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Idle Morgue Meltdown

Corporate Scientology has spent large sums of money plastering the internet with false propaganda about its ‘unprecedented expansion’ under the guidance of David Miscavige.  It is the pat response to every new  revelation reported here on the unlawful and inhumane abuses of Miscavige.   Finally, the news world is catching on that the big lie of Scientology Inc is just that – no matter how much money Miscavige wishes to throw at perpetuating it.

Idle Morgues story by Alex Klein.  Thanks to Mark Elliot, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Bert Schippers, Lynn Hoverson, Luis Garcia, Rocio Garcia, Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips,  Dani and Tami Lemberger, and last but not least, Mike Rinder and Christie King for holding to the truth against this multi-million dollar propaganda machine.

The Atlantic flap.   Apparently, Miscavige didn’t get the memo, money can’t buy you love.

Idle Orgs — The Proof

By Mike Rinder

Remember the FIRST “Ideal Org.”  It was NOT Buffalo. Buffalo was bought with money obtained from a suit the church filed against an eminent domain action to demolish the old org building to make way for a freeway off ramp. But Buffalo did set the wheels in motion that unleashed Miscavige’s Masonry Frankenstein,  now terrorizing cities everywhere.

In fact, the first “Ideal Org” was Tampa.

I commented recently that Flag was made “responsible” for Tampa Org by Miscavige.  After the Buffalo building fiasco, he heard that Tampa was located in a strip mall, and that they were having trouble paying their rent and were being threatened with eviction.  To make a long story short, he then wound up Jenny Linson and Angie Blankenship and sent them off like rabid pit bulls to start gnawing on the legs of Flag executives and public to make them responsible for Tampa org.

Many “OTs” were persuaded to join staff, including the ED’s of both Tampa Day and Fdn and most of the tech staff and regges.  A lot of money was sucked out of Flag’s public to pay for buildings for Tampa:   the org and its “Community Center” as well as “Test Centers” in Ybor City, St Petersburg and Plant City.  THIS was the widely promoted “model Ideal Org” and was the pattern everywhere else was to follow.  The ribbon was cut with great fanfare in 2003 and in doing so Miscavige threw the switch on his first bricks and mortar Frankenstein monster (Joburg and Buffalo would soon rise from the dead to follow).

The good Dr. Frankenstein heralded this as the future of Scientology and how the planet would be cleared.

With the artificial influx of staff, money and public from the FSO, Tampa SHOULD have become the biggest org on earth. Let’s not forget, the church has told the media there are 12,000 Scientologists in the Tampa Bay area (Karin Pinnochio Pouw recently told The Independent in the UK that one in five people in Clearwater is a Scientologist… that’s about 21,000 JUST in Clearwater which is about 2 1/2% of the Tampa Bay total).  The FSO is NOT supposed to be the service org for Tampa Bay public. Even if 12,000 were only FSMing one person every 6 months, it would be 500 public onto service every week without Tampa doing ANYTHING to get new public through any other means.

Tampa Day was declared “SH Size” and told that the FSO was their “Universe Corps” – a cheap gesture by Dr. Frankenstein that had little significance as most of the staff were already Flag OTs and those that weren’t didn’t make it up the Bridge to Clear in Tampa Org anyway.

But, then last year, with much fanfare, the good doctor moved the Tampa “Ideal Org” from their model Ideal Org premises to “More Model More Ideal Org” premises “to facilitate their massive expansion.”  Everyone knew that was a lie. Tampa Org, along with his other palaces of excess, is like an autumn leaf: aesthetically pleasing to the eye but unquestionably dying if not dead.

So, what follows is hardly a big surprise.  But it is another of the stunning revelations that keep leaking out of the RCS that document what is REALLY going on, rather than the shermanspeak PR puffery that spews forth from the Emperor with no clothes.

