teens/younger adults who have had quite a time of it because their parents chose to leave, it disrupted their social life,their friends had to disconnect from them, threw some of their stable datums out the window etc. Great idea again!! This will be a great source of support for those who wish to participate.

  26. E.J. Croughs

    Gonna be even longer before that sucker starts A-E.

  27. When I say “copy and paste”, I mean the text only. Don’t copy the screwy and bloated Frontpage html code. It doesn’t meet current html standards and google will penalize for this.

  28. I suggest to handle the issues ASAP due to Search Engine Results.
    The site is listed well, and the longer you wait, there are less chances to hold this position.

    WordPress is a good choice even if this site was “static” before, “Safe” above is right, WordPress could make this site a more “viral”.
    Though I wouldn’t use any comment functionality on this page. Data only. This served very well its purpose ’til now.


  29. Yea long, like a billion years.

  30. Sorry… couldn’t resist… 🙂

  31. When Google reports;

    “Of the 2 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.”

    I’m going to believe Google. They know what they’re talking about. On 2 pages, malicious software is being downloaded without the user consent. I wouldn’t throw caution into the wind regarding Google’s current report.

  32. Graet idea WH – a lot of these teens/young adults are still in high school and or college, so that would help them out tremendously. Also, just as a side note, all the teens/young adults who want to participate don’t neccessarily have to consider themselves indie scn’s, I think the overall idea of a “support group” is fantastic, a place where the young minds can come together to help each other figure it all out. There are some who may want nothing to do with the subject of scn at all as they equate it to ruining their life – friends disco from them etc. A place that is “safe” for them to be a scn or not be a scn is the intent I would hope. just my two cents worth. Great ideas regardless!

  33. Official Report # for the case of elder abuse and denial of medical care for Mr Heber Jentzsch is #GREE072020120151P

    Adult Protective Services Riverside Calif 951-791-3250

    Ring that phone…All day…Everyday.

  34. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hey Anat. You look so beautiful in the sunshine 🙂 xxx

  35. GOOD CHANCE????!!!!@#$%^&*() Tony……..It is guaranteed!!!! Same MO as the superpower scene where you reg for twice the amount it actually takes. Demand money. Demand more money then do a rush job to finish. No one sees the books, the stats….nothin. Then when the Org is done and open no one sees that no one is there!!!!

    The blind leading the pathethic in a march to the bottom of the spiral!

    I’m thinkin Antarctica would be the best continent to open next. Get the POB down there to micromanage his frozen little ass …….. speaking of cyrogenics and all!

  36. I have no problem accessing with Internet Explorer (9.0.8112.16421)
    Norton 360 report: OK Safe

    However Google Chrome (20.0.1132.57 m) gives me this warning: contains malware. … For more about the problems found on, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page. …

  37. Safe! Good to hear from you.

  38. Paul – should people who call say it’s at scientology base or golden era productions?? does it matter? thought i seen you say something about that on fb group

  39. yes she does, I agree 🙂

  40. NO. Don’t identify this as a Scientology property please. The report identifies Golden Era Productions as a movie studio complex. Period. Why send up flags if we can catch a rookie who doesn’t know the Sheriffs Dept out there is bought and paid for ?:)

  41. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Tony, but snakes and REPTILES ————-SLITHER!!!——————

  42. +1

    Also, keep the page naming the same. So if the pages are using .html (I didn’t check because I don’t want to visit the site at this time), add this wordpress plugin …

    .html on PAGES

    It works fine on the latest version of WordPress. (I use this plugin on nearly all my wordpress sites .)

    (WordPress by itself can use .html permalinks on posts, but not pages. That’s why this plugin is needed for most converted static sites.)

  43. Thank you. As always, it’s edifying to read your posts, Grasshopper.

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    Cheeeese & Rice TONY! You don’t say! Now I may
    get a chance to actually see the “object of so much
    attention” up close & personal. I think we just might
    be able to arrange a “nice” welcome for him appropos
    what he deserves. …….mmmmm! ….can’t wait!!!

  45. Li'll bit of stuff

    Absolutely hilarious Chris!!!!!!!!

  46. “As we, parents to teens and young adults, know; the majority of them care mostly about their social life.”

    “Two Rules for Happy Living”

    1. Be Able to expierience Anything
    2. Cause only those things wich others can expierience easily

    -New Slant of Live, LRon Hubbard-

    1. Be Able to deal with what life throws at you.
    2. Sharing a common reality.

    Strenght or Saneness/Being Able(1) and -Sharing a common reality- Psychology ->Sharing the same space as another being (Scientology) (2)

    I would love to be the one that writes a table of sources into all Scientology books

    Cat Daddy

  47. Exactly gypsygirl – a place to share ideas and be a support group. Being born in, or growing up in or being near parents, friends etc has an enormous effect on young people …

    Losing all your friends OR seeing your parents lose all their friends and their business has got to be mind-wrenching.

