Hemi Benvenisti Returns

After Many years I am back on lines !

To all my friends and acquaintance, hello. Those of you who wondered how come I disappeared from your familiar scene, or why I am not active in the subject which was always important to me and close to my heart: spiritual work and development, here is finally the official explanation. despite the various events, difficulties and twists, it is important for me to state that in the end of the day, this is a happy story and full of hope. The first part, is the story in brief. In the 2nd
part there’s an elaboration and further details on important points for those interested.

The story begins 30 years ago. London UK 1982, where I lived. After years of amateur search for self and for answers to questions of existence, matter and spirit, and after a fascinating journey to South America I came across the book “Dianetics”. In all the preceding years I looked around and asked questions: All that we see and hear around, is that all or there is something beyond these things, some other reality, some additional value? By chance and in an haphazard way, I had one day a huge, far reaching and life transcending spiritual experience. I understood and knew that I was a spiritual being encompassing incredible abilities and depths. And that’s what I was. This experience and transformation were totally relevant, but there was a problem of stability. It was not stable. I didn’t know exactly how it happened and so didn’t control it. The result was that it all started to collapse and disappear gradually, almost all the way back.

Back to the book “Dianetics”, which really impressed me: A. because it was a precise manual on the subject of existence. B. it stated that the essence of the work described in it was to reach stable results, not onetime. Moreover, it described inner work which goes deep and all the way, without compromise. And this was the
difference between it and just another philosophy book. I had to check if this manual worked. I went into the London org and asked to try. I was offered small courses to start with. I insisted on something stronger, deeper; if to try, why not do it seriously? The course HQS was the choice, the one in 1982 was big and
serious. (later it was changed). It had most of the basic principles of Scientology like: How to study, how to coach, communication drills on a good level, demos, tone scale, obnosis, cycle of action, assists, Objectives and more. And of course giving and receiving auditing. A serious and amazing course. Compared to previous studies in ordinary schools, quite differently, the course made clear that every theory studied, had to be drilled and applied until good and clear results were achieved. No more meaningless study of theories without aim. This was an applied philosophy which influences and improves life immediately. And at the end, giving and receiving auditing. Not easy, quite complex, and you had to apply all that you have learned and drilled, but the feeling was fantastic. Life has changed, the world has changed, Scientology works, big time. Anything clearer or simpler? And then a short Dianetics course, first session, everything worked by the book, the PC returned back to a basic Engram in a long chain, complex session, difficult but heroic, PC had the biggest win of her life. A big
load has come off her shoulders, and she said she could easily fly through the window into the sky… Spiritual work Indeed. What is going on here? What is this thing which works so well? And then, still in London 1983, professional TRs course, intensities grow and so are the wins. “The ability to handle anyone by communication alone”, is just one of EPs of the course. And that exactly what happened. Life and ME keep changing.The world turns more into a red carpet under my feet and less a heavy cloud above my head. And there is hope.

And then Clear attest. Saint Hill, 1990. Hard work, It was not all easy, not a summer camp, I needed to confront things, to advance towards the goal with determination. But this was the struggle for my home, my back yard, my self, and if I did not make order and find out who I was and insist on going free, nobody was going to do it for me! Therefore no matter what happened, as long as I worked on my case and progressed, and did not bother with other nonsense, I accepted all with love, with no complains, buckled down and went on.
And indeed, it was worth it, big time!!! Clear Attest, tears in my eyes…of joy. Wonderful feeling and a new life. Charming Saint Hill, an Org created by Ron Hubbard, turned into an emotional and loved place. My auditor, Mandy, with whom I did an amazing journey, is virtually a Saint. No other definition will fit. This becomes clear again and even emphasized in years to come. Following all this, everything became changed, different. In addition to the lightness and awareness, responsibility level increased a lot and the ability to handle extremely
difficult situations, and get results, was really incredible. Big Success. Anyone who did this knows. In next couple of years I came across, in addition to great joys, also a few very difficult and complex situations. And got through all of them in an unbelievable way: Responsibility, ability, strength, knowledge, positive attitude and
endless optimism.

And then came a part which was not so good. But important to this tale. A big and important action in a big, advanced Org, yes, Saint Hill again. In 1993 I traveled to do my OT 1-3 Levels. I was in an excellent state and everything was flying forward. But then a certain action in the preparation for the OT Levels, did not go so well.  And this is an understatement. So much so, that it caused a fall all the way from the top to the bottom. Not pleasant. Happens, what can you do? The bank is not an easy customer. And bad mistakes were made. The fall was so deep that it has become difficult for me, in future, to do the required thing and return to an AO to fix this. Everything fell apart, including a big part of the previous wins. How was that possible? Not entirely clear. Still, with persistence and dedication, while everything turned much more difficult, I finally completed OTIII. But that previous action and its effects left in me a big, painful and unhandled scar.

Years went by, I summoned up courage and traveled to the most advances Org on the planet (Flag) for 10 days in 1999. The place, so beautiful, raised hope in me. The goal was to move something in my bad situation, which was together with other things a big ARC break, and it was not very difficult to understand it.
In order to handle this situation there is a very clear and simple Policy by Ron. (As will be quoted later). For some reason I was pushed to buy an Intensive. At Flag full price, of course. I was in a delicate state and I did that, hoping it would help. But the time was short, and everyone was very busy there. So I received only 2-3
sessions in one week. The auditor was charming and his smile alone encouraged me, but it was not enough time and not enough sessions, because my problem was very big. And I needed to return home. And the situation was not resolved.

A few more years go by, 2003, and I am invited again to St. Hill, where the trouble began, to do an ARC break handling. I was promised free handling until I would be happy and back on the bridge again. As should be the EP of ARC break handling, according to Ron:

“This is the program that picks up every ARC broken Scientologist or Dianeticist who can be found in the org’s field, and gets them back in ARC with the org and Scientology and returned to their services or signed up for further services. That’s the EP of a rudiments handling – THE PERSON NOW IN ARC WITH THE ORG AND SCIENTOLOGY AND RETURNED TO HIS SERVICES OR SIGNED UP
FOR FURTHER SERVICES.” HCOPL 27 JANUARY1980 issue 2 Rudiments (ARC break) Program. Also: “Factually, by policy an org has no business not having an ARC Break Program in full force keeping its local field cleaned up.” HCOPL 6 MAY 1984 ARC Break program additional data. Too few Scientologists or staff members know these Policy Letters. Ron considered them vital. Ok, so again I summoned up courage and traveled to AO St. Hill, this time for more than 2 weeks. Here we
started with Ethics Officer who was nice and we were doing a good action which determined very clearly that most Ethics actions which were dictated by the Org in 1993 were wrong and arbitrary, contradicted my self integrity and caused a huge invalidation of me.I was happy. Not about what happened in 1993 but about this
discovery and confirmation. Then I continued with auditing. The auditor (Class 9) nice and very good, I am happy with him. But after a few sessions, in the frame of ARC break handling, I was asked to buy more auditing which is quite costly and which I didn’t plan to do. And also contrary to what was promised, because
I did not feel handled yet and back on the bridge. But I was there and there was a good auditor, so I paid, because I did not have any other option, and we continued many more sessions, until the paid hours finished. Interesting situation: I felt better compared to when I arrived, for sure. But after about an intensive
and a half (16-18 hours) I felt that the situation has not been really handled, even though all in all a good job was done. In that stage and by the Org’s conduct, there was nothing more to do because I could not pay any more, and the truth was I didn’t wish too. How much can you pay to fix something which should not have been broken in the first place?

Before I left St. Hill, I was handed the auditing program with which I would have to continue next time, 4-7 Intensives. After completing that program, I would hopefully be back on the bridge, which for me was OT4 and OT5. I returned home. Still not really handled, and in a state of not knowing what to do. I felt that the progress and wins that took place in the last visit were not stable and kind of wasted. May be because it all stopped in mid-action. Or…may be that the level of handling and Tech were ok, but not more than that. And I was not in a good state.

9 more years and we approach present time. In all that time I was not active, did no study and did not receive any service. I didn’t feel I could even just step into an Org. Now you understand why I disappeared, and what was the reason you haven’t seen or heard me. I was fully stuck, like a bone in the throat which cannot move in nor out. On one hand there were all the previous wonderful wins and achievements which I had. One does not forget this kind of things, at least I don’t. And I do not change friends and colleagues like socks for convenient reasons. Never. This is important to know in trying to understand me. But on the other hand there was this thing which cast a dark shadow over those wins, invalidated them and blocked any way to continue. And I did try and I gave handling a chance 2 more times and it did not work! The large picture seen from my
view point was: 10 first years, everything works great, mentally, spiritually. Then, along the next 10 years, although scattered, but including 3 visits to our TOP Orgs, everything is stuck. I spent numerous hours in an attempt to get out of this low state, using all the powerful tools I acquired in many different ways, but all my
attempts did not succeed. Something was missing, something was wrong, not understood. And the result: Dead end. For years.

