The Webs We Weave

Every point you find impenetrable in the realm of work on the Way is just your own mind making obstacles.  If this mind would acquiesce completely, you would arrive at the state of Buddhas and Zen masters immediately, and there would be nothing supposedly obstructing you anymore.

-Ming-pen, Zen master

The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy,time and forms of life, and his roles in it.  If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation.  Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual. 

– L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability

In my opinion, somewhere along the line, Scientologists are disabused of this truth.   It might do one some good to pinpoint when and where Scientology was used to teach one that some other agency, other than oneself, played (and thus plays) a significant role in one’s state of being.

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  1. Two things come to mind that were part of the material I was taught in the church. One was that we needed a group to advance the subject, thus making the church a very important part of ones life. And two, an OT by himself will have trouble, and needs other OT’s around him. Again, one needs to supoport the church as that was the only way one would be seeing more OT’s.

  2. I knew auditors, wayback when, who audited straight out of
    Creation of Human Ability.The dust jacket cover of a guy in a Bear Suit
    eating a turkey leg. This was a Mission where Big Beings were produced
    and Clearing the Planet was very real.

  3. Theo Sismanides

    Pretty powerful stuff! Thanks Marty! We are on a roll, I feel we have once again opened up for Man those big gates of knowledge. This is a free transmission of knowledge as it used to be by LRH.

  4. 3 things stand out:
    *The PTS/SP tech – “the evil-intentioned are holding you back” (may be true – but what inside you, is permitting them to do so?)
    *NOTs – “something apart from you as a being, is seriously interfering with your space” (true again – but why haven’t you built yourself up mightier than that? – why can’t you learn a simple technique for sweeping them out of the way as a rudiment so you can audit yourself and not some other-determinisms?) – reinforced by the super-secret, hyper-expensive, crucial-to-your-eternity spin that the church puts on it
    *(most important) – the loss of integrity came when I accepted that what Scientology promised, and what I saw being delivered and the abuses that went along with it, were so very different – but somehow all that must be “okay”

  5. Nice post Marty!

  6. So true 🙂 what a trap !

  7. I was in the Israeli Mission in 1978, where the comm course took as much as needed to produce (and it DID) stable Scientologists for life! and not finishing the course to go up the Bridge.

  8. Yes. 🙂

  9. An excellent assignment, duly taken on!

  10. Excellent point, Marty. Many thanks for making it.

    Reading it reminded me of a pivotal moment in my experience with the subject, which might be of interest to some. It took place in 1975, not long after I’d joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Centre Arizona (which later became Phoenix Org). I had gone to visit the Ethics Officer about something or other, and was waiting while she looked over something in a file. I noticed an LRH quote on her wall: “You are totally responsible for the condition you are in.” For whatever reason, it was the perfect time to see that statement – I GOT it, thoroughly, and it was liberating in the extreme. It explained and simplified e v e r y t h i n g – BANG. I probably should have gone to the Examiner! (They would smile, glance at the meter and call the F/N, in those days. Imagine that!)

    As the decades went on, I saw that principle, and the one you quote from Creation of Human Ability (and so many others) perverted and reversed in pursuit of this agenda or that. Sad.

    Looking back, it seems that one of the most basic and pervasive of those agendas was the pursuit of “stats.” That’s “stats” in quotes because it was the almighty NUMBERS and GRAPHS that were made important. Rather than being regarded and used as cleverly-conceived INDICATORS of individual and organizational production and progress, and fantastically useful management tools, “stats” became a pseudo-sacred end in themselves.

    As long as you could put up good numbers and a good graph line, everything was great. Your senior would be approve, you’d be cheered at staff meetings, and “management” – all the way to the top – would be pleased, pat you on the head, give you “ethics protection” and so on.
    Whether the nifty numbers honestly represented valuable production was another matter entirely – and one that was given the most elaborate and assertive lip service imaginable. “False stats” were loudly the subject of censure, scorn, lower conditions and “justice” actions. Sometimes. Ordinarily those times were conveniently long after whatever the latest “management”-conceived competition was over, and your team had been cheered and awarded for having great “stats” – winning the “Birthday Game” or whatever. Talk about web weaving!!

    From what I’ve read in your books and here on your blog, it eventually got to the point where the actual stats LRH had laid out in policy had gone so very, very low that Dave invented new “stats” to bray about (complete with super-ejaculatory explodo-graphs) at his six-times-a-year look-how-powerful-I-am bad-oratory orgies and crush-reg-a-thons, aka “events.”

    Anyway, hopefully all that will be a lesson well learned and taken to heart (taken to thetan?), and an activity never again repeated, as new i-Scientology groups form up to do the real work of the subject: freeing people, training people to free people, and creating a truly, obviously, happily better world. And of course, those groups’ stats, honestly recorded, will be terrific. And they’ll USE stats as the simple, effective tool they were really meant to be.

    Woo – got on a roll there, eh? Okay. End of sermon. Thanks again for the post, and everything else you’re so industriously doing.

  11. This showed up just as I was looking at a 2D scenario and family, very useful and magically “exactly what I was thinking” but I had no LRH quote. It re-affirmed my choices are correct and I am on the right path.


  12. Excellent point Marty.
    This is what I was talking about where a Scientologist who made the tech his own could actually create a process not created by LRH, but one that could greatly benefit someone and be based on Scientology principals.

    Such as:

    Spot a time you decided someone else was senior to you.

    Locate a decision that something else is in control of your destiny and tell me about it.

    Did you ever relinquish your own responsibility for your actions for the benefit of the Church of Scientology?

    Have you ever agreed with something without deciding for yourself?

    Some could be run repetitivley to EP some might be run as an overt depending on the question.

  13. I first began to notice this when PC’s attests to Clear and other auditing levels were invalidated/cancelled and the PC had to go back and re-do levels…. was this earlier or at the same time as GAT? I don’t know when it started… maybe in the 80’s?

  14. Li'll bit of stuff

    Remember how you were totally blown out during your TR-‘s (even going exterior!) when you did your Comm course in ’75 Marty? Same for me, in ’71. Nothing has ever shaken that
    life changing awareness gained then, or since. Amen

  15. Yes, that does seem to refute the idea that we are responsible for our own condition….

  16. Watchful Navigator–take it one step further and rather than trying to sweep these “interferers” out of the way, have the guy recognize the reasons he is keeping them there. Putting them there and then trying to sweep them out of the way is a great formula for sticking things permanently.

  17. The first time I saw the sign in the Ethics Office: You are responsible for the condition you are in”–I took it to mean I was a guilty offender and it made me feel bad. It was much later that I realized it simply meant I had the ability to do something about the condition I was in. LOL

  18. Hey, Tony, I spot things like this all the time but even fishing for these things with a process is different from just noticing what is going on with the person in present time and getting them to take charge of it. It still says to the person, “You need someone else to recognize what is going on with you and get you out of this mess.”

  19. I mean, the person noticing what is going on in his own universe in present time, not someone else noticing it for him…

  20. Hearing someone relate their experiences in the 80’s just the other day, I realized this was going on way back when. DM is not the only one dramatizing.

  21. RussW, this management of stats thing is EXACTLY what I’ve been sitting here in a mass of confusion thinking about. You put into words so well the funk I was trying to sift through. Yes, this is where as a staff member, overall, I somehow gave the “powers that be” control over my personal destiny. It was only after reading this blog and Steve’s that I could pull apart the confusion enough to realize it was me who’s responsible, not “them”. Thanks for your comment.

  22. There is a point where a new person in Scientology has their purpose for
    getting in (self-improvement of some sort) supplanted by the other-determined purpose, “To help expand Scientology.” The degree to which this new purpose is accepted is the degree the person subordinates their dynamics to the church. This is a key point the person stops taking responsibility for creating/uncreating his own barriers.
    This shift usually comes by making the person feel guilty or shamed for “all they’ve gotten from Scientology and LRH.” The person is put into the role of a child to the much more powerful, knowledgable parent, the Church. The parent then defines the game for the parishioner, particularly the barriers parts. All those permissions you have to grovel for in the church (OT eligibility) getting in trouble (ethics, conditionsi etc.), reinforces this mindset in the parishioner.
    Acceptance of this new implanted purpose leads to a host of other ills, such as staff or SO never moving up the bridge themselves, public donating to the IAS before they’ve gotten up the bridge, etc. But majorly, looking to the church to declare which barriers can be made/ unmade or not.
    The purpose “To help expand Scientology”, is, if accepted or created by the individual, a RESULT of having spectacular wins with the subject and is ADDED to the individual’s collection of purposes, instead of to the exclusion of them.
    An analogy to my point about this is having a person who bought a car for the purpose of transportation, or even “to attract girls” have that purpose for buying that car changed to, “to help expand General Motors”.

  23. Like you need the group to “validate” your OT status and they can take it away anytime they want… WRONG.

  24. Exactly, Lynne! That was the main way the concept was perverted (probably by people in such sad shape they could conceive of it meaning anything else) – “You are totally to blame for the condition you are in.”