    In any case, should be open to all of those who were someone connected or affected by scientology.


  48. Aligning it as “Golden Era Productions” gives it an aura of legitimacy. Personally, I’d call it the Scientology cult compound, or the Scientology staff prison camp known as “the hole”.

  49. “So, while folks like Anat are trying to get people into comm and enhance comm in an uptone manner and improve ARC…Little Dave and his minions are busy scurrying around trying to cut comm, lower ARC and drive people down to their below zero tone level.”

    You nailed it!

    Who would have thought there would be a day when the church overtly stops people from finding true LRH. Friends of LRH is full application of the Verbal Tech checklist!

    DM you are a coward!

  50. Great idea Anat, out-create the church’s entheta!

    For some reason, I missed your coming out announcement. Just read it now, I am so glad you really confronted the big problem in your life and that you are reconnected with your family! I have good thoughts for your husband’s daughter as well. It certainly would be nice to have a group for her when she does connect the dots!

  51. Great input Safe, including your advice above. Someone reported this on Marty’s blog here a week or two back and so I checked it using Chrome and Norton 360 and oddly didn’t find any issues. Based on your advice and Marty’s news report, I’ll stay away for now.

  52. DIFFERENT TOPIC -Village Voice today

    Scientology President Heber Jentzsch Told His Brother: “I’ll Never Get Out of Here Alive” ALSO: Alex Jentzsch’s Last Phone Call?

  53. Do you know any Zulus??

  54. Nice that there is a case #. May we have a ‘butterfly effect” now.

  55. Very cool Anat. We need that out on the west coast as well.

  56. There is the Ex-Scientology kids website, founded by Jenna Miscavige (who had the courage to defy her uncle) Astra Woodcraft and another. It was and is a vital resource for kids raised in the cult, though less active of late for various reasons. It’s for young people and/or anyone who was raised in the cult.

    Too many kids had their childhoods stolen by that evil cult and it is hard to relate to others when they have stories of partying away a carefree adolescence and you only had 100 hour weeks of slave labor in the SO. It’s been a life changing and saving resource for quite a number of cult teenagers/ young adults.

    BTW (The cult did blackmail one of the founders, who was allowed to speak to her disconnected family if she backed away from the site and doing media interviews.)

  57. Holy shit… that was funny!

  58. Hapexamendios

    Excellent advice, regardless of the malware issue that site has been in need of an upgrade like this to become more search engine friendly for a while now. It contains some awesome content and warrants the SEO work to ensure that it gets maximum visibility. The only thing I would add is if they don’t follow the great tip you posted below – “keep the page naming the same” (which they should as it’s the smartest way to go) they should read up on how to implement 301 redirects so they have no broken links in the Google and Binghoo indexes that could get them penalized rankwise.

    It’s truly a shame that the “church” would stoop to this level and there’s no doubt in my mind that they are indeed responsible as hackers that do this typically try and pick sites with maximum exposure to the public, not niche sites like this. Also I seem to recall someone posting here a while back that the “church” had one of their false and malicious dead agent packs for this site so it’s definitely on their radar for blackhat ops.

  59. Hapexamendios

    Does the RPF’s RPF have an RPF? That might be a good place for him to start making amends.

  60. Scott- this youth group is for teens/young adults from anywhere, not just the Clwr area. If you know teens/young adults on west coast, please tell them or their parents about this, all are welcome I’m sure. It would be more of a travel for the west coast youth but still they could work it out to come, especially if there was a coordination point in Clwr to help make airport runs etc as Anat suggested.

  61. aaha…….I perceive a bunch of Tutsis there and they are pissed…!

  62. Just like Marty points out in his book. Grrrrr…

  63. How would newly-out folks find the underground railroad site(s)? Perhaps we could list the most common/obvious keyword searches. Do we need to set up a fund that can ensure our underground raiload sites show that the top of these searches?

    I am not terribly net savvy, but I would sure help support such an effort.
    We must also assume that recent escapees are somewhat ignorant of basic internet searching.

