911 – Hiro’s unsung Heroes

10:30pm Sept 11, 2009

In the midst of the activities of today, I have given many a thought and moments of reflection on the attacks that occurred on our country and our people in 2001, September 11th.

On one hand I feel shaken and awakened at the idea that our country was attacked, recently, and in broad daylight.

In reflection — from the videos, news reports, articles, pictures and first-hand accounts I received on the 9/11 attacks — I cannot , to this day, express how saddened I am for those who lost a love one, a friend, an associate, a boss, a junior, a neighbor, a teacher, a fireman, a policeman, a son, a daughter, a store owner, a pet, an office, a home, a church, a park, a school.

I know that on that day when the attacks occurred, my husband Hiro Kimoto was on the top of the New York Org Scientology building doing renovation work, repairing bricks. He had the radio on and heard that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. He looked up and saw the smoke rising in the sky behind the Time Square sky scrapers. He was with several others of the New York renovations team. They immediately got on the walkie-talkie to alert their superiors in the CLO … and while on the radio the second plane hit.

Hiro and the others realized at that exact point that they were at war.

They determined their priority was to get to the site of the damage and do whatever they could to help.

The CLO responded by organizing volunteers to get to the hospitals to assist the wounded. But when they found that volunteers were not needed, they concentrated on distributing the Way to Happiness brochures as their priority.

Despite orders to do that, Hiro and his friend Chris recruited about 10 people and jumped in a van and got to the location of the attack — later designated as Ground Zero. They first went to local restaurants and got them to donate food – any food they could give. And the restaurants did, with no questions asked — any place they stopped they gave them everything they could. Hiro and Chris packed their van to the gills with food and somehow made it through the first ten barricades. They then convinced the police at the later barricades that they were delivering food to those firemen and policemen who were at the site saving people. They eventually found a high school just a block or two from Ground Zero. They immediately set up a table and put out all the food they brought in. The exhausted and wasted policeman and fireman wandered in as this was the closest, safest place for them to come and eat and regroup. Hiro at that point realized this hat of feeding and energizing those people who are finding and saving lives needed to be worn, so he was now in charge of providing food and water to those who were saving lives. Shortly after, the emergency personnel started showing up to eat, Hiro also quickly realized he didn’t bring enough food…and by far. So he ran into the high school refrigerators finding there was food there, got together with the Red Cross In Charge and got her to get her volunteers to help gather this food and set up more tables and put out all the food they could find.

He recalls there were people in charge of feeding the police, but he found the police were coming to him as he had commandeered a safe space and had it all out and organized and it was large enough to service many people – so this was now the place they came to eat and drink water. Due to the state of things, nobody drank or ate anything the first many hours after the attack occurred.

Everyone was flat-out trying to dig through the rubble and save people. But eventually their energy would drain, they would be tired and dehydrated and realize they needed more energy to save more lives.

It was the first morning after the attacks, when Hiro and his team were rapidly distributing water to anyone and everyone that they started to realize that the air they were breathing was bad.

After Hiro and team established the food station, he realized they needed other basic supplies — such as water, ice, shovels, gloves, masks and rain gear. Water was needed most. He got the word out and got the volunteers he’d recruited activated to search for and get these items brought to him. He was stationed inside the high school as the coordinator to get more food brought in from NY, NJ and as the trucks filled with supplies arrived, they reported to Hiro who organized another crew responsible for unloading these trucks.

By the second day toiletries were needed – soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste etc. So he had these brought in. Then linens, beds and towels so the emergency personnel had a place to rest and clean-up.

By the third day the trucks were coming in from farther and farther places. Even trucks of dog food arrived and Hiro and his team unloaded, organized and made it known that these supplies were there for those who needed it.

It was a race for the authorities to find the living in the 4-story high rubble. He recalls that at the end of the first night, a bunch of fireman arrived at the high school and they were all upset and in tears because they had just lost a bunch of firefighters in their team as a part of the building had crashed down on them when they were trying to save people. Hiro never saw this reported in the press. He said people trapped in the rubble were calling on out on their cell phones hoping to be located before their batteries ran out.

Drinks, juice, energy bars, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, rubber boots etc all donated from department stores and the lot came pouring in – so Hiro set up another room with everything hanging so the emergency personnel could come in and take whatever they needed.