    A fantastic reference about this, just in case you haven’t run across it before, is the chapter on responsibility in Advanced Procedure and Axioms.

  25. You’re surely welcome, Tara. Glad to know the comment was useful!

    Boy, do I remember a lot of times when I jumped aboard the stat push game, leaving personal integrity in the dust. I’d even regret them, if it would do any good! (A bit of conditions application proved a lot more effective, polished off with some good auditing.)

  26. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I remember when I was a child and looked around and was baffled with the people around me. They were so seriously tied to certain beliefs and considerations that I knew were just their considerations because they were born into a certain culture at a certain time, yet to them those considerations were solid as rock truths. I could not understand it, it was so glaring obvious that these “truths” were more of accident of place and time of birth, than any truth at all. But yet when I explained it people did not see it. I was considered a very unruly child and complaints were mounting that I could not be controlled.
    As I found out later, I was past life clear and the releases of that state and abilities made it possible for me to recognize considerations are just considerations, despite all efforts of the environment convincing me otherwise and become for example a true believer into the Roman Catholic Church.
    To me this experience indicates the COS for sure is not producing any more clears or PreOTs. If Kool-Aid drinkers are holding on to considerations as hard as they do, even cutting communication and family ties just to preserve certain considerations. They cannot be releases of any kind. Otherwise they could snap right out of it. If they cannot see and do, what even a child being surrounded by adults and being told otherwise could do and see, no way in hell are these levels of Clear and OT in the COS for real.
    The COS does not even need to hide this truth, they use it on you in reg cycles to make you change your considerations about giving your last shirt away. Since there are no release made anymore, or just by accident, people will not cognite that this datum does not only apply to their consideration not to give more money but has a much broader application. Thus the accidental releases become declared and true believers are retained.
    This whole thing must have started at before 1988, as I saw the first of it during that time,- some Scientologists becoming fanatics. And it started to penetrate the church deeper and deeper in the following years.

  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh yes, Tony, diminutive david decreed it so! So then,
    we just UN-decree it – NOT SO? Simple trick for an
    insouciant Indie — just REVERSE “reverse scientology”
    that just means Scientology brought back to where it
    it started, no rocket science or unusual solutions needed!

  28. Path of Buddha

    Wonderful quotation!
    The Zen tradition is very powerful.
    Here are some more quotations from Buddha Gotama:

    “Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, suffering follows one, even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox.

    Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with pure mind, AFFECTION follows one, even as one’s shadow that never leaves. ”

    ― Buddha (Dhammapada)

    George M. White

  29. Great datum to point out. If as beings we are powerful enough to split a planet in half and serve it up as watermelon, it’s a bit ridiculous to empower others to dictate your what aspects of your beingness are acceptable and what’s not okay. Jump in there, grab the reins and drive your own stage coach down life’s road.

  30. “A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your
    mind is quiet. As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does
    self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and
    steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles
    without any effort on your part”

    ― Nisargadatta Maharaj

  31. When I discovered Scientology in the early eighties, I found this datum about the between lives area: implant stations that were creating amnesia. For some reason I believed that was actually in operation in present time. That was not something I could handle myself. From that point on I was dependent on the CoS to solve this issue.

    Along that line too “Only Clears and OTs will survive this planet” (quote from memory, probably not perfect).

    Also the necessity for an organized religion: there was a war between the CoS and aliens (this space opera stuff was very present in those days, it seems to have disappeared now).

    This stuff was in part in “The role of Earth” tape.

  32. Here is my “problem” with the statistics and conditions. These are good tools for management, and I used htem successfully for many years, but one needs to remember that stats and production is mechanical and is MEST! and we are not! and to put a thetan in a condition is a very different issue. Therefore “YOU are in Liability”,. Treason,, or such…can be very incorrect.

  33. The moment for me: when it was determined that there was No Auditors, and thus any Auditor was expensive. Unless I paid to become an Auditor, then I would earn money for the Org. This went around and around, because: there were No Auditors.

    When I realized that the best way to evaluate all SO Units was how many Auditors they were actually producing, things all fell into place and I left. It was clear that making Auditors, the winningest valence in the Universe, had been forgotten. It was all just ‘personal enhancement’ this, bratty spoiled rich “society-building” pack minds around the whole OT phenomena circus, and never an outflow stat beyond narcissistic ceremonies being disguised as a sermon. Auditors, are the winningest.

    The wins, I’ve had, as an Auditor ..

    But anyway, the Training side of the Bridge needs way more love. We in the Independent field have to make and treat our Auditors right.

  34. Certainly more than DM dramatized, but DM was around in the 80’s, even in the early 80’s… mission network massacre was his handiwork circa 1982.. However, I recall someone saying DM was pointing out that certain staff were not Clear, as way of degrading staff that displeased him. Anyway, DM’s method of handling staff eventually filtered down to the public (like myself) years later.

  35. I do believe that sometimes a person needs another to help them get out of the mess. I like LRH’s description of a thetan being eight dynamics. At this stage of the game nobody is an island unto themselves. The higher you get the more you can handle the other dynamics, but I don’t believe you can ever abandon them.

  36. Yep, I agree Calvin. 🙂

  37. Hi Russ;

    Me too!

    I was an effect laden individual, and the acting EO sat me down as I victimized and so forth. The EO mentioned that line, and added, ” … but you just don’t know it.”

    I just sat there for a second, stunned. “WOW! That could be true … and it makes sense!”

    I can’t say that I my victimization and effect laden personality was fully resolved, but I knew in my heart I really couldn’t ser fac on it any more, I was responsible.


  38. Anonymous Confused Person

    “You are who you choose to be.”
    — Dean, from “The Iron Giant”

  39. Your point about the status aspect is very good. For those who are still faithful to Corporate Scientology, If you’re critical of DM (a raving psychotic) you can lose your OT Status – how fucked up is that? I have to shake my head when I see emails or promo pieces referring to the target of 10,000 on Solo NOTS. Between OT’s who die (natural or otherwise) and the exodus from the church, that Stat/target seems like it’s moving in the wrong direction for Corporate to ever see that manifest. Of course they’ll probably figure out some way to claim they made it but let’s see 10,000 on or completed on Solo NOTS at one event!

  40. Yes, good observation Robert. In the mid to late 80s I noticed the Org I was in gradiently started to introduce more and more reviews and correction cycles rather than have the PCs do Bridge cycles. The HGC was sort of turning into a clinic to get your ruds in rather than advancing PCs up the Bridge. I was running the Academy & co-audits etc at the time and noticed more and more PC folders were getting programed for long cycles of review and other actions rather than the grades, especially staff where ethics and sec checks were becoming the normal dominant cycles. When PCs went to the AO for Clear Certainty cycles, they sort of disappeared and when I did catch up with them later the stories of redos of already completed cycles and massive reg cycles for more intensives became somewhat common.
    Doing the actual Bridge became difficult and this was before the GAT. The Orgs stats now are dismal to say the least.

  41. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    “pinpoint when and where Scientology was used to teach one that some other agency, other than oneself, played (and thus plays) a significant role in one’s state of being”

    When LRH wrote KSW he created his own barriers for the future and he never changed his mind about it.

    If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.

    Nothing against 1-10 (this is great stuff :)) but there he postulated:

    – a group can’t achieve anything but agrees only on bank agreements
    – that himself is the only one that can advance Scientology
    – that mankind isn’t able to create any decent tech about the mind
    (see above quote from Ming-pen, Zen master or all the books recommended by Marty)
    – That democracy didn’t bring any advance to mankind (see how DM and his cohorts thinks they are above the Law)

    This Policy created the nowadays Scientologist and DM, it is asking for fascism and finally he got it.

    As soon a Scientologist fully agrees to the explanations given for KSW he agrees to not not think for himself and is in contempt of the rest of Mankind if they are not on board and isn’t able to be in arc (see Tom Cruise -the most dedicated Scientologist)

    The main reason that the German government is attacking Scientology is because of this Policy letter ! They had one facist leader and they said never again and are very aggressive towards any indicators of facism !

    This policy letter doesn’t contain Arc and is full of hate toward Mankind, Groups, People thinking for themselves, Democracy and the not to bright (why the hell are people with low IQ accepted in an Academy, any normal school is sorting out who qualifies, if universities would accept any idiot on their lines they would become raving mad in trying to teach them) .


    I know Marty you’ll say one should understand what he was trying to say and not take it literally. I don’t and never took it literally and so had constant troubles with my fellow Scientologists who were fanatics and totally dedicated, and didn’t really care about their dynamics as they were in contempt for the rest of the world but mostly they were in contempt of themselves and their abilitry to think for themselves..

    ” The moment when any Scientologist will become honest towards himself and will honestly see to what for an Ideology he subscribed himself to in KSW there’ll be expansion and no moment before !

