Christmas marks the postulated birthday of Jesus Christ.  While some say the holiday can be traced back to a day of worship of the Sun at the outset of its return from its shortest day of the year, the Christ birth narrative is the story that has stood the test of time and garnered the most widespread acceptance.  You can choose whatever story you like best, and so it will be with God according to a wonderful movie now in theaters, Life of Pi.  Incidentally, I highly recommend you go out and see Pi if you haven’t already.  A perfect holiday entertainment.

Another movie I watched recently inspired this post.  That is The Quantum Activist featuring quantum theorist Amit Goswami.  In the film, Goswami explains how quantum theory relates to consciousness.  In doing so he touches on the advice of Christ to love one’s enemies.  While I have heard the advice so many times before, including in L. Ron Hubbard’s What Is Greatness?, I have generally found it difficult to apply.  I suppose it was a combination of other recent reading, particularly Ken Wilber’s work on integral spirituality and others on quantum mechanics and its relationship to consciousness, combined with life experiences that set the stage for Goswami to reach home to me.

Per the King James Bible, book of Matthew, Jesus Christ is reported as saying:

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

Goswami put Christ’s love advice in the context of recognizing the non-duality of reality, something quantum theory is tending to corroborate as the truest description of existence.  He did so by also noting the tangible, unprecedented 20th Century accomplishments of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King in following Christ’s words.

I think in Scientology we are all educated in a way to justify and even accept the destructive emotions in the anger band, including ‘hate.’   I think to indulge in anger and hate might have an effect similar to that covered by Rene Brown in her interesting lecture earlier posted on this blog.  Brown noted that when one desensitizes oneself to any emotion one numbs oneself to emotion generally.   And so it might be with such things as anger and hate.  If you let them into your heart and nourish them you lose the capacity or ability to love or experience higher toned emotions.

Since recognizing and accepting the wisdom above imputed to Christ, I haven’t harbored any animosity toward anyone in a few days in spite of the fact certain folks are concurrently doing all they can to fracture and upset our family during the holidays.  While I cannot attest to it making one lick of difference in those who have declared me to be their enemy, I can say I am feeling a great degree of equanimity and peace.



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  1. Peace be with you, Marty. =)

    With the holidays approaching, I’ve been thinking along the same lines. You may not change what others will do with their hate by loving them. But you will certainly change your own universe.

  2. Marty I really think you’d like the work of Geoff Thompson. He used a very simple traffic light system for emotions, with hate and anger as Red.

    He thought that by experiencing the world through anger and hate, you narrow your perceptions. This can be seen physiologically with ‘flight or flight’ (due to blood shifting to the extremities, you get tunnel vision as well as other effects), but he believed through his readings of various spiritual texts that this applied much more widely than just the physical.

    His website is at

    Personally I found Warrior and The Elephant And The Twig to be great books. A sample of his work can be found here:

    Merry Xmas Marty, Mosey and Commentors,


  3. Goodwill to all men sure beats the doctrine of “an eye for an eye” which has been the curse of man for many centuries and I suspect a hell of a lot longer.

    Peace to you and Mosey!

  4. Anonymous Confused Person

    Lovely sentiments, Marty – a very wonderful and peaceful holiday season to you and Mosey. : )

  5. In the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, we accept Jesus Christ as
    an enlightened being. The Buddha spoke the following words
    about 500 years before Jesus’ birth:

    “Let no one deceive another, nor despise anyone in any place.
    Let no one through anger or hatred wish harm upon another.
    Just as a mother protects her child, her only child, with her very life,
    even so with a boundless heart of love let one cherish all living beings.

    Let one radiate boundless love over the entire world—
    spreading upwards to the skies and downwards to the depths;
    in all directions—without any obstruction,
    completely free from hostility or hatred.”

    Buddha Gotama, Discourse on Loving-kindness (Pali: Metta)

    Merry Christmas to all!
    George & Carolyn White

  6. Great! Peace to you!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Blessed holidays to you, to Mosey, and to all your loved ones.

    You have made a positive difference in the real lives of many people over the past year. You have undoubtedly suffered in very real ways while trying to do so. It’s inspiring to see that you’re able to set that aside, even if only for a little while. The good you’ve done will last forever.

  8. Peace and Joy to you, Mosey and all of your family and friends.

  9. Marty,

    Thank you for posting the message of Jesus and elaborating on it, in this most appropriate and most significant blog topic.

    I am almost shocked and surprised to hear it coming from you.

    I have placed you higher on the theta scale that you can imagine, compared to before.

    There are many datums of comparable magnitude in the bible and Jesus’ teachings and Ron’s teachings, or philosophy, much more than many people are aware.

    I reckon that most scientologists have no clue that there are any.

    The complete teachings of Jesus are the missing data in Ron’s works, or in other words the bridge.
    The missing data is what makes the bridge so unstable and gives the subject of scn and it’s products such a bad reputation and makes it’s products so unstable.

    Thank you again, for posting it.

    Merry Christmas,

    Jesus is the reason for the season,

  10. Love thine enemy is to me the most difficult teaching – whoever teaches it –
    Buddha, Gandhi, LRH et al.

    I find OBVIOUS huge enemies not that hard to pretend to love — as long as they don’t cross directly into my life. Example – dictators in the Middle East, terrorists et al.

    But how about the friend who now turns their back and tells others to de-friend you just because you don’t agree? Or the friend who chose not to listen to a word you said and carries on same ole, same ole. Or let’s really go large here — how about dm?

    Most will say that dm DESERVES our hatred after all that he’s done to destroy what most here hold dear. He deserves all the name-calling, (somewhat akin to junior high locker room talk – frankly, it’s getting old after 3 years – doncha think), he deserves for us to collectively WISH him pain and suffering.

    But Christ never said anything about not loving the enemy who DESERVES it — nope — it was love across the boards.

    Seriously — have you ever even TRIED to do this?

    My wish for all of us is to step outside of the boxes we create called our egos and start to see what the scientists, the enlightened and the sages see —

    We really are all part of each other. And we deserve to be kind to ourselves.

    Merry Christmas

  11. So well stated.
    = )
    Merry Christmas.

  12. Anononyourside

    I hope this holiday, and the new year, brings nothing but hope, joy and peace to you and your family.

  13. I am suprised that I as an Atheïst post this thing
    The Kingdom of God is Within you and All Around You
    – Nag Hamadi Scroll

    Guardians of Darkness
    RCPriest (and a few notes from Tani Jantsang)

    In 1945 a scroll was discovered in Nag Hamadi, “The Secret Sayings of the Living Jesus,” i.e., The Gospel of Thomas; it is a Coptic translation of a Greek translation of Jesus’ oral Aramaic sayings. Scholars agree that this is the closest record we have of the historical Jesus.

    The lines that “Jesus said himself,” as seen in the movie Stigmata, have made people search for this manuscript to find the lines from the movie; many have been unable to find these lines. (The irony of an organization like this having the answer is not lost…)

    The problem is that the lines do not all appear in one place, right after each other, as it was presented and made to seem in the movie, and they aren’t all from the Gospel of Thomas. It is primarily from the Gospel of Thomas, but the main message of the Kingdom being within you is in also in Luke. Some of the words from the movie can be found in Gospel of Thomas verses 3 and 77 (marked below with the exact words from Jesus). We were unable to find the line “not in a mansion/building of wood and stone,” however, the idea might be alluded to in Gospel of Thomas verses 6 and 14 (marked below with the exact words from Jesus), combined with a phrase in Acts 7:48, where it says, “the Most High does not dwell in houses made with hands,” and also with this from Luke 17:21 (Pharisees are asking when the Kingdom of God will come..) “Neither shall they say, lo here or lo there for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”

    Here are the lines from the movie Stigmata:

    “The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you,
    Not in a mansion of wood and stone.
    Split a piece of wood and God is there,
    Lift a stone and you will find God.”

    In Judeo-Christian terms, at first there was anarche and God said, “Let there be Light.” Therefore, God was not, and there was not any, Light prior to that. Often it is said that one can’t “see” God because of the Light that is in front of him! If the Kingdom of God is that “Incomprehensible Light that burns in Boundless Darkness,” then Guardians of Darkness is in agreement with the verses above – it is WITHIN you and ALL around you: literally, not metaphorically, not religiously – it is LITERALLY true (we say).

    According to the movie Stigmata, at the end where they give you the real information on the Nag Hamadi scroll, the Vatican considered the Gospel of Thomas to be heresy! We aren’t so sure that happened, though the Vatican has no intention of adding it to the Bible as approved Scripture. The Vatican has no reason to supress these words, or even fear that they might lead to people not attending church in a building, especially one filled with riches, like many Catholic churches. Jesus’ words do admonish against that in the Bible: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But you, when you pray, go into your closet, and when you have shut the door pray to your Father which is in secret, and your Father which sees in secret will reward you openly.” [Matthew 6:5-6] The reference to “go into your closet” has been translated in other versions of the Bible as “go into your inner room,” “go away by yourself,” “be all alone,” “your most private room,” “enter into thy chamber,” and “go into your room.” The message of Mathew 6:6 clearly implies that: Jesus condemns prayers in situations where other people are present. Prayers are to be an intensely private communion between an individual and their God; no one else should be present. One can infer that, according to Matthew, prayers should not be given in groups, for instance, in a building called a church!

    “I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.” (This is verse 77)

    “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you.” (This is verse 3)

    His disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe?” Jesus said, “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.” (This is verse 6)

    “If you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give to charity, you will harm your spirits.” (!!) When you go into any land and walk about in the districts, if they receive you, eat what they will set before you, and heal the sick among them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth – it is that which will defile you.” (This is verse 14)

    Here are some other interesting things Jesus said in quotes, from the Nag Hamadi scroll – with our annotations and hypotheses in parenthesis:

    “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.” (“Not taste of death” is not the same as “you will not die.” Obviously you will die. “Taste” of death might refer to the fear of death which becomes like an overbearing shadow spoiling life and joy.)

    “When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.” (True, inner truth is truth that is OF that Light that Burns in Darkness. Anything else is barren and can not shine out.)

    “Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.” (True, this is more about inner truth. Hiding what you are from yourself only lasts so long. Eventually, Something grabs you by the heart and makes you see it.)

    “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. ” (As we’d say, all things return to the Eternal Voidness.)

    The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us, how will our end come?” Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is. Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.” (That’s like saying that the Thatness was, is, and will be – all at the same time.)

    “Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being.” (!!)

    There are five trees in Paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.” (That’s the Five Principles or Dharmas!)

    Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, “These nursing babies are like those who enter the kingdom.” They said to him, “Then shall we enter the kingdom as babies?” Jesus said to them, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom].” (If you are a Whole Person, not divided against the Self, then you ARE in the Kingdom.)

    His disciples said, “Show us the place where you are, for we must seek it.” He said to them, “Anyone here with two ears had better listen! There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark.” (The Dark that Jesus always speaks of is what we call Ophionic or Klippothic, deluded against the Self, holding back the Light in yourself. It doesn’t refer to the Darkness in which the Light was born or to the One Darkness. It can also be the Dark Hand of God, that is, the one-yet-five defenders or punishing angels [Seraphim] that guard the Five Dharmas. This wouldn’t be just our interpretation. In the Scriptures we find the right hand of God mentioned a great many times, and the left hand of God is mentioned on a number of occasions. The word right as used with hand is generally the Hebrew word yamiym meaning STRONGER, MORE DEXTEROUS. The word for left is smowl meaning DARK. From the meaning of these two words it is very easy to understand that God’s right hand is His strength and dexterity, or His wonderful ability to do all things. The implication is that the right hand of God is the GOOD HAND of God, doing GOOD things. The Psalmist confirms this when he says, “In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your RIGHT HAND are PLEASURES for evermore.” (Ps. 16:11). But the left hand in the Old Testament means DARK and from this we can readily understand that it signifies the opposite – what we call bad or evil. The left hand represents the DARK SIDE OF GOD. In the Scriptures, the left hand that is DARK is God’s punishing hand. The Dark that Jesus spoke of is still God – just a wrathful or Obic aspect.)

    “If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels. (We also say spirit is first, the body is IN the Spirit.)

    “If a blind person leads a blind person, both of them will fall into a hole.” (:-D)

    His disciples said, “When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?” Jesus said, “When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children and trample then, then [you] will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid.”

    “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so. As for you, be as sly as serpents and as innocent as doves.” (True, being sly or wise as the Serpent and keeping Innocence is to HAVE the Light flowing within you.)

    “Whoever has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little they have.” (We think this means that open-hearted sharing people tend to automatically share, they shine outward; but barren people have nothing to share, no love to shine forth, and when they “get” things from others, the joy they have doesn’t last long – or turns sour.)

    “Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.” (Phew! The Holy Spirit is the one thing in Christianity that is exactly like Kundalini, Black Flame, the Light within.)

    “If they say to you, ‘Where have you come from?’ say to them, ‘We have come from the light, from the place where the light came into being by itself, established [itself], and appeared in their image.'” (Meaning you are in the image of that Light, materially and spiritually, both. Yes, the Light came from Darkness, but ALL matter/energy and space/time is OF the Light; it is what that First Light became see “Light Forces and Dark Force” for physics on this subject.)

    If they ask you, ‘What is the evidence of your Father [God] in you?’ say to them, ‘It is motion and rest.'” (!!)

    “Whoever is near me is near the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the kingdom.” (If Jesus is claiming to BE the Black Flame, Fire, Logos, etc, then this makes sense. See Augustine for the concept of the Logos and where that came from.)

    “Images are visible to people, but the light within them is hidden in the image of the Father’s light. He will be disclosed, but his image is hidden by his light.” (The “Father” is what said, “let there BE light,” in the Bible. The Light within people is hidden by their entire bodies. Obviously whatever said “let there BE light” was not Light itself.)

    “The Father’s kingdom is like [a] woman. She took a little leaven, [hid] it in dough, and made it into large loaves of bread. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!”

