Judge Denies He Was A Scientology Pawn

Reference:  Scientology Inc’s Quest to Buy Injustice

Check out Judge Beach denying something that he was never accused of:

News cast of Judge Beach skirting the issue

He claims “I’ve never had any conversations with Scientologists outside of the courtroom.”  Nobody ever said he did to my knowledge.  I testified that Lee Fugate was paid millions to meet quite regularly with Beach ex parte, outside the court room, to steer him toward courses of action to David Miscavige’s benefit.  Lee Fugate never was a Scientologist.   It sounds as if Beach is still taking tips from his Scientology Inc handlers.

28 responses to “Judge Denies He Was A Scientology Pawn

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  2. Let’s hope he gets nailed!

  3. This reminds me of the old legend regarding Lyndon Johnson at the beginning of his political career, when he supposedly told his campaign staff to start spreading rumors that his opponent was out-2D with his barnyard pigs. The staff objected due to the sheer scurrilousness of the rumor, but Johnson told them, “I don’t care. I just want him to deny it,” knowing that the denial would get some people to think that, if there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    The difference here, of course, is that Judge Beach really was laying with pigs and is now denying the slop stains on his robes. The denial should have the same effect as the denial in the LBJ story: get people to think, and hopefully research. Beach’s career and reputation are toast.

  4. At the end of the day, these “relationships” are very fragile. People who are very sneaky and not above board are fine with it until the spotlight shines on them. Unitl it becomes an inconvenience. They wholly just want to be on the side that is winning. The mere fact of an inquiry will cause them all to scurry away from the CofS and David Miscavige like rats running from a cellar that has been opened up for inspection. He is done in Clearwater Florida.

  5. Qui s’excuse, s’accuse.

  6. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    His whole body language during the video was of evasion and fear: the way he looked away from the reporter and the camera.

    Also, I can’t believe that an experienced judge would omit “.. and their lawyers” from his answer unless it was deliberate. (I must say that following CoS over the years has been an education in lying by omission and other techniques.)

  7. Look for Miscavige to make the next mistake. He did it in San Antonio, and he’s subject to the same cover-up madness that works on criminals getting caught and that criminal politicians are notorious for. The wheels are in motion. The train-wreck is coming – and he is going to be one very PTS being at this coming New Year’s event.

  8. As you said to me: Stay Strong you both, dam long way to go.
    Truth wins!!!!!
    in the end

  9. Looks like they took the bait.

  10. That’s what happens when you consult with liars…

  11. I fear the fix is in. However, I don’t think this story is over. We shall see.

  12. I’m fairly sure there isn’t much we can do on the outside of it all, but if there is, by all means…

  13. VERY EFFECTIVE BLOWS to the enemies of the true group known as Real Scientologists. Thank you for being you, Marty. And thank you for telling the truth about what really happened behind the scenes regarding this case.
    Corruption is a disease which sickens everyone in the society whom it touches. But the truth sets everyone free. Thanks.

  14. Li'll bit of stuff

    Judge Beach comes across as a pretty beleaguered looking
    senior member of the bench, if his body language and brief
    utterances, in the initial 30 seconds of his responses are anything to go by. Let’s never overlook the fact that even
    a “judge” has a “case” (in Scientology parlance!)

  15. The level of ‘unnatural’ influence the CULT seems to have over courts (worldwide) is bizzare.
    My own experonces in the UK leave all who know the details flabberghasted, I think publicity and creation of court records that may one day embarrass certain authorities is often the closest to Justice available in some courts at the moment.

  16. DM is being protected by the Feds, because he is their man. He has successfully usurped the mission of Scientology and totally reduced the effectiveness of Scientology as a group. Where once there was an effective, real effort to stand up against the corrupting, suppressive powers in our society, now there is just a koolaid-cult. I remember well the successes of CCHR, OSA and so on, in righting the many wrongs of various suppressive groups out there – these groups responded, and Scientology has been thus thwarted.

    There is much evidence to be discovered in the INCOMM CCDB system which would heal our Church and bring it back into a sane level of operating.

    INCOMM could turn this whole thing around for all Scientologists, independent or otherwise, by doing one thing: publishing, wide and sundry, all Scientology International statistics, since DM took the reigns.

    Why haven’t they done that already?

    Because: the stats are down, they are horrendous, they show absolute suppression from the top of the org board per very visible LRH references on the subject, and therefore INCOMM’s CO’s withold that he is off-Hat is being missed: he hasn’t done the job of removing the dictator, as LRH intended..

    Most people don’t know this, but LRH explicitly stated in orders to the original INCOMM mission that there were to be no senior orgs to INCOMM, that it was a parallel org outside of the lines of management, and it was being put there by dedicated, competent SO members to serve the delivery orgs in weeding out infiltration of top management (INCOMM was designed to detect this, seriously, by LRH), false reports, suppressive activities, etc. It was to do this by computerization, as per the CS Series and other LRH notes on the subject. The cornerstone to this was wide, public, published statistics coming directly from incorruptible org computer systems – have we seen that lately? No, because as an Org, INCOMM is in Treason. Its personnel have failed to deliver on the Mission: prevent through computerization of all Org data, published statistics, etc. the infiltration and destruction of management lines by external entities.

