You may have caught wind of some government action recently taken to ban certain Scientology publications in Russia.  Max Hauri, who formed the largest independent Scientology service facility in the world to my knowledge, wrote to me of the problem recently. I inquired of Max whether they needed money or other types of support. He said they did not need that. In fact, he said the best thing that Independents in other countries could do was to continue the work to differentiate Scientology the practice from the Church of Scientology the organization.   Max, who is intimately familiar with the local situation and its causes, is convinced it is the espionage and Machiavellian activies of Miscavige’s church that has brought about the current state of affairs in Russia.  I asked Max to put a little something together to explain the situation from his perspective. His article follows. While Max encourages us to pick up what we are doing stateside, I don’t think it will hurt for anyone with influence or reliable terminals in Russia to drop Max a line,

Max Hauri

The Shades of Night

During 1997 some Russians contacted us and wanted to know about the delivery of Scientology, independent of the church. So we went there and started to deliver from scratch – HQS and on up to the OT levels. I’ll keep it very short on that now, but it was an extremely intensive time and a lot of things happened of course, including visits of the FSB (i.e. KGB).

The subject I am writing about is actually KSW 1, having the correct technology. We were very lucky as the law and government structures were almost not existent so nobody cared about copyright. Or at least nobody did, or could do, anything against translating and disseminating the books, bulletins and tapes in Russian.

It was really great to see how Scientology expands if it is not suppressed.

First there was of course almost no bad reputation about Scientology extant but later on it started and became stronger and stronger.

Divide et Impera, in English Divide and Rule, or also known as Divide and Conquer. Machiavelli advised that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making him suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

Miscavige did just an “awfully good job” in that so that the press and mass media have endless stories about “how bad Scientology is”. Due to that it is factually very easy to convince any official that he or she has to do something about it.

Since I left the church, I know factually that all Scientologists are good and dedicated people, there is rarely an exception. Unfortunately there is one big exception.

Thanks to the aggressive work by Miscavige, in Germany you run into problems with an official every once in a while. A friend of mine wants to have his child in a nursery. He told me yesterday that he would have to sign a document that he is not doing Scientology, nor having any contact with it, nor having ever done etc. It is just discrimination. Those capable of reading German can see an example here, page 14 and 15:

So getting rid of the suppression of the church has priority. In other words Miscavige has to be stopped suppressing Scientologists and Scientology.

In Russia we run now into even more severe troubles. Hopefully we can handle it soon, lawyers are already evaluating the scene. A few months ago approximately four tape series had been found to be extremist and will be banned from distribution in Russia, and a few weeks ago almost all of the Scientology books too. Those who can read Cyrillic can see it here, nr. 632-660:

The punishment for disseminating those items ranges from a fine of 3,000 Rubles up to imprisonment.

We have clever and dedicated Scientologists in Russia, I hope they can do something about it, it is a serious threat.

I have to advise you strongly to support the activities of Marty and Mike, it is important that we improve the PR of Scientology from inside, it is devastating if Scientologists are leaving the church with all those horrible stories – which are, worst of all, so very true and often impossible to put into words at all.

The other advice I have to give to you, apply Scientology, deliver. You have the liberty, use it. You will realize what liberty is when you lose it – again.

Do not let it happen again.

The shades of night. Now we’ve got a period here of a very short space of time.”

“But it became terribly important to them to shut all the boundaries on knowledge. And you’ve seen those things, those curtains shutting down. And those were the shades of night falling.” PDC 21.


Max Hauri

Ron’s Org Committee Chairman

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  1. Watching Eyes

    Hi Max,

    That’s quite a chilling tale. A direct result of the dwarf’s out-tech.

    Now that the books are banned in Russia he’ll USE that to reg even more money from his followers. I can hear the rallying cry: “We have to handle Russia.” Meanwhile, he’ll be licking his chops trying to decide which new car or motorcycle or mansion or booze to buy with all the money coming in. Sick stuff.

  2. All the $10 million dollar “donation” checks to handle Anonymous do not mean didley squat when whistleblowers specifically tell the atrocities that David Miscavige does on a daily basis.

    Max, thank you for your private Email. Please ask me to be your friend on Facebook.


  3. Tony DePhillips

    Hello Marty and friends,

    Max that is a very chilling scene and thanks for keeping the tech alive in Russia. I am doing my small part here in Seattle to back up the reformation.

    I just came back from a very nice vacation. I had a great time at Marty’s party and at the Starbucks get-together near Flag.

    Upon returning home I got a call from someone in the area who is on staff at the local church of mestology and we had a nice talk. While we were talking this person said that when Marty and a few of us were at the Starbucks near Flag a couple of outer org trainees from Seattle saw me and wanted to come talk to me (they didn’t know I was declared an SP). This person told me that the trainees were then told that the whole Flag base was on “lock down” because of the SP’s at Starbucks. We were really “enturbulating” them!! Drinking coffee and laughing drives them insane. I mean really, 20 “SP’s” at a nearby Starbucks puts the whole base on lock down??!! WTF!

    I also had another report who told me how the local DSA and another Scientologist and OSA MAA were trying to convince them that I am an SP and how I didn’t make case gain since while I was on OT7 I had unhandled “2D irregularities” (nice generality) and because of these continual overts I didn’t make case gain.

    My answer to that is that I was on the Level for 6 years and I did make some good gains despite the mental torture they put me through every 6 months. I have experienced major changes for the better. It is true that I had masturbated and have looked at some legal porn while on the Level but that does not invalidate all the gains I have had. That’s the extent of my “2D irregularities”.

    I do not really feel that I need to make the argument that I am not a no-gain case because I don’t really care what the church of mestology thinks about me. But for my friends that may be reading this I will make the following points.

    1. If I was a no gain case (NCG), why did they let me continue for 6 years spending thousands of dollars on OT7??
    2. If I was a NCG, how is it that they allowed me onto OT7 on 3 different occasions?
    3. If I was a NCG and they knew this a long time ago, why didn’t they route me off auditing lines?
    4. If I was a NGC, why did one of my Nots auditors at Flag tell me that all things are not handled right away, but they drop away as one continues to audit. He referred me to the HCOB entitled Handle it with auditing.
    5. Per my understanding if a PC makes tone arm action then they are making case gain. I made tone arm action in solo auditing and if I didn’t make T.A. in session with their auditors, then again why didn’t they route me out and stop taking my money?
    6. Another point is that there are plenty of active Scientologists in the church of mestology that I know that have unhandled conditions that may be considered non-optimum. Does this now mean that all of them are also NGC? How about people with unchanging or crashing finances despite having tons of auditing? Are they NGC??
    7. My argument is that the church of mestology actually creates the environment where they make people worse in many cases, brought about by the church of misscabbage squirreling the tech and policy of LRH.

    The truth is, as long as I was “on board” they would be happy touting me as an upstat opinion leader .

    The minute you stray from their course they will use anything and everything that you have ever told them in confidence to discredit you and they will try to destroy as many of your comm lines as possible.

    I am grateful that I have so many true friends that have integrity. But even if I didn’t, I do believe that I would have the strength to say what I see and have experienced. I am proud to associate with anyone who has the guts to speak freely and associate with whoever they feel is a good comm line.

    I could say much more about what I know is going on in Seattle but I won’t, in order to keep other peoples confidentiality. I will say this though, that the “Ideal” Org is not really so ideal and even those that the church of mestology thinks are loyal might fall “a bit short”. It is not me seeking these people out, they are seeking me out for whatever reason and I am happy to be a friend to anyone who reaches out to me in good faith.

    Also several people that I know were not allowed to go to the Idle Org grand opening in Seattle for fear that they were in communication with me. Some of these people donated thousands of dollars to this project. Just another example of how the church of mestology is destroying itself.


  4. The question is, can scientology undo reverse scientology on ALL dynamics? I’m sure we’ll see in due course 🙂

    Thanks to all applying.

  5. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Max,

    The situation definitely is bad for Scientology in Russia due to DerMisquirmy. I do have a family history there as my father was born in Russia (Ukraine I believe). My mom was Irish. 🙂 Good combo, huh Max?

    Anyhow KSW 1 is of prime importance and must be done by all Independent Scientologists and others who want LRH’s Tech to help better this planet.

    Max, I do appreciate your work at TSSF and the SHSBC tape transcripts came through perfectly!

    Not being able to go to your local Scio church and purchase or use “unaltered” LRH books and tapes is a problem since DerCornCob has and continues to F_ _ _ Up the Tech daily with his “Completely ABERRANT Mind Scrambling” concepts of evil “Know-Best”.

    Max, thank you for helping with the delivery of Ron’s Tech.

    Love and ARC,


  6. Max and Marty,

    Thank you for this communication. It truly hits a raw nerve with me.

    Although I don’t know the stats of this blog I sense it is read world-wide by many people.

    If what Max has written here does not prompt “lurkers” into action then I don’t know what will.

    When Max indicated that “You will realize what liberty is when you lose it – again” he’s not tossing this observation around loosely. Here’s a real wake-up call.

    The Powers That Be (TPTB) that LRH referred to in RJ67 are hard at work to suppress (kill-off?) most of us “useless eaters”. Do your own research while the WEB is still up. All of the basic research has been done and most names are named.

    TPTB continue to thrash out at anything good or worthwhile or of betterment to mankind. The fraud and crimes that are committed by this elite few of inbred cousins financed by creating “money” out of thin air, coupled with their millenniums-long agenda of total control has wrecked havoc and chaos across this planet. It is in our now faces. Just look.

    My studied conclusion is that dm is an agent of theirs. Wittingly or unwittingly he’s carried out an agenda: Covertly destroy LRH’s work. ( But if you care to take three steps back and LOOK it is after all pretty overt.)

    If this is the case then TPTB sure did pick out and empower an ultimate Manchurian-like candidate. To parlay off of Logan’s point on the prior post regarding meters- here is MK-ULTRA in our faces. This has been a well run operation, tacit or otherwise.

    Hence, the church is dead. Factually it is exhibiting final death gurgles. Can’t you smell the rotting offal?

    The sociopath we know as dm nominally killed it, the organization LRH spent 40 or so years building.

    Never-the-less long live Scientology: The idea and the body of knowledge through its application.

    Truth is immortal.

    So are we.

    Anyone in doubt?

    Tom Gallagher

  7. Wow! The hijacking of the Church by Miscavige certainly has had worldwide repercussions.

    A dilemma is how to help people differentiate between LRH’s tech and the Church of Miscavige.

    Here might be one action which could help.
    “RussiaToday” runs many news stories which mainstream US media will not cover.
    Example –
    Perhaps if Marty or Mike or someone got an interview on “Russia Today”, then it might help to somewhat calm the situation for independents.

  8. Doc "Smith"

    Thanks Max, and I totally agree that one of the best actions we can take is to deliver the tech and flourish and prosper. Moving people out of the bank is ultimately the only really lasting solution and we can get higher actual stats out here than is possible in the church now.

    Of course we have to keep our eyes open like Tom says, but Theta, spirit, whatever you want to call it is what will win IMHO.

  9. Tom Galagher,
    Man! I am tracking with you!
    “…The Powers That Be (TPTB) that LRH referred to in RJ67….”
    This is extremely important. This is something which every independent (or anyone) should become very aware of.
    The deceptions go deep, and a person realizes this when they thoroughly and fearlessly investigate with unfettered thought.

    I was pleased to see that G. Edward Griffin and Jim Marrs were in some of the CCHR film clips.

    Please keep pushing for people to do their research.

  10. Obviously a verbal tech squirrel redefinition of NCG, for the sole purpose of covering up Dear leader’s cowardly high crimes. Will the dupes keep pushing it to enslave themselves and us too? Doubt it.

  11. Freetothink

    I just got back from a 3 week vacation to meet my new found friends in Florida 🙂 & my family in Canada.

    Wow what an awesome group! You guys are really here & communicating. Multiple posts with 100’s of comments. I think I’ll give up on the idea of trying to get caught up & I’ll just start fresh here, LOL

    Max, thanks for all you have been doing & are doing to continue delivering Scientology!

    I have found it is really much easier to disseminate once free of the craziness, insanity & suppression of the CoM. I actually realize that most of what the non-scientologists protest & ridge on is not Scientology but the misapplication of Scientology by the CoM.

    Now that I’m an Independent, I can easily acknowledge the outpoints. Once I do, my friends & family become much more open to look at the plus points & see how Scientology has a lot to offer to handle their lives.

    My husband & I are being accused of pulling people away from Scientology but to the contrary I’ve been disseminating & using Scientology more than I ever have in the past.

    Max, you have my best postulates for a rapid resolution of the situation in Russia. Flourish & Prosper!


  12. I am extremely concerned about any affiliition of Independent Scientology with practitioners of Bill Robertson’s squirrel “OT levels”.
    Bill advocated training entities on Power Processes to audit one’s food. He was type 3 PTS seeing aliens all around him with telepathic machines.
    His levels over-restimulate people and are extremely unworkable.
    I saw many people drawn into his scenarios in earlier times after over-restimulation.
    OT8s might consider themselves invulnerable. They are not! Bill was quite close to LRH at times and I personally think that the few workable parts of his upper OT levels were gleaned from chats with LRH.
    Some of the things in his upper levels are extremely restimulative even to an OT8.
    Please Marty consider very carefully any affiliation with people who believe in Bill Robertson.

