Miscavige’s Hot Smoking Gun

Mark Bunker, also known as Wise Beard Man, posted a sixteen minute interview wherein he afforded me the opportunity to connect the dots revealing David Miscavige’s smoking gun in the Lisa McPherson criminal case:



Tony Ortega coverage – by the way, when something (my interview with Bunker) is too hot for Ortega to post, you know we are dealing with some fairly explosive stuff.

By by the way, I hear there is some natter in cyberspace as to “it is about time”.   For the nattering spectators, and further testimony to the heat index on this one, I disclosed all of this to the Tampa Bay Times nearly three years ago – apparently, it was too hot for them to handle.

Previous post on the subject: 30 Million Dollar Cover Up


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  2. I’d imagine that this is exactly the right time Marty. Like a session, things are confronted as they become confrontable by the pc. It would appear that this one’s ready to blow!

  3. “it is about time” Right and it IS good! Thanks to you, others and the universe.

  4. Kaa BOOOOMMMMM!!!!

  5. Incredible stuff Marty. You sir are the key spearhead we all have in the Indie movement – chief pain in the enemie’s sphincter – indeed why we have such a prospering field, life saving momentum going on.

    Your devotion and contribution to Scientology isn’t lost on me and I see no reason you need justify or apologize anything. This may go right past the heads of some, but you are ongoing testament that Scientology works.

  6. Marty — it must be nice to know you have SO many people who care about you and support you. All the natter will fold in the presence of so much respect and admiration.

    keep going bro.

  7. Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is unavailable for comment. He is working to salvage the planet while he takes a well-deserved and overdue vacation in international waters aboard The Freewinds.

    We in RTC are certain the allegations are all Monique Yingling’s fault as Fleet Admiral Miscavige was too busy during the entire period described working on the Golden Age of Tech. He would not have had time to manage all of this alleged “ex parte” business and, frankly, the Fleet Admiral does not even know what the term means.

    Fleet Admiral Miscavige’s latest project is to move the Church into Fortified Subterranean Ideal Orgs where Church members are safe from entheta:

  8. Evidence… Does irrefutable evidence exist?
    I can only imagine what DM must be speculating. He has 30 million reasons and one single piece of evidence could bring it all undone.

  9. That’s quite a story of the seduction of Jeffrey M. Goodis. And now he knows just how micro-seduced he was by gifts of cuff links, Super Bowl tickets, and celebrity walk-bys. It’s even possible the Florida Bar might find those events interesting enough to inquire about.

  10. For a non-english speaking person the Bunker interview is very difficult to follow. The subtitles are riddled with errors. Would somebody be so kind to give a summary of what is being said? Thank you very much.

  11. Wow, Marty.

    I can see now how Miscavige fights to maintain his position of power. He fights it as a war of attrition. The more hidden and compromising his little victories are, the higher the chances are that the interested parties will actually die before Miscavige can be called to account for his subterfuge.

    It would seem that his past is catching up with him though. To paraphrase a quote, “The wheels of justice grind slowly… but they grind exceedingly fine”.

  12. I am disappointed that the Church of Scientology is not the kind of organization that enjoys telling the truth to people or living with it. It is not a matter of how much money was spent. Even $1.00 spent to cover up the truth about the death of another human being is a gross injustice to all people everywhere. Needless to say, by now “everyone” knows the truth about Lisa McPherson’s death, and consequently the church’s “untold great expense” to reach millions with their tech.

  13. The consequences of an evil act will never cease to act upon the existence of the person guilty of the act. Buddha

  14. There must be copies of the release, although any within the reach of the CofS are gone as of today.

    Maybe Ms. Wood confided in someone …

    Wouldnt it be ironic if after all these years, all the pain, it would be the Lisa tragedy that was the catalyst that brought DM to his knees.

  15. Since there is no Statute of Limitations on murder, I wonder if the case could be reopened …

  16. And THAT is how corporate scientology rolls headed up by McTinygrubbyfists. Forget ethics, forget truth, nothing is off limits to help protect grubbyfists from being found out. He sets quite the example of spiritual freedom doesn’t he??
    Wouldn’t YOU like to be like McTinygrubby fists??

  17. Well, Marty sure opened it up to the world, statute of limitations notwithstanding. 🙂

  18. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, another great job, VERY well done, Sir!
    The best part that came across, while chatting to Mark Bunker –was just how much you were thoroughly enjoying yourself!!! And why wouldn’t you be?