    “The [Father’s] kingdom is like a woman who was carrying a [jar] full of meal. While she was walking along [a] distant road, the handle of the jar broke and the meal spilled behind her [along] the road. She didn’t know it; she hadn’t noticed a problem. When she reached her house, she put the jar down and discovered that it was empty.”

    For excellent reading material on the issue of John’s view versus Thomas’ view: Elaine Pagels’ “Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas”

    This below is the “Lord’s Prayer” from Jesus, from the literal Aramaic – note that it sounds more like our stuff and very little like the “Lord’s Prayer” you might be familiar with!

    O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration!

    Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where Your Presence can abide

    Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.

    Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.

    Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.

    Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes

    Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

    For you are the round and the fruitful vision, the birth-power and fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again.

  14. Merry Xmas, Marty and Mosey. Let the spirit of Xmas be with you throughout the whole year. It’s the only way to fly!

  15. Marty, this is a message truly in the spirit of Christmas. Beautiful and admirable of you to take such a “What Is Greatness” approach towards the demented midget’s minions that are stalking your family and friends. The truth is that they will perceive it on some level of consciousness and it will affect them. Even DM who never rises above the tone level of Hate!

    Peace to you and Mosey and all your family.

  16. Merry Christmas Marty and Mosey and all who post here.

    Marty, I think Scientology will only be accepted when its practitioners follow what you have outlined in your post.

  17. When one relinquishes oneself to the present moment and fully and consciously experiences hate, anger or other negative emotion without resistance, one then becomes the OBSERVER of the emotion, which immediately begins to lose its grip. This observer of emotion is your true beingness or the all-inclusive, underlying unmanifested consciousness, which is found deep within (some may call this the Tao or god). As a consequence, one then begins to lose one’s view of being somehow separate from all other life forms (caused by our identification with thought), and begins to understand the concept of loving one’s enemies. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you. This points to heaven not as a location but as the dimension of inner consciousness.

    I have recently found much spiritual insight from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart writes the following about religion, Christianity and Christmas in particular (note: Eckhart’s definition of ego refers to one’s adopted/created identity):

    “All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them. You can use them in the service of the ego, or you can use them in the service of the Truth. If you believe only your religion is the Truth, you are using it in the service of the ego. Used in such a way, religion becomes ideology and creates an illusory sense of superiority as well as division and conflict between people. In the service of the Truth, religious teachings represent signposts or maps left behind by awakened humans to assist you in spiritual awakening, that is to say, in becoming free of identification with form.”

    “There is only one absolute Truth, and all other truths emanate from it. When you find that Truth, your actions will be in alignment with it. Human action can reflect that Truth, or it can reflect illusion. Can the Truth be put into words? Yes, but the words are, of course, not it. They only point to it. The Truth is inseparable from who you are. Yes, you are the Truth. If you look for it elsewhere, you will be deceived every time. The very Being that you are is Truth. Jesus tried to convey that when he said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.’ These words uttered by Jesus are one of the most powerful and direct pointers to the Truth, if understood correctly. If misinterpreted, however, they become a great obstacle.”

    “Jesus speaks of the innermost I Am, the essence of identity of every man and woman, every life-form in fact. He speaks of the life that you are. Some Christian mystics have called it the Christ within; Buddhists call it your Buddha nature; for Hindus, it is Atman, the in-dwelling God. When you are in touch with that dimension within yourself — and being in touch with it is your natural state, not some miraculous achievement — all your actions and relationships will reflect the oneness with all life that you sense deep within. This is love.”

    “The true meaning of Christmas is that the very Being that you are is Truth. This is what Jesus meant when he said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.’ ………The real meaning of Christmas is to find that essential self that is universally experienced as the Christ within no matter what your cultural or religious upbringing is. As we approach the ceremonial date of the birth of Christ and as many of you gather with friends and family, perhaps standing in the silence of the Christ within can keep bringing you back to Being – the eternal life that Christ promised human kind.”

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, Mosey and all the commenters here. Peace!

  19. Thank you for your wonderful post Marty!

    I am posting this Christmas hymn, for it carries an emotion so magnificent and so full of love and forgiveness and mercy that it releases a huge swell of gratitude and love as I feel the power of its intent.

    Merry Christmas to all, blessings and good will!

  20. “I am feeling a great degree of equanimity and peace.”

    Well…that certainly is a very nice place to be!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  21. Thank you for sharing this. What a great reminder. When we were out and about today it was so nice to observe the spirit and joy of Christmas, total strangers being kind and friendly with us and eachother. One could feel the general tone level in the environment was lifted, and Jack and I were signing and smiling away.

    And then driving home we saw the girl who had pretended to be my friend, and turned out to be a church spy walking her son and her dog. I haven’t seen her in months. She’s been making herself scarce since I called her out on it. I felt that anger for a moment, and then carried on with my day and taking care of my kids and forgot about her. She is just a pawn in a dirty game, and I will strive to practice not harboring that animosity.

    Love to you and Mosey!

  22. There’s no way I’ve had to confront the degree of enemies that Marty has, but I have dealt with my share. I honestly don’t ever try to love my enemies. The answer for me when I feel animosity towards an enemy is to flourish and prosper. It applies to all my dynamics and it always works.

    I want to wish everyone of you a merry Christmas. I hope you all flourish and prosper.

  23. Obvious Admiraton is Obvious

    No shit, Dit is fout

  24. This is great lesson. One we need to keep reminding ourselves.

  25. Thank you Marty for the words of wisdom. 2012 has been an amazing year with so much delivery and the new centers opening. My wish for this year was to see all of the Scientologists out here under one umbrella of camaraderie, whatever it took. I can say at this time there is peace on Earth between the Scientologists out here living and working as Independents. A very good feeling of harmony between peoples. A true Christmas spirit .

    The create and contributions in this arena has been monumental. The web sites, the people standardly audited and trained, the sharing, the giving, the helping, the generosity and good will are a testament that we can wear the BEST of the purposes of Scientology, and wear it well.

    My Christmas card to all, is this short film, about taking the motion that comes in, and using it to win. Merry Christmas to all!


  27. Case gain comes in many packages. And, yes, I would want others (myself for one) to have similar gains to yours. Wonderful post, Marty. Speaks volumes.

  28. Dynamics at work. The way I see it, aligning the dynamics helps achieve harmonious vibrations, cuts down the dissonance and confusion of existence, helps make postulates work and so overall it feels good. That seems to be the key universal energy concept, the Dynamics. All the smaller “bad guys”, like the Pony Tale,in the other post, or even the major villain, DM, they are all still a part of our dynamics. I think Scientology went off the rails strictly because this one basic, the Dynamics, went out. The carnage started with the overemphasis on the terms “wog” “PTS” and “SP” and continued with imbecilic 3D conditions application whereby your group is always your org. That kills one’s membership in a large number of groups outside of the org, such as the community and neighborhood groups, SPCA, gog walking buddies, Boys and Girls Club, various sports teams, kids’ school, a dancing club, a hiking group, groups of friends, relatives and drinking buddies. The destruction was completed with counterfeiting LRH by DM (cutting comm lines to LRH) and wholesale SP declares (cutting comm lines to other people).

  29. Marty, Mosey, Mike, & Steve, (and anyone I have forgotten to mention). Thanks for all you do and all you have to put up with. Here’s wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  30. I believe Buddha also said something like “Hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

    And Rosenberg (Non-violent / Compassionate Communication) characterizes anger as a tragic expression of unmet needs. (Tragic because anger is the one emotion that almost ensures that one’s needs will continue to go unmet because they haven’t even been expressed.)

    Marty and Monique deserve a blessed holiday season and kudos for the work they do.

    And I’ll even go out on a limb here and wish that DM and OSA find peace in their hearts and lives.

  31. Chris from Germany

    The difficult thing in “love your enemies” for me is the fact that once you love them, there are no enemies left to love, but just friends. 😉
    The fact that the CofS (SP-)declared me to be their enemy does not motivate me to declare them to be my enemies. Why should I trap myself?
    They are my dynamics, they are part of my BIG ME, so why should I hate a part of myself?
    It´s so beautiful what you´ve posted, Marty.
    Thanks, and have a blessed Christmas season!

  32. one of those who see

    Merry Christmas Marty & Mosey. Thank you for your thoughts today. Seems like the right road. To love in spite of all actually gives one space. After all, we do know where all the evil comes from and it is not the being.
    I got back on the bridge in 2012 in the Indie Field. You had a great deal to do with that and with my evolution as a FREE Scientologist. Which is really the only way to really make it. Thank you for everything. Wishing you and Mosey peace from the misguided few. And a Happy Happy New Year!

  33. Certainly this philosophy and approach to life is the path to freedom. Another essential action regarding the future of mankind is for individuals of such mind to increase their sphere’s of influence by increasing their ARC & KRC so as to de-stimulate those around them who fall within those sphere’s.

    If enough people of like mind on this subject do this, our sphere’s of influence will overlap, the 4th Dynamic Engram will be audited out, and Peace on Earth and good will to all men will truly reign.

  34. I was educated in Scientology to understand anger, hate et al, as manifestations of the scale of affinity and a broader view, as a position on the Not Know to Mystery scale (that band described on the Tone Scale in full).

    They are bands of motion/wavelength that a being travels down through and gets “below” (when they follow down through the large and small scales of CDEI) and thereby is effected by, rather than cause over.

    They are wavelengths, manifestations of ARC, theta, in the overall game that the Axioms describe. They are, like the entirety of the Axioms that give us this particular universe, considerations.

    Anger as a “solution”, that is “hate”, a purpose destructive to some area of life that has ARC Broken/confused a being, and as a “stable datum” to that ARCX/confusion, can become fixed of course and doesn’t solve the confusion but merely holds it off so to speak. Toleration of confusion and a fluidity of a datum to align it in the overall game of living (as described in the Axioms and the Axioms of the stable datum, 53.54) enables one to play along in the game of sanity better.

    Amit Goswari says “Monistic idealism is a nondual philosophy—all is consciousness.” Which I can understand as all is consideration. The source of that consideration, awareness of awareness, is the source of any “reality” (Maya) and of course part of the considerations for that reality include a “duality”, a non-view of the actual source and hence time, survive, the overall game. The Ulitmate Truth is a Static, and has no “survive” nor “succumb” but can consider.

    I have long since become aware of hate, anger, enmity as part of the game of “solution that becomes a problem”. The FPRD among other things, brought this home. Even though life sources play the game back and forth, and “victim” looms large as a fallacy, I understand so much more, thanks to the care and thought and teaching of so many.

    Merry Christmas to all – even the “others” 🙂

  35. Merry Christmas! Thank you for this post, and for providing your blog as a much-appreciated forum.

    Amit Goswami surely turns the tables on the materialists who try to find a source of consciousness in MEST. He’s in the tradition of the vedantists and Mahayana Buddhists who recognised the source of MEST as a static that was non-different from our awareness. The writer Aldous Huxley, a friend of LRH, put it most succinctly: “No difference between subject and object”. Of course, that’s a no-game condition. We fall away from it so as to have a game, by individuation or not-knowing (avidyā).

  36. What a wonderful approach ,there is nothing then feeling peace inside,I feel the same way Marty ,all the best for you and your family!

  37. Bravo! Sleep well, Marty and continue your work. I wish you a loving and peaceful holiday season.

    Thanks for your voice this year. One mic, and you do so much with it.

  38. “The spirit of Christmas lives with us.

    We are the protectors of the real tradition of Christmas—peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.

    We are the hope of Man—the only hope.
    Mankind’s salvation lies within our hands.
    With our tech and ability we can create here on
    Earth a real heaven where men can be free.

    In our hands lies the power to restore to man his determinism and all that he finds good in himself—his honesty, his integrity and the thrill of being of real help to others.

    A very Merry Christmas to you all and a bright friendly new year.”

    L Ron Hubbard
    Orders of the Day
    25 Dec 1976

  39. Luther conveys my thoughts and feeling to all you good people.

    Carrying on is fun.

    Then again what are you and me or us going to do, otherwise.

  40. A magnificent post, Jim. Thank you, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  41. What a wonderful, philosophic post, Marty. Especially in light of what you and your wife have been put through over these last few years. I admire you for not only wrapping your wits around such higher concepts of beingness, but for owning them to such a degree that you are fluidly conversant with them.

    I won’t claim such a lofty position myself, but I will say that long ago, I came to a point where I was no longer willing to hold onto hate, anger, and upset. Even as a young person, I saw that those negative emotions damaged the bearer far more than they did the intended recipient.

    That doesn’t mean that I consider myself some sort of advanced being. I still have major disagreements and disharmonious flows with some people and groups. Those discordant harmonies and disagreements do manifest themselves, but they’re not undergirded with hate, so I suppose I’m at least part way there.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for all you’ve done to bring real love and harmony to so many.

  42. Benjamin Cisco

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    2013 is going to be a super year.

  43. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013! To you and yours!

  44. Thank you for this posting, Marty.
    Somehow, where you are now doesn’t surprise me.

    And, thank you for an enlightening, exhilarating, case cracking and win-full 2012.

    Peace and happiness, Marty and Mosey.

  45. Yvonne,
    Thank you for your post and the beautiful music. You seem to be the most sane and balanced person on this blog.

  46. So this is Christmas…
    My two favorite quotes from the video:
    “An eye for an eye will make us all blind..” Mahatma Gandhi
    “We think the future is made in your mind.” John Lennon.

  47. Amen Christine!

    I have often wondered why it has been the policy of the church and LRH not to encroach on the 8th dynamic too much. As I understand it the company line has been, “We don’t tell you what to think about God”. In doing so I think a huge opportunity was missed to define the movement early on.