There was one incident wherein there were emergency nurses who needed help bringing items to the innards of Ground Zero, so Hiro and his crew would assist the Nurses by loaded up their medical items in wheelbarrows and carry them into the site for them. He recalls that one nurse he personally helped ended up passing out later that night due to the bad air and physical exertion.

Note that Hiro and the people who went with him to Ground Zero never got “official approval” from the Church to go there. He said it was always at the back of his mind whether they were going to be considered “blown” or not. But due to their level of responsibility they each realized that handingout brochures at the hospital was not the right thing to do. It wasn’t the right place to be. Ground Zero was.

The next day –everything was closed off and no one could come into the high school. Everyone who was in, was in. So later on, when Hiro saw the CLO EUS PR waving at him behind the barricade trying to get in, Hiro spoke to the guard and convinced him to allow her in. And thus Scientology was allowed in to Ground Zero, along with the Red Cross and Salvation Amy and other volunteers.

After Hiro got the CLO EUS PR and others to able to come to Ground Zero other Scientology volunteers arrived and helped with the efforts he was doing as well as gave needed assists to those who needed it. The Scientology PR then met with the Mayor of NYC and Hiro was proud to be part of this and be able to help and get his Church on the front lines and helping.

Hiro continued to receive all the food supplies at the high school, organize it and set up stations. He then set up other stations closer to the site so the people digging out the debris could have water while doing so.

He did this because he realized his efforts in this way would be more effective than personally digging the people out. He realized it was the police, firemen, National Guard and other volunteers who needed to be taken care of so they could do their jobs.

Hiro and team were there at the most gruesome and difficult time. Before the dust settled. Three days later, the actual damage could be viewed. They worked hard and diligently and created Scientology Org presence at Ground Zero.

Yet in the end, when it came to acknowledge our heroes within the Church who showed up, took action and took charge, our church didn’t do so. CLO EUS PR submitted to Int the exact list of names of who took action on 9/11, but as it turns out DM didn’t have the guts to acknowledge our real heroes and instead deleted their names from the silver plaque that was awarded to the CLO, from COB, for the actions taken at Ground Zero.

During the presentation, the people who were previously from Int and had taken action at Ground Zero (and whose names had been deleted) looked at each other and realized that they were in a never-ending condition that they were never going to be allowed out of — a condition of “a menace and who needed to keep a low profile” as Hiro stated.

This is a true story that needed to be told. It is just the essence of the type of injustice, evilness (and fear) that DM and his minions exude and perpetrate.

None of which has any similarity to LRH policy and technology.

In standard Scientology, there are real condition formulas that anyone can apply easily and to great wins and results. There is never a condition that cannot be applied or gotten out of. There is never a good deed that is gone unacknowledged.

I could go on, and on, and on.

All I can say is that LRH is Source.

Anyone else who attempts to exude he/she is Source is a Squirrel and is anti-LRH and Anti-Scientology.

Even though I am declared, I have the ability to tell right from wrong,

the ability to recognize and acknowledge Source,

The freedom to think for myself and make my own decisions…and to communicate truth.

– Shannon Kimoto

Host Note:   Shannon is a former Inspector General RTC Communicator. I had five competent Communicators assigned to me from 1982 through 2004. Shannon was by far the best. She was taken out and RPF’d by DM’s Asst. and wife because Shannon reported to me on RTC squirreling in Qual Gold while I was gone for more than a year in Clearwater on the McPherson case. I sincerely apologize for not taking a stand for you at the time Shannon. At least we’re both standing now – along with a lot of others. My hat is off to Hiro and his crew. They were a sub-group of approximately ten Int staff who were swept up in the 2000 purges wherein DM demanded scores of people he did not like, or did not sufficiently kow tow to him, were deported to far-flung Sea Org outposts forever labelled to be on low posts. More on them in a follow up post later this week as I recollect some of the more disheartening travesties of justice that were visited upon them.

27 responses to “911 – Hiro’s unsung Heroes

  1. What an amazing story! DM how low can you go??

  2. Wow – this is a horrific. Thank you for sharing this story – you guys were so awesome for doing what you did and deserve major recognition!

