How the FBI Investigation Tanked

The purported import of the headline story in Monday’s Tampa Bay Times is that it tells how the FBI investigation into David Miscavige went belly up.   While the story pretty accurately chronicles parts of the FBI’s human trafficking investigation into David Miscavige and the church of Scientology, inexplicably the Times chose to ignore many facts on how the investigation went south.  That is despite the fact that Tony Ortega (then of the Village Voice) reported on many of those facts nearly a year ago, FBI Investigation of Scientology: Already Over Before We Even Heard of It.    The Times also highlights a bizarre, discredited explanation for FBI inaction revolving around Larry Wright’s February 2011 New Yorker story.

Ortega has detailed the inaccuracy/omissions in the Times story tonight on his blog, FBI/Scientology story at the Underground Bunker.  That is a must-read for anyone interested in the truth of the matter.

Nonetheless, you will probably find the Times story interesting as it details a bizarre cops and robbers tale only Scientology Inc. could generate in this day and age.

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  1. Yes this does answer many questions. I am now officially convinced the US Justice Court System, the FBI, the US Government are the C of S’s whores, for life. Sick. For those of you who hope a Civil lawsuit, a Class Action suit will bring down David Miscavige- it will not happen. Having said that, to those observers just stop feeding the beast.

  2. I know that this may look like off-topic.
    In the Tampa Bay Times Video JB mentioned Ilan Barram, as being the Secretary for David Miscavige. Does anyone know what happened with his father, Victor Barram? Is he still around?

  3. A world without criminality/
    But Criminal is re-defined as someone who whistleblows on Church abuse.
    The Church daily stalking, harrassing, cheating, beating, body slamming, pummelling, stealing, over-regging, terrorizing, fair gaming, posting hate websites, falsely reporting to Law enforcement, tampering with the Court, tampering with Law enforcement procedures, ~~ why these are not CRIMES !
    These are good deeds ~~ they are “the greatest good”. !

    This is a Church that Kills pet dogs, does unspeakable cruelty and torture in SP hole, does dirty “Operations” against foes and lauds itself on the subject of Human Rights ! $5 million here, $10 millon there, $15 million here and there for IAS with glorious words engraved on the plaques…
    Here’s what it says on a Patron Meritorius plaque:
    here are those whose strength and compassion for their fellow man ultimately change the course of history…..
    Change the course of history ?
    Can anyone name ONE COURSE of HISTORY that has been changed but these million dollar donations to the IAS ?
    The world has wars as ever, shootings as ever if not more, and the Coutry of Columbia has not reduced its crime by 50% because they read the “Wat to Happiness booklets” contrary to their false promo.
    Anyway, after reading Tampa Bay Times essays and Tony Ortega’s I will say that the ONLY “Course of History” changed is Miscavige corruption by dirty deeds, backroom persuasion and perverting the course of Justice.

  4. I hereby nominate Thomas Tobin and Joe Childs and the Tampa Bay Times for the Medal of Valor

  5. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, it’s good to know all this even though we didn’t get to know anything about it when the investigation was going on.

    Though I am an ex lawyer (gave up law to go to the Sea Org) I do have an inkling of Law and Justice and some of those issues.

    Human Trafficking is one thing and one line of attack.

    My line of attack is and has been that the FRAUD perpetuated by David Miscavige on ALL Scientologists is something no court could deny.

    And it is Fraud when you are made to work in the Sea Org to abide by Policy and Tech and Policy and Tech are NOT applied by Miscavige.

    This is Fraud to ALL Scientologists and it is NOT Scientology.

    I have been damaged definitely by returning to a Greece that is now under a well planned world crisis (all the money by the Bankers have been withdrawn 3 or 4 years now) and there is little money and activity in the market.

    I have been damaged by David Miscavige not applying Scientology while saying RTC are the protectors of IT, and on the other hand not applying LRH’s very HCOBs on Translations which is the legitimate Policy and Tech on the subject.