  19. Now, let us wait for David Miscavige to sue Marty for ….anything. Defamation of character (I am laughing right now), something. Anything. He will NOT do it, DM is scared to death of Marty. Case in point: DM watches everything going on at Marty and Mosey’s home 24/7. He has PI’s following him everywhere he goes. DM gets no rest these days, because of his massive fear of what Marty will do or say next. I bet he is spinning in his office chair right now..screaming at the top of his lungs. I dare DM to sue you Marty, but I know he will not do it.

  20. From Tony Ortega’s blog article linked above:

    “Dandar has confirmed to us that he has also deposed another former Scientology executive, Mike Rinder, and that testimony contains further explosive allegations about Scientology’s cover-up of the McPherson matter.”

    And I was just wondering whether another shoe would drop. Can’t wait to see it.

  21. Re: The natterers … they are just jealous.

    They realize that extreme suppression, bullying by others, PIs following a family 24/7, countless hate websites are the very stuff that leads the strong to enlightenment when the “victim” refuses to fold, refuses to hate and more importantly refuses to stop learning.

    It’s just jealousy. No worries 🙂


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  23. Well duh….?
    Robert! Sorry ~ but I bet your wonderings are over 🙂

    Thanks so much Marty for coming straight and I LOVE your Liability step 2. “Deliver an effective blow…
    3. “Make up the damage…
    We are all doing it Marty – you are bringing us with you. Astounding..

  24. Ronnie, I saw that report too…. about Mike Rinder also having been deposed. “Corroboration” in this case is a lot like “Instant Karma” and reminds me of John Lennon’s song:

    “Instant Karma’s gonna get you…
    Gonna knock you right on the head….”

    Thank god Marty and Mike did not take the hush money and sign a secrete agreement that is locked up in some lawyer’s safe somewhere… we have a lot to be thankful for…

  25. Whoops – that was to bob grant – sorry Robert

  26. Regarding the “natter in cyberspace”, I’ve noticed a small group of commenters on Tony’s blog and elsewhere who not only can’t see any good ever in any aspect of Scientology, they are compelled to always invalidate anyone who does. It seems this same group are the ones insisting that Marty Rathbun has never drawn an honest breath in his life.

    Ironically, their behavior is so easily explained by Scientology. It’s just missed withhold phenomena. They have dark secrets and someone in Scientology once came way too close to finding out. They also know, at the hidden core of their being, that Marty could pull those withholds in a heartbeat.

    Pay them no attention, Marty. Anyone out here clean enough and bright enough to see that A does not equal B, can understand and appreciate the value of what you are doing.

  27. “No Statute of Limitations on murder”….Particularly true about ones conscience.

    David Miscavige you are neither a doctor nor a C/S and there are consequences when you play at these.

  28. The charges were just dropped I believe, Miscabitch wasn’t found not guilty, I’m fairly certain it could be reopened, and it should be.

  29. That may have a lot to do with why DM is trying to get Marty’s deposition thrown out. Just imagine the specter of things to come if they changed the cause of death to murder. You can be sure that point isn’t lost on DM. If the testimony stays in there aren’t enough cuff links made to get himself out of the mess that will ensue.

  30. It is a totally disgusting story. All involved are tainted with………. Disgust, in my opinion.

    That’s some funky ass karma to work out dude.

  31. Yes, unless he applies the Ethics Conditions properly and makes up for it during his Liability formula.
    That’s what the Conditions are for and why they are so great when PROPERLY applied.

  32. Right on windhorse. Marty, pay no attention to the natterers. These are armchair quarterbacks and “weekend warriors”, if that, who have never walked the walk themselves and somehow try to position that chickenshit lifestyle as their virtue. Mostly they seem so nicely “middle class”, but for anyone who is not in lock-step with them, they can be hideously oppressive. Not that much different from the CoS Koolaid drinkers. A few are actually still shrinking back in horror and disavowing their own selves by scolding you. Their rabble-rousing. finger pointing talk is cheap.

    You could have gone off and lived a quiet unknown life perhaps, if Miscavige would have left you alone.

    You didn’t and thanks for standing up.

  33. Yes…DM is in big trouble…..again!

  34. These are the holier than thou “professional haters” who make an identity and lifestyle of being that way.

  35. As far as I understand, it was criminal negligence, not murder.
    Will somebody please clarify this. Is there Statute of Limitations for criminal negligence?