  42. The Writings On The Wall, The Great Lesson, SACRED LORE, is the core of Scientology.

    Splurge on it!


  43. Also another point I realised was that around circa 1987-88 there was a regging program to have your folders sent to RTC for correction and programing – I was regged pretty hard for it but declined their most gracious danger assignment to my C/S at the Org, I was winning, why do I need them? Their sales pitch was that the Orgs have made mistakes with your processing and we at RTC know the Bridge far better and will correct all that and get you on the right track, (at a price of course).
    Knowing what I do now, it wouldn’t surprise me what they did to create a demand for their services. Thankfully that program just faded away as far as I could tell. But, it sure shows the distrust RTC developed way back when for anyone to apply Scientology without their direct involvement. Issuing Danger Conditions to upstats was normal operation for RTC.The arrogance and know best of that group is hard to fathom, they ignore LRH policy as an standard operating procedure.

  44. I think it was the point Ron established confidentiality and only certain people were allowed to know and handle key information about life. Then the Sea Organization was established to further remove this knowledge from the realm of common man. At this point, only a very chosen few of those special beings who sign a billion year contract are allowed to know these materials which are key to living in this universe. This knowledge belongs to everyone. But it has been removed from their reach and KSW and Safeguarding Technology tell us that nobody else should be allowed to look for this information themselves. These were massive mistakes that tried to take away people’s responsibility for their own lives.

  45. Jean-François Genest

    Insightful wisdom. Thank you!
    According to your first book, The Grades help people restore that very freedom.

  46. Wow, Tara, good point. When you hand your life over to someone else ruling it by statistics, telling you that you aren’t doing well enough, demanding more from you, they take over your self-determinism. I hadn’t thought of that aspect of it.

  47. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Yes! The very reason I left David Miscavidge’s Sea Organization.
    The mode of operation in Flag Bureaux and International Management was full of: “Thou shalt think and do as WE decide and mandate for thee”. Sea Org Management decreed what people must think & consider, and what one must NOT think. Salvation of the planet was much more important than a person’s thoughts and considerations. And we constantly had to trickle this down to org staff, with intention. I disagreed.

  48. I think there were a few suppressive tricks played on us. Things like making the Bridge very difficult to obtain- prohibitively expensive and a lot of hidden arbitraries blocking the route. You get the idea that it’s something you need to do for your own spiritual state, but it’s withheld. Even those who complete the highest levels are withheld OT9/10 and up, Superpower etc. You become a slave of the group that has the power to withhold. It’s like trying to get a green card or something.

    Then there is plain old deceptive PR. Millions spent on flashy, hypnotic events that essentially program you into believing what is being said. you are open to it because you believe in the Tech. You let your guard down and accepted everything as truth. You trusted the source. You thought the Church was “LRH”. Anytime any of that goes out you see it for what it is I guess, which is a weird looking little midget guy who wants to be supreme chancellor of the sector or something.

  49. Sherb, yes that was it. The Bridge (both sides) in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was a one-way flow: up and up or out. But, seldom in reverse. Except for review cases, I never heard of anyone going in reverse, especially if they were happy and their PCs winning and both auditors and PCs looking forward to get on with their next level of training or auditing. Staff and public were responsible for their own conditions, including the condition of their organizations.

    I think it was just after the IAS really took off in about 1983? that the idea of going in reverse started. (DM took over the IAS very early on, I understand)

    After the IAS money started flowing, money for services became more and more “worthless”. When you paid for your next level, instead of the Org being thankful and appreciative and focused on delivery, you became another pigeon for the IAS to pluck bare.

    It was about this time that I saw the organization flip. Instead of the staff and public having control over the organization to guide it to higher and higher states of existence with Division V technology, the organization demanded that all staff and public bow down before this “great and wealthy and powerful organization”. In the name of “command intention” if you didn’t break LRH policy, laws of man or nature (no sleep) etc.. then you faced the Hole, an SP declare, a reverse Bridge, No Bridge and/or utter destruction.

    DM + IAS’s free money was a true juggernaut that flipped the goals of the organization and eventually turned the staff and public into koolaide drinking robots. All this was done inside “a school of self determinism” as LRH referred to his organizations. How ironic. And, how sad.

  50. I think that the two quotes above (from the Zen Master and from LRH) are, for me, the most difficult to fully wrap my wits around.

    IF indeed we are already enlightened, why then have my life been difficult or unhappy, or stubborn, or unsuccessful etc etc.

    Why indeed? BECAUSE we think we are the obstacle. It’s much like the sun obscured by some transient clouds beginning to think it is the clouds.

    The renowned Zen master Suzuki Roshi, credited for establishing the first buddhist monastery outside of Asia (in San Francisco in the late ’50’s) said:

    “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.”

    Perhaps we can each recall when we first heard about the state of clear and what that might mean. How great were the possibilities?

    And then, depending on how the bridge was during our journey as we became more “expert” — the possibilities became less and less.


  51. There you go, Lynne. I can think with that, too.

  52. free of the cult

    Something else from PAB 15 – Acceptance Level Processing:

    A very thorough and strong warning must be injected here by calling your attention to this apparent law.


  53. “Will not” lies in a grave and “can not” has just passed away.

    Dutch proverb

  54. “There is no one youer that you.”

    Dr. Seus

  55. Jean-François Genest

    Nice viewpoint about the KSW 1 Policy Letter.
    • I also remember that when a staff member would score low on the Leadership Test, the staff was made to study that KSW 1 policy letter, then re-take the test, in order to score higher. Same with the portion (columns) in the Oxford Capacity Analysis (OCA) Test that determine a person’s “level of ruthlessness” so-to-speak. (questions such as:
    – Are you opposed to the “probation system” for criminals”
    – Are you sometimes considered forceful in your actions or opinions?
    – Are you normally considerate in your demands on your employees, relatives, or pupils?
    – Could you agree to strict discipline ?
    – Would the idea of inflicting pain on game, small animals or fish prevent you from hunting or fishing? )

    • Interesting that applicants for the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO) needed to score “higher than average” in those “ruthless” columns of the OCA in order to be accepted.
    • When the RTC reps were being selected and groomed in the mid 90’s, some of the meanest, ruthless CMO IXU and CMO Continental staff were picked, and made to wear purple uniform tags to identify them as RTC trainees. Since then, these people (RTC Thought-Police Officers) are all over Flag and continents wreaking havoc on cases, enforcing considerations and thoughts, Sec Checking the disobedient, and revoking the State of Clear, OT levels, etc.

  56. “Freedom is not a commodity that can be bought, given or barthered for, It houses in the heart of the individual.”

    -Cat Daddy-

  57. Vicar, two things come to my mind too, which bring me to a different conclusion than yours. One was a comment that Marty made not long ago, which I agreed with. He basically said that the apparent contradictions of Scientology don’t exist for those who adequately understand it as a result of their thorough study and sufficient practice/experience.

    Of course, that would exclude the “reversals” (quoting Marty’s first book) that occurred in the 60’s as concerns Scn administration/management. In other words, as always, we have to differentiate the basic philosophy and tech from the alteration of those, including any apparent alterations by LRH himself.

    The other thing is that although LRH, like the Zen master, said that everything is based on and a result of one’s own considerations, he also said there is there is such a thing as gradients in this universe – another basic truth. And I believe that such things as needing a group – and other dynamics, for that matter – is a necessary gradient before arriving at the full ability to alter one’s own considerations.

  58. “With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

    -Dalai Lama

  59. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Nice to see you again Cat Daddy !

  60. Nice to be seen. I do think I was a bit enturbulated lately. Not a joke. Stressed a bit. Salutations “Bro”

  61. Please donate. I have weighted the pro and cons. Do your “Enymy” a Solid, have a laugh about it and spot WWP a dollar or two.

    Cat Daddy, AnonKat and KittyKatSpanker aprove of this message.

  62. Don’t forget how this type of stat is counted. If someone completes OT VI and does one session of Solo NOTS, they are now one of the 10,000 on or complete. If they drop dead after the first session, they still count. If they walk out and never do another, they still count. If they complete and say “screw you” and announce they are out, they still count. Same with Clears, etc. You don’t think for a minute they quit counting any of us because we left do you?

  63. Hi Marildi. I really didnt think I made any conclusions in my statement, I was just mentioning the 2 things that came to my mind based on Marty’s suggestion we look for where in Scientology we are asked to assign some power over our own condition to another source. Some of the other posts contain better examples than my own.
    I understand Marty’s position that there are no contradictions for anyone who has fully studied and duplicated where LRH was comming from. This would have to be on the technical side of the house I think anyone who studied LRH fully would and should easily dismiss as nitpicking a line here or there which seemed at odds. But that is what critics do. The subject will survive that.
    Your position that one needs a group, as a gradient, before one has the full ability to alter ones own considerations, doesn not ring true to me. I am not seeing the relevance of a group in that regard. I can see the importance of a second terminal, an auditor, for example, but not a group. But i am not a technical person, so maybee I am missing soemthing.