  64. Poet Laureate

    Hey Jacque: Saw your name and was wondering if you were from Montreal Org, did some acting back in the early 80s – if so old friends. Say Hi

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh Yes! yes. yes, yes, indeed I do , my good man!
    In fact I consider myself pretty ingratiated with a lot
    of Zulu sentiments, and am therefore able to
    duplicate their viewpoint of a very strong 3rd dyn.
    My right hand man in my business is in fact a Zulu,
    and in the 23years, of working with me, has given
    me invaluable insights of the culture. Tony, I have
    NEVER yet encountered another person, who can
    top this man’s natural high level of ARC, and pure
    willingness & ability to duplicate—-and it goes
    without saying, (since he has the misfortune of
    working with yours truly,) pretty good TR’s!!!
    This is, after all, Africa, where we are still very
    much in touch with our original, if often fearsome
    ancestry. Wonderful year round climate, and warm
    people, still make it one of the best countries in the
    world to live, if you can stomach the corruption of the present day government! (a never ending story)

    Oh yes, fixing the likes of DM, over here, is not as
    difficult as in your country,& has THAT appeal, too!

    A reminder to the midget – sleep well…’ll davey…

  66. Li'll bit of stuff

    Is that ALL????? Gotta DO something about that!!

  67. E.J. Croughs

    Please do and then try to find someone who has picked out all the true data and intergrated it all into one consistant body of workable technology to better mankind. Then try to find someone who has spend the lion share of his life ensuring others could understand and apply that technology to the same results all the time, every time. Then try to find someone who has fought the established dominating powers of vested interests for 30 years to accomplish above and keep the subject free and disseminated all over the planet, the only place where it’s safe and obtainable for those who wish to reach for it. I’m very interested in what you come up with……

  68. Sounds good!!
    I know dm likes to read Wilbur Smith novels. ( I have to admit that I like them too)
    Maybe dm can have a Wilbur Smith type disaster happen to him?? Ate by a lion perhaps?

  69. Plus 1!!
    Don’t be a hater Cat my man!! 🙂

  70. Thanks for the info!

  71. Good question. How would newly-out folks find the underground railroad site?

    Perhaps Tatiana or Mark Bunker or Steve Hall or Jeff Hawkins…anyone skilled in web design or video…could make a short Public Service Announcement. Something like a 30 second or 60 second clip encouraging people to contact a web site if they are freaked out about being fired or disconnected or losing their eternity if they walk away from miscavige’s cult. It would have to be generic and not mention miscavige or the Co$ personally.

    Radio Stations often play PSAs for non-profits. Might even get a few on to the Public Address system at some of the Clearwater, Tampa and LA area malls. An audio version would be cool for that.

    It would have to be very sincere, tasteful and non-confrontational. It would also have to be professional enough that stations would feel good associating with it.

    I haven’t done any placing of PSAs for nearly 35 years, so I’m not up on the current scene. But I’d be willing to spend some time on getting ads placed if someone professional creats the ad.


  72. How convenient. When I stand on the balcony at work having a coffee, I can clearly see that AO about 8 miles away or so. Looks like a conference center to me, just like it’s looked for the last 8 years.

    I’m sure that info will come in useful somehow

  73. Chris Mann, whenever a site gets linked from a high traffic media site in an article, a flood of traffic swamps the site for a while. This is normal for the World Wide Web.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  74. Hollywood Reporter interviewed Marty – another article 20 July 2012 – PS If you GOOGLE -> (scientology $300 million 26 buildings real estate hollywood) a lot of sites have the story. (My heart goes out to donators, staff and Sea Org who were duped & used)

  75. Ooops, 2011 – I should of read it first but still good data. LOL

  76. Thank you Gypsygirl95. I had some help from you, my friend:-)!
    Love U

  77. Thank you Sam. You are much too kind:-)!
    Love Much!

  78. Brilliant idea Anat!

  79. Wow! Thank you gypsygirl:-)!

  80. Thank you Karen B!
    It is wonderful to be connected with people who truly love and care about each other! Imagine if we all lived to love and care about one another. What a world would that be…!
    Thank you for your good wishes! I know she will join us soon:-)!

  81. Dear Scott,
    We can either get youth to come to this gathering from all over and from there different groups can be formed base on age, location, etc. But the idea is to start:-)!

  82. Hello Sunny V.
    Yes, it is a very good site!

  83. Great idea Les!
    We might get volunteers from each state and if possible city to be the relay point.

  84. Kevin Tighe

    Nothing wrong with hooking up with old friends but there are so many new people to meet! I have dozens of newly close friends I’ve made since leaving Scientology. Been through a lot with them over the past two years. We are always getting together and doing stuff as a group. Today we are doing a barbecue and going to a ball game. We help each other at the drop of a hat. And let me tell ya these people, many of whom have deep roots here in the Clearwater area, have Lisa’s and my back big time. Anyway if you head down this way, I can tell you there is a growing group of former Scientologists, who are now young adults, many in their late twenties and early thirties, who are hanging out more and more together. It’s a joy to watch and assist them as needed.

