Idle Morgue Meltdown

Corporate Scientology has spent large sums of money plastering the internet with false propaganda about its ‘unprecedented expansion’ under the guidance of David Miscavige.  It is the pat response to every new  revelation reported here on the unlawful and inhumane abuses of Miscavige.   Finally, the news world is catching on that the big lie of Scientology Inc is just that – no matter how much money Miscavige wishes to throw at perpetuating it.

Idle Morgues story by Alex Klein.  Thanks to Mark Elliot, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Bert Schippers, Lynn Hoverson, Luis Garcia, Rocio Garcia, Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips,  Dani and Tami Lemberger, and last but not least, Mike Rinder and Christie King for holding to the truth against this multi-million dollar propaganda machine.

The Atlantic flap.   Apparently, Miscavige didn’t get the memo, money can’t buy you love.

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  1. Terrific article. I’ve shared it on facebook and am getting “likes” from non-scientology friends.

    The word is getting out more and more.

    Thank you to those who contributed to this article. It makes it real when it’s
    “regular” folk who were bilked for thousands.

    The other thing I like about the article is that it kept the focus on the money taken from its members. The human rights abuses are so unbelievable that most people dismiss them as just not possible “in America” …

    It’s a war of attrition though — bit by bit the general public is getting the message and once a tipping point is reached the alphabet soup agencies will take action. Conspiracies notwithstanding – the powers that be only allow groups/individuals/banks/ free reign up to a point. Then they swoop in making it appear they have heard enough.

    Fact is — it’s just about enough.

    dm really is toast. Or as Mike said … it’s raining and he has no umbrella

  2. Who is this “David Miscavige”?

  3. The is Effing incredible. You can not possibly get the shit back in to the horse. The facade is fading. Here is what I can’t figure out – Co$ members are told NOT TO Look at the internet – I’m being dead serious here – who in the hell can live without the net? The internet kicks so much ass. I can not believe how awesome the internet is. To think dM could tell people “don’t look or you will die” it is silly at best. You wonder how people put up with this shit.

    There is no doubt that dm and corporate scientology is in the throws of its own death rattle.

    Ir will be fun to watch it burn.

    Great job to contributors – mentioned above, hitting Scientology leader dM from every sinlge way.

    Cheers BED MAN OKC

  4. We have no way of knowing what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Maybe it’ll be the “real estate scam” mentioned in Alex Klein’s article.

    When someone gives enormous amounts of money to built an idle org, is their name on the deed? Why not? When that building sells will that donor share in the profits? Why not?

    Massive real estate scam all in the name of religion. God, what a con. It’s hard to believe people are still falling for it.

  5. This quote – by Antoine de Saint-Exupery illustrates so perfectly THE sin that dm foists on others:

    “I have no right, by anything I do or say, to demean a human being in his own eyes. What matters is not what I think of him; it is what he thinks of himself. To undermine a man’s self respect is a sin”

    And if you haven’t ever read “The Little Prince” – don’t wait another day.
    This next gem which is from The Little Prince is something I believe Marty continuously strives to point out:

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essentail is invisible to the eye.”

    The Little Prince will take you farther than any of G. Edward Griffin’s boo and give you a more peaceful day.


  6. Warning: this is “a book” – a lengthy post. Having just paid in my taxes, basking in the clarity of dull buzz of overwork afterglow, regrouping early after a long and accounting-filled yesterday, feeling good about being a decent citizen, I feel like contributing a further grain of sand to the rest of the world, with something in the mainstream that has been on everyone’s mind forever (probably), and that is a description of my conception of an “Ideal Org”. I’m sure LRH described it better, and I’m sure many of you can describe it better. It may even be in Marty’s second book. But I’m a pretty normal person, and here are my expectations of an Ideal Org.

    – Genuinely friendly folks who smile naturally when I walk in, and say, “Welcome! How are you?”
    – A simple poster or a few books to indicate this is Scientology.
    – A conversation to get some sort of information exchange, a little mutual orientation.
    – A clean comm cycle that leaves me pleasantly surprised, even if I’m not sure why.
    – A card, a phone, maybe a book sale, maybe a look at a course room in a clean and tidy space.
    – An explanation that gives me some data and information about auditing and courses, and a reality.
    – A price list of services that’s affordable, one I could see in my future.
    – People there treating each other with smiles and respect and clean comm.
    – A continued perfectly clean comm cycle that handles my originations, questions, meanderings, ponderings, and leaves me increasingly impressed with the depth of understanding. Not anything fake, not anything more pressuring than a salesman showing me the suits I ask to see.
    – When I ante up for some service, interested tech terminals with clean, friendly, correct comm cycles, who make me feel like I’ve already lightened up, and have found some people who really have something.
    – When I schedule for session, I expect a good scheduling. And I expect an on-time session.
    – In session, I expect an interested auditor, with a perfect comm cycle, excellent reality on auditing, tailoring everything to my personal ease.
    – I expect standard processing, on the right gradient, in a comfortable and private room.
    – I expect to gain, to feel understood, to discover and resolve some things that have indeed been sitting on me for a while.
    – I expect, at session end, to feel like I’ve found something important, some people of a higher knowledge, friendly, capable, and very competent. I expect to be impressed (with myself, too).
    – I expect a smile, and a good, “We’ll see you next on [my next session, per schedule].
    – I expect continued gains in session, dawning understanding that I’ve stumbled onto something completely new and beneficial.
    – I expect people there to understand that I have 1,000 questions now, and sit me down to give me some more orientation, maybe pointing to a course that will anwer a lot of my questions. I expect that for free.
    – All through this is the comm cycle, the clean, genuine being there, the interest.
    – I expect friends to ask me what I’ve been up to, how come I seem different in a good way, did I get a raise, am I scheduling a vacation, or what?
    – I expect to pursue my life as before, but with a new addition. I do not expect pressure and promo. I expect someone at the Ideal Org to be there to steer me in the right direction, I expect them to know what they’re doing, I expect to be accepted on a friendly basis. I expect to come to admire these people in my Ideal Org.
    – I expect some conversation with staff, about the world, the town, the movies, the politics, their dogs, my dogs, their life, my life. I expect to be able to exchange some info with them, some viewpoints, and get to know them personally / professionally. In short, I expect to feel I can include them as friends of mine.
    – I actually expect to discover these guys live very well, even better than I do, and manage their lives better. True professionals.
    – I expect smooth consistent gains, smooth courses I get and understand, and I expect the attitudes and goodwill of the people there to rub off on me, so when I begin to see more of the troubles my non-Scn friends bear, I take their originations and questions, and using what I’ve learned, make them feel increasingly welcome and well thought of. – I really expect friends to start coming up with deep questions and very personal originations that almost force me to suggest a book. In brief, I expect friends to start “going into session” with me, telling me things they wouldn’t tell their own mother, and telling me to stop holding out on them, and tell them what’s up and where they can get some.
    – I expect to be able to learn to audit, and really audit, not just rote. I expect to learn a lot by example, until I get my own feet.
    – I expect a standard Bridge. I expect materials to be made available as I need them.
    – I expect to see staff on course, getting auditing, and I expect OTs – real OTs with visibly, tangibly deeper understandings of life. I expect to see this in terms of their abilities to manage communications with me and with others.
    – I expect the reality and the truth of Scientology to be there. I expect some “Wow!” factor.
    – The foundation of all is a clean comm cycle, with understanding, real understanding.

