Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver

Having spent most of this year working on de-fanging the beast – largely uncompensated and nonetheless rather successfully –  we are gearing up for delivery once again.  We are prepared to deliver the entire Scientology grade chart.  We are particularly ready to assist those who are interested in moving on up from their corporate Scientology experiences.  If after having read What Is Wrong With Scientology?,  and understanding the need or desirability to evolve and transcend from Scientology Inc, you are yet still feeling somehow held back by masses or energies or some dots that just won’t connect or disconnect, we can assist with the process of overcoming those barriers.  That goes for anyone at any level of experience with the ‘church’ or the subject of Scientology.

I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs who recognize their gains but also sense there are other dimensions  of concern that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible.   In my view there is no reason to abandon the skills you have worked to achieve.  Rather than invalidate them, think instead of honing them toward handling those zones to which your intuition leads.

Those interested in real Scientology and transcendence beyond where corporate Scientology can take one, give us a holler at to schedule.    We are now scheduling the month of September through the end of the year.

Sunset at Casablanca

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  1. Theo Sismanides

    Marty Hurray!!!! This is the best news! It’s happening. I am getting here in Greece, in September, Pierre Ethier. One of my fellow Indies, asked me to invite him and Pierre is coming to deliver for a week.

    I am looking for auditors for Greece who want to come Permanently, give it a shot and stay. It’s one of the best places (and a big adventure now, since all EU suppression has come to our hometown, the IMF, Angela Merkel, all International Bankers, you name it) and I want to become an Indie Reg and advanced man for auditors. I may not know of professional auditing (only book 1) but I have served in the Sea Org as recruiter, advanced man, put up a full Org Board in ASHO CF and got John Axel as a missionnaire in ASHO to acknowledge that 7 Div Org Board and name.. me the… Founder (lol). I know that now is the time for us to expand by doing missions around the world for those who cannot fly far and keep delivering and expanding. With so many resources around the planet… with so much power… oh gosh..

    I got Ignazio Tidu, Class VI auditor to start delivering starting from Greece 2 years ago.. .then we lost him as he took off all around Italy and other places…

    Greece is a blessed place. It’s a big giant sleeping as so much track has happened here. But it’s a blessed place. Let me know guys.

    This is happening Marty. We are de-fanging the beast and moving on up a little higher.

  2. “Having spent most of this year working on de-fanging the beast – largely uncompensated and nonetheless rather successfully”

    I’d say “rather successfully” is close to the uderstatement of the century.

    Great to see that you’re able to focus more time on the plus side of the Bridge. I can’t even imagine how many people will benefit from the actions you and your friends have taken over the past several years. Without your deft handling of dept 21 and the myriad exposes of CoS corruption, we would all be in a much less tenable position.

    I would like to thank you and Mike and your spouses and everyone else who has shone the light of truth on both the subject and the corrupt individuals who corrupted the tech and attempted to steal it and hide it away.

    I’m sure I’m not privy to even a fraction of everything that has gone down, but just what I do know is pretty amazing. Nice job, Marty. And Thanks.


  3. eileenclark101

    Preparing to seriously deliver….music to the ears! You and Mosey set a fine example. This post says so many things at so many levels.

  4. I LOVE IT!!! Flourish and Prosper with LRH tech the way it’s supposed to be!

  5. This is wonderful news.

  6. David St Lawrence aka oldauditor

    The other dimensions that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible are uncharted territory as far as Scientology, Inc. is concerned.

    Fortunately, there are many pcs who are ready to explore this territory and there is a wealth of early technology which addresses these areas.

    Skilled Independent auditors who are ready to study and apply the entire toolbox of Scientology technology are in a position to help pcs who were never able to achieve their dreams in Scientology, Inc.

    I think this will be the best year yet for those who wish to transcend the boundaries imposed by corporate Scientology.

  7. Way to go Marty!!!! A job well done and congrats to you and Mosey for making it go right and delivering what Scientology always promised.

  8. LTC Forever

    Is that in Texas somewhere or is it the city of Casablanca in Moroco?

  9. Thank you for being here, and communicating.

  10. The clouds are opening up and sun is shining through. You hold your poistion, and deliver. POWER. You and all the other Auditors and Trainers out there. The most valuable beings on the planet.
    I am far removed from it now, but I know the value and acknowledge your importance. You exemplify the highest ideals and purpose of scientology and seek to deliver only that. Best Wishes for continued successes. Thank you for securing that bridge.

  11. Sweet sunset picture, sweet sound to my ears.

    Is there any information available (for scheduling) on days of week, location, or cost? I understand you may not want to publish that broadly right now, but is it provided after email contact and perhaps verification of identity to screen OSA?

    This weekend I had a startling experience. Someone I know well was reminiscing on various topics, and abruptly had a vivid sense of having died at Chernobyl. The person was solidly in the incident. I guess I am already a squirrel (a welcome moniker, current state of the church considered), because I would not leave that person in what was an overwhelming crush of grief.

    So I acknowledged the person, asked permission to apply a very simple process (sans meter), got my TRs in, and got the person through a tremendous release of charge to VGIs and an F/N (you don’t need a stinking meter to “see” an F/N in my opinion — if you are there, you see it, and you sure don’t need to robotically count if it is 3 swings).