  36. “JEALOUSY, is basically an inability to confront the unknown.” — LRH (SH Spec 43, 6108C22)

  37. Awesome Marty!
    You are looking good and happy as you deliver that blow!

    I really hope Joan Wood made a copy of that ‘Release’ and confided it to a friend who cares enough to now come forward with this evidence to help expose the truth and bring closure for us and the McPhearson family.

  38. Marty, I’m not sure what exactly the criticism is that is coming from these “natterering spectators”, but I for one definitely feel like it is about time some truth and justice is brought to bear upon DM and the Church. I am grateful that someone who is uniquely qualified to do that has the guts to actually do it.

    The day of redemption that many of us have been waiting for seems to be fast approaching. Thank you! You have my support.

  39. Marty, IMO ( coming from an outsider/observer) you are a good operator. If you have info re COS, DM etc. that you have not put in the public sphere it is for good reason. It amazes me that the info already out there re COS and DM has not been enough to bring justice to bear years ago.

    I don t think it would be in anyone’s best interest, including past and future victims for you to show all your cards up front at the same time expecting it will be enough based on past results from many witnesses, victims testimony etc.

    I hope you keep turning the knife whenever it makes sense u til the monster is dead-

  40. I watch your interview Marty… what a PR whore David is!

  41. Oh those kids, I have been posting on Tony’s many times… They are soooo stuck on anti Scientology they cannot see a single fact about Theta!!!!

  42. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Marty, that was a great deposition posted yesterday and the details in this interview with Mark Bunker really make the point. The “smoking gun” is a hot one, that’s for sure. Lots of people are going to be following this story.

  43. Fly on the wall

    Tony Ortega’s blog has some real haters. They would find fault with Mother Theresa for not having done enough to help others, though they themselves help and serve no one. There are a few sick, twisted puppies over there. They resent being confused by the facts. Its natter all right. When natter deepens to blind hate, i dont even want to know the O/Ws which lie beneath it.

  44. It won’t be a measly shoe Ronnie, it’s gonna be one of those 500 lb boots filled with concrete and it will take the Demented Miscarriage to the bottom of his scum filled pond!

    How is your weekly battle plan shaping up Davey? Better get those Cruise Brand disposable diapers and face wipes stocked up because you will surely be in need of regular change-ups. And be aware that the shit that is hitting the fan is YOURS!

  45. Let ’em natter Christine. It will help us identify those with ‘similar overts of their own’ so they can be marked for handling after we get Miscarriages main mess cleaned up.

  46. Yea good point, there is still a lot to sort through there for most of us not behind the scene.

  47. Just to bring some theta in this last two (important) posts:

    Enjoy some music + some nice lyrics.
    (No OSA, not for you this time, you wouldn’t understand.. would you?)

  48. Games, you know.

  49. There is a character in the book “The Sociopath Next Door,” who might have been miscavige personified.

    You just can’t believe that anyone could be, or would want to be that disgusting. The thetan has left the building but clattering and clanking of the insidious mental machinery grinds on.

  50. Dave, are you okay? Huele muy mal, senior. Something smells like it’s dead. Oh, I think maybe it’s you!

  51. Theo you are a kind and social person.

  52. Most of the “criticism” amounts to saying that no matter how much Marty says or does, it will not be enough as far as they’re concerned.

    I think we’ve all met a few people like that. It’s just a carping peanut gallery.

  53. Li'll bit of stuff

    At some point Steve, that’s gonna be completely true.
    Retribution left to fate is an indefinite thing.

  54. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Very true LDW.

    Oh, and this reminds me, that I forgot to announce several weeks ago that I read “The Sociopath Next Door.” The book is incredibly descriptive of what sociopathy is and the author communicated so well. Great knowledge. Don’t leave home (or stay at home) without it.

  55. Dm keeps resisting being found out and we all know what happens when you resist something. The Lisa McPherson case is the nightmare that keeps on being found out. Dm will need alot more than Scotch to get to sleep.

  56. Marty. I was there in 1999, helping out the LMT. I was there at the candlelight vigil for her in December 1999, Tampa. I remember Frank Oliver flashing his sign at night on the building: “We will never forget you, Lisa.” It was a heart rending time. Her death and the part I know (about how it happened) still haunts me to this day.

