Nueva Casablanca

It is still Casablanca.

Except it is now built out of stone.

Instead of being surrounded by a sea of blue it is protected by a sea of green.

25 minutes from San Antonio International Airport.

The private road in, part one:


The road home, part 2:


The road home, part 3:


The surrounds, part one:


The surrounds, part two:


Nueva Casablanca:


272 responses to “Nueva Casablanca

  1. Congrats Marty & Mosey, looks awesome! So much space. Keep an eye out for skunks in dark glasses and trench coats. (Sorry, I shouldn’t degrade the skunks like that)

    Phil de Fontenay

  2. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    We are sooooooo happy you are settled again ready to florish and prosper!!!
    It looks beautifull

  3. Congrats Marty! Looks like an easily-defended fortress.

    It will be interesting to see what Miscavige’s “solution” will be to that.

  4. Friendly, Cute Puppy

    Marty. Why are you disclosing your new location. Do you want the Scientology freaks to find you again? What is their purpose anyway. You seem to have made up your mind never to return to the ORG. So what are they trying to accomplish by following you and video taping?

  5. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    ROFL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. It looks like the evil dwarf will have to charter the Goodyear blimp 24/7 to keep tabs on you and your PCs now. Well played, Marty!

  7. Love it! Congrats!

  8. Excellent choice! I lived in San Antonio for 30 years. Before that, I lived in Austin and Blanco, TX. I hope you are as happy there as I. The food cannot be beat, and the Highland Lakes are nearby. Happy fishing!

  9. Home Sweet Home!

  10. Great stuff. I hope a good fishing hole/river is not too far away!!!

  11. Yay! Moving on Up!

  12. Yayy! It is lovely, you even have bat houses!! Oh yes, they can’t trespass now 🙂 Congratulations!

  13. Marty and Mosey, looks wonderful. Congrats on your new digs, may you find more peace and privacy in this new location. Linda

  14. Well done. Character and charm. Love the Porch. Hang a swing.

  15. Robin “Marty” Hood?

  16. Lovely …

  17. Wonderful!
    I am sure the birds in that great birdhouse out front are happy to welcome you!

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Path of Buddha

    Very well done!


  20. Finally!! Some breathing room! Hell yeah!!!

  21. I am sure that David Miscavige is doing his best “Dick Dastardly” imitation, spitting “Curses, foiled again!” under his breath, after wasting all that money renting real estate in Ingleside-on-the-Bay.

    I noticed that you pointed out that your new place is 25 minutes from San Antonio International. I did a little quick research and discovered that the offices of Mr. Ray Jeffery, the attorney who has been spectacularly successful in actions against the corporate Scientology machine this year, is 21 minutes away from San Antonio International Airport. Assuming that your new digs are in approximately the same direction from the airport, you are now located only a few short minutes’ drive from his offices. About the only thing better for protection of your homestead and yourselves than a trigger-happy Texas sheriff would be a trigger-happy Texas sheriff and a trigger-happy Texas lawyer with a track record of trouncing troublemakers.

    I would have to believe that your proximity to Mr. Jeffery and your detection and escape from the ridiculous surveillance operation in your former digs is causing a certain inhabitant of a bunker in Hemet to have a conniption or two right now.

  22. Marty and Mosey, this is very close to what many of us had envisioned, with the long private road in and no place for PI’s to lurk. What a wonderful hacienda! DM is probably gnashing his teeth trying to figure out how to rent drones to fly over.

  23. I always knew your new location would be near Sugar Ray. Great strategic decision!

  24. That is upgrade! A super upgrade! Think of the gardens you can grow! The animals you can own! You could stay on that land ten years and not have to leave it with some chickens, goats, a cow. A little castle! We could do an all hands and build a moat! You could set up a green house for cooking herbs and spices. And, considering Int base staff can not confront the road to Hemet to escape slavery, I seriously doubt you will find one of them teetering up the road to your house! Looks like David will need to invest in wind sailing lessons next for Keith Weigand, so he can stay on top of you!

    People who explain how wrong it is all going and who have reasons why and who aren’t putting it right are the real crazy people in the universe. The only ones crazier than they are are the ones who are quite happy to have everything fail and go wrong with no protest from them. And the only ones even worse are those who work endlessly to make things go wrong and prevent anything from going right and oppose all efforts instinctively.
    Fortunately there are a few around who do make things go right in spite of everything and anyone.”

  25. congrats and good for you – overcoming the Mcslappy obstacles one at a time … keep them spending their most sacred idol – CASH! Looks nice and private! All the best!

  26. I hope you enjoy your new place!

  27. P.S. Don’t forget to post new mailing address on the blog for us girly girls that want to send Mosey a housewarming gift!

  28. If you don’t own the land expect the church of scientology or a proxy to own it soon.

    You could travel around the USA getting the church of scientology to pay silly money to buy land so they could spy on you. Go to Nevada and stake a claim; get some friends to stake surrounding claims. Move in and wait for the offers to buy. When your friends have “sold out” rinse and repeat for profit.

  29. Duh, he wants his PC’s and students to find him, silly!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  30. Good on you guys. Hey Chiquita watch out for those skunks. Keep some dawn dish soap, baking soda and peroxide on hand…just saying!!! Congratulations ❤

  31. I’m crying with happiness. I’m relieved too as I’m sure you are.
    PS I could not feel this way if I hadn’t curled up for a day last Friday and finally started your 1st book. I got thru chapter 7 (Confessional). I haven’t felt this in control of my life since 1982. Thank you.

  32. Very nice! I hope you waved goodbye!

  33. Looks like a paradise. Well done on finding it.

  34. Wonderful, looks calm, quiet, lush and spacey.

  35. Viva la Vida

    All the best…..Marty 🙂

  36. Wow, nice place. Well done Cowboy !

  37. Yvonne Schick

    The familiar terrain and vegetation puts a big smile on the face of this Hill Country girl. Comal county? Excited to find out where you have landed. I’m confident you will find the local support you need and deserve. The Hill Country locals will be about as welcoming to DM’s shenanigans as the Gulf Coast residents were – and they are probably more heavily armed and a little less patient.

    Welcome to the Hill country. We look forward to having you over for supper.

  38. That’s great. You can push your anchor points out a lot further in a place like that.

  39. Nice research JPC!
    I don’t think COB gives a f**k about the money however.
    He doesn’t care one tiny smidgen about Church money.
    He is bound to “….go join the walking dead” LRH PL

  40. Gorgeous! Looks like expansion to me – this place is HUGE! Very well done and love to you both! Great news.

  41. Ah yes, putting down stone roots into an area and surroundings that defies an intruder! Best that a trespasser take a look at the laws of the State of Texas and BEWARE of transgressing the law.

    Love that y’all are in a very secure and comfortable environment… more than deserve it.


  42. martyrathbun09

    Yvonne, we’ll definitely get together – less than 1:30 from your place. M&M

  43. CommunicatorIC

    Marty, I know you are well-informed and well-advised, but other people here might find the following to be of interest.

    Texas Penal Code 30.05(a) – (b):

    Ҥ 30.05. CRIMINAL TRESPASS. (a) A person commits an offense if he enters or remains on or in property, including an aircraft or other vehicle, of another without effective consent or he enters or remains in a building of another without effective consent and he:

    (1) had notice that the entry was forbidden; or

    (2) received notice to depart but failed to do so.

    (b) For purposes of this section:

    (1) “Entry” means the intrusion of the entire body.

    (2) “Notice” means:

    (A) oral or written communication by the owner or someone with apparent authority to act for the owner;

    (B) fencing or other enclosure obviously designed to exclude intruders or to contain livestock;

    (C) a sign or signs posted on the property or at the entrance to the building, reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders, indicating that entry is forbidden;

    (D) the placement of identifying purple paint marks on trees or posts on the property, provided that the marks are:

    (i) vertical lines of not less than eight inches in length and not less than one inch in width;

    (ii) placed so that the bottom of the mark is not less than three feet from the ground or more than five feet from the ground; and

    (iii) placed at locations that are readily visible to any person approaching the property and no more than:

    (a) 100 feet apart on forest land; or

    (b) 1,000 feet apart on land other than forest land; or

    (E) the visible presence on the property of a crop grown for human consumption that is under cultivation, in the process of being harvested, or marketable if harvested at the time of entry.”

  44. Just what I pictured. Perfect.

  45. Wow! People could go there and camp out, which is the only vacation I really enjoy. I guess DM is constipated again, and OSA is reading manuals on how hide in the bush. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing fake trees and bushes around the area. Get a few male dogs to welcome them in the style they understand.

