Bertram Fields
Greenberg, Glusker, et al
1900 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA

August 26, 2009

re: Yours of August 26

Dear Bert,

I am sorry to interrupt your vacation, but I want to make sure you fully understand a situation you are clearly being lead to misunderstand.

In spite of your protestation to the contrary, it has become quite apparent you and your client are in fact working on a coordinated defense of Miscavige’s conduct. That you spent five of the twelve sentences of your letter extolling Miscavige’s virtues, while saying nothing in defense of your client speaks volumes.

You apparently chose to ignore evidence of Mike Rinder being battered on more than a dozen occasions and instead used Mike’s purported words uttered years ago in defense of Miscavige. I found that rather telling. That you did not bother to ask Mike – a person you have met and worked with on a number of occasions – despite my invitation to do so and my provision of his contact information – is informative of your client’s position. I know that a renowned attorney such as yourself would normally pursue such evidence with due diligence. Only in Miscavige’s world does an intelligent and thoughtful man like Mike become a non-person with the snap of the fingers.

With respect to your own client, by simply repeating the demand set forth in your original letter to me dated August 7 you have shown that you did not understand what I intended to communicate to you or that your client is under the control of Miscavige.

Your August 7 letter expressed the desire that your client’s name not be associated with me. I responded two days later by telling you that in order to prevent the continuing perpetration of severe and widespread violations of criminal laws and fundamental human rights – and to correct publicly spread blatant lies by Miscavige – it was necessary to communicate that relationship in order to accomplish my humanitarian objective. I provided evidence up through the year I left the Church with links to the accounts of fourteen other people who witnessed the same conduct at issue.

Bert, I only decided to make my knowledge public after reviewing a plethora of evidence – contrary to Miscavige’s PR line that I had perpetrated all of the violent and felonious behavior of his – that after I left, Miscavige’s compound made a sharp turn south towards Jonestown. Several former Miscavige insiders have left since I did. Most, if not all of them, have visited me to help recover from the emotional – and sometimes physical scars – that Miscavige inflicted upon them.

I have hard evidence that Miscavige’s response to my having left was to have the doors to the Hole (ref: St Petersburg Times series) barred and welded shut. He created a literal prison where the majority of the international managers of the Church of Scientology remained locked up for months, and in some cases, even years.

The incidents recounted in the St Petersburg Times Truth Rundown series are like a walk in the park compared to what came later. The Hole became a torture chamber. Literally.

I’ll share one incident I have documented that I believe is apropos to your misguided letter.

A couple years ago Miscavige strode into the Hole to make an announcement to the eighty to one hundred Scientology managers then incarcerated. Miscavige berated them for being far too light in their demands for confessions from three of his favorite targets for degradation, humiliation and beatings. They were Marc Yager who was once the highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology International, Guillaume Leserve the Executive Director International and Ray Mithoff the highest technical executive in all of Scientology. Miscavige informed the gathering that Tom Cruise would be coming to the Int base (the 500 acre compound near Hemet) the next day. This, of course, was taken seriously since the several hundred base staff members were busy that day on the Tom Cruise arrival preparation drill (which includes, incidentally, putting all staff through drills orchestrating every action they perform in front of, or speak in the presence of, Cruise).

Miscavige informed all of the members of International management that he had been telling Cruise all about how suppressive Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff had been to Miscavige personally. He told the executives that he had told Cruise how all other members of management were suppressive to Miscavige too because they refused to beat Yager, Leserve and Mithoff to pulps in defense of Miscavige’s honor. Miscavige said that Tom, as his best friend and most trusted confidante, had vowed to come to the Hole and personally “beat the living shit” out of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves. Miscavige said that if they didn’t show evidence that they had acted, they all would be bypassed the next day by Cruise. The tantrum was accompanied by the usual ill-tempered and sadistic threats to the executives detailing what would become of them if Tom had to do “their job.”

In response, the mob rushed at the three targeted gentlemen. Fists flew and feet kicked into the three. They continued to pound until Miscavige’s deputy on site determined they had created sufficient evidence. That evidence? Fat lips, bloody noses, black eyes (and the deputy would not let the mob relent until each had two black eyes) and contusions over the faces and bodies of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff.