Ok, so now to the happy part. It’s about time, is it not? 17 years after the “fall” and 9 after last visit to an AO, I started to discover things and reach new understandings about Scientology, about myself, as well as about what I went through and why. What I discovered was very interesting, thought provoking and gave me strength. It seemed that I found the missing data, the missing link. This discovery process was powerful and life changing and I felt this deep inside. (More on this on 2nd part). And so I have decided to try once more to get
back on lines.

Again I summoned up courage, cleared off some time and traveled to an Advanced Org. This time in another place. Smaller but so welcoming and full of Theta. Again I went into a session with a Class 9 auditor and we started to work. The auditor charming beyond words, the atmosphere calm and relaxed both in and out of
session, without any distraction or disturbance. The way it should be. And in the sessions, the feeling and attitude so relaxed, natural and full of light and ARC, that the communication flowed, the processes ran like a clock and Standard Tech celebrated a big celebration. Outstanding. Great joy. Is it possible that the attitude,
atmosphere and approach of this Org, in sessions, but mainly out of the auditing room made the difference, and were the secret? I had no doubt that they were. Big revelation. 4 sessions only, and I was happy, not kind of, but really happy. And the next step: OT4, and I agreed and was ready and willing to continue. Hallelujah, miracle! How the hell this huge trouble got sorted out so fast?? This was unbelievable. I must have found a very standard Tech. I wondered what would have been the plan to do with me with the 4-7 intensives to OT4 of the other program… A good question. Happy end indeed. But not the end yet. Due to a technical issue, to continue I needed to change auditor. I was a bit concerned…but we made the switch gently and off we went with the new lady auditor. And….
wonder of wonders, again the same thing, sessions flowing, atmosphere relaxed, PC In session, and the wins come one after the other. And the work is an incredible team work, like Ron said. And here I am now. in present time, both in this story and in my case. And so I continue with joy on the bridge, after such a long
break…really an exceptional and outstanding win. And I am happy and I wish you all similar wins. I am back on lines, big time, on the way to freedom which I and anybody else deserve!

Of course, it is impossible to end off without giving credit to this enchanting Org which gave me back my faith in Scientology and put me back on my feet. Literally. An Org with charming beings, one by one, a rare atmosphere of peace, calm and Tech. And the only thing that really interests them, is me and what’s good for me. And how to show me in the clearest possible way that I am really right . And how to set me free.

This is DROR CENTER in Haifa under the management of Dani and Tami Lemberger. Dear people, Thetans of a rare kind and true Scientologists. Independent Scientologists! I met many Scientologists in my time, all
around the planet. They don’t come better than this. This is an Org full of praise and certificates of honor, one of the best missions on the planet for many years.

And now it is an AO. the only one in the middle east!! One hour drive from Tel Aviv!!! And it has everything you need, including the ability to perform miracles and handle situations which 2 of the top Orgs on the planet could not for years, or found it very difficult to do. The prices are fair, the service fantastic, professionalism is all around, the smiles fly everywhere and the Tech really standard. This is how you make clears and OTs! And if they call you, you rush to pick up the phone, not run for cover, because your self determinism is important to
them like it is to you and you know they will not bother you against your will, and surely won’t try to enforce anything on you. Because enforcing and spiritual freedom are two opposite things. On top of all this there is  much fun and non stop laughs and spirit of play…all over the place. Hard to believe? Why? So logical and so right. Try and see for yourselves. No other way to know things..I recommend with all my heart! And I think that Ron agrees too and smiles. Why? Here’s Ron:

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs….Tech and admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME”

LRH ED 131INT Life repair Block 8 December 1970

Much Love

Hemi Benvenisti
Scientologist since 1982 OTIII on OT IV
Owner of a business, leading in its field. Serving best local and international artists and music institutes and orchestras in Israel. A business with an impeccable reputation and nearly 30 years record of high level ethics and customer service.

** A small remark – If anyone feels uncomfortable reading this letter, (may be even a little fear..) or an irresistible impulse to erase it and pretend he hasn’t read it…please think again, logically, not reactively. This is a happy letter, with a happy ending, written straight from the heart. I think it makes more sense to rejoice
with me and try to understand what it is all about. And if anything is not clear or real, I will be happy to explain and give specific details and examples. Numerous examples. I have described here honestly what occurred with me. As best I can. Those who know me closely know my credibility level. The only things which I covered up so far, or cut their description short, are the negative  details in the story. This, to keep proper reality gradient as much as possible. Anybody wishes more details and elaboration on the above can read “the additional letter” which follows. The wins described here and the end results, are the reasons why I got into Scientology. And I think you too, or most of you. are they not? And another important reason: to help others come out of difficult situations and reach wins and freedom. This is what I try to do here. I understand that there are other people with similar stories, which are not sorted out yet. I want to pass on to them a message of hope. There is always a way!! And anybody goes against this or similar Theta things, or will try somehow to smear this account or turn it into a bad thing, well, that’s a pity. I think Ron, in the PTS/SP materials, explains very nicely and clearly who and what he is, and what he is trying to do.

The additional letter to ” back on lines”, elaboration and doubt formula completion.

1. All the wins described in the letter were meaningful wins which were attained honestly and with hard work. The wonderful drills and applicable knowledge accomplished true changes and enhanced life force.  Constructed wisely, layer after layer, in a gradual way. And stable. Continuity and stability were the name of
the game. After the Clear I had the feeling that almost nothing (negative) could stick to me, or grip me. There was nothing to stick to. My optimism, joy of life and hope, were at a new, stable peak. Not everything was perfect. There were questions, pondering and a strong will to discover and know myself  better and to find out who I really am. But the sum total was great, both mentally and spiritually.

2. So what happened later, why this huge fall? It is not acceptable in the Org and even forbidden to discuss such matters in public. the reason: It is better to correct negative aspects from inside, by turning to the appropriate authorities in the Org. This way it is more effective and done with minimum PR damage to the Org. A good idea in a normal organization, which is managed well and with true and good will by high management. For 17 years I kept silent. Assuming responsibility, care, patience and will to protect the Org. I even introduced more than 10 new people to the subject and getting services.. And I continued to represent Scientology well. Despite difficult situation, mentally and spiritually. Here are additional details to some issues from the 1st letter:

3. In 1993 I went to realize a dream and do OT levels 1-3 in Saint Hill, UK. I was in an excellent state. I studied what was needed, paid what was needed, and a lot. I was positive my postulated worked well my ethics conditions (most) were high and steady and in high stats. My contribution to the Org and Scientology, as determined by the Org itself, was: Excellent. I invested energy, priority, time, knowledge, and I must admit, sense of humor in increasing volumes…
In the Eligibility for the OT levels I received a bad Ethics handling. Totally wrong indications and conditions, long handlings which produced no results, duress, not even minimal duplication of me and low ARC. And most important: the results were bad. In the end of the “handling” I was weak and broken. And then more
and more trouble. All this regarding certain actions that I did before I came to St. Hill which were positive actions under pressure and difficulties, actions which did not cause damage, but had good results for the dynamics and Scientology, that contained in their nature and purpose an OT behavior. As were most of my
actions at that time. These actions were complex and were done under special circumstances. To understand them, an intelligent, conceptual thinking and duplication was necessary. On the other hand, literal robotic thinking would have missed the essence of these actions, their motives and results. The following is a simple example, which has nothing to do with the case, but is presented in order to
demonstrate this idea:
An important rule is that an academy course supervisor has to be on time for roll call. Supervisor A. arrives half an hour late one day. He is sent to Ethics. He explains there that on his way to the Org he witnessed a fatal road accident involving several badly injured people. Being the only witness he stopped immediately, called emergency services and until their arrival gave emergency aid to the injured, bleeding individuals lying on the road. When the ambulances arrived, he was done and hurried to the academy. A “literal-robotic”
Ethics officer has not seen any reference on car accidents in the books. It Says nothing on them. On the other hand it mentions clearly a Sup. being late. He assigns Supervisor A. condition of Treason, takes him off post and starts a long series of actions to get an “Ethics change” in him. An intelligent Ethics officer, after
understanding the event, writes Supervisor A. a warm commendation and gives him a full acknowledgment on fulfilling his duty as a human being and a Scientologist and for possibly saving lives. More over, he realizes what a great Sup the Org has and that the academy couldn’t be in better hands. Extreme example,
but clarifies a point.

A whole group of people, some of which very advanced in Tech and Ethics posts, acted in a stupid, robotic, senseless and suppressive way. Some more, some less. And so I turned over night into a “traitor” who abandoned his duties, who needed a big Ethics change, who did horrible things and more. The fact that all
this was totally contradicting with reality and with the person in front of them, with his indications and his stats? And that all these arbitraries had nothing to do with Scientology, rather more with systems and practices from the dark ages – none of the staff involved could see. Why? This question echoed in me then
as the world around me was crumbling. I tried to decide whether the problem was the local Org people or dictated/enforced from above, by RTC (which supervised all OT levels actions). I didn’t have then enough data to find an answer, and also my deteriorating state made me less and less wise by every passing moment…
And yes, if anyone has any doubt, many times, too many, I considered seriously that I myself am an SP, and that will explain everything.

