Scientology Is Working

Phil Bruemmer, author of An Idle Scientology Org Story, has a new true story to tell.  It is one worth reading. Enjoy.


Phil’s corner

I returned this week from a 12 day trip to sunny Italy.

It was sunny, except for one day, while I was there but I notice it rained for a few days after I left!

I really wouldn’t have cared if it rained every day while I was there because I wasn’t there as a tourist. I went there to begin my auditing on NOTs (New Era Dianetics for OTs or “New OT V”).

OT V is what the Church of Scientology calls Audited NOTs, since David Miscavige and RTC altered the Bridge and dropped out the original OT levels.

LRH’s original, never canceled, OT Levels are; OT I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII.

One can do Audited NOTs (New OT V), Solo NOTs (New OT VII) and then can do the original OT levels and have it all, just as LRH intended.

One could just do the original OT levels but, after starting on my NOTs, I see that it is best for me to do NOTs first.

The original OT levels are only being delivered in the Independent field.

“Free and Able” at and “The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists” at  have lists of dependable independent auditors. Some of these deliver the original OT levels.

One could even go to the first Independent Advanced Organization in Haifa Israel.

My auditor on NOTs is Claudio Lugli, an Independent Class IX in Brescia Italy. Claudio helped to open the AO in Israel.

Claudio and his wife can handle from beginning of the Bridge through NOTs. Claudio can C/S solo NOTs.

He is expert at repairing the bad auditing and bad solo NOTs from the church.

I received very standard auditing there and I felt completely safe and cared for.

The prices are less than ½ what one would pay to have a robotic Class IX audit them at some “AO” (Advanced Org – the Church of Scientology organization that is supposed to deliver the OT levels).

I was started on my service immediately.

I didn’t waste a minute on any unnecessary, added inapplicable sec check. I am maybe ½ the way on the audited NOTs.

I hit a win that we just couldn’t audit over so I’m at a rest point until I’m ready to continue.

The personal gains on this level have been as great as, or greater than, all of my earlier auditing actions combined. Yes, I could only do this level after having done all the earlier auditing on the Grade Chart, but the gains at this level are tremendous.

The NOTs tech is incredible. LRH came up with some amazingly simple handlings for some very, very complex case situations.

I experienced some very pleasant, and surprising “de-aberration”. I can say that I am more of an OT now.

I am also more of a Scientologist.

I also have a greater understanding of the magnitude of the betrayal of the loyal Scientologists over the past 30 years, and of the betrayal of the peoples of Earth.

We can laugh about, and curse, COB and RTC and the “Church”, but we also should really confront and grasp just what has been done and what has resulted in our lives and, really, with the lives and futures of every being that is caught up in the machinations on this planet.

The past 30 years could have been used to bring our civilization towards a better scene than exists today. Instead, there has been decades of less and less application of the philosophy of Scientology.

Scientology and LRH’s name have been blackened, by David Miscavige, to the point where people who could be on the road to freedom  avoid Scientology like the plague, and one cannot get straight Scientology in the organizations which were established for the purpose of delivering standard technology to the peoples of Earth.

Mark this; Scientology is a workable technology which could be used to improve people’s lives and create a better future for all mankind.

What sort of evil creatures would destroy people’s hopes by lying and altering the workable technology so that it no longer works?

What sort of spiritual pervert would gain pleasure from destroying a technology which could save people and then laugh about it and continue to do the same and even worse?

Is all the money on this tiny planet really worth giving up a better eternity for? I rediscovered Scientology in the Independent Scientology field.

I have found real Scientologists who are dedicated to applying Scientology to help people.

The Independents are gaining ground and Scientology will continue and it will spread, because one can’t bury the truth forever.

I think 30 years of lies, deceit and treachery is 30 years too long.

Miscavige and his minions tried to bury the truth, but the truth is now burying them.

What Miscavige has really accomplished is to make a lot of money and shut the door on his own salvation.

He has also created a movement of very well trained, dedicated and experienced Independent

Scientologists who just will not give up.

I don’t think he intended that, but that’s what he did. Thanks Dave!

You can’t bury the truth and you can’t kill a thetan.

Phil Bruemmer

Class VI Auditor & C/S

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  1. Thank you, Phil.

