A Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving apparently means a lot of different things to different people.  What it represents to me is a day of peace where one may reflect on the positives one considers blessed to have experienced.   It seems to me that how much one has to be thankful for is influenced largely by one’s viewpoint and outlook on life.  L. Ron Hubbard noted in the Ability Congress lectures that when one focuses on the negative (disability) one gets more negatives and conversely when one focuses on the positive (ability) one gets more positives.  Viktor Frankl bestowed a little gift along the same line of reasoning in Man’s Search for Meaning:

…Can life retain its potential meaning in spite of its tragic aspects?  After all, ‘saying yes to life in spite of everything’, to use the phrase in which the title of a German book of mine is couched, presupposes that life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, even those which are most miserable.  And this in turn presupposes the human capacity to creatively turn life’s negative aspects into something positive or constructive.  In other words, what matters is to make the best of any given situation. “The best”, however, is that which in Latin is called optimum – hence the reason I speak of a tragic optimism, that is, an optimism in the face of tragedy and in view of the human potential which at is best always allows for: (1) turning suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment, (2) deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better; and (3) deriving from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.

I am very fortunate to be spending this Thanksgiving, as I have the past seven of them, with someone who demonstates these virtues like no one else I know:

I also consider myself fortunate to have received an inspirational  story from Ulf Olofsson.  It communicates some things I have wanted to but hadn’t found the words for. It illustrates the truths of Hubbard and Frankl in action.  Doing time in Scientology Inc.’s Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) sometimes carries a stigma with it.  I, however, have known several people who have turned the potentially negative experience into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for enhancement of character.  Ulf is a prime example.  His story might shed some light on why I don’t always give a lot of weight to pedigrees and certificates.  I hope it gives rise to contemplation of things all of us can find to be thankful for.

Ulf Turns Tragedy to Triumph

Hi Marty,

The below are some not so coherent and chronological comments but nonetheless some notes of my RPF experience at Flag after leaving the Int base after 17 years of service there.

I left Gold at the height of insanity in late November 2006 and no RPF outside of the Int Base could even start to match up to the conditions at Int – the RPF at Flag was a holiday in comparison, but that doesn’t make the RPF right, it was just from my own perspective.

The original idea of the RPF as covered in the LRH advices and FOs about the RPF make some sense to me. Instead of off-loading an R/Sing staff member who was dramatizing his R/Ses on the organization, or being a chronic overt-product-maker, had a voluntary free choice of doing the program or getting off-loaded. It was for extreme cases where regular Qual, ethics and justice, hatting etc, had not created a change in destructive behavior.

For those people they were supposed to get a PTS Check, a check for evil purposes on all dynamics and anyone with a List 1 R/S [List #1 Rock Slam – meaning having exhibited a rock slam while checking a list of items related to LRH and Scientology] would get EX DN [Expanded Dianetics] or OT III or NOTS pending on case level.

This was 1974. A PTS Check in 1974 was a metered interview where you established if the person was PTS on the meter and if so to whom. Later the PTS Check materials got cancelled and the new “definition” for PTS Check was a 10 August interview as well as the PTS/SP course and the PTS Rundown – now all C/Sed for on the RPF, adding months to the program.

The original time frame of an RPF program was a few months. A month or two for training (if you were not trained already) and another month or two for the C/S’ed program. You did it 5 hours a day in a co-audit with technical supervision and worked 8 hours a day on deck work for exchange.

Today a typical RPF C/Sed program goes like this:

1. PTS Interview
2. PTS/SP Course
3. (conditional) PTS Rundown
4. Tailor made FPRD Sec Check (usually over a 100 questions)
5. (conditional) FPRD Basic Form
6. 1-8 Dynamics FPRD (about 800 questions)
7. (conditional) Ex DN program for L1 R/S
8. Final Assessment passed by RTC

I am not aware of anybody graduating the RPF in less than 18 months and most people are on the RPF for 3-12 years unless they blow or route out.

If FPRD would be done as originally issued in FPRD Series 5 (now they are up to revision 5RB) where evil purposes were checked for using suppress and invalidate only then the FPRD wouldn’t be so bad and wouldn’t take years to complete. But the DM revision of checking all the confessional left-hand buttons on every evil purpose to FN adds 20X the time. The original text says to check for an evil purpose with suppress and invalidate and if no read, move on. This is changed to having to FN each evil purpose with all buttons just like a confessional – which is in itself an alteration from the original.

The subject of buttons are so severely altered even the GAT drills can’t provide the references but the drills themselves are the “references” for how to check buttons in sec checking and FPRD because ALL the references of buttons state otherwise, but DM somehow had it figured out that the laws of listing and nulling applies to sec checking and not just suppress and invalidate but ALL left-hand buttons ever stated by LRH, i.e. the read on the button transfers to the question and hence it equals a read on the question itself, and the button is not put “in” and then re-check the question which is how every HCOB on the subject states to do. My own understanding of the laws of listing and nulling doesn’t even equate to this as other laws go directly against this practice, which may account for the amount of charge I discovered as a review auditor on “wrong items”. But others, more technically qualified than I, could ascertain what the truth is on this subject.

I could go on and on.

Add to the agony of the endless buttons that have to be FNed having to sit in a co-audit space with 50 people and you have some asinine tailor-made sec check FPRD style with a HEAVY concentration of the 2D [sex] as this subject seem to be the biggest crime in the universe by Flag MAAs (outside of being critical of DM.)

So there you are in the co-audit room with 50 people around you and an un-trained, awful-TRs foreigner with a heavy accent is asking you:

“Have you ever ass-fucked a cow?

On the question, have you ever ass-fucked a cow has anything been suppressed?
… invalidated?
…. been careful of?
… failed to reveal?
… etc, etc, etc”

All the way down the list of buttons and somehow you’re supposed to FN that. People around you are giggling and wonder what kind of overts you must have. Because you so divorced from the concept of feeling free you are not exactly FNing and the buttons are checked over and over and finally one button reads. Then you have to find an overt. You finally find a time when you stared at a horse’s dick and felt embarrassed about it. Then you run staring at the horse’s dick whole track and then check for evil purposes with all buttons to FN…

I am not even being cynical here – this is a real example that occurred on my RPF.

So, originally RPFers were L1 R/Sers or chronic overt-product-makers who were given a chance to get rehabilitated or off-loaded – hence its name: Rehabilitation Project Force.

Not today. On the Flag RPF over 50% were on the RPF for out-2D – an instant RPF offense at the FSO. Some very few had been involved in extramarital sex with another married person which is actually a crime by law, but that amounted to 3 people. The rest were there for seducing, petting, masturbation, etc. These “crimes” were an instant RPF-assignment at Flag because their Dept. 3 was obsessed with the 2D, just like DM and RTC.

4 young people (two not even 20 years old when assigned) were on the RPF for having had critical thoughts about DM coming up in session. This was the reason they got assigned to the RPF.

There were two valid L1 R/Sers and there were 3 valid chronic overt-product-makers, i.e. 5 out of about 60 were valid RPF assignments.

Some people on the RPF had been there for more than 10 years. One girl has been on the RPF since 1999 – 13 years in total. She was one of the most loved Class IX auditors but she didn’t pull major crimes when a public got nattery about DM so she went to the RPF. She was by far the best auditor on the entire RPF. She was REAL.

There is supposed to be an RPF I/C and a D/RPF I/C for Tech per the RPF FO’s to ensure the RPF is run standardly. The Flag RPF had none of these posts and we were mainly left alone. The RPF I/C HFA (Senior Qual Sec FLB) was mainly doing Basics sales and every now and then showed up at the RPF spaces to collect reports and most often to urge richer RPFers to donate to the IAS to help the FLB make its IAS reg quota.

During my 3 1/2 years on the RPF we had some 10 major “evolutions” whereby the RPF was off full-time around the clock to finish some construction project such as the new Oak Cove, the new Fort Harrison Hotel, new Crew Berthing or the Flag hosted international events at the Ruth Eckard Hall which the RPFers built all the staging for. So we would be working day and night for sometimes up to 2 months with no enhancement.

The RPF at Flag was however not cruel. Though work was sometimes around-the-clock, the psychological conditions, invalidations, etc which were present at Int, were not present at Flag. Hard work? Yes. Mental stress? No – at least not for me.

However I was in the tech unit from the very beginning and I got to audit, C/S and supervise and be hands-on, one-on-one applying Scientology to others, and despite altered FPRD and Sec checking tech, I could still get results. When I had done all the training I continued to just read HCOBs at night or any time I had and then I went right on to apply them to others. I became one of the most trusted tech terminals and I had no prior tech training. I took on review cases which had failed over and over again by Cl IX auditors at Flag and who were botched up and later RPFed. This gave me personal reality of the tech in application.

There were some great people on that RPF and we had a very strong third dynamic. These are the aspects I really liked, but all the rest is complete balderdash.

In retrospect though I think I had a very unique experience on the RPF because I took this opportunity to wholeheartedly try to absorb Scientology technology. Having months and months of delays throughout my 3 years and 5 months on the program I had ample time to study pretty much whatever I wanted and this included literally everything that was available – in pretty much chronological order, minus the exact references in my course packs when I was studying my RDD [Read it, Drill it, Do it] training line-up.

Another aspect which made my RPF experience unique was that I had spent 17 years at Gold prior to the RPF with pretty much no Scientology training or application. I did however get exposed to much of the background data on how the tech came to be, including reading all the Basics just before going to the RPF as well as naturally having listened to a fair amount of lectures by the simple expedient of working in audio. I also worked on the tech films – over and over again in the process of doing the soundtracks, as well as all the LRH films minus the ones on the OT levels.

These repetitive actions, including doing all of Dan Koon’s instant meter reads drills videos back in the 90’s inadvertently had instilled the certainty of instant reads and many basic laws of auditing, TRs and metering.

Of course before being shipped off to the RPF I received 250 hours of sec checking (audited confessional) at Gold by Lara Dolan – one of those teenage girls who had been trained to become one of the new breed of RTC interrogators. 250 hours of sec checking by a person who openly despised you [an ingrained attitude, not necessarily a reflections of the real person] and was the embodiment of ruthless, cold chrome. It was a lovely experience which of course gave me a very good idea of how “it is really done” – not!

I arrived to the Flag RPF with my twin Power Coleman in late Nov 2006 and we started our RDD training line-up which is the way of training on the RPF. My folders didn’t arrive on the RPF until about 6 months later and we couldn’t get going on auditing so Power and I continued our training line-up beyond what we needed for our program in preparation for other actions which may be needed. I trained up to become an Examiner which was my first post in the Tech Unit. There were two units on the RPF – the Deck Unit which did 5 hours of “redemption” (training and auditing towards redeeming yourself as a Sea Org member) every day and the rest deck work. The Tech Unit served the rest of the RPF as their technical staff during their redemption time and then we had our own redemption period in the afternoon.

When we finally got the folders we started auditing on FPRD both ways and we both tried to emulate what Lara Dolan had done on both of us before arriving on the RPF. Of course it was a disaster as neither one of us was “in session”, meaning willing to talk to the auditor and interested in own case – the prerequisite for a PC to be able to achieve ANY case gain.

One would think that this would be corrected, but instead we were “corrected” in the direction of being MORE ruthless, prying and “investigatory”. Here were two green guys (as far as auditor training was concerned) and we find ourselves being crammed (corrected) on advanced sec checking drills, interrogator beingness and other matters usually done at Grad V Auditor level – a much higher auditor training level.

This was of course the absolute wrong thing for us to do – what should have happened is we should have been crammed on the basics of auditing, which ironically was not even on any training line-up for the RPFers. We literally learned advanced sec checking tools before we learned a single basic auditing principle.

Both of us needed a review auditor to get us going again. In the meanwhile I had trained to become a co-audit supervisor. I had also gone through the basic auditing references contained in the very beginning training line-ups for Academy auditors and soon realized that the subject of FPRD is approached, taught and crammed in the direction of an HCO interrogation instead of auditing which it is.

Being a supervisor I constantly found that sessions failed because the RPFers didn’t know the basics of auditing. I couldn’t cram them as they hadn’t even studied these references, though they had studied pretty much everything pertaining to overts and withholds.

So I revised the training line-up and made people read the very basics of auditing before they even did TRs and metering so they would understand from the beginning why they were even doing TRs and metering. Bit by bit I got it instilled in the RPF that no auditing will work unless the basics of auditing, TRs and metering are applied, no matter how much investigatory procedure they knew.

This was backed up by some veterans who weren’t involved in the non-OT co-audit on a usual basis.

With this change actual auditing started to occur, including in my own twinship. The next hurdle however became our own C/S, an old GO operative who saw government agents in every corner – Dick Story. He was convinced that for two people to have been shipped off to the RPF from Int we must have been involved in seriously illegal stuff. He considered that our auditing, which was now running somewhat smoothly, was literally just pussyfooting around. So despite of our auditing finally running fine, we were constantly being crammed and corrected on advanced sec checking drills and we were asked to re-check questions he was convinced should have “more on it”. It wasn’t that he found wrong reads or non-existent FN’s while checking a question – he was convinced we were both theetie weetie and out of his own “knowingness” as a C/S he would have us constantly go backwards to re-check things; he added questions, etc, and as a result we were stuck.

I finally declared war on Dick Story and documented everything that had happened for the last several months, studied up on the C/S series and wrote a long report detailing his C/S “instructions” against the LRH policies and the exact areas of my twin’s worksheets. This got the attention of the D/Snr C/S Crew at Flag and he took Dick off as the C/S for us and we both got a new C/S who programmed a review auditor to clean up our extensive overrun. Then we started moving again.