Bert, if your client still wants to continue having his name uttered by David Miscavige to perpetrate these types of barbarities and at the same time enjoin me from simply stating a fact that I performed a religious service for him at Miscavige’s direction so that I might continue to lend a credible voice to end these atrocities, then save your firm’s letterhead and send me no more letters.

Instead, go ahead and sue me. I would be happy to see this all aired in court. But, I would be even happier to see you investigate this situation and act to help bring these human rights abuses to an end.


Marty Rathbun

68 responses to “DM: YSCOHB

  1. Hol. E. Crap!

    That is pretty damn sadistic on Miscavige’s part.

  2. Dear Lord.

  3. Hey Marty, some data you may be interested in that shows Bert’s stance…

    Very curious.. Very curious, indeed!,9171,985884,00.html

  4. Oh God – this letter breaks my heart. My heart pains for the people still stuck in “the hole” and I am amazed that this continues. Why has this compound not been raided and these people rescued?
    Marty you are a brave man and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out and not allowing yourself to be intimidated by Bert, Tom or The Dwarf.

  5. DUDE!!! You are the FREAKIN BOMB! I love it! I love how you speak truth to power, let the crumbs and pieces and chunks fall where they may!!! Don’t stop doing what you are doing. You have legions of us on your side. DM only has a handful, and that handful is dwindling.

  6. Something needs to be done about this.

    I suggest writing an interog on DM and dropping 10,000 copies on the int base or something.
    These staff need to get their integrity back.

    If there is hard evidence, we need to take DM to court before someone get’s killed. Mark Headly can take the labor law route. Someone else needs to take the Slavery and Human Trafficing route in court.

    This has gone too far.

  7. I am very upset by the telling contents of this letter. They break my heart for all those tormented executives at the Int Base. The letter is brilliant Marty…you are forcing the issue. Something’s gotta give big time from this. Thanks for your courage.

  8. LA Scientologist

    Amazing Marty.

  9. Poor old Bert. I wonder if he’s having a cognition here (hint: that he is being played like a tin drum). The saddest thing about the incident being recounted is that Marc, Guillaume and Ray are probably the three smartest in that entire mob. But not smart enough to stop taking the abuse. Wow.

  10. I would say that, by the principles of the philosophy and technology David Miscaviage is continuing to dig for himself a hole it is becoming harder to get out of.

    Suppressing an individual is one thing. Suppressing a city or a country even is one thing. Killing people is one thing. Even applying the process R2-45 is one thing.

    But suppressing the only way out for mankind and, indeed, the universe is probably the biggest overt ever in this universe.

    That is a hole he is not likely to get out of anytime soon.

  11. “Miscavige’s compound made a sharp turn south towards Jonestown.”


    This is getting pretty wild.

    Marty, have you read Mark Lane’s Strongest Poison?

  12. Patty Pieniadz


    Marty, knowing that DM is a sadistic nutcase, do you think DM was telling the truth about TC willing to beat those 3 top execs up or was this just a ploy on his part to get others to beat them up?

    Also, thanks again for having the courage to speak up.


  13. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  14. I’m afraid it’s no use trying to speak to a robot, but at least it’s a try.

  15. Rock on with your bad self Marty. Great letter.

    The Rathbun Express is rolling; unless Tom wants to get plowed under it, he needs to either get on the train or out of its way.

  16. Oh man….. Great letter, Marty. Letting the truth out despite all consequences.

  17. YSCOHB?

    Your Servile Chairman Of Hell Bound?

  18. Are people in the Hole allowed bathroom breaks or are they still using plastic bags?

  19. Marty (honestly)

    “hero n (pl. -oes) 1 a person noted or admired for courage, outstanding achievements, etc. ” (Oxford compact).

    That fits the bill! Keep up the outstanding work.

  20. Bixbear (aka Jason Beghe)

    Seems to me you have thrown down the gauntlet, Marty. Very exciting saga! I am on the edge of my seat…..

  21. Wow!

    I truely believe that Tom will best be remembered for his co-starring role as Eva Braun next to David, playing Hitler. The last scene will be them hugging and saluting each other is some bunker while toasting a glass of Koolaide.
    I guess we’ll see what part Bert wants to sign up for

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  23. Other than the FBI and local police, this needs to be reported to the Fire Marshall, CPS (if parents were locked up), the Red Cross and state representatives at the very least.