  13. Max, thanks for this important post. It is chilling and sombering, and also an inspiring call for resolve.

    Reading your description how the Tech proliferates and is embraced when it is purely applied with no other agenda revitalizes the only thing Scientology is about. Delivery! to better lives and conditions.

    the best thing that Independents in other countries could do was to continue the work to differentiate Scientology the practice from the Church of Scientology the organization

  14. This is heavy. I can’t imagine a daycare/nursery making me attest that I’m NOT involved in Scn.and never have been. That would be like a daycare making me attest that I’m not Catholic and never have been. That’s paranoid. Some kind of wicked people have been at work there creating these rules, banning tapes and books, throwing the baby out with the bath water. Crazy. I can’t even wrap my wits around it really.
    This is when I am grateful to be an American most, when something this suppressive is going on in another country. I’ve been American for a while now and I’m used to my freedoms. I do take them for granted, as I expect them to just be.
    I wish I could do something directly to help y’all.
    The best I can do now is follow the path for getting back in the chair to do Scientology the way it’s supposed to be done~the good simple LRH way that always works when you do it right. Free some more theta in this world. Clean up the bad name David Miscavage has slimed onto LRH’s Scientology.

  15. Hi Tony,

    You bring up a point I want to comment on because it is a part of Miscavige’s op regarding how he sabotages Scientologists moving up to OT. And just by the fact that you brought this up, I think you may have not fully spotted this yet, and you need to along with many other Scientologists who have had the same enemy line run on them (the wool pulled over their eyes).

    There is a list of what LRH called “outpoints” in the Data Series. (Note for non-Scientologists, an “outpoint” is what you would call a “red flag.” It is a point of illogic or an illogical statement of fact. Now, one of LRH’s breakthroughs is he discovered there were only so many kinds of outpoints.)


    Here are the specific outpoints:

    Now in this case, Tony, the one that has been “run in” on you is an ASSUMED “IDENTITIES” ARE NOT IDENTICAL.

    For several years now I keep hearing OTs admit that they masturbated. WTF? The reason is that David Miscavige — who is a very perverted man — i.e., the kind who in a crowded room likes to hyper-aggressively interrogate Marc Yager and Guillaume if they “f__ked each other in the ass last night?” and listening in on Tom Cruise’s auditing sessions when he is giving up his overts.

    DM is perverse to say the least. And part of that perversion is introverting others — especially OTs — into the irrelevant subjects to unmock their Bridge progress.

    I alerted to this in 2000 when a professional writer whom I had invited to come and write for me at the Int base, told me that he didn’t think he would be allowed to come to the Int base because he “once put a banana in his ass.”


    I didn’t even know this guy. I was just talking to him on the phone for the first time and he tells me that? I asked him why he was telling me that and he replied that he had gotten into trouble several times for that and for masturbation and was now off the Bridge.

    Oh boy.

    Let’s put this into perspective. Here is a guy, wants to go up to OT. Instead, he goes into a circular eddy, swirling around going nowhere for years because he did something with his own body.

    Why would anyone possibly care about that? What if we lived in a culture where it was very horrible and unthinkable to touch your ear. Especially, oh my god… especially you must never touch your ear with a bottle cap. Don’t even THINK about touching your ear with a bottle cap!

    What would happen? Inevitably, people are going to FIXATE on that and fixated attention is aberration.

    So what is David Miscavige doing? He is CREATING ABERRATION.

    He’s not moving people up to OT, he’s pretending to do that, while actually sabotaging the route. Because as soon as people get onto their six month checks, “Have you touched your ear?”

    You know what? It’s your ear. If you want to put a bottle cap in your ear or whatever, it’s of no concern to anyone.

    By causing Scientologists to fixate on common and especially inconsequential or irrelevant sexual peccadilloes that must NEVER BE DONE he can make people stumble.

    While pretending to uphold high ethics, in reality DM is unmocking people’s Bridge progress.

    And even more stupid are those who now “go OT” while constantly refraining from touching their ears whatever they do and never thinking about bottle caps. That is called a “robotism.”

    A robot cannot be OT because they are not operating on their own determinism.

    There’s an old example: try not to think of a rhinoceros. Go ahead and try it right now.

    Miscavige is doing the same thing to people on the subject of masturbation.

    So, having Scientologists admit to masturbation — THAT is aberrated — not the masturbation, the fact that they think they need to confess to the fact in public. That is FUBAR.

    The price of freedom is “constant alertness and willingness to fight back.”

    Your overt was not masturbation. It was allowing yourself to be tricked into becoming other-determined.

    You said masturbation “does not invalidate all the gains I have had” — hey, masturbation doesn’t have anything to do with going up the Bridge. I’m not saying it is right. I’m not saying it’s wrong. It is ADDED INAPPLICABLE DATA.

    Thinking masturbation is an overt is ASSUMED “IDENTITIES” ARE NOT IDENTICAL.

    Hope this helps.

  16. I think this is a good idea. Not all the media are necessarily bad. Just look at SP Times or CNN as represented by Anderson Cooper.

  17. The best way to really make sure Scientology will survive is to train people fast and get them up the bridge…
    Under another name or not, if we successfully get the show on the road, Scientology will exist forever!

  18. I mooved from one state to another inside germany. Shortly after mooving the state I live now local secret service “Verfassungsschutz” gave me a call asking if I intend to audit in this area.
    You see, they are not afraid of you being a scientologist. Not of giving all your money to the “church”. They are afraid you using the tech. The secret service KNOWS that auditing works.
    By the way, also an american secret service agency (think it had been a military kind of) did contact me mid 80ies to convince me to be carefull. It is not only Germany.

  19. Theo Sismanides

    We cannot blame everything on Miscavige though I agree with all of you about his agenda. And mostly I agree with Tom Gallaher that David Miscavige is a Manchurian-like candidate.

    The enslavers…. what is going on with us guys?

    Have we forgotten the Enslavers? LRH said he kept the work FREE, free doesn’t mean just free of any invested interests but also FREE from distortion, FREE from alteration.

    DM is part of the enslavers’ plan.

    In a world which is going mad, Philosophy being the highest spiritual attainment of Man ever, I think the only way for Man to regain his decency, abilities etc. is to return to Philosophy.

    And here we are with an applied Philosophy LRH gave us, which is NOT applied any more. At least the way he meant it.

    And now in Russia this Philosophy gets a hard knock.

    No, it’s not just DM. It’s the global enslavers at work. And Putin is one of them. This we know. And others are in the club. I don’t need to say their names.

    What do we do?

    I think the only thing missing right now that Ethics is being put by the Independents or is starting moving a bit, and the Tech being there, and many, many, many good and trained and processed beings are around, the only thing…. the only thing…. that is missing is what I have said many, many times:

    It’s the Admin Tech now. And one other thing. Yes, Mission Tech as in the Sea Org. You cannot survive and the Tech will not survice without those 2 elements besides Ethics.

    I said to Marty I would work on an Org Board. But honestly I haven’t gotten the wits to get on it yet. However, it can be done. Anyone who is familiar with the Org Board and wants to help me please let me know at

    This Org Board is the vehicle that is going to carry us forward. It can have thousands of people working on it. Thousands of Independents. It can have its Divisions and many people working on each Division. Not everyone doing everything, or all of us doing the same things.

    There is so much waste of resources at this moment. Each one works on his own mostly. Very few people worked in a really organized way. Look at Max and what he has done. Just 3-4 people from Switzerland, made a huge impact on Russia. Now with Marty and Mike here and other people on the Net, the and other sites… with books being published by Amy Scobee and Marc Headley, there is a lot we can do.

    We here in Greece got auditing by Ignazio here and then Ignazio moved to other places and audited others. At a certain point of time he told me he was not auditing, I told him to come over and audit us and then he moved like a rocket. Imagine we had organized that, how many more auditors would be there. I am not saying that there aren’t but they are not Connected.

    In RJ 67 LRH says Why Organization. If some plant has turned Organization into a Monster it does NOT mean Organization is bad.

    My opinion here is that Russia should be exposed as an once-again Monolithic Communistic society which bans Philosophy.

    This is our torch: Philosophy, a new one, an applied one. And our Organization keeping it safe and free once again as LRH says in “Scientology: Clear Procedure”, Issue One, December 1957

    Scientology: Clear Procedure
    Issue One
    December 1957
    L. Ron Hubbard


    To obtain the state of clear in individuals.

    A thetan who can knowingly be at cause over Life, Matter, Energy, Space and
    Time, subjective and objective.

    This is a working definition. Self-determinism and knowledge that he himself can
    be at cause point are then primary targets.

    Minimum Requisite for Auditor in Using These Techniques:
    A Validated Hubbard Professional Auditor Certificate.


    I have been at work for seven years to produce a series of techniques which any
    well trained auditor can use to clear people. We now have them.
    I am truly sorry that this took seven years. Actually, it took more than twentyfive.
    Under other “systems of research” it could not have been done. It was financed at
    first by my writings and expeditions. Some 15,000,000 words of fact and fiction
    articles ranging from political articles to westerns were consumed in a large part by this
    research-but it was free to act if not free from sweat.
    No bullying dictator wanted it for his mass slaveries as happened to poor
    misguided Pavlov. No big corporation wanted it for a better Madison Avenue approach
    to advertising—another kind of slavery. No big RESEARCH FOUNDATION like
    Ford was there to interject their “America First” philosophy. These had not paid for it;
    therefore they didn’t own it. The work stayed free. Thus it prospered. It did not wither
    in support of some aberrated “cause.” It bloomed.
    But the violence of protecting this work while continuing it took a toll
    nevertheless. Special interests believed it must be evil if they did not own it. Between
    1950 and 1956, 2,000,000 traceable dollars were spent to halt this work. Newspaper
    articles, radio ads (as in Seattle from the University of Washington), bribed “patrons,”
    financed “patients” all cost money. You hear the repercussions of this campaign even
    Money could not stop this work by then. It was too late. If anything had been
    wrong with our organizations, my character, our intentions or abilities the whole
    advance would have crumbled. But we had no Achilles’ heels. We carried on. All that
    has survived of this attack by the two APAs, the AMA and several universities is a
    clutter of rumors concerning your sanity and mine—and rumors no longer financed will
    some day die.

    And so the work has emerged free of taint and misguided slants. It is itself. It
    does what it says it does. It contains no adroit curves to make one open to better
    believing some “ism.” That makes it singular today in a world gone mad with
    nationalism. Buddhism, when it came to the millions, was no longer free of slant and
    prejudice. Taoism itself became a national jingoism far from any work of Lao-Tze.
    Even Christianity had its “pitch.” And if these great works became curved, with all the
    personal force of their creators, how is it that our little triumph here can still be found in
    a clear state?
    Well, no diamonds and palaces have been accepted from rajahs, no gratuitous
    printing of results has been the gift of warlords, no testament had to be written 300
    years after the fact.
    For this we can thank Johann Gutenberg, and the invention of magnetic tape.
    Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge
    you with this—look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original
    work, not offshoots.
    If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work
    from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive
    “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.
    I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind
    sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.
    You won’t always be here.
    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons—”The work was
    free. Keep it so.”

  20. martyrathbun09

    Tony, the rundown you listed is thought control pure and simple. The ONLY thing one will be shot for in C of M are thoughts that run contrary to those being dicatated by a demented dictator. One can defraud the SEC and public, one can rip off people in financial and real estate scams, one can lie, cheat and steal to make big sums of money to fuel the machine – all that is A-OK in the C of M. The aberations they cull from interrogation are simply justification for punishment for thoughts that run contrary to the dictator’s plans. Your point about people seeking you out, not the other way around, is precisely what I have experienced – rings true to me. Please keep us posted on how this all rolls out in Seattle. It is a blueprint of their current twisted espionage techniques.

  21. In my opinion Independents can co-operate with whomever they want. Even with people who were involved in a nasty power struggle within the Freezone and destroyed a discussion group.

  22. Tony,

    From a very “untechnical” point of view, it seems to me like all this third party and complexity being thrown at you is about stopping you from communicating.

    We’ve met, and I see you as a very communicative, high-ARC person who enjoys being in charge of his own life. In the Church’s twisted way, that translates to your being “dangerous” — a silly word to use — because you’re so difficult to control.

    As we saw with that simple little trip to Starbucks, humor and lightness is a powerful response to the CoS’s baloney. (And, of course, coffee doesn’t hurt either.)

    My very best wishes to you and Marie-Joe.

    Just Me

  23. There is much talk of the war on terrorism, human rights, and general welfare in the press.

    Terrorisim: n. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.)

    IMO the most notable alteration made by DM in the release of the “Golden Age” of Materials, is the ommission of the book, Notes on the Lectures, with its summation of Group Dianetics.

    It offers a complete description of what a third dynamic engram is and how it is audited. An essential element of clearing groups is that no information be suppressed, no matter how ugly or uncomfortable for the participants.

    It seems to me that nations and their political power cliques dramatize continually. As an example, the war on terrorism, while laudable on the face of it, offers opportunities to subvert human rights under the guise of protecting the public welfare.

    Perhaps an answer lies not in suppressing published information and discussion or use of it, but in aligning that information into a hierarchy of importances — an “admin scale” of importances of information. i.e. At the top of the scale would be the Creed, and so on, with lesser works at the bottom of the scale. Also, Cliff’s notes would be very helpful to put the information into perspective. There’s no need to rewrite everything, but there is a need to provide context and identify relative importances.

    The alternative is to open the door to banning, shunning, discrimination, and terrorist acts against human rights in the name of public welfare.

  24. Ne Obliviscaris

    I’m gettin’ tired of all this.

    Life as a whale is very peaceful, beautiful and serene.

    Water washes away the “sins of the world”

    It happened before, don’t think it won’t happen again.

