Toronto Is Delivering

Chris Black is a Class VIII C/S and Class IX auditor in Toronto.  I had a good friend from Canada who tried for months to free up sufficient time to make it to South Texas to get debugged on the Bridge.    When work circumstances were making that trip difficult, I referred him to Chris whom I  had been in comm with on and off for a couple years.    Well, Chris did a heck of a job with my friend.   His success story is below.  As you can see from Chris’s profile he can deliver just about anything Scientology; especially convenient for our Northern friends.

SJ’s Success:

Success Story (After repair program and Grade 1 auditing)

Approximately in 1999 I received my last auditing in Toronto org. I had had
marvelous wins on an INT rundown Repair and Grade zero.

I was then forced to illegally start my Grade 1 even though I only had 4 hours
on account and no means to pay for more auditing. This is what we call an ARC
break – believe me – and since that year I have been left floating around mid
Grade 1. I left SCN in 2002 and never set foot in an org again and even if I was
a millionaire would not have returned to the orgs for auditing.

I stumbled on Marty Rathbun’s site and started to see he made a lot of sense
and that auditing was again available in the field. With Chris being a Class IX
auditor, I felt I had someone who could be standard and fix me up and get me
going again.

Let me sum up some of my wins in the 25 hours auditing over the last 2 weeks
(Sept 2012):

-Rehabbed wins on my Grade 0 and Objectives to the point where I am fully in
Present Time and in high ARC with my environment and thetans;
-I can move in and out of body almost at will comfortable – no longer any
-I repaired my left eye in session; it had been drooping for years and I
could feel myself working on it and giving it oxygen and the whole eye
reshifting – they are now both symetric. A miracle but I could feel myself
MAKING the miracle happen;
-I fix problems — I went to rent a car last week and they told me it was
sold out – I said “No it’s not, look again”, and the clerk said “You’re right,
there is one, how did you know? It’s a miracle!”;
-Increased perception – again this is my Objectives working again but also
if you look beside Grade 1 on the Bridge chart it states Perception as an
awareness level and I can attest to that. I can ‘see’ but without the body’s
eyes. I know;
-I am in high production mode and getting things done;
-I can give or receive Help at will – and enjoy it. Things flow, instead of
being in the effort band;
-Somatics have blown;
-I feel stable and confident and in control of my body and my environment
-My randomity level is perfect – not too much not too little;
-I feel de-PTSed completely, at Cause and decisive, but again without effort;
-renewed ARC and love for my family, friends and strangers.

Thank you Chris, I look forward to finishing the Grade soon.

For now, this breather has been awesome. LOL

144 responses to “Toronto Is Delivering

  1. Wow. Now that’s a success story!

  2. Yahoo!! Great success story! Now that’s SCIENTOLOGY!

  3. I love it! Loved reading the success story! Thanks for publishing!
    Thank you Chris , P.C. and Marty for making the world a better place to live in!

  4. Chris is an AWESOME auditor and C\S. And a great guy to boot. I also have no reservations in recommending him to any one looking for Standard Tech.

  5. Li'll bit of stuff

    SJ, Welcome back to this life, and all the rest to follow!
    All according to YOUR self determinism, this time,hey?

  6. Now THAT is Scientology! You go Mr. Black!

  7. Thx again Marty for the referral. It has just been awesome. I am going to Chris for auditing in january again and probably march. Postulating Clear in 2013. 🙂

    So awesome.


  8. wow, Chris and SJ fantastic!!!

  9. That’s what it is all about, isn’t it!!

  10. martyrathbun09

    WN – good for you. Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving soul.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Coming from you means something, in my book.

  12. Wow!! Incredible wins!! Very good of you to persist and great that Chris is delivering such stellar products!

  13. Phil Bruemmer

    What a great success story.
    A real success on real gains from a real auditor!

  14. Loved hearing your wins!! VWD to Chris and SJ. Scientology is alive and well outside CofS. Easy to find, easy to get and nothing else added or taken away.

  15. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Wonderful success story. What a great auditor Chris is. This is so inspiring and brings back hope. Best wishes to SJ.

  16. Wonderful! Just wonderful how things look simple and work just as LRH had stated! 😀

    Been in Scientology Inc. a public and staff, I had near always the feeling there was a lie somewhere cause it was not the reality You just have shared, and yes, I felt many “efforts” and “heavy cycles” all around, probably too much serious, too much fears and so on.

