Judge to Scientology…

Here is a balanced and accurate piece of journalism on yesterday’s proceedings in Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige, et al.:  The San Antonio Express News.

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  1. Blimey. I can just imagine the foul screaming invective against the “blue-chip legal team” from the tiny tyrant… I would not want to be on the front line of that.

    Will he attend, does anyone think? Or will he refuse and face sanctions or penalties in absentia from the judge… Presumably he would have to swear an Oath – if not on the Bible, then on Mr. Hubbard’s Scientology sacred texts – and would thus perjure himself fairly serious against his own texts were he to lie on that Oath… that should be interesting.

    Love and support to you all from me.
    IEG xx

  2. WOW!!! WAHOOOO!!!!

  3. Accurate and to the point article and Judge Waldrip is doing a great job in seeing through the numerous lies and attempts to get away with fraud, crime and abuse. So, I hope he will get to the bottom of it so justice can be done and Black Heart’s abuses and crimes can finally end.

  4. threefeetback

    quick sand

  5. “How much will it take to make this whole thing go away?” I can just hear that question coming sooner than later from Lamont & Co.

  6. Great article and I absolutely LOVE that last paragraph!

  7. “He literally beats people and imprisons them in the compound out in the desert,” he said, adding that it defies everything known about Miscavige to think he was not involved in the campaign against the Rathbuns.

    So – as so many have already testified, Miscavige IS, according to court record in now two unrelated cases, (Debbie Cook case being the other), a violent volunteer-beating bully.

    Mr Jeffrey, I salute you Sir, for forging ahead in this David and Goliath battle against all odds.

    Mosey – peace be with you and blessings.

    Marty – I’ve said it all before – but Thank You.

    Dave – Captain Miscavige – this really isn’t going according to plan is it. I wish I could say I was sorry, but I can’t. You are a freak of nature and will not be missed by anyone of moral fiber or simple Christian values.

  8. I particularly liked how the article ended with this:

    “In ruling that the church leader come to be deposed, Waldrip said he might have to preside over the sure-to-be contentious legal exercise.

    ‘It sounds like it might have to be done right here in the courtroom so I can rule on the objections,’ he said.”


    Interesting parallels show up in this video interview: Jeanice Barcelo interviews Rev. Kevin Annett about the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican crimes, crimes against humanity, child rape, child torture, child trafficking, genocide of indigenous peoples, and satanism.

    (perhaps Marty could be interviewed by Jeanice)

  9. Cooper Kessel

    It likely won’t be measured in money although the question will most certainly be asked if it hasn’t already.

  10. Good article.
    Day by day the resistance to be deposed seems to escalate.
    David Miscavige has a lot to hide.

  11. Church Lawyer Cedillo in a Rant about the court being a circus for bloggers and the internet !

    The Church parades in 16 Lawyers for pre-trial hearings, the Trial has not even BEGUN and Cedillo calls it a “CIRCUS”
    Listen to his rant here ~~

  12. Justice at last! This makes my day, my year, and my lifetime! Wow, oh Wow!!! I have waited many lifetimes for this. Take that, oh you who would like to disconnect mothers from their children, and putting your ablest and best staff members in The Hole, never to be seen again.. I call it The Dungeon, whatever anyone else calls it

    I can’t wait to see you squirm in that courtroom, monitored by a Texas judge who is not going to allow you to not answer the questions, of which there will be many. THIS IS YOUR COMMITTEE OF EVIDENCE!!!! BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!!!

    YEE HAW!!!





  13. Lou pack Tiny’s bags. David Miscavige maybe you should rethink your dildo business.
    Miscavige, they have a sign in Texas…Don’t Mess With Texas. Davy, Don’t Mess With Monique!

  14. Lady Min,


    Boy oh boy, I sure like those words!

    Truer words cannot be said.

    The qualifier is that the “committtee” needs to be fully and properly informed and have complete certainty on all the facts, about DM and his partners in crime and their unconscionable acts.

    And there has to be plenty of time for huddles by the committee.

    And make it well known and understood that nothing DM says or does is free of deceit. And all his gains are ill gotten.

    Everything he has are the proceeds of crime.