    If this is NOT Fraud then what is Fraud? Why am I and so many others called to work in the Sea Org for 50 dollars a week if we cannot implement Policy and Tech?

    I have all the evidence around 1999 that DM “researched” translations and he did not apply those very HCOBs. This was the most insane thing that could happen and it was my STABLE DATUM.

    Nothing else could be “proved” but this one Datum was and IS still there. DM did not apply the very Tech of LRH. On the contrary through the CO CLO EU he persecuted me as the Director of Translations and threw me to the decks for insisting on the application of LRH Policy on Translations.

    Fraud! Fraud, fraud.

    And the reason why? Is the same reason why the FBI Investigation was cancelled.

    Closing down the Church might be someones’ goal. Surely NOT the Government’s anymore, as the Government and all of the Global Enslavers have seen in Scientology a NEW WORLD ORDER RELIGION.

    Scientology is the new Pan-Religion, a Religion to include All Religions of Earth and DM is their front man.

    This is my take on this and it’s corroborated by what Venegas told Tiziano Lugli: Higher ups in Washington had cancelled the Investigation.

  6. Karen — it’s always so hard for me to read your comments; knowing that probably you more than anyone here has suffered the ultimate pain of losing a son in the most cruel and inhuman way – and then not being able to see him to say goodbye and bury him.

    The only solace I can feel is knowing that you are never going to stop shouting from the hill tops about the multitude of abuses.

    Love you Karen.

  7. Quick poll:

    1) What does the Free Exercise Clause mean?

    2) What does “ministerial exception” mean?


  8. I think this is Elan Barram, Hanny and Micky’s boy, so Victor’s Grandson. Hanny would/will be horrified when she finds out what Elan’s been up to.

  9. Very educational.

  10. Scientology could never be the ‘new world order religion’. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Islamists would never accept scientology as a equal religion. Theo Sismanides rant about economic conditions in Greece are an example of what happens when the population does not control its government and its spending. What about SMERSH?

    The Headleys may have been victims of bad lawyers more than anything else. Ministerial exclusion and free exercise of religion covers a lot of ground, ground that can be abusive, coercive and maybe down right nasty. But even coercive religions can be held responsible for their actions. The rattlesnake handlers can’t have children under 18 play with the snakes. Religions that eschew blood transfusions and medical care may find themselves in court if a child’s health is at stake.

    The decision about the Headleys suit was a disgrace to our legal system, but maybe they could refile the suit without trying to use human trafficking as a charge. While free exercise of religion is a necessary and very important legal concept, it shouldn’t be used to cover up Davy MIscaviges crimes.

  11. Yeah, they don’t deliver what they promise. Worse: they deliver the opposite!

  12. His name is spelled “Ailon”, for the record. Yes, Victor is his grandfather. Not sure what happened to Victor. He was at the Int base way back in the 90’s. Not sure what happened after that.

  13. Elan is Micky’s brother. Ailon is Hanny and Micky’s son.

  14. one of those who see

    Theo! I have to say Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Yes. I don’t see why DM couldn’t be prosecuted for Fraud. Scientology HAS NOT made inroads into the world with the result of an improved society. If they are regging for IAS donations and when regging say it is for a particular purpose and all they do is a little bit to get a photo op. That is fraud. If the stats at the events are false or misleading, it’s fraud. If a Sea Org member is promised a certain kind of life, with libs etc… and then doesn’t get libs for long periods of time, isn’t that Fraud. if staff & sea org members are told they can make it up the bridge, them make almost no bridge progress – fraud. I’m not a lawyer, but maybe there is a case?? Scientologists are told of unprecedented expansion – FRAUD. Staff and Sea Org members work for almost nothing because they think Scientology is expanding. The good news at event helps keep them there and it is fraud. Very good points Theo.

  15. Closing down the Church might be someones’ goal. Surely NOT the Government’s anymore, as the Government and all of the Global Enslavers have seen in Scientology a NEW WORLD ORDER RELIGION.