Here is an R/factor given to me by St. Hill NOTS C/S about my case (14 years later, in 2007…) word by word:

“C/S has studied all the relevant information. What appears to have happened is that on your Eligibility you were handled robotically and unfairly due to non-acknowledgement of your Basic Motivations. In these handlings, your willingness to help in trying to handle the situation is understood and acknowledged. You were not allowed to state your point of view and were made an effect and your beingness as a very helpful and able person was invalidated.”

One Tech terminal, in all 17 years who could see (part of) the truth and give an indication with a pinch of truth. But the important question is: what causes a whole group of people to behave robotically, to be robots? And these were good people, trained, who like to help, intelligent, highly spiritual…and still act like that. The only option is that these kind of things were enforced on them from the outside, from above. The answer to the question how exactly and why this could happen I searched for years and finally found it. More on this later.

The results of the “handling” in 1993 was: a severe, unjust, suppressive and atrocious blow, which crushed me. Against such a blow it was almost impossible to defend because I was sure that I came “home” and I am amongst family. The last thing I could expect was that they will hurt and betray me. Total surprise and
shock, which intensified the effect. Without the previous powers and wins up to Clear I am not sure I would have survived. In the Tape: “Scientology and effective knowledge” Ron says that to lift a person up is so  easy to do, because you have his assistance. But to bring him down is very difficult, you have to work very
hard to make it happen. Says it all.

4. And there I was for years. And I wrote all that happened and made sure it got into my folders and that the C/ses would see it, and all the injustice, and that I was upset with the Org, but still ready to correct the situation and take responsibility for my part , whatever it is, if the Org will take minimal responsibility too. And
nothing happened. I visited twice, separately, two Advanced Orgs to correct and handle. Did not help. So the observation was this: Over a span of 10 years, in 3 different visits to 2 top planetary Orgs, standard Ethics, Tech and Policy were not applied and even badly violated. The result: Suppression, ruined case, distress, and spiritual decline. Here is the list of visits and observations:

A. Saint Hill 1993-94: Non standard distorted Ethics. Robotic and harmful use of Ethics conditions tech. Active suppression of a Scientologist with high record, stats and good will. Violation of moving PCs to OT levels Policy. Active blocking and suppression of PC on the way to the OT levels using pressure, intimidation, coercion.
Use of suppressive “tech” in handling a pre-OT. (example: I was asked by OSA rep. to write a composition on the subject: “What is basically wrong with your personality which caused you to do…” If you don’t believe this one, it’s all in my folders, the demand and the composition. Writing this was a condition before
I can go onto the OT levels.) Senior Tech terminals allowing this kind of horror in violation of KSW. Therefore establishing a reality in which OSA goons rule in place of the Tech. In the above example, OT levels C/S Rosalyn, an experienced old timer, mumbled a few words of concern, but said nothing more and did nothing to stop it. Thus, she cooperated with a horrible and suppressive “process”, on a person on his way to the OT levels.

B. Flag 1999:
Ethics officer in 1st interview, when I told her about the injustice and anger that I have, sends me right away to buy auditing….Violation of Policy regarding ARC break handling (as quoted earlier). I was at Flag for 10 days. In that time no one bothered to understand where I am. Even after paying 8,000 $. And so I returned home after 2 sessions only, not handled, in the same state I arrived in.

C. Saint Hill 2003: Violation of Policy regarding ARC break handling:
Not placing the action through the Chaplain dept, in violation of L.R.H. Policy.
Stopping the action before reaching EP and requesting money to be paid, in violation of L.R.H. Policy. Breaking a promise not to ask for payment until end of handling, and getting it against my personal integrity in time of need and in a delicate state. Sending pre-OT back home after ARC break handling not done to EP in violation of L.R.H. Policy.

As a logical result of all this I lost trust in the Org and its ability to keep KSW.

LRH explained in very clear terms: Policy Letter of 29. 9. 1982, Keeping Scientology Working Series 30, “Misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology:”Now and then we hear of ‘somebody’s case messed up.’
Or that someone was complaining or dissatisfied with results. Research into such cases uniformly shows that STANDARD TECH was not applied.When people complain and are “dissatisfied with results”, it will be found that Dianetics and Scientology were NOT being used on them. Someone was doing something
else and called it Dianetics and Scientology.”

It is important for me to state that the vast majority of staff members are good and amazing people, and that They are not the problem. They try their best and mean well.

So after 17 years I finally understood:

5. The Church itself, the way it is led from above, as it turns out, does not bother to correct by its own initiative any damage, injustice or bad mistakes it does which cause ARC breaks. In that it violates badly 2 clear Policy letters. One was mentioned earlier here, the other one: HCOPL 6 MAY 1984 “ARC BREAK
PROGRAM ADDITIONAL DATA.” Ron explains in these 2 simple and clear letters what will happen to any Org which will not actively and with full force engage in correcting and fixing these “on the house.” He is so right. It seems that to someone in upper management these situations are fine, and is causing them too. For years I thought that the problem was with me only, combination of bad luck, mistakes and my case. One can say that as a being I pulled all this to myself. That I need to take responsibility and not throw everything on others. I accept. And I do just that. I paid a heavy price for years, for not doing so earlier. But I stood up, checked, corrected, got back on the bridge! And I am writing this letter now as an act of taking responsibility and putting Ethics in on myself and on the Org. But there is the side and part of the Org too.

The Org’s job is to use the advanced and wise Tech that we have to help people to overcome their case and not to restimulate their bank all at once while breaking every possible rule, and to harm people’s ability to take responsibility and even destroy that ability instead of enhancing it. And then demand that people take
responsibility. An Org has similar rules to beings: It needs to take responsibility while requesting that others do so. In the end, and after many years of sitting quiet, being protective and responsible, and after thorough checking and investigating, I discovered that there are hundreds and even thousands of similar stories to mine, most of them much worse. And worst of all, suppression and restriction of free communication and data interchange, in and out of Orgs, including inner family comm, free internet access and use – cover and
hide these stories instead of taking responsibility and correcting. And this is the real purpose why these restrictions are there. Not to prevent enturbulation. Free communication does not do that. Read Ron. Lack, scarcity and suppression of communication does enturbulate in volumes.

The sad fact is that great fear looms over every Scientologist who dares to see, think or talk freely. “Eternity, the way to spiritual development and freedom exist only in the official Organization”. And nowhere else! and whoever does not obey and conform, will lose that which is most precious of all things. This trap worked on many and very intelligent people too, including yours humbly. Because
Scientology, applied properly does help to reach self and go free.. And so making it a monopoly enables dishonest beings to control and ruin others. And make them fear. Think, how many people you know that are ARC broken, with the Org? And how many of those are in the high levels, or those who used to be so dedicated and that contributed so much for so many years. So many just disappear. And the rest are silent, or justifying, or explaining. Sad.

“there comes a time when silence is betrayal” – Martin Luther King

6. In the beginning of 2011 I googled the word “Scientology” and opened a random result. It opened an unknown page with pictures an quotes of Ron, and other things. After a few short seconds I felt anxiety. It might be a hate site that I am not supposed to see. I closed it immediately with a bit of panic. But there
was nothing bad there in the quick look I had. So I opened again, and I looked with one eye and at an angle and I convinced myself that I was not really looking…now this makes me really laugh. Then it was sad and pathetic. I am sure this is familiar to many. This by the way was the site http://www.friendsoflrh.org/. It was full of love for Ron and the Tech but with
it harsh, learned criticism about current Church management. Accompanied by tens of Rons quotes. I continued to read. It was fascinating and interesting, and not only did not enturbulate me, but opened eyes and caused a number of cognitions. And as happens on the net, I reached more sites. And more, and more
on the subject of Scientology. To my amazement, alongside few sites which were against it all, the majority were by true Scientologists who left. Some of them veterans at the highest case, training and management levels with many years of service. And so, with ever growing astonishment I read and saw people who
believe in Scientology and are totally dedicated to its Tech and Ethics. And who continue to apply and use the presents Ron gave all of us. This list of people grew and expanded every day. And again, the common denominator to most of them was enormous and true appreciation and respect for the Tech and an intense
desire to help others. There were hundreds of OT 8, 7 .5 and other OTs in various levels. There were Class 12 auditors the very elite, class 9 class8 class 6 and the rest. Some of them personally trained by Ron, which made great sense when listening to what they said. All outside the Church but not out of Scientology. Happy, flourishing and prospering. And there were numerous ex-staff and sea org members who served for many years and dedicated their lives to help others. And top executives too. The quality average was outstanding, and the numbers huge. I started considering that there are more outside than inside.

The reaction of the Church to these people and to what they say is shallow, robotic and repeating: “they aremall suppressive and apostates, lawless, criminals and perverts, which were never worth anything. They ruin everything around them and only try to destroy and eradicate Scientology. These claims are accompanied
by caricatures and animation clips of a disgusting and revolting level, which go so low, that that alone points at the tone and ethics level of the body which initiated/created them, The Church of Scientology. Moreover, just the thought that such levels of claims and production can influence intelligent people, removes any doubt about their reasoning level, and creates reversed results. Are we, intelligent people, supposed to believe claims of such level? If hundreds (and more) people who reached highest levels of case, training and management are all criminals and idiots worth nothing, what does it say about Scientology? Sad, because these very claims are ruining and destroying the subject and its reputation. Here’s what does make sense: These many people outside, are the true product of Scientology. some
more some less. Honest, brave and self determined. And transparent. Their accusers are…who exactly?