  46. deElizabethan

    Very happy to see you have some private secluded land and safe to continue your work. Disappointed you are not coming to Clearwater but understand that you want some peace and also to continue the revelations. Looks real good and happy for you and Mosey.

  47. Li'll bit of stuff

    I should have known! Dang! You love being 10 steps of every
    body else! Congrats on a great find!

    Midget, midget midget! Back to the drawing board, for you!

  48. Beautiful place Marty. I hope it becomes a wonderful home for you and Mosey.

  49. Marty & Mosey, expect me to be there in no time flat at your “house warming party” with none other than my own grandmother’s world famous potato latkes! 🙂 Congatulations. Peaceful, quite setting where auditing can happen! 🙂

  50. The Gallaghers

    Congratulations Mosey and Marty!

    At 650 feet above sea level, the boat may still come in handy. No joke.

    All of this has helped me conclude:

    “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!” – Patrick H. Hughes

    All the best!

  51. That is a wise move…lots of space and set back from the road. Just put up your trespassing warning signs and you are good to go.

  52. We sent you something for Christmas at the old address, I hope it reaches you.

  53. Yvonne Schick

    So looking forward to it.

  54. Ahhhh. Private road in. No trespassing. Nice.

  55. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” SunTz Well played Marty.

  56. Well, get those fruit trees in the ground as soon as planting season comes round. They will provide as well as the bay did, in no time flat.
    Congrats on your new casa!

  57. To Carol,

    You have the whole animal situation in view and under control. I would love to have my Jessie meet Chiquita. They would play and play and raise the tone level of all of Texas. Then bring in your Sheltieswe all will celebrating the wspirit of play!

  58. Marty, Mosey,
    What a BEAUUUUUUTIFUL place and home, great potential! congrats and Best of luck. Flourish and prosper!

  59. Correction:

    Then bring in your Shelties and we all will celebrating the spirit of play!

  60. John the $OS has become so criminal that anyone can just shake them down at this point. Didn’t Karen Powl say this last case was just a “shakedown?” Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but it seems that is the word she used. If she didn’t, she should have.
    According to my own tech I made up myself, you can’t shakedown an honest person.

  61. In time with your application of the Qs, self-determinatedly locating matter and energy in space and time, and putting space and time there to locate them in, are two brand new NOTs pre OTs, doing the standard NOTs co-audit course and begun on the Rundown 🙂

    Australia is a hotbed of self-determinism and I’m having a blast being part of this wonderful group of beings here.

    (P.S. Mike, I actually really, truly LIKE Vegemite too!!! YUMMY!!!)

  62. Congratulations! It is going to make David Miscavige pissed off as all hell and there aint a whole lot he can do about it.

  63. You are going to have guys hiding in the woods doing surveillance on you. DM is a criminal so he will find other criminals that are willing to trespass. If you are going to have a place in the country, you will need a security team to guard the perimeter. If you can’t afford one, a possible solution is to have lots of guard dogs. No one can escape a dog. They smell everything and they make lots of noise. Go to the pound and find big mean looking dogs that bark at you and bark loud. Find dogs that are tough to befriend. Adopt them in time they will know that you are friend and stop barking at you, but they will bark at anyone else. Build a fence around your property and let the dogs run free. Get at least 4 of five dogs. The dogs will have a pack leader and they will work as a pack against any trespassers.

    You would have been better of in a high rise apartment complex with a security guard controlling the front entrance, but if you are going to live in the woods, you will need a defense strategy or you are a sitting duck, also buy guns and let them know you have guns. Guns will scare them off. They will be on your property and you will be armed. Texas has a stand your ground law, so you might be able to shoot them and not be arrested. Do lots of target practice and let them hear the shots. They will stay away.


  65. Is this a new delivery facility, I was going to say Scn facility but then caught myself. I love seeing people doing things in the field. Bruce

    Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 23:01:57 +0000 To:

  66. If y’all decide to have the next Indy gathering down there, we’ll pitch in with food and help with the grill. Looks like lots of room with plenty of accomo’s nearby.

    I just can’t even imagine what 2013 will bring.

  67. Good move, let them try now,

  68. Because he is not doing anything illegal. The “secret” Int base (Only Sea Org people don’t know where it is!). The “secret” safe houses. The “secret vaults” . All over the internet with maps anyone can view with Google Earth! The “secrets” that are getting spilled over the internet! Not only are the current people involved in Scientology not getting any pay as staff in terms of cash or service, or public through standard tech, they are ALL expected to take a cut in pay by “keeping secrets”. By abiding by “gag orders”. Deals made behind the scenes to “say nothing”. Apparently it is not Marty’s purpose to be secretive and take a cut in pay.

    Your Pay for Living

    Very funny thing has been happening lately. I’ve had a fellow working for me. Of course, he’s on a payroll. He’s being paid in cash, but there’s something very funny about it. He keeps going out and stealing trees off other people’s property and planting them on mine. He keeps going out and getting discounts on pipe and motors and things like that and then handing me the discount. Why? Because I’m a good fellow? Nope. He’s getting better pay—better pay involved than cash. Communication.

    What do you live for? What do you want all these wild experiences for?. . .

    People live for communication. And the pay is communication. And that’s all the pay you will ever get for anything is communication. And if you for one moment believe that communication is bad, then you’ve broken down through the crust and there’s no pay possible from there on out if you live to another 186 trillion years.

    Now, you know people that think money is bad. You know this. Most people will work for money and think they’re doing something. But you know people that will get to a point on working for money that they say it’s very bad. And they will give something away or they will give their services away but they can’t accept money for it. Got the idea? Hm? Money is bad. Money is evil. They have broken down through and have become MEST at that point where—not where money is, because money is just your example—where they believe communication is evil. When communication becomes evil, when there’s many things you cannot communicate with, you have just lost your pay. You can’t now be paid for anything.

    The lilies of the field broke down through that and started to grow lilies. Hoped somebody would come by and look at least once in a while. Got the idea?

    Your body is solid because it hopes someday somebody will say something to it. You got that? People will come along and they will stand in front of you, right up here, see? “How are you?” they will say. They hope you will say, “Hello.” And they actually would settle for, “Get the hell out of my way.” See, that’s better than no communication. Any communication is better than no communication. Anything is better than nothing to a thetan. We knew that for a long time.

    But any communication is better than no communication and a person is unable to find life worth living to the degree that he has found certain kinds of communication bad. Got the idea? Now, we’re talking now about a live communication. And we are not talking about bullet communication. You understand this?

    —L. Ron Hubbard

  69. Jimmy,

    Maybe you can get my kids to try it when you find your way back here someday…

  70. Hello,
    Three friends and I are making a documentary on Scientology for our high school AP Language and Composition class. Our ultimate goal is to disprove some of the myths and confusions regarding Scientology. None of us are Scientologists, and we want to interview somebody on the matter. Is there any way you could answer some of our questions?


  71. A very nice place. Congratulations. San Antonio and the Lone Star state suit you well…. and it sure looks like a great place for friends and PC’s to visit!

  72. Excellent news on the NOT’s Co-Audit Jim. VVWD!

  73. And we are looking for more personal stories or experiences or how Scientology has worked for you.

  74. A tree change! Fantastic! I am so happy for you both. And as I am moving to South Austin in two weeks I would love to catch up all Indies in the area.

  75. threefeetback

    Looks like ‘reorganize the activity’ moving on up to ‘prepare to deliver.’ I can hear the DeMon gnashing his teeth as he paces back and forth in his underground tunnel in Hollywood, California, near North La Brea Avenue.

  76. Flanderfields

    Congratulations. Puts a smile on my face.

  77. Love and blessings on your new home to Marty and Lady M.

  78. Bert Schippers

    This is beautiful, in more ways than one!

  79. Marty and Mosey,
    Congrats on the new place. I bet you dm will find it much more difficult to harass you there. Good choice of a place.

  80. My guess was the hill country. That is a beautiful parcel of land and a beautiful home with an awesome porch. But amidst the trees, I noticed some ominous thickets of tinyfist weed — that stuff has a real bad tendency to tangle up on squirrel busters and such and pretty much always results in someone gettin’ arrested for trespassing. How sad DM messed up his covert surveillance so badly — you know he’s steamed up over that and just a shaking those tinyfists every time he looks in the mirror. See, he could have just played it cool but he had to go and push his luck cause even though LRH said keep covert operations covert and overt operations overt, and even though LRH said never go overt with a covert operation cause it makes a disaster, oh boy, somehow David Miscavige knew best and so squirreled his very own program imagine that, and so now his houses in IOB are all useless. And now looky what happened. Man ‘o man, even his own people must be figurin’ out that The Dupe and his Squirrel Cretins are even stupider than bags of hammers. Seems like every week The Dupe is leasing houses he can’t use, paying millions to keep people quiet, or getting sued. It sucks to be Tinyfists. Welcome to your beautiful new cretin-free home Marty and Mosey.

