Germany, Europe and Human Rights

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During my trip this week I heard from some folks that they had heard on the rumor line that other folks doubted the sincerity of my comment a couple weeks back that “I have David Miscavige right where I want him.”   My comment did not mean that things are easy in our life.  But, we don’t seek an easy life.  We’re working on just what we have said we are working on for the past two years.   It is well covered in the Welcome section of this blog as well as the section entitled The 31 Factors that Scientologists Should Consider.

If people think that we are wasting much time on the ass clowns who come to our home each day and follow us all around the world, you are not watching very closely.  Look at the Bert Leahy interviews.  We don’t just have six ass clowns in a golf cart here. That is just the first layer of daily diversionary tactic.  There is an elaborate network throughout our region, backed by teams of private investigators who monitor our every move and relay to the ass clowns when to strike.  There is an entire unit at OSA INT that does nothing but coordinate operatives throughout the US to make our lives a living hell, impede us, and stop us by any means necessary.  And there are OSA operatives throughout the Anonymous network, ESMB site, the Freezone and Independents running backstabbing, covert propaganda campaigns while we are “tied up” under siege.  Just  look for the 1.1s using the safe Independent Scientology space we are creating to promote such practices as no-training-needed to get onto OT levels, “OT I and OT II are of little importance”: especially coming from “Class VIIIs”,”Class VIs” and folks claiming to be “trained by Ron.”  They may as well be saying “Scientology is a fraud, because after all I studied it all, and violently disagree with the Bridge created by Ron.”  Think about it.  Beware of anyone who has “studied it all” and discourages you from doing the same.

We are doing far more than auditing pcs and pre-OTs and training people and contending with ass clowns.   We never lose sight of the mountain and always have the broader, longer view in mind and keep long-term projects advancing. I generally try to adhere to the advice of the Tao: Just do your work and then stand back.

However, today I am going to have to talk about some work in progress.  That is because, David Miscavige has caught wind of it and is going absolutely apoplectic attempting to put period to it.  It is not minor work.  It is of vast importance to the free practice of Scientology for future generations.

Two years ago the German government invited me to come there and to testify about Scientology.  I told them they might not like what I have to say since my view is that the work of L Ron Hubbard and the philosophy of Scientology should survive and thrive.  Interest waned; and we carried on with our work here.

A couple months ago I was approached by the German government again.  This time they informed me they had studied very thoroughly everything I had written and done over the past two years, and that they understood what we have done has accomplished more in curbing “church” of Scientology abuses than any other factor.  They expressed great interest in my informing not only their government, but representatives from a number of European countries, about our work, distinguishing the philosophy from the acts of the corrupt organization so that their own actions vis a vis Scientology were focused on actionable abuse and not on belief, faith, and workable help.  And so, we agreed to attempt to do so.

While I was in LA last week, Miscavige ordered the ass clowns to pack up and leave our town.  They did so, bringing in special trailers to remove their golf carts and a moving van to remove their rooms full of electronic surveillance equipment.

The “church” of Scientology – hacking international airline reservation computers as they do  – recently noted  our planned trip to Germany.

When I arrived back home last night, six of them promptly arrived at our driveway squealing like stuck pigs about Mosey and I going to Germany.

This morning the ass clowns moved back into the house less than 200 yards from our home that they had quietly abandoned five days earlier, claiming they only came back because Mosey and I were going to Germany.

Our efforts to educate them predictably fell on deaf, cultist ears.  However, I believe the record we made of that attempt is very educational.   It sets forth precisely why we are going to Germany and it shows the level of Miscavige’s violent disagreement with our mission.

Cleaning up the image and damage that Miscavige has created for Scientology  is not very difficult absent his gargantuan efforts to disrupt such work.  But, hey we’re not complaining; like I said at the outset, we’re not looking for “easy” lives –  instead, we’re going ahead living meaningful ones.

We shall see what Mosey and I can accomplish in three days in cleaning up what Miscavige has been busy destroying in Europe for three decades.  My prediction in the long term is that – much like what happened (though little known in the victors’ history books) during the civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties – Europe will embarrass the U.S. into taking responsibility for that which it was bribed into perpetuating.  It certainly won’t be boring – and may bring far more concentrated hell upon us than we’ve seen to date from vested interests in the U.S. government and the U.S. media who have effectively become whores for the cult.  But, as a wise, effective man once said: You may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.

The videos follow.  Watch all the way through – you don’t want to miss the last few minutes where Mosey puts the debate to rest.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  1. WELL DONE MARTY AND MOSEY! These ass clowns just don’t get it and they never will. The general statements they make are so rehearsed it is sicking.

    Guys look and think for yourselves. There are no “how to” drills to drill! Gawd wake up…

  2. Marty & Mosey,
    I know what you’re putting up with exceeds what is publicly and broadly known. It’s always worse in the trenches and you are pretty much the boots on the ground in this instance.
    As to whether or not you have a bigger plan? Ha! Does a bear sh*t in the woods???
    You got the elepant on the run!
    I wish you all the success with Europe!

    Kites rise against the wind, not with it.

  3. Well, Marty, I may not agree with you or your methods all of the time, but I respect your highly effective participation in the ever growing numbers of people around the world calling BS on the Co$ and it’s “leadership”.

    And I gotta say, Mosey really did a great job of STFU. Ha!

  4. Mosey I love YOU !
    You are using the truth as the best weapon !
    Well done !

  5. Mosey verses Joanne “don’t touch me” Wheaton, No Contest! Go Mosey Go!

  6. Marty I can’t await to hear the news you gonna generate !
    I don’t think they ‘ll be able to harass you in Germany !
    Wow those are good news ! You made my day !
    I’m so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. There was one comment you made that indicated for me big time on Miscavige not using communication to handle these problems, but instead going to war.

    That is obviously true and it is actually the major cause of many problems for the Church. It is also part of the Miscavige valence package that Church members are indocrinated into taking as their personality as a member of the Church.

    When I was in, there were way too many limits and rules on communicating for me to be free.

    Miscavige (and the Squirrel Busters by contasion of abberation) want to redefine you into the roll of an opposition terminal or something so he can fight you. Well, I’d say thats pretty darn OT for a guy who is the leader of a
    religion that centers on communication

  8. Hey Mosey you got Nurse Ratchet (sorry don’t know her name) right where it hurts! The heart & truth of the matter …she couldn’t answer because if she did she’d have to admit to herself the real craziness she is a part of.

    Take care, keep standing by your man & standing up for REAL truth.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Hammer, meet head of nail. Exactamo.

  10. Woo-hoo!!!!! I don’t have the words to express my appreciation regarding your mission to Germany, Marty!!!! Awesome! I have a bunch of “friends” on Facebook who are proud to be enemies of Scientology. I am proud to be a Scientologist, a friend of Marty and an enemy of DM and the Church the way it became. I am also amazed how you always confront the confused PTSes in front of your house and throw them off their agenda. My deepest appreciation to Mosey who is always at your side. By the way, you should have a button on your blog that would allow people to donate or you could organize donations some other way. I personally don’t see any harm in all Independent Scientologists doing something for the cause. I did something for the cause yesterday, I sent a Petition to President Obama to curb human rights violations by the Church, stressing the point that Church and Scientology are two very different things at this point. I’ll publish that Petition on my web site in a few days. More power to you guys!

  11. I LOL’d at the end of 1st vid — “I wanna see David Miscavige’s latest dramatization”

    ^^Nicely played on that remark Marty, AND w/ getting front the cue cards and trying to engage them in a cool headed debate.

    “We shall see what Mosey and I can accomplish in three days in cleaning up what Miscavige has been busy destroying in Europe for three decades. ”

    Here’s wishing u both, the best of luck – this is a huge step!

  12. For example- when Anonymous was protesting my org I observed that many of them were young people who I assume read about it on the internet and thought it would be a fun thing to do. I bet if Scientologists just communicated with them as thetans instead of this “enemy” no-communication possible valence that 99% of them would not be back next time. It sounds like thats what you are doing in Germany.
    Miscavige probably wants to keep the problems going so he can raise IAS donations.

  13. After watching the 3 entertaining videos, what struck me the most was Mosey’s humanity. Mosey, you could have kept after Joanne but you didn’t because your intention was not to cause pain but to speak some truth. She heard the truth.

  14. It’s heartbreaking and heart stopping and frankly *almost* beyond belief.

    But then so was the recent movie I just saw — “The Help” — were young well-to-do and educated women REALLY racists? Just a few years ago — 1963. In Jackson, Mississippi. You betcha.

    (I was raised in the north as a first generation American – with parents from Europe AND Marty is right — Europe was AHEAD of America regarding race equality – way ahead.)

    In less than 50 years I predict there will be a movie — wherein miscavige cult members are shown to be the cult/brainwashed members of an evil group. People will say — REALLY? Was this really how it was?

    And Marty will be able to show his reels of the “squirrel busters” in front of his home. In fact those reels will be part of the movie. It WILL happen.
    No doubt about it.

    And way sooner than 50 years.

    I hope you and Mosey are able to carve out a little sightseeing and enjoy some wonderful restaurants. The Germans don’t take kindly to stalking, harassment.


  15. Marty and Mosey you two are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mosey you did good with the witch. She couldn’t say anything. She knew it was all true. XOXO

  16. You go Mosey, they have NO IDEA how to deal with you. You really cut straight through their bullshit.

    I wish you guys godspeed, and I hope you get to see some sights and enjoy and few pleasure moments along the way.

  17. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Marty and Mosey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys KICK ASS!!!!!!!
    Go to Europe and tell the truth and help stop the abuses of the cult. We know you are both good people and will do your best. It is a lot better to do something rather than to sit back and watch dm destroy all the good that was created.
    It was funny when you were bullbaiting Richard Hirst and when he restarted said “I’ll give you that again” that is a bot line from drilling in the cult, it was a pure circuit when he said it.
    Mosey you rocked nurse ratchet’s world again. You gave her a verbal upper cut that she is still wincing from. LOL!!

  18. Tony DePhillips

    He has a donation button on the top bar of the blog.

  19. Simply Revolting

    Your mission is absolutely wonderful!
    Germany has been terribly mis-handled by the church.
    The general situation outside of the US for the independent field is not good! There are major world cities without any way to get auditing and training as an independent in Europe.
    The out-PR in Germany is huge! It has repercussions in the rest of the EU.
    Any help is very welcome and you seem to be fully aware of the terminals and situation.
    Good Luck!

    (By the way, it is very obvious. that over the weeks that the handling by you and Mosey, has produced a rise in general ARC, with these agents of the church, it has really been moving up the scale…)

  20. WTG Mosey! You got through to Nurse Ratched by simply telling the truth.

  21. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Hello Marty,
    i´m a scientologist from Germany still in the church. I don´t consider me a so called kool-aid drinker, because i don´t agree in all points with DM´s strategy, and i have enough courage to say that to our org exec´s or even to SO members on tour; i think for my self. Regarding your soon coming trip to Germany, i want to comunicate that I know that Ursula Caberta is a real 100% psychotic person and i believe it would be nearly imposible for you to convince her or the German Goverment of the good of our religion. Anyway, i wish you good luck in your attempt to improve the image of LRH and Scientology here in Germany. It would be helpful for our lives as scientologist here in Germany and the whole Europe.

  22. This entire encounter can be summed up with this:

    The SQuiBs are using pea shooters against a battleship. And their spit is drying up…

    What a joke.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I am going to do everything in my power to help you and your friends.

  24. Wow – Mosey when you reminded that woman that her daughter was in the “Rehabilitation Project Force” and that the “church” would financially ruin her if she screwed up her OSA assignment to harass you – I thought she was going to cry. That truth literally drove those poor fools off your street.

    Marty, I think that is fantastic that you are meeting with European government officials regarding the difference between the subject of Scientology and the criminal management of Scientology and its sociopath “leader”, Miscavige. I have no doubt that your trip will be very productive.

    Some where, David Miscavige is hiding (literally) behind layers and layers of staff and hired thugs, afraid to confront and have a REAL conversation with anyone (literally), while pretending to be some great “leader”. His latest attempt was that piece of crap foot bullet of a “Freedom magazine”.
    That took 6 months, thousands of man hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and it was delivered by some uninformed, robotic staff while he hid thousands of miles away, probably drinking himself silly with scotch….

  25. Expelled 4 Life

    Mosey: If Joanne (or any of these clowns) has a daughter in the Sea Org who is married I suggest you inform Joanne that the odds are that one or more of Joanne’s grandchildren has been aborted. The sad part is that Joanne would have no clue if this occurred or not. Can you confront that Joanne? You might also inform that local PI that his actions are supporting forced abortions. Somehow I don’t think his friends and neighbors would be too happy to know that. Who knows? He might even grow a conscience.

  26. I totally agree. Mosey your heart and soul show in great magnitude. It is what the “church” has lost and why it lost me. Marty, you have a gem there.

  27. Mosey,

    You hit the nail on the head. The hypocrisy of Nurse Ratched is amazing. They stand in front of your house accusing you of being paid (I see they now say I got $250,000 from the media) to do what you are doing to try and clean up the disasters created by POB, when Nurse Ratched is only there because SHE is being paid. She has been put into a financial hole by being a POB lemming and this is her solution. Instead of wearing a blue shirt (and a nice touch — they upgraded to polos so they would have a better image?) she should be wearing a large red letter. She has prostituted herself for money.

    Nurse Ratched — get on video and say it ain’t so! I promise I will go to your SquirrelBusters site and look at it and I will help move your site up to 1,946,999 on Alexa. Deal?

  28. Marty, this will be the biggest blow to DM that could realistically happen, which I’m very sure you’re very aware of. You of anyone outside of DM himself would now about Ursula, but I am a bit familiar with the lady as well as the German and general Western European ways of thinking.

    There were problems prior to 1982, but they were really instigated by people who couldn’t stand Scientology for what it was and those attacks were and should have been battled, but after 1982 we got two main situations which escalated in Europe to almost unrepairable proportions. These were the amount of money involved (and the consequences on personal lives this caused) and disconnection of families. These two factors were and are such huge buttons for most Europeans that any PR hype about humanitarian efforts and any other attempt to promote Scientology would go by the wayside. Maybe it could be handled by DM’s super-hype A/V presentations in the US, but please survey any European public and ask them what they think about the average event video or A/V presentation done by DM – that’s right, it is over-done hyperbole which nobody likes, but most don’t dare to complain about – they watch it because they have to. They applaud because they are “supposed to”.

    If one were to analyze the various court cases in Europe one would find that at the bottom of most, the prosecutors weren’t necessarily SP, though in some they were, but they were so offended by personal stories involving ruining people’s lives through over-regging and disconnecting from families, they could only see the human rights abuses which this amounts to. They may not have and probably didn’t disagree with the basic tenets of the actual religion, but the way the current DM church is operating, especially since his reinstatement of the disconnect policy (in the name of LRH illegally) and increasing cost of services 20X that of the 70’s not taking inflation into account, is fueling the fire more than any SP’s have provided in their efforts to stop.

    I’m sure you’re right Marty, with some communication this could probably be solved as most, probably also including Ursula, are not after the religious basics of Scientology, but the practices of the current Church which amounts to human right violations and personal abuse.

    Topple this with the fact that pretty much anyone who has been personal with DM probably have a secret wet dream to have a chance to win over him in court. He has acted so overly cocky and arrogant his enemies have escalated proportionately. If someone has a chance to prove him wrong successfully, many would jump on the bandwagon, and though Scientology as a subject would take some blows, it is nothing which couldn’t be repaired, especially if this was part of the negotiations, but the Church would be unrecoverable and DM would be no more. You would be left with thousands of confused Scientologists and staff members who wouldn’t know what to do and who would have to be false data stripped, but this too could rapidly be rounded up and handled.

    This would be the publicity stunt of the century and if the cards are played right, and the Church gets put back to LRH policy to once again become the place where people can find friendliness, hope and succor, who knows but most likely people will start streaming in again.

    It is such a parody that the man who is calling himself the embodiment of KSW #1, which points out beyond anything else that the only reason Scientology will fail is when points 1-10 are not followed, is the same man who is ensuring Scientology will fail. Marty among others have often stated DM wants to destroy Scientology. I thought it was a bit extreme. However, in just looking at KSW #1 it is evident that he is doing just that. Whether he is doing it intentionally as an evil blow to LRH and anyone else decent, or out of some insane dub-in of grandeur and power – who knows – he is regardless doing it.

    Time is ticking and we are not talking years, we are not talking months – we are talking days and DM will fall. If he isn’t taken out by others, he will fall by a psychotic break most likely involving seeing every man, woman and child on earth as his direct enemy, and add to that every Martian and Venusian as well.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

  29. martyrathbun09

    Raul, thanks for the insight. It is very useful and it is appreciated.

  30. You both are holding your position in space and from that position are helping people around the world. This is understood and supported and appreciated by many many people.

    Thank you,


  31. Wow. Well, that will save a bit of billable lawyer hours should anyone need any evidence that you are being harassed because of your beliefs. They came out and admitted it. Could not have been more clear if they had tattooed it on their foreheads that they are there because they found out about you going to Germany.

    In addition to the admission that they are tampering with your private data.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Yes. There is a point where arrogance becomes so all consuming the arrogant one believes he can get away with anything. It is the tipping point toward madness and demise.

  33. I may be wrong, but I am starting to see doubt in some of their faces. Imagine of one of them sincerely defected against DM.

    In time, I think truth may cause it to happen. We have seen persons even more dedicated to DM at one time, leave. I do not think it is impossible in these clowns. I know, that sounds crazy…but somehow I sense it. You could see the truth getting to some of them.

    Great job. Damn fine work.

  34. If I was a Squirrel Buster, I’d fear Mosey. She is not going to take any shit from the SQBs, because she’s not afraid of them, nor of the tiny tyrant who sent them. And she wasn’t in the little Napoleon’s Scientology, so she can’t be picked at by whatever hot buttons are being implanted into Scienos these days.

    I hope all goes well for you in Germany, Marty and Mosey.

  35. Firebreathing Frog

    My hat off to Mrs and Mr Marty Rathbun.

    You 2 big criminals.
    You are HERE and COMMUNICATE.

    The 2 biggest crimes of all.

    Even confronting to communicate to the German government, what DM will never be able to do.

    It is too easy to spread the news that governments are all SP, and you can not communicate to them anyway.

    But then, how Miscavige proclaim at all possible events to have “the biggest expansion in the last 2 weeks that in all the previous centuries combined” if he can not even talk to any government?

    Sure he is going to do everything possible to stop you.

    Imagine to have of few headlines in the news or on German TV:

    “Marty Rathbun just had a meeting with German government, who is now investigating David Miscavige for turning the good technology of Scientology into a money making machine for his own greed, contrary to LRH writings.”

