Independence in Germany

Anyone who watched The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard will appreciate just how brave and significant this announcement is. Anna Shultz is the first announced German Independent.



My name is Anna Schultz and I´m since the end of last year not
anymore a member of the CoS and now I want to be an Independent

I came into Scientology in 1987 . When I read and studied my first
courses and had my first auditing I knew that this was what I
wanted to do.

No matter who said something against Scientology, no matter what
newspapers wrote , no matter what trouble came up in Scientology on
myself,  I stood tall. Because I knew from my own experience that
Scientology works.

I experienced when Hamburg (biggest Org in Germany at that time)
crashed in 1995. Survived having attested to Clear in 1998 and then
Clear was cancelled in 2004.  Went in the S.O. and out again
because I could not bring together in my mind what I knew of my
studies of LRH and the tech which was not applied.  Or promises not
kept. This – by the way – has happened quite often.
If one has paid for service or whatever the promise was forgotten
or other things were more important as to keep the promise.
In the last years this was more and more the case.

Also it seemed nobody was really interested to help one going up
the bridge. It was always more important what the next target was
to fulfill for the staff member – collect money for the libary
campaign, sell books, collect for the IAS and, and… If it was known
one did not have any money – one was ignored.

But to get me right – not all the staff were like that but many
were driven into this kind of behavior because of the huge targets
they got.

When I found out about the abuses from David Miscavige in the upper Management through the Truth Rundown it was – after the shock – not any doubt that this would not be the truth. In my own time in the S.O. I did not experience violence myself but I heard S.O.members screaming and downgrading their fellow members in a way I never heard it before outside Scientology Organisations. The Leaving Sec Check had also a very, very good effect on me – I started to not hold back any more. I tell my disagreements and I´m not “afraid” getting SP-declare or losing my future.

I was telling other Scientologists about this and instead of
looking themselves I was told not to spread this.
The DSA and MAA at St. Hill tried to tell me what I should think
about all this and that this would be the effect on me from what I
saw on the internet. I did not take their suggestions and here I
am because I can think for myself and decide what is right for me
or wrong. Still being in the Church and knowing of all the abuses
is for me a “No Go”.

After now a few month not connected to the CoS I´m very happy to be
outside. I´m very happy to apply my freedom of speech.
And my dynamics start to align after all the years concentrating
more or less mostly on the third. There is a life – and not a bad
one at all – a freer life outside the CoS.

I´m in Germany and if somebody wants to connect – my mail is


69 responses to “Independence in Germany

  1. Martin Padfield

    Hey Anna! Great to see you here. Glad I was able to be of some small help when you were around these parts! Welcome and well done!

  2. Welcome to the independents, Anna!

  3. Oh Anna, how beautiful. I am weeping here this morning as I read your extraordinary words. You are a brave woman full of integrity.

  4. Dear Anna,

    Wow, I loved your story. You are the proud, independent and headstrong person I have known Germans to be. I was born in Salzburg, Austria and my mother is Austrian. My family lived 3 years in Munich, Germany, also, and a branch of our family lives in Bavaria. I was raised speaking German and English until my mother learned English. Have relatives in Austria and Germany. I am so glad that there is truth coming to this part of the world. What I know of the Germanic peoples (German/Austrians) is nothing can stop us once we get started, and once we make up our mnds.

    Very Well Done and congratulations on your new life! You will find many kindred spirits on this blog, who will help you and support you in your quest for the truth.

  5. Great job Anna! Welcome. 😀

  6. Watching Eyes

    Welcome Anna,

    I don’t think the leaving sec check had quite the effect on you that was intended. It was supposed to make you cower, introvert and be afraid to speak your mind. Ha! Didn’t work.

    The Dwarf must be scratching his head, wondering what went wrong. “It’s not working!! What do I do now??” There’s nothing more frightening for him than to know he’s losing his hold.

    Now you’re free of the suppression and can have a life on ALL dynamics. Enjoy!

  7. Anna, My heart is soaring again! If noone else says it I have to. I am so proud of you. I said it before but you know when you do the right
    thing there is no fear. Welcome and Very Well
    Done! Much Love.

  8. Anna, Welcome. I know I am not fully here yet, but I still I felt I can say I am part of this movement.

    Again, proud of you for standing up to what you believe and being willing to make the move. VWD.


  9. Ein herzliches Willkommen, Anna!

    Ihr Foto ist strahlend und Ihre Worte sind klar. Sie werden Ihre neue Gemeinde lieben.

    Sehr besten Wünsche.