    Theo, you shouldn’t be afraid of this.
    Scientology is constructed in a way, that it won’t attract anyone once it is corrupted, altered or misapplied.
    Look at the actual scene of the Church of Scientology. Is it expanding? No. Why? The answer lies in the very Pol Ltr KSW#1

    If you think that it is possible for a world religion to involve people with beautiful buildings and some “Life Improvement Courses” (that’s the computation of COB) and Basics Courses (what else do they really deliver?) than… maybe… But I don’t think so.
    There is a computation going on by one David Miscavige. He is looking for the Big Boom. He would sell off, no question about it – maybe he already did, I don’t know. But seriously, it will never work out even if he did.

    Here is the quote from LRH:

    The bigger we get the more economics and time we will have to do our job. And the only things which can prevent us from getting that big fast are areas in from One to Ten. Keep those in mind and we’ll be able to grow. Fast. And as we grow our shackles will be less and less. Failing to keep One to Ten, will make us grow less. – LRH, KSW#1

    This is the one factor DM (the Biggest Squirrel in the History of Scientology) never thought about, I think. Or he just doesn’t care wether or not Scientology Organizations will grow. At least, recognize, his “Kingdom of the IAS” is shrinking, his followers are running away. There is no chance anyone would adapt his “castrated” version of Scientology in order to construct a “NWO religion”. It’s not attractive.

  16. Well, we still have hope about this group…
    When a reg or an ARCx Tour Auditor trying to recover says that all charge can be handled or it has changed now, arbitrarie were removed…the answer is simple : true enough all charge can be handled.
    But… just a question…would you be part of a group who would pay by the thousand or milions in exchange of a mutual agreement to silence former members seeking justice ? Would you audit such former members ? Would you audit those who did it ? Is it technically possible ?
    Usually the person ask what kind of a group I’m thinking, CIA ? FBI ? Government or military agency ?
    I say no, our group is doing that.
    Usually it ends right there.
    And probably some stable false data will start flying out in his universe, or he reject it, but … let’s wait for the next session.

  17. “Islamists”?
    Did you mean “Muslims”?
    There is a big difference.

  18. I always thought what a cool and creative guy John Brousseau is, all the creations and constructions he was and still is doing (I only saw the documentary about), but this mock-up beats it all:


    (JB, forgive me if my humor is misplaced, but you made my day)

  19. Theo Sismanides

    Zemoo, thanks for your answer. On Greece, first of all. When I arrived in L.A. in early 90’s a lot of publics had debts, something that was not known in Greece. Greeks didn’t have debts because there were no credit cards. As I came back in the year 2000 a lot of Greeks had debts. Credit cards and the International Bankers’ strategy was at full play. And then the Bankers retrieved all money about 3 or 4 years ago and companies went bankrupt.

    On another note the European Union is acting suppressively. They created the Euro and corrupt politicians accepted it at very harsh terms for Greece. Just as a note here the ratio between a Drachma (previous Greek coin) and Euro was 340,75 and the German Mark was 2 Marks to 1 Euro!!!!

    On top of that immediately after the switch to the Euro the bread, for example, costing let’s say 50 drachmas, started costing 0.,50 euro (170 drachmas)!!!

    And that happened to thousands of products and goods and the prices went soaring up. But the Bankers had it planned and there was still (a lot) of money in Greece at the time and loans were still being given out.

    But soon that ended and the prices remained.

    I am ashamed that we as Scientologists and of course the Church does not even address such matters. LRH would have something to say at least.

    This is my answer about Greece.

    About Scientology becoming the Pan Religion on planet Earth i will be writing another comment.