  81. Looks beautiful! Congratulations you two.

  82. Yes WOUNDERFUL NEWS Jim!!!!!!!

  83. A long and winding drive. How perfect is that! A large house with garage and a porch. Wonderful! Congratulations to you and Mosey.

  84. Indie-saurus-rex

    You should take ownership of some free-range Rottweilers. That way when DM sends in leaf-wearing commando-spys, your dogs will sniff them out and do their work, which I believe is more than legal in Texas. ;0)

  85. Indie-saurus-rex

    Also, I should say that your news digs look like a great place to get some auditing! Congrats to you guys.

  86. Congratulations! It must feel wonderful, maybe even a little “odd” not to be the “stars” of DMs spy cameras for the first time in years. Best of luck, enjoy to the max your new house and property!

  87. Congratulations Marty. The location looks perfect for getting folks up the Bridge and keeping PIs out.

  88. Welcome to your new crib!

  89. Fantastic! Now That’s a Home!

  90. We in RTC are outraged by this turn of events.

    We had OSA commit to a multi-year $90,000 lease of the home across the way from Marty old home!

    This failure to predict is yet more screaming OSA ineptitude at work those to blame are now breaking rocks in the SP granite quarry and will be doing so for years.

    In order to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, COB RTC David Miscavige has ordered $15,000,000 invested in the rented home to upgrade it and turn it into Ideal Org Ingleside on the Bay (IOIOB).

    In the meantime, we in RTC are fitting John Allender and his cohorts with experimental jetpacks to fly over Nueva Casablanca:

  91. There is a site for that ~ start from and there is a link there.

  92. Whoops. That directed me to Church Of Scientology site. I tried .org also.
    Perhaps someone can post it for him (so what if is a joke! since it sounds pretty similar ….)
    This is a new laptop so I have no links bookmarked yet

  93. Benjamin Cisco

    Looks so peaceful and I think the change will be good for everyone, including the dog. Happy new home!

  94. Magnificent Marty.

  95. CommunicatorIC

    “Texas has a stand your ground law, so you might be able to shoot them and not be arrested.”

    Obviously, Marty is not going to accept legal advice for pseudonymous persons over the internet, but in case anyone else thought this might be good advice I want to note the following.

    Despite the reputation of Texas, you are not entitled to shoot someone simply because they walked into your yard.

    The Texas version of the stand your ground was enacted in Senate Bill 98, which can be found at:

    See generally:

    While the Texas Code is controlling, the Enrolled Bill Summary for Senate Bill 98 generally explains:

    “Legislative Session: 80(R)

    Senate Bill 378
    Senate Author: Wentworth et al.
    Effective: 9-1-07
    House Sponsor: Driver et al.

    Senate Bill 378 amends provisions of the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to the use of force or deadly force in defense of a person. The bill creates a presumption of reasonableness for the belief of a person who takes such action that the use of force or deadly force to protect the actor was immediately necessary and provides that the presumption would be reasonable if the actor:

    1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the force or deadly force was used unlawfully and with force entered, or attempted to enter, the actor’s home, vehicle, or place of business or employment; unlawfully and with force removed, or attempted to remove, the actor from the home, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or was committing or attempting to commit certain serious crimes;

    2) did not provoke the person against whom the force or deadly force was used; and

    3) was not otherwise engaged in certain criminal activity at the time the force or deadly force was used.

    The bill provides that an actor who has a right to be present at the location where the force or deadly force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at that time is not required to retreat before using force or deadly force.

    Senate Bill 378 also provides immunity from civil liability for a personal injury or death resulting from the use of force or deadly force to a defendant who was justified under the law in using such force or deadly force.”

    Also, the idea of having a pack of dogs that is going to rip into any child or unknowing adult who innocently wanders onto the property is an invitation to a lawsuit.

  96. He’s not in fear like the little one.


    Not only has Miscavige wasted money renting a house to, now, spy on no one, but I bet none of his well-paid spies saw this coming. San Antonio is a beautiful city, your house looks welcoming and restful. Congratulations on your successful move to such a lovely place. You have many more successes ahead of you, and, as they say, success is the best revenge!

  98. Smooth move, Marty. I was hoping you’d find a country spread with lots of acreage and trees. And you’re still in Texas, which means there isn’t a PI in the country who would dare cross your property line to spy on you. Not if they want to keep breathing.

    I also have a strong suspicion that your place is a lot lovelier than what those few pictures show. The Texas Hill Country is some of the sweetest land in the state. I’ll bet you and Mosey fall totally in love with it. Hope to see more pics soon. Congrats!

  99. Great! Looks beautiful and you are closer to an airport.
    Another upside is that the salt air will not be rusting everything.
    On a personal note you are much closer to our home! If you want some real Mexican food I’m volunteering my personal chef of 34 years. Mercy just came in the room and told me to say that you should expect some REAL tamales for Xmas.
    David & Mercy

  100. Sounds like sound advice, I was thinking along the same lines of fences and dogs, the only thing is the sick F___ that he is may try to poison the dogs, so I say get security cams as well to record the MF’s.

  101. Nice, Marty.
    Cool diggs!

  102. Karen Pouw Pinocchio LIE.
    “They are exortionists attempting a shakedown”
    Quietly and under the table we will settle (to protect Miscavge involvement.)

  103. Marty and Mosey,

    This is really great! What a relief to know that you are now relocated and you hardly skipped a beat. Very Well Done!!
    And thank you for keeping us informed and for the nice photo tour of your new digs! It looks like a great place TO LIVE!

  104. Well done, Marty and Mosey. Happy times ahead. It’s great news.
    Wishing you lots of fun.

  105. A Valid Process: CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT

  106. Li'll bit of stuff

    Some great advice and suggestions for personal security coming
    through. It would be prudent to get some professional advice on
    how to economically take those precautions, ESPECIALLY with
    regard to electronic early warning systems. (Unfortunately, dogs
    can be doped,or poisoned!) Obviously, being forewarned, gives
    precious time to prepare and react to intrusions, this time, even
    LETHALLY, if necessary! The psycho is already at work, planning
    his next moves, (always by proxy!) so a physical move on your part
    simply means he does the same! Plans B,C,D or whatever, all
    need to accommodate how best to provide peace of mind for all
    of those under your care, ESPECIALLY when you are absent from
    the site. Cell phone alert would be another mandatory, for early
    warning relay from sensor systems installed. Living in South Africa,
    where we do, plagued with disproportionate numbers of farm
    murders, simply means that people in isolated holdings have had
    to up the ante, as described above, to meet sinister intent head on.
    No need for any facetious comments required over this, because,
    with this case in particular,survival takes into proper account that one is dealing with a really desperate psycho here, who has NOT relinquished his intentions.

    Some practical reminders — coming straight from the ol’ man:
    ” Make yourself DANGEROUS to the environment.”- keeps one’s
    outlook causative, positive, and mobility unfettered.

    All the best, going forward,

  107. I Like this I hope this advice will be noticed

  108. Marty, it sounds like you’ve suddenly got a whole lotta new neighbors. Better get ready for the house warming party! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you guys.

  109. And what Ronnie said…….. and awesome again! :–)

  110. Thanks for sharing the New Location,from the pictures it looks
    good and hopefully secure and reachable sounds like it.Best of Luck.

  111. I think Chiquita’s gonna have a blast with all that new space. Dog heaven…

  112. Posting the link to for Cece here:

  113. Congratulations, Marty and Mosey! Looks like a great place.

  114. Cece, the cult snapped up the domain rights to right after Steve Hall launched I posted the correct URL for Hunter.

  115. I can hear the cicadas serenade from here. Prickly pear, cedars, oak, Texas bluebonnets and Indian paint brush (plant them if not). Enjoy, but please don’t trumpet the secrets of Texas hill country too much.

  116. Thanks for posting chapter and verse of the Texas law governing this state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, anonymous person, but the truth of the matter is, privacy rights are highly respected in Texas, and the courts and law enforcement usually come down on the side of the sovereign individual in cases of willful trespass resulting in the use of deadly force. We didn’t get a reputation for upholding individual rights because we brag about it.

    People who want to push Texans to the test over this, are taking their lives in their hands. Most any idiot in this state knows better than to try it.

  117. I agree. Casablanca is where you both are, much like an airplane becomes “Airforce One” when the president is on it. We’re very happy for you and hope to be able to visit soon.

  118. Awesome, guys. I remember driving through the Hill Country in 1990 and I remember how beautiful it is, and I have been to Austin a few times since. I am a West-coast boy, but if I were to move to Texas, it would be the Hill Country for sure.