  64. Yes, what a mess the Church has truly become. It was for no small reason LRH wrote KSW1. DM and his ilk have no idea on how to be Scientologists. They make it pretty obvious they don’t want to be either as they viciously attack anyone who can apply it and booby trapped it for anyone travelling on their path.
    This thread of Marty’s pretty much aligns with “Q4 Universes are created by the application of self-determinism on eight Dynamics & Q5 Self-determinism applied will create, alter, conserve and possibly destroy universes”.
    Self-determinism is the valuable final product of any Scientology action – try finding that in Miscavige’s Church of Misery.

  65. Hope you’re feeling less stressed, CD, and that you keep destressing. Nice to see you posting again. 🙂

  66. Two great quotes, and I appreciate your insight in linking them. The fact that we create our own identity, our own mind and our own problems is fundamental in Buddhist culture.
    The superstitious belief in an all-powerful “other agency” is an old implanters’ trick. Maybe it got keyed in by the western culture in which Scientology happens to have been developed – a culture where most people are looking for Cause in MEST, in gods, anywhere rather than accept responsibility for being Cause themselves.

  67. One of the biggest, blow-out, full exterior, away from my body… I actually forgot the body and left it standing on the street in front of AOLA while I went across the street to Leb Hall (then a car came and honked and I instantly hit my body like a ton of bricks) wins I ever had in Scientology was when I cleared definition #1 of Responsibility in the Tech Dictionary.

    “RESPONSIBILITY, 1. the ability and willingness to assume the status of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics. (AP&A, p. 57)” –LRH

    Just getting the edge of what that really means, and the scope and ramifications of it was enough to change my (and everyone else’s) life – forever.

  68. Richard Lloyd -Roberts

    You know I woke up thinking about this exact subject this morning. I read a quote from Napolean Hill regarding this also:
    Success comes to those who become success-conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure-conscious.

  69. all experience is self generated.
    the soul weaves dream webs
    then imagines getting caught
    in dream webs

    the soul spins out dream universes as God
    then forgets that it was a dream
    and who is dreaming

    like an actor who won’t leave the stage
    convinced of his “real” role
    the comic tragedy creates a fool
    begging for rusty pennies
    while owning a gold mine

    someone once said God misses their witholds because of the Supreme Beings quality of omnipresence.

    now why would someone say that? -;)

  70. Good post Marty. My understanding on this subject was pretty clear until I was no longer willing to just walk away. In 1985 at Flag I got pulled into Ethics for some stupid thing that was unjust. I told the Ethics officer, “Okay, I’m going to leave the SO because this is bullshit.” That was the end of the Ethics handling and I was promptly back on post with the whole thing cancelled. I wish I’d retained that lesson longer. When I got to the Int base, I saw clearly how fucked up things were and I also saw who was doing it: DM and his head honchos like Yager. When my wife became an ethics officer, I tried to protect her by genning her in on the actual scene telling her “the problem with the Int base is that the top execs are intentionally mis-applying ethics tech to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.” That got me assigned to the RPF and separated perhaps permanently from my new wife. I remained somewhat confused until finally in 2003 I realized the only solution was to walk away. How astonished I was to realize the solution had been there the whole time, but it had never occurred to me until then. It happened after reading in a book where the author said, “the problem with earth is it’s a population of victims. Stop being a victim and take responsibility for yourself.” Boom! I did. Looking back on that moment when ED Int and Stefan Guterman escorted me up to HCO CMO Int, upon telling me I was going to the RPF, my response should have been: “The RPF? That’s where you guys need to go for even entertaining such a crap suppressive idea. Here’s what I’m going to do — walk out of this office, climb over the fence and go straight to the police and tell them everything. Then I’m going to contact the FBI and every media outlet in the United States and tell them everything I know. Or, YOU CAN FUCK OFF! You got ten seconds to decide. One, two, there…” And while counting I should have started to break everything in the office: break the windows, shatter the computer monitors, turn over the desks, turning over the bookcases, etc. Since they were all operating on FEAR of DM (who obviously ordered the entire thing) white-hot molten livid ANGER would have impinged on them with command value. My point is just that there is always a handling, for anything! But yes, one DOES have to be ready. One has to know the tech. One has to have one’s head on really straight and have no back off on starting over from scratch. With the right attitude and the right tech, one would be impossible to enslave. Not a bad insurance policy to have on Earth and it doesn’t even cost a cent.

  71. Hi Vicar. Thanks for your response. I probably shouldn’t have used the word “conclusion” – I just meant that we had different “viewpoints”. However, I made a poor case for what I was trying to say. Actually, what you said about the need for a second terminal, an auditor, says it better than I did since the pc and auditor do constitute a group (of two). In fact, I believe LRH stated auditing is indeed a 3rd dynamic activity (not a lst) because of it taking place in a group of two (or more, if you count the C/S, etc.). But I’m pretty sure you’re not referring to that type of group but rather an administrative group.

    My take on that is this: The reason LRH believed Scientologists (or OTs, as per History of Man) needed to band together in an organized group was because of the very real existence of various forces of counter-intention that existed at the time (and still do). It’s the basic principle of “united we stand, divided we fall”. Of course it’s true that even the counter-intentions to Scn are themselves a result of the considerations and agreements of individuals, but this is where I think it becomes a matter of gradients as to which considerations would need to get handled first.

    Scientology is basically described as a system whereby considerations and agreements are handled by individuals according to a workably laid-out series of gradients. Thus, my idea is that the opposing forces that would otherwise prevent auditing from even occurring are held off by administrative TECH just long enough to get individuals to the level where they don’t need a group to support them in their shedding of considerations. And I believe that the theory and tech of administration is itself based on the basic philosophy of Scientology.

  72. Beautiful Steve!!
    To add one thing I have realized to this is to not let anyone blackmail me out of speaking up and keeping my integrity in. I can honestly say now that if anyone said that they would disconnect from me for speaking my mind I would speak it anyways. I hate being blackmailed and being the effect of others. I stood silent too long. I was somewhat vocal but I didn’t say and do enough at the right times. I think a lot of us have had that cognition now and I think those of us that have, are still moving on up a little higher.

  73. The current Church of David Miscavology wants you to abandon all dynamics and only live for one – HIS

    Family is so important to survival – yet the Co$inology – tries to beat into people they don’t need them. Divorce is a common every day occurance. Children – a burden and gets in the way of COB’s intention – to break everyone financially and have all members working as slaves for free – for the great and mighty COB – David Miscavige!
    Yuck – what a SCAM!!

  74. I must say that having never been on staff or really “in the Church” to any great extent, I have always read KSW #1 differently.

    I agree on points 1 – 10. I feel they stand on their own merits.

    The rest I “hear” as LRH’s rant on the “state of man” at that point in time. He was tired, angry, and disappointed at the extent to which he was having to develop undercut after undercut because too many people did not grasp the implications of Class VIII – the actual existence of a Standard Tech and what that meant.

    I think, all it’s full of, is an intolerance for the reactivity instead of the understanding he had hoped for, which many people displayed about the tech.

    Not being trained up myself, I can look back and see that I can only take the existence of an actual Standard Tech on faith. I imagine I will gain a greater and greater certainty on it the more training I complete, and the faith I have in LRH’s word that it exists, will eventually be replaced by my own certainty that it exists based on my own experience of applying it.

    As I understand it, a person is not likely to grasp this until completing Class VIII training and internship.

    As LRH restated in RJ 68, there is scientology philosophy, which is offered to think with and agree upon or not as it is real to any given person.

    But then, there is what he refers to as scientology APPLIED philosophy, what I call “scientology standard applications”, or we simply call “the Tech”, which does not brook any disagreement or deviation. In LRH’s own words, it is “the exact recipe”. It depends on being exactly applied, then the results follow, as I understand the ideal scene of it.

    I believe this is one point which gives rise to a bit of a “credibilty gap” with some people whose MUs are not dispelled.