By this time, as I had already studied the C/S series to be able to debug our own progress, I trained up to become a C/S and review auditor. I also had to do an Int (Interiorization) rundown on Power as well as running some NED on him based on a read on a correction list – so I eventually found myself having done the entire auditor and C/S training line-up up to Grad V – RDD style of course.

Moving forward a year and I had gotten Power through 50% of the program but I was only ¼ through. One problem I had was that I had received such a thorough sec check prior to the RPF that my 80 or so questions on the tailor-made sec check (FPRD style) wouldn’t read anymore on checking questions but I knew there were evil/false purposes there but we couldn’t get to them as almost all this-life time overt chains had already been flattened.

This caused an increasing frustration with my auditor Power who became convinced I wasn’t cooperating nor trying to get through the program. This attitude of him became very obvious in session so of course I wasn’t “in session” and of course, no results. This created an apathetic feeling of ever being able to get through and I asked to route out.

Power got re-twinned and I spent many months waiting for my folders to get FESed from Int. In this time I just studied and studied the HCOBs from beginning to the end in chronological sequence. After the FES finally arrived I was taken in for review auditing by a person who was a trained auditor and audited the PC for the PC – not the organization.

My now very expanded knowledge of the tech itself plus getting the right indications in session while blowing actual charge made me once again see that I could be audited and I decided to pursue the program with a new twin. The tech people seemed so dumbfounded by what to do with me I literally had to tell them that this was simply a matter of not receiving standard auditing and C/Sing and there were no mysteries if they just audited me for me and only cared about actual charge discovered on the meter – not what Gold thinks I should run, or the C/S is convinced I must be involved with, etc, etc.

So again my auditing progressed with a new twin. By this time I was the Review Auditor for the RPF and I really started to take an interest in debugging other stalled RPFers. This was my most rewarding activity while on the RPF.

I want to add that the majority of people on the Flag RPF were great people. They were not the scum at the bottom of the totem pole. Neither was the RPF program and deck work punitive or horrible. The RPF is often depicted and reported on in the media as a prison camp, and though some freedom aspects of the program can be likened to a prison, it honestly wasn’t that bad – factually it was a holiday compared to my previous experience at Gold.

The most common false data on the RPF (and seemingly at Flag) was to attribute ALL issues to overts and withholds. People who had trouble on post were only “handled” with ruthless interrogation techniques. Though overts and withholds of course could or were playing a part in it, getting to the bottom of those was not the panacea cure which would make the person a redeemed, contributing staff member.

So many factors were involved that made auditing practically impossible. Evaluation and invalidation were so rampant as to become the norm. Injustices were the order of the day and all this was compounded by the GAT trained “good” tech people who believed that a robotic, cold, out-of-ARC approach to the PC was the ONLY way of auditing.

There were 3 people on the RPF who demonstrably audited for the PC with ARC – all trained before GAT.  Alain Kartuzinski was one of them but I didn’t get to experience too much of him due to him being off all tech lines unless we internally organized him to “secretly” audit me –meaning without the knowledge of people outside the RPF. The other was Heather Crook, our Lead RPF C/S (OT V, Cl IX) and Josette Chiquet (OT VII, Cl IX). Josette was the best auditor I ever had. She was auditing me for me and I never even noticed her or the meter. She was also the most ridiculed and punished RPFer of all of them because she was “reasonable” and “CI” and had “serious MUs on PTS/SP technology”. Her “crime” was that she was “pattycake”, reasonable and didn’t get to the bottom of the “obvious” vicious crimes a PC must have had after expressing “disaffection with DM”.

On the contrary there was a hot-shot auditor with all the attributes of an RTC-supervised GAT line-up who came from CC Int for having screwed someone’s wife. He was hailed as the “best” auditor. He was revered for his TRs and metering but he didn’t have any ARC in session. He was stone cold, expressionless and made you feel very uncomfortable. He would wait for the needle to play Dixie while you just sat there looking at him hoping the needle did float.

From everything I had learned and now personally experienced on all flows here was Josette who demonstrably blew charge in my case and on everyone she took in session. She even had a terrible Swiss-German accent, not to mention her grammar, but none of that mattered – I was IN SESSION with her. But she was considered the most out-tech person on the RPF. However the guy from CC Int who had been trained under direct RTC supervision was cold, impersonal and very uncomfortable to be in session with, but that was of course attributed to “you have more overts and withholds…” What was wrong with this picture?

I continued the RPF program and finished my tailor-made sec check, the 1st and 2nd Dynamic FPRD forms and TRD (Truth Rundown). At this point something occurred. I knew I had examined most everything that had occurred while at Int and I could see my own exact causation in all I was involved with and I knew exactly what I had done and what others had done and I had an exact view of the state of Int and all other people involved. I had seen Truth for what it was.

This was however not an acceptable End Phenomena for the people at Int looking into my folders. Again months went by for them to review my TRD and instead of attesting to my TRD I got more black PR lines culled from my ethics files at Gold. They were culled by the very technically qualified Michelle Lundin – the Ethics Administrator. This included finding a session KR from a professional mixer who ran a withhold that he felt bad about being so acknowledged and rewarded by COB when Ulf had done the actual work. This was considered “black PR” by the Gold ethics people – my black PR??? Go and figure that one out. Another example was an ethics interview I had had where I mentioned “Peter”. I was talking about Peter Schless (a Gold staff member) but the Ethics Admin didn’t read it carefully enough to notice and reported that I spread black PR about another “Peter” – a hired professional mixer. When I was shown were my “black PR” came from I correctly clarified that this had nothing to do with the professional mixer – it was a mix-up of names – I was made to run the question anyway as the instruction “came from Int”.

While waiting to get word back from Gold I audited pretty much everything up to Grad V Auditor level, including much Grade 4 stuff. Handling computations was my favorite auditing. It was freewheeling, wild and I felt I understood what was going on with the PC and charge blew left, right and center though it got very loud and almost violent at times J

One poor girl came to the RPF as an out-2D case and she was a wreck. She was 17 years old and she hadn’t even really gone out-2D – her boyfriend had touched her tits… But that had become an RPF-able offense in the increasingly 2D-obssessive Flag Land Base.

She was told she had a chronic high TA, was an overwhelmed case and cried all the time. The FSO tech people had FESed her folders and evaluated that she was full of withholds. No auditing seemed possible as her needle wouldn’t clean up – it was the nastiest needle I had ever seen.

I asked to FES (Folder Error Summary) her folders (there were only 3) and C/S her from scratch. After the FES I suspected false TA (meter registering incorrectly because of physical factors) resulting in TA despair so I C/Sed a false TA checklist and C/S 53 (correction action to find what’s wrong with the PC.) I got my C/S approved by the Snr Crew C/S and then took her in session as the review auditor.

First I found that she always drenched her hands with hand cream before every session. When I asked why she told me her previous auditors always told her she had high TA. With hand cream her TA was between 1.9 – 2.1 and the needle was pretty much stuck with just small erratic movements, if any at all.

I asked her to go and wash her hands with soap and she did. She came back and her TA was at 3.9 but the needle was all over the place – now very reactive but anything but smooth.

She was however so unconfident that auditing would work on her I had to handle this factor first or I wouldn’t get any reads on the C/S 53. So to get her to feel some confidence in me and the subject of auditing itself I just spoke to her like a real person who cared for her and had her describe her past experience while observing the meter. The GAT trained co-audit supervisor was scolding me on the worksheets for adding additional communications into the C/S, but the girl literally thought that auditing didn’t work on her and all previous auditors had given up on her – top Flag auditors and she was anything but “in session”. I didn’t care what I had to do – if I didn’t get this girl “in session” nothing else would work.

I disregarded my co-audit supervisor and simply used ARC and communication and after I indicated some bypassed charge and acknowledged that there was nothing wrong with her or her TA and that it was simply the fact that she was made to put too much cream on, she blew down to 3.1 TA with tears in her eyes and the entire needle pattern chilled out.

At this point they wanted to replace me mid-session because I wasn’t “following the C/S” but Heather Crook came down as the Lead C/S, reviewed my worksheets and just told the co-audit sup to let me continue.

I assessed the C/S 53 and got some reads on rudiments – all pertaining to her coming to the RPF and they ran totally fine. We ran a withhold but just as a rudiment – no interrogation. Again the supervisor tried to correct me mid session to “pull more strings”, but I ignored him – per LRH this was a rudiment, not a sec check. The GAT trained supervisor wrote in my worksheet, “You’re on the RPF and she’s here for out-2D – pull further strings!!!” My PC was starting to go out-of session so I simply ignored him, and pulled the withhold to FN and continued.

(This was a common justifier by execs over the RPF by the way – “You’re an RPFer so you don’t have the right to have a case or pussyfoot around!” This may be justifiable as an attitude between an exec and an RPFer but certainly not when dealing with the tech – LRH made no exceptions for RPFers in his HCOBs but David Miscavige somehow had inside knowledge that this was acceptable and so it was pushed at all levels.)

Next I took up an LFBD read on “engram in restimulation” from the C/S 53. I assessed the NED Correction List and got a read on something like “Chain unflat”. There was no open chain per her FES but by just talking to her and observing the meter I found out that an incident had been restimulated due to a post situation with her senior and it had been keyed in ever since. She even gave me an item and it read with a duplicate LFBD to the original read.

I ran the item with a standard Dianetics Correction List and simply returned her to the incident. Bang, this girl goes into a whole chain of electroshock therapy and other brutal torture – shaking uncontrollably, screaming – all dramatizations being fully relived. Knowing my Dianetics this was what I expected so I just continued putting her through the incident. The rest of the course room was freaking out and the supervisor again wanted to step in and take over as this was “out gradient” for me. I refused to let someone take over and the PC didn’t notice this was going on as she had her eyes closed.

After the chain was taken to Basic and the postulate blown the TA was at 2.5 and the needle was a dial-wide FN and fully clean in its pattern.

The following day she FNed at session start and I ran two more chains when checking the other flows. No more reads on the C/S 53. The PC was repaired and ready for her RPF program!

Afterwards that girl became a toughie (in a good sense) getting on with the program and having no problems with FPRD or auditing in general. She was a different person from this meek, victim-type cry-baby that arrived to the RPF. Even the Crew C/S from Flag made a comment that an RDD trained RPFer cracked a case that no auditor or C/S from Flag could figure out…

Going through that experience convinced me utterly of the workability of the tech and how important it was to understand what auditing really was and that you only care about helping the PC in front of you and NOTHING else or it won’t work.

Observing this and many other similar auditing sessions as a review auditor while constantly getting my own auditing invalidated by executives, either from RTC or from Int or locally, I eventually came to the realization that the RPF program as currently run will never rehabilitate me. It certainly has the potential as a technical program to do so, but as the tech is not being applied for the PC, but for the organization and for the obtaining of “approvals” by RTC Representatives I knew I would never be able to finish the program without lying or conforming to someone or something that I was not.

Adding to this was the constant observations from early 2007 till the end of the nuttiness of the “Basics evolution” that was going on at Flag. Since the Basics got released the RPF was practically unsupervised. Any RPF-related staff including the RPF I/C and the Senior Qual Sec were assigned by their seniors to make the daily “Basics Sales Quota” or their entire office was not allowed to secure – policed by the D/IG MAA RTC Rep at Flag. Many others like Hy Levy have reported details about this evolution so I won’t get into much detail here. It is worth mentioning though that all the staff around us were walking around like zombies with red eyes and looking very tired as almost none of them slept more than 3-4 hours a night. The RPF I/C got re-posted as a full-time call-in person for the Basics. The Senior Qual Sec, now the RPF I/C held-from-above only came by when there was either a “flap” or when her office demanded that she goes to the RPF to reg the richer members, such as Alain Kartuzinski. In 2009 IAS regging became the focus as compared to the Basics. RPFers were literally woken up in the middle of the night to get regged. IAS regges as well as Super Power and Basics regges were granted “special permission” to talk to some RPF “prospects” to get donations.

By 2009 50% of the RPFers were assigned to the RPF because of “crimes” involving the Basics evolution – mostly prompted by financial irregularities conducted after inhumane threats and sleep deprivations if they didn’t make their daily quota. This included teenagers.

To then make the irony more ironic DM came up with a “bright” solution in 2009 to use RPFers to man up the newly renovated Forth Harrison hotel. Because DM ordered it, the FSO execs complied and 40% of the RPFers suddenly got “reprieved”. Their golden-rod issues said all kinds of honorary things about their progress, but the bullshit was that DM had ordered it and despite the policies on the RPF saying otherwise, 40% of the RPFers were reprieved and posted in the FH. The FSO execs were “tricky” however and managed to sneak out Dick Story (past crush registrar extraordinaire) because they needed to replace Hy Levy as a reg. So, Dick Story didn’t go to the FH, he went to the AO reg office, leaving his twin Alain Kartuzinksi in the middle of open questions on his FPRD form and in bad physical health. Less than a year later Alain dropped his body. I could make an entirely separate write-up on the craziness that surrounded this one single event, as well as the impact of the “Basics evolution”, but this write-up is already becoming too lengthy…

So, to conclude this, doing the RPF both gave me an unshakable certainty of the tech as well as an unshakable certainty that the powers that be at Int and RTC are not interested in creating self-determined individuals and staff members, but rather the opposite of conformed robots who align to an exact pattern of thought or behavior. I wrote this up in a petition as well as other forms of communications to various people I hoped would be able to possibly share some of my observations. The only response I got in the end amounted to being “FAR from completing the RPF”.

