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It’s Safe to be a Scientologist in Germany

Update videos courtesy of Hamburg Anons:

Incidentally, the Hamburg Anons have been nothing but helpful and friendly.

The church of Scientology’s total contribution to date has been a literal dramatization of the Spanish Inquisition which Mosey caught a glimpse of on our way into the Ministry of the Interior:

Germany, Europe and Human Rights

UPDATE: 9/3/2011 435 pm cst:  Village Voice coverage of this blog post below at:

During my trip this week I heard from some folks that they had heard on the rumor line that other folks doubted the sincerity of my comment a couple weeks back that “I have David Miscavige right where I want him.”   My comment did not mean that things are easy in our life.  But, we don’t seek an easy life.  We’re working on just what we have said we are working on for the past two years.   It is well covered in the Welcome section of this blog as well as the section entitled The 31 Factors that Scientologists Should Consider.

If people think that we are wasting much time on the ass clowns who come to our home each day and follow us all around the world, you are not watching very closely.  Look at the Bert Leahy interviews.  We don’t just have six ass clowns in a golf cart here. That is just the first layer of daily diversionary tactic.  There is an elaborate network throughout our region, backed by teams of private investigators who monitor our every move and relay to the ass clowns when to strike.  There is an entire unit at OSA INT that does nothing but coordinate operatives throughout the US to make our lives a living hell, impede us, and stop us by any means necessary.  And there are OSA operatives throughout the Anonymous network, ESMB site, the Freezone and Independents running backstabbing, covert propaganda campaigns while we are “tied up” under siege.  Just  look for the 1.1s using the safe Independent Scientology space we are creating to promote such practices as no-training-needed to get onto OT levels, “OT I and OT II are of little importance”: especially coming from “Class VIIIs”,”Class VIs” and folks claiming to be “trained by Ron.”  They may as well be saying “Scientology is a fraud, because after all I studied it all, and violently disagree with the Bridge created by Ron.”  Think about it.  Beware of anyone who has “studied it all” and discourages you from doing the same.

We are doing far more than auditing pcs and pre-OTs and training people and contending with ass clowns.   We never lose sight of the mountain and always have the broader, longer view in mind and keep long-term projects advancing. I generally try to adhere to the advice of the Tao: Just do your work and then stand back.

However, today I am going to have to talk about some work in progress.  That is because, David Miscavige has caught wind of it and is going absolutely apoplectic attempting to put period to it.  It is not minor work.  It is of vast importance to the free practice of Scientology for future generations.

Two years ago the German government invited me to come there and to testify about Scientology.  I told them they might not like what I have to say since my view is that the work of L Ron Hubbard and the philosophy of Scientology should survive and thrive.  Interest waned; and we carried on with our work here.

A couple months ago I was approached by the German government again.  This time they informed me they had studied very thoroughly everything I had written and done over the past two years, and that they understood what we have done has accomplished more in curbing “church” of Scientology abuses than any other factor.  They expressed great interest in my informing not only their government, but representatives from a number of European countries, about our work, distinguishing the philosophy from the acts of the corrupt organization so that their own actions vis a vis Scientology were focused on actionable abuse and not on belief, faith, and workable help.  And so, we agreed to attempt to do so.

While I was in LA last week, Miscavige ordered the ass clowns to pack up and leave our town.  They did so, bringing in special trailers to remove their golf carts and a moving van to remove their rooms full of electronic surveillance equipment.

The “church” of Scientology – hacking international airline reservation computers as they do  – recently noted  our planned trip to Germany.

When I arrived back home last night, six of them promptly arrived at our driveway squealing like stuck pigs about Mosey and I going to Germany.

This morning the ass clowns moved back into the house less than 200 yards from our home that they had quietly abandoned five days earlier, claiming they only came back because Mosey and I were going to Germany.

