Scientology’s Underground Railroad

The CBS affiliate in Corpus Christi is educating the region on the cult of corporate Scientology and the underground railroad necessitated by its abuses:

Scientology segment on KZTV Corpus Christi

Thanks to Marc and Claire for helping in the educational process.

Update: NBC affiliate coverage

76 responses to “Scientology’s Underground Railroad

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  2. Excellent report. I even liked the final reporter’s phonetic annointing of DM as “Ms” Cuvige! How fitting.

  3. Michael Finley

    Great video! All you guys RULE!

  4. SWEET! I bet Davey loves hearing accounts of the smiling faces of Marty, Marc and Claire on camera……….Again.

    Davey, have some Caek?
    Sorry, its early i know, but I really despise that little troll.

  5. I had a beginning ad to the news segment: Handel’s Messiah and Hallelujah. How appropriate for the excellent story! Rachel, formerly Hallelujah

  6. Great expose for a local news station. They have balls. All we need is a 20/20 or Nightline program of this magnitude to really make more people aware. There’s an organization in America calling itself a religion but engages in human-trafficking and incarceration. Can’t wait for the second part to this piece. This is making the midget squirm. Way to go Headley’s and Marty!

  7. Perfect piece. Great job to all of you. Amazing how the media has changed over the last 3 years — now it is a given that the church is a cult, but differentiated from the subject…. You all LOOK great too!

  8. Dear Marty,
    All that you say it true. I have been a regular on your blog the day I got
    Debbie Cooks Email. Never imagined this outcome from back when I would get LRH’s weekly reports. It was supposed to take 3 years to Clear Planet Earth. Answers the question of “What The Fuck happened”
    Thankyou Marty

  9. The seperation of Church and LRH seems to be more and more delineated.
    The religious philosophy as opposed to the organized religion. The idea seems foreign but the action of spreading the knowledge from LRH is easier if the caveat is there warning people not to get involved with the organization.

  10. Thanks all you guys for keeping the planet safe while I/we recover.

  11. As an organization DSA (Director of Special Affairs) I participated in “blow drills” and I am not proud of that, at all.

    Today I live in ‘exile,’ under enforced disconnection, enforced divorce, loss of home and most possessions, starting over. However, I have found my true friends in the Underground Railroad and am enjoying family again.

    It is so warming to see the restoration of family after all you (Marc, Claire, Mike, Marty and so many more) went through.

    Marc’s book “Blown for Good” made me laugh and made me cry – it was a joy to experience. And seeing their beautiful family flourishing, is just more joy.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  12. Corporate Scn should be ashamed of themselves. They are disgusting and they need to be stopped!!! They are harming current and future generations with their off the rocker policies. DM needs to go along with his henchmen. Keep exposing, great job!!!!

  13. I am convinced every time I hear the response, ” I must disconnect from you because I’ll loose my eternity, mankind will loose it’s eternity etc.” that the singular basic distortion is the idea of the “only way.”

    This seed idea (planted pre Miscavige) is the basic basic on peoples’ fear that overides even family ties because of the dangerously mistaken use of the “greatest good”.

    It is a barbaric primitive dogma that causes untold suffering in those still trying to think freely.

    It makes free thinking an enemy of self.

    I now consider “only way” as an evil doctrine. A doctrine that can only come from narcissism. There is no defense for it. Anyone who balks at this still needs to dump some bs.

    It is an evil doctrine designed to manipulate and imprison the mind of the student.

    Only way religions can become tyranical regimes. Duh!!

  14. If a student knew that there were other paths to spiritual freedom, they would get the hell out of Dodge at the first knowing that someting wasn’t right.

    People have stayed for decades past that first knowing because of the “only way.”

    It is key to understanding “why did I put up with it”?

  15. The media is growing balls. There are realizing that the CO$ is up against a wall of manure that the midget created with his epic fails and foot-nukes. The CO$ is very vulnerable.