  15. John MacCormack is a legend in Texas journalism circles. He is an investigative journalist with a looooong resume of accomplishments. So happy to see he’s on the Mosey v. Miscavige beat. 🙂

  16. Relief!!!! This is going to be very interesting.

    Thank you Monique and Marty.

    You have many many supporters out here.

    Maybe now the evil from DM will be brought to a halt and he brought to jail.

    Remember Dave, many more powerful men than you have been put in jail with the American justice system.

    You have been in the bubble so long, you will crumble beneath the weight of the brutal truth you have made for yourself under oath.

    No amount of TR-L will get you through. This will be your sec check. A meter will not be neccessary. Your face will tell all.

    All of your black ops crimes are about to become a tabloid world wide event.

    And any OSA caught hiding or destroying evidence is also toast.

    Get out while you can and present your evidence to Marty or his lawyer.

    This thing is going down. Do you want to go down with it. You know DM is a cruel madman. He will betray you in a heart beat. Get your life back.

    Many will be here to support you, many good people.

  17. The funny thing is, if miscavige were innocent, he could waltz into the courtroom, swear an oath, tell the truth and be done with this whole thing.

    If miscavige were innocent, the plaintiff in this case would never have been able to secure such a fine attorney to represent her.

    If miscavige were innocent the judge would likely have already thrown out the case for lack of evidence.

    If miscavige were innocent he could have 10,000 loyal scientologists outside that little courtroom with signs and banners demanding a fair hearing.

    He can’t let his minions anywhere near that courthouse because they would likely learn the truth…HE IS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH AND IS GUILTY AS SIN.

    Question: Did miscavige’s lawyers at any time deny that he beats, tortures and imprisons his staff?

  18. I was thinking about this Karen. What the state is asking for of the Church of Scientology is not anything so unusual. How many times in the past have important “so called untouchable” government workers, religious crusaders and others been called upon? Called upon to do their duty as honest people and give forth some truthful information to help others see the light? Many times. Even Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, i.e. former Presidents! Only the Church of Scientology, the group that is:
    1. Restoring traditional family values in the world.
    2. Curing narcotics addicts.
    3. Spearheading new generations of students without confusion on what they are learning.
    4. Repairing broken marriages.
    …to name a few…ONLY the Church of Scientology “that does all this good in the world” is afraid to come forward and speak? Something tells me Sherlock Holmes doesn’t need to get a phone call to solve this one! 🙂 I think it is a good thing if David Miscavige is deposed, so that people in the church may learn for themselves, or at least get the opportunity to learn about the kind of leader whose activities they have been blindly supporting. Squirrel Busters do not make Clears, OT or trained Auditors, they harrass them. Underpaid, overworked, abused Sea Org members especially deserve a chance to do that but even staff not in the Sea Org are very often abused in the same manner as their “kin” the Sea Org. I cannot imagine myself gainfully employed in an organization like the Church of Scientology. I can’t imagine ANYONE gainfully employed there for that matter! 🙂

  19. IEG
    The way DM treats LRHs scriptures DM could easily make an oath and then lie as it obviously means nothing to him. The first question should be to find what DM’s moral code is and THEN make an oath on that.
    It seems to be more likely Tom Cruise’s life style…

  20. Tom Gallagher

    Perhaps Judge Waldrip should read “The Sociopath Next Door” so he has some idea about what the plaintiffs are up against.

    Maybe Martha Stout could also be a court sanctioned expert witness as to the disposition and motivations of an end-stage sociopath like Pope Dave.

    Maybe we’ll see upfront and in the face LRH’s surrogate like-minded son in all his gory glory.

    After all, Quentin wasn’t there to mop up these messes.

  21. Good question! Did DM’s lawyers at any time deny that he beats, tortures and imprisons his staff?

    I was there in the Battle of Portland where we were all rallied and told to drop everything and fly to Portland to protest the case there. We did that and had a huge turnout of Scns all protesting the case. Why doesn’t DM rally his troops for this one? Surely they would be glad to drop everything for their leader? He doesn’t bring the troops to protest because he doesn’t dare let them hear the testimony and learn the ugly truth of what he’s been up to for all these years and how they’ve been duped all these years. If yo were innocent, Davie, wouldn’t you call another Call to Arms and have the faithful descent on Comal County, TX?

