Long Cold Winter for Scientology

Beginning sometime around the turn of the new year and through the rest of the winter, the reputations of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology are going to take perhaps the biggest press shellacking they have ever received.  Some news outlets have reported that Lawrence Wright’s book about Scientology (Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief) is going to have an initial print run of 150,000 copies. That means the unbecoming photo of LRH on the cover will be peering at Americans from virtually every book outlet in the country for several months.   What I expect will appear in the book will make the photo look complimentary.   Wright’s publishers have invested heavily in the production of the book and will have to invest that much more in making it, and its author, omnipresent – or they will lose money.   Wright will appear on virtually every widely viewed television and radio talk show.   And a headline topic will be revelations about less than admirable events in L. Ron Hubbard’s life.  Wright will be followed by the far less influential, but likely as scandalous, book by Jenna Miscavige Hill.  That book too is bankrolled by a large publishing outfit that will roll out the ready-made, full-scale press tour for the author.

If someone you know who cares about the future of Scientology has not read my books I recommend they do before the long, cold winter begins.  It has nothing to do with concern for my book sales.  They are not even in the same universe in terms of distribution and readership the Wright book is headed for.  Instead, the concern is that absent a good gradient on loosening up and reckoning one’s ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in Scientology (and an increase in one’s independent thinking and contemplation about what he or she actually knows and finds valuable about the subject), the Wright avalanche is likely to create a huge ridge between corporate life and independent life.   Many of those who are under the radar, on the fence, or sitting on the sidelines are liable to get sufficiently disaffected from the subject that they are likely to blow from it entirely.   Those drinking kool aid will no doubt be implanted into some bizarre new world order conspiracy theory to explain the far-flung effects of Wright’s expose.  They will be herded into an even more black and white, us versus them mentality than they already harbor.  Their ears will be shut off to reason entirely.

I wanted to put the issues into complete and full context (understanding philosopher Ken Wilber’s and Quantum Mechanic’s understanding that to get to the most accurate picture requires subjective as well as objective reality).  But, given the cost and diversion time created by corporate Scientology’s four year siege I have yet to complete my extensive volume on the history of Scientology.   Having been resigned to come on the tail end of the Wright storm to do what I can to give the more complete context, I am also resigned to suggest that in the interim to get my existing books into the hands of those whom you care about.  I think those books, What Is Wrong With Scientology? and The Scientology Reformation, will help prepare folks mentally and emotionally for what is coming.

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  1. I think it is so important to get the first 2 books by Marty into the hands of as many people as possible so they can understand the history of Scientology and what is happening right now, before these other books come out in January. I have given copies of the first book to one daughter and one grandson so far….

  2. Marty,

    I have read both of your books and given copies of them to others. They are both unflinching looks at what is wrong with David Miscavige and the Corporate Church of Scientology’s application of Scientology Tech and Policy and what effective actions are being taken today in order to bring about a reformation of the church and the recovery of subject of Scientology itself. They are essential reading for anyone wishing to smoothly extricate themselves from he mess that David Miscavige has created.

    In order to reconcile the objective reality of the physical universe with one’s subjective consideration of it, one must increase his UNDERSTANDING and CONTROL. It’s all about the ARC and KRC triangles baby!

  3. I have a ton to say on this subject Marty – as you might expect.

    Suffice to say that I believe it’s incumbent upon each of us to examine our own lives under a microscope and NOT through the lens of “I’m a scientologist or independent or Hubbardarian” and therefore holy, or smarter or better or finished or anything, really.

    BUT examine it on it’s face. IS my life working? Am I leading a good and decent life. Do I work at helping others? And if I have harmed others, how can I make it up. Am I ADDICTED to this blog and others and WHY? Do I examine some of the blanket LRH statements to see IF THEY ARE REALLY TRUE? (for example — past lives — is it really true and does it make a difference how I lead my life. How I frame my welcome to a new member of our world. etc)

    The question that I have yet to answer is WHY after 20 years since my LAST scientology service do I still frequent this blog and others daily — sometimes for hours.

    I don’t even have any active scientology friends. I’ve never been declared to my knowledge. WHAT continues to connect me to this system called scientology? My gains? My losses? My confusions? WHAT?

    I’ll be buying Wright’s book and Jenna’s. I never know where the answer to some my lifelong questions will come from. So far, scientology hasn’t answered all of them (neither has buddhism) … and I’m not about to stop looking now.

    Again, I applaud you Marty to constantly tell others to LOOK for god’s sake LOOK.


  4. Interesting post, Marty – and some accurate predictions.

    The good news: Not-knowing gets both harder and easier with age.

  5. Marty, sure you concerend that some independent Sirntologists will read Wright’s book and abond the subject completely? Third may be the case for some. But I think third I’d the nnatural ccourse of things. Those who feel strongly sbout LRH & the tech will continue to practice it. But some who read the truth about LRHs personal life and conduct will call to question their faith/certainty in the man & his philosophy. For years the church’s PR machine elevated Hubbard to a messiah-like status. When I was in the church more than 20 years ago I bought this PR hook line and sinker. But it wore thin after a while. I don’t think Lawrence Wright has an axe to grind like Russell Miller did. But one could hardly blame Miller after all the Fair-Gaming he endured via OSA. The problem is not Scientology’s beliefs. The problem is the church following the Suppressive Person doctrine and how it’s used to intimidate, silence, split families, and destroy individuals. Even though I no longer practice Scientology, I respect the right ogre Independant Scientologists

  6. PDC lecture #20 alteration: a very clever editing

    In this blog, the article:
    is talking about alterations of the PDC #20 lecture.

    I was curious to check for myself and indeed I found the alteration.

    But I noticed also that a very clever audio editing has been done, that is much more than a simple cut.

    At the beginning of the cut section, there is in the background the noise of a train (or something similar). At the end of the cut, there is no background noise. So if there was a simple cut, the cut would be very audible as there would be a sudden disappearance of the noise. In order to mask the cut, the editor has added a similar noise at the beginning of the section following the cut, so that the cut cannot be noticed, unless one has the original tape to compare.

    That is sophisticated editing, and that indicates the intention to make the alteration unnoticeable.

    Now if you are patient enough to enter into the details, I put in upper case letters the part of the lecture where the noise of the “train” can be heard.

    Reference of the tape: PDC #20 lecture,
    “Formative State of Scientology. Definition of Logic”

    Version 1: cassette with a 1983 copyright:

    (A former section talking about the “1984” novel has also been removed).

    “It’s a very simple REMEDY. AND THAT’S JUST MAKE SURE THAT THE REMEDY IS PASSED ALONG. THAT’S ALL. DON’T HOARD IT. DON’T HOLD IT. AND IF YOU EVER DO USE any black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order”. We don’t need any more new orders – all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.
    Now when it comes, then, to logic, when it comes to logic, the logic of putting this together had as its first criteria what? Application? What were we going to do?”

    Version 2: CD with a 2007 copyright:

    “It’s a very simple REMEDY. AND THAT’S JUST MAKE SURE THAT THE REMEDY IS PASSED ALONG. THAT’S ALL. DON’T HOARD IT. DON’T HOLD IT. NOW WHEN IT COMES, THEN, TO LOGIC, when it comes to logic, the logic of putting this together had as its first criteria what? Application? What were we going to do?”

    The noise of a “train”, with some bits of voices in the audience that help masking the editing, has been added on the sentence “NOW WHEN IT COMES, THEN, TO LOGIC”. This sentence, in the original cassette, was clean, without any “train” in the background.

    The honest way to proceed would have been to say that some part had to be removed, for reasons of confidentiality or alignment of materials or something else. But everything has been done to dissimulate the alteration, including the order to burn old materials.

    That makes me feel that the CoS is actually running a “1984” style operation, and that all the materials that could help noticing it have been altered. And indeed there are many similarities between the current state of the CoS and the 1984 novel.

    Curiously, 1984 is about the date when this operation began.

  7. Whoops hit send before I was finished. To finish off I meant to say that I respect the right of Indies to practice the tech outside of the ‘church’. I find it quite refreshing to have an open dialogue about Hubbard. This could never occur within the corporate church without getting declared suppressive and getting Fair-Gamed.

  8. I apologize for some of the misspellings. My IPhone’s spell-check filled in the wrong words. The word ‘ogre’ was put in place for the word ‘of’. ‘This’ was replaced by ‘Third’. :-/

  9. Thank you very much, Marty; I understand!

  10. I feel the books mentioned will go further to dry up the money going to DM’s pockets via the IAS.

  11. Oh boy! Thanks for the heads up.
    In Wrights own words he pretty well sums up his own dichotomy –
    “How can rational-seeming people subscribe to beliefs that others find incomprehensible?” Oh my goodness, what an incredibly bad listing question!?!? It’ll never give an item and go on and on and on… forever.
    Wright’s work will no doubt fall into goose stepping alliance with Miscavige’s all out war on destroying any and all workable technology that makes any difference in the well being and the understanding of life.
    Your books are valuable Marty.

  12. The applied philosophy of Scientology is a most remarkable gift with excellent future perspective.

    But since the mid 1970ies ( when I became a member and started to observe ) the church was into dishonest PR, “we are the elite” thinking, battling opponents in ways that were guaranteed to create more opponents, keeping underpaid slaves a.k.a. staff members, organizing a huge bureaucracy that independent practitioners find dispensable today, worshiping the statistic instead of the product, making money more and more important, considering subordination the greatest virtue of all, creating a military style organization ( sea org ) that was a mix of very able beings, degraded subordinates and a superiority complex that every Nazi group would have been proud of ( and which was unleashed even against their own members who had fallen into disgrace ).

    All this from my own observation.

    In addition, this church has never fully played the sanity card or the ARC trump ( which it should have because that is the core of its teachings ). Thus the church has been in a lower condition, it did not handle that condition, and the consequences are that it goes down the conditions. That’s what we are witnessing now.

    Most independents don’t bear this fate. They believe in ARC and standard tech, in the delivery of good products and responsibility, and hopefully in honest PR. So they will become less effect of those publications. Automatically.

    Those “on the fence” can and should read the straight and honest success stories here and on other indie websites. It’s far from optimum that they have to find Scientology a second time. But the comm lines are wide open. Maybe some Co$-members who read Wight’s book will even start to search the web !

  13. Rest assured, I wrote up quite a bit of information to Marty after reading Reitman’s book. I have read most — if not all — of these contemporary books and find them interesting, even if some are not completely factual. With this in mind, I will read Wright’s book and most likely send any necessary correct information on to Marty. After all, he’s the best person in the world to write the book with complete context and factual information.

  14. Hi Christine,

    You have an active Scientologist as a friend. Me! I am still behind or below and near the radar but your friend. Thanks for posting, albeit with a wondering about why, after all these years. 🙂

    On past lives, hey, I went there, nuked somehting, found it therapeutic and this as someone defined as a Scientologist. Have you tried this? Do it, See what happens. Go to an Independent auditor.

  15. Nicely analyzed. Thank you.

  16. What source writing to not apply when Scientology and Ron being judged by society rightly or wrongly: attack the attacker. (paraphrased)

    To distroy the enemies of Scientology utterly, bring them to their knees, sue them till they give, ruin them etc. is the doctrine of war not peace.

    Certainly is ok to disagree regarding Ron’ legacy and paint him in a kinder light and give one’s view of how he has been a positive influence. But the decades long black ops approach that was instilled pre Miscavige of hating the “SPs” and crushing them with military like onslaughts will only paint the Indies as Scientology Inc light.

    Love is all you need, and balanced reasoned argumentation, with a dash of wiling constructive self criticism.

    The arrogant “only hope for man” needs a humility 101 course.

    The media has been trying to deliver that lesson unwittingly. Life is delivering that lesson.

    Gracious responce to criticism is a quality of wisdom.

    Demonizing the opposition and attacking them is a singular means for continued drama and war. And an approach to problem solving that Scientology has successfully used to undermine it’s public image. It has in fact created that image with a cosmology that requires normal every day people to war against enemies of fantastic cosmic proportions.

    Maybe those people just wanted their money back or felt they were ripped off. Maybe those who protested Scientology were just normal people who felt some people were getting abused sometimes.

    Maybe they were never part of a cabal to undermine “the only hope for man.”

    Allow Ron to be criticized. He deserved it sometimes: directly and confidently

  17. Marty,

    I feel llike I am on your porch, the outside one, without letting you know I am there. This too shall come to pass.

    A thought on the books (Wright). I agree totally. They will impact, and the outcomes of that are not entirely predictable. What I think MAY happen, at that time, is that you and Mike and others may be sought after for comment regarding the church or the subject or Hubbard. This will be a great opportunity for you and them to make sure your books are mentioned. Thus expanding awareness of the books and hopefully the readers too. The Scn site spiked when Katie/Tom were front and centre. Surely your bolg will too, at that time? If so, a chance to ensure more of your books are distributed by way of this possible increased interest and awareness? These publications may be a kinda carrier wave for yours.

  18. To those still inside, Jenna’s book may hold more sway or at least have the ability to seep into the consciousness, somehow, of the ones still behind the walls of the Truman Show, .

    At the end of the day, though, the books and their resultant media coverage will most likely only affect the friends and family of the cult members, therefore possibly getting inside through the actions of those who wield some influence over their loved ones.

    Other than those two scenarios, I estimate nothing much happens on the inside and more of the same on the outside where it will, hopefully, become increasingly more difficult for Kirstie Alley to front for the cult. In the main, she seems to be the only one still willing to be on center stage, acting completely oblivious, about the activities of her “church”.

    At some point, somehow, somewhere, SOMEONE will get interested in Miscavige to push the envelope enough to get him to react in some way. Maybe a tell-all book from his own niece will be that catalyst.