    So, what a pleasure to read your wins! 😡 😡 😡 😡

    Yes, “The Tech” works! It works with people of goodwill free from any oppression.

    !Viva Los Independientes! and thank to share the Good News 🙂

  17. Great results from an on purpose excellent auditor
    This is so wonderful VVVVWD

  18. Chris is a person I would call friend. I have used him as a CS before on cleaning up a former SO Missionaire. He was spot on with it. He is also a person who I firmly believe will always want Standard Tech and someone I have worked with to make sure the tech is there and known. Well done to PC and auditor! First met him back in early 70s…and opinion has not gotten less, it has increased. Way to go guys. Some other great Canadians!
    Frank Davis
    Midwest Tech Center

  19. Bob we should do coffee. I am not far from you. 🙂

  20. Thx george!

    SJ is my name but WN is just the nickname I use for this forum so SJ = WN. Lol.

    Same person.

  21. Thx Tony! I am finishing my Grade 1 in January and embarking on Grade 2 right after. We are almost done 1. Just great wins. They are cumulative!

  22. Thx Phil! It is a team effort.

  23. Thank you simple! I wrote that SS at break neck spped in 4 mins. The wins were flowing out of me!

  24. It sure is!!!

  25. Marty, I will be in comm. i want to create a big effect in 2013 and it could include a TX visit. Oh my — how dangerous. 🙂

    But seriously I will email you and see how I can be of further help as we get closer to a New Year. We’re starting to freeze our a– off up here in Canada.


  26. Tom Gallagher

    Shorty (pob) must be crapping in his custom thong ‘thingy’.

    The flood-gates have opened.

    Here’s where the waterfall event occurs.

    Sucks doesn’t dave, you POS.

  27. It has helped me on all dynamics. Really has.

  28. Always good to hear of people winning. Surely this is what LRH wanted – “the tech is for use”.

  29. I want to go in session!!!
    Thank you for your great wins!


  30. Betrayed by your Church
    and hurt by Out Tech ?
    When all seems black
    go to Chris Black 🙂

  31. “Now that’s SCIENTOLOGY!” Alive and well, and fully rehabilitated in the independent field. 🙂

  32. Yes, we sometimes forget in the flurry of activity that this is what we’re all here for, and why we’re all shoulder-to-shoulder in this effort; it’s nice to read something the results of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

  33. Thanks, Tom. Much appreciated. Especially the AWESOME in caps. LOL

  34. I’ll bet on that postulate! Love making Clears! 🙂

  35. You got it, Bob.

  36. Thank you, George. Auditing and C/Sing and seeing the results of LRH tech standardly applied are one of the wonders of this universe.

  37. Thank you, Phil. I read of your recent wins and gains and trip to Italy. Very nice, very OT. Wins play an important part in the game, so thanks for sharing yours as well. Coming from you, I appreciate your ack. All the best in your future.

  38. martyrathbun09


  39. Lol. Awesome.

  40. I’m glad to know hope can be restored. It is one of my prime purposes, and why I’m so thankful to Marty for allowing me this venue. Never let darkness descend on hope; hope is eternal – and in all of us!

  41. Eugene Francoeur?

  42. You really understand it, Idealgoal. Thank you. And indeed the tech works and provides the truth to set you free. Truth is you.

  43. Thank you, Tango. It does boil down to purpose (that, and making sure one clears their words! lol).

  44. Thanks, Frank. You’re too kind. You’re a bastion yourself and a helluva guy! I’m glad we’re friends, too. 🙂

    P.S. Yeh, the cold winter makes for some hardy Canadians…lol.

  45. Exactly, Edward!

  46. Han, you made me chuckle, made my day. Thanks! 😀

  47. That’s one of the purposes of wins, Theta. I hope you do. As often as you want. Auditing and being audited are probably the coolest activities in the universe. 😉

  48. It is indeed! And I intend to, BlueBonnet, I intend to. 🙂

  49. It definitely is, Eileen. Scientology and Standard Tech have risen from the ashes of the CoS and are here for all Mankind.

  50. Hey Chris, VWD! and the pc too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. Hello Chris, and Very Well Done, once again there in Toronto. Great Success Story, as is always the result of Standard Tech, Pro LRH application. Chris is an excellent auditor and CS. He’s CS for me as an auditor and I can vouch for his love for LRH and the exact application of his Tech. A true Class VIII CS indeed, as well as Class IX.