    “Instead, there has been decades of less and less application of the philosophy of Scientology.”

    It seems like these days, the place to find the least application of the philosophy of scientology is inside a COS organization.

  2. This is a fantastic thing to read.

  3. Awesome Phil! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    I feel the same way about where LRH tech should and could be today – in every nook and cranny of society.
    Very well done to you and Mr. & Mrs. Lugli! 😀

  4. Succinctly and powerfully stated. It’s stories like this that make me consider getting back “in the chair” after 30 years.

  5. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow Phil, real deje vous with original Scn, just as
    we expected it would continue, so many years ago.
    Your testimony shows clearly, those times are back
    with us again! Totally Standard, the only way it can
    ever work! Enjoy the rest of your magnificent climb
    into the OT Levels.
    Durban, South Africa

  6. Thank you for the report Phil. I am glad to hear that you are doing well after leaving the Church of David Miscavige. I have heard so many wins from people after getting out from under his suppression that I am surprised he lasted as long as he had. Congratulations.

  7. Phil that was such an awesome read….thank you for that!!! I would agree
    Scientology is truly a workable technology and it does improve one’s life!

  8. Hello Marty, I honestly can not explain how a person a year and a half ago, asked me to borrow the package of the zero level of the academy, may now be a c / s only Nots.
    Studies drill and doit can ‘fit between students, but not’ professional auditing.
    The strange thing ‘that in Italy there is real trained technicians but “strangely” Claudio and Renata have “disconnected” from them.
    But sorry, disconnect exists or not?
    Sorry provocation, independent field must be maintained as the same independent.
    I hope you want to answer.
    good job
    Francesco Minelli

  9. Fantastic on all flows, Phil! Super well done to all!

  10. Your humble servant

    A beautiful statement, Phil. Thank you. Very powerful and accurate. It is indeed true that the world could be a far happier place now if the subject of Scientology had been broadly and correctly applied over the past 30 years. Personally, I think many thousands, perhaps millions, of deaths could have been avoided. Certainly a great many broken hearts and broken dreams could have been avoided.

  11. What a great report. Loved it.
    This one sentence grabbed me; “The past 30 years could have been used to bring our civilization towards a better scene than exists today. I’ve often thought the same thing. Such a pity. But it just goes to show the strength of the tech and the people who refused to give in to the suppressive doing his level best to destroy it. The tech lives on despite DM.

    Note to DM: You failed in your goal to destroy Scn.

  12. Wow… This is great man!! I’m very happy to hear that we have such awesome people out there:) VWD!!

  13. Phil Bruemmer

    Go for it man!!!

  14. Phil Bruemmer

    I think they’ve got it down to 0 application, although absolutes are unobtainable – except at Flag of course.

  15. That’s fabulous Phil on your wins! So much progress is being made by Independents and I feel it starting to snowball. So many wonderful people banning together that Miscavige can’t do jack shit to stop it. We’ll have to skype again soon, we’ll try you on Sunday.

  16. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks. I intend to enjoy it all.
    Scientology is available to anyone who wants it.
    There is no “can’t have” out here.

  17. Pierre Robillard

    thank you for your interesting story of ” a normal day with an Independant
    It’s informative and uplifting and like the recent stories on marty’s blog
    addresses all the dynamics and fills me up with hope and certainty
    that we will handle this planet.
    much love, Pierre Robillard

  18. Fantastic Win in Italy Phil
    Heartfelt Congratulations and keep on winning
    Looking forward to seeing your Nots completion win here

  19. Thanks Phil for your testimony, especially about the different between the the upper Bridge of Scientology Inc. and original LRH’s, and to share your wins 🙂 M.L.

  20. constant vigilance

    Phil, I sent you a private email also. But I wanted to say VVVWD on keeping Scientology working and finding that there is the Bridge outside the church, and it is the real one, the standard one that LRH wrote. Thank you for your wins and for your courage to leave the cult. Keep communicating about it.

  21. Hi, I have a simple question for any Independent who wishes to answer.

    Does the new indie movement vehemently oppose psychiatry like the official “church” does? Is there still a strong belief about the nature or the existence of mental illness?