  20. I remember Marty you saying a couple years back before the FBI stopped that we should not rely on the government to step in on this one. I agree totally. So, to that end, while I am disappointed that the FBI pulled back, I am not heartbroken about it. The church is our responsibility to the degree we allowed it to happen. To the degree we supported Miscavige and forwarded suppressive policies ourselves, like disconnection or worse. Any action the FBI does will not do anything to forward Scientology as a subject. That is up to us. It is up to us to use Scientology and to integrate with the beautiful people of this planet – to help each other and allow ourselves tp be part of the experience and not be pigheaded.
    I have come to the conclusion that the people who are currently on staff and “in the hole” are now doing it of their own volition, for whatever reason. Yager, Heber, Wilhere, etc., all know what is right and wrong. It disappointed me when Heber showed up “in public” a few months ago and then went right back.
    Likewise the people who are on lines. They are being self-interested about this, in my opinion. “Well, I and getting wins, so all is good!” Ok, fine. But there is a better way.
    Finally, I don’t know what happened with any internal Indie struggles, but god damnit, get over it! Keep the eye on the prize. If you have EVER had a win using Scientology, you are my friend. I believe that we as a team will generally move forward and if any one of us strays technically, we will come back one way or another. I believe KSW is self-correcting. And I believe (generally) that any auditing is better than none. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the great.
    Sorry for the ramble – but it is all related. We are responsible for this, and we should help move us all toward the mountain.

  21. There is no doubt that DM spends lots of money in lobbying politicians in Washington. Money buys a lot of support, protection, and prevent justice. DM has lots of money off shore and tax free to spend and give to politicians without trace, which is very valuable to them.
    They will protect him as long as they don’t get into a dangerous situation themselves, so what you, the whistle blowers, and the brave journalists, are doing is making it more and more dangerous for the politicians and they will withdraw their support and let DM cook!
    This will happen very soon, and my reason is that the tipping point has long passed, and the pressure is escalating rapidly. DM demise will happen suddenly, earlier than expected, just like it happened with the USSR. Gaddafi, the Berlin Wall, etc.
    Hallelujah !

  22. It’s no big surprise when you look at it. Implant stations and implanting have been quite legal in this sector of the galaxy for quite some time.

    Really helping a thetan go free is the out-of-ARC thing to be doing.

    The lives destroyed by miscavge and his reverse-scientology is about at par with Jolly West. Same basic intention between the two of them.

    The same laws which protect miscavige’s implanting will also protect us in our effort to help and free beings…as long as we focus on results and don’t only focus on attacking the idiot or attacking each other for petty disagreements.

  23. Totally agree, copyright violations.

  24. martyrathbun09

    The same laws which protect miscavige’s implanting will also protect us in our effort to help and free beings…as long as we focus on results and don’t only focus on attacking the idiot or attacking each other for petty disagreements.
    Amen that.

  25. +1 Grasshopper. Well said!

  26. Theo Sismanides

    SKM, I wish, I really wish you are right! However, I am afraid, this IS The Plan. A religion which can appeal to those who can still somehow think. To those who in the 20th and 21st century do not accept dogmas. And this religion is still Scientology though there is the DM Dogma now. Still, HE manages to make everybody believe all He does he does it based on the Tech of LRH and for “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

    How many people, good people have been sacrificed for that? A lot. And more are gonna be.

    The way I see it is that the Global Enslavers are now endorsing the DM version of Scientology because it’s now THEIR version: Pay Your Taxes, Be a Loyal Citizen, Be a Good Boy and Girl, Listen and Don’t Look…. Inverted Scientology… completely inverted.

    I have every right to leave a game I don’t want to play. This is why I am an Indie. But I am still a Scientologist and an ex Sea Org member. I say Ex though my oath had to do with putting in Ethics on this Planet and the Universe. I bet you can do that without a uniform, too.

    My own satisfaction comes when I talk to people about A Thetan and they do get it. They feel more like Thetans than Bodies. Now, if there were and there will be enough auditors to back up this idea and set people free there will be a better future. THis is what LRH wanted to do and… fast. And he did it… He did leave some big organisation behind him, many organisations. The fact that DM took them over doesn’t mean a thing. There are so many people who do not understand DM but do understand LRH. And this is the legacy LRH left us. That one legacy which has still more power over tyrants. Intelligence vs Force. That is what we are ALL preserving one way or another.

