Clearwater Star Chamber Gets Green Light, For Now

Reference: Miscavige’s Hot Smoking Gun

A Federal Court judge today denied attorney Ken Dandar’s motion to enjoin Pinellas County state court judge Crocket Farnell from proceeding with a closed-to-the-public proceeding to assess fines against Dandar.  F. Wallace Pope’s motion to strike my testimony from the record apparently was denied.

Here is the court’s official minutes:







Pro se


Wallace Pope, Robert Potter



TIME: 9:00 – 9:49 TOTAL: 49 mins


PROCEEDINGS: MOTION HEARING re: Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction (Dkt #2)

The plaintiff argued his motion before the Court.
The defendant offered a counter-argument before the Court. Defendant’s position is that plaintiff has not alleged some form of state action.

The Court stated she will not accept a pleading that is filed under seal or in camera.

The Court stated that plaintiff has failed to allege what has to be alleged in the complaint.

Oral Motion by plaintiff for leave to file an amended complaint. The Court instructs the plaintiff to file a motion if he wishes to amend the complaint and defendant will have a chance to respond.

The Court denied the Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction. A written order will be entered. Motion to Strike is denied as moot.
Motion to file pleadings in camera/under seal is denied.

News on the development:

Tony Ortega’s Account

New York Daily News

ABC Action News Tampa’s Account

Apparently, Dandar did not properly plead the case. I have no further data as to what took place in the Federal Court proceeding.  I simply responded to and complied with a subpoena and testified to the truth.  But, the more I learn of this case, the more I am beginning to suspect that an injustice of magnitude is afoot.   The proceedings before Farnell being carried on off the public record seems unAmerican and, given Scientology Inc.’s history of buying influence with the Pinellas judiciary, it at the very least has the appearance of impropriety.

Farnell was approached by Scientology Inc. lawyers to assess Dandar with fines for alleged violation of the Lisa McPherson civil case settlement the parties entered into in 2004.  The settlement agreement allegedly includes the provision that Dandar may not represent anyone for the remainder of his life in any action against David Miscavige and Scientology Inc.   Dandar allegedly violated that agreement by representing the woman whose son committed suicide while in the care of his Scientologists father.  The father was twinning with David Miscavige’s twin sister Denise at Scientology Inc’s Flag training center at the time.  Dandar alleged that Denise and Scientology Inc had pressured the father to hide his son’s meds, which deprivation lead to the suicide.  According to Dandar, he only took on the case when the victim’s mother was rebuffed by a number of potential lawyers who all opted out citing fear of the Scientology Inc retaliation machine. Dandar lost that suit earlier this year.  Miscavige now wants to ruin Dandar financially. Apparently, he wants to put his head on a figurative pike so as to create a chilling effect against any other lawyers getting the idea it is safe to sue Miscavige and Scientology Inc.   Therefore, we will keep a closer eye on this one.

17 responses to “Clearwater Star Chamber Gets Green Light, For Now

  1. Truly some damage has been done, and it will take some undoing. Let’s hope that happens. Injustice never happens without help.

  2. I wonder if COS is planning the same scumbag tactics on the lawyers representing the families of Stacy Dawn Murphy, Hillary Holton, Gabriel Graves and the other non-Scientologists who died or were abused in Narconon.

  3. Miscavige is the one and only POB.

    He’s also an utter POS.

  4. The wheel of justice turns slowly but inexorably.

  5. I remember back when I was in the Church and one of the Anonymous guys got busted for hacking or something. I was gloating and taking pleasure that he was busted and in a lot of legal trouble. We were in the org and a mother said “He was a kid” in a way that impinged on me for some reason.

    For years in the Church I was in agreement with this stuff, even though obviously I didnt have all the details. I enjoyed reading that Dandar was crushed. I thought everybody was an enemy of the church and therefore mankind. It’s kind of sobering now to look at it from another prespective. Prehaps from the Mcphereson family etc.

  6. Somehow, I feel a little ways up the road, this will turn into a noisy investigation and an even bigger, noisier flap. As the saying goes, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

    A recent special on television took up the statistics of the most corrupt notorious justice arena in North America, South Carolina. Absolutely unbelievable injustices running rampant, including putting people away for life so someone’s son would look good. Even if they harnessed the wrong person. The average IQ of jurors was so low, given straight forward evidence, they could not think with it.

    Florida is the “deep south” and the “deep south” is all about relationships, just like Scn Inc.. The first advise I would give Dandar is change of environment and to take his message onto more flexible grounds where it can be about principles and reason.

  7. I wish he’d do everyone on the planet a favor and put his own head on a pike.

  8. You are wonder in about this? 🙂 The Church of Scientology is ALWAYS planning “the same scumbag tactics” on ANYBODY almost since I was born! 🙂 I can’t believe they have made it this far! 🙂 They really need to get their act together, big time!