    There is more than four times the amount of water beneath the earths crust than is on the surface.

    With that in mind, I submit: (Listen to the whole thing to get the final verse. Part two to follow).

  25. Your humble servant


    Brilliant analysis, thank you.

  26. Ne Obliviscaris

    Part Two:


  27. Steve,
    This topic came up earlier and I posted a short quote from Handbook for Preclears. Since it’s come up again I’ve got another little bit.

    This is from the Third Act of the book.

    “And let’s be blunt.

    “What are you trying to hide in present time?

    “What would happen to you if it were discovered?

    “How many things like this are there in present time?

    “Don’t bother to list them. If other people found these things out they would probably blink, maybe they’d chatter over fences. You might get fired or divorced. But I’ll tell you a secret about secrets. No single person to whom you uttered the confidence would NOT have a similar list to hide. They’ve all masturbated and had clandestine affairs and a lot of them venereal diseases. They’ve stolen money and maybe some have even left a cold dead body in a culvert. They’ve lied and cheated and done blackmail. And the funny part of it is, only those who have a long, long list of things to hide would even begin to reprimand you.”

    If one looks up the word’s etymology it will have something like manus (hand) + stuprum (defile). The earlier historical term was Onanism which is described as follows:
    “from Onan, son of Judah (Gen. xxxviii.9), who spilled his seed on the ground rather than impregnate his dead brother’s wife: “And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother’s wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.” The moral of this verse was redirected by those who sought to suppress masturbation.”

    In Scientology ‘ethics’ (root = character) is differentiated from ‘morals’. Ethics is reason, morals relate to a particular behavioral code, brought about in a particular society and they may or may not be rational or applying reason.

    For example, in ancient Egytptian iconography and statuary, very often the figures are depicted with large erections. It wasn’t considered ‘pornography’ by them. It certainly was by Europeans whom later discovered these images and ‘defiled’ them.

    If ‘personal time’ shared with the composite (see Nature of a Being Bulletin) is a ‘sexual peccadillo’ it is ONLY because it is agreed upon to be so. NOT because there is an reason/rationality to it.

    It is therefore a ‘moral code’ point not an ethics point.

    If it is charged and reading as such, then a standard auditor would find exactly what the charge was on and handle that. If it isn’t charged, then who gives a hoot. Certainly not an auditor or a Case Supervisor. Unless they are now in the business of enforcing ‘moral codes’ that have nothing to do with present time or ethics.

    In some cultures, NOT masturbating is a violation of their moral code. Again, it has nothing to do with ethics/reason, but is an agreed upon conduct.

    In today’s Western culture this whole morality issue of masturbation is a non-issue in the vast majority of people. It is an anachronism of an earlier prohibition oriented society.

    The comment made in Handbook for Preclears I quoted the other day “Practically all the ape family and Man masturbate. Masturbation is a prohibition result. It couldn’t drive anyone crazy. But it can make the individual pull old sex facsimiles into present time for self-stimulation and opens the door for him to desire facsimiles to be in present time” would seem to indicate this is a NON issue if one is cause over mental image pictures.

    In the case of looking at ‘legal porn’, the entire thing changes, as the photographs are in the physical universe and there are no ‘old sex pictures’.

    Or, how about when you are actually nekkid with another person? Is that OK only because there aren’t any pictures at all? Hardly, as there are LOTS of stimulated and restimulated facsimiles in any sexual activity.

    What is ‘sexual activity’ but a stimulation of facsimiles, energy patterns, and various similar items in order to experience a sensation, a havingness.

    That havingness, those sensations, can haul up a lot of stuff that is true. That ‘stuff’ may or may not adversely affect one, depending on their cause level and awareness of what that ‘stuff’ is.

    Another little factor enters in to this as well, mentioned in the Nature of A Being HCOB – there IS such a thing as a body and various and sundry parts to it, including entities, a Genetic Entity, in fact and it certainly has something to say about ‘pulling its stinger’ and rightfully so.

    Finally, with that last in mind, I think what DM’s ‘Onanism Police’ should be policing are all these recalcitrant GE’s that just seem to like feeling things, and particularly, in the privacy of their own rooms, their very own ‘things’ that are when all is said and done, their own.

    Apparently, it is now OK to do ‘it’ until you need glasses as well.

  28. two points about the Seattle Ideal Org event:

    1. I live in the Southern Oregon: I was called I can’t even count how many times a day the week leading up to the grand opening, telling me that COB had ordered anyone in the field nearby to come to the event. It was mandatory and required to support our church. It was also left on the messages that their were buses available for people who needed transportation. I am curious how much income the Portland org made that week, as it seemed that all of the staff were doing an all hands call-in to get people to seattle?

    2. If anyone saw the last org before moving up to the grand diamond studded new bldg it was a ghost town by comparison to what you would think. Not very many staff, and it certainly wasn’t a hub of activity that one would expect for such a booming org (LOL).

    I hope Seattle wakes up really soon and starts to connect the dots!

  29. As-is,
    Scientology has ‘undone’ Scientology on my dynamics. Just as it said it would.

  30. Ralph,
    I am tracking with you completely as you are right in terms of Safeguarding Technology and various side-tracking practices.

    Another thing to consider, in the larger scheme of things, is LRH’s handling for those off into EST, Erhard Seminars Training. He simply programmed the case to be repaired.

    In other words, any of these tangles CAN be repaired though it may take a lot of effort on all concerned.

    Personally, I have enough randomity to not introduce my cereal into the equation. I strongly recommend that others do follow Safeguarding Technology. If they choose not to, then they make their own beds and they’ll surely sleep in them.

    As well, in the larger picture, Max’s site TSSP (True Source Scientology Foundation) is carrying out an LRH exhortation from the PDCs – to provide broadly the remedy to any Black Dianetics, so that a scenario as we are presently witnessing under DM has an answer.

    I also agree with TEG’s post above, DM is covertly and overtly working at the destruction and inhibition of the workable body of materials of LRH’s Dianetics and Scientology. If he gets his way, Scientology will be banned from use, by ANY person.

    In these times, Max’s efforts are aligned with free use of the material, by any and all. He is answering the bell tolling. I’m all for him on that score. (I’m also here as MOQ, along with you, and many others, who can sort out the ‘other stuff’ at some point.)

  31. Wow,thanks for this post. I got in Scientology in Russia as soon as it started in 95. I’ve seen a first Russian Clear and an auditor who did it and I can tell that in the beginning Scientology in Russia was just fine in missions and Orgs when they just started. I’m still in comm with some of my friends in Russia and I can see why more and more people there are leaving Scientology. I call some of my friends once in a while.Again, thanks for posting it

  32. A Mike and Marty interview on RT would be perfect. This whole story is very worthy of general interest and is related to Russia. I watch RT very often since it is on the air in DC, they also have a studio here.

  33. @ Tony DePhillips :

    Let me state something here, very clearly and beyond any doubt.


    However, I am aware how easy it is to get sucked into the ideas ( and madnesses ) of others, if they have sufficient authority or are the majority ( i.e. many people ).

    At Flag I got a sec check, got more and more into a feeling of guilt, and admitted to having done certain illegal things. The MAA ( ethicks officer ) ordered me to clean these up when back home.

    When I got home and inspected the apparent area of criminality, I found out that everything was perfectly in order. No laws violated.

    I then realised how easily others can introvert one. And once introverted, one will always find or create some idea or picture that damages yourself.

    Tony, if you look at what you are outflowing towards your fellow beings, you might once and for all realise who you really are 🙂

  34. Russia, Germany, and many other spots on this globe have experienced some rough times. Very much Group Engram material. They have as an Organism, a Reactive Mind and it behaves just like any Reactive Mind and A=A=A.

    DM’s machine, the Church of Mestcavige, is under a totalitarian Suppressive Person, David Miscavige, and his methods and means are highly restimulative. The evidence is the restim in Russia over what it thinks is Scientology.

    As well, the Reactive Mind will fight for survival and it does fight Scientology, or anything it thinks is workable in the field.

    At the end of Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 61 there’s a bit that impinged on me when I first read it:

    “I wouldn’t credit it, if I were on Saturn and somebody told me you had to sell a science which gives the priceless gift of freedom to everyone, that such a stupid planet could exist. But it does, and you are on it.”

  35. Excalibur and the CBR bridge is something that needs to discussed more. Here RH has expressed some personal feelings about it, so now my interest is piqued. Is the Captain Bill stuff good or bad? It seems like many people have used it with great success, while others have had some trouble.

    With deference to RH, who deserves high respect as an auditor, the Captain Bill stuff may be out-reality for some people. Fortunately most of it is freely available on the web for study so people can make up their own minds. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Captain Bill. I guess I should be blocked from this forum then?

  36. V, Ole Sarge is AMing!

  37. Theo Sismanides

    Silvia, right on! And making auditors and getting up the Bridge has always been an Admin thing. And a Mission Tech thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

  38. Tony, Thanks for your comm. Steve’s (Thoughtful) response is spot-on, and I suggest you read his latest blog called “Black Propaganda” to illustrate just how off the wall your attackers are. And what they will come up with to make less of.
    I had a conversation some years ago with an upper level MAA re a 2D sit and I brought up the PL “Second Dynamic Rules” as my “defense”. Their response, in hostility, “RTC doesn’t care”.
    I am brushing up a cognition here that a lot of what is done via the cofs these days black pr’s you to you- an enforced Flow Zero. And you quit “listening” to yourself and trusting your observations.

  39. Theo Sismanides

    Freaking shit! This is unbelievable! The German Secret Service. Hohoho! What are we up to? We are UP TO what LRH was UP TO all by himself. Hohoho!

  40. Theo Sismanides

    Steve, pretty good! We have some higher reasoning here! No moralities and invalidations and mostly assignment of self determinisms.

    Enough with the crap of Miscavige. Let’s completely De-PTS people on that 2D stuff, Steve. I said some things to my auditor about my 2D. That was enough. I agree with you. I don’t consider myself a crim for my 2D. I can differentiate the needs of the body and my needs and when the GE takes over and I am thrown on the ropes. But the GE is there and kicking, so I am not going to deny that.

    I am not going to fall in someone’s trap either. Thanks Steve, because we are reaching a higher reasoning here, which I hope one day will be clearer to everybody so that no more assignements of self determinismS will occur in favor of Dear Leader as Mike calls him.

    Dear Leader you are not controlling us anymore, not even on the matter of 2D. This is MY ethics and I am doing fine. Thank you.


    The suppression of Scientologists on Germany … How often have you heard that ? How often have you been asked to contribute regarding that ? How much have you donated to the IAS because of that ?

    Did you finally believe that the German government is evil ? Is controlled by Illuminati ? Is using their secret service ( “Verfasungsschutz” ) to harass Scientologists because they are such good people ?

    Here is the ugly truth you have never been told :

    From year one in Germany the Guardian Office and OSA have been doing their criminal capers there. That’s some 40 years by now.

    How would you like stalking – harassments of any kind – burglary – wire tapping – use of electronic devices to spy on people – infiltrations, also on federal government level – theft – libel – slander – threatening – kidnapping etc.

    Some Scientologists have been sentenced because of such acts. Most get never caught. OSA are very well organized and have lots of money ( from you and me ). Given enough money, everyone can buy all kinds of people and goodies and gimmicks.

    A highly reliable person I know very well talked to a government official at Senator level in Germany : they know that vocal opponents of Scientology have been attacked by thugs under very peculiar circumstances ( i.e. giving them hints that the attack had to do with Scientology ). That seems to happen world wide ; Gerry Armstrong, an outspoken critic in Canada, reported 6 of these attacks on him.

    Now what would a decent government do when faced with such behaviour ? What would you do if you were a government official ? Accept that as an expression of religious freedom ?

    Don’t think that I am theetie-wheatie about Illuminati or “The Powers that be”. Not only have I read the John Todd and Cathy O’Brien and Svali stuff on the net ( never google these unless your TRs are 200 % in. Really, I mean it ! ). And realized ( due to some particular information that I happen to have ) that this is real, not invented. There’s also more ( but would be off-topic here ).

    Scientologists are far to willing to agree when they are told : that Scientology is the only religion being attacked so ferociously – because the tech is so workable.

    And thus they donate to the IAS. And quite some of that money is moved to OSA, isn’t it ? And then more illegal or semi-legal stuff is being done. And thus more antagonism is being created. And will need to be handled. What a circle !

    And let’s face it : the above illegal activities have been applied since the early 70ies ( if not much earlier ). The case of Paulette Cooper is well documented. Wikileaks has a bunch of OSA materials. has a lot of Guardian Office stuff ( from the Washington raids ). Youtube showed Guardian office instructions on opening doors without a key ( burglary ), etc.

    And when they send a hired thug to assault someone it’s an application of LRH’s policy of “when you can’t control someone, overwhelm him”.

    There is a thing called overt-motivator sequence ( = when you do bad, something bad will finally happen to you ). Scientologists learn this quite early in their studies. Similar concepts are known in various world religions.

    So nobody should be surprised that Scientologists get so much motivators ( = bad things happening to them ). They have been doing bad things themselves, even without knowing it. Donating money which is then used for illegal stuff cannot be auspicious.

    Some governments react more rabidly than others. I wonder what some smug OSA guys have been doing covertly in Russia. Even Max ( out of the church for decades ) will not know it. But I don’t have any doubt that OSA has been involved in some good old harassments and infiltration there. Tell me a country where they are not doign it ! They ( i.e. the Guardian office ) even established the first anti-cult movement in Sweden ( according to Birgitta Dagnell, former GO staff ).