  22. Tom Gallagher

    Then again, we all know the history of another sawed-off psychotic megalomaniac’s Waterloo.

    Isn’t this Miscavage’s deja vu?

  23. Thanks for the reference for a clean, straight up, factual report Marty. My feeling is that anyone with a thread of common sense could see through this, all those power brokers there to stand between Monique and the truth? And a new one to intimidate the Judge? It becomes curious er and curios er! Noisier and noisier! Louder and more bizarre with each meeting! I believe there is some element to David Miscavige’s nature that causes him to wallow in this kind of fame and attention at whatever expense to his people and fiduciary trusts.

    With his sphere of influence (power) down to a few thousand people, (AS he blows them off the bridge and out of the game he blows his own power, because nobody else outside of the Scientology arena cares who he is or what he thinks) this must be something more interesting for him to be dabbling in. Another expensive and time consuming game where a majority in the game can be set up for a loss. He is actually able to pay people to generate conflict and re stimulate others! He takes money others begged for or worked for destimulating others, and converts it into energy to restimulate and set others up for losses!

    Further, he is taking a pay check for protecting the Church, while putting it in Danger and causing serious PR flaps planetwide because he has NO AWARENESS OF CONSEQUENCES.

    ALL of the out PR right now is a result of him thinking THERE WILL BE NO CONSEQUENCES.

    Then he sends in his attorneys to throw the Church under the bus to get attention off himself because HE HAS NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.

    And “Office of Special Affairs” turns out to be a group of people that would rather live on their knees than stand on their feet!

    What are they “protecting” anymore? The less than 10K population of “proper” Scientologists? I’ve got news for him, there are more than 10K “improper” Scientologists right now. He has created more enemies than subjects with Scientology. Because he has NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.

  24. Quite refreshing! Great professional report also!

  25. Thanks for the expletive, marildi

  26. I love it!!! I pray to any entity who is willing to listen that the little cob has to come and get deposed in the court house. I hope he hangs himself on his own words.

  27. I can’t help jumping ahead in time picturing a hundred different wonderful outcomes to this. Gotta pull it back! LOL…. I marvelled at Mr. Jeffrey’s ability to stick it out the way he did with Tommy and his BS. And this judge is too much! He smells a rat and isn’t gonna let go. Marty and Mosey are…I don’t even know what to say.

  28. I love this texan judge…..

  29. These are David’s consequences, just to name a MINUTE few, He CREATES these consequences and then protests about them! And as tortured all of these people he thought there would be NO CONSEQUENCES. This is like 1% of the gross out P.R. that are direct CONSEQUENCES of David Miscavige.



  30. His current court case in Texas is the CONSEQUENCE of dabbling in domestic terrorism! He is paying MILLIONS to make his OWN CONSEQUENCES “disappear”. Across many states in America right now!

    The problem is, he has no awareness of CONSEQUENCES.

    He has been blowing people out of Scientology for 30 years and reducing his own sphere of influence as he does it, because he has NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.

    He creates this circus in Texas at the cost of millions because he has no awareness of CONSEQUENCES.

    He thinks he can set everyone up for a loss and there will not be any CONSEQUENCES.

  31. How great! I’m having visions of “A Few Good Men,” where Monique’s lawyer badgers DM into an angry confession. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

  32. Hi Amy,
    I know you from training I did uplines. I’m very sorry for the travails you’ve had to endure, but am glad you are out and doing well. I am an indie under the radar until I can get my family out. I remember you as being a very sweet and positive person. Bravo on your courage.

  33. Cooper Kessel

    ” find what DM’s moral code is ”

    Have I ever had a chance to utterly ruin a persons life or make a happy person miserable and not done it? Shame on David. Bad Bad Dog!

  34. threefeetback

    And NO gag orders, Lamont.

  35. People wonder how this man can lock up his most dedicated volunteers in a trailer in the desert and put bars on the window, beat people, send people to the RPF for slights such as not standing up fast enough when he enters a room. How he could fire out those finance police and shut down the mission network. Charge 40,000 PENALTY to someone wanting to open a mission. Rip Off donations sent to Narconon and misdirect money given to help kids off drugs. Star a construction project and keep it running for two decades OVERCHARGING. Send people to do OT8 and put them back on OTVll, then objectives! Set up beggar units to take money AWAY from service cycles! Run can’t have’s on the bridge. Beat up volunteers. Send out terrorist squads! Punish a class Vll trained by Hubbard! Cancel auditing certs world wide!