    It’s great to live on acreage. It is great to know you can shoot skeet and not have to worry about pellets getting in your neighbor’s yard. We live 1/4 mile off the street, and I have to say, it is nice.

    I am really happy for both of you. It is a red letter day.


  119. I googled for “” without quotes and it was the first result. Should be able to get there that way…..

  120. Congratulations to you two. I have been following your blog and look forward to the day I can finally meet y’all!!

  121. There are 3 criteria in choosing a property, especially a home.
    Location ! Location ! Location!
    Very well Done on choice and proximity for all dynamics.
    High Fives.
    Sending you Thomas Kinkade’s “Garden of Promise” as housewarming gift for Casa Blanca
    (It’s large and will dominate a wall.)
    Vaya con Dios, Nueva Casablanca!

  122. I can just see him shaking those tiny fists to the Heavens!! Funny Steve!

  123. Tory Christman

    ::::::clap:::::wonderful pad! Great job, Marty and Mosey!! =D

  124. Hymie, I like Vegemite too. As roofing cement. It really holds down any kind of roof tile. Congratulations on getting stuff going in Oz. Jimmy Rebel and I just completed an indy Grad V checksheet which will be ready soon that includes FPRD. I think he might be sending it to you to look over.

  125. Steve, yeah, where is Mcflopdick going to find monkeys, actual monkeys, not Camerahead & Co., who he can train to infiltrate the property and type reports on their Blackberries to send back to HQ? 50,000 monkeys on 50,000 Blackberries will eventually let Mcshortstack know that M&M went out for breakfast. That is going to cost Mcdipstick’s clubbed seals some serious long green.

  126. Dear Marty & Mosey,

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Just in time for Christmas!
    I hope that you enjoy your new home!
    I hope that you audit and train lots of people there.
    Lots of smiling, happy faces coming and going. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    (And you’ve just gotta have a horseshoe pit on that spread!)
    But, as for mean dogs, you don’t need a mean one one.
    You’ve got a nice one! And smart too.
    Theta rules!

  127. Phil Bruemmer

    Smile on my face.
    Too cool for words.

  128. is correct

  129. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    WOW! I like what what I am seeing! Seems like you have found a wonderful, peaceful place to continue your work. I LOVE the suddenness of your move! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

    Meanwhile DM´s rented house full of mirrored windows and spying equipment is still standing there for the world to see, as a mirror image of Scientology Inc. All his Squirrel Buster goons with their head cameras and golf carts must be in total confusion now. Wonder what his next move will be? He must have sleepless nights and fits of rage, drinking lots of Scotch to soothe his nerves. Guess that´s life when you are surrounded by so many degraded beings. Exciting!

  130. Probably a drone. But easily brought down by a Texas hunting rifle. 🙂

  131. I meant that a drone might be a Miscavige solution to the “problem” of Marty picking such a private, defensible locale. As expensive as they must be, I wouldn’t put it past the dwarf.

  132. Theo Sismanides

    Great move Marty and Mosey… beautiful place and out of the surveillance area. I wish you a great stay at your new home with lots and lots of visitors, friends, PCs and students….

    Viva la Nueva Casablanca!

  133. Mary Rathbun is not hiding! Like your mate Miscavige has to!

  134. Sorry, should be Marty of course.

  135. Congratulations on your new home!

  136. You, RTC (Robotic Tech Cockroaches) ©® ™, will not fool us with a video of an experimental jetpack for John Allender to fly over Nueva Casablanca.

    Our spies infiltrated in OSA have sent us a top secret video about how you plan to spy Nueva Casablanca with OSA’s robotic spy cockroaches:

  137. now who has got the blues!

    Maybe some Texan PIs who had the easiest gig for years…

  138. Very nice. I guess it’ll be a little bit harder for the spyes to keep track of what you do in your own home. Perhaps they will buy some drones so we’ll be able to see the eagle eye view in full HD in the near future. Meanwhile I’ve got another OT4 comp few days ago and a well running new OT5 in the making.

  139. Well that was A to B. It really looks beautiful! I’d like to think that our furry friends are happy there too. Congratulations and a big hug M&M.

  140. TheOracle. Nice quote. Allow me to ask for some wordclearing as my attempts with dictionaries and the Net have failed on this one thus far. The term I cannot get my wits around is “then you’ve broken down through the crust”. Crust is usually the outer layer of Earth. Or does he mean something like “then you have arrived in hell”? (English is not my native language).

  141. Gern Gaschoen

    Bats have long been used as spies, carrying transmitters around!

  142. Wide open spaces. Can’t fence you in.

    Well done Marty and Mosey.

    Ed and Helma

  143. Heath,

    You forgot something: pcs and pre-OTs should go into session heavily armed and their bodyguards should sweep the auditing room for bugs. And when they arrive at San Antonio airport, they should go directly to Hertz and rent a bulletproof limo or, even better, a battle tank.

    Marty should also use retinal scans to id his visitors in case they’re clones working for the Co$, and then sec check them to really make sure they’re OK.

    Whaddya think, Heath?

  144. Love the wrap around porch. I grew up in a house like that in Bulawayo and practically lived on the verandah (that’s what we call it). Aaah the memories – you will just love it – cool in the heat, natural light, quiet at night, fresh air, space… (just recalling some pleasure moments here)….. Wishing you many happy memories ahead.

  145. Absolutely perfect. Enjoy!

  146. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot. Mosey says ‘perfect.’ We’ve got plenty of big walls.

  147. Wow!!!
    This is such a nice place you both have chosen.
    I am very happy for you… ENJOY!

  148. Theta, pure theta! It is a BIG win, Marty. ..and now there will be students added to the PCs 🙂 I love it.

  149. Hey neighbor,
    Welcome to San Antonio! I was hoping you guys would be staying in the great state of Texas. Now it will be easier and closer for you to hang with Ray, cruise the Riverwalk and remember the Alamo. All this with some descent privacy. Great choice.

  150. YES – you two are definitely Texan. Acreage in the hill country is precisely what most Texans dream of.

    I’m just so thrilled for you. The early morning sounds are deafening and fabulous.

    Ditto to Ronnie Bell’s comment about PIs not crossing into private property. Property Lines are respected in Texas – I like to think because of good manners but it might be thanks to Smith & Weston.

    So happy for you. Have you considered a small Texas housewarming early January?


  151. martyrathbun09

    Give us a holler!

  152. Yes thanks Ookpik that worked. I started out with .com and did get the Church site ~ how nasty of them (the ‘official church’) – a DIRECT take-off of Steve’s.

  153. Alex castillo

    Great move and what a pleasant place to be it will be for you and Mosey and la perrita Chiquita. But El Diablo won’t stop hounding you. In my opinion, with so much woodland around you, you could easily set up concealed (cheaply) strategically positioned wireless CCTV surveillance cameras to be able to spot unwanted people and immediately call 911 so the cops can catch David Miscavige’s trespassers on the act of spying on you. Guard dogs is something I wouldn’t use, as they could bring about more trouble than good, plus they are expensive to keep. If pc’s or students or friends want to drive up to Casablanca, they would have to call you in advance announcing their arrival. I think you already thought about this method but I just wanted to mention it anyway.
    I hope you get some peace at home from now on. You deserve it.


  154. A one-finger wave, maybe?

  155. Alex castillo

    And a peaceful, happy, Merry Christmas to you guys+canine Chiquita.

  156. Venomous Texas snakes (of which there are plenty) patrol for skunks, rodents and other “undesireables” – OSA “hikers” beware.

    I guess Miscavige is now in the market for a tree fort 🙂

  157. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone


    Wonderful M&M it’s a great place!!! happy for you both !!! a place to florish and prosper ,wish you the best….. love you…..:-)

  159. This is a great looking spot. Can’t wait to see it.
    Please save some gardening for Vic to help with next spring.
    Best to you both,

  160. Richard Lloyd -Roberts

    If you ever need motion sensor activated LED lighting please let me know. My specialty.

  161. Mabu,
    Word is out that Dick Management is running a pilot project in Hemet and has these RTC drones licking the bathroom floors to be sure they respond properly to command intention.

  162. It’s that whole covert ops “source writing” that is the cause of all this. I don’t know how you can consider this somehow a good thing Thoughtful.

    If covert ops were not part of church doctrine we would not be even on this blog. Marty would never have caused black ops and bkack ops karma would not be his.

    Scientology PR would not be this bad, and thousands of people would still be in the church not blown.

    Sorry to rain on the joy Marty, but geez! Covert ops- church. Come on guys!

  163. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Outraged? I thought that David Miscavige liked collecting empty useless buildings?