One would be forgiven for thinking that 9 years after they were blazed across the headlines of the Scientology world as “the first model ideal org,” and then last year were moved into an 85,000 square foot building in order to “facilitate their expansion”, that Tampa would be a big, booming org, easily surpassing the size of Old St Hill.  After all, it’s run by OT’s.  It’s right here in the second largest concentration of Scientologists on earth.  It’s supported by Flag. CMO CW are their hands-on “management.”  THE model Ideal Org not making it in Tampa would be like a Mormon Temple failing in Salt Lake City.

Here is the message just sent out by the ED Tampa Fdn:

 On Monday, April 09, 2012 11:36 11:36 “Lynn Irons” wrote:

Dear Kim,

Even with your busy schedule, I could really use your help on something:

I am looking for several exec-type personnel as I have some holes in my EC/AC and need to get some competent people on and helping put this Ideal Model Org there.

It is quite an adventure (as you well know) and with a few critical postings, I feel we can reach St Hill Size very soon. We have our ‘Non-E’ campaign launching in a week or so which is a carefully laid out media blitz using our $250K fund. A new Dianetics Campaign might also launch by May 9th, as well. I have most everything in place and this could drive us over the top.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a little time and scour you contacts and give me some names and contact info of people that you would like to be on your team if you were in my place.

I really want to give COB a jewel of an Org in exchange for all that he has done for us.

ML, Lynn

Did you actually gag over his last line? I did.  Anyone who thinks the RCS is not a cult of personality, is in a KoolAid induced daze. And the old accusation that this is L.Ron Hubbard’s cult has long since been put to rest by Dear Leader, Dr. Miscavige. We’re not “Clearing the Planet”, we’re not even “doing it for Ron” any more.  In today’s corporate Scientology world, we are “doing it for Dave.”

To those who know him, Lynn Irons has a reputation as a sleazeball.  But this is brown-nosing that would qualify him for the butt-kisser Olympics.

And for any who still object to me or others saying the church is dead – here is Exhibit 1001.

An Idle Scientology Org Story

One of the problems for Miscavige with the Independent Scientology movement is our persistence.   Massive black propaganda campaigns, phalanxes of private investigators, lawsuits, Facebook Nazis, buying off the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you name it – Miscavige has tried it.  But, we keep on thriving and expanding.  And with that the truth continues to out and becomes corroborated, and thus more and more credible.  Today’s post is a case in point.

Newcomers may not have seen Dan Koon’s article from August 2009 on Steve Hall’s Scientology-cult.com, Thoughts on the Ideal Org Program.   Dan had the opportunity to drop in on David Miscavige’s then-latest fraud,the Malmo Sweden Idle Org.  Dan, with his decades of experience with LRH, Int Management and David Miscavige was able to divine that there was no intent to deliver Scientology services in Malmo by just a short, aborted tour of the place. 

Of course, Miscavige counting on it just “going away”, put a couple of nasty, defamatory publications out on Dan and carried on with the fraud across the world. 

Now, meet Phil Bruemmer, former Malmo Idle Org staff member.  Phil shines the light on what was going on inside from Malmo’s opening up to the present.  As you will see Dan was right.  Though, I have always contended he gave Miscavige far too much credit for speculating it was all a real estate scam.  It is a scam.  The level of fraud that Phil reveals is astounding. 

Welcome Phil.  And thank you for shining the light of truth.

An Idle Org Story

by Phil Bruemmer

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1971.

I am a “new OT IV”, Class VI C/S and an OEC/FEBC grad.

I am also a course supervisor, professional word clearer and trained Cramming Officer.

Posts I have held include, Director of Communications, HCO Cope Officer, Basic Courses Supervisor (that’s Basic Courses Supervisor – NOT Basics Courses Supervisor.) I ran the Comm Course and HQS, before they were suppressed out of existence), Word Clearer, Cramming Officer and Executive Director.

That was all in San Francisco Org.

I held the post of Senior C/S, and later, auditor in Stockholm.

Around 2004 I went off staff and audited in the field under the “control” of I HELP for a few years, during which time paid I HELP to annoy me.

I went on back on staff to be the Senior C/S of the soon to open “Ideal Org” in Malmö in April 2009.