  75. Eight Dynamics.

  76. Pssssssttttttt……the master is speaking

  77. Marty! THANK you!
    This is a mind blowing post. Got me looking and here are the results.
    I had tremendous wins in auditing, but the most important and life changing for me was a written LRH small piece of data. What I recall is this
    Serious …………………………… Wrong
    Unserious …………………………Right
    Yesterday I went over all my library in order to find it again, and finally posted on facebook asking for the quote and Martin Gibson, bless him, sent me this:

    “Thought Emotion and Effort” Lecture Series.
    Source = R&D Volume 9
    Lectures released at the time of “Advanced Procedures and Axioms”
    A lecture given on 3 December 1951

    ” Now, there is another button. I have mentioned this button a couple of times, but I didn’t know how important it was. It is all very well to know all these buttons, but to have them evaluated properly is something else. So, we have cause and effect and then there is the “serious” button.
    If you were to draw a graph to show right and wrong, cause would be over with right and effect would be over with wrong—and serious would also be over with wrong.
    Let’s look at this on a gradient scale of evaluation: How right something is would depend on how many units right we assigned it, and how wrong something is would be over the other way. Now, we have survive on the “right” side, dead on the “wrong” side, cause over with
    “right” and effect over with “wrong.” And if you understood completely that you were the complete and utter cause of everything, I am afraid it wouldn’t be very serious to you.
    So we have something over with “right” which we had better call “unserious.” It is strange, but there is no word in the language for this that I know of. It has been missed. There is no descriptive word of which I know in the English language that fills the exact meaning of this.
    The boys in philosophy, etymology, mathematics and everything else have missed on this point. So we are obviously into a point which has no forebear; it has, then, no background. We are being cause at this point—unserious.
    How serious can you get? Dead. By the time you have gone through life sympathizing with all of these individuals who are in such agony on a sympathy basis, considering that everything is serious, you have really fixed yourself up. Because every time you sympathize with something that everybody claims is serious, you go down the line to that point. This is a horrible thing to introduce into the society. It is brand-new; it is making its debut right now. It is insidious.
    What will sergeants do after this?
    You can elect all the randomity areas you want to, as dangerous as you want to, you can go out and juggle with bottles of nitroglycerin and get away with it, as long as it is not serious.
    What happens to an individual low on the tone scale? He makes mistakes. He causes selfdestruction.
    He causes destruction on other individuals. He messes up things. He can’t take care of MEST. He will not carry forward responsibilities. He will accomplish nothing in life.
    And what have we got? “It’s serious!” If life gets really serious for an individual, his value goes down to practically zero.
    Now, you can hang up in the middle and say, “Well, I negate against everything being serious. I don’t think it’s serious. No, it’s not serious.” That is an individual trying to get up to the top.
    You can do it with processing. It is a very simple technique. All you do is scan everything off a person’s life where anybody has ever claimed anything was serious on any dynamic. That is all. That is the process. And the real finish-up, bang-up process of all processes would be to scan everything from the earliest moment you could find on the track—no matter how many eons ago—and simply scan off every postulate or thought that something was serious. Just take it all off the bank, right on up to present time.
    I will make you a bet that you could take an individual who, for instance, is a sportsman—let’s say a golfer—and all you would do with him is scan off everything that was ever serious to him. You could spend a couple of hours with him working him over, knocking out all the seriousness, and knock from five to thirty strokes off his game just as fast as that. Because it is only when handling a golf club has to be done in a certain fashion—by rote and rite and so on—that a person gets to be a bad golfer.
    When you were a little child you could step into the valence of almost anybody and do what they were doing. Did you ever have an older sister or brother going to dancing school or something? The most horrible thing you could have done would have been to suddenly waltz in and go through this dance step and say “Is that it?” Bang!—they would have convinced you it was serious!
    Now, driving a car is serious business, and if it is serious enough, you will wreck it. Running business is serious enough, and if you worry . . .
    What are people trying to cure themselves of? They are trying to cure themselves of worry, anxiety, grief, disturbance. They want to have peace.
    That is the worst thing in the world you could want, by the way: peace. You don’t want peace; you want action. A person who won’t go out and get arrested once in a while for driving too fast—there is something wrong with him!
    All of these conditions sum up to the “serious” button. A person worries because something is serious. It is very doubtful if an individual will be able to improve his lot in life in any way or degree as long as he considers it terribly serious that he is not able to and is trying to overcome these serious obstacles.
    You can practically guarantee that an individual would starve to death if he thought eating was serious enough. Did you ever see a food faddist? “Let’s see, we’ll have eighteen and a half
    protein units of walnuts . . .” Look at where they are on the tone scale. In other words, the more serious they get about food, the worse off they are on the subject of food. And that precedes their ulcers. Getting serious about food precedes the ulcers.
    So, how do we handle the “serious” button?
    You just take any time during a person’s lifetime and find out what is the emotion of thinking something is serious? Let’s just scan that emotion off the whole bank. Let’s just take it off the case. Let’s not do the fourteen acts, let’s just do that one.
    The individual says, “But I can’t do anything like that. My case is in bad shape. It’s serious!”
    “That’s fine. Let’s scan all the seriousness off your case.”
    He says, “Well, you’re just mocking me, but I will do it anyway. Life is too serious.”
    “Life is not serious to you” is one of the main complaints.
    You will find out the only thing there is aberrative about dying is the fact that you considered it serious at the time.
    How do you train children? All you do is convince them it is serious.
    Take a puppy dog: He is dancing around having a good time. You say, “Life is serious!” Pretty soon this puppy gets the idea.
    Yes, the ancient Italian really knew what he was talking about when he considered the only psychotherapy there was, was laughter. ”

    Now, this made life into a game!
    Then, when I read KSW and how serious Scientology is, it did not make sense to me, and I never agreed to anything being serious!
    Now, If I want to scan the past for the times I was told by IAS regges that the situation is SERIOUS or by other regges that going up the Bridge is very serious, this would be a long scan 🙂
    In the end of the day, it is not serious and each has to play the game as unseriousley as possible.
    And you Marty… on PDC tape 4 LRH says: “The less serious he gets the more he can do” this explain your high production level still with those DM stupid clowns trying to make it serious 🙂
    Thanks again for this post that put my attention back on not being serious! Ever!
    David Miscavige. you are such a funny clown! and you are dead serious – which is your biggest self punishment

    And cheers to all the Indies (the pirates, daredevils unserious guys)

  78. And I want to add that my desire to help was used to control me. Big time.

  79. When the day comes when the Church announces 10,000 Solo NOTS – and it will, if only for PR reasons, the net effect will be zilch. I think the Church needs to apply Honesty and Case Gain to itself.

  80. Yvonne – I had no idea this stat was counted this way. When Dr Denk fell ill, went off OT VII and was asked to return his materials to Flag, I thought, “There’s one less auditor on the target of 10,000.” When, a year and a half after his passing, I opted to go off the level and was asked to return my materials to Flag, I thought, “There’s one more auditor off the target of 10,000.” I actually thought 10,000 auditors on Solo NOTS was then quite unachievable and would never be more than 9998. While I realize that’s not correct, I hardly think it’s correct to count EVERYONE on the 10,000 auditor stat as it’s hardly a correct reflection of production.

  81. Bingo Roger! I think any Scnist needs to revisit this policy leter and truly understand it, not religiously enforce it. If you read between the lines, the situation LRH was faced with was, essentially an HR problem. Obviously the quality of personnel and inadequate training was sub-standard to deliver the results Scn technology was capable of producing. Solution: Do what I say without question, and force your brother to do the same.
    I think this also a case for inspection before the fact, and becomes a “blanket” handling, applied across the boards. It also opens the door for arbitraries. How many times have we seen “Failure to apply KSM #1” on goldenrod?
    Clearly the Old Man was pissed off, but the tone and force applied was so over-the-top. Unfortunately, this single policy letter in the hands of the not-quite-bright (read DM), turns what was once a theta endeavor into a facist dicatorial group-bank.

  82. The church of Scn would have profited from letting in some good old Buddhist concepts more often.

    That church used to tell members about “evil Germany” ( and collect some cash to handle ). I have posted earlier about a few of the crimes of GO and OSA that started within a year after the 1st org was opened in Germany. Although designed to “handle” journalists, critics, lawyers, politicians, independents and those on the receiving end of the disconnection malpractice, it stirred up more hostility against the church in the long run. OSA will NEVER NEVER NEVER handle their ( mostly self-created ) enemies here. That is just not going to happen.

    But here is a factual report on how to successfully handle “German antagonism” with Buddhist tech :

    Some decades ago a group of Buddhists wanted to settle down and establish a religious place. They bought a house in a tiny German village. The population was a very old-fashioned ; more than 90 % had voted for the conservative Christian party ( CDU ).

    As soon as the villagers became aware of the Buddhists’ plan, all hell broke loose. During the Sunday sermon the priest became very vocal against the Buddhists – they didn’t even believe in Jesus & God ! What else might they be up to ? Maybe they would harass villagers until they would join Buddhism ? ( Of course, Buddhists never do that, but who cared about facts then. ) Hundreds of villagers founded a private association against the Buddhists’ house, invoking virtues like “home land” and “tradition”. A major national newspaper ran a story of several pages. Emotions went into boiling mode.

    And then the Buddhists revealed the plan to erect a stupa in their garden ( that’s a religious monument in a specific shape ). The Christians were worried that this stupa might be too large ( taller than their church tower ? ); The discussions seemed to be endless.

    However, the Buddhists were not the church of Scientology. They did not start a “noisy investigation” a.k.a. harassment, they did not resort to “overwhelm when lacking the ability to control” ( a.k.a. physical violence ), they would not “treat every skirmish like a battle”, they did not gather lists of all phone calls of the villagers, and certainly they didn’t even think of the battle tactics of Sun Tsu’s “Art of War”, and they also ignored the gory advices from the Simon Bolivar policy.