    You think it is because he is bold and powerful?

    It is because he has NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.

    If you and I didn’t, we could do the same things! We don’t do such things because we are aware of CONSEQUENCES.

    And his CONSEQUENCES hit him like some out reality!

  36. Don’t mistake “No fear of consequences”, with No AWARENESS of consequences.

    This guy gets shocked and offended by his own consequences! He attacks it! Like it has NOTHING to do with him! People are just “bitter”. It doesn’t even occur to him that HE IS THE REASON WHY!

    He might as well be the Central Park Rapist on a rampage!

  37. That was my immediate response – just those “words.” 🙂

  38. I think he has been hanging himself with his own words for more than 30 years already. “Power is getting people to listen to you!” Sounds like a chant from a six year old girl reciting nursery rhymes if you ask me. Actually I wasn’t that spaced out at six. I knew the power was with the most stable one on the scene.


    He will NEVER show his face in Texas under ANY conditions. The perjury is blatantly obvious. That is a prison sentence.

    He will settle the law suit.

    By the way, Debbie Cook ,no matter what document she signed, can be excluded from a subpoena from the courts.

  39. Me too. I see him as credit to his profession. A true arm of justice. One that a person can truly lean upon for help because he really does have the ability to care about the person in front of him. He is obviously bright and quick thinking. I think he has been underestimated by David Miscavige. What else? Isn’t everyone?

  40. I meant to say, Debbie CAN NOT be excluded.

  41. Geeze we are watching history in the making! Paul Haggis could turn this into a GREAT movie!

  42. By the way, has anyone else seen a copy yet of the screenplay, “Seven Years A Sea Org member”?

  43. Sorry, just looked at the cover. It’s “12 years a Sea Org member”.

  44. Sean Penn is recommended as playing David Miscavige because of his work in Gangster Squad. Closed yet? No Data.



  45. Update:
    After realizing that his current strategy is not working, David Miscavige has created a new video for his lawyers to play for the judge – designed as a sympathy plea. Check it out at: http://youtu.be/UEaKX9YYHiQ

  46. Oh my, oh my. From his position as the COB COS-RTC-CST, whatever, Mi$cavige can easily buy another twenty lawyers to join his chorus of synchronized dissemblers. They can spew their nonsense as directed from “on high” in every court of the land. But it all boils down to this: Truth.
    A crazy little man is trying to hide from the truth. His hoarde of attorneys has been making one mass assault of confusion after another in the courtroom in an effort to keep Truth from coming to light. But the purpose of the court system is to bring Truth to the light of day for all to see so that Justice can prevail.
    DM pretends to admire L Ron Hubbard.
    He should probably re-read the place where Ron said something to the effect that “What one resists tends to persist”. But I don’t think that he is capable of understanding that idea.
    Because of this he also doesn’t understand that while he may seem to postpone Justice for a little while, he can never defeat it.

  47. You are on a roll, It is good to view the clips of Mike and Marty in another unit of time

  48. The story of Valeska is another fine example of Slavery

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  50. God bless you, Monique and Marty for standing tall for so long …

    I just put a post on my Scientology blog thetanetworkersscientology.wordpress.com, which I am leading off with a YouTube of “Humpty-Dumpty Had a Great Fall” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xoqiMkc9Pq4, letting people know of this post.

    I also wish to acknowledge — as they so resonate with me — the Replies of LDW, Jane Doe and The Oracle: NO AWARENESS OF CONSEQUENCES, indeed! I am letting people know that there are some YouTube videos within your “Judge to Scientology” post which are brief but which speak volumes regarding {the necessity for} the legal proceedings in Texas …

    Just 2 days ago, I posted Indicators of a Cult:


    Sorry, I do not know who to acknowledge for this heartfelt, eloquence:

    When our own thoughts are forbidden, when our questions are not allowed and our doubts are punished, when contacts and friendships outside of the organization are censored, we are being abused for an end that never justifies its means.

