An Idle Scientology Org Story

One of the problems for Miscavige with the Independent Scientology movement is our persistence.   Massive black propaganda campaigns, phalanxes of private investigators, lawsuits, Facebook Nazis, buying off the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you name it – Miscavige has tried it.  But, we keep on thriving and expanding.  And with that the truth continues to out and becomes corroborated, and thus more and more credible.  Today’s post is a case in point.

Newcomers may not have seen Dan Koon’s article from August 2009 on Steve Hall’s, Thoughts on the Ideal Org Program.   Dan had the opportunity to drop in on David Miscavige’s then-latest fraud,the Malmo Sweden Idle Org.  Dan, with his decades of experience with LRH, Int Management and David Miscavige was able to divine that there was no intent to deliver Scientology services in Malmo by just a short, aborted tour of the place. 

Of course, Miscavige counting on it just “going away”, put a couple of nasty, defamatory publications out on Dan and carried on with the fraud across the world. 

Now, meet Phil Bruemmer, former Malmo Idle Org staff member.  Phil shines the light on what was going on inside from Malmo’s opening up to the present.  As you will see Dan was right.  Though, I have always contended he gave Miscavige far too much credit for speculating it was all a real estate scam.  It is a scam.  The level of fraud that Phil reveals is astounding. 

Welcome Phil.  And thank you for shining the light of truth.

An Idle Org Story

by Phil Bruemmer

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1971.

I am a “new OT IV”, Class VI C/S and an OEC/FEBC grad.

I am also a course supervisor, professional word clearer and trained Cramming Officer.

Posts I have held include, Director of Communications, HCO Cope Officer, Basic Courses Supervisor (that’s Basic Courses Supervisor – NOT Basics Courses Supervisor.) I ran the Comm Course and HQS, before they were suppressed out of existence), Word Clearer, Cramming Officer and Executive Director.

That was all in San Francisco Org.

I held the post of Senior C/S, and later, auditor in Stockholm.

Around 2004 I went off staff and audited in the field under the “control” of I HELP for a few years, during which time paid I HELP to annoy me.

I went on back on staff to be the Senior C/S of the soon to open “Ideal Org” in Malmö in April 2009.

I left Malmö in August and sent a farewell letter to IJC, CJC and RTC (the Justice Chiefs as I was under comm ev). Below is the comm which I sent in while waiting (& waiting, & waiting…) for the Findings and Recommendations:


To: International Justice Chief

From: Phil Bruemmer                                                                                                            RTC Reports Officer                                                                                                                                                                       RTC Rep EU                                                                                                                                                                                   CC: Cont. Justice Chief EU

Re: The Church of Scientology

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1970 and most of that time I have been staff.

I am a Class VI C/S (mostly non-GAT), OEC/FEBC, MCSC (1978) interned, PWCC and Cramming Officer

Some posts that I have held throughout my staff career are:

External Comm Flow Officer, Internal Comm Flow Officer, Dir Comm, HCO Cope Off and HAS, Basic Courses Supervisor (HAS course/HQS course), Word Clearer, ED, Cram Off, auditor, C/S and Snr C/S.

On 11 October 2011 I had a committee of Evidence, which was held on me at CLO EU. It is now 17 December and I have not had any word on the findings and recommendations.

This is too bad as I had wanted to let the cycle complete. However, I am disinclined to wait any longer.

The”church” in its present state has departed so far from the church that I joined as to be unrecognizable.

The Technology and the Administrative technology have been altered beyond workability in some cases or the misapplication renders it mostly unworkable.

The altered material which is called, “The Basics” is one example of this. The training of GAT auditors who robotically learn and who “audit” over their own out basics is another. I can’t believe any of them, or their C/Ses, Supervisors or Cram Offs, ever bothered to listen to or duplicate the LRH lectures on Level 0. It seems this would apply as well to the members of the RTC who pass final videos.

I personally experienced some of the out-tech being run on OTs at AOSH EU within the past year (running NED on Clears, squirrel sec checking). From research I have done since, I have come to the conclusion that this sort of squirrel tech is practiced throughout the world in the “church.”

I have also become aware of an inordinate number of persons on, or completed on, OT VII/VIII who have lost their bodies due to cancer.

In 1989 I lost a wife to cancer. She was a Class VIII C/S who was bogged on VII for years. Apparently, there was no tech to debug her (or no one cared) and she later got cancer, suffered for a number of years and finally dropped the body.

There were some others who got cancer at that time and I have recently learned there have been many more, even in recent times. It makes it seem the tech not only does not work, but that its unworkability is extremely hazardous.

I do not believe for one moment that LRH would release a tech which was so dangerous. I can only conclude that the original LRH materials were altered.

Currently the training of auditors is a non-existent activity – with the exception of a few know-best GAT robots that are being trained in the squirrel technology of the Chairman of the Board RTC. These robots train and then intern through auditing other robots on the training lineup. When they hit an HGC they are totally unprepared to audit public, particularly public treated to 20 years of out tech who now expect Miscavige brand “Scientology” tech to salvage them.

I am not going into detail on the quickie Grades being delivered at Flag at this time and the fact that lower Grade Chart actions should be delivered in the orgs (maybe the orgs can’t be depended upon to quickie them fast enough to suit the SP who is running this show).

Much to my embarrassment, I let myself get sucked in to helping to open the “Ideal Org” in Malmo. I watched the 4 man CMO Int Mission putting the org there. I can say it was a bunch of squirrel know-best that got the result of no org.

None of these Missionaires had done an OEC, much less the FEBC. I remember well the scorn and derision leveled towards the subject of the OEC (has to be recompiled by COB) and the FEBC. I shouldn’t have to point out the degrade of LRH admin tech. I learned that the FEBC is no longer being used to train execs.

I’ve seen the new “admin tech” that is being used and there is no tech in the new tech.

After 3 years the SO has had to move into this “Ideal Org” where a number of SO members are working to keep it going. There are CLO staff as ED, HAS and at least 3 SO full time on recruitment. There might be others now. From what I’ve seen none of them are OEC/FEBC. Even if they are, they won’t be allowed to do what Ron says as their seniors in the Ideal Org Unit won’t allow it. Applying correct source is not popular in the church these days.

What I see is going on is that the Church of Scientology has been taken over by persons of ill-will who are altering the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology for their own purposes. Either that or they are extremely stupid and can’t study or duplicate source. Or both.

I see a denigration of Source as a standard operating basis by such persons.

I see misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology.

Where was the vaunted Religious Technology Center which is stated to “exist to ensure the purity of the Scientology religion” when all this suppressive alteration was occurring?

The purpose of RTC is said to be; “to ensure that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly applied”.

Yet, stated purpose notwithstanding, RTC has enforced the study and application of squirrel technologies in Scientology.

My last “hope” as a staff member was that the COB would wake up to what was being done under him and take steps to remedy the situation. Well, that was the last bit of theetie-wheetie in my universe. I came to the realization that the situation is exactly what the COB has ordered.

All of these squirrel “Ideal Orgs” are COB orgs.

They are David Miscavige orgs.

Well, COB RTC, is NOT Source.

COB RTC is not even a trained auditor. He never made a Clear in his life (or a release for that matter).

He is not a trained administrator.

The proof is in the pudding.

I joined up to help LRH clear the peoples of planet earth. I did not join up to help some SP destroy Scientology.

I won’t dwell here the extreme bad PR which the church has at this time, or the fact that the OT levels are available to anyone who wants to read them, complete with misunderstoods and out of context out gradients.

This all occurred under the watch of the Chairman of the Board and the Religious Technology Center.

The Church, under David Miscavige and the RTC, has become a suppressive group, by definition:

SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS, are defined as those which seek to destroy Scn or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate suppression of mankind.”

That is straight out of the Technical dictionary.

I am not a member of that group.

I am a Scientologist.

Phil Bruemmer

I guess my comm was a bit wishy-washy because, instead of declaring me, I got this email from the Cont Justice Chief:

Cont Justice Chief Europe
*To Phil Bruemmer
Dear Phil,
I  have been in receipt of your letter today and I also learned that
you  have not yet been in comm with the Chief Public MAA, despite her sending  you several e-mails and the fact that I mentioned it to you in my  e-mail 3 days ago.
However, I sent you personally a copy of the Findings and Recommendations of your Comm Ev, along with a letter, today. Though I sent it in Prioritaire, due to the X-mas week-end, you might receive
it only on Tuesday or Wednesday, per indication from the post office.
At this point, you should get prepared to arrive to AOSH EU very fast in response to the Comm Ev Recommendations, in order to terminate your cycle. Let me know when you will have it in hand and let me know what will be your arrival date to AOSH EU.

I expect rapid origination from your side upon receipt of my letter.  

Ml, Arnaud, CJC EU

My reply:
Dear Arnaud,
First of all I want to tell you that I have received no email from the Chief P/MAA since the 26th of October.
I have checked my email daily (in fact several times each day) & there has been no email from her or anyone regarding my comm ev Fs & Rs.
Ask her to show you the emails she said she sent.
(Note: I _did_ receive an email from her _yesterday_ via xx, who is up here on a tour.)
I appreciate your sending me the Findings and Recommendations of my Comm Ev, however, as far as I am concerned the cycle is done.
You can see my communication of 17 December 2011.
I am going to be very blunt here;
I am no longer a member of the church of Scientology.
My 17 December communication to you should have made that very clear.
I do not want anything to do with the church, its management or any of its affiliates.
I do not want or expect any harassment about this.
I am done and I want to be left alone to get on with my life.
I _will_ go legal if my life is interfered with by the church, or any SO units, or by anyone connected to the church.
There are individuals in the SO that I still like and admire – as individuals. However I want nothing to do with the corporate body.


Phil Bruemmer

“THE NEW MALMÖ IDEAL ORG!!!” is a disgrace to the concept of a Scientology Organization.

One need only read HCOPL The Ideal Org and compare it to the existing scene at Malmö (or any other “Ideal Org”) to see that it is NOT an ideal org.

CMO Int, the Ideal Org Unit, RTC and what currently passes for the Sea Org are a disgrace.

When Malmö opened it opened with a new squirrel org board. Then, even this org board was not followed.

All staff were put on a minimum of 2½ hours per day “Basics Sales” during which they were on the phones harassing people to buy the Basics. Mind now that people on an orgs mailing list are also on other lists and get call at all times of the day or night from around the world. In addition to all-hands Basics sales there were all-hands “Book-a-thons” and other all-hands.

The result of this was that key posts were often unmanned (Course Admin, Tech Services, D of P, Examiner, etc).This led to slows on service lines and resulting injustices on staff for bad service and low stats. But the stupidities continued to be enforced, as it was “Command Intention.