    And I’m not referring to the very rare practices of electro-shock therapy and lobotomy – which I think most sensible people would object to – but rather standard talk-therapy, administered by a medical doctor or even a social worker. Is this practice still frowned upon by the new wave of indies?

  22. Phil, I went to look again at your post on the Idle Org story and (f-k me George!) that was a kick-ass post!!! (And Steve Hall was on fire in the comments, too – ROFL …..ow,ow my sides hurt) The post and all comments are well worth a re-read. Phil, I see you are very well trained (Class VI, OEC/FEBC) so your compliment to the Lugli’s on this post is high praise indeed. Fantastic. So glad you are on such a win. Savour it. Phil you write beautifully too, and communicate so very well. Keep these posts coming.

  23. Marina e Umberto

    Phil, congratulations for your wins!!!
    The Standard Tech really works!
    Greetings from Italy
    Marina e Umberto 😀 😀

  24. Hi Phil, and hearty congratulations on starting Ned For OTs! You deserve it so much after all these years. And you are very correct about the original OT levels, and LRH’s intention never to “cancel” the originals. NOTs will reveal much to those who work to receive it, and even more to those who work to receive and deliver it. The original OT Levels enable a Thetan to regain his native powers and perceptions and should be done by anyone after completing NOTs. And they are available, very available here in the Indy field. Also I’m sure you would agree that inactive auditors should be encourage to brush up on their skills and get in the chair. We’re going to need you all here shortly. Again Phil, does my heart good to see you doing so well.

  25. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Phil,
    for us was an honor to know you.
    You are such a special being.
    We enjoyed you company, your stories and your sharp sense of humor.
    Thank you for all you say, you are a shining example of Independence especially when you say:

    The Independents are gaining ground and Scientology will continue and it will spread, because one can’t bury the truth forever.

    I think 30 years of lies, deceit and treachery is 30 years too long.

    Sooooooo true.

    And this is for you, from your new sunny country:

    Caruso (Te voglio bene assai)

    English translation:

    Here, where the sea shines
    and the wind howls,
    on the old terrace
    beside the gulf of Sorrento,
    a man embraces a girl
    after the tears,
    then clears his throat
    and continues the song:
    I love you very much
    very, very much, you know;
    it is a chain by now
    that heats the blood inside the veins,
    you know…
    He saw the lights out on the sea,
    thought of the nights there in America,
    but they were only the fishermen’s lamps
    and the white wash astern.
    He felt the pain in the music
    and stood up from the piano,
    but when he saw the moon
    emerging from a cloud,
    death also seemed sweeter to him.
    He looked the girl in the eyes,
    those eyes as green as the sea.
    Then suddenly a tear fell
    and he believed he was drowning.
    I love you very much,
    very, very much, you know;
    it is a chain by now
    that heats the blood inside the veins,
    you know…
    The power of opera,
    where every drama is a hoax;
    with a little make-up and with mime
    you can become someone else.
    But two eyes that look at you,
    so close and real,
    make you forget the words,
    confuse your thoughts,
    so everything becomes small,
    also the nights there in America.
    You turn and see your life
    through the white wash astern.
    But, yes, it is life that ends
    and he did not think much about it,
    on the contrary, he already felt happy
    and continued his song:
    I love you very much,
    very, very much, you know;
    it is a chain by now
    that heats the blood inside the veins,
    you know…

  26. Great work Phil. You are an inspiration. I read your story on Malmo Ideal Org and it was great. It was the first place where someone outlined what they have done with the LC and FR networks. I used to be a Flag Rep and to hear they are being used as Product Officers is crazy. Thanks for your post.

  27. Phil Bruemmer

    I’ll be auditing a pc most of the day and early evening, so if you miss me please try again later.
    I do want to talk to y’all.

  28. Phil Bruemmer

    Dang! I didn’t know that was you CV.
    Oh well, I gave you an address. Use it and all will be well I am sure.

  29. Well done to the auditor and to you for diving in. When I finally recognized the truth about the current corporate church, I found I could talk about and use Scientolgy tech again with anyone; with zero back off. And, that people really appreciate it. With only the intention to help, not drag them into an ideal morgue where they can be loBOTimized people respond to what LRH gave us. What a joy it must be to get the NOTS auditing without someone immediately hitting you up to fill the coffers of the Korrupt King of Deception.
    The independent movement has only just begun to show it’s muscle

  30. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks Roy.
    I do indeed agree that inactive auditors should be encouraged to brush up on their skills and get back in the chair.
    They can do it much more easily than they might think.
    Auditing is actually not so difficult when the invalidation and arbitraries are off.
    The benefits from auditing others are immeasurable.
    I believe that anyone with a good heart can learn to audit and can do it.