    When our heart aches knowing we have made friendships … that will be forever forbidden if we leave, we are in danger.

    When we consider staying in a group because we cannot bear the loss, disappointment, and sorrow our leaving will cause for ourselves and those we have come to love, we are in a cult.

  51. “Families are not good groups”

    -L ron Hubbard

  52. I’m kinda worried about Warren McShane, though, Apparently he got caught in a few prevarications, clearly observed by the Honorable Judge.
    And DM only kept him around because he was such a good liar….

  53. Thanks and wishing you all the best! Amy

  54. He may try to buy you off thinking the only reason you’re doing this is to get rich…hope you don’t fall for it.

  55. This battle is reaching a fevered pitch. DM is in a place where he desperately wants out. He badgered Marty and Mosey for years to create conflict where he (DM) felt he had no exposure. He didn’t learn his lessons from the Tao or the Go Rin No Sho.

    Now, he is being called to the field, his retainers unable to prevent it. They are but merchants, not really loyalists, they can’t be counted on to fall on their own swords despite the orders. The coward is being forced to come to the fore. He can’t do it. It is not safe to be connected to Miscavige in his present state of mind. He will sacrificed everyone possible to prevent his appearance, however irrationally done. This is quite literally; the mad dog trapped. He will bite everything close, even those pathetic attempts to help by his minions. Eyes wide and unseeing, mouth frothing, spittle flying, snarling teeth bared worked into a warped frenzy of insane self preservation.

    This just keeps getting better and better.

    Go Mosey. :>)

  56. Thanks chaps – that’s pretty-much my own view. I’m fascinated by this turn-up after all the years (long-term lurker and occasional poster on here! 😉 ). Is there a chance that DM could even be jailed for contempt of court if he persistently ignores the summons? That can happen here in the UK I think, but I’ve no idea re. US law.

    I think it’s great that this Judge seems to be doing such a great job; I can’t imagine that he isn’t being pressured from behind the scenes…

    Have a great weekend,
    IEG xx

  57. Perfectly true, Theta Networker, “we are being abused for an end that never justifies its means.” This was a lesson my dear departed mother (OT VII) taught me very thoroughly, the end never justifies the means. And never more so than with the aims of Scientology, because what DM is creating is in direct conflict with those aims, “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights…” Talk about cognitive dissonance!

  58. I am stunned by Marty’s bravery. I am grateful. Watching Marty in the situation reminded me of this quote. “When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” – B. Graham.

  59. Hi Espiritu! Very apt use of the quote, “What one resists tends to persist.” To add to that, the reason people are drawn to Scn is because it helps, when it ceases to help, that’s the end of the ball game. As DB, oops, I mean DM is using Scn to harm, sane people stay away in droves.

  60. Marty, you are doing an incredible job. Your wife’s lawsuit could literally be the undoing of miscavige. The more he resists being deposed, the more the judge wants to hear it.

  61. On the Article: I am verry happy that this reporting is in the courtroom, but it doesn’t make a media circus.

    And what about that expected “Writ of Butthurt”

  62. CK
    You got it! 🙂

  63. Right on LDW,
    Slowly but surely the impression solidifies that it not only sucks to be David
    Misavage but also to be his lawyer….

  64. Mary Rathernotsay

    You said it, Mak.
    Marty and Monique are brave.
    Whatever they do will be the right thing. They can be trusted. They have demonstrated unusual courage.
    Judge Waldrip is also brave. He will not cave in to any corruption.
    It is good to see such courage in action.
    Many have reason to be grateful.

  65. Get behind it people Not another Lisa !

  66. burnedbutnotbitter

    Wow but I don’t think he will show, interesting to see the result of that

  67. Right on Tony,
    I second that.
    I wonder if his recent considerable weight loss has anything to do with the stress he is under re having to tell the truth under oath. Ulcers? Is the booze not doing the trick anymore?

  68. M & M,

    This is awesome news, but not unexpected. Having experienced this first-hand I am sure this is the reason you moved to be near Ray Jeffrey. As he has stats, real stats, no PR, like DM….and this is your karma, baby!!!

