What your fees buy VII

The fourth wave of PIs has arrived in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas (four sets of PIs and three sets of lawyers makes VII).  The two newest gumshoes are hasseling my wife’s ex husband’s current wife. They want to know about my relationship with Mosey (that’s what friends call her and I don’t want to associate this Saint with Yingling).  The former husband has never met me. And his wife never met me or Mosey.  Aside from the waste of Church donations, as has become his habit, Miscavige has created yet another enemy for himself and another ally for us.

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  1. Everyone needs some part of their life that gives them strength, stability, reinforcement.

    Marty, I hope you know that you have a growing group of friends that will do whatever we can to help in whatever way we can.

    I personally will do that.

    You have my word. 🙂


  2. martyrathbun09

    Jane, thank you. You are appreciated.

  3. Marty, per the rules of “Fair Game,” you are now supposed to hire PIs to hassle David Miscavige’s wife’s friends. (Turnabout is fair play.)

    However, I recommend taking the high road. There is no reason to follow David Miscavige down on this destructive spiral. He is probably hoping you will feed him some desperately needed motivators, but then he will ~always~ be dependent on you.

  4. Patty Pieniadz

    I don’t know the source of the quote, but “the internet is Scientology’s Vietnam” still applies.

    As long as Scientologists and ex members keep telling the truth, there will be no wins for the Miscavige regime.

    Again, thank you for your courage. I know it’s no easy thing to go up against something you have loved and worked for most of your life.

  5. Bixbear (aka Jason Beghe)

    Sounds like a’ hail mary’ to me, Marty. They obviously have nothing on you that’s sticking.

    What it makes me wonder is what state of mind one must be in to go to these lengths in order to hopefully come up with something to ‘attack the attacker’. This is an indication of an irresponsability at a level of actual mental illness- the inability to even consider the possability of any personal wrongdoing or responsability. It smacks of real insanity and desperate fear to automatically react with ‘lie, deny and attack’ when one is criticized. It is very uncomfortable for me when I assume the viewpoint of someone (DM) who would have this kind of policy in their life. This is the policy of a deeply paranoid and unhappy meglomaniac. This is a person who is living under the pretense that ‘everyone is out to get me’ and I am always right and ‘They” are always wrong. This is someone who trusts no one. This is someone who has no real friends. This is someone who is bordering on (and probably is actually [at least at times]) ‘type 3’. This is a characteristic of the truly dangrous SP.

    Dave, if you do by chance read this communication, note your reaction…. I am sure it will be along the lines of , “Fuck Jason! That fucking asshole….” Then, remember what LRH said about “the luxury of self-examination” in the HCOB and PL on the 12 SP characteristics.

    If an old friend or associate threw a brick through my window, I would perhaps be angry- but I would also wonder if I had done anything to provoke this behavior.

  6. “It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in Black Propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.
    They do not have little crimes. They have BIG ones.
    One’s own ability to confront evil may be too low to really grasp the Black Propagandist’s crimes or believe they exist.
    Such people are often SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have conferences with a foe).” LRH, PR Series.

    I hesitated to post this quote as it may direct DM to the tech he’s completely ignorant of, however, he’s completely ignorant of it, so hack away Dave. (A ‘hacker’ is a term we use here in the North for the guy that can’t play road hockey very well, nobody wants him to play, because he just hacks at your shins. Has no game. Can’t learn it. Is a one bad trick sort of player. )

  7. thatsnotmyname

    An open letter to David Miscavige,

    Dear Mr Miscavige,

    How did it come to this? Threats, PIs, lawyers – is this really what my donations are being used for?

    Like many other parishioners, I have become increasingly alarmed at the course my Church is taking. Doubts that started as tiny alarm bells in the back of my mind have grown over 10 years or more, doubts that have been proved more horribly true than I could have imagined.