  16. About the way the CoS was supposed to handle judges in the late eighties:

    In the late eighties too there were trials and the CoS was often winning.

    I was told by several terminals from OSA and from the IAS that it was handled this way: Solo NOTs auditors were handling the judges in Solo NOTs sessions in order to have the judges change their mind.

    As I was in good standing in those days, I did believe it.

    If that was possible, there would not be the current scene this blog is talking about.

  17. I really liked the video!!
    I now believe that it is virtually impossible to beat the cult in the legal arena. The cult is part of the greedy corporate “justice” system and is probably better at criminal manipulation than it’s governmental counterparts.
    The only way to win against the cult is by informing and educating people and that includes the Kool aid drinkers inside.
    I woke up another local Kool aide drinker a couple of weeks agao. He told me that the “Ideal” Org was dead and they had been making him wrong for not joining staff. He was open to the data at first and then he dropped out of comm. He probably got in comm with a local staff member and pressured. At least I planted some seeds. Whenever I do give people that are inside corporate scientology data, I really feel that I could be saving their lives. It is possible they will have their lives ruined financially or otherwise If they don’t get all the information about what this cult is up to.

  18. Excellent. If someone compared Scientology Inc. to a forest fire I think in the last 3 years a wide fire break has been cut around it using the internet, books and various forms of media. That fire break is there permanently and only continues to get wider. It ensures that Scientology Inc will remain contained and never expand. There are about 30,000 Scientologists still inside. That number continues to decrease as the members are used, abused and burnt out. It’s very hard to help those still in danger but help is available to those who can find their way out. The good news is that the fire break has successfully been put in place and that is a win for all.

  19. Excellent video! Y’all look so free and filled with life, having a good time living.

  20. Hello Marty, Thank you for posting this video.It is terrible what happened to those people. It is certainly not the Scientology I have studied and practiced for the last 38 years. It would be a good thing Marty, that there is mentioned in these reports that the organization is not the subject of SCIENTOLOGY,.

  21. Does “Misk-a-vige” (I like how the news guy pronounced it) include all this bad press in the “fifteen trips around the moon and back of Scientology press” or whatever that stat is?

  22. Interesting that a local news station called the church and simply asks to speak to Miscavige, as simply as if they were calling a local car dealer and asking to speak with the lot attendant. DM has no ethics presence with them.

  23. Brian, you’re so right. I can certainly attest to that. I was so convinced there was no other way out that I figured I’d have to catch LRH next time around. Today, I can hardly conceive of how thought-stopping and mind-numbing that thinking was.

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  25. To infinity and beyond! 😉

  26. Tara, after the mission holocost in the eighties I left Scientology. And it was easy for me to do because I was searching before Scientology and had amazing gains in meditation.

    I KNEW that there was another way. So leaving was a relief not a fear.

    The Indies are making available to Scientologists another way that was never sanctioned behind the walls of any past doctrinal discipline.

    Yet, those seeds of “only way” are still in Scientology tech. If those seeds are not confronted directly, with courage, with the free powers of a free mind, it is possible for the same wrong knowledge to become institutionalized in another organizational form.

    But, this form of direct questioning is the very essence of Scientological heresy as it questions the foundational building blocks of Scientology cosmology.

    It took me years to sort it out, what was true for me and what wasn’t.

  27. David Miscavage…. in the end this is going to be a story of how a punk kid from the mean streets of Philly came to wrest control of Scientology and then proceeded to run it into the ground.

    The world sees you David. Better to have no legacy at all than to have to carry what you will have to shoulder into the future.

    If you can be saved it will be with no irony at all that it was standard application of Scientology that pulled you back from the edge of your personal abyss.

    Dead forever ain’t no way to live.

  28. The Truth R/D in the St Pete time 3 years ago was a nothing less than the figurative “blow up” that LRH asked for:

    “When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters.”

  29. Don’t give Miscavige the street cred. He was not from the “mean streets” of anywhere. He is a suburban punk.

  30. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    So true. When I see LRH’s words I also hear his voice and his laughter and that makes me smile.