I left Malmö in August and sent a farewell letter to IJC, CJC and RTC (the Justice Chiefs as I was under comm ev). Below is the comm which I sent in while waiting (& waiting, & waiting…) for the Findings and Recommendations:


To: International Justice Chief

From: Phil Bruemmer                                                                                                            RTC Reports Officer                                                                                                                                                                       RTC Rep EU                                                                                                                                                                                   CC: Cont. Justice Chief EU

Re: The Church of Scientology

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1970 and most of that time I have been staff.

I am a Class VI C/S (mostly non-GAT), OEC/FEBC, MCSC (1978) interned, PWCC and Cramming Officer

Some posts that I have held throughout my staff career are:

External Comm Flow Officer, Internal Comm Flow Officer, Dir Comm, HCO Cope Off and HAS, Basic Courses Supervisor (HAS course/HQS course), Word Clearer, ED, Cram Off, auditor, C/S and Snr C/S.

On 11 October 2011 I had a committee of Evidence, which was held on me at CLO EU. It is now 17 December and I have not had any word on the findings and recommendations.

This is too bad as I had wanted to let the cycle complete. However, I am disinclined to wait any longer.

The”church” in its present state has departed so far from the church that I joined as to be unrecognizable.

The Technology and the Administrative technology have been altered beyond workability in some cases or the misapplication renders it mostly unworkable.

The altered material which is called, “The Basics” is one example of this. The training of GAT auditors who robotically learn and who “audit” over their own out basics is another. I can’t believe any of them, or their C/Ses, Supervisors or Cram Offs, ever bothered to listen to or duplicate the LRH lectures on Level 0. It seems this would apply as well to the members of the RTC who pass final videos.

I personally experienced some of the out-tech being run on OTs at AOSH EU within the past year (running NED on Clears, squirrel sec checking). From research I have done since, I have come to the conclusion that this sort of squirrel tech is practiced throughout the world in the “church.”

I have also become aware of an inordinate number of persons on, or completed on, OT VII/VIII who have lost their bodies due to cancer.

In 1989 I lost a wife to cancer. She was a Class VIII C/S who was bogged on VII for years. Apparently, there was no tech to debug her (or no one cared) and she later got cancer, suffered for a number of years and finally dropped the body.

There were some others who got cancer at that time and I have recently learned there have been many more, even in recent times. It makes it seem the tech not only does not work, but that its unworkability is extremely hazardous.

I do not believe for one moment that LRH would release a tech which was so dangerous. I can only conclude that the original LRH materials were altered.

Currently the training of auditors is a non-existent activity – with the exception of a few know-best GAT robots that are being trained in the squirrel technology of the Chairman of the Board RTC. These robots train and then intern through auditing other robots on the training lineup. When they hit an HGC they are totally unprepared to audit public, particularly public treated to 20 years of out tech who now expect Miscavige brand “Scientology” tech to salvage them.

I am not going into detail on the quickie Grades being delivered at Flag at this time and the fact that lower Grade Chart actions should be delivered in the orgs (maybe the orgs can’t be depended upon to quickie them fast enough to suit the SP who is running this show).

Much to my embarrassment, I let myself get sucked in to helping to open the “Ideal Org” in Malmo. I watched the 4 man CMO Int Mission putting the org there. I can say it was a bunch of squirrel know-best that got the result of no org.

None of these Missionaires had done an OEC, much less the FEBC. I remember well the scorn and derision leveled towards the subject of the OEC (has to be recompiled by COB) and the FEBC. I shouldn’t have to point out the degrade of LRH admin tech. I learned that the FEBC is no longer being used to train execs.

I’ve seen the new “admin tech” that is being used and there is no tech in the new tech.

After 3 years the SO has had to move into this “Ideal Org” where a number of SO members are working to keep it going. There are CLO staff as ED, HAS and at least 3 SO full time on recruitment. There might be others now. From what I’ve seen none of them are OEC/FEBC. Even if they are, they won’t be allowed to do what Ron says as their seniors in the Ideal Org Unit won’t allow it. Applying correct source is not popular in the church these days.

