Welcome To Alexandra Mairead Hall

Welcome Alexandra; and congratulations to Erica Eason-Hall and Steve Hall!

105 responses to “Welcome To Alexandra Mairead Hall

  1. Felicitas Foster

    Congratulations!!!! So sweet!! Good product!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

    Alexandra, it looks like you’ve got your mother’s beautiful eyes! Welcome and best wishes for a wonderful life ahead of you.

  3. Welcome Alexandra and congratulations to Erica and Steve!

  4. Steve, congratulations. She is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful. Awesome! Congratulations!!

  6. What a beautiful photo for Thanksgiving. Something (and someone) we can all be thankful for. Daddy must be bursting with pride. Welcome, Alexandra!

  7. Congratulations to Steve and Erica and welcome to their beautiful daughter! The Indie ranks are growing. What a Thanksgiving for all of you and all of us!

  8. non-scientologist

    Aw how cute!

    Congratulations to the mother and father,

    And a note to all those crummy OSA operatives reading this blog. See what happens when you ignore DM, that’s right, you get to have families! not lose your family.

  9. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Congratulations Steve! She is adorable!

  10. Sciento Blogger

    Life is beautiful ! Welcome little Alexandra ! Congratulations to happy parents !

  11. Glenn C. Briggs

    Wonderful! Another being has found the best “home” possible!

  12. AWESOME!!! What a joy!!! = >

  13. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Congratulations Steve, Erica and Alexandra. Love and blessings to all x โค

  14. Sweet! Alexandra, you’ve got yourself a wonderful set of parents.

  15. Welcome, adorable little thetan!


  16. WOW…congratulations!!!!!!

    Someone has just inherited some really cool parents. And, judging by that incredible smile, you two have a blessing.


  17. Wonderful news and picture. Born free…….to follow her heart. Congratulations.

  18. Just beautiful!!!!!

  19. Welcome Alexandra and Congratulations Erica and Steve!!!!

  20. Congratulations to Steve and Erica.
    Here’s where you fall in love all over again….
    Many blessing to all of you


  22. Alexandra, you sure picked an awesome set of parents. You’ve obviously got excellent judgement. Welcome home!

  23. And so life continues – despite the madness and distress… MANY congratulations on the new lovely baby!
    IEG xxx

  24. Real good stuff!! Congratulations!

  25. Congratulations! Beautiful!

  26. Tom Gallagher (ex-fsso)

    I was just listening to this song in my car before walking in and seeing this post. Sure seems apropos, at least to me. All the best to you and yours.

  27. Nothing could be better. Welcome Alexandra!

  28. Tom Gallagher (ex-fsso)

    Oops! Also applies to cowgirls!

  29. Welcome beautiful baby and congratulation parents.

  30. Great work all 3 of you! Future girlfriend for Jack ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Anon.onyourside

    How wonderful, what a beautiful baby!!! Congratulations!!!

  32. Bloody good show, fine form, and welcome to Alexandra ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I’m feeling British today.)

  33. Heather Robillard

    Congratulations to all 3. What a wonderful year to be born.

  34. Sunshine Disinfects

    What joy ahead of you Steve and Erica! Welcome Alexandra.

  35. Happy mamma, happy little girl and I’m sure a MegaKilowatt happy daddy!


  36. Steve and Erica,
    Congratulations and welcome to beautiful Alexandra!

  37. Dreams really do come true — welcome to Alexandra, (one of my favorite names)

  38. Congratulations to the three of you! Alexandra looks happy, alert and ready for the new game.
    David & Mercy

  39. Awww, what a cutie! Congrats, you guys!

  40. Congrats. What a sight for sore eyes. This is the belief in the future, where would we be without these miracles? Oh what a beauty! Happy dance!!!!!

  41. So happy she is in your trust and care. The red carpet is already rolling out for her! Thank you both for this duty and trust you have assumed. Truly, one the most generous of gifts to the world, is a little girl.

  42. My very best wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Congratulations! Welcome Alexandra! We are so happy to have you among us! What a great family you have! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. Congratulations Steve and Erica! Little Alexandra is beautiful and is lucky to have two wonderful parents like you guys!

  45. Jean-Franรงois Genest

    Congratulations to the parents!
    Welcome back Alexandra!
    Best wishes to the Hall family.

  46. Jean-Franรงois Genest

    … and clear evidence that there are NO ABORTIONS in the Independent field.

  47. Congratulations to you Steve and Erica! She is beautiful!

  48. Welcome, Alexandra!!!!
    Congratulations Erica and Steve!!!!

  49. Born Free! Welcome, Alexandra! How beautiful. Congrats Steve and Erica!

  50. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Congratulations Steve and Erica!