  164. Marty & Mosey,
    VERY WELL DONE !!! LOL, I knew 🙂

  165. Well, I started this gloomy wet Monday morning in California off on the right foot, by going here, reviewing your new digs photo tour and reading some of the recent theta comments.

    It brought a BIG Smile to my face and Big Joy to my heart! Welcome to your new home! Steve

  166. See at what a disadvantage you guys are now? No RPFers to take care of garden design and shaping, no razor wire to mark your property properly, nobody to beat up really …

    I guess you’ll have to live with real volunteers and friends. 😉

    Good luck, enjoy life.

  167. Many hunting supply and outdoor type stores sell motion detection cameras for taking pics of deer and other wildlife. You might want to consider one or two focused on the public roads near your private road. The OSA bots will be sitting in their cars watching who comes in and goes out. Expect a visit from an airplane or helicopter in the near future, Davey is going to want aerials of the new digs.

    Country life is so much better.

  168. Marina e Umberto

    Congratulations Marty & Mosey,
    your new location is imposing!
    Thanks for your courage to never give up!
    Marina e Umberto
    😀 😀

  169. Puppy,
    This is Texas. There’s about a half million acres around here that look just like this. Around San Antonio.
    Fat Chance DM will find the place, even with a map!

    Congrats, Marty! I’ve been hoping something like this for you for a while. The Gulf is nice, but there’s something to be said for privacy and security. 😉

  170. OMG! It just dawned on me, you’re going to be MUCH CLOSER NOW!! I might actually get to go see you now! Didn’t know how I was ever going to get to the coast. But now, you’re just 5-6 hours from me, and about 1 hr from family. I may yet one day get to shake your hand!

  171. Fantastic Marty – and a few well placed infrared cameras in them there trees wouldn’t go astray! Happy to oblige. Envious, love to visit sometime…

  172. Shotguns are less expensive and get faster, more permanent results.

  173. Welcome home, y’all. 🙂 The hill country is my home country — with many friends and two siblings there who all have ranches not far from you. Sow those wildflower seeds now — especially bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush . With all the rain Texas has received lately, the 2013 blooms should be amazing! See

  174. Texans needed to know that the law is on their side when they respond with force to an attack. Police may still investigate, and prosecutors may still bring charges against a homeowner, driver, or business owner if the facts surrounding a self-defense case are in question.

    Under the old Texas law, we had a duty to attempt to retreat first if we were attacked. Under our current “Castle Doctrine” law, we may certainly retreat if we choose to do so, but there is no longer a requirement to do so.

    Finally, Texas law offers anyone who uses force authorized by law some additional protection from civil lawsuits that could be filed by injured criminal attackers or their families.

    The law provides the crime victim immunity from civil liability from lawsuits brought by the intruder or attacker for personal injury or death that results from the lawful use of force.

    Our state law affirms the rights of law-abiding Texans and puts the law on their side when they respond with force to an attack.

    Read more:

  175. Looks good hopefully the camera’s are running.The Best of luck

  176. Catherine Von Ach

    Yee Haw! So glad you’re in the Texas Hill Country, where you can Flourish and Prosper in peace!

  177. Jean-François Genest

    Marvelous !

  178. Nice selection, Karen! From Thomas Kinkade’s artist’s notes on the painting: “I chose a garden with a rambling stone walkway climbing up through flower hedges to illustrate my tribute to the hope many of us share of the better times that lie ahead.”


  179. Alex, Texas is what Robert Heinlein called, “a polite society”. We don’t normally bother with 911 and cops for simple matters like trespass. Because of that, the average goombah out here knows better than to even try it.

  180. Felicitas Foster

    Congratulations!!! Thought it would be something like this… 🙂
    Wish you all the happiness you deserve at the new place.
    I had already invisioned the PIs camping in a tent at the entrace of the private road (very invisible). 🙂

  181. Marty & Mosey so blad about your new base, at least you boosted the liocal Real Estate market in IOB (One new resident means 4 rentals!!) 🙂

  182. This brings to mind the spies across from your old haunt in Corpus Cristie will have to get out of their rental lease…what a bummer that their cameras will be zooming in on an empty dwelling. Might of been fun to leave lifesize cutouts of Marty and Mosey by the windows….

  183. Wow, that is fabulous Marty! Very nice indeed. And it looks BIIIG. I would guess it has room for you, plus several guest rooms and auditing and delivery rooms. And for my 2 cents, all the stuff about dogs and guns and motion sensors is just not needed. Just buy a whole ton of no trespassing signs and put them up. Anyone who knows rural or semi-rural Texas knows that DM is just totally screwed on any kind of close up spying. Thats it. Why? Because never mind all the law this, the law that. In Texas, trespassers do get shot. It happens here and there and it’s no big deal. It barely makes the news. No Texas PI is going to place even one pinky inside Marty’s property. And Marty’s activity is going to pick up dramatically. Marty is a sought after auditor and with more space he will be able to increase the pace of his auditing. In fact I bet they have enough room that Marty could have 2 PCs and Mosey one at any given time. Marty and Mosey can probably deliver more Scientology in that house in a week than Dallas and Austin org do in month. I do have one suggestion. With pcs and pre-ots zipping in and out of Nuevo Casablanca, the sleeze ball brigade will set up to watch cars coming in and out. My suggestion would be as much as possible have visitors use taxi’s to come and go from your house. You and your visitors can maintain a very high degree of privacy. Anyhow, leaving the yipping dogs, this is serious Indy expansion. All Indies should be rejoicing. DM’s attempted harassment has backfired and resulted in a bigger stronger Casablanca! Can you spell footbullet? Will the little guy ever be able to get his gun out of his holster? His feet must be pretty ragged by now. The person who is getting seriously harassed is DM. But those feeling sorry for him needn’t worry, GAT Part II is about to be released. With it comes a new meter with a clock that counts seconds and millseconds.That way auditors will be able to boast “I delivered grade III in 2 minutes and 47.4 seconds!” “Huh, that’s nothing! I delivered Grade II in 56.1 seconds flat!- beat that”. And so on. The seconds counter is about to become a vital part of new Scientology deliver statistics. Thank God, at Casablanca and other places around the world, the works of L Ron Hubbard will still be in busy use.

  184. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    If they haven’t been tracking Marty’s previous visits to the property, then they really are a bunch of amateur bums, but I can’t imagine that they didn’t follow the moving van. (It’s hard to shake a tail in a loaded truck.)

    The first step is probably to go around the edge of the property making sure that No Trespassing signs are posted. (Check the local laws to see how frequent they have to be.) Afterward, have a couple witness walk the perimeter of the property so that they can swear that there were no convenient gaps of missing signs. Trespass on posted property raises the legal risk to them without any “Castle Law” chest-beating.

    Next, I’d check the security of your landline phone and data lines at the junction boxes that lead to the house. Figure out a way to tell if anyone has been inside them. (I’d suggest a few, but why help them out?)

    If those PIs were earning their pay, as soon as they figured out that Marty was moving and to where, they could have slipped in to plant some bugs while the place was empty. I’d check for that. (If I was designing a bug, it would only switch on its high-gain wifi at a particular time of the night to dump the compressed audio of the day. This ain’t your granny’s surveillance tech.)

  185. I know exactly who you are referring to Dan!

  186. That is why Dick Management ran the razor wire around the int base in Hemet……keeps the innocent public from being attacked by the mad dogs!

  187. Good one Helmuth.

  188. Congrats M&M on your new digs. Wonder what assface will do now.

  189. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Yesterday I spotted another bat in the basement. You don’t suppose? 🙂

    They are amazing when they’re flying around in close spaces. I hope to suit up, catch it and evict it. I wish I knew how they get in.

  190. Mr. Rathbun, I sincerely wish you and your girls (Mrs. R. and Chiquita) every happiness in your new home. Plenty of potential there, I see, for a hidden auto-sprinkler-system to thoroughly and deservedly drench foolhardy lurkers… 😉

    Enjoy your new place (and don’t forget the spark of romance in carrying Mrs. R. over the threshold…!) xx

  191. Eww, Vegemite! {shuddering} We’re almost out – wouldya bring some back for my hubby?


  192. Li'll bit of stuff

    Anon, that’s good BTW! And just a pause for thought for a
    second….what say we configure a useful new rating to be
    included on this blog?

    The POM rating!……..Pisses Off Miscavige!… scale of ! – 10

    Marty’s move? —10!


  193. 🙂 Life is today and you make your tomorrow.

  194. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ah yes, Wendy! Toured around old Rhodesia as a youngster,
    on my street scrambler in ’70. Narrowly missed collisions with
    wild game crossing over the narrow road stretches in the
    early dawns. What stunningly beautiful country, I will never
    forget the experience, and as you said; …”just recalling some
    pleasure moments here.”