What I see is going on is that the Church of Scientology has been taken over by persons of ill-will who are altering the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology for their own purposes. Either that or they are extremely stupid and can’t study or duplicate source. Or both.

I see a denigration of Source as a standard operating basis by such persons.

I see misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology.

Where was the vaunted Religious Technology Center which is stated to “exist to ensure the purity of the Scientology religion” when all this suppressive alteration was occurring?

The purpose of RTC is said to be; “to ensure that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly applied”.

Yet, stated purpose notwithstanding, RTC has enforced the study and application of squirrel technologies in Scientology.

My last “hope” as a staff member was that the COB would wake up to what was being done under him and take steps to remedy the situation. Well, that was the last bit of theetie-wheetie in my universe. I came to the realization that the situation is exactly what the COB has ordered.

All of these squirrel “Ideal Orgs” are COB orgs.

They are David Miscavige orgs.

Well, COB RTC, is NOT Source.

COB RTC is not even a trained auditor. He never made a Clear in his life (or a release for that matter).

He is not a trained administrator.

The proof is in the pudding.

I joined up to help LRH clear the peoples of planet earth. I did not join up to help some SP destroy Scientology.

I won’t dwell here the extreme bad PR which the church has at this time, or the fact that the OT levels are available to anyone who wants to read them, complete with misunderstoods and out of context out gradients.

This all occurred under the watch of the Chairman of the Board and the Religious Technology Center.

The Church, under David Miscavige and the RTC, has become a suppressive group, by definition:

SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS, are defined as those which seek to destroy Scn or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate suppression of mankind.”

That is straight out of the Technical dictionary.

I am not a member of that group.

I am a Scientologist.

Phil Bruemmer

I guess my comm was a bit wishy-washy because, instead of declaring me, I got this email from the Cont Justice Chief:

Cont Justice Chief Europe
*To Phil Bruemmer
Dear Phil,
I  have been in receipt of your letter today and I also learned that
you  have not yet been in comm with the Chief Public MAA, despite her sending  you several e-mails and the fact that I mentioned it to you in my  e-mail 3 days ago.
However, I sent you personally a copy of the Findings and Recommendations of your Comm Ev, along with a letter, today. Though I sent it in Prioritaire, due to the X-mas week-end, you might receive
it only on Tuesday or Wednesday, per indication from the post office.
At this point, you should get prepared to arrive to AOSH EU very fast in response to the Comm Ev Recommendations, in order to terminate your cycle. Let me know when you will have it in hand and let me know what will be your arrival date to AOSH EU.

I expect rapid origination from your side upon receipt of my letter.  

Ml, Arnaud, CJC EU

My reply:
Dear Arnaud,
First of all I want to tell you that I have received no email from the Chief P/MAA since the 26th of October.
I have checked my email daily (in fact several times each day) & there has been no email from her or anyone regarding my comm ev Fs & Rs.
Ask her to show you the emails she said she sent.
(Note: I _did_ receive an email from her _yesterday_ via xx, who is up here on a tour.)
I appreciate your sending me the Findings and Recommendations of my Comm Ev, however, as far as I am concerned the cycle is done.
You can see my communication of 17 December 2011.
I am going to be very blunt here;
I am no longer a member of the church of Scientology.
My 17 December communication to you should have made that very clear.
I do not want anything to do with the church, its management or any of its affiliates.
I do not want or expect any harassment about this.
I am done and I want to be left alone to get on with my life.
I _will_ go legal if my life is interfered with by the church, or any SO units, or by anyone connected to the church.
There are individuals in the SO that I still like and admire – as individuals. However I want nothing to do with the corporate body.


Phil Bruemmer

“THE NEW MALMÖ IDEAL ORG!!!” is a disgrace to the concept of a Scientology Organization.

One need only read HCOPL The Ideal Org and compare it to the existing scene at Malmö (or any other “Ideal Org”) to see that it is NOT an ideal org.

CMO Int, the Ideal Org Unit, RTC and what currently passes for the Sea Org are a disgrace.

When Malmö opened it opened with a new squirrel org board. Then, even this org board was not followed.