    It could be that since processing addresses the individual in his relation to himself and others that LRH did not see the need to carry on further than the urge exist as spiritual beings. Yet I believe this “oneness” is indeed the 8th dynamic and as such gives so much more meaning and completeness to all the others…not to mention the stability it would have given to the bridge itself from the very beginning.

    In a PDC lecture on the Qs, LRH goes as far as to state the idea that we all become one at the top of the scale where individuality is at its highest is false. If this is the case why mention the 8th dynamic at all? Why leave so many other clues that call this into question? Clues such as in the same lecture saying that a capable individual can assume ANY viewpoint. What about the concept of ARC and complete duplication of understanding? Wouldn’t this at its highest form be oneness?

    To his credit LRH also states that there may be Qs above that which he defined as the highest place we operate from. Paraphrased this is locating energy and objects in space and creating space in which to create matter and energy within. I believe one of the Qs senior to this IS that we are indeed all one, but with the capability of creating unlimited individual viewpoints and associated experiences i.e., as part of each other… a much better place to operate from IMHO. You are right, evidence and theories presented by Goswami and others point in this direction as well. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Doug

  48. Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours to everyone here.

  49. Merry Christmas All!
    Marty, here is a link tribute to your grandfather’s creation, classic Santa Claus. I understand your grandfather used himself as a model for the paintings of Santa. That explains your family resemblance with Santa, something about the twinkle:)

    Happy holy days!

  50. A very happy Christmas holiday to you and yours Marty.

    I think one thing that LRH wrote that can be applied to what Jesus said is his essay on infinity valued logic. Yes, it is very, very hard to LOVE your enemies and/or to completely forgive yourself and others. BUT if you really want to, you can move a little CLOSER to those noble goals. Today you can develop just a wee bit more ARC for those “enemies” or just other folks (as Jesus also answered a questioner on how to live life by telling him to love others) than you had yesterday. And tommorrow you can set a goal of just having a little more understanding and caring about others than you had today. And you and others will probably feel a whole lot better as a result.

  51. Great comment, Don. Yup, Eckhart Tolle is a pretty sharp cat. He describes a being as Truth just as LRH does.

    In light of this, The Way to Happiness’s precept #7, “Seek to live with the truth” takes on a whole new depth of meaning, eh?

  52. Dio, a long time ago, the church of Scientology published a small book that enumerated all of the parallels between Christianity and Scientology. Can’t think of the name of it off the top of my head, but I still have it in my collection. It’s been out of print for over thirty years, as far as I know.

  53. Kudos to you on that Marty!

    I am not exactly a black belt in loving my ‘enemies’ either but I found that like with all new skills keeping gradient is key important. Trying to jump from hate/resentment all the way to love can be too steep of a gradient. To climb out of hate for instance one usually needs to go through smaller steps first. Willingness to communicate with the enemy would be step one. Not in the sense of a two way comm (no need to jump on the phone) but instead one way as a willingness to look and perceive the enemy. This alone can be challenging after a serious betrayal or attack. Then actual communication can bring about some understanding. (The more we look the more reality and understanding we get) Once we spot the motive(s) of the enemy then we can work towards caring. (actually giving a damn about the bugger) The next gradient would be love which I must admit I have not truly mastered. I managed to get up to ‘care’ in most cases. I kind of doubt that I’ll ever be pushing it to love in some cases.

    Understanding the enemy takes true willingness to look and perceive. Only then can we permeate their ‘mind’ enough to understand the motive(s). It is possible to do that even with people such as DM. Understanding him perfectly would be an absolute which is not what we are after. Understanding him enough to blow the charge on him is all one needs. I am really happy to see that this mentality is present in Indie land.
    Ultimately we have to take responsibility even for the DMs of the world.
    He is by far not the only but definitely a textbook example of those who take a tool and abuse it. To me, SC tech is a tool and like any other tool can be used for good or bad. DM chose to abuse this tool but why? What makes him tick? Why is he really doing what he is doing? When you answer these questions to yourself you will be blowing plenty of charge. I could tell you what I think but that is my reality. Your best bet is to answer these for yourself. I can’t guaranty love but blown charge and acceptance can be had this way.

    The way I see it is that we all need to learn from the DM phenomena. How did this ‘Only One’ manage to undo the very organization which was supposed to pull humanity out of the slum? I know there are many who know the reasons and even wrote about, but humanity will only become immune to such events in the future to the degree each and every one of us understands the ‘Only One’ mentality. Call them what you want, true/stuck 1.1, ‘Only One’, sociopath, or psychopath they are very similar bands of existence. When we get our ARC in with such beings we will get understanding and release eventually. Like any skill it takes practice to forgive.

    Marry Christmas to all!

  54. I’ve also recently been taken with the links between consciousness and quantum theory. The book “Biocentrism” is an excellent book on the subject. That and “The Age of Entanglement” about the history of quantum mechanics have me seriously working to understand the quantum connections to spirituality.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for your good work!
    -Jerry (OT-V and more…)

  55. I love the story about Jesus telling all to “love your enemies”. He said to do that because if you only love those who love you, what gain is there in that? It is more work to love those who persecute you. It is better to smile at those who would sneer at you, you will feel better anyways and why waste your time wondering why they sneer? A smile makes you feel better and you go on with your day.

    Merry Christmas to Marty and Mosey, and everyone here at Marty’s place. Marty, you need a new name for your new place. What will it be? Or will it still be Casablanca?

  56. Wishing a New Year of peace and freedom for those still caught in the prison of the cult.

  57. Merry Christmas, Marty and Mosey, and thank you again for all you have done to open the way for many more to come.

    No doubt about it, hate is corrosive. What comes to my mind, however, re: Miscavige and his henchmen is Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Christ’s words to his slayers).

  58. I really, really, really like this message Marty. Merry Christmas to you and Mosey. Love, Sindy

  59. A very Happy Christmas to Marty and Mosey, Mike and Christie and every single poster on this blog. … you’ve all contributed to the messages that give one food for thought. sometimes laughter, sometimes thoughtful reflection, even stimulating opposing viewpoints.
    Bear Hugs to all

  60. Please forward me your email address.Married a former member.

  61. Wonderful post, Marty. Merry Christmas to you and Mosey!

  62. Abraham Gimple

    The most worrying detail about official Scientology is their support of Government narrative.

  63. “The future hasn’t been written yet – it’s whatever you make it” The Doc, from Back to the Future.

  64. See now that’s a great Christmas present right there – Marty and Mosey at peace and having a fine laid back holiday. If there’s anyone in the world that deserves a peaceful Christas it’s you guys.

    Merry Christmas to one and all! Can’t wait for 2013 and all it will bring!

  65. From my little corner of the world: peace to you all, including David Miscavige, who could really use some.
    Merry Christmas!

  66. Theo Sismanides

    Marty and Mosey, blessings to both of you and all our friends here! We are being lifted higher and higher through communication here and through higher Affinity and Reality that is manifested by each member in the blog.

    Higher on the Tone Scale one can be volatile and those few moments of anger and hate vaporize into feelings of love and care for our fellow men even those who cannot understand why we are doing this.

    This blog has been the pivoting point of free Scientology for a long time and it has kept us together doing more and more things as teammates.

    I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and all the best to you from Greece.

  67. Marty, your in a good place spiritually. Thanks for that xmas post and gift. Total understanding leaves one without enemies, just the playing of the game. We may not be able to change anothers behavior, but we can change how we view or feel about it. A lot is within our control. Hate the sin, not the sinner. The church may have lost its way, but we have found ours. Merry Xmas to you and Mosey.

  68. “Now, actually, only when some violent politician can break down this knowledge that we all have amongst ourselves that we are all human beings — only when somebody can break down and segment out of the human race a whole race, … can you get anybody to fire a gun.

    “All wars have to start with the assumption that is given to the basic populace that they are not fighting the human race. And all wars stop when they realize at length that they’re fighting the human race.

    “It’s curious, isn’t it? Their Fourth Dynamics come to life. Do you know that they had the awfullest time trying to keep World War I going? One particular Christmas they started singing the same hymns in both sides of no man’s land, you know. And the next thing you know, why, people were walking around in no man’s land. The next thing you know there wasn’t a machine gun going for hundreds of miles. And the war almost stopped.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard, 8th American ACC, Axioms of Dianetics, 19 October 1954

    © 2012 CSCCI. All Rights Reserved. LRH is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission. Grateful acknowledgment is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.

  69. Marty,
    with LRHs own words:

    “Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult – and most necessary to achieve – is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.
    “It is true that beings are frail and commit wrongs. Man is basically good but can act badly.
    He only acts badly when his acts done for order and the safety for others are done with hatred. Or when his disciplines are founded only upon safety for himself regardless of all others; or worse, when he acts only out of a taste for cruelty. ”
    LRH – What Is Greatness?

    Merry Christmas and Love to you and all people on Earth!


  70. Dear Marty,
    I speak in the name of many French scientologists who read your blog and the comments. We love it !.
    We also love and support and Steve Hall’s sites.
    We wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year !
    For sure, 2013 will be the Year of the “Renaissance”

  71. Li'll bit of stuff

    You wonderful beings, who make up this blog, created by
    Marty, are mostly only known to one and all by your posts.
    How little we really know each other, with 90% of our perceptics
    unfulfilled across cyber-space. That is, unfortunately, one real
    drawback to experiencing another’s presence, one’s aura, which
    allow the other the privilege of better duplication & understanding!

    Never the less! …To a thetan…ANYTHING…is better than nothing!

    So, although I feel cheated that I may not see and experience so
    many of you “in the flesh”…I am just going to go ahead and intend
    for you to receive this, directly, anyway;

    Thank you for your friendship, laughs, sharing, debates, enlighten-
    ment, confessions, wins, successes, and cognitions, and in most
    cases, being great examples of what the “New breed of Scn’gist”
    (an INDEPENDENT) is all about! To Marty, Mosey, Mike R, Steve, thank you for your steadfast leadership in hauling back the true
    legacy of the ol’ man’s gifts to us all. Especially, his epic state-
    ment; …..” remember the work was FREE!…Keep it so!

    Sincere Love & ARC to one & ALL, and have yourselves a real
    blessed, happy Christmas with your loved ones and friends.

    on a hot and balmy summer’s day,
    Durban, South Africa.

  72. Marty’s blog post is superb.

    I concur with Dio:
    “Marty, “ … “I have placed you higher on the theta scale that you can imagine, compared to before.”

    Christmas is a good reminder of the Golden Rule.

    From The Way to Happiness:
    19. Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you.
    20. Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

    From Scientology: A New Slant on Life, Two Rules for Happy Living:
    Thus today we have two golden rules for happiness:
    1. Be able to experience anything; and
    2. Cause only those things which others are able to experience easily.

    The Golden Rule in different religions and philosophies:

  73. Merry Christmas Marty and Mosey! and may I wish for you and ALL OF US here in the Indie Movement, for The New Year, MORE OF THIS from LRH: “If you had a group today on the face of the Earth which was operating on the Third Dynamic, very heavily on the Third Dynamic, which also included the First Dynamic, it would be people who were so facile, who could so easily and so quickly see the proper solutions, there would never be any argument amongst them as to what was best. And they would also be very active! They would not be slothful. They would be going out at a terrific velocity.
    This Earth today would fall into the possession of that group with such speed, nobody could prevent it. Even the group couldn’t prevent it. It is not that anybody is forming up such a corps to do that, but actually, any group operating First and Third simultaneously on a high level of survival would be so far above any existing group on the face of Earth today that people would start around, looking at it, because it would be cause. It would be able to cause things which no other group could cause and the people would start looking at it for solutions.
    And it, in order to survive in that world and keep itself from being bothered particularly, would start to take on more and more problems.
    Anybody, as he starts coming up the Tone Scale, starts inheriting. He inherits more and more and more and more and more and more and his only, only relief, his only help, is to keep on going up the Tone Scale.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard
    From the Technique 88 Lectures
    Given on 27 June 1952

  74. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to all of you.
    I’m happy to see you are doing well.

  75. Merry Christmas and may 2013 continue shining the light of truth for those still in darkness.

    Thank you Marty for all you are doing. We, who are waking up are eternally in your debt and others like you.

  76. A very wise post, Marty. Peace to all, and Merry Christmas!

  77. To all beings here on earth and elsewhere, may we all see that which we agree on is far more than what we disagree on. My wish is that we all find that reality whenever we interact and thus bring about more communication, more affinity and therefore, more understanding of one another, of life, of matter, energy, space, time and thought. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2013.
    Love to you all,
    Jerry and Kathryn Brady

  78. Very inspiring post. Looking back this year, I’m especially grateful for two people – Rene Brown and you Marty. Both of you have inspired me enough to do something about the things I’ve wanted to change. I want to wish you, Mosey, Chiquita and Tinks a peaceful Christmas and wish to meet you in the new year.

  79. Merry Christmas to all.
    Whatever considerations one may have as to the significance behind the holiday season, religious or not I just think it’s really nice and quite needful that a event impinges upon the 4th Dynamic sufficiently enough that if produces a personal reflection upon one’s role in the greater game of life. Goodwill to all men is a great place to start.
    Communication, what a wonderful thing it can be.

  80. LRH was speaking of Christmas in the Trenches, an event that happened in 1914, and beautifully memorialized in this video:

  81. Thanks Marty and some wonderful x-mas cheers back to you
    and Mosey!
    As this is such a wonderful, applicable for this time of the year
    post, I forwarded it to some friends.

    So true what duplication, understanding and love can do to any
    relationship. Here is a tidbit of application thereof: In the mid 70’s
    I had to confront an extremely hateful individual who was ready
    to go ballistic at a party we had. Managing to get him outside the
    house I talked to him for about an hour with the result that after
    we went back in the house he hugged and thanked me. Well,
    little did I know but we found out later that he was packing a gun
    and had had the intention to use it. However you bring someone
    “up a little higher” (be it education, change of environment or
    auditing) LRH always has an answer!
    Could this be done with DM?! Of course but a lot of resources
    had to be put together. Take him out to a destimulative environ,
    lot of physical labor and tons of ethics and auditing. To a degree
    this sounds like an RPF that LRH initially envisioned. The main
    objective then being to help. Also, justice has to mixed in the pot.
    Lots of justice with accountability. Maybe I am dreaming…

  82. I’d say the shorter way out for DM would be Power processing. But he would have to be kept in the chair first.

  83. Merry Christmas Marty and Mosey and Chiquitta!

    I loved the movie Life of Pi.

