What your fees buy THREE A

Monique Yingling

Zuckert Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P.

Washington, D.C.

September 12, 2009


re: Yours of September 11, 2009

Dear Monique,

Thank you for your letter of September 11, 2009. Thank you also
for confirming:

1. That you, indeed, are the personal attorney of David Miscavige.

2. That your April 15 2009 trip to Denver, accompanied by four
staff members and another attorney, to attempt to intimidate Mike
Rinder into silence was directed by your client David Miscavige.

3. That you are an avid reader of my blog and Dave is apparently
paying attention.

4. That you and your client apparently believe that the only
utterance by me on my blog that you have any objection to is the
one you have noted in your letter.

With respect to your objection that I ascribed “false words” to
you and Mike Rinder, I never ascribed any words – either false or
otherwise – to either of you in my September 9 comment. If I
ascribe words to you, you’ll know it by the quotation marks I put
on either side of them.

With respect to your claim that I “ascribe[d] conduct to [you]
that [I] know to be false”, my two sentence description of what
went down in Denver on April 15 was indeed a fair and accurate
summation of what occured. Your repeated requests to “settle” in
an effort to prevent Mike from speaking to the media, and your
intimidations that to do otherwise would mean “war” cannot be
denied. I doubt that anyone other than your client would disagree
with my summation were they to hear the full content of the

Monique, as far as your allegation about my “position in the
anti-Scientology community” is concerned, the sad truth is you
are being paid several hundred dollars per hour to carry out the
dictates of your client and thereby forward the aims of anti-
Scientologists. His heavy-handed tactics provide them with
ammunition to justify their misguided broadside assaults on the
subject founded by L. Ron Hubbard.


Mark “Marty” Rathbun

cc: Mike Rinder

22 responses to “What your fees buy THREE A

  1. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

  2. Wow this just keeps getting better n’ better. I just see lil’ Davy right now hiding under Monica’s skirt 🙂

    Truly a Kodak moment!!!

    First Cruise and now Monica soon he’ll be on the phone to Joe Panetta.

    “Yeah I know you don’t know me but you had a 201 on me somewhere……

    “Joe ,JOE, Mr Panetta, don’t hang up the phone!

    “I’m beginning to feel like Manuel Noriega!!!!”

  3. Hi Monique.

    Larry Brennan here.

    Since it is obvious that you read this site, I thought I would say “hi” to you here and let you know that I am enjoying what a fool you are making of yourself in constantly lying for and defending the biggest liar, perjurer and abuser I have even known, your client David Miscavige.

    I enjoyed your cute little letter to Marty and especially enjoyed what a joke you made of yourself and your firm in your supporting Tommy Davis in his tirade with the SP Times where he, like your client often does, lied constantly.

    BTW, how much did they pay you when you went to Germany last September to try to stop us from speaking out the truth there only to utterly fail in every possible way? Did you know that while you were being paid big bucks for accomplishing nothing whatsoever in attempting to silence free speech, we were getting the truth out to numerous government reps, press and individuals hour after hour, day after day? They (organized scientology) certainly are a cash cow for the likes of you huh?

    You remind me a little of another of David Miscavige’s attorneys, Bill Drescher, who tried to intimidate me into silence and, like you, failed utterly. (BTW check out my blogspot. Lots and lots of material about your client can be found there: larrybren.blogspot.com )

    Do you folks have any idea at all that the days of intimidating all people into silence are over and that you will continue to fail harder and harder the more you try to do so? Stop one person from speaking out the truth through intimidation and watch ten more speak out in her or his place. How it’s been going shutting up Anonymous BTW? Not so good huh? I suggest that you get the idea that you will not shut up Marty either, or myself, or many others speaking out now.

    It will be both interesting and very entertaining to see how you react as more and more of the crimes and lies of your client Miscavige are proven and it becomes obvious that so much of what you said and/or supported were complete lies. Will you continue to milk them for big bucks, defending them when you know they are completely guilty? Don’t you have a legal obligation to get your client to stop committing abuses, perjury, crimes and the like once you know about them?

    I don’t know you Monique as you were no factor on the major corporate reorganization which is one of the last major legal matters I worked on for your client. But, as long a shot as it is, I actually hold hope that you will find a shred of decency within yourself and stop protecting a person doing great harm to countless people, beating them, abusing them, destroying families, lying about scientology, etc.

