The Mecca of Scientology Inc.

What follows is a detailed insider view of the Flag Land Base (Scientology Inc’s Mecca is Clearwater Florida) of late.   Former RTC and Flag Auditor, Silvia Llorens gives a credible state of  the dis-union of Scientology Inc.


Hello! My name is Silvia Lloréns. I started  in Scientology in 1978, joined the SO in 1983 and left in early 2007.
I have read the numerous accounts on the experiences and viewpoints others have had and that have been expressed in various web pages; I do understand them.
All of them share one common point or conclusion: the suppression is coming primarily from COB (Chairman of Scientology Inc. David Miscavige) and some of his followers.
Now, I will share my experiences from the viewpoint I had then as a 24 years Sea Org Member. The years as a Scientologist are still counting as I have not ceased being one; we all have experienced the immense benefits LRH´s tech can provide.
It matters to me to make clear that the following personal story has the purpose to provide my viewpoint regarding RTC, COB and his followers; in no way is it intended to include Scientology as a the Philosophy or LRH as these are way, way, way apart from what COB has perpetrated inside, outside Orgs and towards Scientologists at large.
Having said that, here we go,
I worked in RTC around ´84.  In ´87 I was heading  toward the RTC Offices at Int Base to return the pin I was given when I joined that Organization; it was exactly the time DM was taking over, all the offices were a mess, most of the Sea Org Members  were being routed back to their original Orgs, thus I ended back at FSO.
Early ´90s FSO was visited by higher Execs such as Guillame Lesevre, Ray Mithoff, Marc Yager; they all deal with staff with their landmark professionalism; they listened to the staff, observed the various scenes occurring and improved them.
Late ´90s COB used to do some visits here and there; at that time I did not understand why some staff tried not to cross his path, it could have been that the few that did ended usually off post…
So, time goes on, early 2000s are in progress; each day, every time and  more and more RTC starts to take over, meaning:
-Whenever one of the RTC member spoke the rule was to keep quiet.
Specific: during a meeting at the AO with Miscavige he did ask a question to the AO staff gathered there; one staff answered it. He said “What? You probably are not fully hatted.” Hours later that staff was removed from post, even though she had been doing well on it and was usually upstat.
As the time went on many other Execs fell into “RTC´s valence” of meaness and cruelness.
-The fences were put up at Hacienda Gardens, where most of Sea Org members lived, the security guards started to question every simple move anyone did, such as “How come you have 3 hours libs (liberty, day off)?”
-Orders such as: No walking on the streets, no talking to anybody outside the base started to appear. As well as: No communication with public.
Most of the Tech terminals were very aware that cutting COMMUNICATION with the public and people in the community will cause a direct fall on the ARC Triangle; but the orders against such a basic increased as the time went on.
Tech terminals, and Execs such as Debbie Cook, were all the time working in finding ways and actions where somehow we could standardly audit the pcs while, on the other, were to communicate to RTC Reps that:  “of course the stats were under control”
As time went on, obviously things got worse:
-Public literally, with “kind words” of course, were forced to return again and again in session to “re check a question that was said to have FN´d” to ensure standard tech was applied to him or her- The truth was that the VSD target had to be met “over dead bodies” which was the favorite RTC Reps´ phrase.
– Every Thursday, after 2pm of course, AO DTS called her pages who ended carrying from the warehouse about 25-30 folders, no exaggeration. But why?
To go over each, page by page, to re count the VSD and magically find the minutes, or even hours, that “were missed in the past” and add it now; this will always  get the PT VSD stat  up.  Yes, as far back as ´98, ´99 etc…folders were reviewed and always, no fail, the VSD stat ended up.
This was occurring in 2003, 2004, 2005 and so on.
KRs were written to no avail.
You needed to be stupid to not figure our some things- the above point was always related to the Advanced Tech VSD – RTC Stat. That was the point.
By Friday every staff had turned in their Conditions, CSWs, Battle Plans and what not.  By now, to expect a full Saturday LIBS was something of the past, you were lucky to obtain 2, 3 maybe 4 hours. It did not matter if you were in Affluence with 40-50 hours of well done auditng.
By early 2000s, and from there on,  Tech and Qual staff knew we all have to wait for Saturday noon to see if the CSWs were approved, it all depended on one thing: if the Advance Tech Stat was down by Friday night all CSWs were cancelled, sometimes on Saturday,just when  you were about to leave for 2 hours LIBS  the D of P came to tell you she was truly sorry but all “partial LIBS had been cancelled”… you guessed it right…the Advance Tech stat had dropped. CSW Policy letters were unmocked- you would not dare to ask what PL the Tech Sec was using to cancel an already approved CSW.
Stats – individual staff had no more stat; the matters of the Org were handled only based on the Advanced Tech Stat- schedules, libs, conditions, golden rods, states of emergency all was based on that stat.
What upset us the most was not even if we could have or not Saturday Libs, it was the continuous violations of Policies as basic as; your production, your stat, your condition, your rewards or penalty.
The other amazing, I should say, aspect of this was to see RTC Reps, such as Ty Webb, literally “running the board”, being there ensuring the VSD target pcs were placed first on the line up, it did not matter if the other pcs had had only one session the prior day, no, they did move the pc tags so the VSD targets were to happen first.
One day, after seeing Webb been at the PC Board  for over two hours I asked myself: if he is running the Board, who is  KSW? Wasn´t this the primary purpose of RTC?
Execs – They used to be dedicated, professional, honest, working always with you and all the other staff on how to handle matters; as RTC stepped in more and more… as years moved from 2000 to 2006, Execs turned into desperate people who only shouted at staff demanding the VSD to be made, such as Donnie Webster throwing things at you when you informed him the pc was out of hours and need to be re-signed before she could be gotten back in session. In the early  90s he would have accepted it, after 2000s he (and others) turned livid, shouting how would one dare to not go in session just because a minor Policy Letter and so on.
RTC Reps usually ended talking “loudly” to excess such as Janet Herring, Debbie Cook and others; this infuriated me and the rest of the auditors. Those excellent, professional Execs had always supported and backed up the Tech and Qual terminals as well as any other staff member, now they were left to cope with the constant demands for the  Adv. Tech Stat  while on the other hand they were trying to prevent  forcing pcs and auditors to go out tech in order to get that stat up.
MAAs turned into the “blind performers”, of course all under RTC Instructions. Lets say several auditors were in Affluence as they had accomplished 50-60 hours that week (the past stat of 35 hours normal – 40 affluence was by now obsolete, that did not apply and up till now I have not seen an LRH reference cancelling those PLs).
This was reported as usual Thursday after 2pm. By thursday 8pm or Friday 10 am Golden Rods “reprimands” were issued on all auditors (independently if their past week´s production had been of 50 hours,) who were at 3-4 hours by Friday morning…this was “downstat”, and a Non Existent Condition was assigned, name by name, on any and all auditors who were not above 7 hours by then.
Yes, I know, this could affect Advance Tech VSD if hours are allowed to go down, heaven forbid!
CSWs… for 3-4 hours Saturday libs guess who was the final approval terminal? Correct-RTC, this being Elsie Tucker, Francine Ladoucer or whoever was on the scene.
Again, if RTC Reps needed to approve Saturday LIBS CSWs, who then was KSW?
Not only that, the Form of the ORG PLs were un-mocked. If an RTC Rep was running the Board or roaming the HGCs to ensure auditors were in session and no Danger Condition was assigned to this staff or area being by passed, then a Non Existence Condition would occur on that staff or area. As this went on for years, and being that no Non Existence Condition was ever applied, the staff and the area kept sinking into lower Conditions; that is the only way to explain how Execs of the Division condoned and participated in such a massive stat push.
Such was the obsession for this stat that MAAs, FLB Ethics personnel and RTC terminals were all day around the HGCs ensuring pcs received “intensive auditing”. Getting pcs in session is not the Hat of an MAA, far less the one of RTC.
Writing folders in between sessions as per HCOBs? No mister, no; that was Admin and it delayed production thus the C/S and Senior C/Ss were swamped at 10pm or later with all the folders from all Auditors. Needless to say they hardly slept.
Somehow, we auditors, developed tricks such  as to leave the “IN Session” sign ON so you can be in your room writting up your first pc´s folder; but unfortunately sometimes you were caught up and it was the D/Tech Sec who, personally had gone out into the pc waiting area, had asked your pc to follow him while a tech page was grabbing the folder you were writing up and handing you the pc that the Exec was escorting  into your auditing room.
PC tired, no, not a consideration despite the Auditor´s Code. DTS had ensured pc had been stuffed of energy bars. had napped 10 minutes, had taken a walk, whatever necessary all in the name of a almost godly stat Advance Tech.
So, pc in the chair, metabolism test failed, pc and auditor agreed to leave the session for tomorrow, walked to the waiting area with your pc where he was immediately approached by DTS or higher Excec and, with hidden propitiation the pc was asked to follow him or her who will ensure session ability could be gotten.
But there was a new trick we auditors developed: while pc was taking a deep breath your thumb was strongly on the  TA; you needed to sit in a certain way to ensure your body was covering the camera so this trick won’t be caught by those who were watching the session. So, pc takes a deep breath, you hold the TA and move it little by little and slowly in a way that prevent the “metab” to show up on the screen where the faces of Tech Sec. DTSs and even RTC were expectant to see the needle fall on the metab so they could start counting the minutes that were need to  “officially” count the VSD target.
Gross!!!!  Unbelievebale!!! Yes, but we had a choice, either do this “trick”  or audit an un-sessoinable pc that already had had three or more attempts to metab and was obviously un-sessionable. As far as Auditors were concerned we always choose to follow the Auditor´s Code.
We auditors did this or whatever else was needed to allow our dearest pcs to go to bed and rest and prevent the horrendous harassment that were subjected to.
It may seem these points are small compared with other humongous irregularities carried out by COB; yet, add this to every auditor, every pc, every C/S not only at FSO but all around the planet and it is a complete disaster- you are dealing with  matters that LRH considered to be key for Scientology: a simple, honest application of the Tech and Tech and Qual personnel who can deliver it standardly so we can have satisfied pcs and well trained auditors.
Now, the Events- it´s true what a public wrote on the web:  The public was totally jumped on after each event literally by the thousand SO members that composed the FLB plus all the Outer Org Trainees. Before events,and about  twice a week, all the FLB staff was gathered at the auditorium to drill, 1) NOT to communicate with the public as that was fraternizing and that was out of the question  2) to ONLY ask each public “Cash or Credit?” while handing them a bag with whatever New Releases there were.
Later on was added the order to tell every pc you audited to buy, donate or whatever; yes, before exams or right after. Unacceptable to return for the next pc without having sold something or at least having asked about it.
Eternal late nights for drilling, calling, letter writing, selling and re-selling and selling again and again the “New Releases”.
Sessionable? Nobody was.
These no sleep nights were preceded by reminding to all the staff ” that COB was so dedicated that he worked 24/7″.
Well, me and other staff thought and quietly voiced amongst us:  “Well that is his problem and HIS game. I refuse to take his beingness or act like him, if he wants to work so much, let it be that is his decision; that ain´t my choice”.
LRH worked as much as he wanted but he never rubbed it in the face of others, far less demanded “every body should do the same”; he was himself and, most important, he allowed others to be themselves.
On the few situation related above I am proud to say I violated every “order” – never asked my pc to buy or donate specially if we were coming out of session; I always talked with the public after events and the hell with the crush selling.
Related a bit to the Events category and after the video of Tom Cruise came out where he was talking about KSW and so on, suddenly, RTC Reps started to do star-rates on KSW # 1. This was due to the mention by Cruise about this Policy and the idea was “if TC said it it was a big message, then all Scietologists should ensure KSW was left with no MUs”. RTC Reps went all over giving checkouts on that PL even though W/Cers were available and Twining HCO Bs still existed.
Similar, TC also mentioned something about PTSness, well after that, at least one of my pcs, was asked to re-do de PTS Course. She alleged to the MAA she had done it 3 times including the GAT one; it did not matter, “it was an order to be followed after T Cruise´s mention of it”. Eventually she was told she was out ethics and forced to do the Course at Tampa Org (we can assume with this someone could report “numerous public driving in at Tampa Org”).
And don´t take me wrong, Tom Cruise is a good movie actor, but as far as I remember LRH IS SOURCE, isn´t he?
Study time – of course RTC had study time, some of the Execs and most the Admin Staff- after all they started at 9.30 am directly into the course rooms and were on post by 12pm. That is fine, Study time is per Policy but….
… a  new Policy came up too “Auditors do not study, specially if they have incomplete Internships plus they usually get crammed and that counts as study time”- Nowhere written by LRH.
F/Ns- the statement of COB that “every miscalled FN was suppressive and always called for a minimum condition of Liability” led to the following:
On one hand you had the Adv Tech VSD Targets – on the other Standard Cramming.
Solution, as soon as you received your Cram Order starting with “To MAA first, Liability for miscalling F/Ns” you sat down and wrote, by now, a robotic Liability Condition.
It was so, so, so routine that after 1/2 an hour you had gathered a few dozen signatures from your fellow auditors who were very well versed on the situation. Later on auditors were upgraded by a rushed MAA, who in turn was being chased by D of Ps, or DTSs or Tech Secs to return the auditor in session while at the HGCs were the RTC Reps demanding at the few Execs who happened to be there “how come the auditor is still in cramming?”
Debbie Cook, by then Captain FLB, was very often called to the HGCs to “debug” the delivery obviously with the purpose to ensure the RTC Stat up. She may have wanted to do her post, but this was an RTC order, you see?
What a waste, such and extraordinary Exec Being called to do the DTS or D of P hat, really, what a waste!
As we auditors had no study time, I worked out something:  to wake up at 6am, get to the base around 6.30 and study on my own the LRH tech up until 8am.
When the schedules to start auditing pcs moved from 8.00-8.30 to 7.00- 7.15 I had no chance to study anymore and that was the end of it.
I knew I had all the right and choice to do my bridge-this was being supperssed and I decided the Hell with it. I joined the Sea Org to deliver Tech to the public so they could get better, I did not join to be the slave of anybody, far less to contribute to this horrendous and continuous criminal stat push.
It seems the RTC Stat never took into account what the public expected and deserved; what standard tech was able to give them: self determinism, power of choice and the right to live their lives the way they choose to.
So, I wrote my OWs and felt good, I was clean in my own eyes and could proudly said so to LRH.
I “ended sick, very sick” and off post on MLO lines. Then, and intentionally, I did use “the condition” to stay away from the base.
But, while being out of the base, in a place where, by the way,  another 5-6 tech and Qual terminals besides me were also “being handled” on various illnesses, I realized that I was not going back, I just simply was not a slave and could not audit just for “VSD” instead of auditing FOR the pc.
I had two choices: to spend a year or more being hammered with incorrect conditions and forever on sec checks or “use” my situation to leave right now.
I knew what a “Threat to the base” meant, by now three auditors had used it and were rushed out of the base, so I took that road, very consciously and intentionally pretended that I was so, so, so in bad shape that,  in the blink of an eye, I was “helped” to leave. A year later my Fitness Board was mailed to me.
My contacts were back here in Mexico City, so I travelled back home, recovered from my “awful illness” in less than two weeks, managed to handle IDs and what not and went on with my life. I haven´t been sick ever since!
I was shocked to see the world outside- NO Dianetics, NO Orgs, NO Scientology, NO books in the Bookstores, NO Ads on Radio or TV; hardly anyone had heard about it; yet I had the impression that half of the planet was already a Scientologist, a false idea promulgated at the events, of course.
It took me about two years to completely break the habit of “explaining” whatever I did; at the Org, even going to the bathroom in between sessions needed to be explained and justified to the D of P, the MAA who was always roaming around and even sometimes to an RTC Rep that happened to be there.
Since I left  I have remembered many times my old friends, specially the Auditors, Class XIIs, C/S, Senior C/Ss and Cram offs- most of them originally had the clean and straight purpose to deliver standard tech- most of them are great people. Deep in my heart I knew I was not the only one wanting to leave that suppressive scene, and some of us had hinted at it here and  there; but I also knew most of them lacked the courage to do it in whatever way they could.
The worst was to see the public manipulated, ordered to do this or that, their self determinism ignored completely.  What the public went to obtain through LRH’s tech was not being delivered. Public was lied to by MAAs, Execs, Regs; Standard Tech was no more a concern, selling was the primary “duty” of every staff.  Veteran Scientologists  fought a little, the new public had no clue really of the mess they have gotten into.
If a public was reading a novel or working on his I Pad while waiting for session, he or she was asked to please put that aside and grab an LRH Book, anything else was unacceptable. It did nor matter if that public had read all the LRH Books or even if he was a trained Auditor. The point being that LRH would not have taken such an approach, he would have allowed that individual to live his or her life; using a computer in the pc´s waiting area would not have meant “out ethics” for LRH. Never, believe me.
CMO was now “messengers” running to ensure stats were up, RTC their “senior”.
Execs were overpowered, Janet Herring, Debbie Cook, there was no way to combat RTC pressures and keep standard tech far less run the Org plus EVERY SINGLE DECISION had to be OK´d by RTC Reps.
Other minor Execs turned into “RTC´s valence” – shouting, degrading every HCO or PL that was in their way to get the stat up.
Other staff as Board I/Cs, pages, etc were so, so, so, so tired that apathy became their chronic tone.
The Form of the Org un-mocked; staff individual production and stats also un-mocked; all was assigned and run based on the RTC Stat.
Oh…I remember in one year we had 6-7 States of Emergency declared-highest ever! Shame this was no one´s stat!
Now, COB and “The Hole”, yes, it is real. That brought to mind an incident in late 90s, a meeting with him and all AO staff; again he was stating whatever, a staff member said something then, COB grabbed one of the biggest pebbles he could find, those that were used as demo kit, and threw it very hard at the staff; luckily he dodged it and came out safe. Interesting behavior from an assumed ¨the highest” Sea Org Exec.
Comparing his behavior with those of real professional Execs such as Mr Heber J, Mr Guillame L, Mr Mithoff, Mr Yager and many, many others…well, actually there is no possible comparison; the gap is just too wide to even think of comparing one with the others.
How can Miscavige call himself a Sea Org Member when he is using millions of parishioner´s money to buy cars, clothes and live as, god knows what!!  Enough said about this off the rail individual; is not worthy to give him more attention.
No, we all rather remember LRH who only wanted the individual to regain his self determinism and power of choice; remember  the true Sea Org Member Execs, the staff that honestly joined with the mind set in using standard tech and admin, the genuine great Auditors and C/S, Supervisors and Tech-Qual staff that know what standard tech can do; it is worthy to have attention on those that are true to themselves.
Lets acknowledge all the public who basically are each one a unique individual who found Scientology, saw a way to a better conditions and decided to attend the Orgs to receive Standard Tech, and learn it too.
Lets remember another fact. LRH is Source and Scientology works when standardly applied, that includes HCO Bs and HCO PLs too.
Lets move on with the Independent movement of Scientologists which is now well in progress, lets carry on with our lives using Scientology;  the action which will bring benefit to oneself and others, and lets leave the criminals sink into the world of oblivion that awaits them for eternity.
We Scientologists have better things to do.
And truth, though fought, always at the end prevails. LRH
Wish you the best,
Silvia Lloréns

