Miscavige Pays P.I.’s for Silence…But

David Miscavige holds the distinction of paying more money in one year (2012) to silence critics than perhaps any other criminal, white collar or otherwise, in the world.  He began the year by paying seven figures to former Scientology executive Debbie Cook Baumgarten who countersued Miscavige’s Religious Technology Center in Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas.  He bookended 2012 with another seven figure pay off to former Scientology Private Eyes Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold.

Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times reported tonight on the latter settlement.

As we all now know Miscavige’s pay off to Ms Baumgarten was a tad late, after she spent nearly an entire day under oath testifying about what Miscavige wanted to suppress.

Well, it would seem he made the same error with Marrick and Arnold.  Tony Ortega has published a comprehensive article on the Marrick/Arnold saga on his blog, Scientology’s Master Spies.   Read that one carefully, it is a masterpiece.



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  1. Oh if Church parishioner’s only knew where their hard earned IAS dollars were being wasted, all to protect a sociopath.

  2. I believe that the payment to Debbie Cook was eight figures. The queen did not come chiep.

  3. 🙂 No comment.

  4. The fact that the “Church” continues to settle these cases and keep them out of the courts is so very telling. It is not as if they can’t afford to fight the battle in order to defend and save their honor… it is to prevent the utter criminality of David Miscavige from being exposed and horrible possibility that he may have to tell the truth.

  5. A masterpiece, indeed! Complete with cultural reference to the classic, “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.” Well played, Tony; well played.

  6. It’s like a ticking time bomb!!! How can these OSA people reading this blog not walk away? This is suppose to be a religion that investigates human potential, consciousness, and creative expression not buying off PI’s and creating ‘squirrel busters.’ {sigh}


  7. “It was Three Stooges on LSD.” -Professional PI’s evaluation of the “Squirrel Busters”.
    Now there is a legacy to be proud of.

  8. I couldn’t quite figure why Tony’s article was a masterpiece.

    So I went back to read it again and THEN I noticed that it’s 4 pages — so be sure to read to the bottom of the blog page, then click on 2, then 3, then 4.

    Just sayin’ in case there might be others who might have missed this, as I did.

  9. Debbie Cooks payoff was more like 8 figures
    I could be wrong, 10 figures.
    Offshore transfers, there are a few ordinary people behind desks in a warm climate who know.

  10. Where the hell is Pat when he is needed to BROKER a deal. Marty needs to set aside the concept of blood money long enought to engineer a way to use the DeMon’s own resources to bring down the house of cards.

  11. You believe that based upon exactly what evidence, please ?

    I’ll wager you have exactly zero access to the terms of her settlement. You wouldn’t be trying to black PR Debbie Cook, now would you ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  12. Correction::
    The total amounts with everything included ,is vey high dollar amount.

    Enough such CCHR could have disolved Psychiatry which at onetime was $50 mil USD

    Nobody should give any money to the IAS

  13. Thanks for getting this story into the public!

    It’s an important piece of history, and these men deserve their settlement. .

    I guess though that Pat’s not aiming to go public, but it would still be interesting to hear his views.

  14. Perhaps suing the Church of Scientology will become a lucrative cottage industry for Shill’s, Shysters and Personal Injury attorneys…

  15. God damn it – again

  16. Great article in the Corpus Christi Caller and of course by Tony Ortega.
    What am I going to do with all that popcorn I bought, with no trial?
    I would hope this helps with another government Investigation soon. At least we did get a story and facts, thanks to you. I wish Marrick and Arnold well and am happy for them.

  17. I thought the same at first too. Excellent four pages.

  18. Well this story sure fills in alot of omitted information for me regarding what happened to Pat Broeker and the degree of surveillance that was going on.

    It also tells me that myself and those in Las Vegas don’t know all the details of the surveillance that was done to us over almost 20 years. We know it was done and who did it, but I am now sure there are much more details that have not seen the light of day. I imagine the figures spent on that over 20 years would be a huge sum too.

    This Linda Hamel sure is a dirty character. If the Government ever goes forward with anything against DM, she would be one of the first people to talk to and get her to turn on him.

    After all that money spent by DM spying on Pat, the great “revelation” he found out was that Pat was leading a normal life, was a book worm who liked to learn and wanted to help others through medical work and teaching English. Oh yeah, I forgot! He met one time with Vaughn Young. Not much came of that did it!

    What this really tells me is that DM is still deathly afraid of what Pat might say about him after all these years. Afterall, they spent many many meetings together while LRH was in hiding and the only ones who know what went on and what was said and done are Pat and DM. He knows where the skeletons are buried.

    So while Pat is no threat to take over Scientology, his coming out and speaking would help speed DM’s demise.

    Much more still to come in the future I suspect.

    Sweet dream Dave!