A very small group for all we know, may be one man. They hide, never specific, always generalize, and think that so many people can be suppressive and enemies. And they give Scientology real bad PR. That picture just makes more sense!

Reading posts and many comments in these sites demonstrated to me clearly the common denominator of these people calling themselves independent Scientologists: they are wise, intelligent, funny, very original, special and truly, self determined. And not a single robot. Happiness!!! Makes you wonder about all the scares, horrible stories about these small groups of perverts and spiritual
haters, wretched, criminal and cruel sex maniacs, as the Church describes them. Again, funny, again, sad. It reminds of dark propaganda used by organizations long forgotten. And so, I read the fascinating letter
of Norwegian OT8 Geir Isene: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73825672/GeirIseneDoubtCoS.pdf
And the amazing and incredible letter of Luis Garcia, OT8 and a person you understand right away who and what he is, because some things simply speak for themselves. Here:
http://www.scientology-cult.com/images/stories/files/a-letter-from-garcia.pdf And then these sites:

The last in the list here is the site of Marty Rathbun, who was Inspector General RTC, no. 2 in the church after David Miscavige, auditor of highest quality and a person who served as a member of the Sea Org for many years. His site and blog contains a huge quantity of 1st hand information about what goes on inside the church and especially the upper management, all told by witnesses who were there and left, but who continue to apply Scientology in a full and correct way. Independent Scientologists.

On 31.12.2011 Debbie cook, 17 years Captain of Flag, and one of the ex-most senior Scientologists in the world and mostly respected figure, wrote a letter in which she denounced the conduct of the church management and criticizes harshly its way, with the aim to cause change and prevent further deterioration.
Her letter caused a deep shock to many Scientologists. The letter:

Out of all these things, a great cognition materialized. It is not the Church that needs to correct and reform the few lousy and harmful renegades. It’s rather exactly the opposite: the Indies are today the senior in all aspects and they have the responsibility to correct and reform the degenerating Church.

And even a bigger cognition, huge in its importance to all of us:
The whole bridge from bottom to top exists outside the church of Scientology and can be crossed with the Indies! And not just that, but crossed properly, without distortions. And with a natural, smile…straight from the heart!

7. At that point meaningful life changing things started to happen. The understanding of what happened to me and why crystallizes and echoed in me more and more and received numerous confirmations. And of course the best confirmation of all, the one Ron liked most…it worked! Not just worked fine, but Big time!!! I began to undergo a process of De-Ptsing. A gradual but very powerful process of peeling layers of suppression and false and untruthful data, and getting rid of it.

I began to recover and get back to myself. To be myself again. To come out of this unsolved riddle, out of this deep hole. The dynamics started flourishing again and everything started to look brighter and more optimistic. Back to life! No other way to describe it. And wonder of wonders: A strong will again to do spiritual work and find myself. This time with no cheating and no justification. This time everything matches: the people, the system, absence of fanaticism…but full seriousness and
dedication, absence of enforcement but abundance of self determinism. Out of the darkness, into the light!

8. 17 years in a deep hole, mentally and spiritually, and attempts to solve or improve through the church failed. A few weeks of reading and connecting to Indies and the theta they spread, through the net alone, and my world begins to change. 17 years that church invests millions in glittering events, magnificent buildings, endless wars, and cannot handle one soul it hurt rudely.
And on the other side, continuous stream of Theta and truth from the Indies in the coming months, and things moved and progressed. Still without seeing a terminal, without auditing or study (which I needed badly), without, stepping into an Org, without events and without posh buildings. Only de-Ptsing. These last words say it all .

9. Parallel to all this and based on many years observations, I noticed violations of Policy, lies, and many and continuous distortions of truth by the Organization, not connected to me. These many things have been covered perfectly by many posts and articles like: “letter from Garcia”‘ Debbie cook’s letter from beginning of 2012, and of course the many and wise posts by Marty summarized in his challenging book “what is wrong with Scientology”. Fascinating articles or clips by people like Claudio and Renata Lugli, Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, Karen De La Carriere, Mary freeman, Max hauri, David St. Laurence..and many others. All these cover all the violation and suppression better than I could ever do.

What I went through and experienced in the church, compared to what most of those others did, is a walk in the park. My thanks to all these people for helping in the de-Ptsing process. This wonderful process continued for many months, and was for me like an OT level in itself. Because in it I returned to being OT
and a Cause. The essence of these two is: the ability, in the end, to draw a clear line and say who and what you are, and what and who you are not, and not to compromise yourself, and not sell yourself. Because the moment you sell, no matter what price you got, you are an object and not a being, and you belong to someone else. And if anyone needs a demonstration of the great power of suppression, and at the same time of the great power of de-Ptsing – then this letter is mainly about these two forces.

10. Following this I understood that there is nothing more for me in the Official Organization. That as long as it is run this way it is not my Org and I remove my support from it. Moreover, as a responsible being, ethical and with personal integrity, my duty is to expose and fight lies and suppression and distortion of
good tech, and simultaneously promote and support truth, ethics and true tech. And that is what I do here. Well, all this completed for me the 1st 4 points of the Doubt formula. In point 5 I had an unsolved issue.

The 2nd group I examined against the church was “Independent Scientologists”, or “Indies”. This group looked good, right and with many qualities. But concerning real activities and stats in Scientology, I had nothing. I haven’t even met a single Indie face to face. I haven’t received one session or any process from one of its members. It was important to me. If I pass so much criticism on the church I need to check the other side too by the same strict standards, and with the most important element of the subject: results of applying the Tech – auditing.
What’s the level there? Is there real and standard Tech? True, I heard and read numerous rave success stories about auditing with the Indies, but I wanted to check and experience it on myself.

11. The problem: I was like “Robinson Cruso” sitting in a “desert island” (Israel) around me not one Indie I can talk to. And those that were around, scientologists on regular lines, charming people and friends, the moment one sentence of what’s written here comes out, they freak, and attack and send you write overts,
even if many of them agree and understand good part of these things. But they fear and worry and immediately start calculating how much any further discussion is going to cost them…

And this was my postulate: I have to meet Indie people, research, find out, see what they are doing and finally choose a suitable terminal. I have to do that to complete the formula. And of course to see if I have any real hope to get out of my troubles and continue on the Bridge to freedom. This was not simple, I
needed to travel to U.S.A on a long journey, and then do an extensive research… Not simple. especially with limited tech tools after 18 years of being “out”.

12. As it turned out, my renewed OT abilities, after all that De-ptsing, indeed improved markedly. One bright morning in July, I woke up to a new and incredible reality. Not a single sail in the horizon, but a whole damn ARMADA! Not a single Indie, which would have been more than enough, but a complete Org of Independent Scientologists, one hour drive away! Dror Center, managed by Dani and Tami Lemberger and their wonderful partners. A group of veteran scientologists, experienced and with proven ability. I met the whole team, and I was very impressed. I stated my wish to receive auditing according to my state and
case. If there ever was a case of a postulate coming true 10 times over, this is the one. Literally!

But my postulate was not done yet! Continued to materialize in unbelievable way: In front of my eyes, Dror Center, jumps a grade and becomes an Advanced Org! Claudio Lugli, OT 8 and a veteran, senior  Scientologist, arrives from Italy, and together with Marty and the Dror team they complete an incredible

Back to auditing, with the Indies: And so the day came, and I got into a session with Claudio. 17 years of suppression “on my head” and numerous mistakes and blows, and me totally rusty. It is not easy for me to do this, even quite frightening. Claudio is afraid of nothing. he, apparently, is a real scientologist. Just does what is needed: Standard Tech, dream TRs, and an ocean of Theta. I am totally shocked. Positively…what a joy, does not look at all like a session, so relaxed and flowing! But it is a session, you bet. With all the rules and the laws and the Tech. And everything is running without any interruption, PC totally in session, entirely interested in his own case and totally willing to talk to the auditor. These are the basics without which even Ron’s amazing processes won’t work properly. How many times Ron emphasize this? And this is the auditing which I get with the Indies, at Dror Center in Haifa, Israel. Exactly what I wanted. And I make a careful note that it is a wonderful and true auditing, the best there is or ever was. 4 sessions, I repeat, 4 sessions, and all the past mess is handled. I am happy. And back on the bridge: Next step is OT4. I accept this datum and am ready to get on my way happily. Why? Because in this Org they do what Ron said: “THE PERSON NOW IN ARC WITH THE ORG AND SCIENTOLOGY AND RETURNED TO SERVICES OR SIGNED UP FOR FURTHER SERVICES.”
And this really helps me with point 5 of doubt formula. To recover back to the bridge a person, not in good state, and after 18 years of absence and suppression, smoothly and effectively, is without any doubt something on which many stat points are due! In the church it did not happen even after tens of hours. Not
to mention tens more hours ahead according to the estimate I got there for all kind of progress programs planned for me there to get me back on the bridge…. Doubt is now complete! All is clear and understood.