  31. There is something to be said for 1) maintaining friendly relations with the public. Hmmm — now who said that?

    Seems that Marty has done precisely that. He’s been friendly, real, honest and in direct communication with his local reporters and neighbors.

    As a result, his local news station willingly shoots interesting footage which will get picked up around the country.

    People are become less afraid. People are wanting to be in touch with each other. People are becoming less willing to allow atrocities to occur while they turn the other way.

    The times are changing and I for one wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of history at this time … it’s going to be painful for those who cling desperately to their last vestige of “power over” others … or the righteous indignation of viewpoints that hold others in contempt.

    Hell — even a 4 Star has fallen from grace.

    The time is rapidly coming about when prestige, rank, completed levels, IAS membership and all sorts of trappings will mean NOTHING — in fact they will be suspect.

    And only genuine honest communication will be heard.


  32. Tony,
    I had similar thoughts this morning regarding your comment:

    “I now believe that it is virtually impossible to beat the cult in the legal arena. The cult is part of the greedy corporate “justice” system and is probably better at criminal manipulation than it’s governmental counterparts.”

    The banksters and the judicial system are in the same room in the same bed and they respond favorably if not ethically to one common denominator…….MONEY. LRH warned us of this group and now our own CO$ is one of them, using parishoners dollars donated in good faith to buy whatever is needed or wanted. Our fiat currency is certainly headed for the toilet along with the lives and practices of those who covet it.

  33. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Great video there on KZTV. Now Marc’s and Claire’s boys are going to be saying for a long time: “Let’s go fish’in again at Marty’s and Mosey’s house!” I know I would. I saw a nice little catfish on the hook there towards the end.

  34. I almost missed the article from Nov 19 because this one popped in so fast. It is well worth reading too.

  35. “The time is rapidly coming about when prestige, rank, completed levels, IAS membership and all sorts of trappings will mean NOTHING — in fact they will be suspect.”

    It will truly become the ‘Mark of the Beast’ IMHO!

  36. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Ditto. Miscavige has no street cred.

  37. Coming to present time, I realized, all of a sudden the DM is dying for attention. Really. That is what is driving him. Just like Nero. Just like Napoleon. Just like the others before him. He wants the kind of attention LRH (justly) enjoyed.

    So, give it to him. Seems to me the best way to admire DM is to write a tell-all unauthorized biography of HIM. Not about Scientology. But, directly, and intentionally about HIM. Dig up all the facts (and make sure they are facts), all the stories, all of everything, and pay someone a good salary to write a professional Unauthorized Biography of David Miscavige.

    With all the effort put in on this blog, and elsewhere to villify him (deserved though it may be), the best medicine may be the most obvious.

    I’d be willing to buy my copy of the book ‘in advance’, thereby generating a fund of money to pay the author.

    What do you think?

  38. Whats the deal with Miscavige? The Church was in a hard won safe point and he’s just throwing that away. For anyone still “in” who thinks Marty, Mike and Independents or Anonymous are destroying the church, no take a real look- it’s Miscavige. There’s got to be some explanation for the utterly inept PR. What is it? Miscavige cannot communicate. He cannot be honest.

  39. I dont think so Tony. Someone is not wearing their hat. I think Marty, Mike and everyone getting the data out there on record are building the case.
    I think this is a DOJ hat. Someone is not wearing their hat, or maybe they are and just havent acted yet.

  40. What an interesting turn of events. Marty has “power” because people are listening to him. Didn’t you say something about that, davey?

    And what is Marty saying? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of his recollection? That’s the way it appears to me.

    And what would david miscavige say, if he were being honest?

    “Well yea! I beat the crap outta them because they are vicious little SPs who are out to get me. They’re all out to get me. They are all a bunch of suppressive little perverts who are trying to do me in. And I want you to believe me, and bow to me and revere me like the god I really am…and join me in beating them, or be beaten yourself…”

    God knows what goes on inside that twisted little mind. But it sure ain’t pretty and it sure ain’t theta.

