DM=LRH = 1984 Doublethink Newspeak





DM  played right into our hands with some very ill-advised haymakers in response to recent truths being shared. One was in the form of 250 pages of declarations sworn by twenty-five inmates of the Hole. They are designed to annihilate the credibility of me, Mike, Tom and Amy.  DM took the false rumors about me wanting to take over his little Jonestown so seriously that he had his minions go way overboard in electing him source in their sworn declarations.  Just as we predicted, he has now locked himself into some untenable positions, and more importantly, has left himself defenseless against what is coming a little ways down the road.

In any event, some of the statements in the declarations are so fawning, they are not only cultic and creepy, they indicate 1984 is upon them in full force.

From Marc Yager, identified as CO CMO INT and WDC Chairman:

“Statements made about our religious leader are inseparable to the religion itself and this is an attempt to attack and ridicule the Scientology religion, the ecclesiastical team that is dedicated to implementing our Founder’s scriptures, the millions of Scientologists that live both in the United States and abroad and the thousands of dedicated staff that have volunteered service to help humanity.”

From Russ Bellin, identified as Int Reserves Dir in CSI (he does not explain how DM busted him from CO and Director of the same Church of Spiritual Technology that DM has attested to the IRS is senior to himself as COB RTC):

“Marty Rathbun is openly attacking the leader of our religion, the very principles of Scientology and our Founder.”

Mark Ingber, identified as a WDC member:

“It is with considerable asperity that I look upon the handful of ex-Scientologists who are yapping vile lies to the media about Mr. Miscavige. That is not an attack just on Mr. Miscavige. It is an attack on L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology religion.”

Sue Wilhere, identified as CSI’s AVC Aide:

“Mr. Miscavige is Scientology. He is the emissary of L. Ron Hubbard. Their attack on Mr. Miscavige is a direct attack on L. Ron Hubbard and on Scientology – they are not separable.”

Again, Orwell explains:

“Orthodoxy in the full sense demands a control over one’s own mental processes as complete as that of a contortionist  over his body. Oceanic society rests ultimately on the belief that Big Brother is omnipotent and that the Party is infallible. But since in reality Big Brother is not omnipotent and the Party is not infallible, there is need for an unwearying, moment-to-moment flexibility in the treatment of facts. The key word here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction to the plain facts. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands this. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black  is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known in Newspeak as doublethink.





31 responses to “DM=LRH = 1984 Doublethink Newspeak

  1. Is anyone tired yet of their constant whining about being victimized by their enemies ??? I got tired of it when I was on lines, and now 10 years later I’m tired of it. Shut UP!!!

    It was kind of amusing though to see Tommy Davis’s meltown after the SP Times article and now this is even better. Awesome, Marty. Rock their world !

    I can see this quote in their next promo:

    “But if you want to be free, you’ve got to be a prisoner. It’s the condition of freedom — true freedom.”

    Aldous Huxley

  2. martyrathbun09

    Jane, Ok – Eyeless in Gaza is now on my reading list.

  3. Differences are no longer different, identities are identical, similarities are all similar….. hello insanity! This is really how it is. My family is a perfect example. I tell them about DM’s crimes and they respond with “Scientology is the best, how can you attack it”. Huh? I never said a word about Scientology. Not a word.

  4. Marty, great job ur doing here and I’m so glad you made this blog. I’d be very interested in your comments on this video and the ones that follow it. They cover tech alterations and the altering of the books the first time around.

    I noticed it when i was onlines and mentioned it to my sup and ED. Of course, they just said RTC had the authority to do whatever but I disagreed and got smacked down for it.

    BTW I was there at Flag the night you and DM and the rest dug te first shovel fulls of earth at the superpower building.

  5. Question: Why don’t you just talk to them? Or, why don’t they just talk to you? In my opinion, your both just hurting the credibility of the other.

  6. Marty, This is a brilliant job of confronting.

    It made me realize something… Every time we actually LOOK at what these guys do or say, it only serves to prove our point. And it’s not just an isolated incident. It’s every single time. Have you noticed?

    Well, it isn’t just stupidity or “bad luck” or whatever. It’s deeper than that. It’s a tone level: “Can’t Hide” at -30.0. They are literally as a group, one notch above TOTAL FAILURE.