    I bought the Basics and the Congresses; I donated to the Super Power project, the IAS campaigns, even the “Ideal Org” project. It hasn’t been easy – although I earn above average wages, credit card bills have to get paid back sooner or later! I trusted the Church message completely; I was contributing to a saner world and so sacrifices were justified. The holidays I couldn’t afford, the other children we would have loved to have had but couldn’t afford – it was all worth it in the knowledge that I was flowing energy to positive causes.

    Mr Miscavige, there is no other way of saying this – I have been betrayed. Some would say I have been naïve, even stupid. Those like me who still believe in the basic truths of Scientology will understand it better though.

    My alarm at recent events is not confined to me and a few others. When I am told at event after event of the “unprecedented expansion” I look around me. It’s not at my local org, which is slightly smaller now than 20 years ago. Not at the other 6 orgs in the area that I know about personally. So I wonder – where is this incredible expansion? And why are non-Scientology public more hostile than ever when I mention the Church?

    Mr Miscavige, you have just about used up all the goodwill available to you. You have stretched the inherent basic trust of Scientologists the world over to breaking point. The tide is turning. When OT VIIs and VIIIs start publicly announcing they cannot support the Church of Scientology any more one has to start asking difficult questions. I know my SOS and Tone Scale Mr Miscavige and it takes me about a millisecond of observation to know that Geir Isene is well above 2.0 on the Tone Scale! Here is an OT VIII highly trained individual of huge integrity and intellect who has taken the decision to leave the Church. I think his is the only standard Doubt formula I’ve ever seen in fact.

    Then I see on this very blog my friend Marty Rathbun being threatened and intimidated. Why? You know, Mr Miscavige that he is a decent man, a courageous man. The same man you entrusted to work with you for many many years at the highest level. What, in the name of reason, do you possibly hope to achieve by this? I tell you with certainty, what you are actually achieving is strengthening the resolve of him and others who are dealing in TRUTH. It is truth that will blow the lies away Mr Miscavige, remember? “The liar will never be happy or satisfied with himself until he begins dealing in truth”. (Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics. Vol 0 P 341).

    My earnest advice to you Mr Miscavige is to immediately resign your position as Chairman of the Board RTC, to relinquish all controls you have had on any and all lines of RTC, the C of S et al and especially the finance lines so you are no longer a signatory on any account relating to any arm of the Church. Then do a thorough and full write-up of all the non-survival actions you have undertaken since joining staff. Declare all the SP declares you have issued verbally and in writing null and void. (I realise this may take some time). Then put yourself at the mercy of the decent hard-working staff that do apply standard ethics and justice policy – and hope for the best. You may even avoid a prison sentence this way – no guarantees.

    I can still hardly believe it has come to this – but action now will without doubt be less painful for all concerned than a continuing battle that you will not, indeed can not possibly, win.

    Yours hopefully,

    Concerned Scientologist

  8. Take pictures of the PIs, and tell other people to take pictures. Get their license plate numbers and whatever else is available.This info will come in handy. Also keep in mind that they have to be licensed in Texas to operate there.

  9. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Marty, thank you.
    You are, indeed, very much appreciated.

  10. In case it is misconstrued on the quote, say by OSA, the above referred to SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrite is DM and his ilk. Now, you fellers try and wrap your wits around the fact that the above piece of truth is available to us. It is unavailable to you which is why you bungle this so badly. In order to practice Scientology effectively you must be ethical, that involves integrally, reason. That is why you are having so much trouble with Marty, this blog, the others that are now using Scientology to handle you.

    Just so I’m crystal clear, the above quote is what Marty and his ilk are using very, very effectively.

  11. I’m with Jane here. Also here on the internet you are among friends and us netizens don’t let anything happen to our friends.

    Keep doing what your doing Marty.

    We got your back 🙂

  12. Ok.

    We can do a lot to start stoping this waste and misuse of energy.

    I know in Latam at least 10 big IAS supporters from who I am the opinion leader. Let´s see what they do after I do a full enlightenment on what has been done whit his money in the least 10 years and in present time.