  9. “Judge denies he was a Scientology pawn”
    News anchor concludes, “We’ll have a lot more on this!”

    I am sure we will!

  10. If Judge Beach was clean why be upset and look so unhappy?
    Sure looks like something got missed.
    There’s got to be someone in Pinella Co. who was then involved who still has a conscience and is ready to come clean re Scientology perks and influence, etc. to save the battered face of Justice, do it for the sake of Truth and for the McPhearson family.

  11. I had similar experiences too. We lived in a bubble of sorts. Thank you for your post, Chris.

  12. CommunicatorIC

    Off-topic, but I saw announcements of an Independent Scientology version of the Basic Study Manual (BSM) on other forums and thought it might be of interest here.

    Study: Wearing One’s Hat
    By N. Edward Matavka, Ronald Hubbard, Rolf Krause

    “Based on the work of Lafayette Ron Hubbard, “Study: Wearing One’s Hat” is the first-ever secular adaptation of the seminal (and controversial!) Study Technology—an easy, fun way to study any discipline with perfect retention. Although this work has no connection with the Church of Scientology, it is a faithful rendering of Hubbard’s research papers and recorded lectures into book form. This book teaches the student how best to overcome the three barriers to learning: lack of ‘mass’, too steep a gradient, and the misunderstood word. It also teaches the student to use certain conceptual study tools, such as the Pyramid of Knowledge, and to be more relaxed when studying. This is also a text for teachers: it helps facilitate the use of Study Technology in the courseroom without it being a burden. The general aim of the course is that it provides an atmosphere of teamwork, where the student can study at his own pace, with the goal of becoming a professional who can apply what he has learned.”

    I am not an author of the book, am not associated with the author, and have no economic interest in the book. This is NOT an endorsement of the book. I have not read the book. I am passing this information on because, as I said, I thought it might be of interest to people here, and to further communication.

  13. “…teaches the student to use certain conceptual study tools, such as the Pyramid of Knowledge, and to be more relaxed when studying.”

    Why are you promoting squirrel (Scientology) technology on this channel?

  14. The Pyramid of Knowledge is no new data in Scientology, Ronnie.

    “Qs: knowledge is a pyramid, and knowledge as a pyramid has a common denominator which evaluates all other data below it. At the top point of this pyramid is what could be called a Q, and it could also be called a common denominator. It is in common to every other datum in this pyramid full of data. The Qs are the highest echelon from which all other things are derived. Q comes from quod in Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum), meaning “which was to be shown or demonstrated,” used specifically in mathematical proofs. The Qs can be found in the book Scientology 0-8: The Book of Basics.”

    From Scientology online dictionary.

    I don’t know the book.
    It seems as though someone picked up the idea from 60-70’s where some Scientologists wrote books on the subject based on LRH.

    I don’t know the book.

  15. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    I am not a lawyer, I’m a writer. But I do cover legal issues at times.

    What it appears is happening is that Ken Dandar failed to state what relief he was asking for, or failed to state it in a way that the judge could understand.

    When filing a court case, you cannot file based on the assertion that your opponent is “a bad person”, but rather you have to state:

    1) who your opponent is
    2) what is the action that they took
    3) how the action caused you damage
    4) what relief you are asking the court for

    Let’s say your next door neighbor owns an electric guitar and amplifier, and plays country music full blast at 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM every day preventing you from sleeping, and costing you a lot of money because you keep falling asleep at work, and get fired.

    The above paragraph covers 1, 2, and 3. Number 4 would be your lost wages, court costs, punitive damages, plus an injunction for your neighbor not to play his guitar between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM unless he runs the amplifier through headphones, or otherwise keeps the volume low enough that it doesn’t disturb you.

    That’s a vastly simplified explanation. If you want something more in depth, talk to a real lawyer.

    One last point – I haven’t read any of the filings on this case, so I don’t know what really happened. I gather that Ken Dandar is an experienced trial (court room) lawyer. This means he knows far more about this than I do.

    So why didn’t he state what relief he wanted clearly?


  16. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    FYI, the Religion News Blog has an article about the hearing and also has a Ken Dandar’s complaint which is well worth reading.

    Without having the entire text of the hearing, it is impossible to understand the judge’s ruling. Still a basic understanding of how the law works is something everyone should have. Even if you have no direct interest in Scientology I’d suggest that following the case will be educational.


  17. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter


    Could you change this to read:

    FYI, the Religion News Blog has an article about the hearing, and also has a copy of Ken Dandar’s complaint which is well worth reading.

    Was working from my iPad. Damn you autocorrect!


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