Judge Schaeffer Rejected Miscavige

Reference: 30 Million Dollar Cover Up

According to the judicial assistant of the late Judge Susan Schaeffer, David Miscavige’s advances toward the judge were rejected during the McPherson case:

Declaration of Sue Rudd

Judge Susan Schaeffer

98 responses to “Judge Schaeffer Rejected Miscavige

  1. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

  2. Sounds like Judge Schaeffer never got the chance to reject David Miscavige because she wasn’t there. Never the less this shows David Miscavige did on one occassion try to meet with the judge in what I would imagine most people would realise was inappropriate circumstances.

    Perhaps Sue’s advice hit home and he decided he’d better use proxies instead. Or perhaps he tried again when there were no other witnesses.

  3. What some guys will do for a Date.
    Forget it Davey shes over 18, thats to Od for the CMO

  4. Typo, OLD

    need more coiffee here
    Good work Cowboy !

  5. Anon.onyourside

    This case is boiling down to how far did David Miscavige, personnally, go in trying to shut down both wrongful death cases, and why did Judge Beach put his career at risk for the CoS? An interesting analysis of the earlier stage of this fight was made by Jonathan Turley, a well respected law professor: http://jonathanturley.org/2010/10/14/getting-your-dandar-up-judges-in-florida-squabble-with-each-other-over-jurisdiction-in-scientology-case/

  6. Well, Well, Well.
    Isn’t this interesting!
    Likin’ it.

  7. Anon.onyourside

    The attempt by Miscavige to meet with the judge in that case was so inappropriate it boggles the mind. He is, and was at that time, the head of the CoS, the defendant in that case. That executive position alone negates any inference that he did not know what he was doing was wrong, i.e., that he was naive. The CoS was represented by counsel, yet he tried to see the judge ex parte, without his lawyer. How many times, in how many cases, did he do this?

  8. Another example of how David Miscavige is out of touch with proper conduct. Does he think that people don’t notice?
    Good one for the Honorable Judge Schaeffer, and thank you to Sue Rudd for filing this declaration.

  9. Pow! Boff! Kapow! Zwapp! Whack! Thwack! Bonk!

  10. Theo Sismanides

    David Miscavige… a better Simon Bolivar… however still a Simon Bolivar, who thinks he is going to shine the world right! Still a Simon Bolivar compared to L. Ron Hubbard…

    Oh Dave you’ ll never learn your basic Scientology no matter how much you tried… Bad show, indeed! Ts,ts,ts… that’s how we get a bad name, guys… He is The Guy!

  11. ” There are three main actions by which life handles itself and MEST. These are I. Attack 2. Retreat, 3 Neglect.” sos pg22

    not saying just saying.

  12. This looks very bad for Miscavige. I hope Sue Rudd supplements her declaration with more details of her conversation with Slappy. Ken Dandar has plenty up his sleeve. Best of luck to him.

  13. Isn’t Dandar bringing up the fact that the church is billing him a sum that is a deliberate attempt to bankrupt him? This is the ‘fair-game’ policy being applied by Miscavige to ruin Dandar financially and shudder him into silence. There’s years of court documents Dandar could bring up to make his case. CO$ has over a billion in cash overseas and spent $30 million covering up Lisa McPherson’s death. They have money to burn, but yet want to bill a man with limited resources at a whopping one million dollars just to destroy him. Dandar is one of the few brave attorneys that will take on a case against the CO$. If the corporate cult succeeds, this will act as another warning for any future attorneys not to take on any litigation against DM’s CO$. Anyone with common sense after viewing these facts will see what this ‘church’ is really about.

  14. The DeMon lives in hell.

  15. The lunatic pipsqueak pope is an obsessive-compulsive control freak. He closely resembles a sewer rat scurrying about.

  16. So Daveyboy himself tried to schmooze …

  17. Why would Judge Beach put his career at risk for the COS? Money, gifts, his dirty laundry secrets kept…..take your pick.

  18. Oh, and thanks for that link Anon.onyourside. There are some good comments there on the story. And also one that made me laugh out loud…defending Judge Beach and blasting U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday.

  19. Correction :

    The C of $ has Billions in Offshore Bank Accounts.
    not Billion but Billions with an S

  20. Anon.onyourside

    I didn’t read it that way. I found his statement about the federal judge enjoining Beach personnally to be an inference that Beach is in the hot seat. I also liked his reference to the standard billion year contract as the measuring tool the CoS wants to use for Dandar’s lifetime(s) bar against suing them.