    And there will be a day when it will dawn on us that we should and we can do more about it. That will be the day that the Indies/Freezone will set out policy of how to keep it going faster. That’s all Admin is about. How to keep it going faster and better. DM is not an example for Admin or Ethics. He has applied all those things on an inverted basis.

  27. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, awesome… yes, you are right. That beats it all!!!

  28. Theo Sismanides

    That’s right man… we are in the heat now…. you are in the heat and have been in the heat for long time now. Others too. But we have created a place where we can talk our minds and hearts and this sooooo cool. We should see who is undermining this group, if anybody, and keep the ethics of it high. I do believe there are a lot of seasoned Ethics experts here who can see such things, spot them and handle them.

    Otherwise we are all on some form of Delivering Results. I do salute you all doing this and is so comforting to know we are still together no matter what, HAHAHAHA!!!

    We are Unmockable!

  29. “The Church daily stalking, harrassing, cheating, beating, body slamming, pummelling, stealing, over-regging, terrorizing, fair gaming, posting hate websites, falsely reporting to Law enforcement, tampering with the Court, tampering with Law enforcement procedures, ~~ why these are not CRIMES !
    “These are good deeds ~~ they are “the greatest good”. !”

    Indeed. It’s worse than the Greatest Good. It seems that, according to the United States Government, these abuses are bona fide religious practice protected by the 1st Amendment. The Mafia ought to take note. If they could get religious recognition they could do their Mafia thing freely with no threat of government interference with their “religous practices.” Sorry about the bitter rant.

  30. Theo Sismanides

    Zemooo, On Scientology (DM’s version unfortunately) becoming the NWO Religion:

    I was a Christian. I met many Jews in Israel who had their organisation and were Scientologists. I met many other Christians who gave up on Christianity and endorsed Scientology. I haven’t met Buddhists or Muslims but I am sure there are some, at least.

    It’s not the official Churches who are going to accept Scientology but the parishioners, one by one. Because Scientology is a higher order of intelligence as to knowledge and facts about life. The other religions are Old.

    So people would want to join more and more.

    And corrupt governments and politicians as we have seen already are going to take that chance and take advantage of this as religions have always been a tool to manipulate the masses.

    That’s all I am saying. I hope I am coming clearer now.

  31. A simple, to the point, major post. Thanks Les

  32. Theo Sismanides

    One of Those Who See… hahaha… thank you!

    Fully agreeing on what you are saying… and thanks for seeing what I am saying.

    My life in the Sea Org had been how to PROVE the FRAUD. And the translations issue (because it had to do with HCOBs which were not directly applied by DM, even after he pretended to do a full research on “LRH TECH on Translations”) became my stable datum.

    I have seen forced abortions.
    I have seen IAS crazy regging.
    I have seen the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH, Fraud.
    I have seen the NEW ERA OF MGMT, Fraud.
    I have seen soooo many things.

    But I had to stick to ONE STABLE DATUM, obvious to everybody and that was the HCOBs on Translations. HCOBs can only be cancelled by… HCOBs. And they weren’t cancelled. Those on translations. Still they were not applied. That was weird to me. A big Outpoint.

    I was the TU DIR (Translations Unit in Charge), a research was going on up lines, there were HCOBs by LRH which were crystal clear on how you do the translations and… I, as the TU DIR, couldn’t apply those HCOBs. I was even expelled from post by Walter Kotric, the CO CLO EU.

    What a Joke!

    What a Fraud!

    I signed my contract to abide by Policy and Tech.
    I gave my confidence for this one thing. Policy and Tech were above anything and anyone.

    And then I am told I cannot apply them.

    Isn’t that Fraud?

    I quit my life in Greece, my career as a lawyer, became a Sea Org member and now I am in the soup… Why? Because DM says so? FRAUD.

    I spent 10 years in the Sea Org (4 of them trying to figure out what is going on) and then now another 12 years still trying to figure out what is going on… hahaha, though now I do know for good as so many people see what I saw 12 years ago.

    I was damaged financially because I remained loyal to LRH. I adhered to Policy and Tech. I had signed a contract for that. Everybody had done so.