    So wake up, Scientologists ! Your donations are being used to create antagonism. They are used for illegal activities. Even if only OSA are doing that, it will be credited to the subject of Scientology, every decent member included.

    And the next time you blame Russia, Germany, France or another antagonised country : there is no way to keep OSA in check. A government can’t watch all of these guys all day long. They can’t keep them from hiring mafia lawyers, private investigators, burglars or thugs. They can’t keep them from pretending to be police officers or wearing a fake police uniform. etc.

    The only thing a government can do is reduce the amount of Scientologists. Yes, that’s their only chance against the OSA pest ! If there are less Scientologists, there will be less money for OSA. So the government may issue public warnings. Or apply certain laws more strictly. Or declare books illegal – like in Russia now.

    No use to be theetie-wheatie about it : most of us have contributed to that problem … by donating to the IAS. Yes, I did it too.

    By the way : the freezone movement / Ron’s org went into communication with the German secret service “verfassungsschutz” ( which keeps an eye on Scientology ). And the people from Ron’s org have been assured that this secret service doesn’t care about them, but that they are interested in the church only. Because the Ron’s org have not been acting against the German laws and constitution.

  42. Either the governments will end the abuses of the Church or we will. I hope for the sake of our future generations that we can get there first.

  43. Tony DePhillips

    That was pure genius Thouhgtful!!
    I had been trying to tell them that in different ways for a long time, but never quite put it together like the way you did here which was lazer precise. That blew some charge for me thanks.

    Touch their ear? …LOL!


  44. Tony DePhillips

    Will do Marty!

  45. Virgil Samms

    Thanks for being there Max!

    I told OSA a few months ago that the C of $ is making enemies on almost a daily basis. Now what is happening in Russia is what happened already in Australia in the 60’s. Ask them what it was like for them when Scientology was banned for some years. Not a pleasant feeling, I guarantee you.

    We will lose Scientology in other countries too if we don’t wake up and get the devil out of our church. It could happen in the USA in the blink of an eye.

    Stand up. Fight for your lives. Get DM outta there.

    ML Tom


  46. Tony DePhillips


    You made me think of something. What if DM is a Manchurian candidate put up and planted into the COS so he could stop auditing and setting thetans free. He could internally destroy the workability of the tech and at the same time destroy the ones that had already made it part way out of the trap. This could all be coming from the powers that be.

    Marty is one of the ones (I would say THE one, but I know he doesn’t want the title.) who is helping us get back to where we CAN apply standard tech and actually get going towards OT.

    Also Ralph Hilton, it makes sense to me what you said above. Thanks for keeping the lines clean.


  47. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Theo!

    I agree that better organization would help. What do you recomend as an outline? Or should that be confidential?


  48. Thank you Max, your communication and responses to it on this blog shed vital light on the situation.

    Your input, that of others, information I’ve collected and the history of Scientology itself all say we are going to have to gear up independent delivery and work hard to continue to distinguish ourselves from Miscavige’s C of S.

    Due to Misavige’s ever lengthening list of crimes and highly destructive actions, he is attracting a great deal of attention from outside “groups” that would like to put an end to him and perhaps also see an opportunity to finally finish off Scientology in full. After all, when was it ever weaker or more vulnerable?

    I think what is happening in the East is also happening in in the West except that the West go about things differently. It is no co-incidence, for example, that in the West there is an almost complete media black out on the biggest Scientology story of all – its reformation otherwise known as the independent movement. And some of the few outlets that will push the story in some form or another are blatantly anti-Scientology and anti-LRH (and I do mean anti — anti the subject and any form of it).

    I think it’s going to be a little bit like the Titanic. When Miscavige’s ship finally sinks below the waves, and the sooner the better, as a group we had better have swum some distance from the wreckage and we had better be afloat or risk being sucked down with it.

    You and your friends do vital work Max.


  49. I’m sorry, but this here is utter horseshit, and I’ll try to clear this mess up:

    > A friend of mine wants to have his child in a
    > nursery. He told me yesterday that he would
    > have to sign a document that he is not doing
    > Scientology, nor having any contact with it,
    > nor having ever done etc. It is just
    > discrimination.

    The document from the link has got nothing to do with nurseries. Not at all. Zero. It seems to be paperwork you have to fill out before you can be admitted for apprenticeship at a court of law in Nuremburg.

    In the document, for example, you have to declare you are free of debt and that you have not been previously convicted of a crime. It is true that in Germany, in such documents you will routinely also find statements where people must declare they do not apply the technology of L. Ron Hubbard or are not affiliated with the so called “Church of Scientology”. I believe similarly, anyone who wants to start work as a caretaker at a nursery will also have to declare they are not part of Scientology.

    The reason is – and you independent Scientologists won’t like it – that the body of thought by LRH is deemed to be unconstitutional by German courts of law. The surveillance of the Scientology organisation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is not solely due to the works and actions of the official “Church of Scientology”. In fact, the ministers of the interior opted to not attempt to ban the Scientology Organisation because there was not enough usable evidence for misconduct. Instead, the surveillance has been justified and is based upon the writings of LRH, and noone else. In this regard, I’ll have to break the news to you: it won’t change a thing. Any succeeding organisation will receive the same treatment the Co$ is receiving today.
    Understandably, the government does not want Scientologists in positions like caretaker education children, or in the judicial system, as we all know that all loyalty of a Scientologists primarily goes to LRH, and not to the constitution of this country.

    However, there is NO exclusion of children from nurseries because their parents are Scientologists. This does not extend to privately run institutions – these institutions have the choice of whom they accept and who not.

    Any contrary statement simply is untrue.

  50. good point! I saw some videos and they speak a clear language.

    David F

  51. Terril Park

    Max and Erica Hauri and Otfried Krumholz
    are three of my heroes. They have built up a network of around 60 orgs or groups in
    Russia and Europe. Earlier it seems dissemination was much easier. I once posted a program from
    one of their Russians to get people to come to intro lectures. The second week they had 39

    I have no position as to whether Excal is superior to NOTs or vice versa.

    What I do have a position on is that several years ago at the annual Moscow meeting
    45 class V’s were certified. I believe they train more auditors than the rest of the world put together.

  52. What LRH reference (book, lecture, bulletin, etc.) says that Masturbation is aberrative, unethical, or anything else? I can’t find a single mention of it in any LRH material. Can you?

    If anything, masturbation is one of the most universally practiced 1st Dynamic pass-times in meat body societies, including other primates, such as monkeys.

    It is a 1st Dynamic action, i.e. one does it alone with ones own body. It is not a second dynamic activity.

    Further, if the Catholic priesthood practiced masturbation as an outlet for their procreative impulses, rather than buggering 10 year old boys, a lot of people who have been damaged by their rape and sodomy would be far LESS aberrated.

    When I was a kid, my minister told me that “premarital sex is a sin”. And, that masturbation is also a sin. I asked him if HE masturbated. He admitted that he did, but only when his wife was having her period. Gee, what a great double standard for those of us who don’t have wives!

    An overt act is defined as an action that is intended to cause harm to the greater number of dynamics. Masturbation does not qualify as an overt act on any Dynamic.

    However, accusing others of committing a overt act when they have NOT committed an overt, is an excellent control mechanism which has been used by ever SP in the quadrillion year history of the decay and decline of Thetans in the MEST universe to introvert and weaken others.

    Duh Midget is a stellar example of this suppressive practice.

  53. I totally agree Ralph.

    CBR´s alteris (squirrel) of OT II and NOT´s has resulted in many failed cases.

    His own socalled “OT levels” are mocket up by a madman.

    To call it Rons Org is a joke.
    It´s Capt. Bill´s Org.

    And it have always been a problem in Ron Org´s to have 2 Sources.

    The Russians (and others) are not getting pure LRH and Standard Tech.

    That´s a SHAME.

  54. Dear Thoughtful,
    You are so totally right on the money!

  55. Dear Silvia, Dear Doc Smith,
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    “… when tech goes out in an area you’re liable to have even government flaps in that area. That’s how, that’s how bad it is. So an organization which has out tech is attracting the lightning right down on the back of Scientology, boy. And you never really have government flaps or anything like this in areas where tech has stayed in. Because there’re too many satisfied people, there’s too many friends. See? But when tech slips, and it isn’t working anymore, then it doesn’t seem worth while. When morale is bad in an organization tech had to go out in the first place. If tech is out, if it’s invalidated, if it isn’t being done right, if it’s non-standardized, if it’s shoved all over the place, then you can be absolutely sure that morale will be going out because there is no reason for anybody to be there. Scientology, badly applied, is nothing to protect.” (lecture 09 Oct 1968, Ethics and Case-Supervision)

    As I see it, after diffentiating between Scientology and the out-tech practised in the C of S – so that we do not attract the lightning – there is no alternative to the delivery of training and auditing in the long run. Good results will make friends. And that will check suppressive plans for real – not the fighting against suppression. More and more people will see that there can be hope and help for them, too.

    A few years ago Uri Geller had explained in an TV-interview how they had spotted and found Sadam Hussein in his hide-out. He said that not only the US but all major armies would have a special unit with psychic warriors for such tasks. When I read Max’s article I remembered the quote about the possible use of Scientology-data as a weapon of control when they are not all out in the open. Overt prohibition, just as programs of (covert) changes alike seem to evidence the intention to use Scientology as a weapon.

    But the answer for that is training and auditing and producing good results, too. In my area, I work on that.

  56. Take this sentence: “If you can’t graduate them with their good sense appealed to and wisdom shining, graduate them in such a state of shock they’ll have nightmares if they contemplate squirreling.”
    And put this into a business education text or into a high school teacher manual.
    Would this be appropriate?
    This is not the only “extremist” sentence unfortunatelly. But this is from KSW the core of all Scientology text.

  57. Well said TL .
    Thanks Marthy for placing the data It certainty
    is alarming if they could used and have the availability to sell LRH books before, and now NO. It’s a very surpressive reason behind that .

  58. DFB aka Dfb99

    A Scientologist becomes disaffected and leaves the Church. Instead of listening to you or looking at the reasons why, they instead violate priest penitent confidentiality and attempt to black PR you to your friends and peers using data from your confessionals (I dont care if the auditor said “I’m not auditing you”).

    Is that what we are looking at here, because I think thats the most disgusting things the Church is doing.

    Have you ever seen the Catholic church do this? Any church?

    Scientology needs to be saved. It’s been hijacked by satan.

  59. DFB aka Dfb99

    Anyone who doesnt know:

    Bill Robertson, after leaving the church started “Ron’s Org”. He claimed to be in telepathic communication with LRH and that he was receiving orders and new tech from Ron.

    He created a bunch of new OT levels above OT8.

    If you are curious, they have a website with all the “Sector Bulletins” and whatnot.

    My first reaction to “Capt Bill” and Rons Org were that he was nuts.

    I dont know what to believe anymore.

    Make up your own mind.

  60. TL-

    Griffin and Marrs are (IMHO) researchers I’ve looked at and absolutely respect

    Marrs book on the JFK assassination, “CROSSFIRE”, provides a good representation of what actually occurred on that November day in ’63.

    Griffin wrote the classic” The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Here’s where one can see TPTB hard at work through their agents.

    There are, of course, others whom I respect as well.

    Let me post a 5 minute YouTube of a speech from President Kennedy. It goes hand in glove with this discussion.

  61. If any of you who don’t comment here feel a twinge to speak out then this is the time to do so. Isn’t it?

    Let’s, for God’s sake, save this (LRH’s) work.

    Is it not our duty? When we look back- Wasn’t it about honor?

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  63. With this final comment, today, I may step away for awhile. (I’ve got to get some MEST work to get done.)

    When the COS as laid out by LRH was conceived he inspired many to make this a better world and universe. Unfortunately, the usurpation by RTC with its sociopath in-charge has utterly denigrated these goals.

    I hope I’ve kept my promise to Ron. Salute.

  64. Independent Scientologist

    I ‘ve only been an independent scientologist for a short time. But even so, I’ve been amazed at the number and quality of beings I have met who have also decided to leave the church, but remain true to Scientology (as best they can). However, my observation so far is the same as the last comment – not enough organization in the Free Zone for this movement to be truly effective. So I am mulling over what my responsibilities are and what I need to be doiug to contribute to the independence movement as a 3rd dynamic (perhaps the most important 3rd dynamic on the planet).

  65. martyrathbun09

    You have presented half the picture. Your dictate that “any contrary statement simply is untrue” sounds like C of M speak.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom Sam.

  67. Maybe I should do poetry quote of the week, kind of like Patrick Howson?

    “If the red slayer think he slays,
    Or if the slain think he is slain,
    They know not well the subtle ways
    I keep, and pass, and turn again.”

  68. TEG,
    I”m happy as could be you’re with us on this whole adventure.

  69. Worsel,
    Spot on.

  70. Aligning with Ron’s org will destroy everything and deliver Miscavige exactly what he wants faster than most here can conceive of – like light speed. Where can actual Scientologists turn to in such a situation? To only crazy DM or crazy CBR, and NOT to LRH, because LRH isn’t an option in that case. We need to be an island of sanity or it’s all over. Shoot yourselves in the head the day we stop being an Island of sanity. Even then you won’t escape the waking hellscape X10 that awaits you and your kids if we’re not Sane Island.

    Max will never be effective with this op basis on the scale that he needs to be, and he does need to be because he’s a do-er and that’s 1/10,000 on that level. Max if you really want to provide broad case gain, just deliver the LRH bridge. People don’t want to hear about CBR. If you understand that it doesn’t even matter if Cap’n Bill WAS smarter than LRH, because senior to that lies a datum which goes something like “There MUST be only one tech”, then you’ll get way further. All the power you need to get the job done, and all the PR power you could ever ask for, is already there for you with LRH ‘s Scientology. Push LRH and you’ll make it all the way. Push anything else as a supplement or whatever, and you won’t make it.