    This is the result of Miscavige’s “Applied Reverse Scientology.” You think about Yager, Lesevre, Norman, the others… they passed SACRIFICE at -6.0. They went beyond BEING OBJECTS and went below BEING NOTHING.

    They have landed at CAN’T HIDE -30.0 and are dramatizing their tone level in everything they do.

    That is all except Sue Wilhere. Okay, you got me there. She’s gone on down to Total Failure.

  7. Right on Jane!

    That’s a great Huxley quote.

    Another great blog Marty!

    You da man!!!!

    Jane and Marty I’ve included a link to Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution which you both might find interesting as well.

    So here it is for your listening enjoyment:

  8. Thoughtful,
    I’m trying to close my agape mouth after reading these statements from these people. Gobsmacked, incredulous, expletives can’t possibly express just how far these persons have gone into the inky black of ‘doublethink’.

    This is possibly anti-climactic to their words but still comes to me: “The only danger is that the situation can be so far from any ideal scene that others with fixed ideas and madness can defy the most accurate and sensible solutions. But that’s part of the situation isn’t it?” DS 11, The Situation.

    Sue Wilhere: ‘Mr. Miscavige is Scientology’.

  9. It takes a special kind of insanity to continuously shoot ones feet off and call it a ‘a win’. They are stuck in a failure loop, blind to the consequences of their actions, egged on by their peers and comforted by their ability to “persist”. It’s called continuously committing overts. And DM does nothing else than that.

    Mein Gott!

    Thanks for re-affirming your humanity.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtful, great observations, particularly when you consider that all of those affidavits, by people who we all witnessed receive the most brutal physical and mental torture, also state that DM has never done other than treat all his children with loving adoration.

  11. They are brainwashed and driven down the tone scale. to a point beyond all recognition. Then there’s the old, old saying:

    Treason doth never prosper: what ’s the reason?
    Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

    Sir John Harrington (1561–1612)

  12. In response to the post by Checkthis: Marty and hundreds of others have tried for years to “just talk.” That didn’t work. So it isn’t about “just talking.” Miscavige is deeply involved in graft, ponzi schemes, corruption, criminality, forced abortions, forced divorces, mass disconnections, blackmail, extortion, mind control, human trafficking, embezzlement, assault and battery, racketeering, and the list goes on.

    When you’re dealing with someone like that — a seasoned criminal who chews people up and spits them out every day for breakfast, “just talking” is not the proper handling.

    Here IS the handling: whistle-blowers with the raw nerve to expose his criminality. You want to talk about “credibility…” chirping in from the sidelines?? Try facing the wrath of the storm full on bare chested. Credibility is earned and Marty has earned it.

    In Bernie Madoff’s case, he didn’t get 150 years in prison because someone tried “just talking” to him. Al Capone didn’t get jail time because someone tried “just talking” to him. In Miscavige’s case, I don’t know what he’ll get, but the man belongs in prison and those who are currently CONDONING his crimes may one day be looking at jail time themselves if they don’t WAKE UP.

    Marty’s point, if you want to re-read his blog, is that these kool-aid junkies are actually saying the unbelievable: that to expose the serious criminality of David Miscavige equals an attack on Scientology, since — in the words of marvelous Sue Wilhere — “Miscavige is Scientology.”

    Let me get this straight: Sue is saying Miscavige and all his crimes, his graft, his 24 years of ponzi schemes, his extortion, countless incidents of assault and battery, blackmail, mind control, human trafficking, embezzlement to the tune of millions of dollars, many lives lost, hundreds of dead fetuses — one of whom would have been my own son or daughter… and many more lives ruined… ALL THAT equals Scientology?

    Does it really?

    The dead rotting corpse of Joe Harrison, long-time Scientologist, Sea Org member and carpenter from LA who lost his life in 2003 while working on Building 50 — David Miscavige’s $70 million private office/monument to greed and egomania — as a direct result of Miscavige’s trademark policy of sleep deprivation (classified by the CIA as torture)… after quiet, sweet, good-natured, gray-haired Joe Harrison, friend to all, enemy of none, his lonely widow and young daughter bereft in Los Angeles without even an explanation of what really happened to Joe or why he was so sleepy that he forgot to put the kickstand up on his motorcycle, and lost his life only yards away from the golden entrance of Golden Era Productions where golden Security Guard Danny Dunagan watched him drive off early one morning to his death… and no one left to tell the tale… (I don’t know what you call it, but in my book, death resulting from torture is murder)… THAT equals Scientology?