    “Can Scientology be Good for You?”
    “And Only Bad in the hand of David Miscavige corrupted cult?”

    All my respect to you.

    PS: too bad I am tied up with the job, but with a bit of warning, I would love to be your personal driver in Europe next time.
    Free of charge of course.

  36. Well, DM has found out that the International Bankers are paying for the Indy Scientology movement!!!

    Dang!!! That guy is a fecking genius. Especially since I was hiding my Reptilian Illuminati connections so my Big Pharma checks wouldn’t be noticed.

    I’ve made sooooooooooo much money recently I think I’ll have hundreds of well-intentioned Sea Org members work on my motorcycle to the tune of…well, why put a limit on it, it’s FREEEEEEEE!!!!

    Double aught 21 signing off. (That’s my Banker PIN.)

  37. Michael, Look at the top of this webpage and you’ll see “donate”. Click it and you’re there.

    I’ll be looking for that petition.

  38. x 1000! Mosey, I hope I get the honor of meeting you some day soon. You’re my kind of gal.

  39. Kind of a shame the way the word “Germany” = SP in this culture. These guys should read Marlene Dietrich’s autobiography and her experiences with the war. Germany is a country. The people in it are all different. They share a language and food and shelter.

    They are also stuck on “Who is paying your ticket?” In a big way. Of course, it is all money motivated………….

    Marty has a right to travel to any country he wants. That the Church is there on tape interrogating him about traveling to that country in itself, is just about the worst PR to ever hit the airways in Germany. He has not had his passport revoked by the U.S. government. These representatives from the Church are into police valences. Hubbard said the police cause the crime. The police in the Church are O.S.A..

  40. While there were many wonderful moments captured in these three videos, there is one that is very telling.

    Bart Simpson proclaiming he is more of a Scientologist than you. And by the definition of what a Scientologist is in the eyes of RCS, he is, sadly, absolutely right. He listens to whatever he is told is “command intention” and does it. Unthinkingly and without recognition of how insane he looks. That IS the definition of a Scientologist in the world of POB — and that is the only world of “Scientology” Bart Simpson has ever known.

    Stand tall and stupid Bart, you can proudly wear the badge of a true RCS group member. And if you are really good, they might even give you a cert to hang on your wall or your own little video “I Am a Scientologist.”

    Funny, the only new “members” they seem to get these days are the ones they pay. Wonder if Ralph Kramden would say on video he is a Scientologist? Or if he sticks to the “professional” position that he is just a paid thug?

  41. martyrathbun09

    In Bart’s defense, it was Rich that made that comment. In fact, Bart and Ralph are more “Scientologists” than the corporate cult members there.

  42. Hi Lombar, I´m in Germany too and all I can say – If you would be really aware what DM and OSA are doing to Scientology , the tech, the staff and the PC´s you would go away from this Organisation in no time. You still wear your “pink glasses” .
    How do you know that Ursula Caberta is psychotic? Do you know her personally? Do you know that this was the only place where Scientologist who went away from the “Church” could go and get some help? Even if a Scientologist can see that she has some strange MU´s she could help some people.
    Hey , and I have some News for you. The bad reputation in Germany is created by Scientologist itself through there behavior , the drawing back from the so called “Wogs” and the “know best” what is good for other people. What you transport in this blog is just exactly the message you get in your Org.

  43. Marty, I appreciate this post more than most in the last year. Yes, we have all sorts commenting on this blog. We have the Scientologists, the Indies who want to use the tech to make a better world, the naysayers, the derailers and the rest. In the end, this blog is about Scientology and its survival. If anyone thinks different, then they should hook back up with DM and run with his bullshit, because when you analyze everything he and his minios do and say, it is all complete bullshit and has nothing to do with people moving up the bridge, which is evident in the statistics from the Church and its orgs.

    DM creates his own foot nukes. If he would have just left you and Rinder alone the whole subject might have just died quietly, but he keeps us all interested because of his silly, and I mean SILLY antics that he puts the subject in the limelight with and as a result you get Anderson Cooper (bang! foot bullet!!), then New Yorker and New Yorker part deaux (Bang, Bang!!) and eventually all of Europe wants to talk to Marty.

    They don’t want to talk to Miscaviage about Scientology, they want to talk about Scientology to Marty.

    So it looks like Marty is winning over Miscaviage. Miscaviage just isn’t important to movers and shakers in Europe. They see him for a little sawed off punk dictator who uses money and fear to bully people with. And let me tell you, Europe is tired of short little bully dictators. They see that Marty has a sane viewpoint on Scientology and want to talk to him about it. Not David. He’s not important enough.

    ML Tom

  44. This guy has announced that the Church considers the Hamburg Government an enemy. I hope the people in Hamburg don’t think he is speaking for all Scientologists. He is just a representative of David Miscavige. David Miscavige is JUST ONE SCIENTOLOGIST.

  45. Ohhhh…. never mind…. *in best Roseanne Roseanadanna voice*

    Though I still maintain the definition of a “Scientologist” in the world of RCS is accurate.

  46. Your TRs are amazing! BUT!!!!!! Your neighbors might consider hosing down the hothead stalkers. It would also to be fun to see a few hundred people surround the stalkers and slowly walk toward them until they are a few hundred yards displaced from their position. By the way, how many police are there?

  47. “…distinguishing the philosophy from the acts of the corrupt organization so that their own actions vis a vis Scientology were focused on actionable abuse and not on belief, faith, and workable help.”
    That brought tears to my eyes! That IS what’s needed and my thoughts and best theta flows are going with you!

    I still have issues with anybody wearing images of hate right on their shirts. That’s no Scientologist communicating such a message of hate. But go ahead and prove how corrupted and insane you are in doing it.

    Monique, you soothsayer!
    That’s the really sad and disgusting part – that woman’s own daughter is in the RPF prison and her income depends on staying good with DM or she’ll lose ALL income by being disconnected from. TRAP.

    Y’all sure do keep cool better than I would. I admire that!

  48. Baby Huey should never have opened his mouth. These guys were further “ahead” when they stood there with their ponchos and umbrellas and said nothing.

    Hirst affirmed that HE is AUTHORIZED to do what he is doing (obviously he firmly runs the “command intention” line that one requires authorization to do anything). He knows its cleared with the POB. He wouldnt be there if he didnt know that.

  49. Mosey and Marty going to Germany? The worst of all possible scenarios for DM who must be scrambling to spin it in some direction, any direction, but the truth.

    DM has always been terrified someone is going to blow away his voluminous clouds of smoke and point out his many mirrors. And no one is more qualified for that job than you guys and Mike. But to help the German authorities take a more balanced approach to the subject of Scientology pulls the rug right out from under DM, big time. Part of his crumbling power base is to point to the “evil German government” and use them as his wrong why for his dwindling cult membership. They were behind the McPherson “trouble” and are behind why Radical Scientology is losing some of its members, has enemies, its all a conspiracy, blah, blah, blah.

    If the German government wises up to what’s really going on, who the hell is DM going to blame for his messes? Other than Mike and Marty of course, which is a given. Not to mention the serious amount of money the IAS extorts in the UK and Europe using the “threat” to Radical Scientology posed by the German authorities. It was the number one extortion theme used by the IAS in the UK for many years and probably still is – as you can imagine, its callous but it is not hard to upset people in the UK about WWI and WWII.

    Oh yes, just the idea of going to Germany really yanks on that rug.

    If you need any evidence regarding how much Miscavige raises in the UK using the German government as his foil, just let me know.

  50. Well, there’s two parts about Anonymous protesting, aren’t there?

    1) Protesting about LRH and the tech itself as being harmful

    2) Protesting about what the CoS does to families and individuals that is being harmful

    The problem is, if parishioners go to Anons and talk about #1 and “set them straight”, the Anons are going to talk to the parishioners about #2 and “set them straight”.

    Can’t have that, now can we?

  51. Going to Germany is a smart move. The Germans know all too well what a madman is capable of. Remember Hitler. Once DM’s abusive criminal conduct is truly understood by them as separate from the philosophy, they’ll act. Then other EU governments will act. Later, the US will follow.

    Dwarf = out of his mind with terror. He knows the end of his reign is on the horizon. The governments will put his ethics in and it’ll start with Germany.

  52. Agreed. Miscavige can’t function without a “fight” and an “enemy”. He has been that way all his life.

    If he instead concentrated his efforts on expanding Scientology thru proper communication and dissemination, C of S would be expanding and not contracting.

    But then again – he is a true 2 1/2 percenter and his goal and aim is the destruction and contraction of Scientology for his own financial and personal benefit.

    As Marty says, the fact that Marty is going to Germany is driving DM absolutely hysterical and Im sure OSA and these idiots are under orders to stop Marty anyway they can.

  53. PS Mosey: You are a class act. Those people who insulted you are lower than whale shit for having done that. Yeah, I know I am supposed to be all full of love and at the top of the tone scale, but love never won a war. Those disgusting lowlife pieces of rat shit deserve everything that “karma” has to offer them. Stay true to yourself, Mosey! Marty is blessed to have you in his life and vice versa.

  54. Mosey & Marty,

    Thanks for an excellent demonstration of extreme patience. You guys rock!

    POB’s red tagged circus seals continue to shed light on his total psychotic meltdown and their doubt.

    By the way, I guess Shorty’s going to be flying the IOB crew over to Germany for their next failed assignment a la National Lampoon’s 1985 “European Vacation”.

    Do you think they’ll be taking the golf cart with them?

  55. Mark:

    Exactly: “the fact that Marty is going to Germany is driving DM absolutely hysterical and Im sure OSA and these idiots are under orders to stop Marty anyway they can.”

    And they are powerless to do so. Except sending the boys and girls with pea shooters….

    They will probably try to cancel his reservation, have people at the airport to distract him so he misses his flight, let the air out of his tires etc etc etc. None of which would be less juvenile than what they have already done.

  56. Here is the foreshadowing of someone whom Marty knows. “that man behind the curtain” REALITY


  58. +10 Mat

    Welcome to Europe Marty and Mosey, it is a pleasure to know you’ll be by even if for a few days. I wish you the best of success….and oh, I like to think that EU is my playground so should you need anything at all….
    Love, Kirsi

  59. The day is coming!

  60. Marty: You absolutely got through to Hirst several times and his blind thetan knows it.

    Mosey: You rattled the wicked witch, big time. I think you found her item (s). You stopped her cold. Your poise against these bumbling fools is admirable.

    Germany and truth await…

  61. Marty and Mosey,
    These series of videos are the best ever – when you guys started to turn the tables and investigate the SQuiBs. That really impinged. These guys were not ready for that and didn’t have their robotic lines drilled in, perhaps forcing them to think a little and not fully act like total Lubow/POB marionettes.

    It is most evident with M&M confronting, controlling the comm cycles and obviously getting to them with some truths. It is amusing that they dropped their original cover story at the drop of the hat (doing a documentary) and changed it to obvious harassment from illegally obtaining travel plans.

    Perhaps they were happy to be back after being “laid off” momentarily when the operations shut down and cash cow drying up, these guys sure showed it by their questions and comments showing a fixation of compensation which seems to be solely their motivation and raison d’etre in IOB.

    It’s interesting that all the neighbors were watching from even rooftops! They have your backs! Great update and I don’t doubt that you have David Miscavige right where you want him!

  62. After World War II was over, the US was involved in the forming of the new German consitution, which has some pretty explicit clauses against a repeat of the totalitarianism of the Nazi years. This is deserving of a whole expose on Guardian’s Office and then Office of Special Affairs continued behavior, which has alarmed Germans, just per what their constitution (which US and I believe British and other Allied governements’ political thinkers helped influence and craft). So really, is back to the smarter world thinkers, who influenced the current German constitution, which wisely takes Scientology’s organizational behavior VERY cautiously, and really, if Ursula won the State of Hamburg’s approval to fund flying ex senior Scientologists to discuss ongoing totalitarian behavior history of the official Scientology movement, then it is NOT Ursula, it is the tax payers of Hamburg, who are possibly footing the bill, and it’s a WISE use of funds, if you ask me! Further, why is this all even happening, it’s because official Scientology, because of LRH’s writings to the Guardian’s Office, that were then given a second wind, when Miscavige ensured the Guardian’s Office tactics were NOT retired, but the totalitarian and very scary Scientology ideas which are Guardian’s Office vintage, and the Frank Oliver “hatting” materials on Wikileaks, are the actual final paper trail. So Marty, even if Hamburg citizens as taxpayers are paying for any ex senior Scientologists to come tell the truth, about Scientology’s totalitarian ways, GOOD for them. But the world should remember, this is due to their constitution, which the winning side in World War II had a large hand in crafting. Squirrel Busters ought to try this questioning of average Hamburg citizens, and my guess is the Hamburg citizens would GLADLY pay for having senior ex officials of Scientology come brief EU officials about Scientology’s totalitarian plans and downsides!

  63. By the way, what is the big deal over whether the German government paid for their tickets or not??

    Do they really think Marty is going to say things that he isn’t already saying on this blog and elsewhere just because they pay for plane tickets and a hotel? Afterall, DM offered Mike Rinder a blank check to keep him quiet and he turned them down stone cold.

    Not to mention as you point out Marty – who paid for their plane tickets to Texas??

    Just ridiculous. These videos would make great drilling material for the Data Series Evaluators Course on spotting outpoints!

  64. Perhaps for the real truth – David Miscavige is NOT a Scientologist!

  65. Thanks Mike.

    One good thing, If I recall from when Marc Headley, Jesse Prince, Amy Scobee and Jason Beghe went over to Germany, they will be accorded their own German Government security guards and motorcades to protect them.

    I remember the dumb looks on Moxon’s face when they were kicked out to the curb by security. No chance DM and his good squad get near them in Germany.

  66. Impartial English Girl

    They have no right – NO RIGHT – to call Mrs. Rathbun “Mosey”. If they were REAL men, it should be “Mrs. Rathbun” or, at a pinch, “Monique” – but to address a lady in such familiar terms without knowing her properly is disgusting. And that’s the LEAST revolting part of all this.

    Mrs. Rathbun has more class in her little toe than all of those T-shirted muppets put together.

    Looking carefully at these clips, I think that some of what was said by Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun might have hit home, at least in part, with the older stalkers. Let’s hope, eh?

    Viel glück im Deutschland!

    Keep smiling!

    With love,
    IEG xx

  67. Impartial English Girl

    Hehehe – Chiquita makes a great Toto for our times!

    Jazz-dog x

  68. Apparently Mosey hit the right spot, she missed a Withhold to Sister. She’s bankrupted!

  69. Yep, once off US soil they are outside the reach of the filthy lucre that buys protection and silence from those who should be acting in the US….

    POB better watch out, he will have to cancel his “all expenses paid trip” to the IAS if he isnt careful. Who knows if the UK are participating? POB isnt going to be able to get that from hacking plane reservations and computers and he isnt going to have a bunch of guys in baby blue shirts following them around or busting into meetings….

    He is going to be watching this with butt cheeks clenched….

    Oh, and rumor has it I am going on an all expenses paid trip to the UK in October. Could be fun.

  70. Oh no!!!
    Now I have to vet my whole admin too, to hide all of my sources of big income.
    Jim, you are a riot!

  71. Enjoy Europe 😉 and if you get a chance say hi to the Anons over there 😉

  72. I think the most important matter to be addressed currently is that
    the philosophy and technology is positioned with an abusive organization, that is hated very broadly.

    Great initiative Marty. 🙂

  73. Great point Mike.

    I just realized that in DM’s hysteria, he probably issued an order to someone in OSA that Marty and Mosey better not show up in Germany under any circumstances or else!

    No telling what they will do in the USA to try and save their own skins from DM and what we know he will do. When they get to Germany, DM will then have someone who is “suppressing” him by not following his orders!

    If some hired PI goes outside the law to try and stop them and succeeds, DM will look the other way and say he had nothing to do with it.

  74. Psychotics deal in recrimination. They think that everyone is doing those things that they are doing (which makes it less of an overt). So they accuse others of their own crimes. Thus this is a DM admisson of being paid by the International Banksters and Big Pharma.

  75. If I was DM I would be shitting titanium capsules right now. When his work day is done and his staff have gone home and he is all alone in his swank quarters the thought must enter his head, “One day they will spot me,” and a shudder of terror goes through him that he quickly suppresses with another scotch. The stooges at IOB or OSA Central can simply walk away when it all comes undone. After all, they are just doing their jobs. For DM, though, this isn’t a job. His sanity is riding on keeping his game going.
    I predict that Marty will be 100% successful in cleaving the Scientology philosophy, LRH and even the Church from the twisted mind of David Miscavige. I predict that in a short time the German government is going to see through the chaos generated by decades of badly applied tech, policy and ethics and clearly spot, for the first time in all its years of chewing on Scientology, a WHO. And that is going to blow charge for governments, the media and its viewers and even Scientologists, i.e., everyone except for we-know-who.

  76. If Germany is supposedly not able to be talked with, then why is Germany inviting such and upfront Scientologist to come speak to them!

    Obviously Miscavige hasn’t noticed that the world understands that you are Scientologist Marty.

    My point, when I went to Hamburg, years ago, one of the points, is that the freezone represents Scientology minus the totalitarian scary and overpriced blackmail excommunication tactics that official Scientology does.

    But Marty, the EU officials want to see some action. Until official Scientology’s stripes change, until OSA, DSA offices vanish, until price gouging excommunication family blackmailing stops, Scientology is NOT gonna get any real approval.

    Scientology official totalitarianism control on the churches, which their slick non answering the tough questions, denying and lying outright in public about their behavior, you may have some hopes of what you can do, but official Scientology isn’t listening to you!

    But good on Germany and EU officials listening to you!

    I’d like to see official Scientology take some lessons, but that means someone up top Scientology has track with reality, and that’s not the scene.

    The totalitarian setup of official Scientology is something to behold.

    And State of Hamburg, they are confronting it.

    If you can help budge official Scientology, more power to you!

    But Hamburg citizens ARE willing to listen to non robot Scientologists who aren’t completely muzzled official Scientology’s totalitarian setup.

    But you aren’t the problem Marty! Official Scientology is THEIR problem!

    Good luck!

  77. Hey squirrel busters!
    Do you know that my children got ‘kicked out of school’ and disconnected from by their friends, family, teachers and even God parents because their mother was an ‘SP’ and refused to toe the DM party line? More information about that coming shortly… (Greenfields ‘non-denominational’ school consider yourself on notice. When children are used for sadistic purposes I take umbrage – I will be silent no more).
    Marty let me know if you need me to testify on behalf of the Independent Scientolotist movement. I am talking to the press in the US. I am willing to talk to the press in the UK and I am happy to give any information you may need to the German government to clear LRH’s name once and for all.
    I have the full support of my family and I will publicly testify on behalf or LRH and real Scientology to whomever is willing to communicate.
    DM. Tick Tock.
    Your days are numbered. I will take you out personally no-matter if your persecute a million Marty’s and Mosey’s.
    For every person you attack 100 more will stand against you.
    Go home ‘boy’

  78. You and Mosey are a fantastic team.
    VWD on getting some truth THROUGH to those lost souls. My gawd, they are coming uptone despite the robotic Q card!
    While there are of course OSA people in Germany and EU I’d think the dwarf is likely to ship an OSA team from the US because they are more familiar with you ….and it is ‘tradition’ after all. No expense to be spared….
    I can’t wait to see/hear the results!