  71. Dear Tony,

    Thank you for this very revealing post.

    Someone else posted this on “Leaving Scientology”

    July 29, 2010 7:06 pm

    I saw they wouldn’t allow Bert Schippers into the event. This, despite he gave $300K to the new ideal org building. In fact, he is one of the highest donors of the building and treated like an SP. I couldn’t believe it. I went into the event and have given very little. I have several newsletters some of which have pictures of Bert and his wife shaking hands with Mark Arnold Day org ED and Chris Finn yet this is what its come to. It’s a shame how they can just discard people so easily. They definitely create and maintain enemies through such actions. Other than those things and the high security for Davy and his horribly fluff speech, it was nice to see old friends and the building is pretty, even if it isn’t earned through applying LRH’s green on white to get it (Management resorting to the big donation push because it can’t apply policy and because someone WONT let it apply policy is really taking its toll).

    Just posting in case you did not already see it.


  72. Ne Obliviscaris

    Dr. Faust,

    As you may or may not know. LRH was a physicist. And the Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology are as immutable as the Laws of Physics.

    What you are seeing regarding Scientology in Germany and any where else in the world is what is know in physics as the “Venturi Effect”

    As an example, picture a flow of water through a nozzle at a certain pressure. Now introduce some other tubes feeding the nozzle that are connected to another source of water.

    The flow of water through the nozzle will automatically pull flows from the other source of water through the tubes connected to the nozzle. If you want the nozzle to draw more
    fluid from the other source, just increase the flow through the nozzle.

    Life works the same way. The “Mainstream” (main stream) of public opinion, government policy, business & cultural practices, etc. are flowing in a certain way at a certain rate. Any “other” people by neccesity have to remain marginalized and “off to the side” in order to avoid aligning with the flows of the mainstream.

    As the flows of the mainstream align the vector of the mainstream, a course is set.

    One cannot engage the mainstream if it’s flow is too strong. You will just get sucked into it.

    Rather, one should create ones own flow outside of the influence of the mainstream. Then one can increase the flow along their own vector and pull other like minded individuals along, thus increasing the flow at the same time.

    That is what LRH did in creating Scientology. He created an axiomatic equation describing and solving what life is doing in the physical universe.

    Do not fool yourself into thinking that conditions are unchangeable or truth is absolute. Agreement with the mainstream is not necessary for survival.


  73. I agree 100%.
    Not interested in squirrel Tech.
    Worse than C of M.
    I’d roll out a welcome mat for DM long before I’d ever step into the CBR OT Psychosis.

  74. I am saddened to see so many half truths about the situation of Scientology in Germany being spread. Both sides are guilty of it, critics and Scientologists alike.
    From critics, I have heard Scientology was banned in Germany. This is definitely not true.
    From Co$ you hear Scientology is a recognized religion in Germany en par with christianism. This is untrue as well.

    My point is that there are no forms for parents wanting to send their child to a nursery to fill out asking them about connection to Scientology. This is where I am saying any contrary statement is untrue.
    In fact, even the documents you have linked to in German language contain no such evidence whatsoever which makes me wonder: Has your guest writer Max Hauri even read them? You don’t need to trust me on this, just ask your German independent friends to read what’s really written in the linked documents.

    The documents are about people seeking work in positions of authority. There the government is careful not to have its interests be subverted by the “church of scientology”. The documents linked to contain questionnaires where applicants need to document connections to extremist (i.e. islamic fundamentalistic, extreme left wing or right wing, etc. organisations). In this case, the employer is the government of Bavaria which would make the applicant – if accepted – a civil servant. You could argue that people wanting to serve the state are discriminated against. But that has got nothing to do with nurseries and children. Claiming it does is dishonest and I am here to set the record straight.

  75. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the nice thoughts.

    I do know who I really am. I am just relaying data about ho the church uses out-tech and invalidation and or evaluation of the lowest order to try to black PR people that don’t toe the company line.


  76. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Just Me!!

    Nice to hear from you. I agree with your analysis.
    The church of misscabbage do not like people who communicate and hold their postitions. Another reason I wrote the above was to let them know that their dirty tricks won’t stop me from communicating and that I can confront them telling others everything I have ever uttered in session. I have actually had a lot of case gain from going through all of this.

    I had a cog yesterday on energy flows that was so real to me and never had this happen before. It was like I lifted out of an energy mass and I was not subject to flows or ridges or dispersals. Then I could see clearly when in the past and future (with certainty) when I was in an energy mass and subject to flows and ridges. I realized that for the last several years I have been stuck in a huge massive energy ridge within the Cof m. It has become a huge quagmire and now I am OUT OF IT!!! Fuck YA!!
    Floating TA!!

  77. ✩Sarge✩ 😀 to the nth degree! ☼ ∞ !
    You have made my year, possibly my forever.
    My smile is waayyy offfa my face.

    Marty are you delivering pure standard tech again?

    Whoa ☼ ∞ A lot of ∞ rejoicing going on.

  78. Tony DePhillips

    I dedicate this song to DM.

  79. DFB aka Dfb99

    Tony, I’ve had that thought in the back of my mind for years.

    I believe the way it has been done is the only way it could have been done, given that the U.S. and other free countries still allow space for Scientology to operate, Scientology could not easily be prohibited.
    LRH had a brief window to do what he did and since he freed and awoke many beings and also trained them to deliver Scientology to others, the only way to stop it would be from the inside. To misdirect and alter it from the inside in a way that these beings would not know.

    DM seized power in a very clever way, using each increment of power he grabbed to get rid of those who would stop him.

    He crushed the Missions and reigned them in so he could completely control them.

    He did the same to CLV orgs.

    He destroyed management.

    He has brought everything under his complete control and created an environment where fear prevents anyone from even questioning his actions.

    Now he IS the Church of Scientlogy and everybody else is either a pawn or in his valence.

    Somehow we woke up, maybe before it was too late.

  80. Tony DePhillips

    I dedicate this to all the “loyal” OSA-BOTS including the local Seattle DSA Ann Pearbottom. Enjoy

  81. It took me getting out of the Church to rise above the OSA Briefing data that I got on the situation in Germany.

    When I finally looked for myself, I found that the German government, after Hitler and the Stazi in East Germany, are very wary of totalitarian groups.

    They find very specific writings and speeches that Hubbard made to be something worth watching in order to protect their constitution and never allow totalitarianism to rise up in Germany again.

    This is a point OSA never told me, but it was always there for me to see – if I had just let myself.

    I would suggest each person look for themselves at the very exact and specific list of LRH materials the Russian government finds to be examples of extremism in this new situation in Russia. Look at what the German government actually said about them, too, and what the French government has said as well. Carefully examine their specific points *for your self*.

    OSA ran the line that it was the delivery of the OT levels that they were trying to stop. That is a lie.

    Only by completely duplicating and understanding the exact problem they are trying to solve by taking these actions will you ever handle this situation.

    It’s NOT the OT Levels.


  82. I agree. (My comment was in a much shorter form and showing responsibilities of LRH himself – that comment did not appear yet).
    LRH also wrote do not do anything illegal. Sorry OSA, in case you read, I do not know the exact reference 😀
    But the fact is that the government would have very tough work to do to dismantle only OSA or to select out certain LRH references which can lead to “extremism”. The point is that when I first got into Scientology it was because of the spiritual side of it. Than when I met the admin tech (the “hard part” of it), KSW and so on I was shocked, although I did not have in my mind the least thought of squirreling ever.

  83. Concerning: “There is a thing called overt-motivator sequence ( = when you do bad, something bad will finally happen to you ). Scientologists learn this quite early in their studies. Similar concepts are known in various world religions.”

    You mention an interpretation of that term that is VERY wide-spread in the C of S. In more than 35 years I have only met one (!!!) MAA (Ethics Officer) who had a correct understanding concerning that.

    For anyone who has been told this or some similar definition, please False Data strip yourself and listen to the full lecture, 03 April 1962, The Overt-Motivator Sequence. LRH explains in full, how just the above mis-concept destroys a group or civilization.
    You find this lecture in the Level 2 lectures or in the SHSBC-lectures. Please, I promise, you will be very surprised and very reliefed.

    „ And if you’re going to suffer from every overt you have ever committed—

    see, that’s impossible. I mean, mathematically, on one lifetime, you’d be dead a dozen lives

    over, don’t you see? And if you got a motivator for every overt, for instance, and so forth,

    how could you live?
    “ …

    „Now, what does this all add up to? Well, it adds up to the fact that if man is basically good the

    only thing wrong with him is his imprisonment in evil. But the evil is false. This is quite

    interesting. If the evil is false, what would happen if you set him free? He becomes good.

    Ah, then what witchcraft has been worked here? We tell a fellow he is evil, and we convince

    him one way or the other that he shouldn’t attack, because other things are good and he is evil.
    And we just have another civilization mechanism.

    And one of the ways of phrasing it is that everything done by you will be revisited upon you.
    That’s karma.

    “You will pay for everything you have ever done”: that’s karma. And a lot of people get the

    overt-motivator sequence mixed up with karma. They are not the same thing.
    “ (03 April 1962, The Overt-Motivator Sequence)

  84. Did it not occur to anyone that the same forces that seek to infiltrate the church have not thought the plan through to destroy the Indy movement also?

    Look. The Indy movement is gaining momentum, all the sudden the atrocities of the church are being noticed after thirty years of this bullshit?

    So they use the Indy stories as their justification for outlawying the tech full stop.

    That’s what I am seeing.

  85. Concerning OSA-activities violating the law.
    I think you touch here a much broader point that might qualify as being a ruin of this society: The concept that an intelligence agency is outside the Laws.
    Some years ago a friend told me of a project to google for declassified textbooks for the training of such agents. Nothing in those textbooks she found in the net confirmed with the Laws of the country. And these were some of the official textbooks in the 60’s and 70’s!
    If they too were to follow the laws just as normal citizens should do, we would probably have peace on the planet in short order.

  86. Hey thoughtful,
    You are right. I think people have misunderstood the pain and sex bulletin, and become ‘catholic’ about it – we cant go by only 1 bulletin and arrange our lives on that. To make something so simple, relieving the effects of ones hormones – a crime is to introvert. (and consider the pollution of our food, water and drugs to hinder our hormones for population control – having good levels of hormones is needed to have children). As a midwife, women with low toned attitudes about sex had a hard time delivering. Per science of survival, a bad attitude towards sex shows the tone level. I believe masterbation or enjoying ones body is normal and natural. Glad you brought it up.

  87. Hallo Terril,

    I have a few thing thinks to add to your commend.

    1) in a Ronsorg you have the choice to do Excalibur or the original OT-Levels and NOTs. You are not obliged to do Excalibur. I have personally talked to some old timer Scientologist who have done both the old OT-Levels in the church as well as Exalibur. All of them told me that there are very very happy to have done Excal and that Excal has helped them to resolve problems which came from the OT-Level.

    2) There are some people which are repeating again and again that there have seen people crashing because of doing Excal. This is IMHO just a generalization (SP-Type). I have seen lots of people doing Excal and all of them (with no exception) are doing fine, prospering and winning.

    3) I have observed myself that Ronsorg has been constantly growing and prospering. There are not doing any PR, adds or anything like that and also not talking very much about there success in the internet, blogs or message boards. The only think the Rons Org does is delivering Scientology courses and Auditing.

  88. Marty, can I link here a brief explanation of all these considerations by a very reliable RO terminal? Thanks:

  89. I have an OT friend who knew CBR. I never found any of his stuff out reality. I enjoyed reading it.

  90. Your right Sam. I had the same thoughts.

  91. I agree with this. The media is just trying to destroy scientology as a whole, including independents, cause they know it works.

  92. Thanks for your post Max. You have very valid points.

  93. Hallo Tony,
    I could write more, but usually then I am considerd to be nuts (not seeing the reality). I have been accused to be that many times inside Scn.
    But lets consider it to be fact that Scn had enemies that did have the goal to stop Scn.
    Then one of the possible ways to do it would have been to simply declare Scn to be undermining society and declare us as enemies. Then roud up all of us and put us into some Guantanamo. That scenario had been considered. But had not been put into effect.
    Right now it looks like that a double push strategy had been choosen. Preasure from the outside that enables enemy to get positions inside. (normal war tactics) If DM has a role in this game is basically secondary. Fact is that Scn no longer is existent as working body.
    If you focus your attention on DM you might miss the bigger picture. As any dictator in history there are man behind it. Hitler had been financed to accomplish his take over. Look at the money flows. Those are the real enemies. Not the front man.
    The secret service is only operating on orders. Find the one ordering it.
    And as a side comment or opinion: I thank Ron that he did take proper action and did all he could to save us from going to some Guantanamo.

  94. HCO PL 11 August 1967 SECOND DYNAMIC RULES:

    “It has never been any part of my plans to regulate or attempt to regulate the private lives of individuals. Whenever this has occurred it has not resulted in any improved condition. All I have been interested in, so far as Scientology law was concerned, was in removing retarding elements or practices from the path of progress toward freedom. Man is aberrated. Otherwise we would not be here. He is hard to rescue as he has been carefully “trained” to do himself harm. I have no concern about the second dynamic activities of Scientologists save only where they bring suffering to others and so impede our forward progress. Therefore ALL FORMER RULES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES RELATING TO THE SECOND DYNAMIC ACTIVITIES OF STUDENTS, PRECLEARS, STAFF AND SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE CANCELLED. ..No Ethics order shall be issued by reason of second dynamic activities. All Ethics orders now in force relating to the second dynamic are cancelled. No staff member may be punished, transferred or dismissed because of second dynamic activities. No student or preclear may be suspended or dismissed because of second dynamic activities. ..One of Man’s primary areas of aberration is the second dynamic. Processing, not discipline, is the only thing which eradicates aberration of such depth.”