  19. Another thought: sorry about the:
    “But, given the cost and diversion time created by corporate Scientology’s four year siege I have yet to complete my extensive volume on the history of Scientology. Having been resigned to come on the tail end of the Wright storm to do what I can to give the more complete context, I am also resigned to suggest that in the interim to get my existing books into the hands of those whom you care about.”

    I will do my part to disseminate your books and shove a finger in the dyke.

    Steve Hall’s review site is probably even MORE important, as is the Independent site. I will get others to post their reviews, as mine.

    Once your history book comes out, we will have the time to get it out and about too. Once the next anti-hit hits, we carrier wave that too, at that time. 10 years from now, 20 from now, those reading this stuff will need your books and the sites referred to.

    In the year 2032, Alexandra Mairead Hall will be 20. What will the landscape be at that time? Imagine. Young guys who can ONLY read first-hand stories of LRH here and on related sites. Including your book on The History of Scientology. The long-term impact of your books will be just that. Valuable indeed. I say we can let this Wright, write away, and so too those to follow and in the consequent interest created, direct some of it this way. To the new readers’ benefit by getting some delivery and tech and sanity, despite the landmines they have to navigate.

  20. We have several copies of your books in our lending library. We also suggest to folks that they acquire their own copies. We always recommend them in order to help people “get up to speed” on what is going on.

    There are so many things said about the subject, about Ron and about the people in the organizations. So much truth, so many lies (lies from both sides of the plus/minus for/against GPM.

    The only thing that keeps me active in the subject is the results I get from the application. I just can’t imagine anything preventing me from continuing to get results. And the results are so obvious, so tangible and so uptone, I just can’t imagine ever wanting to not get them.

    Just as you and many others here have openly disclosed the good the bad and the ugly of their own participation in the movement. So too will each and everyone who is currently involved in bastardiizing workable tech into a manipulative cult have to come clean with themselves. It might not be pretty, but the days of using lies in PR is over.


  21. Forever Lurker

    Three other books coming soon:

    Former Apollo auditor and researcher Glenn Samuels’ book “Scientology: A Walk into Darkness” should be out within days or weeks. Might be the most revealing book of the bunch in some respects since Glenn worked hand in glove with LRH on tech lines for a number of years.

    Former COS Deputy Inspector General Jesse Prince’s book is in progress (with chapters already out for review amongst his friends, so I’ve heard).

    Mark Headley’s (blownforgood) Book II due in April.

    Factually, historic figures have numerous books written about them. Think of anyone in history and count the number of books that are out there. Personal and public lives of most historic figures are examined in excruciating detail. It’s nothing that can be prevented.

    How many books are out there about Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, or other religious figures? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Historians research and write for posterity. That’s what they do.

    It’s absurd that anyone in corporate Scientology (or Ron himself for that matter) would have thought for a moment that they could have controlled or prevented future microscopic inspections of Ron’s life in print, warts and all, or detailed academic monographs about his research methods and the real (not PR) results or promised but missing results of the tech.

    If Ron would have written his own honest and detailed autobiography instead of the mammoth science fiction books that he worked on in the 80’s, perhaps he could have mitigated some of the damage and fallout from other books coming later. But sadly that didn’t happen. All we have is the COS hagiography.

    The Omar Garrison biography was pretty blunt and truthful and it was squashed by DM from what I understand. You would know about that one Marty and maybe you’ll include a mention about it in your upcoming factual history. I’d like to hear the back story.

    Personally, I’m gonna read all the books. I have no qualms with the truth, finding out the truth, or finding my own truth in it all. I’m confident about sifting out fact from fiction and my own perspective about it all. And keeping all my case gain while doing it.

    Looking forward to your big book, Marty. Someone needs to truthfully tell the story from your vantage point in all of this.

    Forever Lurker

  22. Christine, I understand your position because i occupy it myself. I believe it has at least something to do with that failed purpose of saving the planet that was part of our rush to embrace the subject. I think many of us are still in the process of letting go that scientology holds all the answers. We did believe it once, and nothing may have taken its place in our lives. And our pro-survival purpose of helping is still there.
    As far as questions about life and existence and the search for answers, I think LRH offered some great stable datums, but did not have all the answers by a long shot. I dont know if anyone does or ever will. But whether its Scientology tech and philosophy or Buddhism or the Sermon on the Mount or the Tao, we search and find and use as we need, and advance according.
    If Lawrence Wright and Jenna Miscavige’s books are the other shoes falling, let them fall. Scientology’s reputation will be what it deserves in the end. We reap what we sow. We will take the good and leave the rest. And wish each other well.

  23. I think that it is just as important to separate the technology of Scientology from LRH as it is to separate it from the Church. What matters is whether it works or not, rather than an apotheosis of it’s founder. It should not matter to a true Scientologist that LRH had flaws, or that he lived a life that was imperfect. Rather, that should be something that makes him even more endearing, and the subject even more REAL.

    The trouble with using the media against the Church is that it is a double-edged weapon and there are bound to be some casualties. It was inevitable that this happen (just as LRH himself warned.) I imagine that as you predict Marty the result will be quite devastating to the Church, and that it will have a very polarizing effect on those “on the fence.”

    The Koolaide drinkers will just see it as another frantic attack from the SP’s because of all the Clears and OT’s supposedly being made. And, hopefully, those that can think for themselves will be able to make the separation and still hold true to what is true for them and keep Scientology working.

  24. For those of us on the Bridge and actively engaged in trying to get ourselves and our loved ones up the Bridge, I certainly appreciate the storm warning, Mr. Rathbun.

    Time to find others in my area and get some delivery happening ..

  25. I’ve read both of Marty’s books. Well worth the read, Important perspectives.

    My reality is that some of the abuses and cult-ism began pre-DM. However, I have gained certainty that the abuses and cult-ism grew exponentially under DM. Therefore, I have been very happy to see a non-cultish Independent movement.

    Ultimately, there is a difference between being a true believer and a believer in truth. I choose the latter. Corporate Scn tends toward the former, though despite all the hype about adhering to LRH, the CoS, Inc. is the most flagrant alteration machine around.

    In the end, if humankind continues to see truth, reason, and rationality, true believers will become marginalized, atavistic, and even scorned, even as seekers of truth (in the broad scientific sense that includes spirituality as opposed to materialistic scientism) will hopefully ascend.

  26. We all see of course that the part RTC cut out was exactly the part that predicted the likes of a David Miscavige. It was cut for DM’s needs to protect himself.

  27. To me using scientology comes naturaly,its part of my life and no one can take that away from me,i believe once david miscavige is removed from power,sanity will prevail,and with the tech in hand can restore the church.

  28. One must take some responsibility for the negative fallout that has been engendered over the past six years or so.

    To think that Hubbard can be viewed as distinct from the psychotic circus that is Scientology is today, is, I fear, somewhat unrealistic.

    Each of us have our own subjective experiences. Each of us who have spoken out, from Mike and Marty, Paul Haggis, Mark Headley, Jeff Hawkins, Amy, even me in my own little way, all are speaking from their individual experiences, individual view points.

    I am convinced that in order to achieve the aims of the independence movements, an excoriating and unstintingly honest evaluation must be made of ALL of Scientology and indeed L. Ron Hubbard himself. That exercise, I am certain must be carried by each individual for themselves. The danger is that of the uncritical group think and cowardice that allowed Miscavige to pervert Scientology in the first place.

    I respect what you are trying to do, Marty, but I feel strongly that you have to allow people, even encourage people, to ask the most fundamental of questions and allow them to dare to embrace critical thoughts. If scientology really does work, if Hubbard really was the being that we believed he was (or is) then both will stand up to that scrutiny.

  29. Marty’s point about the creation of a ridge between Indies and Inc is well taken. In general, a being cannot hear too well when being wrong. The coming “winter of discontent” will no doubt be a turning point for many — turning toward Jonestownian paranoia, turning to departure from the subject of Scn (blowing due to ARCX), turning toward the Indies, becoming PTS to Inc and resigning oneself to life on RPF, you name it.

    Therefore, for those who have friends “in” I would recommend high ARC (love), validation of their intent and work and successes, and willingness to recognize that they are “right” based on the data they have had.

    To build on some non-Scn technology, there is a theory of social isolates. When a group or person becomes so disconnected (in Scn terms, not functioning on one or more or all dynamics, disconnected even from first dynamic), that is when danger becomes maximum. Examples: Germany after WW I, Pol Pot, the Turkish government isolated enough to march Armenians into the desert to die, serial killers, rapists, the masses of poor in the French Revolution, Jonestown, and so on.

    2012 has not been kind to CoS, Inc. 2013 promises even more. What has changed is that people are no longer afraid, or at least as afraid of CoS, Inc. Declares have almost become a status symbol in some circles, and the silliness of some antics (like the squirrel busters) is on the Internet for all to see. People who are “in” may become voluntarily more isolated and/or this may be heavily enforced on them. This is a risky situation that to put true believers in (any true believer of any belief system). When it appears that there is nothing left to lose …

    So may 2013 be kind to everyone through our efforts, care, ARC, wisdom such as Marty’s, and our postulate for well-being of all.

  30. Good morning to all. Sorry that my presence has been absent for a couple of days, Erica and I got home with our new bundle of joy on Thanksgiving day and we are rapidly learning the ropes (and joys) of parenthood. Regarding the blog post today, when I first read Mark Headly’s deadly accurate account of the Musical Chairs incident, it became apparent that the only way out for Scientology was the way through. We are living a baptism by fire, a Phoenix rising from the ashes, but the fires are still burning and will continue to burn for some time. Though I am shamelessly mixing metaphors here, it also reminds me of an old sci fi B-movie “Silent Running” where a space ship containing Earth’s last great forests had to pass through the rocky rings of Saturn, to be battered in a hail storm of stones and ice.

    Likely it is our hail storm may continue until nothing is left. Every wall, every buttress, every shield, every bulwark, and even the roof and floorboards are likely to get bashed hard away until absolutely nothing is left. But what is left within this word “nothing”?

    With no location in space, no location in time, no mass, no energy, no wavelength, no motion, you and I are nothing and proud of it. You are nothing and you are everything. You are a Static, the clearest and cleanest definition of zero (nothing) that exists. Immortal and eternal and unmoving, you are the point in the circle where nothing meets infinity. Nothing is the end and the beginning.

    And it’s the same with Scientology.

    When I pitched in with Scientology, I pitched in for the long haul. Whatever it takes, it doesn’t matter. The job of helping others doesn’t have any limits does it? It’s not something one does for twenty years, or twenty thousand years, or even a billion. Helping is eternal. Helping is living. Helping is what creates life; and no power, no authority, no force, no government — nothing can EVER take that away from you.

    Can anything ever stop Scientology? Not a chance. Because real Scientology IS help. I didn’t say “Scientology is helpful,” though it is. I said Scientology is the philosophy of growth through help. That is the long and short of it.

    Do not fear a coming storm, embrace it. Look at the mechanics involved. So someone may attack, so what? It’s inevitable. It’s part of the process. It happened to the best men who ever lived. All we need to do is keep putting in order (helping) because by doing so, our actions will resonate with unstoppable reach. For our actions establish who we are.

    Scientists smash atoms to learn what’s inside. Maybe it’s wise, maybe it’s foolish. It is, after all, how the human race learns. By tearing something apart, they discover what’s inside. And the net result will be more people getting into communication with the subject.

    Or compartment things by efforts: we have efforts of the Church demonstrating their evil. We have some efforts of the media to explode it (thanks to the actions of the Church). But what are they really trying to do? Understand it.

    No single writer represents public opinion. Public opinion is in the main curious. LRH never murdered anyone. He lived modestly. He helped thousands and thousands of people. And his works stand on their own merit. Nothing anyone can possibly say will change any of that. And so, let them bash away. These are not fatalistic words, these are insightful words. By tearing down our facades people will eventually discover what makes it all tick. And in a word, the main spring of Scientology is love.

    With anything as important as Scientology, it is only fair to put ALL cards on the table. That is the only way most people could ever accept it. People MUST be allowed to see LRH at his worst as well as his best. It can’t work any other way. If you are going to buy a home or car, do you not have every right to know what is right as well as what is wrong?

    Yet the Church tries to hide all the wrong bits! That is not their job! Their job is to lay all the cards on the table so people can have an honest look. Failing to wear their hat, now they are being bypassed and will continue to be bypassed. So it is really the Church of Scientology, aka David Miscavige, who is generating attacks on the character of LRH and Scientology.

    I haven’t seen Lawrence Wright’s book. Never was formally interviewed by him. But I suspect whatever he does will help in the overall process. So I advocate tolerance.

    I was in the Sea Org for 20 years. I signed a billion year contract — a stupid piece of paper because the contract itself was never put into perspective by evaluating it against its proper datum of comparable magnitude. Thus no one to this day can understand why someone would ever sign it. The contract is symbolic of one’s dedication to helping other people. Stupidly simple.

    The dedication to helping others comes from an authority much higher than any two-bit para-military organization blindly throwing their weight around while dramatizing a juvenile superiority complex. Think about it. Every molecule of pleasure you have ever experienced, every joyful moment, every happy time, every peaceful feeling, every moment of tranquility — do not they all trace back to having helped someone or even yourself?

    By finally coming to terms with what life is all about — help — I think one can finally graduate any hell on earth and perhaps move on up a little higher.

  31. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  32. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    And very eloquently phrased. I would have said
    ‘Let the chips fall where they may. We’re all big boys and girls now and we can sort the relevant from the bullshit’
    Maybe not so elegant but I think we’re on the same page 🙂

  33. Well, sh*t-stirring books are never good… but just because there’s a print run of 150,000 it doesn’t mean that all of them will sell…

    I’m always suspicious of people who form opinions after reading only one book on any subject anyway. I prefer to have several viewpoints, as many as possible, before I draw judgement. Imagine if the ONLY information available on German politics between 1930 and 1945 was Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” – we’d all have praised him to the skies – and then we’d REALLY have been in the deep doo-doo.