  79. martyrathbun09

    Mosey told me she was thinking of your kids when she tee’d off. The clamor obscured it but that is what set her off. Don’t know if it is a hassle for you or not to get over there on short notice, but we’re looking at meeting with some EU indies on the 9th or 10th.

  80. I’ve watched the first 2 videos, so far I have only one question?

    Where the blazes did these fools come from? They demonstrate everything that’s wrong with the church today (as I see it) from the general public’s viewpoint:

    They WILL NOT answer questions or even respond on-topic.

    Existence must be hell with circuits like that running around one’s head.


  81. Very interesting what you note here. Some 2 days ago I had the idea in case you visit Germany I would invite you to my home in case your life would be in danger during your stay in Germany. I cast aside that idea fast, as I had the idea you do not like me and anyway why you ever should make a visit to Germany.
    Anyway, in case your life is in danger during your visit in Germany mail me. I am living near Frankfurt and you can stay at my home as long as it is needed.
    I think you can look yourself. But my opinion is: do not trust German Officials. 12 years ago I moved from one country to another within Germany and the „Verfassungsschutz“ called me and wanted to know if I open a Auditing practice in that part of Germany. They know what Auditing is and they do not like that. They may say, that they are only against corporate Scientology. But that is not entirely true.
    Here in Germany if I would want a job that deals with Government in any way, like governmental contractors you have to sign a paper stating that you never had any contact to Scientology or Scientology principles. Thus I never could get a job at e.g. Siemens or Telecom. Not even a low level job. But you can ask them about this policy.

  82. I think if they’ve made out the German govt. as the “SP”, then they will try to tie Marty to the “bad guys”, and of course just gloss over what Marty actually *says to them*.

    It’s just another attempt to discredit him by association to distract any Public from listening to what he actually says. Just as Democrats try to discredit the Tea Party by calling them “racists”, so they can re-direct the conversation away from the financial mess the government is in.

  83. Wow Marty-This is a very meaty post. I want to address the vast network of operatives throughout the field, that you brought up-OMG!!!!! And how it is all coordinated. It explains ALOT. There are some very squirrelly and anti LRH terminals out here that people need to be very aware of. Thank you for bringing this up and exposing it. Destruction of this Tech is the main target.

  84. Damn Marty! You and Mosey are straight OWNING these guys. The videos just keep getting more and more hilarious. As someone who is not involved with Scientology in any way but has witnessed the harassment that you guys have had to endure in south Texas for the last several months, it is great to see that the worm has finally turned. The Squirrel Buster operation is now looking more ridiculous every passing day. Bart may be a “professional”, but with the car wash and these three videos, it’s looking like amateur hour. Oh, and Rich’s claim that he is stalking you on his own dime is so disingenuous that I am find myself shaking my head instead of laughing. I haven’t seen somebody get sonned that hard in a long time.

    The SB parodies are poor attempts at comedy, but the real lulz are coming from your videos, Marty. Keep up the great work and good luck Germany.

  85. Bert Schippers


    Next time you see Rich tell him “Bert & Lynne say Hi”!

  86. Marty and Mosey ~~
    This was so very well done.
    You were at the top of the game.
    You were cause over them.
    You had the punch lines, the clear TRs, the presence
    of mind and it was great you pointed out that their combined
    web site stats all linked with each other with God knows how
    much financing was 50% of your blog !

    One point on the criminal mind accusing others of own crimes.
    They repeated over and over and over that Ursula in Germany cost people their JOBs.

    It is text David Miscavige/RTC/OSA that cost people their jobs as in enforced disconnection.
    Day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out the “Church” enforces people to be fired from Scientology companies if they are

    1) no longer drinking the Koolaid and toeing the Party Line
    2)Reading Marty’s blog,
    3) Friending a bunch of Independents on Facebook

    etc etc etc

    I am sure I am not the only person on this blog that thinks it is beyond bizarre that Miscavige sends his posse to interrogate Marty’s air fare data as if he has the authority and seniority to verbally sec check Marty.
    These Squirrel Buster goof balls act like they are interrogating prosecutors !

  87. Best of success in bringing understanding about the difference between the philosophy of Scn. and the Church of DM in Germany, Marty.

    Love the way Mosey nearly cracked Nurse Rachets case right on the spot by making her confront her own bank.

  88. Just pointing out that David Miscavige is a paid executive of a corporation.
    He does not represent all Scientologists. Of course, he is not even a Sea Org Member. If he was he would be there on the same terms as the others. NOBODY in the Sea Org is there on the same terms as David Miscavige. And he is not there on the same terms as anyone else. His views are the views he has from a position nobody else views from. As there is only one Chairman. As a business executive of a corporation he has no right to declare entire countries or governments enemies of all Scientologists. Scientologists have one spokesperson, Hubbard. The corporation’s spokepeople are corporate employees. They are running a corporate business, not a political system. The fact that they have attention on Governments at all is a violation of their trusts and bad faith, as it puts the Church in danger of losing it’s religious status.

  89. It’s all in the PTS/SP materials, Alan.
    They have simply assumed the valence of the SP who overwhelmed them.
    Since they cannot, will not and must not spot the real SP, they simply dramatize his valence with every breath they take. Many of these guys have probably never even met miscavige. They assume the valence by contagion of abberation which has been thoroughly inculcated in every corner of that organization.

    LRH from the tech dictionary: BASIC OVERT ACT, Making somebody else want MEST.

    David Miscavige has taken this to the extreme. Want mest, admire mest, crave mest, buy me more mest, must-have mest for me, can’t-have mest for you…

  90. I wish Richass would get his fat “ard” out of there!

  91. Expelled 4 Life

    You have my postulate. 😉

  92. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Annegreth i guess you are not a scientologist nor you have been ever one, so you probably don´t know what it means to suffer the consequences of Cabertas suppresive activities here in Germany; please consider for example, how many scientologist had lost their jobs or their businesses and how many scientologist childs were kicked off from the kindergarden or even from school to due Cabertas insane campaigns against Scientology + LRH. I never heard that she had attacked Miscavige, she always attacked LRH + Scientoloy directly. This has nothing to do with “pink glasses”, this are real FACTS. I met and spoke with Caberta personally during a demo, take it for sure, she IS psychotic. We scientologist are generally honest and good people, we are not criminals ! That´s what Caberta and their goons may don´t understand. Well, i hope Marty can help to improve the existing stressed scene here in Europe for benefit, not only of the scientologist themselves, but of the whole european society.

  93. Tom,

    Golf cart ?

    …. nah …..

    Given that he’ll be “operatin’ continental”, I’m thinking that the clip below probably best illustrates exactly the approach that the dwarf pygmy from Hemet will run with, in his never-ending quest for MOR EPIC FAIL:

  94. Phrases like “raving psychotic” sound completely “Shermanesque.” Shows you who’s writing those cue cards, doesn’t it?

  95. “People have lost their jobs and children have been kicked out of school because of Ursula…….’

    Hey, people have lost their jobs, families and their children have been kicked out of schools because of declares, SP declares, injustice and enforced disconnection.

    It doesn’t bother him when the church does it. It bothers him when someone else does it. Does that sound like someone with a clear sense of justice?That’s how narrow minded and blind ! Did Ursula run prison camps and forced abortions? Did Ursula beat Scientologists up?

    Ursula got started HOW? By Scientologists complaining of abuse.

    I can’t understand how these people with access to the tech are so damned blind and deaf! It is some kind of ser fac that is working to take down this entire movement. Ursula is not MY problem. The people that cannot will not take any responsibility to admit OUR OWN sorry situation is what is killing us!

  96. martyrathbun09

    UPDATE: 9/3/2011 435 pm cst: Village Voice coverage of this blog post below at:

  97. Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun,
    Very well done. Kudos. My hat is off to you both.

    Best of luck in Germany. I pray that you have adequate support from reasonable beings that you can get the message through…that Scientology and the church of scientology are not co-terminal…that the tech is good and has value, and that thousands of us agree that the abuses of miscavige and his minions should be exposed and ended.


  98. George M. White

    Marty and Mosey,
    In the end, you both won the day handily.
    They have lots of money and a tiny audience; you have a large audience which is getting larger by the day. Marty and Mosey you are now the media.
    I was especially impressed by Mosey’s comments at the end which put them into silence which will be the place of greatest good for them.
    The honor of being invited by the German government is a reflection of
    trust in you and the German governments’s distrust of Miscavige.
    It is truly amazing to me how the squirrel busters are so fixated on such tiny,
    mundane issues. This policy of attack just lowers their class.

    Much loving-kindness,

  99. Free Will, Scientologist.

    Joann was hit square in the heart (Video III @ 6:51).

    I actually think a breach was made into HER truth.
    Mosey, You are beautiful by way of being so pure, honest and insightful with FACTS.

    If you feel the need to free yourself from the chains of repression: we, the believers of freedom, are willing to reach out, and help, you and yours.

    “Hi Dave!”


    DUUUUUUUUUHHH! Makes we wanna holler!

  101. Squirrel Busters = TRIGGER HAPPY POLICEMEN!

  102. M&M-

    2nd–I perceived actual impingement (albeit somewhat fleeting-but that’s how it starts) of your truth affecting the cult mindsets of Rich (aka FatBoy aka FatBot) and the Witch. That seed of truth will grow exponentially over time…. You may not see them again (as I doubt that this fact went unnoticed by OSA).
    3ed–Gomer Gomez is hovering around a state of apathy now. Remember how certain of victory he used to be?

    In their hearts, they know they have lost. They couldn’t wait to get out of there.

    You guys are devastating.

  103. I concur! Rachel

  104. Let me have a word on this as well, because you speak some truth and some untruth in my view. I myself have met her several times.

    I agree with you that noone will ever be able to convince Ms. Caberta personally that the tech is good. She will always remain outspoken against abuses _as well as_ LRH tech.

    That is about as far as my agreement goes. Ms. Caberta has helped literally dozens of people that have been victimized by the Scientology organisation since 1990. If I recall correctly, she came into contact with this whole subject of Scientology, because she was active against real estate enterprises that would defraud people out of their money and have that money go to Scientology. Those actions that were perpetrated by the so-called “church”, and that are recognized by independent scientologists to be abusive, are the only reason an enemy in the form of Ms. Caberta ever was created.

    Ms. Caberta is straight, to the point and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Those qualities may not make her the ideal politician, but that does not make her a psychotic.
    Speaking of which – Caberta will be politician enough to let Marty make his points about the workability of the tech, even if she does not agree with it. I have no doubt that she knows what she is getting herself into.

  105. Agreed Dan. Marty, I hope you post updates while you’re over there if you can. And I hope to god you have good security.

  106. Zephyr — You stated, “… they are coming uptone despite the robotic Q card!” I agree! In fact, at one point, I actually thought everyone involved could have shaken hands then sat down for a glass of iced tea and good conversation. Rachel

  107. I know of one case where someone was kicked from a _private school_ in Germany who was a Scientologist.

    The school administration knew about the affiliation of the child and decided to take no action. What happened then was that brochures about Scientology and its front groups appeared at that school. It was then that the school decided to take action.

    It’s untrue that Scientologists cannot have businesses. As a matter of fact, there are several rich members of Scientology who must have businesses that thrive or they couldnt afford their contributions.

    As to the fact that current members of the Scientology Organisation are banned from certain civil servant jobs (law enforcement, judicial system), I fully agree with this. You know the level of control the Scientology organisation exerts over its members. Their first loyalty will always be with Scientology, not with the government as its employer. The USA are a prime example what can happen to human rights when you allow Miscavige adherents into top positions.

  108. WOW — great comment!! This summary really separates the wheat from the chaff. Rachel

  109. It also shows how utterly OSA failed in its information gathering. The sudden onslaught shows they had no idea until very shortly before it is happening.

  110. one of those who see

    Seems to me very doable to handle those who have attacked Scientology and LRH in the past and help them to differentiate. With Marty’s great TRs and Auditor training and knowledge of the scene, I have full confidence that he can help them to see the abuses are not from Scientology, but from the actions of the Church led by DM. This is very OT Marty.
    Dude has put on the boots. And Mosey too.
    Looks to me that the SQBs are shaken. The truth although fought, is getting through.

  111. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    How many Scientologists in Germany lost their job because of Caberta ?
    I know of 2 or 3.
    How many Scientologists lost their jobs, houses, wives, children, friends because of the actions of the Church of Scientology ?
    I know of hundreds when I start to count….

    ” We scientologist are generally honest and good people, we are not
    criminals !”
    Why do you have to make that statement ?
    Nobody said in that blog that Scientologist in Germany are criminals !
    It could be that never a Scientologist really talked to Caberta explaining the philosophy but just attacked her.
    I also met caberta once and had a short comm cycle with her and did see her evilness.
    But who knows. Renate Hartwig that was constantly attacking the church eventually changed her mind and repented.
    Why not Caberta ?
    I hope Marty will have some presence in the media as this will definitivly
    help the cause.


  112. Raul, I to0 found it hard to believe Miscavige was trying to destroy Scientology, but I believe LRH wrote that Intention IS Cause, and then that “The result is the intention”. Or as the Bible says, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Well, we can see the fruits of Miscavige’s labors – Scientology organizations around the world crashed, auditing and training stats crashed, staff and public beaten down and impoverished, Scientology’s PR in the toilet worldwide…..

    If “The result is the intention”, Miscavige’s intention is clear. The deterioration of Scientology organizations worldwide speaks loudly of Miscavige’s intention.

  113. Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun,

    Today I believe I finally understand the nature of your struggle. I have never commented here before, and I am not likely to do so again, but I saw something in the end of the last video here today that really struck me.

    I believe that I heard Mrs. Rathbun ask Joanne Wheaton about “trying to get your daughter out of the RPF?” In the briefest of moments after that question, Joanne seemed to almost come out of her shell. She hesitated for a moment and looked about as if she were coming to terms with the reality of her family’s dire situation.

    Sadly, she quickly put on a brainwashed simper afterward, but it is this moment which you captured that startled me. That comment clearly reached this woman for the briefest of moments. It makes me wonder if Joanne will be replaced so that there is no danger of her being reached again.

    I need to point out that I am not in conflict with Mr. Rinder’s comments above about Joanne’s motivations. While her family’s future may be a source of blackmail that the “church” is using to force her into harassing your family, if she is being paid then it is clearly not the only reason.

    I wish you both good luck and godspeed in your upcoming journey. I am neither for nor against your quest, but it seems clear to me that it is a personal journey to espouse your own philosophy. I applaud that.

  114. German Intel has always been very good and the job of a ‘Cult In Charge’ has been going on since the 60s. It would make a booklet to enumerate all of the things I got into trouble for in that country. Not 10 horses will be able to drag me back there to live there! It wasn’t just about or against Scientology but against any sects, cults or people jumping off the official band wagon.

    If Ursula C. has followed this blog it should be easier to sort out corporate Co$ and Scientology as an applied philosophy. Equally important, however, is to ALSO sort out the actual SPs in the German governmental structure. They are paranoid whether on the subject of UFOs, ghosts or Scientology.
    There is also the point that when there is CONFLICT in an area -I think they call this journalism ‘dialectic materialism’ (?)- then there is high interest for the readers.
    Break a leg!

  115. Marty & Mosey,
    Good luck, best wishes & God’s speed…

  116. One of my all-time favorite movies, one of five!

  117. “By the way, I guess Shorty’s going to be flying the IOB crew over to Germany for their next failed assignment a la National Lampoon’s 1985 ‘European Vacation’.”

    We Hamburg anons are looking forward to it. 🙂

  118. Almost. It’s:
    “Viel Glück in Deutschland!”

    It was a good start, though 🙂

  119. You and the wonderful Monique are warriors.

    In mind I mean the Chivalrous Knights. Those who put there
    lives at stake to preserve right actions, right justice and right society.

    Regardless of personal risk.

    Really appreciate this!!!

  120. This is an absolutely key exchange here about Cabertas’ psychosis between an incognito Scientologist who is afraid to give his real name because the sane (not psychotic) Church of Scientology will completely destroy his life if his identity is revealed and an Independent Scientologist assigning responsibility for everything bad in Scientology to DM personally. Well, who is giving DM his power? He is just a mean little man. All the troubles are internal. All our wounds are self-inflicted. Cabertas is external, she is not the WHO or the WHY. She is important but in looking at her actions and attitudes we are looking back at our own actions and attitudes as reflected through a prism of somebody else’s experience. Annegreth, my heart goes out to you trying to hold your own in an unaccepting environment but, with all due respect, when was the last time you stood tall and actually DID or at least SAID something out loud to improve the 3D conditions for Scientology? Lombar Hisst, first of all, the name sucks. Is it meant as a 1.1 jibe? In any case, well done for writing a comment even if incognito but you, being on lines, and other people on lines are actually the only reason DM still holds the power and so more or less directly you are responsible for the terrible PR in Germany and elsewhere. You are saying that Scientologists generally are not criminals and are good people but Cabertas doesn’t see that. That is because organizationally as an entity, Church of Scientology is criminal in several specific ways, vengeful, inhumane, unforgiving, greedy, impersonal, hateful and so does not qualify as good people. Cabertas did not create that behavior for the Church, she only observes what she observes. Marty is going there to explain a few things to her and he may or may not succeed. To really succeed we would all have to embrace more responsibility and use Scientology (like PTS tech, to start with) and live up to its principles and DO things.

  121. I’m sorry, that last message was supposed to read:

    “I am sure the Hamburg anons are looking forward to it.”

    I’m not from Hamburg myself.

  122. Marty and Mosey, awesome handling of the “Bustahs” harassing you. You and Mosey may have cracked at least two of them this time.

    You “don’t have authorization” to improve conditions, hear? So sayeth the Sig Heil Squirrel Bustahs, no doubt speaking for the self styled Mini-Pope of RTC.

    My thought was, now I know what a “wog” really is! It’s those goofballs harassing you at your house! This was a word I never really understood and never used before, but they are it. Wogs! Robotic and under orders, needing “authorization” to live, breathe, or act in any way, running on unrealities. Standing dormant until Miscavige puts nickels in their slots, then off they go.

    I think you are reaching them, and perhaps some will awaken out of their dormancy. Awesome.

    The Germany trip is the best news.