  21. plainoldthetan

    Ooooh! Somebody KR’d Miscavige. In a legal action. And in a venue where Miscavige can’t ignore it or order it to be ignored. You got tattled on, Davey. How’s it feel? Someone’s trying to put your ethics in for a change! And it’s not somebody you can falsely accuse of being a bitter defrocked apostate!

  22. DM fully believes he is God and senior to all others. Everyone else is a minion. No rules apply to him.

  23. He seems pretty damn OT.

    So she was not intimidated by the size of his head? I guess she is suppressive.

  24. I think Dandar is an “Attorney”, and I mean that as a slur. However, I assume he wouldnt be taking this course of action unless he thought it would turn out in his favor.

  25. Judge Beech and David Miscavige appear to be at the epicenter of this corruption. I hope and pray that with Marty’s deposition, Mike’s deposition & this new statement that the state of Florida will open its eyes.

  26. + 1 yeeeeeeessssssssss

  27. Had a dream last night that the church was so desperate they came out with a Groupon for a program they called 5PF, a wog version of the RPF.

  28. Think how easy and beautiful your life could be, osabot, if you embraced and lived with truth. Back when you had your first ever wins did you imagine, years later, you’d spend your days trying desperately to cover Miscavige’s ass? When your body crumbles and you look back on this life will you think fondly of those moments when you helped protect a man who made LRH’s Bridge unaffordable and out of reach for the large majority of thetans on this planet? Will you smile whilst reminiscing about the times you tried to suppress or ruin the lives of those who criticised this man and his insatiable thirst for wealth and power? Will you rejoice at the number of families, including yours perhaps, that have splintered or been ripped apart simply because someone, somewhere, had the courage to know and say what they observed?

    According to LRH, there are two tests of a life well lived. Did you do as you intended? And were people glad you lived?

    If your original intention as a Sea Org member was to expand the church and help clear the planet, I have to ask: how’s that going? How have your actions resulted in expansion? A better image? More Auditors? More Clears? Are things genuinely better than they were 10 years ago? 20? 30? 40? What do the stats show? Just look.

    And finally, ask yourself this: who would be sad if you died tomorrow? Who would come to your funeral? Who would genuinely miss you, and mourn your passing? Who have you influenced? Who are those you’ve shared your dreams with, your deepest thoughts, your travels, your troubles, your fears, your laughter, your spirit, your true self? Who knows you like no other? Who keeps you grounded? Who supports you when no one else seems to care? Where are the people who love you, who love being with you, who love you for who you are – not what others expect you to be.

    Will anyone genuinely care when you’re off and outta here? Or will it be just another day like any other? No HE&R. No dramatising. Business as usual.

  29. yepp, step back and think for one f—–g second, OSA.

  30. I believe the technical term is “arrogant boob”.

  31. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    It seems David Miscavige has spent a lot of time trying to get others to commit overts and do illegal things.

  32. Jean-François Genest

    Excellent !

  33. Agreed. Highly irregular to attempt to see a judge ex parte AND without own counsel – what a judge would read into that is that a) it was a sneaky move by Miscavige to try to influence the judge somehow AND b) Miscavige was worried his own counsel didn’t have a grip on the case and he decided to take matters in his own hands (shows he lacks confidence in the merit of his own case.) Irregular and foolish! I’ll bet his own lawyers were either unaware or completely CI.

  34. Speaking of dirty tricks, what has NeIl O’Reilly(Joe Neal) been up to lately?

  35. Oops, that was supposed to be Neil O’Reilly….

  36. Posted as a comment to Anon.onyourside ‘s link above – If true this could prove interesting, and in legal manipulation:

    “Florida Rule of Professional Conduct 4-5.6(b) — A lawyer shall not participate in offering or making: (b) an agreement in which a restriction on the lawyer’s right to practice is part of the settlement of a controversy between private parties.”

  37. Yup, burythenuts,
    The image one get is hilarious.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Spot on,Dean — It’s all going to to end in a train wreck
    for david miscavige — picking up speed down a steep
    decline, headed towards the bri….?? Oh NO !! There’s
    NO BRIDGE there anymore!!!!…just some twisted rails
    jutting out grotesquely into space (where there used to
    be a bridge..(built by Ron!)) Silly driver, miscavige! He
    maintained that nobody was going to stop him where
    he was going, therefore he didn’t need brakes (ethics)
    And to top it off, he has even forgotten that it was HE
    who dismantled the BRIDGE! clack-clack..clack-clack

  39. Dear Mr. Gallager please!…. as a long time and senior member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) I must take exception with your caparison of the Ecclesiastical Leader David Miscavage with a sewer rat.
    I appeal to your better side and ask that you cease diminishing the character of sewer rats who merely seek to survive in a very tough world.