Having actually fully handled the ruins that resulted in me going to the RPF and having seen Truth fully there was no hope in site and I decided to route out again. So I spent another 7 months routing out. Luckily I got Josette assigned to be my auditor for the leaving sec check. This was great while it lasted but someone found out from high above and it was adjudicated that the RPF MAA had to do my sec check. Here we go again. Another person who openly despises me and believes I’m no good and shows it in session is now auditing me. After some months of just answering questions to the satisfaction of those reading the reports, including making up stories and overts just to satisfy those reading the worksheets while thinking happy thoughts to get the needle to FN, I finally “finished” and was allowed to route out.

The ultimate irony is that my RPF experience made me a Scientologist, and, it made me divorce myself forever from the corporate Scientology organization which practices reverse Scientology and creating people who become the opposite of what L. Ron Hubbard intended with auditing.

I just wanted to share this with you Marty and again thank you for your books and all you do! I am honored to consider you my friend and I hope we can meet in person again in the future!

Cheers, Ulf

226 responses to “A Thanksgiving Story

  1. Remarkable write up Ulf and Thankyou. .
    Also thanks to marthy for sharing thanks giving style traditions. It seems
    like you have a Wonderful lady and deserved. All the Very Best Ulf and thanks for putting us in the picture with the latest squirrel handlings from
    the Church.


  3. Thank you, Ulf.

  4. Marty and Mosey, We are thankful for all you do! Love to you both. Happy Thanksgiving ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Ulf, awesome write-up and so happy you are free. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 1) turning suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment, (2) deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better; and (3) deriving from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.

    If I were inclined to get a tattoo, it would be three numbers 1, 2, 3 – simple. They would remind me every time I looked at my wrist of these wise words which if lived daily, would be a life well lived.

    And thank you Ulf for your wonderful story. Such a perfect example of living #1, #2, and #3.

    And on this Thanksgiving day I am so thankful for every single person who has come into my life, stayed in my life and those who have left my life. Each one has taught me more about myself than I knew before and enabled me to … derive from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.



  7. Wow – what a fascinating and incredible write-up, Ulf. That is what I call, “tech adventure” – you lived it and you lived to tell about it. Thanks so much for sharing and today I am thankful for people like you who share a love for the tech of freeing beings.
    -Scott Gordon

  8. You sound like a great guy Elf. I’m glad you got yourself out of that madhouse!

  9. Ulf :

    You are a wonderful example of a real Scientologist and a real Sea Org member.

    I have been asked numerous times about the horrors of the RPF — I was on it in 1985 — and I always tell the reporters and others that it was a wonderful experience as I learned to audit. I was a Solo auditor but to do the RPF I had to learn to audit NOTs… It was many “special projects” of days without sleep back then, but it was not the insanity that the RPF has devolved into today. But even in the nuttiness of the Miscavige RPF you took away from it that unshakeable certainty of the tech — and the ability to truly apply it. Partly because in the most insane circumstances you learn it and apply it and it works! It works even in Hell with the devil as the Co-audit Sup. Just as you proved.

    Of course, the squirreling, the cruelty, the insanity enforced on you and others is worthy of tears being shed — but out of extreme adversity you provide a message of extreme hope and joy. It’s hard to read — but the end of the story is an inspiration.

    So happy to know you and consider you a friend Ulf.

    What a great Thanksgiving message.

  10. Wow, Ulf! What an awesome frickin’ person you are. Amazing focus and persistence, for 1000 years straight! If I go back in session as a PC, I think I might like to start with you. Simply wonderful. You saved that young woman’s life!

  11. What an impressive write-up Ulf!
    I haven’t finished it yet. It is very painful to read, that you had to go through such madness.
    I had a taste of that kind of thing at Flag on my “refresher” seck checks and FPRD.
    Your story shows just how insane people will get and it also shows why the tech needs to be in the hands of someone who is sane.
    I am thankful that I am out of the cult and all of it’s madness.
    Have a fun day everyone!

  12. I was on the Flag RPF in 1977/78 with about 150 others! Like Ulf, and Mike Rinder, I had extraordinary wins, despite some hardships and hassle. The truth is that, run properly, the RPF is a remarkable process for personal redemption, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Plus, I met some wonderful people there: Gerry Armstrong, Frank Freedman, Hana Eltringham Whitfield, Ken Urquhart, Dennis Erlich, Fred Randall, Kerry Gleeson – and many others. One of the great achievements of Scientology is the terrific array of fascinating personalities it attracted. I ended up as the RPF Bosun after successfully organising the Flag NOTs release event with David Mayo in late 1978, only to be busted shortly afterwards to the RPF’s RPF by the CMO for originating an eval entitled ‘The End of Endless RPFs’!

  13. “It works even in Hell with the devil as the Co-audit Sup. Just as you proved.”

    Good one, Mike.

  14. Excellent write up and brings light to why Church of Miscavology is not working and people are leaving in DROVES.

    This type of cruelty is rippling down to the public – and they are leaving too. It is easier for them to leave but more difficult to know what happened to them – but the truth about the ex staff’s experiences behind the IRON CURTAIN sets us all free. Now it all makes sense.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you all for posting your stories. Thank you Marty for having this site for people to come to. You are doing a great job of delivering the blows to the Cult of Miscavology!

    It is not a Church nor is it religious in any way shape or form.

    The current “Church of Scientology – Miscavige style” is a “smoke and mirrors” show that uses covert methods of lies and deceit to trap people out of their money and families and lives.

    It requires a “black box” warning that doing any services in this Cult is dangerous to your health, well being and spiritual future!

  15. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    You had a the chance to be audited by Josette Chiquet. What an integrity that lady has.
    In 1978 as she already was a Class VI C/S – she was then about 20 years old-. She always cared about her PC’s and already than she applied the basics without a flinch. I’ve never seen such a good auditor with continous high Arc as her.
    I hope she’ll see the light !
    It is her destiny to be made wrong by execs not liking the high ARC she emanates. Already in 1984 she was treated as a piece of shit by the new management!
    But she’ll not gave up and stays integer !
    I hope she’ll be out soon !
    Thanks for your report. I’m so happy to hear from Josette after 26 years when I last have seen her.
    I’ll never forget how she just sent auditors into the Hospital where I was recovering from an accident. She didn’t ask, everyday there came an auditor for me and as soon I was out she just took me in session to run out the incident. No regging, no ethics interview just help !
    What a great person !

    Dear Ulf,
    Thanks alot for your report. You are a brave man ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Damn, what a story. Thanks for sharing it, Ulf! They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong or Sweden, but this is a great story for the spirit of the holiday.

  17. Ulf, welcome back from hell !

    And congrats for making the impossible possible : I read many reports on this blog and said to myself “this madness cannot be topped” … and now I read your report and have to ask “what kind of unprecedented misery is going on at Flag”.

    You are right, these things need to be told !

  18. Incredible story Ulf. No doubt, you saved that young girl’s life by using Standard Tech.

    As for the sec check questions about having sex with a cow (!), in a room full of people no less, when I got done laughing at the horror of it, I had a thought; Who would think of such a question? Yes, who? Hmm, hmm, hmm. Only one short little person comes to my mind.

  19. Ulf,

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations for coping with the situation.

    Among many other things, there is incredible amount of suppression on the 2D.

    Marty recently compared independent Scientology with Christian Reformed Churches, and there is one more similarity: the Catholic Church is suppressing the 2D of its priesthood, a similar situation is going on in the Sea Org.

    That is a flagrant violation of what Hubbard said about the 8 dynamics, they have to be balanced and aligned. Suppressing a dynamic is endangering other dynamics, they are interdependent, like the ARC triangle.

    I noticed in this blog that most of the times, when Sea Org members escape, on of their first initiatives is to make a baby.

    That is possibly an example of what Hubbard called the reverse vector of the physical universe.

  20. Marty,

    I’m thankful for Mosey too. She has been your rock of stability as you came through your harrowing journey from darkness into light – and she has been your inspiration to persevere through the trying times during your ethical quest to achieve optimum survival along the 8 Dynamics of Existence for all of us.

    We all owe Mosey a debt of gratitude for who she is and what she does. She gives meaning to the concept of The Hope of Man.


    Your valiant efforts against aggressive opposition to apply Standard Tech in the RPF had a priceless reward – an unshakable certainty that the tech works when applied correctly with understanding and purpose. The example that you give about the girl with “high T/A” is a fantastic example of how someone who really cares can persist through all adversity and achieve great results for others and himself.

    Thank you for this inspirational Thanksgiving Story.

    Now let’s eat some turkey and watch the Redskins beat the Cowboys!

    L, Scott

  21. Thank you Ulf for telling your fascinating story. Bravo!

  22. Love and joy to you all!! Happy Thanksgiving! Smiles for all!!!

  23. All of the friends who have connected or reconnected because of the courage of one Marty (Mark) Rathbun and his most amazing wife, Monique.
    That’s one thing I’m very grateful for this Thanksgiving.


  24. Lovely photo of the ever-exquisite Mrs. Rathbun! I thought that this was the substance of today’s post – but then I read the story provided by the lovely-looking, intelligent and articulate Mr. Olofsson. It was fascinating.

    I have now learned enough to understand what FN-ing means and the significance it has within Scientology and those who teach and learn within its (correct, non-parallel-universe as inhabited by Chief Mysteron Miscavige) sphere. It helped me to appreciate all the more what Mr. Olofsson says. Thank g-d he stuck to his principles regarding the young lady with the FN in question; that speaks volumes about his personal integrity and inner goodness. I hope that the young lady in question has gone on to become a happy and fulfilled woman – thanks, in the most part, to the attentions of someone who had the guts to follow his instincts and defy instructions from a broken “management” engine.

    As an aside, I live and work in a very rural area (though not too far from London, thankfully for my sanity) – and my mother was born and raised in an even MORE rural, remote area (the sort of place in which the larger your pig, the greater your influence within the community… 😮 ). Consequently, I have far greater experience of folks who pay attention beyond what’s healthy to cows’ arses than I either desire or want – (one village; 1000+ -year history; SAME three surnames. That’s all I’m saying… 😉 …). Anyway – let me just add that I can spot folks with an inappropriate predilection for farm-animals at first glance (eyes a bit too close together, teeth missing, webbing ‘twixt fingers and toes, etc.) – and Mr. Olofsson is clearly NOT indicative of the stereotype.

    But WHY? Why even ask such a revolting question?!? It’s beyond rational comprehension. A more sensible route COULD have been to ask “Have you ever, and you don’t have to tell me – it it entirely up to you what you choose to say or conceal here and you will not be judged either way -, considered a physical relationship with someone who was legally or morally ‘off-limits’ to you?” What sort of nutjob leaps straight in with “Have you ever b*gg*red an animal?” It suggests to me that the question originated with someone who DOES harbour lustful desires towards mammalian species besides our own and seeks to place an obsessive ‘smokescreen’ between him/herself and the very idea of such things.

    At any rate, I am GLAD that Mr. Olofsson has broken free and has had the courage to share his experiences for the benefit of us all. I hope he has nothing but happiness and success from hereon-in.

    Keep smiling – and much love,
    IEG xxxx

  25. Thanks Ulf for the terrific write-up. As a person who has done trips to the PAC RPF in the late 70’s, the mid 80’s and in the late 90’s, I concur with what you wrote.

    The most suppresive portion of the RPF program is the “Final Assessment”, this is an assessment that is several pages long the majority are questions about dissafection and evil purposes on the COB and RTC. As it is video’d and must be passed by RTC, it can be extremely painful. Imagine going is session day after day and getting the same assessment over and over for years! Yes, I’ve witnessed this personally. That alone is enough to brainwash anyone.

  26. Not enough good things can be said for the RPF. I was only on it for 4 years and I learned how to co-audit. “The RPF is what we make it; the RPF is where we make it!” – LRH

  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Scott, I echo all your thoughts just as you have laid them out.
    Only the last sentence leaves me wanting! We don’t have a
    Thanksgiving celebration here in South Africa. And for us, our
    team (rugby) The Springboks, just beat the Scottish Team, in
    the most recent Encounter! Now for England! ( drool! )

    I will say this though. Living my life filled with thoughts of ALWAYS looking for the positives in situations AND in those
    ailing around me, just comes naturally, I LIVE for finding
    something to be cheerful about. What a drag to be dwelling
    down the tone scale! THAT’S JUST BEING AT EFFECT!

    Seriousness = mental mass = effect = LOSE!
    Insouciance = cheerfulness = cause = WIN!

    No matter what happens, we CAN choose our thoughts about it.


  28. Marty, I am glad that you have a good woman to watch your back. I hope the both of you have an enjoyable holiday season. 🙂

  29. Ulf, you speak sooth. I was there for the 5 years before you in the Tech Unit and testify to the facts you have written. Alain Kartuzinski had the safest and most understanding beingness of any auditor I’ve known (and that’s a LOT of auditors). My observation was Miscavige killed him by relentless inval and degradation. And Josie! All I can say is “Awesome Opossum!” (Ulf will understand that). My hat is off to you for not succumbing to the Executive C/Sing, and helping your fellow Sea Org Members with LRH tech despite the inval/eval/bs you had to take to do it. You are a tough and honorable being – to shake your hand would be an honor.

  30. Ulf,
    Thank you so much. Your RPF story really hit home for me. I too, had had virtually no tech training until I arrived on the PAC RPF in 2004. By the time I routed out (8 months of sec checks) I had learned, through direct application of the tech, that I could help others. I too learned that it was ARC that determined the degree that the PC was in session. And it was WITHOUT that cold chrome steel personae that I saw and recorded my first valid List One Rock Slam.