  123. Mark,

    No offense intended, but the data is: “As they comprise only 20% of the population and as only 2 1/2% of this 20% are truly dangerous ….” (“Introduction to Scientology Ethics”, L. Ron Hubbard.) Kinda wish more people would get this intro fundamental datum right. 2 1/2% of 20% is 1/2%. “… true 1/2 percenter …” is, I believe, more correct. One of every 200 people, on average. That is a lot less than 5 out of very 200. It’s an important piece of data!! Some biker clubs have 1%-ers. Well a Scn “one-half percenter” kinda sounds more like what it is, doesn’t it? I’ve got very sensitive math genes. Please practice saying “half-percenter”. And 1/2% is two less keystroke that 2 1/2%. For an American, who likes to abbreviate everything under the sun, that alone should be a motivation to type 1/2%. Half-percenter. Doesn’t that sound better? Darn. If it were 2 1/2% ALL of us would be PTS, not just 20%.


  124. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for all the background info you’ve provided in several comments.

  125. Scott Campbell

    The reason that DM is shitting his pants over Marty going to Germany is this: Marty’s trip to Germany can salvage the good name of LRH, Dianetics and Scientology in Europe. One visit from him can undo 30 years of the intractable Black PR that Miscavige has created in Europe regarding the subject of Scientology.

    Miscavige’s goal is to remove Scientology from view and declare himself the New Order. He wants Scn to be kept hidden, used only as a tool for suppression and control. That which Miscavige presents to the broad public as Scientology is not Scientology at all, but is merely a false front shown to the masses – while Miscavige’s real business of destroying the workable tech continues unabated – with the Church’s parishioners none the wiser.

    Germany and Europe have seen too many tyrannical dictators and despots come to power and wreak havoc in their lands to ignore such a threat. At wits end, they have sought out Marty to help them understand what to do about the C of S.

    What is the solution to the C of S “problem” in Europe? Differentiate between truth and lies. Investigate and study the subject of Scientology. Interview acknowledged experts on the subject and it’s organizations to determine how best to proceed in the face of C of S suppression.

    It’s the logical thing to do.

    Well done and Godspeed, Marty.

  126. martyrathbun09

    Thanks – probably my favorite of Marvin’s.

  127. That was brilliant – I watched it all through.
    Firstly, I have to take up your comment –
    “Just look for the 1.1s using the safe Independent Scientology space we are creating to promote such practices as no-training-needed to get onto OT levels, “OT I and OT II are of little importance”: especially coming from “Class VIIIs”,”Class VIs” and folks claiming to be “trained by Ron.””
    I met that back in 1984 – people pretending to be Independents while offering deviant paths that raked people of money while caving people in.
    Bill Robertson, David Mayo, Robin Scott, LRH jnr (NIBS) etc.
    There will be more appearing and flashing their credentials hoping to get in on the ground floor. Old Class 8 to 12’s or whatever suddenly appear out of the woodwork to present themselves as wonders having done sfa for 20 years.
    Secondly, Mosey is Great!!!
    Thirdly, if you have time when you are in Europe, it would be great to see you.
    Fourthly a message for DM about his elite Squirrel Buster team of “OT” Ambassadors – Bwahahaha!

  128. And she has never set foot inside the Co$ – a first-generation Independent Scientologist. Wishing Marty and Mosey a happy, comfortable, and very productive trip to Germany.

  129. Do well in Germany, Marty. It’s a beautiful country.

  130. Here is a message for Joanne with the Squirrel busters.
    You did go Clear when you thought you did. Your State of Case was invalidated and you ran into over restimulation on OT levels.
    You are Clear. It is obvious looking at your space. The charge from upper OT levels was used against you by DM and co.
    You have a chance to be free and to be acknowledged.
    Please take it.

  131. You are welcome. I believe you will find Ms. Caberta to have some traits of the Texan mentality that you so highly praise.
    Don’t miss the opportunities to try the local beers. I am sure she will give you excellent advice!

  132. WiLH,

    You sound like a very decent person. There may be some missing data (a lot of people have a lot of missing data, so no aspersion intended). I wish you well with your spiritual journey (or studies, or whatever). The Co$ makes it very difficult for others to pursue their own journeys and studies. True Scientology outside the Co$ is much friendlier, cleaner, and in fact more precise, and thus, many times as effective. Keep your eyes and ears open, and best of luck.

  133. Thank you for this post. I do agree.

  134. It would seem from your post that a possible diplomatic approach is to find common goals between Ms. Caberta and Mr. Rathbun. A “How may we help you? / How may we work together?” approach. She too has dedicated her life (I gather) to assisting people. There must be some point where the two avenues of assisting people intersect.

  135. one of those who see

    Excellent point!

  136. Marty & Mosey,

    You hit this one out of the park. You have my utmost admiration and respect.

    There were a number of incidents that caused me to back off from corporate Scientology little by little. One was observing IAS hired guns squeeze money out of somebody who really didn’t have any (but did have credit cards) by getting her worked up and enturbulated about Germany. I was disgusted by their tactics and annoyed that she fell for it. Incidents like this made it harder and harder for me to give “the church” my support or to want services from it. One day I found your blog, and before long I was ready to “move on up a little higher”.

    Marty, you are doing a bang-up job of restoring failed purposes. What a valuable product!

  137. P.S. If help doesn’t fit, maybe asking what she opposes in Scn will be productive. Somehow I feel certain there is some common ground in opposition to the current Co$ (and she might have some interesting data to share).

  138. Karen,


    So many outpoints by DM and The Goons (OSA/RTC/KoolAiders)! Watching Marty and Mosey’s videos with the SQBs is a real education into what LRH spent his lifetime setting down on paper. That REAL SPs like David Miscarnage are what makes living miserable for any being trying to survive on this planet. Twisted logic. Turbulent relationships with anyone in contact with him. No theta whatsoever emanating from the Radical Church of Scientology. NONE! Anything logical in dealing with beings on a day to day basis is totally non-existent. If you want a firsthand look at what David and his Wrecking Crew are doing just go to Flag and look at the amount of Bad Indicators on the faces of the public and S.O. staff. Grab a Pre-DM “Science of Survival” book and go through the Chart of Human Evaluation and see how it compares to what you see at Flag (of for that matter any Radical Scientology Org any where). Look at the Auditor’s Code and notice how many outpoints occur during any of their (FLAG’s or other Orgs) auditing sessions. When was the LAST TIME that any staff member had a good/great auditing session? What, maybe one half of one percent of all sessions done by Flag or other Orgs under the euphemistic leadership of POB David “The Everyone Is A Giant And I Must Destroy Them” Miscavige.

    Crap, just look at their stats! Lead balloon stats.

    Gary (the villager with mucho torches for davey)

  139. I wish I could boast that some Senator or Minister in the U.S. had invited me to speak with him on a matter of national interest AND was paying my way. Wow! I’d frame that ticket, and hang it on my wall!

  140. Marty – Be 100% sure to take the video of you hosing down the SQBs. Play it by “accident” or something. (Just an idea.)

  141. I love Mosey. There is nothing better than a strong woman. She gets right to the point and yet she isn’t mean. While these idiots continue to yammer, Mosey makes her point in few, but powerful words. I would want her on my side any day.

  142. “Marty, you are doing a bang-up job of restoring failed purposes.”

    + 1 (quadrillion)

  143. Great news about Germany!

    At this very moment DM will be editing a Call to Arms video, regging for money, kicking a cat, pouring his own scotch, calling the lawyers, damning everyone to hell, contemplating an exit strategy (again), glancing at the OEC volumes on his shelf and then glancing away to his portrait on the wall, his fine desk, the walls, the silent phone. No true friends. Thinks: Is this really the end?

    Suddenly, the ghost of LRH appears in the room and says, ‘Pick up the cans.’

    Miscavige sees red, rushes over and starts punching thin air, screaming, ‘I run the show, I’m the boss now!’ as the apparition vanishes.

    He goes back to his desk.
    ‘Now, where was I? Oh yeh, Germany. Then Poland, then Austria, then France, Russia, and then THE WHOLE WORLD! Ha ha ha! Then they won’t call me a shortarse anymore.’

    Godspeed, Marty. You’ve got truth on your side.

    Love, Rich

  144. I think DM has not that iota of goodness to have any guilt about what he does, he’s possessed in his rightness is presumptuously assuming LRH’s vacated “boots in the sky.” Remember those fads of study orders. As ASI, “Boots in the Sky” was amongst them. And DM prides himself on being the top of the heap assumer of LRH’s “boots in the sky” (from the lecture of Hubbard explaining that Hubbard himself, in earth’s history, chose to assume these “big boots” that are there for the taking. The Janet Reitman book extremely wise focus on DM’s admission of “assuming” power, is so on the mark. Dan, I think sociopaths, like Gerry and others have realized and shared for years now, sociopaths just DON’T have that quality of conscientiousness us “kinder dupes” had. Dan, I miss your input!

  145. one of those who see

    Hi Ralph, I don’t want to derail the subject of the blog today. But, you printed strong words regarding Bill Robertson, David Mayo etc.. I wasn’t in the Indie field back then and you were. Granted. And the “new” OT levels at Rons Orgs worry me. Truthfully, I don’t know much about them. But, It seems that people are winning at the Rons orgs and they are still delivering after all this time. As I understand it they deliver the bridge as it was up to 1981. I was never at the AAC. But, I have listened to the Sunday talks by David Mayo and loved them. A lot of sanity there. And he and others there were highly trained by LRH. So I would think they would have been pretty standard. And operating in a very difficult situation while recovering themselves. People were winning, right? I understand that in PT Robin is into various other things, but that wasn’t true back in the 80s, right? Anyway, just felt I needed to defend those not here a bit.

    I am glad you are out there and standard tech is important to you!

  146. Marty and Mosey,

    I seem to operate on “knowingness” and your post today just validated my knowingness. (Today has been very interesting in deed.)

    My postulates are that you attain your postulated results of your trip to Germany!

    It is my intention to deliver to you, upon your arrival back to Texas, my originated gift to you…you so very much deserve it! You make LRH proud…for that I thank you!!!


  147. George M. White

    Message to Mr. Miscavige and all of the squirrel busters:

    The mind is its own place, and in itself; Can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven. JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost.

    Much Loving-kindness,

  148. So true!!!!!!

  149. +10

  150. A big plus one-Nurse Rached got hit right between the eyeballs.

  151. Excellent Tom……..I can see it now POB will obviously complain that noone asked him for his own interview or allowed him to give his side of all of this and he’ll have to do his next “Freedum” mag as a smear of the German gov just to prove how wrong this is. Ha Ha I just can’t wait to see it .. Straight down and vertical.

  152. Oh dang!! Why are you being so open about your HUGE financial support line??
    Mr Jim Logan — don’t you know that OSA is watching and reading everything that is written here? They will now know that with the vast sums of money deposited into your account — all for the purpose of delivering standard Scientology and moving people on up The Bridge — you buy luxury cars, have hot and cold running servants, tailored clothes and all-expenses paid trips across several continents!
    Oh dang! Time to open another bottle of that MOST EXPENSIVE Scotch. Or maybe a coffee enema will make you feel better? Seems to work for Dave.

  153. “2nd–I perceived actual impingement (albeit somewhat fleeting-but that’s how it starts) of your truth affecting the cult mindsets of Rich (aka FatBoy aka FatBot) and the Witch. That seed of truth will grow exponentially over time…. You may not see them again (as I doubt that this fact went unnoticed by OSA).”

    I saw that too. +1

  154. mrinder

    Something I noticed in their new attire, is that the “Squirrel Buster” logos now seem to be on a separate card. I imagine that they are “Velcroed” on. This way they can take them off when they leave the immediate area in front of Marty’s home. They must be well aware of the out PR that their actions produce in the general area, and so now they can just take the signs off and then they can more easily move about in IOB without being the target of so much ridicule and spite.

    I wonder if DM is aware of this little “sleight-of-hand”. Hmmmm…..

    I am pretty confident in saying that there are probably a lot of things that they do not tell DM. Pretty much everything they do is a lie at this point, so it is almost a certainty that they are lying to DM also. If he is wise he will not trust the “glowing reports” that he is getting from IOB. He is so out of touch that he does not realize that as soon as he stepped back from observing for himself, and relying on reports from his “staff”, he effectively placed himself in a similar position to that which he had LRH in prior to his death. David Miscavige, like almost every tyrant so far, is going to be dealt the “death blow” from someone close to him, and he won’t even see it coming. He will be destroyed by the very “monster” that he has created and nurtured.

    It is generally the way of things…

    Eric S

  155. “I am willing to talk to the press in the UK and I am happy to give any information you may need to the German government to clear LRH’s name once and for all.”

    Thankyou Sam I hope Martin Padfield is also willing.

    There is alot happening in Europe at the moment and hopefully you, Marty, Mike and others could answer atleast some of the questions I have on an extremely loooong list.

    It’s sad even today some exes are afraid of how it will affect freinds and family stil “in” but it has been changing slowly over the last 3+ years.

    P.S. Sam I sent you a mail some time ago not sure if you recieved it wanted to respond, I will attempt to contact Marty again if your listening sir.

  156. Go Sam go.
    Things are heating up in Australia too — in a BIG way. I am with you 100%. All shoulders to the wheel!!
    Let’s turn up the heat a little more!

  157. Marty when I went to Germany to speak there, organized scientology also got my plane reservation information and then tried to scare me at the airport. According to Continential Airlines security, they could not have legally gotten my flight information as it was between myself and the German government.

    Accordingly I made formal written complaints to the FBI, TSA and Continential Airlines security after speaking with people in each group.

    I hope that you make such complaints as well as it might make a difference in getting them investigated for this apparent crime and perhaps prosecuted for same.


  158. Larry — This has been repeatedly reported to appropriate authorities in the US by both me and Marty. They do nothing. See my comments to the Village Voice about the Australian Ombudsman, Bryan Seymour and Nick Xenophon. The people that should do something about the repeated violations of the law by the RCS in the US are either intimidated, bought off or don’t care. It’s a sorry state of affairs, as this is where the abuses emanate, but sooner or later there will be either:
    a) A national TV reporter like Bryan Seymour in the US who will not be backed off by the RCS and will just keep exposing them (no slight on either Tony Ortega or Joe Childs/Tom Tobin — print media just doesnt get the audience that a 60 Minutes or Current Affair gets)
    b) A national politician will stand up and not be shuddered into silence — like Nick Xenophon
    c) Someone in a government agency will take this seriously and do something
    d) Pressure from outside the US will embarrass the US government enough they will HAVE to act
    e) Some serious event of physical harm will occur in the US and it will embarrass the government into action.

  159. Marty

    I have to admit that when I first read about the upcoming meeting(s) with EU Gov reps, I was a little wary. I was concerned about the possibility of someone potentially using this meeting and/or the information received to not just stop David Miscavige, but to continue pursuing it until they had destroyed the whole subject.
    In entertaining this concept I was looking for outpoints and realized that DM unchecked is well on his way to doing that himself. You could not possibly make it any worse.

    One of the things that I looked at was the fact that the philosophy can no more be stopped than could the Romans stop Christianity. Too many of us know its value.

    Because of these things, and because of your demonstrated abilities to communicate and your working understanding of “Scientology, the Technology and the Philisophy”, I have come to see the wisdom in your offer.

    If what you do in Germany can help salvage any part of the philosophy and the practice of the technologies of Scientology and Dianetics from the inevitable destruction of “the Church of Scientology,” (the corporate entity as run by David Miscavige), and David Miscavige personally, for actual crimes, you will have provided a truly valuable service to the future accomplishment of L. Ron Hubbard’s dream of a better world. ( I also acknowledge and thank you for what you have already done toward this end through other avenues.)

    I wish you much success.

    Eric S

  160. This is an extremely important mission.

    It is inspiring and historical.

  161. Marty,

    We have our differences at times but I wish you all the best on your Mission to Berlin.

    Also can you do us a favor and post a picture of you and Mosey by the Brandenburg Gate.

  162. Well, there is the third party law and the div 6 “How to resolve conflicts” book sold at the bookstore. I guess DM hasn’t read that himself or the Church wouldn’t be having these conflicts with Germany. I do know this. In the early 1990’s the I.A.S. beggars were calling in the Jewish Scientologists to the Flag Land Base and telling them that Germany was building concentration camps again to kill all of the Jews and the Church of Scientology was “handling them”. Yep, they got quite a few patron hits from that one. Quite a few. A few of my friends were in a frenzy and scrambling to make those Patron Donos, in a type 3 sort of way. I suspect this feud with whatever is or was happening in Germany has been extremely profitable for the I.A.S.. Cha Ching Cha Ching. If it wasn’t profitable, why would it be kept created? So, who is meeting with heads of state about resolution? It is NOT David Miscavige. It is Marty Rathbun. I wonder if someone from Flag who got regged by the I.A.S. reported these events to someone in the government? In fact, I wonder if it is true the Germans were building concentration camps in the 1990’s?

  163. Greta, I think depends much on the individual ability and willingness to communicate and if a chance is given to have communication to take place. In the old days i had a “communication” with then Pfarrer Haack and he was pretty much of the same level as the clowns in above videos. He would not receive a sincere communication and just shell out some comments he hoped that would be destructive.
    Years later, after a TV show/battle, everyone went to the canteen to have a beer. While the OSA guys sat at their own table. I spontanously placed myself into the “enemy camp”. There I was asked by person a sincere question and I gave an honest answer. From that we had a very interesting and good communication. I explained that the good or bad of Scientology stays and falls with the common sense it is applied with (just like sections of the bible which can be used useful and friendly or can be used destructively) and from that we went into more personal matters and ended with understanding. At the end, we did not part as enemies.
    No matter what group or group-think the person is connected to, you still have an individual that can or cannot be talked to. The generality of the group membership makes it sometimes more difficult to communicate. That’s all.

  164. Thank you Mike for a succinct rendition. Calms the natives.

  165. Trey,

    I see it as perhaps an initial, lawful and formal international ‘divorce’ proceedings from the little psycho. Authoritatively documented and presented.

    POB really is akin to something resembling a bloated Idi Amin.

    In dm’s case, he’ll end up in a splosh place in the City of London………………

  166. “Part of his crumbling power base is to point to the “evil German government” and use them as his wrong why for his dwindling cult membership.”

    That is right. And there is another telling statement by Rich. He accuses Marty of wanting to take over the Church. You can bet DM is blaming lots of stats and conditions on Marty and obviously telling everyone (not allowed to read his blog) that Marty’s purpose is to take over the Church. Because THAT IS WHAT HE DID when he got all funky and suppressive!