  24. Dear God, I thought I’d seen it all, but this is just too much!!

    Marty, you have brass ones, my man.

    Mr. Fields is probably busy having any and all of your contact information shredded by his assistants and wishing he had never sent you his letter in the first place (toothless as it was for communication from him).

    Many of us have wondered how Mr. Cruise could have turned a blind eye to the abuses at Int. Base. Now we know a little bit more of the story; that he didn’t completely and may have even indirectly participated in them himself.

    As far-fetched as the story may be, it simultaneously seems perfectly within reason, especially if one remembers the wide eyed zealotry with which Mr. Cruise attacked “suppressives” such as Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer.

  25. It is a fundamental aspect of a real suppressive personality that they will coax others with power to slay. By pulling Mr. Cruise into the maelstrom and madness that is betwixt DM’s ears and spreading from there, he effectively nullifies him and that is his intention. For Mr. Cruise and anyone else. That’s an important feature of DM’s madness.

  26. “Many of us have wondered how Mr. Cruise could have turned a blind eye to the abuses at Int. Base. Now we know a little bit more of the story; that he didn’t completely and may have even indirectly participated in them himself.”

    No, we only know that D.M. used T.C. as a bogeyman to incite vicious, depraved behavior from the inmates in The Hole.

    We also know that D.M. is a lying sack of s**t.

    Michael A. Hobson

  27. $150,000 of Parishioner’s money spent on Tom’s 2004 birthday party by DM:

    Tom is absolutely accessory to DM’s crimes.
    Either Tom doesn’t tell Bert everything or Bert is paid good amount of money to cover up for Tom.

  28. It’s hard to fathom how those three put up with the abuse, and others agree to perpetrate it. The more important quandary is how Miscavige gets anything done with his best and brightest people incapacitated.

    From Davey’s viewpoint, this is already way out of hand. Dawn at Glosslip has been spreading the word far and wide, and her blog ranks high on Google.

  29. Finally someone shines the spotlight on the true Tom Cruise. A small man with the need to bully people to get them to do as he says. I wouldn’t care if Cruise didn’t talk to me. Ut would be a better day. Who died and made him king? Poor guy, he had one good movie when he was 19. Hello out there, Tom Cruise is a has been. Great job Marty! You are the man!

  30. Two thumbs up hero!
    DM (who in a daily basis checks this site) should be scared to death by now.
    This is going to stand as a very black point in the history of philosophy and religion.
    It seems that Marc, Guillaume and Ray are going to take everything, unlimited, in the name of “total freedom”.
    Starting the next level on this war.
    My best wishes are with you Marty 24/7; you know it man.
    And my hands and actions too; just ask…

  31. All I can say is OMG!!! How would DM even think he could get away with this without it coming out at some point? I hope that someone with some authority is out there reading this and will act on doing something about this abuse. I said before that your actions will speak louder than your words…I think I need to rephrase that to “your actions speak AS loud as your words”. Good job Marty! We’re proud of you.

  32. Mike, I stand corrected, instead of saying that Cruise DIDN’T turn a blind eye, I should have said that he MAY NOT have.

    True about DM, though this time, I actually believe him!

  33. LRH famously threw Mary Sue Hubbard under the bus and allowed her to go to prison for his crimes in Operation Snow White. Now it appears that DM is willing to throw Tom Cruise under the bus as a distraction. While certainly riveting, these “Bert & Marty Summer Camp Letters” are most assuredly a warm up to the main event in which DM gets handled.

    David Miscavige can keep throwing money, attorneys, PI’s, OT’s, and even movie stars at the problem but it will not go away. DM is the problem. He is the missed withhold, the held down seven, the implanter, the SP. It is hard to spot DM the SP inside of CoS, but he is very easily seen as such out here. If Tom Cruise dared to go three feet behind his head, he would see it too.

    In reading these letters, I can now see why Marty Rathbun’s cool logic and grace under pressure must have scared the hell out of DM!


  34. ” Now it appears that DM is willing to throw Tom Cruise under the bus as a distraction.”

    This statement is completely nonsensical. It does not follow from any report or evidence presented so far.