    The PAC RPF was filled with people of all kinds, including those with chronic phsyical illnesses (like Uwe Stuckenbrock), young teenagers who had some sexual experience of a minor nature, and staff members who simply had expressed some disagreement with DM or the RTC Representatives.

    When I was routing out, they had to get me through a leaving staff sec check, which included tailored questions from Int. I was to get end rudiments all to FN, and on video. My video went to Int for approval no less than 10 times, each time returning (after a number of weeks)with the R factor that one or more of the called FNs were not FNs. There were 3 changes of auditors to get the elusive FNs on the end ruds, and over several months of back and forth, I went into despair as a pc, completely introverted into the meter and the needle.

    I learnt, by the time I finally was allowed to leave (with an SP declare just because I had worked at Int), that application of standard tech works — the problem is that standard tech is no longer delivered in Corp Scientology.

    I am proud to know you Ulf and proud to call you my friend. Sending lots of affinity across to you and your beautiful wife.

    You are welcome Down Under any time, along with your beautiful wife.

  31. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    “Anyway – let me just add that I can spot folks with an inappropriate predilection for farm-animals at first glance (eyes a bit too close together, teeth missing, webbing ‘twixt fingers and toes, etc.) – and Mr. Olofsson is clearly NOT indicative of the stereotype.”

    L.O.L 🙂

  32. That’s a great story Ulf. It always stuns me to hear stories like this illustrating how thoroughly the Sea Org have abandoned the spirity of Scientology. But yours is also a story of discovery, triumph and truth revealed. Thanks.

  33. Lovely Impartial English Girl,

    I’ve always appreciated your insightful and generous comments, perhaps even more because you found and follow this blog and the events without having ever been in the C of $. You really got a belly laugh out of me today with your cow’s arse story!

    Anyone who has you as a friend can count him or herself very blessed! We truly love your contributions here on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you across the pond.

  34. Nice lead in Marty, and what an insightful and inspirational story Ulf, my goodness! I guess what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (and more able).

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all :–)

  35. Doesn’t this story prove that reversed scientology in the end does not work?
    Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but it kind of reassures me. But the writer of this report is a better judge than me.
    Anyhow it would be a huge disappointment for Miscavige to realise that his big ‘reversal’ scheme eventually does not work, on the contrary.
    Mr. Turns reversed the reversal for himself. He survived an incredible ordeal. And he came out very strong indeed.

  36. Thank you for writing up this incredible scenario — it helps with understanding what is going on and why.

    You commented: Some very few had been involved in extramarital sex with another married person which is actually a crime by law, but that amounted to 3 people.

    I have encountered this false data several times. There is NO crime on the books in the U.S. or Canada to do with extramarital sex, nor is there a misdemeanor offense of any kind. In all but two states in the U.S. there is no civil prosecution permissible to do with punishment or reparation for the act of extramarital sex, and even in those two states only very rarely is it even indictable. In California, for example, it is illegal to bring a suit of any kind based on alienation of affection. This is because all such prosecution makes the assumption that one person can be the property of another, which is in violation of human rights and the constitution. Bottom line: sex between consenting adults is fully legal — marital status is not a consideration. The only question is — were the two people consenting adults? If so, no case of any kind can be brought by anyone based on their sexual activity.

  37. An amazing story Ulf.. It’s hard for any Scientologist to imagine what the RPF has become under DM’s reign of terror but you have managed to do a very job of putting it into words. Very Well Done and Thank you!

  38. Ulf,

    I have to be brief given some holiday and ideal weather things going on. None-the-less, thank you for such an incredible story of your recollections. Frankly, I’m blown away.

    Miscarriage’s suppressive Executive CSing shows up and is demonstrated timely & ultimately in the RPF.

    (Note to POB: Keep your bestiality to yourself and your poor abused dogs. Really dave, ‘Do a cow’? POB, you make me want to puke.)

    However, I, like countless others, will carry on despite POB’s bizarre computations and apparent and in-your-face perversions.

    Meanwhile, HAPPY THANKGIVINGS to the Independents!!! And here’s a song to mark the occasion…………

  39. Oh My God, Lana!…and all to get an SP declare anyway! …simply by the fact you were posted at Int.
    Geez…oh so thankful you are not a part of that anymore…and for so many others too.

  40. For me, Thanksgiving is always about reflecting on what I am thankful for…loving family, my real friends who are there for me, the things I have that I enjoy, the strengths I have gained thru adversity, and validation of my personal achievements.
    It is a time when I examine and appreciate the Truths of those things stated above. (capital “T” on Truths)
    For me, it becomes more and more about what is genuinely a part of me and my life that I am ever so grateful for.
    I am thoughtful of what I have gained thru the travails I have had, as those only make me stronger and have helped me to create what I am and do and have today.
    I am thankful for Marty creating this blog and the various people who post here, as you have all helped me thru an adventure of awareness and validation of perception. Thank you all.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    And Ulf…incredible story…I love that you took that RPF situation, and created it into being a time that allowed you to gain the knowledge and ability to see truths. I also had many of those times when I was on staff that I would say to myself, “Huh? That’s not right…or what we are supposed to be doing!” Sometimes those can be the times we learn the most!
    …thank you!

  41. Thank you for this story Ulf.

    It is amazing to me that Frankl actually had the chance to leave Austria on an immigration visa and come to the United States. Being quite certain of what he would face if he did not leave he chose instead to remain with his parents in order to protect and care for them as best he could. Had he left we would not have this great work of his in Man’s Search for Meaning.

    Similarly, had you routed out due to being bugged on your sec check you would have missed out on all those other wins AND in helping others as you did so well. I appreciate that…thanks. This gives me more certainty as well.

    On this Thanksgiving Day I am very thankful for all my Indie mates…especially for those who constantly fuel the fire so that others may come to understand true Scientology. Thanks to all of you.


  42. Hugs girl, I did not understand end ruds then or (not good enough FNs) and now that I see tech apllied was ‘wacko’. My heart goes out to all that went through it. At least our six months checks were short in comparison.

  43. A truly amazing story told by a remarkable person.

  44. Thanks Mike – the feelings are mutual!

  45. Thanks Hadley.

  46. Thanks Colwell. Maybe you also didn’t fully know me back then 🙂

  47. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to you!

  48. Thank you Christine for that summation!

  49. Thanks Scott!

  50. Thanks Bob but don’t get the idea I am some auditor of choice. I had my share of bad auditing too, just not part of this write-up 🙂 You are not certified to audit after an RPF program though you go through a several thousand hours long “internship program”. If I had my own materials, meter, etc I would certainly love to train fully and continue auditing as it was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

  51. Thanks Tony. I came from a different but much worse madness at Int so the stuff at the Flag RPF was annoying but I didn’t ever consider it horrible – you know its about orders of comparable magnitude 🙂 Only years later when I look back at it and compare it to what I have since found out, including on this blog, am I able to write it all down in its true light.

  52. Thanks for sharing Scott.

  53. Josette was the best auditor I’ve ever had! She was unfortunately still on the RPF as of summer 2012. She has little chance within the existing structure to get back auditing as she is one of those who has committed the biggest crime of all – being critical of DM and that will never be forgiven. It is very sad as she is as you described an incredible tech resource.

  54. Thanksgiving – what’s that? Dan you’re always giving me these new things to look up…

  55. Thanks. The ones in misery at Flag aren’t the RPFers. They have the safest environment of anyone there. If you’re staff at the FSO you’re truly in hell, at least as of 2007 – 2010. Per reports I have seen here and elsewhere it also seems like doing services there can be hell too. The RPF was mad but not as bad as everything else there…

  56. Happy Thanksgiving, Marty and Mosey!

    And what a remarkable story, Ulf, of courage, personal integrity and persistence in the face of opposition. Very inspiring!

  57. PS…Marty, I LOVE that you recognize and appreciate the love of your woman. I am sure it is mutual.

  58. Thanks Pat. No, the short one didn’t write that question. As part of FPRD procedure one has to FN any confessional question asked. If an FPRD question doesn’t FN with all buttons checked, the auditor can vary the question. In this case my initial twin, Power Coleman, was auditing me on the 2D FPRD form. One of the standard questions on that form is something along the line of, “In this lifetime have you had sex with an animal?” I was originally a farm boy from the country – sheep and all – so Power was convinced I “had something” on this question. Power was also working directly for or under DM between 2001-2006 so he was very influenced by DM’s way of being as well as vocabulary. Ass-f__king was one of DM’s favorite phrases as he loved to insinuate how various male people were engaged in homosexual activities and no doubt this was the inspiration to Power’s “creative” varying of the question. As a side note, one of the incidents that will always stick in my mind and which was the beginning of my doubt of DM was during the post production of the Freedom Medal Winner video of Phil Stevens – a guy that disseminated among the Buddhist monks in Nepal among other things. At one point DM in his usual disdain of all people, including Phil Stevens, DM said, “I bet he [Phil] is ass-f__ing those damn monks while in those fu__ing lamaseries!”

  59. Thanks Curious and you are quite correct in your observation. Mine is soon to come!

  60. Thanks Scott.

  61. Ulf — can you send me email. I dont seem to have email address for you that works…

  62. Thanks IEG 🙂 Actually that particular question came about from a variation of a main question (Have you had sex with an animal?) which is part of the form of questions asked regarding the second dynamic, or the subjects of sex and family. Per procedure, if you don’t FN a question despite thorough checking with the various tools and an e-meter, then the auditor can vary the question. Usually the question is close to the original, but in this case my twin had a very “creative” poetic license and came up with the cow version. For those who know Power Coleman I am sure this didn’t come as a surprise 🙂 Actually for me, this was more amusing than embarrassing, at least until the question supposedly read and Power announced loudly in the co-audit space, “We’re taking this up!”. Later after the C/S reviewed the session video she found that Power had taken up a non valid read… Those were the days 🙂

  63. Yes, there were people on the FSO RPF who was literally on the Final Assessment for as long as their entire rest of their RPF program. This final assessment is completely arbitrary and covered nowhere by L. Ron Hubbard. It has a couple of questions about LRH and Scientology and the rest are as you said all about Management, DM and RTC. I would have never FNed that assessment 🙂

  64. Thanks “Been There”. As it was a pretty small and tight group I must have known about you. Why don’t you drop me a message. You can find me on Facebook. Cheers, Ulf

  65. That makes it even worse.

    But what sticks out from your report is this : the “church” did its “best” for some 20 years ( your 17 years at INT and 3 plus years in the RPF ) to keep you from getting standard auditing and moving up the standard bridge.

    Luckily you made the best out of it that was possible under those circumstances.

  66. Lana, I’m so sorry you had to go through that but I am not surprised in the least. You’ll remember Elena Wells. She was on the Flag RPF and she twinned with Alain Kartuzinski’s son – Adam. They finished the basic program in 2006 but it took until mid 2009 for them to finally get a pass on both of their final assessments – over 3 years of back and forth and rejected FNs and reads and many hundreds of added hours of sec checking, PTS handlings and you name it. It was very hard to observe from a third flow. It also gave me an idea of what I would have to get through as outside of myself and Power, Elena was the only RPFer that came from Int.

    Elena did eventually graduate and got posted in a call-in unit for Training at the Coachman. Adam Kartuzinski married Mike Sutter’s daughter shortly after graduating.

    Thanks for your invitation! I may take you up on it 🙂 It is equally extended to you shall you ever come by Hong Kong!

    Cheers, Ulf

  67. Thanks Steve.

  68. Correction – I meant “Peter Stevens” – not Phil Stevens which is a lovely old-time auditor from down under.

  69. Thanks Ronn.

  70. Thanks Maria. I’m no expert in the legal arena. This is what I was told and as you pointed out is probably incorrect. None of the people in question on the RPF were minors.

  71. Thanks Robert.

  72. Thanks Tom and happy Thanksgiving to you!

  73. Thanks Bela.

  74. Thanks Doug!

  75. Thanks ST.

  76. Thanks Randy.

  77. I sent you a private message.

  78. Auditor : have you ever ass-fu***d a cow ?
    PC : yes.
    Auditor : OK. What did you do exactly ?
    PC : [ details omitted ]
    Auditor : OK. When was that ?
    PC : Frequently. Last time I did it was yesterday afternoon.
    Auditor : OK. How have you justified it ?
    PC : during an event speech David Miscavige had said “live life to the fullest”.
    Auditor : OK. As you have followed COB’s advice, this is not an overt but a commendable. So we go to the next question now – have you ever …

  79. Also knew you from a distance, but didn’t work in your area. A common denominator for those who survive Int is a personal unshakable certainty.

  80. I spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and Mat and Amy came with us too. We told him about some of the horror stories and my brother said ” If they just treated you guys better then they wouldn’t have so many people leaving. It looks like there is stuff that helps you, why do they treat you so shitty?? It does’t make sense..”

    I had to agree with him.

    Amy gave him a copy of her book so we are making the fire wall even wider.

  81. You bet Ulf. Told ya’ my Redskins would win, LBOS!

  82. My opinion is that you are likely more “fully trained” than most of the auditors on the planet.

    Can you get consistent results with Standard Tech? If so, l hope you don’t feel you must have a certificate to audit when and where needed.

    Get Academy trained at an Indy center if you want to- but please keep doing what too few can really do– audit as LRH intended!

    “….the most valuable beings on the planet.” Pretty amazing!!

    Your tale and how well communicated is an inspiration . Thank you for it!