    I join you in wishing M & M many happy memories ahead.


  195. Regarding the game of chess:
    Control of the center: Control of the central squares allows pieces to be moved to any part of the board relatively easily, and can also have a cramping effect on the opponent.

    Good move.
    Happy trails.

  196. No MaBű No!

    We in RTC don’t need robot cockroaches when we have Dave LeBow.
    Besides, the Fort Harrison, the Sandcastle, and all of the other hotels at Flag already have plenty of cockroaches if any are needed.

    Fleet Admiral David Miscavige has decreed that If the jet pack idea fails, the Squirrel Busters will be cloned into flying monkeys.

    Below is test footage of an actual OSA Recovery Team that was cloned into flying monkeys. In this test, the OSA Flying Monkey Squadron (OSA FMS) led by Monique Yingling successfully recovers a blown Sea Org member named Dorothy and takes her back to Int Base:

  197. Danny and Scott,
    I used to think similarly about the stuff. I couldn’t figure how Aussies found so many dinosaur bones to scrape the marrow out to stock shelves with this goop. Then one morning I ate the kids leftover toast with it smeared on and – well, I couldn’t keep the withhold – IT WAS GOOD!!! From there I’ve now graduated up to it on toast, with slices of cheese on top and it’s friggin’ GOODER!!

    I don’t know if American children are ready for it though Scott. That’s OK though since if yours don’t like it I get the leftovers 🙂 Green drink and Vegemite – mmmmmmm.

    On the checksheets, yep, Jimmy Reb is in comm with me. I sent an update on the NOTs one I wrote for him to do when he’s done the Grad V one. ( Anybody who has mine, just take out the “proviso” section. All that material has been validated so we’re good to go. Like a hot knife through buttah.)

  198. A ‘crust’ is any covering that is relatively firm, such as crust on a pie or crust on snow, that degree of hard.

    Getting through the ‘crust’ is just getting to the softer insides, like pie! 🙂

    Some people are called ‘crusty’ because of their social exterior.


    One day, in the very near future, Miscavige is going to miscalculate very badly and in some public forum, a court or elsewhere, he will complain how badly his “business” is being harmed financially or otherwise by competition from independent Scientology. It is not a question of if, but when. Add that to the millions that he is spending on settling lawsuits and hounding Marty, which in all probability are being classified as “religious” expenses, and you have the underpinnings of the end of his reign, if not the end of the CoS. It is a well known fact that the IRS reads blogs and newspapers to determine which individuals and/or organizations should be investigated. I do not doubt that every word written here about how Miscavige has devoted church money to harass Marty, as well as others, has found its way to the IRS.

    I am very glad that Marty and Mosey are safe and in a good place. It sickens me, however, to think that we have to worry about their safety because a psychopath with a tax exemption is running amok. It is time for the IRS to stop reading and take action.

  200. I’m told that if you import a car from Oz, they seem to be covered in grease, way over the top, under, around doors, steering wheel, and the glove box is full of this “grease”. That’s on the QT, but that’s what I’m told. Perhaps your husband is in need of a new “ute” and can make sure it’s “greased”?

  201. Jackie I like it!!! my shelties have seen it all, snakes, coyotes, wild pigs,etc and have been skunked on top of it all!!!! had to finally enclose an area!!

  202. Marty, I hope you and Mosey draw tremendous satisfaction from the many well-wishers and friends you have here. Think about it. No one in the world gets bombarded like this with well wishes just because they moved. VWD on all counts.

  203. Marty, you’ve strategically placed yourselves in a home that is private and remote. Without any buildings or houses near you that can be leased, it is going to be very difficult for Miscabbage to snoop in on you. The sleazy PI’s will be trespassing every time they drive up your private road. I expect that you will be seeing if not hearing the sound of car engines as they approach your new home then leave. This will be their tactic, I think, to keep you on edge. I recommend you get yourself the best home alarm system you can afford and cameras to document any trespass into your property.

    I don’t know if OSA, the PI’s, or the midget predicted you’d make a move like this, but now they’ll have an utmost difficult task of spying on you now. It won’t surprise me if they install remote cameras and microphones, with battery and WiFi to any surrounding trees near your home. Those can be camouflaged. Best of luck to you.

  204. One of those who see

    That is so sweet of you Karen!! Wow!!

  205. St. Counrty Hills 😉

  206. Ditto! Viva Casablanca! It’s even 2 hours closer to us by car!

  207. Alex castillo

    Ahh Ronnie, one learns something every day eh? :))


  208. Brian, I neither said it was good nor bad. I simply pointed out that DM even failed on his own overts. I’m referring to a Scientology scale whereby “Failed overt” is below “overt.” And furthermore, the LRH’s policies are not the source of this. The evil purposes inside DM’s head are the cause of this — he’s a SOCIOPATH. There’s plenty of people in governments and organizations around the world and one can either spot SOURCE or not. LRH is not the cause of someone’s evil dramatizations. I’m not defending LRH, I’m just pointing out a fact. Same with terrorists. The cause behind al-Qaeda is not the Koran — it’s one or more SOCIOPATHS. The source of evil actions by our own government is not the US Constitution, it is one or more SOCIOPATHS. Sociopaths simply find and use various things as JUSTIFICATIONS for their actions to persuade DBs to follow them and also to throw people off the trail. People who commit harmful actions must be held accountable for their own actions.

  209. Marty and Mosey–What a relief it must be to be able to breathe REALLY CLEAN AIR! So glad for you both and Chiquita, too .No one should have to live in that stinking, toxic environment (and of course I’m not talking bout IOB and its native residents!)

    Just some thoughts on Howdy doodoo–how long til his liver stops producing its necessary biochemicals and fulfilling its multiple functions? how pickled is his wooden brain? how much damage in his wobbly lower limbs and arteries? how long til he’s stark raving mad? My guess–not too long now.

    Much happiness in your lovely home.

  210. You, in RTC (Robotic Tech Cyborgs) ©® ™, will not fool us neither with a video of an experimental jetpack for John Allender to fly over Nueva Casablanca, nor with a video of Squirrel Busters cloned into flying monkeys.

    Our confidential secret sources informed us that your secret plan is to use both the jet packs and the flying monkeys as distraction from your real spies: miniature and small spy cyborgs, like robotic spy cockroaches and robotic spy rats. Your public statement (OTVIIIisGrrr8! Dec-3-12 3:51pm) has confirmed our secret sources information: in the Fort Harrison, the Sandcastle, and all of the other hotels at Flag, you have plenty of cockroaches for your top secret spying needs. We are convinced that you also have plenty of rats for your top secret spying needs.

  211. Thank you Ronnie

  212. Far Fucking out! I am sorry that you are not on such a beautiful waterfront. However!!! I am very very happy to see you guys in such wonderful new digs. Godspeed.

  213. Get a sprinkler system put in dousing the backside of the bushes
    and hook it up to the nearest latrine.

  214. I just have to acknowledge, not too shabby for Texas.

  215. Be on the lookout for model airplanes with cameras on them! Kidding.

    But if small planes with telephoto cameras start doing circles around your place daily, then I’d be suspicious.

  216. Thetabop, I get the joke even if the thumbs down guys didn’t.

  217. What a beautiful place. Merry Christmas M&M!
    There’s no place like home.
    Happy, Happy!

  218. I used to eat that stuff all the time on the ship. Have to try it with cheese!

    I just pictured Veronica, tasting it, making a face, then flinging it onto the ground – Vegemite side down, of course.

    If you eat Green drinks and Vegemite, a garden grows in your stomach! – (the Vegemite is the fertilizer).

  219. May you be very happy and productive in your new home.

  220. Gorgeous! Love the long and winding road … looks perfect. All the best to you both (and Conchita)!

  221. Very well done. TR

  222. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Wow, great place.
    Congratulations to you both, Marty and Mosey. Really idyllic. I saw those picks and thought, “that’s where I’d like to get back on S-NOTs one day.

  223. Jean-François Genest

    Θ The new site looks nice, spacious, peaceful and welcoming. I see it as expansion. I hope for you that there is a fishable lake nearby. Best wishes with your new home. 🙂

    😀 What is VERY HILLARIOUS is that Monte Drake is now stuck with a 3-year lease for the spy-house, to spy on the wind. 😀

  224. Jean-François Genest

    Very good point!
    That spy-house •IS• a mirror image of the Corporate Church of Scientology Inc. The mirrored windows camouflage the internal emptiness and death.

  225. Very cool. Very non-trespass. Post a few signs, have a couple good watchdogs, maybe put up a few Internet cams of your own, and so on.

