You’re Damn Right We’ve Got The Blues

For those who haven’t followed the saga of the Scientology cult’s antics in our sleepy, beautiful home town of Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) Texas, I summed some of it up in an Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay.

I promised the folks of IOB that if the cult insanity escalated to the point where it was a threat to ruining this town, I would up and leave in a heart beat.

Well, the latest from David Miscavige’s Scientology dirty tricks and propaganda service has crossed that line.

In the past several weeks we have discovered and published evidence that Scientology Inc spent 90 thousand dollars on rent alone to lease a home facing mine, and outfitted it with high powered cameras focused into our home, The Rest of The Story – Scientology Inc Spies. 

After our exposure Miscavige’s terror squads upped the ante by placing mirror coverings on all windows of the 90 thousand dollar surveillance outpost.   That had a chilling effect on a number of local residents.  When that was exposed, Scientology Inc sent in a squad of “fishermen” who looked like they came out of the casting call for the movie “Deliverance.”   For several weeks they have yet to wet a hook, nor communicate with any locals.  Instead, they sit behind their mirrored windows of the surveillance house leering menacingly.

The head honcho of the crew refused to identify his employer nor even the identity of who leased the premises to his boys.   He claimed to have never heard the names of the leasee (Scientology PI Monte Drake who has committed to 3 more years in that home) or the owner of the home.   He threatened me with arrest if I did not get off his property.  He did make a big point though of pointing out the following decal on his truck and telling me how proud he was to be a Confederate:


I am not waiting for the cross burnings and whatever other snazzy PR tricks Miscavige has in store for IOB.   We are sad today to be leaving some of the finest people we have ever encountered.  We did not give advance notice to most because they would have convinced us to stay.  We are holding to our original promise.  The ‘church’ of Scientology has created a pall over one of the greatest little towns in the US.  And it is quite apparent there is only one way to remove it.  I am not going to try to dress up an ugly situation.  You are damn right we’ve got the blues.

UPDATE 11:20 CST 11/30/12:

Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times filed this report on the latest from Ingleside on the Bay Texas.

The local CBS affiliate Action 10 News broadcast this piece:  Action 10 Report

321 responses to “You’re Damn Right We’ve Got The Blues

  1. Doing the right thing ain’t always easy. I’m sorry, guys. 😦

  2. I wish you did not have to leave, but you know they will follow anywhere you go. Will you move around for the rest of your lives? I would not give DM the satisfaction of it. But I know you are doing what you feel is right for the people of the neighborhood you have lived in for so long. They have stood up for you many times and they would have continued to do so, because they know you are not the criminal in all this. DM is and every time he does something else to you he only shows his utter ignorance. For every thing he does to you is promptly reported to the world. Why he does not see that is beyond me, there will come a day when he will be behind bars (I hope soon). History shows that every criminal can only run and hide for so long….

  3. Damn, Marty. Bless you for having the courage to do the right thing by your neighbors, although I am sure they would have put up with a lot more.

  4. You are a heroes, Marty and Mosey. Good luck with the move. I hope it is a bigger space to fit all of your friends that want to visit!

  5. The cult’s hired inbred asshole’s Confederate flag threat against you and Mosey isn’t hard to translate — not hard at all. It hadn’t occurred to me the cult would go that low. Not in 2012. Color me blue, too. But I’m seeing red.

  6. Ancient Chinese Proverb – “When a wooden door closes an iron door opens.”
    David Miscavige has committed quite a problem with his “solutions.”

  7. Thats what integrity looks like Dave.

  8. Understandable tho sad. Change is good and keeps one young but one can also dislike it. Movin’ on….. home is where your heart is. Good wishes!

  9. DM and his band of flunky mercenaries have already failed. They are just overrunning a bad process. The city knows them, what they are doing, who they work for, why they do it, etc.

    Frankly, I say just keep on flourishing and prospering. The faux fishermen are such amateurs that they can be seen (and probably smelled) a mile away.

    Keep on freeing your PC’s Marty. The latent confederates will just keep runnin’ into a “stonewall”.

  10. Racist David Miscavige is racist. Tiny mind is tiny. Well that is a noble thing to do for your fellow citizins. Like a Phoenix from the asses you two will rise I am sure. I would almost say buy a “moblile” home and get this show on the road with some of Jim logan’s Biker buddies by your side.

    With admiration CD

  11. Marty, I suggest you move to Clearwater. Seriously. The closer to the Fort Harrison the better. Let Miscavige and Co. make asses out of themselves
    in their own back yard.

  12. Sorry to hear that.
    Stay tuned.

  13. Wow- I am so sorry to hear that. Boy, just when I thought my conviction was at an all time high, it has gone up mega notches- makes me want to go absolutely viral! If you need anything from me at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

  14. CommunicatorIC

    I know you are doing what you believe to be the right thing for your community and people you respect and care about. You are sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness, safety, security and well-being of others. I applaud you for that.

  15. Also, I wish you and Monique all the very best wherever you are. You give hope to so many and they love you for it. There are not enough people in this world like you both, and hopefully the example you set will continue to help people turn their lives back around. .

  16. A shit, Marty, that really is awful. Now Miscavige and Co might think that they won this round, but they have only succeeded in engendering even more disgust at their nasty little games and even nastier dispositions. (If that is actually possible) In reality, despite the upset and inconvenience, you and your lovely wife win again. You guys are admired and respected no matter what our philosophical and theological differences might be.

    I wish you all the best, and I have to say wish I could offer assistance. But for now my wishes and thoughts will have to suffice.

    Good luck, man.

    J. ,

  17. Marty and Mosey, I’m so sorry it’s come to this. But I admire you both for standing by your principles and doing what seems to be the greatest good for all concerned, even if it’s considerable inconvenience and expense. Vaya con Dios!

  18. Well, just keep making friends wherever you go!

    ARC and honesty work.

    The PI mock intimidation tactics are obsolete.

    DM gets a flunk on LRH’s point that LRH made on page 130 OEC volume 2, paragraph 5.

    “….patterns and policies, like our tech, grew better. Growing better, some of it became obsolete.”

    PI intimidation recoils, like all of the lying glutz PR that Karen Pouw is stuck doing like a broken record.

    Scientology’s GO era defensive tactics are obsolete.

    The outside world intuitively supports the attacked ex official members.

    You’ll be knee jerk supported by whatever public surrounds you, wherever you go!

  19. This really, really, really sucks. Sorry to hear it, Marty and Mosey. DM will spare no expense or black mark to the name of Scientology to distract you from getting off his overts. I wonder if he is giggling today like his gay CIA office boy character in the original EM 1, “Man: The Unfathomable.”

  20. I wish you the best, and whatever help I can give.

  21. Marty and Mosey – I’m so sorry to hear this. Instead of getting some peace you’ve just continued to be hounded.

    You’ve done so much to bring the indie field into some cohesion, for my money I’d say – go live your lives. Take a rest from this fight. You’ve set so much into motion and because of you so many people have deconstructed from the nightmare they were part of.

    The unraveling of Scn Inc has made enormous progress thanks to your unwavering sacrifices. I think we’ve all grown enormously because of your blog Marty.

    I believe this is a major pivot point – each of us using whatever tools we have, following whatever path we choose need to go forward in our lives, examine them closely, live productively and help others.

    Personally I believe it’s time to turn the flower outward, stand on our own 2 feet and create an atmosphere of love and hope in our own lives.

    And for you and Mosey, I wish for you a bountiful, peaceful and the best new year.

    Times are changing – what you have put in motion cannot be stopped. This is actually a worse nightmare for dm. Without you pushing against his energy, his own energy will completely recoil and engulf him. While it was stressful for him before, it’s going to be unbearable for him.

    With love,

  22. That really stinks, Marty; angry to think that the evil little shrimp has caused this. I know what it’s like to have a nice neighborhood ruined by criminals, but I understand how leaving can also be cause and pan-determined. Wishing you the best in your new home.

  23. IOB sounds like a great place. I hope you can find another great bunch of neighbors.

  24. Sorry to hear that, Marty and Mosey! Let me know if you need help in moving.

  25. fuckers!

  26. that is not cool. I’m sorry that you guys are being up rooted like this and have to give David a small win like this. We just went through a huge move and know what a hassel it can be. If there is anything you need let us know. I said I considered you a friend and I meant it. you have my number. best wishes Dylan.

  27. Don’t leave. It is your home.

  28. Hard to comment upon this … it is not like I have had to endure what you and Mosey have had to endure, but I can’t help but feel that maybe your neighbours are right, you should stay; it could be that what you are doing and how you have been handling yourselves are an inspiration to them; it sure is to the rest of us.

    Those ‘Deliverance’ characters will eventually leave, and if they are not CofSes, who knows, maybe they can even be enlightened.

    I can see your viewpoint, and it is you on the ground who has to make those evals, but I sure don’t like to see you go. DM knows what to do next time you light down; send the same crew again.

    He is scrapping the bottom of the barrel; he has no other cards to play.

  29. I’m so sorry to hear this. I wish there was something that could be done! How frustrated you both must feel. I’m not a Scientologist, ex-Scientologist or in any way affiliated with Scientology, just another person on the planet that has compassion for a fellow human being.
    I hope wherever you go, you find peace.
    I hope Miscavige and his minions get what’s coming to them.
    Good luck to you both…

  30. I know it could not have been an easy decision to leave a home you love and neighbors who have proven themselves to be not just allies but the best of what humanity has to offer. We will all miss Casablanca with its easy-going ambiance and relaxing Gulf Coast views.

    All that said, I can’t help but feel that any move you make will continue to take both of you a “little higher” because that is just the way you roll. There will be new adventures and new local friends to make with not an iota of loss of your network of friends around the world.

    You may not want to announce your new location just yet, but please let us know what help you can use. We can come pack boxes, cook a few meals while you and Mosey handle logistics, whatever you need.

    Proud to be a member of your posse.

  31. Marty and Mosey!
    Good Luck, …godspeed.
    Freshwater fishing is a real high too!
    “Muah” to you both (mostly Mosey cuz she is so much cuter than you Marty)…but anyway….I digress…
    Some of us degraded WOG beings from OU got yer back!!!

    We hope to see you both happy and healthy really soon!

  32. Well dang you guys, this is big news, and I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising, but it is sad it’s come to this. What a freak show Miscavige has put you guys through, unbelievable, and all bought and paid for in the name of protecting himself from Martians on every corner. Some religious leader – Miscavige – no, a termite’s asshole.

    Maybe you can find a few acres with a long private “No Trespassing” drive where what local folk there are, all own guns.

  33. That is such a shame. IOB is such a beautiful area and your home on the water is lovely. You both must be heartbroken.

  34. I will say it again:

    GOD DAMN IT, again & again

  35. If you’re moving I hope it’s to a place with a LOT of acreage. And I mean lots. And I hope it’s “posted” too along with a gate at the front. What would the dwarf do then; tell his PI’s to trespass? Not likely. They would risk getting shot.

    The more I think about this, the more I like it. You & Mosey should have a big roomy “cabin”, Texas style, outfitted with all modern conveniences. A lake out front for your fishing would be perfect. You could continue with your work and your PC’s could come & go. The dwarf might well find his ability to create an effect has been reduced to the that of a flea.

  36. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Dear Mosey & Marty,
    we also got the blues !!!!!
    Maybe more than that … we can just be a bit more blunt .. we are fucking pissed!
    You are showing with your action a deep respect and love for the town the stood strongly behind you.
    Nobody should ever pay this price!
    David MIscavige actions are so antiquated that show he is stuck heavy on the time track.
    Where? In a deep black stinking hole in where his soul perfectly matches the enviroment.

  37. I will never forget the great time I spend it at Casa Blanca, very peace full memories, after my auditing with you, I’m able to be me again. I’m sure your next house will be the same or better. My love to you and Mosey.

  38. Oh, no. 😦

  39. Very sorry for you.

  40. Awww…I am so sorry to hear this. I was so hoping I’d be able to visit ya all in the near future at Casablanca Tejas. Can’t wait until the next adventure begins when you arrive at your new outpost.

  41. Morgan Freeman in “Shawshank Redemption”: “Everybody’s got a breaking point”.

    While the evil prison manager (in that movie) and the little DeMon (in the all too real and yet surreal reality) might look at some battles won, you will, like Andy Dufree (I think was Tim Robbins name in the movie) win the war. Truth, justice and freedom will prevail.

  42. Sorry to hear it Marty. Of course you do realize that DM will simply continue the program wherever you move. Although a place with loads of land around it makes it more difficult for him to do his spying than a residential neighborhood.

    You are obviously effective and dangerous to DM. Take a win. Imagine how uncomfortable he is going to be when your new place doesn’t provide the 24/7 coverage he obsesses over. He may go nuts, ok maybe past nuts.

  43. Sorry to hear about the blues-inducing circumstances.

    Knowing you guys, you will turn it into a lemons into lemonade resolution.

  44. I’m hoping your next abode will be even more theta than current one.
    I’m hoping miscavige can’t get out of the lease he’s signed.
    I’m hoping others take up some of the lines in exposing miscavige’s crimes so you and yours can enjoy a little respite, or more delivery, whichever you prefer.
    I’m also hoping that at least ten more good delivery centers will be established over the next year so we have lots of people set up to help those who cognite and escape miscavige’s death camp/implant station.

    All the tech anyone needs to make it as far as they wish to go, is freely available to anyone who wishes to make the journey.

  45. Good Luck you two, I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavor to follow your beliefs. To follow them without the self proclaimed “OWNER” of the belief trying to drag you down.

    BTW? how does someone become the ‘owner’ of a belief system ??