  3. The fact that Scientology attempt to blame this on “psychs” and feed off a tragedy of this magnitude still makes me want to vomit.

  4. Hiro and friends–the ones who chose NOT be Vultures! Goes to show all is not bad in this world of insanity and scientology.
    Thank you to Hiro and these fine men who put other people’s lives in their hands for all the right reasons. Truly heart heartwarming yet heartwrenching story.
    Thanks Marty for relating this very important story of the true hero behind 09/11 and it wasn’t Tom Cruise!
    I may have my own opinion of scientology but this story is not about religion, race, creed or color. It’s about the human spirit and doing what is right and having the courage to go against the grain. DM is nothing but a jealous and insane piece of shit, plain and simple. What a wonderful human interest story this would have been. Way to go Dave, you let the egotistical movie star bask in glory, but once again, the truth has been told. This is far more impressive than those PR shots of Tom could ever be!

  5. Shannon,
    Jim Logan here, I hope you remember me. I remember you and your husband Hiro.

    Please thank him for me for his valiant actions.

    Thank you for yours.

    I’m so glad to hear of you both.

  6. What a heartwarming story. Thank you Hiro – the people who were there, know the work you did and I’m sure greatly appreciated it. It’s so sad that your wonderful work has to be tainted by that egotistical, insane, jealous _________, DM!

  7. Hi Anonymous

    There were a lot of people feeding off this tragedy, particularly the politicians: Bush, Cheney, Giuliani, not to mention the weapons manufacturers. And then there’s the guys who committed it in the first place. There’s lots worse people than Scientologists. Scientology is not the greatest threat to world peace, despite its glaring outpoints.

    I admire what Anonymous have done against the Church; it’s been an enormous help to those of us who have been fighting this battle for decades. But I would ask you to accept one thing, please, as our friends: Scientology is not all bad, not a complete scam from start to finish. Quite the reverse, Scientology contains some incredibly powerful and positive stuff; there are some wonderful people who are Scientologists – most of the people on these pages – courageous, intelligent, honourable, beautiful people.

    What we know is that Scientology works; it makes people better, it helps, it improves conditions, it saves your immortal soul. That’s why this is all a big deal: you’re not just getting rid of some con; you’re helping the good Scientologists overcome the bad Scientologists, so that Scientology (which is an incredible piece of technology) can be used for the good of mankind.

    That’ s why these people like Shannon and Hiro Kimoto are so wonderful, because they know that this stuff is important.

    I ask our friends in Anonymous to understand that we have something to offer you in return for all your help. As Ron Hubbard once said ‘Your help is acceptable to us. Our help is yours’.

    Love & Peace, Robin

  8. Thanks Marty for posting this.

    I met Shannon at the AOLA many years ago and she was an exemplary representation of what the RTC could have been before an egotistical maniac destroyed it. I know at one time there were many fine people working there who by the time I packed my bags were all gone.

    Sad very sad.

    What Hiro did was truly practice Scientology in the true spirit of helping others.

    Something that is missing from the current organization where “help” is now nothing but a photo op. Another “stat” that Miscavige can pump at his mini Munichs.

    This story reminds me of a friend of mine a Field Auditor who had audited more hours than any other field auditor hands down. Yet she must of not been Davy’s idea of a “PR Personality” because she dressed in faded jeans and a T Shirt.

    So when the Auditors’ Day presentation they found someone who “dressed more for success” to receive the award. I was so disgusted it was the last Auditors’ Day I went to because it had nothing to do with Auditors or Auditing or helping people with the tech or anything other than image. Maybe we should call Davy’s church the Church of the Sharper Image or something like that.

    Hiro if your reading this post right now I just want to say that all Scientologists owe you a debt of gratitude, because you represent what Scientology really is all about.

    So my personal thanks Hiro and thank you again for posting this story Marty.



  9. The people who were commended by DM were those who interfered with “the psychs” on the scene. Scientology also managed to get a “mental health” 800 number hotline on Fox News for a short while until it was discovered who answered the phone. No wonder those people in yellow T-shirts are called “vulture ministers.”


    Intercepted Scientology email:
    Additionally we are trying to move in and knock the psychs out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse. But today they are out in full force and circling like vultures over these people and all of our resources are tied up in the support efforts in the disaster zone at present.