  84. Marty,
    I hope you do have a most loving and wonderful Christmas. The only thing that can de fang Hatred is Love. It does not mean we don’t continue to work against evil and injustices, but we don’t need the anger band to do that. And anger and hatred only breed more.

    You have brought up here several things I have been studying in my Classes of late and i am looking forward to reading and watching what I have not.

    Last August Quantum Physics confirmed the “God Particle”. This is called the “Higgs Boson”. It confirms the existence of the Higgs Field. This is the bottom of physics. It proves we are all connected.

    Reminds me of something Hubbard said “what you put out in front, you get back from behind”…. So simple, but not easy to practice.

  85. I’m all for peace and love, but Goswami doesn’t know the first thing about real quantum mechanics. It’s the same nonsensical “woo” that spews from Deepak Choprah. How about we all just be nice to each other and dispense with trying to make it sound scientific. Real science doesn’t need pretenders.

  86. Brian… That is a truth I realized some years ago. When it hit me i wrote it down and have it on my wall now. I try to read it whenever I am reacting to life negatively, be it a person or a situation…

    “I cannot change you and you cannot change me. Nor can either of us change the world. But you can change yourself and I can change me. And if we all do that the world will change”

    Marty… thank you for this post. Beautiful.

    It reminded me of The Paradoxical Commandments (much attributed to Mother Teresa, though the author is one Kent M. Keith who wrote it as a 19 year old sophomore at Harvard in 1968).

    “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
    Love them anyway.

    If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
    Do good anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
    Succeed anyway.

    The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Do good anyway.

    Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
    Think big anyway.

    People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
    Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

    What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
    Build anyway.

    People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
    Help people anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
    Give the world the best you have anyway.”

    Wonderful though this text is I know full well how hard it is, in one’s dark moments, to abide by it. You and Mosey are an inspiration on that front by many miles.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all… May your best days of 2012 be the worst of 2013.


  87. Perfect reminder of the true spirit of Christmas. German and English soldiers mingled together Xmas 1914 and shared family photos and small gifts. But better yet, they played football with each other! Very recently a letter was unearthed from an English soldier who was there and took part. It was very emotional and thought provoking. I wonder if a lot of world problems couldn’t be solved with a game of football.

  88. Paul, I’m curious what you’ve written about enemies: “The answer for me when I feel animosity towards an enemy is to flourish and prosper. It applies to all my dynamics and it always works.”

    You say “it always works” — what does this mean. Does it mean, as it seems to imply that when you have an enemy and he has harmed you or attempted to harm you – that you’ve mitigated or deflected that harm by yourself flourishing and prospering …

    And since you mention it helps on all your dynamics to do this then because your enemy is part of your 4th dynamics — then your success helps him.

    Is this what you mean?

  89. Understanding the enemy takes true willingness to look and perceive. Only then can we permeate their ‘mind’ enough to understand the motive(s). It is possible to do that even with people such as DM.

    Good friend of mine invented his own process in regards to DM. Here’s the command: Admire that asshole!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  90. That’s why IMHO, that we need not to hate DM but to love him and postulate he could recover and realize hus way and repair what hu has done.

  91. That’s great, Marty. I know how you feel, not easy to apply, but it makes a big difference. Normal to experience anger and hatred on the tone scale, but it’s a way to bootstrap one out of that band, which is not great for the bod. Christ proposed this alternative way because it is better for us, and of course others recognized its value. Otherwise, Earth just becomes a hellhole of retaliation and never-ending hatred.

    As Father Robert Barron noted in his tv series, turning the cheek is not giving in, but rather a non-violent form of resistance that can surprise the aggressor, drawing him into a different view of what he is doing, into an another level of thinking. Of course defence of one’s life is something else, but in most cases this can often disarm people and is actually very smart. Wisdom is more powerful than brute force.

    Wishing you and all a peaceful Christmas.

  92. Beautiful message, thank you! It is definitely difficult but beneficial to not return nasty flows personally directed one’s way! Merry Christmas Marty, Monique and all Indies!

  93. I know one thing that has improved my tone level alot is being out of a very misemotional and angry environment, the Co$. I consider it my best x-mas present since I’ve been out. To be able to comm freely and think freely, to get the Bridge without tons of money-to not be PTS!!!!! It is seldom that I feel angry and frequently that I feel happy.
    Again I have Marty to thank for taking the heat and allowing me to have a safe environment to practice auditing in.
    Merry Chritmas to all!

  94. Yes, it does. A “thumbs up” and a very Merry Christmas to you. Don

  95. Marty a peaceful holiday to you and your family. Compassion to all those who find the necessity to degrade, put people down, or fail to extend a hand in times of need when you have the were withal to help. You can be helped. I have found an old friend and I am reaching out to enlighten him of the things that has occurred in the Incorporated church, I am using compassion and ARC he and his wife are deserving of that. ARC to you all and Merry Holiday. Bill Dupree

  96. Merry Christmas to you both. Love, Nancy and Greg

  97. First Rule,
    A clue to the SP case is to be found in a technology called 3 S&D’s. Those efforts, to withdraw, to make nothing of, to unmock, to stop. Unmock, make nothing of, relate to the basic nature of a being as a Static and the mechanics of Axiom 28, particularly the “duplication” aspect. Here’s a being stuck holding off some moment in time where they consider their survival is seriously threatened and they try to stop it, try to withdraw. Failing that but continuing those efforts, they move to unmock that which they can’t seem to stop, and make nothing of it. This becomes generalized.

    The “try to make nothing” is a sort of attempt at gaining “duplication” of their actual nature, to get a duplication of their own nothingness, and “as-is” that which is squashing their viewpoint of dimension, their universe. It’s done with energy and force and so doesn’t accomplish the aim.

    The simplicity of just letting that proverbial “spear” that hovers just a half inch in front of their face go through, to let go resisting it (they are immortal spiritual beings after all) is all it takes to have that moment pass on by. And then a new life can begin.

    I wish you well on your Road to Truth.
    Jim Logan

  98. Happy Holidays to all of you big thetans!
    “Let Christmas not become a thing
    Merely of merchant’s trafficking,
    Of tinsel, bell and holly wreath
    And surface pleasure, but beneath
    The childish glamour, let us find
    Nourishment for soul and mind.
    Let us follow kinder ways
    Through our teeming human maze,
    And help the age of peace to come
    From a Dreamer’s martyrdom.”
    ~Madeline Morse

    ML Tom

  99. Also, I hope Mr. Tom Cruise can find peace from violent film-making
    and secure release from his bond to Mr. Miscavige.
    When the Buddha reformed a famous violent person, the reformed
    violent person spoke the following words:

    “Some prisoners are tamed with punishment of a stick, or a hook or a whip. I was tamed without a stick or a weapon. I was tamed by the kind words of the Compassionate Buddha.”

    George M. White

  100. Thank you Marty
    You are generating a lot of theta!!!

    Merry Christmas to you, Mosey and all friends…including “enemies”


  101. To help him is challenging. He would have to want to do that. The problem is that you would have to get him to see that others DO matter. Currently he does not see that, but pretends to do so of course. The crimes he is committing towards humanity are not visible to him because of this. He really thinks he is the best man for this post. If you really look at the Only-One you will see that to them the whole wold is an Only-One. This would make him think we are all just pretending, just like him. Honesty and decency does not exist in heir universe. It is a dog eat dog wold of Only-ones. If he were to spot the time when he accepted his current view and considered it to be false – that is he would consider that others matter too – all of his crimes would come down on him like a ton of brick. So obviously that is too steep of a gradient and his mind will protect itself from looking at that. To truly help him he would have to first leave the post he is abusing which keeps his crime condition going. He is not likely to step down and go ‘hey I was wrong perhaps someone else could be a better leader’. Since he can’t do it for himself he will have to leave that post by other means. Either by running the ORG into the ground or someone making something stick legally. These would all seem unfair to him. If you wanted to help him after that you would have to figure out how to break through the lifelong pretense mechanism. If you try to help him he would pretend to be helped. How do you break through such case? I am curious. Are there any auditors who had success with stuck 1.1s?

    As far as DM is concerned we just need to keep improving the conditions in the Indie field and eventually if we manage to do a good enough job in the end even he would gain from it. For now he thinks LRH was a quack and he truly believes he is fix things. When the Org is finished he will of course blame it on everyone else, but perhaps one day later down the road he will be open to be helped. The best thing he could do right now for himself as well as the rest of humanity is to step down. No big deal. The ship is already sinking. Cash out and leave. Save some face.

    Hey David Miscavage! Marry Christmas! No, really and sincerely! If you are reading this blog, have you wondered why are you really doing that? You are concerned of course, but one step below that you are fascinated with humanity just like the rest of us. It is a fascinating game isn’t it? I know you think that we are all just sour and pretentious people but have you ever considered what if not? I know others may seem a bit unreal to you or perhaps even dull but we are not. You should really get out there and see for yourself. Or just go on the net and see all the new inventions and gadgets “all these WOGs” are coming up with. What wonderful minds. There is no harm in admitting that others are better than us in their field. Does the plumber hate the electrician because he knows about electricity? We all have finite attention span due to these bodies we have. Did it violate you that LRH knew and understood so much about the mind? I am just guessing here but I am sincerely curious. Tell us your story! Your true story. We would love to hear it. I’m dying to hear it from you! Yes there are some quacks out here in the Indie field, but it is a working process. Many who are out here are outstanding caring people. Trust me they mean well for humanity and many of them a true raving geniuses. I know this whole SC business is a burden on you. This isn’t even what you really wanted to do to begin with. Perhaps when you were a child you dreamed of becoming a movie star, a singer, or the next Sinatra. I don’t know. I just feel your pain and frustration with this SC business. Offload it! Let those who really like to get into the small details deal with it. You are meant for something else. It happens. What is your true call? C’mon talk to me man! I can’t speak for everyone else but I do care. Tell me. Seriously. If you do the right thing now it will give you the strength to be and do anything you want. Tell me how you ended up in this mess.

  102. One of those who see

    Calvin, Perfect! Merry Christmas!

  103. Dear Marty,

    Your statement touched my heart. You have proved to be a modern example of how Human Beings should be and behave. You have proved that you understand the human mind. You have fully applied the concept of ARC during the trying times you have experienced. You have proved that LRH’s Scientology works as it was intended. That is not counting all the learning you have gained from other similarly spiritual sources. I learned long time ago first from LRH that Scientology was made to help us learn and expand our minds and ourselves as beings, with the purpose of helping others do the same and eventually make this planet a better one for ourselves and future generations. You my friend, should feel proud of yourself. And those who follow you should feel grateful for your example. And not be redundant, but your example is helping to KSW. This is what the Old Man had in mind, and on that note, I wish you, Mosey, Chiquita (the little one) and all posters on this blog, a very Merry Christmas and the highest ever wins for 2013.

    And let’s not for get to wish the Old Man a very Happy Christmas, wherever he is now.



  104. Sinar, I have noticed on numerous occasions that if one directs a jibe or criticism or cutting remark at you, if you simply do not respond to it, which almost everyone almost always does, but if you don’t react to it in any way, that the comment snaps back onto the one who delivered it. Of course, this no longer happens now that I am away from the International Asylum but I used to notice it there. It is like being there with a null attitude. The jibe boomerangs back onto the sender.

  105. And not to sound corny or weird, but I would like to acknowledge LRH by saying: Thank you for your extremely helpful legacy.

  106. Along the lines of peaceful methods to deal with insane crminals, you may want to check the success story of Dr. Hew Len who used a tech called Ho’oponopono to single handedly fix people in mental ward (at least enough to get released or transferred.) He actually would run this using the patients case files. Took him several months but ended up making significant changes for staff and patients.

  107. A very wise person once said, ‘Carrying resentment is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die.’

  108. Hi Michael, that is so very true, but for some reason I get
    the idea that he needs all the grades and full Dianetics
    first. AND, a full complete Life Repair with the “demand for
    improvement and the hope factor” nailed in with a bang as
    a start.
    OK, C/Sing on a blog – very bad! But in the spirit of the
    holidays, wishing DM and his yahoos a serene X-mas.
    And pleeeaase give the SO-members a day off so they
    can communicate to their families.

  109. Marty, here’s something from me to you and Mosey. Have a Merry Christmas.
    Mariah Carey – O Holy Night (Live ABC Christmas Special 2010)

  110. Wow! I feel like I am walking out of a perfect Sunday sermon and so much bigger! Thank you Momrath65.

  111. I know what you say Dan Koon, and I think I understand. It is an amazing phenom I’ve observed as well for decades. One that one eventually needs to take heed.

  112. Merry Christmas everyone from the Halls.

  113. Thank you so much Marty ~ for these wise words for Christmas and all the other work you are doing to bring man out of the mud. Very Merry Christmas to you and Mosey.

    And same to all your friends helping you to help us.

    And Merry Christmas to all the posters and their points of view.
    May we all have a Merry Christmas. Our hands are clean and we have happy hearts. 🙂


  114. Marty,

    After rereading your comment this quote came to mind.

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G.K. Chesterton

    The best wishes to you and yours!

  115. Sage advice First Rule. Gradients are such a fundamental basic in Scientology and are part of every Scientology art. One is permitted to become a Scientologist, even on a gradient. As all learning and talent is formed on gradients. Any goal can be accomplished on proper gradient.