    Marty and Mo, where ever you two go Miscavige and his minions will be there. They will not give up, and I hope against all odds that YOU MARTY, will NEVER, EVER accept a “settlement” from the “duke” and his over-paid legal teams.
    Marty, you know much MUCH more than most of the remaining “blown” EX Sea-Org executives that have spoken out know, and therefor it is vital that you STAY the course !! There will come a day (someday soon) when your testimony will be told to the world !! In an open court of law right here in the good old USA. It will happen Marty ONLY if you stay resolute to your convictions !!!

    And Davey Boy will have to, at the very least, he will have to show up in the court room, but if Davey is being Davey, my bet is he is Working on his testimony at this very moment, or better yet, it has been written for a year or more !!!
    It WILL happen Marty, there will be NO settlement, and the “duke” will go screaming into his compound and devour 30 yr. old scotch until he vomits a river of FAILURE all over Gold Base !!!

  46. Confederate flag? That makes my skin crawl. I am so outraged on behalf of you and Monique, Marty. That kind of redneck shit makes a place very unpleasant to live. Kudos to you both for keeping your word, I’m sure it stings a lot to pull up stakes and move. Still, I have no doubt you two will make the very best of this!

  47. That’s real sad Marty.
    Dm is the lowest of the low.
    The only silver lining is that it will make them waste even more money reconfiguring all of their suppressive machinery.

    How about getting an apartment in a secure building?

  48. Well crap. Marty, you and Mosey will do well wherever you move to. I think it’s very honorable of you to stand true to your promise to the folks of IOB.

  49. Marty and Mosey, Sorry to hear you are moving under these circumstances, but know you will embrace the change as a wonderful adventure.

    Let me know if you need trucks and trailers to help with the move, you know what I have and you are welcome to it if it can assist in your move. We could set up a pretty impressive convoy.

    Don’t be rude now, let your Texas neighbors lend a hand in your move … nothing like getting it done and sitting on the tail gates afterwards drinking some beers.

  50. Hi Marty, Sorry to hear about this. Possibly you should consider a place in a more remote or rural area where there are no vacant houses or public roads in sight. Not only would the rent be cheaper, but you’d could easily defeat efforts to “get close” to you. However, I wouldn’t rely on a few trees alone since in Tarpon Springs they just cut them down.

  51. Yes sometime doing the right thing is not fun or easy. But once again you and Mosey show how more worthy you are than Miscavige and the goon squad. In his dramatization of his insane desire to destroy anyone who dares to expose his insane destructive dramatizations, Miscavige cares not one whit for the enturbulation he is producing in the environment of so many good people. Scientology is supposed to disenturbulate people and environments, but all Miscavige ever does is enturbulate people and environments. Miscavige: the sickness spreads.

  52. I agree wth Ronnie.
    However, the end of one cycle is the beginning of the next, with a little planning I’m sure something good will come out of it. Miscavige is predictable, that is a liability in any man’s war.


    Marty, I am not going to say I am sorry because I know you are no victim. The harassment is because you are successful in getting the word out about the CoS and Miscavige, and because you are inspiring Scientologists to take back their lives by going independent. There is no joy tonight in the CoS because you are moving. There is fear and anxiety because you are no longer a visible, physical target, and they don’t know what you are going to do next. The more unpredictable you are, the more they worry. They are consistent, which is the hobgoblin of little minds, you are not. We all support you, thank you for what you do.

  54. Ah, now the redneck goons wont be getting paid for sitting around and the cult will have to continue to pay for a empty house on IOB for another 2 years. Boo-hoo.
    I hope you’re moving because you have already found a great place, with land and/or a long private drive which will allow you to have guests in private and go about your life without cameras trained on you 24/7.

  55. “Confederate flag?” Would have been more appropriate to see a hammer and sickle or a swastika.

  56. Master Mariner

    Marty, the adventure continues. How about a 300 acre ranch as well as a high rise condo in clearwarter(with no empty units on either side or above or below.) Or maybee just rent the condo. Either way, DM will be pulling in a great big fat motivator. And what does Sugar Ray think about violations to a persons civil liberties.

  57. Marty, I am so sorry that the Corporation of Scientology was allowed to enact revenge on you in this way. For Miscavige’s own perverted pleasure at that.

    This country is supposed to be the pinnacle of the free world and yet they are allowing a fascist organization like this to operate on their own soil. Even more disturbing is that not only have they corrupted the justice system, but they have usurped the police force and supplanted their salary with one from the church.

    I hope you find a nice place to settle and I hope you can live out the rest of your days in peace away from your church. I hope that one day you can get the justice system to extend the same protection of religious freedom to you that they do to the corporation of Scientology.

    This is disgusting that they were allowed to do this to you and your beautiful and wonderful wife who has nothing had nothing to do with the Corporation at all.

  58. Oh hell Mosey and Marty, if you ever need a way station, you can always knock on our door.

    Note to Dwarf: It’s over!

  59. M&M, Sorry to see you guys have to go through the hassle of a move. I don’t have much right now but sent a donation to you to help with the costs.

  60. From Red Vol. 1 p 293
    “There could be no creation without destruction; as one must eradicate the tenement before building the apartment house, so, in the material universe, must destruction and creation be intermingled. A good action could be said to be one which accomplished the maximal construction with minimal destruction; a bad action could be said to be one which accomplished minimal construction with maximal destruction.”

  61. See if Greg & Debra Barnes will put you up?

  62. Wherever you guys go, everybody around will be lucky to have you. Why not come to Canada?

  63. The Mighty Casa Blanca in Tejas still stands as a bastion of freedom and love. Next is a large boat where you can be fabian just like someone near and dear to us once did. Meantime, one of my favorites for this occasion:

  64. Or an S and double triangle?

  65. Besides, Fritz thinks Chiquita is the cutest thing south of the border!

  66. I’m all for that Mat! We could have loads of fun here!

  67. I have a feeling you will find a better location where the little emperor will have a hard time being a pest for you and your new neighbors. It the mean time, I’m sure his insanity will only get worse waiting for you to reemerge. He’ll have to turn his attention back to his dieing organization.

  68. Sorry to hear you have to move but I totally understand why you’d need to. Your commitment to your personal integrity is heart-warming, to say the least.

    I’m sure wherever you go, you’ll find the locals more than welcoming. You two are good folk and even the Cancerous Little Gnome Hisself recognizes that 🙂

    How about a houseboat? Fishing every day and you can move whenever you want.

    And DM would have to start buying submarines for “His” PIs to follow you. 😀

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Okay, Marty, so your decision is made! Thank you!

    It so happens my wife and I went through a similar situation some 4 years back. We wet to war with an apartment owner who was
    determined to make our lives a living hell. in order to drive us out
    of the complex. The plan was to create havoc and upset among
    settled residents, causing them to sell up and vacate. The units
    were then bought up by this ruthless opportunist, who then made
    sure to install tenants from hell, to force yet more to sell up and
    move. This cycle continued, as the antagonist had the unlimited
    funds of a ruthless power based religious group at their disposal.

    As Scientologists, it was quite simple to assess the dynamics of
    the operation and it’s operatives. Although it was quite disturbing
    to see the extent of the ruthlessness applied, we, in particular,
    were singled out for special attention! Yep, the orchestrated 3pty
    tactics and the spying and dirty tricks campaign.

    Why?Because we dared to expose their scheme, and fought back
    with everything we had! Because, like you, we were happy and
    settled in our residence. You can imagine trying to live below
    tenants who were deliberately selected to drive us out. That’s
    impossible to fight, when they have the encouragement and
    backing of the above ruthlessness.

    Long story shortened, we went on a home hunting spree with
    a “shopping list” of 21 specific requirements. After intense
    searching for six months, we came up with a choice that scored
    18 out of 21, so SETTLED on that, and although not perfect,
    we have managed to eradicate similar threats to our peace of
    mind from re-entrenching themselves from our midst for now.

    Totally with you and Mosey on your decision, and trust you will /
    have also done your homework, on a suitable, stable residence
    with built in safe guards, such as enough “counter-menacing”
    measures, or other assurances, that can help engender, a more
    stress free place to live, work, flourish and prosper.

    A clear cut “shopping list” for that “operating sanctuary”, would
    be a very good place to start, IMHO.

    All the very, very best, with your move! more Strength to you!

  70. Not much of a lawyer, but isn’t a restraining order against the church’s employees an option? They could keep sending people that deny a connection, but all it takes is for one to flip and they would have proof the restraining order was willfully violated.

  71. One of those who see

    Home will be wherever you and Mosey are together. I am confident you have figured out a place which makes it much more difficult for miscavige to harass you. It is very theta that you are taking care of the town you love. All the best in your new home.

    To: david miscavige ( I won’t honor you with capital letters) – you have lost already. Just some more time will go by and some more doingness. You are in the 2 1/2% minority. Must feel lonely. Realize at any point here you can stop the continuous overts and things will start to get better for you.

  72. M&M, The home you are leaving should be turned into a museum so people could see where the committee of evidence on David Miscavige began. Perhaps one day it will, at the same time the Int Base has been turned into a holocaust museum.

    I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief you will make some distance between yourself and David’s “House of Spies”, across the street . I can’t imagine having the calm and reserve and presence you two possessed, during this 27/7 stalking by David Miscavige.

    Will send out something soon to help with moving expenses. I know others will chip in too. On some level we all lived there with you through this noisy investigation while you two took all of that heat, helped to bail out Debbie Cook, the Headly’s , Daniel Montalvo and orchstrated JB’s escape from the Int Base and Daniel’s release from two prisons.

  73. Amen!

  74. I’m moving to your table.

  75. Sorry to hear this. Damn fine tune, though.


  76. Path of Buddha

    Marty and Mosey
    You will earn merit from your wholesome action. Your good Karma will
    increase because of your integrity. Miscavige will sink lower.
    If you are in South Florida, please contact us. We have vacant land
    which you can use for free.
    George M. White

  77. I hope you stay in TX Marty and Monique. I know we can’t understand the torment you’ve continually endured for such a long time and I pray your move brings you some peace at last. Honestly I’m pretty sure I’d be in jail by now had I experienced what you’ve endured and typically I am a harmless fluff chick, I admire your strength; both of you!

  78. I loved the quote from American Philosopher Henry David Thoreau :
    The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it
    Only walking in Marty and Money’s shoes, with their paradigm and their endurance can know what they have lived through. An outsider who hasn’t loved though it, could not call it.
    Miscavige with his Karma will pay for it in the amount of LIfe and blow back when chickens come home to roost.
    I can feel Mosey’s sadness at having to leave behind the wild birds she has been feeding who consider her another MOM.
    There will be more birds at your new location dear Mosey. The ebb and flow of life and livingness. Lots of Bright blessings !

  79. Having Marty and Mosey move to CW would follow the typical Miscavige footbullet pattern.

  80. Forever Lurker

    I’ve thought for a long time what I’d do if I were being harassed like you. I’d get thick-walled condominium (or apartment) in a high rise with a gated underground garage and security (or doorman) at the front door. Make sure to get up high with a view. Hard to do surveillance on upper floors without being obvious and breaking a lot of laws. Most “curiosity seekers” would be sent packing by the doorman or security. How famous achieve privacy away from crowds . . . high up.

    Do your business at a leased small office space in a high rise business building with front door security. Same deal. Your clients can come and go with freedom and anonymity.

    Gated community . . . well you can always call 911 and have trespasser cars harassed by the police. Or turned away at the gate.

    I believe Joe Fesbach bought into a reasonably priced high-rise unit with security in Austin when he left California for brighter pastures presumably.

    Peace and comfort comes in many price ranges.

    Good luck.

  81. God I hate moving, but you always get rid of excess baggage in the process, it’s like a cleansing of sorts! Some of that excess baggage will follow you but hopefully whereever you land that excess baggage will have a hard time getting close!

  82. I am sorry to hear this news as it is wrong on so many levels.
    I am also sure that Marty and Mosey will move on to make the best of it and turn it into an opportunity to create an even brighter future…I think that is a given.
    But what seems silly to me is to think that David Miscavige is sitting there thinking of this as a “win”… is this really the purpose of Scientology? Is this really contributing to creating a world without insanity, without criminality, without war? Is all the money and time spent on this “product” really contributing to more sanity and theta on this planet? I think not…how pathetic.
    I vote for opening the door to a new and better adventure for the Rathbun family.

  83. 😦 protection around you

  84. Marty, you have spat in the devils eye so long and so hard I think you deserve a break. Also I think that moving will have a huge upside for you. Your current home has much to recommend it, but it is wide open and does not even have a garage so visitors can arrive and leave in privacy. As the leader of the free Scientologists, I think you deserve a location that has the beauty you enjoy and the security you deserve. Make the midget fly over in a helicopter if he wants to get a glimpse of you and your guests through the trees. Have a place with a private garage, lots of tree cover, double glazed windows and several ways in and out and no close neighboors. There are lots of places in Texas on several acres of wooded land sitting out on lonely country roads where PIs would stand out like sore thumbs and be easy to move along, kind of like lost cattle. Most Texans take privacy almost as seriously as their guns. Some of those places are even on lakes or close to lakes. Visitors could come in and out in tinted glass rentals and all PIs would see is an uplifted finger through the dark glass. DM would have to buy a multi-million dollar ranch and build an million dollar observation tower on it- like the Dark Lord Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. I think we should start an Indy project to find Marty the perfect the retreat with plenty of room for gatherings, several auditing rooms, etc. A sort of bastion of freedom.

  85. Marty & Mosey: How about a lovely 33ft Yacht, sleeps plenty, fully restored with twin 350s, Cook Xmas dinner in the Gally, fresh water cooled engines, enclosed pilot house plus flybridge station up top, to be as mobile, fabian, comfortable and happy as you like, for as long as you might require it – @ no charge to you and your family. Kids, dogs, PCs, Students and X SO welcome.