Our efforts to educate them predictably fell on deaf, cultist ears.  However, I believe the record we made of that attempt is very educational.   It sets forth precisely why we are going to Germany and it shows the level of Miscavige’s violent disagreement with our mission.

Cleaning up the image and damage that Miscavige has created for Scientology  is not very difficult absent his gargantuan efforts to disrupt such work.  But, hey we’re not complaining; like I said at the outset, we’re not looking for “easy” lives –  instead, we’re going ahead living meaningful ones.

We shall see what Mosey and I can accomplish in three days in cleaning up what Miscavige has been busy destroying in Europe for three decades.  My prediction in the long term is that – much like what happened (though little known in the victors’ history books) during the civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties – Europe will embarrass the U.S. into taking responsibility for that which it was bribed into perpetuating.  It certainly won’t be boring – and may bring far more concentrated hell upon us than we’ve seen to date from vested interests in the U.S. government and the U.S. media who have effectively become whores for the cult.  But, as a wise, effective man once said: You may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.

The videos follow.  Watch all the way through – you don’t want to miss the last few minutes where Mosey puts the debate to rest.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Ziba Feulner – Independent OT VIII

I am a Scientologist, and I know that LRH’s technology works 100%
if applied correctly. I started my journey in Scientology in
1988 in Germany, and over the years I have learned a great deal: I
am a trained auditor – Class 5 Graduate, FPRD, HRD. As a trained
Auditor I have delivered several thousands of hours of auditing to
others. I am also a trained supervisor. Additionally, I have done
many courses to learn about Scientology Ethics and Administrative
Technology. Furthermore, I have gone up the bridge to OT8 (I have
attested to OT8 in 2007).

In recent times I have come to understand that many parts of
Scientology technology is no longer being applied in a standard
manner. I have also observed that worldwide Scientology statistics
are downtrending with Scientology organizations not expanding.
Furthermore, I have observed that prices for auditing and training
in Scientology are exorbitantly high so that only a small
percentage of people are able to go up the bridge and experience
the wins LRH had intended for them. Being that I am trained in
LRH’s PTS/SP technology, I know that these circumstances are not
mere chance but purposely made to be so by a suppressive person; I
firmly believe that this suppressive person is the self-appointed
dictator of the Church of Scientology: David Miscavige.
In the last three years I have conducted extensive research.

Although you may have been driven to silence, by means of
suppressive intimidation by the Cof$, I highly recommend that you
conduct your own personal research to come to the truth, without
leaving SCIENTOLOGY. Below you will find some websites that you can
visit to learn more. My research made clear to me that David
Miscavige is a Suppressive Person. By methods of intimidation,
false propaganda, and general suppression Miscavige uses his
position to eliminate the application of standard LRH technology
and stops Scientologists from going up the Bridge to total Freedom.
Following are some factors to think about:

Over the years I have visited many organizations and as per my
observations these orgs were struggling and not expanding at all,
although the many Miscavige propaganda events falsely try to
convince you otherwise. Scientology organizations are not expanding
because people are purposely held back to go up the bridge:
Scientologists are harassed into donating for all kinds of things
BUT the bridge: the IAS, Super Power projects, Planetary
Dissemination, or for ever-changing LRH books (They are now being
“corrected” for the fifth time to FORCE public to buy them again).
Miscavige’s newest invention to extract money from Scientologists:
“Ideal Orgs”. As a trained EstO, I understand that LRH advises
against “Having to have before one can do”; however, Miscavige
convinced Scientologists that we need posh palace-like org
buildings in order to be able to expand Scientology organizations.
Miscavige’s largest money making machine – the IAS – has gathered
hundreds of millions of dollars from Scientologists over the past
decades; so, if posh buildings are the answer to org expansion why
are those millions of dollars not being used to purchase these
buildings? Why are Scientologists being forced into further large
donations for “their ideal orgs”? However, what are those millions
of $$ used for? Here some interesting links:, (Factor Nr.3),