  19. McTinyfists is slimier than any lawyer that ever walked on Earth.

  20. Pay to play! David has always immersed himself in politics. It used to be that personal political activity was personal, as long as it did not involve company resources. The abuses David visited upon Ms. Cook and the private agreements he made with P.I.’s from personal curiosity about Broker, were personal pleasures he reveled in. If he is using Church accounts to settle the expense of such hobbies, this is a definite breech of fiduciary trusts as corporate head. I believe donations from members are meant towards safeguarding the Church, not a rogue employee who is a private contractor. Obviously he is getting away with it. The shame of Scientology surrounds him with those who enable it and contribute to it. Outside of the Church people get busted because they do not have the large entourage of slaves to cover for them and enable them. The fraud and embezzlement is actually a group activity . The patrons are funding it.
    I am reading “Snakes in Suits” and this is textbook for a sociopath. I am astonished at what is obvious that others can see. Observing the obvious is no place on the grade chart as an ability gained. That has proved to be a situation for a lot of people.

  21. Time, place, form and event. So many other people writing up david miscavige’s withholds. Wonder if that little boy will ever muster the courage to get them off his chest?
    Ahhh…probably oblivion forever would seem a more palatable fate in what’s left of his warped mind.

  22. By the way, if “The Sociopath Next Door” was an eye opener for you. “Snakes in Suits” is a bombshell! This is my second time through the book and the focus is on “Company and Group” dynamics and how they operate. Even covers a section of how they operate in religious groups. How they move around and up and establish a patron or patrons and power sources. How the exchange is in terms of overt products or no real valuable exchange at all. Chilling. Really chilling. Vital information.

  23. And here is good old David Miscavige, sitting around in his PJs this morning reading the latest on Marty’s blog and laughing his humorless laugh. Like other potential breaches in his defense shield (Debbie Cook, Angie Blankenship, the Stumkes, et al), DM just buys them off. He probably just uses the interest from his billion or so dollars sitting in Luxembourg accounts to pay for all this crap and never even touches the principle. If it looks like he might have to, he puts the squeeze on his underlings at IAS to ramp up the dono machine. Today’s story is a big deal to us but it is business as usual, ho fucking hum to The COB. You can bet that Marty and Mike have been approached over the years by Monique Dingaling & Co. and the payoffs would have been much, much higher than anything offered to Debbie Cook or the others. No amount of money would be able to take away of pain of biting their tongues for these two. And as for Pat Broeker, I wish him well. I once gave him a going on leave sec check when he and Annie were going away on their honeymoon and I probably should have received a retrain order on TRs I was laughing so hard during the session. He could be a very funny guy.

  24. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, excellent!
    No doubt this will get the usual, rehearsed rebuttals couched as;
    ” Wild speculation,””baseless accusations,” the bitter outpourings
    of a demented, twisted, former church apostate.” etc,etc.etc.
    The beast is crumbling, trembling, with the severe cracks and
    fissures caused from these severe sledgehammer blows!………
    …let there be no doubts about that!

    Demolition in progress —- Stand clear!

  25. Every single day of my life I am compelled to reveal more criminality and despicable conduct from Scientology Inc masquerading as a religion while it commits crime and after crime and after crime. Money laundering, financial irregularities, stalking and secretly paying Private investigators while paying Sea Org members $10 a week for 80 hour weeks and claiming “no money for medical.”
    Linda Hamel, “Commanding Officer of Office of Special Affairs International” former Guardian’s office criminal programs ops of program “Snow White” in cahoots with Miscavige to LIE LIE LIE.
    How very religious.

    Things started to get scaled back,” Arnold says. And Hamel told them that if the church needed to make a statement about it, Miscavige would blame Rathbun for creating the operation.

    Yes, Linda Hamel, Church executive of OSA would LIE LIE LIE like they have continued to LIE on most issues about Marty.

    Linda Hamel admitted to them that the Squirrel Busters was a church operation. “We just wanted to see Marty implode,” they say she told them..

    A major lie from the Church is that Guardian Office Dirty tricks are all over with.
    We fired all those Guardian office crims (criminals) The Church has reformed ~ a new “Renaissance”. Indeed. OSA INT is as criminal as the Guardian office ever was, as Scientology Inc ever was.
    Dirty operations, filthy tabloid revenge sites on the web against whistleblowers (often causing more blows because they are so sickening to read) money siphoned off to protect David Miscavige’s reign of terror.
    7 figures to Debbie Cook to “settle” after she voiced horror stories on video camera in a court of Law.
    7 figures to the Private investigators to make it all go away.
    501C 3 Free pass as a “religious exemption.
    Licensed to be a criminal entity by Uncle Sam
    Above the law.
    Never show its books for accounting.
    Licence to fraudulently scam the public for monies
    Endless revenue to protect Miscavige no matter how dark and dirty his deeds.
    The question is, does the US Government have to condone and perpetuate thus by “religious exemption” and a 501C3.
    Meanwhile the stat goes up on the Church making enemies.
    By the week, by the day, by the hour.
    More defectors, more enraged payees duped into scammed money that the IAS refuse to refund compounded by refusal to refund monies on account.
    Hanging on tight to their money for more PIs and more Lawyers.
    Stats are up for enemies made.
    And all this while Miscavige plays the fiddle and drinks his scotch while Rome Burns.
    We shall see what law suits lie ahead….

  26. What a ridiculous waste of time. This isn’t Scientology.

    OSA: Put DM’s HEAD on a PIKE NOW!

  27. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    This is just a small fraction of what our fees buy. Thanks for the information!
    Boy am I glad I´ve started to think for myself – in no small way because of this blog. I just wish I´d come across it much sooner. I don´t even want to think about how much money and hardships that could have saved me.