  51. Ah Alexandra … a wonderful name and especially welcome !!!
    Big congrats, I’m sure you all are beside yourselves !!!

  52. Talk about ‘being there’! Look at that little face. There’s a big ole thetan behind those eyes. Ya dun good, Halls.

  53. It’s really a miracle isn’t it? This is real joy. Immerse yourselves.

  54. Congratulations Steve and Erica and welcome Alexandra. Too cute!

  55. Erica, I can see the tears of joy in your face, I know exactly how you feel, there is nothing like it…. Congratulations on a healthy beautiful girl Steve & Erica.

  56. Congratulations to a beautiful family!!!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving this will be! She is beautiful โค

  57. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve, Erica, congratulations! per Kahlil Gibran (the Prophet);
    “..A while…a rest upon the wind…and another woman shall
    bear me.” You have chosen well, sweet Alexandra. Welcome
    to your blessed new life. Remember to cherish your very
    special parents, as they will always cherish you.

    Calvin & Dorothy.

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Beautiful, TO! And on this wonderful occasion, I remember
    your words of sagely wisdom: ” If you wish to heal the world,
    ….raise men to care for little girls.”
    Thank you. A timely reminder to us all.
    ML goes out to Steve, Erica & now Beautiful Alexandra.
    Calvin & Dorothy

  59. WELCOME to Alexandra and so wonderful for the Hall family!
    Now the adventure REALLY begins!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Beautiful baby and mother. Congratulations to the three of you!

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pssst! Marty….when all the insanity is finally put to rest,
    any chance……?

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good one n-s! And another salvo for the OSA’s (ASO’s?)
    Dunno if you remember —there are 8 (EIGHT) DYNAMICS?
    Focusing on just the 3rd, ignores the other 7 (SEVEN) !
    …..tch.tch. CO$ ? —- Not a very good bet for survival!
    …. rather switch to the Indies—YOU get to survive, AS WELL!

  63. Alexandra-welcome to a great set of parents and a world of alot of possibilities.

  64. Congratulations!

  65. Awesome!
    Good luck and happiness to all 3 of you.

  66. Congratulations Steve and Erica. A wonderful family expands with love….

  67. Michael Fairman

    Steve and Erica

    Congratulations and mazel tov. Alexandria is beautiful and may she bring you a lifetime of happiness.

    Michael and Joy

  68. Well spoken !

  69. Congratulations Steve, Erica, and Alexandra.

  70. Congratulations to the Hall family!

  71. Karry Campbell

    Erica and Steve,

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!



    Well done on picking great parents!


  72. Congratulations Steve and Erica.

    *** Welcome Alexandra! ***

  73. Congratulatons Steve and Erica. And a big welcome to little Alexandra. You couldn’t have picked a better place to be born. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness to you all. Love, Dan and Mariette

  74. Steve and Erica,

    Congrats!!!!!!!! Lots of love to our beautiful Alexandria. Wish you, Erica and Alexandria a beautiful long healthy and happy life together as a family.

  75. one of those who see

    A beautiful baby born into true freedom. Well done Alexandria! Boy did you do good choosing your family! Congratulations Steve and Erica. What wonderful news!!

  76. Flourish and prosper on ALL dynamics… Welcome Alexandra… congratulations to you guys!!

  77. Dani Lemberger

    MAZEL TOV, Erica, Steve, Alexandra! All the best wishes from your friends in Israel. looking forward to meeting y’all at the next Indie weekend, love, Dani Tami and friends at Dror Center

  78. Of course I’ve been following Sevie as long as Marty. And I’d have to say this is the very picture of Freedom. The oppression of Children in Corp Scientology is so gross I hav/ there are no words!! Its too sick to wonder about.
    The SO are full of couples who are broken right here. For every one of them never dreamed such insanity from Hubbard. Hubbard was stable with kids. Nothing strange from him or Mary Sue Habbard on kids.
    I know one case all bundle up under Miscavage; not only is she cruelly betrayed. So is her outstanding and dedicated mother. Who gave her only child up to the SO; totally with disregard denied any Grand Children. (Somehow i envisioned the SO better run then Apple Inc. by a factor of five… Parents in and out or on’line and off like free beings they are, everyday, as they see fit, hell the whole Hat replacement write-up concept hasn’t even hasn’t taken a single breath in the Corp. World. Expansion would of been so easy the Earth would of been Clear by 2001)
    Mary Chase shared with me her disappointment. Her husband Dave is the Landlord for Canada’s big Ideal Org movement. Far too busy for anything sane. Like growing a family in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT.
    (I personally worked with the kids at Flag; They where once quite the dream team… Independent. Strong. Smart as hell, but most of all Mature beyond their years. They had the two-way comm flow so natural it was breath taking. I Scoped out the SO Cadets Sailing Club not too far from the Mecca. Just South of the Sandcastle… Onetime we fed the seagulls in the strong breeze from the seashore atop a pick-nick table, we stood high. And that was a lot of fun. (My idea.) The seagulls would swoop down and eat from our hands as they stabilized themselves in the wind, it was quite an impression… from bread left over from an another bullshit crush event in the parking lot . “I kept the kids occupied…” they fluffed.. as others admired; one of those looking on I noticed for sure, I found out much later, via Pierre Ether; She was a Senor Class xii whom I witnessed on odd occasions before… there looking on at us with a certain thing in her eye. Packing Event-shit-up like a dog. She was worked to the bone for nonsense. (1991). i could never forget her. I was told she couldn’t speak!) Anyway.
    Steve has no way to explain to us or his wife just how incredible this kid is.
    How symbolic she is to Freedom. And the right to Flourish and Prosper.
    To me. Or anyone else