  31. Phil Bruemmer

    YHS: Too true.
    Fortunately we have tech to mend broken hearts and restore dreams.
    We are just going to need to be diligent in getting the repair done.
    DM didn’t succeed, but we lost a lot of ground that we have to recover now.

  32. Happy news, Mr. Bruemmer! I am so glad that you have found your source of peace and ongoing enlightenment.

    Wishing you every conceivable happiness for your future,

    IEG xxx

  33. Thank you Phil! Land of the Free! Home of the Brave! Thank you Italy! Thank you Independents! We couldn’t live any other way!

    Until I write a better anthem… Hope you don’t mind the leftovers. It’s the spirit that counts!

  34. Theo Sismanides

    Claudio e Renata grazie tanti, non sapevo che tu eri un auditore. Hi Claudio, hi Reneta thanks so much, I didn’t know that you are an auditor, Claudio and I am so happy to hear now that you audited Phil to such wins and then helped Haifa AO. The Mediterranean is always a postulate of mine. Greece and Italy we have so many things in common and such a long and interesting common culture. I enjoyed Pavarotti very much. We now have in Greece our own Greek auditor and he is kicking ass. There are people that I am preparing who are very much interested in Scientology auditing and training. After 30 years to hear Pavarotti sing in that way on this web site makes me happy and pride signore e signora Lugli!

  35. threefeetback

    Newly coined, additional definition for ETERNITY: The amount of time it takes the DeMon to convert his entheta back to theta, with interest.

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Pride should read Proud but who gives a damn after hearing Brian Adams and Pavarotti on this blog singing O Sole Mio….!!! HAHAHAHA! This is a new, new thing and our Europe has something to say still to that Western or Eastern part of the world, thank you Europe, thank you Pavarotti and thanks to Italy for carrying the torch of culture still in these present days.

    And to you Claudio and Renata something you are gonna like for sure

  37. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Phil, this is great! Such a straightfoward and direct write up of your wins and so direct…. I really get the idea of how it can be… thanks and thanks to your auditor, Claudio!

  38. We are ROCKING McTinyfists!! He can’t handle the truth!!

  39. Great wins Phil,

    Isn’t it great that we are now free to do that whole and complete bridge as independent scientologists? I think LRH would be proud of us for saving his legacy.

    And it is HIS, and only his, legacy.

  40. martyrathbun09

    I could explain it. Training is fast for literate, responsible people. If he chooses not to talk to people who have only this type of origination in response to the type of news I am posting, that is his right and sounds like a sanely exercised one. Peace.

  41. Phil,

    As you know you and I go way back, I am so happy for you with this news. We need to Skype soon. Now this is what LRH really wanted, before Dear Leader effed it all up.

  42. constant vigilance

    Claudio and Renata, THANK YOU for the wonderful Pavoriti arias. I love him! And he epitomizes Italy. Molte Bene!

    And more imporantly, VVVWD on your great shining product in Phil.


  43. Phil, your comm felt like a cool summer breeze. It’s not easy coming to terms with what Miscavige & those like him have done but your flourishing and prospering sure is the best answer.

  44. Hi Phil,

    I was on staff with you 25 some odd years ago over at SFO. Great article and I was really glad to see you still have your great sense of humor.

    I must say, this is the first time I heard about Mel and I did shed a few tears even though it was many years ago, I remember her to be a very fun, on source and intentional being.

    I am glad to hear that you are doing well


  45. I believe psychiatrists today don’t really focus much on talk therapy.In the USA, they focus on prescribing psychotropic drugs.

    You tell me, do you really think that’s the way to go? Having read Phil’s story, what do you think about auditing?

  46. Dear Phil,
    Thanks for sharing your wins and insights!

  47. Interesting to hear the the original OT levels are still being delivered. Why were they canceled originally? Marty, what’s you’re take on this?