305 responses to “The Mecca of Scientology Inc.

  1. Dani Lemberger

    Dear All,
    We have known Silvia for years, both as a ClassIX Cramming Officer and as a Class IX Auditor. Silvia is an amazing thetan. Pure Tech, dedicated, standard. Any Scientologist’s best friend. Hers is the inside story. The truth of what goes on inside the Flag AO HGC. Hers is the answer to why you cannot get Standard Tech in the Church, why you can only do the OT Levels at your local Indie center. Well Done Silvia for your courage!!! Love, Tami & Dani Lemberger and staff of Dror Center

  2. Silvia, your write-up brought me to tears! Tears of disgust but more so tears of joy that you are out of that suppressive environment! Thank you for the report and may you flourish and prosper – greatly!

  3. Amazing report. In a nutshell, the “mecca of tech perfection” has turned into an insane asylum.

  4. Silvia,
    Thank you for telling your story. I was one of the Flag public who experienced those years. I often wondered what it would be like to be a staff member. My heart goes out to all the well intentioned, dedicated and hard working staff that have been and are being destroyed by the suppression.

  5. Dear Silvia,
    Thankyou for your story of courage.

    I have resigned from Scientology and the IAS
    after Flag services ( no services) Terminately handled!

    So Good on you Mate, No Worrys

  6. Mother of Grendel

    Wow! What an amazing write up! Hiding the meter from the cameras to fake a metab, leaving the in session sign up to write up folders. Sneaking to the bathroom. It’s as bad – worse – than anything written by Orwell, etc. Total suppression.
    Silvia – thank you so much for taking the time to present this to us. I’ll send it out… I only wish the Kool Aid Drinkers would read it…

  7. iRoger from Switzerland Thought

    Dear Silvia,

    Thank you so much for your detailed report. Nevertheless the data in your report it is so hightone and full of ARC.Thank you !

  8. Well, that is certainly some Reality for anyone still addicted to Kool-Aid but lurking here, straight from a long time FSO techie. I am sure her write up keyed in many a lock. Well said, Sylivia.

    Interesting how the Advanced Tech VSD stat was selected as the RTC stat. It could have been something more in line with the Planetary Dissemination PL such as Div 6 starts, but no, that would have required that RTC actually do some work and see that management put orgs there that actually ran.

    It should be plain to anyone reading this excellent write up that David Miscavige has completely reverse the very first policy that LRH ever wrote, quoted here in full: “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public.”

  9. Hello Sylvia and congratulations on separating yourself from the Church of David Miscavige. I remember you well from when I met you in Los Angeles as your NED for OT auditor. You were very “gung ho” and joined the SO to help clear the planet. I was very proud of you.

    I too left the Church of David Miscavige in 1991. My wife Lyn also left two years later. David Miscavige is a criminal and he has perverted Scientology into something that is unrecognizable.

    Thank you for your report. I pray that others who knew you will see this and open their eyes to what is really occurring in David Miscavige’s Church.

  10. Silvia,
    Thank you for this incredible write up! The insanity at Flag that you endured is heartbreaking. For you, for the other SO staff and for the pcs. Thank God you got out of there and are doing so well. Wonderful on your personal integrity.
    I do hope every current FSM reads this and comes to their senses. There are no wins to get in the current Radical Church of Scientology, only gross alterations of the original tech and total suppression.

  11. As is often the case, I am left wondering how and why there are any “publics” coming in to be exploited. From the sound of things, these people can’t possibly be getting much personal benefit from their involvement with Scientology. I don’t understand why the supply of fresh blood doesn’t run dry. Or are there signs that this is happening?

  12. Silvia, Thank you so much for this post. There is so much of it that I could relate to, having experienced similar stat pushes like this down to the Class 5 Org level. The gradual alterations of policy and tech has become more and more overt, to the point where the whole operation of the Church these days is one big PRETENDING to be doing Scientology, while doing the furthest thing from it. And on top of that, for those still in, one has to pretend they are liking it. Been there, done that…and so glad I am not there anymore.
    While many years ago, querying an order was acceptable, as per policy…this too has changed to now becoming an indicator that obviously one is in a lower condition if they are to query anything.
    The Church, by direction of David Miscavige, has become a completely suppressive entity when the order of the day has auditors and others creating “tricks”, in order to do what is right for their PCs and themselves, because honesty is met with the accusation that you are somehow committing an overt by applying standard tech and policy. Truth, within the Church, is an overt…so tricks and ways to get around, or out, are created instead…how sad is that! Thank you again for your exposure of the mecca of technical perversion. Good for you on being where you are now!

  13. one of those who see

    Silvia, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything. For all you have done and continue to do to free beings. Your write up needs to be read by everyone. In importance it is up there with Debbie Cook’s email. You are truly a hero. I am thrilled to have you among us. Welcome to freedom. Welcome to real Scientology.

  14. OH! MY! GOD! What a fricking mess! Throwing auditors and PCs under the bus like this is such a tremendous betrayal of the very essence of what LRH stood for.

  15. The child king chaos merchant must be dethroned.

  16. I have not even finished this post & I have a question- i am unfamiliar withVSD or PT VSD?

    Also. are you saying they “audited” previous files in order to make it appear like they are “up” instead of down for the week/month/YTD? IF so, sounds like a great system – jeez, no wonder the normal ppl in Scientology are pissed.

    F/Nd??? Is that flowing/floating needle – i dont understand the F/Nd is that the same as floating needle?

    BMO – with more questions to follow

    OS thanks for the letter Sylvia

  17. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Great writeup, but it could have used some editing before going live, to structure the sequence of events a little more clearly.

  18. Sylvia, outstanding description of the times of horror in the “Mecca”. It would seem that auditors are so low toned that their pcs would percieve this and not do well in sessions. Regging public at examiner? Sheer madness. Auditors must just be in complete apathy.

    I audited a lady a few months ago that had previously gotten 2 intensives at CC Int. In those 2 intensives CC did not handle what she needed handled. She left Scientology, never to return. I audited her and handled what she needed handled. She said to me “These auditors at CC couldn’t do what you did in 15 minutes.” She described to me the scene there in one sentence: “It felt like my auditors had withholds from me.” Well you know what? They do have withholds from their pcs. They are withholding standard tech.

    ML Tom

  19. It never ceases to shock and sadden me, the degree of the insanity and how far off the rails and away from KSW Scientology Inc. has gone. I remember as a young Scientologist looking up to FLAG as a kind of Utopian dream of perfect Scientology.
    You Silvia are an inspiration. Hopefully others will soon follow and the insanity and abuse will end.

  20. Wonderful, Silvia! Thank you for reporting all this, it explains a lot, and thank you for your integrity!

  21. Hello Silvia! Thank you for the clear depiction of the “state of case” at the FSO. Do you remember my son Danar Hoverson? He was Security at FLB for many years at the front door of the FH. He blew in 2007 probably for the reasons you state. His wife, Ximena, became so sick over it that she was routed out. We loaned them the money to pay their horrendous freeloader debts (second mortgage on property, what else is new for a Scientologist?) so that her mother in Colombia would ever be allowed to talk to her daughter again. Our reward?–when we woke up, they disconnected and refused to pay off the mortgage because you don’t have to honor your promises to an SP, so now I am stuck with this huge debt at age 69 when I should be allowed to retire instead. My error, and I am still laughing at myself for it.

  22. eileenclark101

    I give you a huge hug and kiss. Thank you so very much for speaking out and making all of this known. While reading it, I was not surprised by anything you said. It made me sad and I cried for the waste of it all. You were speaking of people that I know, used to live and work with, admired and respected, had fun with. You were courageous to do what you did to get out from under that suppression.

    What you have written here will now help others to do the same. Thank you. Your presence as a highly respected technical terminal has added enormously to our strength and ability to provide standard LRH Tech in the Independent field. You rock!


    Much love, Eileen

  23. Silvia, I am speechless. My God!

    DM’s “church” is exactly the opposite of what it should be. But I love you ending lines – and I agree completely:

    We Scientologists have better things to do.
    And truth, though fought, always at the end prevails. LRH

  24. Anon-onyourside

    Thank you Ms. Llorens for your incredibly honest report. I have never been a Scientologist, but I have great admiration for the courage of the independent movement, and I detest tyrants like Miscavige. I have one question. You mentioned turning away from the camera, were all sessions videotaped? I seem to remember Miscavige’s spokesperson denying that sessions were taped. Many states prohibit taping when only one side has consented to it, and this seems to be yet another law Miscavige is breaking.

  25. Dearest Sylvia, What an amazing report! So glad you are doing well now! Welcome to freedom!

  26. Silvia,

    I knew you a bit back in PAC, and when I did my NOTS Internship in 1991 at FSO. I was impressed that you wore your hat as LRH would have approved. I thought the FSO was strange in a lot of ways back then in 1990/91, but it has obviously per your write-up has exceeded the insanity scale to a new level. Thank you for this, it will have a very powerful effect on any Flag public who read it.

  27. Don’t worry, Lynne! Danar and Ximena will wake up soon enough and all will be well! Hugs and kisses! ❤ Theresa

  28. Very well done. It is certainly Hell. It is not at all Scientology. I am glad you made it out alive. Here is to a brighter future for everyone!

  29. eileenclark101

    First, I apologize for mistyping Silvia’s name.

    Secondly, it is hard to imagine what further evidence someone might require to admit that Cof$ is a failure. It is The Failure brought about by David Miscavige, midget suppressive who thinks he is a god. How much more proof can a fence-sitter possibly need? This was reported on by one of FSO’s most well-known and respected tech staff. She has joined a group of such terminals who have previously spoken out here about what has happened and is happening inside CofS today. Read it and weep.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Let your courage free and step out into freedom then help others to do the same. That way we all can win by bringing about what LRH wanted most; happy, healthy and prosperous beings.

  30. Silvia, this is by far the most compelling, condemning and elightening report as to the state of affairs of the tech/admin delivery at FSO. I love how you say that you have to be stupid not to be able to recognize at least some of the outpoints. The suppression is killing people, I’m glad you got out and are now physically healed, its sorrowful that you have to get physically ill to escape. We know in our hearts that this is what happened to dear Claire Reppen and her untimely & unfortunate death. I am part of a Scientologists closed group blog and during one of the threads there was some discussion of the people that have died as a result of the suppression of Miscavige and his cronies, let us not forget what LRH says about illness, “1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.” “A person under stress is actually under a suppression on one or more dynamics. If that supression is located and the person handles or disconnects, the condition diminishes.” HCOB 10 Aug 73 PTS HANDLING Unfortunately there is no handling of the suppression in Corp Scn due to Miscavige, the only way is to disconnect as you and I and so many others have realized and come out into the sunshine, hopefully your report will help others to come to the conclusion.

  31. Silvia! Tears came to my eyes just seeing your face! Yes, folks, I was there auditiing in AO1 and AO3 in the same scene with Silvia and what she describes is the utter truth – hour after hour, day after day, week after week, year after year… the veteran Flag auditors silently coped with that suppression and did their best for their pcs. LRH would weep if he was alive to learn the truth – and then there would be Hell to pay!!

    Silvia, what is your email! We must talk…

  32. Sylivia,
    Your story brings tears to my eyes. You have dome several crams on me and I always loved the results. I believe every word you say becasue I saw it.
    One time my auditor for my 6 month check was Giovanna. I asked her a question about studying my folder and she said ” Do you really think we have time to study folders?”. I not-ised it a bit but it stuck with me as an out-point. The another time after I bought 12 Nots intensives I was told that I was not Clear and needed to redo NED. That refresher I did 5 intensives of sec checking and 3 NED intensives. I am sure I helped the VSD that time.

    Anyways, thank you SO MUCH for your BRAVERY for speaking out. I hope you use your skills in the Indie field as you are such a fine tech terminal.

  33. Silvia, thank you so much for this! In 2003 and again in 2007 I was at Flag receiving auditing. It was the most terrible auditing I’d ever experienced — i felt like running screaming from the building pulling my hair out all the while – and now I know why! Thank you again for the inside scoop. Linda

  34. Silvia, thank you for your report. You are the type of Sea Org member that I have always respected and admired. Thank you for your years of service in the SO and wish you the best in your journey as an Independent Scientologist.