  52. Damn this is starting to sound like days of old – only better !! Well done to you both and great to hear about !!

  53. Yes… 🙂

  54. This & stories like it – Must send cob dm, into an absolute crying fit f rage and I am sure his blood pressure bils until a vein in his forward explodes !



    Cheers and Beers

  55. Fantastic news from a fellow Canadian. Toronto was once a great Org, I would say one of the top 5 in North America, and it has been through a lot of crap over the years. I also have fondness for Vancouver Org.

    In 1989, while then in the Sea Org, I had a large kidney stone, because I was a Canadian and the Sea Org couldn’t afford the surgery costs, I was granted a medical LOA and went to Vancouver, BC to get surgery there (far cheaper), I then audited for VAN F to help cover these cost’s, I felt extreme gratification auditing public in Vancouver. Something I was never able to experience in the bubble of PAC prior, I am glad Chris Black you are doing what you are doing, keep it up.

  56. I totally agree with you Mr. Black.
    Being the pre-clear, as well the auditor, it is so rewarding!

    Since I am out of the cage aux folles, my life is getting better and better.
    Seeing a success story like this one, give me hope.
    Thank you for what you do!

  57. Chris, nice to see you affecting our lives so well. Your Canajun bud, Jim.

    P.S. I got the place in Cape Breton well under way this past summer. I’ll be there, but no bike, a hot rod GMC truck 🙂

  58. one of those who see

    Chris and SJ!!! Well Done!!!! This is what it is all about. Love reading the success story!

  59. Great work, as is your usual, old friend! You are a beacon of Standard Tech – shows in your results!

  60. LMAO!!! Good perceptions BMO.

  61. Very nice, I hope there’s many more wins just around the corner for you.

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto to you Chris!

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    Of course, Wn! Free enough to assume ANY viewpoint
    you like —THAT represents true freedom to me! Enjoy!

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chris, yo da’ man! You’re assured to rocket into real
    Affluence after this! As many WDAH as you can handle!.

  65. ‘Rathbund becomes number one’.
    It’s not a headline, but it could be…

    Why someone has a hat, or has to wear a hat. For some reason god has hats. We wear them, when we know them.

  66. Parties over.

  67. Sciento Blogger

    Great Success Story ! Congratulations SJ and Chris !

  68. GREAT wins and superb job on the part of the auditor!!!!! This is what Scientology should have just been doing all along instead of all the useless and destructive crap that the COS has put people through so that they could then “win”, all to the purpose of the COS controlling beings and getting their money. The Independent Auditors are the true future of Scientology.

  69. It’s a pleasure to read more and more of these stories describing successful application of auditing tech.

    Congratulations to both SJ and Chris Black.

    Vic K.

  70. Thanks, BReppen. 🙂

  71. Thanks, Roy. You’re great, too. And that was the best trip in decades, coming out and training under you and Scotty. Standard Tech Rules!

  72. Like a phoenix rising, hey A. Ronn? 🙂 Thanks.

  73. Hey M.Reppen, I must have just missed you in Vancouver. I left in July 89 to begin my Class VIII training cycle (NED on up), going to Flag first for NOTs. Then to ASHO & AOLA for the training. We probably crossed paths. I’m glad you were able to help Vancouver out, and get yourself fixed up. I’m glad you’re here now. You’ve got a good reputation and I respect your perseverance regards the tech. 🙂

  74. Jim, I’m going to come out there in the warm weather next year and show you a real bike! LOL. And we’re going to have to cruise in your hot rod GMC. What year? Cape Breton is a beautiful area, and much saner and interesting now that you’re there. Glad you’ve got yourself a spot in God’s country.

  75. Thank you, OOTWS. Much appreciated.

  76. Aw, shucks, Randy. Now I’m blushing! But thanks. And all the best to you in your new endeavour training people there on the west coast. That is what is truly needed!

  77. Lordy … now my post disappeared …

    Here’s my original message – spelling corrected (I hope)


    Well done on your auditing – standard as ever. And, kudos for your PC – simply fantastic wins.

    In all of the years (decades, I dare say) that I have known you, you have consistently applied Standard LRH in spite of everything.

    Wins like your PC mentioned above are the norm when guys like you get ‘behind the wheel’.



  78. Me too I would be pleased to read more wins like this! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Marty, would it be possible to create a section in the web site or elsewhere, dedicated to the sharing of our wins related with taking standard services in the Indies?