    One of the small entrance points to break this empire is the finance point. We can crack DM money pool by stoping money flow to IAS and to FSO and FSSO (which are the really money producers to INT). This way we dont cut the throat to all the goodwill org staff members WW meanwhile they relize what´s really happening and leave for good.

    I have the oppinion that we must pass from simply observers of this war to at least moderate participants.

    What would happen if all the people that are following the sites expressing the truth about current scientology managment start doing actions to stop it?

    Little efforts combined can do a lot.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Amigo! I emailed you twice last week. You have compadres in your area I wanted to hook you up with. Que Paso?

  14. Another thought in this same series of what your fees buy…

    Tomorrow is celebrated in my country the 199 aniversary of the START of the independence fight.

    Many people maybe die in vain in the search of a dream of liberty that even today is not reached.

    The very word INDEPENDENCE means a lot to a lot of us.

    I want you to know that this war takes 11 years to end in a victory of the mexican people over the spanish rulers.

    This war takes place for many reasons; but the main one was that the people was tired of being kicked arround by the “españoles”.

    Here the point is: How much more evidence is needed to stand up and say “stop” to our “españoles”?

    I live in a country were the criminality, corruption and violence is rampant. We dont need this inside scientology. That would be the living end!

    So as Miguel Hidalgo scream for liberty the morning of the 16 of september of 1810 we must say NO MORE.

    A lot can be done.


  15. It´s been impossible to access that email account since some 2 weeks. No problem. I´ll fix it and check it out and contact them. But daily cheching your site.

    Force Hero!

  16. Ditto what Jane said, 100%.

    And please give Mosey my warmest regards. She’s doing an amazing thing by being party to all of this and standing by strong as ever.

  17. Scientologists taking responsibility for how their church operates? That’s an awesome development, MexicanAmigo. I like your vision of many scientologists taking what actions they can. This Anonymous supports you.

    “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. ”

    Mother Theresa

  18. Hi Marty,
    This is just another ham handed example of poor Scientology management. I am in the middle of the Jeff Hawkins story where “management’ start to break him down. It is disgusting to me how the “Church” handles upstats and their psychotic method of handling people. This psychotic behavior has to start at the top. If “downstats” are handled by upper “management” in this way, why do they not look at their own stats which are way down and RPF themselves? But, sadly, I already know the answer to that question.
    I applaud what you do!

  19. Robert Vaughn Young once said the Internet is going to be Scientology’s Waterloo.

    Not Vietnam.

  20. JB,
    Good point on the motivators. One of the key points.

  21. Bixbear,
    I think the only ‘luxury’ DM has in his future, is a padded cell. He’ll bounce around in there for a while and hopefully arrive at doing Step A-stop committing continuous present time destructive acts so he CAN get a case gain.

    Meanwhile, you have taken the genuine road to something higher. In that you’ve made this world better than any number of large and MESTy buildings could ever accomplish.

  22. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Looks like now is the time to
    make things go right,
    ultimate test for OT.

  23. I’m standing tall with you guys.

    Here is another “policy point”:

    “There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology orgs can be put.
    They are
    I – To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an org over others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1.
    When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2.
    When you get in ethics, the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The
    suppressive type blows (leaves).
    It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all
    dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others.
    The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on-policy and correctly. And we
    will advance.”

    WHO gets ETHICS in on DM?

  24. Hi Marty,

    I hope your the Texas pi’s are more ethical than the ones here in Florida. One of the protesters in Clearwater (at least it looked like it might have been in Clearwater) noticed a vehicle parked directly across the street at an empty home. He approached the man and was threatened but not before a shot of his tag was taken. The Sheriff’s office was called and at first the man lied but later admitted he was a PI. The deputy told him to leave but later the guy parked at a neighbors home down the street after getting permission through a pretext about looking for a lost child. As a licensed PI in Florida, and being one who follows the law; this guy was pretty much burned and no longer effective. Our regulating agency which is the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, frowns on this behavior and considers it a violation of Florida Statute 493. Plus the fact this guy lied to the deputy is a very clear violation not only of 493, but could probably be construed as obstruction f justice. This is just one example of dozens I’ve been compiling from some of the protesters and and collected from You Tube clips.