All staff were put on a minimum of 2½ hours per day “Basics Sales” during which they were on the phones harassing people to buy the Basics. Mind now that people on an orgs mailing list are also on other lists and get call at all times of the day or night from around the world. In addition to all-hands Basics sales there were all-hands “Book-a-thons” and other all-hands.

The result of this was that key posts were often unmanned (Course Admin, Tech Services, D of P, Examiner, etc).This led to slows on service lines and resulting injustices on staff for bad service and low stats. But the stupidities continued to be enforced, as it was “Command Intention.

In short staffs were held responsible for posts that they were prevented from holding by the Senior Execs who were “establishing” and “stabilizing” the org.

The org was manned up with disaffecteds from other orgs and by people from other countries who spoke no Swedish. For example, the Public reg personnel were German, Russian or Romanian. The Basic courses supers were Russian, Swiss and 1 Swede. The public disseminators were mainly Hungarian with poor English skills and no Swedish.  It is disgraceful to not have Swedish people at the entry points for new public.

The HGC opened with: 2 Hungarian auditors who were rushed through their Flag training for the opening of Malmö. They were borrowed from Budapest for 3 months, 1 Swedish Class IV who was borrowed for 3 months from Denmark Day org & 1 Class IV from Croatia.

Later on there was I Hungarian V Grad, 1 German V Grad and the Swede and Croatian IVs.

The D of P was a Hungarian and the OES was a V Grad from Hungary.

Qual consisted of an Israeli Qual Sec, Israeli SSO, Senior C/S was an American and the examiner was German.  (That was the final-line up in Qual, not the opening line-up).

There is more. Much, much more. I know folks like long interesting stories but this would be too long. It is also not all that interesting to me. I was fascinated at times by the sheer insanity being perpetrated on what used to be Scientology and I did learn how to survive being constantly under threat and duress while maintaining some integrity, that was interesting at times J

The point of this missive is to point up the fact that this “Ideal Org” operation was never intended to follow LRH policies regarding Scientology organizations and was doomed to failure from the start. It was intended to fail. The CMO Int Mission first and the Mission second were rewarded for this successful failed mission with promotion to the Ideal Org Unit.

The org board then seemed to work like this (after the dis-establishment mission left):

Ideal Org Unit I/C (Lucky Story, or her junior, Smith) issue orders to LC (The Office of LRH is now the Office of CMOI. CMO I enforce Source usurper’s squirrel dictates). LC bypasses anyone and everyone to carry out her duplication of what is needed or wanted.

(“I’m Lucky’s right hand in the org” – Monica Röhrig, CLO EU SO member, LC Malmö & junior sp in charge of ensuring suppression of anyone insisting on standard policy application)

There is another bypass line to the FR, who also bypasses anyone or everyone on the org board.

The FR’s major function seems to be Product Officer of the org, who batters staff to get products for posts they’ve been cross ordered off and to ensure they do the actions they have been cross ordered off post to do.

Go ahead, try to make that logical!

These 2 also are run by CLO to bypass.

The other line used to bypass is the Exec ESTO who, using squirrel ESTO tech, creates dis-establishment. The squirrel ESTO tech is held in place by LC EU and ultimately by RTC, who refers any reports to LC EU. Working with the LC and FR he helps to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion (Note that LC at the time and E/ESTO were handpicked by the CMOI mission.)

CLO, under CMO I run a permanent recruit “project” in the org. This recruit project uses “ethics”, rollback, has in the past gone through pc folders to get data on prospects, etc.

In one instance an HGC pc was 2d flowed to get him under the domination of a female SO recruiter. I went to the I/C directly on this one and it was stopped.

Folders of prospects were taken out of the org and given directly to the Senior C/S CTO who programmed for actions to help with recruitment. This of course is a permanent bypass of HCO and Qual, not to mention the Exec Council and Ad Council.

Dapper Dave “Supreme Squirrel For Life” Miscavige, has managed to install a thoroughly corrupt hey you org board which extends from his very own self all the way down and throughout what used to be Scientology.

In April 2011 I announced my intention to leave when my contract was complete.