    And then I am told it’s not like that. FRAUD! Well, IT IS LIKE that. LRH, for who I joined, had it put on IRON PLATES that Policy and Tech are above ALL! Now DM says NO! FRAUD! That’s not what I signed up for. That’s not what the people go there for. Public or Staff or Sea Org.

    thank you for getting my point.

  33. Over the last while I have wondered what would be the best scenario for David Miscavige’s demise.

    Any direct interference, or “take down”, by legal entities, police entities, or even “whistle blowers”, thought popular scenarios, all have some very negative aspects.

    For instance, they potentially would:

    1. Open the door to those of ill will to continue the thrust and attempt to eliminate Scientology and its technologies from being able to be used all together. (I note here that I do not believe that such a “banning of Scientology” will actually ever eliminate the use of Scientology, but it would seriously hinder the efforts of those who wish to openly use the subject to help others.)

    2. Even more solidly fixate the attention of many still supporting the corporate church. If such intervention from outside should occur, many would conceive the “take down” as a demonstration of the “dangerous environment” impinging on the church, and become even more “hard core” Scientologists. It could prove very difficult to extricate them from such a fixation.

    But what are some other options?

    Perhaps if someone were to challenge David Miscavige at a large public event. Challenge him to the point where he goes ballistic and starts ranting and foaming at the mouth. (I would guess that he is probably not that far away from this at this point anyway.) Then those attending would see what they are dealing with and his reign of terror would be over.

    In any case… perhaps the best scenario that I can see is that we simply just “out create” him. We just go about our business of delivering real Scientology to help heal the world, at what ever gradient we choose. We operate individually, and as groups. We become examples of what real Scientology is all about.

    I believe that the future of Scientology will depend on how well we do this, whatever becomes of “the Church”. We cannot expect to be effective if we choose to be victims.

    Eric S

  34. Truths and lies, first and second postulate? What it is made of and what holds it together?

    Regarding the topic of this tread, is there really any surprise that the FEDs where backing off, with the “burden of proof”?


  35. Roger from Switzerland Thought


    you know that ? <very interesting )

  36. Thanks Sara for clarifying. I know Hanny well and I am sure she has no idea what has become of her son – she would be mortified. She’s a gentle being and a first rate auditor – she was the ever-reliable lead auditor in my HGC and her PCs loved her. That her son is now an accessory to torture, false imprisonment, human trafficking et al… I dunno. I can only shake my head in sorrow.

  37. Theo, I must say I like your Fraud point, because it is rife in the cult. Demonstrably. There is no shortage of witnesses and physical evidence on the subject of Fraud. The rotting stench of misrepresentation and broken promises fouls the air around the Cof$ management buildings and idle orgs.

  38. Nice comment Theo.
    I guess the cult may be delivering what is needed and wanted by the US government. All that sec checking and mind control could be a real benefit to the military. Maybe the military will institute RCS into their boot camps.

  39. Maybe a career in Hollywood?

  40. Nice sentiments Grasshopper.

  41. Marty, I am grateful to the link to Tony O’s article. The Tampa Bay Times article, while otherwise very competent and even heroic, did leave me with a certain impression about how the failed Headley case affected the FBI investigation. I am very glad to have the matter clarified.

  42. I meant “grateful for the link.”

  43. Thankfully there are other countries in the world that are more enlightened about/less willing to ignore the crimes of $cientology – just more evidence that one can buy ANYTHING when it comes to the U.S. government. Karen, you remain an inspiration.

  44. “That which you fight you become.” It’s just a different way of stating the “duplication at effect of what emanated from cause”, from the cause viewpoint….you wind up sliding down your own comm-lines into this synthetic “weak valance”. The CoS has been neutralized as a force for social change. It isn’t the first or last organization to go this route. A good example is the Washington Post – back in the day they were kicking Presidential A**. Now they are nothing more than an assimilated mouthpiece for the “Co-ordinated Information Apparatus”.

    So Yes, Les. I concur 100%.