    Now, is all that too much to ask of Scientology and Scientologists? I don’t think so. I think that IS Scientology. And there is my conception of an Ideal Org – it is not the MEST, it IS the people. Real, genuine, well-adjusted, tangible, people with real insight. I want an org where I can represent Scientology, and where I can blow someone out of their head into an Eternity and Infinity the individual recognizes as his own, knows as his own, and now knows that he knows are his, with a floating TA to show them, one of those impossible-to-get-on-the-dial floaters, and make some comment like, “I’d like to indicate your needle is floating … I think I saw three swings there”, and have them laugh and look at me with real wonder, no matter what Class auditor he or she is, as if they’d never run into anything like this ever before. I’d like to be able to say, “This IS Scientology. Welcome.”


  7. Opps – typo — should be books — but actually boo works too 🙂

  8. Jean-François Genest

    The sphere of influence of the TRUTH about the myriad of lies is expanding.

  9. Yes. Miscavaige would like to think he will go down in history like, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Ben Franklin. In fact he will get his full credit for institutionalizing and destroying a workable religious philosophy. He has effectively turned truth into dogma and the worship of MEST much as the Catholic Church did. The parallels are almost exact.

  10. Marty,

    I am some-one who has never been involved with scientology nor, indeed, am I some-one who has ever felt it necessary to pay some-one else large sums of money to improve my view of life or how to live it. It bemuses me that others have this need. Be that as it may, I have read a lot on the internet concerning Miscavidge’s misdemeanours and have a specific question: who is in charge of Scientology’s finances?

    Any large (and, indeed, small) commercial organisation requires good accountancy so that it always knows its current financial situation. Who does this work for Scientology? I assume it is all in-house but, whether internal or external, it all eventually reaches a small clique at board level who will have an overall view of Scientology’s annual income, expenditure and capital wealth.

    Given that a number of you on the escape committee were extremely high in the organisation before taking to the tunnel under the fence I am not aware of anyone who has left who has intimate knowledge of the cult’s finances. Is this because Miscavidge has organised things in such a way that only he gets to see the overall picture? Has no-one abandoned scientology recently who was involved in the top-end financial management of the cult and could supply the relevant information?

    Given that the cult’s stock response concerning those long-term members who have escaped its clutches is to denigrate their characters (a policy which has grown far too thin to retain any integrity or believability and, ironically, is clearly self-condemnatory of the effectiveness of scientology’s teachings) any revelation into dodgy dealings by the cult by an escaped member involved in the financial side of scientology could only be effectively attacked by the cult releasing financial information rebutting such revelatory claims. Unfortunately, we can bet our boots that this will never happen under DM’s dictatorship – which of course, is why I could never be a member of the CoS, the Church of the Latter Day Saints or, indeed, of any other organisation which refuses to reveal its finances.

    So what are the chances of us ever discovering anything about the CoS’s true financial position? What are the names of those who need to get out under the wire to reveal all?

  11. Great intentions and massive merit by so many scientologists and then
    truncated by Mr. Miscavige. Time for a change in leadership.

    George M. White

  12. This is a well written, intelligent article.
    Thank you for all who contributed.

  13. The only thing, possible, I can think might happen to make these Ideal Orgs justifiable, is for Scientology religious services to be made available to the public: FOR FREE.

    What other justification can there be?

  14. A fairly significant amount of work has been done to shield the Churchs’ finances from prying eyes – everything from extremely advanced computer networks for finance-line documentation only, requiring sealed access to a vaulted computer room, to a secret team of elites trained to smuggle cash from anywhere to anywhere else, at an instant.

    There is someone who can blow the whistle on this, and her name is Bernadette Klink. She’s out there, somewhere, with a lot of details on how the finance operation is set up. Its possible she may have died by now, she was an aged old lady last time I saw her (late 90’s) but she was key to the whole operation during the 80’s and 90’s.

  15. With the heat raising on DM, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he soon announces he is stepping down and will retire somewhere outside the US.
    What he won’t announce is that he will have his suitcases stuffed with cash and his hands still on the controls.

  16. Wow! Alex Klein’s article is excellent. Thanks y’all.

  17. Congrats to all who contributed and helped get the word out. Alex Klein did a fantastic job in clearly outlining the scam for the general public to understand. Coming the day after the Advertorial in which Co$ hyped the Ideal Orgs as representive of the organization is priceless! Now the world knows….

    Tonight: Nancy Many story on ID
    Tomorrow: Haggis & Wright on Rock Center
    “Going Clear” released

    So much sh*t but so many fans appearing for it to hit!

  18. Hahahahaha — good one Gern. 🙂

    And people say Germans have no sense of humor…. One of the funniest comments of the day!

  19. It was pretty close to that once. At least where I was, until it was destroyed. The price increase engram seemed to be the beginning of the destruction.

  20. Carcha, I could not have expressed it better.

  21. I mean, what could possibly be planned, on the horizon, to drive the public into the orgs .. if not free, or at least drastically modified policies regarding the prices of, services ..

    You know, right, Mr. Rinder, that a lot of staff are given this postulate on the horizon that DM and his crew have some Big Secret that will drive millions of public into the orgs, and that is why the Orgs have to be huge and fancy .. that there will be, at some point in the future, some Big Carrot for the donkeys.

    I can’t think of *anything*, besides saying “The Church of Scientology hereby removes all financial barriers to studying Scientology, we will deliver the Grade Chart for free to anyone who wants it”.

    What sort of world would we be in, if that actually did happen?

  22. When I read the article via the link off this article, I was left feeling, for the first time, that little Davie Mishap’s time has finally come i.e. the tipping point may have finally been reached. You know that if LRH was here that DM would be squashed like the bug he is. I laugh to myself when I think of what a blockhead I was, sitting in the Chaplain’s office in the old Seattle Org, when the minister (Tony DePhillips) leaned forward and asked me if I knew about this article in the St Pete Times called the Truth RD. Thanks to Tony, the light finally came on. What was odd was that for weeks, I’d spent a day each week in the old org, shoulder to shoulder with Tony’s wife (Mary-Joe) who was then the I/C over getting the CF computerized — she had not said a word — neither of them had yet decided to make the break. The question now becomes — what will happen to COS once DM is gone? Will the data discovered and developed by LRH be salvaged for the long run?