  35. Corporate Scientology loves abbreviations. These are abbreviations for keeping stats of production.
    VDS= Value of Service Delivered.= What is the dollar value of what you did this week?
    PT=Present time.= Right now this week as opposed to last week or earlier.

    They were digging up Pre Clear folders to review the auditing delivered to these people years earler. The PC’s (people paying for this auditing) auditing times were recorded in the folder. They reviewed the folders to find the time they “missed” to falsify that their VSD THIS WEEK was now UP instead of DOWN so they wouldn’t get the rath of McTinyfists and his punk ass RTC reps.

  36. I have seen Flag SO limping and very very heavy. So glad you are here sharing your story. (Ex Flag Public May 2012)

  37. I am very sorry to hear this Lynne. That is truly disgusting.

  38. Silvia, what a pleasure to hear from you and that’s an understatement. Reader, if you haven’t met Silvia and if for some reason it’s missed when reading her account here, I know her as a Professional with Auditor beingness in, always. It was considered luxury for a PC or PRE OT to be in her line-up.

    Very glad to know you’re out, doing well. You’ve delivered a huge blow against the iron gate which have been built to lock in our friends – the world can take a good look inside and make up their minds about it. A parent, relative or a friend may decide its time for their loved one inside to breath the air again, and take action.

    Thank you Silvia. Scientology is applied and is multiplying out in the field now.

  39. It is almost biblical how crazy DM is and how he completely flipped Scientology on its axis.

  40. VSD = Value of Services Delivered. I assume PT VSD means Present Time VSD.

    Yes, F/N = floating needle.

  41. My God, what a powerful write-up. I was literally knotted up inside, reading every word. I spent enough years as a staff member and as a paying public to have a great deal of reality on everything you related. In fact, you related the scene so well, that I was fully immersed in the imagery you painted.

    I know that pressure. I know that anxiety. I know that counter intention to simply getting your job done. I know those by-passes, vias, altered importances, and wholesale abandonment of key LRH references. I know the empathy and sadness felt for a fellow staff member who’s being crucified for something that is entirely unrelated to the point and purpose of their post. I know the sick and devastated feeling of realizing that those you once considered the most elite and honorable among us, are weak and compromised, feeble souls. And I also know the supreme betrayal, of putting your life in the hands of those who you’ve entrusted to faithfully deliver the tech, only to have them turn your soul into hamburger.

    All this, and more, is why I now call myself an Independent Scientologist, because despite it all, I know the truth, which is something no one can ever take from me.

  42. My thoughts exactly!

  43. Heather Robillard

    Hello Silvia, Thank you so much for this write up, I think it is especially valuable because staff and public in Orgs cannot be everywhere to see what is going on in other Orgs, the only way they can find out is if enough people who were in an Org relate what went on and post the information.
    Yours is one of the most detailed I have seen, and from an Auditor of your caliber who was at Flag it bears a lot of weight.

  44. Wonderful writeup Silvia. There is one missing datum I would like to add- why the emphasis on Advanced Tech VSD? Because this determined the bonuses of the RTC Reps which had to be in a range that would justify the income of the one known as COB. This wasn’t about production stats- as always it was about money with these people. I despise what they have done to people and the technology.

  45. Silvia, your write up of the insane situation is very revealing of the gross out tech. I can’t believe that anyone reading this, would not wake up! Silvia you are honourable. You have integrity. Hats off to you for holding on to that against all odds! As for me, I’ll say it again – Oh happy day I am out!

  46. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Wow, Silvia. Bet you hear this a lot, but I was the recipient of some excellent and oh so standard cramming from you back in the 80s when you were on those delivery lines and I was first on Solo NOTs. Not only were you a great cram off, your beingness was one of a caring, intelligent and sane person. I am so glad to hear word from you and that you are just as you were then albeit wiser.

  47. Silvia,

    Thank you for your accounting and depiction of the Crime Scene created by that despicable sawed-off lunatic, POB, and his flying monkey RTC goon squad.

    So happy you’re now free from the cuckoo’s nest and I wish you all the best!

  48. Wow, that’s quite an eye-opening write-up. Sheer insanity. I was planning a trip to FLAG a few years ago, now glad I postponed it for financial reasons. There’s no way I’d subject myself to that sort of butchery.

    Thank you Silvia for enlightening us as to what’s been going on in that madhouse. Given your refusal to throw your PCs under the bus you’re obviously a being of great integrity.

  49. Li'll bit of stuff

    Silvia, hello to you in present time, and what a paradise it
    must seem to you even 4 years on, compared to that
    tortured existence you lived through, and witnessed through
    the eyes of “one of the most valuable beings on the planet.”
    —LRH describing how he felt about auditors!

    Over a year of almost daily coverage of this blog, including
    watching many of the candid videos, describing the horrors
    that decent, honest, trusting people were put through by
    this monstrous savage beast, had ill prepared me for what
    you have recounted in this nightmare recollection.

    I am just stunned, hearing you describe this modern-day
    torture chamber, and the heinous deprivation inflicted on
    so many, while convinced they were powerless to fight
    back. Sickening to the stomach!

    I could not suppress the rising rage felt toward this creature
    of hell. For me, I had images of Auchwitz,. where dissenting
    emaciated prisoners were hung up,naked, impaled with a meat hook through their necks, and left to die the most agonizing of deaths, alongside already rotting, victims who
    perished ahead of them.

    More fittingly, the images of Mussolini, the cruel Italian dictator,
    and his wife, who were put to death and strung up high in the town square each tied upside down by one leg, as they
    swiveled grotesquely in symbolic retribution for their per-
    secution of thousands of cruelly tortured and murdered
    dissenters in his reign of terror.

    Lack of compassion, in the first instance (for the innocent)
    seems to reverberate toward the eventual fate of the guilty,
    as an inevitable consequence of cruelty, wherever and
    whenever mankind seeks redress against evil!

    Thanks again, Sylvia for sharing what you went through,
    and your experience needs to be shared with any remaining contributors to miscavge’s insane asylum, even if it means being “overboarded into the freezing ocean” to shock them
    out of their hynotised condition.We are, and let’s face it,
    probably dealing with criminality of the most perverse kind,
    that has ever been hidden from the modern world, to date

    The sheer scale of this depravity, this evil, is going to be
    difficult to communicate to the masses at large. But you
    have done a magnificent job of doing just that!

    Wonderful testimony, and this type of gruesome evidence
    paves the way for an avalanche more to come!

    Sorry, just my BPC spilling over, I’ll give it a rest now!

    ML, Calvin.

    to jar them back to reality.,IMHO (

  50. Silvia — thanks for your detailed and accurate report.

    It is amazing that the King of Stat Pushers never shows his stat at events.

    You also know I am sure that the FSO (and other AO’s) pay RTC a percentage of Advanced Tech VSD. It’s why RTC always has plenty of money to buy cars and expensive stuff for even the lower level staff (let alone the Big Kahuna…). This is a microcosm into the scene everywhere.

    At the HGB, where “church management” is supposedly located, you will find the “RTC Rep” (an incompetent little bitch) runs all MANAGEMENT staff on selling “Basics” — and this is hour to hour. And nobody goes to bed if they don’t “make their target” and recalcitrant ones are sent to “Pig’s Berthing”, a space CREATED by stripping a room of everything, installing iron bunk beds without mattresses and tipping garbage cans in the middle of the room (I am NOT making this up). It’s the same sort of punishment drive, idiotic demands and crazy non-production used as a mechanism to control bodies and torture people.

    Miscavige’s grey visage permeates the RCS from the top down and his minions, the RTC Death Eaters enforce his every whim.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Thanks for communicating Silvia. The more voices that are heard the less control Darth Vader has over his crumbling empire.

  51. Silvia, thank you so much for telling your story. Your write-up proves again how much the world of corporate Scientology has gone completely MAD!!! I feel for each and every single good Sea Org member who is still trapped in Miscavige’s Implant Station – caught in the webs of slavery and delusion. Gosh, I just hope more people like yourself will make up and confront the truth. Miscavige and his minions will fall!!!

  52. Silvia- thank you for such an in depth write up. You post explains many of the outpoint I had see but did not have the “back story” to fill in the gaps as to what was happening and why staffs were behaving as they were.

    I recall the pages at AO in Adv Reception. Always very serious, never friendly, nothing but business. Attempting to joke with them was mostly useless. I didn’t understand their demeanor. I do now. I joked with the Dof P revering to them as his Nazi-girls, all business no joy. He laughed it off.

    The heavy 8C on publics, despite their lack of volume in the HGC, was perplexing to me. There were times I was the only one present in the HGC waiting room, yet I was escorted everywhere I went to ensure I was immediately available as soon as the auditor was ready. Actually it wasn’t 8C as that is good control and lacking any ARC is wasn’t good as I found it very odd.

    I certainly better understand the behind the scenes situations creating the oddities I saw as public. I feel for those still enmeshed in that suppression.

    Thanks for posting your experience. It is well written and gripping.

    Is it any wonder that Standard tech has been lost, more like forced out of existence?


  53. deElizabethan

    Thank you very much Silvia. As always a public, this helps me to understand so much better. Bravo!

  54. Li'll bit of stuff

    Aye, aye Ronnie, my brother! And there are going to be
    many, many more shockers to come, before this little
    monster is dealt with, as befits his karma.

  55. jacques emond

    Dear Silvia,
    Thank you so much for all the info. I could feel your pain while reading. I knew the situation was bad but did not think it was that bad.

    Your arrival brings once again more theta to the indie field and leaves less of it in the squirrel organization.

    Welcome home,

  56. Richard Royce

    Dear Silvia,
    I remember you from the FSO when I was in the TTC. I always saw you as a gentle theta soul. I am so happy you were able to sort it out and stop contributing to that suppression.

  57. Most, if not all sessions are videod, even down to Mission level.

  58. Dear Silvia,
    Do I get it right that you guys auditors soldiered on and endured all the crazyness because you cared so much for your pc’s? You wouldn’t abandon your pc’s? Your responsibility towards your pc’s then is what Miscavige is exploiting. That is a truly evil thing to do.
    I admire you for your care and courage. You are a big being if there ever was one. Cruise and Miscavige better take lessons with you on ‘how to be a real big being’, because they haven’t got a clue!
    I wish you well! I’m sure you’ll do.

  59. Hey Marty or Mike – why does not some reporter EVER ask Cruise about whats being alleged in his church. People are being HELD hostage in a cult like situation. I know that the current Cult of Scientology and its Der Fuhrer have letters and videos of people saying they are willingly there. ”
    (the little guy learned from the mistakes of Jim Jones and the death of Lisa Mac)

    So, while I am sure its hard for the Feds to “bust” the prison at Hemet.

    But, why doesn’t ANYbody speaking with Cruise EVER ask for a response?

    I mean if he belonged to and was friends with a Catholic pedophile – people would ask “what he knows and when did he know it”

    So why not now?


  60. My oh my… what a touching revealing story Silvia. Thank you for making this public so more can know of these insanities. Very insightful, and just sad, insane, evil levels of suppression.

    Everyone on the fence or having any doubts needs to read this!

  61. For real.

  62. Former Sea Ogre

    As squirrel as the scene has become at the HGB and Flag, the Mecca of Technical Imperfections, as I recall wasn’t the term “Pigs Berthing” straight out of an LRH Flag Order? Weren’t the people assigned to Pigs Berthing supposed to be downstat and/or couldn’t keep their room clean?

  63. “I could not suppress the rising rage felt toward this creature of hell.” …

    I heard you Calvin! Well said, I was feeling similar and fed the f***up this flying Monkey evil twit.

  64. Ms. Llorens comes across as a very wise, lucid and articulate lady. I believe everything she has shared and am so glad that she has found her way here – I wish her every success and happiness for the future.

    But really, Mr. Rinder is spot-on calling these malevolents “Death Eaters”. That is exactly what they are (anyone who has read and/or seen the later ‘Harry Potter’ books and films will know how wretchedly people suffered under those nutters).

    CoB and his deluded sycophants make the Gestapo and the SS of the Third Reich look like organisers of a “My Little Pony” convention in comparison… It’s sick and it’s wrong and the sooner it is stamped out the better we will ALL be.

    The suffering of ONE human diminishes us ALL, as a species.

    Love to y’all,
    IEG xxx

  65. Silvia,

    Thank you so much for sharing the information. As soon as I saw the name “Donnie Webster” I cringed. That guy and his wife were abusive and sadistic to other staff when times were good. I hate to think about the people that have to cross their path under some pressure. Donnie was C/O ship for a few weeks and was abusing the OT8’s that were on the ship! They had to get him off the ship!

    Interesting that it is taboo to have friendly chat with the “public”. This is what I mean about turning Scientologists against Scientologists. I read it all through out your write up.

    Thank you for all of the good memories you created for people as an auditor. Your contribution to this Earth has been monumental. The years of dedicated service to others is holy. In a just society, it is someone like you, I would expect to see win a Freedom Medal Award.

    Thank you for being you. May the red carpet roll out for you. XXOO

  66. Well said, Ronnie. Anyone who has been staff at an SO org has seen this to some degree. The small crap I saw in the ’80s has become the norm – it is really amazing how off the rails it got. Almost everyone in the SO is there to help people, and it is amazing what BS they are putting up with to do it. It is time to hit the silk and start doing it right — as an Independent.

  67. Lynne,
    I knew Danar and considered him a nice and good guy. It is utterly nauseating to hear that the reverse tech has turned it around that he doesn’t realize he was thrown under the bus and recognize the help given to him as well as his own personal obligations. It magnifies the fact that Scn Inc absolves personal responsibility and makes it OK, and actually leads by example, actions of criminal out exchange.

  68. Interesting how admin persons and tech persons see the world differently, isn’t it.

    As a tech terminal, I found that the admin terminals tended to use eval, inval, threats, effort band stuff to get things done. Tech doesn’t operate like that, which is why tech terminals should run orgs, in my opinion.

    Recently I listened to an audio recording by David Mayo, discussing the 20 page dispatch from LRH shortly before Mayo was ousted. I trust Mayo’s account for obvious reasons, and in that audio Mayo was talking about what LRH wanted him to do re: organizing his (Mayo’s) staff to continue the game after LRH left, which according to Mayo was coming soon. One of the comments Mayo made was right on this very point; tech views versus admin views; and the impression I got was that Mayo saw this in LRH’s dispatch that LRH was also concerned about it.

    The legacy is the tech, not the admin. Admin can evolve, change, as new technologies evolve. Tech doesn’t change, doesn’t evolve, it remains steady. When admin gets in the way, it needs to be removed, along with the persons pushing it in the way.

    My opinion.

  69. It angers me that Donnie Webster threw things at you and you were physically threatened by him. But now that I am looking at him and his wife from afar, I see two sociopaths. No conscience at all, either of them. Never had any feelings of emotion towards others that I could see except scorn and contempt. They got placed at one time in charge of the Freewinds Relay Office and 40% of the staff were gone in two months. I wrote a K.R. on Donnie, who was an OT7 at the time. He denied everything I said and got sent for a sec check. Can you believe that guy lied through the sec check and passed it with none of his crimes coming up? At the time I was baffled. Now I get it. He is a sociopath.

  70. Richard,
    There are and were signs of this happening in neon lights! The fact that the FSO or Mecca of Scn Inc started to push and deliver quickie grades in recent years which cannibalizes the orgs lower than their echelon, completely off-policy was a huge indicator that supply of their correct public was drying up.

  71. Sylvia, Kaboom McTinyfists sleeps more than anyone in the Sea Org, Marty can tell you. Nobody sleeps more than him. As an old FSO staff (I ran the Solo HGC and audited in the Case Cracking Unit for a few months) your story is painful to hear. For sure, the sickness that ails the FSO is the oblivion of total insanity.