    For Lisa’s sake, I am grateful to you for providing the confirming testimony of the lengths to Co$ went to, to cover up her death, and what was behind it. You did not have to reveal these facts, you could easily have kept quiet. The fact that you have chosen to speak out and provide this invaluable testimony is appreciated by anyone who is inclined towards truth and justice.

    I for one am deeply grateful to you, and I thank you.

  57. KFrancis: I had come to that conclusion already.

  58. I don’t think it’s fair to say critics at Tony’s site are haters driven by missed withholds. It also isn’t accurate for them to call you all kool-aid drinkers. You’re each looking at the event from your own perspective. It would be best to find some common ground and work together. to bring an end to the abuses.

  59. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Actually most of the natter is just divide and conquer bullshit created and forwarded from OSA and their trolls (a direct observation from one who has actually witnesses it daily first hand). Many people in the ex Scientology community understand this even if some still buy into it.

  60. tik tok tik tok. DM your prison cell with BUBA is ready for you 🙂

  61. morelivesthanacat

    One can’t help but note that the original formation of the IAS was to combat a $33million dollar suit against the church. Now we find much more than that (counting after Marty’s time and to the present) has been spent on an internal cover-up much worse than the original allegations of the Portland case.

  62. Sir, your lack of respect for the great man is appalling! its High Fleet Grand Admiral David Miscavige, and dont you forget it!

  63. Marty you have probably already done something like this , but the thing you could do is get everything you know to people you can trust and do not tell anyone who they are and if anything were to happen to you the people you have given all the data to would release it all to the world on the internet .

  64. I’ve been pondering this all evening, Mark. Thank you.

    During the past election there were many who were vehemently opposed to Obama … and others vehemently opposed to Romney. Did those who opposed Obama, have missed withholds? And vice versa.

    It’s too convenient and a very old laid in datum about missed withholds to lay that at the feet of every complaint or upset. And to my way of thinking, quite a lazy way. It’s just way too black and white and thinking rigidly like that will not enable a person to step OUTSIDE of the box and sort through what is really going on.

    While MWH and overts just might be at the bottom of natter or dislike of scientology — there *could* be other factors.

    (that is not to say that one shouldn’t keep in mind the possibility of MWH and crimes – while searching for solution even if it’s sending someone to jail)

    As a former scientologist it took me years to not knee-jerk with a smug –oh he’s got MWH with anyone who seemed nattery to me.

    AND UNLESS you’ve honestly tested out this datum, I encourage everyone to just step up a bit higher and attempt to understand and communicate with others – even when it seems impossible. I guess I’m pounding this one but seriously when the looking and understanding stops cold with MWH — well — that’s dumb.

    (AND BTW – while Marty knows that datum really well, his blog alone is proof that he never stops looking for more ways to bring justice forward and help others destim etc)

    But most important for all of us IMHO

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” (thanks to whomever posted this over at ESMB)
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  65. I think Sam is correct here. It’s the divide and conquer that is so lethal.

    Whenever you can put people into a box that is subhuman — then you’ve won the war cause death then becomes nothing …

    And if we are honest about ourselves – we can see doing this in our personal relationships — just shunt someone into the category of “anti-Hubbard” and bam — treatment of that person becomes less than honorable, usually.

    Just my 2¢

  66. Smokin!!
    Miscavige must be The King of Smooze. The same smoozing is used to trap the parishioners with a false sense of importance to the cause, IMO.

  67. Now Theo, you little scamp, you!
    You guys know we are not all haters over at Tony’s! Although there are some serious jokers and degrader’s over at our house.
    Raises hand to confess. And I can Natter with the best of them!

    We see plenty of facts. Hell, we have been sniffing out facts for a long time. Some really hard and ugly facts too.

    Our singular collective goal remains the same.

    Yes Dave….I am looking directly at you!
    How’s it feel Dave? Don’t look now, but your panties are in a wad!

  68. There a few sick and twisted puppies everywhere!
    There are also some damned intelligent posters over there who care very much about what Co$ has done to a lot of good people.
    To Scientologists.
    It is the destruction of those people that upset us and we get pretty passionate about it.
    And then there are a couple of people who are just ass holes.

    Baby, meet bathwater.
    I am just like Tom Cruise at a car accident. I wanna help!
    Sometime righteous indignation is all I got.
    And I am a giver!
    You folks are all right.
    Marty is a star.
    Have a great day!