  23. Isn’t it amazing that no matter how much force you use or how much money one spends to enforce the lie….. you can’t stop truth from being reveled?
    DM’s ego has run a muck and as ego’s always do….they murder you.
    It will be a wonderful day on this planet when insane people like him are relegated to the scrap heap. It’s all part of that feisty ole evolution. 🙂

  24. Good job, my Seattle friends!

  25. When I was a Diver for emergency services I had to dive a canal for a body.
    Instigated by a Hooker who claimed her “John” had sex with her and then committed suicide by jumping into the canal. I see David Miscavge in a similar role claiming
    “I tried to Clear the Planet” and my parishiners all died or ran away .
    Hey D.M. the Rastafarians have openings at the top in Jamaica.

  26. Did you hear about the St Pete Times Article? You didn’t? Well dont go look at it, your head may explode !

    Errrr Ok

    Click Click Click

    What in the ****

  27. and the memo to Amazon UK from Carter Ruck doesn’t seem to have gotten through. Lawrence Wright’s book ‘Going Clear’ is on sale at Amazon UK.

    And yes, I did screen shot it…

  28. Alex Klein is a great reporter and journalist. It’d never read his work before this. But I REALLY like his style. He’s not a wild-eyed hater. He doesn’t have an agenda. He just looks and reports. Great obnosis!

  29. I am very happy that a journalist of Klein’s caliber is now reporting on our story. Ortega, Bunker and Sweeney are anti-religious zealots. This guy tells the story that needs to be told. Not the one he wants there to be.

  30. Carch,

    I think you just expressed perfectly the ideal scene that Independents (and the corporate public also) have been hoping for. It is the pattern that we know should be followed, and lets us see what is wrong with the Co$ when we hold this pattern up to what it has become today. Well done!

  31. Hi Gern,
    It’s true. When I was in I always thought that there was this BIG surprise that was going to break everything wide open!! I thought this for about 20 of my 30 years involved with the cult.

  32. The truth as-ises a lie.

    I don’t see anyone going into the org.

    I don’t know of anyone interested.

    I see members leaving.

    I don’t see new members being created.

    Yet, I am confused by the new big shiny buildings and claims of massive expansion. (Bright lights, loud noises and confetti do that to me sometimes)

    Poof- not anymore.

    If the truth is out and people are willing to talk about it, it really makes it hard to be a fraud.

  33. I think the main audience for Miscavige is the pre-Internet generation, people in their 50s and 60s who spent their youth with mail and newspapers made of actual paper and were too busy having kids and/or careers when the Internet took off to really having found their place i it. This is only a stopgap measure though, that generation will grow old, and telling the coming generations they can’t watch the Internet will be like telling them they shouldn’t be able to read at all.

  34. Chris,
    There are still people getting on lines. Not like before but through individual contacts and some good people there are still people going into the orgs and missions. It’s not near as much as before but there is still a flow. It is somewhat amazing but I see it on a regular basis.

  35. I just spit MT Dew ALL of my Macbook Pro—thats a good one Gaschoen – ya had me going there.

  36. Hey Rinder or Rathbun – did d M REALLY believe that this facade would really work? I mean I get it – he has gotten away with so ugh and is so delusional, but how does he really get others to beleiev in this shit – when people can tell that he is full of shit. I mean is there really ANYONE “going” in to scientology right now?

    How could they? There is so much negative out there.

    Look I know better, I know Scientologists are overall GOOD PEOPLE. I dont believe in Scientology anymore than I believe in Catholicism. But, I do think there are things that could make you better in a real world sense. (Nothing spiritual)

    But, how and why would anyone walk into and check our Scientology as it is on the corporate level?

    And dM wants to say “ites expanding” – oh shit, i just spit MT Dew all over my keyboard again !


  37. Atlantic piece,

    Reaching the public, backwards and blindfolded. An act of fear.


  38. Finally, things are not going quite well for dm and Co$. I believe what Rinderpest always is finally coming true: “It sucks to be miscavige.”

  39. Sorry, the last sentence should be “I believe what Rinder always says is finally coming true…

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  41. Snoopy's Uncle

    Very nice picture and very ideal. Although I know somebody who would say ‘What kind of DB could have dreamed that up! We are in much more serious game here to clear the planet we are not in the business of making people happy or wiping their asses for them, we got to be tough and tough I am.’ And believe it or not, I witnessed two OTs IAS Reges saying in the reg cycle with serious conspirative look ‘You know, the COB is the only one who can understand what kind of game is being played here…’ (yes, God on Earth, perhaps) How far could one get :D. Anyway, thanks for the reminder of how it should be and what we expect in the first place for everybody in the business of freeing ourselves. The very process of liberating could get hard enough in dealing with one’s bank so why complicate it further by the banks of others.

  42. Really I do not like to hear this often repeated phrase
    of DM will take his money and flee to So America or
    somewhere. He should give all our money back and
    make up the damage.
    So, DM, I am currently putting together a cadre of
    operatives who will be able to hunt you down if you
    try to leave just like the Jews did with the Nazis
    who fled to Latin America. Tom Cruise will head the
    outfit (MI).

  43. threefeetback

    The arbitrator who handled the Bernie Madoff swindle of 40 billion should fit the bill.

  44. That’s pretty awesome. I bet an org like that wouldn’t have to work too hard to get staff either.

  45. Bob of the Seattle Div 6?

  46. Agreed =)

    Nice to see ya, Bryan.

  47. threefeetback

    Apparently the real LRH stuff has already been digitally preserved by the Independents.

  48. How many Scientologists though? By that I mean how many people stick around for the long haul.

  49. This is a bit off topic, but for any of you who have wondered why it is that the US Justice department let’s CofS get away with everything short of actual murder, check this outrage. Unbelievable!

  50. The fact that no one from Wall Street has ever gone to jail, or even been charged with a crime as far as I know, demonstrates just how far the US has moved out of being a democracy into being an oligarchy.

  51. EnthralledObserver

    Merlin’s balls, Marty… some consistency would go a long way to cement your credibility. I can’t call LRon a narcissist, but 2briancox can call Ortega, Bunker and Sweeney anti-religious zealots???? Anti name-calling ‘Rules’ my arse – censorship, you mean!

  52. What a terrific article by Alex Klein! And also BIG “THANK YOU” to all the contributors including our very own “Tony the Tiger”. He’s GREEAAAAT!

  53. Naaaah, there’s nothing rigged about the game of Planet Earth.

  54. Tony, this is a great thing to focus on. Some folks that have been around as long as I have, perhaps remember towards the end of the 70’s the “world famous” OP Z program (short for Operation Z) that was supposed to have the entire planet Earth (not just a community, a state or a province, but an entire planet’s culture) on the Grade Chart and Clear within 5 years. The staff in New York (especially the corrupt criminal Raymond Baiardi who was the ED) were all aglow! 🙂 A lot of people around me were recruited into this program. 5 Years from then would be 1983? So it is now 2013? Oh, yeah, Tony, I just went past the town of Elm Brook (a.k.a. Population 26,853 Clears). 🙂 It is a blasphemy to any living being’s thinking that anyone could promote such a false option to others.