  28. A friend of us last time paied 99.000$ for the Ls in Flag,……and actually he is now on the purif in the Berlin Org. Where the problem is? The money that he payed for his service is now in the pocket of the PIs. And what did he get now? Out-tech!

  29. Jane Parker White.

    This is really the actions of a supreme pshycopath – to protect ‘image’ instead of letting the truth set one free.

  30. When all is done and said, all David Miscavige ever really did was to take over the Guardian’s Office and continue business as usual, except that he added in his remarkably incompetent management style.

    Given that he has paid out several large settlements this year, David Miscavige has once again proven his utter incompetence as a crime boss.

    The general concept in organized crime is to get away with crime and make money.

    The losing formula, which is the one crime boss David Miscavige has come to prefer, is to pay out millions and millions of dollars to your former employees and contractors and then endure public humiliation and ridicule while doing so. And to make it even more losing, crime boss Miscavige is having to increasingly give more refunds to his victims, or what he calls his parishioners.

    The public now knows that David Miscavige was not content to keep paid professionals on the surveillance of Pat Broeker and Marty Rathbun. Instead, Miscavige somehow transformed this operation into the Squirrel Busters, a move that brought yet another round of well deserved derision down upon the incredibly deranged Church of Scientology

    Next, and to make matters worse, crime boss David Miscavige did not promptly settle with Debbie Cook. This allowed Debbie to mention that people have to lick bathroom floors in the Church of Scientology. Only then did crime boss David Miscavige settle by paying seven figures.

    Likewise, Marrick and Arnold asked to be paid but crime boss David Miscavige delayed and so the gentlemen discussed the long term surveillance of Pat Broeker and its $12,000,000 price tag. Only after the facts were out did Miscavige cough up seven figures.

    Miscavige is off his game these days and is engaged in heavy denial as
    evidenced by Karin Pouw’s predictably packaged lies: “Scientology leader David Miscavige had no contact with the investigators, never met them nor talked to them nor directed them,” Pouw said in a canned statement.

    Yes, and he never beat Sea Org members either.

    David Miscavige is just an ecclesiastical leader who is so busy opening Ideal Orgs that he has no idea of where he is or what is going on around him. Because he is so busy and clueless, Miscavige must be in Confusion.

  31. DM paid Debbie Cook to shut up. TWICE. Now this. What does it tell you, lurkers? Lurk more. Tune in.

  32. The pay offs seem to come more in relation to the possibility of David Miscavige being summoned to court. I get the impression that as long as David Miscavige doesn’t have to face the accusations under oath in court then it’s okay.

  33. They may get a kick out of being on the sinking ship. Kinda like an adrenaline rush. Also there’s really no time to think when it’s all hands to the bilge pumps.

  34. Thanks for the brief write up on this latest Out of Settlement deal with
    the Two Investigators giveing in and given up. by being Paid off.
    As usually we don’t get to know who settled with what, and
    David Miscaviage is off the hook .once again .Its a never ending story
    of hidden data.
    Surely to God some one knows where Pat Broaker is and
    I think some effort should have much early been done to locate
    him. Now that Years have gone by and any evidence of what actual happened is behind him , and it will not ever propably be known..

    Broker might have or appear to have a quiet life.
    Whether in reality thats so,Who actual has that evidence in PT ?
    or that he No longer remains a threat to Dm is unknown, late alone

    Who does or doesn’t know if in PT Broeker’s View point has shifted
    to a new life, and its gone the old one , that will only be known if he speak up , but by the pure nature of the non existence of him shows for sure
    it unlikely. Forced/ or otherwise / to happen that he appears.?

    Having said that its open to speculation IF he remains a threat to DM
    or if some thing else is in operation more hidden than its currently known Who the Hell knows.,
    But one thing for sure is Broeker doesn’t live without some form of contact
    within society that’s obvious . He is on some electrical roll some where.

    What does show thou at this time is the current investigators have been
    swashed paid off, like any one else speaking and
    attempting to challenge has been paid off to shut up or disappeared off
    the face of the earth, apart from Marthy Rathbun’s on going’s and him making the awareness to all of whats going on and obtain justice and speak out.
    But sad to say DM However remains with the up hand regardless who thinks otherwise, and in saying that theirs no intent to invalidate the great work Marthy and others do that support him in his efforts. Its fantastic.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Yes, another good book. TO, I think you would love The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson.

  36. Brian,
    for the OSA staffs it was never a game to “investigate human potential, consciousness and creative expression”.

    OSA would rather investigate anyone who expresses an unwanted opinion about Scn ( and to hell with “all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others” from the Creed of the Church ).

    OSA would rather manipulate the consciousness of their opponents, former members, relatives and employers of these and even judges as was recently reported right here on this blog.

    OSA would rather invent and implement methods of “creative destruction”, from concocted complaints to the police ( e.g. Karen de la Carriere selling babies ) and breaking & entering ( into an opponent’s apartment ) to physical violence.

    Study the Invest Officer Full Hat that made its way to WikiLeaks. I guess you will come to the same conclusion as I.

    The way these OSA people tick is far beyond anything a plain Scientologist, Auditor or Org Staff could conceive in their wildest dreams. That’s why they never spot OSA as a major source of creating long term hostility against Scientology.