    So once Marty takes out DM, I hope INCOMM will do its job, get Org computerization happening, and get the Org lines in place to prevent corruption/usurpation happening again. I can’t see a future for a reformed Church unless it includes 100% access for all, to its statistics: as LRH intended.

    You can’t easily corrupt an organization whose statistics and operating lines are held public, and are never secret: INCOMM was supposed to do that in the 80’s and early 90’s. LRH wanted all statistics visible, and he wanted the cold hard data to be available, through computerization, that would prevent infiltration from having any serious effects. INCOMM was designed to prevent infiltration by external agencies. The INCOMM systems named BoneyFinger, TNT, CCDB, SIR, collectively referred to as “CHUG” (its a whole-track thing) – all of these systems were spec’ed by LRH to provide a means for all of us to see what was going on in the Church. SIR – Source Information Retrieval – was supposed to be *PUBLICLY AVAILABLE* not long after its completion as an operating application: this was suppressed by DM. “Int OIC – Stats” was supposed to be something any staff member could access, at any time, from anywhere. Didn’t happen.

    Now .. I know that INCOMM terminals are reading this sentence, right now. You’re reading Marty’s blog every day, because you have been ordered to do so, writing KR’s on everything you find, for input into the INCOMM systems. Every single comment on this blog is referred to by a KR # in the INCOMM system, and DM gets his reports on this line fairly consistently per Mercury (email).

    You INCOMM guys could do something big for Scientology right about now, from ‘the other side’, internally, while Marty&Co. handle the outside scene.

    What could you do that would bring down DM, resolutely?

    Anonymously release a database of all Int stats since 1980. Heck, even further back (I’d love to see the “Saint Hill Under LRH’s Watch” stats again, some day, personally.. thought this was going to be published one day too, alas..)

    INCOMM has those records, I’ve seen them recently, though I won’t say how .. yet .. and with a simple publication of them – ALL Int statistics – we would turn Scientology around immediately. No koolaid’er could ignore the facts in that database, at least: none of the trained, hatted, admin certified Scientologists, currently on post.

    Publication of those statistics are key to turning the Church around internally, in my opinion.

    INCOMM: you’re on notice. Publish Int Statistics. Push the usurper out, deliver what LRH ordered: the prevention of the infiltration and usurpation of Scientology at the highest levels. This has occurred: INCOMM is in Treason until DM’s “head is on a pike” ..


  18. This is a fascinating comment and presents an aspect I never looked at before.

    As many know, I worked with Writers of the Future for some years. I started in 1986 at BPI and then the activity was transferred to ASI in — guessing — 1990 or so. I cannot recall what Incomm access I had while working at BPI, but I do remember using the index system.

    However, I do recall having access at ASI to not only Index but SIR. What a delight SIR was! I loved to search a topic and read the source issues that came up on a topic. I considered it “hatting.”

    I was non-SO working at ASI and really low man on the totem pole, although I was allowed to work behind the double security doors in the location where the Writers of the Future office was located at that time.

    I well recall when Hugh Wilhere told me of a new program implemented through the Incomm system which dealt with PR. Anyone with access to the program could update information on opinion leaders, etc., so the data was available to others who had access to the program and needed/wanted the data. I checked out the program and the gist of what information was being sought, then decided it really wasn’t my hat to use the program. I don’t believe I ever added data about anyone.

    The other problems I had with the program were it seemed intelligence- oriented and the data entered could tend to become opinionated. I felt this could lead to a swaying of whoever read the data.

    Then I lost the whole works but for Index! One day I came to post and I had lost access to all the programs, SIR, the PR program, everything but Index. And no one had said a word about it.

    I always wondered if it was because I was non-SO and only SO should have access to the wondrous programs available, especially SIR. I also wondered if someone had entered data about Dr Denk that I shouldn’t see and the easy solution was to bump me off the system and keep the data available.

    Other stuff was going on thereafter and I quit the post/ASI in 1994 (I think it was). I do know there’s a policy about non-SO working in SO orgs and I just have to think this was being implemented at that time. My replacement ended up being an SO member, so that seems to verify my thoughts on the matter.

    It sure would have been nice if someone had said something, though, rather that just taking uninformed action(s).

  19. Scientology critics allege church tried to influence Pinellas legal community in Lisa McPherson case

    “Beach, 82, said he was upset to be accused of corruption and conspiracy. He glared icily as Dandar exited U.S. District Judge Virginia Hernandez Covington’s courtroom after she rejected the request for an injunction. “I never had any conversations with anybody about this case or any other case outside the courtroom,” Beach said.

    “I’ve never had an experience like this before,” he said. “The idea it comes at the end of my career outrages me.”


  20. There are online petition sites that have been effective, getting tens of thousands of electronic signatures or more, and bringing about needed changes.

    One such site is http://www.change.org. Perhaps petitions to appropriate terminals, calling for an investigation into judicial corruption in Florida into Lisa’s case as well as Dandar’s case, could create some stir.

    If I knew who to direct such petitions at, I would initiate one myself, but as it is, I would need some knowledgeable help in that area..