  48. George, I would suggest you read Marty’s book What is Wrong With Scientology…though Marty doesnt claim to speak for everybody in the Indie movement, I think what he has to say on the very subject you ask about pretty much will answer your question as it reflects the thinking most of us have.
    As for myself, to the degree that psychiatry hurts people, i am against it, and where it can help i’m for it. As far as my own experience, psychiatric treatment ruined the lives of 2 people i care very much for. Both where troubled individials before treatment to be sure, but no more so that many many people i have known growing up. Call it teenage angst. Both were treated as teenagers and afterwards became extremely self-destructive, wheras before they really were not so. So, i cant recommend it to anybody based on that. Probably anyone who has found it to be helpful to someone they know would feel differently.

  49. George,
    The ‘movement’ as you refer to it is composed of individuals who each have a viewpoint. If there were a commonality of what the ‘movement’ opposes I would say it is the Corporate Church of $cientology and it’s demented ecclesiastical leader.

    “Is there still a strong belief about the nature or the existence of mental illness?”

    Yes, very definitely It does exist and David Miscaviage exemplifies it to a tee. Those at the Kool Aide stand mirror his illnesses to varying degrees.

    The rare practices may or may not have any effect on the Pope of $cn but there may be very little objection to trying it out. I suggest you visit Hemet and ask for a demonstration of the ecclesiastical leaders ‘standard talk therapy’ ! You might be amazed……….

  50. Congratulations Phil!! And congratulations to Claudio and Renata!

  51. Yes! Scientology works! Congratulations on your wins, Phil.

  52. Great post Phil, so Tone 40.

    And that photo of Claudio and his wife! One look at his face and I felt he was 100% extroverted and granting me beingness right from the photo!

  53. Great write-up Phil-We have the same Scientology roots-SFO! I just recently finished OTV. NOTs is unbelievable !!!! I’m glad I never did it in the Church with those awful 6 month checks.
    I got into Scientology to go OT and it took my leaving RCS to be able to do that. There are SPs that are working very hard to stop this activity-I am, along with many others now, certainly not letting them have a win on that!

  54. Phil! wonderful to listen to you! Yes we can now really move up the bridge-
    Claudio is my auditor too and I will continue soon on my OTV – it`s a pleasure to be with them in a save wonderful place with correct tech!

  55. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Sorry ….
    I posted the lyrics of Caruso and the SOLE MIO video….
    Here is Caruso!

  56. Phil Bruemmer

    Thank you Claudio & Renata.
    I’ll for sure be home again.

  57. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Jeff,
    Send mail.

  58. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Mike.
    Skype is loosely arranged with breppen for Sunday.

  59. I’ve actually seen a handful a psychiatrists in my day and most of them are just normal thoughtful people who discuss with you your feelings, anxieties, and try to help you overcome whatever issues you may be facing in your life. And this process of getting all this personal baggage off your chest with someone you can trust always feels very refreshing beneficial. I’ve been wondering if the real benefit of auditing isn’t much more this same kind of experience.

    And the doctors I’ve seen have not been especially eager to prescribe medications. The ones that do will carefully explain both the risks and benefits of the drug and then let me decide. And by the way I personally know people whose lives have truly been SAVED by anti-depressant medications, so I was wondering if the Indies condone the use of these meds in severe cases.

    (And by the way I’m very interested in trying auditing, if any indies are practicing in nyc, please make yourselves known.)

  60. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Phil – I’m on the fence regarding some areas of the tech these days having decided to take nothing on face value or without merit.
    Your perspective helped a lot.
    Thank you – I enjoyed reading this
    🙂 x

  61. Phil,

    Wonderful write up. The earlier one about the Malmo Org is fabulous too.

    Your story, and others like it, are revitalizing the field simply because real, UN-squirreled LRH tech is being delivered in the field.

    LRH said (and I paraphrase) that when the tech gets squirreled that people will stay away in droves. And, I believe that is the reason for the decline in the membership in the Church of Scientology…

    On the other hand, when standard tech is applied (sans DM’s suppression), people will beat the doors down to get services. (And, frankly, almost ANY services are better than the Black Dianetics delivered in DM’s dead Church of Scientology today. He intends to enslave people into it, not free the people of earth.)