  83. Ditto.

  84. Thank you (and others) for sharing such detailed stories. It is invaluable in helping readers to understand.

    My heart broke for the girl RPFd as a teen because her boyfriend touched her boobs. How ridiculous. What could be more natural?

    In my view, that sort of treatment is not that much different than how the Taliban still punishes girls and women in Afghanistan.

    The way to take charge off sexuality is certainly not to make it so charged that any thought, fantasy, or mutually consenting action becomes a federal case. That approach, frankly, is both insane and insanity inducing.

    So. Where’s Shelly Miscavige? As LRH pointed out, all the ape family including humans masturbate. Without Shelly around, how does DM blow off stress? Does he report himself? If he has a nocturnal emission / wet dream, does he turn himself into ethics? Does he ever look at someone and feel attracted? Is that a crime?

    Maybe more to the point, why is DM and CoS, Inc. suppressing the 2D? Every other religion from the beginning of time has, if it has growth aspirations, recognized that you can build your base of adherents in utero — through reproduction. Yet .. despite DMSMH … abortions are encouraged or even enforced in SO? 3D / CoS, Inc. trumps all other dynamics?

    Obviously, CoS, Inc. has run seriously off the rails of rational behavior. No tech in the universe has value without ARC, fairness, and common sense.

  85. I had my certs cancelled as I refused to the GAT line up. Does that mean I can’t audit? Or does that mean that I am not certified, by an organisation that practices reverse Scientology, and Black Dianetics?

    There are auditors in the Indie field delivering the Ls, who haven’t done Class X, XI and XII in the Cof$. Would I go in session with them? Without a moments hesitation.

    And I could go on, but I think I have made my point. Can you audit? Are you in the chair for the right reason? Do you have the pc’s best interests at heart? So you didn’t get a lovely piece of paper from a suppresive organisation? So what! You have done the hours and you can obviously talk the talk and it seems, walk the walk.

    Ulf, in my humble opinion you are an auditor already. The runs are on the board for all to see.

  86. Miscavige who thinks of himself as a messiah or SOURCE of technology continues to make this stuff up ?
    Final Assessment of questions to find out if disaffected with David Miscavige is hogwash and a Miscavige invention.
    3 swings of the needle is a Miscavige Invention.
    Cold Chrome Steel auditors who are adversarial to the pc = Miscavige invention.
    Constantly changing OT VIII where every few years an OT VIII gets something new nothing like previous OT VIIIs = Miscavige invention.
    Golden Age of Technical Bullshit 1 = Miscavige invention.
    Golden Age pf Technical Bullshit 2 = Miscavige Invention.
    And all this from someone who slugged his own pc at 12 years old at St. Hill, never graduated a single interneship and has been slugging and assaulting others ever since.
    Unlike others who’s RPF was a different story, I was forced to run around a pole 12 hours a day til my ankles swelled up and my knees buckled as I hobbled around. It was HELL on earth.
    Lawyers have dreamed up some piece of paper which entrants sign that they voluntarily WANT to do this program. That’s right, everyone voluntarily wants to be cut off from the rest of the world, for YEARS, slave labor, with the likelihood of spouse divorcing you, with no rights whatsoever, a disgraced human being lower than the lowest in the food chain.

    13th Amendment:
    Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    The above certainly does not include negative thoughts on Miscavige or petting, or flirting or making out or masterbation.

  87. A Superb narrative written by a Natural Auditor. Goes along with “if you know the Tech it will protect you” 😉
    Thanks for sharing Ulf and Bravo!

  88. Yes, Ulf, life is a learning process. Never stop! But you already know that.

  89. Marty – what a beautiful tribute to Mosey. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    Ulf – You had a lot to confront in your SO career and yet you met it all head-on and won through- helping others as you went along. Just beautiful! Your ARC and KRC comes through loud and clear in your story. I wish you many happy years of “prosper and flourish” – and I don’t doubt that you will, for a looooong time still. Thank you for the write up -not only am I happy for you that you are out, but it sure made me glad I am out!

  90. Yes, it is true that Ulf and others with grit toughened themselves in the crucible of Corporate Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force madness. But that does not negate the fact that RPF sites are private prisons where people are being held against their will and tortured RIGHT NOW.
    It is unreal to me that the RPF and its abuses described above are condoned by the United States government. It is unreal to me that the information in this thread isn’t sufficient to prompt a raid by federal law enforcement on Corporate Scientology’s RPF sites and the immediate release of all prisoners.
    FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder – you have not enforced laws that protect the most basic rights of citizens held unlawfully in Corporate Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Forces or held accountable those who have committed human trafficking crimes against thousands. Do your duty!

  91. Thanks GSM. Calling me “fully trained” would invalidate a lot of very good auditors out there. I can say that I tried to embrace the air and attitude of how LRH audited and I believe I have a good basic understanding of the anatomy of the mind of how and why auditing works, which will get you far even if you forgot a command or two. I have also seen and experienced the two extremes of NO ARC and full and complete ARC and I have no doubt on any flows which one works 🙂

  92. Wow, I’m getting a lo of pressure here 🙂 As far as getting a piece of paper from the Church of reverse Scientology I couldn’t care less. There is however one L. Ron Hubbard who insisted that someone gets properly trained and certified and I would like to do so before I put the title “auditor” as my profession. But I “audit” people every day, meaning I apply what I learned in helping people around me. I have been trying to find someone with a meter anywhere around Hong Kong but have not been successful thus far as should someone really need a session (of course everyone needs one, but I hope you see what I mean) then I would want to be able to deliver one. The interest is actually high. Two of my non-Scientology friends who used to make fun of me for being a Scientologist now wants me to audit them and not as a test but they want to improve just after hearing me speak about Scientology and always listening and acknowledging what they have to say. Its amazing how easy the Scientology philosophy is to disseminate when you 1) don’t have to defend the organization and 2) you just speak to the person at his/her reality with ARC and interest without worrying about what to say. It works in 80% of the cases I have tried it with 🙂

  93. Thanks Pierrot!

  94. Thanks a lot Wendy!

  95. great write up ULF. I was on the INT RPF and that was not fun at all. I would have loved to have been on the flag RPF or none at all for that matter. Glad to see that you made the most of your time there. Well done and welcome to the outside.


  96. The devil is afraid of beauttiful women.
    That’s what he is.

  97. This is a bit off topic, but I notice Steve Hall’s new site scientologyrewiews.com is number one on Google for the term Scientology reviews – here in Canada that is.

  98. Sorry that should be Scientologyreviews.com

  99. Ulf, what a great Thanksgiving treat from you. Thank you for learning how to audit. Please, please please train as many auditors as you can. And don’t worry about of the C of S certs. They are worthless. LRH said an auditor learns how to audit by auditing. You have learned how to audit just like LRH did. You have mastered the subject. Pass it on.

    ML Tom

  100. Ulf, wow!! An unintended causation of your write-up is that I am seriously considering casting off my “under-the-radar” cloak (which may no longer be a valid moniker since I’ve heard through the grape vine that I’ve been declared — of course I’ve seen nothing in writing — as you know that is a crime in tiny thetan DM’s universe). I do not have such a dramatic past as yourself so I was thinking that I didn’t have much to contribute. In contremplating this, considering tiny thetan DM’s constant “expansion” news, I was going to take/show pictures of one of our local Mission’s former location of 20 years — which now offers Psychic Readings ($15 per) — along with pictures of the Mission’s new location — a corner office space on the 2nd floor of a 2-story building with ZERO signs visible not only from the street but from the parking lot for that building. Your mentioning Dick Story (who I’ve known of since his GO days in L.A. to his PDO days with Harvey Jacques at Flag) reminds me of those poor souls who are mentally trapped in the S.O. — they are not aware of a way out or they feel that they must stick around to help once little davie sinks into the morass he will eventually leak into) — so like Annie Broeker, Alain Kartuzinski and most likely soon to be Heber Jentzsch, they physically die there. I’m going to a local Independent party tomorrow so I may try out some of my ideas there — interspersed with my watching some terrific football games. I’m smiling thinking about how much actual talent will most likely be at this party and it again strikes me how devastating it is that one little scrawny traitor to LRH could dismantle what at one time, in my humble opinion, was the only realistic salvation for this planet.

  101. Li'll bit of stuff

    C’mon Scott–admit it! – ya tweaked the hell out of
    your postulate—just HAD to win!

  102. You absolutely crack me up. So Shorty’s influence was there; ie the monks. Who thinks like that? LOL I think we can all take a pretty good guess at what Shorty would like to be doing in his spare time!

  103. Ulf — Sounds like all you need is a meter. I am sending Marty $50.00 as a contribution to “Let’s Send Ulf a Meter”. Hang on…. OK, sent it, along with some for admin and general purposes. Clearly one of your dedication and talents deserves to have a meter. My guess is that with others here we will have one on the way to you shortly.

    Marty, if for some reason this should be done a different way, feel free to revise as needed.

  104. Typo. Dobbs, Bob Dobbs. Not my real name anyway — under the radar for some kids.

  105. Marty, that was beautiful.

    Great reflection, Ulf, you had advanced in the RPF tech unit ranks after I said sayonara in 2007.

    I concur – the RPF provided a step away from the ever escalating confusion and arbitraries of the “church”, the Flag Land Base as it were it my case as I’d been staff there since 1993. I entered the program with a quest to eradicate the evil in me – I had heard about it from others and I was also quite willing to really look them in the eye and get rid of for real. I also wanted to learn how to audit, never was posted in tech and had no tech training so the prospect of confronting a PC was simply daunting. As it turns out, I have never experienced anything more unique and powerful than auditing a person in front of you. PC gaining herself back by looking, it’s not even complicated! Of course you have to be prepared, for a session can take interesting turns, but if you stay with the PC, for the PC, both will win.

    As for me, the more I looked the more I settled in in my own skin. And I didn’t mind the feel of it. At the end of my 1D FPRD I announced to Hubert the MAA and my twin Fabiola I’m leaving the RPF. I can therefore well relate about turning the RPF experience to ones advantage.

    Also just a note about computations – YES! There were times I was begging to run service facs, “surely that [fill the blanc with a wild crazy ser fac] read!”, I would urge the auditor. I knew they were ready for me to pick up like the ripe fat sugar apricots from a pregnant apricot tree. I discussed with Marty about this, I believe it is impossible to get through a day in the SO without developing and acting out through computations called service facsimiles. Well, Marty listened very well and now I kinda feel all nostalgic …. 🙂

    Thanks again Ulf. In my view you are one of those wholehearted people whom I’ve come to respect the most.

  106. martyrathbun09

    I am not a banker – please do not send to me.

  107. Ok, I admit it. They won because of me.

  108. I remember Elena, and that is awful. I saw Phil Anderson and Urs Sporri going through the same in the PAC RPF. They had finished the program when I arrived and when I left almost two years later, they were still on the final assessments and waiting for months at a time to get back folders with rejected FNs and orders to recheck things.
    Looking forward to seeing you in person in the future!
    Life is grand here at the moment. In the last week we have had many, many visitors from as far as Perth and Brisbane and Melbourne. All of them OTs and wanting to network/meet up with others, and move on up a little higher. We are becoming a central point for coordinating auditors for preclears, which is exciting, and the confirms for the December and January gatherings are already coming in. Full briefing coming to a blog near you soon….

  109. Basically I cannot comment on your experience as I had not been in the Sea Org and thus have no first hand experience about living in the Sea Org or the RPF. But reading your experiences quite a lot of similarities popped up in my mind of my staff life in a Class 4 Org.
    To summarize my ideas: I think that a normal person living his life in a normal way day to day may some day cognite that being evil or imitating an evil character finds out that he now can control people around him much better than before. Usually this is only a temporary experience and he reverts back to being a good person. But living in a close/narrowing environment with rules that are aimed at suppressing natural drives like the sex drive or sleep can help to dig up and activate real evil purposes and then, while this person lives out those, he finds out that he can control people much better now. And lacking of destimulation (like having good sexual activity and having a healthy well fed and rested body) this person never turns around and he is not able to key out from this. And he is in a group of people that have the same problems.
    The game of this planet is rigged that way. It is not that the strong and able survive. But the more evil you are the more you can control. Like Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Pol Pot and and and. We in Scientoloy tried to handle that game on this planet. As we failed (currently) we got exactly that within our group what we wanted to get handled.

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ulf, what an inspiration you are to others, I have to say.
    No person who dreamed of a great adventure unfolding,by joining
    the Sea Org, (under David Miscavige) had the slightest clue of
    just what was awaiting them. How could they have ever guessed?

    You have not only survived the modern day “chamber of horrors,”
    but are here, strong, resolute and willingly sharing your ordeal
    with anyone who takes the time to read your painful, but inspiring
    story and steely determination to beat the odds.


    Durban, South Africa.

  111. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty & Mosey, I hope it turned out a memorable Thanks Giving
    celebration for you awesome couple. Even more to be thankful
    for up ahead, that’s for sure!

  112. What a drag, and where is the end of the endless rundown rundown.

  113. You are like a combat medic versus an M.D., perhaps 🙂

    Which one saves more lives ? 😀

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  114. Marty and Mosey, So glad you have one another and are thankful for it. You are both extraordinary people, in extraordinary circumstances, in extraordinary times. And you are wearing it very, very well. That in itself has evolved as a line of aesthetics running through the current storm as a calm signal of hope and promise. May all of your holidays to come be filled with pleasure moments, real friends and good memories. Thank you for being here and being yourselves.