    Mosey, you are one powerful lady, pulling in this Judge, wow!
    Love you, Midge

    As you already know, you have my

  69. “He has been blowing people out of Scientology for 30 years and reducing his own sphere of influence as he does it, because he has NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.”

    Exactly, the cycle of a parasite exhausting its host. He has as much consideration for the well being of others and the future of mankind as a bed bug.

  70. You said it like it is.

  71. “In ruling that the church leader come to be deposed, Waldrip said he might have to preside over the sure-to-be contentious legal exercise.

    “It sounds like it might have to be done right here in the courtroom so I can rule on the objections,” he said.

    By all means Judge. We love it when you do your job Judge.

  72. I agree with everything that you said Oracle. I too think that unless something changes drastically, the cob will pay and pay dearly so he doesn’t have to show up in Texas.

  73. Wow! Good article! this is a real breakthrough. Great work, Mr. Jeffrey! Judge Waldrip is an outstanding upstanding judge; thank God for him and those like him in our courts, so often our last resort. Marty and Mosey — thank you for your persistence and fine work. All my positive thoughts are with you.

  74. Whatsa few lies to Davyboy itsa truth to him A=A=A. I’m glad to see the integrity the judge has shown and the bravery shown by the Rathbuns. Yes hang in there right is on your side and support is out here if or when you need it. ARC Bill Dupree

  75. He appears to be degenerating.

  76. That’s a great question. I would think it’s more likely that he shows up & refuses to answer questions. Not sure what remedies are available to the court in that case since it’s a civil, rather than criminal, matter. Maybe an attorney who’s reading this could answer???

  77. SadStateofAffairs

    The arguments of the Church team against the deposition of Miscavige are ridiculously dramatic and overblown. They make it sound like forcing Miscavige into deposition will result in the final destruction of the Constitution and American way of life. This is like hearing arguments against deposing a Mafia don who also happened to have a CEO position in some legitimate business he created to help him launder the money from his criminal enterprises. The gist of these arguments must derive from Miscavige rants about how to keep him out of deposition in the case. The lives of Warren McShane, Linda Hamel and Alan Cartwright, and probably everyone in OSA, must be pure hell these days. And I am sure OSA’s investigators have put the judge and Monique’s legal team under a microscope to come up with leverage or ways to derail the case, but apparently they have failed utterly in this regard, since I don’t see motions for recusal, or to disqualify lawyers piling up in the court docket. Mike Rinder could do a great version of Miscavige’s rants about this case.

  78. Here are my predictions:

    1. Miscavige will never allow himself to be deposed, particularly in a courtroom setting with cameras rolling.

    2. The wheels of justice turn slowly, so the church attorneys will continue to insert motions and distractions and appeals on each and every little thing, to cause more and more delay, the strategy to wear down Monique into a settlement, and to postpone the deposition for perhaps years.

    3. Should Monique not settle, and all the possible legal delay tactics have been exhausted, when Miscavige is called to appear, he will abscond with “unlimited funds” off to his compound in Columbia, where he will attempt to continue to run the church in absentia, while denying and attempting to hide that he is doing so, just like LRH did.

  79. On another note “playing the victim”and being the victim of an actual crime like rape and such are two different things. That Tonescale of Hubbard is sure helping to drill out commpasion.

    If it helps yoyr minds eye you can call victims of actuall crimes “survivors”

  80. An excellent recent done piece posted by – Sammy Jenkins on Youtube (Uni-Student)

    Scientology: The Cost of the Cult

    “Short documentary filmed by Bournemouth University Students into the Scientology religion.”

  81. Hey John Doe, very strange how this is playing out. Yet another leader of Scientology paying willing hounds, mind numbed minions, to evade justice in the name of saving the world.
    This craziness, the unquestionable conceptual causation of this scenario lands squarely on Ron and his written word.

    Let us say that Ron was a loyal friend and not paranoid, not afraid of other’s usurping power and not a fan of punishing retaliation;
    maybe Mayo could have been left in charge. Think about that. Mayo seems to be a nice guy. What if a nice guy were left in charge. What would be the face of Scientology today?

    It is an interesting thing to ponder. What would the investigation into the realm of spirit be if a kind hearted person was at the helm.
    As fun as a thought that is, the truth is that Ron favored brutality over sympathy, power over empathy, personal gain over service, ego over the Transcendent.