In short staffs were held responsible for posts that they were prevented from holding by the Senior Execs who were “establishing” and “stabilizing” the org.

The org was manned up with disaffecteds from other orgs and by people from other countries who spoke no Swedish. For example, the Public reg personnel were German, Russian or Romanian. The Basic courses supers were Russian, Swiss and 1 Swede. The public disseminators were mainly Hungarian with poor English skills and no Swedish.  It is disgraceful to not have Swedish people at the entry points for new public.

The HGC opened with: 2 Hungarian auditors who were rushed through their Flag training for the opening of Malmö. They were borrowed from Budapest for 3 months, 1 Swedish Class IV who was borrowed for 3 months from Denmark Day org & 1 Class IV from Croatia.

Later on there was I Hungarian V Grad, 1 German V Grad and the Swede and Croatian IVs.

The D of P was a Hungarian and the OES was a V Grad from Hungary.

Qual consisted of an Israeli Qual Sec, Israeli SSO, Senior C/S was an American and the examiner was German.  (That was the final-line up in Qual, not the opening line-up).

There is more. Much, much more. I know folks like long interesting stories but this would be too long. It is also not all that interesting to me. I was fascinated at times by the sheer insanity being perpetrated on what used to be Scientology and I did learn how to survive being constantly under threat and duress while maintaining some integrity, that was interesting at times J

The point of this missive is to point up the fact that this “Ideal Org” operation was never intended to follow LRH policies regarding Scientology organizations and was doomed to failure from the start. It was intended to fail. The CMO Int Mission first and the Mission second were rewarded for this successful failed mission with promotion to the Ideal Org Unit.

The org board then seemed to work like this (after the dis-establishment mission left):

Ideal Org Unit I/C (Lucky Story, or her junior, Smith) issue orders to LC (The Office of LRH is now the Office of CMOI. CMO I enforce Source usurper’s squirrel dictates). LC bypasses anyone and everyone to carry out her duplication of what is needed or wanted.

(“I’m Lucky’s right hand in the org” – Monica Röhrig, CLO EU SO member, LC Malmö & junior sp in charge of ensuring suppression of anyone insisting on standard policy application)

There is another bypass line to the FR, who also bypasses anyone or everyone on the org board.

The FR’s major function seems to be Product Officer of the org, who batters staff to get products for posts they’ve been cross ordered off and to ensure they do the actions they have been cross ordered off post to do.

Go ahead, try to make that logical!

These 2 also are run by CLO to bypass.

The other line used to bypass is the Exec ESTO who, using squirrel ESTO tech, creates dis-establishment. The squirrel ESTO tech is held in place by LC EU and ultimately by RTC, who refers any reports to LC EU. Working with the LC and FR he helps to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion (Note that LC at the time and E/ESTO were handpicked by the CMOI mission.)

CLO, under CMO I run a permanent recruit “project” in the org. This recruit project uses “ethics”, rollback, has in the past gone through pc folders to get data on prospects, etc.

In one instance an HGC pc was 2d flowed to get him under the domination of a female SO recruiter. I went to the I/C directly on this one and it was stopped.

Folders of prospects were taken out of the org and given directly to the Senior C/S CTO who programmed for actions to help with recruitment. This of course is a permanent bypass of HCO and Qual, not to mention the Exec Council and Ad Council.

Dapper Dave “Supreme Squirrel For Life” Miscavige, has managed to install a thoroughly corrupt hey you org board which extends from his very own self all the way down and throughout what used to be Scientology.

In April 2011 I announced my intention to leave when my contract was complete.

I was put on a sec check. Not a leaving staff sec check per the policy (HCOPL LEAVING AND LEAVES) but, a sec check to ensure I didn’t leave. Or maybe it was just to punish me. Or maybe it was both.

I realized this when, after completing the end ruds I was told by the MAA that I had more to do.

This went on for 5 intensives. I had to borrow money to pay for this in the NOTS HGC at the AO.

I get 700 US bucks a month retirement pay for all my years on staff, and my church, which I gave all those years to, bleeds me for whatever it can get from me. And makes me wrong in the bargain! Staff pay in an un-Ideal Org does not cover auditing in the NOTS HGC, even at half price.

It used to be that trained OTs could co-audit, but some sp put an end to that as it messed with his income

(Oh Dave, the fires of hell are as cold as ice compared to where you are going to end up)

(You stupid, suppressive little prick, all the money and all the shyster lawyers in the universe can’t help you beyond this lifetime).

Somewhere along the line I realized they were not going to let me go. I would have to cave-in and submit and become a stupid, soulless robot, or be killed or blow. Or find some other way out, so I ceased to cooperate. Having spent 2+ years in an Ideal Org and dealing with the current crop of what is laughingly called the Sea Organization I had learned the benefits of being 1.1. I slid out and out the door (“just slip out the back jack…”)- Okay, I still got a comm ev but, by the time it was done I was well versed on the scene both inside and outside the cult. Plus I was out of there and out of control J

I wasn’t going to put this up on this blog as I considered my experiences in the Ideal Org to be very small potatoes compared to other stories I have read here. I also observed that the Ideal Org scam is no secret and therefore felt my posting would be redundant. Then some friends pointed out to me that my telling about Malmö might be of some benefit in getting others off the fence and /or out from under the radar.

Maybe so.  Maybe my friends have it right, but I am on the fence about that.

With all that has been written on this blog,,,, etc., and with all of the LRH quotes cited on this and the other blogs and, with all of the LRH references which have been referred to here, with the all the published wins from the application of Scientology technology OUTSIDE the cult church,  I doubt this latest complaint is going to reach anyone whose personal integrity is so lacking that they would help that disgusting, degraded, perverted suppressive to remain in a position of power.

That is what your silence and inaction is doing – propping up another suppressive dictator.

This particular dictator is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out.

If not for a handful of real Scientologists Davey would have already wiped out any chance any of us have of going OT. If you think he is so powerful and smart think about this: He is killing the only chance he has of getting out.

How smart is that?

No, your silent acquiescence is merely prolonging the inevitable.

There is not going to be any miracle that will save the church from the suppression. It has gone too far for too many years.

The guys who could have handled it didn’t and they are either dead or out here keeping Scientology working. It is over. The church is dead. R.I.P.

You are observing the death throes of the snake.  It can still bite, still inject its venom, but it is dying.

It has destroyed lives, families, hopes. It has tried to destroy any hope any of us had for a better world, for our chance of being free. You want to sit on the sidelines and let this go on until it finally ends?

You can’t deal with an sp. Look at the definition of Suppressive Person in the tech dictionary. (Do it now, before he changes the definition!)

Two days ago I learned from a friend that my wife and I have been declared suppressive since 19 February 2012.

We weren’t surprised. My wife had a sort of “yeah, well didn’t your friend have anything interesting to say?” attitude. It was another alter-is, of course, they didn’t send me my certificate!

So far I have re-done OT I, which was, of course f….d up in the cult. Now I’m working on II and doing just fine and dandy, thank you. Then I’ll re-do III and go on from there.

A word to the wise: You are NOT gonna go OT on altered tech delivered by someone who is determined there will be no OTs.

I am grateful for having worked in one of Davey’s Ideal Orgs because all of the tech on PTS/SP has been made very real to me and will stand me in good stead throughout my eternity. Indeed it ensures that I will have a better eternity, no matter what happens here and now. I have good experience on four flows J

So, thanks Dave.  I know you intended to burn the house down, but you ended up watering the carpet!


231 responses to “An Idle Scientology Org Story

  1. Phil — Great write up. You are my kind of guy! Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows my view of Miscavige’s “Idle Orgs” scam. What Dan observed was the outward facing veneer and he knew it was bs. What you have now disclosed is the true story — these Miscavige Orgs are rotten to their very core. I guess Miscavige is lucky he didnt have to open any org in Israel or Hungary — their staff were press-ganged into duty in Malmo…

    Miscavige truly is the ringmaster of the musical chairs circus. He musical chaired every person in international management and now he is doing his best to bring his traveling musical chairs circus to every org around the world.

    And meanwhile, he pontificates at his international glitz-fest CGI extravaganzas about how we are “clearing the planet” with his Ideal Orgs. And that he will release OT IX and X when “all orgs are ideal” — just realized that when that time comes there won’t be any people left in Scientology at all, so he is safe announcing that he is going to release his packs of empty pages to nobody.

    And to think that people are giving him money to create this same insanity all over the world. Oy vey.

    Happy to have you here Phil and glad you and your wife are doing well.

    Compared to the insane world of the RCS, you will find the organization of the totally unorganized independent field of Scientology to be a much closer approach to the Ideal Scene….


  2. Wow!! And to think you felt your story was not worth posting. Well, it was!

  3. Oh my God. Phil and Mike, you’re talking to me completely from the heart. Phil, I wish you and your wife all the best. You did great.

  4. truthteller67

    Thanks for standing up and taking a stand for Standard Tech!

    Great post!

  5. FCDC Class of 74

    With your story another of Davey’s dominos fall. Thanks for your write up. Many viewpoints paints a better picture.

  6. Phil, excellent write-up of the atrocities of the Church in recent times. We all knoew the Church was rotten, but you proved out the specifics and I thank you for that. Hope to see you on 4 July.

    Tom M

  7. Phil, welcome. I love the hard-hitting no-holes barred stab in the heart of the atrocities that DM is and has created. It is folks like you that ARE on the inside NOW that will rattle the cages of robots that are still asleep.

    Your PT view of it should resonate with some of these folks sitting on the fence. I felt so proud as I read every single word — you nailed his ass and you nailed it hard. Yes!

    Our momentum is growing like a fast freight train. We are having a banner year and I know we are only tipping the iceberg of others that will see the light.

    I loved your statement about the orgs not delivering quickie grades fast enough. My late husband Jay had some experience with that and thankfully I tweaked and stopped that disaster from occurring.

    Welcome to the sunshine. You are loved here.
    Sending love and hugs from Austin TX,

  8. My, my – Phil Bruemmer – fellow staff from SFO! Glad to see you out. Enjoy life in the sunshine. Thanks for your write-up and your contributions to all throughout the years!

  9. Wow! What a deep, thought provoking straight to the matter write-up!!
    Phil, you wrote,
    “I was put on a sec check. Not a leaving staff sec check per the policy (HCOPL LEAVING AND LEAVES) but, a sec check to ensure I didn’t leave. Or maybe it was just to punish me. Or maybe it was both.”
    IMO, esp after my ship experience, my similar conclusion was, that sec-checks and ethics were being used for thought control and action control. From a public viewpoint, it would be geared more toward more participation which means, more donations.
    My husband Mike and I were handled separately at Flag and on the ship as being out ethics because we lived 350 miles from our “local” org and why didn’t we just move. Of course, being so far away kept us from the ideal org fundraiser events and IAS fundraising events, not to mention the Flag tours, ship tours, etc etc etc.