  72. constant vigilance

    Wow, Silvia, I cried reading your post. I was there as public during the time you speak of and in the HGC’s you speak of. I saw it, but not the other side of it, the auditors being suppressed and tech so wildly out. It is a sad day for LRH and the tech when these things are so rampant. You are so above all that. Your integrity shines through in megawatts. Your caring for mankind and for each pc, and your drive to give them standard tech makes me so proud of you. My heart aches for what you went through. But you escaped! Your spirit could not be broken! “…under the bludgeonings of chance, my head is bloody but unbowed.” (From the poem “Invictus”.)

    Your letter is of the magnitude, even more so, than Debbie Cook’s. Can you get the same mailing list Debbie used and publish this letter to all the still IN Scn’s? They need to read it. How can we distribute this to the IN Scns?

    All the best to you, Silvia! May you flourish and prosper and reach all your spiritual and other goals ever dreamed of. And may you audit in the Indie field and thus help others as you have always done. Bless you!

  73. constant vigilance

    ” David Miscavige has completely reversed the very first policy that LRH ever wrote, quoted here in full: “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public.”

    That is true. I was told by the HCO in charge of the EPF, Roberto, a guy from Italy, that the SO doesn’t allow SO to fraternize or have anything to do with the “wog” public, other than to audit them. I asked why? He said because “We (the SO) are more ethical, are the big beings and they are the DB’s and it is like what would happen if you jumped into a pool to swim and the pool was filthy dirty?” I said, “you’d get dirty.” He said, “exactly, and that is why you don’t want to contaminate yourself by dealing with the wog public.” He continued, “We have to have ethics presence to handle the world and be 3 feet back of them and we can’t have that if we fraternize with public.”

    I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. I pointed out that Ron rubbed elbows with the common man on the street and that Jesus helped even a prostitute (Mary Magdelaine). He would not waiver in his out-ARC, pompous, elitist, “us vs. them” and “better than them” attitude. Needless to say, because of this and many other outpoints, I did not activate my SO contract. I am so glad now that I didn’t. I would have been chewed up and spit out and left for dead, as many have been.

    Again, thank you so much Silvia for your bravery to come out and write this up for the world to see.

  74. Indeed disgusting. Some people can be led to rationalize anything I guess. Lynne, I am so sorry.

  75. Reblogged this on Grasshopper's Blog and commented:
    This is a story every Scientologist should read. Stat falsification at the Flag Land Base and a brave auditor’s fight to do the right thing. Vaya con Dios, Silvia Llorens!

  76. So much for the “friendliest place on the planet”. I remember working at FSO when despite the over regging and exec stat pushing, remarkable results were achieved every day. Tech situations that would not resolve in any other org on the planet, resolved there.

    It is very sad to imagine the life of the staff there now.

  77. Silvia,
    Thank you very much for the detailed truths on life as a Tech terminal in the Mecca of Scn Inc, including your courage and personal integrity to share it.

    It really fills in the picture of the transformation from the top spiritual improvement center as created and envisioned by LRH; to a hawker’s commercial marketplace selling David Miscavige’s latest baubles, using the mailed heavy hands and lessening valuable beings such as auditors.

  78. DM as Darth Vader/Voldemort! Even ol’ Darth ended up okay at the end. I can only hope that we find all of DM’s horcruxes and package them into ice cubes and put them on file in Trementina until.. oh, I don’t know. We’ll figure it out!



    Hello, to answer your questions: The VSD is Value of Services Delivered, in other words, the Org delivered 10 auditor and, lets say, 100 hours of auditing. They amounted to, lets say again, 20,000 USD. That will be the VSD for that week. In the related case the Advance Tech VSD was RTC stat and it added all auditing delivered to Clear and above. When I mentioned the Director of Tech Services rounded up the folder from ´98 up to 2006 to count the past VSD what occurred was the following. Imagine PC Joe Blow could be counted as a stat of 12.30 hrs delivered that week, buy the org only had reported 11.30 hrs delivered, so it needed one more hour to count the 7,000 value of that service delivered – VSD. So the folders from ´98 onward were gone over, session by session, day by day to see if in the past “minutes” have not been counted priorly and now could be added – Magically they were always found, so that hour “magically” appeared and the VSD for that week will be “up”. – FN, yes, that means floating needle. I will be more than glad any other question you may have. I wish you well . Silvia

  80. I can always count on you TD

    Grah See Ass, Ah-me-go

  81. Roy Macgregor

    Well Done for speaking out Silvia. You have my utmost respect as a great example of a Scientologist and an auditor. Thank you for being there.

    It is interesting to look at the number of Class IX auditors that have been lost from the AO HGC since the 2007 Basics release. Two of the most famous Class IX auditors were Ronit Charney and Terese Bloom. They were considered among the finest auditors Flag had ever produced-both routed out and disappeared. It would be interesting to make a list of Class IX’s that have routed out from just the Flag AO – or died as in the case of Richard Riess. To train a Class IX is a long process, especially now with the squirrel training. So to allow a Class IX or Solo NOTs C/S to just walk away is unthinkable- why not just fix things? But instead there are enough of them gone to create an entire HGC. Other people may know of more but these are the one’s I am aware of.

    Solo NOTs CS – Ellen Praeger
    Solo NOTs CS – Candy ?
    Class IX Auditor – Silvia Llorens
    Class IX Auditor- Terese Bloom
    Class IX Auditor- Ronit Charney
    Class IX Auditor- Loic Duschane
    Qual Consultant- Nancy Martin

    I know of at least one other Class IX whose name escapes me. So if I am aware of 2 solo nots CSs, 5 Nots auditors and a Qual Consultant all who left the Flag AO in the last few years, I would say that there are probably considerably more than that. I would say that the FSO has lost an entire AO HGC complete with associated CSes and Qual staff in the last few years. And that is just attrition at the Flag AO. This more than anything says that standard tech, standard admin and standard ethics went over a cliff a long time ago at the FSO. And that speaks volumes about RTC and the huge office they maintain there.

  82. No BDA – it couldn’t. It communicates perfectly, and from the heart. It tells an incredibly heart-wrenching story of an obviously beautiful being whose sole purpose was to help people improve themselves using Scientology the way LRH intended, and how she was thwarted at every turn by the Orwellian nightmare that Miscavige has turned Flag and RCS into. Read it again.

    Sylvia, I am so happy you are free now. There is much I could say from my own experiences, both as staff and as public – but suffice to say I can identify with you EXACTLY as you relate it. I had several conversations with the FSO Rep UK Mike Garside about the squirelling at Flag and each time he would say words to the effect that “Ah, yes, that’s all changed now – it is standard now…” I knew the reverse was true and eventually said enough is enough. I only wished I’d said it years earlier – but then again I maybe wouldn’t have met so many fine folk here!


    Hello and thank you for your viewpoint. Yes, all sessions were video taped. The purpose, originally, was a good one and based on LRH, meaning, the video will show the auditor and the device we use (e meter) to assist the pc. If anything was not fully done as per LRH the auditor will go to Cramming (correction) to find out what the HCO of LRH said and he or she could do a better delivery of the technology. This purpose ended making better, not only the auditor, but also the pc as he would be audited perfectly. That others, as Miscavige, gave another use to these video taped sessions is understood as he, it seems, never became aware of the value of LRH´sTech.

  84. Silvia,
    I remember you well. You audited me once around 2004 at flag. I was on 7. It was when we were all having our clear status challenged, I mean checked again. You were so kind and I could tell you wished I didn’t have to be so upset by that cycle. You did everything you could to get me through it ok and in the end, you did. You probably saved me and I thank you for that!

    Your write up is amazing. Yes, I remember being pushed back in session under protest after saying I wasn’t sessionable so I could be comped on a section of the 7 comp line-up. I remember the D of P asking me, “wasn’t that worth it?” and I said no! Didn’t matter, I went onto the next step the next day.
    Yes, there was the calmag, emergency, running up and down stairs, etc etc to get “sessionable”.
    What you write about as far as public went is spot on IMO. Thanks so much for explaining the crazy why behind it.

    My heart shook when you talked about your public and what we went through. Your love and care is unreal! IMO, we public could never have endured a fragment of what dedicated staff like you went through for us. It is because of people like you and others here that there was any good that we could take with us into life.

    Much love to you! Laura Ann Wilson

  85. I would have to bet that VSD has alsp probably gone up since the misdefinition of an FN was introduced with the overruns alone. I really have to wonder if VSD was not the basis for the NEW FN. He is that nuts!

  86. Thank you Silvia for this stunning write up.
    Every day I read more and receive more data to be thankful I left when I did.
    Getting auditors to be salesman to their own pcs after and before sessions !
    The whole of Scientology Inc is a massively runaway fundraising machine.
    Most parishioners are giving money for the “dangerous environment” they push on people.
    I think this write up is going to travel a long ways and be read by those who are still undecided and who need to read what happens within. Good job Silvia.

  87. Hi Sinar, Yes, Danar is basically a good guy, and Ximena is good too. Funny thing is, we SPs don’t have to stop loving our dear ones, while they are being forced to cut out a part of their heart that was established long before the church took over. They are the losers for it, not us.


    Thank your for your acknowledgment and back up; having friends like you makes this a better life and, definitely, a better future eternity. Carry on with the good work done at you Dror Center. Love you both – SILVIA


    Acknowledgment received and thank you. As for yourself I wish you well too. ML – SILVIA


    Thanks Pat, correct, it has gone into a level of insanity; but as I said, lets place our attention on success; we have the Indies, LRH tech exists and each one of us knows that, each as individual, if true to oneself will do more than fine. ML -SILVIA


    Thanks and I hope you have now found a place where standard tech can be given to you. Now, the only way you can be destroyed by suppression is if you allow it, other than that, not even a 1,000 miscaviges can “kill” you as a being- and to handle it just use LRH tech and that will get you through. ML – SILVIA

  92. Former Sea Ogre

    Even though they disconnected from you, they are still legally liable to pay you for the debt. A verbal agreement to pay back the debt is legalling binding. A judge will laugh at something like “you don’t have to honor your promises to an SP…”. You can and should sue their ass.


    OK, an apology on behalf of all the truer staff that may have attempted to do something for you but did not; no excuses however. Let me give you an honest tip, get hold of an LRH book (I recommend Science of Survival) or whatever you want. Read it and use what is real for you in bettering your life. This tech works, read it. make it your own and your eternity as a being will be better. ML _SILVIA


    Your are welcome and yes, please forward it to others. The purpose is to, sooner than later, get rid of this mad men so we can sanely deliver LRH´s tech. ML – SILVIA


    Thank you Dan, I remember you well from up lines and I have seen some of your check sheets. Lets continue doing something about it!


    Of course I remember you Dean, and also your wife. How can you forget someone that got you though some good auditing? I am glad you both are doing well. I´m sure, that when the time comes and is needed, we will join efforts to improve this and other scenes. ML _ SILVIA


    You are welcome Penny. Yes, lets pt our attention in the good things you and other real Scientologists are doing out there- that is what has value.


    Thanks Bella, I guess we have an understanding due to a similar experience. Now, if you are an auditor carry on auditing as much as you can and of course, carry on with your own bridge too. ML – SILVIA


    I am glad to be your friend too and wish you the best.


    Correct and that is why we are here now, to use LRH tech standardly so all around can get better.

  101. Im just curious – but am I weird in this case: Everytime someone tells me another crazy cob dm story – I get a rage inside of me, and I just want to choke this *o******er until he passes out, then wake him up via water boarding? End cycle. Repeat.

    Am I the only one seeing this much RED?

    Fuck you miscaviage

    Whats crazy and demented and sad is that this little twit, could still have the life he has and treat people great.

    His life is a dream and he COULD, if he wanted, be good to people & take care of people and just be an overall GOOD being & the loyaly would be REAL.

    BUT he is a typical douche bag entitled & ignorant.

    Thank you for the internet. Because the internet – sodomizes davey mismanage on a daily basis.

    I hear the Death Rattle of this D bag.

    Too bad its taking so long.

    But, make no mistake – once he lost Rathbun& his aggression & once he lost Rinder as the mouth piece – he lost the best person Ive EVER seen in Scientology PR.

    I know Ive un-offically named myself “Rinders Car Waxer” But, I recently watched the A&Es documentary with Bill Kurits “Inside Scientology” on youtube. I even saw Little Tommie David throw a statue at Tony Moreno.

    But, I also saw on that program, Rinder at work and it still impresses me.

    Whats crazy is until Rinder left and I realized how badly HE was treated. I really looked at Rinder as “lawyerly almost in his delivery” & he was amazing at convincing people (me in particular) that not ALL scientologists were kooks & non thinkers.

    Here was a guy, who spoke like no one else I had heard in Scientology.

    So, to learn Mikes story & real history inside the church – just blew me away. I mean to think, this guy was assaulted by the head of the “church” and to believe everything people said about dm & how others saw him assault Rinder. I was just completely amazed. Because to me, Rinder looked untouchable (which i now know NOONE is untouchable by dm)

    Ill repeat it again: Tommy, Karin Pouw and anyone else that has been the official PR person for the cult. There has been no one who did it better – before or after – than Rinder.

    I dont know how he was viewed inside the church (other than stories ive heard and most have been good or positive) but, I can tell you as a Wog – the guy was impressive.

    Need proof, just youtube and watch ANY of Rinders interviews.

    Due, was (is) just: The Shit !

    I just sit and laugh at dm, becuase i really think it was one of the worst blunders in davey mismanage history – Waterloo, Custer etc.. all rolled in to one. When you think off all of the colossal f*ck ups in cob dm long and lustrous “career”.

    Losing Rinder has proven, day after day that it was a Top 5 f*ck up and one that cob dm, may never be able to overcome.

    alright – im running out of wax

    BMO has spoken and this is true (or whatever you are supposed to write).

    Cheers and Beers, my internet fiends and friends, Go Chiefs beat the Chargers !


    Thank you, that is a good tip and we will keep it in mind for future postings.

  103. Lookingin — you are correct on it Advanced Tech VSD being the statistic of the RTC Reps — but I think you are missing the even bigger picture. The stat of Advanced Tech VSD International (ie. all combined) is the RTC org stat, and IS Dave’s post statistic. This one stat is what determines bonuses, but also provides a (false) picture of the “efficiency” of RTC.

    This stat push of Advanced Tech VSD is more than horrid. It shows complete corruption of Scientology from Darth Midget all the way down to the public the organisation is supposed to be serving.

    Well Dave — I remember the uproar when false stats were found in Hamburg org in the early 90’s — and the pergatory you sent Wiebke Hansen to as a result. Fascinating to see that you have taken false reports to a whole new unheard of level. You have turned the delivery of Scientology internationally, into a stat push for your own personal gratification.

    You are sick. Very very sick.


    Well done on the result you obtained on your pc. Now, lets be blunt, the auditors that violated standard tech “are not in apathy”- they are plainly irresponsible as they DO KNOW LRH´s TECH but do not use it. Their lack of courage to apply it has led them to become the puppets of SPs, but after all they are responsible for their own condition. Once again, if you apply this tech, you will do well. You are spot on in saying that auditors have withholds from their pcs, yes, a spot on observation! Silvia

  105. constant vigilance

    Dear Roy M, Thank you for the stats of Class IX and IX CSes and Qual people who have left staff since 2007. I have to ask:: what does the Qual Consultant, Nancy Martin, look like? I think I had crams/consults with her.

    And let’s not forget Hy Levy, who, although not a Class IX auditor, was still one of the top registrars and long-time competent and honest staff members at Flag who died recently. Add him to the list of those suppressed to even death by the midget.

    How can we get Silvia’s letter out on a mass distribution? It needs to go to all Scns.


    Michael i really share with you this purpose – this insanity and abuse will end.
    Lets do the usual and we will get there.