  40. I think it’s good what he’s doing because it helps get the truth exposed.
    But he’s still a lawyer.

  41. LMAO 😆

  42. Let the sun shine in! More truth revealed.

  43. Marty ~
    It is always cool when a judge’s clerk corroborates the earlier data and affidavit.
    Trying to meet with the Judge is Lisa Mcpherson’s case behind closed doors unbeknownst to the world.
    This is crooked, shady, under the table and devious
    From a church leader that is a batterer and abuser who touts himself as some Model of Virtue!
    I recall well how Miscavige took the glory of “the War is Won” spoke to standing ovations of how he “walked in to see the IRS commissioner with you and the Magic occurred of Tax exemption.
    In reality a huge bunch of people worked a very long time.
    But Miscavige must believe his own “meeting one on one” will get his will bended to. Even with judges of ongoing law suits. 🙄

  44. DM is above the law and he will continue to think and act like that until the law puts his ethics in him and even that might not work. An SP never things he is wrong and they have no remorse.

    DM is the poster boy for what an SP acts and thinks like!!!!

  45. Ahahahahaha! Ah, that visualization just made my day.
    So spot on!
    Thanks for a great laugh.

  46. Wonderful, I second that thank you to Sue Rudd.
    And may even more people with a conscience from the Justicia come forward and come clean to bring it all in the open to be untangled and all known = closure!

  47. He who comes wearing a golden thong is above all others in ethical conduct. That mere mortals would even question shows their true ignorance and need of help from those who tread on their self imposed moral high ground.

  48. That assistant is a bitter unlocked corroborate! And I think she is one of David’s equals on the citizen org board. She doesn’t seem intimidated about writing a K.R. on him. Maybe she is a senior!

  49. Dandars lawyer senses smell blood, er.., money. He is of atleast average intelligence and has observed the church paying people to go away. He knows if he gets a trial and summons the right witnesses Miscavige will give him an “IAS Grant” from the coffers. That’s all he wants. It’s ok with me, but you guys shouldn’t expect too much from Dandar, unless you want to take a win on him getting rich.

  50. Tom Gallagher!


  51. Jane Parker White.

    So — DM went there to discuss ‘$cientology’ — Hmmm — perhaps someone should tell him – that religion is like a penis. It is good to have one. It is good to be proud of it. But ill fated to whip it out and wave it about in public. 😉

  52. In my profession which I have done for 15 years, it is completely unprofessional and rude to go to the office of a VIP and ask to meet him/her. If I did that I would be thrown out the door and credentials suspended, etc. Having said that maybe in Florida in the late 90’s early 2000’s the moral code may have been different, but still…

    But then again the IAS, the regges from FSO, ASHO etc, will just bang on your front door at 10:00 pm any day day of the week.

    It kind of blows my mind how Dave Miscavige’s truely believes his shit don’t stink- when it has since 1986 when he took over.

  53. Laughter!

  54. People really piss off Fleet Admiral David Miscavige.

    For this reason, the Fleet Admiral has ordered the design and construction of a new fleet of fearsome Sea Org robots: http://otviiiisgrrr8.com/2012/11/28/new-robo-sea-org-members-under-design/

  55. Or SCAM Artist……….Scary Cult After Money.

  56. Davey boy does not schmooze……..he SUCKS. And we should be hearing a loud sucking noise from the California desert area before long………

  57. No way! too long of an attention span required.

  58. The little misogynist probably went there to smack her around and “get her ethics in”.

  59. Absolutely Mike,

    Not only is this not done as a matter of decorum, it is as you say an offense that could have serious detrimental consequences to your career.

    But not for Miscavige, oh no, he feels that he should be treated as an A-List celebrity or Head-of-State. An “all doors are open to me” type of attitude that just proves how delusional he actually is.

    All I can say about this declaration is, KABOOM!

  60. I’d go to their funeral to piss on their grave. I suppose that’s a form of admiration isn’t it? 😉

  61. Standard operating procedure.

  62. Everytime I see that word “misogynist” I can’t help but think of an ob-gyn that missed the target. Which makes me think of skidmark, who hates people having 2Ds and their 2Ds. So, really, when I see the word misogynist, I think of skidmark.

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep Greta, the mind boggles at how MANY ways miscavige
    could make himself just simply “disappear!”Trouble was,
    he ALWAYS managed to leave a stinking trail behind him!