  10. Wow!
    This story is HUGE!!!

  11. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks to you all.
    Mike: You, along with Marty, helped me more than I can say. You are a hero.

  12. Dear Phil,

    Your write up explains very thoroughly what is going on
    in every Idle Org.

    The confound, confused, misled Corporate Scientology staff
    around the world are squirrels. The sky over Ideal Orgs grows
    darker, and out of that gloomy rack march the Army of
    the Dead, gaunt, ghastly, sad and slow.

    Meanwhile the Independent’s numbers grow and you can hear
    a thousand bells of thundering joy. Why? Standard application
    of tech and admin.

  13. Hey Vicki — nice to see you here. You were at the FLB in the late 70’s no?

  14. Phil Bruemmer

    I learned “hard-hitting, no-holds-barred in Texas, when I was a bit younger!
    Seems Davey has the whole state of Texas on his a..

  15. What a powerful writeup Phil! I had the honor to interview you earlier for my blog, but this was still a magnificent rush.

  16. Well said. Corporate Scientology, like the mind of Miscavige, is hopelessly lost and confused. What a train wreck. I feel sorry for those that are still clueless enough to be aboard for the ride ……

  17. Good for you! Best of luck.

  18. Lucy at her poetic best. Hope you are still writing that novel!

  19. Phil Bruemmer

    Jog my memory a bit.

  20. Thanks Phil and Marty. 🙂

  21. Phil,
    Don’t think we know each other but what a great service you have done and are doing. I happened to be visiting in Israel when the new Idle Org was to open there. If only I had known then what I know now!

  22. Phil,

    Beautiful! I am so glad you decided to post this. As I told you before this will make a difference and slam another large nail in Miscavige’s coffin.

    Mike Reppen

  23. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Wow! You said everything I ever wanted to say.
    Thank you! Bravo! and Welcome!

  24. Welcome Phil! I remember you and your wife. I am sorry for your loss.My husband and I were on-lines at the San Francisco extension org and would come to San Francisco for auditing. This was in the 80’s. Thanks for your write up. It contains the truth that many need to know about. Best of luck for a great future.

  25. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Mike!
    You were right – I feel great!

  26. Phil Bruemmer

    Yo, Tunedal!
    One of my favorite declared SPs!

  27. Bravo Phil! Your write up was very hard hitting. Anyone who has/had any experience with staff then and now would surely twig that “Ideal” is no longer attainable under current administration but long since has disappeared in the rear view mirror.


  28. Thanks Phil, great write up. Disturbing as it might be, you gave a great insight into the Orgs of miscavige from a Scientologists viewpoint. Nothing like the viewpoint of a techie I always say.
    Also, it truly defines what miscavige operates with – his definition of “Ideal” it sure isn’t in any dictionary I’ve seen, he truly is low life scum enforcing his ideal on others.
    Best of luck to you.

  29. OUTSTANDING write up Phil !

    I am glad your were convinced to post it. Your is another story worth telling.

    Birds eye view inside the workings of Dm’s IDeal Org from a well trained and sane perspective. An excellent report.

    Tim Swanson

  30. Phil,

    You are my king of person! Thanks for the information, it is now much worse that I observed just a couple of years ago. I totally agree with you, the church is DEAD, the disease has gone too far and it is beyond any “cure.” Your post is definitely worth posting and I think it will help others get off the fence. You’ve done well!

    Welcome to the world of real Scientologists.


  31. Phil,

    Mike & I had the pleasure of handling you and Melanie on the Athena Cramming line at CLOWUS back in the 80’s, good times and good memories. CL IV staff would walk away blown out & feeling good and the proof was upstats on returning to their orgs. I just loved the miracles produced using standard LRH ethics tech.

    So good to see you here Phil, your journey has taken you far and wide and now fresh out of the “fire pit” to tell a story of how off Source this debacle has become, it’s disgusting. Glad you survived and are out and doing well. Thanks for sharing and hope to talk again soon on Skype.

    Betsy Reppen

  32. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks. I read your story and it was one of the stories that helped me.
    I can only hope this one will help another to see that there is really nothing to fear.

  33. Tom Gallagher

    Hi Phil-

    Thanks for your postmortem report on POB’s abattoir. Nicely done!

  34. Welcome Phil. You knew her as Vicki Selby. Now Vicki Pitts if I am not mistaken.

  35. two in the works Mike!

  36. BTW, Melanie Bruemmer, RIP, a fabulous CL8 Senr C/S at SFOF, a wonderful caring individual. I am saddened that she was left bogged for years on 7 and not handled, I didn’t know that, such a shame. I trust she is doing well now.

  37. Phil Bruemmer

    You and Mike were always my idols!
    There was no fear of going to CLO in those days.
    Going to see Reppen & Reppen…

  38. Your details about the operations of the Idle Org are illuminating: imported staff not speaking a native common language, cross-orders, and so forth. Smart move on your part to get a fix on your auditing immediately and progress on up the Bridge.

  39. Kool on the block

    Phil, well done for exposing the tragedy of the “ideal org”. We’ve all known it, but it has to be revealed to the Scientology world, that DM’s crown achievements are fake and are being propped up by the use of squirrel and off-policy actions that would cause LRH himself, to gag.

  40. lucky horseshoe

    Wow, great writeup!

    I’d appreciate a clarification on this bit: “the OT levels are available to anyone who wants to read them, complete with misunderstoods and out of context out gradients.”

    Does this mean that POB made sure the OT level data got onto the internet?

  41. Phil Bruemmer

    A true warrioress!
    Thanks for the welcome.
    I am definitely in good company now.

  42. LOL, Mark.
    Yes. Never sure which last name to throw down.

  43. Mike I agree with you. When the time comes….will not be people. In actual fact right now this buildings are empty. I visit in the past the Scientology Mexico. Just to let you know in Mexico Scientology is not a religion and I think they will never get the recognition.
    When I was there I also saw they put the staff in basics sells call center every day. I am going to put the story behind that building in my next blog.

  44. Thanks Mike. Yes, and into the early ’80’s.

  45. Phil Bruemmer

    Kool on the block

    I just saw your site for the first time.
    Definitely Kool and I’ll be spending some time there.

  46. tonydephillips

  47. tonydephillips

    That was a great write-up Phil!
    I have experienced some of the madness you describe and it is truly maddening.
    I love the way you let them have it with both barrels though!! Sweet!!
    Best of luck to you. Thank you for all your service to help Mankind, you are truly a caring individual.

  48. What a great write-up. It is good to have an inside view of what happens in an “Ideal Org”. There are a lot of us who haven’t had the opportunity to witness this first hand, so thank you for that.
    I can’t help but wonder what goes on in the minds of staff, particularly on posts that are dealing directly with all this madness. Every “Justice” Chief and LC on the planet is in Treason (actually, must be Confusion by now). I wrote an email to the IJC, Mike Ellis, just before I posted my write-up on Marty’s blog. Included in that email, I said: “You are THE person who gives the go-ahead on each and every SP Declare that is issued. You are, therefore, intimately involved in the situation of children being required to disconnect from their parents, parents from their children, siblings from siblings, married couples being forced into divorce, etc. You are, therefore, personally and intimately involved in the violation of Human Rights. Think about that.” Of course, this also applies to every CJC and LC (Harriet Foster, WHAT are you thinking!) on the planet.
    Thanks again, Phil, for shining more light on the corrupt (dis-)organization that still calls itself a church.

  49. Phil, thanks for not holding any punches and telling it as it is! How did things get so f–ed up so fast? LRH was still alive when the Church was already hijacked by DM. The SPs had not even shown the common decency of waiting a couple hundred years before taking over, like in Christianity. Oh, no! They yanked out from under LRH. How? By working the power lines inherent in the Church structure and the role assigned to the Sea Org. That is what we are dealing with now.


  51. The same old LDW

    Phil…thanks so much for the report. Every piece of data put out like this does truly help undo the black-magic spell miscavige has cast over the cult he has created and the beings trapped in there.

    miscavige’s “glowing but false reports” are being revealed piece by piece.

    Have fun on your OT levels.


  52. “Look at the definition of Suppressive Person in the tech dictionary. (Do it now, before he changes the definition!)” Priceless!

    What a write-up. Brilliantly and vividly written. Warm, humorous and real. Just the way it used to be in Scientology, and how it actually is here in Indie-land. I wonder if any staff at “Ideal org” London are reading and going “hey, that sounds horribly familiar…”

  53. Tony DePhillips

  54. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Greetings from Denmark! Thanks for a very entertaining and informative letter. I thought everything was so wonderful and marvellous in Malmø. Think I just changed my mind.

  55. Well don’t you look relaxed in that picture Phil.

    Expanding without effort.


  56. Thank you for open communication re: your experiences in the COS.

    I’m Pat Krenik, Founding Scientologist 1951. I live with my husband in Elma, WA 98541 US of A. Are you in the US?

    Retired people have moved to Elma to continue the bridge because one can live on a low income here. Just for your information. We do the complete bridge the way it was intended.

  57. R.o.ger aka LO


    Wow ! I’m happy you wrote all this down. It will be an eye-opener for lots of people.
    I want to read more of it !
    Thank you !
    Manning up an Org with people not speaking the local language; how crazy that is.

  58. Wow! I’m so glad you decided to post this. It’s a big bright light of truth. Every time someone tells what they know, it helps everyone here and those still under the radar, see more of what has happened. And all that light is making fewer and fewer shadows where the criminals can hide.

    “(You stupid, suppressive little prick, all the money and all the shyster lawyers in the universe can’t help you beyond this lifetime).” — I can’t think of a better way to say it. Thank you, Phil.

  59. Phil has arrived! I think we just saw an ass-kicking of serious note with this write-up. Thanks for letting us know how you really feel. I don’t think it will be misduplicated again. At least not in these corners of town! 😉

  60. Joe Pendleton

    Hey Phil, Wonderful write-up. If you have a moment, would you please be so kind as to drop me a quick email at so we can get in comm? Key Phrases and names: Sacramento Room, Mr. Mason and Mr. Geary, Frank “Lefty” O’Doul, Bob the Janitor (private jokes, do I need to go on? ha)

  61. Oh my God! You were called out-ethics because of where you lived? Because you wouldn’t move to Austin? The ridiculousness of what is considered out-ethics just never ceases to amaze me. Wow! Thanks for sharing this, Laura, . . . . mind boggling.

    I had heard of the reverse, like my son being told he could no longer live in Clearwater after he didn’t make it in the Sea Or, of Debbie Cook having to go where she knew no one. What makes the Church think they can tell people where they can or cannot live? I am so glad to be out of that MIND CONTROL GROUP. (MIND _UCK!)