  10. Patty Pieniadz

    Freedom Medals were given by Miscavige to John Carmichael and Sharon Runyon. Both PR people at NY org.

  11. Thank you for this posting.

    A common theme here seems to be that the ability to think for oneself, make ones own decisions, and observe and communicate truth, brings much increased freedoms.

    And I don’t know anything more powerful than that.

  12. to Robin Scott,
    I really like your viewpoints. I admire what you have done and are doing. I see that there is a scale of people that are involved with Scientology or are on these blogs:
    1. On line public that are winning to varying degrees using Scientology and are willing to not-is the out-points.
    2. on lines public that are winning and see the out-points and are in different ways trying to handle them.
    3.People off lines with injustices and/or messed up cases due to the out-points surrounding Scientology, that still believe in the tech to a large degree.
    4. People with messed up cases and /or injustices so ARCXn with Scientology that they feel it has no worth to them anymore.
    5. People that are not familiar with the wins of Scientology at all and are trying to destroy it because all they see is the bad PR and or they do not like organized religion in general.
    6. True SPs
    I feel our targets are 1-4 and just a comment that to me the essence of Scientolgy is ARC and especially communication. That is why I feel these sites are so important. It isn’t safe to communicate fully inside the Church anymore. They are trying to cut the communication lines and uptone people will not allow that.

  13. Thanks Robin and this post reminds me of the good souls trapped in the church.

    It is good to get factual data on the matter.

    Something is fishy with 911 itself and maybe one day the truth will be found out.

  14. Hiro Thank you.

  15. Thanks, Alex – really appreciate your kind sentiments, my friend. “The particle of admiration is best of all” (Factor 29).

    Of course, you are quite right to say that the essence of Scientology is ARC, and especially communication.

    I wish you all the very best.

    Love, Robin

  16. Your “scale” missed me.

  17. Hi Heather,
    It was a broad scale. Where would you describe yourself on this scale if you had to?

  18. Heather,
    How about in another category, decent beings working to make life better.

  19. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I can see that there are decent people trying to do good things here. I really didn’t mean to label people , it was just a trial balloon. On point 5 of my “scale” I am just pointing out that some people may not be aware of the benefits of some of the technology of Scientology because all they see are the injustices. I can easily see why someone not familiar with anything good about LRH or Scientolgy, after seeing the abuses, would not want anything to do with it. The more I read of the abuses the sicker it makes me.

  20. Hiro et al;

    Thank you for what you did. It touches my heart deeply, and represents to me what being on staff was all about.

    That others steal the credit and glory is no blot upon you or your honour. Your actions speak for themselves.

  21. Alex,
    I thought your scale was pretty insightful. I didn’t take it to be exclusive, but a sound approach to compartmenting a problem.

  22. Thanks Jim,
    It’s kind of hard to communicate to so many realities to once.
    Thanks for the duplication.

  23. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, I agree Alex. DM how long can you go?

    I salute all you guys from Greece. I also salute DM from Greece! I can speak with my foes, LOL!

    I especially salute Shannon and Marty.

    I have been declared by the so called “Management” of Scientology in the year 2000 when I spoke up about the HCOBs of the Translations Series not being applied. I was harassed for insisting on the application of those HCOBs as Translations Unit Director at CLO EU and I was told by the D/CO Internal Sara Kotric that I am “stuck on the HCOBs” since there was a DM (squirrel, what else) program to be applied at that time. When CO CLO EU Walter Kotric came to my office to tell me to literally get with the program, I told him I only read and apply LRH and he told me to read COB. The “comm cycle” went bananas as it turned out into a “read COB, read LRH” type of comm and guess who insisted on “read COB” and who on “read LRH”, LOL. The declared SP, me, insisted on “read LRH”, LOL. That’s for my ethics files, please, if anyone keeps track of such.

    Up to this point (2009) no Scientologist ever, showed me one HCOB cancelling those of the translations series by LRH.