    No, the Buddhists remained Buddhists and refused to slip into another role. They built their stupa ( taller than a man ), and put some small and some really huge flags in their garden trees. They moved into
    their house, to hold various seminars about various scriptures, have an “open house event” once a year, gather adherents from other places, etc. And of course they never hassle or proselytize the villagers.

    Fast forward some 25 years to 2012.

    Today the villagers don’t have the slightest upset with the Buddhists. There is total acceptance ( I spoke to various villagers about this ). The population has learned by experience that the Buddhists don’t pose any threat at all and have never created any problems.

    And that’s an innocence that the church of Scn can never assume again. Destroyed families, members driven into bankruptcy, the occasional exposure of OSA crimes and infiltrations, some mysterious deaths and suicides and insanity cases … the church should have chosen the Buddhist path right from the moment they came to Germany.

  83. Marty & Steve,
    Yes, for me was when I began my “confessionals” at AOLA. First time I heard the words. “I’m not auditing you”. I was in shock. Really? What the fuck did I come to Scientology for?

    I protested it, originally refused the “auditing”, but later caved in. I should have simply told everybody to FUCK-OFF, this is how you make slaves; you Black Operators, son of the bitches, and just walk off the Sea Org and the Church forever.

    The funny part is that I later did, but I had already compromised with this cult.

  84. Sherb, you are no doubt a gentleman (woman) and a scholar. The restoration of self determinism is totally absent in Scientology Inc.

    To confirm your point, here is a PDC quote from LRH that Marty posted 2 years ago as a postulate for 2011:

    (Marty is not in quotes, but LRH is in quotes:) See below and full post is worth re-reading, link is at bottom. Thanks, Robert

    Right here is the point where Dianetics has been blackened and Scientology reversed: ”But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him.”

    And therein lies the first step in remedying Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology in my opinion and beginning the process of moving folk on up a little higher, a little more higher, and finally a whole heck of a lot higher. Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism.

  85. Path of Buddha

    Hans a wonderful story.
    About twelve years ago, a new Buddhist Vihara opened in Tampa. When I
    made my first visit, I noticed that the library contained the book Dianetics and literature from various other Christian sects. The head monk told me that they had lots of door knocking. The head monk accepted the books as a gift and
    placed them carefully in the library for anyone to read. Actually, the entire
    Div2 and Div6 of Theravada Buddhism is summed up in only three words
    spoken by the Buddha “Come and see”. In the very early days, Buddha Gotama
    sent monks in all directions to spread his teaching. This was stopped very early on as word of mouth was sufficient for the earliest tradition.
    About five years ago we had a very key person depart Theravada and leave
    for Hindu practice in India. The head monk gave his blessing and we all
    encouraged his to seek his truth. This has turned out great because we get
    lots of nice pictures from Asia.
    George M. White

  86. Path of Buddha

    noticed a typo:
    “encouraged him to seek his truth.”

  87. Just a gratitude post for the season:

    I am grateful for all of you thinkers, knowers and philosophers.

    Agree-disagree, who cares.

    It is the exchange between people of good will trying to get their shit together that is the attraction of Marty’s post.

    A virtual steps of Athens, where argumention is sacred.

    Thank you all for putting up with my controversial perspectives.

    My motive is good. I check myself from time to time.

  88. Dear Han Solo,

    Great story. I live in a village that probably smaller and we bave
    a Shaolin Temple. The Monks wear saffron Robes in town and they are given total respect even from the town rednecks and toughs. mainly because they teach the fighting arts.and train like you cannot imagine,smashing solid oak boards in half,carry 100 pound rocks up a mountain side. They are some kick ass dudes, Kung Fu is something
    I admire because of the dedication and control it instills in those who practice at the Temple. Unfortunately this is lost to the C of $, very sad .
    Bavo for the Buddhists.

  89. Interesting point, Tony. One could even use the tech of False Data Stripping to the above. Take a look at the article on How to Study a Science from New Slant On Life. Then FDS the concept of needing an “authority” in order for you to make your own decisions.

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    I agree completely Tony. Steve lights the way! And about
    tackling others who try to bully or intimidate, one is better
    off having a full go (and single mindedly so!), than forever
    lamenting what could have been. The good news is that
    one need not necessarily be imbued with greater physical
    capability, in order to make an impact. As you surely realize
    today, being a “REAL TIGER” when necessary, generally
    impinges enough to halt aggressors, sometimes through
    total surprise. Then again, to be fair, even tigers have to
    deal with occasional losses, but learn through them, yes?

  91. Hi Robert,
    Wonderful reference and concept of the path to Freedom. The responsibility of self is a difficult concept for some to grasp, especially those who have never experinced auditing and now we have to include standard audting as opposed to what is delivered at the CofS. The Dynamics can get awfully mixed up and that blame regret cycle runs rampart.
    I have always maintained the safest place in this universe is in the chair opposite a standard LRH auditor – such wonderful things happen. All the talk in the world, gesturing and postulating eventually come to naught without those magic 4 words – “This is the session…”
    Thanks for that reference and yes I’m a guy – names Keith.

  92. “force applied was over-the-top”
    Agreed – the whole KSW “it’s not just a matter of being killed…” seems to be targeting parishioners in the fear band or an attempt to make you “be afraid.” Listen to the “Death Tape” and you’ll get way more theta and way less fear based perspective on the subject of being killed or death.

  93. Hello,
    again, wonderful data you present, Marty.

    I add a quote from LRH which contains some interesting data.

    “(l) Take Ten Minutes of Nothing. This technique means Oh so literally what it says. It isn’t ten minutes of “relaxation” or “relief” or “rest.” It isn’t ten minutes of you, a body. It isn’t ten minutes of somatics. It means ten minutes of no body, no engrams, no walls, no MEST Universe, no sound, no thought, really nothing. All one’s life he is trying to get, to work, to be, to perceive SOMETHING.
    Now for Ten Minutes let us have utterly NOTHING.
    The gettingness of something makes a one-way flow. Also the dwindling spiral. Also, the one thing the analytical mind cannot be, it thinks, yet all it is is nothing, is in MEST terms: Nothing.
    Mind you, fear of NOTHING is enough to make one’s stomach curl for Nothing is death itself. This is unlimited in running time. It always improves a case in the long run if not instantly, as it often does.
    The preclear discovers sooner or later he CAN be nothing, that he doesn’t have to strive to be. What a relief!
    Lao-tse was so right about striving.”

    LRH – PAB 7, “SIX STEPS TO BETTER BEINGNESS – Easy to Learn, Quick to Act”

  94. I also believe that out tech sec checking and FPRD contribute greatly to individuals giving up thier own identity and ability to think for themselves and their ability to alter their considerations about things.
    Through threat and punishment and group agreement and enforcing overts on a person, which they then agree with, it makes people who do this the effect. They then need permission or a license to survive. They get the idea that they are somehow “bad” thetans and start to propititate to their masters. This is not the road out, it is the road in.

  95. Exactly.
    I am not a robot!! 🙂

  96. For sure. I also think KSW #1 is the cornerstone of Scn becoming a “salvation religion”. The whole agonizing future…what we do here and now…fixed dedicated glare…live or die in the attempt.
    He means business.
    Now I’m all for preserving a workable technology. And I do take his point on man’s impulse to change workable things. I got it and I agree with him. But I also think the balance of force and intelligence is required here. And from my perspective KSW leans waaaay too far on the force side. What happened to the appeal for reason?
    KSW sought to address organizational problems, namely in the selection and qualification of staff members and their training. So? Why not fix that? These are organizational failures.
    Why launch into an epic fight-to-the-death tirade?

  97. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Wow !
    What a response to my post. Several times I wrote similar stuff here and was mainly ordered to clear my mu’s. Indeed we are moving a little bit higher.
    Your responses rather create for me much more ARC for Scientology and a wish to continue the road. While indications of Mu’s or I should get my ethics in because I dare to critisize a “sacred cow” created in me rather a withdraw and not wanting to look at it further.

    Why not just take all the good stuff there is in Scientology and use while not caring about that what doesn’t.

    Wasn’t that the primary postulate in Evolution of a Science ?

    Why not make a real Science out of Dianetics ?
    The world is apt to understand it !
    There is still not a textbook about Modern Dianetics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just tons of books about the bad experiences in the past (victims). Why not write great books about the potential of Scientology and Dianetics in modern language ? (books make booms !).
    Why not ?
    The only thing it needs is honesty towards oneself and the world !

    We all have seen and felt the shadows already 30-40 years ago. We denied it to ourselves and we denied it to the world. We lied (as we just hoped it will magically go away). We failed in honesty and integrity to ourselves and our observations and so became arrogant. How many things have we seen in our journey where we just didn’t speak out while we knew what was done wasn’t just not ok !
    We all have been part and share our responsility on that what we have created. It’s about time to take a real honest look at it and take the reponsibilty and the the truth.