    Say the word and we’ll put our heads together, get some nice fresh bottom paint on her and you two set sail on your next great adventure. Hell – your PCs can meet you in any port. Let’s see how good DM’s PIs are in the blackness of night in 100 feet of water on the Gulf, when you have 540 Horsepower and can appear and disappear at will.

    And fishing – need I say more?

  86. Indie-saurus-rex

    Marty’s a smart man. Whatever community he moves to next will have been thoughtfully decided upon and I’m sure of some strategic significance. I can’t see him freeing one set of neighbours of the evils of Scientology Inc., just to overlay them on another.

  87. We love it here! There are more Independents than Corporate Scientologists….

  88. Of course you could always buy or rent a place opposite where Miscaviage is residing and buy a shit load of cameras and mirrors and duplicate the action. Its called a return flow. might just drive him over the edge. Fanciful thinking I known. Better to flourish and prosper like crazy and deliver like crazy, Make more free beings. After all that is exactly what Miscavige does NOT want.

  89. Benjamin Cisco

    What Chuck said way above. Keep making friends wherever you go and your neighbors will support you. Hope your next place is a bit more private so the goons can’t set up shop and do their spying. Best of luck and warm wishes to you both.

  90. “I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new” – Jules Verne

    Gosh I’m glad I was able to visit ya’ll there. It is such a beautiful place so there will be lots to miss. I’m guessing figuring out a way to get those breakfast burritos air expressed to you from that little shop in town might not be at the top of your list right now, but a worthy challenge it might be…I’m just sayin’. 🙂

    Safe travels, Doug

  91. Michael Fairman

    Dear Marty and Mosey
    When I first met you in August of 2010, I knew in the first five minutes that what the church, aka Miscavige, was saying about you were lies. During the two visits to your home and other subsequent meetings, along with your almost daily blog posts you both have revealed yourselves as people of extraordinary character and purpose – rare people whom it has been my honor to know. This move is yet another expression of who you are. You will find peace from this abominable evil because of the goodness that is in you. Safe journey to wherever you are headed and until we meet again, you are in my thoughts.

    Your friend, Michael

  92. Marty, Would you like us to guess where you are going to go?

  93. Marty and Mosey,

    You’re probably too busy to reply at this point, but anyone can fill me in on the questions I have:

    I was born in Denmark and lived there until 1987 when I moved to the USA. So Denmark 60s and 70s (which I lived through) was trying to get on with life after the German (Nazi) engram endured from 40-45. The symbol of that was the Swastika. It was made clear to me in my early education that the Nazi-swastika was to be differentiated from the German people that we should have no problem having friendly relations with.

    So, I come to the US in 1987 and try to understand everything about my new country. I live in California for years. My education consists of the media and people I associate with. For some reason or another I come to understand that Americans live with the Confederate Flag in the same way the Danish live with the Swastika: It symbolizes something so ugly that there is no reason to bring it up other than for historical reasons to explain how cultures can go off the rails. So, it was absolutely culture shock when I went to a trade show in Gatlinburg, TN in 2005 and saw the Confederate Flag displayed as an affectionate “tribute to the South” all over the place. I took it up with people from the region to try to understand. They repeatedly told me that it was not a slap in the face to black people, but a pride in Southern hospitality culture, as opposed to snobbish and elitist Hollywood/New York culture. I can go along with that but I must admit that I prefer the California culture where we try to not step on each other’s feet and try the very best we can to get along with one another.

    Mosey, you being the black person from Texas, and I being the naive Danish person, still trying to understand my new country: Does that Confederate Flag symbolize something so ugly that you asked your husband to take you to a safer place, or is this just one of many reasons that made you decide to move to another place?

    You need to know that I and my husband have your backs. You have our email addresses. We’ll do almost anything to help you out. You just have to ask.

  94. Come to OKC Marty, it will be so. I hated to think of you leaving IotB, the ppl sounded awesome.

    Here was my thought on the PIs, and then Marty moving…….

  95. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Marty and Mosey,

    You guys are Fabian…. hehehe! Good move Marty… locating matter and energy in the place and time You Guys want is self determinism….! The people are gonna know wherever you go! I bet you have planned things already and is gonna be a great move!

  96. That sounds good Mat, an added bonus would be that our kool-aid drinking relatives would see that I was telling them the truth about Miscavige and the C of S.

  97. Les, the symbology behind that gesture of showing Marty the Confederate Flag sticker has a deeper and more sinister meaning and ramifications than either of the two that you mention.

  98. Wonderful and heartfelt sentiments, Michael. Well said.

  99. Yea! Lets all move back to CW! Maybe take over the Edgewater condo building overlooking FLB.

  100. Racism, sexism, gender discrimination and religious intolerance serve to make others nothing more than bodies, when we are so much more than that.

    If you can figure out why it’s not ok to make people be bodies, you’ll have your answer.

  101. I’m sure you have matters well in hand Marty, but I’d like to let you know anyway that you could come and stay with us in a hot second if the need ever arose.

    We love you and Mosey and appreciate beyond words what you are doing for us and the rest of mankind.

  102. Being Canadian, I probably need further edification on that one:)

  103. Man, sorry to see you guys go from Ingleside on the Bay. Your right about it being a great little community, texans with big hearts, always with a smile or a wave of a friendly hand. When I hung out with you guys for that week this year, I really kind a fell for the place too. I was looking forward to spending another week there next year for another round of standard tech but I guess it will have to be in another place. I know that it was a hard decision for you and Monique to make but you it shows you are being considerate and thinking more of your neighbors than yourselves. Something that never crosses the cultish minds of DM’s slaves and paid PIs. Wherever you guys end up, I know you will make it Rain, man.

  104. P.S. Louisiana’s got some fine fishing… Sportsman’s Paradise and all.

  105. A move to Clearwater would be just great man, in your face Davy boy!
    It would be very very interesting and get the job done much faster. You would have lots of help too.

  106. Can you sue CoS, Inc. for harassment, civil rights violations, moving expenses, etc.? Perhaps a a class action suit by OIB for destruction of quality of life?

    I’m sorry to hear you are leaving unless you have a destination where you and your wonderful wife have a shot at greater peace and security. Best wishes to you both.

  107. Marty… you guys got to do what you got to do. Best wishes to you and Mosey. CW sounds like a good move. NM might scare them more. But it’s your life and your decision. All the best — Pete

  108. Exactly!

  109. I could be very wrong about this, But I do not think Mosey is from Texas as you state. The “slap in her face” was the spooky white messenger from David Miscavige knocking on her door investigating her about learning in her own home! This woman comes across like an actress in a horror movie playing a phsycopath! Do you think she could get away with this kind of harassment up North? Someone would have whipped her ass down those stairs and around the block! They MUST have coached her first, on how to come off as an oppressive, snooty, snotty, ser facy, uppity, which hunting , repelling little bitch. One that would push ANYBODY’s buttons just being what she was!

    Then of course, Mosey had to watch Marty lead away in handcuffs. THAT was a slap in the face!

    “We’ll do almost anything to help you out. You just have to ask.”

    Maybe they don’t want to have to ask. Can I ask for them? The donate button is at the top of page.

  110. The Confederacy kept imported African people as *slaves* and fought a war with the Northern Union to assert their “right” to do so. For the white supremacy crowd KKK-wannabe crowd, it means the “the South Shall rise again” and reflects the evil intention to once again enslave black people.

    The KKK and their ilk beat and even murdered mix-race couples during their time of power, so that little flag and that “proud to be a Confederate” line represents a more or less direct threat of violence against Mosey in particular.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  111. Sorry, I posted the second video wrong link.

  112. Li'll bit of stuff

    Brian, you speak sooth. Just look at what can be done when
    like minded people of high intelligence, character & courage
    can do when they bind together as a self protecting group,
    ie the Jews in Israel. We have seen similar suggestions made
    on this blog, for the same symbiotic purpose.
    As you say……………… around you………………….

  113. Tony,
    The nauseating ooze that is exuded from Miscavige and Co. could probably leech its way into even a secure apartment and foul it with Miscavige stench. …A nice circle of wagons, campfires and enemies who actually fought bravely seems a pleasant thought right now.

    Marty, I respect what you’re doing and have no doubt it has been well evaluated. My evaluation is that it’s time for all of us who love/hate moving days to help get you back to work however we can. The least I can do is kick in for some moving day pizza. Tony, I’ll bet you’re already on it, or will be, for a gallon or two of gas. And a Rainier, or two.

    Anyone with energy to flow, don’t ask, just do it. Button at the top.

  114. Bodil, if you Google the Confederate flag, you will find quite an argument on its meaning…even different meanings in different parts of the United States.

  115. There are fine people all over this great country, and all over the world. I’m just some guy; I am not a Scientologist and I do not know Marty. However, having read his blog for some time, he’s a smart guy, and it strikes me that he would not just pack up and leave unless he had some strategy in mind behind it. I think there is a Sun Tzu reference that is apropos, but sadly I cannot think of it this close to bedtime. I would wish Marty good luck, but he doesn’t need it.

  116. Paddleboats?

  117. Dear Marty and Mosey,
    I have never met you but I feel as if I know you a little bit through this blog. You are strong and you are very kind people. Drawing the SPs away from the little island of peace you found on the coast of Tejas is a kind thing to do for the wonderful people there. I think that you have also been doing this for all Independent Scientologists in a way. I can feel that it is a sad thing for you-all to have to leave. Probably the midget will try to follow you in his volkswagen full of clowns, but I think that he has more than one flat tire and people are getting sick and tired of his act. So, good job on that!

    Your kindness will return to you 1000-fold wherever you go. Peace.

  118. Marty and Mosey,

    Wherever you go us “villagers” will be there and have your backs.

    Remember that a “Static” needs change to survive on this planet.

    Love and ARC,

    P.S. Someday soon you’ll be back to the Hacienda Tejas!

  119. I’m so sorry that you and Mosey are moving. Just from videos and pictures I have a “home” in IOB also-who can forget the carwash video.This is the place where a major movement started. DM may miss it too-he spent enough money there. I think he’ll mainly miss it as I’m sure you will make sure he can’t get to you like he could here-for that I’m happy.

  120. Damn, Miscavige must be doing his little victory dance. Still it’s a small victory for a huge effort.

  121. Read up on the motivations behind the American Civil War and you’ll soon get the picture. It regards the subject of a book entitled, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, Written by Himself”.

    It is a profound treatise on the evils of slavery and the unconquerable sprit of a man who changed the country he grew to love, forever.

  122. Well said Michael. You are in my thoughts as well. Your courage is a Freedom Medal Award. You are light years beyond Tom Cruise.

  123. And your wife is in better condition than him too! Very touched by her causes on Facebook!

  124. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Exactly! And what is David Miscavige and his minions causing? Maximal destruction with minimal construction! For millions of parishioners´ money. Like every other dictator he will be put down in the end. The whole world is watching him caught in his own net, shaking their heads in disbelief.

    I´m very sorry you have reached the conclusion you have, Marty. But I fully understand your decision. I hope you have singled out a much better place, where Miscavige´s stalking and spying and harassment is much more difficult. I wish you two the best! And I hope you carry your project through till the end. The world will be a better place for everyone without David Miscavige and his evil and corrupt and criminal Scientology Inc!

  125. Tory Christman

    The Barnes are no longer married and neither live in Clearwater, Fl,FYI. Sorry to hear this, Marty and Mosey. I say COME TO LA! There are *tons* of Ex-Members here and MANY MANY “Under the radar” just waiting for someone to help POP them out. I say it’s TIME. It’s POPPIN TIME>>>AND there are PLENTY of us to help. Davey boy will have a heart attack, as he should! Come on home, and let’s get this party started!
    Love to ALL and Happy December!! Tory/Magoo

  126. Anna: “Do you have some official academy”?

    (Because I am all the way up the bridge yet my tone level is at SYMBOLS and needing “officiality”. )

    O.K. so , “Officials” “Official” is a hot button here. Who the hell at the base is handling this madness? Scientology is off the cloud of “Officials” otherwise Hubbard would have sucked up to the American Medical Association! Here is Anna seeking “official” licenses. Why the hell isn’t this person working for the Farm and Game commission ensuring people have a fishing license? This is a product. O.K.?

  127. Well, it sucks to have to move, but of course, I understand why. Not sure where you are going to, but I am sure it will be bigger and better situated to deliver. So, while Mr. David Miscavige may currently think he won a victory, in fact I know this will accelerate his demise.

    But I, for one, will miss the videos of you guys fishin’ off the dock 😉

    Good luck on your move, and may it be as painless as possible.


  128. Bodil,
    I am not answering for Mosey, and she will have her own personal response from her perspective. However, I would like to respond to your comments in a way that may help you to understand why you will find some people proud of the Confederate flag and cherishing their heritage as southern confederates.

    The Confederate flag has layers of meaning and symbolism to various groups of Americans, depending on context. The context Marty refers to here is palpably sinister, suggesting what a dangling noose might mean to a person with black African ancestry (direct threat). I say this considering the way Marty described the guys (characters out of the movie Deliverance) and their ostensible mission to intimidate Marty and Mosey in a way that the most racist elements of the Confederate south did rather openly in previous decades/centuries. In this context, the Confederate flag also highlights the inner intentions of David Miscavige’s psychopathic/SP personality as described by LRH and by non-Scientologist authors/writers referenced on this blog. The goon who parades with the flag on his truck may or may not understand all the layers of insinuation in this charade, but most of us get it, I’d say.

    In a different context the Confederate flag represents “The Rebel.” This context is seen by some Americans as noble. A Rebel in this sense is a person who more or less says “Up yours! I am not beholden to you, big government! I’m a free person, and I don’t accept you or your meddling and oppression.”