  85. Dolphin Play

    David Miscavige Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

    Scientology Inc Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

  86. I corroborate with Hapexamendios’s data. It’s 100% sooth.

    IMO, Friends of LRH is the #1 website target of Miscavige because it’s the most effective at communicating on a gradient scale, in a smooth sequence, to those inside corporate Scientology. This site produces (did produce) significant results that Miscavige does not want … hurting his corrupt business.

    So it’s imperative there’s no comm lag in rebuilding a truly secure, better SEO optimized Friends of LRH site.

    Besides pissing a lot of people off when malicious software is downloaded (if they even find out) and infecting their computer, a blacklisted unsecure site creates distrust and fear, which is exactly what David Miscavige wants. It helps to ruin the (on-the-ball) reputation of the independent Scientology field, and works to destroy the credibility of the information itself.

    PLEASE DON’T WAIT, whoever is responsible for this most vital website. This site has done way much good to let it go on as a reported attack site, and to continue to scare off new visitors who are most likely corporate Scientologists who want to discover the truth.

    If needed, I volunteer to install the WordPress software and the necessary plugins to help secure this site for good, and set it up for search engine optimization. All the owners will have to do is create the pages.

    Email me at …

    (At the time of this post, I’m still getting the report through Avast antivirus software that is an attack site. The way it is makes me sad for corporate Scientologists who are trying to look, and angry at Miscavige for cutting off such vital communication.)

  87. Thank you Lucy! I know I’m not the only one who thought of that:-)! But I will take the compliment:-)!

  88. This is great Kevin!!! And I am thankful for your help with the youth in CW!
    For those who are living in areas where there are not many former church members, if at all, I think it would be a good idea to create the opportunity for those who wishes to connect or re-connect.

  89. Cool. My kids are 14 and 9. We’ll see if there’s anyone else out here that has similar aged kids and interest in get-togethers.

  90. はいどら

    I’m a 22 year old from Clearwater, living in California right now. Would love to meet more independents in general regardless of age, but mainly just want to get back on courses and auditing and training…

  91. is a wonderful resourse for making the actual departure; however, it does not take into account those who wish to remain Scientologists outside of the Church.

    Jefferson Hawkins’ blog is and is connected to his book of the same title. He is much more sympathetic to the Indie movement, and his blog includes very helpful information and links for anyone wanted to leave.

    I see that it is now easier than ever to find your way in the world, thanks to the internet.

  92. Love it:-)!

  93. That is so very bad:-)!!!

  94. jacques emond

    to: Poet Laureate. You are right, I am from the MTL Org and I did theater up to 1981. After I had to stop. Anyway, you are rigt and I am sorry for the comm lag. I did not check marty s post since yesterday. Love Jacques

  95. Depends where you live in CA, but I know there are a few auditors and heard there is even a training center . If you need to more info, email me and I will try to find someone in your area. Or just head south and go meet Marty:-)!

  96. jacques emond

    Poet Laureate, please see my answer at the end of the post. I am not very familiar with Internet. Love, Jacques

  97. I agree that this is an area that needs improvement.
    One suggestion would be to create a website dedicated to assist people newly out or under the radar. It could be a directory of people willing to help them. There could then be a link to it on third blot and all the others.

  98. Kevin Tighe

    Honestly I’m not doing much to help them but I think they know I am there if they need me. What is happening is that there are quite a few young people who have left the Church – not necessarily declared – and they are networking among themselves and they don’t give a shit if someone has been declared or not as they don’t consider themselves members anymore. As one of them told me the other day about those who are declared, “no one cares anymore”. And it’s the same among long term members. One OT VII told me recently, “There’s a LOT of anger out there” at what’s going on in the Church. In fact I was chatting with an OT VIII just yesterday! LOL! I can only imagine what it’s like to be a Call In Officer or D of P these days. Yikes!

  99. Great idea! The question is who knows how build a website and willing to volunteer his time to buidling one?

  100. Yes Kevin! I guess the button is flatten on their shameful disconnection policy.

  101. Not hating just wanting to correct a crooked line.


  102. Li'll bit of stuff

    Funny you should say that, Tony, cuz I’m quite
    friendly with a coupla REALLY hungry,big cats
    that would enjoy a bit of sport of the cat & mouse
    variety! They certainly would never be tempted
    to actually eat the remains though……
    ….Far too TOXIC for consumption!!

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