    Michael A. Hobson

  35. YSCOHB?

    You Should Close the Oppressive Hole, Bitch!


  36. J.Swift,
    Just for clarity of view on DM it is a mistake that he has attempted to perpetrate that he is to be identified with LRH. If you peruse the Scientology-cult website for one place, you’ll see testament from witnesses that DM interjected himself onto LRH’s communication lines and corrupted them.

    The black propaganda that DM put out re: the relationship between LRH and MSH is part of the ploy by DM to usurp control of the operation.

    LRH didn’t throw MSH ‘under the bus’. Famously, DM did. He’s even admitted it in sworn affadavits. In fact it’s one of his finest moments as he declaims.

  37. Mike,
    You’ve rightly pointed out that DM used the threat of Mr. Cruise ‘beating the shit’ out of the managers and that is the report, not that Mr. Cruise either said he would or did.

    The point with this SP, David Miscavige, is that he’s willing to denigrate any being, whether by imputation or insinuation or outright lies, to forward his destruction. He’s sullied the name of LRH calling on it to justify his very post, his reign of suppression, the use of the cancelled ‘fair game’, and the host of atrocities he’s perpetrated claiming some ‘hidden data line’ and sanction of Mr. Hubbard.

    He’s now apparently dragging his ‘friend’ Mr. Cruise through the same mud. I think J. Swift has that right.

    By hooking his line to these decent people and using their good names, he’s obfuscating his own sordid purposes. Obfuscating them that is, until blogs such as this one came along.

    It’s small wonder it can be confusing as that is exactly what DM intends. So he can hide.

  38. martyrathbun09

    close enough.

  39. martyrathbun09

    I would not have believed it five years ago; but subsequent information coming from folks with a great deal of credibility in my eyes – when considered within the context of Mr. Fields’ taking dictation from DM – there is every reason to suspect the worst. But, this one incident I have shared is only the tip of the iceberg. That, DM and TC know for a fact. That they are huddling together behind the skirt of Bert leads me to believe TC is a Kool Aid IVer this point.

  40. martyrathbun09

    No, but if it is all about how Jones was the victim of a government op, I don’t think I’ll waste my time. I was very well schooled in that theory back in the day when i had to publicly differentiate Scn from Jones. Having experienced and witnessed DM’s Apocolypse Now – and the parallels with Jones’ behavior – I give no credit to the government conspiracy theories. I believe there is a lot of truth in the old adage: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  41. Actually Lane doesn’t say it was a government op which is why he is criticized by the conspiracy theorists in general.

  42. I’ll add my personal opinion which is purely my own and that is that I believe Miscavige was moved into a position of power. He could have never succeeded by his ‘intellect” alone because he had none.

    In other words the guy was a moron.

    This I concluded after watching Ted Koppel interview him on Nightline and I thanked my lucky stars back then that he was merely a figure head and the only thing he had going for him were competent people such as yourself working for him.

    I’ll was actually surprised to find out that this little retard was running anything bigger than a model railroad!

    Tell me Marty how were we so badly duped by someone who needed to take his shoes off to count past ten?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

  43. You Should Come Over Here Bert.

  44. Dear Marty

    If you were the only one to describe this situation, nobody would believe you. Even with all the evidence at hand, I find this latest story completely unbelievable.

    Those people that told you about this incident, maybe even participated in the gangfight. They must for sure have some BPC on it, and hopefully would testify about it in court. That would remove some of their charge.

    If you have the witnesses to this, and they stand up, and do their duty in the name of God, then this insanity can be stopped. I therefore urge all witnesses to stand up with name and number and write the proper KR’s internally and externally.

    It is as simple as going to one police station with two or three witnesses, and then the man can get prosecuted, and some sanity could emerge, when he is away in jail.

    If you cannot get these people to do that simple action, then I for sure don’t believe in one word of your tellings. If they don’t stand up now, my suggestion is that they shut up for eternity. These allegations are so unbelievable, that the mere forwarding of them is unworthy of trust, and thereby you also become unthrustworthy.

    Get them to stand up.

    And by the way, you have neither replied to Paolo’s or my request on what happened to Pat Broker. Please do so if you have some credibility.