  167. Haydn,
    The German govt can be viewed as a major player for good or bad. IAS tries to say they are so so bad to raise more money. Let’s see the other side. Marty goes to Germany and brings some rational sanity to the fact that LRH was the founder of the religious principles and philosophy of Scientology. The German govt, just as the Australian’s, the US, etc can all look at the facts and decide there is a religious philosophy here that has a technology addressing the spiritual aspects of man.

    Agreement could be made the the subject and technology of Scientology is not the evil they are attempting to address with their laws and regulations. In fact any of these countries could uphold the legal grounds for the religion of Scientology. No agreement as to its workability is needed. Just agreement that it is a subject that is not evil nor needing to be restricted.

    The big, BUT, comes in in how they deal with the RCS or IAS or OSA etc. It is very possible to decide the subject of Scientology is approved and exempted but the corporations currently harassing citizens, breaking up families, forcefully getting staff to lose their jobs because they either believe or don’t believe in the current rules/policies of the RCS, forced labor on the RPF, etc – those corporate business policies and actions could be regulated or blocked from use. As an example, the PL on Disconnection issued in LRH’s name and written by VY, per his court testimony, is a corporation approved policy. The govt could rule this is a hate crime matter to force family members to disconnect merely and only because of where a sibling works, rents a home, or who they communicate with in any manner.

    Yes, freedom of religion could be upheld and the current corporate group could still be construed as a hate crime driven criminal enterprise. If we look at Germany then the current laws could be changed to something along the lines that it is not illegal to be a Scientologist or agreement with the principles of Scientology. It could still be illegal to be a member or representative of the IAS, RCS, etc.

    The questionare for working in the government would allow me to be an Independent who believes in the subject, but would find me ineligible for work if I was a member of RCS, IAS, etc or a staff member thereof.

    The SQuiBs demonstrate very clearly the hate crime nature of hating and harassing SIMPLY and ONLY because you don’t believe in the subject of Scientology is an RCS AUTHORIZED manner. RCS is not senior to the citizens of any and all countries of the world. There are pages and pages of details and multiple videos as evidence. Per their own testimony they are doing this to harass Marty and Mosey.

    Sam notes below how her children were denied continued education at a “non denominational” school because they were her children and the RCS group no longer considered her a member in good standing. The children had nothing to do with the RCS. This is merely the extension of the hate crime attitude and actions of a criminal enterprise. Nothing written by LRH says or implies to punish children because their parents no longer agree with the RCS. Yet, in this case, it was the children that were punished and forced to leave children they had become friends with.

    In this manner any govt panel or representative is not addressing the religious nature. What they can and would be addressing are egregious human rights violations and criminal acts. If Germany acts in such a manner then this ruling would have a ripple effect through the EU countries. A ruling of this nature would side step any defense of the illegal and inhumane corporation actions by claiming exemption based upon religious freedom.

    For the RCS, et al, to be compliant would require internal changes to fulfill the legal requirements. Changes of approved procedures and policies would bring the church into compliance. The current directors and boards of these corporations would have to deal with that issue. The church would have the options of change or cease operations. This does not have to be anti church – it is anti human rights abuses and anti criminal behavior.

  168. Oh yeah…..that is it! He thinks Marty is doing the same thing to him that HE did to L.R.H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh. Too simple!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Just picture shorty on the lam.

  170. Tony DePhillips

    That would be great Dan.

  171. Tony DePhillips

    and Tony and Marie-Joe. Richard is a Pacific NW reject.

  172. Tony DePhillips

    I saw it too. Plus 3.

  173. Tony DePhillips

    It actually should be made easier to see. It would increase donations I am sure.

  174. DM, Did you tell John Travolta about this before you sent him to Germany to accuse everyone of being a Nazi?

  175. “When his work day is done and his staff have gone home and he is all alone in his swank quarters the thought must enter his head, “One day they will spot me,”

    If he had that capability for self inspection, he would not be the man he is. I don’t think he has any remorse. I don’t think he has any avenue to view himself. Everyone else is f&%($d up and he is perfect. A zero responsibility case. As far as I know that man has not been on a meter in decades.

  176. “Mosey! Mosey” We thought you had more basic human decency”……….

    Does she even know someone from the Church sent a dildo to Mosey’s workplace to harass her? Frankly I thought the Church has more basic human decency than that . I ask you now, what Sea Org Member or volunteer was sent to purchase that? I wish I had a video of that shopping spree. Did someone turn in an invoice for that for accounting? “Here is my expense sheet….One Dildo…” WTF FOR REAL? Who had to buy it, was it a dude? I mean, yeah I think it was a Sea Org Member from the Flag Command Bureau right there on Hollywood Blvd. where the sex shops are.

    KURT! Did you drag that dildo back to the Flag Command Bureau? I am SOOO disillusioned!

  177. What a bunch of baffoons! I am so embarrassed for them. One day they too are going to wake up, I hope, and realize what horses asses they have been. Fingers crossed. That said, man in glass house should not cast stones, I too when in the Co$ did some things in the name of… the greater good. Such a great justification!
    Marty and Mosey, break a leg in Germany. You are so good.

  178. I mean, I ain’t no saint but if someone ordered me down to Hollywood Blvd. to buy a dildo I would have told them to F*^k O&f And Die.

  179. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Ok, Michael may be you are right may be not. I think for my self like i stated before and i don´t listen do anybody i prefer do LOOK. I know what i´m talking about, i´m here in Germany, i´ve children, i know what a hard time they have and i´ve a business and i know how many business contacts i lost because of the religious suppresion, not only against Scientology (ask other religious groups here) but especially against Scientology here in Germany. Yes sir, i´m still in the Church ! the Church is NOT Miscavige, it´s NOT A=A=A, there must remain a Church after Miscavige, now or in the future; it would be totally destructive for our religion if everybody would blow ! And yes, the nickname “WHO is Lombar Hisst ?” fits very good ! It is asking who is the real SP, is it DM, is it somebody behind him or is it anybody else as third party ? what´s your opinion ?

  180. Chuck, when all external stimuli die down, all a person is left with is himself or herself and I have always contended that deep down any person knows what they are doing and what they are up to, no matter the front they put up. As a great man once said, “The greatest pretense is the pretense that it’s not all pretense.”

  181. Wow, sharp insight!

  182. Mike Rinder said :::

    Oh, and rumor has it I am going on an all expenses paid trip to the UK in October. Could be fun.

    I look forward to the reaction when they find out WHO invited you and WHY they want you to speak and WHAT they want you to talk about ! 😉 😉 😉 😉

  183. The 4 pre-session factors are always good to keep in mind (HCOB Apr 21, 1960.

  184. Good luck Marty and Mosey! I sincerely hope you can help clear up the misunderstandings between Scientologists and the German government. It’s quite obvious that the program the church has been running for 20 years is not working to improve relations so you certainly can’t do any worse than has already been done. There’s nothing to loose and much to gain for Scientology’s sake.

    I find it ironic that back in the early 90’s Miscavage bragged about how he walked right into the enemy camp(the IRS) and handled them with communication. Now he is freaking out because Marty wants to do the same thing with the problem in Germany.

    I want to point out something else because it is striking me rather hard as I have read through this post. I don’t want to get political but it seems very clear to me that what Marty is trying to do, versus Miscavage and his Corporate church, is a microcosm of the situation here in America. We have a government(a corporation) that insists it is the greatest in the world and that they have to stop the evil terrorists that hate us and are trying to destroy our way of life. Meanwhile it’s the government that is destroying our freedoms and our way of life and is doing it’s best to create and antagonize enemies all over the world by bombing countries and creating economic havoc. Anyone who is still a true believer in the corporate American cult will be angry at what I just said and will call me all sorts of nasty names, just as the Miscavage followers react to Marty and anyone else who dares to speak out and doesn’t toe their line.

    I’m pointing out this similarity, again, not to be political, but because I’m curious if anyone else sees this. Also I’d like to suggest that perhaps this is why Marty is not getting much cooperation from the government. He’s missing their withhold. Miscavage is one of them, operating on the same program of destruction that they are using. It’s just that they are operating on a much bigger scale and they and their minions have no back off from killing millions to achieve their goals and they have the weapons to do it. Micavage only has footbullets and is rapidly running out of toes.
    Marty is a freedom fighter of the highest class. I believe he and the dedicated independants will ultimately be successful in liberating the subject of Scientology from the grip of the suppressives provided Miscavage doesn’t get help from the higher ups on HIS org board.
    Now if we could just find several hundred people who are like Marty, who are also ex government officials, who would be willing to lead the charge to take back control of our country, the world might have a much brighter future.

  185. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    G’day “Who is Lombard Hisst”
    You know a lot of the perceptions of others are created by the viewpoint from which you view them, I’m not surprised that a CofS Scio would say what you do about Ursula Caberta. Pleas read what Larry Brennan said after meating with her.

    Good luck with it, if you’re still in the church you are in a disinformation storm, very hard to navigate no matter how smart you are.

  186. taltos the shaman

    Hi, Marty. I sent to you background info earlier about the last IAS event where the ED of the Hungarian CCHR was awarded. I told to you about that the actual events happened years ago and not even near to that year when he got the reward. I also discussed that behind the award there were other reasons that things happened that way. However the most important thing in my view is the following: the reward was awarded because the main psychiatric institute of Hungary was closed. What was not discussed however that half of the patients were sent to other psychiatric institutes and roughly the other half was sent directly to the streets and they live their life homeless. That was the success for which the award was presented.
    The other interesting thing is a recent move, which is quite unique in Europe is the new law regarding spiritual matters. The new government in Hungary does not recognize the Church of Scientology as a bona fide religion. And it is clearly stated that they never will. So even here where they state they had such a huge accomplishment they are not so popular.
    On the other hand Scientology can be quite good in raising IQ, etc., but Hubbard made a fascistic machinery, the Church of Scientology. This should be a warning. One should not forget this and one must be careful with the application as well. You can travel this path for a while but Scientology is not the Route to Total Freedom.

  187. Chuck, you bring up some very interesting points. I was in Germany for just a few days about 7 or 8 years ago. I met with four Scientologists, as I recall, who were having a rough time of it due to the scene there. As a long time Scientologist and staff member, I just assumed it was Germany dramatizing its own fascist/militaristic past. But now having seen the totalitarian side of the COS close-up and personal, I now understand more about why the Germans acted as they did towards the COS. A totalitarian/authoritarian church/organization that practices complete thought and spiritual control over its parishioners deserves to “pull in” opposition (I certainly wouldn’t want any child of mine to join the COS). At the same time, off course, I do not in any way condone the labeling of a whole group, thereby disallowing people employment or education. But I can see why a society with its Nazi past would be sensative in this area.

  188. Mosey is one hell of an exceptionally talented/skillful and intelligent woman. She communicates with great intention/confront and the appropriate amount of ARC for the occasion. Just an observation from watching the videos.

  189. “…Could be fun.”
    Counting on it 🙂

  190. Marty, I smell a psych (or psych’s) behind this woman. You might want to pull a string while you are in Germany. She has one supporter by the name of Tilman Hausherr (anti religion guy from Berlin) who likes Psychiatry and believes in eugenics. He is also linked to Dr. Stephen Barrett one of the earliest psychiatrists to attack Scientology.

  191. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Hello Marty,
    please have a look on the several Human Rights Reports of the US. Department of State regarding the religious intolerance in Germany. It´s not going only against Scientology, or ask Mike Rinder, he must still remember these facts as the former OSA boss. I think this informations could be helpfull for your trip in Germany.
    Kind regards

  192. Carcha
    I think the good people here are educated on PTS/SP tech and know what they are talking about and are quite bright in spite of bearing the handicap of being American (my mistake if your intention wasn’t to slight Americans).
    The ‘2 1/2 percenters’ behave in an anti-social manner just as do the ‘1/2 percenters’ and so it is perfectly valid to count them among those who engage in anti-social behavior due to the nature of their PTSness (To wit the ‘Squirrel Busters’). That’s my opinion based on my understanding of the reference but I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone else how they should duplicate the source information.
    I know your intentions are good but verbal explanations of what LRH meant won’t go down too well with Independent Scientologist who can read and duplicate the tech for themselves and have learned (the hard way) to reject outside evaluation of their data.

  193. Bravo Mr. Fancy
    Bang on the ‘money’ 😉

  194. very true !

    Even I had heard about the planned Marty-Caberta-meeting more than 2 weeks ago.

  195. “evil German government” = money given to IAS = DM’s all luxuries;
    truth from M&M = intelligent German government = no cash cows for IAS = Keiserens nye Klæder (“VEmperor’s” New Clothes)

    I think you guys are jeopardizing his income source. But, it is right time to handle the chaos, fear and confusion created by this merchant.

  196. That WAS pretty dumb Jim.
    Now you’ve landed us all in it. I had sweet deal with the Vatican to continue to fight the eternal war against the Illuminati and we had just set up links with the CIA who were willing to help us through secret funding from a small but powerful group of Freemasons in Washington DC. Now I will have to transfer my vast sums of money (and a couple of Da Vinci paintings) over into my Swiss bank account in order to prevent detection.
    Way to go Jim! Now we’re all in danger of being busted!

  197. Greebly
    Use my hushmail account.

  198. Hey Mike.

    Sadly, you may be right about what it will take to get those parts of the US government who should be involved, involved.

    I still believe in reporting this sort of stuff in writing every time. It creates a record if nothing else. I know that the FBI guy who interviewed me told me that the complaint I submitted would be available to every FBI agent in the country through their computer system(s). And that includes one of my declarations that lists differet examples of lies or abuse by the dwarf.

    He said that where an agent may search on this topic and then see multiple complaints then it is more likely someone will do something.

    Yes that might have been a polite brushoff but it still can’t hurt to put as many examples of this sort of thing on the record as possible while many of us carry on doing what we are doing to continue to get the truth out, to help others find their voice and/or reconnect to loved ones and to get governments around the world involved.

  199. Marty – emailed you on the back lines
    Mosey – Poco sends her love 🙂

  200. Clearly what Mosey said to Joanne snapped her head back and buckled her knees.

  201. This is exactly right. Both Rich and Joanne could understand that it was Scientology & LRH being attacked by Germany. Marty agreed and explained he was going to defend Scientology & LRH. How can you attack that? Clearly Marty impinged on both of them.

  202. Who is Lombar Hisst wrote :

    “I met and spoke with Caberta personally during a demo, take it for sure, she IS psychotic. We scientologist are generally honest and good people, we are not criminals ! That´s what Caberta and their goons may don´t understand.”

    Caberta was severely harrassed by Co$ OSA for almost 20 years, which certainly leaves some mental scratches. Continuing observations, stalkings, publishing details about her private life, defaming / libel / slander, etc. I wonder how many IAS millions have been spent on her.

    No, Co$ Scientologists are NOT honest and good people ! They ARE either criminal (e.g. OSA operatives, very pushy registrars) or they are not confronting (e.g. OSA’s crimes, the alteration of tech, the propaganda lies).

    Just look at the Sq. Busters. They illustrate very well what I have just written.

    LO wrote about another long time German Co$ critic :

    “Renate Hartwig who was constantly attacking the church eventually changed her mind and repented.”

    No, LO, she didn’t simply “change her mind”. She had been under constant OSA harassment for almost 10 years. And finally she had been HANDLED by them.

  203. Yeah. The UK is lagging behind in it’s usual conservative way but it will happen here too. All shoulders to the wheel and the wheel is turning.
    DM won’t be able to hide much longer behind the stinking PR mess he has created to obfuscate his role in the destruction of Scientology.
    The truth will out and LRH’s good name and reputation will be cleared.
    Check-mate. It isn’t even a matter of ‘time’ anymore.
    The game is over; The jig is up; DM has been rumbled.

  204. Hey DM!
    Know why Marty has so much ‘power’?
    Because people ‘listen’ to him.
    Hahahahaha – that’s your squirrel definition – not ours – but it sure pushes your buttons doesn’t it?
    That’s gotta HURT!
    You might want to get a bit of false-data stripping.
    LOL. Sorry. Couldn’t resist a bit of bull-bait.

  205. Martin Padfield

    Good points well made.

  206. Clear Colon: Clear Colon, or apparently perforated colon, colon cleansed of its natural bacteria (not ‘colonized’ so to speak) and well, it would seem sfa in terms of ‘health’. Other than another use for coffee that I’m wondering; how the heck does somebody come up with this stuff?

    But then Dave is kind of opposite those things that work.

  207. Martin Padfield

    Really good point worth emphasising. The great and the good don’t talk to the “Church” if they want to know what’s really happening in the Scientology world – the entire balance of power has shifted these last 2 years. Perhaps it is THIS that sends DM pottier than anything else. The propoganda and lies that pour from the cult are not only not listened to by anyone with any authority – they are spotted immediately for what they are. I think it’s fantastic – and very appropriate – that it is Marty going to Germany.

    Since DM’s own definition of power is that people listen to you, by his own definition he hasn’t got any power now.

    Couple other quick points:

    – The videos are the most instructive yet of how far the cult has sunk.

    – Rich, Allender & co have acheived the almost impossible of making even screechy Davies look competent as a spokesperson.

    – If you’re stopping by the UK and need anything call me up (won’t be able to make it to Deutschland sadly).

    – Mosey – phew! You’re like a cross between Lara Croft and Erin Brokovitch. Don’t mess with the Moseynator! My absolute respect and admiration to you.

  208. Martin Padfield

    Oh yes, there was a lot of latent anti-German racism in IAS briefings – “the bithplace of psychiatry”. It was typically portrayed as the a source of anti-religious “hatred” in Europe. Having lived and worked in Germany for two years my experience is that Germans generally are some of the most liberal people around. Of course there is extremism, as in any country you care to choose, but no more than here in the UK for example. There’s good and bad wherever you go. Norway was considered to be the beacon of successful liberal integration in Europe but look what happened there recently.

  209. Michael,

    great post.

    We just had two guests from Germany who stayed about a month and a half. Here is something that Americans don’t seem to grasp: Germans are very sensitive to members of groups who claim to be “not criminals” while the organization acts criminally. The horrors of WWII and the Nazis are thoroughly embedded in their culture.

    Over there, if you are part of a group acting criminally, you are culpable because you support the group. Period. There will be no, “I didn’t know what the leaders were doing!” accepted as an excuse.

    Cabertas sees the abuse, the crimes, the fraud and deception. The criminality of the RCS is flagrant and rampant. It’s easy to say she’s “psychotic” because she passionately wants to end the abuse. Just because you don’t back down and refuse to take shit from a powerful group does not make you psychotic–no matter how much propaganda that group levels at you, no matter how much political pressure is brought against you by governments sympathetic to that group.

    I’ll bet someone watching Marty play basketball might consider him evil because he talks smack and is intent on winning. ” Man, did you see the look in his eyes? Scary. He’s evil!”

    Truly understanding life requires that a person have a bit of “evil” and meanness in them. Otherwise, how do you confront it? How do you duplicate it? To truly understand something you have to be able to be it.