I was put on a sec check. Not a leaving staff sec check per the policy (HCOPL LEAVING AND LEAVES) but, a sec check to ensure I didn’t leave. Or maybe it was just to punish me. Or maybe it was both.

I realized this when, after completing the end ruds I was told by the MAA that I had more to do.

This went on for 5 intensives. I had to borrow money to pay for this in the NOTS HGC at the AO.

I get 700 US bucks a month retirement pay for all my years on staff, and my church, which I gave all those years to, bleeds me for whatever it can get from me. And makes me wrong in the bargain! Staff pay in an un-Ideal Org does not cover auditing in the NOTS HGC, even at half price.

It used to be that trained OTs could co-audit, but some sp put an end to that as it messed with his income

(Oh Dave, the fires of hell are as cold as ice compared to where you are going to end up)

(You stupid, suppressive little prick, all the money and all the shyster lawyers in the universe can’t help you beyond this lifetime).

Somewhere along the line I realized they were not going to let me go. I would have to cave-in and submit and become a stupid, soulless robot, or be killed or blow. Or find some other way out, so I ceased to cooperate. Having spent 2+ years in an Ideal Org and dealing with the current crop of what is laughingly called the Sea Organization I had learned the benefits of being 1.1. I slid out and out the door (“just slip out the back jack…”)- Okay, I still got a comm ev but, by the time it was done I was well versed on the scene both inside and outside the cult. Plus I was out of there and out of control J

I wasn’t going to put this up on this blog as I considered my experiences in the Ideal Org to be very small potatoes compared to other stories I have read here. I also observed that the Ideal Org scam is no secret and therefore felt my posting would be redundant. Then some friends pointed out to me that my telling about Malmö might be of some benefit in getting others off the fence and /or out from under the radar.

Maybe so.  Maybe my friends have it right, but I am on the fence about that.

With all that has been written on this blog, scn-cult.com, friendsoflrh.com, savescientology.com, etc., and with all of the LRH quotes cited on this and the other blogs and, with all of the LRH references which have been referred to here, with the all the published wins from the application of Scientology technology OUTSIDE the cult church,  I doubt this latest complaint is going to reach anyone whose personal integrity is so lacking that they would help that disgusting, degraded, perverted suppressive to remain in a position of power.

That is what your silence and inaction is doing – propping up another suppressive dictator.

This particular dictator is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out.

If not for a handful of real Scientologists Davey would have already wiped out any chance any of us have of going OT. If you think he is so powerful and smart think about this: He is killing the only chance he has of getting out.

How smart is that?

No, your silent acquiescence is merely prolonging the inevitable.

There is not going to be any miracle that will save the church from the suppression. It has gone too far for too many years.

The guys who could have handled it didn’t and they are either dead or out here keeping Scientology working. It is over. The church is dead. R.I.P.

You are observing the death throes of the snake.  It can still bite, still inject its venom, but it is dying.

It has destroyed lives, families, hopes. It has tried to destroy any hope any of us had for a better world, for our chance of being free. You want to sit on the sidelines and let this go on until it finally ends?

You can’t deal with an sp. Look at the definition of Suppressive Person in the tech dictionary. (Do it now, before he changes the definition!)

Two days ago I learned from a friend that my wife and I have been declared suppressive since 19 February 2012.

We weren’t surprised. My wife had a sort of “yeah, well didn’t your friend have anything interesting to say?” attitude. It was another alter-is, of course, they didn’t send me my certificate!

So far I have re-done OT I, which was, of course f….d up in the cult. Now I’m working on II and doing just fine and dandy, thank you. Then I’ll re-do III and go on from there.

A word to the wise: You are NOT gonna go OT on altered tech delivered by someone who is determined there will be no OTs.

I am grateful for having worked in one of Davey’s Ideal Orgs because all of the tech on PTS/SP has been made very real to me and will stand me in good stead throughout my eternity. Indeed it ensures that I will have a better eternity, no matter what happens here and now. I have good experience on four flows J

So, thanks Dave.  I know you intended to burn the house down, but you ended up watering the carpet!