13. Comparing to auditing in the church. Interesting to compare auditing in Dror (and other indies) to that in the church. Assuming that quality of auditor and Tech are equal at both (The indies claim that Tech in the church is full of alteration and arbitraries and it is not pure)  Church- PCs have many things imposed on them from above, most arbitraries: how to be, what to do, to what and who to donate to, mandatory event attendance, restriction on free thinking. These puts PCs
under pressure, and anxiety about meeting these standards. So, the environment becomes unsafe!

Dror- Nobody is interested in what you do or how and why. As long as you are winning and progressing. (and not killing or hitting anybody..) Just be yourself.
Church- outside the auditing room there are always people going round and wanting things from you, at times wanting very strongly…donation or that you buy something even if you are not interested, or that you should come to an event (and until you agree will not leave you) or that you join staff or some other
thing, many things which could become nuisance. Which could harm wins after session, or enturbulate.

Dror- There are charming auditing rooms, outside them there is an Org and departments and Academy, but nobody ever bothers you. And all they want after session is that you eat if you are hungry (there is a huge fridge) get refreshed and hop…back to session or study, according to your schedule. No disturbances, no distractions from the 2 main and most important things in Scientology: well trained auditors and satisfied PCs. So that’s what they are doing there. Works great.

Church- There are more potential distractions in the form of Ethics Officers. Ethics is a wonderful thing which can give every person monumental wins. But too many untrained and too robotic Ethics Officers, who do not work with you and for you but for other things, become an harassment and turn the org less safe.

Dror- There are no such harassments. The auditing works, PC is happy and progressing, and you don’t need Ethics just for Ethics sake. And if it is needed, it is done. Short, effective and back to auditing.

Church- Besides payments for services, you are constantly pushed to donate to other purposes. IAS, Ideal Org, Super Power and more. These activities form heavy distraction which suppresses financial ability to pay for the Bridge itself and makes the environment less safe and more threatening. And arousing a
desire to hide all the time…very low on the tone scale!

Very important: despite all the above criticism, the Tech is very strong and deep, that it gives wins even when not done in optimal way. All that is said here does not intend to invalidate any win no matter where it was achieved. I am happy to hear about any win, by any person, in the Church or any other place.

Dror- Services cost money. Of course, like everything in life. The prices are fair, and are paid for services and not for anything else. Nobody runs after you to make you donate to anything. And there is no need to pay fortune for endless Sec-checks. I myself, being in a very fragile state, did not pay a cent for a sec-check.
Not one cent. And without that we handled a devastating ARC break, and then continued on OT4 with dream wins. Without sec-checks. Why? because everything here is standard and correcting itself. And everything is safe and pleasant and spot on. I think that the comparison is clear and explains everything. If you ever come to get services at Dror Center, you will understand too. And So, you will also realize that the great rumor that you heard recently is absolutely true: There is an Ideal Org in Israel…!

14. Doubt formula completed. And a choice between COS and Indies. Because of the importance and weight of the subject, and my utmost respect to it, I took my time, did not hurry and completing this formula took long time. Large parts of it were done with much sadness and a heavy heart. I do not forget the wonderful wins and achievements that organization gave me in the early years. Not forgetting and thanking with all my heart. But what this Organization has become and what it has been doing for many years and up to now, are against anything that I believe in and turned into distortion and suppression of one of the greatest gift Humanity has ever received.

I hereby remove my support from the Church of Scientology and its current
management. At the same time I join the group of Independent Scientologists (Indies) which expands and prospers and applies truly the technology of L.R.H. A group which reinstates Scientology to what it once was, before it got corrupted.

15. To end off in higher tones and great optimism, which always characterized me, even in hard times, here are fresh news, straight from the oven….full of happiness and inspiration: A few days ago I completed and attested to OT4 at Dror Center in Haifa!!! I did this incredible OT level with Tami Lemberger the senior auditor at Dror and the best and most incredible auditor Imaginable. And I am really happy. We did a lot of hard work on that level, it was not a walk in the park. But I discovered a new and very fascinating world. And I progressed and did a few important giant steps! And there were many more wins all along the road. And there was another wonderful thing: The team-work of the auditor and me in the auditing was extraordinary, and I am moved again every time I recall it. Need any better recommendation for Dror AO in Haifa? And everything worked as I describe in point 13 here. The whole Organization and area around safe and distraction free. The auditing room safe and charming. Outside the room no distractions or
disturbances of any kind. Only people smiling, real, encouraging smiles. in the session the auditor very experienced and very able. Full of ARC and Theta. And here enters Ron’s Tech and does its wonders with no interference. After session there is examiner, yes, as should be. And above the auditor there is a C/S,
as should be. And above him there is senior C/S. And after the session there is a kitchen and a place to eat, and around, charming people who do not disturb and do not ask for donations and do not threaten and do not enforce. Just naturally nice. Any more than that necessary? Any more than that possible? Glittering events? I never liked exaggerated splendor, heavy make up, tons of glib written speeches and too few words from the heart. Magnificent buildings worth millions? Fine, if there is extra money. Dror Center is not like that. But it is clean, pleasant, aesthetic, functional, air conditioned and plenty parking. I do not think that a magnificent building instead of this would have contributed anything slightly significant to the effective and great processes that I did there. Food for thought. One more secret, mainly to Israelis, but not just: this AO is just round the corner.

Thanks with all my heart: To Tami and Dani Lemberger. Amazing team. I wrote here about Tami. She stretched a brave hand and pulled me back to life. I am speechless. Dani, a giant of a man, most gifted manager and creator, without him and his care his Theta and his vision none of that would have happened.
Warm thanks to Claudio and Renata Lugli, who came specially from Italy and contributed so much. Incredible and brave people. And Claudio, first auditor after years of darkness, who made it crystal clear in a most fantastic way that I was…RIGHT! Thanks to Marty, who was and is an endless source of help and inspiration on numerous planes. Without him too, I doubt if all this would have happened. As far as I am concerned he stands firm by his word to help in healing Scientologists and Scientology. Thanks to all staff members of Dror: Aviv, Dima, Carmela, Moti, SHahar, Eyal, Eitan, Vika and Galit. To Tsipi who supports all the time. Thanks to all the Indies that I mentioned here and those that left out. You all helped enormously. And last, thanks to anyone to whom all this is new, especially here in Israel, that had the courage to read to the end. For any question or request, I am at your service. And to anybody who would like to check for himself but is afraid, I have to say this: Personal Integrity is something without which, in the end, there is nothing.

And to reach Personal Integrity it takes sometimes courage. And courage has sometimes quite a price. Me, not very courageous by nature, and after many fears, I finally summoned courage. And it did have a price, but that price turned very quickly into a great reward: Happiness.

Hemi Benvenisti, OT IV
Starting OT5!

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  1. Dani Lemberger

    Hemi, we love you!!!! You’re da greatest of ’em all.

  2. Powerful communication, Hemi ! Thanks for giving us examples and for setting an example yourself, of how Scientology -should- be done!

  3. Wow Hemi! What a pleasure it was to read this. I know you will enjoy your OTV.

  4. Very well written! Hemi! Have FUN 🙂 LOTS of it 🙂

  5. Welcome home Hemi. To the REAL world of Scientology. So happy to see you here and doing well. This IS what Scientology is all about.

  6. Touching story of persistence and success! You really make it real how perfectly everything went at Dror. Congratulations on ending 17 years of purgatory!

  7. Great story! Great ending! Congradulations to both Hemi and the Dror staff!

  8. Hemi,
    What a beautiful Doubt condition writeup! And such a great ending to your story. I can fully relate to the suppressive and robotic handling you received at those higher orgs. I had similar experiences in the mid 90s at that Mecca of Technical Pervers.., uh Perfection. It took me a while to fully handle all the BPC after I left in 1998, but I did handle it – all with pure LRH tech.

  9. Hemi,

    You just made MY Thanksgiving (and my Christmas too!) So happy for you. And thanks to the new AO as well. What a stellar endorsement!

  10. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Hemi,
    thank you for sharing your story with us. I like your style. 🙂
    Great that you made it and did not give up.
    The Tech is the Tech – there’s no doubt about it – and gives the results.

  11. Well done on finding and arriving at the DROR CENTER in Haifa! And DROR Center in Haifa, THANK YOU for being there!

  12. Bravo Hemi!

    VVWD to you and your obvious success in applying the tech and getting a real result! It is very true for me in reading your write up that each of us is truly responsible for our own condition and that we can make a huge difference in our own life and help that process in those we associate with.

    Thank you for all you do!