    However, it you think about it, if they feel they have the right to tell you who you can talk to and who you can’t talk to, (Disconnection), it is an easy natural progression that they would think that they can tell you where it is or isn’t O.K. to live.

    Just for grins, I drop by the coffee shop next door to the Austin Org, (shares a wall), and drink coffee just for the hell of it. The first time I did that (a few years back) and a staff member I knew recognized me, the Flag Rep had to come over and buy coffee. I guess this was to verify I was really there. so she could “observe and report”. She is now out of the Sea Org and out of the org due to an illness, which Scientology could probably help her with if the tech were properly administered!

    Much love to you and Mike. Glad you’re OUT OF THERE!

  62. I Phil, welcome to the world outside the church of scientology.

    Excellent write up, more of this kind of thing. You independents need to show how many you are; I know there is a list of name but the personal stories, however insignificant you think they are, not only show your strength but may just touch someone still in who can relate to your experience.

    I’m someone who’s being raising the awareness of the wrongs of the church of scientology for the best part o 10 years. For me it’s never been about the beliefs of scientology it’s been about the damage the church of scientology causes by its actions; I’m an atheist with my own spiritual theories and practices.

    I welcome the independent movement because now I can relate to people who believe in scientology who also recognise the church of scientology for the corrupt, corrupting and dangerous monster it is; one I hope is in its death throws.

    What I like about you independents is you take your beliefs and run with them, you help each other but you have no leaders. You are truely independent and so free.

    Anyhow that’s my 2 cents.

  63. Your humble servant


    Thank you for this terrific contribution. It is VERY valuable. People who did not have the chance to observe first hand what you observed need to know these things.

  64. Phil Bruemmer

    Joe Pendleton
    You left out the Native Sons Building!
    And the BBB.
    I’ll send email

  65. Ziba Feulner

    Phil welcome outside! What a great write-up, so spot-on! By the way, sorry to hear about your wife and sorry for your loss! I hope many will read your write-up and understand what is going on within the Cof$. Thanks!

  66. PHIL, thank you so much for this very strong no-holds barred, write-up WHEW!!! Very thought provoking, especially this part:

    “this particular dictator is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out.”

    Those are chilling words, if you really think about it, and in my opinion THESE WORDS ARE TRUE. That is why the Independent Scientology movement is so important; we are preserving the tech not only for ourselves but for future generations. It gives new meaning to the policy letter: KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING!

    The world and the society have never needed Scientology Technology as desperately as it is needed now. It appears to me we are headed for the police state LRH warned us about. The true technology for personal spiritual freedom and for logical thinking is probably what has saved us in the past from total nuclear annihilation; and what is needed NOW for that same threat, and the denigration of all of the freedoms our forefathers worked so hard to obtain (in the U.S). I am thankful to all those Scientologists who are still carrying the torch for spiritual freedom and sane solutions for our society. Every one of us is needed in our own way.

    So, Howdy Pardner, glad you’re with us in the round-up! and of course,

    YEE HAW!

    Much love,
    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  67. Just so no one gets the wrong idea here, I copied the Wikipedia article about Arlöv, which is where the “Malmö” “Ideal Org” is located:

    Arlöv is the seat of Burlöv Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. It is statistically not defined as a locality of its own, but forms part of the contiguous Malmö urban area, 5 km northeast of downtown Malmö. Out of Malmö’s 280,000 inhbitants, 11000 live in Arlöv. However, in the 1950s, a public vote took place, deciding once and for all that Burlöv municipality would never be a part of Malmö.

    . . .

    The former office building of Danisco Sugar was bought in 2008 by the Church of Scientology who opened their new church, a so called “Ideal org” there in 2009.

    When there was a Malmö Org back in the day, it was smack dab in the city central square, i.e., body traffic heaven. Not today.

    Great write-up, Phil. I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

    And Lucky Story is the Ideal Org I/C? God help us all.

  68. Mike Rinder said, “…release his packs of empty pages to nobody…”
    This brought to mind the Beatles’ song, “Nowhere Man.”

    “He’s a real nowhere man,
    Sitting in his nowhere land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    For nobody.”

  69. COB RTC Command Intention Directive.
    (As announced to all orgs by simucast)

    David Miscavige (COB RTC) climbs up to the podium to cheers and much clapping.

    Good evening and welcome to this momentous event where I will announce the latest discovery that will surely bring about a sea change in the way we all climb the bridge to total freedom.

    LRH, LRH says David Miscavige and the crowd starts to chant. They work themselves up in to a frenzy and spontaneously break out in to thunderous applause..

    David Miscavige holds his hands up to hush the crowd and waits for complete silence.

    Following the recent discover of some of Ron’s notes down the back of a filing cabinet in the basement of Big Blue we can now clarify the meaning of Suppressive Person:

    Suppressive Person (SP): a person who:

    1.Doesn’t follow the instructions of COB RTC or
    2.Messes up the instructions of COB RTC or
    3.Questions the instructions of COB RTC or
    4.Interfers with the carrying out of the instructions of COB RTC or
    4.Acts contrary to Command Intention as determined by COB RTC or
    5.Mentions the COB RTC’s height or
    6.Runs out of money and cannot get a loan to donate to COB RTCs fund drives
    7.Refuses to take out secured or unsecured financing to donate to COB RTC fund drives when they can or
    8.Blames COB RTC for any down stat or down tone or just generally down situation or event or
    9.Fights back against COB RTC or
    10.Is declared by COB RTC to be a suppressive person

    This clarification of the definition of SP will usher in a new era of technology that will see the church of scientology expanding with the speed of a rocket flat out and horizontal to new horizons. With 10 million new bricks ths year alone we are well on the way to making 2012 the best year yet in the global domination of the ideal org ready to start phase 3 with the introduction of a new Super Ideal Org project that will see a super power class building in every major city in every country in the world on your way out you pass through the registra turn style simply insert your debit or credit card, enter your pin and accept the $2000 charge and you will be released upon approval if you would like to donate more or forgot your debit/credit or cheque book just see one of our helpful registras who have all your necessary financial information to assist you. Thank you and good night. LRH, LRH more chanting and thuderous applause.

    David Miscavige steps down from the podium and exits the stage to the left as the crowd go wild. His aid is waiting for him. “Where’s the fucker who screwed up the auto queue? I want to give him a good kicking. And call TC I feel like cruising, get it?” Yes Mr Miscavige, your Scotch”. David takes the scotch and downs it in one. After a moment he says you know what I feel drowsy, fetch my motor chair.” “Certainly Mr Miscavige”, the aid clearly anticipated that as he had it next to him and David Miscavige fell into it, slumped to one side and began snoring.

    Mean while the theatre lights have come up, it’s empty apart from two technicians who operated the sound system.
    “Do you think he noticed?”
    “Nah,” said the other, “totally lost in his own postulate that one”.
    “I guess it makes him happy though”
    “Couldn’t say, apart from these speeches all he does is drink scotch, eat the canteen left overs, although he thinks it’s the finest cordon bleu food, swear a lot, clutch his copper rod, demand to see Tom Cruise and sleep.”
    “Guess it’s hard to know what goes on his mind, what happened to him?”
    “Well I was told he ran some kind of cult until everyone left. Apparently they found him wandering around an abandoned compound holding on to his copper rod and rambling about how Tom Cruise was going to sort out all these SPs and give him his money back.


  70. Good to see you again, Phil! I remember you from Flag in the mid 90’s.

  71. Laura Ann and Mike, you missed out on so much fun! (Being 350 miles from the Org.)
    You missed having someone sneak through the security system of your LA condo building and bang on the door of what you thought was your own little sanctuary, trying to hunt you down. You missed having a “friend” drop by every day in Seattle to chat you up, forcing you to hide in the back yard to avoid her when you were caught outside gardening, and if you didn’t answer the bell when you were inside, finding a three page note scribbled and attached to the door to make sure you were being persuaded correctly. Oh, yes, what a blessing to live “off the grid.” No wonder they thought you were out ethics! LOL, and Luv ya both. Lynne

  72. Also, that “handled separately” thing is a whole ‘nuther subject–my daughter and I were “handled separately” when the Inquisitors (2 MAAs interrogating you at the same time, peering at you, gripping the meter, etc. during an “interview”) were forcing us to disconnect from my oldest girl. We were tortured and told not to discuss with each other what was being done to each of us. I say Hogwash and Ptooey!

  73. Blonde, curly hair. Dissem, KOT and LC. I was married to Roy Selby.

  74. Dear Phil, Yes, your writeup gave so much more dimension to the knowledge we have about the CofS. Thank you!

  75. The latest promo from the Seattle Ideal Org shows that the Day ED has been demoted to Field Control Sec (possibly because of ill health) and HE is giving a seminar on “surviving better!” Wonder how those health problems compute as better survival? AND, is it possible there’s an SO missionaire running the Seattle Org now too? Possibly because they are having a tough time getting the big beautiful building filled with ARC broken public who know DM SQuirrel TEch does NOT work? Hmmmm…..

  76. Dean, you should submit this story to the Writers of the Future Contest. LOL

  77. Lucky Story is the Ideal Org I/C? God help us all.

    Dan — isnt that astonishing. Probably most people don’t have a clue who Lucky is so its meaningless to them. Daughter of Jeff Porter, she was born into the SO and raised in the Cadet Org. She is barely literate. She knows little policy or tech. She is one of the “new breed” who has grown up in the world of Miscavige and has no clue not only about the world at large, but neither does she know about the world of REAL Scientology. I can imagine the sort of “enforced compliance” she gets up to. Now, if ever Miscavige wanted an example of the “Blind leading the blind” it is Lucky Story leading the charge to Ideal Orgdom….

    It really does suck to be Miscavige.

  78. lucky horseshoe

    I have often wondered about the children of SO members whom I met over the years who were barely literate, and now it makes sense … another vein that traces back to DM’s black heart.

  79. Phil,

    I guess it is true.. the emperor has no clothes.

    Well done for holding your position and speaking the truth. Best to you and welcome.

  80. Laura — That’s a new one on me.

    Interesting how reversed the world of Miscavige is.

    With his massive, straight up and vertical international explosion of expansion the likes of which this planet has never seen before — the thought of having another church west of Austin in Texas is not even considered. No, MOVE THE PEOPLE to the church! OMG, is this insane….

    oh, I just realized, all the sooper dooper international explosions are actually happening in Kyrgistan, Burkina Faso and Yemen… But the US and Canada are now primed and ready to follow in their footsteps with some universal magnificence of magnitude as we have one Ideal Org between Las Vegas and Tampa (or Nashville). Woohoo. Expansion 40X that of the last 50 years combined!!!