    The ideological causation of this insanity, that is Hubbard-ology, (I am convinced Ron was not a true Scientologist) rest completely in Ron’s psychology.

    Scientology : the love and study of knowing how to know
    Hubbard-ology: the love and study of what L. Ron Hubbard knew, discovered, plagiarized or imagined.

  82. “Scientology – the biggest scam about”


    “I have never been the greatest one for going to Church but have always respected the religion I was brought up in.

    Honestly, I have always thought in my heart of hearts that the old direct line of communication would be just as good a way to communicate with the almighty.

    Like others I mainly turn in my time of need and in a silent moment to the quiet solitude of prayer and beseech the powers that might be for a little bit of a break for me and mine.

    I honestly haven’t really ever felt the need for an intermediary. That’s why the whole Scientology scam has me absolutely baffled. Can people rearly be that naïve? Well the answer is apparently ‘Yes’.”

  83. As the song goes…”That gun is loaded but, it’s not in my hand”. Time is on Mosey’s side, imo.

  84. Dan

    Well, If I remember correctly, all Mosey seems to have asked for was $1,500,000,00, and legal costs, and for David Miscavige to leave her alone. I don’t remember what other restrictions or costs might be involved.

    It is David Miscavige who seems intent on making it cost more.

    I could bewrong, but I do not think that Mosey can now change her requirements, for this case. I would guess that once the requirements in her suit have been met, the case is over.

    Would have been so simple, and a lot cheaper, to let Mosey have this one in the first place.

    But, alas, the wee bull saw red….


  85. Monte,
    This is an awesome video with some incredibly important news on various levels.
    Thank you!
    Should David Miscavage manage to weasle out of appearing for his deposition in the Texan court for whatever reason, this gives a ‘plan B’ to indict him so or so and make that fact broadly known.
    Davey, there is no way out!

  86. Wife under the bus, slept with women on the ship and then declared them, great grandson hates him, one son suicide, one son hates him, ex wives terrified of him.

    Yes to Ron families are not good groups. At least he is consistent here.

    What he means to say is:

    families get in my way, good groups are those who worship you, see you only as a god and accept punishment as spiritual therapy.

  87. Brain,
    You: Wife under the bus, slept with women on the ship and then declared them, great grandson hates him, one son suicide, one son hates him, ex wives terrified of him.
    Yes to Ron families are not good groups. At least he is consistent here.
    What he means to say is:
    families get in my way, good groups are those who worship you, see you only as a god and accept punishment as spiritual therapy.

    Me> I think your objective evaluation of this subject is a good one and from what I read; true.


  88. knatherthomas

    “What a revolting development this is…” has to be DM’s view. But what a marvelous turn of judicial events for the rest of us! Mrs. Rathbun isn’t going down in flames like Joan of Arc. No, not at all. And maybe, just maybe the CofS can stop being a nightmare hell hole.

  89. Slept with women on the ship ? I tought he was frustrated because Mary Sue was too close by and he wasn’t that “able” anymore because of substance use and health and weight isseus.

    Wasn’t his last “bit of rough” Eunice Ford at East Grinstead ?

  90. He never talks about his mother and father and he hates God

    I think his parents were religious zealots

  91. Just throwing this inthere:

    “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

    Elie Wiesel

    Is that because hate is still affinity like love ?

  92. Marty he is desseminating this for fair use

  93. L Ron Hubbard, Doth protest the Overt:

    “For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on. let me
    take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For
    instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has
    been made out to be. In addition
    to being a lover of young boys and men. he was given to uncontrollable
    bursts of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love,
    understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at
    the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably
    leads. It Is historic fact and yet man still clings to the
    ideal. so
    deep and insidious is the biologic implanting.”

  94. Yes that would be awesome if Dm took th4e stant and Mosey’s lawyers badgered him into a complete display of his anger and potty mouth and confessions just like in that movie. We need to all postulate that. Reality is that which we agree is real. We can decide and create that reality and all agree on what it will be. Postulates do work.