  13. Hemi Benvenist, I thank you for writing this. I rejoice with you. One of the first sites I looked at too and importantly helped me understand and find the way out of the current organization. /www.friendsoflrh.org
    “My thanks to all these people for helping in the de-Ptsing process.” I’m with you on that and it hasn’t cost $$$ which virtually is impossible to do in the organization. I no longer continue on that bridge as you. My attention and responsibility is on shutting down the unethical part of the organization however I’m able to with my remaining years.
    I’m very happy to hear about Dror and the great services you received and wish them and you the very best and continued success. Shalom 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Hemi. So wonderful to see you back on the Real Scientology Bridge. The following lines from your excellent and complete Doubt Formula, particularly resonated with me:

    …The essence of these two is: the ability, in the end, to draw a clear line and say who and what you are, and what and who you are not, and not to compromise yourself, and not sell yourself. Because the moment you sell, no matter what price you got, you are an object and not a being, and you belong to someone else. And if anyone needs a demonstration of the great power of suppression, and at the same time of the great power of de-Ptsing – then this letter is mainly about these two forces.

    VWD both to you and to those who helped you. Wishing you continued success as you move on up higher!

  15. That was a good read. It feels good to disconnect from suppression. I was determined to handle until I realized, it’s not resolving but is getting worse. LRH taught me that there was no such thing as being too smart, but there was such a thing as being too stupid. From this datum I was able to deduce other datums such as there’s no such thing as having too many friends but was such a thing as having too many enemies. It looks to me that DM has made too many enemies.

  16. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Hemi,
    BRAVO !!!!!
    I am soooooooooo happy.
    You are back!
    You are free!
    You are amongst giants now, no reason to not BE yourself 100%.
    Enjoy fully your new life.
    You have been, you are and will be a GREAT influence for Scientology at large.

  17. What a wonderful, interesting, brave and ultimately uplifting post. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with us, Mr. Benvenisti. I can’t tell you how nice it was to see that last happy and smiling handsome image of you towards the end.

    Mr. Benvenisti – I hope you go on to do lots of enjoyable and lovely things in the future. This is the beginning of the rest of your life!!! Wishing you every success.

    With every good wish,

    P.S. I suppose – being English and all that – I ought not to mention it but…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING for tomorrow, me lovelies 😉 Pip pip! xx

  18. Hemi, what an awesome story. Thanks for sharing and I am so happy for you. Enjoy your new life and may you continue to have many wins. This Thanksgiving there is so much to be thankful for. Sending lots of love.

  19. Dani Lemberger

    Claudio, Renata, Marty, Mosey
    This is beautiful. WOW!!!
    What a team we’ve created. Proud to be your friend and very excited over what we’re doing and what’s coming.
    It’s like, we’ve only just started and the juggernaut is only beginning to roll. We cannot be stopped, no way are we not gonna make Ron’s Tech available to Mankind.
    Dani, Tami, Dror team

  20. Wonderful write-up. Congratulations Hemi!

  21. Dear lovely Hemi,
    VVVVVVVVVWD to you. You have shown what good, sensible observation really is. Scientology is fun!
    I can attest from seeing you that you look absolutely incredible! Good luck on your NOTs, see you soon 🙂

  22. Fantastic story. Absolutely freaking fantastic! Congratulations to Hemi and all who helped him. Just beautiful.

  23. One of those who see

    Stay safe you wonderful Israelis!! Hemi, I have only read part of your write up as i am at work. I will read every word. I am so happy for you!! Well done on your courage to look and to insist upon REAL Scientology. The last time I was on service in one of the higher orgs, I never got in session at all and left thinking that NO ONE IS TALKING TO ME! Not even the C/S. That was in 2007. I eventually typed into my search engine “Where is Ray Mithoff?” LOL and found the Indie movement. Welcome my friend. All the best with your adventure to freedom.

  24. Oh my! You have had much, much to say! Wonderful that you found a path again to friends and light. In keeping with your interests (and mine), I will try to post an link to something that represents another’s years of turmoil and turnaround. I chose this artist because of the live recording which is more interesting for most.

  25. Fabulous write-up of the facts, Hemi. People like yourself, who take the time to communicate so articulately make it so much easier for us to help others grasp the reality…that it’s not just THEM, it’s widespread and the source is auditors, C/Ss and execs who try to “blame the PC.”

    Ron says in Dianetics 55 that “All the aberration there is, is the time one spends waiting for an answer.”

    Why is the church so screwy?
    Because the purpose is to impress with MEST, not use to use the tech to free beings.
    Why are they doing that?
    Because david miscavige is terrified of free beings.
    Why is he terrified of free beings?
    Because he is in a suppressive valence and is dedicated to making Obedient Thetans, not Operating Thetans.
    Why do people go along with this crap?
    Because they have been implanted to believe that Obedience is freedom.

    No more! At least, not for us.

  26. Thank you Hemi, for presenting your victories and success’. Truly bringing forth the spirit of Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S..

    In the end what really matters in exploring Scientology, is being able to care about the person in front of you. I am so glad to hear you did find a place where people really cared, and the magic was bought back to life. I am Thankful to all of you at Dror! Thank You too! I am thankful to all out here, that care about the people in front of them. With that, anything is possible.

    Giving Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

  27. Hemi, I rejoice with you. Thank you for your courage to persist until you had the big win. and Thank you for sharing it all with us.

    My appreciation to the Luigli’s and Lemberger’s, the Dror Org and its staff and all who made this possible for you and many others.

  28. Wow, powerful stuff indeed Hemi! Very happy for you!

    I have to say that this statement really says it all for me – “And if they call you, you rush to pick up the phone, not run for cover”

  29. I remain speechless because of the impact of your writeup. Yet, I am very happy for you, Hemi … and us.

  30. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Very well done Hemi. Your story is inspirational. I breathe a deep breath now and relax my worry knowing that LRH’s technology is cared for very well. Thank you Dror Center in Haifa and all such Scientologists around the world making LRH’s dreams a reality. I will do a route soon like yours.

  31. Dear Hemi,

    Good understanding of the pros and cons of making up ones spiritual mind.


  32. Wow, Hemi – this is a gem! There is indeed an Ideal Org in Israel!

    Well done, and I am so happy for you.

  33. Fantastic Hemi. Thankyou for a beautiful Doubt formula and welcome to the rest of the Bridge. Independent Scientology will realize all our dreams and it’s great to have you on the team.

  34. Hemi said :
    The reaction of the Church to these people and to what they say is shallow, robotic and repeating: “they aremall suppressive and apostates, lawless, criminals and perverts, which were never worth anything. They ruin everything around them and only try to destroy and eradicate Scientology. These claims are accompanied
    by caricatures and animation clips of a disgusting and revolting level, which go so low, that that alone points at the tone and ethics level of the body which initiated/created them, The Church of Scientology. Moreover, just the thought that such levels of claims and production can influence intelligent people, removes any doubt about their reasoning level, and creates reversed results. Are we, intelligent people, supposed to believe claims of such level? If hundreds (and more) people who reached highest levels of case, training and management are all criminals and idiots worth nothing, what does it say about Scientology?

    Hemi !
    Nothing like nailing it so the absurdity unfolds.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. Jessie Hennessy

    Dear Hemi,
    I salute you for this eye opener. Thank you !
    This is my very first comment I ever wrote here. I just have to write because your story immediately brought back a memory from way over 10 years ago at AOSH UK, sitting in the Public Ethics Office, waiting for my turn to be seen. A man from Isreal who sounded like he knew exactly what he was talking about made a statement to the person interviewing him: “I hope you do realize that you are shooting your most able people.”
    I’ll never forget that impinging moment. By any chance, was that you?

  36. Sunshine Disinfects

    What a powerful letter which more often than not left big beaming smiles on my face. Your spirit of play is infectious. I am so happy for you. Welcome.

  37. Hemi,
    Thank you for sharing your story, it is wonderful to see what you went through and what seems to be failed purposes rekindled and your moving up higher! Great job and Kudos on the named Indies to turn this around and put the LRH Bridge there!

  38. One heck of a story, and it flows effortlessly now. Well wishes Hemi, truck on now that you know you can… and you can.

  39. Looking 4 Myself

    To Hemi,
    Congratulations on finally finding the special gift you were looking for.
    I love reading these doubt write-ups with happy endings! Especially ones where people have had so many wins with the “official church” back in the day before it became something less than ideal.
    I found Scientology back in the early nineties after the damage was already done to the church and before I knew about what the church use to be before then when Scientology was fun inside the church.
    What the church had become caused me to blow the organization many times over 18 years. The only thing which kept me coming back was Ron and his philosophy had so much truth to it that I figured that something had to be wrong with me for not “getting it”.
    I,like you,embarked upon my adventure to find out what was wrong by 1st going to Friends of LRH and, indeed, felt like I found truth there. A most wonderfully awesome web site.
    After visiting there and a few other similarly oriented websites, including Marty’s, I finally felt a moment where I had the most profound feeling of inner peace I can remember experiencing in my life. I knew then that I had found what is true for me and have been an Independent Scientologist since.
    Once again, thank you for this very uplifting story.
    Bill M.

  40. I love that video. Its so cool

  41. Fabulous story Hemi!!!
    A true inspiration for all of us… congratulations!!!

  42. Hemi,

    Utterly beautiful!