    It’ll be OK. There’s enough information out there to render this new book as just one more drop in the ocean (plenty more faeces in the sea… 😉 ) and enough to allow sensible folk to have a full picture of the true facts.

    With love – keep smiling!
    IEG xx

  34. Christine, you make some fine points. I sometimes wonder why I follow this blog with its drama and melodrama… having “left” it all behind in 1997. Am I lusting after Miscavige’s undoing and fall? Am I inspired by so many coming to a new perspectives of themselves? When I read Ulf’s story the other day I almost wanted to get properly trained or get audited… I was a lousy auditor and not that great of a pc 😉

    I’ve enjoyed some of your Buddhist input when others were “blowing charge” in their ad hominem attacks… heaping it on DM as if that would do any good. Probably does, for them.

    Maybe there is a twelve step program for those addicted to this blog.

    All and it all this blog is quite a phenomenon. Keep following you muse, Marty.

  35. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve! …………………………………………………………………………………… ………THIS IS THE POST THAT MATTERS MOST!……………..
    Utterly,utterly brilliant,Steve me bro’
    (see what happens when the Dynamics expand hey?

    Just a knockout, man! I don’t know what else to say.
    ML to You, Erica, and Alexandra


  36. Christine, your post really resonated with me and I could have written almost every part of it myself. I too have described myself as “addicted” to the blogs in a search for the answers to the same kinds of questions you ask.

    Well, I had a huge win recently in that after the last couple of years of looking and contemplating the various alleged pros and cons, together with my own direct experiences with Scientology, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it truly is a workable system that leads to freedom.

    A key reason why it does so is that the basic philosophy itself permits and enables one to reach for any other workable path. That would occur at the point where one has achieved a certain degree of SELF-DETERMINISM (in the broadest sense), which in essence is what Scientology is all about.

    And from those other paths, giving further insights into truth, I believe that one can determine what may have been merely metaphorical in Scientology, or perhaps only a level of truth in a particular frame of reference (including past lives, for example), or even ultimate truth.

  37. Girl, we are sympatico. Preach on.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    There ya go, you beauty. Succinctly stated, with as much
    of a yawn and snore as “he” deserves. Just another trash can
    rolling into the abyss of millions trying to make their mark
    as “sensationalist of the month”, Forgotten soon thereafter!
    Always appreciative of your wonderful, refreshing observations.

  39. Agreed!
    Then there is also the point that LRH’s legacy in written words is so extensive -what with the Tech Volumes, the green volumes, blue R&D volumes, all of the books, tapes (CDs now) plus others- that I don’t know of any person that HAS studied it all. The answers one is personally looking for might be in those writings not studied yet or one might already have passed it because awareness or reality level wasn’t there to make it ‘click’, requiring restudy per ‘number of times over the material increases certainty’ (LRH).
    Apart from that it is probably safe to assume that LRH indeed did not have all of the answers since absolutes are unobtainable.

  40. Christine, a thetan never gives up, but you obviously knew that already. Before Scientology maybe there was Christianity or nihilism or politics or . . . or . . . or . . .

  41. I agree Lurker: unconditional, uncompromising, non political, directly perceived, honest, brick wall denial destroying – research and seeing truth.

    We are victims only of ourselves, our actions, beliefs, philosophy and stories.

    No body here is a victim. This craziness is the outcome of a world view that needed enemies to fight, SPs to conquer, planets to clear, red meat to be cooked up.

    My hope is for the good info in Scientology to survive its own self destructive tendencies.

    Live by the sword die by the sword.

    Love thine enemies, pity even that great being who uttered those words was caught up in fantastic theories causing the Scientology elite to view Christ as a degraded madman.

    Breathe in, let it out, and look!

  42. Greenonwhite: Sorry but I really don’t have a clue what you are talking about — the bit about past lives, having nuked it — etc.

    Also your comment thanking me for posting albeit “wondering why after all these years” — don’t know what you are trying to say.

    BUT, in case you are new to this blog: I did OT VIII in 1989 shortly after Maiden Voyage. Was in the Sea Org for 8 years. 5 at CCLA and 3 at Flag. I was public from 1981 until I left in 1993.

    As for going to an independent auditor — unlikely. But, you never know.

  43. Scientology Inc is based on the presumption that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM.
    Scientology Inc believes they are flawless in character, elite and advanced human beings who have a destiny~~
    to clear the planet of its aberrations and Reactive minds. It sincerely believes anything done in its history of ABUSE was fully justified.
    The end justifies the means.

    It might sound laughable given their internal atrocities and unconscionable conduct on “enemies” especially in recent years on veteran Sea Org Members who have departed.
    Inside the bubble they live in,they truly believe they are the GREATEST GOOD for mankind.Lying, cheating, destroying others lives, enforcing disconnection (even in death) stalking and pursuing others while wantonly spending fleeced money is not evil !

    It is the Greatest good ! Fleecing their flock for every last dime is SURVIVAL and a GOOD Deed !
    All financial irregularities are the Greatest Good ! It protects the “Mother Church !”
    Radical Official Scientology is incapable of connecting the dots, i.e. authors, documentary film companies, journalists and biographers would
    Not have the slightest interest in it, unless there was a story to tell !
    The stories are generated from their conduct and behavior.
    I do not believe Larry Wright will do a hatchet job on LRH ~~ he will factually report the result of impartial investigation. He has been meticulous in fact checking and followed data trails to find out more, no matter where the trails lead.
    Much of the book is on Miscavige, that’s why what Marty wrote above is right on.
    For those that read the book and get it, it will be a “come to Jesus” moment i.e. the bullshit is over, here’s the fork in the road, what path do you choose ?

  44. Steve, I hope Ken Urquhart reads your comment. His 2 pence in the conversation will put all other books in perspective because he spent more time directly WITH LRH than anyone but Mary Sue.

  45. Thanks Marty for what you do and what you write. It means so much to me and others.
    I first heard the words “Scientology Reformation” in 1982. That was before the grand Mission Holders meeting. I was squashed of the idea then and I have my doubts now.
    What I see is that the makings of what The Church is today was very much present in 1978 when I joined. The cult thought, the looking at you with a sneer when you came in to work things out. The secret listening to you by another while you told of your concerns to someone. I am sure things are much worse than before, but I can’t close my eyes to what I have seen.
    It took me 2 years in the church before I could honestly say that a member was a friend. You never knew when someone would be declared so you didn’t get too close.
    I loved the studies that I did in the Church, but nothing resolved the Cult that I saw back then.
    I praise what people are doing to make the Subject free. Maybe that was something that needed to be done a long time ago.
    Anyway… thanks to everyone for their thoughts and most of all letting me speak mine.

  46. Steve, true. And happy to hear that you and Erica are learning the ropes of parenthood. Makes me feel happy because all the dynamics do have their importance. It’s so evident to me now. Speaking of the Dynamics and Help I would like to post here that LRH what he did was through the 7th dynamic (the Scientology philosophy as he built it), he did come down to the various dynamics and with the 7th and 3rd as the axes built a whole communications system there to deliver that Help you are talking about. So, I think that overts of omission or commission on that communications system as DM perpetuated or even us could keep on perpetuating will actually cause the subject to lose its original power. Help by LRH was done on a vast and broad basis across the planet through established 3rd dynamics which ran on admin tech. This is what we should be rebuilding even if now, for obvious reasons we do it in some lesser or not so strong form. Rebuild 3rd dynamics across the globe based on Standard Tech.

  47. It is funny that I am reading this because I am working on a Blog the name of which is:

    Was L Ron Hubbard right

    My goal was not to diffuse anything coming out, but rather to get people to think about some of the wonders of LRH’s work and to give them some very simple ideas that they can think about, use or not, and see that there is so much good in the LRH arsenal that they will want that and not DM’s church.

  48. Vicar: I agree mostly. However, taking the good and leaving the rest is something NEW regarding scientology.

    This is mostly the result of the schism which happened sometime in the early 80’s and continued with LRH’s death.

    And today — those who are still IN the church absolutely cannot just take the good and leave the rest. If they try, it’s costly in $$ and time.

    And that is what needs to be expunged … the unwillingness of anyone to be unwilling to speak out, for feel of reprisal.

    This entire scientology/independent/critic etc saga is a great opportunity for each of us to fully develop humility, compassion and wisdom. It’s MUCH less dangerous here than were we in Syria or Pakistan etc.

    So I encourage each of us and of course I include myself to never stop asking the tough questions, to continuously have “divine doubt” (a phrase LRH used).

    Nothing is in stone. Nothing. It’s all impermanent and the most stable of datums of yesteryear if carved in stone will prove to be an undoing.


  49. Hi Christine,

    I am in a similar situation. 15 years in the CoS (up to NED completion), then 15 years out. I am still trying to sort out this issue with the help of the Internet.

    In the meantime, I am working with Buddhism in order to make some progress on the spiritual level.

    But I am still addicted to Scientology, with the hope to find a way to reach the original purposes.

  50. Dan, giving up is my new goal. 🙂 Seriously. 🙂

  51. Les,
    I’m doing a review of the materials on the original OT IV Rundown, both the audited and solo parts and how these and the role of the Class VIII in completing the Bridge on cases up to the FULL EPs of each step to the end of NOTs is both a key and nearly entirely LOST. As well, the importance of actual, complete study and training for a case to attain what can be attained, and its omission or in the situation with Miscavige, its obfuscation.

    As you point out, the plus/minus of the significances and mass of fixed ideas that are GPMs, first one role, then the other, and then the collapse of the poles, then the next fixed game according to pattern, and all of it so close up to a being they can’t differentiate themselves from the roles, the false purposes, the enemies and the whole shebang of this clever device – the GPM.

    I’m sure Marty is right, the new exposes will indeed stir the pot of the Bank, and the polarized nature of the Goals Problem Mass will generate its flows, automaticity running and on and on it goes while those of us who have managed to stick our thetan heads up outta this stuff, hone our skills, ply our trades and begin the daily adventure of “THIS IS THE SESSION”, one at a time releasing the actual prison of beliefs.

  52. I think being a Daddy agrees with you! Your best post ever – on top of a plethora of other illuminating and inspiring posts. (Hope you’re getting some sleep!)

  53. I will be interested to see if corporate scientologists were to find out the truth about L Ron Hubbard , will they give up scientology , some of them might be proper , holier than thou people , they would probably abandon scientology .
    I think it would be good if they would .

  54. Dan — did I say something that makes you think I gave up. I really don’t understand your comment.

    Before scientology there was plenty and AFTER scientology there will be plenty … some true, some not.

    Because truth isn’t — as you know — a philosophy or a religion or a practice. Those things are of value only because they serve to uncover for a being what he himself has covered.

    But, perhaps we are saying the same thing. I just don’t quite understand what you are saying. I should have watched your films more 🙂 🙂


  55. Dan, Why don’t you send Ken a little note and ask him to comment?

  56. Karen, I honor your strength. I feel it.

  57. marildi has made a wise implicit observation when she quoted “addiction”.
    For people who are learning, have cognitions and wins reading this blog, instead of addiction, it is nourishment.
    Even though their symptoms are similar, there is big difference between addiction and nourishment.
    Addiction is a destructive compulsion. On the other hand, nourishment is a constructive activity.

    People use the word addiction (to this blog) as a funny way to say nourishment.
    Wise people select carefully which blogs to follow and which don’t, in order to get nourishment instead of addiction.

  58. It would be good because they are not confronting their own overts .

  59. Please do keep up informed 🙂

  60. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Correctomundo FOTF2012. LRH predicted the likes of Miscavige. My view is that Miscavige feels he has a big part in “the new order” which is all about domination and control of populations. His part is to covertly destroy or severely cripple the technology of Scientology since it creates populations who can think for themselves.

  61. Scientology pre GAT has been my salvation. That is living the
    good life on my own determinism.
    D.M. will fall on his own sword as will RTC cold chrome steel. Karma cannot be ignored. Theta to Entheta ratio , its better to have more Theta

    Good work Marty., you are in Dror Center news blog today
    Looking good Cowboy !

  62. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Thanks Curiosus for looking and giving the details on this. While actual Scientologists are trying to create better life’s and a better world Miscavige is doing something else. You can see what Miscavige is really doing by just looking at what he is trying to hide.

  63. Have faith, Marty! 🙂

  64. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Marty, Thanks for the “heads up” on the long cold winter. I’ve read all the books on your reading list now except for two.

  65. Well, if this book really is bad to Scientology, it will make DM right : anyone who attacks the church is an SP.
    In the other hand anyone who use Scientology is addicted, this from anti Scientology viewpoint.
    War… this is the antomy of war. it will serve extremists.
    DM will make a lot of money with this book in IAS donations, he needs a strong anti-sciento ennemy to divert attention of kool aid, proving them that they are alone against to whole universe.
    indies have the mission to undo this war, to get rid of Miscavige.
    To fire Miscavige might avert the destruction of Scientology, like if they would have fired Hitler before Germany was completely destroyed.

  66. I hope DM is wearing a heavy winter coat!!!! The stories coming out about his insanity are chilling. Little by little real SCN is coming back, its just a matter of time before he is removed. Just like every other dictator and tyrant, one by one they fall by the wayside, disappear or perish.

  67. A little succes story: after leaving COS 14 years, I have not had anything to with the subject at all. Recently through this blog, as the catalyst I looked up ARC, the tone scale, granting of beingness and TRs.

    With my back against the wall on every dynamic, like badly! I said why not apply the above? Listen From being, close to the gutter, I instantly applied very High ARC, used the tone scale, put my TRs in, with massive granting of beingness. I beat 100 people for position in a Company, in this economy.

    This is all I know for sure works!! This is my own Independent viewpoint! So I will look, at more data now. This is was a believe the purpose of Scientology is. To have make life better and nothing else.