  81. Phil,

    The Emperor has no clothes. Well spotted.

    Welcome to our group. All the best for you.

  82. Mike agree again with you. Well I know her because my ex Senior Cirrus Jones Div 6A Sec FSO is her mother. I meet Lucky Story two times one in London and another one in Los Angeles. Her mother Cirrus was before at Int I remember but I don’t know what happen and she was order to go probably to FSO. Anybody knows the story?
    Lucky now I remember basically is the Ideal Org Programs Off.

  83. Michael,
    What was worked was an unmock of the structure LRH intended. That’s covered on

    Those lines have NEVER been in.

    The inherent purpose of the Sea Org is outlined in rj67; a group of ethical OTs, three feet behind society’s head, getting in the exact degree of ethics so that STANDARD TECH could be applied in a safe environment.

    What it is right now is David Miscavige’s universe run amok. He overwhelms other viewpoints and implants his own. It can be seen in those that mimic him in varying degrees. They THINK this is the viewpoint and universe of Scientology, the Sea Org but it isn’t, it is DM’s viewpoint of life, how he sees things and that is what we see in the description above.

    I heartily recommend a study of the 5th ACC to get the real simplicity of how all this shifting and change of universe has and does occur.

    From the top, there is an SP that sees a false enviroment and acts on that falsity to suppress those he fears are gonna get him. THAT you see reflected in the orgs, in the spokespoosens, in the image, in the Sea Org, in public.

    He’s nuts and has in the Ideal Org, Freewinds, SO universe he’s created a picture of that world.

  84. Seeking4know

    Thank you Phil! You have as-issed something for me 🙂

  85. Phil Bruemmer

    Mike, Lucky was the CMO I Mission IC at Malmö.
    Her second was a guy named Smith, who I was told had been CO CMO I until he was promoted to being on the mission.
    The mission 3rd was a Mr. Walker (female) who went on to open the Idle Org in DC. She was the best of a bad lot.
    Lucky Story is nuts. Visciously so.
    Smith was a squirrel.
    Story and Smith were promoted to the Ideal Org Unit after their blazingly successful mission to ensure Malmö would not be an LRH org.

  86. Ooo, you so bad, 😀 interesting idea though… 😉

  87. Echoes of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China in the late 1960s.

    “Heaven and earth are great, but greater still is the kindness of the Communist Party; father and mother are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao.”

    – Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution
    by Ji-li Jiang

  88. Phil — thanks. That’s the Lucky I know and most definitely don’t love!

    Smith I don’t know. Must have been the CO CMO EU or UK or Canada or something obscure.

    Walker is Danielle Bailey/Guterman/Walker who was previously the D/CO Conts CMOI until everyone was removed and put into the Hole (herself included). Best of a bad lot is a perfect description for her. Irony is that Lucky used to be her junior.

  89. Cristian — Cirrus was Cirrus Slevin back when she was at CMO Int in the 80’s. She was out of the SO for many years, but I don’t remember why and then I heard she had “rejoined” the SO (she never was at the top of the IQ scale…)

  90. I think part of the problem is that David Miscavige thinks “three feet behind society’s head” actually reads “three feet upside society’s head”.

    Just idle speculation of course. 😉

  91. yvonneschick

    I love this guy! What a kick-ass report. Thank you, Phil. You made my day! May you find all of the spiritual freedom you sought and the opportunity to contribute to the freedom of others in your new life as an independent.

    More love from the heart of Texas, Yvonne

  92. RTC repeatedly states that they are “not a management body” and “not involved in day to day management”.
    Could someone describe the current RTC lines into an org?

  93. Dean,

    The Static, the actual being that assumes a viewpoint and looks out to points, thereby creating space, is the source of life. What he creates out there, IS the world, a universe and all things he perceives. We all create the agreed upon in what we see as this universe of cars, trees, bodies, Walmarts, restaurants, pickles and popcorn.

    The Sea Org, by its basic rationale, ethic and ideal, is to be a group of OTs, exterior to and cause over their creation and with the purpose of enabling others to achieve the awareness of self as a causitive source of whatever the heck they please.

    DM is a suppressive, aberrative personality. He sees an environment fraught with danger – to him. He’s stuck in some incident where he was overwhelmed, his own viewpoint of a being now gone, he assumed the viewpoint and what is viewed from there, of that which overwhelmed him. It ain’t pretty, what he sees. It now has gotten agreement from those around him and those he convinces what he sees IS what is there. It isn’t.

    This post by Phil describes the reality, as opposed to DM’s and those who view from his point of view, “reality”, (a delusion).

    Three feet back, and a recovered ability to see – now that’s the ticket.

  94. The end result of the Ideal Org Strategy (Idle Orgs)
    is collapse,Ray Charles can see that coming.
    Very good detailed report.
    I am speechless,stunned, defys logic and rational thinking,
    but you know that so I’m preaching to the Chior.

  95. I took that as meaning that “anyone” could be someone who had little familiarity with Scn terminology, e.g. some curious bystander. No big deal, just something like having a Ferrari delivered with “some assembly required” (like for the power plant, hydraulics, electrical, transmission, upholstery, body panels, paint, etc.). File it away for future reference; a few intelligent folks have worked hard to rescue the tech before Rome burns. Even those in the Co$ have to admit that is a good idea. But there is some squirrelled (false, incomplete) tech out on the net, so it’s also a good idea to verify what you have with qualified tech terminals.

    Just my idea: I would like to see a fully authenticated complete set of all tech archived in the Library of Congress, print and lectures. Of course I’d also like to see the copyrights and trademarks released – there’s something about a “Religion in Chains” that just doesn’t sound right, isn’t there? Does it sound right to you?

  96. lucky horseshoe

    No, it doesn’t sound right, and thanks for the reply.

  97. Lynn and mrinder, We soon realized how lucky we were to have that 350 mile gap. 🙂
    Lady Minn, You little stinker having coffee next to the org. I must join you next time I’m in Austin. 🙂
    Love back!!

  98. An idle Org is the best kind. Not unlike the extremely Idle Org we have in San Francisco where we will be protesting against disconnection on April 14th during #OperationReconnect.

    It’s a global protest to which each and every one of you are invited to take part with the rest of us. Peace.

  99. Thank you very much for your truth, Phil Bruemmer! I e-mailed your TRUTH to over 1500 people right away. More people are leaving the church of miscavige as we speak.

  100. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    We need people like you in the Indipendent Movement-
    No fear to say or indicate what is what.
    The “church” of Miscavige pretends that has right over people rights!!!!!
    They have NO RIGHTS whatsoever, the as on organization BETRAYED LEH and betrayed all of us that trusted them to carry on and forward LRH legacy and intentions.
    They are the puppets of of psycopath.
    That’s the simplicity of this.
    This question should be asked:
    “Will you allow a madman to control your life????”
    Good answer!

  101. Phil, thanks for your story. Your description of Miscavige and RTC made me recall a line from the first version of the tech film EM 9, Meter Reads. David Mayo, at that time the Senior C/S International, was playing the part of Sr. C/S Int as if he were a tough private eye, and he delivered this line:

    “Now, from time to time, we catch some low-life trying to drive Tech outby misdefining Reads, shutting off HCOBs, or Black PR-ing Source. Now we know why this occurs: it’s to prevent others from discovering their withholds!”

    LRH sure was prescient when he wrote that script.

  102. Phil on fire.

    Hi Phil,

    don’t know if you remember me… I was the ED of U-MAN Norway back in the early 90’s when you were the Qual Sec for U-MAN International. I had the pleasure to be coached by you on the Upper Indoc TRs during a short cramming cycle. That was the most intense, rewarding and fun training I ever did. Thanks for that. And thanks for speaking up. I have several questions about common Swedish friends. It would be great to talk back-channel. My e-mail;

  103. Simply Revolting

    ‘[Miscavige] is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out’.

    Yep. Monsters in more recent track have ****** up our meat bodies and lives.
    Miscavige is up there with the whole-track
    big ‘crimes against theta’ league.
    The first generation of LRH trained class VI and VIIIs and above are still here. The only first dynamic overt we could commit against ourselves is not obtaining the bridge NOW.

  104. Dear Phil,

    How is Eric Ribaud and his wife doing ? Still Gung Ho ?

  105. I spotted her too Mike,. I just told a story 2 daysa ago of Lucky when we were all returning from an LA event on the bus. When the bust stopped Phil Stevens, a genuine Lt Commander, worked with LRH on the Apollo, stood up to step off of the bus and Lucky, a 14 year-old messenger, probably a PO 2 at the time, told Phil to let messengers off first and then she can go. Phil started to let Lucky go and I stopped Lucky and let Phil go. Lucky yelled at me and then when we got inside I had her re-read FO 38 and asked her what her MUs were. She blew up. I told Linda that she is more arrogant than her dad, if that is possible. I tell this story so all of you can see what this “Brave New World” DM is making with people as arrogant as his shrimp ass is.

    ML Tom

  106. Phil Bruemmer,
    What a sassy, straightforward “buh-bye” to the RCS. I hope wherever you’re living and enjoying life these days that the sky is blue, the sun is warm and the beer is cold.

  107. Phil Bruemmer

    Poor Dave! 🙂

  108. Phil Bruemmer

    Good Heavens!
    That’s great!
    Your hot & that’s a fact.

  109. Tom — I got a laugh out of this, but its very sad at the same time. I think of a little punk like Lucky (I don’t think its possible to be more arrogant/know-best/pretentious than Jeff Porter, but she does give it a shot) and a wonderful woman like Phyll who had more tech and policy knowledge in the fingernail of one pinky than Lucky has had or will have in her entire lifetime and it reminds me again of what has killed the church. Lucky operates with absolute certainty that her insanity is EXACTLY the correct action to take, and she KNOWS this without doubt or reservation because its “command intention” (code for “COB said it”).

  110. Phil Bruemmer

    I’ll send you a mail later today.

  111. Random Stranger

    David Miscavige says,

    “I hate Sweden.”

  112. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi man!
    I’ll send you a mail later today.

  113. Jim, that says it all right there.

  114. Dean, it could totally happen. It is happening this way now.

  115. Phil Bruemmer

    Eric is as gung ho as anyone like him can be.
    Not sure which wife you mean.

  116. Mike and Phil, the more you talk about these people the more I shake my head and imagine being their junior or working anywhere near them and go WTF? That’s just so whack!!!!

  117. Phil Bruemmer

    He also has no thetan 🙂

  118. Phil Bruemmer, say it loud and say it proud! Nice to meet you. I am shaking my head and LMAO over that dumb-ass response you got after such a F-U, clearly written, precise letter you sent. These people ARE in another universe completely. Why do they even claim anything LRH anymore? Well, I know why, but good God, really messed up shit. I had to put one foot on the ground to keep my head from spinning, which I’d imagine their heads stay in perpetual motion from the sound of it.
    Good on ya for getting the hell out! Awesome to have you around!