    For any readers who have not done (given or received) auditing, I recommend you at least give it a try. It is truly not that different than cognitive behavioral therapy in some parts of the concepts, and in some ways resembles regression therapy that existed when Hubbard first developed auditing. But what is different and critical in my opinion is the degree of being there with the person (without collapsing terminals), the absolute stricture against invalidating or evaluating, the clear definition of end phenomena, and a sense of structure and gradated achievement points of freedom from and freedom to. In good hands and a rational organization, it is hard to see how auditing could do less than good, in my opinion.

    And I must add, that I really truly never had a bad auditor except one guy who was power-crazed and ethics-obsessed (and sorry, that was pre-DM), and maybe one who was rather mediocre. So, in short, I am interested to see what a free auditor might achieve in the free wog world, which is ironically a freer place now than inside the supposedly free church.

  12. PS And the other critical thing about auditing that is fundamental to being there is recognizing that what you are being there with — a spiritual being. For me, I reason it out this way. Either there is a quality of some sort that transcends MEST or that a magical quality of consciousness permeates MEST — either way, by just being, “I” (and you, and all of us) have already won the ultimate cosmic lottery. We exist.

  13. I know better

    Snow White been known to hang around with dwarves

  14. Michael Fairman

    Of course this is what is was all about. Do you think if the tech hadn’t been perverted’ if there were no rampant abuses in the SO; if people in the church haven’t been continually ripped off with fund raising scheme after find raising scheme; if families haven’t been ripped apart by lies, misinformation and deception; if people haven’t been intimidated and destroyed for daring to criticize things a that shouldn’t be; iif Miscavige was willing to accept responsibility for transparency and be accountable for wrong doings, do you think for one Clearwater minute, Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve and countless others would have fled what was once good and now has turned into an irrevocably evil cult. Snowwhite, whoever you are, wake up and get a life!

  15. Ah, I like hearing that! Happy pc’s will deflate Lientology!
    You go Marty

  16. Michael Fairman

    This was in response to an idiotic post by “Snowflake”. I was so pissed I couldn’t spell straight!

  17. For those who could use some clarification, would it be possible to enumerate details of how the beast has been de-fanged?

  18. martyrathbun09

    It is all chronicled on the blog between January 1 2012 and today. Other than that, one must observe; that is the great clarification.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Michael I took it down, knowing when I saw it it would cut a communication line.

  20. LTC Forever

    Oh. I get it. I also found this post:

    It is a virtual city. I like the idea and a very beautiful house. Marty, I also agree with what you said in your About section on Casablanca blog. That was also a part of my complaint to RTC that an Org I went to was turned into something that resembles a business where products and services are pushed onto consumers as opposed to a church where spiritual beings can come in and find their answers. I’m glad that someone you have a vision to create something different.

  21. HI Marty;

    Looks like you are doing some major Clearing on more than one dynamic! That is always impressive since so few actually attempt to do so, and even less succeed.

    Are you doing this alone, or is there a small group starting to grow there? Are you interested at all on an academy forming up? I’m sure there are trained individuals who’d be most willing to contribute to the motion.


  22. My sentiments exactly.

  23. Rock on, Marty! Were I the same guy walking out of Austin back in 95′, I’d walk to Corpus Christi and man the phones for you! You are Ground Zero for an escalation of Scientology delivery that will make the last 3 years look like nothing! Kudos! Gonna be a blast!

    And wimpy, if you don’t get that “the beast has been de-fanged,” then you need to back-up a bit and read this blog from Jan. 1st of this year. If you need history, back up a little further. It’s all documented (literaly) and on video (literaly) and it’s all right here.

    Get a good definition of “the beast” and start with that.

    Rock on, Marty! Kick it and take those names!!! 🙂

  24. Speaking of uncompensated, true enough I have been some out exchange. Will forward something this week. And hopefully some others will too. We are very well compensated through this blog with current events and truths that keep us enlightened and encouraged. Highly beneficial blog for any Scientologist!

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    I have been posting here for around 10 months, and through
    your generosity of purpose, in setting up your blog, I can say
    I have made such enormous case gain, through the education
    provided right here, in the form of many tales of personal
    triumphs over tragedy, heart rending life stories from those
    who have been persecuted by miscavige’s Ponzi operation,
    and how they somehow managed to find their way to the calm
    waters of your Casablanca retreat.for your personal auditing.

    Marty, I have always been intensely interested in people, and
    although you have seldom responded to my posts, I have
    truly regarded you as friend, and so hope you realize my
    peppering you with so many questions was nothing more
    than an attempt to actually get to know you better.

    It is just wonderful to see your dogged self belief and passion
    for what you do, having such broad influence among people
    across all sectors of society, and this has been accentuated
    by the launch of your recently released book, I’m sure!

    Although it is plainly obvious that you eschew taking credit
    and praise heaped upon you by so many, it is never the
    less fully deserved. Please accept my sincere, heartfelt
    thanks for all the unselfish work that you have done and
    continue to do to Move US ALL On Up A Little Higher.
    And please pass on my love to Mosey, she is awesome!

    Every success as you stride into the future.

    My sincere gratitude & support to you both.
    Calvin B. Duffield.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Calvin. We appreciate it.

  27. martyrathbun09

    You have been a stalwart – your exchange is beyond in.