  68. Marty, regarding the Hubbard stuff, maybe a post on the fallacy of argumentum ad hominem would be helpful. After all, a statement is true or not independent of the person making it and something works or not independent of any of the properties of its designer. When I fully got this, after looking at lots of examples, I became uninterested in LRH, at least as far as he pertained to the workability of the subject. I guess its a case of differentiation.

  69. I think you and others here may find great value in Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” as a supplementary (or primary in my case) source of spiritual guidance and wisdom if you have not read it already. I will not even attempt to describe my own experience practicing “alert presence” other than to say that I now believe I understand the Zen Buddhist tern “Kensho” (brief experience of enlightenment) and that what is available to each and every being AT THIS VERY MOMENT is a depth of peace, love, compassion and a oneness with all life that cannot be adequately described or grasped by human thought. After all, the only thing there IS is the present moment, and it is only through being fully present that one can awaken. Love, Don

  70. Miraculously incarnated into this world without a Reactive Mind — or any case or bank whatsoever — Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is the physical embodiment of Theta, of spiritual perfection, and of integrity. He is the Chosen One from among all nations to lead the planet into the Golden Age of Technology II.

    For this reason, we in RTC will not allow any CI on the Fleet Admiral’s lines. If it takes a knuckle sandwich or some PI’s to handle a flap, then so be it. We have a planet to salvage and all of these upcoming hater books are just more suppression intended to stop the 100% standard delivery of the highly effective and proven three needle swing tech.

    Therefore, effective immediately, we in RTC have ordered all Scientologists in good standing off the internet for Eternity because it is full of lies about Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and his wholetrack best friend Tom Cruise.

    As for Lawrence Wright’s so-called “book” well let we in RTC tell you that we long ago fully and completely discredited this wretched wog journalist in a scathing expose in the pages of Freedom Magazine. His real name should be Lawrence Wrong because, factually, everything he writes about Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is wrong.

    Fleet Admiral David Miscavige bears the weight of the entire Church of Scientology and the very agonized future of this planet upon his tuxedoed shoulders. As such, he is blameless beyond reproach and ethical in all his ways. Even when the Fleet Admiral must strike SO members with his fists or slam their heads into the nearest wall, it is a righteous act intended to put these out ethics SO crims into PT and compel their instant obedience to Command Intention.

    We in RTC see the future as being very bright and this winter as a time wherein all Scientologists are ordered to report to Flag to enjoy at least twelve intensives of Sec Checking.

    This order is straight from Fleet Admiral David Miscavige who wants all Scientologists sec checked so they can begin the new year cleansed of their crimes, overts, withholds, false purposes, hidden standards, and wholetrack bestiality. As we said, this is all straight from COB and we in RTC expect compliance or else!

  71. LesJ39, and I experienced violence at FOLOEUS early 1970s. We even thought that the violence was intended to mortally harm someone. Threatening the secrecy of Snow White: before the raids.

    But there is a brick wall denial for all true believers from any thought club: that denial keeps the game solid, us them, better than: it persisits.

    How do I know? Because I have had to rip those negative qualities out of myself.

    I will defend to the death, the great things I learned from Ron because they were true.
    But I will fight him when it comes to principles. Some principles are one thing I will budge not an inch.

  72. P.S.: I was inspired to show duplication … θ 🙂

  73. Karen,
    I fully agree to your assessment of Scn Inc.

    And all that mess could still be handled with true Scientology : get in rudiments, get back into communication, locate and blow the real cause of the problems, get rid of false data, take responsibility for misdeeds, run out service facsimiles ( ideas of being right and having to make others worng ), get in exchange, etc.

  74. I think kool-aid drinking Scientologists elevate LRH to messiah-like status more than any corporate PR machine does.

    I remember one time when I was on the EPF doing an all-night renos of LRH offices in the all the PAC offices. This evolution lasted several days of all day/all night labor that included the EPFers. This was a CMO PAC mission that ripped off all the EPFers for a CMO INT mission, which was totally against policy. When the EPF I/C queried the order to the messenger from CMO PAC who was supervising this project, the messenger verbally blasted him because he had “out FO 38” towards a CMO INT missionaire (like they were somehow above being queried). Anyhow, we were told that we were doing this because LRH actually planned on using these offices, so they had to be functional. This was in 1982. Little did we know…

    We were also doing tasks in construction without proper training, but we were told that Sea Org members somehow “made things go right” in spite of it. So, it would therefore be OK to take a 16 year old high school drop-out and have him fly a jumbo jet because he had probably done it before on the whole track.

    But getting back to the point, I remember some EPFers standing around talking while waiting for something. The EPFers were describing how much better LRH could do a task than anyone else because of his super-human OT powers. Even in construction work, and I don’t know if LRH ever did any construction work, LRH would reign supreme. In fact, it didn matter which profession you were talking about, whether it was construction work, architecture, computer programming, food preperation, etc. These ideas of LRH’s super competence mainly seem to come from either LRH’s own writings or some staff member’s creation. Of course there was also the old timers who had personally worked with LRH who had spun their own “urban legends”.

    While I would tend to agree that LRH was perhaps the best C/S and Auditor that ever lived, perhaps because he invented the subjects, I have to think of “LRH the War Hero” or “LRH the Musician” to kind of put things in perspective. No one is perfect…

  75. Karen, I hope he talked to Margaret, because she has posted some pearls which have blunted the spears of Miller, et al, with the documentation to back it up. For instance, having found in the archives evidence that LRH may factually have been working for Navy Intelligence when he said he was. Quite a shock.

  76. This upcoming avalanche of books critical of Scn Inc as well as LRH reminds me of the early 1990ies here in Germany. At that time various books on the church as well as their authors became the focus of public attention like never before.

    The effects and consequences included

    # the public image of Scientology turned from bad to worse

    # OSA used the situation to score lots of statistics points : noisy “investigations” a.k.a. plain harassment, infiltrations ( some of which were later revealed ), physical attacks on critics, increasing OSA staffs and volunteers, suing suing suing – and never mentioning law suits,they lost, attracting more attention by their actions until

    # constant monitoring of Scientology was established, done by Germany’s internal intelligence agency ( Verfassungsschutz )

    # shrinking of orgs and missions started

    If such or similar effects would happen in the USA I would appreciate it, because it would drain the Miscavige club of some power..

    By the way, the public attention in Germany didn’t affect independent activists. In fact a number of former church members started to reach for true Scientology.

  77. Rachel,

    It is very considerate of you to do this, and a real help flow to Marty. As you know, most of these people writing books operate largely on “two valued logic”. Something is either right or wrong. This is a reactive way of thinking and completely accurate reporting cannot be expected in such a circumstance.

    Marty, on the other hand, operates based on infinity valued logic and is unhindered in his ability to cast a critical eye upon anyone, even LRH himself… without fear of misunderstanding.

    To wit:

    “LOGIC, 1. a gradient scale of association of facts of greater or lesser similarity made to resolve some problem of the past, present or future, but mainly to resolve and predict the future. Logic is the combination of factors into an answer. (Scn 8-8008, p. 46) 2. the gradient scale and comparisons of data which work out a smooth network of terminals and communication lines which deliver data in a prediction of future form or theta beingness. (Spr Lect 6, 5303CM25) 3. primitive logic was one-valued. Everything was assumed to be the product of a divine will, and there was no obligation to decide the rightness or wrongness of anything. Most logic added up merely to the propitiation of the gods. Aristotle formulated two-valued logic. A thing was either right or wrong. This type of logic is used by the reactive mind. In the present day, engineers are using a sort of three-valued logic which contains the values of right, wrong, and maybe. From three-valued logic we jump to an infinity valued logic—a spectrum which moves from infinite wrongness to infinite rightness. (NOTL, p. 17) 4. rationalism, for all logic is based upon the somewhat idiotic circumstance that a being that is immortal is trying to survive. (Scn 8-8008, p. 47) 5 . the subject of reasoning. (HCO PL 11 May 70)” — L. Ron Hubbard
    Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

  78. Well, the winter ahead may be cold and lonely, but the holidays for David and Tom were warm and snugly. Katie Holmes agreed to take her daughter to spend the holiday with Tom and his family in Telluride, Colorado for Thanksgiving. David, is reportedly still in the U.K.. Not bunking at Saint Hill I suspect, bunking at Tom’s. That Cruise family vacation to include Katie was cancelled. Katie ended up sending to Suri to London for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    Aside from that latest news, look forward to my new book coming out next year as well. Famous Quotes of David Miscavige as his friends remember him. It has such favorites as, “Go suck cocks on Hollywood Boulevard” Right up to the Freedom Medal Award winner accused of “I bet he [Phil] is ass-f__ing those damn monks while in those fu__ing lamaseries!” If anyone here can remember more gems or little tales to warm the heart along with David’s profound and enlightening inspirations, please do send it to theoracle@ymail.com to be included in the book! This will be how we can cherish and remember David as we remembered Hubbard in his, “When in doubt, communicate” book. This book will be titled , ” When in charge, debilitate.”

  79. maxim46 you said:

    “Christine, you make some fine points. I sometimes wonder why I follow this blog with its drama and melodrama… having “left” it all behind in 1997. Am I lusting after Miscavige’s undoing and fall? ”

    I believe we all just want the abuses to end. The abuses meaning mental and physical entrapment, real or imagined, of those still in under the spell of the current management of one person. Abuses of a financial nature as well, afterall LRH said never borrow money.

  80. Curiosus
    I get your point. This blog and others can furnish a tremendous amount of cognitions and education though It may take decades to solve what one is trying to solve. It IS a way though there may be shorter ones. Spiritual “Nourishment” does give less misunderstoods than ‘addiction’.

    Per C/S series 55 “Again, a case does not know what is wrong with it or it would as-is and would not be wrong”.
    Thus a review with a standard Indie auditor may be able to solve the problem in question in a short time as well as clean up any inval, eval and BPC that the Co$ has layed in with its altered tech.
    I highly recommend that.

  81. Steve,

    This was a brilliant comment. It reminds me of what LRH talks about in the factors lectures regarding what a being is doing in the physical universe – he’s trying to organize it. And what better way to do it than on a help flow.

  82. You speak great sooth Karen!

  83. Aye Jimmy,

    Ye always cut to the crux of the matter now, dont’cha? I cant wait to have some discussions with you as I’m going up the original and complete bridge.

  84. OSA must be on overtime this holiday weekend… where are all the negative ratings coming from? Yeeesh.

  85. MaBű, thank you for the duplication. I have said numerous times that I need to spend less time on the blogs, but just as I get close to doing so I have another win and change my mind. You chose a good word – nourishment. 🙂

  86. Interesting blog,from one (myself) who was pretty much out and done in 1998. Yeah, there is much ying yang going on here on what might happen after this publication from Mr. Wright.

    Well, we shall see. I think the fence sitter’s/under the radar’s will be a key Analysis pint in all of this.

  87. Excellent and thought provoking post Brian.

  88. Great post John. I agree with you. I for one have no problem in taking one datum from Ron and saying “this appears to ME to be untrue and unsubstantiated” and to take another of Ron’s datums and say “this is one of the great truths of the universe that explains much of life.”

  89. Probably a very fascinating discussion/debate to have here one day would be “what part of Scientology philosophy is most true, real or valuable to you?” I think for most of us, the ARC Triangle would have to be right at or near the top. I use it every day to improve life and there are countless (millions and millions, billions) of ways one can raise just one corner of the Triangle and improve understanding between people and of every aspect of life itself.

    Of course, a real understanding of the Triangle would also include being able to notice when a corner was LOWERED and the effect that was then created (so that one could repair the damage and hopefully see that it didn’t happen much again). One factor I have become VERY aware of the last few years is the effect created by ARC Breaks, a lowering of Affinity and/or Reality and/or Communication. EACH time there is a CAUSE of lowering one corner, there is a corresponding EFFECT (if not fully, and I mean FULLY repaired). Every time a senior in Scientology decided to go into agreement that a lowered tone level to chronic anger was a good way of demonstrating “ethics presence”; each time an MAA decided to degrade someone and put them in fear as a way of “handling” them; each time a reg (service or IAS or for any other contribution) decided that it was NECESSARY to force a person to go into crushing debt; each time someone was put in the RPF because of what they thought or an error made in an attempt to do something good or for bad judgment on the 2D (especially for picayune stuff) and had to stay there for freaking YEARS; each time Miscavige hit someone; each instance of homophobia or any degrading comments about other beings, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

    EACH time just ONE of these (and other) events occurred, there was a ripple…. an effect outward created …. and not a good one, brothers and sisters. And multiply this by thousands, tens of thousand, hundreds of thousands …… folks losing through disconnection their spouses, parents, children, grandparents, loved friends…… and is there any WONDER that Scientology as a general entity is now reaping the counter flow of BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS? The shock of shocks would be if Scientology was looked at in a GOOD light by the society.

    And it was ALL self created. Hey, Ron himself said we could only be upbraided for no results. I would add to that bad results, bad effects caused on individuals. Sorry to have to say that over 40 years I have observed individual Scientologists over and over and over again treat each other with a lack of compassion, a lack of common decency, a no sympathy – “unreasonable” tone level, using force and threat of no future salvation and loss of ARC, over and over and over again.

    And so, as a result of these millions of individual actions, we have …….. the scene Marty describes. Yeah, it’s fucked for those who had any vision, hope or postulate of a surely steadily growing Church of Scientology until critical mass was somehow reached in terms of a “cleared planet.” Ain’t gonna happen folks (not in this century). Scientology and LRH held in very bad repute throughout the literate world? Oh yeah, that has already happened to a certain degree and THAT stat is going up, baby.

    I was really bothered by this a couple of years ago. Took a failed purpose from many decades ago of what I worked so hard for. You know something? I’m 90% over it now. Doesn’t bother me that much. Actually, I kinda find it all – this current scene- real interesting to see how it all plays out. I’ve pretty much spotted source on it (for me anyway).