    I remember Joe’s massive aluminum tool chest, padlock on it, full of special tools he’d collected over a lifetime, I remember how it sat in David Miscavige’s own building — for weeks after Joe’s death. No one touched it. An executive over the construction was mildly surprised when I pointed it out and told him that Joe’s tools ought to be sent down to his wife and daughter. “Oh. Those were Joe’s tools? That’s Joe’s stuff, there? Oh, okay. I was wondering who’s stuff that was.”

    Joe had the most amazing little metal tools in that 4′ wide locked aluminum chest. Rare and special tools he’d acquired from catalogs and from friends.

    People’s lives, they don’t really compute in the world of David Miscavige. They’re not real. The daughter, the widow, a dead man’s possessions… all equally overlooked as not important. Shadows… drifting by.

    …sorry to inform you Ms. Wilhere, but despite all your glowing marvelousness, you’ve got it wrong. Something waits for you in the dark corners of your mind. Shame.

    In other words, so TOXIC is David Miscavige in his influence over the top leaders of his own religion, that they made the most staggeringly inane misstatement of all time: that the one man’s horrific crimes and all the skeletons in his closet = Scientology.

    Marty Rathbun nailed them again.

    In their little pea brains “Scientology = Criminality.” Is it any wonder why the public at large looks at Scientology suspiciously? …why people call it a “cult”? When the very leaders of the religion publicly link “Scientology, a philosophy = Criminality” what is the world at large to think?

    Well, dear readers, real Scientologists have a different message: Scientology is not about crime, it isn’t about David Miscavige, it isn’t about murder or corruption or any of that.

    Scarface Miscavige and his gang bang of criminals equals Scientology? No it does not.

    Sue Wilhere can go down in history for uttering the single most flagrantly stupid piece of verbal corruption that’s ever been uttered in the history of Scientology.

    Exposing the crimes of David Miscavige is NOT an attack on Scientology.

    But certainly, Scientology IS under attack: by those who would sink Scientology down to the level of a vicious pervert named David Miscavige — to cover up his crimes! They who would throw all of Scientology away to protect one man’s vicious crimes.

  13. Checkthis,
    I’m deadfiled. IJC’s line is cut. The RTC Report line is cut. Lines to any one in the CofS are cut and in case you are as naive as you appear, read the internet, DM’s cutting lines to any outside source. Don’t believe it? Go into the org, right now, and say you’ve read all of this blog, the scientology-cult articles, and the St. Pete Times’ expose. Then let me know how your talk went.

    The line open is the public forum. I’m using it. What are you doing?

  14. Thoughtful, AMEN to every word of that, brother.

    I was going to say to Marty – I recall a conversation you and I were having where you were sharing your view on the CMO Emissary reference and how it contributed to this. If it wasn’t perfectly clear then, it definitely is now.

  15. I totally agree Thoughtful.

    Miscavige should be comm eved along with his accomplices and turned over to the tender mercies of ‘wog’ justice.

    I think your website ‘’ and Marty’s blog here are doing an excellent job of exposing his crimes and personally I think it will be up to real Scientologists that actually practice Scientology not this obsequious claque that calls itself “management” to cast this demon out.

    Call this internet exorcism 🙂

  16. That’s right Jim.

    Miscavige has only left us one line to use in exposing his crimes and Checkthis we’re using it.

    Writing Knowledge Reports isn’t going to do any good.

    How do I know?

    Because I’ve gone that route.

    I’ll tell you what happens when you write a Knowledge Report on DM’s crimes.

    You end up in HCO being “handled” for forwarding “Black PR”. That’s right. Reporting “COB’s” criminal acts is considered “Black PR”.

    I mean how squirrelly is that?

    But wait! It gets worse!!!

    You end up being Roll Backed on your reports and then they throw you on the “Truth” Rundown were they try to reeducate you into believing that the reason you’ve spotted these crimes is because of your own overts.

    Talk about mind control!!!

    The fact is that if what passes for management actually acted on these reports many of us have written we wouldn’t even be here.

    The only reason we are here is because Miscavige has destroyed all internal comm lines needed to correct the scene.