  119. Phil Bruemmer

    That means a lot to me.
    Truly it does.
    I have gotten a lot of inspiration from this blog and the folks who comment & originate here have kept me going.
    Actually, I’d say this site helped cut the decompress time from years to months!

  120. He also hates Canada, Australia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Venezuela, France, England, Finland, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Israel, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Hungary, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and 187 more…. but most of all, he HATES Mexico.

  121. Dear Phil,
    I have taken notes on where D.M. moves orgs to.
    Each one or majority including one close to home,
    . I swear its creepy there are no people.
    Maybe protesters ,really …….

  122. Phil Bruemmer

    It is whack!
    Kinda like waking up in an insane asylum where all the inmates are on tranqulizers and the people running it are on amphetamines.

  123. I am SOOO looking forward to meeting you!

  124. Phil Bruemmer


  125. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Dan.
    I’ll mail you.

  126. LOL!

  127. Paul Jay, nice video!

  128. Wow, man. Thanks for this write-up.

    Memo to Mr. David Miscavige: Do you see a trend, here? Every long-standing, truly “upstat”, loyal-to-a-fault, dedicated, died-in-the-wool Scientologist that you screw and “declare” suppressive – whether they be public or staff – ends up staying with LRH and ditching you – and coming out here on Marty’s blog and/or other media.

    Every time you f*** someone, your copper rods will be jammed at least twice higher.

    Have a nice day, Dave!

  129. too bad it ain’t fiction!

  130. Thank you Phil. Great write-up, and with plenty of humour, too – it takes an exterior viewpoint to spot the outpoints. Welcome out!
    Best wishes,
    Richard Kaminski

  131. i support that!

  132. Phil, You will be pleased to know that David Miscavige just briefed key terminals at the Int base laying out the handling for the situation at Malmo, step by step. (There are zero typos in the transcript which follows):


    “Okay. So right away we know what? Every org is responsible. The staff. That’s you and you and you. And not just you, but who? We have them number one. That’s first. Second: Who is will do it. And how do we know is that? Easy. By the files IF they are open are them. And who’s job is that? Look-it: to that we just assign. Bang. It’s him. He does it or else. If not, it gets handled by the HCO. That is the pattern, okay. You don’t walk away. He doesn’t walk away. Priority, deadlines, time machine, orders. It’s assigned, but not by you. Compliance report is compiled, all in one. Okay, now you get it. If it’s “A”, okay, then he does it. If it’s “B” then we tell him he MUST do it. And if it’s “C” — okay, that’s everyone. So we call all-hands and are nobody — what? Leaves until it’s done. That’s how we to handle. Pry off the molding, start over, God all-in-one with the pattern. Now we break it down. Routing form comes, first stop, rat-a-tat-tat. He gets his ass handed to him on a plate because we got his crimes all-in-one on goldenrod and nobody speaks Swed in Malmo. (2.) GET OFF THE WITHHOLDS! Next we have it by putting in schedules and org boards. And HATS! Oookay second: Lucky is on the ground or she does. We know ethics is out, how? Because the target. The job is called for right in her primary targets. Two: now what? Now we move on to step two and that is by debug: Who collects the payment and the books get shipped. Do we care who? Why is it there? Put it down in all caps they do it what I want. If not Lucky, then are the IAS and here is Michael Roberts or Marion Pouw for Christ sakes. Even stupid and illiterate, she’s trouble. He’s black, so if not Lucky let him get a fat commission, all-in-one. But she gets a small cut. But not without a “Travolta.” You know what I mean? Now, he’s on the front page of the National Enquirer exposed as a gay. Again! How is that possible? That’s PR Area control? Karen should be in the RFP’s RPFs’ RFP. Second: Now this is where we ramp it up okay, that’s an Ideal Org. They produce or they don’t eat, straight up. That’s Sweden — Malmo — right in the OEC okay, mark it down. Number two is who is with FNing if they can pass a meter check. So he’s got to handle. We do that just by is disconnection and that fucking Unlucky Nostory would. She could not write her own name but now to do what are we have in each target by 1-2-3 because the Sweds are the most out-ethics people on the planet, except for Germany, especially with Dan Koon and Mariette now so no one comes in again without getting sec checking. TWO: And someone put an American C/S in there? What’s his fuck with no record of following the COB programs? Hello? Who let him in? He goes to the RPF but he also gets a “Travolta” first. That’s where Chris Smith should go — not the RPF but Malmo. He’s a scriptwriter, but he should be the C/S of Malmo. You think I are kidding? I’m deadly am serious. Now we just have security to keep everyone out and the staff in — I don’t care if you have to chain the doors at night, I want everyone selling on call-in. Why am I looking at pie faces? Fuck you guys! You are the most suppressives on earth because all you want to do is “Stop the COB.” Fuck you. Let’s go Lou. Get Tom on the phone. He’s not going to believe how they looked at me.”


  133. I thought the best quote was this: “The org was manned up with disaffecteds from other orgs and by people from other countries who spoke no Swedish.”

    So let’s see if I get this straight. David Miscavige’s vision: Scientology is in the middle of “straight up and vertical” expansion, 50x the growth in the last 10 years as in the previous 40 combined. Given that extraordinary expansion, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting native Swedish speakers by the dozens to man the Malmö Ideal Org. Heck, with that much expansion, you would think you could get 50 stunning Ingrid Bergman clones working the reception desk. And there would be oodles more gorgeous Swedish blondes fighting to be on staff.

    But then reality bites: Instead, you get a smattering of people who can’t speak either Swedish, or English, the logical alternative, trying to “sell” people on how groovy it will be to get on the Bridge to Total Freedom and change their lives forever. And are the people imported from other countries the crack “A-Team”? If you were the ED of an org somewhere else, would you send your best people to man this mission, given that you have to report a new batch of “straight up and vertical” stats every Thursday at 2?

    If I walked into big-money building the day after a gala “Grand Opening” ceremony and found it staffed with people who didn’t speak my language, it would practically scream at me that that the company is too poor or too unsuccessful to hire natives and train them properly after paying all that money for a building. The fancy building wouldn’t fool me for a second.

    How can anyone that has ever worked anywhere in the “real world” think this way of doing business could possibly help generate success? And how can Miscavige delude himself that an organization so far removed from what we management consultants call “customer focus” will actually produce anything at all?

    I don’t share a common view expressed here that the Idle Org is a real estate scam, because I think of a scam as a way to take money from people you don’t already know. Sure, it’s a scam on existing members, since local public are regged for far more than the building costs to buy and renovate the thing, and then the local org is stuck trying to cover the greatly increased operating expenses, while all those extra contributions go straight to line Miscavige’s pockets. But it’s still not as profitable and as easy as IAS donations, as selling The Basics, or raising money to advertise on American Idol. I still think Idle Orgs are solely to impress Tom Cruise who reputedly told DM that he doesn’t want to tell his friends about Scientology because they’d come into those crappy old orgs in run-down rented office space and it would make the Church seem like a bunch of losers.

    I don’t see how Idle Orgs are a scam in terms of extracting money from those who aren’t already in the church. I can’t imagine Miscavige having a goal like selling the buildings for inflated prices once the Church of Scientology has collapsed as an organization that delivers real services to real public. Even if the real estate market strengthens, I don’t think the buildings will be worth what they paid, especially when not adjusted for inflation, or measured in line with other real world real estate investment metrics. If Miscavige is interested in Idle Org as a way to fleece people he’s already fleecing or to boost the Church coffers, there are lots easier ways to steal more money in less time. Am I missing something in thinking this?

  134. GetTheConcept

    I’d like to ask you about a few old Swedish friends of mine from my 80’s Flag training. How can I get hold of you?

    Dave Fagen

  135. Tom Gallagher

    “Kinda like waking up in an insane asylum where all the inmates are on tranquilizers and the people running it are on amphetamines.”


    That’s the most succinct summation of POB’s Idle Borg Morgues I’ve ever read. Spot on!

  136. I agree. Phil, I never tire of reading people’s stories about how they came to work out they were better off outside corporate scientology.

    I’m interested to know how many staff there were in the Org when you left and what the stats were like.

  137. Mike, maybe miscavige got tired of eating burritos and tacos when he was a kid or Mexicans are taller than him?

  138. Thanks very much Phil; for the peek into the back lines of one of those big shiny Miscavige Idle Org from a Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin person. I’m very glad you decided to post it here and warm welcome out!

    I knew Lucky and Danielle as well and Mike R is totally spot on, Danielle worked for years at maintaining the Star of Ca, pool area at the Int base and was in the Household unit before going to CMOI. Unfortunately these two have not been and experienced any orgs which produced Auditors and Clears, nor dealt with raw public as far as I know.

  139. I agree. however, we were there too. We just didn’t know. The people working there on staff do not know. That is how over time, slowly, things get altered-is’d, it becomes a new reality or agreement. In my view, one must not ever make the current insiders o staff the enemy unless you know for sure.

  140. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  141. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Lucky sounds like a clone of the teenage twit I encountered one time at the Flag Office who informed me that “natter” about the cost of Flag “services” was an enemy line.

  142. Caramba!!

  143. Random Stranger

    I heard that he really hates Saskatchewan in Canada because it amplifies his lisp so much. “Shashkashuwan” he says, with spittle flying out of his mouth, followed by a machine-gunned 26 more syllables in a row to try to cover it up, accompanied by spinning, flashing graphics and loud hypo-music. All for a lisp. He’s so vain.

  144. Phil–

    “nothing to fear”.

    Very nice. Sort of like Roosevelt there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

    When one has to fear a church, my god something is wrong. Any church under any religion is supposed to be a safe point.

    If one fears sec checks or ethics condition because they communicated by looking and researching data, yes the long ago Indian native in this country USA could have things by looking as LRH says. And if one fears looking or communicating or having thoughts, my god, what is that all about? Oh boy.

    You hit it alright Phil, nothing to fear, and that has blown some charge for me.

    And what is this fear really. Fear of paying more money on sec checks or you won’t go up the bridge. What a control mechanisms to keep loyal scientologists in line. Keep them from looking, keep them from communicating, keep them out of ARC with the environment. And yet they get auditing and training to get in ARC and communication and getting auditing and training to get a higher confront.

    What secrets are there out in the world that we are not supposed to know.

    Why your write-up is one of them.

  145. The feeling is mutual, you guys were the idols out there on the front lines delivering and disseminating – that takes some real confront. We love you Phil and feel as if we’ve re-gained a long ago friend.