    Scientology will probably keep shrinking over the 21st century. Though the church may go the way of the Catholics and Jews, you know, the future members pretty much just coming from children of church members. Wouldn’t suprise me if the SO ban on babies ended within 5 years.

    My best guess is that sometime early in the 22nd Century, when the planet is re-populated from our current crowd and this is all old news, some very important opinion leader – a world respected intellectual – will find great value in a lot of LRH’s work and write an important book on it and begin promoting his ideas (the theraputic value of running out traumatic incidents, the reach and withdraw of memories with straightwire, objectives, the Tone Scale, and many many other fascinating and valuable things) and there will be a re-surgence of interest in the value of LRH, Dianetics and Scientology. I think there will be a critical look at it, not all of it accepted, and not as a religion, but I think Ron will then be looked at as a real intellectual heavyweight who made significant contributions to world thought.

    But, it’s gonna be a while, kids.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    100%, RD!

  91. Jean-François Genest

    Brace for impact, detach seat belt, open hatch, swim to shore, dry, go home.
    We haven’t heard about Tom Cruise recently, have we?
    The story … dried out.
    People love the “reality” and talent shows where someone’s private lives, goodness AND badness are exposed to the general public. People don’t know LRH. They are only finding out that he was HUMAN like the rest of us. He also had his own overts, withholds, lies, ARC breaks, etc.

    What is mostly omitted by the general population, critics, and even Scientologists & Sea Org Members, is that LRH was a RESEARCHER, and constantly did RESEARCH, then reported his findings. And he experimented left-right & center on himself, PCs, and also with staff & Sea Org Members. Shortly after, Bulletins or Policy Letters were released (or corrected) or lectures delivered detailing his findings, what WORKS and what DOES NOT. → David Miscavidge & Company insanely grab the “DOES NOT WORK”, and make THAT the law.

    Until the releases of those scary books, perhaps Tom Cruise, will have another personal “kaboom” explode in the media. Then the media will be all over Marty & Mike to get info, and that will give them an opportunity to promote both of Marty’s Truth-Facts Books.

    I did a quick search on Lawrence Wright. I can’t find whether he had any FIRST HAND experience with Dianetics/Scientology, or not. Has he been audited? Has he as-ised a few engrams, a few O/Ws, received or given Assists, etc? Has he done any Self-Analysis properly?

    Probably not! He never worked with LRH. Therefore, his account will be 4th party, from 3rd party “sources” whose names may or may not be printed in the book, and will most likely contain biased exaggerations, similar to Janet Reitman in her book ‘Inside Scientology’, although her book contains some really good info, at the core.

    At this point in the game, it cannot get any worse. We are at least that far up on the scale. And the year is not over. It will be fun to observe the cockroaches of the Corporate Church run around in the light. My popcorn is warm and ready 🙂

  92. What is the intention of the Wright book?
    What is the intention of the Miscavige book?
    Are they sponsored by the IAS?

  93. 1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

    2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted.

    3. Never desert a group to which you owe your support.

    4. Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength of power.

    5. Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

    6. Never compromise with your own reality.

    7. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.

    8. Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.

    9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

    10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.

    11. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you can make your tomorrow.

    12. Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.

    13. Don’t desire to be liked or admired.

    14. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

    15. Be true to your own goals.

  94. Published by LRH around November 1954 as the code a thetan natively follows on his/her own determinism.

  95. Can’t agree more with ya Karen, the Cult is crippled, high time to stick a fork in it! Which this will.

    Rob Roy makes very good points also, I feel the “open dialog” comes by default with the reckless younger generation these days, who are more subjective and objective then ever before… its the “Zeitgeist” of our times.

    The internet (read google) has been the key. Its been fueling the what is ‘wanted and needed’ straight to source-information for a long time now… its always good to hear an opinion (whatever the subject) but getting to the root bottom of things is where its really at. Only lazy fools fail to look for it, and for themselves. So all roads tend to lead to Truth, far faster and better these days. Light years difference then days past. And getting way better very very soon.

    Tony Ortega’s recent report on DM is just another example, just how these things boil to the surface so fast Miscarriage and his Juicebox monkeys will have no idea what will hit them!


    On Wrights book, awesome…. fine… (and I’m no expert here) how to get Marty’s books second on search terms on google?? Maybe, Its in Wright’s very title: Going :Clear. Thank you very much for that. Sounds like two of your very own Chapters there Marty: Publish them freely!

    My friend recently put this vid up on his FB wall and I have to share. I couldn’t help but recognize the obvious parallels. Just how historic the days are for Miscarriage, dancing and prancing around in gloating glee acting all faggotory ‘n spinney in OSA’s betrayals of LRH ….oh boy are those times ever over.

  96. Jean-François Genest

    Good info!
    – – – – – – – – –
    ► NOTL = Book “Notes On The Lectures” by LRH
    ► 5303CM25 = Cassette Lecture of 1953 – March – 25

  97. You’re welcome, marildiv

  98. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fleas, AR! They would simply die, if they didn’t have blood
    (theta) to drink, to keep them “alive.” Kool-Aid, unfortunately,
    appears to only contain mind altering hypnotic substances,
    totally devoid of any life sustaining nutrients. Then again,
    what would you expect from the carefully controlled mind-
    environment in which they are contained and “nurtured?”

    Ps -.OSA.There is a whole new freedom and abundance out
    here among the Indies,so use your masterly 1.1 “cleverness”
    to escape the mind prison you are confined to. You will be
    surprised how your view of life will change for the brighter.
    AND there are those out “there” that can help you to make
    the transition. As Marty urged you recently; “Just think about it.”

    But please, don’t let me stop you–hit the “thumbsdown” button.

  99. +1
    Marcel Wenger

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    Excellent grasp of the nitty gritty issues, Joe and well pointed
    up for clarity. If there is one small point I may add, though, it
    would be that of the seemingly innocuous,but deadly role of
    “THE THIRD PARTY LAW,” as having been probably the most
    effective, and totally destructive element (almost!) overlooked,
    but surreptitiously employed, in the ruination of Scientology!

  101. “I believe we all just want the abuses to end.”
    Yes! As Ulf’s report (and others and surely Marty’s books) so clearly demonstrate, the Church’s Tech is black, PITCH BLACK.
    This has to stop.
    If Lawrence Wright or Tony Ortega contribute to the motion, so be it.
    But let’s not forget: they neither understand the tech nor L. Ron Hubbard.
    Whether it’s the final truth or not, most of us have experienced: IT WORKS!
    Marcel Wenger

  102. Forewarned is forearmed. These new books may well bring more requests for interviews to you, Marty, and to Mike Rinder, thereby further advancing the indie movement.

  103. Something you could do about it is to do the original OT VI .

  104. +1
    Not that I unduly care.
    My take on the subject is: Do the axioms, say, check out?
    Marcel Wenger

  105. You must be Dan Sherman, LRH’s noble biographer … admit it !

  106. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Wow. Nice application. Well done.

  107. If I were a Scentologist, and I had to defend LRH, I’d just say that Hubbard was better on his tech side, and I’d admit he was very often gravely flawed on the admin side of things.

    His admin side caused/causes most of the ongoing problems.

    The C/S Series I’d say is LRH at his tech side best.

    The OSA Network Orders, and the OSA staff hat checkseets, I’d say are LRH at his admin side worst.

    When the shit hits the fan, someone just refer the public to the C/S Series, is my suggestion.

    My guess is Lawrence Wright hasn’t even skimmed the C/S Series.

    Chuck Beatty

  108. I had my own code of ethics before I came into Scientology. I was happy with that and found no need to replace it with someone else’s. And I never did. Ethics is a personal thing and a being has to live with himself forever. I do not think someone can violate themselves away from innate principles they carried before exploring Scientology. I felt no need to set aside my own code of ethics. I understand the ethics conditions very well and can think with and use those, on all four flows. I can see what conditions are towards me or with me and with others to others. That is a technology and an awareness. They rest just wasn’t me. The book of crimes, misdeameanors, suppressive acts etc etc Jesus Christ I didn’t come in the Church to write parking tickets or study law or act as a judge. I had a lot of case to handle when I came into Scientology. But I never wanted to be someone else. I really liked being me. That’s a lie. I loved being me.

  109. Very warm theta post. I liked that.

  110. I got into Scientology in “78 and fortunately I had some amazing results before I got hit with the negative PR on LRH. One of the oldest black PR lines on LRH is “science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard …”. The implication here is that he makes stuff up and he can’t be trusted. Anyone who knows anything about LRH knows that he was a writer. He wrote about everything and he happened to be good enough at writing science fiction that he was able to make income from it. That’s not any different than most other things. Because of these types of slanted descriptions I made the decision then that I would evaluate LRH by what he had written and recorded in Scientology.

    Every time I’ve evaluated the credibility of LRH versus the credibility of Scientology I’ve become more sure that I’m a Scientologist. Scientology is ultimately about bringing betterment through understanding. If I want to understand something I’m going to apply what I’ve learned in Scientology. It’s really that simple and if anyone has a problem with that it’s their problem.

  111. Christine, No, I mean a thetan never gives up. Me, you, Marty, et al.

  112. “3. primitive logic was one-valued. Everything was assumed to be the product of a divine will, and there was no obligation to decide the rightness or wrongness of anything. Most logic added up merely to the
    propitiation of the gods. Aristotle formulated two-valued logic. A thing was either right or wrong.”

    Thanks Scott!

    I can see clearly now: 🙂
    The philosophy of Scientology has degraded into a ”primitive one-valued logic” in the Church – “the propitiation of the gods”.
    First the glorification of LRH; then the glorification of Miscavige who ”is always right”. And surely the members are made to agree that he “is always right” and are propitiating DM to allay his wrath and to dodge his sadism (punishment and use of disconnection).
    And the freethinkers – who abhor the worshiping of “gods” – were falling into the trap again. (IMO)

    LRH stated this: “Those things I tell you are true are not true because I tell you they are true. And if anything I tell you, or have ever told you, is discovered to differ from the individual observation (be it a good observation), then it isn’t true! It doesn’t matter whether I said it was true or not. Do you understand?” –L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Effective Knowledge, 15 July 1957 lecture

    But what Miscavige says has never to be questioned and to be followed blindly…or else!

  113. I spoke to Lawrence Wright a bit by email in August, when I was trying to get ahold of the “six feet of documentation” that the CoS had apparently sent to The New Yorker. Mr. Wright did have a chance to read an overview of my research into LRH’s military time in Australia, and I also sent Mr. Wright a fairly detailed response to his New Yorker webpage which covers the dueling “Naval Separation” documents.

    Unfortunately, by the time I spoke to him, Mr. Wright seemed to have made up his mind about LRH. He was utterly disinterested in discussing the points which I raised and never asked for any supporting documentation which backed up those points.

    Based on this, I’m afraid that Marty might once again be on the money with his prediction of Wright’s portrayal of LRH in his book.

  114. Freedom Fighter

    I don’t necessarily think that publishing your history of Scientology after Wright’s book is a bad thing. It can help to dead agent the data he presents and people are more likely to believe you given the position you held in the church and given your already established visibility in the press.

  115. Perfect storm on the horizon.
    Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.
    I’m going to Las Vegas and betting all my chips on Black.

  116. Bright Idea, If there was a Scientology tech, L. Ron Hubbard “Super Watson”
    this would trump everything including D.M.

  117. Scott — Absolutely perfect comment. Thank you!

    I would like to add from the Reitman book dust jacket:

    “Based on five years of research, confidential documents, and extensive interviews with current and former Scientologists … .”

    This is a long time to research this topic, lots of room to find incorrect information oft-repeated (Internet), many different isolated viewpoints which would be difficult for the author to consolidate into a book.

    This is why Marty, with the use of infinity valued logic will write the most comprehensive and factual book.

    Wright will run smack dab into the same situation Reitman did while the publisher will print 150,000 copies of the book and run a book sales campaign.

  118. Crashing Upwards

    Zephyr,your statement about awareness or reality level is huge, in my mind. There is a saying that one cannot put an old head on young shoulders. A person reading almost anything will be much more able to appreciate, evaluate and or understand something if they read it at 40 or 50 or 60 years of age than when they first studied it at 20. This is different than the number of times over material increases certainty, but its a prompt to restudy again whatever material you had found the most relevant in order to gain further richness through deeper understanding.

  119. The Oracle –

    Posting my response here rather than send you an email.

    There’s a topic right up the alley of your comment called “The Mad Mind of Miscavige.” Posted October 12, 2010.

  120. Li’ll bit — seriously?

    You seriously think every negative rating is from an OSA person?

    I have hit the thumbsdown button at times when something didn’t sit well with me. I’ve noticed that several have hit the thumbsdown with me and I never once thought — ohhhh OSA.

    It’s really important IMHO to be tolerant of those who disagree with us and not jump to some conclusion that they are out to suck the life from us.

    MAYBE they are. But you don’t know for sure and you certainly cannot tell WHO has clicked on the negative thumbsdown button —

    Unless of course YOU are OSA and have hacked into Marty’s blog and have posted this comment as a diversion …

    Hmmmm something to think about

    (JUST KIDDING EVERYBODY about the OSA/hacked part)


  121. Eric, the problem is since 1982 LRH’s tech has been altered and then “institutionalized” inside the Church, so they don’t have something to use to “restore the church” even if David Miscavige is removed. This is why the Church of Scientology is dead: David Miscavige altered LRH’s tech to serve his own nefarious needs and then cemented it into the organization. Game over. Too bad.

  122. Scientology belongs to those that can use it to free themselves and those around them. The Church of Scientology, (Scientology Inc), no longer owns the technology because they altered it and now use it to enslave themselves and those around them.