    Just Me

  10. Wouldn’t it be great if he just stopped the sec checks…he he.

  11. Oh, Anna…you just made my day! I wake up this morning to find this big beautiful being greeting me with my favorite words, I want to be an Independent!

    It feels like 1950 all over again. News of the true Scientology is spreading like wildfire.

    I am so happy that you have joined us!

  12. Hallo Anna

    Herzlich willkommen !
    Du hast mir vor ein paar Monate geschrieben. Leider habe ich Dir nie geantwortet da ich misstrauisch war.
    Sorry für dies, Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor.
    Endlich kommen der Stein ins rollen…viel mehr werden noch folgen.
    Danke für deinen Mut.

    Alles Liebe


    Hello Anna,

    Welcome !
    You wrote me some months ago, but I never answered as I was suspicious.
    Sorry for that.
    finally the stone starts to roll. Many more will follow.
    thanks for your courage.


  13. Dear Anna, Welcome!! I am so glad you decided to come out publicly, it really makes a huge difference – and we can all reach out and say HELLO!
    Enjoy every new day making your own life!

  14. Willkommen!

    Anna, I had a similar experience. I met with the local EO a few years back, and spent about an hour going over all of my wins using LRH tech. I then sequed into a data eval of the outpoints I had seen, and asked for the raw data (stats) per the data series so I could ‘make up my own mind’. Two days later she handed my my goldenrod…..”We have to protect the group”
    was her statement to me.

    Well, you might be able to hide, suppress, alter or ignore the truth for a while….(“you can fool some of the people some of the time”) but it will come back to haunt you.
    Welcome. It seems more and more are waking up. One of my most favorite J.S. Bach melodies is “Sleepers Awake.”

  15. Thank you so much for all this great welcome-posts . Thanks Martin for your help you gave me in England . Lady Minn your post is very touching – yes it is true , if we make up our mind nothing can hold us back.
    Watching eyes , isn´t it intresting about the leaving sec check? Now they must change the questions or what?
    Sarge – I feel like dancing and really happy.
    LO – don´t worry, write again. And for all on this blog – I really like to have your comm´s . It is so beautifull. Being here is a BIG WIN for me. And Marty, thanks for posting . It´s all a LFBD .

  16. Just could carry on writing. Thanks a lot also for all the German Willkommen ! Marty, why not create a site with all the wins going out of the Church and having such a great group here?

  17. Hello, Anna, and welcome! I was surprised and so pleased to see your picture here this morning, just after I’d requested friendship on Facebook – what a smile you put on my face. Your words are so strong, truthful, and to the point. I was so touched by “promises broken”, how powerfully you expressed it – beautiful! Love, Marta

  18. Dear Anna Very Well Done on your decision to join our ranks. They are for free people. Welcome aboard or better say welcome ashore!

  19. Theo Sismanides

    Yes LO, the stone starts to roll. Quite true. I think as more and more put our shoulder one the… stone it’s going to roll easier.

  20. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Anna and welcome! You are one brave woman from Germany! Thank you for your dedication to Standard Tech and all you have done in Scientology. This has never, never happened before, that so many on Source Scientologists are gathering up and standing up now against the suppression.

    Welcome on the warriors’ side, we ain’t drinking cool-aid here.

  21. Hello, Anna!

    Congratulations on your declaration. I am very much looking forward to hearing about the scene in Germany, if you would care to share with us what you see happening with the church and with the Independent movement.

    Your remarks about the practice of “forgetting the promise” of delivery once bridge is paid for kind of shocked me, but I’m having no trouble believing the church has sunk to this new low.
    I hope you will feel welcome to contribute to this site; we are all very interested to hear what you have to say!



  22. Freedom Fighter

    Herzlich Willkommen!

  23. Welcome Anna!
    You’ve joined a great group 🙂

  24. Well, this is just more proof that David Miscavige is running the church of scientology incorrectly

  25. Anna, Welcome and thank you for not trading in Scientology for the substitute mess of a pasteurized, diluted mixture going on within the Walls of the corporate “Church”!

  26. Anna viel Erfolg and Fruede mit deinen Leben in Freiheit.

  27. Hi Anna,

    What a great way to start the morning, seeing your face on my computer screen as an Independant!!


  28. Carol Kramer

    Welcome Anna,

    What a wonderful story. Your integrity is to be respected. It takes courage to stand up for what you know is true. Congratulations. As I am sure you can see for yourself the world is full of some wonderful people.


  29. I don’t think sec checks are bad, it’s the mis-use and abuse of them that can be a problem.

  30. Ein herzliches Willkommen, Anna!
    While FSO staff I went to Germany a couple of times and loved the people I met there. I have great admiration and respect for those who have struggled to keep LRH’s Tech alive despite outside suppression. Now you have stepped up and spoken out about the suppression from within and I suspect there will be many to follow.
    Thank you and well done for your braveness and integrity. Welcome.