    Thomas, you are very welcome and I wish you well.

  108. constant vigilance

    P.S. Hy Levy told me personally that the end for him started with the release of the Basics. I think that might have also been in his writeup. He said that when the Basics came out and everyone was ordered to do them and sell them and buy them many times over, that was when things turned really really suppressive and that was when he decided he could no longer take it. But he did blow the whistle on other staff members who were criminal just to get their stats up so that “they could go to bed finally” He was threatened by MAA’s for writing KR’s on their juniors etc.

  109. Reading this made my stomach churn. I now understand in much more grim detail why I – and so many others – went through such hell. I had to write a bunch of KRs on my own C/S. A very disgusting, depraved scene. Thanks, Silvia, for this detailed writeup. Maybe some day I will be able to read it through without getting sick.


    Hello Lynn, yes I remember Dannar. Now, about your situation, if there was an error I propose you briefly review the PTS Tech- “in presence of suppression one makes mistakes”.LRH – OK, lets say there was an error, a mistake but work with someone in your community that can help you with a simple review of that tech, and then re work your basic purpose and direct your attention to it. And I hope you can retire soon with the benefits I am sure you deserve. Silvia


    Your hughs are welcome and I wish you well Eileen.


    Ye s Mike I remember you. If you know people that will benefit from knowing this piece of truth ensure they receive the write up. The stronger and bigger we get, the better for this planet.

  113. The situation in the COS is horrible enough that we don’t need to reach for hyperbolic comparisons to the Third Reich to make the point. Until the RTC starts lining people up and shooting them, it’s safe to say that David Miscavige’s regime has not reached the depths of savagery or depravity of the Nazi era.

    This blog is, I think, dedicated to truth-telling, and in this case the simple truth is damning enough.


    Well, I used to be avery good friend of Claire Reepen in mid-late ´80s. Quite a being I may say. You are right, PTS Tech applies. That is the point really. APPLICATION of it. If you,and I and many others use this and all of LRH´s tech something good will have to happen…and I am sure it will. Do well and thank you. Silvia


    Hello Gary, you will get my e mail and we can continue the comm line. ML Silvia

  116. Silvia – Thank you for your outstanding write-up of what takes place behind the scenes at Flag. I now understand why the public was being pushed so hard to get into session.

    I have no love for the RTC reps – everyone of them that I dealt with was arrogant beyond belief. I will never forget the thought I had when I first saw the RTC reps in their black uniforms… ‘the Gestapo have arrived’


    Hello Tony, good hearing from you and I honestly wish you are doing very well. ML Silvia


    Linda, I am glad this brought some understanding of the situation you had experienced in the past, but above all I wish you are doing more than better today. Silvia


    Your are welcome and I am glad we are both on the correct route. Silvia

  120. Correct. It was not a “created” space with garbage cans tossed into it, it was the berthing where those who had poor personal hygeine were assigned until they could learn to keep themselves and their bedding and possessions clean. As usual, this is a Miscavige perversion.


    Kirsi, thank you so much and yes, lets carry on with joy so that LRH´s Tech and Scientology continues to be applied- Wish you well. Silvia


    Well Ronnie, I can see you have had your share of this unpalatable type of experience. The good part is that you are now independent and, correct, no one ever can take away the truth from you. Carry on! Silvia

  123. Silvia,

    I just want to say “Thank You” for your dedication, effort and integrity. I am amazed that those auditing under those conditions were still able to “be there for the PC\PreOT. Yes, we do have a lot of work ahead of us. I for one am ecstatic that you are “on the team”.

    Be well.


    Heather, thank you for the acknowledgement. Wish you well. Silvia


    You have a point here, it was not about production. Good in clarifying it. Now, instead of despising such a bunch of abominable characters, lets concentrate on those we love and deserve a truer ARC. Thanks again, Silvia


    Wendy.. yes I am glad you are out too. Carry on doing well. Silvia


    Thank you Alexis, yes I remember you well and I also hope you are doing well in your life and livingness. ML Silvia

  128. OMG!!!!! As a fellow auditor, I am horrified by the abuses you have so well chronicled in this excellent write-up.Out here in the so called suppressive world there is time to get in comm with the PC, write up sessions and for all to have FUN and gains and big wins. And to get sleep.


    Thank you and I wish you well too Tom.


    Calvin, hello. Lets the BPC blow off…and remember here and today we are doing better; we will do fine if we use LRH´s tech, as you well know. I wish you well Calvin and thank you for your communication. Silvia


    Thank you and yes I was aware of the famous pig berthing which was also implemented at FSO. I would not call DM´s world an “empire”; boy it must be awful, as a being, to be on his shoes. There are no words to describe the oblivion that awaits him for eternity.. too bad, his choice after all. Do well. Silvia

  132. Skeleton crew at the Flag Land Base and the Freewinds now. Skeleton crew. And here David has this huge new building racking up tax half a million in penalties and nobody to put in it. Billions in undelivered services between OT9, 10 and Super Power. He has put the Sea Org in Monumental debt and wholly out of exchange with members.

    THAT is why they rail against the “public”. Missed With Holds.


    Thank you. Lets use your analogy of the Gestapo and what not. Lets assume here and now we found ourselves with the SS attacking us. What we will do? Yes…fight against the abuses. If in the attempt the body died, well at least you could say “I did something about it” rather that sit down and take it all. So, lets keep fighting by using LRH´s tech and whatever comes up for us as a group in the future, that will help us eradicate this SP. Do well. Silvia

  134. Skeleton crews at the base now.


    Thank you Oracle and yes, I am more than proud of what I did as a Tech terminal. And you can do the same by studying and using LRHs tech. I wish you well. Silvia


    Bob thank you, very valuable opinion and it is true what you said. Thanks again and do well. Silvia

  137. I still wonder WHO is getting the book royalties on those books. Didn’t Miscavige put them together just as the copyrights expired on the originals? Isn’t he getting the royalties? He got his 50 million from somewhere. While getting all the Sea Org Members to sign “Vows of Poverty”. I was asked to sign one. I told the person giving it to me to fuck off and die.

  138. They are Miscavige progeny.


    Hello Constant Vigilance. No, I do not have a mailing list such as Debbie Cook- bet lets asks the others who have read it if they can help somehow in distributing this on their e-mails. I appreciate your acknowledgment and wish you the best. Silvia

  140. Former Sea Ogre

    You’re right. As I recall there were also supposed to be previous ethics gradients before assigning someone to Pigs Berthing and that it was only a last resort for someone who refused to keep their room clean. It certainly shouldn’t be artificially created by someone else just to assign someone too.

    I think Miscavige finds a term in LRH policy and finds a way to pervert it and in the process turn it into a sort of “punishmenet for the sake of punishment” type of ethics action. Of course, it’s also pretty easy to keep a room clean as Miscavige’s room when you have 24/7 maid and laundry service. And a personal chef(s), steward, personal trainer, hair dresser, makeup artist, massage therapist, chiropractor, tailor, butlers, assistants, communicators, and all the other accoutrements that a “COB” is “entitled” to.

    Makes me sick to think that Miscavige lives like a rock star or Saudi prince and sleeps more than Rip Van Winkle and eats better than Caligula at a Roman orgy, while dedicated Sea Org members live in Pigs Berthing and eat beans and rice and are sleep deprived. Yet the external PR statement is that “no one works harder than COB”. Yeah right…

  141. Here’s to good restfull sleep!! Splurge on it!! 🙂

  142. eileenclark101

    Richard Grant
    Impartial English Girl is an “Independent Thinker”, but has never been in a Cof$ building nor taken a Scn service anywhere. She respects and supports what we are doing. She is not deserving of criticism of how she words her posts. Marty has friends on this blog who have never participated in Scientology, it is good to remember that.

    “Truth” has not made one bit of difference to those who refuse to look, at any time in history.


    Hello Roy. Yes, some of those names (Loic, Nancy, etc) were working their way out around the time I was doing mine. Before me there had been other 4 auditors – Class IX – that had already departed one way or another. Yes Therese and Ronit were some of the best and I don´t doubt more have followed, we just don´t know how many and who they are. But someday they may show their faces again. Richard Reiss unique as Senior C/S. If you think auditors had it rough, I can now tell you Senior C/Ss had it three or more time worse than us. You see, they had to approve attests for OT Levels, Ls, etc… yet RTC seemed to be permanently “posted” in the Senior C/Ss´office demanding for the folders of attest to come out. Richard Reiss died as he could not stand more out tech. Anyway, for you I wish you well. Silvia


    Laura Ann. Well it is a relief to know all came out OK for you, That is what matters. And you know, the beauty of life is that you are you, and I am me. I don´t care about “public” – “staff”, one being is not better that the other. I believe each individual, no matter what game and beingness he chooses is as valuable as any other one. That is the primary purpose of LRH-s tech- regain your own determinism and your power of choice. That is why games exist, because we all select different beingnesses and share the game. It is time to win. Laura Ann receive my best ARC – Silvia

  145. Thanks Silvia. This is more valuable than you know. I have seen things like the ones you describe happening at AO ANZO and I knew they would not be tolerated unless they were happening at Flag too.

    I am over my shock and nausea at the Church’s betrayal of Ron’s tech by now. We all have to move on. Your report is ironclad confirmation that there is no hope for standard delivery in the Church and that Scientology needs to be delivered in a new space. An Independent Scientology space.

    So I find your story quite energizing. A real call to arms!

    Thanks again,

  146. Silvia, welcome and thank you for all you continue to do! Flourish and prosper as I know you will! we out here in the Indie Field are winning and will continue. Love Carol

  147. Hi Silvia, I have never been in, but I enjoyed reading your story.
    But even more I am enjoying your inspirational responses just like the one above. Joy to you and yours.
    I wish you much good luck.

  148. constant vigilance

    Silvia, I would love to email you privately. What is your email address?

    You can email me at

    I’d love to hear from you when you can.

  149. From a poem by Rumi:
    “A spirit that lives in this world
    and does not wear the shirt of love,
    such an existence is a deep disgrace.
    Be foolishly in love,
    because love is all there is.
    There is no way into presence
    except through a love exchange.”

    Thank you for what you have done.

  150. Dear Silvia,
    thank you for having delivered OT IV and V to me in 1987.
    The 2 levels were for me FANTASTIC and in me is still alive the joy of the wins I had.
    Welcome in our group!

  151. Silvia, I can see from your responses that you are staying true to your purpose of helping others. You hold your position effortlessly. A fact that will not go unnoticed by the other here. Pleasure to be introduced to you. Stay well. Your more valuable than you would ever own up to being.

  152. “no one works harder than COB”

    Depends on your definition of “work” Ogre.

    If you define work like Dave does “thinking of ways to get even and overcome all the DBs who are trying to bring me down” then that statement defies the fact that absolutes are unobtainable. Because its an ABSOLUTE truth. He thinks about how to fuck people over even when he is sleeping. And damn — every single one of them *deserves* it!

  153. Hi Silvia! Very Thanks For Your testimony 🙂 About communication made cut for terminals a about to punish a whole group for few individual downstatness: LRH has written about this phenomena and SPs…

  154. Thank you, Silvia, for this historic document. it shows from an insider’s viewpoint, the degree of insanity you were up against while valiantly trying to service your public. Welcome to the Independents, where real Scientology is being delivered, standardly, without all the duress and suppression!

  155. Tom Gallagher

    “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
    ― Elbert Hubbard

  156. Dear Silvia,
    I remember Flag as it was supposed to be, The friendliest place on earth, and I salute you for carrying on.

  157. Dear Silvia,
    Thank you for giving us a look from the “behind the scenes” viewpoint. As a public person at Flag, it was obvious that something was very wrong, i.e., lies, out-ethics and out-tech. This was OBVIOUS. But somehow, in a small corner of my universe, I still wondered “could it really have been something about me that I am not confronting?”. I mean it was also so obvious that there were a lot of good people at Flag who wanted to do things right and seemed to be trying…..
    Well, thanks to you and others who have spoken up, I now understand this play. The plot is exactly as it appears from the audience. The cast is (or at the time was) very skilled in their crafts. Unfortunately, the director is a full blown psychotic who is ruining the show and giving the cast a bad name. Thank you so much for giving us a view from “back stage”.
    Fortunately, this show is now playing down the street at the “Indie Theater” to rave reviews!

    Sylvia, I hope that you keep on auditing.
    You are such a valuable being. You are now free to do what you wish to do and to follow your own principles without interference.
    Thank you, again, for posting this.

  158. Hola Silvia I am soo happy to see you here and well,we met around 1979-80s, and you audited me at flag in middle or late 80s, you are one the best auditors I had. I been out since 2004.
    I wonder if you are going to audit, I have some spanish speaking friends that want auditing in spanish and you are the best.
    Please ask Marty my email address.

  159. Adam Daniells was a Class IX who was helping get the new quickie grades project at the Oak Cove established a few years ago. His wife Mira had been relegated to polishing the brass at the Fort Harrison lobby and then they got smart. She got pregnant and they are now OUT and in LA area last I heard.
    He had tried to go up lines to RTC but Mira’s dad was declared SP and they were stuck and would not divorce.

  160. Wow incredible write up Silva. I really get, your communication. I admire, your positive beingness.

  161. Li'll bit of stuff

    Many thanks for the ack, Silvia. I feel honored to have
    had comm. from someone so special. My wife, Dorothy,
    was the first class v NED Auditor to be made in (1976?)
    Durban South Africa, and subsequently, after 20 years
    of us being off lines, became one of the top producing
    Criminon counselors in the world, according to her stats.
    The scene has all but collapsed locally, after resigning
    from her post, which was savaged by miscavige’s devout
    minions, after I had made my overdue declaration.
    And yes indeed, it’s just as you say! One does fine if we
    just use LRH’s tech. Great times ahead, for sure.

  162. Silvia, Your story gave me hope. As a previous Flag Public, living in Clearwater, not a day goes by that I don’t feel concern for the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the SO in Clearwater. I know that while many see the out points, many do not. Either way I know they must feel trapped. I am glad to hear that you escaped and are doing well. ♥ Angela

  163. Dear Silvia LLorens,
    No apology needed. I read all of LRH Books 5 X through and was staff at
    Saint Hill.Actually 20 minutes from Ron when he sent the tech to myself and others. Mostly IC on Childrens programs and Humanitarian programs.
    Diana Hubbard talked me into become coming a staff member and I do not regret that as the products then shaped a new path for Mankind.
    What was off the rails at Flag was an Org that revolved on getting money from Public and that was as far as it went. Alibaba and the 40 thieves
    were pikers compared to Flag.
    David Miscavige has turned so much good into bad where it should not be it is difficult to fathom. Unfortunately History is rife with such characters and there are more good guys than bad apples.
    Because of Scientology there will be more Gandhis and living Saints
    to bear the unbrearable and fight against tremendous lopsided battles uphill. Its not like we all have not been there done that already.

    Commander Tango 23

  164. Mom, They will read it. Ya know why? Cause we postulate it. We ‘see’ it.
    We see them each reading it! Incrediably simple. Don’t worry Mother of Grendel. We are hugging you and yours and it will be OK.
    PS Someday are you going to tell us about Grendel? And you?

  165. Just incredible Lynne! This is one the worst crimes, i have heard of, period. Why not handle the situation instantly?

    You have to take action, don’t accept this. Write a letter to COS and mention that you want a solution. Tell them, you Will take this to the Press.

    I sure you will see a reaction. Wouldn’t look good, son and wife scam 69 year old mother to pay off cult.

    Get your money back.

  166. Silvia, This one is for you girl.


  167. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Silvia, from Greece, ex So here… saluting you for your decision to appear on Indies lines and give us your viewpoint and detailed account of the Tech scene in RCS. I will have to read the whole thing thoroughly as it contains a lot of data and i got to see it kind of late. Again, welcome and thank you.