    And all we really need to do is kick up our confront of evil and continue to communicate in a relatively undisturbed tone of voice…and it will all come out OK.

  41. Excellent analogy Dr…. 🙂

  42. Newcomer / Tony
    It sure looks that way, a dark cloud over the Co$ AND the Judiciary but that should not stop us from postulating / visualizing a positive end product -DM gone, a reformed church or at least Scientology completely flourishing in the field- and sharing that vision with as many others as possible while we properly inform Koolaid drinkers one by one.
    We also have quite a few Solo NOTs auditors, hint, hint….

  43. Interesting that Judge Beach is upset over this accusation coming at the end of his career. He is right! It should have come MUCH sooner!

  44. “I was told by several terminals from OSA and from the IAS that it was handled this way: Solo NOTs auditors were handling the judges in Solo NOTs sessions in order to have the judges change their mind.”

    Then you were told bullshit.

    Worse, if it were true the bullshitters were proudly admitting to whatever Felonies apply to tampering with a judge, perverting the course of Justice, etc.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  45. Its not that simple, Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of COS. He build this image of himself, toward scientologists. They will follow what he says to the letter. Over policy or standard tech or their own families. Its like the second coming of Jonestown. Its crazy but people look to him for application of scientology in their own lifes. Whatever he says goes. They believe if they don’t go with his demands, they lose their eternity.

    There is just no way, he would subject himself, to the possiblity of being stripped apart by a wog who hasn’t even done the purif. Imagine how that would look to scientologists? He knows he would have a grueling time with someone like Anderson Cooper.

  46. Corporate Scientologists are not being observant enough to see that David Miscavige is an SP .
    LRH must have been really very observant to come up with the technology of Dianetics and Scientology . How observant someone would have to be to do something on the order of what LRH done ! What LRH done is fantastic .

  47. Thanks for changing your Avatar!!!

  48. Hi Chris,
    It’s obvious that someone isn’t wearing thier HAT. That’s the problem….

  49. Two fine looking boys out of the cult as well. Great job Claire and Marc.
    George M. White

  50. If you guys have time: watch this very positive documentary on Scientology the subject! Its really incredible! Its Scientology practiced outside CO$ and I have a tough time myself, with the onging theme: If its not fun its not Scientology! Because in my CO$ time it some very very serious..

  51. I think these guys whose hat it is are looking to further their own careers. They want trophies, like hunters. They want their resumes and bios to look good. If it’s something meaty and they can get a lot of publicity from it, and there is a case it might get picked up. I don’t know how corrupt the whole system is, but things do happen. Maybe not for the reasons we think, but something has got to happen. Theres too much smoke. One of these judges or somebody will probably hang COB out to dry to deflect some heat off themselves or something. I think something will happen sooner or later.

  52. Usually I don’t like analogies, but that was a good one.

  53. Well said Mat!

  54. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Good observation Brian. There is one important thing I become to realize more and more. Scientologists are drilled into Scientology being the only Solution and the same way into policy being the rule that always applies.
    LRH makes it very clear in the PDC the ONLY thing you have to follow is the tech. The rest is up to your evaluation.
    I run into this with people on the fence and people over the fence. They struggle with this : “but policy says this is the list of high crimes …” and so forth.
    But here is the deal,- like it or not. Policy was written with a certain context in mind. The context included, that Scientology was in the hands of ethical leaders that apply the tech to the benefit of Scientologists and mankind, a working justice system in place, staff being processed up the bridge and so forth. A lot of even the harsher policies make sense when this context is assumed as they may get the job done faster.
    Now we have the church in the hands of a psychopath who is suppressive. The context for much of the policy rules is gone and some people are flabbergasted how policy could state certain things. They do not realize the reason for this being: data was evaluated in a certain context and policy was formulated based on the data and that context. That causes many policy letters in the current context just not to pass the test of a workable truth.
    Now we need to get of our lazy asses and think for ourselves and evaluate data for the new context we exist in to get the job done. Rather than literally following every policy we need to understand the principles and data behind the policy that made it pro survival in the old context. And then use those principles and apply them to the new context we live in to get the job done.
    I found some people have a really hard time with that and are still caught in a literal understanding of policy the same way they believe in Scientology being the only way. Although it is probably the fastest and safest way if done correctly.