  55. When it comes right down to it, the reason we gave the money is because we wanted to help our fellow man. All those who think that is stupid, raise your hand, and then follow it out the door. LOL

  56. Current church members might be able to avoid web sites for a while but this is the kind of thing there more likely to see. This has to create an effect.

  57. You too, Brian.
    Now start spelling your name correctly and we’ll talk…

  58. That’s a bit of an overstatement bob. Ever heard of Michael Milken? Ivan Boesky? Bernard Ebbers? Charles Keating?

    But I am in agreement with you that perpetrators of massive white collar crime escape the consequences far more often than not. And display an arrogance that Miscavige has assumed to perfection. HSBC is just the latest in a very long line. Randomly read almost any article by Matt Taibbi and you would be horrified at how corrupt and “above the law” the big time capitalists are. I see AIG is suing because the terms of their hundreds of billions bailout were “unfair.” OMG what has the world come to….

  59. I don’t like the Onion generally, but oh my God, is that funny! And damning!

  60. CommunicatorIC

    A quick programming note and reminder, if I may.

    TONIGHT: Nancy Many’s Story of Scientology Spying and Interrogation on Investigation Discovery at 10 PM

  61. The inevitable will happen. No one wants to spend time on a joke.

  62. Yes and when a staff member finished a contract, there would be a leaving staff party with a big thank you for their hard work and service.
    Others might see this and think being a staff member would be a worthy activity that they would want to do themselves.

  63. Bernie Madoff??
    It is usually too late by the time the government does anything though.

  64. I can see the government stepping in to arrest dm after all the Orgs have been closed down and he has blown every cent in the coffers and can’t pay off anyone. THEN the justice department will get VERY interested in how criminal he is.

  65. That brings back some bad memories of being teased in elementary school..
    It’s funny, when I picked the tiger for my avatar I hadn’t even thought of that connection. I guess somehow I pulled it in…

  66. martyrathbun09

    You don’t need to call someone else names in order to defend your journalists.

  67. Pierre Robillard

    thanks for the great article Marty and the one who contributed to it! Most
    of the COS activities in Canada has been in the business of ideal org ‘s
    production. The only ideal org, Quebec org still is not making auditors nor
    many released pcs. Their concept of DSMSH campaign is to have people
    relating their Book One wins on a web site. On the opening day of the
    Quebec ideal org, all the speeches were in English ( Quebec City is 95%
    french). Also , my friend who is in the Flooring Business observed that
    the whole sauna was cheaply made. The org seems to concentrate on weekly
    events like Human Rights with guests like Greg Capazario, Criminon IInternational I/C and Chill-EB the rapper.

    The ” Ideal Org” in Montreal was purchased in 2007 in a down and trodden
    area. There were attempts to raise funds for the renovations (approx 4M)
    but it did not work out and the attention shifted to make Quebec org an “Ideal Org”. Montreal org parishioners contributed 10 staff members
    and around 1M to Quebec org.

    Toronto org is another matter. It will be the same Org that was purchased
    in 1979 for $1.9k. It will totally be renovated inside and outside. The first
    attempt started in circa 2005 9 (not totally sure). Carol Nolan, Sea Org
    member is the Project I/C and issues these Toronto A world Class for a
    world-class city monthly pamphlets, It is not totally clear how much is needed. But it is said that the interior will cost $7.5M (600000 square
    feet x$125 per square foot). There is enough money to gut the interior and strip the outside surface. Toronto org has moved to 77 Peter street.
    The perfect plan per Carole Nolan is to reg another 40 humanitarians
    $100000 each donor) Get 200 scientologists in Canada to fork out $5000 each and to raise everybody else contribution. If one analyses
    the list of active contributors in toronto, it’s less than 300 hundred. Carol Nolan predicts that:”CLOSE TO A MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR WILL ENTER ITS DOORWAYS AND DISCOVER THE ANSWERS THEY NEED TO CHANGE AND SAVE THEIR LIVES.” I predict the exterior might get completed but the interior will remain an empty shell.

    The next “Ideal Org” will be Cambridge org that used to be Kitchener Org
    a very small org .Jackson Walker is the Recruitment mission Officer. there is site on the Web that shows the pictures and brief story of at least 60 future staff members . Apart from 2 OTS and 2 class IV auditors all have very little training or none and very little auditing. There are 10 people recruited from Montreal ( 3 ex-SO members, one declared SP for Tech Crimes in Montreal Org, early 80:he is slated to be the HES).

  68. When I started out in Scientology way back when, the premises were old and a bit run down. But the staff we cheerful and bright, people were trying hard, L Ron Hubbard was the leader of the religion and the services were great. The place was busy but friendly, moving fast but still warm. There were people everywhere, you had to stand in line for the cashier, wait in line to see the registrar to sign up for your next course. There were no donations without exchange, in fact L Ron Hubbard had just roasted and toasted the morons that tried to start the Safe Environment Fund. He hated with a passion donations without exchange and said so in no uncertain terms. It was great scene. It was an IDEAL org. What remains today is a sad travesty. Like a bright young person who became a drug addict and will do anything for a buck, It’s sad. The people that knew that bright young thing, before corruption set in, well they want to see their friend back. People who only saw the corrupt and depraved adult are disgusted and can’t imagine how anyone could have ever loved such debased behavior. In fact, it was not always that way. And it could be bright and ethical and idealistic and young once again. Who knows?

  69. Tom Gallagher

    MissCabbige and his inner realm consider themselves sacrosanct. Good god do they have a Severe Reality Adjustment a’comin. So do the rest of the of lunatics who think they’re in charge.

    Piss on these imbeciles. I like being a free being. And I’ll fight to the death defending my realm and rights. Here’s my latest favorite replayed.

    The song of our age……..

    Bugger POB, too!

  70. threefeetback

    Just a small player on the world stage with delusions about being relevant to improving conditions on the planet. Even a couple of billion won’t take his real estate scams much further down the road. His all sizzle and no steak strategy is imploding.

  71. I guess I am a bitter defrocked apostate…
    The Seattle OSA rep once called me an “admitted liar”. Whatever that means. Lol!

  72. I think that John Sweeney back in 2007 would have agreed with “Rinderpest” in re Mike. And “Rinderpest” is a pretty good description of OSA’s tactics these days: once one of the major killers of “lower” mammals (read: wogs), it is now officially extinct.

    August 8th, 2011: Rinderpest’s extinction officially celebrated at the UN.
    August 8th, 2013: CoS’s extinction officially celebrated by a massive SP party with Indies, Exes, OG, and Anons.

    Thermidor, people. Thermidor is coming.