  168. Honestly can’t believe how sane you are! Instead of reacting to the comment about how the write-up could be improved, you say the above. I’m only half way thru your responses to peoples comments and I find an extremely rare quality of compassion and understanding, the perfect auditor beinginess. Anyone lucky enough to be audited by you will be in safe, kind, standard hands. You truly live and breath LRH tech. I’m so glad you made it out and are continuing to put LRH tech there with perfect TR-3. A breath of fresh air…….

  169. constant vigilance

    WORSEL, Loved the Rumi poem!

  170. constant vigilance

    Silvia, Are you going to have a field auditing practice? I have customers for you. Email me.

  171. Richard ~ the tech is unbelivably good.
    So people want the tech so they come back.
    They don’t know about DM – yet.

  172. Lets no make him a complete victim. Listen I an born in COS and doing what he did, wouldn’t ever cross my mind. If it wasn’t COS taking advantage of him, it would be another group or individual.

  173. Hello Silvia,

    I got on Marty’s blog this evening, started reading the post. Your picture poped up and I immediatately understood that you are someone I could trust. Your space is so clean. Thank you. I will now read your post.


  174. Another Class IX is Rick Sheehy Class IX auditor. He was often auditor of the year. Was RPFd and busted off tech lines sometime in 2000 or perhaps before.

    He was a personal friend as well as occasionally my auditor. But mostly my personal friend.

    Last I heard he was making furniture. And not particularly healthy but they discovered he was allergic to the fumes (glues) and is now wearing a mask.

    OMG …

    I would LOVE to have Rick and Chris leave. They could live with me the rest of their lives.

    Rick was in the household unit on the Apollo. Meaning he was a personal attendant to LRH. Was busted off that post once and brought back by LRH. That had never happened with anyone else.

    I’m very happy for you Silvia that you had the courage to leave and make your way.

    I suspect that Rick will not leave because his wife tends to fall into a rough hard sell valence … and Rick is devoted to her.

    Makes me very sad. While life can be tough, it certainly doesn’t have to be so excruciating as it’s been made under a tyrant.


  175. Silvia,

    Your write up is a fantastic synopsis of Sea Org life in an Advanced Org. And it rings totally true.

    I just received a report from a friend of mine who has an “under the radar friend who still goes to Flag occasionally under pretense just to see what’s going on. It was the same story as yours but now the staff routing out has accelerated. It has started to affect the delivery badly.

    But it’s actually good that this is happening. At least DM won’t be able to foist his squirrel tech off in his showcase “Idle Morgue”.

    Boy, that DM is a genius, eh?

  176. Talk about waiving policy and degrading the Tech! A CommEv is needed on Miscavige, and also on his pals who helped him to rise to power in the 1980s.

  177. Dear Silvia,

    I met you at Flag on Oct. 2006, after I was told at Qual that I was not Clear. You were my assigned auditor for this cycle and I was absolutely taken aback by your skill, beingness and ARC. I can tell you I had no auditor like you since 1991, when my auditor was, coincidentally, another great lady from Mexico as well: Silvia Torres.

    When I returned to Flag on April 2007, I asked for you. First they told me “you were too busy and not available.” I was adamant in requesting you as my auditor, so then I was told that you were in Mexico, inferring that you were still in the SO.
    I went in session with another auditor and the experience was comparable to the time I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled.

    You are right, the staff at Flag are mostly very good people, but they have buckled under the suppression.

    I am very happy to see you are out and speaking up. To read now that you, a technical terminal of such caliber, someone who personifies Standard Tech, has left the church and is denouncing it as riddled with out-tech, speaks volumes and strengthens my conviction.

    I really would like to keep in comm with you. Drop me a line at

    Un gran abrazo,


  178. Thank you Silvia,
    For you courage to become an auditor
    For you courage to help others despite the interference
    For your courage in leaving while you were still able
    For your courage in doing this write up

  179. Hi Sylvia,

    I don’t know if you’ll remember, but you came through the Vancouver org back in the mid-80s on an RTC mission. I was Tech Sec or Qual Sec VanF at the time,but I offered my help to you and helped you on your mission, even during the day, taking time off my moonlighting job. You were very thankful for my help and as a reward you took all my folders, personally FESed them, and wrote a program for me as part of my OT preps. It was a spot on program. I believe I was the only one that you offered this to back then. I know you did it on your own time, as a personal gift to me. I never forgot that. I remember thanking you when I finally arrived in LA for my OT levels.

    I’m glad to see you are doing well and reconnecting with life and friends. I’m very happy to see that you maintained your integrity to the tech and your personal code of honor through all the heavy and unjust pressures brought to bear, and that you continued to audit for the pc, just as Ron would do. I’m glad for the brief time I knew you. You set an example that I would never forgot in your caring and compassion. It was instrumental in my becoming a Class VIII C/S and Class IX auditor myself and continuing LRH’s goal of helping others, delivering standard LRH tech to everyone who wishes to avail themselves of it. I’m happy you’re here. Bravo, Sylvia!

  180. I was thinking of one of my fantasies; which is to have an expedited underground railroad for SO and staff.

    If the staff knew they were not alone, and that they had a place to decompress, I bet they would come out a lot faster. If there was any way … perhaps on site pickets … letting staff know they can come out at any time, there is a phone number they can call day or night and some will come and get them, and they will have three or four months of decompress time, clean clothes, medical and dental checkup, phone to reconnect to family and friends, that kind of stuff … that is a fantasy of mine.

    As I said earlier, I have room for one or two, but that is all I can do.

    Could it be done? Getting SO and staff out and cleaned up should be a major target, in my opinion.

  181. Hi Silvia;

    What are your plans now? Is there a group you want to connect up with and get back into the chair?

  182. Thank you Silvia. I now have an incredible Independent Scn auditor and I well into my OT 5 and doing very well indeed now.


  183. threefeetback

    Eventually the DeMon will face his whole new unheard of level of pergatory.

  184. Alaska, Calvin, I hear you. I had my own tech for this kind of madness before I even heard of Scientology and I have kept my own code of ethics for this kind of social intercourse. It has been very workable.

  185. McTinyfists is truly the scum of the Earth.

    What a total waste of so many bright and incredible beings.

    These beings will regroup and have thier revenge. They (we) are regrouping as we speak.

    McTinyfists may you rot in hell!!!

  186. Ciao Silvia, I’m very glad you are out!!!!! Get in touch at my personal mail as noted on my story at Steve Hall’s Blog. Meantime do well. ML Ignazio Tidu.

  187. Thank you Sylvia for your vivid and flowing account of the evolving scene at Flag! I should say, DEvolving scene.

    Thank you for your incredible persistence in continuing for so long in trying to make things go right for your pcs. I am so glad you are escaped from that.

    Your story confirms my post from a couple of years ago, about what Flag has become:



    a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.
    the future state of the wicked.
    hell ( def. 1 ) .
    utter destruction or ruin.
    Obsolete . loss

    I guess we know who DM is, then…..

  188. Silvia,

    Thank you every so much for leaving that hell-hole I know call the Church of *Black* Scientology and joining us out here as an Independent Scientologist.

    Out here, you will be *allowed* and *encouraged* to do everything possible for your PC’s and Pre-OT’s and actually rewarded for your good works. 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  189. eileenclark101

    I am very happy to hear that Adam and Mira are out. His parents must be very happy about that as well.

  190. Richard, Have to disagree. DM has taken the good intentions of so many and totally stopped all forward progress as a being. The Third Reich could only shoot bodies. DM has forced many to literally sell their soul and commit transgressions of their integrity that shall reverberate and continue for a long time. Nazi’s were more overt, DM is covert. At least you knew who you enemies and friends were with the Nazi’s.

    With the understanding that life continues beyond the physical I would say that IEG has it correct. “The suffering of ONE human diminishes us ALL, as a species. Suppressive sociopaths ALL have only one product – that is to suppress us from being better, more aware and more dedicated to helping others.

    Richard, the truth is damning enough. The truth being exposed of the suppressive actions of DM does compare to the Nazi era. Just watch what his products would be with NO outside interference. Truth-telling is that suppressive intentions are suppressive intentions. The only difference is the position of power and influence of the suppressive person at the time.

  191. Let’s not forget about AOLA Snr C/S Griffie Blythe who left in ’04 and died in ’05 (perhaps of a broken heart having lost her son of cystic fibrosis and of the squirrell tech she witnessed). She was an admirable individual who knew her tech. I personally benefitted from her guidance on my OT levels.

  192. Silvia – I have never met you, but find your beingness shines through in your communication. First, thank you for all you have done to help your fellow man. You are a true auditor. You understand and operate from the viewpoint that those you encounter are basically good. You wish to help make them better and more in control of their lives. That was how I felt when I came upon the subject of Scientology in the early 70’s.

    I know (my opinion actually) that you are and were a great auditor. Your intention was to help your pc no matter what suppression was on the lines. I truly hope you continue to offer your talented services in the indie field. The Independent Scientologist, at this time, is the only place where one can expand upon personal integrity and true free thinking and existence as a spiritual being.

    I welcome you with open arms to the group that is in my honest opinion the only game still extant for the true technology of Scientology to be used. Used honestly and with the intent that LRH left it. You are an able auditor – a truly valuable being. I appreciate your truth story of the scene behind the curtains. I too believe that one day the suppression shall be lift and all will be better. Till then we have each in our own way but to continue to travel down the road to truth.

  193. Perfect clarification Silvia, thank you.

  194. Hi Silvia, thanks for such a thorough debrief.
    Well, there you go — it is patently obvious that the church has dwindled soooo low it no longer practices anything even close to LRH Policy or Tech. And that is why I wish its demise would hurry up and destroy itself immediately, ceasing its ability to continue harm.

  195. Well they are out of the SO but they are still at the Kool Aide stand and it flows liberally. Their other son Ken Daniells married Brooke Jones who was the daughter of Flag FSM Penny Jones. Ken and Brooke had two kids and then Brooke announced she was gay after going clear. Flag tried to handle the flap but she left Ken and last I heard had moved her and the kids in with Catherine Bell to live the dream. Turns out Catherine will put out more $ for her than her ex………..gotta go where where the money flows! And get this…….Brooke was having so many physical problems which Flag and the MLOs could not handle that Catherine paid to have her sent to the Mayo Clinic in Chicago. Nothing was found.

    For those remaining connected to the CO$ the question remains WHEN and WHERE, (not IF) the next train wreck will occur. Hopefully the whole family will come to their senses and recant…………..that is their only hope.

  196. Mike,
    Hopefully his reading this blog will help get his stats up! He may soon even have trouble sleeping because the posts are coming in 24/7 from all over the world requiring constant attention!!

  197. Thanks for the good advice Silvia. Now that I have come to my senses and recanted the support of a suppressive group things are going much better!
    Each of us now becomes the IJC for those still supporting Der Midget.

  198. This blog *IS* the “Comm Ev”. We are still calling witnesses and getting their testimony. More and more keep arriving.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  199. “…These no sleep nights were preceded by reminding to all the staff ” that COB was so dedicated that he worked 24/7″.”

    What a crock of shit. DM is dedicated to sleeping it off, 24/7, after swilling plenty of old Scotch.

    What a tool.

  200. Silvia,
    You are a remarkable and courageous woman. I am not, nor have I ever been, a Scientologist. However, I support and join with all those who fight the abuses of Co$ and DM. The respect and concern you show for your fellow beings brings me to tears. I believe you have the ability to bring some of the greatest wins to many still “in” that of FREEDOM! Please continue to communicate. Your open comm lines will reach as deep into the staff and public as Debbie Cook’s email.

    Your historical perspective was most enlightening for me. Your description of descent into blackness was just heartbreaking. You, and your fellow non-RTC staff, tried so hard to protect the public and others. It was heroic.

    Thank you,
    “Just a wog”

    P.S. Marty, if you could add some line breaks it would help the readability. This post has the potential to go viral. How great would that be? Silvia could save so many people.

  201. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for those pieces, TO. Yup, its predictable fo’ sho.
    Just as it is for comedians, boxers, martial artists, and
    tennis players, in fact, all sports people, & competitors
    alike! Yep tone 2.0 (antagonism) BAT IT BACK!!!!
    Best general response every time!

  202. The OTHER "Cameraman"

    And the TRUTH just keeps getting more exposed. . .
    ‘Thanks for your candid observations Silvia.

  203. Li'll bit of stuff

    one of those, 100% !!!
    It occurred to me, while digesting this, that Debbie Cook must be reading these posts, every single day! How could she NOT be? So, to Debbie, though you aren’t with us on
    this blog, by virtue of the very tough decision you had to
    make, time rolls on inexorably, and you have had some
    time to decompress from the madman’s dictatorship and
    scorched earth “religious” policies. Whatever the agreed
    “gag” order involved to silence you in your settlement, I,
    for one, get the practicalities involved. Marty is one hellava
    strong and uniquely qualified person to have spearheaded
    this victorious re-formation, and I’m sure you are / will be
    eternally grateful to him and the INDEPENDENTS for fronting
    up for you, (not to mention “Sugar” Ray Jeffrey ) when you
    must have been (going by your testimonial videos) at your
    very lowest ebb, in every way conceivable!
    Although you are (legally) precluded from responding directly to this post, I’m sure you are right here in spirit! Unlike some
    others, I realize you are,( as a limited few others,) in a unique
    place to be able to recover in a manner which is undeniably
    privileged, and when the inevitable payback of your tormentor
    has come and gone, you will once again, pitch in, and put in
    your return flow, whatever form that may take, accordingly.
    ML to all,
    Calvin B.Duffield
    Durban, South Africa .

  204. Good luck with that. I ran an underground railroad from ’82 to ’85. Everyone who left in the split camped at my place that was going North. Did something similar 2010 and 2011. Everyone I helped, did not trust me, did not care about me, thought I owed them so much more than I gave them and accomplished major damage in one form or another to my property, budget or comm lines. One even complained about my children making too much noise in my home and ser faced on them directly. Broke things and yelled at guests in my home they did not know, and did not know why they were even in my home, like they had turrets syndrome. The people spilling out need to destimulate. The best you will be able to do is rent a place far far from yourself where they can sleep rest camp and not be reminded of anything Scientology or know you are a convenient target for abuse.

  205. I think the best case scenario, would be a house where people that are leaving help people that are leaving. They are closest in reality. Month after month people come out of there they are in a different mind set. Many have not had to think with all of the randomity for decades and some have never lived outside the erena. Most are in a very self invalidative state seeing themselves as failures. On a total “life loss”. Many are even in the communism mind set that nothing out here belongs to anybody and everything you have is theirs too and it is all a share. And that you owe them whatever you are giving them or have. Very critical with every flexible situation. One picked up the phone when it rang, my phone, and began to tell my friend who they had never met I was immoral because I drank Scotch and Soda the last Friday.

    Still out of ARC with “wogs” even detesting on some level others that left. Eventually you become the target for all that went wrong when there is nobody else around to target or blame. On some level they resent you thinking you made an easy life while they suffered. They are confused and overwhelmed and seeing everyone as “menacing particles”. Very fragile. Especially if they came from a place of great altitude on the inside and if they were in a higher place than you in the Sea Org, they still you see as lower although you are providing for them!

    They come out in a very bad condition and very damaged. Very confused and disheartened. I guess most people out here call it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. “Children or adults may develop PTSD symptoms by experiencing bullying or mobbing”. Well, that is normal for Int Base staff and all Sea Org staff now.

    A major symptom is Avoidance , feelings of detachment or estrangement from others. This is something actually required to be a Sea Org Member! They are required to manifest a symptom of trauma!

    Hope you get the point. People leaving need rest and quiet and familiar surroundings and people.