    I do not have any goal myself to love, neither to hate, my enemies. A higher goal would be to not have any enemies. But that was an unattainable goal even for Hubbard. I don’t mind having enemies that I can see. It is the enemies one can not see as they are shrouded in status’ or classes of illusion that grind at our best intentions and purposes. Just as David Miscavige hides behind the umbrella of “religion” and “Scientology” for profit, and uses it only as license to swindle and abuse. It is clear he can not think with it or properly use it.

    Enemy and treason are only conditions. It is an art to spot these conditions on flows. Hubbard could do that. Anyone can on a gradient. You can tell what condition someone is in towards YOU and toward others on others to others flows. No harm in wallowing in a lower condition either, if you admit it. If you are overt about being someone’s enemy. Hubbard was very overt about his enemy conditions. And he wrote a very simple memo on how to spot your enemies, This is not the exact reference, it if from my notes. “Yopu can therefore know your enemies by those who seek to knock out any part of your:

    A) Power
    B) Authority
    C) Personnel
    E) Property

    Authority can be knocked out in very subtle ways.

    Someone “correcting you” for making an origination would be very crafty.

    As in. “My cat died.”
    Response: “Here is your reference”. Implies you said something wrong.

    This is a subtle abuse in “knocking out authority.”

    Everyone has a God given “authority” to make a heartfelt origination.:)

    Hubbard was also overt about granting beingness, and taught others to do as well with the tr’s. “Listen and understand and acknowledge” is granting beingness.

    Cramming and Qual (correction) are another arena of Scientology. That is where people get “corrected” for making origination’s (physical or vebal) that result in harm in an Organization upon a p.c. or fellow staff member. By getting steered to a reference they should already know to perform, or one they misunderstood. Otherwise, there is no reference in Scientology on cramming a person for a simple origination that reflect their point of view.

    I am explaining this to you because I know this is your first experience with a 3d in a Scientology arena.

    An origination from someone would encompass his ideas, reactions, difficulties, or any statement or remark referring to the state or condition or position of the person making the origination. There is not tech in Scientology for “correcting” such activity.

    Welcome to the group and thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas! Marty has some new arrivals this week that are huge assets to Independent Movement!

  116. Merry Christmas Calvin!

  117. My son-in-law shared this story with my ex and I tonight —

    Worth reading

  118. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! wishing you all a wonderful 2013!!!!!

  119. Too funny. 🙂

  120. First Rule, there are always undercuts. LRH had to constantly
    work on these as he saw the society deteriorate and beings
    being more and more wooden and hard to reach.
    Case in point; one time I had a small time criminal on the
    meter. Asking him about crimes he might have committed
    nothing was reading and of course he answered “no” to
    everything. I finally asked him if he had done anything
    “bad” and the waterfall broke lose and the meter was
    suddenly reading very nicely. Of course it is “varying
    the question” but it shows how far south you might have to
    go to reach the being. Yes, you might just have to off hand
    stand and talk to the guy until you have some type of a
    comm line and then put him on the meter.

  121. I can tell you how he ended up in this mess. Hubbard said:

    “Income comes from:

    1. Outflow
    2. Expert handling of people.
    3. Book sales.
    4. Good Affinity, Reality, and Communication with the world.
    5. Good service.’

    Anyone able to do the above will be affluent.

    Mr Miscavige changed this to:

    “Income comes from:

    1. Donations
    2. Getting rid of anyone standing between me and the reserves.
    3. Book royalties on altered Hubbard.
    4. Power = getting people to listen to you.
    5. Selling status’ and doing trade shows.
    6. Scamming.
    7. Running “can’t haves” with the tech.
    8. Issuing false reports to the world.
    9. Beating the volunteers.
    10. Convincing the Scientologists, wogs want buildings really, not help.

  122. Windhorse, I was responding to Marty’s post about the condition of hating your enemy. I looked at my life and I determined that whenever I’ve experienced the emotion of hatred it has always been me being the effect of suppression. It has always been my instinct to flourish and prosper when I’ve been the effect of the emotion of hatred. I remember when I was 19 years old and I was sharing an apartment with my brother. We woke up in the middle of the night to see his car engulfed in flames. He was understandably distraught. My handling the next day was to get a better car than the one he lost. We did that and we never looked back. I can’t say that i love my enemies, but do know how to not be the effect of them.

    Regarding your comment about the 4th dynamic, remember it’s my 4th dynamic, not his.

  123. Good point Tom

  124. Marty,
    What a thetaful message for tonight, especially the “What is Greatness” reference. A reminder to postulate and hold such a viewpoint is certainly timely and renewing. Thank you for all you have done to bring light and for your courage in facing what you have had to face in doing so. Merry Christmas to you and all your family, and best wishes to all.

  125. Sorry, I hit the wrong reply button. This should have gone at the bottom of the list. Didn’t mean to butt in to the wrong spot.

  126. Somewhere along the line on solo NOTs I realized that hate was my own creation, that it deeply affected me and my own universe and that I was utterly responsible for its creation. I also knew at that moment that I was fully capable both technically and case-wise, of as-ising it completely whenever it might rear its head. Life had been totally differrent for me since then.
    Love, admiration and granting of beingness, along with technical competence is also my own creation. This is what I would much rather pass along to my friends.

    Merry Christmas Marty and Mosey and all my friends. You have my deepest respect and admiration.

    Les Warren
    Lead Auditor
    Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene

    P.S. Marty, your philosophical discourses and the qality of the writing were very good when you started this blog. They just keep getting better and better. Thanks for everything.

  127. “How about we all just be nice to each other…”

    Great idea! I will start by being nice to Goswami and Deeprak!

  128. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Mosey, Marty this has been a wonderful year full of new achievements and freedom.
    This Christmas, for us, is really celebrated INDEPENDENTLY!

  129. Hubbard said the price of Freedom is constant alertness and willingness to fight back. I have found that to be painfully true.

    I can forgive anything I take responsibility for. Part of taking responsibility means taking responsibility for OTHERS and asking them to own up too. That is really taking responsibility for others, not making excuses for them like they are ignorant. Although I can make excuses for the sociopaths. They can’t own anything, it is beyond their ability. They ARE crippled. Doesn’t mean I have to be their road kill. Just means that correction with them is an unattainable goal. It really isn’t something that can be fixed right now. Not when there are multitudes standing in line for help.

    I can forgive David Miscavige all year long. The people on lines right now have forgiven David Miscavige for it all. They even share his burden. They are totally PTS. He banks on the forgiveness. It makes it possible for him to get away with every crime. I forgive him for all of it. I am just not willing to pretend I am blind. Scientology is knowing how to know. I shouldn’t have to apologize for knowing. He is in the wrong group, not me.

    He is busy all week long making sure people do not know. Just look at the false reports he feeds the world through the media. I can forgive. I don’t have any contract to act blind and stupid. I did not get into Scientology because of David Miscavige. I was in before him. I got involved because of L. Ron Hubbard. As far as I am concerned he is just a dev t particle. Just like anyone who is using the Scientology to harm attack or suppress others. I am not a Scientologist because of them. I am a Scientologist regardless of them.

    Perhaps I should establish a holiday called “Hubbardmas” . An “HCO Bring Order” day. Where everyone gets together and confronts some evil and moves it out of the path so the Christmas spirit has a chance. If the Bible survives on this planet, and if the words of Christ survive on this planet, it will be with the help of the Scientologists. Who have for the most part, endured humiliation and losses and burdens and sacrifices Christ never endured until his last few hours. He lived his life as a worshiped celebrity. He knew people were fucked up and he sold a code of ethics that was very beneficial. That is about 1% of what we have with this Scientology. We have “Scientologists” in our midst that can’t even think with the ten commandments. They missed the boat a long time ago. They need to go back and do some retread. Not me.

  130. My hope this Christmas, for our future this year and beyond, beginning with a few and extending to many is that anchor points, if only a few, if only every day might extend beyond the gravity of our beautiful home to take in the view of our Earth. She loves us so and no more than any other time in our past wants for kindness for Her and upon Her. Where we start is of no unimport.

    With a message from that lightened viewpoint,

    “JOHN: You once said that if human beings would learn to be kind to each other..
    Tom: The singular most important word in your vocabulary is kindness. It is not love. For kindness is love. And the word ‘Love’ is used and misused to bind, to control, to manipulate. But kindness – who can resist kindness? Not any. All can resist love. For it is misunderstood, love. Kindness is love in action.”
    – The Only Planet of Choice

    Merry Christmas,

  131. No matter what one’s belief is or is not with regards to the deity of Jesus, no one can deny that The Spirit of Christmas, Love, brings healing and peace to the world. MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!

  132. Somebody wants to flow power to Hubbard? Don’t repeat him! Don’t parrot him! Everyone here has the books and materials. They can read. Bypass normal habits and routines. There is a danger situation here. All the books and course packs did not prevent it. That means taking responsibility for Hubbard and the Scientology by coming up with something fresh that makes sense in the here and now. Add to the menu something that brings the people back and gets the process going again. Hubbard did not write about David Miscavige. We have to invent our own policies. That means REAL responsibility. Too many people think it’s all on Hubbard. Sorry, nobody would know two fucks about what Jesus Christ had to say OR IF HE EVEN LIVED, IF OTHERS DID NOT BECOME WRITERS AND BOOK PUBLISHERS. Christ did not oversee manuscripts or publishing deals! He didn’t have a desk or in baskets or telephones. They didn’t even have motels back then to push these ideas in the drawers. PEOPLE took the knowledge and used it, and thought, with it and carried it forward. Christ exists because people mock him up. Hubbard exists because people mock him up. But he himself did not care to be mocked up by others. He did care that people mock up the Scientology, use it to help themselves, and use it to help others. All I see with David Miscavige is him unmocking it all while we mock it up. HE is in an unattainable goal. The Scientology lives in us in vision and awareness. We are immunized as we move up the bridge, from whatever we rise above. We have already arrived in a dimension David Miscavige will never occupy. He is an utter slave to his inventions, he does not have the Freedom to speak truth, he does not have the Freedom to roam, he does not have the Freedom to appear where he wants to defend himself with truth. He has become total effect of slaves and patrons and a celebrities. That’s not evolution. Can I forgive him for being a slow learner? For being so very far behind the others in this magic? Sure. Because if I had been faster myself, I would have taken over the Scientology and for sure, things would have worked out a lot different. He is there because I was not. So I have to share in the responsibility for the current scene. If I did not, I could have gone off and gone sailing or painting and pretend that it all had nothing to do with me and my own lack of presence. At least, we are present and we are going to win or die the attempt. Lesson learned? Anyone of us here save for a very few, would have done a better job taking over this activity. Next time around, believe in yourself. You CAN be trusted.

  133. Chris from Germany

    The link you´ve posted is GREAT, thanks!
    Exactly! We don´t have 8 dynamics, we ARE 8 dynamics. Once we´ve fully understood it, we´ll have arrived there – on the other side of the abyss, on the other side of the Bridge.
    So, let´s love our “enemies”. Isn´t there a bulletin from Ron “Why people don´t like you” which explaines it all? It also explaines why we don´t like (or love) people, when we don´t… ;).
    So: Merry Christmas to David M.!

  134. Hubbard tried to get some of this across in “How to Study Scientology” in a “New Slant On life”.

    “It isn’t up to someone else to force this information on him.”

    “There are two ways men ordinarily accept things, neither of them are very good. One is to accept a statement because Authority says it is true and must be accepted. And the other is by preponderance of agreement amongst other people.”

    “The basic definition of SANITY in this somewhat nebulously learned society is whether or not a person agrees with everyone else. It is a very sloppy manner of accepting evidence, but all to often it is the primary measuring stick.”

    “Unfortunately we are surrounded by a world that calls itself a world of Science. But it is a world that is, in actuality, a world of authority.”

    (This is what the CofS has become, a world of authority.)


    (This tell you right here what condition the corp CofS is in, it’s staff and members too)


    (Well, they did this. David’s “Golden Age”.)


    (Why some people can only chant from scripture like parrots)

    What he says right here is an open license to think for yourself, come to your own conclusions. He did not ask anyone to become a copy of him. Or to only think with his ideas. Or to succumb to his ideas being forced upon them.

    A danger formula is a danger formula. And bypass normal habits and routines is ALL INCLUSIVE without LIMITATIONS.

    “Nothing in Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it and it is true ACCORDING TO YOUR OBSERVATIONS.”

    People just have to get up to observing! Through their OWN eyes. You really can not view the world through Hubbard’s eyes. Perhaps you can think with some of his ideas if it makes sense to you because of YOUR OWN experience.

    This was true when he wrote New Slant on Life and it has always been true.

  135. Merry Christmas Yall! Love and Appreciate all of you!

  136. Marty, yet another great post. Thanks for keepin’ it helpful and real.

    Actually, this seems like an appropriate moment to say thanks to Mosey and you for all you do and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday with loved ones to all of the blog participants.


  137. Thanks for the gift of giving the Bridge back to people Marty, Mosey!!! What a truly tremendous gift to all of us! Happy Holidays!

  138. Exactly Ron. Nothing short of what I would expect from a most highly trained auditor with no MUs. Case cracking ~ yes for me too. And he does that from a distance with his writings and intention. Wonderful to know and experience (has made the last 30 yrs of confusion all completely worth it as the memories go from the mass surrounding me to the ‘education’ category of my memory.
    And the relief to know Ron’s tech will be here for my children and their children. Hope is not all lost with the fall of the CofS.
    Yes, Marty and his merry band have given all us a very nice Christmas and I don’t take their work & pain for granite for one second.
    I know they will all have a very very Merry Christmas because they have the thrill of helping others!