  45. Right, imagine a “Saint Miscavige the Martyr” scenario! Ugh.

  46. The ACLU has offices in L.A. and they are top tier in protecting the rights of others. Next time around I would hope they get involved if that is not happening already.
    Committee Against Torture,( OPCAT), Geneva

  47. fcdcclassof74

    The Mafia would fail in comparison to the CO$. They could take lessons but would probably buckle under the regging from the IAS. ARC Bill Dupree

  48. Yes, I agree. It appears, through church promo and events, is that the church is expanding, but when you go to the orgs over the past ten years you see there is less and less activity. The actuality is that people ARE LEAVING, not joining. The “church” is not attractive. The Kool Aid drinkers, those whose minds are already controlled, are being regged and sucked dry as much as can be, but that is the bulk of the “progress” in the church.

  49. Poll or question? The Free exercise clause is part of the 1st amendment to the US constitution forbidding congress to enact laws impinging on the free exercise of religion. “Ministerial exception” is, in my understanding, an exception to labor laws when the “employee” is working for a church.

    I do not root for the US government rescinding its recognition of Scientology as a religion. Just because the church has abused the privilege does not mean the subject is no longer religious in nature. If it becomes illegal to be a Scientologist, as it effectively has in countries like Russia, I certainly will not welcome jack-booted, armed, G-Men coming to my house to take my books and e-meters. This precise thing happened on US soil in 1963 – the FDA raid – where G-men came in and confiscated emeters and books on the pretext that we somehow said we were practicing medicine. And people were banned from traveling to the UK to get training in Scientology in the late ’60s. My father had to lie when he went to St. Hill in 1969.
    It is easy for us Americans to forget how good we have it. We can sacrifice chickens if we want to in the name of religion, or dress like cave men, or dance with snakes. Jerks like the Westboro people can freely be jerks in public – and even though they are extremely distasteful, I would rather live in a world where they do what they do than to live in the alternative – where, say, Anonymous could be banned from picketing at AO or Wiccans could be banned from town council meetings.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  50. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Tony! Thank you. I think you get the point. Scientology is very valuable to just ignore it or let it free. Better control it all the way. They are studying it from another perspective. Hahaha!

  51. Thanks, T. Humility is not my strong suit, but I try 😉

  52. Agreed – I second Marty’s “amen”

  53. Theo Sismanides

    Roger, very interesting article. I read Ron’s letter to Dean Wilbur. Impressive. It’s worthwhile reading it to see how Ron thought since then, in an open minded way calling himself a revolutionary and denying the zero zero world of an education which for him was barren and solid. Amazing letter! thanks

  54. “SKM, I wish, I really wish you are right! However, I am afraid, this IS The Plan. A religion which can appeal to those who can still somehow think. To those who in the 20th and 21st century do not accept dogmas. And this religion is still Scientology though there is the DM Dogma now. Still, HE manages to make everybody believe all He does he does it based on the Tech of LRH and for “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.
    And because DMs “Dogma” is full of s**t those who can still somehow think, stay away from the churches.
    That’s why I say, it won’t work. The Church isn’t giving the results LRH promised. DM is not only out-exchange with the public, but also in Treason to LRH.
    How long do you think he can get away with it?
    He knows it’s over soon.

    Theo, I am interested in the Translations Unit HCOBs.
    Do you have copies of them? Can I find those original HCOBs somewhere?

  55. It is worth considering that tax evasion charges eventually took down Al Capone. Does anyone think DM paid income taxes on the money he spent having the PIs follow Pat Broeker?

  56. Aargh – just as-ised a long reply – have been away from my desk – please pardon a little “off topic” comment here and there.

    Firstly, Roger thank you for the link – it was brilliant – my ARC for LRH just went up a notch and I think we can all learn from it – in terms of ability to agree to disagree and even respect it. i highly recommend a read of the link! Thanks Roger!
    Secondly, a belated “happy birthday” to Marty for the 9th of January. I trust it was a good one!