  17. Christie,
    The Emissary issue was written to back up the first messengers. It gave them a much needed boost in power at that time. Like any of this, it can be abused and has been. I think it falls under this bit from HCO PL 4 March 65 Iss II, in OEC Vol 7, “We only develop and use Scientology Admin to help us as we go toward freedom…The thing to guard against in releasing teaching and Admin policy letters is the change factor. Teaching and Admin
    evolved with our formative years. Thus patterns and policies, like our tech, grew better.
    Growing better, some of it became obsolete. ”

    At this stage of this game, my personal opinion is that the power to RPF without standard justice, granted to Emissaries (Messengers) falls under the above rubric. As I recall, policy still trumps FOs in seniority of issues and purpose is senior to all of them. I agree, this one will have to be addressed at some sooner, than later, point.

    In the context of the above person’s A=A that DM=LRH=Scientology, well, that’s an absurdity that isn’t in the Emissary issue. LRH made it clear HE wasn’t Scientology. Leave it to DM to claim he, DM is otherwise. Oh, and Sue Wilhere. OMFG.

  18. I sometimes wonder if L. Ron Hubbard’s modeling the Sea Organization partially after the angelic hierarchy described in the Judeo-Christian Bible confuses the public and crew involved.

    Michael was the Archangel over the Guardian Angels, Gabriel was the Archangel over the Messengers and Lucifer’s angels were cast out of Heaven and down to this planet where we continue to argue amongst ourselves even today instead of organizing as a group that isn’t somehow a dramatization of whole track organizations.

    Some people sit waiting for the one and only “Lucifer” (messiah figure) to appear and lead everyone to salvation. Yet, they do not even consider how this metaphorical perfect leader will react upon finding the angels asleep and dreaming instead of preparing for his return.

    L. Ron Hubbard already did the research. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel now. He already gave the 3,000+ lectures and wrote up the references. We don’t need another Source. His work is done for us already.

    I doubt we will ever discover amongst ourselves a leader we can all respect equally. The best we have so far is our mutual appreciation of L. Ron Hubbard and the powerful technologies of Dianetics and Scientology.

    L. Ron Hubbard is the best leader we will have for a while. Command Intention should be synonymous with L. Ron Hubbard’s intention.

  19. Jonathan B,
    I’m not quite sure about the angels and such, but, I’ll leave the door open on it. I’m not personally waiting for any ‘bringer of light’ either. I enjoyed the references though.

    I think you’re right though, current management seems to be well entrenched in implants and implanting.

    LRH’s role for this group at this juncture is that of Goal Maker as described in An Essay on Management.

    Management at this time is as corrupted and twisted from the Goal Maker’s goals as could be.

    I hate to respond any further on that but would prefer others to simply read the above declarations again. OMG. OMFG.

  20. It reminds me of a joke we used to say a lot.

    A psychiatrist makes a comment about the Emeter to a Scientologist:

    “I’m amazed that you get such good results with such low voltage!”

    In this case the ghost of Sidney Gottlieb (the head of and moving force behind Mk Ultra) comes over to Miscavige after reading over the above affidavits.

    “And you say you were able to accomplish all this without the use of drugs?

    “Tsk tsk. All that money wasted on LSD!”

  21. RJ,
    You know what, the joke has made it even clearer just exactly what LRH meant when he wrote the since redacted section of the PDC tape that has been brought up in this blog, and earlier on various freezone sites. The one on the ‘new order’.

    If we learn anything about this experience with this particular SP, David Miscavige, I hope it is the reality of how insidious and powerful a weapon reverse Scientology is. The above quoted persons are some of it’s most profound and striking evidence.

    We have the remedy and it cannot be hoarded.