    Slavery was not the only topic of the American Civil war of the 1860s, “States Rights” was a significant element – actually the dominant issue at the time. States Rights refers to the Constitutional rights of the individual States of the United States to manage their own affairs. States of the South wanted to secede from the Union because they didn’t like the federal government intervention, and the confederate states felt they had the right to secede under the constitution. Slavery was one issue, but there were other economic and social issues that southerners were rebelling against as the US Federal Government grew stronger. (Originally the federal government was less powerful than the States and it only had limited delegated powers). Many southerners felt the federal government had assumed too much power – far more power than was delegated under the Constitution.

    Today many people in the USA feel the US government has assumed way too much power, that government has become a bully, and that it has usurped powers and liberties of the people and States. The Rebel and Confederate flag in this sense stands for opposition to bullying by big government and could be said to stand for good. Personally, I can empathize with this notion, but I find waving of the Confederate Flag , considering its dual sinister symbolism, at best insensitive.

    Interestingly, as mentioned before on this blog, Texas was the one state which retained its “right” to secede when the confederacy surrendered at the end of the Civil War, and it retained a right to keep its own Navy – so I understand. Texas was too big to control. Also, while Texas was confederate, it was was also very divided as regards the slavery issue. Many Texans very strongly against it; many Texans fought on the Union side, but Texas was also very pro States Rights.

    I am sure a Southerner with confederate heritage could add to this, but that’s my stab at helping you understand some of the multiple meanings of the Confederate flag.

  129. Marty and Mosey, you have friends everywhere . I can feel the loss leaving this little paradisiac village. Your decision is for the better good and at one point the whole thing is over (Co$) and who said you never can go back if you wish so. Me, used to change locations very often, found on every new place good people and situations and I would have missed something to not know / experienced them/ it .
    It´s a new advanture you are going to have. Love and all my best wishes are with you.

  130. Anna: : “I just wanted to get some information from you”.


    She was not there to get information, she was there to ser fac and enturbulate! . False report, SHE shows UP in a lower condition of ENEMY . It is HER condition NOT Moseys. False report = doubt or treason or whatever funky according to Hubbard.

    She might as well have laid down on the porch and screamed, ” FUCK PURPOSE! Even though it is all the way up on the Admin scale! I have been wholly swollen by POLICY. All the way down the Admin scale. David has made POLICY senior to PURPOSE in his twisted way and I was so so fucking stupid I laid down and spread my legs in total agreement.”

    How ugly. Let’s talk about aesthetics, this is just ugly. If ever you saw UGLY it is right here on this video with this creature. This is as ugly as it gets. A Scientologist knocking on someone’s door to enforce POLICY as senior to PURPOSE. This is a Wal Mart Scientologist. This is David, producing Wal Mart Scientologists! But tripping them up shortly up the bridge with Tiffany requests for membership! He is brilliant at figuring out a way that some percentage loses!

  131. Gern Gaschoen

    Bummer. I was really looking forward to going fishing with Marty and Mike one day. Too bad, guys .. but look at it this way: you’ve got a chance to make a really good move now. I agree with the others – you should move to Clearwater. 😉

  132. Gern Gaschoen

    I firmly believe that DM is dramatizing case for levels he has not yet attained, and that this is, fundamentally, the C/S for his case. His Officership at RTC means he’s been able to freely parse all materials on the subject, and in such capacity I believe he has HUGE Misunderstoods on the materials.

    No Leader of Scientology should have a single Withold. Get out there, show us how your course-room works, Miscavige, 24-hours a day, live 100%.

    I bet there are few functioning course-rooms at Int these days.

  133. Gern Gaschoen

    Oh .. and yeah, of course, by ‘should’ I mean: in my Universe it would be a tremendous thing. Your Universe, of course, is something I’m very glad you are sharing with us, and I hope in your comfy new pad(s), Mosey and yourself have a grand old time of prosperity and expansion. Please though, just because the cameras are not across the street no more, let us still nevertheless, your Public, be informed. More fishin’ pics and such!

  134. I am so sorry for this. With the many friends you have, I trust you will find a new safe spot, where DM cannot spy on you. Shame on the authorities of IOB that did not protect their good citizens!
    Some day it will all end, I’m sure of that.

  135. Your sadness makes me sad as well. Very very sorry to hear of this. But knowing you, you will turn this into a positive, strategic move.

  136. Joe Pendleton

    LA is a great idea. Right in the heart of the COS’ empire and one of the media centers of the world. Can you imagine Miscavige & Co making waves in LA??????

  137. Theo Sismanides

    On second thought, Marty and Mosey should come to Greece….!!! Hahahaha! No surveillance, nice weather, ok, winter is a bit cold but the summers and spring are awesome… Then we do conventions on the islands, hahahaha and… and Marty… we hire a boat guys and sail the Mediterranean and deliver onboard….. Hahahaha, I said it… Actually it’s my postulate that a Corps of Higher Intelligence Beings will sail the Mediterranean and deliver Higher Levels of Scientology to the people of Earth. Hehehe…. Let’s see more offers, guys!!!!

    Marty and Mosey, jokes aside I know you will be more than welcome, more than welcome anywhere you would like to go….

  138. Joe Pendleton

    I hope y’all realize that forcing Marty and Mosey to leave their home is not only not any kind of a victory for Miscavige & Co, it is a huge, HUGE defeat. This is exactly what I was talking about in my post of a week or so ago. These are exactly the kinds of overts that will topple the chairman of the bored (not a typo). This kind of overt/terror campaign/harassment has now resulted in thousands, tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands? (pick your own order of magnitutde) of folks down Texas way and in other environs who have a COMPLETELY negative view of the CoS and Scientology. If this story goes viral – a church forcing people to leave their home as a result of harassment – there will be tons MORE bad publicity. Miscavige is destroying himself and his church. WHO is going to decide to join this “church”? If there were in fact any administrators in the CoS who have had actual lasting case gain or who have actual knowledge of management and PR (and I now happen to think there are neither), they would depose Dave IMMEDIATELY in an Urgent Directive just to SAVE THEIR OWN CHURCH (which I don’t particularly want to happen as I don’t think the CoS should be saved). OSA – are you reading this? If you REALLY wanted to do something positive for your church, you would consider me a FRIEND and read this message again and ACTUALLY defend and save your church by reforming it immediately (and I hope you don’t and don’t think you have the smarts or the guts or the confront to do so, nor do I think any of you are actually Operating Thetans). Again, my point is ANOTHER huge defeat for Davey and the CoS – you’ve lost another round.

  139. It would probably be something like letting your enemy thing he has scored a victory before you drop the hammer. I wouldnt want to play chess against Marty.

  140. Joe Pendleton

    Marty & Mosey – I know you know this, but let it be said again – you have tons of friends who will protect you, love you, help you and gladly offer you their affinity and care no matter where you are or where you go or what you need.

  141. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow Poet, generous in the extreme, kudo’s to you!
    This is a great reflection on just how high in regard, the Indies
    feel toward the welfare of our courageous host,Marty & his
    wonderful wife Mosey! At the end of the day, I think all of us
    here really feel strongly about the concept of EXCHANGE!
    and M & M have selflessly given of themselves, for too long!

    We are a gung-ho group, It’s time to H-E-L-P! (anywhichway!))


  142. Victory? Now he starts from scratch again and Marty knows the playbook so will proof himself up against the nonsense for his own and his neighbors sake. Miscavige had Marty until total surveilance and has now blown it. But your right, he mistakenly is dancing a victory jig because he cannot appreciate or understand the bigger picture or how best to use the tools at his disposal. He continually makes mis-steps. This one was huge.

  143. And if this last OP was OSA’s idea, they should be sacked. If it was DM’s idea, OSA should distance themselves in a hurry.

  144. Stupid is as stupid does.

  145. I hope so too. Carry on, M & M.

  146. Although Marty and Mosey are not natively Texan, they embody everything that I love about Texans. Fiercely GENUINELY polite and respectful of their neighbors. And though they haven’t said so, I’m betting they both have grown to love Texas and call it home.

    That said: I’m weighing in on my guess. Texans (by and large) NEVER leave Texas. So, I’m guessing on the hill country and keeping my fingers crossed.

    LA, Clearwater etc is too populated and doesn’t have the potential for privacy that Texas has.

    Besides — “Dont Mess With Texas” also means don’t mess with Texans.

    ALTHOUGH — “Live Free or Die” could be a great newly adopted state slogan. There is plenty of room up here!!

    Glad to see that you aren’t stopping your fight against tyranny. I should have thought that through I bit longer. Retreat doesn’t mean defeat. Au contraire it’s moving on up higher. (not that I thought for a moment that you felt defeated, rather that you might just want to retire that aspect of your life 🙂


  147. markthehungarian

    Hey Marty and Mosey!

    I can’t give you a good idea of where to live, but if you ever want to come and visit Hungary, let me know. I’ll be happy to put you both up for a while and show you around. Seriously, any time. All I need is about 6 hours notice.

    Take care the both of you!

  148. Marty and Mosey,

    I am so sorry, but I understand. I totally duplicated how much ARC you both have for your environment down there. It is a testament as to how pan determined you both are, to personally sacrifice your home and space- something that I know brings you both so much happiness. This is something Miscavige knows nothing about.

    I was just sick after reading your post last evening, and I had a hard time sleeping. This situation has really put me at effect, and I would really like to be cause. While I have never met either of you, you are family. I am sure that many other feel the same way. While I know you would never ask, I would like to help. I am sure others feel the same way.

    Would you be ok if we started a GoFundMe page to help with your moving expenses? I have had to move many times in my life, and I know that it is not cheap. I know moving unexpectedly, can come at an even bigger cost. It is not right that you should have to bear the burden alone. You both have had to endure too much already.

    There are many of us that want to stand with you.

    In addition, raising money is something that the Co$ understands. As it was with the Headley’s, raising money shows how many people around the world are willing to flow power to you. And any time the Co$ crosses the line, there are those of us who will have your back.

    While doing the right thing isn’t easy, you certainly don’t have to do it alone.

    Let’s not be the effect of racist deadbeat Rednecks!

    Let’s reverse the flow, and disenturbulate this entheta, into a big ball of theta!

    I LOVE you both.


  149. Yea Marty, if you could stand it, buy a place in sight of the Hacienda; then set up cameras and train them on the fenced-in RTC compound inside the fenced-in (with guards) Hacienda, where Flag Sea Org members live. I remember back in 1994 (when I was FSO staff) how stunned I was when I heard that the tiny thetan DM was spending $60,000 each to renovate a select number of apartments well inside the Hacienda — only for himself and select RTC staff — before they fenced that area in. As an aside, it was by then becoming apparent that CMO had been subverted into slaves for RTC as I noticed CMO running around doing the bidding of their new RTC masters. I’d like to see video of selected comings and goings of RTC.

  150. I guess the difference is miscavige wants to enslave everyone without consideration of skin color or religious beliefs. So Mike’s response would be correct given the current penchant of the ecclesiastical leader of the corporate scientology racket.

  151. The man is not without a plan. Always a few steps ahead of DM and OSA.

  152. Marty, I think you’re a genius. DM has built his nasty, expensive little game in IOB, and you just pulled that game right out from under him. Now he’s going to have to pay off a bunch of leases and PIs, etc. And then he’s going to have to wait for you to determine the next step. The little loser is literally unable to help himself. He will have to wait for you and then start trying to build up his evil little cadre of spies (and make a whole new neighborhood of enemies) all over again. It’s ironic that “the leader of the fastest growing religion” is compelled not to lead, but rather to follow – you!

  153. We will not forgot the wonderful times we had at your place with you and Mosey. A calming experience full of love and life. We will miss it! Knowing the two of you a wonderful adventure is in store. We are here for you all! Love David and Carol. You guys deserve the best and it is around the corner I just know it!!! I can feel it!

  154. Brian S, I think you are on to something. I’m feeling a rumble just before a big one. That’s southern cal earthquake talk.

    Davey, have you packed your survival bag. Keep it near the door.

  155. Marty and Mosey,
    While we have never met I feel like I know you and I certainly share in wanting to help create a saner place to live as free beings. You know how to contact me and if you are around my area you have a place to stay any time you need it. And I can provide office space and a good internet connection!

    The CO$ certainly has not run you out of town but rather created such a horrendous public spectacle of themselves that you once again became the cause point to bring about a safe and saner space for your neighbors and indeed the entire township. You both lead by example.

    Whatever space the Corporate Church and it’s minions occupy turns into soiled and poisoned ground. The CO$ is a pathogen at best. So perhaps the strategy needs to be adjusted slightly. I say we Indies could provide quarters all over the world that can be used as the underground railroad and also provide a constant moving base from which to keep the light of truth shining on Mr. Classic all time ess pee David Miscaviage. Seems like this was also LRHs option when he moved to the Apollo.

    With his best and most deeply embedded spies now outed he will have to rely on increasingly poorer quality beings to try and carry out his surveillance from a fixed bunker position. We remain nimble, quick and on the move carrying a lighter load and packing a heavier punch …truth!

  156. Sorry to hear that Marty. Follow the policy “THE SAFE POINT”. I am sure you know this policy. It is the one I used when I left the cos in 1998. Then of course flourish and prosper!

  157. “A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.”
    Sun Tzu

    Davey, is it this? Maybe not, but maybe it is? Maybe it is.

    I’ve always considered that one of the worst virtues of a warrior is over confidence. Are you confident Davey, that your special powers are invincible?

    How many “invincible” leaders with much much much more money and armies (not PI’s) are now dust of the earth? The people, when fed up with tyrants act with a ferocity that eat tyrants for breakfast. There numbers are everywhere. Even close to you.

    Your overconfidence has missed something Her Biggness. Something you are not expecting.