  95. Wow, JD, what a bad picture. But what you say makes sense. I hope that somehow he gets investigated or another raid is done and they get the good to put him in prison. But if he runs and hides with all the money and attempts to run the church from afar, wow, the victims still in the church will hang on. I am hoping for prison and the church crumbling and we have a reformation in the Indie world. And our loved ones who disconnected come back to us.

  96. Jean-François Genest

    Many alleged lawyers are drama queens who are paid to put on a show.

  97. Let’s all agree that there will be “Truth Revealed” in Texas.

  98. Hi Cat daddy

    “Hate is still affinity like love”. No affinity and love are two quite different things. Affinity is the word Ron substituted for the word LOVE on the rational that the word LOVE could not be defined. We make a fundamental mistake to confuse the word AFFINITY with the word LOVE. “God is love” hence love cannot be defined, but affinity can. AFFINITY = the consideration of distance, hence hate is on the scale of affinity.

    Love has no opposite but the absence of love results in fear; “perfect love casts out fear”. Indifference seems to me more akin to apathy.

  99. If he refuses to answer a question after the judge orders him to answer, then he would, most likely, be held in contempt of court and could go to jail. At that point, it would be the judge’s discretion.

    I have a feeling that this judge has children because he appears to be a very patient man used to dealing with childish outbursts (from the 20 Co$ attorneys who keep tripping over each other in order to keep the tiny tyrant happy). I doubt it would get to the point of jail, but it could go ther.

    My prediction: he agrees to show up, but his attorneys will tell the judge they do not need him (the judge) to be present for the dep. They will not want the judge there because they can then go into the dep and refuse to answer questions or respond in a nonsensical way (the way he has in other deps). But I have a sneaking suspicion this judge will referee this deposition and cob will, if he is smart, answer the questions. Of course, he will argue and attempt to obfuscate the issues, but the difference this time round is that Marty is on the other side of the “v” (Rathbun v. Co$) and knows all the tricks.

    The real question is how was Miscavige so stupid as to alienate those (Marty and Mike) who can bring him down?

  100. Hi Pip,

    What I recall is that the reason LRH used the word “affinity” instead of “love” was to avoid misunderstanding since there are several definitions of “love.” However, I believe he did use the word “affinity” to mean love the same way you and others do. Here’s an excerpt from *The Second Dynamic* book, where LRH describes “a complete person”:

    “The foregoing discussion of John and Mary is meant to illustrate what it will be possible for John to accomplish in his marital relationship in the way of construction if he is BEING the second dynamic and is not just managing a bare survival along the second dynamic. If he IS the second dynamic, then he IS Mary. Her efforts are his efforts. Her responsibility is
    his responsibility. Her gain is his gain.

    “This does not mean, in the slightest particular, that John is not himself. He is not less himself because he IS Mary. He does not give up the first dynamic in order to take on the second, he adds the second dynamic to the first. Having become CAUSE within his own organism, he now extends his causation to another organism, but since this other organism already contains a first-dynamic CAUSE, he becomes the second-dynamic CAUSE of this organism. He assumes the efforts of this organism as his own efforts WITHOUT assuming control of those efforts—or, at least, without in any way interfering with Mary’s control of those efforts.

    “This is what is meant by the many forms of the statement that a man or a woman alone are but half a person, that a complete person is made up of a man and a woman. We think that this statement does not go far enough, since a complete person is made up, not only of the first and second dynamics, but also of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dynamics—but the first and second are a good and indispensable start to becoming a complete person.”

  101. V. Good post Miraldi,

    Very high theta.

    Preach it from the mountain.

    Preach it from the roof tops.

    Preach it in the morning and preach it in the evening.


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  103. Glad you appreciated it, Dio. I was pleased to find that reference. It seems to me that, at least in the early years, LRH had the big picture.

  104. Yes, let’s all agree and pinky swear that there will be truth in Texas.

  105. Hi marildi, within the last paragraph of the quote there is this line: “We think that this statement does not go far enough, since a complete person is made up, not only of the…” Who do you figure is the ‘we’ referring to in that statement? Much Love ~ Monte

  106. Hi Monte,

    That’s what is called the “editorial we”:

    “used by editors, writers, etc., to avoid the personal ‘I’ or to represent a collective viewpoint.” http://www.thefreedictionary.com/editorial%20we

    Good reference, isn’t it?

    Much love, marildi

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