  37. And as they say at the “fraud / fund raising” events for the Idle Morgue’s – WHOSE NEXT?

  38. Mike – one has to discern the truth with the CULT – they gag everyone. Debbie is traveling around??? No job, forced to shut up…just do the simple math! The rest of us have! The suit with the PI’s is settled and no one is talking. Ching Ching Ching $$$$$$

  39. “Broeker said he was in communications with Hubbard, who wanted the bird,” Jeffrey says. (Hubbard had died three years earlier.) “And this big attorney was negotiating over the truck and the parrot.”

    I liked very much the novel “Battlefield Earth”. That is an allegory of the real scene of Scientology, and indeed there are many correspondences between the novel and the real world.

    In the novel, Johnny Goodboy Tyler is the avatar of Hubbard. As Johnny was intensively monitored by the psychlo enemy, he was using a look-alike dressed like him, in order to get some freedom, when the enemy was in fact monitoring the look-alike.

    Was Hubbard really dead in 1986? Maybe he did use the strategy from the novel; if so the body that was cremated was possibly not Hubbard but a look-alike.

    Maybe that was the real Hubbard in flesh that wanted his parrot back.

  40. CCHR’s website did show their “financial statements”. The IAS only psych busted $1 million to CCHR in 2010 – peanuts when they advertise this is what THE IAS is all about! They bilk hundreds of millions out of poor public and staff…and then give 1/1000th to their #1 enemy? WTF?

    The IAS’s #1 enemy is US! They spend more money trying to shut up those who know to keep those who don’t know from knowing! It is getting expensive because their are MORE SP’S out here than active Scientologist’s in the Cult.

    The tables have turned and now Miscavige is fighting a battle of long duration. He has so much conflict and is so crazy – he cannot detect the REAL SP. Himself!!

  41. Yes, the payments to silence witnesses are mere peanuts for billionaire Dave.

  42. One more out-tech case in addition to thousands of others. Truly sad.

  43. Absolutely, Scott. You can bet there are people scheming this very instant to assemble the next suit involving DM, which, when filed, becomes an automatic payday for the plaintiffs. Talk about easy money. .

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ho hum – here we go yet again! The verb used by
    Simple Thetan was “believe.” THAT does NOT require
    ANY evidence to “do!” Now I guess we can expect another
    salvo of service facs, and justifications from “nit-picker
    par excellence ” –(Michael A. Hobson??)
    Calvin B. Duffield.
    Insouciant Scientologist
    (ps. I’m secretly in love you, MAH! Need more evidence?)

  45. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nancy? When did you rocket back into town? Missed ya!

  46. And Pats current location is known. I see no reason why he wouldn’t clarify a few situations for everyone. It would take exactly one email to Marty or Tony O. God, it really DOES suck to be Miscavige!

  47. I loved his recounting of his trip to St. Hill in that book;)

  48. RealityChecker

    “Money laundering, financial irregularities, stalking and secretly paying Private investigators while paying Sea Org members $10 a week for 80 hour weeks… 
Never show its books for accounting. 
Licence to fraudulently scam the public for monies, 
Endless revenue to protect [LRH] no matter how dark and dirty his deeds.”

    Well said Karen. L. Ron Hubbard, “how very religious” indeed.

  49. More likely that Broeker meant that he was in communication with LRH telepathically. And that’s based on an earlier statement Marty made about Broeker’s eventually claiming to be “channeling” LRH after LRH’s death. See: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/

  50. If she got “eight figures” I say good for her. In hindsight I think the outcome of that was very good for Independent Scientology. I sort of saw it as a loss at the time, but I think I get more whats going on now. It was a major win. Also, Miscavige tried to suck the life out of her like a vampire and then tried to destroy her and her husband. I actually think higher of her if she got more money. She also had major “balls of steel” to testify and do the media she did do.

  51. Aha, it’s the old OSA sock #2 supporting OSA sock #1 gag. Still no evidence to back up the claim of an “8 figure” settlement with Debbie Cook, though.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  52. Li'll bit of stuff

    That’s logical thinking,tfb, but I believe Marty works on a
    different set of parameters, perhaps best described as
    Integrity and Patience.

  53. Well I guess that is new OSA PR message about Debbie Cook. How boring. Since we know that the standard boiler plate of any settlement with Co$ includes a clause that the terms of the settlement may not be disclosed, there is no way for Debbie Cook to defend herself from this propaganda idea that she’s settled for millions of dollars.

    So far this “information” is being posted solely by anonymous sockpuppet identities with no supporting documentation whatsoever.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  54. Does anybody know the status of Dandars lawsuit?

    Also, in a criminal suit (which I believe is coming sooner or later) I don’t believe evidence suppressed in civil court by settlements is off limits in any way, although I’m not a lawyer. For example- Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold may be “silenced” by a settlement agreement with the Church, but if they are summoned to testify in a criminal trial they are not bound by that agreement in any way. Is this correct? This would include Debbie Cook and others, even people we dont know of because they never went public like them. Even though these guys only did limited interviews before settling the evidence is still getting out there.

    I thought Miscavige was smart- evil but smart. But something is making him very stupid. I wonder what might be causing that? Maybe he’s drinking too much scotch.