  73. Tony, just remember and take comfort in the fact that Thurl Ravenscroft, the man who voiced Tony the Tiger, also sang the song that best describes the Demented Midget:

    I was actually looking for a comment of yours in this thread to state this: that picture of you and Mary-Jo that was used in the Buzzfeed article must be giving all of the Justice and Ethics drones inside of the Church fits. The happiness and success that you two display in that picture by itself puts the lie to the “SPs and people who leave will be ruined!” nonsense they put out. Sometimes I wonder what you Indies mean by someone “radiating theta”. Now I know.

  74. Simple, 2briancox, Snoopy’s Uncle, Chris Mann, Dan351,

    Seeing your replies mean a lot. It really pains me, and I’m really sorry, to hear and see all the bad things that have happened, to you (some?), and everyone who got trapped for the best of their intentions. So much effort wasted and abused. That a real Ideal Org rings a bell means we’re all still very much alive.


  75. Tony De P,
    You are correct. It works like the street corner that has many accidents for various reasons. Nobody in the Highway Dept will do anything until
    a certain number of accidents or deaths is reached. Public petitions or
    outcry generally does not make things happen .
    Bernie Madoff was ignored until it was to late to correct anything ,
    same with Miscavige.

  76. Carcha +1

  77. Good post Christine.
    This blog has been reporting the Ideal Org scam for over 2 years.
    Some posters wondered by such extreme financial irregularities had not made it into main stream media.
    Good to see it all trickle out.

  78. I just finished watching Nancy Many’s story on Investigation Discovery. Very powerful. Very well done. What happened to Nancy was absolutely horrible.

    Guaranteed, anyone who watches this show will NOT be going anywhere near an idle org. And the orgs will get even more idle and in time will be sold off.

  79. Nice analogy.

  80. Those people who have elitist tendencies are still at great risk of getting sucked in. We should’t underestimate the affinity created by matching tone levels.

  81. Yep.

  82. John Huss,

    Thanks for posting this. Others who were in prior to the mess that started with the price increases have similar stories. A lot of people got out around then. It would be nice to see more of them back!


  83. Great articles. What fun that the Atlantic puff-piece was removed.

    On my wish list: Miscavige goons try to sue the Atlantic for religious discrimination.

    The Atlantic responds with: “We were informed that we might be party to a false advertizing scam. We would like to confirm a few of the claims made in your advertorial. Let’s start with some documentation on the church membership numbers…”

  84. Suggested Cram on David Miscavige

    Outness noted: He wastes events and materials. He not only does not handle existing situations, he creates new ones.

    HCOPL 26 Feb 74
    P.R. series 20
    The Untrained P.R.

    An untrained P.R. will do at least two wrong things:

    1. He will waste events and materials and
    2. He will not only not handle existing situations, he will create new ones.

    ……….. L.R.H.

  85. Thanks for the update Pierre on the Canada scene. You’re right all speeches being done in English for Quebec Org’s Ideal Morgue opening is a complete slap in the face. As a Toronto native, as much as the renovation plans for the building they got on Yonge Street in 79 is insane, I gotta say they were smart to keep that building. It is one of the best locations of any org in the world.

  86. Anyone seeking to get their money back on real estate donations need only file suit for breech of contract. Your names were not put on the plaques. You are not permitted in the buildings. Your lifetime IAS memberships privilages are not being honored. More money was asked for than was actually needed. The buildings do not belong to the local as implied. These are all verbal and implied contracts and are valid. You should also get any monies paid your lifetime membership returned. Honest people have rights too. The Church has right to not pay taxes. It does not have a right to break contracts and commit fraud.

  87. Fundamental breach

    A fundamental breach (or repudiatory breach) is a breach so fundamental that it permits the aggrieved party to terminate performance of the contract. In addition that party is entitled to sue for damages.

  88. To be fair, what Nancy did to others was horrible too. The “Scientology made me do it” angle may be comfortable for her. She contributed to hundreds of people going to the RPF on the “list one” episode. During that with hunt, my best friend was removed from staff and separated from her daughter, who was under five years old at the time, for years. As the child was passed around to strangers to raise in New York City. I’m certain that wasn’t the only kid orphaned for a long period of time with the help of Nancy Many.

  89. Which “planet”?

  90. Wow!! Thank you for the compliment Espiando.

  91. Several of Seattlites just watched the Nancy Many story too. It was great!!
    Thanks to Nancy Many for having the courage to expose this gross behavior.

  92. Yes. Excellent analogy.

  93. Brenda Stokes

    So nice to see the TRUTH coming out in the wash.
    This Real Estate SCAM is starting to show thorough.

  94. Nancy Many brings up the disconnection policy of Scientology Inc. Dave Miscavige and all deny it categorically as Scientology policy. They even quote L Ron revoking it as policy. Well the hard-to-find reconnection by Hubbard is available. HCOB10 Sep 83 PTSness AND DISCONNECTION – “Earlier, disconnection as a condition was cancelled. … This put Scientologists at a disadvantage. We cannot afford to deny Scientologists that basic freedom that is granted to everyone else: the right to choose whom one wishes to communicate with or not communicate with. … therefore, the tech of disconnection is hereby restored to use.” — LRH

  95. 2briancox – I am not sure what you mean when you say Sweeney, Ortega & Bunker are “anti-religionist zealots”. I have seen examples of them opposing Co$ but they have been targeted by Co$, followed (as acknowledged by Mike Rinder & Marty), baited (again acknowledged by Marty & Mike),harassed, threatened, and defamed all under the orders & direction of David Miscavige. Mike & Marty admitted these tactics were employed against journalists, specifically to Sweeney, on record.

    Please provide examples of their “anti-religious zealotry” towards any religious organization other than one (Co$) which has attempted to intimidate or coerce them. As far as I can tell, these men have simply stood up to the Co$ and called them out on the austrocities perpetuated in the name of your religion. At this point, I applaud their guts and tenacity. I do not see them attacking any other faith. Please enlighten me if you have evidence to the contrary.

  96. Why do these guys have to be “anti-religious zealots”, Brian? You sound like the church. If asked to comment on you, the church would probably use that exact characterization (with a few other familiar barbs thrown in, of course).

    I’ve never heard any of these guys utter a negative sentiment towards any religion but Scientology. And I know I’ve heard Ortega and Bunker express support for separating the right to practice the religion from the evil deeds of the church.

    You’ll turn on Klein the moment he mentions Xenu as fast as the church turns on a parishioner that refuses to disconnect from his/her family.

  97. Was good to learn some more of your back story from the article after having enjoyed your comments on this blog for some time. Glad you’ve obviously held on to your sense of humor about it all, I really believe that helps.