  28. Dear FOTF, if you do get in session with Marty you will be incredibly pleased. Happy–reoriented–and totally blown away. Having been at a couple different orgs, AO, ASHO, Flag and the int base, I can say that in the last couple years Marty has been the best auditor I ever had–clean, no nonsense, no attitude, just letting you and your case do whatever it does and he guides you through it to a grand result. What a luxury after the fallout of everything else I’d experienced. He just audits because he loves it. (I’d guess the same goes for Mosey now too.)

  29. Hi FOTF–when my nephew fell from a tower and “broke his crown” like Humpty Dumpty, I got out the assists packs and listed every assist that might help, and ran them on him for 48 days. I just used the pack itself as the C/S, and my previous auditor training PLUS the absolute intention to save his life and wits. So I know the feeling you are talking about.

  30. But it is never amiss to summarize and remind us of all the things because we do tend to forget. Sort of like a husband can’t just say, “Thanks for a nice year,” on their anniversary. He’d better have some good memories he can rattle off. LOL

  31. WHOO-HOOO!! Go Marty Go! Let me take a minute to thank you for the great auditing and Bridge debugging you did for me, an escapee from the base, yet never wanting to bail on the real Scientology as I knew it when I originally joined up back in the ’70’s.

    What the SP attitudes of the int base (the people remaining there) did for me still gives me the creeps to this day, but I can say for sure you have dug me out of the majority of it and I am daily peeling away more layers of “Scn Inc.” effects on me. Not sure if it would ever have happened if you hadn’t gotten me on a correct auditing program and gotten the word out (via your book) so I could read the real story. Awesome.

    I can thank you for a better life than what I had at the base, more understanding of what goes on on this planet (instead of thinking it’s BS and thinking I’m better than everyone else walking on it because I’m a Scientologist), and a realization that there IS more to my own spiritual progress outside of the structured “church.” That’s the best part!

    I certainly wish the same, and more, for everyone else disconnecting themselves from the grip of Scn Inc. Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

  32. Well, God bless you Marty Rathbun. We will have to have charter flights from Australia. Love Wendy

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Gato. That is sweet.

  34. Marty,
    Great to hear that you’re getting enough elbow room to turn your focus back to more positive activities. I’ll bet your phone leaped off the hook the minute you posted this. I hope you still find time to keep your blog updated. It’s been my stable rock ever since I crawled under the razor wire. Many sincere thanks for all you’ve done to be that rock for so many of us.

    I might add that I consider it a bit of a bragging right to call you my fellow Texan 😉

  35. Marty ~
    You are one of my dearest and closest friends.
    Were it not for you and Mike Rinder, I would still be
    being a “good Scientologist.”
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.
    Some of my neighbors in Los Feliz are reading your book !
    I will be back to Casablanca in a matter of weeks.
    love to you and Mosey

  36. Marty, you’re a daily amazement to me.
    God bless you.

  37. Gee Michael, too bad SnowWhite’s post was no longer there so I could have a look. No matter–as an ex-int base staff member, I am so glad that you, as a “Scientology celebrity,” saw through the BS and no longer bought the PR you and the other celebs have been dished out.

    I am so done with the days and days of all-nighters to make the base look awesome for celebrity visits, so dm could toot his horn and take all the credit. I am so done with doing all that work there so dm could hob-nob with more Hollywood people for his own personal enjoyment and status-seeking. I am so done with being told, as a dedicated, unselfish, unpaid and unrewarded Sea Org member of decades that some celebrity named Tom Cruise is a better Scientologist than I am. The nerve of the Little Screwed-Up Dwarf.

    My upset is not at all directed at you–I am just very happy and excited, as an ex-int base SO member, that you as one of the celebrities DID see through it and are making it known! The staff there were orchestrated to hate you celeb guys because you were “better.” And we were peons–when all we were doing was trying to go in the same direction together but were diverted and 3P’d against each other by miscabbige.

    Thank you for speaking out all this time– I never really thanked you and it’s long overdue.

  38. “I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs who recognize their gains but also sense there are other dimensions of concern that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible.”

    Marty, you know I’m curious! Soon 🙂

  39. To me, it’s the bestl White House of Texas.

  40. Awesome Gato! I totally agree Marty’s da Man and has helped untangle the black arts applied to us at the base. Will need to schedule a second helping and finish my level!

  41. Marty, thank you for all you’ve done. It’s wonderful to hear that you are gearing up for delivery.

  42. Good to hear you’re getting back to delivery. I have to express my thanks as others here have, for all of the intel and information and insight you provide. It is well beyond an educational experience. The exposure of the truth of the corruption of Corp Scn is indelible here on these pages. The timelines, personal stories from the many contributors, personal insights and the diverse points of view provided a multiviewpoint look into Scn the philosophy and Scn the nightmarish cult that are unavailable through individual experience.

    This Blog, and others, have opened the eyes of many, to what Scn is and what SCn has become under DM.

    Thanks for all you do Marty. One of these days I’ll make it down there for a visit and a beer by the bay.


  43. martyrathbun09

    We’re looking forward to it Tim.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Karen. I am looking forward to hearing what your neighbors have to say. Some have said it is just too thick for non-Scientologists and yet some non-Scientologists have found it enjoyable and understandable. Am looking for feedback in determining whether to spend much effort making it known to those outside the Scientologist/former Scientologist circles.