  45. OldTimer,

    If you had been in DM’s circle you would know that merely standing up and going to the police doesn’t ever cross one’s mind because one believes that by attacking DM once is attacking Scientology and this is not for the “Greatest Good”. I speak from personal experience, as someone who has been abused by DM, that I thought I COULD handle it internally with KRs, multiple requests for a Committee of Evidence on his crimes, but nothing ever came of it. I was ignored and then labeled for asking too many questions, for knowing too much.
    It is a similar scenario to a beaten housewife. Why doesn’t she just leave the abusive husband? Why doesn’t she just go to the police? Why does she stay silent and take it for so long?
    The answer is: emotional and physical abuse make the VICTIM malleable and they soon find they have NO self-determinism, they become controlled by the abuser. In this case, the abuser is DM and the people in The Hole are his victims. This is just common sense for anyone who knows about the mechanisms of abuse. I suggest you study up on this subject before nulifying Marty’s direct observations as well as my personal experience and countless others who have suffered at the hands of DM. And MAKE NO MISTAKE, if Marty is ever attacked or sued by DM, TC or anyone affiliated with CoS, I will testify against my abusers in a heartbeat. I am sure many others will too. Unfortunately, those who are still brainwashed into believing there must be something wrong with them and are currently imprisoned in The Hole, may not ever get a chance to testify.

    Keep speaking the truth Marty, you are our hero!

  46. martyrathbun09

    Old Timer, if you thoroughly read my posts, you’d understand I am not a request line. Particularly for requests that are being dictated by DM. Get a life.

  47. Old Timer, Marty aint no dummy, he’s not putting stuff like that to Bert Fields unless he has his back 100% covered. I have become very confident that he has a complete strategy for this war the same way he won the war against the IRS. I can’t wait to see how it will all unfold.

    Marty, thank you for your honesty and bravery.

  48. Old Timer,
    If you are indeed an Old Timer then you’ll know the Data Series. Applying that, one would compare these reports to actual statistics.

    Credibility is not the issue here if one applies the Data Series. That would fall under accepting data from ‘reliable’ sources or ‘multiple reports’ as per DS 6. Those reports can either be verified by statistics or not.

    In this case, the statistics validate the reports. Have you been to a Class V org recently? Have you seen the numbers for Value of Services Delivered, Well Done Auditing Hours, and the major international stats for the past 20 years?

    Look at those and tell me, you, that you don’t see some ‘oddities’ in the PR DM puts out and the actual real stats of the CofS. Then we’ll talk about who is credible and who isn’t. OK?

    Other than that, I’d have to agree with Marty that this post appears to be from a DM troll.

  49. Dear Jim and Marty,

    I am not a DM troll
    Iam not a Marty troll
    I am a troll of my own

    And I definitely see a lot of outpoints, especially about the death of LRH, and the strange disappearance of Broeker.

    Basically I am just curious, and I am damned sure that DM would absolutely hate to hear the thruth about the events of 1986.

    Vaughn Young suspected murder, and he was very close to the events. Was it murder?

    That’s a damned good question, I think. That’s all folks.

    I could not possibly be a DM troll.

    Old Timer

  50. martyrathbun09

    OT. In short, DM and PB conspired to hold the old man hostage from 1981 through 1986. The only power either of them held was by way of holding the only comm line to LRH. When LRH died, DM set about taking PB out. When PB was taken out, and DM had no more potential rivals, all org form was thrown to the winds. It was the hey-you org board, with the only rule being that one guy got to say “hey you.” The tech has been steadily corrupted since. Stats have steadily downtrended since. If you can’t see indicia of the results of that from your position, then nothing I tell you is going to change your gullible devotion to an insane man. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to open your eyes and look.

  51. There’s a term that I think of when I think of those trapped in the Hole and in the Sea Org generally: Learned Helplessness.

    Jaycee Dugard had opportunities to escape her captivity of 18 years. She helped in the publishing business of her captors. She had contact with the public. The learned helplessness theory helps to understand why she didn’t escape, and why so many are still trapped in the CoS.

    Every long-timer who escaped is a miracle.

  52. Dear Marty

    Don’t take me wrong, I definitely see what you are getting at, and I am disgusted about DM, don’ mistake me on that.

    I just hope that everything is a bit exaggerated to say it the least.