  98. Amen to all of this. Great post, John.
    I had completely forgotten about the “Safe Environment Fund” and what you said LRH did is exactly what happened. Your description of orgs is exactly how I remember them also. It is sad to think that younger Scientologists, who became acquainted with the Tech in the mid-’80s and since, have never experience a real, on-purpose, in Tech Scientology organization. There were errors here and there, but those were usually corrected quickly and by and large they were friendly places like you describe. They actually do put the “ideal” orgs of today to shame. LRH actually wrote a policy about how to build a real Ideal Org. It is in the OEC Vols. Ironically, it is entitled “THE IDEAL ORG”! But few in the “church” are familiar with it or even have the courage to read it, much less apply it. If they did, it would result in an scene such as the one we are both remembering from “way back when”.
    It seems that int management and “cool aid drinkers” think that anything that Ron said which contradicts something that Miscavige says is “squirrel”. …strange, but apparently true.
    Anyway, please keep spreading the word and rekindling the hope. It is NOT an “impossible” dream and that dream will not die. It lives.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Actually, Klein did mention it; and based upon the context and manner in which he did I don’t see, nor anticipate, any indie scn attacks on him.

  100. This is not the case with people joining staff and/or the Sea Org. I know a number of young people (2nd and 3rd generation, Facebook-generation) who have joined staff. This is not to say this was done on their own self-determinism. Nevertheless, they did. By all accounts and feedback I’ve received, they are not happy and are counting the days until their contract expires. Their parents continue to support them, offering food, housing and transportation, since their staff pay doesn’t even come close to covering those expenditures.

  101. “The 2011 British census showed a total of 2,418 Scientologists across England and Wales; about 73 times as many Brits identified themselves as ‘Jedi’.”


  102. It can be very expensive for a Corp Scientologist to look at critical sites on the Net.

  103. The way I see it, DM has managed to take the worst of two things – Corporate America and Scientology – and create a hybrid.

    The worst thing about Corporate America is: unaccountable to the public, solely profit driven, plays fast and loose with the truth (and calls it PR), the corporation is all and everything else is nothing.

    And the worst of Scientology being: literal-minded, judgmental, fanatical, know-best, insincere, manipulative.

    The result is a god-awful monster. Flashy, glitzy social veneer, but under the surface, a ravenous beast with an insatiable appetite for money and control.


  104. There is nothing wrong with the above quote, actually. I want to have my freedom-of-choice with whom I stay connected.
    The real issue with this HCO PL starts in the exaples near the end of the reference:

    “To fail or refuse to disconnect from a suppressive person not only denies the PTS case gain, it is also supportive of the suppressive—in itself a Suppressive Act. And it must be so labeled. (Ref: HCO PL 23 Dec. 65RA, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS)”

    I, myself, don’t believe this part was written by LRH.
    It’s inconsistent whith LRHs previous writings.
    Read here for a thorugh analysis on this subject:

  105. That would assume that the top of the org board considered Scientology services valuable. But DM KNOWS Scientology doesn’t work – he’s proved it to his own satisfaction.

  106. Tony DePhillips as a staff member referred you to the Truth Rundown! That’s great – Tony, you rebel, I wonder how often a similar scene is playing out in Orgs across the world…

  107. Blinking ‘eck – you’re right! Freely available in the UK! Just ordered it with 1-click!

  108. Whoever came up with the name: IDLE MORGUE – thats probably my favorite….. still cracks me up all these months later……


  109. Perfect example Oracle. If DM did the PR course he didnt duplicate it. Not one line of it. By the results this applies to most LRH material he was exposed to, particularly on service and exchange. It might as well have been written in Latin. If he was the nicest, kindest and most caring leader possible, which he is not, he still should have been removed long ago from any leadership position. We can blame LRH for setting up the structure, the SO, the CMO, etc, but that does not undue the damage thats been done. At least we still have the tech. And people still have the freedom to choose.

  110. Then who was more brainwashed at the time..Nancy, for sending your friend to the RPF or your friend for allowing herself to be separated from her daughter for years?

  111. Let me add that if there is a battle worth fighting, its not to storm the palace walls as KFrancis was hoping. Its to ensure the intellectual property rights and any other freedoms needed in order for anyone to use the tech personally or as part of a group practice. To break any real or perceived monopoly or control of the tech by the church for any reason, economic or otherwise. I think if LRH found himself as an Indie in 2013, that would be his goal, 24/7, if that has not already been established.

  112. Oracle,

    Thanks for additional background. The outpoint imo is that many do not get a connection between their personal ethics and Scientology – or in short, join a group on a vague notion without assuming responsibility for the goals of the group, and for maintaining those goals. So the “Bird-Watchers” group turns into the “Bird-Shooters” group, with some of the original people still “on-board”. And the Co$ goes from “Helping Individuals” to “Crushing Individuals”.


  113. I think your comment is very callous and short sighted. Surely you realize just about everyone on this blog had something to do with the insanity within the cult, from previous execs to “lowly” staff members to fsm’s to “ordinary” parishioners. Anyone who participated overtly or turned a blind eye contributed to the scene because it fed the monster and perpetuated the whole thing.
    But people do change, and once someone has seen the madness and gotten out and tries to make things better for the next guy, I personally don’t think what they did while “in” should be thrown in their face. Otherwise, we’d all be covered in egg………forever. You have to be able to forgive, grant beingness and move on. People change.

  114. Oracle: Why do you think Nancy was part of the List One evolution? When that was going on at Flag, she wasn’t anywhere near those lines to the best of my knowledge. List One hunt was run at Flag by Frankie Freedman under the direction of … don’t know. It also ended at Flag, sometime around 1979 or maybe earlier.

    But, are you saying she got her just rewards? Harsh

  115. Wow! A “+1” from an LRH Personal Class XII! I’m movin’ on up! Thank you! – Carcha.

  116. EnthralledObserver

    lol… ‘my’ journalists ?? You were talking to me when you made that comment, right?
    When did they become mine?
    I didn’t defend them anyway (nor did ‘I’ name-call)… I merely pointed out that what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Claiming a no name-calling policy, and then allowing name-calling by one of your like-minded mates is hypocritical at best, and censorship at worst. And as I see that Miscavige regularly gets a written beating of his character here (not that I don’t think he’s earned it), I get the feeling that the ‘rule’ of ‘no name-calling’ is really just a farce and is used to filter non sympathetic views of Hubbard as just one example. I have no issues with having the rule, just feel peeved that it doesn’t appear to be applied consistently and without prejudice.

  117. I don’t disagree at all with the policy that you quote. It would be suppressive to remain connected to nazis, the ku klux klan or any criminal group. Because they really are suppressive.
    To label someone with an arc break or disagreement as suppressive is not what LRH intended.
    Staying connected to miscavage would be “supportive of the suppressive-in itself a suppressive act.”

  118. I just noticed a “below the fold” Paul Haggis article on MSN. I havent read/viewed it yet.

  119. Oh, it’s “Rock Center”. It was the #1 item in the “News” column on MSN, so I think that means 5,000,000,000 people saw it this morning with their coffee.
    I believe Rock Center has s few viewers as well.