  115. Once the DeMon is exorcised, things will be very different.

  116. Thank you Ulf for your writeup. We have had many epic tales told on this blog in the past three years, some very long fascinating life stories and I would say this one was, for me, the MOST epic. To be honest, I have not yet read every word of it. I skimmed it, reading parts, because as someone who spent over 35 years working within Scientology, it was actually too painful for me to keep reading at times, there was a limit to how much I could take in a given period of time. But I will return to read more. Best to you Ulf in all your endevours.

  117. I do not mean the following as some sort of attempt at making a witty/humorous remark. It’s just that after spending some time going over Ulf’s story, it occurs to me that there must have been a certain point in the history of Scientology where “Alice in Wonderland” moved to primacy in Operating Procedure/policy for the Church of Scientology. When did the CoS become a nuthouse? An upside down/bizarro world of checking tons of “buttons” on a machine for YEARS on essentially imprisoned staff all to “rehabilitate” them? When did folks who claimed to have “total freedom” or claimed that they were “aware of being aware” agree to either be the cause of the events Ulf is talking about or agree to allow themselves to continue to be the effect of these events? While reading Ulf’s story, as painful and as crazy as it appeared to me as a veteran Scientologist, I suddenly flashed on what this story must sound like to someone who was NOT in Scientology. Take that point of view for a moment. This story must sound as if the world of Scientology is TOTAL freaking LUNACY and that Scientologists are folks who have decided to give up any amount of freedom and self determinism they had, and act in COMPLETE obedience to a bunch of wackos, psychos and power crazed stupendously ignorant young people ……. and all in the pursuit of spiritual FREEDOM (!!!???!!!). Yes, something went TERRIBLY wrong in the universe of Scientology to create the scene Ulf describes and the slavish attitude that gets people to go along with it.

  118. Good that you are doing well Ulf.
    I can say that what you say about Int Base jives with
    many other reports including Debbie Cooks Court testimony
    It can only presumed there will be others that have the courage to step forward, Bovine copulation et al.

  119. martyrathbun09

    Thanks TO. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  120. Dear Ulf, Thank you for the time you took to enlighten us. That can never go to too long. 🙂 I heard your message and I understand you all the way. When I joined the Sea Org I thought it would be a three week cycle. As I figured they would throw me out in three weeks. 🙂 Six years later I was still there and I just thought to myself, “If I have to contribute to this to become an OT or to go OT, or to go free, I actually am not interested anymore in going OT. I will just have to pass. It can not be possible that someone else will have to suffer so I can be free. So others can be free. It can not be possible that the road to freedom is paved with dead bodies, broken pieces in the game, lies and losers.” The entire idea of being in the Sea Org, for me, was to help others before I helped myself, because I was able to. It had been perverted to running all over others to help David Miscavige and Int Management. When I was asked to flat lie to public, I was out. And when I decided I was leaving, they parted a way for me to be out the front door within a few hours. Of course they chased me all around town for about a year with “recovery missions” after they figured I had “calmed down”. Most of them showed up at my house and fell asleep on my couch. I think I became the way to have a mini vacation. I did get lured into some other projects as a “volunteer” to help others “that really needed my help” because I was “the only one really capable of understanding and confronting” the situation. Again, my “value to others” button pushed. I again found after lengthy and hard enduring work at great expense to myself, that in the end I had helped nobody at all, except David Miscavige. I have been out of the Sea Org for 19 years, and I have managed to help plenty of people since I left. In and out of the Scientology arena. So, I have still been able to make myself of some value. I have found there are two types of people. The sane. The insane. In the tech dictionary Hubbard defines sanity in one sense as: 7. Sanity is the measure of how ably an individual assists things which assist survival, and inhibits things which inhibit survival. I have found this to be true. And a person does not need a license, or a uniform, or a certificate, or a membership card, or a group, on this planet to be sane. I was in a great mystery for a long time as to how things went so very far south. And I want to pass this along to you. Thanks to Marty’s recommendation, I read a book called “The sociopath next door”. Then I read a library of books related to the subject. In the Scientology tech on social intercourse, this was missing information 50 years ago. The Church and every arena of Scientology is rich with them. They can even go up the bridge un noticed.
    I have worked in mediation for years and in the Scientology arena, where I find people blaming Hubbard, the Church, the Sea Org ,and Scientology and violently attacking these things as generalities, one for one they have crossed paths with a sociopath. I believe this is not only a major WHY. But the WHY. In all of the pts sp tech and the ethics tech, this is an ITEM that was left off the list. I think one of the reasons Miscavige is so hell bent on destroying the subject of psychiatry is to keep this ITEM off the lists. Hopefully, a rundown to address this influence will be developed soon for the Independent Movement. I had a pts rundown, did all of the training in this area and ethics available. Only to find although I had no issues with anti socials or suppressive people, my track was LITTERED with socio paths. They are attracted like vampires to any positive energy to feed. Please read the book as soon as you can.
    Beyond that, thank you for your ever shining omnipresent sanity. Love, T.O.

  121. EXACTLY!! Thanks Joe. I think you said better what I was trying to say in my posts earlier on this thread.
    I used to purposely not tell “wogs” about life in Scientology becasue I thought it would be “out reality” to them. As if their tiny little minds would not be able to experience what us “great beings” were doing. The truth is now, I CAN tell the “wogs” what we had been up to and I always feel a bit ashamed/embarrassed of myself afterwards. At the same time I can let them see what a “brilliant” trap it was and they get it.
    I think we can all take a win that we were the ones that “got away” and I do believe that it took some smarts and strength to do that.
    I always love your posts Joe.
    Happy holidays to you.

  122. Ulf
    Thanks for your story.
    I can’t believe how brave and good you are.
    And please, please don’t believe for a second that you’re not
    a competent auditor. You so obviously are!
    Your story, more than anything I’ve read so far, proves that
    the Church of Scientology has turned into a truly suppressive
    group and that their tech is black, PITCH BLACK.
    And if someone said on this blog that in the end Black Dianetics
    doesn’t work, Ulf’s story proves that meanwhile it does.
    Probably close to 100 % of the people on these RPFs don’t belong
    there at all, and they stay, go along with it, introvert and let
    themselves be hurt.
    This has to stop.

    Marcel Wenger

    PS: Thanks Marty for what you’re doing.
    And on a lighter note, Mosey, may I call you Mosey?,
    you look so lovely!

  123. Ulf,
    Please contact me (get my email from Marty) and I’ll gladly help you out with what you need.You have already proven that you got it and CAN do it.

  124. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Thanks Marty for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. And thanks Ulf for taking the time to tell your story. I agree with Marty’s comments 100%. Your story is an inspiration. I read Marty’s post and your story yesterday on Thanksgiving day, and the inspiration was with me all throughout the day.

  125. Thanks for the comm Tony. Hope you and your wife had a very happy Thanksgiving and a very happy Christmas holiday to you and other readers of this blog as well. I did note your comment above about Ulf’s story being “painful.” I went through his story before I read your comments but had the same feeling you expressed. As I do often (and yes, I know I repeat myself folks – sorry) the positive side of all this is that I do think there is much vital, useful, practical and downright fascinating stuff in LRH’s work and Scientology philosophy. And I also think that Ron worked extremely hard at his calling as a philosopher and has much to contribute to the understanding of the spirit and the human condition. This is where I part company with Tory Christman’s views for example, as I use the cognitions I got from LRH’s work every day to better my life. I do think Ron went TERRIBLY astray when it came to how to handle a group activity in pursuit of spiritual freedom and the general attitudes and culture of the CoS he promoted in regards especially to freedom of viewpoint, expression and individual self determination, and the effects of this culture are seen in Miscavige’s regime over the past 30 years. Maybe folks like Marty and Steve and others will keep alive the interest in the very useful parts of LRH’s work and so in the future, maybe folks once again will get interested in it (as they did in the 50s though early 80s), only this time not in the context of organized, oppressive religion.

  126. Laughter! I would love to hear the rest of these sec check questions and know who is authoring them. Once at an Org the E.D. went to one of the regges and said he wanted the other reg sec checked. He asked reg #1, if he could write a really good sec check for reg #2 that would really get him totally cleaned up. Reg #1. worked on it for about two weeks as he came up with “good” sec check questions. He gave it to the E.D. and the E.D. sent it upstairs to the C/S. Then he had reg #1 sec checked on it. Worked out great for handling reg #1.

  127. Sorry, made the wrong assumption. Will come up with something else.

  128. I made like ten funny jokes and erased them all. This actually isn’t even funny. This purpose of this kind of activity , in a crowded room with these kinds of sec checks, is only to humiliate, introvert and degrade people. This is anti religious. There is nothing at all spiritual or healthy or healing in this picture. I see Miscavige working his hardest at a shakedown of staff. Getting as many of them out on the street as fast as possible. He really does not want the responsibility of them. And as long as there are skeleton crews, he has an excuse not to deliver Super Power and it is all the public’s fault for not being on staff. Given the choice of f^&*ing a cow or sponsoring and condoning the above activity described about the RPF, I would rather admit to f*^ing a cow any day of the week.

  129. Hey David, Quick question.

    Have you ever f*^&ed a Scientologist up the ass? What about all of those OT8s that got put back on OTVll? What about all of those auditors trained by Hubbard who got their certs cancelled with the release of GAOT? What about all of those mission holders who had their lives destroyed? What about all of the staff who trusted you? What about Lisa McPhearson? What about instituting a penalty of 40,000 for a “Mission Starter Package” to anyone who wants to disseminate?

    You have a lot of nerve torturing staff with sec checks about f*&^ing cows up the ass!

    You have been fu***ng Scientologists up the ass ever since you were given smidget of power!

    And while you have them suppressed to death on the RPF and f***ing them up the ass over there, you want to to know if they have f***ed a cow up the ass!

    Make it about a f**king cow David! Yeah! It’s all about the cow from the whole track!

    Don’t you work at making nothing out of cows frequently? Aren’t you mainly on a steak diet? You make someone wrong for f***ing one while you eat one. A walking absurdity. I’d rather get f***ed than butchered and eaten David. How about you? Let’s look at it from the cow’s point of view.

    “That’s how sociopaths operate. As they’re speaking, they capture your imagination and sound reasonable, even authoritative. But in the clear light of day, what they are actually saying is absurd… even dangerous.

    But no matter what fictions are presented by the sociopath, they always present him in the light of a hero — sometimes even a saint — who sacrifices his life for the good of others. He often talks of “healing” or “detoxification” or being “cleansed.” When he is exposed by truth-tellers, he merely accuses the truth-tellers of being secret undercover agents. When he is accused of sexual assault by one of his own followers (a common occurrence in these circles), he denounces her as an enemy or a spy.

    The ultimate destination of a sociopath is to destroy himself and take as many willing victims with him as possible.”

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036112_sociopaths_cults_influence.html#ixzz2D5zUaicU

  130. David Miscavige f**king San Francisco Mission Holder up the ass. I would have more respect for right now David if I was hearing a story about you f***ink a cow! But No…..you were f***ing Scientologists!

  131. Ulf,

    What an amazing story! I am so glad that you are bright enough to come away with the positives and somehow managed to get trained up and win. Thank you for telling it. You have my respect and admiration.


  132. “would like” could be perhaps more accurately stated as ‘does’ ……in his spare time. Just sayin’ ….. the overt does sometimes speak loudly.

  133. Thank you! Very thorough and clear look into the RPF and corporate Scientology

  134. Ulf, if you will accept donations toward an e-meter, please (for example) set up a PayPal account and post the email address, and I will happily send a donation. (Make sure you use a good password, so a black-hat can’t hack it.)

    Looks like there are a few choices for meters — Starlight, Ability, and of course used church meters on eBay or wherever, and there is a guy on Free and Able who repairs/calibrates.

  135. I don’t see animal rights activists protesting in front of the Orgs. I see Human rights activists protesting in front of the Orgs.

  136. Calling Miscavige that is an insult to the Devil.

  137. “Bob”, yes, let’s not bother Marty but you’re welcome to drop me a note at warewhulf@hushmail.com

  138. Hi Greta, would like to hear what you have to say, but instead of troubling Marty with being an email-relay, just drop me a note at warewhulf@hushmail.com

  139. Not surprised about Phil and Urs – probably the same story wherever you look. Your Aussie OT networking sounds fantastic. Would Hong Kong be part of the fringe down-under territory?

  140. You state:

    ” maybe folks once again will get interested in it (as they did in the 50s though early 80s), only this time not in the context of organized, oppressive religion.”

    Here is what Robert A Heinlein says:

    “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything — you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.”


  141. Thanks Dylan. I’m sure your Int RPF experience was not fun. My write-up was not intended to “promote” the RPF but just a story of my own experience at the Flag RPF versus coming from Int. The Flag RPF cannot be compared to the former Int RPF or the PAC RPF where cruelty is much more practiced from other witness accounts I have heard.

  142. Thanks Tom and you make a good point that LRH did indeed also say that you learn to audit by auditing!

  143. Hi “Link Raymond”, being under the radar is of course a choice which each person has to evaluate and judge as to what is best for him/her. I can say this for myself – by being completely open about who I am, what I think and what I do any last strings of control and manipulation, even unintended, get severed and you can fully concentrate on the here and now and plan for the future. As long as you have that past connected in some way I felt it halted my own progress. Of course by exposing yourself you may get a few nasty inquiries but literally who cares? Those that attack you in any way for it are possibly not worth being connected with anyway. For me I hardly had anyone try to get back at me or even disconnect – just a handful. But I quickly gained new and reliable friends who are worth being called Friend in all its definitions. It was de-PTSing and enabled me to move out of Doubt and up from there. Just a perspective you may want to look at.