  45. I certainly fit the description and need it and so welcome the invite. For me it seems like it will be forever before I would try again, last time it was 12 years off, but this time I see hope with being allowed to do what I ‘know’ to do. Currently I am getting two lives back on track. I will postulate looking at doing something in this area next year.

  46. Marty, Even though I’ve been a Scientologist for 40 years, while reading your book several times I assumed the viewpoint of a non-Scientologist just to test and see how your book would feel to them. I did such just as a test. And when I did that it seemed really communicative and my thoughts were that non-Scientologists would understand it well and enjoy it.

  47. Marty,
    Your book is so well-written and informative for Scientologists and non-scientologists. The way you talk about the tech is very easy to digest and understood. I definitely answered many of my questions. After talking to some of my clients who know that I am no longer part of the cult but still like some of Scientology tech, showed interest in ordering your book so I sent them the link to your blog to order.
    Your book is definitely very valuable to non-scientologists, especially Scientology being very much in the news these days.

  48. Boy, I wish I could come see you right now. I could use a break.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Thanks M.

  50. I had a couple thoughts about this while reading it. The Grade Chart and various tech points were described really well. But many people don’t read at the same level of quality of books written years ago. The language needs to be made simpler these days to reach the broadest amount of readers. A sorry situation, but it’s true. High schoolers are given books that are designed like comic books with full-blown color illustrations covering every page “to engage them, to make them participate.” My God! I know this because I was working on research for illustrations for teens’ books.

    The information in this book is so important, and the comparisions are so revealing that it really does need to be promoted to others who have simply heard the word Scientology or LRH’s name and now associate it with totally wierd things.

    Maybe at some point it could be dumbed-down (meaning to lower the level of difficulty and the intellectual content of [as a textbook]; also: to lower the general level of intelligence in ) so many more people could read it, understand it and not gloss over it or natter about it. It isn’t even that hard to read, but if you look at what a lot of people are capable of reading these days there is definitely a need for a simpler version.

    Nothing in the book needs to be omitted, just some language changed to communicate to…maybe a junior in present day high school. For many years now a lot of them haven’t been graduating and learning any more anyway. Those are some of the people who need to be reached too so they can know their lives could change and Scn is not a crock.

    Anyway–another thought for another project. IMO it’s too important a book to keep it from…what…maybe 50% or more of the population?

  51. And God bless you SKM for getting me started listening to Jason Mraz. He’s on tour now I believe. Also his “unplugged” performance he did in a coffee shop a few years ago was great. It’s on U Tube. He’s a person of good intentions.

  52. Marty,
    Your leadership and your blog was the difference maker for me. I’m very grateful for all you have done.

  53. That’s what I thought. When I read the book, I thought it was one of the best books in “New Age” I have ever read (and I read quite a few). I’m placing it in New Age because I think that’s where it would go (as far as the subject of Scientology tech itself). Marty does an excellent job of comparing it to other works and areas of study which makes it that much more understandable. Oh! Have you ever guys heard of Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now” and more importantly “A New Earth?” He speaks about a “pain body” (i.e. reactive mind in Dianetics) and the importance of learning to just be there (which is essentially TR 0). He even had live Internet lecture and Q/A sessions on Opera show where people from all over the world called in with questions and shared experiences. I was right on that subject when I discovered Scientology – it was like finding a “holy grail” when I first encountered it. It’s like the entirety of my being came to focus on this one discovery.

    Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this, is that I know there are thousands, honestly if not millions of people around the world looking for the tech including on how to best raise children (when have you ever seen those seminars at CofS?) or managing their presence at work.

  54. Correction: not just one live Internet session but a whole series over a course of a few weeks I believe (that was back in 2008). And yes, not Opera, but Oprah.

  55. Wow, this is GREAT. THETA !

  56. LTC, do you happen to know who the doctor was that Oprah had on her show who did a sort of session on several people, they went back to past lives and had huuuuge relief from things that troubled them? (There was a teenager who located a past life as a pilot I believe, and found the source of his constant fear of falling. He got blown out of the sky during the war.)

    The show was around 2008. I have never seen it again and could never find it on the net–made me think that it was so good and the guy did so well (it was very much like Dianetics) that it was not going to be promoted because it worked–validating past lives several times with different people, and alleviating some pretty nasty psychosomatic troubles.

    It was amazing–a psychiatrist who listened to his patient and let him talk and did it for the patient’s benefit. When I saw it I was still chugging my KoolAid and did not appreciate the man’s “squirrelling.” But he had some of the principles correct, used them and got some pretty great results. I even had to admit that, KoolAid and all. Right there on the Oprah show these people’s eyeballs were bugging out of their heads and they were amazed at what happened to them and how they felt afterwards.

    Sorry to be so wordy but it’s been on my mind ever since. I hope you can steer me to the show or any info about it so I can find it again….?

  57. I have been audited by more auditors than I can remember, including most of the class XIIs at Flag. Marty is BY FAR the best auditor I have ever had. FTA after FTA after FTA. No one even comes close.

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes indeed U/d! A most useful exercise and something
    Ron himself was only too acutely aware of.

    As he stated on many, many occasions, it was discovered
    that it became necessary to undercut the gradient in the
    presenting of truth, in order to permit understanding!

    What an enormous amount of effort it sometimes takes,(TR3)
    before the “confused” actually, finally, manage to blurt out;
    …”now I get it!” (THANK GODDD!)