  64. Jean-François Genest

    The Indie 500 list now stands at 453 people !
    → 47 to go 🙂

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chris, mind your manners man! so is my compatriot on
    this very blog ! (Wendy Munro!) tch,tch! Bad ones,yes,
    but very definitely GOOD ones out there too bro!

  66. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Funny webpage 🙂

  67. Absolutely amazing that DM would do that. There are many possible outcomes to all this, I suppose. He might go to prison. Or he might abscond with $1 billion and live happily never after in Brazil, or Argentina, or become dictator of “Parador.”

  68. Thanks for sticking up for me Calvin :), I appreciate your patriotic gesture! But I am used to it and don’t take any offence. In some cases – I even agree! (That’s not to say I agree in respect of Dandar whom I don’t know from a bar of soap – and I wish him well in reversing the flows. It looks like he was treated very badly. And for sure I have never heard of any practitioner from being barred from representing a particular client. That should not happen in constitutionally oriented jursidictions. Either a lawyer is a “fit and proper” person to represent clients or he is not. To single him out in one instance is bizarre to say the least.)

  69. You definitely have talent. You should be writing for The Onion!

  70. You only think that because she is not suing you or charging you $250 per hour to protect you from another lawyer.

  71. Chris – There’ s something wrong with this whole line of reasoning. The reason Dandar popped up is because he is going to court to see if he has to pay $1.1 million to the church. It doesn’t sound to me like he initiated this to go for an “IAS Grant.”


    Abscond with Billions , with an S

    A Greek Island all to yourself is cheaper than a Condo in Hong Kong
    and a good place to moor the Freewinds

  73. If this is the case, why was OSA digging into FSO reserves to pay for the Lisa McPherson case? Mat Pesch testified while he was Treasury Sec. he witnessed $20 million sucked out of Flag to pay for all legal and espionage costs. With billions in reserves overseas, why was this done?

  74. mwesten
    An amazing and accurate observation! I am truly enlightened about the plight of so many staff today. Thanks for the view inside the belly of the beast….. ugly, but true. And, sad.

  75. Hilarious!!! ….
    I imagine the abyss is rather deep,he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate his life on the way down.

  76. Newcomer,
    maybe we can agree on “Davey is a schmoozing sucker” !?

  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ok Chris! Tell me if I’ve got this straight! You, your
    business, property or someone close to you has
    been siphoned completely dry, but some legal vulture,
    and you are still trying to recover from this??

  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    correction; …by some legal vulture,…

  79. Li'll bit of stuff

    Grrr8, hope your talent is not just limited to this blog?

  80. The scientology justice system is supposed to be based on this simple system. If you do something wrong, you are supposed to admit it; make up the damage done; clean up the out-ethics area and ask the group to give you another chance to be a member.

    Example: A public steals a frozen dinner from the lunch room. It was Jane’s dinner. Jane writes a report. An investigation narrows the search for the culprit to a couple of people. The guilty guy simply admits the crime, profers his justifications, does liability anyway and pays Jane back with interest. He does through danger and works out how he’ll never be broke again and everyone wins.

    Simple, clean, honest, truthful, no need for lawyers.

    No need to spend 30 million bucks to cover to miscavige’s ass if the group were being honest. The group of scientology INC. has long past the point of becoming dishonest.

  81. It is evident that miscavage, a god in is own fiefdom, is so out of touch with the real world that he thinks he can do as he pleases, while everyone bows and scrapes as they get out of his way.

    DM, meet the real world: A lowly clerk just told you “No”, and made it stick. And she was unafraid to tell everyone else that she told you “No”.

    How’s that, “We’re-the-only-ones-capable-of-handling-the-planet” thing working out for ya?

  82. Don’t take me too seriously. I’m kind of testing out the new ratings system (thumbs up/thumbs down).

    Do you think the most likely outcome will be a quiet settlement?

  83. No, that’s not it.

  84. He’s suing the Church.

  85. That is truly how it is supposed to work. I have seen it done that way, and it only works when you are in a very high ARC environment.

    An example was our Mission’s softball games we play on Saturdays at Cherry Hill. There were no arguments about whether someone was out or not – we’d ask “were you tagged?” and the reply was “yes, he got me!”. and that was it. I was 13/14 years old at the time, and a veteran of public school sports, and this really impressed me – and still does to this day.

    There were squabbles in life, of course, but it was a given that A. everyone was truly trying to do their best, and B. if you did screw up, you owned up to it and moved on.

  86. There really was, of course, absolutely no reason for Mr. David Miscavige to visit the judge except to attempt to somehow influence her. There is no way to spin this into a “friendly little visit” or anything else. It was an attempt to corrupt and/or influence a sitting judge and that is all it was.