    Put a sign of welcome at the beginning of the road like “Welcome by invitation!” and offer free sec checks for OSA. Man, with that land, I’d have some other animals — horses, cattle, chickens, etc. if you have water. Plug into solar and make a couple heat sinks and you can practically live off the grid if you want. Put up hummingbird feeders and such for other birds too — bet you get some good migrating species. I’m kinda jealous!

    Very best wishes to you and Mosey. You are obviously both good people and you deserve peace and happiness, including happiness in the sense of overcoming not unknowable obstacles toward a known goal.

  226. Agreed Thoughtful, nobody is the cause of anyones insanity except the person insane.

    I probably wrote emotion into my post so let me try to be clear with my thought:

    The very idea of a religious teacher having written data to teach covert operations is, to me, dangerous.

    Religion can be divisive to begin with as different doctrines and ideologies can separate Man. And does.

    And to have a teacher teach followers techniques of covert operations and to have you state that he (DM) did not even apply the correct techniques of covert operations, brought up the thought in me, that info on “properly applied covert operations” even existing in a church to be strange, odd, inappropriate and dangerous etc. This is more a military application.

    And I theorized, if Marty hadn’t done what he had done for all these years, and trained in covert ops against human beings, we all wouldn’t be here supporting him against the same sort of operations he did to others.

    DM no doubt is a sociopath, but if that sociopath did not have in writing, the standard tech of covert operations, written by Ron, taught by Ron, practiced by Ron, it is possible that he could not have reaked so much harm.

    Love thine enemies, not destroy your enemies, may have been a better covert and overt ops and possibly made Marty’s life and a whole lot more folks life a little easier.

    The main question is: was all this fighting and warring against SPs actually the cause of Scientology’s destruction? Was it neccessary? Were are those enemies today? Where is the cabal against Scientology? They don’t exist except within Scientology itself.

    Covert operations as even a topic in a spiritual church is…………….

  227. And thoughtful to be clear, I totally left the church environment 82/83. I really had no contact with Scientologists or Scientology since, until this blog. And one reason was because I was and SP and lost all my friends and connections.

    So DMs church was something I did not experience.
    But these stories of black ops, fighting the SPs, loosing your friends, wondering if I or friends were being followed occured before DM fully took over.

    My view comes from direct experience. And when I am seen as a negative nancy and LRH basher, I see you as you see the OSA.

    But the game has changed, we are all free men and women now. We can agree to disagree and still respect and even love and learn from each other.


  228. Looks awesome! Love the integrity, I think I’ve said it a hundred times, but you sir have a heart of gold!!!

    Congratulations on acquiring a location and space that allows you to keep chugging along on the goals that make the world of Scientology a better place.

    I bet Conchita will love playing in those woods 😀

  229. Tory Christman

    I have to say I’ll miss you and Mike fishing…but I realized you can just go visit Mike and Christy in CW and do some fishing there. Love the photos—looks like a fabulous new place. 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  230. I have a feeling that he will huff and puff; but won’t blow your house down.
    Your house is built with ARC and his with straw; idle org straw.

  231. You from Texas too Ronnie? The way you guys go on about Texans, how polite, tough and independent they are. How they live in a big country and so on. You make them sound like Australians!!!!

  232. Wow. An actual Kinkade. What a nice gift. Many people dream of owning one.

  233. Wonderful home. Well done Marty and Mosey.

  234. Nice Marty. Let me know if you need some claymores or trip flares placed strategically out there. ML Tom

  235. I have to say, this is one of the most clearly articulated posts I’ve read in 2+ years of following Marty’s blog. I find it very difficult to disagree with you. However, I also believe that peace and love is not always workable, that sometimes it is necessary to fight fire with fire when someone(s) out to destroy you. Think of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto – completely disarmed, sitting ducks.

    And it is pretty clear to me that, at times, there were definitely SPs out to destroy LRH, Dianetics and Scientology. Should they have just been treated with “turn the other cheek”? Or should they have been fought, tooth and nail? I’ve always been inclined to think so.

    However, it is equally unsettling to accept the idea that covert ops were and are part of a religion. It was very distressing to read all the stories about the covert ops and spy games carried out in Clearwater, for example, in the 1975-76 time frame, in order to discredit and destroy the mayor and others, when CofS purchased the Fort Harrison under a false name.

    Or to hear about celebrity homes and other places being broken into by pathetic little wanna be spies in the mid-70s, to find out if they were in comm with SPs.

    Just the fact that there are LRH writings on the subject of covert ops gives license to SPs and lunatic fringe people within Scientology, to pervert and misuse what were perhaps legitimate tools meant to be used in specific, narrow circumstances against real foes.

    It’s quite unsettling. The main thing I want to communicate, though, is that your post made quite an impression on me. Thanks.

  236. Yes, I’m a Texan, and yes, Texans and Aussies have similar cultural agreements. They’re both big countries, with fiercely independent people.

  237. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Good neighbors make good fences.

    I hope I am not breaking the “2 rules for happy living” … I have something to say, but I hope I’m not “causing something” that you cannot “experience easily”.
    You have made it abundantly CLEAR that you see the “Indies” as misguided fools, as stupid as anyone stupid enough to believe in the writings of L Ron Hubbard.
    Have you no shame? Isn’t that the symptom of a psychopath?
    Everybody knows Ortega says he doesn’t criticize the “beliefs” of Scientology, wink-wink.
    You lead the pack, degrading Scientology and Scientologists, with far-fetched analogies to the world of finance. And, based on that , the Ortega crowd wants to “lick your brain”. GREAT!!!

    Did you know that there was a survey that said only 46% of Christians believed that Jesus was truly The Son Of God?? If they don’t think of him as ‘The Son Of God’, then they must think of him in some different way … If they think of their religious beliefs as more of a “concept”, well, don’t Atheists believe in concepts? So, do most Christians think like Atheists? You can see where I’m going with this. You can’t always compare people or understand how they think based on the writings found in a religious text.
    Even if you read the text, look at all the people that have read the Bible. Some read it, see a world of fire and brimstone, and start condemning all those around them. Others read the Bible, and are inspired to love!
    Exactly what is a belief, anyway?
    Is it an idea, consistent with inferences, consistent with intuitive thought?
    I don’t know, but until I do, I hate the idea of “hating” based on belief. To have a meaningful discussion about belief, I think you have to be willing to have your own beliefs examined … I think that’s true for everyone, even Atheists!

    I have criticized Scientology.
    I no longer consider myself a Scientologist, but I was a Scientologist once …
    And yes, I am endlessly horrified at the crimes of Scientology, many of which were revealed to me by Tony Ortega.
    But, I can’t imagine discussing the subject of Scientology without mentioning how much I enjoyed certain types of auditing. And for that, I’ve been called a troll … and worse!
    All I ever wanted, besides my criticizing the ills of Scientology, was to be able to tell the truth about my own personal experience. People on Tony’s blog don’t want to hear it.
    John, if you are so rich, intelligent and truly interested in the subject as you claim, why don’t you buy some auditing from Marty?
    You may like it … or not. But it’s the only way you will ever, ever be able to say you know what you’re talking about … like, ever!

  239. If you were declared in ’82 — ’83 chances are you did experience DM’s church. That was the first wave of declares. Regarding covert ops, again please — I did not say it was a good thing. Can we please agree on that? I was simply pointing out DM can’t even use his pet methods correctly, and I’m glad of that.

    May I also point out that LRH is not the source of covert ops technology.

    As regards the subject of “should a church use covert ops or not” I urge you to take off any rose-colored glasses have a sober look at history and the world around you. Covert ops have been used on unsuspecting populaces since the dawn of time. The Catholic Church used it. A President just got elected using it against an opponent who also used it. Every government who ever used a spy has used it. And spying is surely an older profession than even prostitution.

    Do you really think corporations and political parties today aren’t use covert ops? The amount of intentional lying, cover ups, propaganda, political mud slinging is as bad now as it’s ever been. If you read the news, it’s almost all PRO. The railroads were built using covert ops. The Indians were wiped out using covert ops. The Trojan Horse was a covert op. The Gods of the Romans and Greeks were rife with intrigue and various plots. Jesus Christ was betrayed with a covert op.

    The only solution is education so people aren’t so gullible and can spot a covert ops when they see it. Because I’m talking about it does not mean I think it’s something we all should be using. I think covert ops are PINNED exactly to the Tone Scale at 1.1 — covert hostility.

    All I said was that DM is so self destructive he can’t even do covert hostility right. I’m glad of that.