  21. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    You consult with lawyers, and you consort with liars. Sometimes there is a difference.

  22. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Judge Beach is a long-time senior judge. He’s very experienced at public speaking (in his own court at least). If he seems rattled, then he must be VERY rattled.

  23. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Heh, INCOMM. When Marty left, DM ordered an All Hands operation to remove any mention of him from all CoS web sites. It obviously must have had all of INCOMM sleeping at their desks because during that period over 80 CoS web domains went into expiry default, including a large number of Org web sites. (They only renew them year by year.)

    They eventually fixed it, but it would have taken one single person a couple hours to prevent it. I doubt that there’s much backbone left there. (Please prove me wrong!)

  24. Mdm. Denk,

    It is probably true that your access to those programs was revoked because you were not SO. INCOMM is one of the more “space opera” of the Sea Org units – LRH really didn’t spare much detail in describing some of the really awesome computing systems that exist on the whole track, especially to his trusted Missionaires in the 70’s and 80’s who were involved in his research on the subject.

    This stuff was, for obvious reasons, *not* for public distribution. Lots of talking about tech beyond the fringe and out over the horizon of our Theta->MEST position here and now, on the Whole Track. Oh, with full access to it all.

    You probably knew the Tompkins, as in Foster and Barbara and so on?

    Foster and LRH had a great old time on the subject of computers, and it was the original Computerization Missions goal to give LRH all the research materials he needed on the subject of computers so that a computer system (a big one) could be built by Sea Org members for our uses. INCOMM houses a library of this wonderful, wonderful stuff: volumes of it, in fact, filed communications between LRH and the Mission.

    The best way I could describe Foster is that at the time of the heighdays of Computerization, pre-Usurpation, he was the “Steve Jobs”-like (described thus even in the 80’s, we all knew who Steve Jobs was) opinion leader of the Mission, very great communicator, awesome ability to take idea’s, make them his own, and get them done. He played a big part of the internal computerization within the church – he was very, very fortunate to have had the comm cycles with LRH on the subject of how best to use computers to protect Scientology, and the record of their conversation, with others too, comprises a great deal of the briefing materials for INCOMM staff. I truly wish we could all read it now, together, somewhere out there on the Internet .. it is a travesty that LRH’s ideas about computers, as posited in the 70’s, were not widely available to all Scientologists during that period.

    LRH predicted the massive expansion of the Internet. He described systems, ‘boney fingers’, that connected all individuals, and predicted that computerization would allow a ‘social network’ to be constructed. He of course described this with much gusto and verve, as you’d expect of the Commodore, describing new things to be built, what good things to use off the Whole Track, what to seriously avoid, etc. .. all this to his Missionaires, who were seriously among the most uptone SO, on the basis of 2WC with LRH, I have ever known.

    INCOMM had a chance to build things LRH described, it was well under way even before LRH dropped his body, but as an Ethics Organization it was targeted and ruined. Functionally, these days, its personnel are little more than Librarians tending to the dictators A=A=A requests, but in fact LRH had no intention, whatever, that INCOMM would have such a master as RTC. He states as much, expicitly, in the Computerization Advices. It was to be its own, separate – public serving – mission.

    And in case you’re wondering who was supposed to ‘qual check’ INCOMM, LRH’s answer was very clear: the public.

  25. Incidentally, I know that all that I describe is a non-reference. If it were up to me, we’d have all of it out in the open, and we’d all be happily referring to LRH’s materials by date-time/issue-#’s in discussing this stuff, but as we know: this cannot happen.

    So please let me just ack that it is all a big verbal comm, for now. I know that.

  26. Yes, INCOMM is little more than a maid-service, these days. I fret that the INCOMM backup store has been destroyed; I can see how it may have been possible. But honestly, if the CCDB is date-intact all the way back to its creation, we have a *lot* of information about exactly what is going wrong in the Church. It is being stifled by incompetence on the part of the CO INCOMM, imho, but I will have more to say about that when the Comm Ev happens.

  27. Thank you! I think it’s so important to present a perspective — especially from someone who was there. You fill in so much missing data that we would otherwise not have had!

    I took the Computer Course at Incomm back in 1987 or so. Invaluable. That, in fact, was the only course ever offered/provided to me through all the time I worked for Writers of the Future. I definitely wasn’t “freeloading.”

    I now recall the stats program but I either never accessed it or perhaps didn’t have access. I also remember the MERC! Wasn’t there also something called “TNT” or some such?

    SIR (Source Information Retrieval) was always my very favorite access. I’m very sorry I lost it due to being non-SO.

    But your perspective presents an expanded viewpoint to this computer era and LRH’s idea/wishes for that era. Thank you for that!

    Yes, I knew of Foster Tompkins (arm’s length) and Barbara (greater arm’s length). They would most likely have known (or known of) Dr Denk better than me.

  28. Those were nice days, when the LA base staff were allowed to go to INCOMM and do the courses for free. It was really a competence booster for a lot of people who, at that time, had no or very little access to computer technology, and I think it was really a well implemented program. Alas, the tales to be told of this aspect of an interesting era .. some other time.

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