    That is just my hunch of course.;-)

  158. I was feeling a bit sad when I first read this last night, but from the looks of it you have things entirely under control and are definitely moving on up to the next adventure.

  159. I will postulate this as a “move on up a little higher.” Continue to flourish, prosper, communicate and reach your targets and goals. All the best to you and Mosey.

  160. I suspect you and Mosey have a plan, a plan that shows the fickle finger of fate to Miscavige and advances your plans. You have shown an incredible amount of self-discipline and I hope you can continue that tradition. You know enough to have cameras ready and a primed security system.

    Please study the harassment and assault laws in your new abode. Nothing gives a hired PI the nervous shakes like a baseball bat aimed for his balls. Just make sure the cameras are on and you are in the right.

    If you and everyone else who is under CO$ surveillance moves every 4 months, you can bankrupt corporate CO$ in 2 years or so. Between hiring and firing new PIs and their lodging and other expenses, Davey will dipping into his ‘running away’ money soon.

    Keep on thinking free……..

  161. This may sound silly, and if so I apologize, but why not rent some where else in IOB and when they rent a house across from you, move again. Getting them renting all those empty houses 3 years at a crack will do wonders for the local economy and help offset the damage they have wrought.


  162. More thoughts for Dave:

    Dave, you have lost. The rest of the take down of your empire are just the details to be revealed. And that is simply a matter of time.


    When you google David Miscavige or Scientology, yes, the positive PR entries are at the top of page. But on the same window, a few links down, is about all the violence and harrasment you do. And the negative info goes on for page after page.

    Conclusion: you have lost the PR game utterly. Even your family knows.


    These are not black ops anymore. Black denotes hidden. Every time you do a “black ops” it is all over the internet and network TV world wide in living color. We all have cameras too!

    So each time you manifest some plan to protect yourself, you actually verify what the public already knows. You are a liar.

    The money spent to harrass others, that worked in the past (pre internet) is now being spent to to dig your own ‘hole’.

    We all ( the millions who watch the news and serve the web) know who you are, and we all know what you are doing.

    You have already lost, the rest is just details. And they are a comin!

  163. Sorry, surf the web.

  164. Marty is not retreating, he’s just attacking in a different direction. 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  165. I got ya’ Les. I just object to a denigration of the S and double triangle symbol as associated with the subject of Scientology itself. LRH identified the ARC and KRC triangles as the way for a being to achieve true understanding and be able to increase his sphere of influence to once again encompass the 8 dynamics. The ARC & KRC triangles are the very foundation of what Scientology is all about and I was just giving Mike a teasing admonishment for thinking to associate those profound symbols with anything that the degenerate Miscavige is doing.

  166. One more thing Dave:

    This story that you are helping to write, is worth so many more millions of dollars that you can pay.

    Can’t you just imagine all of the producers, directors, executive producers, production companies, screen play writers that are drooling for the opportunity.

    All of your actions will be worth $15 to $20 bucks a ticket. How could this not be true?

    Millions Dave, its worth millions.

  167. Dear Marty and Mosey,

    I share in your Blues. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live under 24 hour, no privacy surveillance as you both have been doing now for years.

    I also realize that only the two of you have ALL THE DATA about your situation and therefore I trust that only you can make this decision and obviously have.

    There must be a better situation, a safer environment for you elsewhere and I trust that you will find more peace where you are relocating to.

    I’m also postulating that wherever you relocate, you will be even more effective at shining your bright light of disinfectant on DM and all his suppressive antics – and so this will prove out to be another big blunder on his part and help to bring an end to all this madness even sooner.

    Please don’t hesitate in asking for any help that you might need, and that includes staying at my large place in Burbank CA. I would love to have you both as my guest and I have plenty of room in a full security building.

    Wishing all the best,

  168. Sorry that you are moving. Your love for your home was always conveyed in your communication. Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the movie “Casablanca”. I will borrow a line from it that your friends would like to convey to the Davie. “You’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

  169. Hi Tory, I vote for LA too. and I like your Poppin Time concept too!

    I have a few in the Popper right now, and would love to add some more.

  170. Actually, it’s so bizarre that I didn’t put two and two together when I read it.
    That is unbelievable, even considering all the unbelievable stupid actions coming from Miscavige lately and the ridiculous, out of touch with reality, cultish behavior of the squirrel busters and other representatives of the Church. I guess Miscavige really is running out of ideas and options.

  171. Hey Scott,
    Maybe we can share them, they stay with you for a bit, they stay with me for a bit, Fabian – we’ll have more Indie Partys… We take any and all counter effort and use it to our advantage.

  172. Tory, I want to like you but you talk shit about Marty on other sites and then come here and act like you are a friend. Me no likey.

  173. Some of the symbols/insignia have really taken on an entheta vibe for me. I know LRH came up with some of them, but when I see that S and Double Triangle it does look like a swastika to me. It’s a shame.

  174. I just realized, that Marty’s relocation really doesn’t change anything except the location. Marty will continue to audit, will continue to blog, and DM will continue to fuck up, and the media will continue to pursue.

    There is no reason for CofS OSA goons and DM to celebrate, they achieved nothing!

  175. A move to Clearwater seems to make sense….at least to me because I live in the area, but you have your life too. I am sure you have plans.

    But, if you are considering Clearwater, I think it’s a great idea..

  176. Any place with a guard gate would be interesting. Somewhere they would have to tresspass on private property to get near. A “gated” community. Apartment or housing development.

  177. I started to write what you did here, but you said it better so I’ll just give it a “thumbs up” or “thumb up” (it looks like the rating thing is a single thumb.)

  178. Steve, yeah, your right, they cut ’em down for sure, but we got a felony crime report on them (over $10,000 worth of vandalism) and the police are still looking for the purps. The bastards that cut down the trees left town in the middle of the night, but there’s always the chance that the camera man who took the photos through the clear cut parking lot will someday get busted for something else (like a bar fight) and in a plea bargain, turn states evidence and give up his employer… Ha.. the point is, when you leave a trail of criminal destruction, it sooner or later catches up with you because you can’t hide the truth (or police reports) forever.

    Anyway, the police are on our side in the Tarpon Springs area because they have had to respond to at least 30 trespassing and harassment calls from us about Scientology Inc. operatives and now they patrol our neighborhood more frequently looking for an S and 2 triangles on the back of pickup truck carrying a chainsaw… ha

    So, right now, it is safer to be in the Clearwater area than the middle of some rural area where the police and residents would still have to be educated about what this Scientology Inc. cult is all about.

    The general public in Clearwater are on our side because Scientology Inc has totally trashed itself trying to protect David Miscavige’s ass and his money.

  179. I am sorry that you have to move but totally understand why. And I admire you for caring so much for the people of the community As windhorsegallery said you do embody the spirit of Texas. (FYI, it is a VERY big state, and there are other places in the state where you could move.) Good luck and thank you for continuing to disseminate.

  180. A new beginning can be exciting, but hopefully somewhere with castle law!

  181. Great reference. Used it my self.

  182. Hi Maurice, haha, that is right Maurice. Marty has to play it close to the vest, but I don’t think there’s every been 5 minutes since Day 1 that Marty’s not been 6 or 7 steps ahead of Flipper Mcfishflop. BTW, has anyone noticed that we can string together nearly any kind of comical name and everyone knows who we’re talking about?

  183. Being driven out of one’s space, even if on a self-determined decision based on a rational analysis of the circumstances, is a real pisser.

    Clearly there are more than a few of us readers who, despite never having been to IOB and Casablanca, have nonetheless developed an affinity for the place, just from viewing the videos and photos of you guys on boats, sitting along the dock fishing, etc.

    Hopefully you can find a place to live equally as inviting, but from which you can exercise a little more control over those who would make your lives miserable.

    Speaking of Control, newly elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently defined “Gun Control in Texas” as “hitting what you aim at.”

    All I can say is, if it were me, I’d probably follow the recommendation in a few of today’s posts to 1) stay in Texas, and 2) live on some hopefully aesthetic, fenced-in acreage surrounded with “no trespassing” signs.

    And if anyone dared to invade my space, uninvited, give them about 30 seconds to get the F off my property, and if they did not comply immediately, give them a demonstration of the Texas version of Gun Control.

    I realize this suggestion might strike horrors into the sensibilities of the Peace and Love crowd – but just think of it as an effective method of removing disease-carrying vermin from the planet.

  184. Dear Marty and Mosey

    And so the door opens to an even more optimum situation. I can imagine that it probably stings a bit to unmock your little home and sanctuary, but you would already have to have known that it would not be able to see you through all the stages of your evolution. Sounds like the timing is right on the money.
    If one is CAUSE all change is for the better, and I see this as no exception.

    Entrenching and fortifying only restricts one and limits one’s reach and effectiveness.

    To play a bigger game requires one to be more visible, more communicative, and more effective, things that you do well.

    I am looking forward to reading about your expansion.

    We send our love.


  185. Another vote for Clearwater.

  186. Brian,
    I noticed the trolls had given your comment 2 thumbs down. I think you nailed it so I hit the thumbs up button! The OSA Trolls know that the shit hitting them from the fan is Daveys’

    Now lets fire up that popcorn machine because the MAIN ATTRACTION is about to start. “Davey and his Golden Thong” up next and coming to a theater near you.

  187. They are all peas of the same frickin pod!

  188. Marty, why don’t you sue Davey?

  189. Yea but that one is worth a major belly laugh!!!
    Flipper Mcfishflop…..BLOL!!! Yep, knew exactly who you were referring to! Ole Dick Mouth himself. Suckerfish extraordinaire!

  190. Brian is right David…the clock is ticking and it is not a question of if anymore it’s question of when your hideous reign ends. Communication, truth and the internet have done you in.

    The world knows within hours or minutes when someone new has escaped from the base, someone is paid off , which judge you have approached, how many new PI’s have been hired, where and when thugs have been employed, how many cases of Scotch have been delivered and on and on.

    Dave, just get on the jet and go!!! For Gods sakes wake up- you played your hand and lost! Running is your last best chance to survive and live out your life at least somewhat free albeit with stolen parishioner’s funds.

    What you won’t escape however is what is waiting for you in the future-good luck with that.

  191. Dani Lemberger

    Roy, you’re absolutely right. Haifa isn’t in Texas, but Dror Center fits all other criteria perfectly. MoMa, you’re welcome

  192. Sounds good to me Steve, we’d love to host M&M for as long as they’d like, but as you know, Marty is an expert at creating a stable base from which to generate power. And while I’m sure he appreciates the sentiments, I have absolutely no doubt that he has no need of our hospitality except for an occasional visit to hook up with members of his true group.

  193. Dani Lemberger

    Mosey, Marty,
    We are saddened. We had a great week with you at Casablanca, IOB. This is where Tami and I got initiated into indie-ness. This is where the foundations were laid for the first AO in the Middle East. This is where our friendship began.
    We were planning on visiting you at IOB Summer 2013. Hope you’ll have us at your new home. And yes, there is plenty of space for you in Haifa. “There is always a room in the house where there is love in the heart.” (An ancient Hebrew saying I just invented).
    I do hope you left a forwarding address with the IOB post office, Tami says she sent you a Christmas present a couple of days ago.
    I am confident you’ll create a great new space for yourself, Chiquita and your visitors. You have so many friends supporting you, it’ll be even better than before. Love, TamiDani

  194. I guess Seattle. I sense a major power shift….

  195. Bad sign for this to have to happen I am afraid . And you will be houn ded
    where ever you go . what support officically are you able to get if you
    enough evidenceof invation ( thow surpose doesn’t stopany one buying or renting
    but if it can be prove for reason of harrassment where ever you go your being foll
    followned the situation is not stable.

  196. Clearwater or LA is the only logical place. Rent a place on Ft. Harrison and advertise in the local paper.

  197. I think IOS served it’s purpose to you both. It helped you decompress and become the force you are today. Now…the real work begins. Good luck and we will all meet you where ever you two end up to continue the good fight. McCabbage the Midget should be afraid….VERY afraid. I have a feeling that this whole thing has pissed you off and I think being on the other end of that would be a very bad place to be. Lock your doors Tiny Fists. Oh and the flag…real douche move. He DOES realize it’s 2012…right?

  198. Lenore, as a black American whose white ancestors fought on both sides of the Civil War, I think you explained the symbolism behind the Confederate flag and the history of secession quite well. Thank you.

  199. Chris — completely unnecessary comment, IMHO. I read the other sites and Tory doesn’t talk sh** about Marty per se.

    She’s not pro-LRH but doesn’t pretend to be. She’s been a very vocal critic of disconnection and the cult-like behavior of the church as well as the dangerous stance taken regarding some medications — for epilepsy for example.

    Your comment is a classic attempt, IMHO, to get dissension and division going. Seriously why would you do that. To “out” Tory to Marty?

    I’ve been watching “the other sites” and by and large the mood is shifting from — “there isn’t a positive/good/valuable cell in Marty or Mike’s entire body to — well, most everything is pretty cool what they are doing except for this and that … to actual defense of both of them”

    Hopefully you’ll agree that everyone is welcome to have their own opinions but telling others ABOUT the opinions others have mentioned …
    well, that was called a tattle-tail when I went to school and in harsher venues … a snitch.

  200. Hello,
    Three friends and I are making a documentary on Scientology for our high
    school AP Language and Composition class. Our ultimate goal is to disprove
    some of the myths and confusions regarding Scientology. None of us are
    Scientologists, and we want to interview somebody on the matter. Is there
    any way you could answer some of our questions?


  201. You know how the cult has it’s mobile “Industry of Death” campaign?

    Well…Marty and Mosey could start their own “Cult of Insanity” traveling show. All they would have to do is move from town to town, city to city and those people would get a front row seat of the insanity that is the cult of McTinyfists.