  69. Yes, we do. And let me say, I’ve seen some of the cyberspace natter – it’s worse than spectatorism – it’s destructive. I have no doubt at all that Lisa’s death still traumatizes many involved who saw her dying but could do nothing – I’m thinking especially of those who had to “babywatch” her for days who were probably quite junior and I can imagine desperately wanted to do something but were caught between a rock and a hard place. For those stone-throwing holier-than-thous carping on the sidelines – what would you have done? Just shut up and appreciate the fact that there are those around who HAVEN’T and will not be bought off.

  70. I called them “kids” Valkov as I call my mom and dad now, just because they cannot see that one single FACT OF LIFE, the existence of THETA. Thanks for your good words and I believe that the only problem on this planet in politics, economics etc. etc. stems from the lack of knowledge about Theta. How can a society go on without knowledge of such a BASIC? This is a society OUT OF COMMUNICATION as LRH said!

  71. I’m not entirely sure about the dates, but I think it was 17 years ago today that Lisa had her car accident, and was taken to Fort Homicide.

  72. One important fact is, that data itself may cause “natter”, criticism and such things, based on ARC breaks. Suppressive Persons use data out of context to further their agenda. They even to appeal to peoples consince while using their literalistic “concepts”.
    There are examples throughout the world.
    To give you some hints:
    ~ some christians “hate” the jews because they killed Jesus
    ~ some americans “hate” muslims, because they bombed the WTC

    This is basicaly “third party” perpetrated by a higher “authority”. Some people pick it up and further his agenda without questioning the source.

    LRH says in a lecture “History of Clearing”, given on the 29th of January 1958 the following:

    “Man has been looking at random in the world of the mind, the world of the spirit and the physical universe for a very, very long time.
    And we didn’t have time to look at random.
    We had a much better possible route.
    And that was the route of bringing people up to a point where they could look.
    Do you see that?
    And that, of course, would be the final breakout against authoritarianism—for a final breakout would be to put a man in a position where he could observe.
    Authoritarianism, arbitraries, are only accepted so long as no one is permitted to look or so long as no one can look.
    And after you’ve been told not to look long enough and often enough, you get so where you can’t look.
    So, our route was the accomplishment of an observation platform from which a man could observe and from these observations make up his own mind. ” – LRH

    In my opinion many of the “critiques” of Scientology are just that: individuals who fall for the agenda of some SPs.
    I talked to some masked anons once in my city where I lived and I wondered how little they really knew what they was “fighting”.
    They had no insight into Scientology as a subject, no insight into LRH, the current state of affairs. Nothing. It was just a witch-hunt for them.
    Internet is full of it.
    They have just some data, out-of-context about “Scientology and Christianity”, “Prince X”, “Body Ts” but no understanding of the basic Scientology principles, how they work, what its purpose is and therefore they will never understand why they can’t really fight it. As in order to fight something effectivley, you need to understand it.
    And in case of Scientology, if they did (understand) they would stop (to fight it).
    It’s a game we understand much better than they do.
    They are victims of litetalism, they can’t look for themselves, they’re wound-up dolls and they’ll stop one day.
    They can’t see plus-points (PTS).
    They fight the “outpoints” of Scientology, but truth is, Scientology (the subject and writings) has more plus-points then it has out-points.

  73. Just for the record, I’m not attributing all criticism of Marty or Scientology to MWHs. The comment referred to a small minority who rabidly attack any suggestion of some redeeming value in either one. It’s really quite reactive.

  74. I second that Kim. The road to Damascus comes to mind.

  75. I think once this blows the top off of DM’s corruption, and it will, then we can investigate the corrupt IAS, and the books sales of the Basics. I’m still convienced that DM has altered the basic books enough to make it no longer LRH’s property, but property of RTC or even DM specifically. Imagine all those book sales, with all the proceeds going directly into his pocket?

    I just have no doubts. Time to follow the crumbs.

  76. Time to exorcise the DeMon from Scientology.

  77. Fly on the wall

    well said, bury the nuts. your able to differentiate, because your sane. Its the ones who cannot, or are unwilling, to differentiate, that drag a forum down.

  78. Any chance of seeing Mikes Affidavit?

  79. Marty maybe this is totally irrelevant but I wanted to dedicate this MashUp song composed by my nephew Robin Skouteris to all Indies and all Scientologists who through communication try to end the tyranny of Miscavige.

    My nephew Robin Skouteris with his new MashUp song PopLove (2012) is about to hit 1.000.000 views on YouTube tonight, in just 2 days time!!! WOWWWWWWW! that’s a record now!