    The Planet is going down at a fast pace. We are all witnessing it. And the church is just doing the irreducible minimum: like throw a dish with some food on a table. As a proof of what I am saying, the Athens mission became a Class V org without any 10 missions around it. They got lots of translations after we (me and wife, Olga Vernardou) went off the lines to “prove” we were the SPs holding those translations. The truth is AVC was stopping anything for a missing comma and when we left “Management” were anxious to give them translations and a new status because I did 6 very successful appearances on the Greek TV. So Management made Athens a Class V Org (wow) in an attempt to draw the attention of the public off the “entheta” of this guy appearing on TV and saying things which sound logical to people.

    The only true entheta is that people on this planet are not being trained fast enough. Had, for example, those HCOBs on translations been applied not just Europe (as LRH states in LRH EDs) but the whole world, the world would be a better place. People would have study tech, they would not be fooled by not understanding, they would have the Data Series, the could think. They would move on as beings.

    My biggest wins in the church came from the fact that I was in a somewhat safe environment (not everybody is an SP there and theta guys still, even if timidly, fight the entheta guys), where I could study LRH just by myself not with sups or by squirrel sec checks. At nights at the Lebanon Hall corridor outside my room, looking at the skies of LA after post hours, reading OT lectures. In the course room trying to get my study tech in and doing some type of KTL study by myself, wordclearing small words and getting amazing concepts. Regaining my ability to decodify symbols. English helped me a lot. I am not that good in Greek, LOL. The room was full of light as I was clearing the small and other words.

    And then came the darkness. A shadow of Scientology covering all of us, as the years went by. Bullies like the CO CLO EU, the Golden Age of Un-Tech, The New Era of Mis-Management, the even more underpaid staff and on the other hand the SACRIMONIOUS events with the epitome of the LRH “biographer”. Who (LOL) was so out-tech (jokes left aside though, it was so bad that I wonder how come he was doing it, who gave him permission to open his bloody mouth and spit his mentally deranged guts on the poor public) that he overwhelmed everybody with unimaginably complicated (LOL, he was so talented in that) MUs.

    The days of darkness prevailed. And everyone of us, tried but didn’t make it, to take full responsibility for the other good fellow staff member. We left DM beating others and reigning and throwing away the good staff. Now, we are here to handle that condition.

    So, it is not really “DM, how long can you go?” now that I am thinking of it. The title on this thread should be “How long can we go being irresponsible and accept DMs?”

    I salute you all from Greece. Once a place of freedom and wisdom, now just another member state of the EU.

    Scientology would have wrapped up any EUs and and DMs, had Standard Tech been applied and DMs cut even shorter whenever any misapplication occured as in my case. The Organization has gotten too big, and sluggish. I hope a real New Era dawns with the Internet for Scientology. Like a Phoenix arises from its ashes.

    I salute especially Marty Rathbun who even if late took responsibility for the Missed High Crimes of “Management” and put it on the net.

    The only road to Truth has to do with responsibility. May the Phoenix arise and may we all regain our powers of mind and spirit to form a light organization (because that is the KEY element LRH used as a long arm to promote the Tech: Organization and Ethics) to promote the true aims of Scientology.

    I salute you from Greece as a friend of yours. Organize your Powers, do not assign cause to the enemy, work as a team of people, even if some badly wounded, take care of them as you cope and organize with the ones who aren’t and can do something about it. I know we can do it. I am just also wounded with what is happening in my church that this is all I can do for you now: To tell you not just to whisper it to your sons and grandsons that the Tech was free, but to give it another shot, once again, to stand up, on YOUR own two feet now, and give it another shot. 8008 applies. We are at 00. Infinity awaits for us. If we decide to move from point 0 to the right 8.

    I will be here for anyone who wants to communicate with me.

    Much Love,
    P.S. I wrote 3 parts on the Internet back in 2000 and I put here a link for part 1. You can easily find Part 2 and 3 if you are interested.


  24. John -i smell puthy-Carmichael received a Freedom Medal for the CoS involvement in the aftermath of 9/11 at Ground Zero????
    please explain!!??!!

  25. Well Done for getting out, making it and speaking out!


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  27. What a story. Never heard it, of course. Thanks for sharing this. I had tears welling up in my eyes for a few different reasons concerning this event and this anniversary. Hiro’s and crew’s unselfishness is not the mentality of the cherch anymore of course. Thank you Shannon and Marty for getting this true story out.

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