  87. I now quote from the Huffington Post:

    “Grover Norquist tangled over taxes with Huffington Post reporters Ryan Grim and Zach Carter on HuffPost Live Thursday.

    “Norquist dismissed those who believe in government spending to stimulate the economy, comparing the belief to Scientology.

    ” ‘This is called Keynesianism, and they’ve got nice churches, and they truly believe this, they’re like Scientologists with their little black boxes,” he said.

    ” ‘The general public… understands that when the government builds a bridge, or the government builds a school, those are jobs, and that’s economic activity that they’re creating,” Grim countered. “So I think that he’s lost that argument.’ ”

    This, folks, is what David Miscavige has reduced the public perception of Scientology to in his 30 years at the helm of the corporate church. We now have a fool like Grover Norquist using L. Ron Hubbard’s lifetime of work as an invidious comparison as he attempts to defend his No Tax Pledge that Repuglicans are now defecting from in droves. Some of us should have put period to DM when he was still a punk teenager running amok around WHQ back in the day. Lesson learned, I guess.

  88. Dear all,
    Consider this: Power on all eight dynamics.


  89. Chris – you are generalising ! Let me just mention two lawyer’s names – they both practised as attorneys in South Africa some time back for some years of their respective lives. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Both lawyers and both good guys – these are not mutually exclusive characteristics.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Rachel, you are correct, Dandar is fighting for his life. Chris, I think you must have gone by some misunderstood words or did not read the links carefully.

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Close enough?

  92. Truly I don’t take it personally 🙂 or too seriously.

    I keep wishing for a noisy end to all the litigation that goes on, but I think the more likely scenario is a quiet settlement. But as Marty has said repeatedly (and I agree), it is unlikely that litigation will unseat Miscavige – a better weapon is to prosper and flourish on our own terms. The litigation does have a great place though in the truth being able to come out. I also don’t care who sues Miscavige and for how much. The more people (on the outside) sue and the less people (on the inside) donate, the faster his (Miscavige’s) money power diminishes.

  93. I think I’m just off topic. All this is important and interesting. Dandar probably deserves whatever the church pays him.
    I remember Mike and possibly you writing about the church being between a rock and a hard place where they can either continue to pay people off or go to trial. It’s a no-win. You are disarming Miscavige. A good move for Miscavige might be a “false reform”, the way politicians do. Admit wrong, but blame it on others and take credit for fixing it. Thats something he might be good at.
    But I think some criminal case will be filed against him and the Church soon though. He’ll be the next Warren Jeffs

  94. Way off

  95. Anyone who has a case against the Church can see the Church as weak now. It’s like all you have to do is push the right button and you get a million dollars. That must be very tempting. I think more people will come forward and maybe someome wont settle. And/or all this information coming out will lead to a criminal case.

  96. Chris — Miscavige has already perfected the art of “blaming it on others and taking credit for fixing it.” In fact, he wrote the book on this particular skill.

    Look at the “Golden Age” of (out)Tech and The “Golden Age” of Knowledge. Read any of his blog sites. Marty Rathbun is responsible for all ills in the church — from the culture of violence to any sort of out tech to crush regging. And glorious leader, who knew NOTHING of the situations when they were ongoing, has had to step in, and without sleep/assistance/support or even a kind word from anyone, has put everything right. Or at least he is striving valiantly to do so in the face of enormous barriers thrown in his path by a small handful of bitter, defrocked apostate small thetans who foil his efforts at every turn.

    You know that at least internally these days all ills are now blamed on that incompetent pos Tommy Davis and his PTS sidekick Jessica. I have heard this from a few people now — Tommy was the one that messed everything up (honestly, after 8 years, blaming it all on Marty is a bit stale).

    He has not yet converted his internal abilities to shift blame onto the outside world very well. He doesnt think they even deserve any explanations. They are just useless wogs — but more importantly not a single one of those wogs ever gives him one thin dime, So, why waste your breath on them?

    Sooner or later it will happen though. Sooner or later he is going to have to answer up. There will be something he cannot buy his way out of, and he will have some splaining to do. And just you wait — Blame Shifter Extraordinaire will be on full display. He had better pray there won’t be someone with some smarts interrogating him (sorry Dave, not a chance, not when there are so many people around who are willing to assist exposing your Emperor’s clothes).

    It sucks bad to be Miscavige. The walls are closing in.

  97. Yep.
    He could stop making the walls and stop begging others to close them in, but I guess that isnt going to happen until he’s pretty small.

  98. Li'll bit of stuff

    Aw shucks! Okay, keep it then!

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