  139. Marty, you can still condem their actions and not open yourself up to harm, I just think it means you keep your moral center in place. And I see you doing that Marty. We all have different roles to play in life. I wish you strength in withstanding the constant atacks on your wellbeing and wellbeing of your loved on. You stepped up to the plate “to put Ethics in” on some very very misled and enturbulated/made psychotic people who can’t think straight anymore or think for themselves for that matter. On the part of your advisaries it is important to invoke strong emotions that could make you impulsively act. You are right that emotions are part of live and living and even sprituality, but you can always step back and investigate an emotion you have acording to Seneca, a philosopher who lived and died in Nero’s time. Have a wonderfull christmass and have an even greater 2013.


    “In doing so he touches on the advice of Christ to love one’s enemies. While I have heard the advice so many times before, including in L. Ron Hubbard’s What Is Greatness?, I have generally found it difficult to apply.”

  140. I bought the book The Magic in the airport on the 23rd before flying to see my family. It talks mostly about being thankful and truly grateful. It has brought back very interesting results and I smoothed over and repaired a major arc-x with a close friend. It was quite magical. I listed to her 10 things I was grateful for in the past. She wrote back to thank me and say how special it was and how heart warming.

    Man is basically good.

  141. “Understanding the enemy takes true willingness to look and perceive.”

    A real “why” on this planet is viewing. Willingness to look, means viewing. The only difference between “wogs” and Scientologists, is that “wogs” do not want Hubbard to view for them. The reactive mind itself is like a pair of sunglasses a thetan can use to alter his view. It is a via to viewing. There were a lot of people that got into Scientology and wanted Hubbard to view for them. Then when he passed on, they wanted David Miscavige to view for them. The whole purpose behind Scientology for me, was to help me view for myself. I can get Hubbard’s point of view. Often it does expand my point of view. Often it does not. Enforcing Hubbard’s view or anyone’s view, instead of your own, is very aberrational. The sanest and most humane thing you can do for a thetan is to get him to view for himself. To decide for himself. To form his own point of view. But in the Scientology Inc, it is taboo to view for yourself. This is the main reason it has become so aberrant. It does no good to rid ones self of the reactive mind, and replace it with another entity to view for you. Many people do not know the difference between their point of view and Hubbard’s point of view anymore. And some people insist we only look from Hubbard’s point of view. And lots of people on this planet can not see or accept anyone else’s point of view. That is an ability too. But in the end, it is all about viewing. And it is just that simple. Often, I have been in a room and seen something that nobody else noticed. They just didn’t view it. It is a multiple viewpoint society. It is an unattainable goal for everyone for view through one person’s eyes. The reason the Sea Org did not work out, in a leadership role, is that not enough people wanted to view through their eyes. They lacked mercy. They did not have extended vision as they went out of communication with the world. Their vision was actually blocked. From desk to bus to bed, to desk to bus to bed. Grown people asking permission to wed. Leaning on Miscavige to view for them. This is just what happens in any arena, where people feel uncomfortable viewing for themselves. “Opinion leaders” are people who view for others. The reason this universe is so therapeutic, and such a threat to Miscavige, is that you have Marty over here saying, “Look. Look at this, look at this. View it yourself. View for yourself. See this! It’s really O.K. to view! And share YOUR point of view!”

  142. Marty,
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas.
    I’m very happy that you have set up this great website.
    What an Enlightment this has been for me!!
    Thank you and best wishes to all.

  143. Li'll bit of stuff

    One of those…thank you so much, & you too!

  144. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Cat, and same to the family!

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lars, nicely told and you made the necessity of an
    undercut very real, hopefully for those unfamiliar with
    the certainty of using the tools of the Auditor.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
    Durban, South Africa

  146. Li'll bit of stuff

    I wish to thank you and hope you too, Sinar, are having
    the most blessed and merry Christmas.

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, so very apt and succinctly said! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you too!
    ML, Calvin.

  148. Merry Christmas to all of you. And may the next year ring in a flourishing and prospering of independent thought and action and the freedom it brings to life.

    And for those of you who choose to read this blog and send thumbs down to those wishing others well, may you be able to throw off the yoke of suppression and join us.

  149. “Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.” Y’all notice this new definition of Scientologist by David MisManagement is one that excludes us? In fact, it doesn’t even describe a Being, it’s a mark of status. Little Davey thinks if he grants that status he can also remove it.

    Well, LRH had already defined Scientologist, as anyone who uses Scientology to improve conditions. Little Davey can try to redefine the term, but he doesn’t own it. I am a Scientologist because I say so and because I use the tech. I am not a ‘mark’, or a member of the affiliated churches or missions, but I AM a Scientologist. And LRH would agree with me.

  150. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. And a big “Thank You” Marty, Mosey and your critters for all you do!

  151. By the by, I got that word from Hofstadter’s “Godel, Esher, Bach”, a PhD thesis for materialism as “I” or “consciousness”. It can be translated as “seek and ye shall find”, Matthew 7:7, and is from a piece by JSBach. All syncronicitious and apropos to the season, a contrapuntal play of life source, interweaving in the Eternal Golden Braid so to speak.

    Merry Christmas and a fine Boxing Day!

  152. Oops, couple a typos in that; should be Escher and synchronicitous. I’m pooped from swimming all day with kids and adults in the Aussie summer Christmas tradition. I even had prawns (shrimps) on the barbie 🙂

  153. Thanks Alex. Not corny or weird. I thank him every day. It’s OK to post a thank you ~ quiet appropriate in fact.

  154. Thank you Cat Daddy. I really enjoyed your post.

  155. P.S. “First Rule” of magic?

  156. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Great wisdom
    • Merry Christmas Monique, Marty, Chiquita !
    • Merry Christmas to all readers & commentators on this blog !
    • Vive l’ Indépendence !

  157. ” Because if I had been faster myself, I would have taken over the Scientology and for sure, things would have worked out a lot different. He is there because I was not.”

    Not quite sure what this means.

  158. Spot on. And why DM (and others like him) do not want others to look for themselves? Because then they would be free to spot the suppression and illusions. IMHO an Only One thinks all others are Only Ones also, which would make sense as they base their view of others on self. If that is so they would think everyone else is after the same loot, and greedy like they are. Anyone suppressing information in any way gets my red-flag. 🙂

  159. Thats an OT, Pan-Determined viewpoint.

  160. Marty & Mosey,

    In response to your post, may I offer words from LRH:

    The Factors:
    29. In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing, is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all.

    30. And above these things there might be speculation only. And below these things there is the playing of the game. But these things which are written here Man can experience and know. And some may care to teach these things and some may care to use them to assist those in distress and some may desire to employ them to make individuals and organizations more able and so give to Earth a culture of which we can be proud.

    This is what you’ve given me, and likely many other here.

    With my utmost admiration, Merry everything to you both.

    ML, Midge

  161. Oracle, you are right.

  162. free of the cult

    Check out PAB 8 – Viewpoint Processing

  163. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, this is welcome news from you. Lord knows you deserve a thorough break from the obsessions of the
    demented “dick”tator. Especially at this time, when the
    true spirit of Christ, (love and forgiveness ) is upon us!

    It is interesting that you have made pretty wide ranging
    references to the ultimate end (effect) “a great degree
    of equanimity and peace.” Often the ironic epitaph of
    many who are no longer engaged with some personal
    life battle …..R.I.P. (rest in peace)

    I think it goes without saying, that an overwhelming
    majority of the world’s (human!!!!) population take up
    some faith or belief system, to achieve the same end;
    (peace!) How many libraries full of tomes have been
    written to assuage the sufferings which drive those
    vast numbers in the “seeking of peace???”

    In the early days of my unbridled enthusiasm of taking
    Scn to the streets as an FSM,(7O’s) it soon became plainly
    apparent, that I lacked the necessary skills in handling
    a wide variety of people across the awareness / tone
    scale spectrum.. I bought a wide range of skills en – hancing books and manuals, and made thorough studies
    of just how to overcome those skill deficiencies. Those
    skills, combined with an almost fanatical referencing
    to The Factors, Dn & Scn AXIOMS, led me to a pretty
    rock solid certainty in dealing with others.

    Joining your blog in Sept, 2011, exposed me to previously
    unknown difficulties,in the form of Black Dianectics,reverse
    Scientology, and the mind control of “dick”tator dave.
    These were quite a shock to experience, as it has been for anyone on a personal level, with you being no exception.

    With well over a year of “undergraduate studies and intern
    ship on the MOUALH Independent Scientologist Qualif-
    ication Course”, I can attest having acquired that broadly
    avoided, but necessary skill, “The Confront of EVIL!”

    That, combined with full comprehension of Scn AXIOMS
    1-1O, (with no M/U’s) and a personal conquest in overcoming a lifelong handicap of “taking everything far
    too seriously,” has led to a wonderful piece of mind,
    that has returned me to an eagerness to again enjoy
    life with the necessary humor it takes to “play the game.”

    Hope to see you personally one day, as it would be an
    enormous honor.

    More strength to you as you gain even more support in
    your mission. (and I’m sure you know; “peace” is a part of strength, that quiet confidence in having “wherewithal.”)

    ARC, and thank you for ALL you do,

  164. Li'll bit of stuff

    If there is any one SINGLE attribute that may surpass all
    others, in the aid and upliftment of another, I believe that
    would have to be…………….CARING!

  165. Li'll bit of stuff

    hi Ronnie, did it have a black cover, with a sketched image
    of the white bearded sage on the cover, and the words
    below ; “scientology is here to rescue you” ??

    ……If so, that would be; “Scientology And The Bible”…with
    the title boldly emblazoned in Roman Times font across the
    top, in gold capital letters.( published I967.)

    Lots of Scn refs in the left hand columns, and on the right,
    the corresponding refs to The Holy Scriptures.

    This publication was NOT written by LRH, but was the result
    of discoveries made by compilers familiar with the content
    of The Holy Bible, and showing their observations of the
    many similarities to the written works of LRH.

    I have a copy in my possession, if anyone is interested in
    knowing more.


  166. Anononyourside

    I wonder if this new definition is related to an attempt to prevent independent Scientologists from claiming tax deductions for any money used for services, etc. It is the end of the year and the Indies movement is bigger than ever before, and growing fast. Of course, should Miscavige attempt to prevent the Indies from claiming tax deductions, he risks opening up the whole IRS debacle, but it’s a possibility given his complete lack of foresight in all of his other campaigns against Marty.

  167. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thou speakest sooth, dear Aeolus, verily thou doest so!

  168. Hi Calvin,

    Yes, I am interested in the book your describe.

    Please email me at

    diogeneseii at

  169. HI Calvin and Ronnie- I have a copy too. It’s an interesting little pamphlet. The parallels are strained at times, but it is worth a read.

    Notwithstanding all the crap that is happening these days in Mr. David Miscavige’s world, Scientology fundamentals align very well with Christianity, as well as Hinduism and Zen. How? Because we are all, at core, Spirit – and we are all a manifestation of the image of God. The whole point of Scientology is to allow us to realize our Spirit, and remove that which is foreign to who we really are and which prevents us from realizing what is, in effect, our innate Christ-like qualities.

  170. Thanks, Cat, That is awesome. I personally am a huge fan of the Apostle Paul. For him to have gone from being a persecutor of Christians to Christ’s greatest advocate is an amazing story, and I find his letters in the New Testament to be enlightening.
    Scientology is a very technical, clinical subject. It is ultimately a technology. Since it is a technology, written from an engineering point of view, the wonder of life and humanity does not necessarily shine through. The purpose of Scientology is not to exalt life and God. The purpose is to tape a road up and out, and provide the tools to get there. A computer manual is very dry – but the computer itself can be used to create the next great novel, the next great opera or screenplay, or make the next great “painting.”

    Reading Paul inspires the spiritual. He reminds be of the greatness of Love. He reminds me of where we are going and what we should aspire to. To me, the Kingdom of Heaven is not just a bunch of saints hanging around being holy, it is rather all mankind in peace and harmony, creating greatness and enjoying each others’ creations, and helping each other to grow.

    Merry Christmas, Cat.

  171. Li'll bit of stuff

    Superb reply Mark, thanks!

  172. Li'll bit of stuff

    Will get onto this for you, just need to get our scanner
    working properly!
    Thanks, Calvin.

  173. Yes, Calvin, that’s the one. I was just too lazy to dig it out so I could post the title. Thanks for following up for me.

  174. I want to make a couple of points:

    1. In response to a quote from the Gospel of Thomas above:

    Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, “These nursing babies are like those who enter the kingdom.” They said to him, “Then shall we enter the kingdom as babies?”

    I pondered what this meant and the answer that came to me is that if we want true success we must constantly live (operate) by postulate and depend on the fruits of our postulates.

    Because we humans cannot truely and fully comprehend the full concept of the 8D, I would say that it is in part the postulate dynamic.

    In other words we should not depend on mest for our sustenance or success, we must long on to the Father (Static) ( the all that is) ( the prime mover unmoved) for all the things we need and want.

    Or: Come unto me (postulate) and all these things shall be given on to you.

    My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

    2. After 40 yrs of research and study on seeking the answers to the problems of life and leaving no stone unturned that I have come across,( which btw is similar to the message in “How to Study a Science” by LRH) I see all the religions and spiritual teachings in the history of the world as grade school spirituality.
    And I see scientology as the university of spirituality and life mastery.
    All on there own have failed to save the world or bring peace to the world.

    All have faults and short comings and all have some good.

    I see the complete bridge laced throughout all the religious and spiritual teachings of the world. To find the complete bridge you have to impartially glean all the religious and spiritual teachings of the world up to present time. And as someone said, hold fast on to that which is good and chuck the rest up to experience.

    Those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, let them do so.

    3. It is my hope that the tone and the message of this blog will take the fz to a higher level on the theta scale from now on.

    Let that be my New Years resolution.


  175. My friend Andy Porter sent this to me and I thought it was awesome and wanted to share it with you all:

    Back when I was on staff at Bellevue Mission, Christmas would approach and honestly things would seem a little dismal. Mostly my own dismal feelings came from the pressure to keep the stats UP, while knowing that the public had other things on their minds…So, to raise my own, and others, spirits I would look for references by LRH to try and bolster things.