  55. Maybe he reads the blog. If anyone had an address or any way of getting a comm to him they should tell him to tune in. I feel like he is already.

  56. To all the OSA and those still supporting His Royal Biggness.

    Somewhere in YOU, there is a little voice of conscience that YOU squash because of this fear: what will I do without Scientology, I don’t want to loose my life, my friends my familiar position in life?

    But here is the main thing to consider: this crazy drama is falling apart, you have been supporting a crazy person and handing over your personal power to him. Your position is already in jeopardy because Miscavige is probably going to jail at some point in this drama.

    You can get out now, contact Marty, do Scientology safely here in the field and get paid a lot of money from Mr Biggness. That is after you tell your story.

    You can have a bit of redemption by getting off your chest that guilty feeling for supporting someone who has a taste for cruelty and get paid!

    For the love of God what a great deal!

    Your guilt is worth bucks! Lol lol lol!!

    Scientology lurkers-you-have-been-following-a-tyranical-nutjob.

  57. I agree with this.
    The way I see it , she kicked him in the balls and then got paid. Too bad she signed away her right to communicate but based on her illness and finances to fight him in court I think she did pretty damn good.

  58. Marty, are you in comm with Pat Broeker?

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Or,Bela–horror of horrors,—being sent to jail!

  60. Marty I am counting on you to bring this down with the power of your integrity.

    I am sure glad I left when I did.

    BTW, I was probably the first person in the field to get a copy of the hand written OT 3 materials in the early mid 80s.

    We knew something going on was bad.

    The person who went to Kinkos to make copies will remain anonymous for the present.

    You were a bad boy Marty. But when bad boys reform, they can benifit and change the lives of many.

    Many souls are counting on you integrity! You have our spiritual support. It is only going to get crazier.

  61. This deeepening senario of Miscavige ‘pulling in’ attacks upon the organisation has now resulted in tactical “pay to go away” legal battles as a standard survival operating basis. This is somewhat reminesent of a chess game gone wrong. When you lose control of the center of the board your whole attention gets diverted to defense.
    This only gets worse as the more pieces you lose the more desperate you become and sacrifice only temporarily gives relief. The game itself has now turned a corner where apparently the only calculation is now a puzzle of how do we corner this sucker – so he’s got no option but to pay up. Just get him to believe he’s headed for the witness stand and bingo, pay day!
    What is really sick about all this is that his own legal counsul is playing a similar game with him. The money he controls is the prise – nothing else.
    The concept of loyalty and Miscavige just don’t fit in the same sentence.
    I fear the system developing around this sociopath will prolong everything to bleed him dry before anything honorable occurs. What a sick joke that he calls himself a Scientologist.

  62. The copy place was Charlie Chan’s not Kinkos. In Hollywood. This person went to AO, signed out the materials “for review” and went to Charlie Chan’s.

    While copying OT 3 on the scanner a fellow OT came in to do some other biz and saw this person and said hi because they knew each other. Talk about missed witholds!!! OMG this person almost peed in pants.

  63. Thank you Karen for bringing this up. I’m sure you know what you are talking about.

    The GO=OSA. It is and always was a PR smoke screen to separate the two. After Snow White. When the courts were after Ron. He needed to be separated from his part in the black ops. So, “oh my! look at what those bad GO people have done in my my name. I had no idea! Darn them! Let’s dissolve the GO. Those bad Scientologists that aren’t me”

    To say that this cruelty to human beings started with the OSA is proof that the PR lie has worked with true believers.

  64. Mike —

    It’s would really be a good idea if you were to question your motives. Why do you post inflammatory comments? To what end?

    This recent “this ‘information’ is being posted SOLELY (caps added for emphases) by anonymous sockpuppet identities with no supporting documentation whatsoever.”

    Did you REALLY mean to call Marty a sock puppet?

    “He began the year by paying SEVEN FIGURES (caps added for emphasis) to former Scientology executive Debbie Cook Baumgarten who countersued Miscavige’s Religious Technology Center in Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas.”

  65. I need some OSA socks to wear with my IAS shirt

  66. I guess thats what he’s into. I believe the term is “masochist”.

  67. Right you are, Calvin!

  68. {waves at Calvin} I’ve been around, just lurking. Crazy busy with teaching, and this isn’t even the busy season! 🙂

  69. Great blog entry today – thanks very much for the update Marty!

    I had always wondered what happened at Creston and to Pat after it was closed down with Annie and the rest of the crew RPFed by DM with the exception of JB.

    It was the truth that David Miscavige insisted that Pat Broeker was a drunk and that $50K cash was found in his bathroom cabinet in conversations with DM. Personally I’ve observed that Pat only had an occasional beer though he had other hobby horses which he concentrated on. Another line from DM was that Pat was not really a Scientologist, though that did not ring as truth.

    This account is truly historical saga of a dark compartment in David Miscavige’s closet, held secret for over a couple of decades and it answers connections and truths which I’ve always wondered about! Made me realize how much of a convincing liar to one’s face he can be.

  70. Very good point, Karen. The fact that “the government” has not done a damn thing about DM and his corporate church in the face of a growing mountain of information tells me that “the government” has a similar operating basis. I think that is why Marty decided to go the public route to bring DM down. Justice is about the last thing that the government’s justice system has in mind, especially for white collar criminals like David Miscavige.