  202. Interrupting a cob board meeting.

  203. You have a limited definition of retreat.

  204. Sara, that would be the entire state of Texas. If Marty and Mosey secure a place on some sizable acreage, the only way to surveil them to Miscavige’s satisfaction, would be to trespass on their property. That’s a quick way to get dead in this state (and many others, I might add).

  205. deElizabethan

    I totally agree with Robert Almblad. Attack rather than retreat if you can, unless your survival depends on it, understandably. You do what you feel is right!

  206. Of course, I would love to have you guys move to the LA area, right next to Dear Leader’s bunker!

  207. perhaps Tom Cruise could play David Miscavige?

  208. This makes me think of what a rare breed of cat Marty is (and the company he keeps). So many would have buckled under the pressure and sold out a long, long, long time ago. Marty (and Rinder and Hall) have balls of steel and integrity unlike of which few of us has ever had the pleasure to be acquainted with. Ashamedly those balls of steel I don’t think I have, but gives me inspiration to hold steady in my own way.

  209. Hello Marty,

    I salute you for your sound decision.
    Another lesson David Miscavige can learn from you.
    You’re definitley the man who can let go.

    The success of any organism in any environment is determinable by the measure of the degree the organism can change to control a new environment.
    When a higher organism accepts the obvious fact that its mind is practically the sole means for environmental control it must, to deem itself successful, possess an ability to change its mind, for as environment changes, thoughts must change.
    Unless that organism is constantly moving, erasing old conclusions and postulating fitting new ones, it becomes static and moves towards succumb.
    An individual can thus become a product of his own statics, regardless of their point of origin; he makes a conclusion and is subject to it as long as he holds onto it as a belief.
    Non-optimum randomity is established when his data, beliefs and decisions are not in constant review and re-evaluation.

    L. Ron Hubbard
    from “Postulate Processing”

    I am sure you’ll find a proper place for your future plans and activities.
    After all you demonstrate that you can live at the heights of your own standards.


  210. Marty and Mosey, this is very sad news, with all the great people of IOB
    losing such great neighbors and you losing such a great place. Would be
    nice to see you around Franklin, Tennessee. The confederate flag, displayed a lot just means hospitality and closeness in the community.
    NY and LA are losing many movers and shakers to this part of the
    country mainly because of taxes but also it is a beautiful state with lots
    of space and the people here are terrific.
    Wishing you well wherever you are going!!!

  211. Speaking of which who sold out long ago – David Miscavige – who has been languishing in the money ever since however no amount of face brushing can cover up the evil the lurks within.

  212. The Safe Point: HCO PL 1-April-1982 – PR Series 19R

  213. Wish you prosper and flourish Marty and Mosey.

  214. Sean Penn, I think Sean Penn would do a wonderful Miscavige. Short, mean and nasty!

  215. Indeed Bob, except you gotta know Heir Miscabitch-Newridge gloated in laughter all the while, in his hot tub, wasting a bottle of top shelf Scotch (at taxpayers expense) and enjoying his young female minions serving and exercising in front of him, fulfilling his tempest best desire.

    Miscavige is a rouge… well I could go on, but at best a rogue.

  216. Joker's Always Wild

    My vote for Marty’s new residence is this really nice 2 bedroom apartment just 60 seconds walk from the Coachman. The address is 628 Cleveland St # 1111
    Clearwater, FL 33755 and its available for rent right now. Marty can enjoy coffee every morning at the starbucks on the corner of Ft Harrison and Cleveland, and chat with desperate, sleep deprived SO members about blow plans. Then he can stroll back to his pad and receive groups of over-regged, over sec-checked and over-restimulated PCs and Pre-OTs from the Flag (read RTC) HGC’s. They can hang out and decompress before staggering back to the De-OTing Zone (new name for Flag HGC’s where you check your integrity at the door). Then periodically, just for sport, Marty can dress up in full SO regalia and stroll through the Sea Org dining building chatting with people and passing out protein bars while security guards thumb through flip cards trying to figure out who he is. Marty can also attend city council meetings and make appointments to meet with people like Mary Repper, and spend hours filling them in on the real facts about the Religious Torture Center, (RTC), the Church of Spiritual Torment (CST) and the A** Sucking Idiots (ASI). This will enable them to make good, fully informed judgements. I think that this very close to an ideal scene for Marty, especially because the Corpse on a Board (COB) will be in town periodically and it will be like fingernails on a blackboard having Marty in the same town. I would like to propose a special “Marty goes to Clearwater” fund. I personally pledge a significant donation if Marty will move in on Cleveland street even for just 6 months. Important Note: Mr. Mark Marty Rathbun has NOT endorsed this message and probably has other plans. This contributor thanks Marty and Mosey for everything they have done to take the heat for the many hundreds of Scientologists trying to practice independently. Go where you will Marty, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  217. There is no logic to any of this Brian, except Marty and Mosey’s.

  218. Ah, that was a fun scenario! Agreed it probably won’t happen, but thanks for the smiles you brought!

  219. YES!!
    Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

  220. deElizabethan

    ROTFL! Great idea and could work in part. He soon would get a restraining order, but they don’t own Clearwater. Plenty of room for advancement and changing the face of Scio here. Much support from Newspapers, radio and residents. Safe place really!

  221. I’m not suggesting retreat, I’m suggesting stronger environmental control and a more defensible location. Michael Laws knows what I’m talking about. If Marty was on an island, or in the woods, or in the Texas Hill Country on some heavily wooded acreage, it would be darn hard for the CoS to get a line of site on his place.

  222. Why should Marty and Mosey move to Clearwater or L.A.? So that they can continue to carry the weight of the battle against Miscavige on their shoulders, and draw even more fire from him? Personally, I think they’ve done quite enough already, and have earned the right to live in peace.

    Whatever their call is, it’ll be the right one for them. In the meantime, I know that Marty will be an outspoken critic of the little dictator for as long as he’s in power.

  223. Tom Gallagher

    Mosey & Marty,

    Here’s for old times sake. Whence Casablanca….

  224. 600 word one line reply, no.

  225. Marty & Mosey are CAUSE and little midget david miscavige is EFFECT.

  226. Yes li’ll bit! We create a fortress of protection with our love. Hard for dickwads to penetrate that vibratory region. They are repelled by the goodness. Much like a burgler avoids a lit house to rob.

  227. I’m white. And white people in the south of the U.S. scare the hell out of me. There are plenty of horror movies about southern white people. They are frightening movies too. Vampires witches serial killers monsters and aliens do not scare me. White people from the south, you put that in a movie and I’ll go into terror.

  228. “Straw Dogs” is as scary as Deliverance. Because these are third dynamic / culture horror films, they push another button. Like, sociopathic CULTURES! Entire cultures! “Cool Hand Luke” is really scary with that, not only Southern, but prison culture. On this list of Southern movies, there are many what I call, “Culture” horror films.

  229. If I’m out to lunch with some guys and somebody starts saying not-nice things about Windhorse I might say, hey Windhorse isnt here and I don’t like this. I might even tell you. Then, either they will stop, or maybe they will group us together and talk about us to others. I don’t know. I just didnt like it. I don’t like stuff like that. Maybe it was unnecessary but I said it and its done. I see your point and I don’t hate Tory or anything. I just disagreed with some of her statements.

  230. Very sexy post. A straightforward straightalking to the point complete CSW with just the right amount of wrong in it. The idea of Marty walking by the Fort Harrison in full Sea Org Uniform and the reaction one could expect sent a thrill up my face.

  231. From PL 7 April 1983:

    “The amount of public demand for service and your future income are both largely dependent upon GOODWILL.

    Goodwill is the reputation an organization has with its publics for integrity, good service, prompt bills paying, high quality delivery, friendliness, etc.

    Excellent technical delivery is what generates a blaze of goodwill and PR that spreads by word of mouth like wildfire.”

    From PL 19 July 1982:

    “There is a datum as follows–when admin won’t go in, tech is out. When tech won’t go in, ethics is out.
    Here is how this fits in the PR world: WHEN PR WON’T GO IN, ETHICS IS OUT.”

    Over the last couple of years, other than the scurriolous bloviating from OSA, Marty’s PR and GOODWILL has been excellent. He makes friends, he helps people. People want to talk with him. People and the press listen to him. The press seems to be holding the view that Marty is telling the truth and that he’s a good guy.

    Over the last couple of years, miscavige’s PR has been out the bottom to the degree that new bottoms are being discoverd every month. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    Wherever you go, Marty and Mosey, Goodwill will be there also.

  232. James Woods gets my vote.

  233. I am So sorry to hear of this. But “when a motion come in, use and win”.

    Good luck to you and we are waiting to hear from you next.

  234. CommunicatorIC


    I will post here the same thing that I posted on two other forums.

    It is not just a matter that the PI’s truck happened to have a Confederate flag sticker. As Marty explained, the PI made a big point of pointing out the sticker on his truck and and telling Marty “how proud he was to be a Confederate.”

    At best, this was a 1.1 dog whistle.

    Message received loud and clear.

    Why do you think the PI made a point of telling Marty “how proud he was to be a Confederate?” Small talk? Polite conversation? At the same time the PI “threatened [Marty] with arrest if [Marty] did not get off his property”?

    So, yes, to be blunt, if the woman I loved happened to be black, and an agent of my avowed enemy made a point of telling me about “how proud he was to be a Confederate,” my leaving town would be the least of the motherfucker’s worries.

    Now, I’ll add something here that I haven’t posted elsewhere because I suspect it will be meaningful only here. I’m very impressed Marty was able to keep is TRs in. I’m not sure I would have been able to, which would have served no useful purpose, and in fact would likely have been non-survival.

    I’ve seen a lot of hate speech and threats in my life. This is perhaps the first time I’ve seen 1.1 hate speech and implied threat.

  235. Anonymous Confused Person

    I think this is absolutely true. The video story demonstrates non-Scientologist take on this: “…forced to move.” At the same time, Marty appears to have been planning this out, and well, for some time. It looks to me that although this totally sucks, that he’s doing this on his and his wife’s own terms. You lose again, Mr. Miscavaige.

  236. So sorry to hear that you’re leaving because of Scientology crap. I hope that where you decide to go is just as happy a place for you. I must agree that I think that Clearwater, FL may be a wise choice.

  237. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dani, looks like the place was threatening to become
    “radioactive”, as well as “fall-out active”, as well as just too provocative for one with the integrity and good sense of Marty. Besides, this decision was based on the fact, that he is fully
    aware that he is dealing with a madman, who is prepared to
    send in paid henchmen to do his bidding, (miscavige style!)

    The casual, relaxed atmosphere of IOB, was being palpably
    threatened, through unceasing acts of insanity and paranoia,
    and Marty has simply made a decision to protect those he
    really cares about.

    Optimum decision, under all the prevailing circumstances.

  238. Thanks to Marty and Mosey and the good folks of Ingleside on the Bay.

    A high rise sounds good. Gated communities are good.

    It is revolting to consider the number of hungry children who could have been fed with the money Miscavige has spent on trying to harass Marty and Mosey.

  239. burnedbutnotbitter

    Really agree with the last two statements. People will instinctively support you wherever you go. Keep up the blog when you get settled, write the next book when you can…..

  240. Li'll bit of stuff

    Turning to the BIG questions ????
    1) Just HOW will miscavige be stopped?

    A. My prediction? Since his VFP is insanity and destruction,
    in exchange for money and power, he has been effectively creating the very monster, that WILL now destroy him!

    2) Still believe you can hold out indefinitely, delusional davey?

    3) Any betting people here, laying out the odds?

  241. Flipper Mcfishflop…


  242. Tory Christman

    Just for your information: I probably have spent more time CORRECTING Utter BS that is out here in the field than most of you can imagine, re Marty. I would say AT THE MINIMUM I speak and stand up for you all once/day. Peeps tell me: “Marty’s taking over the church”. I say A) BS____I don’t believe that. B) When Anonymous arrived, their big chant was “Docs or STFU”. SO? When did that go out the window and this utter “I THINK” become an OK mantra? Where are the docs on what you “think”? C) Peeps are “Against the Indies:”They’re just an addition of C of $” Again, I say BS….you know you are not, as do I. I explain VERY clearly that C of $ has serious abuses they inflict on peeps, daily. So far…I have not heard of these being used within the Indie group. Granted, there has been some ugly stuff I’ve heard of, but it’s a small amount in comparison. And LOTS of peeps are getting out, so I see it as a good thang. D) “Marty wants to be>>>>” (whatever) Again, I say “FINE! I’ve taken OSA’s shit, as have many others along with me, for years. Let Marty take some of it for awhile…it keeps them off of US. (You may see that as selfish, but you haven’t taken the shit I have). Most people by this point have *some* shift of views. Some don’t…and “c’est la vie”. I have no doubt I’ll get TONS of crap for what I’m writing here, from certain people. TOUGH is all I can say.

    I love that more and more peeps are getting OUT and FREE. And you’re right, I’m not someone who will ONLY acknowledge Marty as THE guy, nor do I think he would. I have met people who escaped out—-years prior to the Internet, who have HORROR stories to tell, because they were ALL ALONE. SO I’ll always say they began building this road we’re all on (and thank them), then the critics (who were never “in”…but built some fabulous Web sites to help educate people NOT to get suckered into C of $, then Anonymous in 2008 who literally DID change the history of all of this, whether peeps like them or not, and then Marty and Mike and the Indies who have continued to Rock the Boat 🙂 Yes, I’d like Marty and Mike to tell ALL that they know, and *I* think they will, as time goes by. As I’ve learned over the years…leaving a mind control group IS like peeling an onion…layer by layer it comes off.