    With hope,

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  5. Hey Marty:

    “Every dictator is an enemy of freedom, an opponent of law.”~ Demosthenes

    “Lawyers spend a great deal of time shovelling smoke.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Hook (1991)
    Peter Banning: “I am not a pirate! It so happens that I am a lawyer! ”
    Peter Banning: “Scientists are now using lawyers instead of rats for their experiments. There are two reasons for this. The scientists don’t become attached to the lawyers and there are some things rats won’t do. ”

    Hey DM:

    “Fools and obstinate men make rich lawyers”
    ~ Spanish Proverb quotes

    “A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.” ~ Mario Puzo

    Hook (1991)
    Peter Banning: I am not a pirate! It so happens that I am a lawyer!
    Peter Banning: Scientists are now using lawyers instead of rats for their experiments. There are two reasons for this. The scientists don’t become attached to the lawyers and there are some things rats won’t do.

    Hey Monique:

    “There’s no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth. ”

    “You’re an attorney. It’s your duty to lie, conceal and distort everything, and slander everybody.” ~ Jean Giraudoux

  6. I wonder when these lawyers will jump ship to save what remains of their reputation?

  7. On 7th Sept a trio of would-be terrorists were convicted in the UK for plotting to blow up seven airliners flying to the US. The thousands killed would have eclipsed even 9/11, and it is to the great credit of the UK intelligence services that they were caught and successfully convicted. The comments of the defence lawyer particularly caught my eye. Initially it “was all just a publicity stunt – they never meant to harm anyone”. Then it became “they are decent kids, but got radicalised by others…”. But without doubt this lawyer knew her clients were guilty as hell from day one.

    I’m trying to imagine Chairman Miscavige’s lawyer when he is up before Judge and Jury. “Well he’s just a misunderstood kid ya know. Got into bad company, and anyway he had a rough childhood. He never meant to harm anyone…”

  8. Bixbear (aka Jason Beghe)

    I was there and was witness to the conversation between Mike and Monique and do now verify that Marty’s assertions of statements ascribed to Monique are 100% accurate.

    “You lie!”
    J. Wilson

  9. Monique,

    Really, rearranging the deck chairs is ineffectual at this point. But billable!

    “For truth is truth and if they then, decide to live with lies….that’s their concern, not mine my friend, they are free to fantasize.” – attributed to L. Ron Hubbard

  10. Mike: Good on you for refusing to be threatened and bribed into silence.

    Monique: Have you no shame?

  11. Thanks Marty for bringing all this into broad daylight.

  12. MissedGarbage Watcher

    A liar ends up a thief,
    A thief ends up a murderer,
    A murderer ends up a self-appointed God.

  13. Dear Monique,
    As his personal attorney, you are probably feeling the heat from Miscavige that so many others have felt before you. I don’t think you understand what you’re dealing with currently. This man is a sociopath, whose sycophantic noose will be tied around your neck until you drop all associations, professional or personal, you have with him. Please consider reaching out to help, somewhere or somehow, if you are able to do so safely. If not, I suggest you follow Marty’s footsteps and drive as far away as you can.

    Miscavige: you assume the appearance of a grown man, but on the inside, you are a disturbed child: fragile, weak, driven by the desire to win.

    It has been said the ultimate goal of the sociopath is the creation of willing victims. There could be no better description of the SP hall. Miscavige failed to induce such a state in Mr. Rathbun, and I suggest you take the steps to see that he doesn’t do so to you, either.

  14. Would someone kindly provide a link to Marty’s account of this meeting in Denver involving the CoS lawyers and Rinder that got Yingling upset in the first place? Sorry to seem dense, but I can’t find it on the site.

  15. Marty,

    It’s odd (at least to me) that Monique Yingling, a tax lawyer, continues to represent the church so visibly in matters that are not brightly tax-related and that don’t seem to be her long suit, e.g., her clumsy attempts to manage the church spokesman in a public setting and your blog’s and others’ reports of her attempts to muzzle ex-church execs with financial settlements and “hush now” letters.

    I realize that, regardless of legal specialty, long-time legal counsel with intimate knowledge of a client’s issues and events may become trusted consigliere, although they usually come in packages like Bert Fields.

    I also appreciate keenly that continued tax-exemption status is central to the church’s institutional survival.

    Therefore, I can’t help but wonder, perhaps redundantly:

    1. Why does the church continue to use its long-time tax attorney to respond to accusations of physical and emotional abuse, human trafficking, financial mismanagement, fraud, etc.?

    2. What additional corroboratable facts does the church fear being revealed that would be dangerous enough to seriously threaten its religious and tax-exempt status, even though (to my quite fallible knowledge) no US church has ever lost its tax-exempt status?

    3. Who in Washington could be motivated or provoked to take action leading to the church’s tax-exempt status being rescinded?

    I certainly don’t expect any answers to the above questions, since you are keeping to your own pace. But I did enjoy posing them.

    Finally, if you require sophisticated legal counsel in the future to respond to legal attacks from the church, it might be possible to obtain pro bono representation from a very white-shoe U.S. law firm.


    Just Me

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