    Agreed, it’s going to be a long cold winter for Scientology Inc, but they are dead anyway. On the dung heap of other religions and technologies used to enslave others. Their money and pop fame will be a footnote in history while LRH’s technology will continue to be used to free people.

  123. One thing that I have come to appreciate is that on the admin side, particularly on the PR / Marketing materials, LRH did not invent the materials on PR, marketing and propaganda. He sorted through these materials, evaluating, simplifying and codifying them into policies and procedures the Church could use to survive.

    The PR/Propaganda “technology” he drew from was itself seriously flawed, as it is based on creating an “image” and installing that as an “value” or “slogan” in the minds of the audience (public) to persuade or dishearten, dehumanize or aggrandize. As we know it, it was invented as a weapon of war, then a means of manipulating public opinion through sheer repetition and appeal to emotion, and as early propagandists would say — the base instincts and subconscious mind. It was and still is the major tool employed by vested interests, political interests and war mongers to manipulate the “masses.”

    There wasn’t much choice back then — the mass media of the day was thoroughly controlled and monopolized. The problem with propaganda is that it is, at the heart of it, dishonest and insincere — a deliberate spin or distortion of the truth. It doesn’t matter whether it is spun good or bad — it lacks integrity. And so we get LRH the man becoming LRH the myth. Take your side — LRH the monster or LRH the perfect angel. The truth is that he was both and everything between, as are we all.

    Now we have the Internet. A rare opportunity to speak the truth, not just in caricatures, but in full context, and at length. I think that these kinds of books are an opportunity to demonstrate the actual CORE truths of Scientology in very real ways, in ways that assist people to learn how to sift through propaganda, to maintain integrity in the face of cleverly crafted speculative non-fiction and recognize when one’s fears and biases have been deliberately restimulated with twisted facts and loaded words. This isn’t just Scientology’s lessons to be learned. It is the lessons to be learned by the whole world as it awakens from consensus trance, and from the effects and consequences of controlled mass media, educational systems and social-political systems.

  124. Hi WH;

    I have friends who were active in the early ’70, and left in the later ’70s or early 80s, with no Scientology activity since,

    BUT, they can’t let it go; all ‘Scientology’ stuff still garners their attention. None of them are declared or have had their comm lines cut, but have zero interest in getting involved again, but, are very interested in all the news. Some are open to seeing what happened and some call it all ‘hate’.

    This made me wonder; why would someone obviously not interested in pursuing Scientology further still hold onto that string?

    I think I know the answer; it is not the string of ‘Scientology’ that they are holding onto; it is the initial postulate that compelled them to seek out Scientology that they are holding onto, and the latest incarnation of that string was Scientology. I guess while active, something ‘clicked’, and that ‘click’ remains to this day.

    Just my opinion.

  125. Hi Jim,
    Right you are. Prior to launching on the Original OT IV, I restudied thoroughly all of the clearing course materials and a number of the SHSBC tapes in and around the time of its release. This had made a hugh difference in my KRC as I move through this level.
    Doing my training thru class V and doing NOTs thoroughly brought me to the point where I’d achieved everything I ever wanted from Scientology.
    Doing the original OT levels is giving the the abolute certainty that I’ll never lose the gains, or the awareness.

    Here’s a funny cog for you. In the overall scheme of things, and by eliminating the aberrations on the subject of time, Doing the Entire Bridge (training and processing) and gettting it done right, is, in fact, the One Shot Clear many people are looking for. What’s five or ten years in eternity? Nothing. Not even an atom of time.


  126. Christine,

    What a mess of it I made! You are right, I am new here and miss-read your comment and apologize.

    I figure I will have to read up on who is commenting so I can contribute a bit better, with reality.

  127. Or if anyone wants to get their stats straight up and vertical, they can hit the thumbs-up icon over and over to win the most popular poster award. LOL!

  128. That’s why I love you Karola,

    You have never been one who was blinded by “the propitiation of the gods”. Your ability to spot outpoints and to find the truth are the very reason why you are free and happy now.

    Thanks for the great ack.

  129. Gerhard Waterkamp

    John I couldn’t agree more. The COS failed because they tolerated abuse and dishonest practices first. The dirty OSA ops of the early days, the fair gaming those were the seeds of the undoing of the Church.
    The moment it became an acceptable practice to lie and Black PR an enemy of LRH or the church, the devil owned the churches soul. From that viewpoint and line of thinking that it is OK to do despicable things as long as is done to the “right terminal” the corruption and abuse was able to infiltrate and eat through the church from the inside and bring it to the abomination it is today.
    You cannot expect to free mankind when your hands are dirtied like that.
    There is an ethics hygiene for a group like a sanitation hygiene for an OR. Without either of those the best heart surgeon will fail, because the patient will be dead within days.
    I heard many reports how DM came to power. He was early on KRed as an SP, he beat a PC in session and still suppressive reasonableness allowed him to claw his way to the top. Overts make you blind. That does not only apply to an individual, it also can blind a group.
    If independent Scientology is going to have even a small chance to make it and save as a group the legacy of the tech, one must take full responsibility and face it. The church did not fail because the tech was not there, the church failed because ethics went out in one part of the group first. Anybody who knew, LRH included, about fair gaming and dishonest and abusive practices of fair gaming and did not scream “STOP”, caused the downfall of the church. If you look at it this way DM is just the personification of that out ethics.
    One cannot leave the church and then just continue without really confronting one’s own out ethics in this matter. Anybody who for example who continues to think black PR, manufactured lies, defamation and slander to nullify another person are acceptable ways of handling conflicts and continues to practice those, has not taken full responsibility and carries the seed of destruction and abuse over into independent Scientology.
    You are never ruthless with human beings. You need to be ruthless in your striving as an individual and a group for truth, decency and love. If you ever feel the need to throw something under the bus than throw destructive principles, lies and deceit under the bus, but never a human being.
    I agree with Marty, he really did it all spell out in his books and reading them is probably the best preparation. If you add to that as John pointed out the honest evaluation and maybe clean hands in all we do we should be pretty well prepared.

  130. Yes Rachel,

    I tend to look at it this way, LRH wrote up everything he could on the subjects of thetans, the mind, the physical universe and how they interact. He didn’t pull any punches and just wrote it all up, Good, Bad and Ugly – including how to achieve either pro-survival or contra-survival outcomes along the 8 Dynamics of Existence.

    He did this knowing that man is basically good and that by writing it all up, this was the best assurance that good would win out. That is the beauty of infinity valued logic – it is based in Ethics.

    From the Tech Dictionary:

    “2. ethics actually consist, as we can define them now in Dn, of rationality
    toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, and mankind, and the other dynamics taken collectively. Ethics are reason. The highest ethic level would be long-term survival concepts with minimal destruction, along any of the dynamics. (SOS, p. 128)” – LRH

  131. Absolutely Jean-Francois, I actually looked at the NOTL data before posting that comment too!

  132. This is awesome!

  133. Li'll bit of stuff

    I love light heartedness too, guys! Heck, you should
    know by now — I LIVE for it! But check out some of
    the innocuous posts getting the t/d? Just as a quick
    back-up. Once you’ve done that, let us know if you still
    feel the same? Bottom line– could you be unwittingly
    playing for / against the wrong side in this game?
    Being a pawn has it’s uses, but then again,I thought Marty, and Steve had already done a pretty thorough job of showing us how to detect the handiwork of
    “haters” (versus mere dislikers of a posting)

  134. May be old news but I found this link today regarding Lisa McPherson’s death coverup.

  135. p.s. I should add that I very much liked Lawrence Wright’s writing style in The New Yorker piece, and thought he did a very professional job presenting both sides. Ultimately, though, when it came to the military research, he (or his fact checkers) didn’t look too far beyond the surface. Had they done so, they would have found discrepancies between what LRH’s service record implies and what the historical/public record shows (the latter of which largely vindicates many of LRH’s statements on his military service, which have formerly been criticized).

  136. Oracle, the code of ethics I am referring to are the ones championed by Rev. Martin Luther King ( a disciple of Christ) and the great Mahatma Gandhi (disciple of Christ and Krishna).

    I am no pacifist, and have my strong confident doubt that violence against Scientology detractors pre Miscavige was warranted. I’m sure it was done in the name of helping the planet. The greatest good.

    What is the source of this war? Who were and are we fighting?

    What theories have we agreed to to justify harming others?


    Those are the principles I am bringing up. Non cruetlty to human beings.

  137. I agree, Chuck. Where “Admin” makes sense is where is touches strongly on tech, like the Data Series. And there are some gems when discussing the “dynamics”, so to speak, of the Third Dynamic. The admin scale is brilliant. So, the theory is sound. It is the tactical, the day-to-day side, that is bad, and in my opinion, it was because he divorced Admin from Tech. It made no sense to him, for example, to have a Class VIII also do the FEBC or be posted in an “admin” post, and likewise for highly admin trained personnel. The result is DISASTROUS.

    There was a huge change that happened in LRH when DC was raided in ’63, and when the Cuban Missile crisis happened, and when Kennedy was shot. You can see the shift in his delivery of lectures, in his shift to admin to get Scientoogy “out there” and is push to OT which resulted in OT III and the SO. Up until then, we were sailing along, with the idea that trained auditors make the best executives, and that we can push the subject forward with a phalanx of BC grads going into the field and building out franchises. After this period, it became deadly serious, with the Earth hanging in the balance, and factually, the Earth WAS hanging in the balance. The bomb threat was very real.

    The response to “go military” on the part of LRH and the church was disastrous. It was the wrong thing to do – Ron made a big mistake. I honestly think he was not looking for things to be so serious and meant for a gentler path even in the SO, but it only takes small changes early in a course to send the ship completely off course, into what we have now, 50 years later,

    The Tech has always been Scientology to me, and everything else, supporting stuff – Ethics and Admin is there to support the tech, and is not part of it.

    But, to your point, yes, and I agree – to really understand Scientology, look to the C/S series and the books and the HCOBs and PABs.


  138. Frankly, we will weather this. We always have. Scientology SHOULD be dead by now, but it is not. It will take more than a few books to kill it. However, I agree that things will go smoother if people get hatted on this.

  139. Cheers Calvin Li’ll Bit! You’re absolutely right. Keep smiling. xx
    IEG xxx

  140. Firstly, I dont mind. !important (Ask Steve)

    We now have two leaders of Scientology, one ecclesiastical and one spiritual. (Not to any surprise since the phony cancellation of FO 3879 only creates vacuum.)


  141. Excellent observations, Maria, regarding PR and the historical context.

    With regard to the Internet, I’m afraid that the earlier “PR motivations” are still very much alive and well. For example, while wikipedia may indeed be an excellent and balanced resource when it comes to non-controversial subjects, when it comes to the controversial ones (namely those which don’t conform to the party line), “the consensus trance” far too often takes over and balance and a quest for truth gets thrown out the window in its blinding wake. This is especially true for those subjects and individuals which embrace the demonstrable fact that “mind” is not just “brain”.

  142. Just Me: I’m shocked I tell you, shocked that you might infer that there are some who are taking on the colour of those IN corporate scientology.

    How can this be?

    Haven’t we learned ANY lessons from organized religion?

    Haven’t we READ anything that Marty might point to?

    Geesch Just Me — I’m starting to think you are probably OSA

    (JUST KIDDING about the OSA part 🙂


  143. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I just LOVE your seriousness!
    I will report immediately for the cleansing as required!

  144. Theo Sismanides

    Marcel, rather true: they neither understand the tech nor L. Ron Hubbard. Most of us have experienced: IT WORKS! The Pivoting Point has to be stable so the rest work around It! There is a big part Indies are missing if they want to put up against the Church! And that’s the 3rd Dynamic! And its Tech. Simple as that to me!

  145. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Dan, we never give up, it’s true… it’s just the form we have taken up now is a bit more in some distance to its other. We are communicating from longer distances not body to body, that makes it more comfortable but also more difficult, at times. I never gave up on the 3rd dynamic, this is why I am on those blogs or was in those organizations.

  146. I’ve been thinking about this since this post. And it has occurred to me that perhaps people have come into Scientology who did not want to be them anymore. And the Scientology was a way to become someone else. We all become someone else as we learn and live. We become someone more intelligent and aware than we we were the year before. But it is the same you, only an updated version. But if you were not happy with yourself first as a person, when you get into Scientology, how will you make yourself happy as a Scientologist? You have to get into a good place with yourself as a person before you get find a good place with yourself putting on other hats. The Sea Org Members I knew that were sane and stable and “there”, were happy with themselves as people. The others seemed to become “Sea Org Members” as an identity. There is a Sea Org Member identity that I can not explain. But a Sea Org Member is supposed to be a HAT with a DUTY. Not an identity. When they are questioned about hat or duty they violently attack back as if you have tried to unmock their Identity, not discuss their performance! This is the thing that is kind of spooky and does not make sense. Those people up at Int in the hole, or on the RPF. or stressed out and hysterical and filled with anxiety, they are not happy with themselves or the others. And it should not even be about THEM. Labeling someone WRONG in identity, should not even be part of the picture. And David attacks people’s identity. The only reason a Sea Org Member should be questioned about anything, is in the area of performance. And there is qual and hatting for that. Hopefully the staff qual terminal is not a sociopath. I think I am beginning to understand the inner dynamics of how a cult is born and structured. Hubbard focused on competence and production with staff. He created the Sea Org as a duty and and a trust. He gave people hats. He gave people duties and hatted them. He hoped they could use conditions. If he did make it personal or dislike a few, he was just being human. Most people who first joined were clears and OT’s and class Vl’s and Class Vlll’s. They were happy with themselves as people and Scientologists when they got involved with staff. At least most of them. David has preyed on wobbly youth that have had no success as young adults. He has preyed on Sea Org Member identities and is running what he thinks the perfect one is. All the while it is all about identity now up there, staged events etc etc. The duties and products? The latest product is to accuse Hubbard of being an overt product maker and cancel the certs of the auditors Hubbard made. The current duty of staff is to obey DM without thinking. And I think this whole thing has gone amuck because on one sociopath profiting off of anyone who is not happy with who they are. And in Scientology you are not permitted to be happy with who you are, unless you are in good graces with DM as a Sea Org identity. The public no matter the effort on the bridge are made to feel like DB’s in petty ethics cycles and propitiate by giving donations. The staff below RTC are made to feel like DB’s. The staff in RTC are made to feel like DB’s. “Sea Org Member” “Scientologist” and all the hats and terms around it, are not identities. The only place Hubbard makes reference to this is in “ethics presence” and “auditor beingness”. And in those QUALITIES they are meant to STABILIZE and CALM others so they can be SERVED and HELPED. The only people on ESMB I was really able to help out of ARCX’s were the people I asked, “Who were you before you were a Scientologist?” And it was someone they wanted to remember.