    The independent movement is the obverse* of DM’s enslavement intentions:
    * obverse (noun from M.Webster): a counterpart having the opposite orientation or force.

    Phil, I think your story has gone a long way to reinvigorate the natural enthusiasm people had about delivering and receiving Scientology services. Thank you. I am proud to be an independent member along with you.

  62. Dani Lemberger

    Lorenzo hi,
    This is Dani from Haifa. I am not sure exactly what you are saying, but I think you are doubting Claudio’s abilities and training as a NOTs auditor and C/S. It is good to doubt, it is good to disagree and it is commendable to be in comm about your concerns. And VWD to Marty for publishing your words, even if you are critical of his friend Claudio. You can only find out the truth by being in comm with people and, better, going to check it out yourself.
    This is what I did.
    I knew Miscavige is a lunatic destroying Scientology. I got in comm w/ Marty and went all the way from Haifa to Texas to meet the man and see what he’s like. I Then invited Claudio to Haifa, at my expense, to see what he knows and can he train our auditors.
    Claudio, I think, is a brilliant man. He is highly skilled and masters the Tech of the OT levels. (trained also by Marty). He still does C/Sing for us. With his help we are auditing OT Levels and many are now moving on the Bridge. Claudio’s and Marty’s dedication to Ron, to integrity, to truth, to Standard Tech can only exist in a free, self-determined environment. Meaning, for sure not in the church. I hope you follow me. Please see also Silvia’s post of 3 days ago. She was my auditor at Flag.
    Please do NOT believe what I said about Claudio. You are invited to Haifa or to Brescia to find out for yourself. If this is important for you, you should spend time and money to investigate and discover the truth and then publish it. If it’s not important, don’t bother to investigate but then, what you write, is just “opinion” of little value.

  63. Dani Lemberger

    Hello Phil and Claudio,
    I am real happy you guys hit it off so well. You are both close friends of ours, your success encourages us all to keep on.
    Phil, your story will be translated into Hebrew and posted on our site: We will NOT pay royalties but you can sue for infringement of copyrights. We love you both and thank you for the continued support. Tami, Dani, Dror Center staff

  64. Marty thank you for having responded to me.
    Good view point.
    Francesco Minelli

  65. Hello Dani, thank you for your words, I fully understood what you wanted to say.
    I apologize for the English, i use google translator.
    I know very well the whole family Lugli and their history, Tiziano is my friend and flavio was my auditor in flag.
    Unlike you, I do not have kind words for claudio and renata.
    Up to a year ago they were at my house every day.
    My personal experience on the their way to do is bad, but I’m glad you have happy memories of them.
    I think this is not the appropriate place to explain you my reasons.
    good day to all visitors.
    Francesco Minelli

  66. George,

    Do is to done as talk is to “think about”.

    The point is that psychologists or psychiatrists do not have or use the exact processes necessary to bring about permanent improvement in a being.

    They, like medical doctors, only treat the symptoms they observe while leaving the underlying cause unhandled. Psychotropic drugs are no substitute for proper nutrition and in fact create dependency and have extremely detrimental effects on brain function.

    The better answer is proper rest, nutrition and exercise. Then your brain will work just fine.

    As for the efficacy of Scientology processing, we are now emerging from a 30 year period of suppression by David Miscavige. Those who have left are finally realizing that their ruin was in fact the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige and are getting salvaged and brought to understanding by people like Marty Rathbun, Steve Hall and the innumerable independent scientologists in the field operating outside of the corporate church.

    Under Miscavige’s mismanagement, squirreling and suppression, Many of these people did not handle the things that they got into Scientology to handle in the first place. With the advent of the Independent Scientology Movement, We now again have the opportunity to avail ourselves of the true and original scientology technology.

    They have realized that they need change and are now going to independent scientology practitioners in the field to demand improvement. Typically they would go see an Auditor and get a “clean up”. Once that has been done, and their past wins and abilities gained have been rehabilitated, they might move on to their next bridge step, get trained to deliver audition themselves, or if already trained, sharpen their skills and start helping others once again.

    The help they are getting (and often giving) is unique in that it addresses the being, not the body. The change and improvement that occur is fundamental to the being’s ability to remain self-possessed and in volitional control of his own destiny – even between lives.