  146. From research I have done, I believe DM is trying to cover his high crimes with unusual solutions, to be blunt and all regulars know it.. DM answers to nobody, a simple solution- get rid of anybody who knows about it. And that includes well trained people by LRH. How could they become SP’s. LRH did not miss it, no doubt about it. My view, he anticipated it. Here we are in PT.

    Let’s get new people in trained on my cover up Tech, it’s still LRH per lots of words and books (based on the works of LRH), lets just change some things, the old guards are out now, easy as pie. Time goes on.

  147. BillyJackIsBack


    You KNOW the truth and the truth has set you free! That is light years beyond awesome. Having read this blog for well over a year now, it is clear that the multitudinous stories of out-tech, scams, lies, PR bullshit, attacks on innocent people and on and on are corroborated beyond what would be necessary to bury the vertically challenged dictatorial and delusional napoleonic moronic fool. One would hope that an eighth dynamic superior being would swoop down and cleanse the world of the excrement proliferated by Mighty Mouse Misscabbage, himself. (MMMarvelous, alliteration is, ain’t it the truth?) Karma sometimes moves at the speed of a glacier, it seems. Phil, thank you for the explicit accounts!

  148. “The inherent purpose of the Sea Org is outlined in rj67; a group of ethical OTs, three feet behind society’s head, getting in the exact degree of ethics so that STANDARD TECH could be applied in a safe environment.”

    I am thankful you are here. Not to dismiss Phil’s post as it aligns and applies as he is being OT for the write-up. Cause over thought, matter, energy, space and time. Or source of.

  149. This is really a powerful comment KRoyce…these poor souls have no idea of the magnitude of destruction they create with their slipshod signing of a Declare order.
    I am a little late to the party here, so I want to thank both the Friedmans and Phil B. for both doing such great posts. It never ceases to amaze me when I read of the insanity that has become of the “Church”.

  150. I am so glad I am no longer near PAC, though it’s only 50 miles from the hell hole. I am also 55 miles from the Hemet Int Base. With the gas prices in California being 4.45 a gallon I’m sure it would be “dev-t” to bang on my door.

  151. Hi Vicki,

    Long time no see. Cheers.

    Mike Reppen

  152. Nice Write-up Phil!
    Happy to see good people like you out of the insane bubble.
    Was staff in idle morgue and i observed similar scene.
    Thank you for speaking the truth!


  153. Lynne,
    I trust you are talking about Mark Arnold. Man that guy has given his blood for Seattle for 42 years or so. He was a dear friend of mine and I battled the trenches with him for so long, it saddens me he is still on the KA. I hope you are reading this.

  154. A whole new breed of Hitler youth all marching in lockstep to DM’s tune, with no idea how far off the mark they are and not enough wits to figure it out. The future, and the preservation, of the tech is definitely only going to be found outside the CO$.

  155. Robert Earle

    Dear Phil,
    Thanks for our most recent update on what it’s like in a “Scientology”(not) org.
    The scene you discribe is so far from anything described in LRH policy that it sounds like it couldn’t even be related at all.
    As staff up until 1999 in Denver I thought things were pretty wacked out when RTC (not a management org) was running it’s Golden Age of Tech programs directly into our org (ommitting all actual management orgs). Also I was getting direct orders from the CLO Tech Aide ommitting my local seniors.
    Miscavige is a compulsive bypasser. And as such he produces danger conditions into anything he contacts or influences. As he also negates what LRH asks a staff member to do, produce and present on one’s post it becomes impossible to even apply the nonexistence formula to your own post. The disintegration of the church is on automatic with him at the helm.
    Public coming in for training or processing collide with these operating conditions and soon inherit them themselves. If you walked into an org in a personal normal or affluence operating state today, you would find yourself in emergency shortly and danger not far behind.
    Storys such as yours told above do matter. They provide insight otherwise not available to many individuals who have a sense that something is just not right within the church.
    Thanks Phil

  156. Bert Schippers

    Wow, excellent report and VERY worth posting! It WILL help others! I actually didn’t realize that things have gotten that bad….

    Thanks Phil!

  157. Thank you for the heads up. Will check local, see if the moving van in front changes.

  158. Great write-up Phil, and welcome to the world of Independents. You certainly have experienced a lot. I remember you as Cope Off SFO, and Comm Chf I believe. You’ve delivered a very effective blow to the Tech destruction and the destroyer, Miscavige, himself. I wish you the very best in the future. it’s great that you hooked up with Mike and Marty, and Reppen.

  159. Thanks Mike. Now I am understand. You are right she never and never will be on the top the IQ scale! haha.

  160. Rocio — so nice to see you commenting here. His problem with Mexicans is that he hates people with HEART.

  161. Was this the original Cirrus Porter who was married to Jeff Porter, both FLWUS Staff in the late 70’s, say 77-78? I don’t know what happened to Jeff, but Cirrus was recruited to the CMO I believe in 80. Same person maybe?

  162. Speaking of Idle Orgs, I hear Sacramento is now split into Day and Foundation Orgs. Is that a way to both “increase” the number of orgs and sabotage the Sac Org or what? It doesn’t surprise me. Sac actually has a lot of decent people there. I guess it needed to be sabotaged.

  163. tonydephillips

    Plus 100!!
    Great meeting you and your husband!
    Let’s do it again soon.

  164. Prediction…There will NEVER be an org in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan while DM is around.

  165. tonydephillips

    Excellent Dean.

  166. tonydephillips

    That’s deep Steve. 🙂

  167. tonydephillips

    Nice post Kristina!
    My wife and I enjoyed meeting you.
    We hope to see you and your husband again in the near future.

  168. one of those who see

    Steve, LMAO!!!!!! OMG. Is this really what you guys had to deal with????!! OMG!! Ok I said that enough.
    But, beyond, OMG – I have no words for this.

  169. Hi Mike,

    That is very specific about Mexico. Why do you think this is?

  170. one of those who see

    Phil, I am so glad you decided to post. This report from someone as trained in tech and admin as you are has huge credibility. Your write up is clear and certain. This is going to have a huge effect. Ron’s Scientology is alive and well outside “the buildings.” And the group of truth and freedom just got a big boost today.

  171. Phil, thanks for your write-up.
    It adds a number of admin points to the list of lost tech: hats, lines, hatting and training. Without them there is no org.
    The high percentage of foreigners comes about because they are sufficiently unfamiliar with the scene so that they can be told anything when they are recruited. Local people would be able to see out-points and stay away. My opinion.

  172. Here I was all ready for dinner and a show, looked in the clothes closet and DAMN, my frock is de-ed. I’m defrocked!!

    Hey Dave, gimme that frock back. It doesn’t fit you anyway.

  173. Sweet Fancy Moses.

  174. Phil Bruemmer


  175. Phil Bruemmer

    You are looking at insanity.
    I don’t think it can be made logical.

  176. Phil Bruemmer


  177. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Pat,
    I live in Sweden.

  178. Phil Bruemmer


  179. Phil Bruemmer

    Well Roy, I guess we’re just gonna have to “put our foot on the accelerator & blow the dead leaves off the windshield.” – Roy Selby, ca. 1973 🙂

  180. Thank you for the clarification of the meaning of three feet behind society’s head. Interesting concepts.

    Scientifically what we perceive is the brain’s interpretation of energy interacting with our senses. Interestingly some people are born wired up differently and perceive things differently. This is called Synesthesia.

    Some perceive smells visually, they see different shapes and colors representing the smells; some perceive sounds visually; some perceive movement as sounds.

    Basically their world is very different to the norm but far from being debilitating it usually gives them an edge because they have a different perception of reality.

    Totally agree with your assessment of David Miscavige. Not only is his perception an uhealthy one but it is in a spiral of constant reinforcement. Often said else where that David Miscavige is trapped in the monster of his own creation.

  181. As I constantly keep finding out the church of scientology under David “a fists on guy” Miscavige is far stranger than any fiction I can dream up. And I don’t feel this is due to my lack of imagination. 🙂

  182. The emperor has no clothes surely cause for a donation drive to get him some, let the reg’ing commense.

  183. ROFL ;D

  184. Some of you out there reading this may be thinking, “Oh, that’s just Steve Hall being his witty self.” Read a transcript of one of DM’s meetings (there must be 10s of 1000s by now) and it reads just about like that. Steve, you have DM down. Now, if you can get Shermanspeak nailed . . .
    (BTW, I got home last night and will send you those lectures.)

  185. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    ROTFLMAO that’s a painfully accurate accounting of a very insane mind.

  186. Steve, you have astounded all of us with your laser-sharp perfect duplication of the midget cretin’s daily babble. He’ll be grabbing the copper rods and hyper-ventilating as he reads this, while the rest of his “hole-ees” try to understand it. Geez, it sucks to be David Miscavige.

    Note to Lou, Davey’s girl: Make a reservation for Davey for Costa Rica really soon—–and you might wanta think about yourself. Though probably not, since Davey hasn’t approved that……so sorry. It was good to be Davey’s slave while it lasted, but now you’re on your own.

  187. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Beautiful Paul

  188. miscavigeisscaredofsam

  189. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I’m witchya!

  190. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    +1 LOL!

  191. Hi Phil. Great to hear how your Scientology career turned out.

    Glad there’s even a forum where old (recent decades) vets can chat it up.

    With Scientology being about 60 years old, the generational divides are more and more noticeable. (You’d think the younger new Scientologists would start noticing and possibly try to curtail the loss of their older generation Scientologists, but that also seems a long term trend that’s gone on since the beginning, oh well.)

    I remember you and others who are coming out, thanks for speaking up and relaying recent history.

    Marsha Friedman said in her chat in just the thread before this thread, that
    that the “line was drawn in the sand.”

    Even though I’m not a Scientologist, I’d be happy to see that line moved way out to include all the falsely included “SPs”, even out as far as me (I’m an atheist).

    I tried to go to this year’s 2011 New Year’s celebration in LA, and they didn’t let me in. I just wanted to see the state of the movement, and politely observe. OSA let me get through about 3 layers of security, then I got spotted and stopped in the lobby, almost got in, oh well.

    Nice to hear your story, and hear what you’ve been up to all these years.

    Chuck Beatty

  192. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    11. Makes friends with or communicates with Ex-Scientologists, Freezoners, Bhuddists, Antagonistic wogs, Reporters, Indies or Anons.
    12. Asks for the ‘real’ stats.
    13. Won’t admit that EVERYONE outside of the church is an out-ethics, drug taking, violent, sexually deviant, evil, squirrel SP.

  193. GetTheConcept

    Is this for real? How do you get something like this? Did he say this verbally and then it was transcribed?

    If this is something Miscavige actually said, I’m speechless at how dispersed, psychotic and non-sequitur this is.

    Is this for real? Really?