  206. I guess what I am saying is this, if a person chose to be crazy in the Church, they will choose to be crazy in your living room too. If a person chose to be dishonest in the Church, they will still be dishonest when they arrive in your kitchen. If a person got into “must be contributed to” in the Church, they will be in “must be contributed to” while they kick back in your care and you act as chauffeur. The good news is they are in “adjustment” willingly or unwillingly on the awareness scale. But don’t think the Church made them. They made the Church. And whatever they made in the Church they will start to make in your home. You can get lucky with valuables such as Mike Rinder, David Mayo, Chuck Devoght, Ivan Obelinsky, Gregg Hughes, Larry Byrnes, Marty Rathbun, Karen De, too many others to name, they were valuable inside and sane, they will come to you that way. But you have to think with the fact these guys were outnumbered in the Sea Org by a long shot. If they came in with their shit together, they had their shit together while they were in and they kept it together when they went out. There are plenty of former Sea Org members here, I am outnumbered by a long shot, if I am wrong, I invite them to come forward and correct me.

  207. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, probably get a handful of thumbsdowns for the
    above, but hey, Debbie’s New Years announcement is
    STILL reverberating effectively, today, almost a year after she made it. That, my friends and detractors on this blog, is what I call POWERFUL communication!
    And as a result thereof, even with a comm lag allowed for, some people are only now able to make their exit from the evil mind control CO$ prison!

    Most of us here, are motivated by “The 31 Factors”
    as configured by Marty Rathbun, although we may
    be operating in differing time spans.( Even LRH!!!)

    Think about that, carefully, would you, before slagging
    off at Debbie for all the most obvious reasons?

    2c. worth,

  208. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto from me, Lynne.

  209. Organizational Culture

    The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Organizational culture is the sum total of an organization’s past and current assumptions, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, express or implied contracts, and written and unwritten rules that the organization develops over time and that have worked well enough to be considered valid. Also called corporate culture, it manifests in (1) the ways the organization conducts its business, treats its employees, customers, and the wider community, (2) the extent to which autonomy and freedom is allowed in decision making, developing new ideas, and personal expression, (3) how power and information flow through its hierarchy, and (4) the strength of employee commitment towards collective objectives. It is termed strong or weak to the extent it is diffused through the organization. It affects the organization’s productivity and performance, and provides guidelines on customer care and service; product quality and safety; attendance and punctuality; and concern for the environment. It extends also to production-methods, marketing and advertising practices, and to new product creation. While there are many common elements in the large organizations of any country, organizational culture is unique for every organization and one of the hardest thing to change.

  210. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, I’m just guessing that you probably snore
    quite loudly, even all these years after “decompression”
    (poor Christie!) but one good thing, mate, you likely.
    somehow manage to “shine” while doing so!
    You invariably bring on the mirth each time you hit
    the keyboard! So thanks again for your beingness,
    your rays of Sunshine beam far and wide!


  211. Sylvia, what a powerful write-up. I’ve been off lines for 20 years now and you filled in a lot of blank areas for me. I think you managed to communicate better than anyone why a person stays on staff in spite of the suppression. I know the power of exposing the truth and I’m sure this write-up is having quite an effect on people who read this. Thank you.

  212. Thank you for your feedback – particularly eileenclark101 and Sapere Aude and, of course, the lovely Ms. Llorens.

    And Richard Grant – thank you also. But nothing I wrote was hyperbolic. I am young and THANKFULLY inexperienced in the reality of life under CoB or Nazi tyrannies. But, sadly, I am not ignorant. My late grandfather was a front-line medic during the Second World War. His experiences comprised the Normandy D-Day Landings, the battle for Arnheim (depicted in the film “A Bridge Too Far”) and many other situations that no-one should ever have to face. But the worst, literally unspeakable (he never slept at night for the rest of his life afterwards and I only found out about his participation in this after his death, from my mother), horror was that he and his assistant were the first ambulance team into the Bergen Belsen Concentration (aka Death) Camp when the British liberated it. He had to drive a bulldozer shoving corpses into a mass grave – more than once. He had to give comfort to those he knew were beyond medical help. And these are the better experiences.

    Trust me. My Grampy left me his handwritten war-diaries. Even the mayor of the town nearest to Bergen-Belsen couldn’t accept the truth. He was hauled out from his home by the British and forcibly conducted on a tour of the camp, which he had known about but “turned a blind eye to”. The day after the tour, the mayor shot himself, overcome with remorse at what he had allowed to happen on “his watch”. This, too, was a tragedy – he was a victim of the holocaust just as much as the poor buggers on the other side of the wire.

    Grampy is gone now – but left me his diaries in the hope that they would be typed-up and published (which I AM doing) – so that the things he had to see and do would not be visited upon some other human being. But it IS happening again. In front of our eyes. DM is perpetrating vast swathes of suffering and despair amongst trusting and innocent, well-meaning, harmless people. PLEASE don’t be the mayor in this scenario, who looked away when his conscience told him that everything was wrong.

    I am sorry for this outburst, I know I have probably “over-stepped the mark” a bit here. But this is why I remain (hopefully!) independent and am totally willing to speak out for what is wrong. I, personally, don’t give a flying monkey’s if what I say gets me in trouble. It’s an honour to help people who cannot help themselves. But I DO apologise if I have caused genuine misunderstanding or offence.

    Sending love to you all. Have a great weekend.

    IEG xxx

    P.S. Here’s a Friday Joke for you all, to lighten the tone:-
    My dog is now a qualified locksmith. Every time I say that it’s time to go to the vet’s she makes a bolt for the door…! 😉 x
    Peace & Love. xxx

  213. This is an exceptional overview. Thanks for that.

  214. As LRH said, until they “come to their senses and recant” (pg307 blue ethics book) they will not even have the opportunity to recover. Danar’s choice to not repay a debt is clearly a suppressive act designed to knowingly impede the progress of a (true, independant) Scientologist up the bridge. Justification is as justification does……….. and the same goes for being reasonable.

  215. Silvia, thank you for taking the time to write this up. The last time I was at Flag, I knew my auditor was in trouble and I knew she was protecting me as much as she could. And I loved her so much for that. What I didn`t know was the details of what she was protecting me from. I also got a very clear and distinct non-physical communication from her and the tech personnel to get the hell out of dodge, including being shown the fatality and impending doom. I thought it was just me but I decided to run, not walk to the nearest airport proclaiming wins all the way so no one would stop me to “correct“ me.

    She was obviously so tired. Yet, when she called start of session, she sought to give me the best sessions she could. I did my best to ignore the flubs of the examiners because I knew damned well that my needle was floating at end of session and at the examiner. It was baffling to watch the examiner waiting to call an FN. I wondered what the hell was going on. After a couple of failed examinations, I just ignored the lengthy wait and refused to put any attention on it. I`d sit there and enjoy my win — after all, it doesn`t make much difference where you are to enjoy a win! Also, I`d verbally reassure the examiner, who was clearly anxious. I knew my auditor would be in hot water if my exam didn`t go well. No one told me this, no one ever spoke of it or even inferred it. But I knew it just the same.

    The staff, if there was no one around, were quite willing to fraternize and would talk to me with very high ARC. They appeared to be relieved and delighted that I considered them to be of enough interest and value to speak to and listen to. And I did. I wondered what the hell was going on, because they would often just suddenly clam up. In retrospect, I see that they clammed up when any other staff came around.

    I was always amazed to learn what their positions had been and their lives had been like prior to their post in the SO. For example (and I am making this up to protect that SO member) the housekeeper owned her own business and was really quite wealthy. I was humbled that she would serve so willingly from whatever post she was put on.

    I sincerely hope that my auditor is okay. I sincerely hope that she gets out alright, just as you have. And the same for the many people who did their best to serve me well when I was there. Thank you for helping make it possible for them to do that.

  216. “The Third Reich could only shoot bodies. DM has forced many to literally sell their soul and commit transgressions of their integrity that shall reverberate and continue for a long time…”

    +1. To hurt souls could easily be considered worse!

    Looked at it from the viewpoint turning the Tech. that can make one free into something that enslaves souls, it is worse.
    I once read a report from some CIA ops. in the seventies, where they could supposedly easily find agents who would go knock off someone’s body, but the same agents allegedly refused to put LSD in the drinking water. My take at the time on the matter was, that they were afraid to hurt more than the body…
    Works the other way round, too. Most of us who spend horrendous sums going up the bridge, wouldn’t spend that sort of money for operations on the body, even life saving ones.


    Luis…Buenos días. Yes I remember you and I have read what you have posted in the past. I will get in comm with you later addressing it at your e-mail. The auditors and other staff, what can I say? Yes, there is enormous suppression, but I am convinced that first, the person may not come out of it as he or she lacks the tech to do it, second, there must be an agreement to let it, not just happen, but to carry out the suppression on others from whatever their post is. You have folder pages, even MAAs and so forth that were exhausted after endless nights of selling and no sleep, who are hardly at Purif level and not trained at all; so they get caught into the web of the suppressive. Nevertheless, trained or not, there is common sense and some kind of decency enough to observe that what you are harming another. I give some staff the benefit of the doubt due to his Bridge level and training, which by the way, should not have happened if you had a standard org; so staff not trained nor audited is part of the suppression by this character DM and RTC Reps have engaged into. I wish you well and I am also glad you are doing well. Silvia

  218. But it IS happening again. In front of our eyes. DM is perpetrating vast swathes of suffering and despair amongst trusting and innocent, well-meaning, harmless people. PLEASE don’t be the mayor in this scenario, who looked away when his conscience told him that everything was wrong.

    Extremely moving and pertinent example, IEG. Thanks for sharing the story! (And I was LOL on the doggie locksmith quip!)

  219. Dear Sylvia, You have removed many Divisions of TA from the planet by communicating the TRUTH about what went on at the FLB. It’s amazing how those crazy vectors all calm down when the TRUTH is told and the correct WHY is found. I had some very good auditing by Minty Alexander. Do you know if she is still there or if she and her husband Rick got out? Thank you again you are an amazing being. C Ann.

  220. Mike, your posts never cease to amaze me! Damn…

  221. With you on this!

  222. Plus one. I think the F&R’s are already in though…

  223. Don’t Forget 9:00pm tonight UK time Channel 4 (UK)

  224. IEG,
    I would like to be placed on your advanced order list for your new book about your Grandfather. He has a story to tell that will help provide a problem of comparable magnitude to our own CO$ Death Camps. Thank you for that!

    And you are definitely not ignorant and you obviously have a lot of integrity and are applying the Creed of a Scientologist. Go girl… are moving mountains.

  225. Silvia,
    The reality you are describing here is shocking, although not surprising. I must say that as a Flag Public I have seen the tip of the ice berg. Just enough to understand that the HGCs are not run by LRH references. I must say that I never got service as bad and as out tech as I got in “The Mecca”. Your post explains why.

  226. “McTinyfists is truly the scum of the Earth.”

    Tony, I guess I’ll have to write a KR on you for ‘altered importance’ in that you obviously give Der Midget credit where clearly none is due. How can you ack him for being scum? He would have to look so far up to see scum that it would take a Hubble Telescope to see it. Scum would not lower itself down to his position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END OF RANT

  227. Boy, Rick and Minty Alexander are long term SO pillars. Last I knew Rick was still a Freewinds Reg at FLB.

  228. constant vigilance

    Silvia, I am continuing to blow down from the truth you communicated yesterday. I am re-reading it today and charge is still blowing off! I have experienced what you’re talking about as a public at Flag and also the short time I joined SO and did the EPF. We were told as “rules” the same thing: no comm with public, no visiting them, not even accepting a ride in their car if they offered. No TV, internet, no cell phone etc. And if you did call someone out of the SO, the MAA had to be there listening to you and the call the whole time. I fell for the “reasons why” that were given, such as ‘it’s just all entheta, so don’t look or listen to it” and it was bad to mingle with the unwashed, the public, because we would then lose our ethics presence, or we would ‘go PTS to the Middle Class PTSness of wanting a nice house like they had’ etc. I accepted these Rfactors blindly. But now I know the real reason for it:

    in “The Sociopath Next Door” the author says that a sociopath will early on try to separate and isolate you from all your sources of support, such as family, friends etc, so that you become solely dependent on them and have no help in getting away. The sociopath DM wanted you to never see the truth on the news or internet about Scn, and he wanted you to have no safety net to run for shelter to when escaping the cult, hence, cut ties with all friends and family. I was even told to give ALL my money to the group, to the IAS, so that I had no “backdoor” to go to to leave, and that it would make me a more dedicated Scn if I closed all escape doors by giving all my money to the church and thus impoverishing myself. Really, this was told to me by a Class IX auditor who had recently joined, whom they sent to help reg me for SO.

    Oh, and the Life History they make you do, they have you list all your friends and relatives and phone numbers. What an invasion of privacy! Yet I did it like a good little sheeple. Now I know why that too! It was so that if you blew, they knew all the likely people you’d run to so that they could find you and bring you back. Is there any cult more controlling than this?! The only reason DM doesn’t have us drink poisoned Kool Aide like Jim Jones did, is because it would kill the golden goose giving him all the money if he did!

  229. constant vigilance

    And yes, regarding the post on the tech pages. The “rule” used to be that you couldn’t be seen by the IAS until AFTER you had your initial reg interview and were given your TE (so that you could buy the number of intensives needed.) That was violated when the IAS got me the first day I arrived and squeezed $ out of me and told me, “Don’t tell your reg that you did this cycle.” I found out later the IAS reg violated the rules by getting my money first cuz later when I had to buy more auditing, I didn’t have the money because “I gave it to the IAS…”

    But that rule was later changed and the public was routed first to the IAS in violation of the previous rule of DM. Now not only were they routed to IAS first thing, but tech pages, two of them, one on each side, escorted you to the IAS. I told them “No, I don’t want to go there.” And was told “You have to. We have a rule that we have to get you to the IAS within so many minutes of your routing in D of P Interview.” And I got that their asses would be grass if they didn’t comply and get me in front of an IAS reg within a certain amount of minutes of having my D of P int. I finally decided to give in just so the pages wouldn’t get into trouble, and said, “OK but I can walk there myself. You don’t have to walk me there.” They said, that yes they did and that they’d escort me to the IAS.

    Wow, how bad is that?!

  230. Li'll bit of stuff

    IEG, thank you for giving us a glimpse into Grampy’s
    life, and it’s obvious how much love and pride you still
    feel for him and his heroic if difficult struggles.
    I’m especially impressed by your irrepressible interest
    in this blog and it’s core activities, especially as you
    haven’t a Scn background. That, to me, makes you
    very special too! So here’s to you and your own
    advances in awareness, as you join us in the bumpy
    but rewarding ride in MOUALH!
    Calvin B. Duffield,
    Durban, South Africa

  231. constant vigilance

    Silvia, Is Luigi Casciello still in the SO?

  232. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice post Michael A. Hobson. It will be a pleasure
    to see more like this!
    Calvin B. Duffield.
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 # 301

  233. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for getting the import, Wendy—appreciated!

  234. A word about Griffee Blythe of which you are perhaps unaware – As head of the PAC Sea Org Officer’s Council and on Darth Midget’s orders, Griffee Blythe presided over a ruthless campaign to break up every single marriage where a couple was a Sea Org member married to an NSO.

    ASHO Foundation lost our BSO (Danny ???, formerly PES ASHOF) who refused to divorce or force his wife to join the Sea Org. Chris Montgomery (nee Stevens) the SHSBC I/C had to persuade her husband to join the Sea Org against his wishes and subsequently was done in by the INT Command Team Ethics Mission and RPF’d.

    There were dozens more who were similarly wronged at Griffee Blythe’s behest, so I don’t hold much sympathy for her, I’m sorry.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  235. …now the staff routing out has accelerated.