    I learned while volunteering with OSA___their key goal here on the Net is “Divide and Conquer” and “Slime” any Scientologists they don’t want listened to. This is another point I bring up to Critics of Marty: Who the F*** do you think is RUNNING The “Marty is ___” or that show? Granted, there are some peeps who have their own legitamate upsets, and that’s for them to work out, personally. But this Anti-Marty SHOW___I’ve been there, TWICE….it sucks big time. So yes….that’s the story, morning glory. The more “we”—be it Ex-Scientologists, Critics, Anonymous or Indies or even Scientologists (still “in” now, but “under the radar and reading here)…the more we can find common ground the bigger chance we ALL have for success…whatever that may be. My best 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  243. Tory Christman

    Thank you Windhorsegallery<<<<<I love your nick 🙂
    I greatly appreciate your words and you taking the time to just say that, too.
    Thank you! Tory/Magoo

  244. Tory Christman

    🙂 Thank you, Steve! I’m glad you got “Poppin’ Time”…I liked that, too.
    Me too, re poppers right now, and one just left: Yesterday!! 🙂

  245. High comedy, Shakespearean!

  246. Marty,me and my family is united to you and mosey for the respect you are demonstrating to the citizens of IOB.
    I am sure that you will be forever in their hearts.
    never give up.
    Francesco Minelli

  247. David Miscavige has been chewed up, regurgitated, and molested every which way but lose down there. Politically whipped by two blondes, (Debbie Cook and the judge, a volunteer at women abuse shelter). Every smidget of force he issues down there recoils on him like a suicide attempt. It’s a parallel dimension and he still doesn’t get it. An entirely different matter energy space and time. His own legal counsel folds beneath him down there. ‘Cause that’s the way they feel! It’s all about relationships down there. Blood and honor. It’s a blood and honor society. His powers are useless there. And he will go back. You watch. He still hasn’t figured it out. Brilliant Marty. Just brilliant.

  248. Nice of you to say that, Ronnie, especially with your unique and personal perspective. I am sure you have given the subject much consideration. It is a many layered topic, and I can understand how a non-American would be perplexed without the context.
    Thank you.

  249. No, I rather think that Misacavige is in a flat-out panic. The object of his fixation disappeared! As much as this is a dreadful set of circumstances for Marty and Mosey, I think it is worse for Miscavige – and far from a victory. He has an expensive operation in place and now does not know where his mark is. And to really remind him how he is losing this stupid game he is playing, there is this blog full of support to M&M. Miscavige is the author of his own misery- and he has proved himself in that department because he just cannot let go.

    Marty and Mosey – here’s wishing you a happy move.

  250. Monique & Marty,

    While this may seem like a momentary set-back having to move from such a beautiful locale & such caring neighbours, it is the start of a new adventure – there is always a silver lining in the actions of those with integrity.

    We’d love to have you in Canada … my wife & I would put you up in an instant til you got sorted out. Hell, even the Pacific Northwest would be great – there’s a great group of people in the Seattle/Portland area as you know. Plus there’s some darn good fishing up here!

    On the otherhand Clearwater, as suggested above, would be a wild time. Come to think of it, Miscavige would likely have to relocate himself so he could micro-manage up close – he couldn’t have you hobnobbing with all those OT’s getting out their 6-month checks and breathing a huge sigh of relief as they exited the FH doors.

    But, wherever you end up will be even better and we have no doubts you will continue to fight the good fight.

    My wife & I wish you the best.

    Dennis & Isabelle
    Victoria, BC

  251. Chris – fair enough.

    I wouldn’t object one bit if you called Tory or any other person out right then and there on the other boards or anyone on this board in the moment. My objection was to what you said about Tory based on ANOTHER board – the comment of which might have been years ago.

    I think it’s just best to communicate in present time, don’t you? 🙂 — how can you be sure Tory hasn’t changed her mind.


  252. Washington, DC migh be a location which slows them down. . I dont think they could handle being exposed on the local news in that town.

  253. The stage 4 guy from the tech film comes to mind…

  254. I think Marty has bigger plans. David keeps these little wars going, and he keeps losing them. Trying to get Marty to forget a battle and “win a war”. That is what the squirrel busters was about. You can tell what will fuck David, up by what he authors to fuck Marty up. He plays his cards one by one. Geeze Christ who says this isn’t valuable training? I could write a success story myself.

  255. Its a sad state and it shows a potential trouble source sit to have to get up
    and move over a control manipulated person, for that annoucement to be made “Move ” and while if that takes place during this deliver suffers, because it gives advantages to the enemyand takes you off your targets.
    and distration takes place. DM and his gansters are laughing .!!!.
    I have to say I wouldn’t think Clearwater is the target, He has managed to do what he has done without being under the roof of this nutter.
    what and where he decides is his private affair. Your offer is generous.
    But where ever he goes it will remain unsafe and it will remain enturblative
    and open again for harrassment of living condition for as long as DM remains at the wheels.

  256. That is right, and while Sea Org members quake and tremble at the news David Miscavige is arriving, to some church government complex, in DREAD and FEAR and ANXIETY, Marty and Mosey know when they show up people are truly grateful and glad to have them as company. If you consider the quality of life, Marty has already won this battle. A person is as wealthy as they have friends. David has no friends. And one day, this is going to recoil on him like no other bullet could. I am foretelling at this moment.

  257. This guy is an incredible actor Tony. Have you seen the series “Game of Thrones”? Incredible politics. You will LOVE this actor!

  258. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Brian,& having my family directly involved in the active
    apprehending of dangerous criminals, on a daily basis,
    kind of brings a view that this is just something to be DONE,
    rather than feared, and it’s true, one really does just get
    used to it! The other aspect to this, is that it really gives one
    a huge adrenalin rush, akin to motor racing, sky diving, getting into the ocean with man-eating sharks, etc,etc.

    Living life “on the edge,” is an enormously exciting, satisfying thing to an indestructible thetan, apparently!

    This view, BTW, takes one away from feeling at “effect” over to
    “cause” — as in being hunted by a lion — vs. being the one
    who TAMES the lion! Boy, it sure keeps you sharp and fully
    in present time, make no mistake about it!!!

  259. Li'll bit of stuff

    What about purchasing Marty Rathbun’s softcover book:
    What Is Wrong With Scientology? That will answer almost
    any questions you can think of! Honestly AND accurately!
    Check out ordering details top right hand side of this blog.

    Rest assured, you WILL learn information that can provide
    you with realizations about your own life. Read for yourself.

    Using this reference, you are assured of a blockbuster!
    Just go for it! Let us know how it went. Okay?

    Calvin B. Duffield.
    “Insouciant” Scientologist.
    Durban, South Africa.

  260. Li'll bit of stuff

    Come visit me in South Africa, TO! I’ll show you “scary!”
    You know that old remedy for having a “headache?”
    —Pound yourself on the head with a hammer for 1 minute!
    When you finally stop, you have a REAL sense of RELIEF!
    ML, Calvin.

  261. It takes me time to digest the ignorance of D.M.
    All of the LRH tech to improve conditions and expand
    and what does this sick pathetic figure do.
    Rednecks in costume as fishermen .Marty ,we have only met once face to face but face to face I say that this is so volitile and dangerous
    that it does not take advice from Sherlock Holmes or Enstien to move .
    You get a place you like with lots of space for an Airstrip and I have the Earthmovers and tractors ready to build it.

  262. There is what could be a law of life, it is minimally a law of design, form follows function. The thing no one has asked here is what Marty and Mosey want for their life … how do they want to build their lives moving forward from this point. No one wants to be in a war for the rest of their lives. Parking yourself across the street, with limited resources, from a billion dollar asset, which FSO is to the COS, changes the focus of life and energy to direct conflict on the opponents home turf. Ref the Art of War.
    I have invited Mosey and Marty several times over the past years to share my home, which has a half mile private land in each direction, with people I am friendly with on all borders. I can only see one house in winter when the leaves fall. They turned me down.
    I think Marty wants to write and audit, to help people, I think Mosey wants the same. IMHO a rural area with lots of space serves that better. Texas hill country, by Austin like Steve Hall suggests may be good, pine/ever green forests with a pack of dogs roaming is good. Cities and towns are a lousy place for peace and privacy.
    I hope Mosey and Marty find something they really enjoy.

  263. Yes, I agree Steve. Stronger environmental control… a top priority for all of us.
    How to deal with the CoS is different for each of us and certainly Marty is in a league of his own. In my opinion, because Marty has been able to flourish and prosper while at the center of Mr Tinyfist’s insane knee jerk dramatizations, Marty has given many, many people both the courage and the cover to DELIVER services within their own current environments, whatever they might be. In this way, he sure has given all of us “stronger environmental control”.

  264. Open fields, barbed wire fences, with bulls, donkeys or mean assed goats also serve well.

  265. And the other thing, as was so obvious in IOB is that to make a home, there has to be a sense of community, people in the environment that like you, respect your views, and support each other.

  266. I know what you mean. miscavige can tarnish the symbol but he won’t be successful at squashing the truth.

  267. I’m for Danny DeVito.

  268. (Thank you for explaining Mike Hobson. I live in the South and didn’t get that. Must be a Canadian thing.)
    Sorry you have to move. Good of you to keep your word. Thanks for being the lightening rod.

  269. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tara, you know what, After reading through the posts,
    (S.Africa time 6.15pm) I’m beginning to think there may
    be a few pranksters,in IOB who would love to have some
    target practice with their paint-ball guns (suitably de-powered,
    so as NOT to damage any windows, of course!) What’s
    the worst that could happen? Brightly colored paint spattered
    on the windows of an unlawful spying operation, replete with
    mirror-filmed windows, and cut outs for high powered camera
    lenses? A team of pseudo “fishermen” who have yet to wet a
    hook? A not very subtle Confederate flag posted for the
    express purpose of intimidation?. All valid and overt evidence!

    I know Marty will expressly disagree with me, but after watching
    the “car wash” video, I’m certain that demented davey, deserves
    a little more “return flow” for his IAS ( I Am Scientology!) funded
    harassment and intimidation of Marty and Mosey!
    I say further, that the consequences of ANY legal action for
    (washable) paint ball obliteration of “the right to unobstructed
    camera views” would be justified per M & M’s right to privacy from
    an unlawful operation of deliberate criminal intent.
    The intent— “to make Marty’s life a living hell” — is the only
    answer he needs to use in his defense against any charges.

    F— the sociopath! …………….STAY!

  270. Don’t forget that Spokane Washington is also part of the Pacific Northwest! I live here and would bend over backwards for Mosey and Marty.

  271. Exactly Tory, I’m with you on that. Looking at the whole picture!

  272. Li'll bit of stuff

    Further, These guys CAN be named, shamed, harassed
    and humiliated out of IOB! Just like the pathetic Squirrel
    Busters! Let the press in to spy on THEM! Tony Ortega?
    F— the sociopath……………STAY!

    All together now INDIES……STAY! STAY! STAY!

  273. Li'll bit of stuff

    C’mon INDIES! I cant Hear ya! Whose home is this,
    any way? MARTY & MOSEY’s –THAT.s WHO!


  274. Li'll bit of stuff

    F— the sociopath!


  275. I am more sorry than I can say after reading this; you must feel utterly wretched.

    But it need not be a final goodbye – when DM gets his richly-deserved comeuppance (and he WILL, however long it takes to materialise) I am sure that you will be welcomed back to IOB with open arms.

    I sincerely hope that you will find a place where you can live in peace and safety.

    Keep smiling (however hard it may seem sometimes),
    IEG xx

  276. I suggest finding a place close to the courthouse so when it’s time to testify against Miscavage you have less travel and have more time to deliver.

  277. I’m with you in that I think its time we turned the tables on Davey. I’m prepared to get T-shirts made with Davey’s Head On A Pike, and stand in protest at every “IAS” event to demonstrate such amazingly theta fashion .. We ought really to be fighting back. I guess the Independent Movement is not quite at the ‘stage a demonstration to get our point across’ state of things, but the fact is this: that is *exactly* what DM is afraid of happening. If we demo with effective PR strategies, and show up as in-Tech, in-Admin, in-Ethics individuals who are trying to make a meaningful change to the way that the Church of Scientology operates, well then .. this is exactly what DM is fearing. We, frankly, have the power to flip the Church around (thanks to LRH), and DM knows it.

  278. To Naked Heart: Re: Wash D.C. Excellent point! Not only that legislators would see the circus first-hand and I’m sure wouldn’t stand by and tolerate it.

  279. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony Ortega,
    You have more than a vested interest in this protracted
    campaign of the sociopath known as david miscavige.
    In fact, it has been a real eye opener and tribute to your
    skills as highly skilled journo, that has enabled so many
    of us to have a broader understanding of the seemingly
    unending twists and turns of the convoluted secret Ponzi
    operation now parading itself as The ” Church ” of (now
    totally unrecognizable ) Scientology (incorporated!)

    There is the matter of the owner of the dwelling used
    for the express and exclusive, unlawful “Spying Operation”
    perpetrated upon a private citizen known as Mark “Marty”
    Rathbun, his wife Monique and their visitors and colleagues.

    So, is broad exposure of the goons do-able? Does he (owner)
    even care about the misuse of his property? Legalities?

    It would appear there is collusion for the purposes of active
    harassment,(yet again!) by the so called “Church” and the
    owner of the premises? Perhaps worth wide publicity? Is he
    accountable for his part in this?

    Pressing questions — to an alleged conspiracy by the CO$!

  280. Speaking of which, can’t wait for the sequel of District 9. DM and the Nigerian gangsta chief are very similar in their attitudes towards prawns and humans.

  281. Actually, there are some highrises here in Halmstad right on the river where I have seen salmon jumping. Of course, you can’t go around in shorts and tank top this time of year but the health care is free.