  95. Han Solo,

    thanks, that answers quite some questions for me.
    Best, Fidelio

  96. Terril says:

    “45 class V’s were certified. I believe they train more auditors than the rest of the world put together.” Go figure..


  97. Maria, I am so glad that you define “terrorism” and go into the 3rd dynamic engram (e.g. “…An essential element of clearing groups is that no information be suppressed, no matter how ugly or uncomfortable for the participants….”).

    I think that everyone should watch the documentary “Core of Corruption: In the Shadows”.

    A Scientologist (independent) assisted Aaron Russo in the making of an excellent documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism”.
    Something interesting to watch is an interview with Aaron Russo who had been friends with a Rockefeller.

    (The combined assets of the Rockefeller family could literally pay off the US national debt.)

  98. Joe Pendleton

    Tony, I’m not from Seattle, so I’ve never met you, but I wish that I did know you.

    Man, I have to say that this talking about other people not making case gain REALLY ROYALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!!!! It is absolutely gross behavior. Of course, as many folks have been declared SPs over the past 30 years who ARE NOT ACTUALLY SPs PER LRH DEFINITIONS….well, then this all has to be justified somehow. But talking about other people’s auditing….geez!!!!

    People who have cognitions are making case gain (and getting TA). Reference: CS Series 6 – What the CS is Doing, which explains all this.

    MASTURBATION! PORN! I am 59 years old and have never done such things myself…..OK, I’ve been “clean” the last 10 minutes….but the point is: can you even imagine the LITTLE PEOPLE (and I don’t mean physically) who have to talk about such things about others to make less of them? AND AFTER ALL YOU’VE CONTRIBUTED!!!!!

    It’s just……..well, my friend, it’s just BAD FORM, brother!!!!!

    And it mocks and inverts the whole game we’ve been playing these past few decades.

    I’m glad to know someone like you, even if it’s just by reading your comm. (for anyone)

  99. Joe Pendleton

    Thoughtful and Jim Logan – great posts, insightful.

    On a planet where people have been absolutely brutalizing each other and suppressing others’ survival along ALL the dynamics since day one, when a church starts to obsess on its members’ sexual behavior…….well, that church is also trying to work an evil control on its members by finding something people can be punished on all the time (and an area people think about a lot).

    And if you can focus the religion on the 2D, you don’t have to adequately explain what’s happening on the THIRD dynamic (yeah, just move their attention to their groins and they might not notice what else has been going on for 30 years – AND OF COURSE IT IS A FERTILE AREA TO ATTACK ANYONE WHO IS QUESTIONING THE POWER.

    Oh, and one more thing. There IS something that is definately worse than masturbation……..”trying” not to masturbate all the time (I’ve always found that an obsessive inhibited pleasure is a much worse state of affairs than a disreputable pleasure, but then again, I’ve got a bad attitude)

  100. martyrathbun09

    Sure. But I haven’t reviewed. Don’t have the time now. All I know about Max’s work is the documentary by the English Chap. What they are doing at lower levels is so more effective than C of S it ain’t even close. Someday I’ll get some time to review this upper level noise. They would be hard pressed to be doing anything quite as suppressive as what C of M is doing with upper levels.

  101. Watching Eyes

    Interesting screen name, Dr. Faust. Something doesn’t feel right. Have you too made a “deal with the devil”? As I’m sure you know, anyone aligning themselves with the dwarf has done exactly that.

  102. That which has the power to heal also would have the power to destroy and vice-versa.
    Or you could say simply the way out is the way through.
    Either way for me applying all aspects of the tech and ‘undoing’ what was ‘done’ has lead to unprecedented wins and realizations. Guess you just have to do it to find out 🙂

  103. Theo Sismanides

    As Is, Scientology has done the same as Jimbo said, for me. I escaped David Miscavige’s “Scientology” through Scientology. By LRH.

  104. Tony,
    Yeeehaaa! Well done my man!

    I’m on the 1st ACC tapes carrying on sequential study (which is the hatting of an OT, the other half of the Bridge) and came across something apropos to the issue re: feeble attempts to introvert one with various things.

    In a tape, in two parts, FORGET AND REMEMBER, GOOD AND EVIL there is a description of a ‘hidden standard’. Now this is not the Hidden Standard that is the subject of later tapes and bulletins (the one in the Tech Dict) but a standard of behavior that is not anywhere expressed, it doesn’t exist but is held there as some sort of datum by which to judge. It’s applicable in the case of the comments here on OSA’s attempts to invalidate persons as they’ve done with you and ‘sexual irregularities’ for example.

    Along with the discussion of the hidden standard is a description of Acceptance Level. This idea relates to what condition something must be in for a person to accept it.

    As one descends the scale from Curious, through Desire, to Enforce and Inhibit, whatever it is they started out being Curious about, they can end up being very inhibited on. (The Factors relate that remedy of abundances and scarcities is important.)

    The process that applies is Expanded Give and Take, GITA.

    Soooo, LRH relates a hidden standard (some vague unexpressed criteria of behavior) to Acceptance Level thusly in a lecture from 19 Oct 53, titled as above:

    “What is the hidden standard of any human being toward which he’s trying to argue other human beings? It’s a very simple problem. The hidden standard is the acceptance level of the being. And Mama, when she’s standing there saying, “I want
    you to be a good little girl,” means exactly this: “I want you to be my acceptance level of little girls.”

    “Mama’s acceptance level of a little girl might very well be a lascivious, wicked, foul-mouthed, filthy, evil little brat that was homely as hell. And Mama’s unexplained motives and so forth start to reveal themselves with Acceptance Level Processing.”

    In DM’s view, spread down and through the 3D organism, sexual inhibition has brought the next step in the downward spiral, the beginning of the next Desire, Enforce, Inhibit sequence. A ‘hidden standard’ of what is OK sexually is really an indication of what is acceptable and that is all manner of strangiocity (just made that up).

    So, just on the other side of that rebuke for ‘sexual irregularity’ is in fact a downscale craving for ‘sexual irregularity’.

    Like I said, training is the hatting needed, vitally needed for this new state of Clear and OT. LRH’s intention to release the tapes carried through despite DM’s reaaaaalllly, lonnnnnnnggggg, comm laaaaaaaaaag, of some decades, has provided us with the body of work that hats us up so we can see what’s what.

    You can understand a lot more of what’s going on with persons obsessed with others’ behavior and ‘peccadilloes’ with the data on Acceptance Level and its relation to a hidden standard as described on these tapes.

  105. Well, I have explained my name in one of the prior comments in another thread. It stems from Mr. Rathbun’s reference to Goethe in one of his posts. As I generally hold an opposing point of view to both the Scientology Organisation and many ideas of Hubbard I thought this was an apt name on these boards 🙂

  106. Theo Sismanides

    TEG, I am with you as in numerous cases TPTB is in action. Only the blind couldn’t see that.

    Yes, you have kept your promise to LRH. No doubt about it. Keep outflowing your thoughts and observations. Salute!

  107. Allen,
    Excellent and applicable points made in this post. Thank you.

  108. To my knowledge, this description is accurate. The government was urged to take action after it has learned that many people were scammed out of lots of money and families losing their sons and daughters. Knowing how OSA operates it often is very difficult to prove they did illegal stuff and so the state can only rely on the writings of Hubbard to justify action against the Co$.

  109. Overdriver,
    Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen? He applies the above quoted sentence to cooking. A mighty fine dish comes from the kitchen too 🙂

    Allen’s post above relates the ‘sensitivity’ that these several European societies have to Earlier Similar totalitarianisms. Hence, a sentence taken from KSW can be interpreted, through the facsimiles of the bank, to mean something other than what the subject is intended to be.

    Personally, as a Supervisor and Cramming Officer, I made it my business to apply that sentence. Why? So guys who go into an auditing session get gains as they should.

    I would apply that sentence to any person on my lines espousing Bill Robertson’s ‘tech’. I would absolutely apply that datum to any ‘auditor’ who failed to call an actual FN while he watched the meter play dixie or who took prior and latent, uncharged, reads and badgered a being to introversion over nothing.

    Jeez, rewax, it doesn’t mean or imply you beat the shit out a person to bring up his ARC and KRC. DUH!

  110. IBERO,
    As long as they do deliver LRH Scientology, they’ll continue to do well.

    I’m a Scientologist, that means LRH’s Scientology.

    Some weeks ago, Once Upon A Time wrote a piece on KSW (I think this was over on Jeff H’s blog). It was a brilliant summation of the whole idea.

    Personally, I wouldn’t ‘excal’ any more than I would ‘primal scream’. Both are interpretations that fixate on a single aspect of a workable tech from Dianetics and Scientology. Both have their adherents.

    Scientology is LRH’s spoken and written words. That’s it.

    Bill Robertson’s techniques are NOT Scientology. Period. I’m not making a judgment on them other than that.

  111. I suggest you do the primary rundown, then the student hat again.
    Then you reread KSW 1 with the whole context,
    duplicate it first, then find data of comparable magnitude and similar experiences in life, then add some judgement to it.
    When you have done all that you post again here !


  112. Further eye popping readong on this subject;

    Eustace Mullins;

    In Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952), Mullins highlighted a purported conspiracy which resulted in the founding of a privately owned, U.S. central bank.
    Jim Marrs;

    The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America. 2010

  113. “Sure. But I haven’t reviewed. Don’t have the time now. All I know about Max’s work is the documentary by the English Chap. What they are doing at lower levels is so more effective than C of S it ain’t even close. Someday I’ll get some time to review this upper level noise. They would be hard pressed to be doing anything quite as suppressive as what C of M is doing with upper levels.”

    Thanks Marty. ARC restored.

  114. Tony DePhillips


    Nice comments.

    Yes, we were the ones to “wake up” to Scientology and now are the ones to ” wake up” to the bullshit. We must be the top 10% of the top 10% of the top 10%. LOL. But seriously, that does make us some aware thetans eh?

  115. ” is the ommission of the book, Notes on the Lectures.”
    There is also another book missing :
    ” Child Dianetics”
    There it is said you don’t harass kids with dianetics (only if they want) but rather let them play !!!!!!

  116. Dear friends,

    with great concern and bewilderment I observed the 3rd party Ralph Hilton is doing on this site in regards to Max, Captain Bill Robertson and the Ron`s Org network.
    It lacks good manners and respect.
    “..In a culture manners are the lubrication that ease the frictions of social contacts. (HCOB 10.4.74)”

    I know Max personally for many years know. I know no one who is more committed to save Standard tech (KSW) than he is. He works practically seven days a week from 9 am to 11 pm to keep standard tech alive.

    That we have the possibility to study Source without alterations today is mainly due to his outstanding effort. For example that one can download the materials on the site is due to his strong commitment.

    He and Erica trained hundreds of auditors per original checksheets. In Russia alone they trained over 25 Class IV Graduate CSes. (No quickies, including all the internships, etc.). Hundreds of OTs and Clears are their product. They deliver since over 30 years now independently standard Grades and OT-levels. Currently over 1500 active Scientologist are part of the Ron`s Org Network. The Ron`s Org Committee is network of independent scientologist, that cooperate in friendship. More about it under:

    In the HCOB 13.09.65 “Out Tech and how to get it” in LRH writes: “The term “out tech” means that Scientology is not being applied or is not being applied properly. When Tech is IN we mean that Scientology is being applied and is being correctly applied….Tech implies USE. There is a wide gap between mere knowledge and the application of that knowledge…”. In short this means no auditing or training= out Tech.

    Concerning the insults towards Captain Bill Robertson, who was one of the closest companions of LRH (award by LRH: “Captain W. B. Robertson, Right Arm rank, is hereby awarded the status of Kha Khan for excellent duty as Captain of Flag ship Apollo and a long career of success and high statistics in the Sea Organization.”) and his “squirreling” of the OT-levels. I recommend the following link:

    Click to access mythsandfactsaboutcbr.pdf

    I think a person that insults Captain Bill Robertson also insults LRH. If a person would insult a close friend of mine (unjustified) I would also feel insulted.

    At the Ron`s Org all OT-Levels are delivered strictly according to LRH. When a person finished OT III he/she can study NOTs or continue with Super Nots (Excalibur) as he/she chooses. Before this point the discussion is useless. Captain Bill wanted everyone to study Source and only Source. He wanted everyone to become a Class VIII Auditor and do the FEBC if possible. It`s not fair to insult him as a squirrel.

    However the idea of a different Ron`s Org Bridge is a false data. There is only one bridge. The bridge LRH laid down. LRH made sure that the bridge exists in freedom without suppression.

    I am so extremely happy I found the bridge I can not express my gratitude to LRH and those who preserved it for all of us. It`s beyond words. I`d like everyone to walk over the bridge and help others to walk over it.

    I wish that we can make more Clears and OTs and have a strong 3rd dynamic enriched with ARC and respect.


  117. LRH had to fight real ennemies and there was also a more dangerous environment (Iron curtain, Vietnam, possibility of atomic war) then nowadays, and his main focus was on creating a better bridge.
    He had because of above a high necessity Level.