  55. There is a wiki dedicated only to David Miscavige.

  56. How do you do an avatar?

  57. Good video, B-I-SO. Thanks for posting it.

    What you see in that video is a small glimpse of what Scientology looked like before the era of Adolf Miscavige. It was kind, gentle, caring, and above all, fun. That’s the real Scientology, and it’s with us today in the Independence movement.

  58. Thanks for the correction….maybe the only mean street then was the one
    DM was standing on at any given time.

  59. Looks to me like you hover your cursor over your current avatar – the one in the box under the comment you are about to post. At that time you can change what’s in that avatar field. Anyone who knows more about this than me should feel free to respond. lol

  60. I guess we could also compare Miscavige and all that is corrupted and altered around him as a cancer that has been contained ….

  61. Excellent post, Herr Professor Waterkamp. This post should be on a page or blog for easy linking. Very important concept, and very validative of Hubbard.

  62. Just when he was thinking he had gotten away with it all, I guess.

  63. LRH himself said that Scientology is a “workable system”. He said it was “not the only possible system”. Only that it was the best, most complete one we had at this time.

  64. Robert, thanks for pointing that out. Never thought of that, but it really is true, isn’t it? Marty, Steve, Mike, and all the rest really are LRH’s “born revolutionists”, and are busy “blow[ing] up central headquarters”. Really spooky how LRH predicted all this!

  65. Hobson, a felony rap for “perverting the course of Justice” by “handling” the judges in the Theta universe? Although of course I don’t believe what Curiosus was told, I think that’s what was meant.

  66. Good for you, Tony.


  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    True Mat! Now for the surgical knife, to FINISH the job!

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Amen Ronnie, me bro’.

  70. I hope you’re right Chris.

  71. The idea was to remote audit the judge, in order to blow the reactive considerations that were making him fight spiritual endeavors.

    In the late eighties the Solo NOTs auditors were said to be creating miracles: the fall of the Berlin wall, remote healing, remote auditing of the bank of other people, etc.

    I could not check all that was confidential. That is a problem with confidentiality, anybody can claim anything.

    When looking now at the materials of Solo NOTs available on the Internet, I don’t understand how that is possible. There is nothing like that in the materials.

    So it seems that in the end that was just PR and misleading advertising.

  72. Gerhard Waterkamp

    To much honor, I just made it to Diplom Volkswirt, not Professor. 🙂
    I was just lucky to ran into the works of LRH and his work,- training and processing, – helped to think somewhat straight.- I hope. 🙂

  73. Even the declaration “most complete” would have to pre suppose that he tried every path to it’s end result and knows all things about all paths, their practice, theory and attainments.

    The best, most workable, only hope for mankind, only way to make stable OT, we are the cream of the cream, the topper most biggest bestest of the evermore scientific exactest method.

    These seeds inherently cause division and elitist mindsets. Who would want to leave the “most workable” the “only hope” the “last chance to get out of the trap”.

    These absolutist doctrines are the building blocks of a mindset that can turn child against parent, parent against child etc. for the greatest good.

    It’s a choice between mom and the agonizing future of millions of moms. So the ethical rational choice – by by mom, I can’t let you get in the way of the future of the universe.

    We are the only hope, we are special, no one else has the bridge. Only us. Only way. Loving you mom is now a selfish act. I’m bigger than just one family dynamic, I’m for all families. I’m bigger than just one mom. By by mom.

  74. Some people call that black magic.

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