  57. Valkov


    Eric S

  58. Oooooh yes, there it is ! Benedictus and Amen to what you said LDW !

  59. Lest we forget, dramatizing psychotics like Miscavige love sympathy and million dollar comfort. Makes me want to puke.

    Click on my name for a well done interpretation of the end-game.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Great find Roger. Thanks for sharing it.

  61. Grasshopper,

    I was curious to see who replied, how. Thank you for your reply. In my experience most do not understand either term, yet both have played key roles in court cases, and apparently some FBI, lawyers, and judges are confused. I wanted to get some discussion of what these terms mean, legally, and kill some of the false notions and wild conjectures I have heard. This is not complicated stuff, and laymen should in no way feel they are barred from an understanding of what courts say about the Constitution. .

    The Warren court adopted a lenient interpretation, requiring a state to show a compelling social interest in enforcing laws on a church. This was changed to a more coherent application in the 1990’s, and that latter application is what stands today. The power of the Free Exercise Clause rests with the individual, not the church. That is, an individual has the right to the free exercise of his religious beliefs, but a church has no – zero – authority whatsoever to exercise those beliefs, or practices, upon an unwilling or incredulous individual. It is only with a twisted mind that I can consider any other possible interpretation of the free exercise clause.

    The above definition is very short, very simple, and very clear. Any other interpretation is in error, and it had no – zero – relevance in the Headley case. They already worked for the Co$, and had no basis for discrimination. Their case collapsed when they said they enjoyed working for the Sea Org and were engaged in the free exercise of their religious beliefs, and still believed in the scriptures of the Co$.

    The above is a great reporting job on the Headley case.


  62. I second your motion~:)

  63. Pingback: Whence the lost FBI investigation into Scientology Inc and David Miscavige?

  64. Something tells me that LRH would get a good laugh from that one.

  65. Setting aside human trafficking, when I listened to RPF descriptions what came to my mind was unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, fire codes (maximum room occupancy and barricaded doors and windows blocking egress), and violation of codes that authorize lawful sleeping quarters.

    Int must have been hell. How degrading. The worst I had to go through was being left homeless due to lack of org pay and “crashing” on the floor of people’s houses and even sneaking into a building to sleep at night on a table with a jacket as a pillow. To actually have people stand in a trash can — wow. What better way to convey to people that you think they are garbage?

  66. Theo Sismanides

    SKM, thanks. Life is gradients and gradients there are even within Scientology. Those inside CAN think but up to a point. They are not really capable though of making their own conclusions and adhering to them. Hence their Integrity is low. But you cannot say they can’t think. They think nice thoughts and they cannot think of Whys and Situations. They see Outpoints but get confused and believe others not themselves.

    But they are coming up. Most of us were like that, weren’t we?

    The HCOBs are those on the Translations Series.

    Mainly there are two important ones:

    1) Dianetics and Scientology in other languages
    and then
    2) Course Translation to Tape.

    Give me your email and I will email them to you if you want.

  67. Hello Theo,
    yes you’re right – of course people in the church still can think – unfortunatley, they are fed with false propaganda and their “morale” (personal- and group-morale) goes down-down-down.
    Miscavige is the master of false propaganda and the use of lies in PR.

    Here an interesting quote from LRH (1970)

    “Morale is subject to propaganda attacks entering false data into a group.
    Sound morale is best built by reality. The restricting of unsavory news can injure morale by throwing out the R-factor.
    Similarly, false validation can injure group morale as the R-factor is corrupted.
    The „expertise“ of military groups in „handling morale“ is to a marked degree worthless wherever it violates R-factors.”
    – LRH, HCOPL 16 APRIL 1970
    (The whole reference to be found in OEC 6, chapter for Chaplains)

    In this reference is THE answer for Miscaviges failure. He can’t keep his crowd together anymore.

  68. Theo,
    “The HCOBs are those on the Translations Series.
    Mainly there are two important ones:
    1) Dianetics and Scientology in other languages
    2) Course Translation to Tape. “

    I’d love to get all as much stuff as possible about translations.
    My email is:

    Thank you very much in advance!

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