    But in 1982 he gave out a LRH ED (could please MOQ or somebody that has it at hands publish it here – I need it urgently) where he stated that all the ennemies of Scientology are gone and have no more power and Scientology has won that fight (1982 !!!!!!).
    There he also says; that he gives us the tech and it’s up to us to apply it correctly.

  118. Theo Sismanides

    Tony, thanks. No, not confidential, at all. On the contrary the Independent should know such info so that they can differentiate between the “Old Organization” and the real Organization which is the 7 Div Org Board.

    Miscavige has used the org board for enslavement. LRH used it for Freedom. Big difference, don’t you think?

    What the people who hate or not-is the Admin Tech should become aware of is that HAD that tech been missing, would they have gone OT or become trained? Nope. That is how valuable it is. And even with the crap of DM that Admin Tech still kept the theta there and kept giving cognitions to people in Academies or in auditing rooms. It’s the tech of Duplication of the Tech Tech. The Admin Tech.

    Now, the ref. is the Org Board and Livingness, a tape by LRH. In a sea of data, not all data are of equal importance. The Org Board (Admin data) is a basic.

    LRH in the FEBC tapes (1st tape, WELCOME TO THE FEBC, 7011C17) says the following:

    “… Now the pattern on which we’re operating is something that you should have some information on. And this pattern itself is of importance, and it will serve you in your stead.
    There is an FSO called ”Expand and Control”, and that gives the sequence of expansion. And
    that is we’ll put a Flagship here, and the Flagship puts a Flag org here, and the Flag org puts
    control points in continental areas, and those control points in continental areas put orgs there.
    And the orgs put a public there. I want you to look at this as a sequence of action, and perhaps
    it’ll give you some idea of what’s behind some of the things you see going on.
    Now as far as you in your future position, you will be putting there what there is
    where you are. And from that firm position, will be putting there an extended position. Now
    that even applies to divisions. You put there a stable terminal from which you can expand, by
    putting in stable terminals to expand to. Now this, then, makes a sequence of stable terminals.
    Now you’re looking at it here on Flag on a planet wide basis. In an area you look at it on an
    area basis, in an org you look at it at a divisional basis. And it all works the same way. You
    will only get trouble from those areas where you have not taken those steps. And if you’re
    getting trouble from any area, then you have not taken those steps.
    So, you go back and you set up an office, and then from that you set up an HCO, and
    from that you set up this division, that division, the other division. And all the time you’re
    doing this, of course you have to cope with anything that is going on. It’s about fifty percent
    organize and fifty percent handle what’s going.”

    So, you always have a stable terminal and it can be a whole Organization composed of further smaller by still stable terminals. They change particles. The terminals change the particles as the particles enter the org board and move from left to right.

    So, we can have a WEB organization. Hierarchy is part of life. Egoism, altitude and DMism is not part of its leadership. Leadership is part of life. In the same tape LRH says you cannot have 21 command sources in one organization. Problem is who is Command. Fortunately, we have many people who can man up Command. They have shown they can serve, as to command is to serve.

    So, Tony, do write to me ( and I am TR3ing this for others too.

    It’s so important. We have so many auditors for Div 4, Production. We have the Web for dissemination. We have a new goal. We should not introvert for any reason. The world is going down at a fast pace. This is enough to introvert the hell out of a being. The hell with the rules now, of this society. Viva, the 7 Div Org Board. The Platform of Expansion.

    I suggest you write to me and we can talk. And whoever else wants to help or talk with me on that, you are welcome. I promised to Marty I am going to prepare this. haha. I have an assignment.

  119. Thanks for your feedback. We need more communication from those who have actually experienced Excal and the Rons Org upper bridge.

  120. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. You noted, “I think a person that insults Captain Bill Robertson also insults LRH.” A does not equal A. It is this kind of think that lead to the demise of the church of Scientology. I think it is an awful big mistake to repeat it.

  121. martyrathbun09

    I suggest you not get too serious about all this. It is quite easy to weave conspiracy theory threads. The ones who are very adept at it do quite a job of restimulating people into overwhelm. Just look at Miscavige – who has OSA read Marrs as a requirement.

  122. Worsel, thank you for the enlightening reference.

    So let me put my message in different words : one can become effect of his own actions – e. g. if you set the house on fire you might get burnt.

    If OSA harasses and fair games and infiltrates
    governments and vocal opponents … well, sooner or later the OSA victims will be fed up and unite and try to improve their defense. And their actions might be directed against all of Scientology, decent members included.

    Just think of CIA, KGB / FSB ( Russion intelligence ), Mossad ( Israel ) etc. Their current activities are usually not known. But after years and decades some bits get out into the public. Like the CIA getting 100 million LSD trips in the 1950ies, and testing some on unsuspecting US citizens. Or MK Ultra. Or attempted assaults on Cuba’s Castro. Etc. etc. And tell me – who in the world really likes those intelligence agencies ?

    Same with Guardian office and OSA. Lots of stuff got out. Worst PR. And people and governments ( at least in Europe ) are beginning to unite. Also indipendents. Or Anonymus.

    Don’t tell me this wasn’t predictable in the first place !

    What would have been an ideal scene ? OSA investigating every case of disaffection in CoS, including all bad service / insane regging / unethical ethicks-handlings etc. OSA to ensure it gets fully cleaned up and never repeated. OSA also checking overpriced services and all other stops on the bridge. Boy that would shoot up the stats !!! ( don’t wait for it, this will never happen ).

  123. martyrathbun09

    And perhaps also engage in a therapy that might crack that super literalness.

  124. Veritas, I just Love your ‘AMing’. I got introduced to NOTS by a very professional auditor/friend and I definately am AMing
    and still cogniting. My ‘sudden’ has to take a back seat to ‘AMing’. After years and years
    of no auditing I really didn’t think I would even
    show up on a meter. But, I am here to tell
    you that my Love and Respect for LRH has
    increased significantly. Gang, The tech WORKS!
    Especially when its correctly applied. V, I
    now understand all those beautiful comments
    of yours that I fell in Love with. Love You!

  125. Marty, I really respect you and others who have spoken out about the CoM. I had been onlines for 3 decades.

    However, just like Miscavige has duped Scientologists, so has the government duped Americans in a major way.
    For example: BUILDING 7 – Facts and science and forensic evidence and directly observable film footage don’t lie. Hundreds of eyewitnesses and extraordinary, in-your-face outnesses make for concern as an individual confronts one of the most dynamic deceptions of this era.
    Just facts…no theory.
    Please watch the documentaries suggested by “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” and read the scientific research (layman version – ).
    All World Trade Center dust samples contained indisputable evidence of military-grade, high tech nano-composite explosives (both residues and unexploded flakes). And there is much more forensic evidence.
    But a first step is looking at the information.
    That is all I ask…just spend some focused time studying this issue.

  126. I originally have not come here to discuss the merits of the “tech” of LRH. Just wanted to give you the info that the documents linked to have nothing to do with the points made in Max Hauri’s texts.
    Still, I am always open for discussion and will go into a few points you’ve made 🙂

    > As you may or may not know. LRH was a
    > physicist.

    Hubbard claimed to be many things.

    > And the Axioms of Dianetics and
    > Scientology are as immutable as the Laws of
    > Physics.

    You are mixing two different meanings for the term “axiom”. In one case, it is used to describe a natural law that is validated empirically through observation, like, the apple always falls to the ground.

    > That is what LRH did in creating Scientology.
    > He created an axiomatic equation describing
    > and solving what life is doing in the physical
    > universe.

    Now you are speaking about a mathematical system of axioms. These kinds of axioms are of very different nature – they can be based on observations in reality OR they can be independent of nature and reality and can be entirely abstract. In either case, I would like to refer you to Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, where Kurt Gödel proved that all sufficiently powerful systems of axioms are either inconsistent or incomplete:

    Thus, you cannot prove that Hubbard’s body of thought is consistent and correct only using his axioms.
    You have to judge the scientific correctness of his work on the base of what he writes, i.e. what he promises in Dianetics, and the actual results. I have read and understood Dianetics.
    I have concluded he makes promises that his technology cannot possibly keep and that he is dishonest to the reader.
    And speaking of “equations”, how would you apply the formula: PV = I*D that is given so prominently in Dianetics to your personal growth? That’s just ridiculous.

    > Do not fool yourself into thinking that
    > conditions are unchangeable or truth is absolute.

    It is funny that you would tell me that. Next to you telling me the axioms are immutable just as the laws of physics, Hubbard pretty much only wrote in absolutes to describe his tech. Dianetics, Book 1, Chapter 1:

    “Simple though it is, dianetics does and is these things:


    2. It contains a therapeutic technique with which can be treated all inorganic mental ills and all organic psychosomatic ills, with assurance of complete cure in unselected cases.”

    Book 2, Chapter 2:

    “Discharge the reactive engram bank and the schizophrenic faces reality at last, the manic-depressive sets forth to accomplish things, the neurotic stops clinging to books which tell him how much he needs his neuroses and begins to live, the woman stops snapping at her children and the dipsomaniac can drink when he likes and stop.

    These are scientific facts. They compare invariably with observed experience.”

    At the end of the same chapter:

    “The engram is the single and sole source of aberration and psycho-somatic illness.

    An enormous quantity of data has been sifted. Not one single exception has been found. In “normal people,” in the neurotic and insane, the removal of these engrams wholly or in part, without other therapy, has uniformly brought about a state greatly superior to the current norm.”

    I could continue this ad infinitum. But I guess you’ve gotten the idea already.

  127. What do you mean ‘we’. You got a frog in your pocket?

  128. Deb,

    you are using a generality here : “the media”. Maybe you perceive them all as one big blob. In this case I would invite you to look at the scene more closely :

    There are freelance reporters in search of a story they can sell. Scientology ( including tech, LRH, church, independents etc. ) is a very complex subject ; a not-so-bright or lazy reporter can fail to get the real story and remain stuck in generalities or prejudice.

    There are some journalists specializing in rumours and scandals ( e.g. ).

    And there are some big media tsars, like Rupert Murdoch or Haim Saban ( also spelled Chaim Saban ). They often support their own agenda ( e.g. Saban is very pro-Israel ).

    Some journalists also have their own agenda, when they also belong to some other group like Free Masons etc.

    And some media have a history of being also used as a secret service mouthpiece ( e.g. BBC ).

    Good reporters like Anderson Cooper, John Sweeney or Brian Seymour have featured the abuses without degrading the belief system.

    And many a story on Scientology has not been published because the legal department of the newspaper or tv station didn’t approve. They know that Co$ is quite inclined to sue.

    You see, the world of the media is actually a complex subject.

    In 1963 LRH stated something like this : that reporters who come to the org have their lie story already set up. Maybe that was true at that time. Today any reporter can stick to the unpleasant facts about Co$ – no lies required. Scientology has long lost its innocence.

    I’m checking the world wide news about Scientology daily. And frankly I don’t see that the media are effectively destroying Scientology. They aren’t even destroying the church.

    Scientologists ( in the church ) do it all themselves. Like LRH said, THEY create the stats of their orgs, not external influence.

  129. Han Solo, your ideal scene is brilliant!

  130. Bryon you can talk about whatever you want, I’m not trying to stop you. As long as I can say what I want too it all evens it out.

  131. Thank you. Marthy of course A does not equal A.
    That was not what I wanted to say.

    Maybe I`ll say it differently. I think LRH had a very good knowledge of people.

    I just wanted to point out that I think LRH has choosen a good Captain, a second Deputy (Mary Sue was first). He did an excellent job.


  132. Faust,
    I used to like it when guys like you walked into the circle, way down there, dressed in the little suits and made a big showy display.

    Enjoy the circle, Faust, round and round.

  133. Great posts on this subject. Special thanks to Tony, Thoughtful and Jim Logan. Much of what is being said here is spot on. I am ashamed to state I have experienced much sufferring and self-inval, etc. etc. over the past years due to the church’s obsession with the 2D.
    Regarding the bulletin Pain and Sex, I recommend reading it in a new unit of time. It says what it says – meaning it DOESN’T say what the MAAs are trying to get you to ‘duplicate’. I M-9ed this 3 times on a gal (who for some reason needed to M-9 it because someone was upset about a “revealing” blouse she’d worn – I truly didn’t understand that). During that M-9, I really saw what the bulletin is all about. It’s really just about pain and sex being control mechanisms! And what is the church doing today? Control via those two buttons! I can think of many examples.

  134. DFB aka Dfb99

    Tony DePhillips,

    I’m usually not too far ahead of eveybody else.

    I’m sure the bulk of Scientologists are not far behind.

    There are a lot of OT MoFo’s in Scientology, despite operating in a supresive group with impossible targets they yet achieve them. Guys like you, coming up with money you dont have to finance the IAS and Ideal Orgs, and, and..
    Pretty soon a lot of those guys are going to be on our side and they might just be a bit pissed.
    And, now living in the truth instead of a supressive confusion they will be 10x more powerful.

  135. Han Solo,

    I can only acknowledge you! I have also heard horror stories when I still was on staff, I could only shake my head and silently say ‘no, no, no – for what?’ It is only provoking unnecessary antagonism. It is not helpful for us at all. Thanks!

  136. Dr. Faust,

    I really do not see any logic in it that when the parents bring a child to the nursery that they have to sign that they are not connected with Scientology.

    The link gives only a valid *example*, it is not what the parents had to sign – maybe it is, I didn’t ask.

    If the threat of “Scientology” toward the governments is stopped, then they have no more need for such actions, because it causes unintentionally A=A=A.

    Scientology can be delivered correctly, we do it now since 25 years and we never run into any difficulties, we are accepted allover – apart from the CoM.