    Are covert ops a bad thing? A good thing? Well, the cops catch lots of criminals using covert ops — undercover agents. Anyone has the right to defend themselves against people like murders and that defense may be covert or overt. It doesn’t really matter which. What does matter is who is using it and why.

    If a drug-crazed criminal broke into your home to murder you, you’d have every right to lie, trick or even kill such an intruder. How stupid would it be if a serial killer broke into your house at night and said, “I’m here to kill Brian. Are you Brian?” What are you doing to do? Tell the truth? No, I think you’d use a covert ops, and say, “Brian’s out of town. I’m house sitting” while secretly dialing 911 on your phone or reaching for your pistol.

    The real problem with covert ops is keeping the technology secret. That enables sociopaths to use them on the rest of us. Decent people really have no need of covert ops. But for sociopaths it is their bread and butter. And they don’t need to read it in a book to know what it is — this is their stock in trade. It’s silly to assume DM learned his tricks from some OSA issues. Please, get a grip on reality. Sociopaths are born with these skills. This is WHAT THEY DO. It’s organic and natural to them as kittens drink milk. That’s why LRH says even when cleared, an SP does not make a good person. All he knows how to do is lie, cheat and betray.

    My only comment was just that DM can’t even betray people well. That is not a statement that I advocate betrayal. It’s a statement that DM is toxic even unto himself — which IS a characteristic of the SP.

  240. AnEx

  241. SOUND advice for David Miscavige:

  242. deElizabethan

    “Decent people really have no need of covert ops. But for sociopaths it is their bread and butter. And they don’t need to read it in a book to know what it is — this is their stock in trade. It’s silly to assume DM learned his tricks from some OSA issues.” Where else did he learn it and continue it in ’82? Only started paying public people in ’84, otherwise used the sheep. Just because all isn’t known doesn’t mean it didn’t continue.

  243. La Casa Grande! Peaceful and tranquil… The perfect place to audit!

    Gary :)!

  244. deElizabethan

    “It was very distressing to read all the stories about the covert ops and spy games carried out in Clearwater, for example, in the 1975-76 time frame, in order to discredit and destroy the mayor and others… ”
    You can extend that time period to late ’83. Very safe and secret and even M or M probably didn’t know any of the particulars.

  245. deElizabethan

    “But the game has changed, we are all free men and women now. We can agree to disagree and still respect and even love and learn from each other. ”
    THANK YOU Brian, Peace,

  246. I understand thoughtful. Of course covert ops were not invented by Ron.

    What do you understand my point to be?

  247. Not just lunatic fringe Plubiius. The GO/OSA. The elite of Scientology. Ron’s wife. The informantion is there on the net.

    Regarding love thy neighbor, I agree, sometimes force is neccessary to protect the innocent.

    The question is: was the force used to destroy critics neccessary?

    There is a vast difference between Hitler and one women-Paulette Cooper

    Please google Paulette Cooper. The suit against her to utterly destroy her started in 1970.

    Thank God the FBI raided the church. The disgusting details are for all to see. Miscavige was not a player then.


  248. And yes we can agree that you did not say that. My mistake 🙂

  249. Congratulations on your new digs. That certainly looks like islands of sanity to me. 🙂

  250. My dear Jim – I gotta admit, you flew waaay over my head with that response. Would you kindly forgive my slowness and interpret for me? Regardless, your lovely humor and satire always makes me giggle hysterically, even when I don’t quite know why. 🙂

    P.S. My Aussie hubby loves to offer me his Vegemite on toast, knowing full well that I will cringe and refuse. If I were a better actress I would gobble it up and thank him for his generosity. Fortunately I am a musician, not an actress! 😉


  251. burnedbutnotbitter

    Everyone had a lot of attention on where you guys would end up. Good choice on protected locale…Congratulations…keep us posted on how it goes…

  252. Nor was DM much if any, a player in ’79 when the GO learned their lesson and just continued, but much more carefully, doing the same for years with VIP’s and others who spoke out against them.

  253. Awesome! You’ve got lots of Texas size space and privacy. Just need to check if there is any fishing nearby?

  254. I agree with all your points, Brian. And regarding “think”, believe me, I have thought about all of this, long and hard, since I first heard of the nasty tactics being used to silence critics by the church.

    The use of those tactics whether by the church, or anyone else, has always left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s ugly as hell, whether done by Scientology or by politicians like Bill Clinton whose surrogates jumped on any critics and did whatever they could to silence them, buy them off, destroy reputations, etc.

    I remember reading WAY back – early 70s – John McMaster being quoted as saying in a letter to Ron after he left, something along the lines of “maybe we have mocked up Enemy too solidly”. I have always tended to agree with that.

    Still, public like me were never privy to all the information available to LRH regarding the nature of various threats. So, as we sometimes do with our political leaders, there is a tendency to give those with all the info the benefit of the doubt as to whether a heavy response to a threat is actually warranted.

    Where I really come down is, I think if the church had just focused on delivering quality auditing and training to the public and nothing else, completely ignoring the Paulette Coopers, Mike Wallaces, Nibs, Cesares, Corydon et al, we would be light years ahead of where we are now, in terms of public acceptance of Scientology.

  255. Beautiful and charming 🙂

  256. What a great looking place here’s hoping the feral pigs like the ones on your first book don’t root and destroy like last time. They can be such a nusiance. This so far has been one of the best years for real scientology and those that use it in the manner it was presented. ARC Bill Dupree

  257. That Vegemite is actually a lot easier to get down than that peanut butter combined with the weirdest substances in the US -what a fetish, tough on foreigners!


    “Where I really come down is, I think if the church had just focused on delivering quality auditing and training to the public and nothing else, completely ignoring the Paulette Coopers, Mike Wallaces, Nibs, Cesares, Corydon et al, we would be light years ahead of where we are now, in terms of public acceptance of Scientology.”

    Interesting how totalitarian regimes all end up paranoid about their “enemies” and spend so much of available resources protecting the status quo from any challenge: Stalin, North Korea, the Khmer Rouge, Miscavige, and so on. It is this paranoia that weakens them all. By focusing on preventing challenges, they take their eyes “off the ball,” that is, they lose sight of original goals. For Miscavige, his insane paranoia has destroyed real church growth, and is causing an exodus of existing members. It is only a matter of time before the majority of members realize they have a choice, they can leave or take back their church.

  259. VWD M+M!
    Appealing, romantic, mysterious and a lot of potential there.
    It’s a true “Moving On Up A Little Higher”! 🙂
    Enjoy it to the hilt.
    The tiny one may now have to spend enormous sums of parishioner $s to buy satellite time for surveillance to try to see who is coming to visit so he can keep his stat of declared parishioners up……

  260. Marty and Mosey,
    Congratulations to you. Looks like a wonderful place for a BBQ and enjoying your lives and your friends. All the best.

  261. Thank you deElizabethan for your perspective. Sometimes I feel a cold wall of ‘not is’ regarding this topic. I appreciate your views.

    And Anon and Plubius, I could not agree more. What would Scientology be like today if the energy spent fighting enemies was used solely to make happy people?

    Very simple: happy public=good public relations. No mas fini end of story.
    And the very manifested reality of happy people would have put the public on Scientologies side not against it.

    Independents have many many many years of decent help and auditing to make up the damage of fighting the enemy to protect the “only hope for man”.

    The seeds of Scientologies destruction were germinated pre Herr Biggness.

  262. deElizabethan

    Marty, I give you the best of wishes to provide ex’s who want a safe place to complete their bridge and you are doing a fantastic job. I’m thinking of others who have the drive as I once had and feel for them.
    Brian, yes I’ve felt the cold wall as you put it. I know this is off topic but it is helpful for healing, thanks for bringing it up.
    “Anon and Plubius, I could not agree more. What would Scientology be like today if the energy spent fighting enemies was used solely to make happy people?”
    Yes, yes! Personally I would be up the bridge if I was not stopped so much by New and Changes, which led me to agree to be in the field so I could at least be effective and doing something to help, but of course it really didn’t. There was a point of emergency that lit up my awareness to “here I am helping the church, but if caught could really hurt it. Wtf am I doing? Those years ending with disaster for my bridge but then eventually enabled me to see the truth, which is part of the church’s downfall.
    Always liked the auditing tech and know it works to a good degree. The organization and OSA tech is the other side which will shamefully bring it to it’s demise while following LRH’s policy.

  263. Nice.

    Looks like this gives you a lot more privacy. Can you stop OSA-bots sneaking up through the brush and pointing a long lens at you windows?

  264. The best pizza is at Sorento’s on Broadway in Alamo Heights. The best mexican food is Paloma Blanco on Broadway in the Heights as well (best artwork too), second best is La Fonda on Main Street. Welcome to San Antonio de Bexar!

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