    Life requires an estimation of destruction and creation. Takes both.

    I wouldn’t be put off at all by Cabertas wanting to kick Scientology’s ass. In a strange way, it gives me hope.

  210. Sorry if I seem to be hobbyhorsing this ‘International Banker’ datum and in this one I won’t be facetious (sort of).

    What struck me was that in fact, this sort of thing, that Marty is being financed by the ‘International Bankers’ is something straight out of DM’s think. He actually figure-figures these kinds of absurdities and makes these leaps of ‘logic’ to arrive at the most outlandish conclusions. Dave thinks this is ‘genius’ and those around him, probably out of being literally stunned, as in a stupor, by these impossible concatenations of bits of this and that, accept them as brilliant. Then they say them or do them and the results are the recent Freedumb and the inanity of the Busters back in the cul-de-sac with their ‘intell’ on Marty’s trip.

    ALl of this gibbering nonsense emanates from the idiot mind of DM. He sees a beetle walking on the curb and from there the disassocative thought can be spurred and go through that tortuous cycle to arrive at what we as the broad public witness as Official Scientology.

    Dave wrote the cue cards for the Busters. Dave gave them the intell and the ‘way to really get at Marty’ as what they attempted to do with it, Dave calls out each and every play, even if the ‘players’ can’t execute it.

    This stuff. It IS David Miscavige at work. When it pops up somewhere else, like the Davis/Feshbach chronicles say, or the apparent appearance on various blogs of with strained to the limit and beyond comparisons, THAT is DM’s ‘script’, painfully worked out and utter nonsense.

    Those on the fence, those ‘pillars of support’ for this man, step back, take a clean look at this stuff – this man is NOT the brilliant strategist and genius executive you have dubbed in. As hard as it may be to face, he IS a gibbering fool with a deep seated hate on for just about the entirety of the remaining life around him. Including you.

  211. Matt,

    If the fool had kept the talent that’s visited this blog, he could have had the publication out the next day. What a moron! OTDT could crank out a parody in minutes. Jeff and Steve could have polished the whole thing up and had it to the printers in a heart beat.

  212. mrinder,

    $250,000? Whoa!

    Times how many interviews?

    Need a money manager? I’ve got some great prefabricated bridges which we can sell up in New England.

    Preying on the misery of others? What could be more rewarding?

    Other than creating misery in others. God, I love Der Leader. He’s taken praying and preying to new levels of entertainment.

  213. Impartial English Girl

    Danke schöne! Tschüs! 😉

  214. You raise some very good points.

    Let’s also not lose sight of what must happen at the end of any conflict or fight – sooner or later the parties must sit down and talk. They might agree, they might compromise or they might never agree, but that is not the point. They do have to communicate. This is always a very tricky part of a conflict – combatants have gotten used to the idea of an enemy that they must not speak to, and now it flips over to politics where the “enemy” must be spoken to. It’s very confusing for the troops!

    I see Marty as doing exactly this – communicating. It doesn’t really matter what change he may or may not bring about in Ursula Caberta’s mind, it is important that sensible sane dialogue is opened. Lots of people are going to start talking to lots of other people and out of that only good can come.

    Dialogue with the governments in Germany should have started 20 or 30 years ago, but luckily for us it’s never too late to start. This whole conflict thing in Germany can be quite easily fixed – one just has to communicate. Admittedly it’s not the easiest of all possible comm cycles, but it’s also nowhere near the amount of effort that went into the conflict.


  215. Tom M,

    Does this, by DM’s own definition, mean that Marty has more power.
    Wasn’t it something like: power is how many people will listen to you? or power is getting others to listen to you.

  216. : “As they comprise only 20% of the population and as only 2 1/2% of this 20% are truly dangerous ….”

    Thank you so much, Carcha. I’ve never noticed this before. I went back to an old Ethics book last date 1973 and it reads as you state above, but in later volumes and in the bulletins, it leaves out “of this 20%”

  217. LDW,

    You are quite correct of course. It’s all just a bit unreal to me still, one of those things that I know about and understand as a concept, but never really experienced it.

    Working in a South African org in the 80s and 90s did have it’s benefits – we were mostly insulated from the insanity of Int. I well remember how we used to interact with interested new public – sit down and talk to them, answer their questions honestly. The last time I was in Joburg North – about 4 years ago – I couldn’t find a single soul willing to actually *communicate* one on one. No wait, that’s not quite right. They would listen and respond correctly when I read out my credit card number.

  218. Sinar,

    Silly you. David Miscavige IS Scientology. He is not “a” Scientologist. He’s the whole thing. He’s the one and only.

    Haven’t you gotten your new copy of the Tech Dictionary? (With a forward by Winston Smith.) Only $3,500 with IAS membership, this week only.

    Scientology: definition 3a. The study of David Miscavige, the way and the light. (taken from the fact that our leader has achieved pure knowingness and the only way to pure knowingness is through Him. It was discovered by our Dear Leader that he was the only one who knew anything. Thus, “scio” could only refer to Him. Thus, the study of (ology) Him. Only those with the courage to completely submit to His Will have a chance of ever achieving full OT powers.0

  219. Was the book “Die Schattenspieler” dictated by OSA ?
    What do you know ?
    It could be she was handled. It would be nice to have some more information about it. Was there a deal ?

  220. Martin,

    My friend Lukas often joked that the most liberal American politicians would be right wingers in Germany.

  221. Watching Eyes,

    Oh not! Not the Domino Theory all over again! Look at what happened in Vietnam. We can’t let Germany fall! Just can’t.

  222. Oh come on, Sam. You’re not *that* sorry! 😉

  223. Jim,

    once LRH talked about International Banksters (e.g. on RJ 68). I have no reason to doubt what he stated for that particular situation.

    Such statements are acceptable to Co$ members.

    So DM uses them to gain credibility – at least with his followers, which have their A=A=A : LRH said it, now DM says it, so it must be true.

    Co$ propaganda stated that Anonymous was paid by Big Pharma. Another button for Co$ members who are satisfied to merely believe.

  224. W i LH , your guess was wrong. I was member of the Organisation since 1987 and on Lines in HH Org since the 90s to 2002 when I moved to UK to be on lines at St.Hill till 2009 I know about the 1 or 2 cases , where children where abandoned from Kindergarden . I know the promotion in the Org to Scientologists how evil the “Outside World ” is , how evil Caberta is and that all Scientologists have to suffer through there evil actions.
    I know about the campaign in that times from Freedom Mag who wrote about the evil politicians – at that time Minister Bluem, which is third party and I do not need to tell you what third party does .
    I also was myself working in a Scientology Company who did not pay taxes and the Owner had to go to Jail. This company was also connected to Wiebke Hansen ( ID HH Org) and also IAS Reges came into the Company to collect money from the people there. And probably I do not need to tell you about march 1995 as this whole Organisation crashed due falsifying stats. Why? Certainly for many reasons.
    I have experienced the strange ethic handlings with the suggestion to disconnect to certain people even parents, children etc. and I saw how families were distroyed. I could tell you that I know from recent time a person who should disconnect from her daughter because she was patient from a psychologist.. But before the Lady had to have hours and hours of auditing to handle this matter ( which it didn´t handle ) and was not aloud to go up the bridge.
    It is easy to judge over somebody from having heard something or speaking a view words with him/ her and thinking this are facts. To have a broader picture one need a longer investigation and also have the courage to look at things which one has before avoidet to look at . And even then it is possible that one does not know the whole truth.
    If you want – I do have a German Blog which makes it easier for me to talk.
    love Annegreth ( Anna)

  225. dankoon,

    “His sanity is riding on keeping his game going.”

    So, that’s what his sanity is riding on. I thought it was riding on a motor cycle painted with slave labor.

    But, is it really the motor cycle wherein his sanity sits? Just what does he wear under those spiffy leather chaps? So manly and muscular.

    Ah, the life of a demon rider. A blaze of glory. And then into the night he rides.

  226. Perhaps the real truth is that David Miscavige is not a human being.

    From a public perspective trying to create a distinction, any distinction, that being one thing or another elevates one above another in order of importance. This is labelling and the basis or segregating people. And that is why DM has a we or them mentality which gives him the ability to convince a lot of the “koolaid” drinkers the belief they are under seige and must “fight” to survive. When you continue to promote a winner and a loser mentality this will result in casualties and a lot of collateral damage. Resolution to conflict needs to assess the commonalities amongst the differing opinions. Everyone should have the ability to exercise their spiritual beliefs so long as that belief is not detrimental to the health, security and freedom of another. Seeking to impose one brand fits all is dangerous and eventually will fail especially when it is a dictatorship like the current CoS.
    Good luck in Germany Marty and Mosey!

  227. Please read my comments to Carcha below.

  228. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Tom.

  229. Just a quick response to this:

    “Miscavige’s goal is to remove Scientology from view and declare himself the New Order”

    There is a saying about this: “Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetence alone”.

    Or, insanity, for that matter.

    PoB is a petty, mean-spirited bully who seeks to control others. It really is nothing new, and you can find examples of similar oppression from dictators throughout history.

    I’m sure he’d like to declare himself the New Order, but in order to do that he’d have to find enough people who were willing to try out his brand of Scientology.

    And because he is an incompetent manager above everything else, that simply isn’t going to happen.

    I don’t think he’s hiding Scientology per se, though I’ll grant you he sure is editing out those few inconvenient bits that make him look like the ass he is.

  230. “Those on the fence, those ‘pillars of support’ for this man, step back, take a clean look at this stuff – this man is NOT the brilliant strategist and genius executive you have dubbed in. As hard as it may be to face, he IS a gibbering fool with a deep seated hate on for just about the entirety of the
    remaining life around him. Including you.”

    Absolutely right on!!!!!!

  231. Truth and tone level intertwine – see LRH’s “chart of human evaluation”.

    That said, have a close look at this :

    The US Dpt. of State talks about religious intolerance in Germany … at the same time it doesn’t talk about illegal military invasions (e.g. Iraq) – using an invented pretext of “weapons of mass destruction” – with destroyed infrastructure (against Geneva convention) – 100.000 (or more) killed civilians (against Geneva convention) – tortured prisoners (even if they call it “advanced interrogation” instead) – prisoners in Guantanamo, many of which have been known to be innocent – executions of suspected terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan (without court decision, without defense lawyers, without appeal) – the US refusing to accept the International Court of Justice in Den Haag – the US meddling in Middle and South America – the US planning to attack 7 countries in the near future :

    The US Dpt. of State as a credible player in the human rights league ???


  232. That deep seated hatred includes himself too. Guaranteed.

  233. Looks like Europe is picking up the flaps of the American government (again).

  234. I watch a lot of mixed martial arts, and when Mosey threw the knockout punch she went after Nurse Ratchet like a fighter. Evil. I could see the grief charge well up in Nurse Ratchet as she desperately tried to tap out by hiding behind the refs, waiting for the fight to be called. Another couple of shots like that will knock her clean out of the RCS fight ring.

    If this is an example of the resources they send in to bolster Rich when he’s in trouble, these Schmucks have less chance than the Aztecs against Cortes. Cortes had five hundred soldiers taking out a civilization of around 15 million. Course, he had help from some native populations that hated the Aztecs and joined the fight.

    Hmmmm. Sounds familiar. Indie 500.

    Joining forces with groups that hate the “enemy.”

    And the RCS has about as much defense against truth as the Aztecs had against smallpox.

    Damn! Who says knowing history means you don’t repeat it.

  235. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Hi KBM:
    look at the above post of The Count, he wrirtes:
    “Marty, I smell a psych (or psych’s) behind this woman. You might want to pull a string while you are in Germany. She has one supporter by the name of Tilman Hausherr (anti religion guy from Berlin) who likes Psychiatry and believes in eugenics. He is also linked to Dr. Stephen Barrett one of the earliest psychiatrists to attack Scientology.”

    If you want some further datas , you can also search for the several US.Department of State Human Rights Reports regarding religious intolerance in Germany. It goes also against other religious groups.

    You can´t blame DM for this !

    Please, more objectivity is needed.

  236. True and one mission of equal if not greater importance has already been accomplished. Governments are reading this blog!!!! If Ursula does, so do other European legislators and the international press they command. What we’ve writen here goes a long ways…..A Milestone…..

  237. Michael, I just wonder about what you said. Why do you think I live in an unaccepting environment. This is not true. In every companie I worked in I was accepted as Scientologist and it was known and is to this day. That some Scientologists in Germany do not feel accepted has to do with the third party against critical people . Another thing I observed was the attitiude :” We are the upper 10 000 ” which is in itself very arrogant and also the devaluting behavior to people as “Wogs”
    How can one build up ARC then? And with all due respect , to ask what did you do or say to improve 3Dy conditions were often used in the “Church” to manipulate people in a certain direction.

  238. ! Cha ching, of course. Excellent!

  239. I remember the days when you could talk about Scientology and people would respond with curiosity and later they would respond favorable saying they’d heard a lot of good things about it. With the help of DM (via TC) many think of Scientology as a big joke and some as an extreme cult. So I say, Marty and Mosey, Well Done on getting this European comm cycle going. I have sometimes felt uncertain about whether or not it was possible to get a majority of the planet to get the distinction between Scientology and the church. This trip gives me hope that one day I will be able to say the word Scientology without getting the A equals A on the church. My postulates are with you and your success in this endeavor.

    As regards the video, these guys haven’t got a clue on basics. There is no comm cycle and their TRs truly suck. There is absolutely no zero at all. For in order to have zero, there has to be someone there. These are simply robotic machines which have been implanted so thoroughly that they cannot perceive. They need to apply a little LRH and put some anchor points out so they can get some space and regain their perception and viewpoint.

    I’ve been watching a lot of WWII documentaries and it really is uncanny how similar the dramatizations are between Miscavaige and Hitler. And the church sheep are behaving in the same way as the german army, even when it was clear that Hitler was off his rocker they dared not betray him lest they be shot. In the church being shot is forced disconnection, financial ruin and discrediting the individual. It is only the Independents who are rising above the avid craving for agreement.

    Thank you for your awesome confront and willingness to persist…godspeed.

  240. Perfect summation Jim. The one thing POB can do with style and apparently undying energy is pontificate. He can expound on subjects with strained and astonishing theories for hours on end — and say them with ABSOLUTE certainty, making those around him wonder what they have missed and how they could be so stupid as to not see it. And what is especially funny about it is that one of the subjects he will expound on forever is how Pat Broeker would expound on his crazy theories and ramble on about the real reasons for everything in the universe. Anyone who hasnt had to sit through hours of listening to him “explain things. Anything. Everything.

    He has probably dictated several hundred hours of drivel about Marty by now. And as you say, excerpts from his verbal diarrhea make their way into the Freedom Magazine, the scripts that the SQBs use and everything else that happens in the RCS. It ALL comes from the insane ramblings of POB.

    Now, let me tell you about the beetle on the side of the road that is an indicator that SPs are fishing off the coast of South Texas….

  241. Theo Sismanides

    Squirrel Busters… all of you…

    Do you know that I was declared for insisting on the application of the HCOBs on Translations. The Translations Series? Dianetics and Scientology in Other Languages and one other…

    Now there LRH gave the Tech how to deal with Translations.

    Miscavige in 2000 NUKED those HCOBs in a “research” he did on translations…. never had applied them before never applied them then….




    IN LRH ED 3 FOR EU LRH says the Why to the Non Expansion of EU is the NO APPLICATION of the Tape Translations.

    So, what other mess do you want?

    And i was declared SP…

    And you call yourselves Squirrel Busters??????? Answer to me then
    how can Miscavige NOT APPLY HCOBs? Who gives him this right? And I am declared for insisting on their application?

    Who ARE the Squirrel Busters now?

    All over the planet there is no Expansion because there are not enough translated Courses on Tape

    Go study those HCBs and see what LRH says. This was for global expansion. Have not been applied since the late 80s probably.

    The BC in Italian was destroyed on tapes…

    Students (Italians are known for not speaking good english… sorry my Italian friends…. they can study better in their language in general) in Italy, could not continue the BC. Italy was attacked… the CLO ITALY was closed down… because it was Sooo powerful….. and then became part of EU….

    Mess after mess…

    Athens became a Class V Org without not even ONE (1) mission around it…. the reason why IS to shut me up when I did 6 TV shows in Greece on national TV channels…. they wanted to show that they had expanded finally…

    Now Athens “Org” has no effect on society… it is just a little school for philosophers.

    So this are some of the messes in EU. Let us Communicate with the world and CONFRONT them. WE CAN do it. YOU CANNOT. You only confront and chase ghosts….. come to real life…

  242. Larry,

    Of course, this is sound advice. It certainly cannot harm anything.

    Unfortunately, the problem is not that they lack information. Not only in their files, but in front of their eyes. On the internet. In the media. There is enough evidence for a serious obstruction of justice case, putting aside human rights violations/RICO/Section 18 USC/fraud and CID cases….

  243. Marty & Mosey,

    I do believe you got through the veneer and reached Joanne and Richard. And having been impinged with truth, for a moment, they had an expression that to me communicated the paradox, the trap, they find themselves in. The computation being used was brushed upon. These guys are behaving in a reproachable manner, but I couldn’t help feeling pity for them. I do hope they cognite.

    Wish you much success in your trip to Germany.

  244. Your A=A=A line is an excellent thought stopper that can be abused to justify the criminal conduct of your organisation. But you’re only fooling yourself with this.

    Your donations do not remain at the local churches. Lots of money goes uplines. You know this.
    Your donations directly benefit a criminal organisation that is abusing human rights on a daily basis. As Marty would point out, it does so to the detriment of the very same belief system that you hold dear.

  245. M&M what great TRs you guys have! You have guts and courage. You are the real examples of applied Scientology.

    These baby-blue dubbed-in robots cannot do one day honest work in the “normal” world. 

    Thanks to Mosey for waking up Joanne with that punch line. Her mouth looked like an a**hole out of a horror film then confronted with truth she shut up and blew away. If they all came to present time they will just vaporize.

    LRH: “Necessity can and does render inactive the entire reactive mind.” 

  246. Thank you. This post removes any doubt from my mind that you are an OSA handler in here to discredit as many people and persons as possible and connect these with Caberta so as to DA Marty’s efforts.

  247. Mosey has better TR’s than some of the Class 12 Auditors at Flag.

    This is true.


  248. top of the vale

    I was chatting with one of the old marketing guys from Int and he suggested that we convert the International Assoc of Scientologists to the Independent Association of Scientologists(no ‘tm’ included).

  249. Mosey’s remark about Asia (I think that’s her name), Joanne’s daughter, being a hostage broke my heart. Hopefully it will help her wake up. I saw no intention to hurt, only impinge with truth on Mosey’s part. So diametrically opposed to the religious persecutors. Their comm is only intended to harm and flies all over and never arrives.