  43. Hemi, Very Well Done…
    To have endured all that, and yet perservered and gotten back on the Bridge. A testament to the fact that when a being decices on a course of action or a goal, they never give up.
    Scn Ethics properly applied is a wonderful and powerful thing. Improperly applied, it can be upsetting. Suppressivly applied and it is down-right evil.
    Early on my Scn career in the early/mid 1990’s i found myself living in Clearwater near Flag. Though working on my lower Bridge, i was always very curious about the OT Levels and Flag. At that time you could attend an event at Flag and still socialize a bit afterwards. After an initial hit of regging, they would leave you alone and you could talk and enjoy the other attendees (later of course they stuck to you like a rapid tick to a dog and all you could do and remain sane was grab some chocolate covered strawberries and head for the door).
    These events were an opportunity for me talk those on higher level services and get an idea about what that was like. After a couple of years of this i noticed some curious trends. The first being that at the upper levels “ethics” seemed to be a large issue and problem.
    For example one fascinating girl i talked to was constantly being taken off her bridge and having to “handle” a past transgression. Even though this “transgression” occurred before she was in Scn, and even though she was “handled” many times on it. I asked myself, why, if this thing was known from the beginning and handled….why did it keep coming up? And she seemed to be the norm, not the exception.
    One had to wonder that if Scn Tech was so percise and handles things to a done, why these never ending ethics handlings at the upper levels of Scn over and over again?
    Simply: its and excuse to generate revenue and keep people looking in and not looking out.
    Freaking Evil.

  44. Recently, Down Under here in Oz, I went to the airport to pick up one of the many guests for a weekend get together of independent Scientologists. Here was a being, declared suppressive by DM decades ago, and with the added arbitrary of “never to return” tagged on, who himself never accepted this wrong indication, instead, he took the subject, his certainty of gains and ability to get results with Scientology, and went ahead and applied it successfully for 30 years. He created and ran a business that consulted with other businesses where he did a Life Repair of those businesses, personnel, etc.

    A centerpiece of his application was the handling of the phenomena of PTS/SP, out in the world.

    On the way back from the airport, he began his description of what he applied with a term, (converted from Scn vernacular) “Problem Generator” i.e. the SP or one tangled up with an SP, the PTS who manifests the adverse effect of a Problem Generator and have “problems”.

    Instantly, the manifestation of suppression is communicated – problems – and the key observation of PTS is clear – lots of unsolveable problems.

    SP’s create problems. PTS is a condition of being hung in problems, in varying degrees of easily spotted and blown, to the condtion of SP itself.

    (David Miscavige, I won’t say who this person was. Not out of any consideration that you would be able to continue to attempt to suppress them,( since this person is so completely NOT PTS to you or any other, and has, following your idiocy of declaring this Class VIII, OT, with a record of some of the most expansive and productive Scientology operations in the entire history of the subject, gone on to not only flourish and prosper but to actually and factually AUDIT on the 3rd and 4th Dynamics happily for all the time you figured he’d buckled and disappeared) but because I have a sort of singular pleasure in this valence you’ve become being absolutely feckless in the long scheme of things.)

    Hemi, all those at Dror, Claudio (my best friend that I have yet to shake hands with in this particular life), my mates, M, M, S, D, R, “J”, CC, and the rest of the alphabet of incredible beings I know, all those who keep at this, who dust off and pick up again, who are the finest that we all are, thank you for this wonderful journey and the giant, ear to ear, and light as can be smile I have as I write this and bask in the joy you all create.


  45. Wow Hemi!
    Sounds great.
    Thank you for communicating this!
    All best to you and those around you!

  46. Hemi
    Wonderful for an in detail story of a suppressed Thetan that just about anybody in the Church or not or not even being a Scientologist CAN duplicate, understand and possibly follow suit.
    Welcome in the sunshine 🙂

  47. Hemi wrote: “the great rumor that you heard recently is absolutely true: There is an Ideal Org in Israel…!”
    I had a dial-wide smile after reading this (re: the Dror Center) 🙂

    LRH’s Program: Ideal Org: Big Success! Run by Big Thetans. Product: Divine Beings.
    DM’s Program: Idle Morge: BS. Run by Big Thugs. Product: DBs.

  48. Dear Hemi,

    Thanks for going public,

    You said:

    ” In the beginning of 2011 I googled the word “Scientology” and opened a random result. It opened an unknown page with pictures an quotes of Ron, and other things. After a few short seconds I felt anxiety. It might be a hate site that I am not supposed to see. I closed it immediately with a bit of panic. But there was nothing bad there in the quick look I had. So I opened again, and I looked with one eye and at an angle and I convinced myself that I was not really looking…now this makes me really laugh. Then it was sad and pathetic. I am sure this is familiar to many. ….”

    Thanks for discussing that moment!

    Particularly “…I looked with one eye and at an angle and I convinced myself that I was not really looking…..”

    I remember my first surfing the internet, I only looked at sympathetic pro LRH sites. I reasoned that I wouldn’t have to cough it up as an overt in a sec check, sheesh.

    Great write up!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
    866-XSEAORG. toll free advice
    atheist today, but I’m glad Scientologists keep telling their histories. and I’m hopeful Scientology will reform itself somehow. I believe in the C of the ARC triangle, and public communication by Scientologists will “do the trick” in the end of the day.

  49. Hemi,

    I really enjoyed reading your story, specially the “happy ending.” I am glad you had the courage to observe and make your decisions. Glad to have you here.

    Very well done to you for continuing on your spiritual journey, and to all those that have made it possible.

    The best is yet to come.


  50. Dani thanks!!! I love you all so much too, we gotta be careful OSA doesn’t say we all make orgies..! I might be this moment’s main focus and I accept, if only for all these late nights, writing this letter until 6 in the morning..BUT, you my friend have been there for years, making this place, surviving against incredible odds and suppression. You, Tami and all the team, are the real heroes, 10 times over! So, about who’s da greatest of ‘em all, we’ll discuss Saturday when I come to start OT5 – and it ain’t gonna be me. You see guys how I comm with my President/CO/ED…isn’t that FUN? Aren’t we all having so much fun compared to the SIR-iousness over there…

  51. Thanks so much!

  52. Thank you sssooo much!

  53. Izhar, special thanks to you!!! it was your mail from Portugal that let me know about Dror’s going Indie…Historic mail! Big Cheers!

  54. Mike,
    As I discovered the Indies, watching you speak, straight and honest, and reading many things you wrote, were strong part of my healing process. It is important for me that you know that. Seeing and hearing what YOU WENT THROUGH and survived, and how much you sacrificed for years, helped me realize that I’d better get going and sort myself too, having a much lighter burden. And you sharing your difficulties in finding answers to some difiicult queations, so naturally and honestly stated, without the glossy PR or the obsession to always ‘know it all’ – we find so often inside the CoS, made me realize I did find my kind of people, my kind of scientologists, my kind of Thetans. You are so right: it is home and the REAL world of Scientology. Thank you for your big, BRAVE and Theta part!! And for not selling! you made a big difference Mike!

  55. Thanks! Appreciated.

  56. Thanks so much, and so happy to hear your ending…!

  57. Thank you so much for your validation Tom!

  58. Thanks!! For the smile too.

  59. Absolutely! Thank you too!

  60. Thank you so much, you are very kind! And good luck!

  61. Thank you Randy!! Much appreciated. Wish you all the best.

  62. Claudio, what more can I say on this phenomenon which is you??
    You leave me absolutely speechless, so I …laugh. Your great choice of words even when short, would have made Shakespeare drop writing and become an auditor. You are a very very rare Thetan. Thank you for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Fanks…English Girl, of course you can mention it,,,Happy Thanksgiving!
    And your warm words are verry mooch appreciated. All the best to you!!

  64. Hemi,

    I remember the first time I looked on the internet regarding Scientology. I was soon reeling with a “vertigo” like feeling as I realized that I knew some of these people and I recalled that stuff that was reported! It was true!

    I finally realized that I wasn’t alone in my experience with Scientology. Others had gone through hell as well – and they finally said enough! I had found my true group once again – as have you.

    Welcome back brother, may your journey find your friends travelling with you.

  65. Thank you so much! You were there too on my journey of recovery, reading your story. Thanks for your validation!

  66. Karen, my admiration to you is huge. The caliber of a being you are, reading the things you went through, both difficult and great and everything you write were all a great inspiration to me on my recovery journey. Thank you so much!!

  67. Thank you !!! Love all the way back to you

  68. Thank you Don!! And VVVVVVVVWD to you too. Proud to be living within 70 miles distance from a being like you.
    See you soon indeed.

  69. Thanks Jim from down under in OZ…you write words of wisdom, so enlighting. bumping into the Indies I was shocked to discover so many wise, original, funny and special beings. You are no doubt at the front line of this manifestation, and I am proud to be smiling, basking in the joy you create yourself.

  70. Luis,
    I am honored, and moved. Your legendary letter had the most influence on me as I was looking for answers. And it actually lifted me way up. So was your write up on your auditing with Marty. Reminds me so much of my shock (positive) auditing with Claudio. Both these I have translated myself to Hebrew and put on our Indie blog here in Israel.
    Thank you so much Luis for BEING and for all your able help!!!