  80. Nice reference SKM. To put it in perspective, I use “Cycle of an Overt” from HCOB 8 September 1964.

  81. WONDERFUL Theo — really fun and great message!!

    He’s one person closer to 1,000,000 — I’ll check back later and click again — he deserves it!

  82. Oh, really ?

    Try visiting Why We Protest and saying anything even remotely positive about Ron Hubbard or Mark “Marty” Rathbun and see what happens. Why don’t you come on over there and try and reason with this people as I have been doing lately ?

    Nobody here on Marty;’s blog is putting anyone into any sort of “subhuman” box, Windhorse. “We” are not doing any such thing. That’s total bullshit.

    If you want to see that for real, go over to WWP and just try to relate any *good* experience you ever had with Scientology and see what happens. You’ll get much the same response on ESMB.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  83. This one’s for you Mosey:

  84. This is true for me 😉

  85. Thanks Windhorse!!! Makes me smile!

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  87. Mark Bunker, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  88. I’m still convienced that DM has altered the basic books enough to make it no longer LRH’s property, but property of RTC or even DM specifically.


    This is also why the orgs were so insistent that people destroy their old copies of LRH books. Supplanting LRH’s original works with Miscavige’s altered versions was perhaps the biggest, boldest, most criminal bait and switch that any religious group has perpetrated in the modern age.

  89. Mr. Hobson —
    The last time you attempted to attack me — I left the closed indie scientology group.

    Which caused quite a ruckus. When I was asked to return by the moderator I said that I didn’t leave because of you per se but that I felt it was the wrong group for me.

    Let me be perfectly clear Mike. You jump to conclusions. I never said that anyone on THIS blog put people into a subhuman box. I said “WHENEVER” —

    That means whenever — whether it is politics, the mess in the middle east or the outrageously contentious tone that existed on Indie Scientology group.

    In fact, it was LRH himself who said something along the lines of reducing a person to a subhuman level THEN you can wage war against him or kill him. I was paraphrasing.

    Your life would be more pleasant and more full of joy IF YOU WERE able to see beyond your own self-righteous grand standing.

    So WHAT if some of those at WWP never think well of scientology or LRH. It doesn’t take away YOUR wins or YOUR love.

    Marty, Mike, LRH, Scientology do not need you to defend them. Their actions stand on their own. The fact that others do not like them or even hate them does NOT take away from their value.

    YOU don’t need approval from others to know what you know.

    Please Mike. Give yourself a break and just breathe. Life doesn’t have to be so rowdy.


  90. Good interview…it was hard to follow until you got to the end and were able to put the pieces together. Convoluted, manipulative, appalling that Co$ was able to get away with that!

  91. Every once in a while I have a nightmare about being in the Sea Org and wanting to leave but not being able to leave, stuck in that insane problem without a solution. Last night I had a different dream. I was being recruited for the Sea Org and was ready to sign. I filled out the contract, was then handed another form, an IAS donation form, and was told I also needed to donate $300 to the IAS. At first I was irked and said I’d do $100. Then I got super angry. Here I am joining the SO, and you have the gall to demand an IAS dono too? I stormed out and went for a walk. Once I calmed down, I realized how far off the rails the “Church” had gone, asking someone who was willing to dedicate not just this life but the next billion years to the Sea Org, to now also demand an IAS dono. The “Church” was truly dead, nothing but money-grubbing cult. I decided I was going to go back and rip up both the dono form and the SO contract. Then I woke up. I woke up in my dreams, and I woke up literally. Times are achangin’!

  92. Wise Beard Man

    His words are wise

    His face is beard

  93. +10. Thanks, Windhorse.

  94. Ronnie
    I tried to push the ‘thumbs up’ button 10 times but it won’t let me! 🙂
    You hit it straight on and this is MAJOR and HUGE..
    Somewhere in ‘Self-Analysis’ (can’t find it anymore, hadn’t marked it then) I compared LRH’s to DM’s version and found DM supplanted an adjective before or just after ‘child’ to ‘social’ -while LRH had a perfectly good word- and I then wondered if DM had joined the psychiatric crowd. That was before I was an Indie and knew. It made no sense then. Now it does -big time!
    But let’s win one battle at the time and for now get rid of the main head of the Medusa (DM).