    To realize for me that I was part of a sectarian organisation is tough to confront and I’m not yet in full arc with myself that I was such an idiot for 30 years !

    How about you ?

  98. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    ?????? hm?

  99. Good ideas about how I should have acted in the past. Sitting on my sofa thinking about my past results in similar ideas. Should have acted differently. Sometimes to a point blaming myself. One day I stopped blaming myself. Because sitting on the sofa is different to being in the real scene. What is missing on the sofa that had been there at the actual time and event? The other person or persons MIND(s). That is the missing factor. That is why you did not act at the actual time and place the way you should have acted. I like the early Scientology materials like the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Tapes. But those early material is only talking about you. You have actual people around you that interact or interfere with your own mind. Therefore only considering your own mind as only factor at play results in failure. I just need to change my mind never worked out for me. What is more successfull is to not only change your mind but the mind of the people in the environment. Or at least that of the „master mind“. Sample: In the org the commanding officer after the roll call ordered us to go out and do a all hands body routing for half a hour or so. I hated that and started to hide not to have to body route. Later I found out a better way. On the roll call commanding officer speak I caused the commanding officer to forget about the body routing and instead starting the production. So, there are 2 or more different solutions to my problem. Hiding, agree to the order and changing my mind or changing the mind of the other person. Most effective but not easy to do is to change the mind of the other person. Therefore being trained as auditor is the best one can do in his life. As auditor you are trained to change the mind of the other person.

  100. You and I are sympatico, Gerhard. As a kid I noticed the same exact thing, and I too am a past-lifer. It took a long time for me to distill all of this – I was pretty distainful of others’ belief systems when younger. I went through the phase of “how can they not SEE???”. It took me a long time to realize that what people do see in their belief systems are nuggets of Truth, and it is that Truth that gave them the succor and answers they needed.

    Scientology, properly applied, gives one the ability to mine the nuggets. Scientology, misapplied, is exactly the reverse.


  101. “It might do one some good to pinpoint when and where Scientology was used to teach one that some other agency, other than oneself, played (and thus plays) a significant role in one’s state of being.”

    Good exercise, Marty. Very akin to weeding out of one’s life all the suppressive or somewhat suppressive individuals who objected to one’s own self determinism and insisted on one’s subservience.

  102. KSW #1 is a masterpiece, and the proof of what happens when it is not properly applied is what the CofS is now. The CofS is not the CofS because of the policy letter, it is what it is despite the policy letter.

    The fact is is that it is VERY difficult to apply KSW #1. The ONLY people who can truly apply it are people who are TRAINED in tech. People who have dived into the tech long enough to know what it is. To know what #1 of the 10 looks like (“Having the correct technology.”). A 15 year old CMO kid has NO idea. An admin-trained SS II or Seaman 1st class has NO idea.

    1: Having the correct technology.
    2: Knowing the technology.
    3: Knowing it is correct.

    You can’t get from 1 to 3 without training and doing.

    The result of a lack of 1-3 is described in the P/L itself:

    “Squirreling (going off into weird practices or altering Scientology) only comes about from noncomprehension.”

    and especially:

    “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted on to squirrel to some degree.”

    This is not a fascist document. It is NOT about how great Ron is. It is NOT a demand to conform. Rather, it is a demand to KNOW. and to help others to KNOW.

    I believe that there is a world of workable technology out there. I know there is. I know, for example, that there is value in the Myers-Briggs personality assessments. I know that there is value in various techniques psychologists use to help people with PTSD. I know PTSD is not only a condition of the soul, but of the body as well.

    But, I also know Scientology. And I know that in order to learn and apply Scientology, you need to learn it and apply it AS IS. You do NOT give up 90 minutes into a 2 hour confront and say it is impossible. You do NOT stop Book and Bottle after a few hours because it is boring or you are getting “tired”. You do NOT rabbit from a Dianetics session because you uncover something “improper” or psychically painful.

    ONLY when you learn and apply the technology AS WRITTEN do you have enough wisdom to understand what can be tweaked or elided. Read “Styles of Auditing” for a primer in this. Class VI, “All Style”, was (at the time) the master and was finally at the level to evaluate what is and is not workable (or, really what was more workable vs. less workable for the situation at hand).

    KSW is a plea to take responsibility for the tech. It is my opinion that the only people currently who are doing that are the Indies, since they/we have the audacity to LOOK.

  103. Definitely a good exercise!
    I think, for me, it began with the altered application of “Dilletantism” and insisting that nothing else in one’s life was more important than being at the Org and doing something there… your family, your job, or any other commitment, obligation or creation on your dynamics was always less important to being in session or on course…and now it is simply being at the Org giving money or some such thing since training and auditing aren’t even that important anymore.

  104. I always thought there should be another version of the KSW#1 PL for broad public.
    It’s harsh language and has too much technical terms in it and is therefore not easily understood. It’s too long as well.
    It’s too steep of a gradient for greenhorn students, to be frank.
    I like the KSW concept.
    “Keeping Scientology Working”.
    Never had any problems with LRHs harsh language in this one.
    I’d only wish there was a “lighter” version to be put on checksheets of beginning courses. At least for novices and/or non-staff members.
    The concept is simple: We want Scientology to be applied. It’s best results come about if applied correctly. Keep it pure. Apply it and get results in abundance. Remember the 10 Points and apply them. Work with Scientology. Keep it working.

    Stupid enough, in the era of Miscavology there is no Scientology working in the Shop anymore.

  105. Same here…when i joined the SO at an AO org i was shocked to find the SO being run totally on Force and Threat of Force. The duress and arbitrary cruelty i wittnessed was worse than anything i had ever personally witnessed in the “wog” world, and i had seen some heavy crap before joining. My assessment at the time was that the SO internally had a tone level of 1.5 (anger) as far as how managment operated to its staff and 1.1 (covert hostility) to its public.
    My goal when i joined was to become a staff auditor as I really admired those brave souls working to help the rest of us…but it became obvious that in DMology there was no real desire to help anyone, let alone the staff. My SO tenure was a short one. To much nonesense there for me.

  106. Yes, but in the Age of the Internet, those “tricks” now backfire rather hard.
    The entire Bridge, everything, is now available outside the church.
    When St. Paul initially founded the chruch of christ in Rome, christianity was just one of many jewish sects. Paul was different in that he thought that spiritual advancment was the provinice of all men, not just his fellow jews and he took the teachings of christ to the masses. As Latin was the lingua franca of its time, he had all the main books of judiasm and the teaching of christ translated into Latin. These were bold steps. A millenium later the church had grown large indeed even as the Latin world died and the world changed. Latin was now a dead language and the peoples of the west now spoke a multitude of languages, none of them Latin. The Church, happy in its power acrued, now operated on the exact opposite prinicpals of its founder Paul. It hoarded its knowledge and only the priests could now understand those Latin texts.
    The Church of Miscavige is happy to try a similar operation, however the Age of the Internet has them screwed. The knowledge is out there and DM and his Church can go F%@CK themselves forever.

  107. methinks they (WWP) protest too much…

  108. In 1998, I went “up the pole”, on the basis of (a.) comm course, (b.) a thorough O/W write up in connection with Intro to Ethics, and (c.) a very, very small bit of Self-Analysis co-auditing.

    It was, from that point that I trusted LRH, and never believed anything told to me by the “Church” which I, myself, felt was contrary to what I knew LRH put forth.

    It was not a stable state. But, it was pure unadulterated proof beyond all dispute that what LRH said was true.

    Nothing, anyone, has ever said, or done, since then, could have, or did, shake my confidence in what LRH wrote. And, as I was pretty literate before scientology, I have always known that the nit-picks one can make with his words and style of writing are just so-many ad hominens.

    The “Tech” works. Period. The “Church” does not. It was one of LRH’s few mis-judgments. But, what’s done is done.

    In the end, what will prove scientology to you, is scientology. Not Marty, not Mike, not, even, LRH. And, that, I think is what Marty’s friend meant when he said something to the effect that the salvation of scientology will be found in scientology.

    And, he’s right. Only scientology will cure scientologically imposed suppression.

    Use what you know and what you trust, and all will be well.

  109. This is sooth, Marty. It is so true. Oh, if it were as easy as a full-on cognition that “I am CAUSE and EFFECT. I am ALL, and I created the whole shooting match!” All we have is NOW and yet the past sure does haunt us.

  110. Oh, and by the way, I finally got your new book, and it is awesome so far. Very well done!


  111. Yes, but in the Church you are heavily programmed that any outside Scientology practice is “Squirrel” and you will die.

  112. I got the idea some other agency, other than myself, played a significant role in my state of being, before Scientology, and I got into Scientology to handle that. I was smart enough by then not to take up a new addiction. I knew that direction had the potential of leading people towards, another kind of enslavement. I was not going to trade one for the other. I could see the addiction factor in the culture. I knew once I beat it with the drugs it would not be anywhere possible to take it up with religion. It is an ability to “let go”.