    Dave F

  194. This exchange has me LMAO trying to not fall out of the chair I am sitting in! POB’S IDLE BORG MORGUES! Perfect description . . . that about says it all, right there! Thanks!

    This is especially funny to me because I got in trouble for passing along to another friend, calling the Austin Day Org, the Austin Day Morgue. For many years it had gone along with only one or two public receiving services. This situation in a 35.000 square foot building directly located across the street from the main buildings at the University of Texas, with thousands of students passing by every day on the sidewalks outside the building. The hallways would be eerily silent during the day. When asked where I had heard this or gotten this from, I had to tell them it was the lead auditor of the Foundation Org, a good friend of mine!. This was in April, 2001. It blows charge to have the freedom to call a spade a spade! Thanks for the good laugh!

  195. Hi Jay, I am very interested in this. Is this an Independent protest? Who organized it? Wonderful Idea! Are there other orgs this is planned for?

  196. Effective!

  197. “There are zero typos in the transcript”

  198. “The Office of LRH is now the Office of CMOI. ”
    WTF? This one hit me like a ton of bricks.
    Thank you for your write-up and bravery.
    I agree as well with learning how to deal with the 1.1, covert slime of anyone still operating within this cult, our former glorious Church.

  199. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks Chuck.
    You should for sure be included.
    I don’t see how being an atheist would exclude you.
    From posting of yours I got the impression you’re a spiritual kind of guy and that is what’s important, in my book anyway.

  200. Phil, Your write up was fantastic, really. You put into words what we all feel acutely. Including how truly stupid DM’s non-existent “management tech” really is. LRH wrote an incredible policy in HCOPL “TECH” in OEC Vol 0 where he says the way to know if someone has correct technology is by the product. If technology is correct, it produces a product. Any and every product has it’s technology. If technology is wrong, it won’t produce a product. It produces a confusion.

    We currently have — in the lives of all staff and public within the Church — confusion reigning supreme across the boards. Confusion is the order of the day, but not within the Indie field. We have clarity and are remarkably coherent despite DM’s most confusing efforts to confuse us. 🙂

  201. Notwithstanding all we have heard in the name of a certain David Miscavige and bear in mind a handful of facts none of which are remarkable on their face — five foot one, universally angry, puffed up, self centered… still, likewise and more to the point: one fails the test if he assumes as human any quality assigned under the stamp “DM” were it not to emerge like one of Darwin’s famous beasts from the tooth and claw domain of common bestiality.

  202. GTC, This is why David Miscavige uses the remarkable contrived Danny Shermanspeak (reading from teleprompters just off screen) at all events rather than speaking contemporaneously. He cannot sensibly string five words together. Short sentences such as “You have overts!” “He’s an SP!” — he’s got those down pat. Anyway, wherever DM goes he has two assistants carrying two tape recorders to capture every word from the great man’s lips. These are rushed up to transcribers in the Office of COB and issued stamped “DO NOT COPY” and “NOT TO LEAVE THE BASE” and all attendees and any applicable others must M9, M4 word clear, False Data Strip, the transcript. So I had plenty of opportunity to duplicate exactly how he speaks including the inability to count beyond “two.” I’m not kidding when I say I read transcripts where he would mis-number his own orders in this fashion which make it nigh impossible to follow. The only thing similar to the way DM speaks is the labels on Dr. Bronners’s Soap All-In-One Faith-God-Soap. And if DM ever quits the Church, he is the natural successor to good Dr. Bronner’s commercial empire. This is how DM speaks.

  203. Absolute comment of the week:

    The only thing similar to the way DM speaks is the labels on Dr. Bronners’s Soap All-In-One Faith-God-Soap. And if DM ever quits the Church, he is the natural successor to good Dr. Bronner’s commercial empire.

    Laugh out loud with tears running down my cheeks.

    And absolutely, totally, 100% true!

  204. I wonder how IS Buffalo doing? Can anyone near there shed some lights on the FIRST one that was proudly announced by David Miscavige as a model pattern to be followed by all other orgs? Buffalo seems disappeared or I could say, surpassed easily by all those new Morgues because it could only got 500 bonus points once.

  205. Thanks Mike. You know the sad thing is — what is Scientology most about, at it’s core? Affinity, reality and communication. The real breakthrough of Scientology was the discovery that these three things — equating to understanding — are the keys to living and THE stable road map to all relationships. And then here we have the top gun in the Church who is bankrupt on all three: 1. he has zero affinity for anyone but himself, 2. the “good” persona he presents is entirely unreal since in reality he’s vicious, and 3. he cannot communicate at all. Wow. I mean for more than three years now we’ve been exposing his crimes and he’s not uttered a single direct communication in response attributable to himself. Where is that on the scale of communication? Nothing. No comm. You think LRH would do that if he were around today? DM only communicates on vias — always with someone else’s name at the bottom. Pathetic. He’s below hiding in the sub zero tone scale.

  206. Credit where credit is due, L Ron Hubbard had quite a command of the English language and never needed an auto queue (tele prompter in the USA I believe). Miscavige would be a blithering idiot without it.

    Oh I’d love to change the script on the auto queue, I wonder how long it would take him to notice. Guess it would depend out how subtle I was.

  207. A little Shermanspeak there — defined as “the art of not actually saying anything while sounding as if he is saying something lofty by convincing each person in the audience they are just too stupid to understand so better to just play along.” In other words, Shermanspeak is a covert effort to invalidate and overwhelm people with uncrackable sentence construction. Perhaps that’s why David Miscavige has such an unnatural affinity to everything Danny Sherman.

  208. Five foot one? He looks a foot shorter than Tom Cruise who’s supposedly 5′ 7.75” ( five foot seven and three quarters!?) Guess the extra inch or two lost in perception might be down to poor position or something.

  209. There are forms of dementia that present with those symptoms, can read and quote text but cannot string words together to make sense.

    While David Miscavige may be too young for tradional dementias there is a phenomenon known as early onset dementia with cases as young as 30.

    It’s possible he has genuine brain damage, which if it’s caused by one of the dementia ailments will be progressive. Could be something caused by his drinking or it could be something he’s always had or something else, like a slow growth tumor.

    That’s beside him being psychotic, that’s unlikely to be a related symptom.

  210. Moving Forward

    I’m not sure if I knew Lucky personally — I recall a girl named Lucky only vaguely — but I certainly knew others just like her. Children who had grown up in the SO, who, by the age of 12, had received a few years of indifferent (at best) education and were either barely literate or entirely bogged study-wise — with very few exceptions. Children who rarely got to see, let alone spend any quality time, with their parents. Children who knew nothing of the outside world except the gloom-and-doom they’d been indoctrinated with. Add to that the (pardon my language) mindf**k of being in CMO at such a young age…

    In CMO, we were constantly told that we were superior and that all other SO members were inferior and out-ethics and we were regularly briefed — sometimes with quite inappropriate detail — just how out-ethics they were. For example, when an executive at AOLA was busted off post, we (keep in mind that our average age was about 15) at CMO PAC were told how he’d been masturbating in his office and other such lurid details. We were taught that we had to yell, scream and threaten with ethics in order to ‘obtain compliance’. And it was mostly children ordering around adults and other children.

    We weren’t taught how to help people, debug them or any such thing, it was only demand and threaten. We learned only to disrespect those ‘below us’ and to unleash fury if anyone dared disrespect anyone in CMO. Very few had any actual training, let alone any grounding in even the basics of Scientology. I was pretty green when I was put into CMO and yet knew about as much as most everyone else.

    This sort of situation would mess with any person, let alone a child! And in CMO, it was generally those who were best at threatening and yelling and managing to not go out-2D (I can’t count how many other teenagers, myself included, who were busted for this, lol) who were the ones to stay and get promoted up.

  211. Phil Bruemmer

    Thanks for clarifying that.
    I went into total confusion briefly and thought I was at an event!

  212. This echos so many first hand stories I’ve been told. It’s bad enough the abuses purpetrated on adults but those pale by comparison to the abuses purpetrated on children because for the most part the children didn’t choose to be there..

    As Anonymous says “this is why” we protest.

  213. F—ing unbelievable! Thanks for laying out the truth…and welcome!

  214. DANG! Thank you, Phil, for this communication. This is a huge contribution to The Indies. Simply amazing.

    Well done, welcome here, and congratulations!


  215. one of those who see

    Steve, you are a master! LOL

  216. one of those who see

    Steve, Dr. Bronners!!!!!!!! You are on a roll!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  217. Yes Roy, that’s her.

  218. Hear Hear Mike & Tom – I have strong memories of Phyll when she was running the Continent in ANZO – she was a calming influence with huge amounts of technical and admin knowledge. It is so sad to read of such 1984-like behavior from a little pip-squeak who really need to be put over someone’s knee and spanked by the sound of it.

  219. Hello Phil,
    Thank you for telling your story and bringing the light to reality.
    I agree with you that DM is not that bright looking at the bigger picture. He is a shadow that may frighten in the dark, but that vanishes in the light of truth. Thank you for the light.

    I occasionally visit the class V ideal org in San Jose to buy the booklets and I talk to the bookstore officer there on how they were doing. How is your statistics, what is your ethics condition on your major stats, I asked him. And he replied about public walked in, books sold and questions asked after watching the displays in the haul – how those were up. I tryed again that I was interested in their org main product. He looked puzzled at me and asked which one was that, the GI? He did not know they were there to train class v auditors and produce clears, and that was the main products by which to evaluate the org productivity.

    Your write-up presents another evidence of churches playing the game that has new goals, having little or nothing to do with Scientology goals.

  220. Eileen Clark

    Very Well Done!!

    Phil, thank you for all your years of service, for standing up in defense of LRH and for posting this wonderful write up. I plan to use it liberally with some who still do not see how they are supporting the attempted take down of LRH and the church
    We are winning, you are positive evidence of that. I wish you and your wife well. There is a demand in the field for such trained persons as you, that demand is growing every day.
    L, Eileen

  221. Hey Vicki, were you on the comuputer project?
    Mark Elliott

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  223. Phil,
    Your story may be just one more on a heap of stories, and maybe it is not as dramatic as fleeing on a motorcycle in the middle of the night, but I read it with great interest, just as I do each new declaration. It is valuable to be able to see through the eyes of many and to hear each person’s story. New people probably arrive on this blog regularly. One story confirms another, and the pattern of destruction of Scientology orgs and denigration of source becomes more and more irrefutable. I think it is important to keep on sharing these narratives. When others finally dare take a peak, all these first person experiences will confirm others’ own experiences and encourage them to take action, even if it is as simple as withdrawing support.

    Thank you for taking time to write.

    I appreciated Vic and Vicki Krohn’s write up yesterday, too.


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  226. I am Ken Bruemmer 154 Maywood Dr. Vallejo Ca 94591 Phil is my dad

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