    One article I found was in a 1982 issue of OT News from AOLA. I still have the newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the LRH article entitled:

    “Miracles for Christmas”

    “The one hope that has been hanging in front of man for almost two thousand years – hope of escape, hope of instantaneous healing, hope of wondrous results from something – was the hope which was brought to earth two thousand years ago by Jesus of Nazareth. And that stands very bright all the way along the line.

    Whether he did a good job or not is beside the point. The point is that hope burned very bright in that particular department.

    Now there is a principle of life built into the very nature of the universe: that which you resist, you become.

    And there’s another little clause belonging on the bottom of that: if you lose.

    In other words where life begins to fight something, whether real or imaginary, and where it loses against this thing, it has a tendency to become it.

    Thus you have to be a little bit careful about what you fight. You have to at least be in a position where you can win occasionally. If you fight things against which you can’t win or which don’t exist anyway, you will get into all sorts of interesting states of mind.

    Now, what if an organization supporting the work of Christ went on losing and losing and losing? What would it do eventually? It would tell you that there was no hope, because it had continuously combated hopelessness and lost. It had tried to carry this torch of hope and at length found all too often that it did not light the darkness to which it was addressed.

    We do not have any interest in trying to force people to believe and have faith in ways contrary to their own thinking. We would just like to see Man a little happier, not because he has to be, but because he can be, through what we know today.

    Whenever Man thrives, whenever he works, whenever he does, the good he does outweighs the evil. He isn’t a suppressed being. He’s a being that’s been fighting the mysterious, the supernatural, the superstitious evil in life – and losing too often. And when he loses you get the criminal and the insane.

    Now with Dianetics and Scientology we have made it safe for man to fight because he can now fight those things he considers evil and win.

    That would be the biggest step forward that Man could make. I believe that Scientologists have taken that step and that we are well on our way to making it possible for there to be no liability connected to the combat of evil.

    And when we’ve done that, evil will be dead. The fulfillment of the age-old hope for peace on earth and good will towards men will have come to pass.” – LRH

    There are many interesting thoughts this conjures up…the datum “what you resist you become, if you lose” seems to explain, perfectly, what has become of the church.

    My take on things is that the purpose of Scientology (this could be construed as LRH’s purpose, or DM’s purpose) became fighting suppression.

    And lost (or perceived they were losing).

    And so became suppressive itself.

    Whereas the purpose should have been helping people, or freeing beings, or some similar purpose, it shifted off into stopping something.

    And as LRH mentioned in the article, fighting imagined things leads downhill. The current “church” is fighting a whole host of imagined enemies: critics, independents, former members, the press, the media, the internet, the world!

    Of course these are not enemies. The church’s “solution” is to cut communication, force others to be out of communication and punish heavily.

    After thinking about this for years it seems to me that ANY time you move off of a positive purpose, such as helping people to a purpose of combating something you start downhill.

    The positive purpose must be held firm and ALL calls to shift to any sort of “combat”, to stop, to fight back, must be resisted. Or you become what you resist…which is a rather sad state of affairs to be in. Just ask the current leader of the church of scientology!

  176. Do not ask to have your life’s load lightened,
    But for the courage to endure.

    Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life,
    But for patience to accept frustration.

    Do not ask for perfection in all you do,
    But for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes.

    And finally, do not ask for more,
    Before saying “Thanks You”
    for what you have already recieved.

    Old school wisdom… 🙂

  177. Passion and focus

  178. What is MOUALH? I can’t seem to find a definition if it’s a word or explanation if it’s an acronym.

  179. Miscavige cares that the Church is tax-exempt and doesn’t have to share “his” revenue with the government, but I suspect the little twerp could give a squat whether any public can deduct auditing on their tax return, except as a marketing button. However, Miscavige has said several times through his sock puppets that there is no such thing as an “independent Scientologist”. If you want to be a Scientologist in his eyes, you have to give money to the IAS and then more money for services, that all feed into bank accounts that he controls. And the last thing he wants is for people to realize they can get standard LRH tech out here, without any cash going into his coffers. It’s all about the bucks with this one.

  180. Christmas for the IAS cancelled by L. Ron Hubbard 5 July 1963

    HCOPL of 5 July 1963

    Sales of Lifetime Memberships or Shares

    Due to projected changes in the corporate status of Scientology organizations, no further sales of HASI LTD shares or lifetime memberships are permitted anywhere in the world, effective immediately.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  181. Volume Vll third printing 1982.

  182. Maybe he wrote this forseeing that sale of a lifetime membership, is for a lifetime membership.

    Anyone here that purchased a membership for a lifetime is still a member of the IAS. And always will be for this lifetime.
    Please review your benefits for a lifetime:

    If you were sold this membership and it is not being honored you have been defrauded. Or, it was sold fraudulently to you without intention to honor a lifetime membership.

  183. It states on your benefits page: The IAS membership card which identifies and distinguishes you as a Lifetime Member of the IAS is one of your benefits.

    It also says: Only valid members of the IAS may receive and maintain Scientology certificates per HCO PL 30 July 1962 “Certification and Validation requirements”

    This means DM violated every IAS member when he cancelled their certs with the release of GAOT. They had already been promised they could ” maintain Scientology certificates per HCO PL 30 July 1962 “Certification and Validation requirements” as a lifetime IAS Member.

  184. Were you pulled off a check sheet mid course because of GAOT?

    In HCOPL 21 July 1981 What is a checksheet:


    “Every student is given a complete checksheet at the start of a course. It is not added to after he has started working on it. IT IS IN IT’S FINAL FORM WHEN IT IS HANDED TO HIM. It may be added to for those enroll later but it is not added to during the course.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    So, we can see Hubbard was above bait and switch.

  185. By the way OT8 was delivered as a course. If you finished one OT8 checksheet, well, you finished OT8.

    Nobody should have been told they “Didn’t finished OT8”. Because David wanted to add more materials to the checksheet.

  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    Moving On Up A Little Higher.

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’re welcome, bro’… Xmas Spirit & all that!

  188. Merry Christmas! Your Free loader debt may be less or may you not have one! You may have been presented with a bill you never owed!

    Per HCOPL of 11 June 1981R Revised 18 March 1982

    “It is necessary to make an allowance for the contribution a person who failed to complete his covenant DID make while on staff. This is because a contributing staff member is entitled to services as part of the exchange due him.”


    To the degree that such a person contributed while on staff, he owes something less than the full amount of services received while a staff member.

    YEARLY PERCENTAGE ADJUSTMENT: 20% per year of service allowance.

    Folks, that means 20% per year off the bill. After five years there would not be any bill.

    I was LIED to when I was told I had a Freeloader debt and I paid it.

    Or, these have been billing errors.

    Billing errors are subject to a legal audit. Whether it is a Church or not.

    I am sure the Church did not defraud me, so, it must just be billing errors.

    Getting on top of the logistics for a legal audit in short order.

    Stay tuned in case you were billed in error on your Freeloader debt! We can get this sorted out!

  189. Anononyourside

    Oracle, keep finding those quotes! How radical you are to quote LRH to the CoS, at least according to Miscavige. I wonder if he has banned reading because it takes time away from fundraising. Cults all seem to follow the same downward slope. When the cult becomes obsessed with fundraising, shortly thereafter the leaders go to jail, Rev Moon, Jimmie Baker, LaRouche….

  190. I have my Freeloaders invoice/bill and my receipt for payment. If you have any records of Freeloader billing or invoices please hang on to them for now. I have a feeling the Church has been overlooking billing errors for years. Possible gaining thousands and thousands annually on billing errors.

  191. Happy Hollidays everyone, here is a beautiful rendition that goes along with this post. Gotta love Nat Kin Cole!

  192. I just want to throw this our there because it’s something I struggle with a bit:

    There’s some situation I have some interest or responsibility in and it seems that I need to jump in and “play the game”- take a side and run with the ball or something. But I just cant seem to stay in that role. I can’t take the game seriously enough. But what do you do? Sit there like some holy man and watch bad things happen?
    I suspect he ideal state is being willing and able to knowingly play or not play a game.

  193. “The defeated person who believes he or she can no longer make nothing of the enemy carries the make nothing impulse closer to home. The defeated person still tries to make nothing of things. But now can only make nothing of his or her friends, his or her own organization.

    The decline or failure of any organization is traceable only to this fact: its executives or staff have failed so often to make nothing of the enemy that they begin to make nothing of their organization and themselves. The defeated person still tries to make nothing of things. This impulse never fades. But the defeated person tries to make nothing out of the wrong targets; i.e. his organization, his friends, himself.” -LRH_ HCO Information Letter of Feb 25, 1962

  194. Nice to see you posting here Diogenese!

  195. The Buddha:

    “Over and over, the seeds all get planted;
    Over and over, the rain-god sprinkles rain.
    Over and over, the farmer farms the field;
    Over and over, the food grows in the realm.

    “Over and over, beggars do their begging;
    Over and over, the givers give out gifts.
    Over and over, the giver who has given;
    Over and over, goes to a better place.

    “Over and over, he tires and he struggles;
    Over and over, the fool goes to the womb.
    Over and over, he’s born and he dies;
    Over and over, they bear him to his grave.

    “But one who’s wisdom is wide as the earth
    Is not born over and over,
    For he’s gained the path
    Of not becoming over again.”


  196. Very true oraclemysticism. Very important subject indeed. Never accept anything as stated until you verify it.

    The responsibility question however brings up an interesting dilemma. Just what does responsibility cover? Just how far is one supposed to go? People like DM are willing to do things which you would never consider doing because you have integrity. They do not. This allows them to play unfair. It’s like going into the ring with someone who will bite and hit below the belt while you keep to all the rules. Yes it is possible to still beat them fair and square but at what point do you go: the hell with the rules? The way I see it (and this is just my theory of course) is that the population of the planet can be split into 2 groups. Group 1 would have the fair players, and group 2 would have those who pretend to be fair. Those who play fair will not brake or bend the rules normally. Under serious stress they may be forced to leave their comfort zone (which is to be decent) and do something bad but then return to their comfort zone ASAP and perhaps make up for it. The members of the other group also have their comfort zone which is to be pretentious, cheating, devious scumbags 24/7. Once in a while under scrutinizing ‘stress’ of niceness surrounding them they may be forced to leave their comfort zone and do something decent. Only to then rip someone off twice as bad to make up for it. LOL

    There is another factor as to why DM is there and you or someone else decent like you is not. You would not play dirty. He did and will. That is all he does. Except he also brought brass knuckles for the fight. There is a book by Robert Greene: The 48 Laws of Power which describes the sleazy arsenal of exploitation tools that people like DM use readily. For those not familiar with the book, it describes in details what one should be doing if they want to become DMs next protege. After rule #3 I was ready to eject the Audio book and toss it on the highway, but then I realized that if this guy wrote about these Laws there must be people out there actually using these. Then I continued on with great interest. I wanted to know about these devious Laws so that I can spot people who use them. I recommend this book but only with that viewpoint. To know and use for defense. Those who belong in the decent group will refuse to use these Laws for exploitation. Hell the knowledge sounds yucky enough to be a challenge to listen to even if you know you are just listening for defense and education. There are many who use such Laws to exploit so the ugly reality is that one needs such knowledge.

    The point is that if you are not using such Laws to exploit then you would have not had a chance against DM even if you were at the right place at the right time for that post. You are way too decent and he has done away with all the decent people originally appointed by LRH.

    If you go into the ring against brass knuckles and intend to fight clean you need to be a god in Aikido and still bring a bag of luck.

  197. Come Unto Me by Take Six

  198. I almost forgot. Don’t beat yourself up for not being there instead of him. You are a clean player. No one should have to change their decent ways even temporarily to win against the members of group 2. Instead we have to know them and spot them more and more in their action and prevent them from getting to power. During his rise DM had to have gone past undetected by many who could have cut him off early on before he got to power. That is the key right there. Those people had the responsibility not to let him to power but even they didn’t know the depth of the devious nature of the true stuck 1.1. Everyday people need to know how to detect the DMs so accurately that they can see them coming from a mile away. If only 20% of the population had the ability to spot them and withhold trust and power from them, then how would they thrive?

  199. From Debbie Cook, (it’s almost the anniversary) email address of last New years Day:

    “The IAS: The [International Association of Scientologists] was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and
 David Miscavige.”

    Well I reckon so! Especially if Hubbard wrote, “no further sales of HASI LTD shares or lifetime memberships are permitted anywhere in the world, effective immediately.”

    I guess, they would have to do it with out Hubbard knowing! That means, the group that presented Tom Cruise with a Freedom award was set up on the sneak behind Hubbard’s back!

    HOW CREEPY! Tom scammed again! Awarded by a group David established on the sneak with out approval with direct policy from Hubbard stating what he was doing was NOT to be done!

    And here is Tom , beaming to the heavens for the special necklace.

    This is really front page news somewhere.

  200. Fromtheotherside

    Merry Christmas to Marty and all of you!
    In the spirit of this post – on the assumption that to love our enemies is to be able to appreciate that which is good in them despite all the bad – I have a question that I hope you can answer: what was it about Miscavige, positively speaking, that enabled him to take control of the COS and made people believe that he could/would lead the organization in the right direction. I ask this not because I wish to defend the man, indeed far from it. Rather, having seen his interview on Nightline and recordings of a few events, I have found him singularly unimpressive. Nonetheless, given my respect for those on this blog, I cannot help but think that I do not see something in him that at least once inspired hope and confidence. In short, I am curious: what redeeming characteristic or features does/did DM have? Is it possible in for him to redeem himself? Can you really wish him well and even love him?
    The last question is, of course, really the hard part, even if it be understood that wishing someone well does not entail wishing that they get their own way…

  201. Hey David, Where is Jimmy Lynch? I MISS him! I’m READY!

  202. Li'll bit of stuff

    Misha, excellent pointing up of the nitty gritty issue here,
    and for goodness sakes, isn’t that exactly what the bigger
    game is all about? Continued “survival” across 8 Dynamics?