  71. “Easy money”? I don’t think so. Many would like to tell their story I’d bet except for the threat of lawsuits. One important point to know is that it is very hard, if even possible, to find an attorney to take on the organization unless you have a rock solid case like these guys had. Nothing is easy for a person to stand up to the organization unless you have lots of money and even then they can squash you. No “automatic payday” at all!
    Bravo to all who have stood up so far and it may, yes, become easier in time.

  72. If Lawrence Wright can write a book, Pat Broeker could write one HELL of a book. Man, could he ever!

  73. We thought the church was being taken over by something negative and we wanted to secure the confidential materials for all.

    This is all coming back to me now. Thank you for your indulgence. I think it was 82 or 83 that the OT materials made it out.

  74. Mike, you have to work on your anger:-)

  75. Yes. And what happens when he is finally forced to talk before a judge? This will not be pretty. I predict the DM final farewell to be directed into scaring as much public as possible from ever approaching the works of LRH.

  76. Yes, thanks for posting this, Chris (DarnIt)! I watched it and highly recommend it. Supplements the Sociopath Next Door book. I found the Vaclav Havel interviews near the end especially moving, and theta.

  77. I don’t think they are able to.

  78. Thank you for the link, that is interesting.

    But why would a disembodied being need a parrot in a specific location?
    Maybe Broeker wanted to give some substance to the channeling claim?

    About the search for levels above OT8:

    1) When David Mayo left, it was said he took with him the materials of the upper levels (there are a few references on the Internet about it).

    2) When Hubbard wrote his novels (Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth), he said he had little to do and had some time to write novels. Does this mean that he had completed his research?

    3) According to Pierre Ethier, the levels above OT8 were developed aboard the Apollo ship. The Ls contain parts of these levels, and class XII auditors were shown these materials. Maybe another class XII auditor could confirm or refute this viewpoint?

    4) Pierre Ethier is actually delivering OTIX, according to his blog. This level seems to have to do with telepathy.

    Just trying to connect the dots …

  79. Let’s hope he does!

  80. Li'll bit of stuff


  81. Confusion seems a bit higher than where he actually is. How far below confusion can one go?

    Tell us Davey oh great master of the tech and ecclesiastic leader of zombies….. when you look up…..what do you see?

  82. Li'll bit of stuff

    Then in that case, take this both ways–hang in Sunshine!

  83. Somehow those involved can maintain their integrity while managing to leave a sufficient number of skeltons lying on the sidewalk in borad daylight to pull off a counter-coup.

  84. martyrathbun09

    An elaborate trap just as noted in What Is Wrong With Scientology?

  85. May I be so bold as to postulate and predict an 8th Dymanic reason for this Scientology Drama:

    This passion play has all the elements of a great story, a heroes journey. With wizards, relutant heroes, a great ever hated and entertaining Evil, the holy search for the Grail, naive neophytes, stories within stories, murder, or “rumor of murders”, black ops, scandals, betrayals etc etc etc.

    And the world is watching. So what can become of this outcome?

    Underlying all of this insane evil shit is another story. THE REAL STORY!

    The story of the soul and it’s every purposed driving for meaning, for release, for wisdom, for spiritual freedom for understanding.

    The world is not in the mood to be sold religion. Because it has been betrayed too many times.

    But the world loves a great story. It needs all the elements of it.

    The world is watching and if all you Scientologists can handle the deserved criticism and can cop to it without the “true believer” amnesia, you can convey what Life is trying to tell the world!


    We are entering a new era. The power structures on many levels are falling apart . Scientology Inc. is just one small piece of dust in the cosmic drama.

    The true story of Scientology is the souls journey to self discovery. But that is so not an entertaining story.

    But this crazy f–king wild ass shit is getting the worlds attention. Because thereis a story.

    It is all of our story.

    And in the end, something good will come of it. Because there is a God: GET OVER IT!!

  86. Jean-François Genest

    ☼ Good news. Less funds are going into the money tank, and it is leaking out in large amounts. Still one month to go in 2012 for DM to make a few more blunders. His confront level is tremendously low, so he will avoid appearing in courts at all costs. I wish for 2013 to be the Year of the Subpoena of David Miscavidge.

    ♫ You’re a monster, Mis-cavidge
    ♫ Your heart’s an empty hole.
    ♫ Your brain is full of spiders.
    ♫ You’ve got garlic in your soul, Mis-cavidge.
    ♫ I wouldn’t touch you with a
    ♫ Thirty-nine and a half foot copper rod

    ♫You’re a vile one, Mis-cavidge
    ♫You have termites in your smile

  87. Oops – the thumbs down was me by mistake – my cat walked on my iPad – I really liked your comment – its always upsetting when someone lies so convincingly – comes from years of practice

  88. Li'll bit of stuff

    Like you, Christine, I questioned Mike’s motives, initially.
    Finally gave up when I realized he is “stuck” in a game of
    his choosing. It is basically just about the “need” to “Prove”
    things, statements, allegations, facts, FIGURES & himself!
    The game also includes the “need” to invalidate, discredit
    and find fault with others. You might call it “Toxic Tennis”
    In mitigation, I have taken a cue from you and actually
    admitted to him that I am now (secretly) in love with him!
    Perhaps you can confirm this to him, as “needed” evidence!
    Poor soul! he “needs” as much love as he can get!
    Calvin B. Duffield.
    “Insouciant” Scientologist

  89. I agree Victoria . It does seem so bloody stupid not to get clarification instead of endless speculation endlessly.I just do not beleive no one is not in com with him.their just has to be some one some where out there.