    If each title could be started with "Success Letter", or "Success with Standard Tech", or even just "Success", I could spot each one rapidly and would be ready to count them and provide the stat daily weekly, monthly, and so one.

    For me, it is one of the tow very stats of the Scientology: "satisfied pcs", and in fact, it is aligned with the "goal" of my "Admin Scale": The Maximum Of Happiness For The Maximum Of Beings. And what better expresses the reality of an happiness, than a Success Letter in Scientology? 😉

    The other main stat: the number of well trained active auditors around, but I think there are already few lists around 🙂


  79. Theo Sismanides

    Great news for Toronto!!! We are rolling! Great for Chris and his pcs!!

  80. V V V V V W D on the wins. Chris has always been a stand up tech terminal.
    One of those guys who just “gets it.”


  81. Very cool. Great win, SJ/WN! It must be a great relief to be out from under being mid Grade 1! And a good job to you, Chris, eh?

  82. Chris Black, that is some product!! Just the way it’s supposed to be but God it seems like forever since I’ve read wins like that.

  83. Marty, I thought the exact same thing as idealgoal re putting a tab on this site only for wins. If you do it, I think it would be good to put, along with each win, the name & location of the auditor.

  84. First time posting on this site. Deep breath! Moving from looking to posting. Progress.
    Wow, what a world it is out here!
    VWD Chris, SJ, Marty.

  85. Thanks, Max. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  86. Thanks, Vic. They are indeed a pleasure.

  87. Thanks much, Les. “We” get it. Glad you’re here, too, my friend.

  88. Thanks! It’s a group effort that allows these to occur. I hope to have more with SJ soon.

  89. Hi Pat, thanks. I don’t post all the wins, not here anyway. So I’m grateful to Marty for posting this one. It seems like a good release for all.

  90. Great wins Chris!Standard Tech rules out here!!

  91. Hey Dennis, old friend! How are you? It has been that long, hasn’t it? I remember the old days. It was a great group. Glad you’re still around. Thanks for the kudos. I hope to continue “driving” these wins home. 🙂

  92. Thanks, Theo. Yes, we are rolling, thanks to the efforts of many and the supreme efforts of a few. Best to you, as always.

  93. Yvonne Schick

    Warms my heart. Help being giving and used on multiple flows. There is hope for humanity.

  94. Hi Chris

    Well done on this success, and well done to the PC too.

    Thank you for putting Scientology there in your area. Every time standard tech is applied standardly we all win.

    Keep up the good work!

    Eric S

  95. Jean-François Genest

    I don’t know why, but something nudged me to turn the computer on and read the blog post.

    Wow! Congratulations SJ and Chris for these MARVELOUS wins! Thank you for sharing them with us. My best wishes on your path to Clear and beyond!
    I have 2 personal friends who benefited from Chris’ Standard Tech Auditing. They are doing great, and rave about it.

    Awesome news about the Class 9 Auditor aspect! I didn’t know that. The “hope gate” just opened up for me. Thank you! 🙂 Θ

  96. greenonwhite

    Welcome. Well done on taking that next step.

    Enjoy the party.

    Eric S

  97. Hey Chris! Thanks for the acknowledgment. Back in 1978 on Flag I was one of many who helped LRH establish the first 3 N/OTs Divs on this planet. We did great for a while until people like DM began to unmock things there and there were some loses. Are you delivering the original Rundowns for N/OTs? If so, I may be able to help you in the line-up for it. Our line-up produced over 1, 000 auditing session a week (on average) with no auditor wait for an reason! If there is another way I can get in touch wth you I’d be most happy to assist you. ML, Jay ps.. in an LRH ED at that time LRH declared the crew I was on, as the finest crew in Sceintology history.

  98. Chris, it’s a 75 shortbed pickup, with a 355. I got it in Georgia while I was there helping John Aaron set up the Courseroom. Sucks gas like nobody’s business but sounds too good not to step on it. I’m up in the Margaree Valley. I had a cabin there, so this summer I renovated a camper/trailer to be a one bedroom apartment, and cleared the spot for the new house. The foundation is in and next summer it’s framing time. I’ll have a spot to come get trained, auditing, or just some space to be.

    So, we have places coming up across the Great White North. I’m in Australia now, with all these wonderful, strong beings here. Like you said; having a purpose and following it getting sharper every step of the way.