  59. Thank you Lynne and Gato Rojo for your comments and understanding. The person I was able to help yesterday was still F/Ning and cogniting away today. She says she felt a great weight has been lifted from her and her sense of purpose is renewed, and lots of connections from a forgotten past are now visible as to how they were playing out in present time. The experience really rehabbed something deep inside me — the sense of purpose that Marty talks about in his book.

    I am appreciative to have a place to post that recent experience where people “get” it and can relate.

  60. Good idea, now that the de-fanging is taken over by Debbie and Katie and their media storm, someone should look after the tech. Especially the BC and Class VIII that are about to be extingished. There’s only a handful CL VIII’s left who are able and willing to teach others; usually they just audit, if at all.

  61. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    I wouldn’t change the language. As being of a foreign language I’d no problems to understand the book.
    A cleared cannibal is still a cannibal and still has to get an education and it should be told to him and be sent back to school or given some 100ds of books to read.
    Scientology isn’t a substitute for a good education – in the contrary it is a very dangerous weapon in the the hands of people lacking an education- it can give them a false security of an delusional knowingness (see DM)
    As Lrh said in in Dmsmh education is also processing and lifting the tone level of a person.
    In my 30-40 years experience in Scientology I had many struggles with execs, auditors and staffs that were lacking an education and tried to teach me things I never read in those books. A classical is “children are adults in a little body” or other nonsense.
    If ever there’ll be a renaissance of Scientology it must include the possibility to send people back to school so they learn History, Philosophy, Geography, Sciences etc….
    Only then you would get clears and Ots that make sense.

    IMHO, submitted as an opinion on 31.8.12

  62. This is good news for everyone. Would like to add my voice to the chorus of thank-yous, Marty.

    I think this is the year we are all going to move up a LOT higher.

  63. Great news Marty! Now the question remains: how to do the same thing in Europe? I’m afraid I couldn’t make it to Texas, but I’d truly love to go in session again, some day ..

  64. Yes, I will keep you informed. In some way I wish my neighbors had never heard of Scientology, and were a blank slate.
    However when those Squirrel Buster clowns showed up 3x at my door and I had to call LAPD who showed up all 3x, it caused a rumpus in the neighborhood, giving a horrible image of a cult showing up at a private residence to harrass.
    I’ll tell you a lot more when I visit.
    Yes, I’ll be giving you feedback.

  65. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Just reread my wins I’d at Casablanca:
    I ‘d to smile.
    It’s still like I’ve written there. Those strange Introspection circuits that were forced on me in the RCS ( I’ve to confess it was me doing it) are gone forever and since the Auditing with Marty I’m no more running around asking myself what’s wrong with my case or me.

    That was very good indeed !

  66. Yeah, this guy is prophetic.
    A man with a purpose.
    Living his life on all 8 dynamics.

  67. Under Radar


  68. Under Radar

    My sentiment exactly, as well!

  69. Jean-François Genest

    Marvelous news! Θ

  70. Great news Marty and Mosey. You have definitely earned the right to focus on your passions of auditing and helping others.

    I try to remember every morning when I wake up how grateful I am to be alive, to have one more day to understand the vast mysteries of life. To bring awareness to the basket of knowable from the unknowable.

    And now I can add — to ponder just when indeed will I make it to Casablanca. I’m thinkin’ sometime in the winter months – as an escape from the bitter cold into the great warmth of your friendships AND that relaxing space of — “this is the session”


  71. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice, Max! And the BIGGEST difference ?
    It’s here where one discovers truth, courage,openness and
    integrity, none of which exist in the cult of the C. O Mi$cavology

  72. Very theta Marty. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much, it is a portal of technology we truly can’t do without. I wish I was in the US, I’d surely take love a clean up – maybe next year.
    Flourish & prosper 🙂

  73. “And here’s one:
    OT activities:
    What are OT activities? OT activities would be those programs conducted by OTs to assist Scientology.


    Many OT activities I have witnessed this year. Making a distinction between Scientology and Corporate “Scientology” being just one of them.

  74. LTC Forever

    gato, you use Google: Oprah past lives
    The very first link is your show with Dr. Brian Weiss:

    It says it was back in May 2008 around the same time as the webcast with Eckhart Tolle (though strangely the date on those videos is in 2009, but I know the actual webcast happened in 2008).

  75. 🙂

  76. Hi Marty!
    You know I will be coming back for some more of your auditing at some point.
    That’s what you get for being such a good auditor. You know the old “come back when you need more auditing ” thing…. 🙂

  77. Bravo, Marty! God speed.

  78. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    If it was not for you we would not be out of the “cult”.
    Also some credit goes to the Freedoom Rag….. since Flavio triggered the thing by telling us he would have sent us the Mag… of course an order he received from the geniuses at FSO…..
    But besides this I want to acknowledge what you and Mosey have done for us and the Italian Indie field. Is more than a year now that me and Renata are auditing under your guidance, and has been great!!!!
    I see all the time the depth of your understanding of the tech and the intelligence and judgement you use in applying it – Your advices are always enlighting and on source!
    Has been so far a GREAT adventure, as it should be, and I can say now that we gained a lot more experience, and that’s what is needed for OTs.
    Experience, understanding and judgement.
    To the future!!!!