  90. Pat Broeker is reading this blog. Right now.

  91. Thanks, I will pick it up! I am very grateful for the recommended reading on your blog. Eternally grateful. I have come to discover through this path of social studies there is a second species living on Earth that I was unaware of, running on a different program! That is vital information!

  92. Public question for Marty,

    I respect you eternally, tremendously, for all you’ve done, going public these last several years.

    I want to ask you a question, regarding what I consider to the behind the scenes, at the Int Base, “second round” of young people, who Miscavige might be hoping will be someday, the “replacements” for WDC and for Exec Strata, namely, people beholding to DM first, and primarily.

    I would like to ask you, momentarily, just because a former smaller cheeze, Little Bear Victor, who was posting on Clambake years ago, he’s known to Marc Headley and others, but he never went public, but I think Little Bear Victor really nailed the future, and Marty, you being the man that DM fears most, and thankyou for all you do, thankyou Karen delaCarriere for all you do Karen, I want to ask you Marty, your advice, to those next round generation younger people, that DM might have his hopes on, to someday train up to be the next generation WDC and Exec Strata.

    Do you even think DM is still wishing to ever have a WDC and Exec Strata like LRH last ordered?

    Do you think from what you’ve heard of what’s going on at Int Base recently, that DM even is still trying to make a future WDC and Exec Strata that will be even in existence?

    Thanks, again Marty.

    In terms of overall Scientology history, thankyou for doing all you’ve done.

    I’d have to agree with Karen delaCarriere, that you and Mike Rinder have changed the landscape, thankyou both, and thankyou all the other Int Base ex members who’ve gone public, Jim Logan comes to mind, for sharing Annie Broeker’s ultra private feelings and the final thoughts of LRH that LRH shared with Annie.

    Scientology and LRH, are what they are, and I trust people,the people who speak up, whatever way they speak up, and appreciate them sharing their views.

    ARC I learned, and communication I belive in.
    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

  93. Yep… If you don’t like me I’m going to take my toys and go home… Except they’re not his toys, but mommy and daddy never told him that.

  94. Exactly. True for me in the field, there was no knowledge of a change.

  95. Chuck,

    The LAST thing in the world Miscavige wants is a structured organization — including WDC and Exec Strata.

    1. He is a compulsive bypasser, he steps in and personally handles whatever it is he decides he is interested in. So, even if he did put something there, he would unmick it with bypass.

    2. He cannot stand the thought of any stable terminals who might possibly threaten his position. Every one he has perceived may possible be that has ended up in the Hole — from Marty and me to Norman Starkey, Heber, Guillaume Yager and even Janet McClaughlin and Russ Bellin.

    3. He is so whimsical that even if anyone were put there, they would be busted within days, weeks or months. Nobody has lasted on any senior executive post in Scientology.

    4. But the best answer is this: There has been no ED Int, no Exec Ints and no WDC for at least 5 years. Guillaume Lesevre is the only one that gets trotted out publicly to present the annual birthday game awards and he is introduced as “Guillaume Lesevre” not “ED Int” and not even “from International Management.” Heber Jentzsch is the only other one, still listed as “President CSI” the “face of Scientology” and nobody has seen him for years except when the church was shamed into having him make a cameo appearance at his only son’s funeral. Even when Miscavige brings out “International Execs” for the “seminars” on the Freewinds or at St Hill for the IAS it is “nobodies” who are introduced as “Strat Planning Pgms Ops CMO Int”.

    He is truly a merchant of chaos.

  96. Um… Really? I can only assume you are making a rhetorical note for those still catching up.

    So, for those still catching up, what Dean said. As in the pope is catholic. And bears… Etc, etc…

  97. Dan,

    Wouldn’t the people have to be of the caliber of these two men though?

    And wouldn’t they have to have someone like Marty, since Marty was, on their side?

    I see if a person can swing Marty into their legal equation, legitimately, since Marty legitimately, first person, knew these to men, that’s the clincher.

    Lkie Karen delaCarriere told me some 3 or 4 years ago, Marty in particular is DM’s factual nemesis.

    Marty was there, he’s been there, and litigants have to have a genuine claim that Marty can firsthand ethically support.

    Also Dan, to me, form my “intellectual” reading, I think LRH might have underestimated himself, and thought that should LRH and Scientology “go down” legally, in the early 1980s, that somehow that would “doom” Scientology core practice.

    I think the freezone and independents of the early 1980s, and the earlier “squirrels” already came to the right conclusions, about NOT having to have the “official” movement, in order to carry on doing Scientology.

    I see the controversies of Scientology history being just long term communication cycles, where the back and forth takes decades, for the receipt ends of the comm cycle to even digest the actual discussion points.

    At this time in history, the subject of Scientology is out there, it’s NOT gonna be EVER stomped out.

    The tech is out in the public domain, even like you Dan said, brilliantly in your early comments of several years ago.