  120. Just in case this link didn’t get here. The Onion recently ran a similar ad, modeled around the corporate Scientology one. It’s required reading.,30910/?ref=auto

  121. martyrathbun09

    If you read my blog in any depth you would recognize that we are hardly ‘like-minded.’

  122. Did you tell her that you were lying when you admitted that? 🙂

  123. Peter,….. let me become more measured.

    Several days ago I suggested a Scientology Committee of Evidence should be convened on David Miscaviage.

    Committee of Evidence (Definition)

    A fact-finding group appointed and empowered to impartially investigate and recommend upon Scientology matters of a fairly severe ethical nature. (That is one definition)

    This could be done by Scientologists who have a record of service and altitude in the minds and hearts of Scientologists. I believe it should be held in Los Angeles and in a completely open forum that is open to the press and all interested Scientologists. It should be done completely standardly by those who know how to convene and run one and let the evidence be heard in a brand new time period. If this Ethics action is part of our religion then do we have the right to use it?

    I would not do this under the heading of “Indie” or “Independent”. These labels suggest separation and distance. I am a Scientologist and I didn’t agree to separate myself LRH and the church he built. I have no problem separating myself from David Miscavige and his perversions of Scientology.


  124. A second definition:
    HCO PL 27 Mar 65) 2. A fact-finding body composed of impartial persons properly convened by a convening authority which hears evidence from persons it calls before it, arrives at a finding and makes a full report and recommendation to its convening authority for his or her action.

  125. If David Miscavage is an SP, fine….lets hear the evidence! Let’s bring it all to the forefront with witnesses and testimoney in a formal setting by people who have evidence.

  126. Spot on analogy. Your analogy took me back to when I first got into Scientology at the Atlanta Franchise owned by Peter & Doran Green. The place was electric. There was so much energy; so much affinity. This was the place where I resolved a condition I didn’t even know I had i.e. I could not hold anyone’s gaze other than my girlfriend while making love (interesting how that increase in affinity helps). It happened via a classic case of “just do it” while doing TRs. By the time I finished a whopping 30 minute TR 0, I had salt tracks on my cheeks from the dried tears. What a win that was. Turns out good ole mom had scolded me as a child “don’t stare at people”. I remember going on course after work feeling tired — then at the end of course that night I was so awake that it took a while to wind down to get to sleep. It was so thrilling. If money ever came up, it was to buy another course and/or auditing.

  127. Sssshhh.. You’ll get me declared again.

  128. That’s not why IMO.

  129. Under what legal theory do you reckon that solicited donations create a contractual obligation, please ?

    Got any statute or case law to back that one up ?

    You are giving legal advice Oracle. Are you a qualified lawyer ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    *I am NOT a lawyer*

  130. Courts and legislators usually do the best they can to write opinions laymen can read and refer to. When a population is convinced it is unable to interpret its own laws, then that civilization is all but dead.

  131. Erika Christensen on Scientology: “We Don’t Worship Rabbits!”

    Speak for yourself! 😀

  132. Fine…let’s dust that document off, learn what we can from it and do it again.

    This time we do it on a wide open stage with new witnesses and fresh testimony-Bring it all into 2013 and go over it again.

  133. If I’m not mistaken the members have to be of a similar rank/importance as the person being Comm Ev’ed which pretty much leaves only God, Jesus, Buddha, LRH and Eric Clapton. Good luck. 🙂

  134. Some of the witness I would like to hear live:

    Pat Broeker,Jena Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Debbie Cook ( could she give evidence if it is done while participating in a Scientology religious practice?”) Mark Headley, Claire Headley, Steve Hall, Trey Lotz, Karen Jentzsch, anyone who had a forced abortion, anyone who was tortured, anyone who was beaten kicked or made to lick a bathroom floor……and on and on and on.

  135. Ok, let me just address my comment that they are zealots. First of all, I do not typically discuss them in public forums. My usual impulse is to ignore them publicly because they don’t truly mean that much to me. But I mentioned them to contrast this new tone from Klein. Independents can relate to that because, until now, the reporting on our faith WA ruined with ridicule when discussing something like Xenu, for the most part.

    But I don’t see the snide and condescending reporting as much different than most religious reporting these days, in the US at least. When reporting on religious groups, there is a thinly veiled contempt by most American journalists. There is very little willingness to “live and let live” when it comes to the ideas and beliefs of others in today’s culture.

    So regarding Ortega, Sweeny and Bunker, I see a gleeful mockery of what someone else believes whenever they discuss the actual material of Scientology. Maybe you don’t see it. Maybe you do see it and you just think it’s ok because you agree with their tone: that Scientology is “wacky”. But they certainly are snide. So, yeah, I think they are wild-eyed haters.

    I’m with you on opposing the corrupt organization of Scientology Inc. But when people engage in mockery and a snide tone-so as to encourage mockery by others-you lose my respect.

    Again, in general that just means I ignore you. But in this case I brought it up to draw a comparison. I’m not interested in debating it beyond this post. It’s my view.

  136. So true.

  137. There are other factors of course also but this is one I have seen personally. I am talking about paying “customers” not those who join Sea Org or anything like that as I do not know anyone personally who have done that recently. Aside from being elitist the other factor is the condition of not know. People who do not know what Scientology is can be sold to just about anything. And all the “glory” is there to override their suspicions. At any rate it is a dying scene but there are always a few new smucks to replenish DM’s piggy bank.

  138. +10

  139. Read her book. She says so right in her book. One very short paragraph about it. No, I did not say she got her just rewards. I just added some omitted data. And I was very close to someone, and her daughter, that were effected by that. That is what I said.

  140. That same little girl, is fighting a battle with cancer at this time. I do not think my vision is short sighted. Neither do I think I am unforgiving or unable to grant beingness or stuck in some past incident. These are not my items.

  141. No Mike, I am not a lawyer. This is common knowledge. I provided a link. If the donation was made over a verbal agreement, it was obtained fraudulently. If I donate a dollar to the Red Cross after being given a “briefing” as to what the donation is being used for , say building a village outhouse, and the Red Cross volunteer takes my dollar down on the street and uses it to buy a hot dog instead, believe it or not there are laws against such fraud and the person taking the money is OBLIGATED to perform whatever they promised to perform in exchange for the donation.

  142. Beautiful post. And that was a beautiful dream. Well, sometimes dreams do come true. Everything is possible.

  143. Well, that’s true, Erika.

    But you omitted to say “We do worship a squirrel.”

  144. “Little” girl? Or does it evoke more sympathy when someone is little/young versus an adult? Isn’t she grown up now? Regardless, I don’t get the connection unless you’re blaming Nancy Many for the fact that the girl has cancer or in some way hold her responsible. I fail to see the connection. What am I missing here?

  145. I do not believe Tony and Luis and the others knew about David beating people when they provided these donations. I do not think they knew there was a surplus of funds already. I do not believe they were not given a briefing and assured the Church would PERFORM in some manner. Bit IF they were to say they wanted their donation returned based on testimony of physical abuse, David Miscavige would be called into court to defend himself, and I do not think Debbie Cook’s gag order would prevent her from answering a subpoena.