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    Or to be taken sooooooooh “seriously” either!
    Nice theta comment, Christine.
    Another message for MAH>>>lighten up>>>laugh more!
    >>> love more! Put out more ARC >>>see what comes back!
    Dang! What could be more simple than that???
    ML & ARC,

  96. Marty
    If that expert you had found said it was NOT dehydration as cause of Lisa McPhearson’s death, what did he say WAS the cause?
    If you know but can’t say it here, save it for the court, that’s fine too.

  97. Well put Chris. I agree Mikey just Breathe

  98. CofS releases a new “recycling of the tech.”.
    The resistance introduces a new “smoking gun”.

    Another Groundhog weekend has gone by.


  99. OK, a peanut gallery of “useful idiots” and their handlers, then. That’s almost worse, to thinkthereis someorganizationto it!

  100. Yes, this is social vs. sociable (2 similar words with a completley different meaning).

    Find out more here:

  101. Well, according to Tony Ortega’s blog today, Dandar called him after the hearing today. There is another hearing scheduled for November 26th, and the judge will figure how much Dandar owes the COS for continuing to sue them after the 2004 agreement. BUT, the COS was not able to get Marty’s deposition stricken from public record. That at least is something. The COS really wanted to silence Marty and failed. Once again.

  102. Agreed, Mark, not all “critics” are “haters” by any means.

  103. I found this very interesting. Similar to the FBI case with a possible raid at Int. that was shut down from FBI senior Mgmt. Apparently along the way Miscavige has really perfected the ability to employ the “Lucifer Tactic” which uses a program of subtle corruption to get people to sell their souls or at least commit some pretty beefy overt acts, at his behest. His ability to reverse engineer the tech and use it against his enemies is something to behold. The process of making this data known is of long term benefit for all of us who spent years in the “Miscavige isn’t all that bad” camp of denial. Keep shinning that bright spotlight on him Marty! He’s a vampire and will slowly die in the light.

  104. You said “You could have gone off and lived a quiet unknown life perhaps, if Miscavige would have left you alone.” I don’t know Marty personally, but I don’t think he could have just turned his back. It’s like witnessing a crime (which it was) or knowing of an injustice. You just have to step forward. Maybe if Danbar wasn’t being srewed so badly and there wasn’t a devastated family it would be different.

  105. I do not mean to imply they are any kind of majority either. They are a tiny minority, like those 2 who kept up a doctrinaire drum beat of anti-Hubbard sentiment on Amazon Reviews without even having read Marty’s books……

    Perhaps it’s my own construct, but I imagine a condition of “free-floating hate” similar to the idea of “free-floating anxiety” referred to by psychologists.

    What comes to mind is, one of the essays in the original editions of “New Slant on Life”, in which LRH mentions 2 personality types, neither being particularly desirable, “Love as a personality” and “hate as a personality”.

    I believe it is in the essay titled “On Human Character”. He was a bit harsh on humans in it, but I think there is some degree of truth there, as I have seen how easily many people jump on a bandwagon of indiscriminate invalidation. At bottom is an innocent enough desire to agree and be in ARC with one’s associates, but it can have some highly negative results socially, when discriminating reason is not also brought to bear.

  106. Bravo Marty.
    Very Very Well Done.
    A Suppressive Act ! (criminal, anti-social in Scientology parlance)
    So what is a suppressive Act ?
    Is bribing and influencing the lawyer of one’s adversary with gifts and John Travolta encounters so that the lawyer
    turns his client around to favor the Church…is this highly odorous backdoor manipulation a Suppressive act ?
    Influencing judges a Suppressive act ?
    Ah yes, Scientology Inc is this virgin-like goodness, angelic in performance, that never EVER harmed anyone !
    Never killed anyone !
    Never acted out with sadism and atrocities on anyone !
    Only Miscavige and Scientology Inc have the MORAL AUTHORITY to name who is a Suppressive Person.
    Posting on Marty’s blog is a suppressive act.
    But kidnap, lockdown with no ability to leave, RPF atrocities are not suppressive acts !
    A visit to St. Hill, East Grinstead. UK. on camera is FUN to watch naming a Suppressive act. This was shot only days ago.