  144. Thanks Kirsi. I remember yours and Fabiola’s adventures well 🙂 You decided what you wanted to do and now you’re doing it. Whenever that is over-ruled you get misery. I’m glad you stuck to your intention!

  145. Thanks for your perspective George!

  146. Thanks Calvin.

  147. Thanks Joe – really appreciate your comment!

  148. Joe, there is nothing humorous and witty about your comment – it is true! The world inside the Church of Scientology IS a nut house. It is hard to see the full picture when you are living it, but after you step out and observe it from the outside comparing it to Alice in Wonderland would make Lewis Carroll turn in his grave. The horrors of what the “Church” has turned into and their inside activities is being and need to be further exposed from as many points of views as possible, not just from a stand of protecting Human Rights, but also protecting the Scientology philosophy!

  149. Thanks T.O. for your comments and sharing your story and thoughts on this subject. I always appreciate reading your comments on this blog! I want to read this book as many have mentioned it here and I believe there is much truth to what you are saying. It will be part of my next Amazon order! It is because of people like you that I love this community!

  150. I couldn’t agree more. I always thought the RPF was a violation of civil rights, whether or not is done “standardly” or one gets the altered MIscavige version. I think the RPF was developed on the ship and had some limited usefulness with respect to “rehabilitating” Sea Org members. It just is too much like prison in too many ways. No one ever “volunteers” to be on the RPF, in the same way that no one ever volunteers to give up their human rights.

    Censored communication, 24/7 bodyguard, sleeping on the floor, sleeping outside, eating slop, never a day off over a multi-year prison sentence, wearing arm bands and ragged clothing as a sort of scarlet letter just to embarrass one, grueling hard labor, no pay, no medical or dental care unless it’s a screaming emergency, treated like pond scum by other Sea Org members, etc. All this from a church that enjoys tax exemption. Not to mention the horrible PR that comes with maintaining an internal penal colony for wayward staff members.

    I’m glad to see that some people like Mike and Ulf were able to turn a negative into a positive, but I firmly believe the RPF has no place in a modern-day church. When I was in the Sea Org some people joked that some RPF members were “lifers” because they were on it so long, but it’s no laughing matter. It’s more humane to just offload someone, and I also believe there are ways to correct a good-intentioned staff member who wants to be on staff without all the degradation and abuse. The RPF must go.

  151. Thanks Marcel! Your observation radiates truth. It is sad but nonetheless the case. It is hard to describe it and convey the full concept to someone who hasn’t been living it and the more these stories come out, the more awareness we can bring about to the rest of the world so as to put a stop to this insanity!

  152. Thanks and glad it helped bring inspiration!

  153. Thanks Luis – the respect is mutual from reading your own story!

  154. A sage comment, Mike.

  155. Appreciate you thought Bob but I am not interested in a donation campaign 🙂 If someone has a Church meter (Mark Super VII) to sell or donate I would be interested. This meter and the Mark VIII are the ones I am familiar with and I would want to use for future auditing. Maybe other meters are OK, but I have not personally checked them out. I can fix and/or calibrate a Mark VII myself.

  156. I read many reports on this blog and said to myself “this madness cannot be topped” … and now I read your report and have to ask “what kind of unprecedented misery is going on at Flag”.

    Han, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for giving voice to a thought that I’ve had time and time again while reading this website.

    I can think of no other place where so much of the true story (good and bad) of Scientology has been displayed and documented. Reading here every day has been something of a healing process for me. The black curtain lifts to reveal an iron door, which then opens to reveal yet another puzzle piece to a mystery that I’ve lived inside of for most of my life. And on it goes.

    Like you, I now wonder what depths of depravity and horror the current staff and public are now enduring at the Mecca of Technical Perversion. I’m not sure I can even imagine it.

    As I give thanks for my own escape from DM’s implant factory, I wish for all the decent people left behind to find their own way out.

  157. Absolutely Hong Kong is part of the territory!

  158. Geeez…..my Cowboys lose to the Redskins, and now you tell me the Scottish rugby team lost too? Waaaaaa!!!!

  159. Very Well Spoken Jethro.
    One’s RPF experience depends on who the RPF MAA is, who is CS is , who the execs are and who the RPF I/C is.
    Some versions of it are horrific depending on the personnel.
    Mine had Nazi storm trooper screaming at the crew in Musters threatening spiritual eternity ever day. It was horrifying. It was psychotic.
    It was propadanga at its worse.
    Praising the goodness of the “Mother Church” while screaming at the RPFers for their CRIMES~~ anyone see the You Tube Video called “Triumph of the will?”
    This was my RPF

  160. I was only on it for 4 years…

    “Only”? Maybe someone with a handle like Prison Planet could handle the RPF for four long years, but I never could. Either me, or one of the goons would have died if they’d tried to imprison me like that. I would have asked the first person who tried to escort me to that slave camp, which teeth they wanted to lose first.

  161. That is saying something.

  162. Perhaps keep in mind, “witty” has it own level of conscience.

  163. A message for DM:

  164. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tissue son?

  165. Thanks for the Heinlein quote, Cap’n. It’s one of my favorites, and very apropos to this thread.

  166. Tessa,
    “Doesn’t this story prove that reversed scientology in the end does not work?”
    It certainly does not work. DM damn well knows that it does not work. Per him it NEVER was supposed to work! Take the viewpoint of a completely twisted mind introducing “improvements” under the evil guise of destroying
    the subject and then things make sense. There are also a lot of parallels on other 3rd dynamics along these lines.

  167. Ulf, your story had a huge effect on me. It punched me in the gut, then put the heel of a jackboot on my throat. But through the entire tortured retelling, I could see your honesty, purpose, and resolve to see the thing through to eventual freedom — not just for yourself, but for all your fellow inmates.

    Where you found the strength to carry forward, I found the strength to push forward with you. Where you stood your ground and did what was right for your pc, I felt the resolve to stand with truth and do what’s right despite counter-intention. Where you experienced the true joy of helping that young woman to confront and as-is her horrifying ordeal, I experienced the satisfaction of coming through for a comrade in need.

    I think your story touched on every classic element of man’s battle against evil and insurmountable odds. Homer, Shakespeare, and Kipling would go misty reading it. And a certain old sailor who left his boots at the dock, would smile and think to himself, how well they fit you.

  168. Apparent theta: “Here is your Freedom Medal Award!”
    Viscous Intent:
    ““I bet he [Phil] is ass-f__ing those damn monks while in those fu__ing lamaseries!”

  169. Li'll bit of stuff

    That’s better!

  170. Karen, I always try to look at the bright side of things. I would not necessarily consider myself a vegetarian with evil intentions, but perhaps, this Thanksgiving, David Miscavige had lots of high cholesterol foods loaded with saturated fat and *this* is why he keeps changing the tech, to compensate for his own out-ethics. It is out 5D. 🙂 But, not to wish ill on people, such things DO take their toll physically, at best! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  171. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Karen! We understand, as a group,
    that this needs to be recounted as many times
    as necessary! Pain is thus reduced, if never
    entirely eradicated, from horrors of this insane

  172. Maybe DM is gay? Seems to be obsessed with the anal terminology (as above and in orders to tear or rip somone a new *ssh*le and so forth).

    Whatever else, he seems like he’s at punishing bodies on the tone scale. Certainly as far from serenity of beingness as anyone could imagine in any faith.

  173. It’s official….David Miscaviage has the biggest Service Facsimile in this galaxy! Congratulations !!

  174. How do you make yourself right and others wrong?
    How do you dominate others and escape domination?

  175. 3 feet back, sad to say that won’t happen. Task by task is the order.First off is stop feeding the beast. Just saw the IAS Mag, and it is frightening.

  176. Marty,
    Thanks for sharing some excellent thoughts pertinent to Thanksgiving. It is good to stand still for a few moments and consider all of the wonderful things we are, do and have and be grateful for them.

    Your write up is extraordinarily well done and well presented. I have been 2 times on the RPF (INT/GOLD and PAC) and I know.
    Thanks for the good laugh with the cow’s ass! Thank Gawd one could laugh about it then and now no matter how damn sad it is because of all the additives.
    To give a comparison here, when an ARC Break (upset) gets handled properly the underlying Affinity etc. gets restored.
    In the same way my thoughts go to the original intention for the institution called RPF. In a mostly cold business world employees that screw up or can’t produce are let go, mostly without any effort to get them to improve and not being able to change or improve they go down the spiral and worsen because they don’t find out the cause of their own aberrations.

    Here a person is being given a chance to get familiar with the tech, apply it to make another being better and find out about him or herself. For many SO members this was the first chance to find out what Scientology was really all about. Sure there are limitations on the RPF but so what.
    So the basic intention was very good.
    It is not easy to NOW look through all of the BS. alterations, additions and aberrations that have been piled up more and more on this program.
    Little Davey, take a bow for the mess you have created.
    You Ulf managed to do this and that is stellar!

  177. Pierrot, I know you are a straight up tech guy of integrity with incredible stats and accomplishments. You have also been a great mentor. I wanted to suggest you add yourself to the scientology review site as an auditor.
    http://scientologyreviews.com/ So people in your area can contact you.

  178. Thanks Ulf,
    You will hear from me.

  179. Ulf.
    Another point, it was wonderful to hear that Josette Chiquet made it to be a great Class IX auditor -despite her heavy Swiss-German accent. I knew her well from Munich and later from Basel.
    I wish we could get her out, could use a few more NOTs auditors out here.

  180. I wonder the role circumstance plays in this situation. When you are being treated like utter shit, as a non-person by all non-RPF Scientologists and even badly by some fellow RPFers, and demeaning chores are the order of the day – isn’t auditing pretty much the only real interaction and compassionate communication you may get while in the RPF? It certainly seems like the only time any one listens or cares what you have to say, or treats you as an individual. Therefore, I wonder how much is due to auditing and how much is just the fact someone is listening and acknowledging you, rather than treating you like scum? The fact that study and auditing may the only peaceful moments you get in the RPF is also a factor.

    I think back to stories of people in concentration and prison camps during the war. Most of the I/C beat them, were cruel, didn’t inhuman things to the prisoners. But one guard may have only lightly hit them while they ran to work, he didn’t make them stand as long in sub zero temperatures, and on occasion he threw them some old potato peels & stale bread on the sly. This guard is remembered as a “good guy,” and in fairness compared to the monsters who were his co-workers maybe he was, but his actions don’t strike us as anything heroic or good when viewed from civilized society. But considering what the prisoners were living through – this was good, wonderful behavior.

    I say this because I think due to the conditions in the RPF suddenly the scale you judge things is wholly different from the one you have in “normal” life. The normal way things are judged or considered is a totally different when under extreme duress, such as experienced in the RPF.

    I wonder if this was part of the plan or thinking behind the RPF? To make the only good or calm you are allowed come from further immersion into study and auditing?

    Thinking out loud here really. The RPF has always disturbed me greatly. It’s not the physical work that bothers me but the social isolation and stigmatization that’s part of the program that I find truly disturbing. Isolating and marking someone as “bad” (or supressive or a DB or whatever) and encouraging the entire group to ignore and look down upon them is an extremely coercive way to get control, total submission and compliance from some one.

  181. Wood Dragon, David Miscavige stood on stage at the release of GAOT and declared:

    A. Ron Hubbard was an overt product maker.
    B. All auditors certs cancelled even the ones Hubbard trained.
    C. Scientologists are the blind leading the blind.

    Everyone applauded.

    I understand that to mean those people really can not be trusted with certificates or issuing licenses to practice. Obviously it isn’t the blind being led on this side of the fence. People over here are not placing the value of Scientology and auditors around a few typos found in a few books.

  182. Wow, that’s a lot to go through Karen #1. I’m glad you were able to make it out and recover from it.

    I think one of the reasons the RPF become “the RPF” is that it has become primarily a tool used to punish people and/or silence them instead of trying to rehabilitate them. Scientology works when it’s used to help people, but doesn’t when it’s used for the wrong purpose (what Marty refers to as Reverse Dianetics). By contrast, you don’t hear a lot of EPF horror stories, and my EPF was actually productive and I got a lot out of it. However, all most every RPF story I hear is a horrific one that involved some form of abuse and human rights violations. I think it would make more sense to either offload someone or have them retread the EPF (do simple MEST work) and get 8 hours of sleep while they work on an ethics/study/co-audit program. Get rid of the multi-year RPF assignments, degrading “uniforms” that are more appropriate for a Charles Dickens novel, the insane verbal/physical abuse, denial of basic civil liberties, restricted communication, separation from spouse and family, etc.

    Of course, I’m not sure there would even be much point in reforming the RPF when I think that the Sea Org in general has become more of a detriment to the advancement of the Scientology religion. In other words, I don’t think Scientology really needs a top-down para-military organization to manage it as it has a tendency to degerate into a cult, and history has shown this to be the case. I think it’s highly likely that even if someone were able to remove Miscavige from his “COB” position, another evil dictator in the Napolean valence would soon come along to take over from where he left off.

    FWIW, there’s only one other religion on planet Earth that is organized as a para-military organization – the Salvation Army – almost the polar opposite to corporate Scientology’s crush regging machine. I could hardly see someone like Jeff Pomerantz or Howard Becker ringing a bell outside of a supermarket politely asking for donations. God bless.

  183. Ulf, Great write up! Your certainty in LRH tech is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  184. Wow Ulf! What an incredible write up! The depth of corruption of dm’s creation knows no bounds. The upside I suppose is what you know and what you can apply. Miscavige will pass in to history and will solidify soon enough, but those that can move in and out of masses will hold all the cards – time can be a friend if you understand and treat her right.