    Things are good. Life is.


  99. Ha… indeed !! 😉

  100. Regular Dog formerly Underdog


  101. Well done Toronto and SJ,

    And to the rest of the world, Get this: Scientology is a game where everyone wins.


  102. Welcome greenonwhite!

  103. Very well done Toronto and SJ,

    And to the rest of the world, Get this: Scientology is a game where everybody wins.


  104. Thanks for posting this! Miracles do happen with LRH tech and I love hearing about them! Very well done!

  105. P.S. “We’ve been told how bad it is over there for seventy-six trillion years. It’s about time somebody said how good it can be somewhere. And that’s what we are doing.” PAB 53, May 55.

  106. Thank you! Awesome wins indeed. It is the first time I get auditing from a Class VIII. It’s just like talking to a buddy. It just flows. And I aldo have come to appreciate one thing i forgot to mention. Never invalidate your knowingness. A thetan really does know.

    Furthermore to my SS is my ability to go back and forth on the track. I was always afraid to go back. Now I bounce back and forth easily and can confront my past.

    Sometimes u think ur crazy and it’s not possible until the TA floats. Then you go ‘hmmm maybe there’s something to just answering the f—–n question. ” just answer the next question. It always works out.


  107. Beautiful! I use that word a lot lately but it’s so accurate. So beautiful to see Scn in use as LRH intended.

  108. Thanks WW and Tara. It is truly inspiring to see wins like this. Noticing the decimation of what LRH originally created can be deeply concerning, to say the least. Seeing these wins and Phil’s and others, gives hope, a future, a new create. Brilliant.

  109. greenonwhite, take your breath really deep cause it is a re-born!
    Welcome to this magnetic movement, where our founder intended to be.
    Full of affinity, reality, communication where the 3rd dynamic engram disappeared!
    You have taken the good decision to LOOK and evaluate for your self.
    Enjoy your new life!

  110. Hi! i’d love too!
    You can email me at
    I have a website that has my phone on it,

  111. Hi Chris;

    If you’ve noticed, I’m no longer a dog … I’m a painting!

    ( – inside joke for some here -)

  112. Fantastic product Chris! Fantastic wins SJ!

    It’s great to see wins like this happening again. I can remember other “miracle” type wins like this from the past. It’s great to see these type of things happening again now that On-Source, Standard Tech is being practiced again. Independent Scientology is working thanks to independent Auditors like you, Chris. Well Done.

  113. constant vigilance

    Hey Chris, I want to join the chorus of accolades for your stellar auditing product. VVVWD and keep it up!

  114. constant vigilance

    TO HIM LOGAN: Jim I read with interest that you are building a course room and whatnot. What city/state will it be in? I think that’s a great idea.

  115. Hey Chris, This is great to see you, Michael and Roy — the Three Musketeers of Standard Tech — rekindling the joy of what the tech can do. Miscavige has been on a campaign to unmock auditors, unmock Scientologists, unmock Clear, unmock OT, unmock the Bridge, and unmock Scientology. It’s up to us to put it all back!

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    greenonwhite, big welcome to you! Just over a year ago, WW
    welcomed me too, and after a bit of a clumsy start, ( I kept
    “knocking over the furniture”, he showed me which were the
    more “delicate pieces”, (proper blog manners), I learned to
    move around the blog “lounge” more adroitly (ha ha!)
    If there’s one thing, I can add though, its my own personal
    realization of not to take things too seriously, Keeping things
    light hearted and fun, tends to keep things in perspective.

    So, lovely having you here, for a rewarding, if sometimes
    bumpy ride!


    Calvin B. Duffield
    declaration 12 May 2012 Mothers Day
    Indie 500 # 301

  117. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nicely put Steve!

  118. Hi Jay, Glad you liked the win. I heard of that line-up and those days from Daly Jessup earlier this year. Sound like heady times and I’m sure you all deserved that ack from LRH. You can reach me at All the best, Chris

  119. Thanks, Calvin. 🙂

  120. I appreciate the sentiments and good thoughts, Calvin. I’m just happy that people see there is real standard tech to be had out here, and not some shoddy substitute; and that there is hope for their Bridge. Cheers!

  121. You’re a good artist, Bob. I hope you can make it work to teach and be near your daughters and to put that Class VIII hat back on and work at one of the new Indie centers!