    Your friend’s statement backs up what Oracle said about there only being a “skeleton crew” left at FSO. Remember what Marty said about a ‘tipping point’ some time back? There’s your tipping point in action.

    I never would have imagined that I’d say this, but I’m taking a win on that.

  236. Well, I can assure you Mike that this was NOT originated by Griffee and she was in fact CI to this. She was targeted by Miscavige for being CI to him about this and the Golden Age of Tech. So, whatever you may have experienced, believe me, that was her acting under protest. I spent time with Griffee post-SO — she was destroyed by her experiences — in the end I sat next to her as she took her last breath in a hospital bed. She died of a broken heart and a broken spirit. If she did things that hurt others in her time in the SO she is not alone. She blew because she couldnt take it.

  237. And just for accuracy’s sake — Griffee died in 2010.


    Bloody hell, that is so spot-on it hurts. That’s precisely what Flag has become. And it’s been that way for a very long time now.

  239. Li’ll bit of stuff, I do believe many more people understand Debbie’s situation than you might think…
    Her testimony, as Marty posted again recently, carries a punch to the gut that can’t be ignored. I sent it to someone recently out who’d never even heard a peep about the entire Debbie Cook affair. Wham Bam Pow! Straight to the jugular.

  240. Tony, I just have to say this (I was told that I was not Clear and needed to redo NED. That refresher I did 5 intensives of sec checking and 3 NED intensives) is disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach.
    I sure am glad y’all made it out in one piece!

  241. Li'll bit of stuff

    Atta Girl!

  242. Mary Magdalene was minor royalty. Jesus ‘rubbed elbows’ with common men, lepers and prostitutes but Ms Magdalene was incorrectly mixed up with another woman by a later church (male) person.
    Just sayin’

  243. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Hi Silvia, thank you for this comprehensive and revealing write-up. Looking at your picture I remember you. I must have met you during my stays at Flag from 1988-1996. I remember you as a very kind and gentle person. Glad you made it out of that insanity and welcome to the independent field.

  244. Thank you for ensuring she did not pass alone.

  245. Sorry, I meant to put the link to the source and I can’t find it now.

  246. Thank you for your write up.
    And I have to say I love your TR-4 when BPC is expressed. “Got it and now go out and Flourish and Prosper!”

  247. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, Lee is one of the most relaxed, unassuming,
    passionate bodybuilders, you could ever hope to meet,
    and I’ve personally met some of the very best stars
    from all over over the world. Most of them are just
    so incredibly disciplined, it borders on fanaticism.
    But not Lee, He makes it all look such fun and he
    doesn’t take life seriously, just enjoys himself to
    the hilt.Great guy to know!

  248. It’s hard to confront, isn’t it? Flag, of all places. I had little contact with Flag, not being up the Bridge myself. Guess I was lucky!

    I visited Flag briefly for a few days, in the end of November 1995 I believe it was. That was just perhaps a week before Lisa McPherson died there. I liked Flag. The staff were obviously trying to do a good job, but there was a stunned feeling, a feeling of distraction, a feeling of unreality was developing, like “Did the Titanic just hit an iceberg??? Are we going to sink???”
    I’m guessing it was after that, that DM really hit the skids bigtime, and went into a giant and long-lasting obsessive-compulsive freakout, which he is still in. From what I’ve read in psych literature, when a person’s OCD defenses breakdown, a psychotic break is the usual result. And DM’s defenses are surely breaking down by now….
    DM needs to blow, himself, pronto and find a padded room to stay in for awhile, with a really great auditor standing by 24/7, or he’s likely a goner.
    And who would miss him?
    But he needs to be rehabbed, otherwise he might be able to come back somewhere and do suppressive shit again….

  249. Li'll bit of stuff

    I agreeTara, and was mainly aiming my remarks
    toward those who had taken cheap shots at her,
    without bothering to examine the circumstances in full.
    Great to hear of the ongoing responses, like the one
    you just had!

  250. It occurs to me perhaps I was there in the first 2 weeks of December, during or after the fatal event, because there was a feeling of doom in the air.

  251. Mike, maybe that *really* means he is a victim of Priapism ? 😉

  252. Silvia, thank you very much for sharing your personal experiences as a well trained auditor and Sea Org member at Flag.

    Regarding your “honest tip”, do you have anything to say regarding the “Basics”, and, what edition of Science of Survival would you suggest?

  253. Syliva, that was one of the best write ups! Your honest without exaggeration brought tears to my eyes over what has happened to my church. It also gave me some understanding on some of my own staff experiences in a class V org. But at the end, you rekindled me on the Scientology I became a part of, leaving me smiling once again. If all the independent Scientologist really made sure they personally were flourishing and prospering, their theta alone would pull more of those stuck in the trap, right out. Thank you for your communication. It was very real.

  254. Thanks so much for your write up Silvia.
    I’m speechless about Flag. All I can think now is, ‘boy, there is one hell of a reckoning on its way.’ After Miscavige’s demise a great many terminals are going to need the assistance of some very standard ethics officers – it’ll be their only chance.

  255. Thank you, Randy, newcomer and Calvin (Li’ll bit) – I can’t tell you how much your replies mean to me or how much I appreciate them. Bless you again and again. Grampy’s memoirs won’t be out for a good while yet, there’s a lot of history to get through (plus his handwriting is not the best)! In the meantime, my current nonsense can be found at

    But I didn’t mean to sidetrack anyone from what Ms. Llorens had to say.

    This is Mr. Rathbun’s place – and thank goodness it exists. It’s a haven of reason in an organisation gone mad. I’m no Scientologist – but if anyone stumbles across this blog under the assumption that all Scientologists are nutjobs, space-cadets or Manson Family/Moonie/Jonestown throwbacks, then they will be enlightened pretty quickly.

    This is a place founded for all the RIGHT reasons, which came out of a wicked place that currently exists for all the WRONG reasons. And, despite the horrors chronicled in this and other posts, I am so glad that this site exists.

    Love and best wishes – and keep fighting the good fight, most especially when all seems lost. After all, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. IT IS WORTH IT, however bad it gets.

    IEG xxxx

  256. plainoldthetan

    Hobson: I gotta go along with MikeR on this. I was C/Sing at ASHO when I was invited to some PAC Tech Hierarchy Meetings, headed by Griffee. I can’t say I ever saw or heard her acquiesce to the insanities pouring out of RTC. I personally believe that Griffee died of a broken heart due to those same insanities.

    Don’t forget Barbara Rubio’s disappearance from ASHO and moonths-later reappearance on AOLA OT Preps HGC lines. Her disappearance coincided with her KRs voicing some protest about insanities getting thrust down the lines from on high.

    ASHOD lost a bitchin’ FBO due to the SO/NonSO marriage evolution. Miss you, Gene Frankel.

  257. Thanks for the contact assist.

  258. House arrest at your local Church. That is pretty bad.

  259. Hi Silvia, your write up brought tears to my eyes. It made me remember the many good reasons we all had to join the Sea Organization and the amount of suppression we all had to put up with. But now things are chianging.

    Thank you for being such a great and clean person.


  260. Mike. Thank you for the caring ARC till the end. Griffee did far more good than some small amount of out of ARC actions. To pass with a broken heart and a broken spirit is the end result of the current DM intention. To move on with integrity intact looking forward to the next game should be the attitude of all who apply LRH tech. My heart goes out to Griffee and I expect she shall perceive there are many who have her in our thoughts and postulates. The game goes on. Griffee will rise again and with the success of the Independent Scientology field she shall have her smiles again. I humbly thank you for what you did for her. You were there and you did not abandon her. Karma shall be good to you.

  261. IEG – you are such an English lady! I appreciate your participation in our world. I loved your blog and your ability to communicate so well. You are such an example of the basic goodness in all that LRH wrote about. We, as Scientologists, are not better than others. We are all here on this mud ball spinning and flying through space. Tis the games we play that make one ponder. Your Grampy, bless his heart, was put in the time and place that he had to confront and endure some of the darker moments in our historical activities as a whole mankind (4th dynamic of survival to a Scientologist).

    But, in the end, truth; integrity; the desire for a better life for all – along with the end of suppression, degradation, the free reign of evil are what will make our future life better. Again, m’lady, thank you for your cooperation and spirit of play in this endeavor. Me thinks Ewan desires a treat!

  262. plainoldthetan

    My experience is that I could not help my preclears unless I cared about them. And yes, that care is what Miscavige is capitalizing on. It’s a little like the solomon-saving-the-baby story. Except Miscavige does it to enslave and indenture people rather than to serve justice.

  263. I remember Rick Sheehy. He was the Commodores Steward on the Apollo. And I can tell you something about the importance of the ADVANCED SERVICES VSD stat. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY TO RTC. I calculated and reported this stat weekly for FSO from around 1984 to 1986 The FSO pays RTC this amount weekly for allowing them (FSO) to deliver the advanced materials. I also used to assist in doing “hours counts” as reported here. As I was not NOTs case level and could not look in the folders, usually the Tech Sec would look in the folders and call ou the hours to me and I would compare them to the hours reported on th hours sheets. This was done solely to raise the VSD, I am very familiar with the other suppressive practices you noted. Toward the beginning as long as you produced more and more each week and your stats were up you were left alone. Toward the end for me no matter your stats you were under more and more stress. I was finally off-loaded when it was discovered that I had been HIV positive from a blood transfusion I received in the Freewinds home port. I was not tested intil I was almost dead; 13 years after I was infected. My wife was held prisioner for 6 months after I was sent off the ship. She was told that I would be dead soon anyway and so she should end cycle on me. They all but ensured this by sending me to a Scn chiropractor who told me not to take the meds the doctors wanted to give me as thes were “worse than HIV.” Then when my wife finally got off the ship. she was advised by ship execs to take me to a hospice to die. Had she obed this order I would have died in early 2003. Instead she got me to a doctor and I recovered quickly.

  264. Anon-onyourside

    Thank you Sylvia and Alaska Ronn for making clear why there is taping. That makes sense. I recalled after I posted that in the Vanity Fair article, the CoS denied it had ever videotaped Tom Cruise.

  265. constant vigilance

    Silvia, What is your email so I can talk privately with you? I have people who want auditing for you. Are you auditing now or taking a break?

  266. constant vigilance

    I saw someone mention Ivan Obelinski from AOLA. What is he doing now? Is he an Indie? Is he considered an SP nowadays?

  267. Pingback: Silvia Lloréns reveals suppressive actions by RTC at Flag

  268. Silvia –
    Of all the write-ups we get to see here, this one hits me the hardest. Those years of sheer hard work do count for something with me. They mean more than I can express.

    Your courage and persistence is inspiring to me. People like you make the world go around in a good way.

    Your write-up is pure ethics presence.

    Theta has collided with MEST and retreated to tell about it so we all can learn from it.

    Thank you so much for all you gave us. It is so appreciated.

    Scott Gordon

  269. Yes, since Marty published his 2nd book which includes some expose of TC, the media silence is deafening, isn’t it?

  270. Wow! Well said! Applause!!!!!!!!!!

  271. It is standard now, by reference to DM’s new green & red vols… the next big release… wait for it

  272. Li'll bit of stuff

    Quote of the century, IMHO! Tks, Tom!

    A close second — may be that from Kahlil Gibran
    ( author of The Prophet) —responding to the
    question ; “What is friendship?” —commenced his
    reply thusly –” Your friend is needs answered..”

  273. Really violates counselor / client privilege confidentiality. Now the Church can always say, “It wasn’t confidential, the person allowed us to videotape it!”

  274. Li'll bit of stuff

    Correction; ” Your friend is your needs answered.”

  275. Would Joe Blow’s account be charged for those minutes?

  276. I just came back to ask the same thing, if Rick and Minty were there or if there is any news. Also if Terese Bloom left, is Jerome is still around?
    Jualtiaro? (Name spelled like sound, may not be correct) .

  277. Silvia, thanks very much for sharing your story here.
    I wonder if you have heard of any occasions when an auditor was given instructions during a session from someone who was watching the session through the video camera? (other than for legitimate training purposes)

  278. That book helped me to realize that things were not as they should be and that the only real way to end the suppression was to leave. Even though I left at a time when I believed I would lose my eternity, I read that book, the ethics book and 88008 every day reminding myself that no can take the tech away from me, it was mine to own and always will be. The church is not Scientology, the tech is.

  279. I can only imagine what potential real delivery could have been achieved during the hours invested to find that extra hour. By the way, this practice was also done at my org, probably common practice in many orgs.

  280. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Hello Sylvia,

    I remember you well. When I finished my Snr CS training at Flag I went back and wore that hat for 8 years before that suppression you described slithered in and found my neck. I’m so appreciative to hear your story and happy for you to know that you got out. I hope this means more of your friends did too. One of the things that has bothered me most since ’09 when my eyes were opened to the goings on at Int which lead to confronting a much bigger scene than the one I had been was how could the auditors and CSes at Flag and at the AOs NOT get together and as a group refuse to audit until things got back on the rails. It’s us who have that power to stop the squirrelling inside the church that as you describe is very well known is happening and running the trained teams and their fellow staff members to the ground. I’m not as naive as that may sound. I haven’t yet found the Briefing Course lecture where LRH describes to the tech guys how to protest in order to set things right but there is such a comm from Ron as you can imagine. What could CSes Anne G and Caroline W be thinking for example??? What did Veronica think of all this??? Please Sylvia if you could email me at I would be so grateful to have a conversation with you. In the meantime again I am so happy to know that you are out, sane and that your spirit to see the tech delivered did not get skewed, diverted or crushed completely. Big hug to you Sylvia. lv, Gayle Smith

  281. constant vigilance

    Mike, I knew Griffee Blythe in her top kick ass days as Sr CS. I lost touch in the years after that when she was crushed by DM. What a horrible casualty of DM’s evil suppression. But you were so great to help her and be with her in the end. You epitomize “never desert a commrade in need.” Yes, Karma will be good for you. VWD to you Mike.

  282. constant vigilance

    Silvia, Could you email me at

  283. Silvia, in all the excitement I didn’t think through how you’d get my email address… here you go:
    ARC, Gary

  284. Thank you for this Sylvia. This has been the best writeup told from the viewpoint of someone who was there on FLB I have ever seen. I spent time as an auditor (1969 DAC and Book One) 1970-71 HSDC, Expanded Levels as staff at Toronto, 1971 thru early 1972 SH for SHSBC and thru Original OT7, thru 1974 as staff at ST Louis, then Denver Org, CC, AOLA, ASHO and four other orgs till I left two weeks after LRH passed. Never went to FLB, never felt that it “felt right”. Lots of good people on staff there, and lots of good public. I know, I have :”cleaned up PCs who went there.” Good to see them become more unsuppressed.
    But you confirmed a lot of what I “knew” was there. So thank you.
    Left the RTC COS in 1986 and have been auditing and training folk since then. Not a year skipped. Still improving and still enjoying doing it.
    Once again my thanks. This explains better than I have done before what was wrong there.
    Frank Davis
    Midwest Tech Center

  285. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  286. Great vision!

  287. Great vision!

  288. Frank is a good man. Also has a charming wife. Peru Indiana is a beautiful place to visit also.

  289. I couldn’t get through half of this because I simply couldn’t understand was being described. What does “FSO,” “AO,” “FN’d” “VSD,” “PT VSD,” “Conditions,” “LIBS,” “Qual,” “CSW,” “D of P,” “PL,” “Tech Sec,” “MAA’s” “HGB,” “FLB,” “C/S,” “D/Tech Sec,” “DTS,” “TA,” “MU” and “F/N” all mean?

  290. Thank you Oracle. It has been good knowing you and the rest of your family. Still looks when going thru those genealogy books you sent that we are related. Elaine says HI!

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