    Max Hauri

  137. Dear friends

    Thanks for all the comments and advices.

    I didn’t intend to start a discussion about what and who is standard tech, much less about other politics.

    To make my point clear, do YOUR bridge, take the chance, you have it now – don’t take if for granted, it is not. It is a privilege!

    The other point is, we have to increase the reputation about Scientology, mainly by decreasing the entheta about it. Though I am aware that by cleaning it up it could stir things up quite a bit. But then let’s do it as fast as possible.

    Max Hauri

  138. Han Solo, thanks for your clarification.
    I am with you. I know some of these clowns from OSA that do not know Scientology, do not apply Scientology, mix it with suppressive practices in order to dwell in in some morbid feeling of Games Condition. I know some who wouldn’t even recognize Ethics Conditions if they would be forced to do them. They would think it be something new. (And for them it would be.)
    You gave the example: Dealing with a situation that is or seems to be “dangerous” has not in one single case known to me lead to application of the complete Danger Formula with all its steps – including findiding of the own out-ethics and handling that. (Possibly there has been such application but that is not known by me and in my estimation that would be a rare exeption.)

    Yes, if one doesn’t know the tech of how to do something, and if one cannot do it, and does not use it, one CAN be the adverse effect of it.

    However, that is something different than the “Overt-Motivator-Sequence”. This “definition” and its concept of “when you do bad, something bad will finally happen to you” is an old and heavily used control operation to turn self-deternism into acceptance of slavery. It is a trap. And I felt that before anyone attempts to think with that concept, I better make a note of the location of the actual data on that.

    And by the way, it is one of my favorite tapes. ^^

  139. Sarge I rested better last night I went to sleep with a lighter heart, thinking about you AMing. What a great feeling knowing delivery — real delivery — is happening. I sensed how well deserved and long -deserved it is — for anyone, and especially you! who were and are so true.

    Beyond personal gain and release that really is snap crackly pop living lightning, I also had the same increase (if possible!!) of Love and Respect for the LRH. Just seeing it in action from an empirical, technical point of view, was in itself a marvel.

    It’s like someone put a rachet screwdrive in my hand and pointed at the screws to turn … Okay. Then the lid comes off and Whoa…no question that tool was devised properly and those were the right screws. Beyond wildest hopes/dreams and simply…beautiful. My admiration for the tenacity, dedication, love, courage and genius of LRHs research was already empirically confirmed, but this took it to a whole new level.

    Sarge this is just fantastic … it is exhilarating joyful and your being rewarded is sweet justice. There is a sigh in infinity and beyond. Thank you because I am enjoying this as if it were my win … and LRH felt the same way about his friends.

    I’m celebrating you Sarge!! Happy AMing. Love you ∞

  140. > I really do not see any logic in it that when
    > the parents bring a child to the nursery that
    > they have to sign that they are not
    > connected with Scientology.

    Neither do I. This sounds very unreal to me. Maybe your friends got that mixed up, because not too long ago the state of Bavaria closed down a nursery run by Scientologists because they were applying LRH tech.
    Maybe you can ask your friends again to clear this up. And if this really happened as you described it, it would be interesting to know who is the carrier of that kindergarten (christian church run? government run?) though I would understand if you would not want to disclose these details.

  141. I was told to go read Hubbard. I did. So why do Scientologists always get snappy when I quote him? :3

    > I used to like it when guys like you walked
    > into the circle

    You may not like us anymore, but I sure as hell like you, Jim! 🙂

  142. Oh and thank you for answering me here. I realize I probably should have contacted you directly via E-Mail as well. I apologize for this oversight.

  143. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks MOQ!

    I enjoyed our fireside chat at the party.

    If you guys out there in radio land can believe it Jim Logan looks like a ferocious Hells Angel. But as you can see from his posts he is an intellectual of very high caliber.

    I will take you up on getting into some of those references. I am making great gains jsut getting out of this trap though I have to say.

    Thanks for caring Jim..

  144. Tony DePhillips

    PIE FACE!!

  145. Tony DePhillips

    Good cog Been There!! I know what you mean.

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Karen.

    It was great seeing you in Florida and thanks for the nice words here and forwarding that post. Hopefully we can find out who that is and increase our numbers here. We may soon out number the Idle Org. Though I could really care less. It is not me doing it, it is the c of misshappenstance that is causing this. If they could just take ownership maybe they could get somewhere!

    Anyone can email me here if they wish to be in communication.

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Joe you sound like a great guy. Let’s just consider that we DO know each other now and feel free to eamil me anytime. See above for my email address.

  148. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Renegade X.

    The church of mestslavery likes to punish people with excessive M-9’s untill they get you to capitulate. It is using the tech as a punishment and is black Scientology for sure.

    Here is to Freedom my friend!! Splurge on it!!

  149. Tony DePhillips


    I believe you are correct sir. Yes!! (Ed McMahon)

  150. one of those who see

    Hi Max,
    Thank you so much for posting. These discussions are so valuable. And it is so great that we are free to discuss these issues on this blog. I have been reading a bit about Captain Bill and also have listened to David Mayo’s Sunday talks. I had never heard of Captain Bill or Ron’s Orgs when I was still on lines and David Mayo had become an uninspected by me -Evil Thing. Sorry David. I don’t feel that way now.

  151. Max,
    Thanks for the update on the scene and thanks for hanging in there.

  152. Ne Obliviscaris

    Wow. Some of these posts regarding the acceptance of using Scientology remind me of the Post WWI French elitist response to any challenge to their sovereignity: “Anything but War!”

    And thus commenced the holocaust…

  153. Faust,
    I’ll be less cryptic, just because.

    I see the circular, associative thought process. It used to entertain, somewhat, as I learned by observation what it was. It’s a process that begins at pretty much the same point it ends.

    It’s not you personally I tire of, it’s that whole fallacy. It goes just so far and it’s back where it started.

    I’ve done it too; begin with a conclusion.

    You’ve said you read DMSMSH. OK, have you given or gotten any auditing? That would be the next step.

  154. Thank you. Marthy of course A does not equal A

  155. To all the fat cats that donated: Please demand your money back. Must have been expensive shrubberies, fake trees and tarp DM bought with that.

    “$10 million dollar “donation” checks”

  156. Dr. Faust excellent argumentation, Jim Logan I would have expected a better rebuttal.

    Back from my holliday.

  157. Dr. Faust

    You always can address me directly.

    The father of this child is lawyer, but I will not distribute his name on this list, although he has not a real problem to be named broadly.

    Max Hauri

  158. Mike Hobson

    “RTC doesn’t care [what Ron Hubbard said]” is probably the shortest, completest and most accurate condemnation possible for McSavage with regard to Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson

  159. Dr. Faust, I agree. There are some real humdingers contained within DMSMH. But if you want to see something special, just use it. It aint perfect. And you don’t need to “believe” in it for it to work. But work it does, fella. Give it a whirl sometime.

  160. >I would suggest each person look for themselves at the very exact and specific list of LRH materials the Russian government finds to be examples of extremism in this new situation in Russia.

    From (the 6XX number is the specific listing on the Russian Federation’s ‘List of Extremist Materials’ (there are 691 in total) from

    632. L. Ron Hubbard “The Phoenix Lectures: Freeing The Human Spirit” 28 CDs (lectures 1 to 42) and 3 booklets.

    633. By L. Ron Hubbard “The Factors, Admiration And The Renaissance Of Beingness” 22 CDs (lectures 1 to 18) and 3 booklets.

    634. L. Ron Hubbard “The Unification Congress – Communication! Freedom And Ability” 18 CDs (lectures 1 to 16) and 3 booklets.

    635. L. Ron Hubbard “The Source Of Life Energy” 26 CDs (lectures 1 to 14) and 3 booklets.

    636. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics Lectures And Demonstrations” 5 CDs (lectures 1 to 5) and a booklet.

    637. L. Ron Hubbard “Science Of Survival” 4 CDs (lectures 1 to 4) and a booklet.

    638. L. Ron Hubbard “Handbook for Preclears” Book.

    639. L. Ron Hubbard “The Creation Of Human Ability” Book.

    640. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics 55!” Book.

    641. L. Ron Hubbard “Science of Survival” Book.

    642. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology 8-80” Book.

    643. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology 0-8: The Book Of Basics” Book.

    644. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology: The Fundamentals Of Thought” Book.

    645. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics: The Evolution Of A Science” Book.

    646. L. Ron Hubbard “The Life Continuum” 11 CDs (lectures 1 to 10) and 2 booklets.

    647. L. Ron Hubbard “Thought, Emotion And Effort” and “Advanced Procedure and Axioms” 12 CDs (lectures 1 to 10) and a booklet.

    648. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology: A History Of Man” Book.

    649. L. Ron Hubbard “Advanced Procedure And Axioms” Book.

    650. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics: The Original Thesis” Book.

    651. L. Ron Hubbard “Introduction To Scientology Ethics” Book.

    652. L. Ron Hubbard “The Problems Of Work – Scientology Applied To The Workaday World” Book.

    653. L. Ron Hubbard “Self Analysis” Book.

    654. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” Book.

    655. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology 8-80: The Discovery And Increase of Life Energy In The Genus Homo Sapiens” Book.

    656. L. Ron Hubbard “Dianetics: The Evolution Of A Science” Book.

    657. L. Ron Hubbard “Scientology 8-8008” Book.

    658. L. Ron Hubbard “Hubbard Professional Course Lectures” 11 CDs and 2 booklets.

    659. L. Ron Hubbard “Technique 88 – Incidents On The Track Before Earth” 17 CDs and 3 booklets.

    660. L. Ron Hubbard “Thought, Emotion And Effort” 12 CDs (lectures 1 to 11) and 2 booklets.

  161. Theo Sismanides

    Independent Scientologist, good on the 3rd dynamic. It’s actually the hub around which Man moves. There is a lot of phychosis in groups and a good stable datum is an org board. I am getting some people to work together and form one up. If you want to write to me feel free, at Thanks

  162. Hello Jack, and dear Jim!

    No, I have not received any auditing. And frankly, I do not plan on getting it. I have no problem reading Hubbard texts and often times find them quite entertaining.
    I do not deny auditing can help you under some circumstances like any talk therapy would. However I do not feel the attainable improvement justifies the risk.
    If I ever felt the need for help I would go see a classically educated psychologist.

    > I see the circular, associative thought
    > process. It used to entertain, somewhat, as
    > I learned by observation what it was. It’s a
    > process that begins at pretty much the
    > same point it ends.

    Actually, I haven’t really started anywhere in my argumentation yet, because if you would have gotten me started, this would have been like 4 screen pages longer. And I didn’t want to test the mod’s patience too much 😉

    > Dr. Faust, I agree. There are some real
    > humdingers contained within DMSMH.

    Well yes. The usual argument I’ve heard then was “But Dianetics only was the beginning, many new things were discovered and revised later and clears weren’t produced until much later”. Normally, this would be a valid argument. The problem I have with this is that Hubbard already claimed in DMSMH to have produced clears.

    One example where he did is in Book 3, Chapter VIII, “Some Types of Engrams”, pretty much at the end of that chapter:

    “Three recountings discharged this painful emotion despite its violence (it made her weep until she almost choked). Immediately, twelve prenatals, all fights between her mother and father (an ally, of which her husband was the pseudo-ally) wherein the mother beat her abdomen and cursed the child, appeared and were erased and the case progressed to clear.”

  163. with great concern and bewilderment I observed the 3rd party Ralph Hilton is doing on this site in regards to Max, Captain Bill Robertson and the Ron`s Org network. It lacks good manners and respect.

    Well, then LRH would probably extend his apologies too?

    Any concern that could possibly exist lies in KSW. You might as well accuse LRH of 3P, because it was his call in the first place to not mix Scientology with other Practices. And wakie, wakie, Cap’n Bill NOTs = other practices. That is formally agreed upon by all Scientologists applying standard Tech to be “squirrelling”.

    Do you read KSW for entertainment only? What you are stating is what LRH had labeled holding Scientologist guilty of the Practice of Scientology. Scientology is not mixed with offbeat practices. That’s the long and short of it.

    Not a very brilliant lot here. A little short on the cognitive side.

    It is this kind of think that lead to the demise of the church of Scientology.

    Bingorama !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The “kicked-in-the-head” Think. What had been aptly referred to as “the not quite so bright”. I don’t think they actually read KSW, they just have blonde moments staring at it.

    Marty, don’t give Ron’s Org squirrels comfort here. If you accept them, whatever Co$ parishioners were considering moving over … you can kiss them goodbye. They don’t want DM’s “Milk-you-for-every-buck” Scientology, and they most certainly don’t want Sector 9 Bill. You have to maintain the highest standard to stay on top. You would be giving DM a loaded gun otherwise. I wouldn’t help them unless they agreed to practice “standard” LRH Tech … they are not part of the Independent movement otherwise.

  164. martyrathbun09

    If you are unwilling to read of the subject you condemn you are no more use here than a shyster lawyer. There are plenty of boards upon which you can practice tautology. Please to there.

  165. “I think a person that insults Captain Bill Robertson also insults LRH.”

    I was about to say (purely on the basis of simple logic), “No, that’s not the same thing,” and then saw Marty had said it.

    So now I don’t have to say it, too.

    Just Me

  166. I’m having a Wayne’s World moment, Mr. Logan.
    Bowing down…I’m not worthy! You so rock my world. You know if it’s done right it works. So do I.

  167. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in reality was once a amusement account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep up a correspondence?

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