    Anyway, stay safe and watch out for them.

  25. Marty – thank you for speaking out and i hope more will follow + more from Mike Rinder

    I personally dont agree with your agreement of scientology tech but thats just my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

    Just a thought here, but isnt davey boy just following KSW as per hubbard policy. Everything davey’s done Hubbard did before him.

  26. Clearwater Flag Watcher

    Keep on, that’s all I can say to you. Those in the Clearwater Florida area have noted the sudden decline of activity. It’s in no small part because of yourself sire and any other Scientology member who has chosen true freedom over what the church promises.

    It’s happening, it’s working. Solder on!

  27. Beautiful quote Heather.

    You make my day today.

    Wish you the best.

  28. anyone_can_claim_anonymous

    The expression ‘you pulled it in’ comes to mind.

    You do realize not too long ago Rinder would have been behind these exact same noisy investigations.

    How many times did you yourself cheer on reports from this exact same harassment of critics or people that had blown and were causing problems? Didn’t you ever make it go right?

  29. You have no idea how diametrically opposed to standard policy and tech Miscavige is!

    What Miscavige is doing has no relationship to actual Scientology!

    Hubbard never ran Scientology as a virtual dictatorship, nor did he demand public directly pay for org buildings or force them to support a huge “defense fund” such as the IAS or ask for “donations” for services not rendered.

    Nor did he turn the RPF into a concentration camp or stick Scientology Executives into the hole or issue secret declare orders or any of this other BS.

  30. Also they no longer apply refund policy at any org any more.

  31. Hi Marty,
    I am trying to come to grips with how this situation has gotten so out of hand. Can you give us some insight into what DM is thinking with having the policies that he has? What is the reasoning behind declaring anyone who goes to Int. an SP if he or she decides to leave? It seems to me that this is almost a guarantee that they will become rabidly anti management. If DM gave people leaving the Sea Org $25,000 or something based on years served and no debt etc. this would seem to go a long way towards keeping things civil? What is your opinion on why they take the route of using such harsh methodology?

  32. Marty, have you seen the Mark Headley labor lawsuit against CSI? To me it has grounds, what do you think? Would u post about it? Here are some refs:
    I feel it might be a big case, CSI looks like it didn’t pay much attention to labor law issues considering itself a church. CSI might get hurt by it in a serious way.

  33. By the way, if you want some more information, feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to give you concise details and address potential questions, I really feel it might be an important lawsuit… I’ve seen (and in a way lived as well) the conditions in which a Sea Org Member lives, I’d really want to do something about it.

  34. Jason, The real issue is that the church is doing what it does to the enemies of the church. Mark and Mike are enemies because they have spoken out. Fair Game tactics, which is what is happening to Marty et al is , are part and parcel of the SP tech Hubbard wrote and which DM is operating off of, which too many ex’s have been made victim of. They are not something created in DM’s mind, only perpetuated by him. Mike Rinder spent many years of his Scientology career ordering or exacting unethical tactics against critics of Scientology because that was his job. As I understand it, he is working behinds the scene to deliver an effective blow to DM. That’s a good thing but Marty and Mike are not going to be an exception to Fair Game practices, especially when so much is at stake for DM and the church. DM knows that Mike and Marty may have enough info to put DM and others in jail and get the tax exempt status of the church cancelled. They are not going to let up because of this. PI’s, harassment, etc should be expected because that is what OSA has been doing for many many years under Hubbard’s policy and DM’s dictate.

    I suggest that posters here read up on the history of Fair Game and it’s effects on the many lives of former members, critics, media reporters, judicial personnel. There are
    7, 550 links to articles and reference sites on the internet. Here’s a link

    A scientologist Keeps Scientology Working, by whatever means possible when it comes to it’s enemies. Mark and Mike are enemies of Scientology and this is why they are being attacked. It is a sad and pathetic truth and why so many ex’s are afraid to speak up. I wish Mark and Mike the best in this terrible situation.