    People lost jobs due to Cabertas? People have been driven to financial ruin by c of m for gawd’s sake!!!

    Marty, please make it quick. So many more members of the c of m will be financially ruined to defend their church from the “terrible attacks” because they are not allowed to look and find out the truth.
    I used to wonder when the “attacks” happened and we needed the “shoulder to shoulder effort to fight back (give money)” if anyone had ever done the proper ethics condition so it wouldn’t happen again. I mean, that’s what a Scientologist should do…


  250. Sam-ain’t that the truth.

  251. top of the vale

    The origin of the concept of cleaning with toothbrushes.

    The Holocost in Austria by Jan-Ruth Mills:
    Violence from the First Days

    Vienna erupted in antisemitic violence immediately after the Nazi takeover on March 12, 1938. Jewish organizations and newspapers were shut down. Many Austrian civilians enthusiastically joined Nazis in terrorizing Jews. Jewish women were forced to scrub the sidewalks wearing their best clothes. Some Jews were forced to scrub with toothbrushes, others with their bare hands. Jewish actresses were forced to clean Austrian Storm Troopers’ toilets.

    Does this remind anyone of something similar?

  252. Laughter! Too funny!

  253. LOL!
    US is now pressuring the Swiss to release their account data: gonna have to move your loot to Bulgravia or the US where you can buy political protection, not unlike someone I know.

  254. +1…a total new viepoint! Thanks, Carcha!

  255. Count,

    She also has connections to the OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) similar to the FBI or MI5 with connections to Dave’s friends in InterPol.

    Also like InterPol there is some controversy that OPC was started by “former” Nazis.

    That said.

    I cautiously agree with Marty’s efforts to parley with the enemy.

    She now says her intent is too handle the actual abuses perpetrated by the organization and she has no problem with the philosophy.

    Yet earlier she said that Scientology sought world domination which was the reason she started her task force in Hamburg.

    (Possibly projection on her part along with the people she is associated with.)

    One wonders why she had a sudden change of heart since she has had quite a comprehensive library of Scientology materials since the early 90’s.

    However if this change of heart is genuine then she would be quite a feather in the hat of the independence or reform movement.

    We just have to see what happens.

    Personally I don’t see a down side either way.

    Point is:

    What does Marty have to lose by talking to her?

  256. exactly my thought, too.

    Blaming people for being connected to other people who are connected to other people … typical OSA dead agent speech.

    We always appreciate a good OSA foot bullet, don’t we 🙂

  257. Dr Faust,

    Here in America we have the 1st Amendment and various laws against religious discrimination.

    What you write can be said about any religion here in the US.

    However every Government employee here is sworn to “protect and defend the Constitution” above any religious affiliation they may have.

    Be they Buddhist, Moslem, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and yes Scientologists.

    What you suggest is an affront to the spirit of Religious Freedom here in America and plays right into the hands of the right wing religious
    extremists who want to turn our nation into a Christian Theocracy!

    Also while I’m at it.

    I’ll disagree with the thesis that Scientology is influencing factions of the Government here and that it is not the other way around.

    This is the *conspiracy theory* that was conceived by many of Scientology’s most rabid critics including Ursula Caberta and CIA’s Christian front group the American Family Foundation.

    The only reason that Scientology, the Moonies, Opus Dei, and various other sects are embraced by factions within the Government is because they align or have been made to align under David Miscavige with *US Government policy*.

    This is something Ron warned against in the HCOPL POLITICS, FREEDOM FROM by warning against “invidious connections”.

    Obviously factions within Scientology and those influencing the Organization through their patronage and support didn’t heed this warning since they have used the Church to seek political control.

    Coale and Van Susteren are perfect examples.

    So are the Wisemans and the Jensens.

    Miscavige in my opinion is only giving these people want they want since they are his biggest “contributors” which is power and influence.

  258. I stand corrected.
    If you found this helpful I’m glad 🙂

  259. Sam – Thank you for your reply, and please excuse me if my permitted rebuttal seems somewhat rigid. I do not mean any disrespect at all, I am seeking to make right. I would indeed presume to tell anyone else how they should duplicate the source information (read carefully, word-clear, and if it’s confusing, demo it and ask someone for help with some study tech). The reference is crystal-clear, the rest is 6th Grade math. Misduplication of SP/PTS data, in its entirety, and the attendant wild misconceptions, and the silent acquiescences to misconceptions, is why you and everyone else who comes into contact with the Co$ (status-and-agreement free-for-all understanding-be-damned that allows criminals to rise), eventually gets declared. There are people who are not Scns who read this blog, and “2 1/2% are SPs” is false verbal data, which I correct to “1/2% are SP”. – Carcha.

  260. Wow! Mosey and you definitely handled the five of them. Very well done 🙂 I hope you guys do well in Germany!

  261. Yes I agree Han, that the State Department inveighing against human rights abuse in Germany is a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black and hypocrisy that knows no bounds.

    Let’s face it.

    We’ve always had a PR problem here going back to the Civil Rights flaps.

    Personally I think we should clean up our own back yard here at home first and set a good example ourselves before even commenting on injustices abroad.

    That said.

    The hypocrisy of the critic doesn’t invalidate the injustice and though we can not measure Germany by the same standards we hold here in America regarding Religious freedom we can still point out that by singling out various sects or “cults” for persecution of any kind is a violation of the Declaration of Human Rights.

    Something as I understand Germany unanimously accepted.

  262. Good Job Sam.
    Super cool.

  263. Who is Lombar Hisst ?

    Com on Dr. Faust, is that all of objectivity you are capable of ?

    “In my first comment here directed to Marty i´ve wrote:……….Anyway, i wish you good luck in your attempt to improve the image of LRH and Scientology here in Germany. It would be helpful for our lives as scientologist here in Germany and the whole Europe.”

    Objectivity (as isness) is needed to resolve problems. Everything what contains a lie (alter isness) will persist. So, please more objectivity is needed from every single scientologist, if change for the better for the whole Scientology world is to be reached. Thank you.

  264. KarenB
    Good to *SEE* you again !
    Welcome back ! Missed your posts….

  265. Well, it is not so much self-inspection as it is awareness of a noose tightening around his neck (once again).

  266. LO,
    I have limited information about this matter, but this I know with certainty :

    You are aware that Hartwig was a major problem for OSA for many years. Her emotional speeches against Co$ in TV, her books (one of it – “I accuse” – selling some 250.000 copies), her bi-monthly magazine about Co$ and activities of Scn businesses as well as OSA infiltrations were truly unprecedented. Countless Co$ victims came to her for help, many of them former members. Her projects included an association against bad business practices (spells cheating and rip offs) from a certain Scientologist and his big real estate business.

    So considerable efforts were undertaken – endless dead agenting – creating antagonism against her (which wasn’t difficult because she was quite hot-headed and created some of that antagonism all of her own) … this included hostilities with other cult experts and even Caberta (with whom she had been connected earlier) – countless lawsuits (most of them were lost by Co$ or individual Co$-members) – estranging all of her friends – the usual harassment strategies (also targeting her kids, at least one of them was at school age) – infiltrating her with a journalist to help her with her first book (when she realized that this guy was a mole, she wrote her book again completely from scratch within some 2 weeks) – the usual “accidents” happened to her pets – physical attacks (one OSA guy threw a small suitcase at her, making her assume it contained a bomb) … after “someone” had blown up the car of her publisher, which made him withdraw from her book project (which prompted her to set up her own publishing company, resulting in more money for her – OSA foot bullet ???). The usual stuff, you see.

    After some years she had only a limited amount of allies and comm lines. Many cult experts, journalists etc. avoided her (don’t ask me how much of that was caused by herself and how much by OSA). But she was still active. So further countermeasures were required. It should be known that OSA does (or at least did) character studies of their targets, and tailored special programs according to their character traits.

    She had never been on lines in Scn. Which means that enough false data could be driven home to her if she was made to listen. And I assume OSA had realized that Hartwig had a button of self importance.

    She became even more of a threat (in the eyes of OSA) when she was close to uniting with Bob Minton (I don’t know if she ever met him, but a communication line had been started). And she planned to have all of her books translated to English ! She even travelled to the US to find a publisher. A frontal attack against Co$ in the US – would OSA accept that silently ? Or would they step up their efforts to handle her ?

    When a Co$ member died she inherited 6 big boxes from him. These didn’t contain course materials, but OSA files about lots of cult experts in Germany. In other words, 6 boxes of dead agenting dirt. For example, there was “evidence” that one cult expert veteran had been engaged in violent deprogramming. (If there had been real evidence, Co$ would have sued and brought about legal persecution – they never did, according to my knowledge). I assume these materials were given to her to make her disaffected regarding cult experts. She was warned by various people to not believe it. And it is virtually impossible that an aged person owns all OSA files on the major Co$ enemies, dies and passes them on as heritage. But this stuff had an effect on her.

    Then there was an OSA guy who went into comm with her because “he was disaffected”. Yes, he stated openly that he was a member of OSA, but that he was a “secret admirer of her” (aaah, admiration feels so good !). He fed her lots of information, flattered her without end, acting as an inside “informer” for her. Again she was warned to not fall for that guy – OSA people either blow (in very rare cases) or they are 10000 % loyal (these guys are likely to receive sec checks on a very regular basis).

    In the end she was kind of surrounded with people working for OSA. They had studied her buttons carefully. Other activists against Co$ were painted as “promiscous” and whatever more, pushing her precise buttons to make her reject these activists. Finally she was contacted by children of a Scientologist asking her for help – thus pushing her mother buttons.

    In my opinion this OSA plot was a quite a masterpiece ; it could have come right out of a Mission Impossible movie.

    She had been warned more than once that some data she was about to write in her book “die Schattenspieler” were false. She ignored the warnings and wrote it anyway.

    It has been assumed that she may have received a big cheque by OSA – I don’t know if that’s true or not. Years before she claimed that OSA had offered her a sum of 2 million if she would stop her anto-Co$ actions.

  267. Norway was targeted because it had lowered security budgets and still was the most peaceful beacon of liberation. That example was so not wanted by industry that it decided to set an example and scare other European countries away from lowering budgets.

    Breivik had all signs of PDH; his blood contained several medications, he was on high doses of ephedrine, he has memory gaps, is under the illusion that he’s at war, that he did good by murdering defenceless kids and his medical examination was kept secret.

    Norwegian (and other EU) leaders know this and thus didn’t give in to the military industrial complex attempted chaos black mail (highly successful on Americans) but backflashed beautifully, using the comm. cycle to handle it.

  268. As far as Joanne’s children, when her husband passed away she and the Church went through his benefits in a day with no regard for his children. A probate judge had to step in and look out for the kids because she and the Church just threw them under the bus:

  269. Good one Michael! 🙂

  270. Carcha
    I mis-duplicate neither you nor the tech. I understand completely what you are saying.
    I ‘eventually got declared’ because I was speaking out public and the church wanted me silent. It was a self-determined decision to take a position and pick a side not an accident that came about from mis-duplication of any of the tech.
    In the same reference you are citing LRH states:
    “Things are not likely to get much better so long as 20 percent of the population is permitted to dominate and injure the lives and enterprise of the remaining 80 percent”
    That kind of messes with a clean cut mathematical equation in the matter.
    Whether you stick the label ‘SP’ or ‘PTS’ on a person, the intention to stop and wrong-targeting are the same.
    There are those that build and those that destroy and the majority are the good guys – works for me.

  271. Did read through some more comments here.
    What should I say? Every time we germans do not follow the orders of the US we are either
    Nazis, old Europe or even building concentration camps again.
    OSA/IAS/DM pushing same buttons.
    What else I had to say:
    Germany is a great country.
    And we do not care if someone pushing those buttons.
    We do what we consider right.
    Have a nice stay.

  272. PS
    “1/2 percent are SP” is also false and verbal data. LRH never wrote that either.

  273. KBM,

    I believe I read the link they linked to back in ’07.

    First I take issue with anyone who passes off generalities like:

    ” I told her that in my opinion most of them had no idea of the lies embedded in Hubbard’s writings…”

    As if they were “fact”.

    Also Bremmer’s panegyric about Ursla as if she was some secular version of Mother Teresa is rather suspect.

    Like Mike Hobson you quote one source as if this one source “debunks” any opinion to the contrary.

    Oh I’ll make a preemptive attack on what I suspect you will write.

    (Something we seem to be good at these days in America 😉 )

    And yes there is only one source of Scientology but a lot of us like to test any datum given by this one source before we conclude if it is true or not.

    On the other hand we have no way of testing this datum or these data for ourselves we just have to accept what Larry says about Ursula being a paragon of virtue as “fact” which is what you seem to be implying here in response to Lombard.

    By the way disinformation can flow both ways.

    Both the KGB and CIA were masters of it but they were amateurs when compared to the MI6’s Department XX.

    (By the way I think that is the actual department Dave claims to be he was just one numeral off)

    Which brings me to something I felt inclined to comment on when Jimbo mentioned it.

    Winston Churchill said something like the truth should always be accompanied by a “body guard of lies” and it’s interesting that Miscavige uses some truth like an International Banking Conspiracy which there is and the corporate octopus of the pharmaceutical industry which does indeed exist and mixes it with the body guard of lies that any of us are financed by them.

    This serves two purposes:

    It riles up a bunch of uninformed or misinformed Scientologists and discredits any actual conspiracy that may exist.

    And possibly a third and that it deflects attention away from the fact that he accepted a pay off from the latter and may have connections to the former.

    The last is fitting of the criminal mind which is accuse others of crimes they themselves are committing.

  274. petermarkowski


  275. How is that for “human decency” ?

  276. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the German Govt publically came out and said it is specifically POB and the current “church” they have a problem with and not LRH or the tech.

    Wow, Marty. If you pull off what I think you’re going to pull off…….Wow!!!

  277. One day they will cognite but it’s a slow process. You can only move them up a little higher as the gradients are very small in their region of awareness.

  278. petermarkowski

    Yeahaaa, go Marty !!!!!
    I’m very curious to hear about the resulting product and its details. And, it’s the truth that finally breaks all barriers…

  279. Great work Marty and Mosey, you both did a splendid job of putting the “squirrel busters” away. Have a safe and productive trip to Germany. You guys are truly very dangerous to DM and gang.

  280. Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when DM was alerted to the fact that Marty was INVITED to go to Germany to talk to government, and I presume some inter-religious faith representatives to explain the Independent Scientology movement to them? Miscavige must have looked like he’d been hit in the solar plexus, blinking rapidly, breathing hard, trying to absorb that tangible proof exists that the Independent Movement is real, expanding daily, and may soon have more members than the so called Co$ right this very minute?

    David Miscavige’s nightmares just came true, he knows now it’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to step down from the Church to save what’s left of it, or be known as the man who destroyed it. Bravo, and good luck in Germany and beyond.

  281. I wanted to acknowledge that when Mosey had the chance to drill down on Nurse Ratchet about her daughter being in the RFP and her tenuous financial situation being so dependent on the Co$, Mosey didn’t go in for the kill and she could have. You could see that the mention of her daughter being in a church slave labor camp clearly disturbed Joanne, she had to turn and step away to absorb what had been said, and it would have been easy to continue on and hurt her but Mosey didn’t do that, even after Joanne has been essentially torturing Mosey and her family for months on end, daily. It shows how inherently kind you both are. I think on some level you both want to mitigate any damage so that later, when the lights come on with these people, there are no bridges that cannot be crossed, or mended in the future. Yet one more thing David Miscavige does not understand how to do.

  282. And you know what is really sick about this? You look at that expense record of donations. Her husband just died and do they sell her auditing? NO. They took it all in “donations”. Her husband is gone, the provider for the family and what is the Church’s reaction? GIVE IT ALL TO US. How is that for “human decency” ? “Sorry you lost your husband, give us everything else you have you have as a gift.”

    □ $90,000 went to the Church of Scientology for church expansion.

    □ $42,000 to the sect’s Library Donation Service, which places books about Scientology in public libraries

    □ $8,000 to the building fund of the Learning Academy, a Scientology school in Miami.

    □ $5,000 in gifts to Church of Scientology ministers.

    By the way, I wonder what auditing action he had right before the big ac cident? They probably went over there and told her how out PR is was that he had the nerve to have a fatal accident and she needed to give everything to make amends.

  283. “As to the fact that current members of the Scientology Organisation are banned from certain civil servant jobs (law enforcement, judicial system), I fully agree with this.”

    It is not specific to the CoS, as I understand it. It covers anyone who subscribes to the methods of L. Ron Hubbard.

  284. Sorry Lana and Sam. I figured DM had us pegged, you know with that insightful genius of his.

    How does he DO that!!! The subtlety of his A=A, I mean it’s freaky.

  285. 250 grand!!!!!



    Where’s my percentage?

    You said I’d be getting a 10% cut as your agent!

    You don’t know how hard I had to work with Eli Lilly, Merc and all those other guys….



    I know the check’s in the mail.


  286. “Here in America we have the 1st Amendment and various laws against religious discrimination.”

    Your post is a prime example of how the Scientology organisation would use the “religious freedom” angle to cover its interests.
    I am not talking about the religious aspect, I am talking about the organizational aspect. We have established here that Miscavige runs an oranization that violates human rights and that exerts extreme pressure on its adherents. In a situation where the interests of Miscavige’s organisation stand against those of their employer, the state, they will always choose Miscavige’s interests.

    Everybody is biased in his decision towards one or another direction. As long as this bias is limited to a rather limited group (your family, close friends) I don’t think this is unhealthy.

    I am opposed to someone being barred from jobs because they call themselves Scientologists. It is the afiliation with Miscavige’s organisation I have a problem with. Consequently, in spite of my rejection of Hubbard’s tech, I wouldn’t mind independent Scientologists being in high positions, as long as they stay within the boundaries of the law, even when some people they interact with may disapprove of LRH.

  287. Hi one,
    Bill Robertson trained people to use entities to audit Power Processes on their breakfast. David Mayo suggested that their were harmonics of Clear. Robin Scott went to jail for running quite a large drug selling operation.
    I am not interested in being reasonable with such people.
    David Mayo made a big deal of of being appointed the guardian of the tech by LRH and betrayed that trust.
    If you want to learn about the Zen of windsurfing then go to him.
    LRH tech is important because it works.
    There are a lot of fragile people leaving the CofS. Marty is right in pointing out that there are a lot of weird squirrels in the “Freezone”
    I forgot to put on the list Neville “Class 8 with honors” Chamberlain who said that OT2 was just LRH’s case and charged a lot for review when people couldn’t handle OT3 when he put them onto it without OT2. Such are criminals. Why defend them?