    If my friend, GA, is reading this…see, it HAS started in Germany and you could help push it over the edge there, in Austria, Switzerland, etc.
    I recommend that you contact Anna yourself.

    NB: OSA you needn’t waste your time trying to figure out who GA is, it will be apparent quite soon.

    Much Love, Eileen

  31. Anna,

    We welcome you with open arms! You are among Scientologists who honor and respect LRH and want to preserve his legacy.

    In honor of you and another freedom fighter from your country, Claus von Stauffenberg, I say to you and all:



  32. Hello Anna
    WELCOME FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that others are inspired by your courage to stand tall against the inevitable threats and attacks that follow when one chooses to simply apply the Doubt Formula for himself.
    Here in the Independent field most of us have experienced the blackmail and terrorist tactics used to enforce our agreement or silence.
    It takes a very very great being to recognize the truth and then make the decision to stand by his friends in solidarity.
    You are truly free now.
    My deepest respect and admiration to you.

  33. Welcome dear European, we have a lot to do in Europe to enlight our fellow scientologists! I will contact you on this…

  34. Greetings “No Go” Anna;

    Just love your phrase, “No Go”. Your smile is so infectious. I kept thinking I knew you…then some one on this blog said you’re on FACEBOOK. I went to my face book and damn it your not one of my friends.

    Well, hello, “No Go”!!! Well done for taking this big step. In your write up you stated, “I´m not “afraid” getting SP-declare or losing my future.” I would submit before you walked out of the current COS, someone else held your future. Now you are in charge!!!

    Looking at your beautiful smile I would say, very much in charge.


  35. Thank you Anna for your courage and integrity! Me and my friends are still a bit hesitant to go public with our decision to leave. You taking this step means a lot!

  36. I meant to say well damn if your not one of my friends.

  37. Of course! I was refering to the DM mis-use of them.

  38. Anna,

    Du bist wunderbar! Congratulations!


  39. one of those who see

    Kind of like the Portland Crusade again. With people coming from all around the world! Welcome Anna!

  40. Anna,
    Welcome to the bright side of the road! You will really love it here.
    Love Mosey

  41. I did recently watch The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard and I do very much appreciate just how brave and significant this announcement is! WoW!!!!!
    Nice to meet you Anna!

  42. Anna thank you for standing up and announcing your independence. It takes courage and integrity and you have an abundance of both. Welcome to the sane world of independence.

  43. A huge Independent’s welcome to you, Anna!!!
    Love, Shannon

  44. Jack – I love this name. Of course I´m in your friends list . I´m in charge now of my life. Feels like being responsible again 🙂

  45. Tintin ,
    there is nothing to loose , only to win. Just do it !
    Here is something nice from LRH:
    ” In other words, there is the theory of: “What you pay attention to makes the thing important.”
    “You as human beings can create tomorrow´s reality by what you think today or what you believe in today. If you believed, all of you, hard enough, that there was going to be a monument out here, a hundred feet square and two miles high, to the pioneers of aviation, and you all believed there was going to be this, and you wanted it to be there and so on, there´d be one there one day, there would be one there. That´s because you believe in it……
    “It depends, then, on what you validate.”
    LRH Theta-Mest Theorie Part 2 Lecture given on 21 May 1951

  46. Li Po I love to help…

  47. Welcome Anna! Thank you for sharing your story and speaking up.

  48. Oh my god, I wish I could go around and hug every single person personly here. I wish we could come together , meet each other, have fun and talk and laugh all day long. This is just such a great Theta place. What did I miss this kind of spirit. I was the whole day laughing, giggeling and so touched about all your posts.
    Mosey, I like it here allready. And Centurion -LONG LIVE SACRED GERMANY LOL

  49. Hello Anna!

    It’s so good to see that you think and look for yourself. There’s no need, of course, to be concerned about your future. All possible, brilliant futures are right here. You are in the right place. Welcome!

  50. Mr. Webb,

    But of course you are fully here! We might not know your real name, but many of us are still in that boat. After your recent posts, I think we know the thetan. You are clearly fully with us, so I think you are fully here. If it hasn’t already been said, welcome!

  51. Right. They have to protect the group from the truth. They have to protect the group from anyone who dares to look, let alone evaluate. They have to protect the group from anyone who is not a robot. Ture totalitarians, the lot of them.

    These days an SP declare is a badge of honor and a passport to spiritual freedom!