  147. I think ethics for myself, is not a fixed thing, but a second by second thing. Interlocked with time and conditions. Possibly ever changing and infinite. But the purpose behind it always being to make choices that the future me , and the future others, will be grateful for. It takes an absolute willingness to sacrifice in the present. Once there is something in present time you cling to with any part of self importance or identity, your vision and control of the future is eclipsed. The idea is to be the first one into the future so others arrive in your game. Be the game maker and make a game, where everybody can win. I think principles and code should be based on purposes. The basic purpose flows through time. That means. there’s no telling what I am liable to do today. It will just be whatever forms the future into a “now” that is highly beneficial for myself and those that know me. That probably sounds spooky.

  148. I agree Grasshopper.
    I think this whole situation came about because all of us just shut our mouths when we saw the out-points or we got reasonable for too long. Thus the situation got worse and worse. Dropped down the conditions. Now there is an avalanche of truth coming out. We are handling the backlog. I think all of us bear responsibility for this including LRH. I say the more truth the better. The people that never were Scientologists have a right to their opinions too. If Scientoplogists hadn’t allowed it to get to this point I doubt that all these books would even be written.

  149. If I do have a “solid” datum of any kind, it is the “maximum creation minimum destruction” theory. But I think that falls more along a purpose line.

  150. Sorry, this should have been posted here: If I do have a “solid” datum of any kind, it is the “maximum creation minimum destruction” theory. But I think that falls more along a purpose line.

    By the way, Brian, you do bring out the best in others. That in itself, is a gift. I enjoy your posts very much.

  151. Thank you! I will check it out.

  152. I think there is an “all hands” on harm attack suppress other Scientologists.

  153. What you say is true in the main. However LRH in his “tech” of PR did say that good PR (good works well promoted) was always based on truth, black PR (propoganda, pshyops war) was based on lies.
    My study of LRH’s PR materials left me with the stable datum that good effective PR could only be based on the truth and that utlimately promoting lies led to trouble for an org.
    As things are playing out with the current church, I thin that once again the man was right on the money.

  154. I kind of see the thumbs down button as a stat of protest reads. Even there, you are getting T.A. if you got a read. So, it’s all good. I am more along the lines of screaming like a squeak toy that has been squeezed when I have a protest read. But others may feel better just clicking on the thumb button and moving on.

  155. Calvin – I appreciate your passion, honestly I do but you don’t know me or JM if you think either of us can be considered pawns OR that either of us need Marty or Steve to teach us who is a hater.

    My point with my initial comment is how important it is for each of us to seriously question our stable datums which we might have gotten as Scientologists, Indies, Hubbardarians, Buddhists, Christians, atheists etc AGAINST our lives. Is our life working? It’s important to be painfully honest. Are we holding ourselves up as users of the tech while our lives are in shambles, semi-shambles etc.

    Doing this proofs us up against anything any writer, detractor, anti-website says against the author of our stable datum (religion/philosophy). (By challenging our beliefs against our lives we are fully confronting and not susceptible to what you mentioned in other post Third Party or other things.)

    In other words … I was restating in different terms what I feel Marty was pointing out in his blog entry about the Long Cold Winter.

    I use different terms Calvin, use different examples and try to offer a different perspective and view.

    Why do I do this Calvin? Because I believe the enemy ultimately isn’t dm, anti-LRH, LRH, OSA or non-OSA – but a deeply ingrained habitual pattern of humanity of always needing someone “out there” to blame or commend. (me vs other)

    Most spiritual traditions including Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, which another poster mentioned) point to the importance of recognizing the non-duality (google non-duality for a really good definition) of ultimate truth. LRH was no exception.

    I give a thumbs down to posters who appear to be dividing the independents into the “holy” group of genuine LRH followers against others who seem less inclined to be not following the newly developed party line. (something by the way, Marty does not do in spite of rumors to the contrary).

    Also — I do NOT feel that most of the posters on this blog are not into the indies as a “holy” group — if I did I wouldn’t post here anymore as it would be too close to corporate scientology, just under a different name.

    If you want to discuss this further or if anyone else wishes to – perhaps we should spare others the discussion by taking it off the blog — feel free to email me at windhorse11@hushmail.com


  156. Amazing comment Maria.
    I wish that I had your talents with the written word and calm analysis.

  157. Agreed totally Oracle. But that is the integrity of a first dynamic. My free thinking criticism is toward the third and fourth.

    We come to teachers to learn. If we had nothing to learn we would not have come.

    I am making a judgement on those that harmed human beings in the name of solidifying Scientology power and reputation.

  158. This is OT (off topic), but I just wanted to see if any of you have upped your IAS Status yet to the new “Platinum Maximus”. The Duggans have raised the bar and I think it is vital for the future of Scientology for us all to do our part. I cant compete with the Duggans right now, but I am sending a check for $23,000,000. I do not have the money right now, but I think something magical will happen. I really want one of those huge, diomond encrusted bowling tropies that says I singlehandedly saved the universe.

  159. Thumbs up.

  160. I may be able to provide a useful viewpoint on this.
    I have always been one to look at everything. I never let myself be “protected” from “entheta” or any information on the internet or elsewhere regarding Scientology or anything. I never lied about it and I never really hid it, although I didnt talk about it much. I will never shut myself off to data from any source. I know what is entheta and I can decide myself if something is true or contains truth, and determine relative importances.

    When I first became interested in Scientology in the early 90s I read everything– good and bad. I read the critical books, I read all the LRH books, magazine articles- EVERYTHING.
    And over the years I still read, or was willing to look at anything. I think this puts me in a good position now. I’ve seen the “bad” pics of LRH. I’ve heard everything every critic has to say and I’ve done and studied enough Scientology to decide for myself.

    Realise it’s not a black and white issue. One thing I got from Scientology is, at some point I became free of that two valued logic thing. (They are bad and we are good. This is right and that is wrong, etc). I think that is a vital part of this. LRH was not God. I don’t think he ever said he was. (Miscavige wants to be- have you seen the cover of the new Impact Mag of the IAS 25th anniversary event?) . LRH let his hair grow long and looked tired, and made a lot of decisions that pissed people off. He said and did things that by todays (or even yesterdays) standards would make many people say he was nuts.

    All I can say is that there is something to “The Tech” (for me anyway). I feel I understand the basics of it and there is something to it. The OT levels, who knows. You can say it sounds crazy, but what do I know. Life is crazy. We are in meat bodies flying through space on a round rock and most people have no interest in even thinking about WHAT they really are and what it all means.

    I actually forgot to write what I was going to write, but I think that is enough for now.

  161. Thank you Joe

  162. For clarity — sorry — the double negative was confusing.

    I think most who comment on this blog are NOT into creating a elitist independent group.

  163. Thank you Oracle, it’s kind of you to say.

  164. Sad, but true.

  165. Bring it on.

  166. We in RTC are very serious. This is why — to compensate for the loss of the thousands of Sea Org members who have blown in the past five years — we are now purchasing North Korean children for the Sea Org: http://otviiiisgrrr8.com/2012/10/14/purchasing-north-korean-children-for-the-sea-org/

  167. Dear Karen,
    your description of the culture of ROS (Radical Official Scientology) is correct.
    They realy, honestly believe they have all the rights to do what they do.
    They are realy convinced they are working for the greatest good along the dynamics, even if they disconnect from family members, friends, communication lines of the country and the world.
    Their universe is shrinking.
    And there is hope. This blog and all the testimonies from Independent Scientology Practiotioners and doubt announcements from long term dedicated Scientologists are a living proof that the soul of real Scientologists is not burried easily.
    The sociopath plays in a shrinking sand-box.

  168. Much admin was written to fit existing business, social and political environments.

  169. Al Gore will pay you to massage his Gluteus Maximus.

  170. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep, I thoroughly agree,TO! Hope you noticed, I simply proffered my answer to AR’s question,
    then indicated 2(two) options to OSA:-

    1) They COULD exit for a better life “out there”
    2) They were at liberty to hit the “dislike button.”

    I use the AXIOMS of DUPLICATION to avoid
    getting caught up in the above aberration.

  171. I do want to clarify my statement that “Scientology SHOULD be dead by now.” I mean the subject itself, rather than the church, and I mean that given the attacks and misunderstandings and character assassinations and raids and dumb and/or evil decisions (Paulette Cooper, Snow White), and the death of Ron, the subject should be dead. Most other subjects subjected to these kinds of events and blunders would be long gone. But the subject of Scientology still lives. Still is vital. Still works when applied properly (and still really screws people up when mis-applied).

    I remember back in ’76 when ABC news did a hatchet job on Scientology I was really pissed. I was 16 and my hackles were up. The show showed people doing TRs and claiming they were being brainwashed. It showed people doing doll drills as if it was crazy that people would use props when training (I suppose that they would expect surgeons to learn on living people rather than cadavers, too). I thought it was the end of the world.

    My auditor at the time had a totally different opinion. She completely had NOTHING on it. Her opinion was that truth would eventually prevail, and anyway, negative shows have a way of promoting the subject: People are curious, people look into it, and some of those people like what they see – despite the negative coverage (and even, sometimes, because of it).

    It seemed completely sensible to me, and while I don’t like hatchet jobs, they don’t bother me at all. Tony Ortega is no friend of Scientology, but what he does will not affect what I do with Scientology in the least. Same with Wright. Same with Jenna.

    The Indie movement has proven to me that Scientology is unkillable. Completely and unabashedly unkillable. We will do what we do despite any onslaught of any negativity. Despite actions done by the “church,” and even despite occasional wanderings from Standard Tech by some of the field.

    I know that our ability to know and confront the truth of Ron and the history of the church is crucial to our existence, and we will do it. But none of it will change my mind about what I know works. Let us say that Ron was a complete and utter charlatan – a rounder. A fraud. A scoundrel. A thief and a liar. Let’s just say that is true. Okay. Let us compare that against the Laws of L&N. The Auditor’s Code. The Cycle of Communication. TRs and Metering. The concept of As-is-ness (which violates the law of conservation of energy, but which WE KNOW IS TRUE because we have been audited, and we as-ised something). The Data Series and the Logics. Science of Survival. The Philadelphia Doctorate course. The incredible OUTPUT of Ron – two-three lectures per day (with virtually no notes, yet fully structured and flowing). His HCOB and HCOPL and PAB and book output. My GOD that man could work.

    I don’t know – stories about Ron’s picadillos don’t stack up to that, and makes me wonder what the real story and context is.

    Sorry to drift, Tony! I agree with your comment. We did not take responsibility, and so we are seeing this stuff. But, at the end of the day, we are unkillable.

  172. Your comment on “meat bodies flying through space” reminded me of my favorite Fifth Element quote:

  173. That was a good start Chris. I would love to hear the rest of what you had to say sometime.. 🙂

  174. Doing so would be far less detrimental to helping save the world.

  175. Li'll bit of stuff

    Always, sweetheart, always! Seriousness = mental mass = effect = LOSE!
    Insouciance = cheerfulness = cause = WIN!
    Calvin xxx

  176. Same here, as far as L. Wright’s New Yorker piece is concerned, but what you say here is of course a big, fat out-point on his behalf.
    And thanks for what you are doing, Margaret, it’s important!
    Marcel Wenger

  177. Thanks, Theo, I never thought of this in those terms. All of us on this planet (and elsewhere) who think TRO is cool are a third dynamic!
    Marcel Wenger

  178. I hear you. The reputation of Scientology can not be devalued by those who have been lifted by it. I have never been concerned about reputation for myself, only people I am responsible for. Do you know how many people daily harm others in the Scientology arena and know you will not publish it because other Scientologists can not confront an inconvenient truth? Even if you speak it? I have a heavy lid on some major situations I know about. I am thinking to turn the truth lose. Any minute now. Even here. They are not all back there. Some have tumbled forward. David Miscavige has DISARMED the Sea Org. There is no way for those inside to fight back. They can not write KR’s. There is not another terminal above him. He submerses himself into a world where he is total cause and the rest are at effect. That is not “Associated terminals” on the scale of lines and terminals.The same way Hitler passed gun laws before he went after others. He disarmed them. But we are talking about way less than 1% of the population here. So you see, his power is in a closet and confined area. He is not dangerous. Just a barrier. The independents are putting roots down beyond that closet. Grass roots. And that is where middle magic is planted. Scientology should be out on the streets. Hubbard posted dissemination as div 2. When he was hungry and alert. That is the Hubbard I know. There were many Hubbards to many people. I knew the pre Dianetics Hubbard. I knew the early Scientology Hubbard. I did not really know the marketed Hubbard or the later Hubbard. The release of the purif was the cut off for me in Hubbard understanding. Because nobody could ever convince me I have gone total effect of fat cells. And I was very familiar with drugs. I do not recognize the Hubbard after that. But the Hubbard I knew was real and made a difference in my life. Good, bad, indifferent and everything in between. I can not say I was ever in love with him. But I can say I was in “curious about” with him. I am a better person because of him. Maybe, I am alive because of him. Probably. The people that are being “tortured” “because of him”, they just had a different understanding than I did. You know, you can take the motion that comes in, and use it win, or lose. For me, I suffered enough before I came into Scientology. Others are here suffering BECAUSE of Scientology. They just have a different purpose. They took the motion that came in and used it to hurt themselves. I can’t even think with that. That is why I got into Scientology.