  79. Welcome, Alexandra, and congratulations, Steve and Erica! Great to see expansion on the dynamics.

  80. And in the spirit of fresh news and fresh views, the other side of security cameras!

  81. Love the picture and all it represents, Steve. Welcome to one smart and beautiful girl, blessings and congratulations to all family.

  82. Fantastic Steve – Well done Erica and Alexandra. She’s beautiful.

    I think you’ll find being a Father relatively later in life is a blessing. It may not, if you’re like me, prevent you making a complete hash of it, but the value from being an older Dad is not to be underestimated.

    Speaking personally, I have found that my beautiful girls have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach them – and the oldest is still only 10!

    You will have to become a hygienest, mentor, educator, paediatrician, expert negotiator, entertainer, confidant and moderator – by about next Tuesday and on no sleep. That’s the easy bit!

    Actually the highs are so high you don’t even notice the lows. The first time you come in from work and your little toddler runs up beaming from ear to ear shouting “Dadda” – nothing else in the world means anything. You can’t buy moments like that. Good luck!

  83. What a sweet and beautiful young person. BIG TIME Congratulations Erica and Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Lovely, lucky Mairead, beautiful Mommy and proud Daddy — best wishes to you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. โ€œBefore I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories.โ€
    โ€• John Wilmot

  86. Thanks for sharing lovely product Have fun and enjoy.

  87. The motto of independent scientologists:

    Yes we CAN !!!

    talking about the cans of the e-meter
    talking about making babies

  88. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Congratulations to all 3 of you!

  89. Ditto what Ronnie said. X 1000 !

  90. What a pleasure moment – enjoy! Love her to death!


  91. Great Job Steve and Erica! And welcome Alexandra!

    ML Tom and Linda

  92. She is just beautiful and obviously very wise to have chosen you for parents. She already seems very contented with her choice; relaxed and very happy to be exactly where she is. Congratulations.

    Seeing beautiful families like yours and the Rinder/Colbran’s and the Headley’s gives me new hope for my next go round.

  93. ps. Erica is gorgeous!

  94. Wonderful news!!!
    Bravo and wish a lot of happiness to all 3 of you.

  95. What a wonderful picture! Congratulations to the family.

    I would advise Miscavige to look hard at this picture, because this is what it is all about, this is what we have to cherish. This is about LOVE. Something he lost a long time ago. I would almost pity him.

  96. How very wonderful! All the best to the family. And Alexandra, Welcome to the HASI!

  97. Dear All, Thank you for all your well wishes. I had no idea Marty has posted the news, lol. I’ve just read every comment and that just makes the triumph of bringing a new life into the world that much sweeter and memorable. So memorable in fact, I have the idea that one day I will take great pride be able to show Alexandra what my friends said about her on the day she was born. What a lucky kid to already have so many friends like you. As I scroll down the list there are so many names, really all of them, who have made such great contributions to our efforts to do one thing: help. And I think that is what bringing children into the world is all about, on all flows.

  98. Catherine Von Ach

    Yee Haw! Another very beautiful Texas Indie! Congratulations, Steve and Erica on your wonderful new baby girl! Congratulations to Alexandra for coming to Texas to join the Indies!

  99. Steve and Erica, Congratulations!
    Welcome Alexandra!

  100. Congratulations! Another Texan. Yahoo.

  101. Earlier this month we had our naming ceremony for our newest male Panda birth here at the San Diego zoo. His name was decided over many thousands of votes and his name is XIAO LIWU Chineese for “Little Gift”
    That is the first illusion I got when I say your adorable little girl. Enjoy your “Little Gift” Alexandra you wonderful thetans. A very special moment in time.
    Happy Everything,
    Tom Brown

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