  79. Well done, Marty. I think you will need an airport shuttle pretty soon.

  80. thanks for the wonderful news

  81. My wife is reading the book and she is not native in English nor a Scientologist. She is finding the book fairly easy to read, though she gets a bit stuck in the terminology so I have to act as her dictionary/reference guide. I will give you full feedback when she is done. She reads on the Metro to and from work so only gets through a little bit each day. So far, overall, she finds it fairly easy to follow but wish some of the terminology would be either better defined or re-phrased as she finds herself lost on the Metro if she can’t ask me immediately for clarification. This is just one person but at least some feedback from a person unfamiliar with Scientology and its lingo. You have my own feedback already 🙂

  82. Regarding – “Children are adults in a little body” not only is that a total alter-is of what is said in Child Dianetics (strangely no longer available); but, what about the part where Hubbard *also* says that children are people who recently *DIED* and have lost everything they had in that life ? What about the parts about making sure their environment is not restimulative ? Etc., Etc., Etc. — all of which were blatantly ignored.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  83. No they’re my sentiments. But I don’t mind sharing.

  84. Just off the top of my head Lynne …
    1. Rallying to the defense of Debbie Cook, raising funds for her, disseminating her email, finding and instructing a good lawyer and turning that cycle into a backfire for the RCS.
    2. Giving Hy Levy a theta place to spend some of his last days and do just what he wanted to do (reversing the flow of some of the ill effects of the fangs).
    3. Writing a book……
    4. Creating a forum where we can chat and know about huge events such as the independence of the Haifa Mission, Wendy Honnor (Freedom medal winner), Mark Shreffler (Scientologist at Large – his blog is up by the way 🙂 ) and many others….
    5. Posting and moderating a blog with something new about every three days…
    6. Creating a forum so we can hear the stories and insights of others like Mike Rinder, Thoughtful Steve Hall, Jim Logan, Sinar Parman, Lana M, and the occassional popping in of other legends;
    7. Delivering the tech
    8. Writing another book…….
    9 . Giving interviews

  85. Been a busy 2012 so far……… and there is so much more than this list and so many more names than I mentioned (struggling with the thingy at the bottom of the typing space). Some things are de-fanging – others are taking the sting out of the bites.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, among a number of other things I am not at liberty yet to publicly announce.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Ulf.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, 🙂

  89. martyrathbun09

    You mean like Thunderguts, with a granny rocking couch on the flat bed?

  90. martyrathbun09

    You all continue to serve as a great inspiration.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Winter is best – provided you avoid one those pesky cold fronts.

  92. Marty, as a non-Scientoligist, I recommend you make the effort to make your book known outside the Scientologist/former Scientologist circles. I have read the book twice. It wasn’t tough, although I am likely more familiar with the terminology than most.

    You may disagree with me, and I don’t mean to denigrate books by someone you clearly respect, but iyour book is vastly more readable than books by LRH. There is a window of opportunity now because of what’s happenned this year. I’ve said in other posts that LRH needs an interpreter and synthesizer, and you fill that role. I practice Zen (I started after giving up on Scientology because LRH was unreadable for me, and because of the human rights abuses). What I see of value in Scientology is the precision it can bring to Eastern practices. I hope this makes sense.

    You had mentioned work being done on a history of Scientology. I look forward to that, and hope it includes an explanation of the major LRH books: why they were written, their purpose, and how they fit in the big picture. Hope you take advantage of the opportunity that the events of this year have given you. What a difference has been made!

  93. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the perspective. LRH was acutely aware of the problem. He never stopped researching, and churning out paper day after day chronicling it. That can make the material difficult to follow absent spending one’s entire adult life reading it all in sequence – a impracticable proposition. The one area he wanted help in more than any other was compilation of the result of his research for easy comprehension to the uninitiated. It was never done – and per Scientology Inc. policy – can never be done by them or anyone else. In that respect, Scientology Inc has become the greatest enemy of the findings and intentions of L. Ron Hubbard.

  94. Tom Gallagher

    Great update Marty.

    Here’s a song to you and Mosey. Sort of picks up on the theme…….

  95. Marty,

    We’re watching Olympics coverage — and NBC Rock adverts just aired on on the telly. Your marvelous sound bite from the show a few weeks ago — “Can you handle the truth?” — has now been incorporated into those adverts.

    That’s a very nice return on your investments from earlier this year. 🙂 Just imagine what advertising time during Olympic coverage must cost on the open market.


  96. Good points!

  97. Thanks L, when I first Googled it a couple years ago possibly it was not posted yet. I could never find it back then. I should’ve tried again before asking.

  98. martyrathbun09


  99. Marty and Mosey, I’m glad to hear that you are up and running.

    I find it fascinating that you are doing exactly what started the unparalleled growth of the Scientology franchises way back when the Franchise Holders set up in their own homes and created an environment that was friendly and safe for others to be in.

    Only this time around there is no franchise other than the one you have claimed for yourselves.

    I wish you all the success you dream of and all the best for those who come to your Casablanca.

  100. Hi Roger, I agree with Scn not being a substitute for an education, most definitely, but that was not the point I was making. My comment is based on this: If you want to reach someone, you need to make your communication understandable to them. We all know how to use a dictionary and we have more than average determination to actually read and understand what we want to read.