    ” In civil law jurisdictions, on the contrary, donations are valid contracts”


  146. I get what you are saying, Oracle, and I agree. It’s not a matter of not respecting people for putting in their own ethics and granting them the beingness to cognite and change. It is a matter of posing justifications which are really just excuses to lessen personal responsibility. The justification is not important. The important thing is: exactly what did one DO and what effect was created upon others. The operative word is DO. The ACTION DONE. As the old saying goes, “excuses are like ass-holes, everybody has one”. After that step, atonement is can be done. As an example, Marty never said that he beat up people “because David Miscavige made him do it” by creating an insane environment. Marty has contritely acknowledged his actions and then reached out to people to heal the harm he once contributed to, and simply taken responsibility for it. And there is the difference.

  147. I have not “moved on” as you suggested I should have, because the mother is still one of my best friends and her daughter is still very much a part of our lives. Yes, she has grown up. She even has a son of her own. No, I am not callous. And no, I am not on trial here for adding more information, and no , I do not believe I have abused anyone by including facts. I said, “To be fair…”

    1. free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge.
    2. legitimately sought, pursued, done, given, etc.; proper under the rules: a fair fight.

    If you got a protest read on this it happened. That does not mean I need to apologize for having a purpose towards fair social intercourse.

  148. Okay. You can be the I/C and start!! :+)

  149. Importance? Just about any Scientologist posting on this blog has more “importance” as a Scientologist than David Miscavige.

  150. …and Beagles.

  151. But it denies my right to:
    “choose whom one wishes to communicate with or not communicate with”.
    So even the reference itself has contradicting data.

    It’s used for control.
    Declare people you know could be a threat for SPs and forbid anyone to be in comm with them. It’s “perfect”. But it doesn’t work in the long run.

  152. What you need to do: picket the Management orgs. DM’s head on a pike, on a t-shirt. Get the message out there. It won’t happen unless the Church itself makes it happen.

  153. DM’s mission is to ruin Scientology. He’s not expecting to get away with anything but live the high life while he ruins the Church.

  154. Yes Gern,….action and presure whould have to be brought and protest gatherings are valid way and should be used to make noise and bring presure.

    What is diasapoining to me is that I feel many Scientolgist are content to out-sourse the handing of the church to Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams,Larwence Wright,Tony Ortega and Joe Childs.

    If DM falls because of their work then I am happy for the accomplishment and the result but I would be alot happier to see and be apart of a combined push of any kind by Scientologists.

  155. Gern Gaschoen

    I’m with you on that KFrancis, for sure. I’d rather see Scientology being applied to fix itself, personally – all the tools are there. However, a massive graft of non-standard bullshit has been rammed into the Church and is now setting it afire from within .. unless we get some way of indicating to Church staff that there is a way out of this mess, then nothing is going to happen.

    Most upper staff are indoctrinated with some key false data:

    1. David Miscavige “saved” Scientology from the squirrels, and is therefore a hero – beyond Ka-Khan, beyond “Loyal Officer”, and so on.

    2. There is nobody below DM that is competent enough to fill any of the key posts – everyone else who has ever been the IJC, ED Int, CO FB, CO FLB, CO CMO Int, &etc. are SP’s and have blown from the Church.

    3. No “real Scientologist” would blow like Marty and Mike did, thus: they are not “real Scientologists”.

    4. The Church is under constant attack from outside (this is true, actually) and there is no defence from it rather than to fight back (not necessarily true) aggressively and with maximum “Command Intention”, which we know of course is reactively commuted to being “whatever DM says is so, is so”.

    5. MEST is more important, right now, than getting people up the Bridge – we don’t have what we need in order to deliver the Bridge properly.

    6. Int Management (“DM”) has a big trick up his sleeve that will drive millions of people into the Orgs finally, and thats why they need to be big and fancy, or else we “won’t be able to handle the traffic efficiently and the lines will just get DevT’ed into oblivion.”

    7. LRH “left a lot of loose strings in the tech and we are now fixing them” – this was re-iterated to me, over and over again, the closer I got to CST on the Org board. It seems that CST itself is the source of this false data.

    Of course, we know that none of the above points are true facts; they are the false data hanging things up. We, Independents, know that as long as you’ve got a trained Auditor, you can put the PC in session anywhere – any slum, any run down war-torn village, any mountaintop, any busy corporate office. The Tech really does work, effectively, in any environment – not just fancy digs – wherever you are – As long as you’ve done your Auditor training and have perfected your TR’s. LRH built the Bridge, then he built it again, then he built it again – in fact, all throughout the body of materials, you will find ways in which LRH built a Bridge, just for you. Only you can discover that path; LRH left it there for you especially for Discovery.

    So, with all of this in mind, what do we do, KFrancis? Shall we meet on a boat in the Mediterranean with 10 other like-minded souls, set up a course-room, get some Auditors certified with Standard Tech, and start our own delivery org? Or perhaps you’d prefer a nice mid-Europe mountain retreat, again – with the same like-minded individuals, staffing up a 21-dept Org board, each wearing the hats required to get Auditors made, PC’s in session, and so on? Imagine if we in the Independent field did this right now, and had the stats to show for it, and the PC’s and Auditors to show for it .. and then we made a big PR caper about it, including live demo’s to Org staff, “Spot the SP: DM Head On A Pike” T-shirts, and so on ..

  156. Carcha,
    You described the org I joined in the early 1970s. It was truly a Saint Hill size org – two HGCs doing 600 Well Done Auditing Hours each; an Academy of 150 – 200 students, many from Missions around the area training through Class IV; 160 staff members each well hatted; packed basic courses with people getting blown out of their heads genuinely exterior, awed by the power and simplicity of the tech; LRH-trained OEC/FEBC Execs and Class VIIIs viably running their OWN org despite any nonsense and cross-orders required of them by FOLO and in premises they purchased from their own Building Fund amassed from set aside of their own GI; a vibrant, thriving, up-tone culture of cooperating individualists genuinely helping each other, in full ARC with each other and complete ARC/KRC with the local environment. The initial impression was that one was in the presence of a revolutionary, rapidly emerging grassroots humanitarian movement with breakthrough methodologies like nothing previous. One didn’t need to be told that – it was obvious. One felt finally at “home” and amongst ones peers. It was truly infectious. When I think of those days, this is what comes to mind:

    “Ask ev’ry person if he’s heard the story,
    And tell it strong and clear if he has not,
    That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory.
    “Called Camelot.”

    I look forward to that being the case again in the near future. We need only make it so.

  157. Graduated – Amazing relation, thank you! Very apt poem to quote. What if for once, that which seems to be too good, actually is true? – Carcha

  158. The Oracle – I place full confidence in your clairvoyance! – Carcha

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