  22. Jim, as for angels and implants, the beginning of Thoughtful’s new article approaches the topic better than I could:

  23. Marty, Are their declarations published in full anywhere on the web that you know of.

  24. Marty (honestly)

    Of the many actual benefits I got from my own SO career probably the most senior was certainty that one has to take responsibility for what one knows. (The KRC triangle of course). I’ve personally found it tough to know WHAT TO DO? Geting hatted by reading this blog and the related ones, and the referenced books etc is vital of course. But then what? A meeting I had with a senior onlines OT yesterday reinforced what I knew anyway – that the current public largely have no clue what’s really happening. Also that DM is redoubling the off-policy “Ideal Orgs” program. But I found it hard to get the data across to this individual in the face of massive conditioning – you can come across from the other viewpoint as a disaffected public who “needs handling in the org”. You are “spreading entheta” etc. It was harder than I expected frankly.
    Of coures it is up to each individual to decide what he/she can/should do etc; there are some great ideas at and I might add one more to that list: help Marty R and his friends by keeping dev-t and useless crap off his lines. I have no idea what Ethics Pgm No 1 consists of, I wish I could get more involved – but if it involves helping bring DM to justice it’s gotta be supported. I’m not being sycophantic, just pragmatic. Recognise Marty is one special being who should be helped – let the guy get on with it as much as possible and if you think he, Mike and the others deserve help, think about what you can do. Thank you.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Marty – you are working on Ethics Program Number One. As long as you are working to open the eyes of others, you are leading them toward reason. Reason, as per Chapter One of the Scn Ethics book, is by definition Ethics. You ain’t foolin’ around. When the “needed handling in the org comes around” talk reason to those robots too – make a record of it. Don’t let them dictate off-policy, out-tech, and “unreasonable” orders. It will have its effect. It is having its effect.

  26. Amen, Brudder!

    Despite Miscavige’s best efforts the tech is getting out there.

    I still have mixed emotions about the debut of the Advanced Course materials but as far as I can see it is the lesser of the two evils. They are certainly not safe being exclusively in Miscavige’s (and his possible sponsors) hands.

    The guy certainly knows how to use R6 to cave people in. I’ve personally witnessed that “ability” (if you can call it such) in folders of former Int Base staff I’ve reviewed.

    Also if you look what he has planned for those “lucky” souls who will be receiving what he calls “Super Power” that looks and reads more like a “Fac One” implant according to the promo. You sorta get an idea of where this guy is heading and that direction is just past the twilight zone!

    My personal opinion is that he deep sixed the original OT IV because it proofs the being against ever going the effect of implants again. Obviously a detriment in Miscavige’s proposed regime of “world domination” with him in ascending dominance….well let’s just say “the world is not enough”.

    Such are probably the future plans of David Ernst Miscavige Blofeld.

  27. These declarations are nauseating at the least. Too duped to discern/identify true Source. And thus a new term is born…”Black KSW”.

  28. That is what happened to me when I did the same. Noticed something was wrong, wrote it up to RTC and was deadfiled but not before they took money from me.

    Yes, they cut comm and there is hardly no option to straiten it out as I did but when I found the freezone I quit trying to for I had opened up the whole kettle of worms and now I know it all.

  29. (There’s another Jane on the blog now, so #1 means it’s me)

    Additional Comments:

    Hi RJ !

    Thank you for that link — it’s great !

    Regarding the declarations ~

    It’s not difficult to see Miscavige directly behind the words of each one of those declarations. Although he prides himself and Scientologists as a whole as “bulldogs” he doesn’t look like a bulldog at all, he looks like a fool. The words reek of desperation, of weakness. Like the millions of dollars of parishioners money he’s recently wasted on PR in his knee-jerk response to the truth being revealed about who he really is and what he really does.

    In the 10 years since I’ve left the church, I’ve talked to many former C of S members and there has been one common feeling shared by all of them almost without exception: NO ONE can do the Church of Scientology in better than they themselves. These declarations again prove that to be true. Well done, Sue Wilhere.

    But I believe there’s something else at work here as well. There are still a lot of discerning Scientologists, watching, looking, noticing. And you get pushed and you get pushed and you get pushed until that one defining moment when enough is enough. And you get on your motorcycle and you get the hell out of there. As dedicated as all of us have been, we had our definining moment and we said “No more.”

    And the general public at large — there are discerning people out there, watching, reading, listening, noticing. People that are not lulled into the hypnotic trance that the slick PR is intended to produce.

    Carry on, David Miscavige ! It appears you are out of control. Just like in the movie “Twighlight” when Edward (vampire) has to suck the wound of Bella (non-vampire) to extract the venom from another vampire’s bite. Edward described what happens when a vampire tastes human blood as a “sort of feeding frenzy starts and it’s almost impossible to stop.”

    It appears the vampires are in a full-fledged feeding frenzy, unable to stop…..

  30. Your welcome Jane#1 🙂

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