    There are many many people who are not like this though. For example I have a girlfriend who survived cancer and wants to do things to ensure she it doesn’t relapse. I send her lots of links and even though it’s number one on her personal list of concerns, she always writes back how she can’t read it all the way through and has no patience with looking up a term she doesn’t understand. She has a college education in business. I frequently read it to her and help her understand it.

    Yes, it’s all study phenomena, but you can bypass those problems a lot by what you communicate in the first place. I tell you, when I saw the books used to teach some high schoolers these days, it was very sobering…nothing like what I was reading in HS, more like what I was reading in 6th or 7th grade. (Applied Scholastics is just NOT getting the job done!)

    I was making my earlier comment just to bypass some of the lack of study tech for a great amount of readers and the lack of a certain level of personal drive and discipline in education that has reared its ugly head.

    I made my way through the book easily, no problems at all, just huge appreciation for it and great wins reading it, and extremely thankful Marty got it done so fast and available to us all. I don’t mean anything about these comments to be a criticism of the book, but an additional way to possibly reach even more people in the future.

  101. Wonderful news Marty. You do such great work in whatever you do.

    You deliver an abundance of survival to all of us on your lines, and in return you deserve great prosperity for yourself and your family.

  102. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, absolutely spot on! While there will always be
    contention around how best to communicate facts,
    it already appears that you have just done a sterling
    job with the writing style and content of your book!
    ( I have STILL to receive my copy thanks to — ——!)

    Without SOME degree of study capability, or natural
    high level of curiosity, is is simply inevitable that many
    will simply not possess the necessary where withal
    to grasp the essential ‘nuts& bolts’, of the subject.

    No second guessing implied here, but perhaps the
    inclusion of some ‘mass’ to the significance, ie; charts,
    photos, simplistic diagrams, and more importantly, a
    comprehensive glossary, may have quieted some of
    concerns raised. I personally found that Ruth Minshull’s
    easy, relaxed format and language made duplication
    a breeze, and she made ready use of graphics to aid
    in comprehension. But again, these are factually no
    more than additives, to effective communication.

    From all accounts read to date, your book is going
    to be a REAL BIG winner ( in a “marathon” sense!)
    and that, I believe should be cause for great celebration!

  103. I’ll tell you another: the monopoly of David Miscavige over the delivery of standard Scientology, is finished. He has failed to take timely and effective actions to suppress the use of Scientology among many, many independent practitioners. RTC is a feckless nothing.

    Right now, today, the body of work is free of him. THAT is ‘de-fanged” if anything is.

  104. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, Marty is this a penchant of yours? Marathons?
    ‘Cause you’re pretty damn good at them, you know?

  105. Great news Marty & Mosey !! You are an inspiration and guiding light indeed !!

  106. Under Radar

    Marty, I did that too, reading it with the eyes of a non-Scientologist.
    I very much felt it works for them, too.
    And I often imagined Ron reading it… nodding… smiling…

  107. Get a hold of me Nonono, I’ve helped get going three places in the past year. Working on the fourth and EU can be five.

  108. Speakin’ of which, I just read that wonderful Original OT VII win from one of yours Trey. Yippeeee!!!! Booo Yeah!!!!!

  109. Oh yeah, and my place for next year, (good Lord willin’ and the creeks DO rise) plus there’s Lana in Australia, working out a delivery center there. Booo Yeah!!!!

  110. I agree Jim; the amazing gift is now unencumbered.
    Vic K.

  111. That is so fantastic! YEE HAW! Delivery is what makes things happen, and makes the world a better place! PUT ME DOWN FOR THE FIRST AVAILABLE SPOT YOU HAVE!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME, INCLUDING YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT IN GETTING MY SON BACK!

  112. Marty, what you’ve done for the independent Scientology movement is likely more appreciated by many more people than you’ll ever know.

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help create a safe environment for all to independently practice Scientology. You are one of the guys “wearing a white hat” who inspired me, and helped me feel safe enough from the beast to recently start my own forum at

    Because of this, more good from many different directions is on its way, much faster. Thanks much to you and many others! You’re leading a legacy, and we’re all leaving a positive legacy in Scientology history. Ron would be proud that he finally got a large core team of Beings who are taking responsibility, and truly thinking for themselves with good judgement.

    We’re participants of this revolution in the field of education by pointing out the black operation of the Church of Scientology’s “Golden Age of Tech” fraud that’s stolen the soul of many Scientologists’ initiative and expansion. Though this black operation is much, much wider in scope than just in the “church”. However, the “church” doing this (the opposite of what Hubbard intended) is tragically criminal.

    “In other words, simply implanting the recall and then pulling back out again, while it has been defined as education, is nothing but a black operation, nothing but. To do this to little kids is to do away with their initiative. Therefore a time for revolution in the field of education is definitely at hand.”

    “Education: Point of Agreement”, Lecture given by Ron on 30 October 1956 (One of the missing Study Tapes in David Miscavige’s regime, no surprise there. I highly recommend this lecture, though basic, it’s foundational to real education, something Miscavige is clearly not promoting.)

  113. P. S. Please e-mail me at at your earliest convenience! Also, thanks for all your help and support. The information and courage I got from your blog allowed me to get EVERY DIME BACK FROM ADVANCED PAYMENTS WITH SIX DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS, INCLUDING FLAG, THE FREEWINDS, FREEWINDS ACCOMODATIONS, CELEBRITY CENTRE INTERNATIONAL, AUSTIN ORG, AND HUBBARD COLLEGE OF ADMIN!