  113. This sort of says it all too:

  114. Great post!

  115. morelivesthanacat

    Perhaps he was tired, angry and disappointed, but the one thing he never lost was his compassion. The Class VIII tape “Standard Tech” is one of the most incredible lectures he ever gave and it was just on this matter. It’s electrifying, and sure enough, he was pissed. But sure enough, his compassion carried through and you couldn’t help but know by the end of it that it not only meant what he said all along, but lived what he wrote or lectured; something I was fortunate enough to have observed personally about him in the 80s, though in a different arena than tech. He definitely lived what he wrote, but as a living, thinking being, not as robotic technician. So it irks me when the smartest people in the room spend any of the time that they do complaining about comma placement or personality shortcomings.

  116. KSW and Safeguarding Technology don’t tell me that. Or am I just stubbornly deaf?

  117. The exact point is that 1-10 of KSW is all. No ideology there at all. All the rest is LRH’s opinionated personal rant. Maybe right maybe wrong who cares? Putting attention on that instead of the points 1-10 is exactly the problem and what has caused the problems. It has diverted attention away from points 1-10 and towards ideology. It is abuse and misuse of the KSW issues, IMO. So cease doing so, already!

  118. Tara, what caught my eye is your phrase “management OF stats”. It was supposed to be “management BY stats” which were measuring or reflecting actual realities of production. This became management OF stats completely divorced from actualities. It became a PR game to CYA(I don’t mean you personally, I mean it generically), which Miscavige has now virtually perfected into a high art as he creates more and more *ss that needs covering.

  119. Yes, the IAS was brought into being in 1984(!) and at the same the orgs were already being invalidated with these pushes for more reviews, getting folders and pcs to Flag for FESing etc.

    The top-down spiral had begun, the suppression of the CoS was now happening initiated by “top Management”.

  120. “Scientology, properly applied, gives one the ability to mine the nuggets. Scientology, misapplied, is exactly the reverse.”

    Right on! And wasn’t that one of LRH’s basic definitions of a “squirrel” – one who grabs a nugget and runs off with it, only to bury it?

  121. That’s right, Tony. In fact, that was what was expected of HCAs and HAAs back in the ’50s – to use the principles to create an appropriate question, and run them “in brackets” – what would now be called multiple flows. The hallmark of an accomplished auditor is his ability to think with the tech and run with it. Ron talked about this on the BC – as a “fundamentalist Scientologist,” which would be someone who knew the fundamentals cold and could go forward.

    It is hard to do, and it is tempting to go all status for some people and do it too early (or, of course, the person could be in obsessive change and not be able to duplicate and do the basics).

    All of this is a combo of training and auditing.


  122. Dear SKM
    Absolutely Beautiful,thankyou.

  123. Roger, I know how you feel. KSW is indeed a “sacred cow”, but it needn’t be. I also agree with much Grasshopper says in his post below. Perhaps the missing element in all this is – judgement. Good judgement requires good observational skills, understanding of the materials, ARC and understanding of context.
    KSW #1 is probably the worst policy letter to robotically apply. Think about it:
    1) Having the correct technology – the subject of Dn and Scn is vast (books, OECs, Tech Vols, lectures). Even if one had their complete library, can it be said they “have the correct technology”? Certainly not in DM’s church.
    2) Knowing the technology – people have spent decades, even a lifetime studying LRH’s work and not completely “know the technology”
    3) Knowing it is correct – as Grasshopper points out, this requires lots of doingness and application of the technology. This takes time to bring about a reasonable level of certainty.

    I’m not saying it is impossible, but its a tall order. That’s why it burns me when “violation of KSW #1” is robotically included in every piece of goldenrod published by the church. What violation specifically???

    It’s a knee-jerk reaction – “Something undesirable happened = must not have used Scn = out-KSW”. Bonkers.

    When applied by robots, Scn and LRH are infallible. You failed. Black and White. Scn has all the answers, LRH is always right. No judgement, no context.

    It is impossible to apply KSW with judgement in DM’s church. Aside from mucking around with the technology, Scnist are never afforded the time or space to observe, and if they are and they communicate about their observations they are punished. Joy. Where do I sign up?

  124. One also has to be OT to become OT.

  125. I was incredibly disappointed when I learnt the old “eight million members” stat was complete bs. On ABC Nightline (14 February 1992) Heber admitted that figure was made up of everyone who had ever taken a course since 1954, whether they had continued as Scientologists or not. So if someone had done the comms course back in the 60s and left it at that, they were still counted as being “church members” decades later (alive or dead). It was outrageous! I think that might have been the first time I realised this organisation was not actually as truthful as it made out.

  126. It was not just a Mission massacre Robert, we had the List One RSers around then too. It mixed me up so much, I don’t recall what happened 1st.
    There was a thing about the Mission massacre I don’t know much about (guess it was kept from staff) ‘de dinging’?
    I was one of the lucky ones – to be on the RPF with wonderful people like Karen, Ya Vonn, Re’al Laplain, Guy White, Mike Titmas, there was something like 100 of us in PAC RPF. I learned how to operate an eMeater and audit! OMG!
    I had to send 3 ‘Orders Query Of” just to stay there”.
    It was in the old days when you (we) we re allowed to be an evil person on the RPF with other evil persons during the day and be un-evil and take care of your family in evening.
    Hope you send your stuff to Marty for his next book ’cause the truth heals.
    And the lies hide the truth.
    There was/is most definitely more.
    I found a bunch of more originals yesterday. Sorry DM – you are going down but some were in co-? with him.
    We are not going to burn them at the stake – send them to the RPF. It was for them.
    I guess its we all get out of the mud together.

  127. Thanks Mark.
    It makes sense what you said here. It’s the true difference between an expert and a squirrel.

  128. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    You got it ! 🙂 n:) 🙂 :):)

  129. Thanks Roger.

  130. There is not much I can add with all of these brilliant and amazing comments but that I have thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  131. That’s the thing, isn’t it? I remember when I was on staff at Flag as a Class IV looking at the CMO kids running around spouting orders, and seeing people working their hearts out for Scientology who were not trained in it all all. You cannot kill yourself forever for a cause that is based only on faith. You have faith the Ron was right. You have faith that you are working for good. The problem with this is, when you hit a roadblock, you are betrayed. You have no core to keep you grounded. The faith is shattered.

    I knew Tonya Burden at Flag. She was a hellion with her ’65 T-bird. I remember distinctly looking at her as someone who had no clue, but was working her heart out. And, sure enough, she bolted and sued, talking about how bad it was in the RPF. This is out KSW. And yet, she was the first to point her finger when she was flying high.

  132. “You cannot kill yourself forever for a cause that is based only on faith. You have faith the Ron was right. You have faith that you are working for good. The problem with this is, when you hit a roadblock, you are betrayed. You have no core to keep you grounded.”

    You nailed it, Grasshopper.
    It’s so true and so true for almost all the religions based on faith and tradition alone.
    The problem with philosophy, if any, is its 3rd dynamic enforcement.
    Insight and faith is a pesonal thing. Was always for me that way.
    I don’t like 3rd dynamics where I can not be exterior to it at will.
    Of course there is need for A-R-C and one can hardly live without agreements and such things. But a game is only a game if one is allowed to withhold himself for a while.

  133. Li'll bit of stuff

    Izhar, Kudos for saying all that so clearly! And to Martin Gibson
    for the LRH reference. I must say it’s wonderful to hear of your
    huge cog on “seriousness” and your sane response to this
    “serious” “condition.”Some while back, I suffered from the same
    limitation, and although I have long practised as a satirical
    cartoonist, and loved finding and enjoying humor in anything,
    It was only fairly recently that I began to question my own very
    “serious” attitude. Well, I have to say–the very second I finally
    realized that I had been taking life FAR too seriously, — I must
    have had a Lo-o-o-o-ong Fall Blowdown of epic note!
    I have now embraced a life attitude of ever looking for the humor,
    positives, and cheerfulness in people and situations, whatever
    the prevailing circumstances! Knowing the Scn Axioms 1 – 10
    confirms that ANYONE of us can do exactly the same thing, with
    ease!!! ………………….All it takes is the postulate!

    Nice linking into this aspect of ARC with you, brother, and just
    as committed to keeping it light (un-serious) and fun

    The very best Izhar,

  134. Yes, we even had an Army Captain who had audited herself on nearly
    every process from the Creation of Human Ability. She was given the
    book before she flew from Europe to US and ran the processes on her-
    self while on the airplane. Very aware PC and very up tone. I verified/
    run all the processes to ensure EP was attained. It was just wonderful.
    The glorious 70’s, when clearing was REAL. However, it still is but now
    we have 30 years of DM’s blackness to shine the light on and undo.

  135. Nobody slapping me around with a counter quote along these lines from a famous person who said wise things ?

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