    Tory Christman | December 1, 2012 at 3:24 am
    The Barnes are no longer married and neither live in Clearwater, Fl,FYI. Sorry to hear this, Marty and Mosey. I say COME TO LA! There are *tons* of Ex-Members here and MANY MANY “Under the radar” just waiting for someone to help POP them out. I say it’s TIME. It’s POPPIN TIME>>>AND there are PLENTY of us to help. Davey boy will have a heart attack, as he should! Come on home, and let’s get this party started!
    Love to ALL and Happy December!! Tory/Magoo

    Tory Christman on November 18, 2012 at 4:21 pm said:
    :::sigh::: My biggest upset w/ this is that Marty “Chats” about how they “put this together” to actually manipulate people re the Lisa McPherson case. I still don’t think he GETS how much what HE did (with David Miscavige and whomever else did it) Literally destroyed some lives…not to mention seemingly feeling NOTHING re Lisa. He doesn’t seem like an “emotional” guy—but I still find that hard to hear. I think the DAY he Honestly GETS what HE did–despite “orders”—it’ll truly open up. (I think he still sees it sort of like in “A Few Good Men” at the end where the two military guys are stripped of their ranks, after killing Willy due to orders by Jack Nickleson. The one guy says: “Why? What did we do wrong? We were just following orders”. His pal says: “Yes we did. We were hired to protect. We didn’t protect WIlly”. Marty and matter the “orders”…didn’t protect Lisa. PERIOD.

  283. If you assumed my suggesting they should move to CW was because “they should fight the battle alone” is a strong assumption that is steeped in illogical thinking.

    I have no idea where they will move, but irregardless, it seems the church will harass them no matter what. Moving to CW he would be around lots of friends and in a way put it back on DM.

    Personally — I would love to see him move wherever he is safest and happiest.

  284. Boomer Sooner

    Too bad that IOB was not a gated community, with an active Home Owner’s Association, which, of course, almost all forbid such mirrored windows, requires identification to enter the community (even with an owner’s permission), requires that people park all of their cars inside their garages, and not populate the streets, mandates the times you can put our your garbage, how long your grass can be, and how tall (short) can your bushes be. Some of them also forbid fences, and mandate that the Owner of the house be identified and be responsible for the condition of the property.

    If IOB were that kind of place, it would be impossible to disguise who did what and when.

    Moreover, if it were a gated community where it cost $500,000 to $1,000,000 to buy a home, while I am sure little davey privey could find the money out of the untold billions he’s likely to have stolen to buy into the community, the records of purchases, and the amount of money needed to purchase such an estate would be hard to disguise.

    And, if you settled in certain places around where I live, the minimum lot size is 10 acres … and are heavily wooded … leaving all sorts of possibilities open to the imagination (AND, the lots are cheaper than $500k).

    Lots of possibilities.


  285. Tory Christman

    If you need to continue to slime me you call me up and sort this out.
    This is BS to post what I wrote, and not the link that actually shows what I’m talking about. What’s your need to slime me? Is that helping Marty? Somehow I do not think so, either way. He’s doing what he feels is right, as am I. So call, and quit sliming this board (which is about Marty and Mosey MOVING): you have an upset with that: Post it. When you keep hounding on “me”…that’s BS, man. OSA’s goals, as I said: Divide and Conquer. That seems to be your main product, re myself, here. Tory/Magoo My number is on the Web, if you have the courage to call.

  286. Li'll bit of stuff

    Positive contribution, Gern!

  287. I seem to recall the Dear Misleader declaring victory over Anonymous a couple of years ago bragging out loud that he had won the war. Of course the Anons had done just what they needed to do to help by drawing awareness and could move on. The confidence of the defectors and the building strength of the fledgling indie movement are doing the rest, ironically fueled by energy from the implosion within COS that DM has brought around himself.

    I’m sorry to see M&M feeling forced to leave their community, which had almost become a character in the saga. As several have commented betting against Marty and friends will not be a wise thing. But Marty and Mosie I do hope you take some time to rest and relax over the next few months.

  288. I agree Stay Stay Stay /

  289. Isn’t that the one that says “find a place from which to communicate”, a degree below non existence?

    Very apropos.

  290. George Smiley

    Marty is quick to ask for funds to help another, but he will never ask for himself. His expenses for moving have to run into the thousands. He remained a target because he communicated, to us and others. I hope he pulls in some donations.

  291. Transporter: Image is everything to the church. I dont think their circus of bogotry would come to town beacause they are afriad of exactly what you pointed out. But then again, they are in a succumb pattern and might just overreact and bring all 3 rings for the same reason. To their ultimate discredit.

  292. Mosey and Marty you have obviously left such a positive impression on your neighbors that they will remember you for a very long time. You’ve delivered tons of Theta to the area. Wherever you wind up, you will I’m sure be loved by your surroundings. I wish you the very best and improved conditions in your new surroundings. Miscavige thinks he’s done a good thing, little does he know he’s messed it all up once again. He’ll regret this I’m sure.

  293. Marty and Mosey,

    Godspeed. Your theta condition does not change. It is what it is, and strong as hell.

    Physical space changes and the condition along with it. Zip zap and you will be settled and moving on up a little higher once again.

    Here in the Ethernet, tis the same and so very welcome.

  294. International Association for Correct Spelling & Grammar on the Intarwebz

    Is “Indipendent” deliberately spelled incorrectly? I’d prefer “Independology” to be honest. If I remember my Latin from school correctly, “Independent” could be translated like this: in = not; de = from; pendere = to hang. So independent actually means “not hanging from (or on) something”.
    This is why I would keep the “de” in there.
    Dr. Dr. Phillip J. Smartypants

  295. I suggested that yesterday. Let’s start a GoFundMe account to raise money for him!

    Co$ understands money. Imagine what can be raised form around the world. It would be similar to the Headley’s,

    Marty is our brother. He would do it for any one else in a heartbeat.

    Who knows how to do the GoFund Me thing?

  296. Ahh yes,

    As soon as I posted, I knew I blew it 🙂

    There’s also the gang in Idaho too!

  297. No, Dennis, you didn’t “blow it!” (Sorry, don’t remember how to make a smiley face!) I just wish to remind friends that there’s more to the Pacific Northwest than the coastal areas. I would have mentioned our friends in Idaho as well, but I sure thought Les Warren would chime in. Rachel

  298. Good luck in your new abode wherever it may be. As many have noted here – this will turn out to be a very hollow “win” for the Toxic Tosser, but probably a great new opportunity for you and Mosey. I wish you both the very best in your new home.

  299. Hey Tory I have read your many “foaming at the mouth” condemnations of the tech, Marty, Mike and many others. I also saw your video you did about your Solo N/OTs. I thought to myself “what an asshole!” From the things you said and say there are soooo many outpoints they could choke an elephant. Of course you can say what you want and all that but there comes a time when you begin to sound like a jackass! I have done all you have as far as training goes and Grade chart actions and then some. You add up to a glib student at best. You have been engaged in the 3 cycles of action any nut goes through when coming into contact with Scientology. 1. You seek to disperse it. 2 you seek to crush it and then 3 you pretend it didn’t exist in the first place. But like the “monitor” you are you have your “masters” and must follow your orders. Carry on.

  300. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, Those points are absolutely key, indispensable!
    if only from the point of peace of mind! I am quite
    concerned that this is absent from the new choice, made!
    I have extensive and practical reasons for saying this.
    Durban, south Africa.

  301. Tory, you’re a legend. Thank you for all the amazing work you do. – Mike

  302. You’re doing the right thing! Good luck, guys!

  303. Jean-François Genest

    I see it as expansion. The new site looks nice, spacious and peaceful. I hope for you that there is a lake nearby. Unlike Miscavidge, you two have very high integrity, and you CARE ! Best wishes with your new home. 🙂

  304. Jean-François Genest

    Hey, at time = 0:22 there is a Corporate Scientologist in uniform in the place:
    – “I’m shocked to find that gambling is going on in here”
    – * “Your winnings, Sir.” *
    – “Oh, thank you.”

  305. deElizabethan

    Jay, interesting response to Tory. Got me thinking now about the monitor and masters. Love those puzzles.

  306. Thank you DELL

  307. Tory Christman

    My “foaming at the mouth”? Jeeesh, for an auditor, you sure have lost sight of using those basic tools, haven’t you? Your invalidation of me …well I guess if you honestly believe what you say, carry on, as you say. But please remember IF you’re an auditor to use that very tech you are trained in. Yammering at me is not doing so.

    “You have been engaged in the 3 cycles of action any nut goes through when coming into contact with Scientology. 1. You seek to disperse it. (Again, nice usage of “Generality” …”a nut”. L Ron Hubbard said: “Generalities are not true”.
    I don’t know you, nor have I seen your full name yet. Does anyone else here *actually* know you as the BS you spit our sure sounds familiar, and it isn’t from auditors. I have never tried to disperse anything.
    I have spoken out against the abuses of $cientology and you’re damned right I AM against them: Breaking up or families, Stopping of free speech, Medical Abuse, roping in young kids to a billion year contract and FRAUD. You’re for those? Spit it out.

    2 you seek to crush it
    I wouldn’t waste my time trying to crush a bunch of mind controlled
    people. Sorry, not my goal. Mine is to help educate people about the abuses I just said so they A) won’t join C of $ AND B)help get people safely OUT. You have a problem with that?

    and then 3 you pretend it didn’t exist in the first place.
    What didn’t exist? $cientology? I’ve made over 500 videos exposing the very abuses I mentioned. There are more than 2 MILLION views of those videos. People call me all the time who have left and thank me telling me those very videos helped them wake up. What have you done, Jay?

    But like the “monitor” you are you have your “masters” and must follow your orders. Carry on.
    I have “masters”? Tell us all who they are, please.
    I must follow orders? You need to learn facts, man This 3P BS
    is straight out of years of OSA’s attempt to slime me. Whether you’ve read their lies, or are with them…either way, you don’t have the guts to call me up and iron this out like a man, do you? Or maybe you do. Here’s my number. I suggest you call me and stop wasting good people’s time.
    (818) 588-3044 Best, Tory/Magoo

    PS: My suggestion is always:
    Don’t believe me: Look at both sides, and make up your own mind.
    Why “Jay” is so adamant with his hatred is quite interesting to me. Oh yes, and My being Glib? Didn’t Tom Cruise try that on Today show host, Matt Lower? Didn’t work too well then, either. If I’m so “glib” and the tech *really works” then in 30 Y E A RS and my spending thousands of dollars to get to the second to the top, why didn’t someone catch it? Why out of ALL of the thousands of Scientologists am I in “What is Scientology” if I’m so “Glib”? Oh…you didn’t see it then until I was declared “SP”? Speaking of that—why the HELL didn’t ALL the auditors “Catch” we thousands of SPs in the many years we were all “in”? The truth is, I am not glib, nor am I a suppressive person. Until you call me, don’t bother posting more slime here, “Jay”. If you do call, I’ll be happy to talk with you.

  308. Tory, I don’t want to “slime” you. I want you to believe want you think is correct and talk about it to whoever you want. I’ve watched a few of your videos and read about you some. I agree with you and disagree ona few things, but thats stuff for conversation or a little light debate. I’m not worried about that stuff. I don’t mind if someone has different ideas about stuff. It kind of makes it more interesting sometimes. I’m a fan of the thesis-antithesis-sythesis concept because I believe it (or a loosely modified version used in general discourse) can get both sides to better eunderstand the whole and get closer to a pan-determined viewpoint.

    The only thing specifically I was pointing out is covered by my first post and the one where I copy/pasted your post from Tony Ortega’s site. There was a difference between your two posts,
    Dont you think? You write something thats invalidative, evaluative and harshly critical on another site and then like ten says later on this site it’s ‘Love you everybody- hugs and kisses- come visit sometime.’ .

  309. Everybody here does not feel the same as everybody else about an infinite array of issues and events related to Scientology. I certainly don’t agree with every comment posted by those who frequent Marty’s blog – either here or elsewhere on the Internet (including WWP, ESMB, other blogs, Facebook, etc.). However, I’m not about to litter up Marty’s blog with all my disagreements. IMO, private conversations – on the phone, in person or even email or chat – are better forums for those discussions.

    Many of our relationships that intersect here at Marty’s blog are complicated. And everyone’s opinions are evolving. Plus, some days I just feel more strongly about some issues and am less politic than I might be a week later. So what?

    Most of us who post here, whether daily or intermittently, are united in our disgust for the Cult of $cientology / Corporate Scientology, regardless of our differences of opinion. Therefore, we find it useful to adopt a good roads and fair weather posture sometimes and to gloss over our many differences in service to our common goals.

    It’s naïve, if not disingenuous, to act all shocked that this is the case. So I say – if we’re really in the mood to be offended, let’s be offended at David Miscavige and his lunatic behavior.


  310. Well said! Thanks for the followup

  311. Chris,

    Your copy and paste quotes leave me open to question your intentions: Do you object that Tory shows affection and good will toward Marty and Mosie despite her disagreements with Marty? Do you expect that someone who has disagreements with another cannot possibly have other means of ARC with that other?

    Is it really that black and white?


  312. “This is a Wal Mart Scientologist.”
    Dayam, I love this summation! Nice one, Oracle


  313. “There is always a room in the house where there is love in the heart.” (An ancient Hebrew saying I just invented).

    That is a saying worthy of ancient-ness!

  314. LOL! That was very clever, DrDr Smartypants. I hope it is taken in the sense of fun that you wrote it!

  315. eileenclark101

    Wow. Whatever happened o the policy ‘Maintain friendly relations with
    rhe environment? I guess His Littleness never read that one.
    Sorry you guys are needing to move inorder to uphold trhat policy. but I am bursting with admiration for you bothfor doing it. Love, Eileen

  316. eileenclark101

    That had me rolling on the floor, Tony…..brilliant.

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