    I think, in the bigger discussion of history of the Subject of Scientology, that LRH has done his duty, he’s gotten what he sorta wanted out, and people who want the tech, have the tech.

    LRH has “won” in that sense.

    In the official movement, to somehow keep the show going, well, LRH might have put too much emphasis on trying to protect his organized show.

    The tech is out, and people who know well how to do it, and calmly are doing it, are doing it, so that’s a win for those that love the tech and have gained from the tech, so that’s a done deal, win.

    People wanting to chase after the money that organized corporate Scientology has accumulated, to me, that’s a lower motivation, and even in outside human history, it’s a lower moral motivation, I couldn’t ever want to gain from the money stash official Scientology’s accumulated, that is NOT why I supported the whole organized organization which I believed was helping people get to OT (operating thetan, spiritually ever more capable and ever more free, even if LRH had to acknoweldge that we are limited in what we can do etc, etc., in our “forms” we speak and write using as we live our lives right this moment).

    I don’t get worried about the lower motivated persons. Even though I am an atheist, I still give my highest repsect for people who are NOT money motivated, I still have highest respect for nuns and brothers of the Catholic church for instance, and for the monks who forgo all material things (even though LRH for sure didn’t think that for official Scientology, forgoing money and the security it provides his legacy of tech, LRH did change many of the Scientology movement policies to ensure that enough money was made to ensure, for instance, that his legacy of tech got put into stainless steel plates and set aside, for the future, so the tech was not lost.)

    I took LRH literally, and find myself defending him, years, after my own beliefs in the soul have expired, only becuase of what I consider some of LRH’s reall long range thoughts about all he was doing, and to me, he was logical, he took his ideas to logical conclusions, otherwise why even order CST, approve of CST, and let his legacy be put in the stainless steel plates format for the LONG future.

    Ah Dan, I’d love to spend a week with you, if you could stand it.

    I’d like to rack your brains on compilations history, you and Russ Williams, someone has got to pry what you know out of your two heads, and get it down for history.


  98. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Since David Miscavige is surrounded by useless DB´s and has to do ALL the work by himself, it is no wonder that he is exhausted and confused. Give the poor guy a break!

  99. +10 Mike!

    There are many who don’t consider that the CoS, Scn Inc or Corp Scn is dead. The 4 points brought about and the alterations of “the usual” as compared to LRH’s “the usual” is the reason that this dead corpse cannot be revived – it has decayed beyond it’s recognizable self.

  100. At last: I hope this strange story doesnt turn into a fairgame PB

  101. Thanks so much.

    It’s hard to see so much of what LRH wrote, to be utterly cast aside as if what LRH ordered for top management, doesn’t even get any kind of lip service from DM.

    Just utterly unfathomable from an admin history (top management) point of view.

    And only the worst of the GO era seems to get Miscavige’s enthusiastic policy support.

  102. Fly on the wall

    Pierre Ethier is delivering OTIX? Yes, Only Pierre is capable of handling such upper level material. Just ask him and he will tell you. Lets stay tuned for more levels as Pierre develops them in the frozen north, or wherever his headquarters are currently located. Thanks for the laugh. Oh wait, I think I just “picked up” a message from the great one himself. Time to attest. Pierre, get a grip.

  103. Three stooges on LSD. So true. I wonder if to this day they have any reality on how absolutely idiotic they looked?

  104. I read The Psychopath Test a few months ago and found it to be scalar, empirically founded, and accurate in my lay opinion.

    You can run the test on anyone you want — DM, yourself, people at work, etc. I believe DM scores way up the scale in the direction of psychopath. Remember, (a) it’s not defamation if it is true and (b) public or prominent personages are not protected by defamation law in the way a private citizen would be. (That’s why you can bash the heck out of American presidents with no legal consequences as long as you stay within the red lines — don’t incite or advocate violence, breaking of laws, etc.)

  105. Maybe someone can make t-shirts saying “Bitter, defrocked apostate.”

  106. Would also lke to recommend “Without Conscience”, also by Hare, and the book that is seminal, “The Mask of Sanity” by Hervey Cleckley.

  107. Just to make it extremely clear. My statement was not in any way meant to disparage Debbie Cook. I have more than once stated my utmost respect for her in this forum. I feel that she deserves whatever settlement she got.

  108. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep, with an arrow pointing toward david’s photo -shopped,
    artificially tanned, best angle, exclusively approved, mug shot!

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    An “all powertful being” who operates simultaneously on
    the following tone scale levels:
    -1.0 punishing bodies……….) …( all tones proceeding
    -1.5 controlling bodies………)…..towards SUCCUMB!)
    -2.2 protecting bodies………)
    -3.0 owning bodies…………..)
    -3.5 approval from bodies…)
    -4.0 needing bodies…………)
    -8.0 hiding…………………….. )

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Chuck. Just another 2-bit dictator on his way to
    oblivion. What are the odds that NO ONE will miss him?

  111. “So far this “information” is being posted solely by anonymous sockpuppet identities with no supporting documentation whatsoever.

    Michael A. Hobson”

    ORLY? Dox or STFU, Mikey.

  112. Pingback: Scientologys Meisterspione – Teil 1 | Der Treffpunkt

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