  122. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

  123. You’re welcome, Eugene. Follow up on that hope, get into session, and continue your support of the Indie movement. As Hal said (in 2001), something wonderful is about to happen!

  124. 355??? I’d not be worrying about the gas and would be punching it up the roads myself. Stay in touch and let me know when you’re back. It was a great trip out to the west coast on my bike. Maybe I can trip out to the east coast on the bike this time and help you with the studding and we can throw some ideas around as well. And yes, when one is on their purpose line, great things just seem to happen. Love back…

  125. This is an excellent quote, Jim. I think I’ll use it on my FB page. Thanks for posting it.

  126. GOW: glad to see and read your postings, and glad to see you move from not-beingness to beingness. Realize that Scientology isn’t dead, that it IS alive, and it continues to burn bright. Hope and Truth are flames that can never be extinguished. I’m glad you’re here.

  127. As it always will, Ingrid. I’m happy to work with you side-by-side in cementing that concept in the independent field. 🙂

  128. You got it, Eric, my old friend. I’m not quitting. Miss our talks out in the garage, watching you work. Say hi to the missus and my love and best wishes to you both, always. Chris

  129. It’s the theta here, Jean-Francois. Thank Marty for getting the wins up here for everyone to read. What a good effect this has had! And while I thank you for the accolades, all I did was follow the old man’s instructions as to what to do; very simple. He deserves the praise.

    Yes, I rode 7500 miles on a motorcycle to LA and back to do that course in a standard course room, and to show that time and distance really were considerations that one could overcome to move up the Bridge. I’m glad for this hope factor. Thanks for saying that. And you’re welcome. 🙂

  130. It is, A, it is! 🙂

  131. Scott, I really appreciate hearing this from a man as upstanding as you. Thank you! And you got it – standard tech will take us into heights and realms we’ve only dreamt about! I hope this galvanizes the Independent Scientology field as well. 🙂

  132. Thoughtful, thank you so much for your support here – and there. It means much. Yes, you’re right. While DM is busy making nothing out of something, we here are busy making something out of nothing and rebuilding the Bridge. Good thing you can’t unmock a thetan, hey? 😀

  133. As long as there’s breath on the mirror, Yvonne. 🙂

  134. When you hang around with OT’s you inevitably act, think and do like an OT. Actually do OT’s even think? Lol. Things just happen. This is an OT party club on marty’s site. Big beings.

  135. When I see the level of communication here, in your blog Marthy, as in volume than in quality, and that I compare it to the fear (!) of communication I’ve felt in Scientology Inc., I say that the “Inc.” is near a died group (I would have said “dead Scientology”, but how could it be even Scientology without free communication?!…), and than “Indies” is a living group, a “living organism”. Yes, still forming itself, like a just born baby, but growing up, yelling out sometimes for the entheta he has just faces, just realized, but in growth indeed, and a rapid one 🙂

  136. Thank you Chris I wil be getting in touch. Daily was wonerful to work with so was Amos. There were a lot of great people to work wih then. We mostly had each others back. There is no Standard Scientology there anymore. I am glad you are there applying the Standard Tech you are definitley one of the stars in th sky!

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, For the ack Chris, and of course the huge effect
    of all this, is you have now become a microcosm of an
    entire ORG, for many, many people, who will look upon
    you in this light! Hope you’re gearing up for the flows,
    ’cause they’re a’comin your way bro!!!!

    Good ol’ flourishing & prospering, Canadian style and may I say deservedly so? Calvin

  138. Hi! Chris.

    What about “to work shoulder-to-shoulder”, which would make us able “to take this planet” “just has we are” for its best Freedom and Happiness, while aligning all our actions by the coordination of all our own “Admin Scales”?

  139. 😀 Very thanks for these new détails, SJ. Thanks to share your Theta here! You really give something valuable for any thetan around! Very thanks for your nice creation with Chris. 🙂

  140. Why not having place for publishing wins? Both to spread “the theta” but to have too a stat which shows that more and more people getting better and happier on this planet, because of Standard Tech?

  141. “Full of affinity, reality, communication where the 3rd dynamic engram disappeared!”

    What a pertinent statement you have made, Eugene! 🙂

  142. Fantasic success story and not surprising. I also have had the good fortune of have Chris as an auditor when I flew from Australia to Canada a few years ago (
    and yes it was worth flying around the world and I would do it again) and experienced standard tech auditing just as LRH laid it out.

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