  52. CD,

    For us American dummies who only know English (unlike you European smartypants who speak everything), please translate!

  53. “No matter who said something against Scientology, no matter what
    newspapers wrote , no matter what trouble came up in Scientology on
    myself, I stood tall. Because I knew from my own experience that
    Scientology works.”

    We stand tall.

    Scientology works. And, bless your heart Anna, you effect many others to stand tall with us.

    The promise we won’t fail on, is what LRH has implored us to do; Look.

    In light of yesterdays Post ‘Scientology Philosophy and Practice’ you bring and inspire many closer to that ability. To look and be Scientologists.

    There is no fear in the internet, nothing compliments the Philosophy of Scientology better. We belong here!

    I’ve been off-lines laterally in the past while. Getting a Life Repair in the Independent Field.
    I say Literally because, these are the only Comm Lines that matter. There is no future in Scientology with out these lines, and DM cut them. What a frikken idiot. And such as it is, who said it?? It must, as we know, explode in Miscavages’ face…That’s Life.

    (Where could we all be with out such Suppression? I smile and know what you say.)

    You clarify this for me, just by being You Anna.
    Your communication here is superb and wonderful. You’re with friends.
    And we are growing, and growing, and going free!
    Love you.

  54. Anna, much succes and joy with your life in freedom.

  55. Welcome aboard Anna!

  56. Great stuff Anna! I’m sure other Scientologists in Europe will start waking up soon.

  57. Wow, Anna! You are a powerhouse. The first Independent Scientologist from Germany!

    Thank you for living a life with TRUTH! That is your eternity and no one can take that away from you.
    I admire, respect and love you very much! 🙂

  58. Hello Anna —

    So happy to hear how upbeat and giggling you are, after sharing your story!

    There is nothing quite as liberating as the moment one cuts the albatross from his/her neck.


  59. The “new age” movement is all about “the law of attraction” – a whole movement revolved around an indy movie called “The Secret” – promoted by Oprah. Sold millions of copies, was made into a book and still sells. First, the movie went around the internet free, got a following and then was promoted by Oprah, Larry King and others. This was quite the phenonmenon circa 2007.

    LRH was talking about in in 1951. CLEARLY FIFTY years earlier.

    BTW — the law of attraction and subsequent books about “The Secret” — don’t quite cut it.


    Missing the PRACTICES (see Marty’s blog entry Scientology Philosophy and Practices) …

    In any case, what IS happening is that LRH’s datums are finding their way into the collective …

    And people like Anna, Marty, Steve, et al are ensuring that once again LRH’s practices can be followed.



  60. martyrathbun09

    windhorse, you are absolutely right about the “law of attraction” and the Secret.

  61. Welcome Anna!

    I remember you from St. Hill! I believe we were in the same course room last summer.

    Great to see you Independent!


  62. Welcome Anna! It’s great to have an Independent from Germany. Thank you for maintaining your integrity and being part of the movement that is speaking out.

  63. Aha! Thanks.

  64. What a great way to start the day. It’s stories like these that will keep Anonymous at cause. Welcome to your freedom Anna and thanks for sharing this Marty….:)

  65. Hello Ana and welcome.

    I have this write up in hold since the first day I see your declaration.

    Life is full of work and good things for me now soin a rush I sit now and write this.

    Count on me if you need anything.


    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  66. Mareka, yes, you saw me last year on study at St. Hill.
    thanks, Roberto for your support.
    I´m busy telling Scientologists here what is going on :-))
    007 , European Scientologists are waking up – it is already happening !

    I love you all and do my best to help

  67. Dear friends,

    I am touched by the story of Anna. It really takes courage to confront what happend to the church.

    I am German myself and have never been in the church but came across the treasure of knowledge in the Ron´s Org ( in Bern seven years ago. I did all my grades at the Ron´s Org Bern and right now I am on the OT-levels. I am Class IV/NED Auditor and supervisor at the Org.

    We Europeans are very active! There are very many Scientologists in Germany and Switzerland independent from the church. The Ron´s Org is a network of indepent Scientology groups that apply standard tech according to LRH more you find on the homepage ( There is a Ron´s Org in Frankfurt an in Munich with hundreds of active publics. The movie “Beginners guide to L. Ron Hubbard” has been filmed mostly in Ron´s Orgs and the trainings camp of the Ron´s Org in Russia.

    I know a lot of 3p has been going on against Captain Bill Robetson and the Ron´s Orgs to keep Scientologists from uniting. Here is link to a great article about the subject.

    Auditors Unite!
    Love from Switzerland

  68. I know this woman she is an amazing being!! Wonderful to have her with US
    we and the Germans are very lucky!!

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