  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    I like seeing THIS side of Mike Hobson!

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chris, that form of mind control, of course, is deemed
    absolutely vital, for any dictator to avoid being taken out! “separate actual threatening individuals from the group, so they can be “taken care of,” before they can mobilize!!”
    …the modus operandi of the “Church”of David Miscavige!!

  188. Beautiful quote, Captain Bob! Thank you for posting it.

  189. Well, you know, if all else fails, there is the” Keys to Competence” course. This is for old timers since any evidence of it, along with the “Causative Leadership Course”, has vanished into thin air under the “leadership” of David Miscavige fixated on book royalties with the basics. But I seem to recall…The definition of a team mate, as being someone who knows and understands what the other team mates are doing and thinking, and co ordinates thereby and there with. God knows there may only be a few of us familiar with these courses. Well I offer this up as a consideration. How many of us in the game knows what the others are doing and co ordinates thereby and therewith? There seems to be a lack of real “team spirit” here? Is that an indicator of “Causative leadership?” Is that an indicator of “Keys to competence?” Because if the leader of the Church has these skills under his belt, wouldn’t we all be knowing what the others are doing and thinking and be coordinating thereby and therewith? Yes, we would. There is serious lack of coordination here. It has in fact come down to, Scientologist against Scientologist. Did anyone here read from Hubbard that causative leadership or keys to competence comes down to Scientologist against Scientologist? No. You did not. So, who alter ised this game from team members knowing what the others are doing and thinking and coordinating thereby and therewith, over to team members killing one another off in opposition?

  190. And with this I want to say, there is a long drop from DM’s side of tortured allegiance, to Marty’s side where he is harvesting this idea on public lines for people to KNOW what the OTHER TEAM MATES ARE DOING AND THINKING, AND COORDINATING THEREBY AND THERE WITH. AND THIS IS MY STABLE STABLE DATUM OF A RIGHT INDICATOR OVER HERE.

  191. In fact, David, because of all of traditions and habits you have laid down over the last 25 years, you are now no longer in the position of making sure team mates know and understand what the others are doing and thinking and co ordinate thereby and there with. You have birthed a generation of soldiers who only see menacing particles. You have only built walls,distrust and fear. Your mistakes are so common and ordinary. Your fame so temporary. With so few. This was the best you could do?

  192. Your audition on the stage of Earth only bought protest reads and transformation turned into an ugly failure of greed and self importance that you used against yourself to degrade yourself and everyone connected to you. Good luck in the future, Which is a constant.

  193. Understood. Cool that you can fix one yourself!

  194. martyrathbun09

  195. Beautifully said Oracle.

  196. Ronnie Bell – You are such a wordsmith! Thank you for this succinct, yet beautifully, stated comment. I believe you have herein said what many of us could only think but never put into words as you have done.

  197. Thank you, Rachel (blushing).

  198. Li'll bit of stuff

    S’okay, son. Now 3 (three) in a row! Ireland, Scotland,
    and today England (yup we beat the Poms !6-15 in a
    close encounter, today) The South African Springboks,
    tut-tut! We’re pretty hard to beat (so don’t feel too bad!)

  199. Another wonderful eye-opening write up from you Ulf! Really appreciate these as they are so well written and so well detailed, it means the likes of myself, who never really experienced or saw anything beyond Class V or CLO level – either as a staff member or a public – can get a real glimpse of what it’s actually like at Int level and how the tech and its application has become so insidiously contaminated.
    I got excited about learning to train on a RDD basis a while ago, having got a taste as a Bk One auditor, and your story is inspiring for me as it rehabs that purpose to a degree (though how, when and where I’d do this now is a good question!)
    Thanks for communicating and well done for staying true to your realities and persisting through, and in spite of all the abuse.

  200. Ronnie, your comment was so heartfelt I am not sure my writeup stands up to your comment! Thank you!

  201. Yes I agree. Maybe we can organize a rescue mission 🙂

  202. Did the course – know exactly what you’re talking about. Very pertinent observation!

  203. Thanks Blue Seagull!

  204. Karen, I’m terribly sorry hearing your own experience. My write-up was originally written to just share with Marty my own experiences on the RPF. It was in no way meant to be a “promotional” piece for the RPF.

    I do believe that the original program as designed in 1974 would be a good way for rockslammers and constant overt product-makers to have a way of redeeming themselves instead of leaving staff. But as everything else, “justice” in the hands of suppressive men turns into injustice, torture and every other means of pressing man into the mud.

    I didn’t personally experience the torturous labor on my RPF but I am well aware that many others have throughout the RPF’s history and there is no question that this program as is running today is a serious human right violation and needs to be exposed for what it is – a covert slave labor camp.

    Again, I’m terribly sorry for what you had to go through.

  205. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey SunnyV, remember me? You did a pretty thorough
    job on me – what with the detailed summary of the most
    dedicated (postings)investigation, I have YET seen on his blog, as a neophyte raw blogger nearly a year ago.

    Anyway, my forte, was more physical confrontation, rather
    than the elaborate expertise, with which you carried out
    your “mission”?. And today, with so much water having passed under the bridge, I look back and must sincerely
    commend you for an outstandingly well done “job” (at the time)

    I’m still here, though, stronger and bolder than ever, much to
    the annoyance of some.(you included?)

    Whatever it is, that you do, professionally, I admire you for
    your attention to detail. It would be even more admirable, if
    you could come out from behind the 1.1 guise, that you
    employ to make your points, while enjoying the genuine
    benefits (many, BTW,) of openly doing so in the sunshine!

    Peace, bro.’

    Calvin B. Duffield
    declaration 12 May 2012 (Mothers Day)
    Indie 500 list no# 301

  206. Ulf,

    what’s your email, I want to ask you about where the TRD is placed on the RPF.

    So much I agree with, and you were the type of person, who should have been graduated, and then shipped off to Snr C/S Int Office.

    People who crack cases, and see what the basics really are (TRs, Auditor’s Code, auditor beingness, getting the pc in session) to me, should be in tech.

    When I was watching and critiquiing my 7 years on the RPF, while it was happening, and afterwards, the Basic Auditing Series, the point of getting the pc to be in session and willing to talk, feeling safe, it’s the auditor’s empathy and understanding (ARC), which LRH mentions in the 1979 era TRs materials.

    Auditor’s Code (no inval, eval most importantly) leaking into the session from whatever angle (Executive C/Sing, which is chronically the problem ever since David Mayo’s bust, I remember reading Julie GIllespie Mayo’s story of the executive C/Sing that she was unable to fight off, and then that long ago Qual Gold was also blamed for “ruining cases”).

    Executive C/Sing leads to complicated scapegoating.

    Which makes field auditors who don’t allow executive C/Sing a better chance, I suppose, to get some case gain out in the field, sheesh!

    Please email me, I want to ask some tech questions and RPF questions.

    You definitely got down to the reasons why the RPF will work, and no work.

    LRH in the first new RPF revised Flag Order for the RPF said that the only failure of the RPF is a failure to handle the RPF member’s case!

    And you laid out exactly the biggest causes: out basics (TRs, Code) and
    and executive C/Sing which is chronic.

    Tragic that non tech people who don’t know this, are overall the dominant valance organizationally in the movement.

    This is one of the movement’s greatest failures.

    Tech people who know the real reasons auditing works, have to NOT be dominated by non tech people.

    You’re a tech person Ulf!

    Chuck Beatty

  207. Ulf,

    I wish Hara Klein and Hansuli Stahli and Heidi Stahli read your writeup!

    I’m sure they’d agree with it, but they couldn’t say so.


  208. And Ray Mitoff ought read what you wrote also.

    And Bruce Bromley, I wish someone would dig up Bruce Bromley, I’d like to hear what Bruce has to say about RPF history and matters.

    The Int RPF 1995ish to 2000 needs a good writeup also, I wish Bruce Hines would write about it.

  209. The twinning on the RPF is very important, some, Bruce Bromley for one, understood this.

    C/S Series 1, ensuring the pc has an auditor the pc can get along with, is so important.

    I felt so much of the RPF twinning was forced, and the twinning was a form of executive C/Sing even!

    Anyways, on the RPF is lots of experimental data for why auditing does NOT work.

    I’m happy that at least some people got twinned properly and got some case gain there.

  210. I have to add that the 20 page despatch from LRH to David Mayo, includes thoughts about how tech has to almost be separate and NOT dominated by anything else.

    It’s almost an organizational lesson, that the tech side of Scientology cannot ever be dominated by the admin side.

    It ruins why auditing works.

  211. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ronnie this is completely real for many of us, having jointly made the same observation, with the only variation being
    in the words used. The frustration really hits home when
    one is confronted by the legal loopholes preventing an
    all out storming of the “implant factory” to effect a release
    of the erstwhile prisoners, totally brainwashed by fear,
    and seemingly paralyzed into hopeless submission!

    I remain convinced it not only CAN, but SHOULD be done!

  212. Ulf, I don’t do Facebook, but you can contact me here: chevyseatfords@hushmail.com (that’s Chevys eat Fords for you non-car people). I’ll fill you in on the scene from my years there. It was a shock to learn Paul Kempf walked away from his post – he was a decent RPF I/C. The Snr Qual Sec hadn’t a clue.

  213. Thank you Ulf for this incredible write up. And thank you for observing what you have observed and for having the courage to know and say what you have observed! You have done 2 things: One very important, the other heroic. You 1st showed and exposed how a most wonderfull gift, the Tech, has been turned into s horrible unworkable mess. Then you did what I consider the greatest act: turning bad into good, turning entheta into pure Theta. This is being OT and this is being an Indie! Well done!

  214. Sunny, I can see where you’re coming from, but there was nothing wrong with my judgement at the time of the RPF or anytime afterwards. My perspective has changed a bit, mainly by getting some things clarified and acknowledged afterwards.

    1) I doubt the original intention by LRH was to create a prison camp. He wanted a concentrated period of redemption while exchanging with physical labor for those crew members who were otherwise considered unqualified for staff. This was an option for them if they wanted to remain on staff. It WAS voluntary. The program was roughly designed against the model of what Buddhist monks do with people needing a means to redeem themselves.

    2) Every RPF is not the same. The Flag RPF, at least between late 2006 to early 2010 was not really that demeaning. Yes, we were the lowest in rank so to speak, but were not treated with disrespect from the majority of staff. I know this was not the case on the Int RPF when it existed and I also know from people who had been on the LA RPF that it was way worse than Flag, but I have no personal experience there to compare to.

    3) The staff that dealt with the Flag RPF regarding tech as well as deck work were in the majority (about 9 out of 10 cases) nice and treated us as human beings and for me and many others there was not much mental pressure. I also came from Int which had the worse possible mental pressures imaginable. Most staff at Flag had horrible conditions with sleep and food deprivations and constant punishments for not meeting their Basics or IAS sales quotas, but the RPFers were getting 7 hours of sleep almost nightly and 3 meals a day. Yes we were isolated from the outside world, but not a tremendous amount more than any other Sea org member in reality.

    4) I am not defending the RPF or saying that the program is great, but I can tell you it wasn’t a Korean prison camp at Flag. It sounds great if you’re in a Chruch attack mode to state such, but having been there it just isn’t the case. Despite the crazy demands from the RTC reps and crazy schedules and injustices, most staff members were helpful, respectful and treated RPFers well.

    5) I’m not saying this because my judgement was thwarted because I had no proper comparison. If you knew me you would make such a conclusion me thinks. I just saying it for what it is, with no thought as to the “popularity” of the comments. This is my personal experience, but not a statement of the RPF in general, nor even some support for or against – just telling my story on my RPF program – that’s it.

    Hope this clarifies some, Ulf

  215. Thanks. Just sent you a mail on hushmail.

  216. Thanks Greta and appreciate you extra effort to look for a meter for me!

  217. With “Hara Klein” do you mean Hara O’hare? I know for a fact Heidi would agree with me.

  218. Thanks Sherb.

  219. Thanks Hemi, really appreciate your comment!

  220. Thanks Chuck,

    I emailed you.

  221. Hi Ulf,
    Wow. Thank you for your very detailed and well written account of your experiences. You had me hooked on every word. Guess that’s because I share a reality with most of what you’ve written.
    I, too, am in the minority in that I personally found the concept/belief that anyone sent to the RPF program, all messed up ethics and tech- wise, trained or completely untrained etc, could actually study, drill and apply the tech and dig themselves (each other) out.
    This concept says a lot for the tech. It’s tenacious and gets results no matter what. Of course the better applied, the better the results. But even some results if even poorly applied. And with those results normally comes the desire to improve/increase one’s skill in ability to apply the tech, and it blossoms from there.
    And this is why I personally hold the belief that the tech will last forever — with or without any church and definitely long after the church has disintegrated itself.

  222. burnedbutnotbitter

    Amazing write-up Ulf, I was not going to but I wound up reading it all

  223. Dear Ulf, thank you so much for writing this up! I read the whole from the first letter to the last – as if I was there with you. I many times had thoughts of not quite fitting there and willing to go through RPF to fix whatever was wrong with me so I could be part of the group with no reservations. But the longer I observed, the more departed I felt. Now I see how I would follow your foot steps if I did. You really made it go right! I admire your ability to stay true to yourself and I see in you a true Sea-Org member, as we all should had been. Thank you for being there, thank you for doing what you did and how you did it, and thank you for sharing your experience with us! Please, know you have a friend in me.

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