Another example of stopping Scientologists going up the Bridge and
to deprive them of even more money is the inventions of Bridge
steps that have to be “re-done because we found another LRH
reference.” Furthermore, the invention of “the Golden Age of Tech”
which is a method to learn LRH’s tech verbatim is a means to force
auditors to re-do their prior training “because the old training
was no good.” They of course have to pay for their entire training
again. Golden Age of Tech is a direct violation of LRH’s study
technology and against the way LRH trained auditors: LRH never
wanted you to learn the tech verbatim but instead to achieve conceptual
understanding by applying standard study technology. And by the
way, “the new idea”: “Golden Age of Tech” has not produced any
expansion of Scientology as it was promised by Miscavige.

– For the general public Scientology has become a controversial
subject at best – however, it holds truer to say that Scientology
is being viewed rather as a cult, avoided and detested. LRH writes
in KSW Series 1, “Trouble spots occur only where there are “no
results”. Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where
there are “no results” or “bad results”.

– Miscavige uses LRH’s Ethics and Justice Technology in a
suppressive manner to silence critics. Scientologists who question
rather unquestionable matters within the church are “handled” with
harsh ethics or even justice. Scientologists such as highly trained
OTs and Church executives who are trying to uncover Miscavige
crimes are being falsely declared suppressive persons in order to
force their families and friends to disconnect from them (see below
websites). The Gestapo-like ethics and justice machinery of
Miscavige cull these people’s PC folders for overts revealed in
confidential sessions and publish them on SP Declares; examples
are Mark Rathbun or Mike Rinder. What other church does this? Would
LRH do something like that? NO, he would NOT! In this context
whatever happened to these highly ranked Sea Org members who had
dedicated their lives to fulfill LRH’s mission and worked for
decades within the CofS: Mr. Mark Rathbun (former RTC executive),
Mr. Mike Rinder (former Office of Special affairs executive), Ms.
Amy Scobee (WDC executive); these executives after having
recognized D. Miscavige as an SP have left the church (NOT
Scientology). And most of all: Where is Mr. Heber Jentzsch, one of
our most favorite leaders in Scientology? What has Miscavige done
to him?? Read here:

– An increasing number of credible victims and witnesses report
physical beatings and mental abuse of Sea Org members and
executives conducted by David Miscavige. He even has a prison
called “the hole” where he imprisons staff for weeks, months, or
even years at a time. Mr. Mark Rathbun reports, “Miscavige’s abuse
of Scientology executives and staff became so extreme and
continuous, he resorted to locking all of CMO INT and Exec Strata
into a building and called the prison “the Hole.” RTC, CMO/WDC,
Gold, IAS, CST, OSA Int and ASI executives and staff have regularly
been deposited in the Hole and subjected to Reverse Dianetics,
including physical beatings and severe mental abuse for months or
even years at a time, (Mark Rathbun, 2009).”

– Suppression of OTs: Here I will quote Mr. Mark Rathbun,
“Miscavige has turned the top end of the Bridge into a dead end:
First, he has programmed the Advanced Organizations, including the
FSO, to regularly security check pre-O.T.s, and then use their
confessions to coerce them into paying more money for atonement, a
practice not unlike the Medieval Catholic Church selling
indulgences. Second, he has imposed an unwritten code of behavior
amongst O.T.s. They are regularly made to conform to correct dress,
language, political thought, and even ideas as to how to use their
personal time. Said practice is anathema to the very purpose of
Scientology, which is to make a person more his- or herself, more
insouciant and independent thinking. Third, Miscavige has entered
arbitrary “contribution as a Scientologist” requirements mid-levels
which can be satisfied by making cash “donations.” Fourth,
Miscavige requires pre-OTs to attend his regular propaganda events
(see Factors 22 and 23) and are treated as ethics bait until they
enthusiastically embrace his projected public image. This enforced
acceptance of falsehood makes attainment of OT technically
impossible. Thus, Scientology, as practiced in Miscavige’s orgs, is
auditing one toward conformity, solidity, lies; in other words,
down the tone scale, or, the precise opposite direction to the
intended aim of auditing, (Mark Rathbun, 2009).”
There are many other indicators – bad indicators within the Church
of Miscavige; if you are interested to know the website to visit
Other interesting and revealing resources are:

With the above being declared, I would like you to know, my dear
friend that I no longer can agree with the practices of the current
Church of Scientology and that I hereby resign from this church. On
a positive note: I will remain a Scientologist and apply Ron’s
technology independently from the current Church of Scientology.
Let me also advise you to do your own research and to disconnect
from this suppression as soon as possible. You will experience a
resurgence of power, happiness, and expansion. Additionally, let me
tell you that there are many decent Scientologists in the field
continuing to apply the technology independently of the CofS; among
these people are OTs, highly trained auditors, and ex-sea org
executives. If you are worried for your bridge progress once you
have left the current Church of Scientology: Do NOT worry in any
way. There is help – better help and standard technology outside of
the suppressive Church of Scientology. Knowing the suppressive
methods of this church they will publish an SP Declare for me
sooner or later; at that time you may be forced and intimidated
into disconnecting from me; if you do so I will respect your
decision. However, if you decide to do your own research and free
yourself from this hidden source of suppression I will be very
happy for you, my friend.

“It (Scientology) is not in itself an arbitrary, Fascistic police
force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant
of the mind, a servo-mechanism of the mind. It is not a master of
the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the
day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do
that. It has every capability in it of doing that. Contained in the
knowable, workable portions before your eyes, there are methods of
controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been
dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and
solid proportions, that if the remedies were not so much easier to
apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that
exists in Scientology.”
Here only a few of the many People who left the Church of Miscavige
and their stories:
This is true,
Ziba Feulner


You may have caught wind of some government action recently taken to ban certain Scientology publications in Russia.  Max Hauri, who formed the largest independent Scientology service facility in the world to my knowledge, wrote to me of the problem recently. I inquired of Max whether they needed money or other types of support. He said they did not need that. In fact, he said the best thing that Independents in other countries could do was to continue the work to differentiate Scientology the practice from the Church of Scientology the organization.   Max, who is intimately familiar with the local situation and its causes, is convinced it is the espionage and Machiavellian activies of Miscavige’s church that has brought about the current state of affairs in Russia.  I asked Max to put a little something together to explain the situation from his perspective. His article follows. While Max encourages us to pick up what we are doing stateside, I don’t think it will hurt for anyone with influence or reliable terminals in Russia to drop Max a line,

Max Hauri

The Shades of Night

During 1997 some Russians contacted us and wanted to know about the delivery of Scientology, independent of the church. So we went there and started to deliver from scratch – HQS and on up to the OT levels. I’ll keep it very short on that now, but it was an extremely intensive time and a lot of things happened of course, including visits of the FSB (i.e. KGB).

The subject I am writing about is actually KSW 1, having the correct technology. We were very lucky as the law and government structures were almost not existent so nobody cared about copyright. Or at least nobody did, or could do, anything against translating and disseminating the books, bulletins and tapes in Russian.

It was really great to see how Scientology expands if it is not suppressed.

First there was of course almost no bad reputation about Scientology extant but later on it started and became stronger and stronger.

Divide et Impera, in English Divide and Rule, or also known as Divide and Conquer. Machiavelli advised that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making him suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

Miscavige did just an “awfully good job” in that so that the press and mass media have endless stories about “how bad Scientology is”. Due to that it is factually very easy to convince any official that he or she has to do something about it.

Since I left the church, I know factually that all Scientologists are good and dedicated people, there is rarely an exception. Unfortunately there is one big exception.