  114. Marty,
    Ruth Minshull was working on that, I believe. And her materials were very well accepted by LRH for quite some time. I don’t know that he, himself ever disapproved. I don’t know if it was he who ordered her books off the Scientology book shelves or if it was someone else.

    I’ve been trying to do some of that myself, but so far have not developed the writing skill needed to convey the thoughts adequately.

    There is actually a paragraph in one of the PLs that I read about six months ago where this activity was mentioned as something needed. But I’ll be danged if I can find it again. Anyway, it’s obviously needed and wanted.


  115. martyrathbun09

    Irony or ironies, KSW 1, for one.

  116. I love it when you talk cryptic talk Marty!

  117. Marty, I really do appreciate and admire your combination of confronting a certain disgusting cult AND helping individuals. Seems like a recipe that can’t be spoilt even by the cult’s Office of Sick Attacks.
    May you flourish & prosper !

  118. After reading here and scanning over Casablanca Tejas, I find a sentiment of serenity and confidence emanating and something like – the work was free… again.
    It is amazing what you accomplished all (what Picanin listed so well). I’m glad that you can go on now with your endeavor and delivery.
    Marty and Mosey, I wish you all the best and a peaceful time – and thank you for it all. 🙂 – Karola

  119. Another Layer

    Well, this is just wonderful news! Thanks again for all you have done (and are doing) to make it safe out here in the real world ;).

  120. Marty, you always give us more to look forward to.

  121. Would you be willing to take on pcs? I’ve been on an LRH reading binge lately, but am weary of getting involved with the CoS.

  122. Min, I would have paid addmission to see or hear the conversation to Austin! Wonder where they came up with the money to refund it? Probably borrowed from Day org.
    PS: SO glad things are going your way!!! Congrats again on everything!!! 🙂

  123. Marty,
    I am in very happy that you have defeated miscavige.
    Your blog has provided inspiration and information.
    You are now the leader of scientology and Texas will welcome
    those who formerly travelled to Clearwater, Florida.
    Your sunrise is grand because miscavige can’t
    block it.
    My completion of the original OT8 in 1988 on the Freewinds is a
    sufficient ending to my scientology career.

    May all beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  124. Yea. There’s that. There was a PL, I think in OEC Vol 2 as well that stated exactly what you’re talking about. Not that we need a license to survive.

  125. One of my fave posts ever. Cheers to the Indies! — Mike

  126. *** Dear Marty! ***
    I would like to say also THANK YOU for everything you have done and continue to do for us and for the Scientology philosophy.
    I think words can’t describe all this.

    You are right Jim L., amassing wins delivered by Trey.
    I like them too.

    Wish you all the best, man.

    Viva la Casablanca! 🙂
    PS: by the way, your book is great and quite easily comprehensible for not native english people too.

  127. BTW, Another child neglect report hits the television waves:

    Why on Earth these things happen and the people in the Church think it will never surface or be found out about?

    The greatest lesson in ethics came from my great grandmother when I was seven years old.

    She said, “Act as if everyone in the world could see you. Whatever you do or say, do it or say it as if the world was watching you. If you can think with this simple idea you will come out alright.” Good advice for a seven year old and it becomes habit forming.

    It is called awareness of CONSEQUENCES.

    All of the out P.R. on the net right now is in fact a CONSEQUENCE of someone’s actions.

    The worst of course, consequences of David Miscavige’s actions.

    All of the lies, legal illusion, pay offs and adoration will not stop consequences from manifesting.

  128. Marty, it is great to know that there is a real Bridge all the way up.

  129. Roger from Switzerland Thought


    I understand you. I just was a little bit sudden !
    I read the Kindle edition of Marty’s book and when I clicked a word in it instantly the definition of it showed up out of the Oxford dictionnary of English.
    Wikipedia is the 6th most visited website worlwide and about 15 % of the Internet users worlwide (2.3 billions) visit it on a daily basis and are seeking for knowledge.
    So there is much hope and a promising future 🙂

  130. Yes indeed–we’re coming from the same place. Love those Kindles, and the original Scn technology, and fantastic that Marty’s book is on Kindle now.

  131. Joe Pendleton

    Best wishes Marty for great success and wins for yourself as an auditor and for the folks you audit and consult with.

  132. No, no, no…. they’re MY sentiments, but I’m glad for all the dublication. 😀

  133. A tree with never-ending nuts to all the GOOD squirrels in the world! Good for you for knowing what was happening and for helping your friend through a rough incident.


  134. “RTC is a feckless nothing. ”
    Pushed around by the Feckless Peckerhead, that rambling, raving runt. Davey, the diminutive, demeaning dwarf. Miscavige, the miniscule machinating miscreant….

    Nancy, the adjective assistant at-large

  135. Thank you Theo. You are such an inspiration! The other day i walked through a Home Lottery here in Canada and thought; “What a great space to deliver LRH Tech from…” Think of all those Mansions out there sitting, waiting for us to fill with friends and wins. They are not there simply empty in vain, they are so many of them there, privately waiting for us. I can see our havingness going straight up. Flourish and prosper!! Antoine

  136. Funny!

  137. Live Long and Prosper

  138. Bateshy ? I love your “mangina” by the way

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