  107. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    I agree with you Bury the Nuts about Tom Cruise. Although Tom Cruise has big changes to make from his current position of supporting a radical church, I am not critical of Tom Cruise for his statement he made about helping at traffic accidents because I experienced that only 2 years ago when I saw 30 people gathered around a pedestrian who’d been smashed seriously by a car. I started to walk the other direction as it’s been 30 years since I trained on the LRH assists. I saw a dozen reasons flash in my universe as to why I should walk the other way – then I said to myself “what the fuck am I doing” as I couldn’t live with myself if I walked away. (I think this is what Tom Cruise meant also as I experienced it personally on this occasion and others.) So I made a bee line to the accident and cut through a crowd of 30 people standing around the injured person and knelt beside the seriously smashed up person who was unconscious. I started an LRH assist for an unconscious person. His body was a mess with serious injury is why no one else was doing anything. Then a lady whispered in my ear telling me I was doing the right thing. She was happy someone was helping. She said she was a nurse which makes sense as we were close to a hospital. She asked me if she could do anything to help. I whispered to her “yes”, to “ensure everyone was quiet and didn’t get too close”. She did that. I could hear her calming the crowd. The person gained consciousness as I did the assist and then I saw spiritually that the person had made a decision to sit up or get up but the person didn’t yet know that the extent of their physical injury would prevent them from doing so. So then my job became simply smiling, acknowledging the person and getting the person to lie still. But at least some of the spiritual aspect had been handled and my job was over when the paramedics arrived. Interestingly I don’t think the injured person spoke English. But intention is king. What I did helped some and looking back in hindsight I think it was mostly my intention that made everything go OK. LRH’s total intention was to give people tools to help others with. And LRH accomplished that.

  108. Pingback: Clearwater Star Chamber Gets Green Light | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  109. Good point – although at the risk of seeming pedantic I think the Christofferson case was for $39M.

    It also begs the question – for me anyway – of what that $30M actually achieved. Or rather, what could have been the outcomes if the original verdict of “unexplained death” had been allowed to stand. Surely it would have meant that properly supervised protocols would have been put in place and enforced where there was clear medical issues, and other benefial changes.

    Instead we had a typical DM kneejerk reaction to turn Flag into a virtual lockdown where you had to be virtually CMO qualled just to get a service, and even then you’d be sec-checked up the ying yang instead of actually getting auditing. I know, I was one of many who “enjoyed” the consequences.

  110. I get your point totally! With that said, are you saying that the basic books are altered to a point of unworkablity? What I getting at is if the books are available 2nd hand, are they not of good value?

    I am interested in peoples opinion on this..

  111. Some parts where changed in such a way as to over-emphasize Scientology as a religion.
    This has a stupid taste if you compare those changes to the originals (and they deviate from the original context significantly).

    Good about the basics is that they where translated in 16 languages for the first time.
    The indroductory books even into 52 (at least).
    Another thing I did like was the design of the covers and matching sets of Book & Lectures. Also the ACCs of the same subject match in design. This is nice.

    What I didn’t like about the release at all is the fact that none of the changes where documented.
    Only claims that these are based on LRHs instructions or newly found handwritten or recorded LRH data.

    The books are to think (stupid data about “churches around the world” and IAS promo – hello, we live in the internet age, save some paper Davey).
    Using CDs for the lectures is as stupid as it gets. The only reason (really) is adding mass in order to convince people to pay more money.

    If Miscavige really was about to clear the planet, he would produce lectures as give-aways (on iPads or such devices), as incentives for HASI Members and let them instead spend their money for training and auditing. Maybe even a bonus programm for completions.

  112. The books are to think
    The books are to thiCk


  114. “Too thick” indeed. The “Intro to Scientology Ethics” is a perfect example. The “Basics” edition is almost 500 pages. The original editions from the 1970s are about 70 pages, truly an INTRODUCTION.

    It’s supposed to be an INTRODUCTION to Scientology Ethics, comprehensible to a new person. And that, It Is NOT. It is not a “freshman level” book. It’s more like a 3rd-year level book for someone who is Majoring in the minutia Ethics and Justice. . It’s a complete turn-off, for anyone who wants a simple “Introduction” to the subject. As an “INTRO”, it’s overwhelming. As in suppressive.
    That’s my take, it may not be true that it is intentionally designed to be that way, but as LRH said, “The result IS the intention.” It’s a compulsive compilation of about 500 pages. Granted, about 80 of those pages are Glossary, but to a beginner, I think it’s an overwhelming book that will not be read and understood. Much of it is lists of crimes and penalties.

    Is that what Scientology is really about? This book gives that impression.

  115. I guess the book has all the earmarks of Miscavige’s overwhelming desire to overwhelm! 🙂

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