  71. So busy with Thanksgiving preps/family but wanted to take the time to give you a warm welcome to the Indies. These welcomes were so important to us when we came out as it’s such a huge step and it’s so morale boosting to have the support of so many wonderful people. So glad you are winning now and in the best of hands there at the Dror center!

  72. Hemi,
    What a beautiful writeup, from a beautiful being!
    I believe that it will communicate the truth to anyone still under suppression and will begin their De-PTSing.
    I found your viewpoint to be very well worth duplicating. Thank you for communicating it so well.
    I am so happy that you made it out.

    Dror AO, which is not licensed by RTC (lol), is dedicated to using Scientology as it was meant to be used and is making real Ots.

    “Claudio is afraid of nothing. he, apparently, is a real scientologist. Just does what is needed: Standard Tech, dream TRs, and an ocean of Theta.”

    I can attest that this is true for me as well!

  73. Dani Lemberger

    Jim, Thanks for all you have done to lead the way and support our efforts. Your share in this was vital. We too need to shake hands, I hope soon, Dani

  74. Dani Lemberger

    Karen, your courage and personal sacrifice is an inspiration to all of us. We love ya, Dani

  75. Dani Lemberger

    Les, there’s more and more of us, fewer and fewer of the suppressors and their slaves. The tipping point is getting closer. Thank you for your friendship and for holding the fort. Love to you, to Anita, Mary and Frankie, Dani

  76. Dani Lemberger

    Dan, your vast work and being there and communicating and guidance has made this happen. Thank you, Dani and Dror Tech Team, now training new auditors with materials you made available. Ron, if I may speak on his behalf, is proud of us.

  77. Wow Hemi – reading this and your results and wins and what you describe about the Dror Center is exactly why I joined Scientology in the first place. This is what it is all about and I’m grateful to be part of your team!

  78. Dani Lemberger

    My greatest joy in life, and the only reason we are here, is to make it possible for you and all to attain such higher states.
    Scientology has made me happy, immortal, able. Scientology, this lifetime, has undone millenia of decline.
    What we are doing is our exchange with Ron. Not to do this would be a crime and would wipe away our own gains. All those around one must flourish, for one’s own wealth to be lasting.
    Thank you for your wisdom, courage and trust. You were the first to shoulder the burden with us. You made us realize this must be done and that we will win.
    There is never-ending work for us now, in helping those near us, grasping yet not reaching.
    See you on Shabbat, Dani

  79. Dani Lemberger

    Mike and Christie,
    When DM booted us you were there to give us a home, friendship, certainty. We spent time with you and friends, laughed, shared experiences and vowed to continue the work.
    Your efforts and courage, and teamwork with the ever-growing legion of indies, ensures our victory and the eternity of Ron’s legacy.
    Love, Dani

  80. Thank you Lucy!

  81. You are most welcome and thank you too!!

  82. I like your cognitions! Thank you, good luck!

  83. Hi Hemi, please know that your arrival at Dror and your success story is what gives us the drive to do what we are doing against all odds. You gave us your support when we most needed it. You are a real friend. Moti

  84. Thanks!!!

  85. Hemi, kol ha kavod!!!!! I am very happy you are with us!!!!

  86. Dan,
    Thank you so much. All credit to Dror is deserved. But before I got to know them, there was this group pf people, a group of GIANTS, which stood firm like a tall bright lighthouse on the shores of a dark stormy sea, at the bottom of which I (and many others) was sunk and struggling. Their light, wisdom, integrity and care, gave me streangth and hope. You were and are part of that group, and I am eternally thankful for that!!!

  87. Thank you Scott! Absolutely true. I totally duplicate you totally duplicating me..and both of us and thousands more totally duplicating what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s theta and what’s suppression.
    I never felt so connected properly, to the right people and group like I do now. Best luck!!

  88. Hemi,
    While I was on the other side of the planet from you in ’93, I was experiencing exactly the same thing with the church. It’s clear from your write-up that you’re a genuinely open and honest person. I love seeing people succeed, especially good people like you. Congratulations on you wins.

  89. Hemi very well done of your story! Eitan

  90. Hemi — thank you for your heartfelt sharing of your journey with the happy ending — but of course we know that it’s just the happy beginning of your newly found independent life !

    May you and the Dror Org remain safe and a constant beacon of sanity …


  91. Wow, great story. Good work at Dror Center !
    Keep on Hemi

  92. What a great write up Hemi – You have a very warm Beingness! I did smile at your description of seeing something on the internet for the first time – I think it was like that for a few of us – me included. I can identify with so much of what you say – so “thank you” for the encouragement to keep going. All the very best to you and everyone at Dror!

  93. Fabulous write-up, Hemi. You pulled no punches, and you said what mattered. I agree totally, and know exactly what you mean about being stuck and in a hole saying nothing, keeping quiet, thinking it’s all my fault. Ron calls it ‘punching your anchor points in’ – a miscavige speciality.

    The CoS has no answer except to ask for more money and to send you to ethics anyway. Pathetic!

    If it wasn’t for the mindless blind faith of it’s members, and the slave labour of its staff, the CoS as a straightforward business delivering services and goodwill would have been bankrupt anytime these last 20 years.

    Wishing you great success, happiness and freedom on the upper levels!

    Richard Kaminski

  94. Aviv Bershadsky

    Hemi, Very Well Done! We love you so much!
    Aviv and Dror team

  95. Thank you so much!!! LOL indeed. Your support is appreciated. All the best to you! Hemi

  96. Thanks Leonore, wonderful link I listened to it with joy while replying to all these remarkable Thetans here!

  97. So according to Dani here you must be Les, from the beautiful lake and deer country in the north. Wow, thanks so much for your wise and piercing words!!
    In the past 2 years, reading about what the 4 of you are doing in Idaho and seeing pictures and wins from your public (and Mary’s wonderful videos), gave me a big push and much strength. Thank you all!!
    As I see and read people’s comments here, I realize more than ever the quality of us Indies, and the huge and genuine CARE that we have for each other. As should be amongst spiritual beings. This is beautiful and uplifting!!
    Yet in the COS these aspects get dimmer and dimmer as each individual struggles to survive his implants (you’re so right Les) and has less and less Theta left to care for others. Also, and this is a cognition: The COS always forbids that people communicate to each other on any inner aspects, instead only comm to the Church is encouraged. this cuts ARC and makes people aliens instead of true comrades.

  98. Thank you sssooo much for your wonderful words!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  99. Thank you Yvonne! Thanks so much!

  100. Thanks H !!! You see, running for cover when phone rings…this is the essence of ENFORCE” at its worse…

  101. T H A N K Y O Y ! ! !

  102. Thank you!! here is indeed!

  103. Hi Jessie and welcome!! Thanks for writing. I spent much time in that office mostly doing meaningless, invented write ups….while there was no need for any of them in the 1st place. About your question, I cannot guarantee, but I surely wish it was me…!

  104. Thank you Sunshine!! Keep smiling and beaming. We will disinfect thoroughly!! Soon.

  105. T h a n k Y o u ! ! !

  106. Bill, wonderful comment, thank you! What you write is of course so real to both of us and many others. And to all Truth seekers when they find it!
    All the best !!!

  107. Yes, remarkable! I am going to try to re-post the link I cited, though probably most will be done with reading this day’s blog. I think I used the wrong code originally, so I’m going to experiment to see if I can do it properly. A fact I’m sure you know, Rachmaninoff suffered huge artistic criticisms and set-backs that drained him emotionally, and then he came back with the piano concerto #2 that even non-classical lovers will recognize and know as one of the all time great musical creations. I love the idea of the great comeback, and this performance of the concerto is so beautiful.


  109. Oh well. Didn’t do it right… Next time.
    Best wishes, Hemi! Thanks for sharing your wonderful wins.

  110. Thank you Ulf!!! You are right on!

  111. Thank you Christine for such kind and supporting words!!

  112. Thank you so much for your nice and wise words. All the best to you too!

  113. Thank you Wendy! It is funny looking back at this NOW…”Beyond our fears lies our freedom.” All the best to you too!

  114. Thanks!! I will!

  115. Thanks Eitan! And see you!!

  116. Thank you Chuck!

  117. Thanks Greta! It is SSSoooo nice being in that sunshine, and invite everybody to join in the party of life.

  118. T H A N K Y O U ! !

  119. T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

  120. Well you can’t argue with facts: There IS an Ideal Org in Israel…!

  121. Thank you so much for your kind, warm and supporting words. It is moral boosting, and so natural to free beings.

  122. Thanks so much Phil!! And Claudio, watch it, I’ve got another witness to your continuous acts of FREEING PEOPLE, and no matter how much you offer, we will not keep silent about this….-:))

  123. Moti thank you!!! I am honored to be with you and I owe you all so much!!!

  124. Thank you Dima!! The happiness is all mine!

  125. Thanks Paul, you are very kind!

  126. Thank you Aviv! I love you all 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…………….!

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