    This is a vital necessity if we are to ever have any hope of creating a sane future where people get along and cooperate with each other in order to create, “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights” as LRH stated in “The Aims of Scientology”.

    THAT is what Auditors are doing. It is orders of magnitude above what psychologists and psychiatrists are doing.

  67. Hi Phil,
    I appreciate your making such a clear and positive statement about your auditing experience in the independent field. The tech is there for all to use as they see fit. And the wins can be even greater than one might imagine.

    Thanks again,
    Vic Krohn

  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    ………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………….( THE FUTURE )………………………………

    Joe Blow, remarking to Penny Public;”Oh look, Penny-there’s one
    of those iNDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY centers I’ve heard some
    amazing things about!”

    Penny P: “Wow! Let’s go in! I want to see for myself! You know,Joe,
    my boss is a changed man! He’s turned into a real cool guy, that
    seems to–like–really listen to you,–you know? –like he seems to make time, and I don’t know–like he really sort of –like understands me better, these days!!! You know??”

    Joe B; “Huh?”

    Penny P; ” Oh yeah! Since he did a couple of their courses and stuff, he gave me a promotion and said he appreciates the fact that I’m always on time for work and gave me -like an incentive -you know?”

    Joe B; “Really?”

    Penny P; ” Yeah! It was amazing! He called me up in front of all the
    staff and , said like –he wanted to start implementing rewards for
    staff–who want to study further—and showed that they enjoyed
    their work–like, sort of being more willing to get things done, and
    stuff—- like me! Yeah! He gave me a promotion and nice bump
    in pay—then gave me this beautiful bouquet of flowers! I was–
    like blown away! I mean– he started clapping–and everyone
    just–like–joined in! It was just AMAZING! I just, like –cried! I think
    i just love my boss to bits, you know? Since he did THAT stuff!”

    Joe B; “Amazing! You know what? I’m keen to go check this stuff
    out! I mean I could do with something like that in my life!!”

    Penny P ” Me too! C’mon!..let’s go check it out…. NOW!!!!!”

    ( reminiscing on hearing a conversation ..when it all took off..again!)

  69. I personally don’t believe psychiatrists, help at all. My personal view, is that they ” save” a person, by making him to some degree catatonic. Maybe they call it stablizing, the individual? I won’t touch their medication, ever! I doubt its possible, to recover from their drugs. Maybe it is? They shut down, the spirit, soul and feelings of happiness.

    It surprised me, when a 20 year old guy, told me his 19 year old girlfriend, was on psych drugs, for her depression. You know what I thought? Get out of the small apartment, take a long walk, extrovert. Really, just taking long walks getting your anchor points out. I learned, this from Ron and it has never not worked. It free and there are no side effects.

  70. Sammy,

    It’s a good thing to make sure that you cast a critical eye toward everything that you observe. False apparences fall apart under close inspection. And we fail to the degree that we substitute beliefs for empirical evidence.

    Yet at the same time, we must observe the factor of empirical evidence that is brought about by the act of postulating axiomatic truth from the viewpoint of truth.

    You are a powerful being of good will and we appreciate all that you have done for us in our quest to save Scientology. And that is the truth.

  71. Excellent comment Robert,

    LRH created the Bridge to Total Freedom. If you pursue it honestly and completely, you shall go free.

    Miscavige reversed it to create the Dwindling Spiral Staircase to Total Enslavement. If you try to follow it, you’ll most likely falter on the slippery steps and wind up in a heap at the bottom.

    Pretty easy choice. The independent movement has gone a long way in a short time to restoring and delivering LRH’s legacy.

  72. Phil Bruemmer wrote:

    “One can do Audited NOTs (New OT V), Solo NOTs (New OT VII) and then can do the original OT levels and have it all, just as LRH intended.”

    Hubbard wrote in the HCOB of 2 APRIL AD15, THE ROAD TO CLEAR:

    “Operating Thetan is several levels above clear. The bridge from clear to OT already exists and is found in Route 1, in the book “The Creation of Human Ability”.
    The reactive mind (and a rotten mess it is, too!) prevented PCs from doing Route 1 drills. It stood like a huge black spider between the person and his realizing his full potential. Trying to do Route 1 as given years ago with a Reactive Mind still in place was, to be blunt, not possible for a human.”