Thanks to the aggressive work by Miscavige, in Germany you run into problems with an official every once in a while. A friend of mine wants to have his child in a nursery. He told me yesterday that he would have to sign a document that he is not doing Scientology, nor having any contact with it, nor having ever done etc. It is just discrimination. Those capable of reading German can see an example here, page 14 and 15:

So getting rid of the suppression of the church has priority. In other words Miscavige has to be stopped suppressing Scientologists and Scientology.

In Russia we run now into even more severe troubles. Hopefully we can handle it soon, lawyers are already evaluating the scene. A few months ago approximately four tape series had been found to be extremist and will be banned from distribution in Russia, and a few weeks ago almost all of the Scientology books too. Those who can read Cyrillic can see it here, nr. 632-660:

The punishment for disseminating those items ranges from a fine of 3,000 Rubles up to imprisonment.

We have clever and dedicated Scientologists in Russia, I hope they can do something about it, it is a serious threat.

I have to advise you strongly to support the activities of Marty and Mike, it is important that we improve the PR of Scientology from inside, it is devastating if Scientologists are leaving the church with all those horrible stories – which are, worst of all, so very true and often impossible to put into words at all.

The other advice I have to give to you, apply Scientology, deliver. You have the liberty, use it. You will realize what liberty is when you lose it – again.

Do not let it happen again.

The shades of night. Now we’ve got a period here of a very short space of time.”

“But it became terribly important to them to shut all the boundaries on knowledge. And you’ve seen those things, those curtains shutting down. And those were the shades of night falling.” PDC 21.


Max Hauri

Ron’s Org Committee Chairman

Independence in Germany

Anyone who watched The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard will appreciate just how brave and significant this announcement is. Anna Shultz is the first announced German Independent.



My name is Anna Schultz and I´m since the end of last year not
anymore a member of the CoS and now I want to be an Independent

I came into Scientology in 1987 . When I read and studied my first
courses and had my first auditing I knew that this was what I
wanted to do.

No matter who said something against Scientology, no matter what
newspapers wrote , no matter what trouble came up in Scientology on
myself,  I stood tall. Because I knew from my own experience that
Scientology works.

I experienced when Hamburg (biggest Org in Germany at that time)
crashed in 1995. Survived having attested to Clear in 1998 and then
Clear was cancelled in 2004.  Went in the S.O. and out again
because I could not bring together in my mind what I knew of my
studies of LRH and the tech which was not applied.  Or promises not
kept. This – by the way – has happened quite often.
If one has paid for service or whatever the promise was forgotten
or other things were more important as to keep the promise.
In the last years this was more and more the case.

Also it seemed nobody was really interested to help one going up
the bridge. It was always more important what the next target was
to fulfill for the staff member – collect money for the libary
campaign, sell books, collect for the IAS and, and… If it was known
one did not have any money – one was ignored.

But to get me right – not all the staff were like that but many
were driven into this kind of behavior because of the huge targets
they got.

When I found out about the abuses from David Miscavige in the upper Management through the Truth Rundown it was – after the shock – not any doubt that this would not be the truth. In my own time in the S.O. I did not experience violence myself but I heard S.O.members screaming and downgrading their fellow members in a way I never heard it before outside Scientology Organisations. The Leaving Sec Check had also a very, very good effect on me – I started to not hold back any more. I tell my disagreements and I´m not “afraid” getting SP-declare or losing my future.

I was telling other Scientologists about this and instead of
looking themselves I was told not to spread this.
The DSA and MAA at St. Hill tried to tell me what I should think
about all this and that this would be the effect on me from what I
saw on the internet. I did not take their suggestions and here I
am because I can think for myself and decide what is right for me
or wrong. Still being in the Church and knowing of all the abuses
is for me a “No Go”.

After now a few month not connected to the CoS I´m very happy to be
outside. I´m very happy to apply my freedom of speech.
And my dynamics start to align after all the years concentrating
more or less mostly on the third. There is a life – and not a bad
one at all – a freer life outside the CoS.

I´m in Germany and if somebody wants to connect – my mail is