  179. It’s ok, Chris. We are all in the same boat. It’s life, we are together in it, learning from each other. Great honest post.

  180. Hi Karen,
    As usual, you hit the exact target dead center. The corporate Scientology “leadership” DOES believe that the end justifies the means! This is so simple and so exactly true as you stated. People who think that way don’t actually understand their “ends” or they would never adopt the “means” that they do. They are truthfully ignorant of the nature of what their “ends” (to clear the planet) really entails. They don’t understand what Scientology is really about. And so they commit harmful acts and then justify them. They display their ignorance for the world see.
    You on the other hand truly understand the subject and are an actual expert at applying it. I share your faith that people, including most Scientologists on the fence are not totally blind or stupid. They can smell a lie. Many will choose the more honest, kind, ethical, and survival path for their own sake, for the sake of their families, and for the sake of the future of mankind.
    Guess who I trust. Guess who I want to audit me. You already know. And by the way, see you very soon. 🙂

  181. Path of Buddha

    Very very well written!

  182. >The question that I have yet to answer is WHY after 20 years since my LAST scientology service do I still frequent this blog and others daily — sometimes for hours.

    Lets start a small Org, the purpose of which is to get our Grades delivered to ourselves and loved ones. Hmm?


  183. >Scientology Inc believes they are flawless in character, elite and advanced human beings

    Let us examine this position, honestly.

    Honestly, some of the Sea Org members actively manning up the HGC’s and Course Rooms and Quals out there .. some of them .. highly trained .. are pretty elite. They exist, this 3rd dynamic group of Auditors, Auditing.

    I know its not savory to mix spices when there is more than chicken on the menu, but to be fair: there is an elite nature to those who are in, and Auditing, daily. I’m sure they are there, to be honest, from the RPF up.

    So let us please be fair that there are Auditors whose actions ought to be continued, amid the turmoil of it all.

    Auditing is actually changing lives, where it happens.

  184. Wow Maria, those are sure some writing skills! I wish I could do that.

    I agree. And, in the case of Miscavige’s tech alterations like GAT, 3 swing F/N, the Hole, etc…, in addition to what you said about the benefits of the internet, it has also created massive “leaks” so cult members can find out for themselves about the adulteration of LRH’s technology and ultimately behave themselves accordingly.

  185. I agree Tony. You speak the truth.

  186. Spot on Tony. We – the combined efforts and causes of ALL Scientologists – all contributed to whatever the current scene is regarding Scientology and how it is perceived by the public. And most of us went into agreement that it was not OK to ever speak about things that one shouldn’t speak about (have whatever reality you want to on that statement). I will say one thing about myself (and not being prideful about it necessarily, just something I feel good about) – I spent weeks and weeks more than once writing up many, many OWs on the 3D (as well as receiving 3D Sec checks), and I do admit to times when I compromised my integrity and my reality on occasion as a staff member, no doubt about it; but I can honestly say that in handling public and other staff, I never used force, overwhelm and threats to get things done and I never audited anyone or handled a case in which I didn’t want the best possible wins for the pc, I never did something to someone with the intent to lessen their reach in life or lessen their havingness or survival. But these overts were committed by people many, many times in our church, and this is the result – word about those overts is spreading, first on the internet, then in books and appearances on TV/radio. I don’t feel bad about that happening. I think it’s a GOOD thing. That inself is an ethics action for sure. Maybe next time, whether in or out of Scientology, someone handling someone might consider what their action will ultimately result in.

  187. Christine, looking is newer,as you point out, born of necessity. And those still in cannot take the good and leave the rest only if they so choose to not look, to remain in that prison, either as staff or public. We all loose or have lost time and $$$, whether we remained sheep or broke free. We all needed to count our fingers to see whats left after we shook hands with the church, whether it was for 3 days or 30 years.
    I like your position on asking tough questions. Its something most of us were not willing to do. We enjoyed the ride until it got too bumpy. But anyone truly Independent must question authority when its externally presented as such and not developed from within. Perhaps by default that will be one of the greatest lessons our involvment with the church of scientology taught us.

  188. Thats a great movie if anybody hasnt seen it yet.

  189. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I think purchasing North Korean children for the Sea Org is a very good choice and shows the wisdom of COB. First of all they are used to NOTHING, so to them $10 a week will be a fortune. Second of all they are used to following Command Intention without questioning or else………..!!!

  190. Your observations really blew some charge for me, GH. I for one have just about had enough of the Ron bashing, the “Ron’s just another guy with the usual number of flaws, maybe more” etc.

    Like you, I’d had enough back in the 60s & 70s, watching Mike Wallace & the usual suspects talking about TRs & training in their “exposes”, describing them as being somehow sinister, 180 degrees from what they really are.

    Probably the most absurd example of this was when the parents of someone I knew who was new to Scientology had an attorney do some
    “research” on the subject. The attorney’s report contained such idiocies as “Scientologists talk into tin cans”.

    Like Paul said in an earlier post, I decided then & there that I would “evaluate LRH by what he had written and recorded in Scientology.” And rely only on what was true for me, from what I actually witnessed and experienced.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not an LRH worshipper, particularly. But it’s always been clear to me that this was one hell of an unusual, gifted man. There are so many examples of this, I don’t know where to start. What the hell, I can’t even find room enough to store all the books, lectures, bulletins, tapes, CDs, policy letters, that flowed from his pen and mouth.

    Just from a pure volume of output point of view, the guy was amazing. I’ve known more than a few nut jobs and druggies in my time, and not ONE of them could write a coherent book chapter, or articulate more than a few simple ideas at a time. Let alone found a worldwide movement.

    So really, I’m just echoing your conclusion – that “stories about Ron’s picadillos don’t stack up to that, and makes me wonder what the real story and context is”.

  191. Very thoughtful post Oracle. Many thoughts and deep feeings.

    My point is not one of making the case for a quantitative difference between His Royal Biggness and pre His Royal Biggness.

    My point is qualitative: Paulette Cooper, my friend being audited in the 70s as an SP to drive her insane ( that was the view of her auditor that got the folders) children in chain lockers, people having their arm broken while hitting the side of the ship on the way down, rolling peanuts around the deck with your nose until nose bleed, first son an SP, second son commits suicide, wife goes to jail for “the greatest good.”

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt Ron was and is a super genius with a tornado like charisma. I knew people that knew him also.

    The ‘why’ to all this crazy Scienology Drama is simple: find the Scientological story, that is in writting, that justifies the harm of other human beings.

    One story is to undermine and invalidate the great Jesus: with him out of the way, there goes mercy, there goes sacrifice, there goes non violence, there goes a concept of God beyond the super ego, where the demonstration of spiritual power is synonymous with freedom and wisdom.

    Another is the “only way”. And this one comes from a story of the universe that only one man in the entire history of the universe has revealed. And in this story is why all the suffering until forever is happening here on earth. And since I am the only one to save earth from this story, any act or thought against me is against the entire future of the universe.

    Therefore, harming you is justified: greatest good.

    It is ideas I protest.

    So goes your ideas and belief, so goes your actions

    And these stories have been institutionalized in the GO, controlled, organized, implemented, oversaw, planned by someone.

    Someone who felt harming people was justified because of the story they belived in.

  192. I will bet you the house that I don’t own, that many of you consider that DM escaped from his prison and now reeking havoc on earth.

    I’ll bet you the Brooklyn Bridge ( that I own:-) that those fools fighting Marty think he is The Evil One. You all know who I mean.

    This is on par with Fundamentalist Christians trumpeting the ‘fact’ that the dinosaur bones were planted by Satan to fool people from believing that god created the world in a few thoudand years.

  193. Jean-François Genest

    I trust your posts, Scott.
    [I only wanted to define the abbreviations since not all the readers of the blog know what they stand for]. If one Googles NOTL for example, the result is Niagara-On-The-Lake, a beautiful scenic location 🙂

  194. This is the book I have been waiting for. His article was incredible and showed Tommy Davis at his worst and his lying also with the fake medals, etc. Never expressed an opinion just an “hmmmmmmm’. He is excellent and I can’t wait to buy it.

  195. Thanks alot Regular Dog 🙂 Yes it was incredible, how the tech worked..

  196. Honestly, the books are a tough read. The abuse is page after page after page and it starts at the beginning and goes right on and on and on. Jeff Hawkins book was one I was able to finish but it did bring tears to my eyes as he was beyond the pale TOUGH. He did it without any help from friends for a considerable time and it is hard when it is lonely. Read the others, Blown for Good and it is not easy to read because of the abuse and Scobee’s book is an essay in abuse – BECAUSE this is what it is – total unmitigaged abuse.
    Having said that and after reading Wright’s article and now his book is coming out, I think it is a good thing. I also think Mr. Rathbun has provided a safe “haven” for those lookind for a safe “haven” to practice something they love.
    It won’t go away. Just keep doing what you are doing.

    Not a scientologist as I have said before, but I wish you all luck in your endeavors because I believe you have been terribly mistreated and that will not do. Happy Holidays to you all!!

  197. Thank you Marty.

  198. Well, it all just remains awfully interesting! The entire play from act 1!
    And it gets more and more interesting as time goes by! This is like, season 10 of Scientology! Keeping us all, glued to the arena! It is a game and it is a game of wits and skill. There are great freedoms and great barriers. I have recently figured out how Scientology IS the game where everybody wins. Some people lose to win! But on some level, everyone is winning, or they would walk away from the game! Some people are winning by figuring it all out piece by piece. Not just the tech, the characters! And the great thing is, if you have a set back, you get to try again! There are always several choices to any given problem or barrier or road. Wide open space to think and make choices. And I will tell what is best about this game and the thetans in it. Everybody loves a winner!

  199. Dear Marty,
    I am french and my english is not very good… Sorry !
    I have a personal question for you regarding Wright ‘s book. Do you know if this writer speak about “Scientology – Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge” of Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz ? if yes, does he reveal that Lrh built his tech on discoveries that were not his own ? Il was very shocked myself discovering the existence of this book writen in 1934 before “dianetics” (!!) My first reaction was “Lrh has plagiarized existing discoveries and even the name of “scientology” . I was ARCX with that, very upset. After that, I take a long breath, look better and evaluate. I think that Lrh (may be) has used Nordenholz’datas to go farther in human mind. Anyway do you know if Lrh really worked on essential datas (axioms for example) that were not his own ?
    If Wright reveal that, sure its will be devastating for Scientology because Lrh will appear as a cheat. I am sad with that. Whatever he made he went deeper in the subject of human mind and just for that we can forgive his lies and defaults.
    Very friendly.

  200. It’s all so rich Oracle!! Life: what a joy!!

  201. What makes you think Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org and the Future” made the Broekers “leaders of Scientology” even if it were not simply faked up by Pat Broeker to give himself a higher Sea Org rank than Darth Midget ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  202. Oh jeez, all along I’ve thought that GOD planted the dinosaur bones as a test of our Faith! Ya do know, doncha, that God, being Omnipotent, could have created all of us, all history, and everything else 5 minutes ago, and we’d never know the difference, as all our memories could have been created then too?

  203. Christmas will soon be up on us. I recently received as a gift copies of Martys books, and hooked up with an old friend I had thought lost that I served on staff with at St Louis Org in ther early 70s (he thought I was still in the RTC (NOT!!, we have been outside auditing and training folk since 1986!). Well worth the read. Before these other books hit the book stall….do a good thing, not for Marty as money (though he will put it to good use!) but because it will help those who have left the RTC and for others who may otherwise not get a chance to find out a balanced view. Just do it! Try to find at least 2 people for each book, buy and give. Help turn the tide.
    Merry Xmas. My family is off to vacation and audit and train with the kids and grandkids.
    Frank Davis

  204. Hi Frank,
    Did you know Nancy Chepey during your years in St. Louis? We became good friends while training at Flag together in the late 70s/early 80s (Sr. C/S evolution, LRH TRs pilot and all that) and I’d love to contact her if possible. If you have any contact information, could you please forward it to me via email or any other means you prefer? Thanks!!!

  205. Hello Don,
    I knew several Nancys while there. I left there in Sept 1974 and went to Denver, ASHO, AOLA , Denver again and ended up in Indiana. I was staff at St Louis and Toronto before that. None with the last name of Chepey (at least at that time.) One became Nancy Day (was Nancy Turner Treas Sec married Larry Day) who is now heavily involved in Kansas City as a leader in TIRA and MetaPsychology which came from former Class6 Frank Sarge Gerbode. As Hercule Poirot said I will put the little grey cells to work on it for the others (not that I have actually had a thought in my head for many a year :<)) Heading for Hawaii tomorrow and back in January. You can email me at (I am not afraid of RTC or OSA) porkchoplane@yahoo.com if you want to explore this further and I do not know how to get hold of you. A fair amount of this time away will be spent auditing and training etc with spouse, daughters, their husbands and grandkids (one recent great grandchild will be there but not ready as just 3 months old…1st GreatGChile!) and we will be out on the boat a lot doing this, but will always answer up when close to land or at the house. 2nd year doing this. just started my 44th year now of auditing. Auditing does work.

  206. Thanks, Frank. She was the Snr. C/S in the early 80s (I’m not sure before that) so you may have moved on before she initially arrived on the scene. I think fear of OSA is directly proportional to how much one has to lose, although I would say that loathing is probably closer to the emotion felt by those who are forced to operate “under the radar” for now. That Hawaii trip sounds like a blast and congratulations on the flourishing and prospering family!!!

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