    The original OT levels IV, V, VI, VII embed some of the processes given in “Creation of human ability”.

    Would it be possible that the mysterious upper OT levels are contained, in part, in the book “Creation of human ability”?

  73. Some peoples brains misfire nutrition, rest, exercise etc will not handle a physical sit. The handle would be amino acid therapy, supplements that direct the neuro transmitters of the brain. There is a book by a psychiatrist who lines out what supps can be taken helping people get off of rx meds & what supps address various conditions. And I am really sorry I don’t have the reference. But some smart Google digging will more than likely ferret it out. Good thing amino acids are NOT drugs.

  74. Hi Ingrid.
    I believe you gave me a session back in ’71 or ’72.
    I’m sure it was you.
    I think I saw you again in maybe ’82 or so as you were on your way out.
    I unfortunately was “loyal” to the wrong side.
    As I remember it was the well trained who were perceptive enough to get out early.
    I wasn’t trained as an auditor at the time and wasn’t perceptive enough.
    Huh! Perception is the awareness characteristic of Dept. 3.
    Looks like getting trained is an in-ethics thing to do.
    I guess my ethics were out when I made that wrong choice!
    Okay. I’m done with this session.
    Auditors are such great people.

  75. How can I sue when I can’t read Hebrew?
    You’re gonna get away with it because I’m such a goy!
    You can probably get away with it again & again.
    Love you both!

  76. Dear all,

    Why this bs of “levels” and “xlevels” existing outside organization.

    If I wanted a continuance of my bridge, I would demand , Div.1, Div.2, Div.3, Div.4, Div.5, Div.6 and Div.7 – I would demand the whole package, and I also would demand OT IX and beyond.

    If the CofS cannot deliver, you (and I) have all the rights in the world to demand just that.


  77. Phil, very happy for your wins. Kudos to Claudio and Renata.

  78. Amino Acids like 5 HTP for Serotonin and Melatonin production and Phenylalanine for Dopamine and Norepinephrine, epinephrine and Melanin production do wonders for all kinds of “mental” and physical situations.

  79. Re Errol Sayin’s KD Lang post…….Would an Alberta (Canada’s Texas) lesbian artist singing a song (superbly) about sex by a Montreal jewish poet be welcome in the Dear Misleader’s Celebrity Center? She would have to spend a fortune to be brought uptone but somehow I don’t think she would be suckered into a homophobic cult.

  80. Hello Dani,
    we can say the same regarding Claudio. Some of us got to know him very well. For us,it was only important to find a responsible person. And Claudio is one of them. The most of us who read all these comments, they have only 1 thought in their minds….


  81. Hello, Phil, you might not remember me as our paths did not cross so often, but I thought highly of you and Melanie. I was ASHO Day’s “Remote Reg” in SFO in 81 and 82 and would run around there with Lou Swartz regging stuff for ASHO. Just wanted to say hello and wish you the best.

  82. Hi Phil,
    All I can say is that your wins are amazing and Claudio and Renate rock!
    Thanks for the great news!

  83. Dear Phil,
    great article. It was a pleasure to stay with you and Claudio and Renata. To get to know you was really fun. And yes, Claudio and Renata are doing a fantastic job.
    While I was there to do my OT6 and go on OT7, it was so amazing to get not only the real tech, but also the whole tech on it. I feel so certain about my abilities I learned and I know that I can handle what ever comes up on OT7. And yes, the bridge is there to step forward.
    Since I´m back home, I´m not only solo-auditing, I also have a handful of PCs who are going up the bridge after 10 years being stopped by the Org. That´s what is needed and wanted.
    I´m happy I got to know you

  84. There should be no argument with one doing the original OT levels, or 3M or 3GAXX or R2-12 or Route one or any of the others per Hubbard’s KSW policies that all of the grades and processes are not “old” and thus valid, except perhaps Creative processing, which he said beefed up the bank.

    However, getting Scavageology to allow one to do so would be considered squirrel, though the fools should offer them, since it represents a gold mine – think of all the new and old 8 comps sitting there, waiting for Super Power, having done their L’s. They would jump on that band wagon faster than a Rockslamming needle.


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