  288. Have it your way – it’s your universe. Hostile.

  289. It isn’t a fair comparison. Germany was in a state of oppression at that time.
    Germans were fed up with the oppression and a lot of Jews were involved in it. What resulted was psychotic but please don’t suggest that a lot of Jews were not involved in the oppression of Germany.
    Anyway this planet has been the base for a lot of psychotic group engrams.
    Its time to clean up.

  290. Dr. Faust,

    I am using the First Amendment argument exclusively as an argument that is mutually exclusive to any religious affiliation I have or lack there of without any concern of whether the Church would use it as an argument or not.

    Also I use the legal argument as a matter of law specifically ERA.

    No Federal or State Government can discriminate because of race, color, religion.

    I’d be making this argument even if the applicant in question was a member of the Unification Church or the Mormons.

    You can not discriminate against religious groups just because of alleged crimes perpetrated by its individual members.

    This was what prevented the USG from outlawing the Church of Scientology after the FBI’s Chain saw massacre.

    To propose otherwise would put civil rights back in the stone age.

    As I already noted it is the law and their oath of office is what prevents them from serving other interests.

  291. Sorry RJ,

    Got any documenation that Davie McSavage has “friends in Interpol” ?

    Perhaps you may have noticed I keep asking for documentation?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  292. Hi Ann – The new (big) versions of Intro to Scn Ethics (2007) do maintain the “of this 20%” (p.177). If it is omitted in bulletins, that’s horrible. Books are usually available on the net for a nominal price ($0.99, $1.99) and are a real deal for a hardcover book. “Scn 0-8: The Book of Basics”, likewise. – Best, Carcha.

  293. If you want my opinion it looks today as if the Squirrel Busters are finally realizing they work for an organization that is a corrupt criminal mess posing as a church to innocent people. People are waiting for the day when the Church of Scientology will live up to the name it drags through the mud as a joke. Hey Squirrel Busters! Take a look around you in Ingleside. The neighbors are coming out of their houses and laughing at you! Great videos Marty.

  294. Marty, didn’t DM say how important it was to go talk with the IRS Director back in the early ’90s to get a change in the church’s tax status? He made a big deal about the agency was composed of “individuals’ and speaking to the head was the Scn way to do it. (I know it was different than he told us but that’s what he said in the event explaining the war with the IRS was over). What is so different if you go speak with some supposed enemy of the church like Caberta in Germany? Maybe you will change status again. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

  295. Thank you, LH. First of all, I totally agree that when the war is over and dust settles, there must still be a Church of Scientology in existence because it is an asset to humanity. I am sorry to hear you have so much religious discrimination in Germany. I have been there on Sea Org missions a dozen times but of course I have not lived there. My premise still stands: Church of Scientology presents a pretty ugly face to the world and that is mainly because of DM. Additionally, the Church ALWAYS denies any wrongdoing and ALWAYS attacks any attackers instead of getting into a meaningful comm cycle which would start with coming clean on any overts and then coming up the conditions from at least Enemy. It would have to click that wogs are a huge part of our dynamics and that there is no “them” and “us”, there is just “us”. LRH also had a hand in it in his later years. There is no huge SP behind DM, there is nobody else. I know DM personally (not nearly as well as Marty and Mike Rinder of course but I had a couple of dozen of talks with him in official and also informal settings). In my opinion, DM is very sincere in his conviction that he is the savior of Scientology and everything he does is totally on-purpose of defending Scientology against all the SPs around him everywhere bent on its destruction. It is also my conviction that he is the WHO you are looking for. To answer your question, I think he is the Lombard Hisst.

  296. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I like Larry Brennan, he’s a pretty genuine bloke, I’m sorry that you don’t agree with everything he says, funny, ‘cos either do I.

    That wasn’t the point, my point was to introduce another perspective to Hissts, which appears to have been fed to him by the CofDM’s propaganda machine.

  297. Thank you, Once Up[on a Time. Excellent point on WWII and the Nazis and also that a person to get anywhere must have some meanness in them in order to be able to confront it. Totally agreed. I think EVERYTHING can be changed and handled peacefully on Scientology front and EVERYBODY could be made into a friend, including Cabertas. Matters just have to be handled honestly and with responsibility fully assumed by all parties in their own acceptable ways. The only exception are insane people who are just too stuck and can’t shake off the bank and look around, especially under a lot of duress and amid lots of noise. So I think we have a great chance to turn Cabertas into a friend but a really lousy prospects of ever handling DM.

  298. Thank you, Annegreth. That is great if the environment in Germany is not as bad it seems from here. I totally agree that “wogs” and “upper 10% of the upper 1%” is very bad for Scientology because it violates the dynamics. If one only accepts about 1/1000 of all people, then they just trashed 99.999% of their dynamics. How can they survive if their survival vitality is pretty much completely destroyed? Lower Conditions application must start reflecting that in order to drag Scientology up and out of the hole it is in. So I totally agree with you. As far as what I am doing personally: I do not back away any longer. I am no longer scared or worried what others will think and how it may affect my business. I used to shy away from talking about Scientology or from offering my help with assists or conditions, etc. Not any more. I talk about Scientology any chance I get, explain the difference between Scientology and Church of Scientology, do assists, disseminate occasionally, actively go up the Bridge and urge others to do the same. I also donate a bit of money here and there. I just today published my first book FRIENDS OF FRED (don’t even know how to order it yet) which communicates basic Scientology ideas such as all people are basically good, communication basics, spiritual qualities being the backbone of survival and Danger condition application. I am writing another novel THE GOLDEN FLEECE about my experience in Scientology, including my life-changing experiences with the Tech and my at times very fulfilling and at times terrible experience in the Sea Org at Int Base for 18 years. You can see some more on that on my web site Good luck to you!

  299. Oops meant to write ERL for Equal Rights Legislation or the Civil Rights Act passed by the Johnson White House in ’66.

    ERA as far as I know was never ratified.

  300. Hi Ralph, concerning “Why defend them?” I think is a question of viewpoint. If you can find a place for them within the eight dynamics (including Mr. Miscavige) then you can help them.
    Did you ever consider, that we are helping him? Probably the biggest volume and best quality of help he has received, ever. To stop him from doing more harmful acts is help! (Of course it helps everyone else, too.) What we do is the biggest and most appropriate help that can be given to him. Currently he seems to have not recognized that and his reactions to help are misdirected. But that doesn’t change the facts. We do help him.
    And as to the list of persons you mentioned,I don’t see need for attack, nor for defense. I see room for help in each one of them. And how that help looks and what form it takes depends on the specific circumstances.

  301. Roger that mate.

    Personally I think Ursula falls in between the two extremes which means she’s basically human.

  302. Sam-I’m with you on the 20% a HUNDRED PERCENT.

  303. NOTICE. MISSION. ON Freezone lines there has been an onslaught of reach from the Church. I myself have been tracked down through an avenue I can only attribute to Department of Motor Vehicles I can’t say why. The Church obviously has plants at DMV. Almost 600 people practicing as Independents being contacted on this forum:

    Be aware of this mission.

  304. Go Marty Go, this is a real revolution. We are on it. We are with it. We are behind it and you.

  305. Thanks a lot Han Solo!!!!!!!!!

  306. Ralph-It is time to not get reasonable anymore-it is why we are in this mess as it is. Ron wrote alot on this subject such as KSW1 to suppressive reasonableness. Being unreasonable is helping everyone, including the criminal. That includes identifying them and not defending them. To illustrate with an extreme example-I don’t think anyone would be very happy if a pedophile molested a child-people would want to know who he was so he could be prevented from doing further harm and he would be attacked and quarantined from the rest of society.

  307. Wow !
    What a Joy.
    (The giant) Germany is awakening….
    So many good Germans writing here.
    Hope to meet all of you in Hamburg !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Jürg Stettler has lots of problems now. Jürg, you’ll have to face the truth !!!

  308. Will you be in Hamburg ? Han Solo ?

  309. RJ, I agree. Marty has nothing to lose. Just wanted to give him a heads up. His visit may or may not be beneficial. The proof will be in the pudding. Bottom line is that she is a politician, so be wary.

  310. Bryan, now THAT would be the ultimate win!

  311. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I’m sure she does.

  312. +!
    Irene and Ralph – I’m with you both on this one

  313. WOW ……….!!!!!!!
    Great News Marty & Mosey.
    You will be in Germany and EU, this is awesome.
    Germany is a Power country in Europe and the World, like it or not.

    There are living, IMHO, a lot hard working people and also creative, free thinking, intelligent, sane and with a high degree of self determinism.

    Your trip should and would help, if it brings a more thorough understanding and a better differentiation between the Philosophy of Scientology and the corporate “Church” with its corrupt, insane and dictatorial POB at the top.
    The Germans are not stupid and most of the times very helpful people.

    At this moment in history I would trust a hundred times more for real help if need the German government and there institutions then the corporate “Church”.

    I love Scientology.
    I love Germany.

    Ich liebe Deutschland.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavige & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH:

    By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBER Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?

    *Dave = POB = Pope on a Box (applebox)

  314. Sorry Charcha – didn’t mean it to come across as hostility.

    I do get the point you were originally making and you have correctly pointed out that Dear Leader has altered the ‘Introduction to Scientology Ethics’ book as he has many other LRH publications and that is VITAL information and I think it’s very important to point that out to people (as you have done). So THANK YOU for that (sincerely).

    My point is that you’ve got to be careful of falling into the same trap of verbal explanations because it opens the door to false ideas and verbal tech…

    It was a point of ‘cramming’ not a point of ‘ethics’ – I think your observation is important and VITAL information as it highlights the fact that for some reason DM thinks he has license to alter source materials and is evidence to the Koolaide drinkers that they are in fact contributing to the degradation and destruction of the tech by continuing to support him. It is also evidence of the resulting confusion created by altering or removing LRH references (to wit the removal of the 1989 policy canceling disconnection from the Tech vols and the resultant chaos).

    For any Koolaide drinkers out there who continue to support the destruction of Scientology I invite you to check out the Friends of LRH website. These veteran Scientologists have done sterling work to expose the alterations of the tech under POB

  315. Thanks Ingrid.
    I’ve seen the destruction people who are under suppressive influence can havoc.
    It’s not that I don’t have any ‘sympathy’ it’s just that they need to be shunted off to the side where they can’t do any more damage until we can get to them with the tech.

  316. Marty & Mosey;
    I’m sending big success postulates your way. German politicians are about to communicate with two fearless thetan’s who are on the right side of this issue. This meeting is long overdue.
    You two are making LRH proud and I’m so fortunate to be one of your many friends.
    As Michael said, “Break a Leg”.

  317. I recommend buying the original books and volumes often easily available on Ebay. Going back and forth between the old books and the new ones gives a good idea of just how much has been altered, added or removed without clarification.
    The Vebal Tech Checklist has been thrown out the window. I’m surprised this PL hasn’t disappeared or been altered yet!

  318. Thank goodness I can comment. Marty’s Mission to Germany in a simple one. It is to help the German government draw a distinction between the activities of a true Scientologist operating independently and a member of the group the Church of Scientology. The two do not mean the same thing nor achieve the same results. Good for you Marty. And if you see one of my favorite church critics named Krautfag, please say hello to him for me. Every time I hear his name I burst out laughing cracking up laughing. That is such a funny name, Krautfag.

  319. Marty Great News on your upcoming trip to Europe!!

    As i have always made clear i am in dispure with the methods of Corporate Scientology as i feel they are Evil and intend to destroy society, my time on your blog has encouraged me to rethink and evaluate LRH’s writings and i have seen the value they could offer PROPERLY ADMINISTERED, I am still very wary of the Tech as it can be abused so easily, but the knowledge it contains is beyond dispute in my mind.
    Please drop into the UK again sometime, the abuses of the COM must be uncovered and your work in doing this is vital, but it is your knowledge of the works of LRH that give you this unique and powerful standpoint.

  320. UK Government MI5 & MI6 (UK secret services) close ties with abuses of the Gadaffi regime in libya and the just released revealing memoirs of Alistair darling (Former UK chancilor under last government) show how governments are so willing to get into bed with human rights abusing totalitarian regimes if they think there is something in it for them.
    The story of compliany of senior politicians, law enforcers etc in Jim Jones small Kool aid club shows how pliable governments can be with weak corruptable people in office.
    Decades of DM and COM lobbying of US and European governments who knows what damage needs to be addressed!!!

  321. theoracle — I really doubt “They probably went over there and told her (Joanne Wheaton) how out PR it was that he had the nerve to have a fatal accident and she needed to give everything to make amends.” The plane accident occurred in 1982 and the newspaper article was written in 1984. That was a far kinder and gentler time within the Church. It does look as though she made some financial mistakes at that time, but I expect we’ll need to hear from her exactly what happened.

    Let there be no doubt, however, that — upon Dr. Denk’s death — every attempt was made on “Church” lines to draw me into mistakes. There was absolutely was no common sense and decency in 2004.

    Joanne Wheaton COULD have said “no.” I DID say “no.” Rachel

  322. Mike,
    Yes, THAT beetle…:-)

  323. Thank you, I still read the blog daily but haven’t had much time to read the comments and even less to comment. This one was too good to pass up.

  324. martyrathbun09

    not the same Joanne Wheaton apparently

  325. Good question, LO – I have not answered that for myself yet …

    Willl you be there ? That might be another reason for me to come there …

  326. I do get your point, RJ.

    The underlying basic question is this: at which point should a government / administration / law system intervene and limit religious freedom ?

    You see, that “freedom” can take truly disgusting forms. Did you ever hear about that cult from India that puts some stuff into the ears of their babies permanently so that they don’t have to hear this “evil world” ?

    Did you ever happen to read my comment about the “religious freedoms” the GO and OSA took for granted in Germany (and anywhere else, of course) ?

    All this ghastly stuff gets blamed to all of Scientology, not merely to GO / OSA. And the Co$ public go effect of it – also due to their spectacularly low KRC = not knowing how their own Dpt. 20 creates antagonism big time, and not stopping it.

    RJ, if you consider this mess / problem / insanity, do you really wonder why the US Dpt. of State gets involved ?

    Its a similar wavelength of deceit, I dare to say – thus creating affinity (not of the highest level, of course).

  327. Wow!
    Thanks for this, Han.

  328. Sent- speak soon

  329. Quite so, Posey.
    Joanne can ponder that moment of instinctive ARC, compare it to DM tech, and hopefully, come to a sensible conclusion.
    After all, humanity is our single, most prized, most redeeming, asset, and glaringly absent in today’s DM-driven church.
    Mrs Rathbun could well have saved Joanne’s life with this simple act of mercy.

  330. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    As the outside world reevaluates who Independent Scientologists are compared to the organization ruled by David Miscavige, it’s also important that Independent Scientologists reevaluate who is an “enemy of Scientology” compared to people who are against the abuses of the organization.

    In order to gain points and sympathy in the United States, corporate Scientology deliberately worsened conditions in Germany with false information given to the State Department, which blindly copied it in their reports. (See Antje Victore in the paper below.) Germany, and Ursula Caberta in particular, were demonized to provide an external enemy and a false Who to blame for the problems. (And a good excuse to raise funds.)

    If someone has said that Ursula Caberta is psychotic, consider where that data comes from.

    A paper with some insights into German attitudes:
    The French and German verses American debate over ‘new religions’, Scientology and human rights. January 2001, Stephen A. Kent, Marburg Journal of Religion.

    Click to access kent2001.pdf

    (And if you consider Dr Kent an enemy, perhaps that should be reevaluated? Much of his writing concerns abuses like the RPF.)

  331. “please have a look on the several Human Rights Reports of the US. Department of State regarding the religious intolerance in Germany.”

    Yes Church goes BooHoo alot and seemingly knows how to play the State Departements buttons.

    Church has made it’s bed

  332. How about communication 😉 Communication is…yes you can do it. Communication is ?

  333. Good luck and good health on your trip to Germany. Keep in touch if at all possible to give updates as you can.

  334. He hated socialists

  335. top of the vale

    You will be in your element in Germany. What a wonderful opportunity to separate the Co$ from the Tech. This will be the COUP of all coups.
    Do well as I am sure you will. May the Source be with you!

  336. Right, that explains all the PDH evidence, his conviction that there are similar cells and the refusal of governement to increase security.

  337. UPDATE: Mr. Rathbun has arrived well in Hamburg. Hamburg Anons went full troll on local OSA.

  338. Robin,

    The document at that link makes no claim of any friendship between David Miscavige and “Interpol” or any terminal employed by “Interpol”.

    If you are going to cite some document as evidence, perhaps you might consider reading it in detail, first?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  339. Good Show Sir, cary on.

  340. Today the IAS is back in town! 1 day after this post. They must need more blood money to bring the fight to Germany. Brigitte from the IAS and Chris Finn making the rounds.

  341. Hold onto your wallets. Change your bank account numbers. Keep your children close and dont let your dogs out of the yard.

  342. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, Go Europe! I love this!

  343. Theo Sismanides

    hi Who is Lombar Hisst, I am glad you are here and you communicate. If Every Scientologist would do that… Yes you are right about the church and DM.. unfortunately though this is the Ideas Scene.. the Existing ONe is that DM IS the CHURCH because NO Scientologists have the Courage or the RIGHT even to stand up and say what they Observe, openly. Complete Dictatorship. For your information I was declared for insisting on the application of the Translations Series HCOBs which were abandoned since the 80s for obvious reasons. I talked loud about it and got declared. I welcome you here and please spread the word. We are all on the same side as long as we DO NOT ALLOW ARBITRARIES enter into the Scene and can communicate and LOOK for OURSEVLES. YOu LOOK, this is good.. so you see.. we are not what they call us… We are just MORE WILD PIRATES than some others…

  344. Theo Sismanides

    hey Once Upon A Time… great viewpoint, thanks!

  345. Marty, you were saying “contemporaneously” but I think you meant “extemporaneously.”

    Merriam Webster:

    extemporaneous: a (1) : composed, performed, or uttered on the spur of the moment : impromptu (2) : carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text.

    contemporaneous: : existing, occurring, or originating during the same time

    contemporary: happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time

  346. Good news and thank you for the update Dr Faust! And all power to the Anons over there for acting.

  347. martyrathbun09


  348. It is very exciting that you have this opportunity to set the record straight in Germany, Marty and Mosey. As a founding member of a major European org, I have been distressed to see what I worked for fall into ruins with Miscavige at the helm. I look forward to seeing less A=A=A thinking on Scn in Germany and elsewhere in Europe,due to your efforts. Thank you.

  349. Oh man this is rich. The Scilons appeared disguised as “spanish inquisition” in front of the building where the press conference was held. Hahahahahah!

  350. I think POB has been watching too much Monty Python. It’s got to be where he comes up with these brilliant ideas!

  351. I thought it was a bit of an odd way of saying the same present time…

  352. Just watched the video. Brilliant, Marty – cool, calm and collected. Nods of agreement all ’round.

  353. I am so proud of you guys! Somehow I want to help.

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