    The alienation was caused, as you say, by the imbecilic 3D
    conditions application, at the expense of SANITY…may I add?

    Reading up and fully duplicating Scn AXIOM 38, (stupidity) pretty much covers the broad picture describing the lunatic
    who seized Scn from it’s (relatively) successful operating
    conditions, over 3O years ago. Then again, could anyone
    with their full quota of marbles, still expect anything else
    from a severely deluded “dick”tator, operating demonstrably
    as a fully fledged sociopath, replete with the accompanying
    hatreds and unbridled capacity for unmitigated evil?

    Your Who,Why,What,Where,When & How, is pretty much in
    that pint sized li’ll package, sitting right there in front of the
    cross-hairs,(figuratively speaking!) if you were to ask me!

  203. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, Ronnie, any update on how the local Indie
    Group, was/is doing? I’m really intrigued that you
    guys are a’happenin’.

  204. Oracle, did you perhaps mean “HAS” or “HASI” membership, as the “IAS” was not launched until 1984?

    So an HCO PL from 1962 would have to be referring to the earlier membership organization.

  205. My guess would be, as I know who this is, First rule of science?

    And that might be relative to Science in the Ancient Near East, Science in the Greek world, Science in India, Science in China, Science in the Middle Ages, Science in the Islamic world, Science in Medieval Europe, Natural sciences, Modern science, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Mathematics,Seismology, Biology, Earth sciences, Ecology, Geography, and Physics. Medicine, and Genetics, Ecology, Social sciences, Political science in Ancient India, Political science in the Western and Islamic Cultures, Modern political science, Linguistics, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, and Emerging disciplines that encompass interdisciplinary scientific fields such as Communication studies, animal communication, Information theory, Marketing, Public relations, Telecommunications and other forms of communication. Computer science, Theoretical linguistics, Discrete mathematics, and Electrical engineering. Subfields that would include Computability, Computational complexity, Database design, Computer networking, Artificial intelligence, and the design of computer hardware. Earth sciences such as ecology, and geography, and physics.
    Materials science with roots in Metallurgy, Mineralogy, and Crystallography. Not to suggest I covered it all, and probably you know all of it within some axiom. But then, there is such a thing as “natural magic” that is recognized in the sciences. Probably nothing new either.

  206. Hi. If your struggling with “it”, find out what “it” actually is. You mention interest and responsibuility and playing and or not playing the game. Being short on specifics, I would suggest that the struggle needs to be identified. Is it your conscience speaking? Are you responsible for some of this and not looking to own up to that responsibility? Does it involve one of your positions or “identities” which you at one time were identified with but would rather leave behind? I think it you can identify what exactly is behind the “struggle”, you can open up the door to the best solution. Feeling uncomfortable is often an opportunity for growth if you can spot the source. Like a read on a meter. Good luck

  207. “I wonder if he has banned reading because it takes time away from fundraising.”

    I can assure you you hit the nail on the head.

  208. I guess that is what DM hoped people would think. Per Debbie Cook:

    The IAS: The [International Association of Scientologists] was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and
 David Miscavige. This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the 
subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the
 membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is
 covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary,
 Membership Rundown” and states:
    “There are two memberships…” – LRH

    O.K., I have to dig up the memberships. It was an A=A scam though.

    HASI = IAS. How the hell could DM have conjured up I.A.S. if it didn’t seem “Official”? Or with roots in Hubbard’s mind? Association Scientology Internation vs International ssocociation of Scientology. It was alll abracadabra and “lifetime memberships” were forbidden. Have you seen one L.R.H. reference on the I.A.S.? It’s OFF SOURCE!

  209. Your humble servant

    From the other side:
    In my opinion, the one known as DM succeeded in getting where he is because a true psychopath is free of the restraints of conscience and self-doubt and regret. Thus, he was able to calculate, scheme, set up other people, pretend to befriend them, and destroy them completely without remorse or second thoughts. One the other hand, Scientologists as a whole tend be somewhat introverted, to question themselves and their own motives, to always weigh what they are thinking and doing against the standard of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. They don’t like attacking anything or anyone. They are also trained to believe that the Scientology organizations are built upon furthering the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, so, if anyone is able to position himself as the head of all Scientology organizations, then it is axiomatic that they must support him and not oppose him.
    All David Miscavige had to do was position himself as being close to LRH and Scientology management by using his anti-social skills in a limited way, just long enough to position himself to suddenly and ruthlessly attack, lie about, destroy, and depower and few key social personalities, and he was on the way. No one could oppose him because no one could really believe he was doing what he was doing, and the organization was not set up to detect, defang, and remove personalties such as himself. No one in the organization could perceive, believe, and effectively act upon what was really going on. If they did, DM was quick to destroy and remove them.
    Scientologists had a strong faith that Scientology organizations were self-correcting, which is somewhat true, but depends totally on the person at the top of all organizations–if there is any one such person–being himself a social personality. Thus, they could not conceive that things that were wrong with the organization would not eventually self-correct. The idea that the whole of the Scientology organizational movement was being orchestrated by a madman was just too horrible and too outside of their agreed upon reality to confront. So, DM was able to gain control and did. Within a few years, people could utter idiocies like “David Miscavige IS Scientology” with a straight face.

  210. First Rule,
    You said, DM should of been spotted a mile away….

    I learned about Dianetics from a TV commercial on Good Friday in 1997. Then went to the cos in Toronto on Easter Sunday for a demo. Long story short, the demo was given to be by a WISE person and went very well. But I soon ( a couple of weeks) learned that the cos was in a terrible mess. It was truly in a condition of the inmates running the asylum. I was very frightened. I recalled from Dianetics that LRH said that the client should always be aware of who should be on the couch, the client or the therapist? I knew it was they who should be on the couch and not me, so I in different words let them know that and the stuff hit the fan and I went through an extensive sec check process. One part of it was that I was shown a film of DM speaking and then was asked what I think of him? I had to be honest so I said I think there is something wrong with him. I was declared PTS shortly after.

    My point is that any person who takes an honest look at DM should be able to see that there is something wrong?

    He needs to be on the couch.

    Bless him,


  211. Fromtheotherside, does your nick have anything to do with “I don’t know who he is. But I know where he is. Predators 2 ?

    I’ve been thinking about this love thy enemy concept and I wonder who, why, where, and when exactly came up with the idea of pushing it so far. If we consider that we are all immortal beings per say than it would seem that a measly little one lifetime upset could be easily overlooked as soon as we take the whole track view. Even then caring or giving a damn might just be good enough wouldn’t it? At least it is better than wishing them ill or eternal entrapment. Just thinking out loud here. I am not a bible specialist. I tend to find the old testament interesting – in a non page turner way – but can’t for the life of me care much about what the high priests said in the new testament. They appear to be very different writings in nature. Anyone know when the love thy enemy concept first appears?

  212. “To help him is challenging.” Scientology hasn’t made a dent in that whatever it is. You think? Hubbard lost that challenge. It recoiled on him like all hell. All the Sea Org members on the planet failed. The Int execs failed. The volunteers failed. His wife failed. His family failed. Qual secs and auditors and ethics specialists at the Int Base failed. He is the Incredible Sulk. He doesn’t want to be helped. It is not on his purpose line.

  213. By the way, this was reprinted in 1982. It was NEVER cancelled or revised that I know of.

  214. I guess I have more on this as I am re-reading it oraclemysticism.
    Dave’s golden age of I don’t know what the fuck I am doing but you are too scared to say anything so it’s working. The golden age of bluff. 🙂

  215. This membership page promises things already promised by Hubbard with out a membership! Hubbard already guaranteed people could maintain their certs! Unless certs were “provisional”. What a hoot of abbracadabra! The benefits are overt products! Except of course right of passage to the I.A.S. parties. Show me some benefit I did not already have as a Scientologist , besides a card and a party pass, before you mocked up this IAS business David! DISCOUNTS? For real? “10% off” til you get to the base and get hit up by my begging unit!” Prices INCREASED 80% with IAS donations shoved on top of the cost of service! You think we all flunked out in math class? Ima bout to list the benefits of being an Independent Scientologist David, that surpass the IAS benefits in LARGESS.

  216. Marty can confirm this, but I believe the agreement with the IRS specifically states that IAS membership cannot be a requirement for receiving Scientology services. That would include training as well as auditing.

    Now, just try convincing the registrar of that before you pull out your credit card.

  217. Feelings are the hardest wall I have had to face. In this DAY AND AGE I still do not have the feeling I have to discount mine.

  218. Fromtheotherside

    YHS, I certainly agree that sociopathy can serve to explain a good deal. As is well known, the traits characteristic of a sociopath often allow such individuals to, at least in the short term, do very well in hierarchical institutions. Accordingly, the number of CEOs with sociopathic personalities is much higher than that of the general population. I also agree that DM certainly seems to fit the bill, although this label worries me a bit. Sociopathy names a personality disorder. As such, we tend to say that people like that are ‘missing’ something. This suggests, however, that such individuals are not evil so much as defective, which makes it easier I suppose to love someone else, albeit at the expense of placing oneself above the other. I would not hesitate to blame myself for having done certain things because I assume that I am free to do otherwise and thus am responsible for my actions. By contrast, if I say that someone else is ‘sick’ then I am suggesting that that person is basically incapable of behaving otherwise and indeed is not properly human in the sense I attribute to myself. At any rate, your explanation still leaves me questions as to what drew people to DM in the first place. I wondered, for example, if he is/was charismatic in person, since that is often not the sort of thing that comes off via video. I also wonder how to square your claim regarding scientologists being self-questioning, modest and introverted with Marty’s post today claiming that scientology tends to promote being judgmental of other. Is the answer is that there is an ‘us against them’ mentality that makes one uncritical of those on the ‘inside’ of the organization but dismissive of mere ‘wogs’ on the outside? Just a thought…

    Speaking of the ‘us against them’ attitude, I feel that this has sadly too easily taken hold in relationship between the critic and Indie communities. I enjoy frequenting this blog for I am genuinely interested in hearing and understanding other perspectives and insights, hope that genuine dialogue will be possible here, and hope that my questions, earnestly asked and without intention to offend or entrap, will be welcomed.

    In response to FIRST RULE, then, no I did not pick this title as a reference to anything except my desire to be upfront about who I am and where I am coming from. I am a never-been-in, hence ‘from the other side’ of the critic community, who has followed scientology related news with interest for a number of years now. My interest in part stems from an interest in the issue of the nature of good and evil and the question of how totalitarian organizations can take people who are basically good and get them to participate in and contribute to things that are evil. The COS is an excellent example of this strange phenomenon insofar as it has taken people who were motivated by a desire to better themselves and the world – surely noble goals – and… well we all can see what has happened.
    PS if you search the line “love your enemies” you will come across a bible dot cc list of references. This line was, like some of Jesus’ other sayings, an attempt to respond to the traditional saying, in this case that one ought to love their friends and hate their enemies.

  219. You really know how to hold and where to shine a light!

  220. My theory on DM is that he got into power through deceitful conduct. I have never been but spoken to many first hand who were in SC/SEA orgs. How he behaved back then and how he behaves now is as contrasted as the condition of someone with a dormant virus before and after the virus begins to manifest. He acted convincing and trustworthy on his way to power but one he had power he needed these acts less and less. Hence his frustration developed into physical abuse over time. And who knows what else. Once he had power it doesn’t mean a damn what others think. He had systematically gotten rid of any that could stand in his way. To me the situation of the planet is not even similar to sheep vs wolf. It is more like sheep vs marine with a sniper gun and unlimited ammo. Some of us are waking up slowly bu for the most part humanity as a whole is UTTERLY clueless about the nature of stuck 1.1 and the devastating consequences we suffer because of them. Their numbers are much higher than we think. DM is only one of many who are reaping through the fields of unsuspecting people. Seriously I think the right analogy is of an adult going through kindergarten and ripping kids off at ease.

  221. Your humble servant

    From the other side:

    Thanks for your thoughts and lengthy response. I don’t think people were so much drawn to DM at all. No doubt, he had the capability of exerting a certain charm here and there at times. Personally, I think he skillfully weasled his way into power through subtrefuge and treachery, and, at times, blasting people with more force than they could confront. He was glib in concocting reasons for his actions and was, no doubt, very convincing. My main point was that psychopaths are able to do this more easily because they have no introspection and remorse. For sure, DM never got into his position by popular acclaim and demand. However, I must say I was never in the S.O. and so don’t have that perspective from first-hand observation.

    I never said Scientologists tended to be modest. That’s something different. As to their possibly thinking themselves “superior” to others, if they do to my mind it is only the superiority a bricklayer feels over a new apprentice who cannot lay bricks. Scientologists believe they know something others may not know. I think in fact they are correct about that opinion. I haven’t personally ever heard Scientologists talking contemptuously about non-Scientologists and deriding them as “wogs,” as other contributors to this blog seem to have said or implied from time to time.

  222. Dear Marty, Thank you for the sitting in judgement reminder. When I find myself feeling this way I think of the words of a Bruce Cockburn song called Justice.I think you may like the sentiment. Bruce is my fellow Canadian and I noticed you posted a Neil Young tribute to Hubbard I believe was “Long May You Run”. Balled like a baby, cause I always think of my dearly departed mother who died 5 years ago and it still stings. I know I can be a bit of a basher on abuses of scientology, that’s what I like to see stopped. I like to see peoples hardened hearts opened up even Miscavige if that’s possible. It’s a difficult subject, and you and others here see what was good in Hubbard. I can’t fault you for that. Hell, I’ve been hard to love at many times in my life. So, without further adiue here is Cockburns ideas justice: Wishing good thoughts for you and yours in the New Year.

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