    Perhaps someday Fair Game effects will be prosecuted and the policies on SP & PTS tech that are a part of the Fair Game practices will considered by all to be wrong by those who claim to be scientologists.

  35. (sigh…) This is why Anonymous critics are anonymous. A terrible invasion of privacy, Fair Game is going where no ethical organization or person would go but doing so because there’s a ‘war to be fought’ justification.

    I hope you were aware that all this was going to happen in advance, because that is what Scientology’s OSA does to it’s enemies, per it’s policies and dictates. It’s aint all DM. Ask Mike Rinder. Were you not aware of this possibility?

    Fair Game is what scientology does to it’s enemies. It’s an evil practice. This is the core of that 3D ‘PTS” ethics issue you’ve been working on, because every scientologist knows that one will be attacked by some degree or another for speaking up. This is the disconnection policies, your ethics policies,- this is 3D control in scientology. A good read is Bob Penny’s
    ” Social Control in Scientology – A look at the methods of entrapment ”
    I pray your family remains safe and that you have your ammunition ready.

  36. Like my paisano let Marty be our Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and spread the word that it is time to get rid of the suppression on our religion and before it is too late DEMAND that DM resign, others have talked of a general amnesty, but what is needed is just to get ethics in – and a general cancellation of unjust declares – then have a huge party with all of our amigos. Ethics done standardly works fast – one declare is called for though…
    But I have spoken to Scientologists and they know something is wrong – they smell a rat, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. Just remember – we share a responsibility to spread the word. The deletion of that key quote from the PDC lectures is such a smoking gun – it must be used to get Scientologists to wake up and smell the frijoles. Viva Mexico – muerte a los gachupines!

  37. Wired quoted him in 1995 saying Vietnam. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/3.12/alt.scientology.war_pr.html

    I seem to recall Touretsky or Kent using Waterloo in about Feb 08, which doesn’t make them the first necessarily.

  38. “But former Scientologist Robert Vaughn Young takes a darker view. He doesn’t post to the newsgroup, but seems to be constantly aware of what’s going on. Once a national spokesman for the church, he says frankly, “I am thankful I’m not having to face the Net. It’s going to be to Scientology what Vietnam was to the US.” In the end, he says, “Their only choice is to withdraw. They cannot win.” The result, he thinks, will be “to create the first place in the world where Scientology can be freely discussed.” If true, given that freedom of speech and freedom of religion have traditionally gone hand in hand, that would be a victory for everybody. ”




    nate and mona larson


    your fees buy you is a huge credit card debt..
    disconnection with your family..

  40. Marty, a quick question that I know MANY people have wondered: as much as Miscavige has corrupted and abused the tech, do you think that he does actually believe in Scientology?

    I understand that his primary motivations may be power, self-aggrandizement, and all the rest of it; but as someone who’s known him better than almost anyone else, who’s seen him change across the years, and from what I can see, is a shrewd and canny judge, what is your take?

    Thanks in advance,
    another amigo.

  41. Thanks for posting my comments. I see you are unindated with more than 40 comments on this thread alone! I think you need a secretary now, lol.

    Anyway, I look forward to reply to mine when you have time.

  42. Viva! Bro

  43. Amigo,
    If you have any familiarity with the characteristics of an anti-social personality then there is a likelyhood DM ‘believes’ in Scientology. He believes it works to the extent that he’s willing to destroy it. His own fear of discovery of his suppressive conduct drives him to obfuscate the data and pervert the material so he can avoid detection.

    Fortunately, there are so many who have gained from Scientology and are gaining more in the way of experience with its materials, that he is being exposed.

    Another aspect of this type of personality affliction, the real SP, is that they don’t make gains. You have to have some gains in Scientology, personal change and improvement in your own estimation, to ‘believe’. Since he hasn’t, there is no real awareness of what it can actually do, other than the above ingrained fear it can find out about what he fears. It can, that’s why he’s attempted to corrupt and ‘destroy’ it.