    My point is this:

    If Pat Broeker murdered LRH, and David Miscavige murdered Pat Broeker in the wake, then we would have a soap opera that would make the best Hollywood movie ever.

    But, but.

    It’s just rumour mongering. Where are the facts?


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  54. Surely this is a Police issue now? Missing persons/kidnapping. You can’t keep people locked up in a free country.Why doesn’t someone in the US file something that forces the cops in there? If I was in the US I would be right there banging on the gates with a news crew behind me!

  55. Old Timer,
    OK, I’ll put the DM troll thing to the side. The ‘murder conspiracy’ thing is a fringy kind of item. Vaughn Young wasn’t as close to LRH as my ex-wife, Annie. (Yes that’s the former Annie Broeker.)

    Again, I refer you to the DS and investigatory tech. If a ‘string’ such as the one you consider exists, then pull it. If it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s done.

    This murder thing is done. Doesn’t go anywhere. Didn’t happen.

    On the other hand, a perusal of the reports on the scientology-cult site, and the stat anlysis done and soon to be up again at friendsoflrh, and available if you look, will reveal strings that do lead somewhere. They are a much more fruitful invest than the one you’ve apparently picked.

    Just saying.

  56. Old Timer,
    I hope, facetiously, that that moniker doesn’t imply you can’t be a Present Timer too.

    See my earlier post. No murders. No string there.

    Get out the Data Series and compare the reports on DM with the stats. That’s logic. Not rumormongering.

  57. altruistichedonist

    Thank you Marty for the revelation. I certainly hope that Geir Isene will assist you in bringing “the hole” to the full light of day and that little dwarf aptly called “a miscarriage” in my viewpoint can be placed clapped in irons and faced with his criminality. Evidently Tom Cruise is also culpable.

  58. If you do end up getting sued, I can recommend two very good lawyers who helped me out when I was SLAPP sued by a destructive nonprofessional therapy cult.:

    Ben Schiebe and Robert Broadbelt are now at Brown Woods George (split from Drier Stien Brown Woods George) and can be reached from their website at . They specialize in First Amendment cases and have dealt with unsavory plaintiffs.

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  60. Has there been no return letter from Bert Fields? That would be very odd indeed. Or is something happening behind the scenes?

    Tom Cruise is (apparently) happily filming another movie. Surely he would be worried about any of this hitting the media?

  61. “Miscavige informed all of the members of International management that he had been telling Cruise all about how suppressive Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff had been to Miscavige personally. He told the executives that he had told Cruise how all other members of management were suppressive to Miscavige too because they refused to beat Yager, Leserve and Mithoff to pulps in defense of Miscavige’s honor. Miscavige said that Tom, as his best friend and most trusted confidante, had vowed to come to the Hole and personally “beat the living shit” out of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves. ”

    If Miscavige said all that then he surely made up the stuff about Tom Cruise. Why would DM go to all the trouble to stage manage TC’s visits to ensure they are all sugar and spice and then tell Cruise some of his staff are letting him down by not beating up other staff?

    If it happened exactly as Miscavige said then I wonder at Cruise’s mentality – previously figured he was just wildly misguided, this would suggest he’s in deep with Miscavige and shares culpability.

  62. Anon, good point.

  63. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Holy crap and great letter.

    Something akin to, ‘Tom Cruise is coming to getcha ’cause he’s my bud and he’s gonna’ stick up for me,’ incites assault and battery by one’s own fellows and colleagues. Experience dictates is not too hard to imagine, yet bizarre.

    I think the day is forthcoming when the subject of the missive will make the last turn in the drain.

  64. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Adding to my first comment, I would comment that though I’m no legal strategist, I cannot imagine anyone on, for lack of better, the plaintiff end of the matter wanting a civil lawsuit to hit the courts — and the press. That’d be only catastrophic for their side and no good could ever come of that for them, as more and more of the disinfranchised decide to become whistle-blowers, too.
    The famous Bert Fields, attorney to celebs, has to have a sense of that.

  65. What were you doing as these three men were being beaten ?

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  67. I know that a renowned attorney such as yourself would normally pursue such evidence with due diligence. Only in Miscavige’s world does an intelligent and thoughtful man like Mike become a non-person with the snap of the fingers.

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