    I know that may sound kind of twisted but that’s exactly what’s going on between his ears, twisted, black is white, everyone’s a devil, Scientology might work, it must be destroyed and so on.

    On the other side of the coin, he’ll santimoniously hypocritize about it. That’s all the lip-service you hear from him, while he’s busy undermining others and their beliefs and gains with Scientology. He doesn’t ‘believe’ in the sense one ordinarily considers, that is, with personal gains and a hope for others to have gains with it.

  44. Mary M,
    In any earlier thread on this blog, this issue of the cancellation by Mr. Hubbard of ‘fair game’, was gone over pretty thoroughly. Mark Bunker was on the thread and amongst us, we went down the whole line of it.

    I’m a Scientologist and I’ve stated clearly and unequivocably that ‘fair game’ is not part of the spirit and the letter of Scientology policy and I don’t practice it and it’s wrong. It was a mistake from the get go, and LRH recognized that mistake and cancelled it.

    DM and his ilk, don’t use Scientology as written by LRH. So, you can get this discredited ‘fair game’ in their actions. That’s one of the reasons real Scientologists are speaking up against it. We all learn from errors, Scientologists are no different.

  45. Mary as you know this has nothing to do with any ethics policy written by Hubbard, with the exception of “Fair Game” which is part of a policy that has since been canceled. Not just the label as many critics claim but the policy itself, which dealt with condition assignments.

    The “policies” that are being continued are those originated by the GO under Guardian World Wide , Jane Kember which are in fact directives or as we used to call them “GODs”, Guardian Office Directives.

    They are and have remained to a large degree confidential. It seems Miscavige and his crew of sycophants are more interested in protecting these than the “Secret Scriptures” and yes they are based to a large degree on the “Manual of Justice” and the policy relating to “Fair Game” but they take them to levels of vindictive perversion than anyone could have ever imagined!

    I’d post them myself if I had access to them but I can sum them up as trade craft and dirty tricks that are used by Intelligence agencies the world over such as planting contraband on a rival so they are arrested, setting up a honey trap to put an individual in a compromising position, forging documents, surreptitious entry, what are drop zones, dead drops and brush passes, using character assassination and other “active measures” to neutralize the opposition, how to conduct surveillance and how to use it to intimidate and many other activities that are considered part of the “trade”.

    This is why those working in B1 (the Bureau of Information ) in the GO were told to read books on spying in fact one of their bibles was and probably still is a book written by James McCarger who formerly published under the nom de guerre of Christopher Felix entitled ‘A Short Course on a Secret War’ .

    None of these activities are condoned by any actual policy! What they did to Marty after he spoke up against Miscavige’s abuses to the press, that is turning over his files, is expressly forbidden in policy!

    So part of handling the cause is identifying the source and the source ain’t Hubbard’s policies on ethics.

  46. Thanks Marty for publishing these things – this is 4th dynamic engram being audited out. It might seem a little non sequitur, but it came to mind. I was at the Int Base – I was in CMO and when Tommy Davis says, “these are tough sons of bitches” keep in mind he is talking about a church. We are tough sons of bitches (and I’d eat Tommy for a mid morning snack) but it was just a very stupid thing to say at the time. For many many reasons. He was not there – he just really doesn’t have a clue what it was like to work at the int base for 10 years under the vilest covert suppression and then to say that they’re tough sons of bitches like one would like it? That’s like saying that whoever survived Auschwitz was a tough son of a bitch – obviously this is not a death camp like that was, but the point is that’s not what makes one tough. And it is just horrible to see a church member being degraded like we have been. Tommy is a little twerp and has no clue what he’s saying. He is by far the worst spokeperson scientology has ever had. His stupidity is a reflection of DMs judgement.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Amigo, I think I’d ditto Jim’s response.

  48. LRH was a fair man, DM is not.

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